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Hey, all, I'm Tao (or Dao or what have you...) the kitsune! Now, to clear up future confusion, I do not advocate the extent of Taosim (or Daoism), I simply admire the idea of balance, as illustrated by my avatar. I'm not usually one to play around with such symbols and hope not to offend anyone here... can't stress that enough.
Anyhow, I hope to be an active and contributing member here at Kitsuria.

As far as I've developed my character, Tao, he's a spirit kitsune (Cross fox, more specifically) which manifests into physical form mostly for means of attaining new knowledge and connecting with others of his kind. He currently possesses three tails and his "ball", or focus of energy is a floating orb which usually resides above his lower back and appears as the taijitu symbol; constantly shifting and changing in accordance to the constant effort to attain harmony by his opposing Qi. His power is highly dependent on this harmony and will be stronger or weaker accordingly.
Though young, Tao can use such abilities as manifestation in different physical forms (which takes a LOT of effort), fox-fire, illusion, and realm digression (the ability to open and close passageways to separate realms within the physical world). **Note: these realms ARE finite and also take a LOT of energy to conjure, so they are not often used.**

Heh, well, I'll leave it at that for now. I hope I didn't bore anyone, and I hope to get to know a lot of you  ^_^     

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Welcome to the forums! :3

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