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tomy 2015 catalog
« on: Dec 26 2014, 05:52 PM »

- sneasel, azurill, kirlia, teddiursa, luxio, lapras, and sableye are getting reprints, a few of those haven't even got rereleases in japan yet
- battle pose kalos starters, more pikachus, new pose yveltal
- there looks to be an alternate hawlucha moncolle on page 142 with moveable arms
- dosen't look like they'll release the articulated serena figure over here, much to the disappointment of the female pokefans
- battle posed hoenn starters
- battle posed kanto midevo starters with moveable arms
- titan figure assortment might be the kyogre+groudon hypersizes
- ORAS hoenn starter megas and lugia+ho-oh hypersizes in the trainer's choice line
- the my real pokedex is the pokemon zukan XY and it seems they're bringing it over here with little to no changes
- we're getting our own version of the mega ring without the mega stone prongs and infrared port, a much nicer replica without so much crap sticking out of it
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