Dreaming of Foxes  (Read 2001 times)

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Dreaming of Foxes
« on: Aug 01 2007, 03:29 PM »
Dreams of foxes occur to me all the time. Some I can remember, some I can't, yet I always know that I've had them when I wake. "You've had another fox dream tonight."

In one of these dreams, I was in a huge bath-house, filled with cubicle-showers, when I heared a voice asking for me specifically by my rl-name. First I was scared because it sounded like I had done something bad, and they wanted to scold me, and I tried to hide. But then I pluckedup some courage, and revealed myself. I was taken to what semmed to be a master-room. With one old woman sitting on the far end on a podest, and lots of atendents around the room. The entire room was damp and filled with the steam from the bath-house, and walls and floor were tiled. She seemed a bit surprised that I actually came, and asked me if I wanted to become a fox. When I answered yes, she made it happen. There was nokind of transformation, nor did I change in the slightet, and yet I was a fox. I could tell.
I spend a long time thinking about this dream, and now I'm sure that the old lady was a fox herself.

Another of these dreams I've had just yesterday, and it was quite short, but still...
There were all kinds of foxes there. That was all that dream was about. Every single different kind of fox there is. Suffice it to be said that the gray foxes and kyubi were the center of my attention.

And finally there are those dreams I never can remember, but simply having them gives me high spirits for the following day. Recently, I found out just why I couldn't remember them. It was because I took an afternoon nap and had another of these dreams. Yet this time I woke before I could forget it. The effect was that my human mind tried to comprehend what was not made for the human mind to grasp. And that resultet in me experiencing feelings that were most like the ones of having a nightmare, only that they were not horrible, but instead so beautifu they almost drove me mad. That left me panting for a while. I was left with nothing more but the memories of these feeling though...
Chase your dream.
Or your dram will chase you.
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