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Author Topic: Chapter 2: Aquilamon  (Read 12440 times)

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Chapter 2: Aquilamon
« on: Mar 18 2014, 12:59 PM »
   Faye, Bob, and Jess started to walk down a forested path, followed by their digimon. They were surrounded by tall trees on either side, the leaves providing cover from the sunlight. Faye kicked a stray rock on the ground as she continued walking, grumbling to herself. Konekomon glanced up at Faye and asked, "What's wrong, Faye?"

   "My summer vacation is ruined," Faye answered, "Deemon is so going on my shit list."
   "Shit list?" Konekomon tilted her head. "What is that?"
   "Just a list of people I hate, people that just piss me off so much."
   "Is it a long list?"
   "Not really."
   "Ah, that's good. It's not nice to hate others. Though, I guess it's alright to hate Deemon. He's a jerk."
   "Well, he is the one we have to save the world from, right?" Faye asked. "Then we're home free?"
   "I hope that's not all you care about," Konekomon said, stopping, "Getting home. This is a nice place, even if you were unwillingly brought here. Did you have any better plans for summer vacation?"
   "Well...no," Faye responded, stopping as well. Bob, Jess, and their digimon stopped and turned to listen to the conversation.
   "Then deal with it!" Konekomon exclaimed. "No, really. I'll show you around. Think of this as a nice vacation spot. Perhaps that would help you lose the attitude. Besides, you're not the only one who was called here. Bob and Jess are here, too."
   "Yeah," Bob spoke up. "I'm not too happy about having been taken here against my will. But hey, it sure beats sitting around and playing on the internet all day."
   Jess agreed, "I just wanted to catch up on reading, but going on an adventure in another world sounds even better. It's almost like being a character in a story."
   "Oh, alright." Faye sighed. "It's not like I have a choice here. I'll find some way to enjoy it, though."
   "That's all I ask," Konekomon smiled.

   The three continued to walk with their digimon until they reached a cave deep in the forest. The entrance was partially covered with leaves and the floor of the cave appeared to be soft. Both sides of the entrance had a rock standing about knee height. "This seems like a good place to rest," Jess said. "I know it's a lousy cave, but it would have to do." Faye and Bob nodded in agreement. Jess and Hawkmon walked to the entrance and cleared the leaves from it and looked inside. There were some drawings on the walls and a mural on the back wall. On the floor were three makeshift beds. "There are three beds in here," Jess observed. "And apparently, whoever was in here last was an artist. I can't really tell what they were drawing, though."

   Faye and Bob followed Jess to the entrance, and looked into the cave as well. "Not so lousy," Bob said. "This would be a good spot to rest and figure things out." Faye looked at the beds. "Three of them?" she asked. "There are three of us here, this seems to be too much of a coincidence." She pictured herself laying down on a bed and falling into a bottomless pit. Jess shook her head. "No," she disagreed. "I think it's just a coincidence, nothing to worry about." Jess imagined laying down and being very comfortable and relaxed, despite the quality of the bed. "We're fine," Jess said. "We have our digimon to protect us if anything bad should happen."

   Faye leaned against a rock by the entrance. "I suppose you're right," she said. "So, what do we do now? How are we going to find Deemon?" Jess sat down on the rock across from Faye. "Do you see the mountain not too far in the distance?" she asked. "I suggest we check it out."

   "What?!" Faye exclaimed. "Climb a mountain?!"
   "Hey, I figure if Deemon could be anywhere, he'd be up there. That's where the villains in the books I read usually are," Jess replied. "Up high, always watching. Besides, when I first saw that mountain, I thought there was...well, something about it."
   "Something, like what? And what if Deemon isn't there? We'd have wasted our time."
   "Do you have any other ideas?" Jess asked.
   "No, I don't. But I think it'd be kind of dumb to go up there based on a feeling."
   "I was always taught to go with my gut feeling," Jess explained. "It's never steered me wrong, and I don't think it's wrong this time. If we don't find Deemon there, we might find someone who can possibly lead us to him."
   "If you say so." Faye shrugged.

* * *

   Deemon reclined in a chair, watching various activities taking place in the digital world on the monitors across from him. "Excellent," he said. "These kids are all confused, and thinking about coming all the way up here to pay me a visit." He chuckled softly. "As I expected." Deemon spun around in his chair twice before stopping and pressing a button on a panel below the monitors. "Hey, you!" he spoke into a microphone.

   "Yes, sir?" a nasal voice responded.
   "Send out another digimon against the kids."
   "Any kind in particular?" the voice asked.
   "Oh, just something...mean. I want to get them riled up."
   "Yes, sir."
   "Oh..." Deemon paused for a moment. "and wait until they're separated. I don't want it to be outnumbered like last time."
   "But don't you want them all dead at the same time?"
   "Uh, yeah?" Deemon answered condescendingly.
   "Why not send three digimon, then?"
   "Are you questioning how I do things?" Deemon shouted. "I'm the one giving the orders here. Now do it the way I tell you!"
   The voice stuttered, "N-No, sir. I'm not questioning you. I'll send the digimon out when one of the kids are on their own."
   "That's what I thought."

   Deemon released the button on the intercom, leaned back in his chair, and tented his fingers together. "Excellent," he grinned. "If I kill them one at a time, they'd surely be afraid to go against me."

* * *

   "Alright," Faye said. "Bob, you stay here while Jess and I go find food and firewood."
   "What?!" Bob replied. "Why do I have to stay behind?"
   "Because. A: We need someone to stay here so we can trace our way back if needed. 2: We also need to make sure no one fucks around with our cave. And 3, last time you wandered off on your own...well, look what you got us into, Bob."
   "You didn't have to follow me, you know," Bob retorted indignantly.
   "Yes, I kind of had to. I don't want us to be on a news report about some dumb kid getting lost in the woods."
   Bob paused for one second and nodded. "Good point."
   "We won't be long," Jess assured Bob. "So...just sit here and relax, okay?"

   Faye and Jess walked on a path in the forest, followed by their digimon. "What do you have for food here, anyway?" Faye asked. "Just fruit of some kind?" Konekomon glanced at the surrounding trees, none of which bore any fruit. "Well," she said. "Not these trees. I remember there being some meat apple trees up ahead, though."

   "I'm sorry," Faye sounded confused. "but meat apples?"
   "Yes. They are exactly what they sound like. Apples that taste like meat."
   "Don't knock it until you've tried it," Konekomon smiled. "I'm sure they're as good as the food you've got in the Real World. Besides, you don't have many other options for sustenance right now."
   "Hey, I'm all for trying new kinds of food," Faye said. "My friend Valerie introduced me to all kinds of crazy things. Meat that grows on trees would trump all that. It sounds like something she would be into."

   They continued walking until they had reached a clearing, standing across from group of trees bearing red fruit resembling apples. "There they are," Konekomon said, running toward the trees. "They look ready to pick, too!" As she moved closer to the tree, a vine lashed out and whipped her to the side. "Hey!" Faye shouted, running to Konekomon and kneeling to check on her. "What gives?"

   Vegiemon bounced into the clearing. "You're all idiots!" he taunted. "Deemon will rule this world, and you can't stop him!" Faye reached for her digivice, then stopped as she remembered the digimon from their previous encounter. "Oh, right, you're that vegetable digimon," she said. "A vegetable much like your boss. What, you want to get your ass kicked again?"

   "Shut up!" Vegiemon retorted. "Deemon will reign supreme, and I will kick your ass this time!"   
   "Just you try us!" Faye stood up. "Hell, I could kick your ass right now for smacking Konekomon for no reason." She ran to kick Vegiemon, who jumped to the side during her backswing, causing her to miss and fall, landing on her back. "Ow!" she exclaimed. "Damn it, Lucy! Hold still!"

   Jess ran into the clearing followed by Hawkmon. "Faye!" She glared at Vegiemon. "Deemon is not going to win, and when we find him, we will make sure of it."
   "When you find him?" Vegiemon sneered. "You don't even know where he is."
   "Well, I have a hunch. Unless you wouldn't mind telling us."
   "As if! Deemon's mansion is no place for the likes of you!" Vegiemon lashed out a pair of vines at Jess and wrapped them around her, gripping tightly. "Unless you surrender to him, that is."
   Jess gasped and attempted to break free of the vines to no avail, "Ah...heh. I'd have to return your 'as if'. There's no way I'm surrendering this early, the fight hasn't even begun!"

   "Jess!" Hawkmon cried out, flying over Vegiemon. "Feather Slash!" He grabbed the feather ornament from his forehead and threw it at Vegiemon. The plant digimon swatted it away with one of his vines, while whipping Hawkmon to the ground. "Ow..." Hawkmon grumbled. "How did that not work this time?"

   "Damn it!" Jess struggled, trying to reach her digivice. Before she could reach it, the vines constricted tighter around her, causing her to cry out in pain and her digivice to glow. Hawkmon glanced at the glowing digivice and stood, glowing as well.

   "Hawkmon! Evolving to....Aquilamon!" Hawkmon called out as his form changed to that of a giant eagle with horns growing from his head. He flew upwards above the trees, and faced down toward Vegiemon, his horns glowing red. Two red beams of light shot out at the vines holding Jess, cutting them and releasing her. Vegiemon yelled out in pain, "Ow! You ass!"

   Aquilamon flew higher into the air and looked downward at Vegiemon. He called out to Jess, "Step aside. I'm going to get rid of this guy for good!" When Jess did so, Aquilamon charged at Vegiemon, his horns still glowing red. He struck Vegiemon directly on the forehead, causing the plant digimon to immediately burst into bits of data. Aquilamon landed on the ground, and reverted back to his previous form. "And that's the end of that chapter."

   Jess walked over to Hawkmon. "You changed back." Hawkmon nodded to Jess. "We Digimon only have enough energy to remain in higher forms for so long," he answered. Faye ran over to the two with Konekomon, who had just woken up during the battle. "That was so cool," Faye said. "So you guys can evolve even further, then?" Konekomon turned to Faye and nodded. "Yep, Digimon can keep evolving to more powerful forms, and most of the time bigger, too. Though size doesn't equal power, of course."
   Faye smiled, looking to Konekomon. "I look forward to seeing what you evolve to," she said. "I think I'm starting to like being here, after all." Konekomon smiled in return. "See, I knew your attitude would change," she responded. "You've got something to look forward to. Now let's get our food and back to the cave." Faye nodded, "Right. Bob must be worried about us."

* * *

   Deemon pounded his fist on the armrest of his chair. "Damn it," he screamed. He pressed the button on the intercom. "You piece of shit," he yelled. "Why did you send out the same Digimon I summoned when I first met those morons?!"

   The nasal voice responded, stuttering, "He...he said he wanted...revenge...against the kids."
   "Fine, but he sucked! You could have done better!"
   "Sorry, master."
   "And another thing, I told you to send it out when one was on their own!"
   "I-I did!"
   "Fucktard!" Deemon screamed into the microphone. "I meant that you were supposed to send it out against the one who was on his own! Can't you do anything right?!"
   "Sorry, master. I'll do better next time."
   "You had better."

   Deemon released the button and leaned back in his chair. "Imbecile," he grumbled. "It doesn't matter. I will be sure to defeat those kids."
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