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About Kitsuria Network
Thanks for coming here to learn more about us.

What is Kitsuria Network?

Kitsuria Network a community for classic gaming and just about anything and everything else. It is a place to hang out, relax, and just have a good time. Along with some mini-games on the forums, we have a few servers for multiplayer gameplay on Terraria, Unreal Tournament, any emulator that supports Kaillera, and more. It is home to a few community projects such as .para//Bound and Digital Dimension.

About Kitsuria's Server

Operating System: Debian 9.9
Total RAM: 8 GB
Total Disk Space: 2 TB


Kitsuria Network got its beginnings back in February 2003, as a Digimon fansite named Digital Dimension. It was originally hosted by DigiBase, but moved to in-house hosting in April 2003. Due to network arrangements at the time, the server was unable to remain online 24/7. Forums were also opened around that time. Over the course of the summer of 2003, the forums became more geared towards anime and gaming.

In September 2003, Samui, then known as Sigma, had changed the site's name to Sigma, and dubbed it "The Multipurpose Server". It marked the first opening of a roleplaying section. It was still unable to stay online 24/7, until Christmas, when he had set up a wireless network at home, and changed the site's name to "Digital Gate." He had also changed his screen name to DigiAgent02.

Digital Gate continued to be a gaming community, and an attempt was made at a Digimon roleplaying board, but it was never finished. However, on IRC, several sessions involving Digimon (and Pokemon) were taking place that would form the basis behind a RP that would eventually take place. In late February 2004, he changed his name to "KitsuneNoYuki" or "YukiKitsunemon", the name of his main character at the time.

Around May 2004, he added a forum called "Kitsune Discussion", and made a new skin themed around kitsune which featured Vulpix and Ninetales. Soon after, a Riven themed skin was created, along with five Myst discussion forums, one for each game in the series.

Digital Gate became more dedicated to roleplaying, the roleplaying forum seeing more activity than the spam forum "Forum of Randomnity". Plans for a RPG system named "kRPG" were made, and it saw the light in mid-October.

In August 2004, Samui decided he wanted to get an actual domain name. Originally, he was going to use "digitalgate.org", but it was already taken. Wanting to maintain the site's kitsune theme, he chose to change the name to "Kitsune Paradise", and opened it on September 18th, his 18th birthday.

In October, the forum software was upgraded to IPB2.0. Samui started work on a chat client specifically designed for roleplaying with multiple characters. At the time, it was named kRPG. He released the first version on October 9, 2004, and continued improving it over time.

In July 2005, a forum was added called "Therianthropy Discussion", where members interested in that subject could discuss it. It was changed to "Spiritual Discussion" in early 2006, and removed in September 2007. Kitsune Paradise retained its kitsune theme, only allowing casual discussion of kitsune. It continued to be a gaming and roleplaying community. In early 2008, Samui installed RPG Inferno, updating it with a newer version a year later.

Samui changed the forum software to Simple Machines in July 2009, sacrificing MunjPets and RPG Inferno, both of which wouldn't return until a couple years later.

In late 2010, Samui changed the site's name to "Kitsuria Network", stating that it would make the site seem less deceptive, and allow him to focus on his story and the universe in which it takes place. The main RP started in January 2011, and was archived in October 2012, when Samui decided to start bringing the site back to its roots.

Samui condensed the roleplaying boards into a single forum, leaving subforums for OOC discussion and character profiles. He started up some dedicated servers for Terraria and Unreal Tournament. He shifted focus away from roleplaying, and made it a gaming and everything else community.

And here we are today.
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