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Author Topic: Chapter 1: "Episode One"  (Read 10565 times)

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Chapter 1: "Episode One"
« on: Feb 25 2013, 01:50 PM »
It was a normal Thursday morning in Rose County. The date was the twelfth of June, the day before school ended for the summer. A young blonde-haired girl was walking down the street on her way to school, humming a happy tune. She was wearing a blue and yellow striped t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. It wasn't long before she saw her friend Valerie in the distance. Valerie had black hair, and was wearing similar clothing to Faye's, except she had a white shirt depicting a cartoon character eating glue.

Faye ran to Valerie, shouting, "Hey!"
"Ah, good morning, Faye," Valerie replied. "How are you doing today?"
"I'm doing great! Though I had a crazy dream last night."
"Oh? Do tell!"
"So, I was in this elevator, right?" Faye said. "I don't remember why I was in there, I think it was a hotel or something. The elevator got stuck between two floors and the lights shut off, but the music was still playing. It was some awful 80s song, and it kept playing. Non-stop. I banged on the door, screaming, and...that's all I remember before I woke up. I calmed myself down, telling myself something like that would never happen."

A young man with short blonde hair approached the two girls while Faye was describing her dream. He was wearing a salmon-colored shirt and tan courdroys. He looked to Faye, and said, "I don't know, I'm pretty sure it could happen."

Faye turned to him, annoyed, and responded, "Sure, Bob. And what did I tell you about listening in on our conversations?"
"Believe what you want!" Bob smiled. "And you told me nothing about listening in on your conversations."
"Well, stop. Kay? Thanks."

The three continued to walk to school, conversing about elevators and how some brands are more prone to failure than others. When they entered the school building, Faye pressed the call button for the elevator. They waited two minutes until the door finally opened. As they were boarding the elevator, Faye said, "See, this elevator is just slow." Bob pressed the button for the third floor. The doors closed, and the elevator began to slowly ascend.

A few moments later, the elevator stopped, and the bell rang loudly, prompting the two girls to scream. Bob, with a grin on his face, flipped a red switch on the control panel to make the elevator resume operation. Faye slapped Bob on the back of his head. "You asshole!" she yelled. "That wasn't even funny!" Bob merely shook his head and laughed. "I thought it was funny! If only I brought a camera to take a picture of the looks on your faces." Faye and Valerie told Bob to shut up. The doors to the elevator opened, and the three exited, heading to their respective classrooms.

* * *

After school, Valerie, Bob, and Faye walked to the park. Bob wandered onto a nearby trail while the two girls had another conversation of their own.

"I am so glad school is over," Faye said. "No more writing assignments for three months. I can't stand using that lousy word processor program."
"Me either!" Valerie replied.
"Why did they have to make it so picky over spelling and grammar?" Faye shook her head. "Even when we're right, it thinks we're wrong."
"I know, right? And how it always reverts to its default settings randomly?"
"Ugh! I hate that so much!"

They continued talking for about an hour, buying hot dogs and soda from a vendor in the meantime. "You know," Faye said, taking a bite from her hot dog. "Bob's been out there for a wicked long time. I'm going to make sure he didn't get himself lost or something." She headed onto the trail, shouting, "Hey, Bob! We've got food!" She continued walking on the path, calling out Bob's name every few seconds until she spotted a light shining at her feet.

"What's this?" Faye placed her soda can on the ground and picked up the light source. This is an odd looking flashlight. She thought to herself as she examined it closely. It was a silver circular object with yellow edges. Four translucent yellow buttons etched with black symbols surrounded the light in the center. Wait, this isn't a flashlight at all...it's some sort of weird...gadget...thingamajigger electronic thingy. The device suddenly began to glow brighter and shot a beam upwards, causing Faye to jump and drop her hot dog.

"What the fuck!?" she shouted. "God damn it! Bob! You owe me for one hot dog! Get your ass over here right now!" She felt her arm being raised into the air, then her whole body began to ascend. "This isn't normal!" Faye cried out. "This isn't normal at all!" A green vortex formed above her. "What the...Aliens? Am I being abducted?...Why...What's going on? Bob?...Valerie?...Help me!" She felt a rapid yanking motion as she was pulled into the vortex and was knocked out cold as she fell onto a grassy ground.

* * *

Faye awoke, looking into the eyes of a creature appearing to be a round cat head with a tail. It blinked, making Faye jump in fear, throwing the creature off of her, and yelling, "Off of me now!" It looked to her, responding, "Sorry. I just wanted to see what color your beautiful eyes are."

"Oh, you!" Faye said, flattered. "What is your name, l...Ack! Wait! You can talk?! What the hell!"
"My name is Ogyamon. And yes, I can talk. Impressive, isn't it?"
"Yes." Ogyamon made a nodding motion.
"I'm confused now," Faye rubbed her chin. "You're the head of a tabby cat...A talking one. And your owners...?"
"I'm not owned by anyone. I just have you. You belong here, for the time being."
"The fuck?"
"You're here for a reason. To save the..."
"...World?" Faye asked unenthusiastically.
"Yes," Ogyamon nodded again. "But let's call it the digital world. If you're too lazy to say those syllables, you can call it the digiworld."
"Okay," Faye said, still sounding unimpressed. "So, I'm some kind of hero."
"Yep! In fact, so is your friend Bob!"
"Bob?!" Faye exclaimed, surprised.
"Yeah, and his partner Bukamon."
"Bukamon? So you...um...things...are related?"
"No...And we are digimon. Digital monsters. I'd prefer it if you don't call us 'things'."
"Ah, sorry."
"It's alright."

Bob approached the two, followed by a greyish tan creature resembling a small aquatic dinosaur. Faye looked to him. "There you are, Bob," she said. "Let's get out of here and go home!" Bob merely smirked. "Sure, Faye," he responded. "We just have to fulfill our purpose here first."

"What?!" Faye exclaimed. "That's retarded! I didn't choose this!"
"Hey!" Ogyamon headbutted Faye's leg. "Do NOT call your purpose retarded! You may not have chosen this, but you have been chosen."
"Ow!" Faye rubbed her leg. "Okay, okay...Sorry."
"Besides, you are too far from your home anyway. Like I said, this is the digital world."
"Not earth?"
"Not earth." Ogyamon turned, her ears perking. "Anyway, I hear someone else coming. Another human."

A young female with short red hair walked to the group. She was wearing a black shirt with a blue symbol on it and blue jeans. A pink bird with a red feather ornament on its head followed behind her and stopped at her side. "Ah," the girl said with a smile. "I thought I heard other people over here. Seems I'm not alone after all. My name is Jess, and this is Poromon." She pointed to the pink bird, who made a bowing motion. "Nice to meet you," Poromon smiled.

"I'm Faye," Faye responded. "And this is...Ogyamon" Ogyamon also bowed.
"My name is Bob. My digimon's name is Bukamon."
"Great to meet you all," Jess bowed. "So, do either of you have any idea what brought us h--" She was interrupted by a loud bang similar to that of an exploding firecracker. The noise caused the three to jump. Bob and Faye both shouted in unison, "What the fuck was that?!"

"Bob?" Faye said. "Do not, and I repeat, do NOT take my line!"
"Sorry," Bob replied. "I can't help it if I hear a loud bang coming from out of nowhere in a place I've never been to before. And what do you mean 'your line', anyway?"
"It was my line since I was one year old! Those were my first words!"
"Never mind." Faye shook her head, putting her hand to her face.

Laughter suddenly sounded from all directions. "Who the hell was that?!" Faye called out. A deep male voice responded, "Do you want to know?"

"Duh!" Faye said. "Why else would I ask?"
"Okay, I will tell you."
"Alright, just show yourself."
"Okay, I will!"
"Do it, asshole!" Faye screamed.
"Alright, alright! Jeezum." the voice sounded annoyed, and mumbled, "Impatient little..."

In a cloud of smoke, a cloaked figure appeared in front of the group. The only things not covered by the cloak were skeleton like hands and his face, which appeared to be a silver mask with a sinister grin on it. "I am Deemon, ruler of everything that I see...That is De-E-mon, with an extra 'E' for E-vil. Fear me now, for you will die!"

"All of you got clean underwears?" Faye asked.
Bob answered, "I got black underwear, so it doesn't matter."
Faye mumbled, putting her hand to her face again. "Thanks for sharing."
"You know what would be a good idea right now?" Jess asked.
"What?" Bob and Faye asked in unison.

Bob, Faye, Jess, and their digimon ran from Deemon, who stood and watched. He pointed his finger toward them, sending out a lightning bolt which struck right in front of the group. A green plantlike digimon with arms like vines appeared in front of them. "What the fuck is that?!" Faye asked, glancing at Bob for a moment to glare at him.

Ogyamon responded, "Um...Use your digivice."
"You mean...this thingy?" Faye held the device she had acquired in the park. "I was wondering what it was..."

Faye prepared to throw her digivice at the digimon when Ogyamon headbutted her leg, yelling, "No, you dumbass! Press the 'Square' button, and point the bulb thing at the top at the digimon in front of you!" Faye did as she was instructed, and read the information that appeared on the screen. "Vegiemon, a vegetable Digimon. It has poison ivy vines and bad breath."

Vegiemon called out his first attack. "Poison ivy!" He pulled his arms back and hurled them at the group, just missing them. "God damn!" Faye yelled. "Can't you guys do anything?!" She looked to Ogyamon, who responded. "Um...blow bubbles?" Faye grumbled, shaking her head, "Real useful...saving the world by blowing bubbles into the eyes of our enemies!"

"It's useful," Bob said, "That stuff burns. I would know."
"You would," Faye facepalmed yet again. "But bubbles don't do a damn thing to plants!"
"Um, guys?" Jess said. "Look out!"

Vegiemon hurled his arms at the group again, this time, wrapping vines around each person. "Great." Jess squirmed, trying to grab her digivice from her belt. "What do we do now?" As she said this, she inadvertently pressed a button with her thumb, and the digivice began to glow as well as Poromon.

"Poromon!" Poromon called out as his form changed to that of a red hawk, "Evolving to....Hawkmon!"

"Woah," Jess said, "All I did was hit the button near the top of the digivice. Everyone, do the same!" Bob and Faye both did as they were instructed with the same effect.

"Ogyamon!" Ogyamon called out, her form changing to that of a small tabby cat, "Evolving to....Konekomon!"
"Bukamon!" Bukamon called out, his form changing to that of a green fishlike digimon with legs and an orange dorsal fin, "Evolving to....Betamon!"

"Oh wow!" Vegiemon sneered. Hawkmon smirked to Vegiemon. "Oh wow, indeed," he said. He tossed his feather ornament at Vegiemon's vines, cutting them and freeing the trio from their grasp. "And now," Konekomon spoke, "Agonizing Scratch!" She leaped at Vegiemon and slashed his face with her claws. Vegiemon cried out in pain, "You...will pay!" He turned and retreated into the forest.

Deemon laughed, turning the group's attention to him. "Impressive," he said, "But we're not done yet. You will meet many other digimon who work for me, and you will surely die!"

"Why don't we just kill you now?" Faye asked.
"Because," Deemon responded, pausing for one second. "I am not really in front of you. You'll have to find me first. It shouldn't be hard."
"So," Jess said, "you're a coward."
"No!" Deemon exclaimed, hesitating for a moment. "...No...I'm...just way too busy working on evil things to deal with you people right now. I have my minions out there to take care of that job. Now, if you'll excuse me..." Deemon's image faded from view, leaving the group to look at each other in confusion.
"Well," Faye said after a minute of awkward silence, "what now?"
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