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Pokémon / gen II game source code leaked, more scrapped pokemon uncovered
« Last post by Yerix on Apr 25 2020, 02:34 AM »
- the xatu line was originally a 3-stage!
- what's this little black guy supposed to be? living cave painting? (update : kokopelli, bit of a bizarre subject to have a pokemon of - this thing would've fitted in well with other "tribal/ancient" themed pokemon like xatu and sigilyph)
- snake with eyebrows
- another fox lost to the cutting room? or progenitor to fennekin/thievul?
- this looks like a 4-stage line, or branch evo line of a scrapped grass-type - they might've been playing with the idea of 4-stage lines here
[update : good lord! the 2nd sprite here might actually be a surviving sprite of pikachu's earliest progenitor ; a daifuku with ears!]
- a scrapped elephant, copperajah progenitor or a revival of that scrapped gen I elephant?
- a kiwi, we don't have one of those yet (doduo comes close, but still)
- scorpion, proto-gligar? some say it's a homage to a facehugger
- quail?
- another bird? fancy-ish design
- looks like a variant of the scrapped qwilfish evo
- a thing with antlers and tusks...a wild boar? supposedly might've inspired swinub/piloswine later
- this little dog guy was probably a smeargle prevo
- typical japanese ghost design
- there's kotora again
- seems stantler was a fresh concept in this build
- elebaby and elekid together? seems the electabuzz line was going to be 3-staged
- here's a new one...bootleg lapras? some say it could've been a viking ship-based proto-lugia, whom would be ho-oh's counterpart of the sea
- this wolf-thing looked like it'd pass as a side legendary
- what is this grinning freak
- snake, proto-dunsparce?
- some flower-bird?
- this monster was probably a good jumper
- turns out they planned to rip the sunfish out of the ankorage->grotesk evo line and give it a 3-stage sunfish line of its own
- what is this thing and why does it have a messenger bag? actually some suggest its a ninja sugar glider and the "bag" is a katana in sheath
- proto-cyndaquil before they made it the fire starter - it looked more like a hedgehog here
- this looks like the prevo of the scrapped fox early on, or a proto-furret
- a fucking stork!? we could've had a stork pokemon!?
- drill squid, maybe this was a short-lived rebirth of a scrapped gen I squid pokemon?
- this looks like proto-burmy and mothim
- komala's progenitor! they wanted a damn koala since gen II!
- tanuki!? and we still don't have one yet! this one appears to be based on kachi-kachi yama, a japanese folktale that involved a rabbit setting a tanuki's backload of kindling on fire
- nootnoot bird
- fireball seal at least got a redrawn sprite before getting cut
- this frog thing
- this freak with weird hair and half-black body
- skeleton beast
- pols voice, the pokemon that never was
- some fly
- one eyed plant thing
- another bug
- this thing looks like a calyrex progenitor or was going to be some kind of grass type
[update : some suggest this might've been the "dolly the clone sheep" design]
- ugly sunshine cherrim progenitor or a pathetic attempt as a cherry blossom pokemon they couldn't get right
- tsuchinoko, likely proto-dunsparce and/or the evo of the snake early on in the sheet
- an armored water-type with a clubbed tail that probably scrapped with lapras
- a literal flying fish-bird?
- an alternate ampharos sprite
- gloom was going to be depicted as just having itself a shit in battle!?
Streaming / McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure PB - 24:48
« Last post by Samui on Feb 19 2020, 09:27 PM »

I haven't touched this game in over a year (new year's marathon aside). Not a bad time.
Streaming / Dynamite Headdy (JP) PB - 40:15
« Last post by Samui on Feb 13 2020, 10:31 PM »

I messed up in several places, and got crappy RNG. I managed to one-cycle Reckless Wheel and quick kill Izayoi (aka Nasty Gatekeeper). If Dark Demon had better RNG, I'd have gotten sub-40 for sure.
Streaming / Sonic 2 (Tails) PB! - 21:24
« Last post by Samui on Jan 23 2020, 08:33 PM »

Oil Ocean 2 has a nasty habit of screwing me over. But it didn't win. I can definitely do better than this, but I'm satisfied with this time for now. I need to focus on other games.
Announcements / Happy New Year - 2020
« Last post by Samui on Jan 01 2020, 03:13 AM »

And so we begin another new year. A new decade, too, apparently. Again, I'd like to thank everyone who has stuck around for this long, and those who keep coming back to this comatose site.

Once again, I'm not going to make some drawn out post of what I plan for this year. I need to stop being a lazyass, and start focusing on things. I want to get more consistent with my streaming - speedruns and other games I have yet to finish or play on stream. There's ParaBound, which I tend to work on for a few days at a time and forget for months. I keep putting off my stories. And I want to update this site a bit, since that's long overdue. I think what I really need is someone to yell at me or something.

But yeah, here's to another new year and decade. Hopefully it will be a productive one!
Kitsune Discussion / Re: The Travelling Fox in Japan
« Last post by Kira Resari on Dec 14 2019, 09:30 AM »
EXTRA: #604

Original Name: 穴守稲荷大神, 伏見稲荷大神, 豊川稲荷大
Transcript: Anamori Inari Ookami, Fushimi Inari Ookami, Toyokawa Inari Ookami
Translation: Cave Protector Inari Great Goddess, Prostrated Hopes Inari Great Goddess, Bountiful River Inari Great Goddess
Location: Hitlstraße 3, 80997 Munich, Germany
Erected on: 29-Mar-2019

Of all the Shrines, this would be the most meaningful Shrine to me, because this is the Inari Shrine I built in my own home after returning from Japan.

Made from all Japanese materials, and incoroporating the blessings of three major Inari Shrines, my house is truly blessed now. But let me tell you, it was difficult to put together the little paper model of Fushimi Inari Taisha. Some of the smaller pieces were only about 1mm² in size.

Anyway, now it sits in my living room, and I often go to pray there. Eleven fox statues, two paper cutouts, one on the big paper Ofuda, and four on the lanterns guard it, for a total of 18 foxes, 9 male, and 9 female. The two big dolls, by the way, were souvenirs that my late grandmother brought from Japan. She died before she was born, so her experiences in the land of the rising sun are forever a mistery.

But who knows? Maybe she brought home a little fox spirit who was yet to be born. =^,^=
Kitsune Discussion / Re: The Travelling Fox in Japan
« Last post by Kira Resari on Dec 10 2019, 02:22 AM »
And thus, my travels in Japan come to an end. Altogether, I've visited 603 fox Shrines and Temples, not all of which were Inari Shrines, as well as two fox places with real live foxes, and one occasion where I could actively cuddle a fox kit. That jsut made my life.

And now, it's time for some statistics!

Of the 603 fox Shrines and Temples I visited...

...593 were Shinto Shrines (98.3%)
...10 were Buddhist Temples (1.6%)

...387 werde dedicated to Inari (64.1%)
...32 were dedicated to unidentifyable deities (5.3%)
...15 were dedicated to Dragons (2.5%)
...10 were dedicated to Princesses (1.6%)
...10 were dedicated to Flowers (1.6%)
...10 were dedicated to Trees (1.6%)
...8 were dedicated to Rocks (1.3%)
...8 were dedicated to Luck (1.3%)
...7 were dedicated to Forests (1.1%)
...6 were dedicated to Buddhism in general (1.0%)
...6 were dedicated to Mountains (1.0%)
...6 were dedicated to Swords (1.0%)
...5 were dedicated to Jewels (0.8%)
...5 were dedicated to Foxes (0.8%)
...4 were dedicated to Fields (0.7%)
...4 were dedicated to Light (0.7%)
...4 were dedicated to Gold (0.7%)
...3 were dedicated to Benzaiten, deity of Music, Knowledge and all that Flows (0.5%)
...3 were dedicated to Konpira, deity of Merachant Sailors (0.5%)
...3 were dedicated to Uga, deity of Harvest (0.5%)
...3 were dedicated to the season of Spring (0.5%)
...3 were dedicated to Waterfalls (0.5%)
...3 were dedicated to Heaven (0.5%)
...3 were dedicated to Bears (0.5%)
...2 were dedicated to Three [somethings] (0.3%)
...2 were dedicated to the Kumano Shrine (0.3%)
...2 were dedicated to Spirits in general (0.3%)
...2 were dedicated to the Moon (0.3%)
...2 were dedicated to Suehiro (0.3%)
...2 were dedicated to Water (0.3%)
...2 were dedicated to Rivers (0.3%)
...2 were dedicated to Cities (0.3%)
...1 was dedicated to Five [unspecified deities] (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to the entire Pantheon (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to the color Purple (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to the Ise Shrine (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to a Storehouse (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to the Wheel (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to the Mouth (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to an Island (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Medicine (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Bamboo (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to a Prince (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to the Sun (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Tanukis (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Beards (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Insight (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Waves (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Turtles (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Circles (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to a Well (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to a Man (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Travel (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Plums (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to a Son (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Sleep (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to a Hall (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Ships (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Ports (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Wind (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Sand (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Beds (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Bells (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Rats (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Hills (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Hair (0.2%)
...1 was dedicated to Fire (0.2%)

...178 were located in Kyoto (29.6%)
...163 were located in Tokyo (27.0%)
...48 were located in Fukuoka (7.9%)
...21 were located in Onomichi (3.4%)
...21 were located in Matsue (3.4%)
...15 were located in Nagahama (2.4%)
...11 were located in Toyokawa (1.8%)
...11 were located in Toyokawa (1.8%)
...10 were located in Okayama (1.6%)
...10 were located in Morioka (1.6%)
...10 were located in Nagano (1.6%)
...7 were located in Dazaifu (1.2%)
...7 were located in Yonago (1.2%)
...7 were located in Nikko (1.2%)
...7 were located in Nara (1.2%)
...6 were located in Ishinomaki (1%)
...6 were located in Numazu (1%)
...4 were located in Kagoshima (0.6%)
...3 were located in Tadanoumi (0.5%)
...3 were located in Nagaizumi (0.5%)
...3 were located in Toyohashi (0.5%)
...3 were located in Sapporo (0.5%)
...3 were located in Yodoe (0.5%)
...3 were located in Inari (0.5%)
...3 were located in Fuji (0.5%)
...2 were located on Shikanoshima (0.3%)
...2 were located in Matsuyama (0.3%)
...2 were located in Asahikawa (0.3%)
...2 were located in Yudanaka (0.3%)
...2 were located in Sasaguri(0.3%)
...2 were located in Susono (0.3%)
...2 were located in Masaki (0.3%)
...2 were located in Iya (0.3%)
...1 was located in Iyo-Nagahama (0.2%)
...1 was located in Yawatahama (0.2%)
...1 was located on Tashirojima (0.2%)
...1 was located in Wakkanai (0.2%)
...1 was located in Hisayama (0.2%)
...1 was located in Takahata (0.2%)
...1 was located in Utabetsu (0.2%)
...1 was located in Naoetsu (0.2%)
...1 was located in Shiroishi (0.2%)
...1 was located in Akaecho (0.2%)
...1 was located in Urahoro (0.2%)
...1 was located in Chitose (0.2%)
...1 was located in Niigata (0.2%)
...1 was located in Daisen (0.2%)
...1 was located in Shingu (0.2%)
...1 was located in Nanao (0.2%)
...1 was located in Yasugi (0.2%)
...1 was located in Miyaji (0.2%)
...1 was located in Miyaji (0.2%)
...1 was located in Usuki (0.2%)
...1 was located in Saiki (0.2%)
...1 was located in Umi (0.2%)

...375 were Side Shrines (62.2%) (Subordinate Shrines of bigger Shrines, usually Tiny or Small, but can also be Medium in the Case of Shrine Complexes)
...82 were Tiny (13.6%) (Too small to enter)
...70 were Small (11.6%) (Shack-Sized)
...62 were Medium (10.3%) (House-Sized)
...10 were Big (1.7%) (Mansion-Sized)
...2 were Complexes (0.3%) (Fushimi Inari and Toyokawa Inari)
...2 were Jizous (0.3%)
Kitsune Discussion / Re: The Travelling Fox in Japan
« Last post by Kira Resari on Dec 08 2019, 01:16 AM »
And thus, my travels in Japan come to an end. I have visited a total of 2499 Shrines and Temples, and...

...wait, 2499?????

Bonus Round: For Achive!


Original Name: 大島稲荷大神
Transcript: Ooshima Inari Ookami
Translation: Big Island Inari Great Deity
Location: 3 Chome-4-8 Ōshima, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken 210-0834
Visited on: 3-Feb-2019

After being just one Shrine short of the psychologically important 2500 mark, I should go on yet another little stray to find at least one more Shrine, and in the course of that stray, I also come cross one mroe fox Shrine. This one would truly be the last one, however.

This foxy Shrine is a Side Shrine of Ooshima Hachiman Jinja (大島八幡神社 "Big Island Hachiman Shrine"), and features a total of ten foxies within and without. In addition, there are Baku and Komainu carved into the little inner Shrine itself. This time, I say my goodbyes for good, and then, my journey continues.
Kitsune Discussion / Re: The Travelling Fox in Japan
« Last post by Kira Resari on Dec 07 2019, 01:25 AM »

Original Name: 汐留稲荷神社
Transcript: Shiodome Inari Jinja
Translation: Tide Stop Inari Shrine
Location: 2 Chome-24-21 Ikegamishincho, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 210-0832, Japan
Visited on: 2-Feb-2019

The final Fox Shrine of the final stray. By now it's already dark, and the sky glow of the radiant metropolis - resplendent though it my be - is scarcely enough to illuminate the ground below.

Based on the name of this Shrine, I reckon this is where the shore line was before land reclamation began.

Two foxes stalwartly watch over this Shrine from their cages, and I say my goodbyes to the Lady Inari right there and then, certain that this would be the final fox Shrine I should visit during my time in Japan.
Kitsune Discussion / Re: The Travelling Fox in Japan
« Last post by Kira Resari on Dec 04 2019, 11:48 PM »

Original Name: 義田稲荷神社
Transcript: Yoshida Inari Jinja
Translation: Righteous Field Inari Shrine
Location: 〒210-0828 Kanagawa-ken, Kawasaki-shi, Kawasaki-ku, Yotsuyakamichō, 23, 川崎区四谷上町23−20
Visited on: 2-Feb-2019

By now, it's starting to get late, the sun already setting. I've now crossed back into Kawasaki, and am visiting the last Inari Shrines for today.

Even here in Kawasaki, the foxes are still caged. But then again, this does still count as the Radiant Metropolis, all the way to Komayama (高麗山 "Tall Beautiful Mountain"), which is yet another 45 km to the southwest.
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