the rediculous things I go through...  (Read 2764 times)

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the rediculous things I go through...
« on: Jul 30 2009, 12:18 AM »
So get this!

Today I wake up everything is normal right? I'm preparing to go donate plasma for the 8th time this month (you get a $15 bonus for your 8th donation in one calender month)... so it's my second time this week and 8th this month = $50... pretty good right?

Haha all the work I put into making sure I can do that, all the waiting for it and patience... RUINED!

By who? A couple of asshole friends who I hate now for all the crap I constantly go through for them (and they tell me to quit bitching when they are never even grateful).

Ok so here's the good part, you ready?

So they call me up and ask me for a ride to a job, I'm nice enough to agree and say yes, after all I will have the time to do that and still go donate, its all fine! Well they promised me $10 for gas, not a bad deal! Then I get there and the job they got I find out isn't even in town, instead it's in another town a fair distance away, so I still say yes, $10 will still get me there and I will still have time, after all I already agree'd to take them anyways... so we get to that town and it isn't even in town! Ok so it's a little out of town (I had an 8th of a gas take just to start with mind you) so I keep going... and going... and going... I'M NOT A FREAKIN' ENERGIZER BUNNY AND NOR IS MY CAR OK?! so my gas light has been on for a while and I have no idea how much further it is so we stop and a gas station, of course the place agreed to give them gas money that they were gonna give me AFTER they worked I find out, but he says relax and that he has money... so we get to the gas station, I have to pee horribly bad and they are not even open for whatever reason... so again... we keep going and going and going... SERIOUSLY! eventually we stop at another gas station... to find out the money he had wasnt a replacement for the $10 I was supposed to get... after all he didnt say how much he had! WHAT A FUCKING FRIEND! So we eventually show up at the work sight and I start helping with the work THEY are supposed to be doing... and later he starts doing all kinds of things, ALL of them fall under sexual harrasment and for good reason! At least he wasn't groping me but he kept saying things and doing disgusting things and making gestures... it was so fucked up, so I say screw it and go sit in my car... later he kept asking me what was wrong and why I was  havingb an attitude... I WONDER WHY! JESUS! FUCK! Then everytime he looked over to me he would give me that slow shaking head as if there was something wrong with me or something, like I was wrong! WTF! I eventually got fed up with it! That's when I left and ditched their asses! You can't disrespect your ride that's for sure! but they did and horribly! After everything I fucking did for them today! It was so fucked up! Anyways I don't regret it for one, that's for sure, in fact I am rather damn proud of it actually!

Anyways what do you think?
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