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Jan 01 2018, 05:00 AM by Samui
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Alright! So it's 2018 now. What did we get done last year? I didn't do a damned thing!.... Okay, maybe a few things here and there. Oh, whatever. That was last year. This is this year.

This year will be the 15th anniversary of this website/community, so I definitely would like to do something for that. And of course, writings, .para//Bound, and streams. Also UT99 stuff. I've been wanting to do stuff on the UT99 server, a couple friends want to do stuff. We just need to coordinate.

I'm no...

Oct 09 2017, 06:52 AM by Samui
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Kitsuria Network will be going down sometime this Saturday while I relocate the server. I haven't determined what time I will take it down, but that depends on the moving time and getting internet set up at the new place. Everything's going offline, but should be back up relatively quickly. The server will be one of the first things I set up at my new place.

As always you can check Twitter and keep in touch over Discord for updates.

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