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RP Style - Script Based
« on: Jan 27 2010, 11:55 PM »
Script-stlye is more based for IM RP's and has a video game style to it. It gets rid of quotation marks and actions are done differently. It allows the RPer to be a little more involved with the actions, again as if controlling a game character. Some think its easier to do script-style as it tends to be easier to follow who's saying what and doing what.

Tag based consists of 5 elements when typing:

1: Name tag
2: Speaking
3: Action
4: Environment
5: OOC

I will go through each in more detail.

1: Name tag -

As it says on the tin. This basically is the tag used for the character in question, as you will see in my example. Generally, the Name Tag will look like this:
"Sirus:" Also, if your character is unknown or not yet introduced then "??:" is generally used until such a time when their name is discovered. If your character has a long or hard to spell quickly name, then abbreviations are good to use, as long as it doesn't conflict with one used by the other RPer(s) So, "Tanakakka" could become "Tan", or even "T" if no one else with a name beginning with T exists yet.

The : after the name leads me onto the next two parts.

2: Speaking -

When it comes to speaking, you generally do not require quotation marks unless your character themselves are making a quote. Although there is alack of quotation marks, it's a little easier to relay what they are doing when speaking. For example, half way through a sentence, you can quite easily put in an action if the situation changes without actually ending the line you're on. Shouting, as we all know, is done with caps. But if you want to emphasize a word,  that word can also be in caps, like "so what about YOU then", or some people do use quotation marks. Again, it's up to you how you do it.

3: Actions

Actions on a script based RP are a lot different than those on the story telling style. For one, they very rarely need to be descriptive and can be done on the same line as you started. Script based actions always use asterisks (*) on either side of the word to show that your character is doing something. And the action can be anything from a smile to jumping off a cliff. They can also be used to show how a character is acting, so if your character is whispering you would put "*whispers/Whispering*", then type what they are saying.

4: Environment Setting

Environment setting is basically everything that the character itself does not do. So this would be things such as skipping to the next day, explaining an area they have entered, or even the atmosphere for those more tense scenes. All RPers have their own "marks" for environment setting, using either asterisks or brackets. However, if you are to do a "time skip" always place a question mark after what you say just in case, as the other RPer may want to add something elsewhere.

5: OOC

OOC stands for Out of Character, basically everything out of the RP. In most RP's OOC is represented by parentheses on either side of what is to be said. Some will actually use an OOC tag instead, but that's up to you what you use. OOC is used mostly for asking questions. Maybe you missed something in the plot, or even just want to chat as well as RP.

Example Script RP:

This is an example to show you all the things I have said above in action.

*The temple was cold and dark in the morning, no sun coming in from its windows*

> Sirus: *walks out of his room yawning* Ugh. *shivers* Another cold day... *walks to the kitchen*
> Aira: *making breakfast, looking up and seeing Sirus* Good morning! ^^ Have a good sleep?
> Sirus: *yawns* Not really, kept having some weird dream.
> Aira: Oh, right. Do you want to te.. *burns herself on the kettle, then shakes her hand* OW! God damn it!
> {after breakfast?}
> ((nah, got something to add. brb, though.))

That's generally how it goes. Feel free to ask any questions, or add anything.
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