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If you're new to IRC, here are some useful commands.
  • /me <action> - Perform an action.
  • /join #<channel> - Join another channel on the server.
  • /ns REGISTER <password> <e-mail> - Register your nickname with NickServ so no one else can use it.
  • /ns IDENTIFY <password> - Identify yourself to NickServ.
This is a list of commands you can use with our resident bot Glacia, in no particular order:
  • !quote - Random quote from one of our channels.
  • !bash - Random quote from bash.org.
  • !unocmds - List of commands for use with the Uno! game.
  • !acro - Start the Acronyms game. (use !acro help for help)
  • !weather <zip> - Current weather conditions for given location.
  • !decide <question>|<answer 1>:<answer 2>... - Have the bot make a decision for you.
  • !dice <repeats>#<rolls>d<sides>+/-<offset> - Roll some dice. ( limit is 20#100d100+100 )
  • !slogan <text> - Create a slogan for given text.
If there are any questions, don't be afraid to ask. We won't laugh at you.

(updated: 2/15/13)
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