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Title: Dream ~ Foxes, Titans and the Day of Reckoning
Post by: Kira Resari on Aug 25 2019, 01:31 AM
This is a noteworthy dream I had tonight.

It starts somewhat unrelated. I am part of a reality TV show and am supposed to wait for someone in the city. I start getting borded and get something to eat from a food stand, then almost forget my wallet at the T-Shirt donation stand. Eventually, I just head home.

That's when things start getting interesting: Having arrived at home I notice a storm brewing outside. But it's not just any old kind of storm. It's the "end of all days" sort of storm that tears the land asunder. All of nature is feeling it, and a selectiong of exotic green birds is taking shelter on my balcony, so scared of the storm that they don't even mind me stepping out among them.

And then, the Titans arise from the earth. One like a carved statue, and another taking a more nightmarish form. They rise to punish mankind for its transgressions against nature and the planet, and they are not going to show mercy, or be stopped. Scared though I am, I am stil ltaking a video of this spectacle as it unfolds before my eyes.

At this point I wonder what to do. I don't really consider myelf part of mankind, but I was still born in a human body. So what should I do? Should I just stay and accept my punishment? Or should I try to run?

Just then, the timelines split.

On one timeline, I am escaping into the forests. Deep inside the woods, I encoutner foxes, who are surrounding me. I allow it to happen, noting that they are kinda big, more about my own size. They fluff me up, apparently recognizing me as one of their own, and just then, the Titan of foxes makes his appearance. He is not as big as the other Titans, and shaped like a big, antropomorphic fox. I'm not afraid at all as he approaches, because I can feel that he can see my vulpine soul, and he is going to give my back my tail. After all these long years, I'm finally going home again.

In the other timeline, things somehow return to normal, and it is as if nothing ever happened. Except for the video that I made, and which I show to my father as soon as he returns home.