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Jul 11 2020, 01:21 AM
Samui: i *might* import the old shouts sometime.

Jul 11 2020, 01:15 AM
Samui: new shoutbox, who dis?

Fox Contract ~ Feedback Wanted,  (Read 2130 times)

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Fox Contract ~ Feedback Wanted
« on: Jun 18 2019, 09:59 AM »
Heya everyone,

here's a little fun thing I've always wanted to get around to writing: A fox contract to sell your sould to the foxes.

This also serves as a sort of guideline of how to live a good, vulpine lifestyle, especially the Guidelines of Vulpinity in §3 (5)

Have a look at it and tell me what you think. This is all I could think of so far. Is there something I should yet add?

Fox Contract


– hereafter referred to as "the Kit" –


the spiritual union of foxes distributed throughout the multiverse
– hereafter referred to as "the Foxes" –

§1 Beginning and end of the contract
(1) The contract takes effect immediately upon signing, and lasts until the end of the Kit's current incarnation, at which point the Kit may elect to join the Foxes.
(2) The contract may also be terminated at any time in mutual consensus between the Foxes and the Kit.
(3) The Foxes also reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time if the Kit repeatedly and valiciously violates its obligations as outlined in §3.

§2 Boons bestowed upon the Kit
(1) The following skills are granted to the Kit by the Foxes as boons immediately upon signing the contract:
(1.1) Learn III
(1.2) Creativity II
(1.3) Agility I

(2) In addition the Foxes commit to granting the Kit additional boons if it continues to faithfully fulfill its obligations as outlined in §3. Boons in this sense may include:
(2.1) Additional or improved skills
(2.2) Inspiration for creative acts
(2.3) Strokes of luck
(2.4) Protection in dangerous situations
(2.5) Guidance

§3 Obligations of the Kit
(1) The Kit hereby pledges its immortal soul to the Foxes.
(2) The Kit may never intentionally kill or injure a fox.
(2.1) If a fox is accidentally injured through the Kit's action, the Kit has to take every reasonable action that does not endanger its own well-being to see to the recovery of the fox.
(3) The Kit is to make an effort to protect foxes if the opportunity arises, as well as promote the acceptance of foxes within its social environment.
(3.1) The Foxes would like to point out that an ill-conceived or half-hearted attempt to protect foxes may have the opposite effect. As such, the Kit is to refrain from any such attempts unless it is reasonably certain that the attempt will have a positive impact on the wellbeing and acceptance of foxes.
(4) The Kit is to make its devotion to the Foxes known to the world in a manner that is acceptable within the social boundaries that the Kit is subject to in its current incarnation.
(5) The Kit is strongly encouraged to follow the Guidelines of Vulpinity as outlined below:
(5.1) Follow your tail
(5.2) Be curious, learning is a good thing
(5.3) Try everything once
(5.3.1) You don't have to try things that you know or strongly suspect are unhealthy
(5.4) Show kindness to plants and animals that are not food
(5.5) Enjoy playing
(5.6) Enjoy cuddling
(5.7) Enjoy being naked
(5.8) Enjoy and share sexuality
(5.9) Appreciate trickery, even if you are the victim
(5.9.1) This does not mean you can't get even later, just appreciate it at the moment and learn from it
(5.10) Repay both kindness and cruelty in kind
(5.11) Use brains over brawn
(5.12) Be active and do things
(5.13) When faced with several choices, pick the one that will bring more interesting results
(5.13.1) However, picking a safe but boring option is okay if the other option would put you in social or physical danger, or otherwise have a high chance of negatively affecting your current life for the mid- or long term
(5.13.2) Temporary inconvenience is not an excuse to avoid picking the more interesting option
(5.14) Avoid doing things that you will regret
(5.14.1) Especially avoid not doing things that you will later wish you would have done
(5.15) Being scared is a natural vulpine trait, just don't let it keep you from being active
(5.15.1) Keep in mind that bravery means doing something despite being scared
(5.16) Enjoy cuteness and being cute, regardless of your gender
(6) The Kit is to seek out other potential new Kits and ask the Foxes to bestow the Seed of Vulpinity to them, which in time may grow and allow them to accept the Fox Contract themselves in due time.
(6.1) The Kit is asked to take great care in choosing potential new Kits, and only ask to bestow the Seed of Vulpinity onto them in accordance with its tail.
(7) The Kit is asked to seek out Friends of Foxes and relate their names and whereabouts to the Foxes.
(7.1) Friends of Foxes in this sense are people that have shown kindness to the Kit and are either amicable to or tolerant of foxes.
(7.2) The Foxes may bestow Boons in the sense of §2 (2) onto the Friends of Foxes.
(8) The Kit is likewise asked to identify Friends of no Fox and relate their names and whereabouts to the Foxes.
(8.1) Friends of no Fox in this sense are people that have abused the Kit, actively endangered it or show hostility to foxes in general. People who have actively and valiciously killed a fox are also to be reported as Friends of no Fox.
(8.2) The Foxes may choose to punish Friends of no Fox at their own discretion. This punishment may at times be severe and final.
(8.3) The Kit is explicitly asked not to name people Friends of no Fox lightly.
(9) The Kit is encouraged to ask for minor Boons to be granted to nice people, as well as tricks to be played on mean people.
(9.1) The Kit is to listen to its tail to judge what qualifies as nice and mean.


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