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Title: Chapter 3 - Remembrance
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Kitsuria Chronicles - Chapter 3: Remembrance

Yuki ran on a path in the forest, unsure of where he was heading at the moment. He left the village, knowing he had to get back to Pyro and Pyra, to let them know he was safe. He also knew he had to get as far away from there as possible. Shiryu wouldn't take too kindly to his escaping and that he was set free by Flare, apparently one of her best servants. He wondered if he should have persuaded Flare to go with him. After all, she was showing signs of remembering him. Yuki might have been able to help her remember her past, to get her back to her true self.

Yuki slowed down to a walk as he reached a clearing in the forest. A river ran across the clearing with a bridge going over it. He glanced to his left to see a mountain just a few miles away. He recognized where he was. "Chiyu," he muttered to himself. "Not far from where I need to go." From his right, he heard a female voice calling to him. "Yuki!" He turned to see Mizu running in his direction, followed by a pink six-tailed fennec. "I'm glad you're safe!"

He nodded. "So am I, Mizu." Yuki rubbed his neck. "I think we're getting through to Flare."
"What happened? How did you escape?"
"Flare set me free. She tried to get intimate with me, then she suddenly stopped, saying that she might know me, but her memory is hazy."
"Interesting," Mizu said. "We should go back to Pyro and Pyra's and let them know. I sent Electra there."
"Right. That's where I was heading."
"Oh, and you remember Pyrova, right?" Mizu gestured to the pink fennec, who gave a small bow upon hearing her name, her black-tipped tails swishing behind her.
Yuki nodded again. "Of course. Cyan and I were taking care of her for some time until she left to work on a secret project."
Pyrova giggled, her amethyst eyes shimmering in the moonlight. "I can tell you all about it now. Remember when I read your journals, and you told me about..."

Before Pyrova could finish her sentence, Mizu spotted a flash of purple lightning in the forest. Shiryu was standing on the path Yuki took, looking at the group. "I am sorry to interrupt," she said. "Actually, no, I am not sorry. I am here to get back a certain blue fox who had left my village a little while ago."

Mizu growled, glaring at Shiryu and stepping between her and Yuki. "I am the blue fox you're looking for. Come and get me."
Shiryu laughed. "I should have been more specific. The fox in question is male and has six tails."
"Dammit," Mizu grumbled.
"Do not worry, though, little girl. You will have your turn soon." Shiryu's horn flashed purple, and lightning shot out at Mizu, striking her and knocking her to the ground, stunned. "Mizu!" Pyrova ran to Mizu and knelt down next to her. "What were you even thinking?" she muttered.

Mizu grumbled, "I'm...fine..." She brushed her fur down as she became able to move again. Shiryu laughed, walking past the two, and approached Yuki. "She may be fine," she sneered. "But you will not be for long. You shall learn the penalty for abandoning your training!"

"I was under the impression that it was cancelled, considering some facts that came to light."
"Oh, you are talking about how you made Flare think she knows you." Shiryu walked closer to Yuki. "You are one clever fox, manipulating my best servant into thinking you are right."
"Well, that's because I am right. We do know each other, and I know she'd never work for the likes of you."

Shiryu growled, leaping at Yuki and swiping at him with her claws. Yuki jumped back in time to avoid her. "Even if she does know you, and even if you two did have some history together," she snarled. "It does not matter. She works for me."

Yuki's hands glowed with an icy blue energy. "That's the thing, she's not supposed to!" He thrust his hands out at Shiryu, sending six icicles in her direction. She let them all hit her, pushing her back a few feet. She grinned, letting out a giggle. "That barely scratched me. Surely, you can do better."

Mizu whispered to Pyrova. "We need to do something. I don't think she's going to leave Yuki alone that easily."
"Well, do you have any ideas?" Pyrova asked.

Mizu was about to answer, but she saw Shiryu tackling Yuki into the river. "Crap!" Mizu exclaimed, jumping in after the two. She grabbed Shiryu's tail, pulling her away from Yuki. Mizu formed a bubble around the dragon and pushed it toward the bottom of the river. She signaled to Yuki. Yuki nodded to her as if he understood and sent ice energy at the bubble, freezing it and trapping Shiryu.

Mizu and Yuki swam to the surface and climbed out on the other side of the river. Pyrova ran across the bridge. "Are you two alright?" she asked.
"Yeah, we're fine," Mizu said. "We should run now, though. That bubble won't hold her for long."

* * *

Yuki walked into Pyro and Pyra's house, followed by Mizu and Pyrova. Pyrova closed and locked the door behind her. "Yuki!" Electra ran and hugged him. "You were able to escape from them? What happened?" Yuki smiled and returned the hug. He explained what had transpired in Shiryu's village, and how Flare had let him go after realizing that she might know him, as well as her sisters.

"So she's finally starting to come to her senses?" Pyra asked. "And all it took to jog her memory was flirting with you?"
"Apparently," Yuki chuckled.
"Hopefully she remembers us soon. More importantly, I hope she remembers who she is."
"I'm pretty sure she will." He turned to Pyrova. "Anyway, you were about to tell me something earlier?"
Pyrova nodded with a smile, her eyes lighting up again. "Right, I was!" She glanced at the group. "But wait, where's Cyan? She's got to hear this, too!"
"I don't know. She left to look for her sister a while ago, and I haven't heard from her since. That's the main reason I came out this way."
"Then I'll wait until we do find her. It's important that I tell you both, you should hear it together. I hope she's okay."
"I hope so, too."

The group sat in silence for a moment before hearing a knock at the door. Yuki walked over and opened it a crack to see Flare standing outside. "I thought I'd find you here," Flare spoke softly through the cracked door. "I need to speak with you."

Yuki glanced back at the group. Mizu nodded. "We'll be ready in case she does anything funny." Yuki nodded, opening the door all the way to allow Flare inside. She was followed by a grey seven tailed vixen. The vixen stood just over five feet tall, had golden eyes and a crescent shaped marking on her forehead.

"I'm starting to remember everything now," Flare said, closing the door behind her. "I want to apologize for lying to you all those years ago. This is our daughter. Her name is Lunar."
The grey vixen bowed with a smile. "It is nice to finally meet you, father."
Yuki hesitated for a moment, shocked. "Nice to meet you, too, Lunar." He turned to Flare, asking, "Are you sure about this?"
"Yes," Flare answered. "I know it's hard to believe, but she is your daughter. It's in my journal if you want proof."
"Why have you kept this from me?"
"I ran away after we mated," Flare looked to her side and lowered her head. "I was afraid that if Cyan found out...especially that I got pregnant from you..."
Yuki shook his head, resting his hand on Flare's shoulder. "You had nothing to worry about. I told her about your romantic interest. She had no problem with us being together."
"She knew, all that time? About us? But I thought she didn't trust me."
"She had her doubts at first, but when she saw that I trusted you, she began to trust you as well."
"I see," Flare said softly, pausing for a moment before hugging Yuki close to her, tears in her eyes. "I'm such an idiot! I shouldn't have run away like that, I shouldn't have lied...None of this would have happened!"
Yuki hugged Flare back. "It's not your fault. I should have told you this sooner. All that is the past, though. What matters now is that you are yourself again, and you're back with us."
"I guess you're right. I'll do whatever I can to make up for the awful things I've done."