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Oct 09 2017, 06:52 AM by Samui
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Kitsuria Network will be going down sometime this Saturday while I relocate the server. I haven't determined what time I will take it down, but that depends on the moving time and getting internet set up at the new place. Everything's going offline, but should be back up relatively quickly. The server will be one of the first things I set up at my new place.

As always you can check Twitter and keep in touch over Discord for updates.

May 27 2017, 12:12 PM by Samui
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I've actually done this a while ago. I've enabled HTTPS on the site. I also updated the forums to 2.0.14, which helped to make things work - most notably images from HTTP sources. Browsers shouldn't complain now that HTTP sourced images are being converted to HTTPS via a proxy.

Now for the broken stuff. Apparently the update changed how SQL queries are handled, so some of the mods are broken. It seems it's just Pets, Arcade, and Inferno. I'll be working on fixing those over the weekend.

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