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Title: updates
Post by: Samui on Oct 13 2013, 01:09 PM

One new thing I am adding to (Munj)Pets is a list of a specific member's pets. can view them without having to go through a long list. But that is not the only thing I'm working on.

There still is the battle system. It's almost done, just gotta figure out XP/Level up. After that, I'm going to be resetting their stats. I am also going to be adding new species and items.

And one more thing, I might be adding something in, involving what could happen if you neglect your pets for too long.
Title: Re: updates
Post by: Samui on Sep 10 2014, 02:03 PM
long overdue for an update on this.

- New layout coming up for the main section, etc.
- Getting rid of the "click here to continue" things.
-- Using an item will redirect you back to inventory.
-- Buying an item will bring you back to the shop.
- Battle arena is almost set, setting up XP per post, level points.