Kuro Soma's Gaming Review of the Year!  (Read 2991 times)

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Kuro Soma's Gaming Review of the Year!
« on: Oct 07 2004, 06:16 PM »
That's right, of the year as in I will do this on the first friday of every October from now on!

Anyway, to the game!  MapleStory is a new, up-and-coming MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Onling Role Playing Game.  Do not ask again.), in which you take control of your own customised man or chick.  I find this particularly cool, because they even have male/female items that differentiate.   Of course, this means that a guy could buy women's clothing and vice-versa, but...well.....let's not go there.

            Anyway, so you start off as a beginner; someone without a job and who can only use basic items and things.  Howeverm after gaining enough Mesos(in-game currency), you can take a trip to another island and then make your way to one of four cities that allow you to make the "job advancement," or give yourself teh classification and powers of either Bowman, Swordsman, Magician, and Thief.
             It takes about 8-10 levels to get your job advancement, but afterwards, you get extra attack, health, and your first skill point, which is used for teh skill of your choice.  Once you do so, you can continue to level up, buy items, form parties, and do whatever you want.

             There is, or will be, a card feature and a petpari feature.  What's interesting about these "pets" is that they're actually dolls brought to life.  They still need to eat, and the commands you give them effect how they like or hate you, but these little guys can be resurrected as many times as you like.  They also follow you around, and can wear accesories, so look for that soon.

           And now the synopsis.  As for the game, it is avery entertaining way to kill many hours, and you'll find yoruself killing MAJOR hours over it.  It.  Is.  That.  Addicting.  The animation is awesome, because it's anime style, and the quality CAN BE TURNED UP bu going under system options.  The levels are arranged with care, and every one will give you a bit of difficulty.  Overall, this is a great game with a LOT of potential.  You will enjoy it, unless you're some n00bish bastard who only goes about like so, "GIEVE M3 YUR WAUEPUNS," or stealing their ithings, because you will DIE.  I mean it.

By the way, there is ONE glitch.  If you type more than one of the following;
?!$; in the same bar, then you will freeze the game AND your computer(Most of the time, though sometiumes you CAN ctrl+alt+delete).  Other than that, get the game from here, and have fun.  This is Kuro Soma, ending the Gaming Review Of The Year!  And remember, you can now find an archive of these over at MangaWorks!  See ya!
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