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Author Topic: [Info] Mary Sues  (Read 4845 times)

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[Info] Mary Sues
« on: Jan 02 2009, 01:56 AM »
Just a topic i found on another rping board which i thought you guys might want to look through. Use it if you want, if you don't thats fine too, i at least got a laugh out of it

and copy pasta!

Mary Sues: A Brief Expiation, compiled by Cinis

The Moral of this Story: There IS such a thing as being too awesome.

Really Good Mary Sue Reference Material:

(Keep in mind that "Mary Sue" is a female stereotype that still applies to male characters. The stereotypes are differant, but the cause and the ultimate effect are the same)

I cannot recommend the Wiki article hightly enough.
Encyclopedia Dramatica Version

A History Of Sues

(This test should be used for characters that you go and write a giant backstory for. It is slightly less bias towards being taken with a human character, and slightly better about accounting for species-sueing)
Litmus Test for Original Fiction
(This test is the Universal one, it's better for RP characters and fanfiction)
Universal Litmus Test

If you are making a RP character, TAKE THE LITMUS TESTS. Even if all you know is "Mary Sue = bad" and you take it, the litmus test will be good for your character.

The Worst Fanfiction EVER
(The main character of The Worst Fanfiction Ever is a Mary Sue of the worst kind, although the fic and character are irrelevent to Mary Sues in reference to our dear forum)
Explanation of Said Worst Fanfic

An Explanation:

[!--SPOILER BEGIN--][div onClick=\"openClose(\'1c8fc8fa3cdfb2ac678dc9cd2d786474\')\" style=\"font-weight: bold\"]» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «[/div][div id=\"1c8fc8fa3cdfb2ac678dc9cd2d786474\" style=\"display:none\"][!--SPOILER END--]

Mary Sue: Noun. A character (normally original) who is a blight on the name of authordom and creativity. She saves lives. She kicks butt. She has awesome powers. She has funky colored eyes. She's got a mysterious past, amnesia, hidden powers, a bad guy out to get her, a harem wonderful character to be besotted with her, she's rich, she's from a noble family, she's got severe mental trauma, she's beautiful, she looks anorexic, and the author is so obsessed wither her it just ain't funny.

Gary Stu: Noun. Masc version of MARY SUE. Just as bad, if not worse.

Note: "Mary Sue" can be used for both a male or a female character. A guy can be a Mary Sue. The reason they are generally referred to as female is because, not only was the first Mary Sue a female character named Mary Sue, but MS are generally seen in fanfiction – where the authors are mostly female. Because Mary Sues are general self-inserts, a female author will write a female Mary Sue, and a male author will write a male Mary Sue. Gary Stu is a name for a male version, but Mary Sue still applies to guys.

In one sense though, female sues have slightly differant stereotypes. Female ones have really long names. Male ones have lots of guns. Female ones have extreme beauty. Male ones are violent. Etc

Often, Mary Sues appear in fanfiction. They tend to be original characters, however there is a branch of the Mary Sue family in which a canon character gets so badly portrayed by the author, and given so much power, and so many romantic adventures, that they become sues.

However, we don't care about fanfiction here. We care about the ROLEPLAYING SUE – a character created by a role player who is so ridiculously powerful, has such a tragic past, such a bad ass attitude, it just isn't funny.

This guide is to (hopefully) advise you of the pitfalls of Suedom.

Mary Sue is any original or deeply altered character who represents a slice of his/her creator's own ego; s/he is treasured by his/her creator but only rarely by anyone else. More negatively, a Mary Sue is a primadonna (usually but not always badly-written) who saps life and realism out of every other character around, taking over the plot and bending canon to serve his/her selfish purposes.
-Mary Sue, an Explanation

That definition was right on. Mary Sues (or Gary Stus) are both self inserts and everything the writer idolizes.

Self-insertion is a literary device in which the real author of a work of fiction appears as a character within that fiction, either overtly or in disguise.

The way this works with MS is as follows:

The creator of the MS more or less lives through their character. The MS is like the creator. They talk like them, they act like them.

Often, the MS is everything the creator wishes they could be. The creator wants to be cool, so the MS will have traits that the creator associates with being cool.

Most of the time it's unintentional. Sue-authors don't realize what they're doing when the make their characters. But they're attached to the character. They want the best for it. They want it to have the best backstory, the best powers, the best attitude, the best personality. They want it to be the best character ever. And as they do this, they make the character less and less likely and more and more 2-D.

A Sue is not made by a single trait alone. They are a mixture of so many improbabilities and impossibilities that it just doesn't work.

One way of putting it:

Your character may not be a 6 foot tall guy with a perfect body who's extremely handsome, wears black leather, uses a Japanese katana, has white hair, red eyes, can fly, speaks several languages, is trigger happy, has a unique birthmark, is part of a prophecy, was raised an orphan, and has a name like "Mortis."
BECAUSE. When a character has that many impossible/improbable characteristics it detracts from the character and from everyone and everything that interacts with the character.

The Best Ways of ID'ing a Sue:

Does the author take any negative comment about their character personally?
Is the character's mere existence on the far side of impossible?
Is the character a self insert?

Hm. Here's another approach. The following are copied from The Universal Mary Sue Litmus test. I have included an explanation for each.


A. Should you find yourself explaining something odd about your character as, "Well, there's this genetic mutagen," or "There were these scientists," more than, say, three times, the character is probably a Sue.

B. Having a few MS traits is fine, these are what make the characters interesting. Having an awesome birthmark, unexplained hair and eye color, a mysterious past, being an orphan from a noble family... A few MS traits is fine. But beyond that, they add up.

Mary Sue Litmus tests normally come with a scale at the bottom. A certain number of traits, a character is a certain degree of Sue. One or two, the character's probably boring as watching paint dry. Upwards of 40 and you should probably be taking a shotgun to the character's head.

If you actually want to take a Mary Sue Test, go here

Part 1 - All Characters
This area applies to RPG characters, fanfiction characters, and original fiction characters.

1.Is or does your character's name...
a.Your name, variation of your name, nickname, or any name that has been applied to you? (Spelling it differently or changing it a little counts.) Fic: RPG:

This ties into how Mary Sues are often self-inserts. A Mary Sue is created to be everything the author thinks is cool, or wants to be. So if I like to fence, and I create a Mary Sue, chances are, that MS will pwn at fencing. The MS is named after me, because I wish I were that MS, because then I would pwn at fencing.

2.Any ordinary name spelled or changed so that it's more unusual?

The author likes a name, but doesn't want it to be so plain. Their character has to be special, unique. Therefore the character gets that name, but the name is changed so that it's not normal.

3.A boyish sounding name for a girl character?

If you don't know what a bishi is, I advise you to go look it up.

4.Involve a noun or verb not usually used as a name, spelled normally or not?

The noun or verb is normally somehow related to some aspect of the character. So if I have a character that's related to fire somehow, I might call them 'Coal.' 'Coal' is not a name. It's a noun. It's that stuff I burn on the grill. But it relates to the character and tells something about them. Basically, it's a cheap shortcut to fleshing out the character with details – I explain something with the name instead of with the writing.

5.If a noun, is it related to nature, a weapon, a gemstone, darkness, or something mystical?

Once again, this is a cheap shortcut to letting the name do more explaining than the writing itself. Example: The movie 'Blade.' There's this character called Blade. You get three guesses and the first two don't count about whether he's supposed to be really cool or not and what kind of weapons he has.

6.Something that your character chose for him/herself?

If your character even gets to chose their own name, they're probably a Mary Sue. Most people don't chose their own name. Even Bats is stuck with 'Bruce Wayne.'

7.Taken from a character from another fandom that you like?

Once again, this goes back to why people write Sues. If a name is taken from another fandom you like, that's like transposing that character onto yours. And in doing that, it's expressing how much you like said character and want to be like them. It's like living through your character.

8.A really unusual-sounding name (unusual in the character's time/place/world) that you made up yourself?

Unless you're going to make a point out of people going, "That's a really weird name," having an unusual name is just plain stupid. It's like naming your daughter, "Rubilicious," and sending her to school like that. Now would you want to go through life and the school system named 'Helfrin'? Didn't think so.

9.Unusual for your character's time, place, and/or ethnicity?

*points above to 8*

10.Japanese or Japanese-sounding, even though your character is not Japanese?

This is just a current trend. It goes right along with 8 and 9. Imagine some perfect Aryan ten year old explaining why they're named Yamamoto. Yeah. That's your character.

11.Chosen specifically because you thought it had a meaning appropriate for your character?

See 4 and 5
12.Does your character have a cool nickname or unique title/address?
a.More than one?

This is a combination of 4,5,8,9, and even 10. Calling someone "Shorty" – that's a decent nickname. Calling someone "Sword"? No. Coming up with some explanation makes it slightly better. Having multiple nicknames that need explanations like that is unacceptable.

13.Did you base your character's looks on your own?

This is the author living through their Sue. They wish they did all the awesome stuff the Sue does, so they make the Sue as much like them as they can.

14.Does your character look how you wish you look?

Once again, living through the character. Only this time the character is also everything the author wishes they could be.

15.Is your character described, illustrated, and/or shown as exceptionally beautiful, cute, or handsome?
a.Do you find your character attractive enough to date him/her?

A Sue  is You and everything You wish you are. Do you wish you were exceptionally beautiful/cute/handsome?

16.Does anyone fight or squabble over your character because of his/her looks?
17.Is anyone (including you) jealous of your character's good looks?
18.Do any characters see his/her attractiveness as a threat?

16,17,18 are all related to 15

19.Does your character have a great body/physique, which you describe, show, and/or illustrate?
a.Despite the fact that his/her eating and/or excersizing habits decree that he/she should be a stick/blimp?

This is a character being effortlessly perfect. They get to have that perfect body, but they also get to have all the cake and candy they can eat while not excersizing on a regular basis. In short: ridiculous and impossible.

20.Does your character weigh so little that he/she looks or should be anorexic, but isn't?

See 19

21.Do you use poetic and/or creative terms to describe your character?

This is another example of wishing you were your character. Using poetic or creative terms is a way of emphasizing your characters (and therefore your) awesomeness.

22.Do you frequently describe your character's beautiful/handsome/cute attributes?

This is you doting on your self-insert.

23.Conversely, do you go to great lengths describing how your character is not gorgeous?

This is you denying your self-insert is a Sue.

24.Does your character's description contain anything to the effect of "He/she looks just like [other character/celebrity] except..."

This is you being uncreative and lazy.

25.Do situations that would render most people completely gross and icky (EG, battling, getting tortured, going for days without bathing or washing) have no discernable effect on your character's attractiveness?

This is you not thinking about what you write. Or it's your character being too awesome to shower and use a bit of soap. Take your pick.

26.Does your character have any of the following?
a.Natural eye coloration that stands out from the norm?

Uhg. The Eye Color Dilemma. If your character is human, here are acceptable eye colors: Amber (a yellowish eye color), Blue, Green, Hazel, Brown, or some combination of those (gray is a combo of blue+green).
If your character has red eyes, they'd better be albino or have pink eye.
If your character has purple eyes, they'd better be contacts (unless they're also albino. and maybe even wearing a blue shirt). And if you're going to have contacts, the least you can do is have them be smiley faces or something. (BTW, note how many people with albinism and then count how many of them have red or purple eyes. Yeah, that's a lot isn't it? No. RARE. EXTREMELY.)
Why? Because non-natural colors are impossible. And the more impossible your character gets, the more likely it is to be a Sue. Or the more likely it is to be a stupid character. Once again, take your pick.
The only half-decent explanation for an odd color is that the character's super powers made them that color. For example, Teen Titans, Jinx's eyes are pink, and so are her powers. That is a decent explanation. However, odd eyes still count towards being Sue-ish, because these traits add up.

27.Eyes with any other unusual qualities?

See 26

28.Natural hair color that stands out from the norm?

Your character should not have black hair with red streaks. Why? Because that's ridiculous. I don't suppose you have any idea how much maintenance dying your hair that color and keeping it that way takes? Give it a month, there will be roots showing, even on the most slowly growing hair. Most people it'll only take two weeks, minimum.
Dying hair is a sinkhole for both time and money. Trust me, I dye mine.
If your character's hair grows in naturally blue, that's fine. It had better be natural. And there'd better be an explanation, because that character is soooo not baseline human.

29.Unusual feature of any other kind? (Particularly unusual/exotic birthmark, tattoo, etc.)

Once again, these things are simply not normal or natural. One in several trillion babies will be born with a birthmark that looks like a tribal tattoo in the shape of a leaping dolphin.

30.Does your character have some scar or small flaw that is noticed by another character, but does not actually detract from your character's appearance?

This is you trying to make your character less of a Sue, and then wimping out.

31.Has your character been in a lot of physical fights and/or battles, but doesn't have many noticeable scars to show for it?

This is ridiculousness. The more epic fights your character is in, the more likely they are to be hurt badly. If they are hurt badly, they will probably scar. Even if they just street brawl, they will probably have gotten their nose broken. These things happen. For a fighter not to have any noticeable scars is like a cook never having slipped with a knife. Play with fire, you will get burned.

32.Does your character have a particularly piercing (EG, "can stare straight into your soul"), haunting, captivating, or dazzling gaze?

Go over to your friend's house. Stare into their eyes. Tell me what you see. When I look into people's eyes, I see their eye color, and I see how much light is in the room. And maybe I see an odd look along the lines of, "Why're you staring at me?"
An exception might be that guy who plays Frodo. And those eyes are, like everything else that a Sue has, extremely rare.

33.Does your character's personal choice of clothing frequently include...
a.Clothing that you deliberately picked from your own wardrobe?

This is your character being a self-insert.

34.Clothing chosen because you really wished you owned it or could get away with wearing it in public?

This is you, wishing your were your character. Guess what? You're not.

35.Clothing chosen because it makes your character look sexy and/or badass?

Still with the you wanting to be your character.

36.Clothing that is realistically impractical or improper for the character's situation, but looks cool?

Once again with your character being impossible.
37.Do you describe your character's clothing by the scene or stereotype it is most often associated with? - But ignore if this is because someone in the story is describing the character.

NEVER, EVER, do something like say, "and he wears emo clothes" or "he dresses like a goth." That is you being a lazy ass with no creativity nor any talent for writting.

38.Is your character impervious to any of the normal limitations and/or weaknesses of his/her species?

Vampires are not immune to sunlight. Werewolves are not immune to silver. Humans are not immune to death. If your werewolf is immune to silver, they are a very special and highly impossible werewolf.

39.Is your character partially or completely some type of metaphysical/spirit-type being?

This is you, wishing you were part angel or something. I'm sure you also wish you had wings and could fly.

40.Is your character some other kind of cool humanoid with powers/abilities beyond human ability?

Everyone wants to be a vampire. Don't worry, it's not just you. Now go get your stake.

41.Is your character a cross-breed/hybrid of any kind?
a.In a universe where hybrids are very unusual?

If your character is any of the following: Half werewolf, half vampire, half dragon, half unicorn, half anything mystical, go f***ing kill it. NOW. That thing is a Sue. Please, explain to me how a dragon and a human mate?

42.A hybrid of more than two species?

Gilgamesh was 1/3 god. A hybrid of more than two species is about as likely. Because I can really see a half vampire/half werewolf mating with a half dragon/half human.

43.Does he/she possess the strengths of both species, but none of the weaknesses?

Uhm. No. If it's half werewolf, it should at least get the flu if it eats a silver ring. If it's half vampire, can it at least sun burn very badly? Having all the strengths but none of the weaknesses is impossible. Period. No explanation wiggle room here.

44.Or does your character have all of the weaknesses, but none of the strengths? - Minus 4!

Yay! Now *that's* an interesting character

45.Is your character part something furry, yet shows no sign of being anything but human save for a furry tail, animal ears, fangs, and/or claws?

Anyone seen those neko-chans? Erm. Japanese cat girls. Explain please? And by the way. If it has a furry tail, I expect it to have furry legs, a furry chest, and, God help us all, furry you-know-where. Anything less is sort of ridiculous. Unless you have a good explanation (hm, I've never actually seen one of those for this sort of situation)

46.If not a cross-breed, then at least cross-cultural?

British+Japanese=Sueish. Once again, this sort of thing does happen in real life. But not when combined with the rest of Sue!improbability.

47.Does your character become a genetically, scientifically, cybernetically, or magically altered/enhanced being, possibly with new powers?
a.Is he/she happier this way?

Once again, you wishing you were your character.

48.Do people like him/her better this way?

You're attached to your character. It happens. That doesn't mean it's a good thing.

49.Do you wish it would happen to you?

Self. Insert.

50.Was your character kidnapped specifically for some type of experiment or project in order for this to happen?

It's just not cool if there isn't angst.

51.Do think of your character as an ideal role-model?

Self Insert

52.Does your character voice political, social, and/or religious opinions which you share?
a.Does he/she convince others that his/her way of thinking is right?

MAJOR self insert

53.Does your character have a side that tends to get him/her in trouble with authority on a semi-regular basis?
a.Making them look like the bad guys in the process?

This is you expressing your feelings about authority through your character.

54.Is your character punished more severely than is usual?

This is you villainizing said authority.

55.Is your character openly defiant or disrespectful of his/her superiors?

See 53

56.Does your character get away with things that other people would get into serious trouble for under the same circumstances? (Like openly defying his/her superiors.)

This is you standing up to authority and wishing you could get away with it

57.Are The Rules of the universe bent or broken for your character? (Like joining a group despite being too old or too young.)

There are no ten year old boys in the US military. It just doesn't happen. The end.

58.Does your character have a spitfire personality, sharp wit, attitude, and/or strong temper?

You wishing you could be that awesome

59.Is your character easily provoked to anger and/or violence?
a.Has your character ever killed someone after being provoked?

You wish you could. Ever been pissed and wanted to punch someone in the face?

60.Does your character have any of the following psychological disorders?
a.Antisocial Personality Disorder?
61.Split personality?
62.Inability to form a solid intimate relationship?

Once again, no Sue is complete without an unhealthy heaping of angst. It's that whole, "I'm suffering, but I'm so strong because I'm still here and surviving" bullshit.

63.Is revenge one of your character's main motivations?

Yay angst!

64.Does your character suffer from amnesia?
a.If/when your character discovers his/her past, will he/she not like it?


65.And/or discover that he/she is actually someone of great importance?

Because your character is so damn special

66.Are animals instinctively attracted to your character?

You wishing you were your character

67.How many animal companions does your character keep? (Ordinary, non-magical pets like cats and dogs do not count.)
a.Is said animal a wolf, bird of prey, big cat, or mythical creature?

Having animal companions, especially cool ones, is just bad ass.

68.Does your character habitually share profound wisdom and knowledge?

Everyone around your character is probably thinking, "Shut up already!"

69.Does your character always have money to spend on frivolities or whatever he/she really wants or needs at the time?
a.For no apparent reason? (Character never works or gives any clue to any source of income.)

Don't you wish you weren't broke in real life?

70.Did you choose your character's occupation and/or hobbies because you think they sound neat, glamorous, prestigious, or exciting?

Don't you wish you could do all those things?

71.Does your character share your favorite types of movies, music, clothes, etc?

S E L F  I N S E R T

72.Is your character unusually accomplished for his/her age, time period, place, occupation, and/or social status?
a.In something that is extremely desirable and/or useful in the story's universe?

Don't you wish you were awesome at ping pong? No? What about sword fighting? How about being that awesome without any work?

73.In something that is extremely difficult for virtually anyone achieve?

*cough* Ichigo bankai *cough*

74.Is your character unusally accomplished in more than one area?

Ramping up on the improbability

75.Does your character pick up new skills unusually fast during the course of the story?
a.Like, insanely fast?

*coughing fit* ICHIGO BANKAI! *grrr*

76.Is your character the best or among the best at anything he/she does? One box for each:
a.Is he/she famous/reknowned for any of these?

Don't you wish you were famous for being great?

77.Are other characters extremely impressed or astonished at your character's skills and/or virtues? (Does not count if they are easily impressed due to their own inexperience.)
a.Do they impress even the most cynical, jaded, exacting, and/or experienced?

See 76

78.Does your character modestly dismiss or deflect well-earned compliments?

Because you're a modest person. And modesty is a virtue.

79.Ah, the sound of music! Does your character...
a.Have an exceptionally beautiful singing voice?
80.Play a musical instrument very well?
81.Is this instrument a guitar, harp, or flute?
82.Can he/she charm others with his/her musical talent?

Uhm. Yeah. Unless your character is specifically a musician, I don't see how they have time to learn to play an instrument, especially if they're so busy fighting and being experimented on.

83.Does your character use magic in a typically non-magical universe?

If magic doesn't exist in that universe, your character can't have it. The end.

84.Does your character fly in a typically groundbound universe?
a.Without wings or other apparent means?

If no one flies, why should your character be able to?
And if they're going to fly, the least you can do is explain it.

85.Does your character have telepathic and/or telekinetic (Force-like) abilities in a world where this is unusual?
a.Do these powers allow your character to 'see' or just 'know things' without actually being there, allowing him or her to save the day?

Once again with the mounting impossibility.

86.Do they make up for a disability, such as being blind, deaf, or mute?

Give up. If it's a sue, it will be a sue. Stop trying to hide it.

87.Does your character have a telepathic/empathic connection or the ability to communicate with any kind of animal?
a.Anything such as horses, wolves, big cats, or mythical creatures? - Bonded creatures do not count, so long as this is within a universe where this is perfectly normal and it is your character's one and only bonded creature.

Wow don't you wish you could tell your dog what to do.

88.Does your character have the ability to shapeshift?

I don't suppose you wish you could turn into a wolf? How about a lion? Anyways, this is just another mark towards the "that's impossible" factor

89.Does your character possess unusual healing powers?
a.Strong enough to save a character from mortal injury and/or death?

Like every other power, you can have one or two powers, but more is getting improbable/impossible.

90.Does your character posess power that can take out entire cities/legions of soldiers/general all-around-evil?

And suddenly Goku was an even less interesting character. What ever happened?

91.Does your character end up in a tight spot and discover that he/she has really cool powers that were dormant and/or unknown before?

Uhm. Lame? That's a bad work around for writing yourself into a situation where you can't figure out how to get your character out. Oh, I'm cornered and helpless? I'll just come up with a really awesome new power instead of using what I have!

92.Does your character have any other relatively unique special powers/abilities that come in handy?

So I have this useless power where I can endlessly tap my foot. And then I'm in a situation where tapping my foot saves the world? Er. No.

93.Not counting his or her first language, how many languages does your character fluently speak? Click one box for every language:

Improbability. If I am American, why would I know Swahili? Honestly, I'd say check two boxes if your character is fluent in Japanese. Because J-anything is in fashion right now.

94.Does your character succeed at virtually everything he/she tries?

Lame. Boring. Who cares about a character that always wins? Furthermore, why does a character always win? Because you want it to. Why do you want it to? Because it's a self insert.

95.Do his/her initial plans, strategies, ideas, etc. always (or nearly always) work?
a.But only after everyone else dismisses it and tries everything else first?

See 94.
And if EVERYONE dismisses it, then why does it work? Obviously it's crack on wheels with a parasol.

96.On the other hand, if your character does bungle almost everything, is he/she quickly and easily forgiven for it?

When you trip and break my priceless vase, I will decapitate you.

97.Does your character ever single-handedly take out more armed forces (EG, security guards, soldiers) than you can count on one hand using his/her kick-butt skills?

Even Ron Weasly could take down a group of cops without his wand if you gave him high tech body armor and a plasma gun. These security guards have to be equally equipped and trained for this to count. And if your character can do that, then how the hell'd that happen? The world does not work like that!

98.Is anyone envious of your character's talents and/or abilities?
a.Because he/she constantly beats them at their own game/games?

Uhm. Most decent characters aren't that incredibly awesome.

99.Does your character alone have a weapon that...
a.Was passed down from a parent/trainer?

... Here is a super awesome weapon that has been in our family for generations! ... No. This is you wishing that happened to you.

100.Was given by some kind of spirit/magical being?

Once again, don't you wish that'd happen to you?
101.-Do you often mention that it belonged to someone beforehand?

This is you emphasizing how awesome this weapon is.

102.Is magical?

 See 101

103.Is unusually ornate?

See 101

104.Is from a different culture or country than your character?

Because my German character carries and is proficient with a katana. Unlikely. Rather stupid. If anything, they're good with a battle axe, spear, or double handed longsword.

105.Does your character use a sword-type weapon in a relatively modern setting for no logical reason?

I will now charge into battle with my Japanese katana against a bunch of men with guns. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight, folks.

106.Does your character frequently carry knives, daggers, or other little sharp pointy objects concealed within his/her clothing for no other reason than that they might be come in handy?

This is you wanting your character to be more bad ass and resorting to sharp pointy things to do it. I don't suppose your character ever accidentally sits on one of those sharp pointies?

107.Does your character possess a unique trinket that is magical and/or has some special significance?
a.Does this trinket protect your character from some weakness?

Getting tired of giving your character powers, you have now started to give them objects with powers. Congratulations.

108.Does your character have unfairly restrictive parents/guardians?

Maybe they act like yours when you're being told to go to bed?

109.Is your character royalty, closely related to a royal, or at least a rough equivalent? (President, governor, etc.)
a.Royalty without knowing it?

Don't you wish you could find out tomorrow you're about to become king of something?

110.Adopted by or become a royal at any point?

See 109

111.Is your character extremely popular or renowned where he/she comes from or frequents?

You wishing you were that cool. If you're writing a character like this, you're probably not.

112.Is your character undeservingly despised and/or outcast by most people?
a.Because he/she is unusually talented/attractive/rich?

Oh the pain. Oh the angst. Your character is so awesome people don't like them. Be still my beating heart.

113.Because of his/her special powers?
(If your character is despised by everyone because he/she gets so much attention, douse yourself with cold water RIGHT NOW.)

*points at the original author comment* couldn't have said it better myself

114.Is your character some kind of 'chosen one' and/or a major part of a prophecy?

Oh, they're just sooooo special.

115.Does your character consider his/her talents, special abilities, or good looks to be a curse?

Your character is an arrogant douche bag.

116.Does your character manage to become friends with a villain, and through this friendship cause the villain to become reformed?
a.Does the villain revert back to his old ways, but retains some bit of goodness, caused by your character committing a selfless act of some kind?

Ain't that sweet. And unlikely. Ever so highly unlikely.

117.On the subject of your character and his/her family...
a.Was your character orphaned, abandoned, kicked out, or at least raised by a family/person that was not his/her own family?


118.Was a major villain responsible for the death of the parents or guardians?


119.Was your character responsible for the death of his/her parents/guardians?


120.Did your character witness the death of the parents/guardians?


121.Was he/she adopted by a cruel family or person?
122.Ran away at any point?
123.Raised him/herself?
124.Lived in the streets?
125.The very last or only survivor of anything?
126.Adopted by another species/racial group?
127.What about any of these?
a.Born/raised in extreme poverty?
128.Born/forced into slavery?
129.Banished from anywhere?
130.A member of a despised, outcast, and/or downtrodden race?
131.An illegitimate child?
132.The parent of an illegitimate child?
135.Has your character otherwise lost...
a.A child?
137.Close friend?

121-137 ANGST. Why hasn't your character shot themselves in the head yet? Seriously, it'd do the rest of us a favor.

138.Did anything else remarkably strange or otherwise unusual happen in your character's infancy?

There's this song, it's called the Emo Song...

139.If your character has a torment-ridden, pain-filled past, do you believe it excuses his/her actions?

Because pain and suffering excuses causing more pain and suffering and idiocy.

140.If female, does your character have "rebellious princess syndrome?"

ex: running way from an arranged marriage

141.Does your character angst about something that he/she did in the past?
a.Death of a main character's family?
142.Death of his/her own family?


143.Does your character eventually learn that it wasn't his/her fault?

Because it's a self-insert, you wouldn't actually want to kill your parents.

144.If female, does your character ever have to prove that she's just as good as the guys?

@Female authors: You don't have to be a femi-nazi. Really.

145.If your character is a villain...
a.Did he/she start out good?

Darth Vader, I'm looking at you.
This is actually a manifestation of wanting to be your character combined with self-insert. You're trying to explain that all the angst in your real life is going to turn you into this evil twisted thing if people don't start cutting you slack. And you're going to look good while falling.

146.Does he/she reform by the end of the story?

Because you're really a good person, deep down inside.

147.Does he/she reform because of act of kindness on the part of the hero?

148.Does a major villain have a personal fixation/obsession with your character?
a.For no apparent reason?


149.Something that has to do with your character's family, and not your character him/herself?

Because having it be your character's fault is too much like responsibility.

150.Is your character ever spared by a villain?
a.Despite the fact that he/she has already done massive damage to the villain, the villain's troops, and/or stronghold?

Because you're attached to your character, and they can't just *die*

151.Because the villain is attracted to your character?

Ick. This is a corollary of that old one way up there where your character is too attractive for their own good.

152.Would you like to be friends with your character?

Er. Well, since a Sue is perfect and they're everything you wish you were...

These three are THE MOST IMPROTANT
153.Do you imagine you are this character? - Skip if the only imagining you do is when you write the story.

Translation: Do you wish you were this character?

154.Do you feel insulted, attacked, or defensive when someone does not like your character?

Translation: Is this character a self-insert?

155.Did you feel that this test insulted or attacked you or your character so far?

Translation: Are you way too attached?

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Mary Sues
« Reply #1 on: Jan 02 2009, 03:36 AM »
After taking these tests... I feel so embarrassed... :(
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Mary Sues
« Reply #2 on: Jan 02 2009, 09:33 AM »
Guilty, I suppose. But that's because my main character shares some aspects of myself in reality (personality and stuff). I don't take it too far, though. I try to maintain an even balance for his powers and whatnot.

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Mary Sues
« Reply #3 on: Jan 02 2009, 10:47 AM »
yeah, its a bit too sensitive, my one character came back as a Mary Sue, and that was after i nerfed the hell out of her

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Mary Sues
« Reply #4 on: Jan 02 2009, 03:07 PM »
Hmm. I did the first test and got a crazy high score. did the second test and got a crazy low score. maybe I screwed something up, but I'm pretty certain that my character's a Mary Sue... or Garry Stu, whatever.