A dream that I actually got around to logging!  (Read 2112 times)

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A dream that I actually got around to logging!
« on: May 14 2008, 05:17 PM »
I was at my old job, World Waterpark food and beverage guy. The weird thing is, the Waterpark looked giant. Like it was double the size. It also had canons and huge palm trees for decoration. Since I was fired from the job I didn't like being there, but this time it seemed like I was there for some swimming. The thing was, I couldn't swim because I was wearing normal clothing. So my friend who is still an employee there pulls swimming trunks out from behind him and points me in the direction of the change rooms. While I was walking through the hall to the change room it was different. The hallway looked like it was one from a huge corporation. There was really nice carpeting, marble walls, good looking people, but I didn't notice it was different at all until I woke up.
 The change room was also very different looking. It looked like one of those really expensive stores inside with dim lighting and nifty modern ways to hang your clothes. I found a secluded corner and changed, found hangers for my  clothes, and then searched for a place to hang them. I found this nice spot but an Asian guy came running up and told me he was going to use those. I thought to myself 'screw it' and then just threw my clothes behind my back. While walking through the hallway back to the park there was this man in a suit walking in front of me. The back of his suit said something along the lines of 'destruction of...' and it was in shiny red letters. Again, none of these things seemed different to me because I was dreaming and just accepting it.
 Once back outside the park I joined my friend who still works there. We were standing outside the food stand and started talking about the weather. Then another employee came out, her name was Melissa. No one liked her. No one. She comes up to us and starts talking about Mark (my friend) getting back to work. (She was wearing pink, if that means anything to you dream analyzers.) So he went back to work while I wandered around, looking at the huge space. After that I can't really remember what happened. Then I awoke. This happened from 6:30 to 7:24 AM May 14/2008.

Picture is of Waterpark. But the waterpark in my dream was waaay bigger.
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