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Title: Chapter 3: Lakeside Trouble
Post by: Samui on Feb 25 2015, 04:29 PM
   Bob was sitting in front of the rock by the entrance to the cave. "Man," he sighed. "Guard duty is boring. I'm having a hard time staying awake." He leaned back against the rock, looking up at Betamon who was resting on top of it. "I don't think anyone is going to go out of their way to hurt us," Bob said. "It's late at night, and the only one who really knows about us is hiding."

   "True," Betamon replied. "But you don't know what Deemon could send out. We need to be alert, especially if we're out in the open like this." Bob nodded, sighing again. "You do have a point, but I am still tired. And bored." Betamon smiled. "You had a short nap." Bob smirked sarcastically at Betamon. "Right, a short nap."

   Bob closed his eyes and sighed softly. He began to drift into sleep when a voice cried out from the forest. He jumped to his feet. "I'm awake! Don't yell at me!" Bob exclaimed. Betamon jumped down from the rock. "They weren't screaming at you. Someone is in trouble."

"We should go see what's going on, then," Bob said.
"And leave the cave unattended?" Betamon asked.
"It'll be fine. Those two have their digimon, and nothing has happened here all night."
"Faye is going to kill you if she wakes up and sees you gone."
"That's a risk I'm willing to take."
"I don't know," Betamon began to say when the voice cried out a second time. He glanced in the voice's direction. "On second thought, let's go." Bob nodded, and started to run into the forest, followed by Betamon.

   After a few minutes of running, Bob and Betamon stopped at a lake, noticing a Seadramon rising in the center, glaring down at the pair. "Is this the thing causing trouble here?" Bob asked, removing his digivice from his belt and pressing a button to identify the digimon.

"It might be," Betamon said. "But I don't even see any signs of a struggle here."
"Neither do I." Bob looked up at the Seadramon. "No one's gotten hurt or anything here, have they?"
"No," the Seadramon answered. "I haven't hurt anybody. Not yet, at least."
"What do you mean 'not yet'?"
"Does this noise sound familiar to you?" The Seadramon made a noise similar to the cries Bob and Betamon had previously heard.
"That was you? You had us thinking someone was in trouble here!"
"That someone will be you. Deemon didn't hire me just for my acting skills." The Seadramon's eyes glowed red as they shot red beams of light at Bob's feet. Bob jumped back, exclaiming, "Gah, dammit!" He looked back at Seadramon. "So you're one of Deemon's minions, huh?"

   "You're not as dumb as I thought," Seadramon hissed. "But you will still be eliminated, just as anyone else who will get in Deemon's way." He opened his mouth and spat out a chunk of ice at Bob. "Bob!" Betamon cried as he jumped in front of him, in time to take the hit. "Oof." Betamon fell to the ground, dazed.
   "Crap," Bob muttered. He looked at his digivice and pressed some buttons. "One of these has got to make you evolve or something." After a few more buttons, a message appeared on the screen, "SOS Sent". Bob blinked, looking at it. "SOS sent?" he asked. "What does that mean?"

   Seadramon rolled his eyes impatiently, and looked at Bob. "It must mean you called for help or something," he hissed. "Now if you're done playing with your little toy, it's time for you to die." He lunged at Bob and wrapped his body around him, causing Bob to drop his digivice. "Ack," Bob struggled, trying to break free of Seadramon's grasp.


   Jess awoke to the sound of her and Faye's digivices beeping. "Huh?" she groggily said, looking at her digivice. She turned to Faye, nudging her. "Hey, wake up. You hear that?"

   Faye unintelligibly grumbled and muttered, "Battle...battletoads...." Jess sighed and jabbed Faye with her elbow. "I said wake up!" Faye jolted awake, sitting up. "Huh? What?" She looked at Jess. "Oh, sorry if my snoring woke you up."

"No," Jess said. "You weren't snoring. Not loudly, at least. Check your digivice."
Faye picked up her digivice, looking at it. "It's a distress signal...from Bob? But he's supposed to be guarding the cave!"
Jess pressed a button on her digivice. "From the looks of it, he's a few miles east of here."
"He abandoned his post? I'll kill him!" Faye exclaimed.
"He could be getting killed right now."
"Then we'll save him, and then I'll kill him."
"Either way, he's in trouble. Let's go!"

   Jess and Faye ran out of the cave, followed by their digimon. Soon, they reached the lake to see Bob being constricted by Seadramon and his digivice on the ground next to Betamon. “Hey!" Faye shouted at Seadramon. "Nobody messes with my friends!"

"And who are you to decide who I mess with?" Seadramon hissed.
"My name is Faye, and if you start something, I am ending it! Konekomon, get him!"

   Konekomon nodded and lept at Seadramon, slashing at his coils, causing him to loosen his grip on Bob but not letting him go. Hawkmon flew above Seadramon, and threw his feather ornament at him. Seadramon dropped Bob and growled. "You're not going to get away with this."

   Bob crawled to his digivice and picked it up. "We'll see," he said, pressing a button on it, and calling out to Betamon. "Come on, do something!" The digivice glowed along with Betamon, who stood up as his form changed to that of a dolphin. "Betamon!" he called out. "Evolving to Dolphmon!"

   Dolphmon glided into the air and struck Seadramon on the head with his tail, sending the serpent digimon into the lake. He dove into the lake and grinned at Seadramon, who was now stunned. He opened his mouth and sent out a powerful ultrasonic wave, pushing Seadramon to the floor of the lake. "And one more kick for good measure!" He struck Seadramon once more on the head, causing him to lose consciousness.

   Dolphmon jumped out of the water, glowed, and reverted to his previous form. "He won't be bothering anybody for a while," he said. Bob nodded as he stood up. "That's good," he replied before being slapped across the face by Faye. "Ow! What did you do that for?"

"For leaving us unguarded, you moron!" Faye yelled.
"But we thought someone was actually in trouble, and besides, you had your digimon with you."
"That someone ended up being you, and we barely saved your ass!"
"Well, if I had known it was a trap, I wouldn't have left!"
"Whatever. Let's just go back to the cave and sleep. And you better not leave this time!"

   A pair of Gomamon wandered out to the lake, looking at the group. "What is all this commotion?" one asked. The other looked at the humans, confused. "Human children, here?"

Faye grumbled. "Great." She punched Bob's arm. "See what you got us into?"
Bob rubbed his arm. "Ow...What do you mean?"
Jess sighed and rolled her eyes. "Could you two stop arguing? Maybe these digimon aren't Deemon's allies." She turned to the Gomamon. "Sorry about that. We're sort of new to the area, and we have yet to meet a friendly digimon other than our own."

   One of the Gomamon nodded. "Understandable," he said. "You don't need to worry about us, though. We are not on Deemon's side at all. We're willing to help you. Come with us to our village and get some rest. I overheard you saying something about a cave, and that is no place for you to be."
Jess looked to Faye and Bob, "If it's okay with those two..." Faye reluctantly nodded. "Anything beats a cave," she said. "Besides, these digimon are cute."
The other Gomamon turned around. "Follow us, then."

   Deemon slammed his fist on the armrest of his chair. "Damn it!" he yelled. "I should have known that Seadramon was no good." He pressed a button on his control panel and spoke into the microphone. "Hey you!"

"Yes, master?" a nasal voice stuttered.
"I thought you said that Seadramon was strong and could kill those kids!"
"He was..."
"He got beat up by a fucking dolphin!" Deemon screamed. "What good is that?"
"Shut up! This is the second time you screwed up."
"I-I'm sorry."
"You better be, and things had better improve! Or else."
"Understood, master."
Deemon released the button on the microphone and leaned back in his chair, grumbling. "A dolphin...a freaking dolphin..."


   The Gomamon led the group to small house in a village. They entered it to see a spacious room with a blue carpeted floor, sofa, and television. "This is where you can sleep. We can talk more in the morning about everything that's going on here." Two more Gomamon walked into the room with three pillows and blankets, and placed them on the floor for the trio.

   Faye, Jess, and Bob each picked up their own blanket and laid down on the floor, their digimon laying next to them. After a few minutes, they drifted off to sleep.