A word of warning?  (Read 2285 times)


A word of warning?
« on: Aug 30 2007, 10:32 AM »
When it happened? During the sleep/dream, between 26/08 and 27/08 (I'm not much sure of the date)

Place (in the dream): Do you know the hospital's bathroom in Silent Hill (Game)? If you do, imagine that but without blood or cracked windows... If you don't, it is a large bathroom with a huge glass window, no furniture and is all white. Except that in the game the window is cracked and there are blood stains too...

People involved: I don't think I know'em exactly... The person I was in had long blond hair, was slim and was wearing white pants and shirt... Also, was about 190 cm tall... Someone by my side, about 170~180 cm tall, woman, long black hair, thin face, green eyes, slim, white pants and shirt, and felt like I knew her... Someone facing us, about 200~210 cm tall, woman, long black hair, thin face, dark eyes (couldn't tell the color), slim, wearing white pants and a very long shirt (I thought it was a dress at first), somehow felt like she was very powerfull... Also, part of the tall woman's skin, on the face, was comming off.

How did it happen? We were in that place, by the door, inside the place... The tall woman then said something weird, and I could understand only the word "time", as she holds on thehanging skin. The woman by my side told her "No, don't do it! At least, not now!" and that sent a shiver down my spine. The tall woman ripped it off. I felt like I was about to pass out and looked at the ripped piece of the skin, that she threw to the ground. "No blood?!" I thought and slowly glance up, just to see: No flesh, no bones... Instead, I saw a somewhat wet white fur... And passed out just to wake up on my bed...

My guess: I think that she said "It has come the time to rise again...", but I'm not sure... I don't know who she was, but she had an aura that I could sense even a little after I woke up... unlike the other one, that had a "shy" aura...
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