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Ruby's character!
« on: Apr 25 2009, 01:35 AM »
Species:Lucario (Anub)
Gender: female
Age: fifteen

Elements:Aura (Supernova)
Weaknesses: mindless, souless, dark attacks, unseeable, simi-planier

Attacks/Skills: Aura sphere, natural weapons (Spikes), extended reach (Aura fire), hand to hand experience, Aura senseing, basic telikinetic broadcasting, being cute (Hahaha), metal sound, fast runing/agility, haveing an incredible bite force.

Additional Info/Background Story:  Ruby was born as a mutt between two diferent species, abandoned at an orphonage before she could even remember anything, she is literally a child in an adults body, being a very colorfull coloration helps her appear non threatening and her attitude oftentimes swaps between innocent and knowledgeable.  she isn't all that adept in combat but her bite can sheer through solid steel, the ability makes her wonder what spicies her father was.

Detailed description: Ruby is a Lucario, standing at four and a halve feet, her body is a bit taller than a normal Lucario, her body is streamlined, and since she isn’t a morph she has no real mammaries, just a completely smooth chest and streamlined body, her hips are pushed out a bit thickly before moving back down to more slender lets, with larger feet and large pads and three fingers and toes.  Her coloration however, is far from normal, the insides of her ears, her paws, and the stripes along her face and the two oblong hind protrusions on the back of her head are all black, though that is where the similarities end.  Her face and most of the rest of her body is this brilliant, almost blood red.  The red wraps around your body and to anyone looking from her back the Lucario would look mostly red, but along her fluffy chest she has this actually sparkling emerald coloration, the hair shimmering in the light where it hits her chest and belly.  Her spikes have this gold coloration, but instead of looking like solid metal they are transparent, actually showing the insides where there are many metal like filaments reinforce the inside of her spikes, reflecting the light from inside the gold tinted spikes.  Below her chest is this pink puff, like cotton candy below her waistline, covering her crotch area.
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