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Title: early gen I prototype assets leak
Post by: Yerix on Feb 18 2019, 07:45 PM

- prototype "PM" title screen featuring proto-rhydon
- capsule monsters title screen
- lost trainer classes
-- the silph chief design has survived as blaine's current design! whereas a sprite for blaine's original "army man" design as originally depicted in concept art is present in this prototype

- many of the back sprites for scrapped pokemon seen in the tajiri manga are present!
-- "balloonda"
-- "deer"
-- an elephant
-- "crocky"
-- this one has a spiral shell and tentacles
-- "cactus"
-- "jagg" the harpoon shark
-- scrapped bat, it seems zubat was originally 3-stage
-- two other scrapped pokemon after krabby; moveset data suggests they seem to be based on bettas and could've been water/fighting
-- mikon, puchicorn, konya, and gyopin were all concepted and considered for gen I, and were considered for a re-intro for gen II as prevos
-- two scrapped mons between raichu and dratini
-- the evo data was yet to exist in this build, but evidently cubone was a 3-stage! the scrapped marowak evo has its offspring in its arms
-- the one we all want to see...gorochu!! it's right there before charmander...if only we could have its official front sprite
the (1) horn and raijin basis (it appears to be holding its tail over its shoulders like how most depictions of raijin hold a ribbon strip) as described in the creator profile interview all are here...
-- the kotora line was concepted in gen I, and was originally 3-stage; the third stage was cut when considered for gen II before disappearing
-- blastoise was either standalone originally, or of a potential 2-stage line; a scrapped pokemon were to evolve into it instead (it seems this data wasn't in place yet), and was unrelated to the squirtle line : the final stage for squirtle was originally more in line with wartortle
-- the psyduck line was originally 3-stage; psyduck was to evolve into a scrapped middle member and then to golduck
-- it seems the magnemite line began as a 3-stage; the evolution data seems to have not been added at the time of the prototype, but after cloyster in the spritesheet is a scrapped pokemon resembling magneton, but the 2 lower units lack magnets and head screws
-- a scrapped pokemon, supposedly called "boo/buu", was to stand between magmar and electabuzz, which both have "boo" in their japanese names; as it turns out, the folks at gamefreak are die-hard kaiju and tokusatsu maniacs, and this lost pokemon is claimed to be a homage to the yeti kaiju "woo" of ultraman fame...whether it had any relation to jynx, whom is also present in this prototype, remains to be answered

Title: Re: early gen I prototype assets leak
Post by: Yerix on Feb 21 2019, 02:28 AM
helix chamber reconstructions of lost gen I pokemon based on backsprites and pre-release info
Title: Re: early gen I prototype assets leak
Post by: Yerix on Feb 21 2019, 04:37 AM
scrapped pokemon cries survive in RBY :

67 was cactus
69 was the lost zubat prevo
79 was the unevolved "betta" fish
81 was mikon
94 and 95 was the unevolved "chinese water dragon" and its mid-evo
127 was the psyduck midevo AKA "zuduck"
137 was unevolved gyaon
181 was the original squirtle full evo AKA "wartortoise"