satoshi tajiri manga shows scrapped pokemon  (Read 1607 times)

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satoshi tajiri manga shows scrapped pokemon
« on: May 17 2018, 11:56 PM »

#56 "deer" - antlers are more moose-like, and looks to have dragon-like traits, but the concept of a deer pokemon survived with stantler, and hints of xerneas
#62 "crocky" - while the concept of a crocodilian pokemon would be realized with the totodile line, elements of it seem to have survived in flygon and drampa
#67 "cactus" - it barely resembles any existing pokemon, but the cactus pokemon concept would be realized as the cacnea line and maractus
#68 "shark" - the concept survived with sharpedo, but it vaguely resembles mega sharpedo and has a harpoon element
"gyaoon" next to voltorb - may be a proto-tyranitar that got recycled in gen II
bottom page shows a seal-like design (proto-seel/dewgong?) between mankey and diglett

farfetch'd was "ikupaan"
blastoise was "carravaggio" - it was almost named for a mid-19th century italian painter, a TMNT fan must've been among GF's ranks at the time
gastly was "ghost", the name ended up being haunter's JPN name
spearow was "omuomu"
rhydon was "gagarth"
to crocky's left looks like a prototype of nidoking/nidoqueen
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Spoiler: show
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