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Title: Chapter 5: Engage Deemon
Post by: Samui on Feb 28 2017, 10:21 PM
The four teenagers were sitting in a circle on the ground in the Gomamon's village, their recovering digimon laying in front of each of them. A Gomamon approached the group. "Sounded like you had a rough fight out there."

"Yeah," Jess nodded. "Who was that, even? We couldn't faze her, but she was able to wipe us out in one shot."

"She said her name was BlackLighdramon," Valerie answered, "Apparently she's been watching us and Deemon, and isn't too pleased that he's failing."

"Well, that's too bad for her!" Faye slammed her fist on the floor. "We've got to kick her ass. I'm betting that she is the enemy we have to defeat."

"Sure, if we can track her down," Jess said. "There's also the problem of your digivice still being in Deemon's hands. Though we could trace its signal to him." She looked at her digivice, pressing a few buttons. "At least there has to be something on here that lets us do that." Bob and Valerie followed suit, fiddling with the buttons on their digivices.

"And how will we even get there? It's not like he'd be just half a mile away!"

The Gomamon raised his left hand. "We have a chariot that you can borrow. It's a bit of a walk from here, though."

"Anything would help," Faye said. "We need to find Deemon and kick his ass, fast."

"Well, our chariot is piloted by a Pegasmon, not only is he fast, he can fly if you need him to."

Valerie exclaimed, "Faye! We got something!"

Jess added, "According to the map, your digivice is somewhere in those mountains. I knew something was up over there! We should head over as soon as our digimon recover."

"Great!" Gomamon smiled. "Get rested, I will get the chariot ready."

* * *

Deemon glanced at Faye's digivice on his control panel. It was beeping, its screen flashing every couple seconds. He grinned and pressed a button to silence it. "So, they finally are figuring out where I am, hm?" He chuckled and pressed a button on the control panel, shouting into the microphone. "Hey you! Watch the door! We're about to have company!" He released the button and laughed to himself as he picked up Faye's digivice. "Although, I would like to have a little bit of fun with them while they're on their way."

* * *

Valerie and Jess led the rest of the group further into the Gomamon's village, heading closer to a clearing in the forest. "That mountain is a good distance away," Jess said. "And I'm sure none of us would be willing to climb that high. Hopefully that ride can get us there quicker."

Faye nodded. "I hope so, too. I can't stand the thought of Deemon holding onto my digivice with his grimy hands. Gross..."

"Don't worry, we'll get it back soon enough."

"We had better," Faye muttered. The group continued to walk for several minutes, until Konekomon began to jump around and shout gibberish at Faye. Faye stopped walking and watched Konekomon. "Hey, what's wrong with you?" She backed away when Konekomon hissed in response, "More like, what's wrong with you?!" Faye reached out to touch Konekomon's forehead, just to get scratched on her hand. "Ow!" she exclaimed. "You bitch!"

Jess shook her head. "I think Deemon is controlling her. This can't be good." Konekomon hissed again and tackled Hawkmon, scratching at his face. "Ow, ow, dammit!" Hawkmon cried, flinging Konekomon off of him with his wings. "Ow!"

Konekomon stood up and snarled at the group. Salamon tackled her and smacked her across the face with a green flaming paw. "Stop it right now!" Salamon yelled, giving Konekomon's face another slap. "On the list of things we don't need right now, this is in the top twelve!" Konekomon hissed and shoved Salamon off of herself. "Get bent, puppygirl!"

Faye grumbled. "Oh, that is it!" She walked over to Betamon. "Bob, I'm borrowing Betamon for a second." She lifted Betamon off the ground by the tail and whacked Konekomon across the face with him. Konekomon was sent flying into a tree and getting knocked unconscious. Faye placed Betamon back on the ground gently. "Sorry, just needed to use something I learned from the Internet." She ran to Konekomon and picked her up. "It should at least keep her down until I get my digivice back."

A voice called out into the forest. "What's all that noise out there?" The four teenagers turned to look in the direction from where the voice came. A Gomamon stepped out. "Oh, it's you guys! Your ride is ready!" A Pegasmon followed the Gomamon out into the clearing, pulling a chariot behind him, stopping in front of the children. Faye and Valerie climbed in, carrying their digimon. They sat on one side, while Bob and Jess sat across from them. "Where are you heading?" the Pegasmon asked.

"To the mountain!" Valerie answered. "Post-haste!"

* * *

The Pegasmon landed in front of a large castle near the summit of the mountain, pulling the chariot close to the door. The four teenagers jumped out with their digimon. Jess turned to the Pegasmon and said, "Thanks. We really appreciate your help." They walked to the door and pressed a button next to it, hearing a pleasant tune similar to the Westminster chime. The door opened slowly to reveal a short Gazimon on the other side.

"Welcome to Deemon's lair," he spoke in a high nasal voice. "And to your doom. You may enter, but you will find that..." Before Gazimon could finish his sentence. Faye picked up Betamon and smacked Gazimon in the face with him, sending the digimon crashing into the wall in the back of the foyer. After Faye placed Betamon on the ground, Bob shouted, "Faye! Stop abusing fish! He's not even a trout for Pete's sake!"

Faye huffed and stormed into the castle, carrying Konekomon again. "Hey, Deemon!" she yelled. "We're here! Funtime is over!"

Deemon grunted, and walked into the foyer. "Huh? How did you get past my guard?" He glanced at Gazimon. "Oh." He looked back at Faye and the rest of the group. "Doesn't matter. I'll kill you all myself, anyway!"

"Try us."

Hawkmon, Betamon, and Salamon evolved to their respective champion forms, and surrounded Deemon. Aquilamon's horns glowed red, and fired two beams of red energy at Deemon. Deemon grunted and laughed. "Didn't hurt!" He formed a ball of purple energy in his hands and threw it at Aquilamon, sending him crashing into a wall. Dolphmon went to whack Deemon with his tail, but Deemon grabbed his tail and struck Gatomon on the head with Dolphmon's body.

Faye used this opportunity to run into the next room. She found her digivice sitting on a counter and grabbed it. "Ha!" she exclaimed. "I got it back now!" She turned to see Deemon approaching her, his hand outstretched. "Oh, damn." Before Deemon could get any closer to Faye, Konekomon woke up, glowing simultaneously with her digivice.

"Konekomon!" she called out, her form changing to that of a large white tigress with gold armored paws. "Evolving to.....Toramon!"

Faye jumped up and down and did a small dance. "In your face, Deemon! She evolved, and now your ass is grass!"

"To echo you," Deemon retorted. "Try me."

Toramon smiled. "My pleasure." She jumped up and exhaled a blast of white flame at Deemon. Deemon stumbled backwards, screaming, "Damn, that's hot!" Toramon glanced back at the other three digimon. "All together now."

"Lightning claw!" Gatomon leapt at Deemon and swiped at his face with her claws. Aquilamon and Toramon prepared their signature attacks while Dolphmon moved behind Deemon kicked him in the back with his tail, sending him into both the red energy beams and white flames. Deemon burst into white flames, screaming and falling onto his knees. "No!" he cried. "You're not supposed to win!" Aquilamon charged at him with glowing red horns, hitting him directly in the chest. Deemon collapsed onto the ground, motionless, and still burning.

The four digimon reverted back to their previous forms. "I guess that takes care of him," Faye said, looking at Deemon's burning body, sounding somewhat confused. "Let's get out of here." The four teenagers and their digimon left the castle, boarded the chariot, which they took to the base of the mountain.