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Author Topic: What's so special about Yuki?  (Read 3238 times)

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What's so special about Yuki?
« on: Jun 25 2007, 08:26 PM »
Currently working on Chapter 7. If there seems to be errors, let me know. It's been called boring at first, but I think it's suitable since it's supposed to mirror normal day life. Warning! Expect some violence when the second main character appears and afterwards. May or may not become common, depends on how the plot moves.

Chapter 1

“Yuki!” Yuki turns and smiles at her friends as they come walking towards her.
“Hey you two!” She waits for her two friends to catch up before they start walking together to school.
“So Yuki, you ready for that test today in Chemistry?”
Yuki looks at her friend in surprise. “That’s today?”
The brunette, Rika, nods her head. “Yup, it’s been on the board for a week now.”
Yuki groans and runs her fingers through her dark brown hair.
“Why does it have to be today…”

Her friends lightly laugh and the three enter the school building.
“Well, at least you’ve got some time until then. Third period is still a few hours away.”
Yuki nods her head and waves to another friend by her locker. “Hey Kano.”
Kano waves back. “Morning Yuki.”
Kano opens her locker and begins gathering her things together for her class.

“So, are you going to study or just blow it off like you usually do?”
Yuki looks back at her blonde friend, Miu. “I’ll look it over and see if I think I can manage it.”
Yuki’s two friends lightly laugh, knowing that means she’ll blow it off.
“Well, I’ll see you guys later.”
“All right, see you later Yuki.”
They wave and part ways to their classes.

Yuki takes a seat at her desk and pulls out the list of things that’s going to be covered on the Chemistry test. She groans lightly at the very small amount of concepts she understood well.
“No point in studying. There’s no way I’ll understand enough of them in time.” She puts the list away and pulls out her stuff for her first class.

After school, she meets up with her two friends and the three walk home together.
“So, were we right?” Yuki looks at the brunette.
“Right about what, Rika?” Rika smiles.
“That you just blew off studying for the test.” Yuki bites her lip.
“Aha, we were right.” The two friends laugh at Yuki, who starts to pout.
“Will you two stop it?" Her two friends just laugh more.
“You know we’re just playing with you.” Yuki sighs and smiles slightly.
“Yeah, but you don’t have to rub it in.”

“Hey Miu, we’re still going shopping Friday night, right?”
Miu nods. “Yup. I was thinking that afterwards, we can go someplace for some karaoke.”
Rika smiles brightly. “That sounds like a great idea!”
Yuki nods. “Yeah, that would be a lot of fun.”
Miu looks at Yuki. “Invite Kano will you? You know her best, and I’d like her to come along.”
“Sure, she’d enjoy it. She doesn’t get out all that much, since her mother’s been ill.” Miu nods in response

The three stop at a fork in the road.
“Well, see you tomorrow.” Yuki waves as she goes down the left hand path and the others take the right hand path. As she walks, her thoughts go to what’ll happen on Friday.
“Oh, I just can’t wait for it.” Walking along the tops of houses is a figure in all black, watching her and studying her. It follows her to her house and watches her go inside. The front door closes behind her and the figure waits a few minutes before continuing on.

Chapter 2

Friday night and the four girls go out shopping together in some of the department stores found throughout the town. They chat and browse, laugh and praise, make faces and dress up in everything that was available.
“What do you think of this?” The others shake their heads.
“Too gaudy.”
“Doesn’t suit you at all.”
“No way.”
“You guys are no fun.” Laughter ensues from the others and the process continues.

After a few hours, they leave the department stores and head to a karaoke establishment. The four take turns and do song duets to various pop and theme songs. They laugh and clap their hands along to the beat of the music. Every once in a while, one of them would miss the words and all four would start laughing, missing the rest of the song.

The time passes and they leave the store, laughing and being very merry.
Yuki says, “That was fun.”
The other three girls nod.
Miu looks at Kano. “Did you enjoy yourself?”
Kano nods energetically. “Yes, it’s been a long time since I could just have fun.”
The four part ways shortly after, Yuki walking alone to the south. She takes a casual gait, enjoying the brisk night air of autumn.

While in the housing district she lives in, she becomes aware of something following her. She looks back and doesn’t see anyone behind her. She shakes it from her mind, but finds the sense has not gone away. Beginning to freak out, she looks around her. Still unable to find the source of her uneasiness, she walks at a quicker pace.

She catches the glimpse of a shadow on the ground and looks up to see a figure hidden in black pacing her on the rooftops. She screams, in fright and surprise. Scared witless, she runs as fast as she can ahead towards her house. Tears begin to form and fall from her eyes, being left behind in the air by her frenzy race.

Her foot catches on something and she yells as she falls towards the ground. Before touching the ground, she is grabbed and held up. She turns and sees a man in all black with his left arm holding her stomach up. Her eyes widen in fear as he begins to lift her off the ground.

“Let me go!” The man ignores her when she hits his arm with her fists. He sets her back on her feet and looks at her eyes. Even from behind the sunglasses he had on, she can see the fire held in his eyes.
“Do be more careful.” The man flatly says to her. Yuki pulls back, still afraid of the dark aura he emanated.

“Stop being such a weakling. Now come on, your father has something to speak to you about.” Without another word, the man lets her go and starts walking in the direction of her house.
“Who are you?” Her voice trembles as her body quivers.
The man looks back at her, a glimpse of emerald coming from behind the sunglasses when he turned his head. “You’ll find out when you get home. Now let’s go.”

She suddenly felt compelled to follow him, and her body complied without any input from her. Her breath becomes quick and shallow as she finds her body moving under someone else’s will.
“What are you doing?” The man ignores the question and lets her walk onward.

“May I help you?” The man asks, closing his eyes in annoyance.
A young man in his late teens comes up to the man in the trench coat. “What are you doing to her?”
The dark man smiles and turns to confront the youth. “Escorting her home.”
The teen readies himself into a fighting stance, his weight on his right foot with the left extended and both hands raised. “She doesn’t need you to do it. Now leave her alone.”

The man laughs and lets a feral grin onto his face. “She’s my responsibility.”
The youth charges towards the man and finds him suddenly behind him.
“And as she’s my responsibility, it’ll be advisable for you to go home while you’re still alive.”
The youth launches an attack and sees it hit only open air as the man had disappeared.

The youth yells in surprise as he’s lifted backwards into the air.
“Now then, drop it or die.”
The youth brings his legs to kick the man, but before it comes close to striking, his neck was snapped and his body went limp. The body hits the ground as the man lets him go.
“I told you to drop it.” Silently, he runs off after Yuki.
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What's so special about Yuki?
« Reply #1 on: Jun 26 2007, 08:33 PM »
Updated. WARNING! Some of the actions are rather...creepy... In any case, enjoy!

Chapter 3

“Yuki!” Her father calls as she enters the living room with the man in all black behind her. Yuki’s father looks at the man.
“Jen, release her.” The man snorts lightly and closes his eyes while crossing his arms. “Fine.”
Yuki feels a tingle run through her body as she suddenly becomes able to move on her own. Now being able to move, she runs to her father, holding a white knuckled grip of his shirt.

“Who is he, father?” Her father, Saije, puts an arm around his daughter.
“This is Jen Ide, Yuki. He is the family protector since the time of your grandfather’s grandfather. He has watched over the eldest of the children, protecting us from physical harm.”
Yuki’s expression showing her lack of understanding. “I don’t understand it. Why is he protecting us?”

Saije pulls out a small gold ball on a looped piece of string. “Because he swore to so he can have this returned to him.”
He holds it out to her. Yuki picks it up and looks at it, seeing not a mark on it aside from a small spot that had been made to allow it to be put on the string.
“But, what is this?” She turns it from one side to the other. Jen grits his teeth and sulks at having to go through this again.
“It’s a star ball. It holds a great deal of my power, and its absence is most annoying.” The anger rising within him at having to suffer this humiliation.

Yuki looks confused at Jen. “Star ball? I’ve never heard of anything like it. It certainly doesn’t look like a star.”
Jen grinds his teeth and does his best not to go over to her and rip her head off. “That’s what it’s called, okay? You seriously haven’t paid any attention to your mythology, have you.”

Yuki frowns at him. “Why should I have? It’s not like the myths have any truth to them.”
Without warning, Jen turns around and his clothes fall to the ground. A creature leaps out of the descending bundle of black clothing and stands proudly on its four feet.
Seeing the white fox-like animal with nine waving tails, Yuki jumps back and hides behind her father.

“What is it?” Saije sighs and pulls her from behind him.
“It is Jen in his true form. He is a kitsune.”
Yuki looks up at her father, her blue eyes widening in understanding.
“A kitsune? You mean the animal portrayed in the Shinto shrines?”
“I take offense to being called an animal. My charge or not, call me one again and I will make you bleed.” He snarls and bares his fangs.

Saije steps forward as Yuki begins to cower behind her father again.
“Enough. Yuki is not familiar with your kind by any means, and does not know the dangers of making you angry.”
Jen raises his nose in annoyance. “Then she’d better be a quick study.” Jen changes back into his human form, slowly rising to his feet.

Yuki blushes and looks away from the naked form. Jen puts the clothes back on, buttoning the black pants and pulling the black shirt over his head. He slides the trench coat back on, shifting his hips to set the tails of the coat whishing close to his now booted feet. Jen picks up the sunglasses and places them on, covering his green eyes and finishing the neutral expression of disinterest.

“Say it, Pops.” Seiji glares at Jen before breathing in.
“I, Seiji Hiroshu, the great grandson of Katari Hiroshu, pass on the star ball to my eldest, Yuki Hiroshu.”
Yuki looks at the star ball in wonder, rubbing its smooth and flawless sides. “Yuki.”
She looks up at her father. “Yes?”
He nods towards Jen. She looks at him as he removes his sunglasses.

“I, Jen Ide, acknowledge the passing of the star ball to the eldest child of Seiji Hiroshu, Yuki. As I promised her ancestor, I shall protect her from harm until the time comes for her to release the star ball back to me.”
Seiji looks at Yuki. “Now he’ll do everything in his power to keep you from harm. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to do reckless things, but that if something happens, you will be able to make it out of it.”

Yuki rubs the star ball and tries to understand just how this was occurring.
“I don’t really understand just what all is going on.” Jen hisses, vexed by her lack of any knowledge.
“You would think she went to school to gain some intelligence, not lose all common sense.” Seiji frowns.
“Jen, enough.” Jen lightly laughs.
“You passed it on with your own words. You have no hold over me.” Jen stretches and gives a feral grin.

Jen arches his eyebrow when he sees Yuki standing in the way.
“And what are you doing?” Yuki glares at Jen.
“He’s my father, and I don’t want him to be harmed.” Jen just starts laughing, his head going back as he thinks of how she couldn’t stop him.
“That may be, but once the protection has left the other, there’s no reason not to harm them for misdeeds done. Besides, it’s not like you could stop me.”

Yuki jumps as he disappears and reappears behind her with his arms around her shoulders.
“I only have to protect, nothing really said about following orders.” He disappears again and reappears to her right side.
“I saved you from tripping because you were to inherit my star ball, just as I’ve protected you from harm throughout your whole childhood.”

She looks at him. “How are you doing that?”
He smiles and vanishes again, reappearing directly in front of her. He snakes his arms around her neck.
“Simple, darling, even with this human form, I move faster than the eye can keep up with.” She pulls back at the closeness of his grinning, sadistic face. He tips his head forward and locks her eyes with his.
“Your heart is beating real quickly. What are you so afraid of?”

She stammers to find her voice when he disappears again. Her father had reached out to grab Jen, but found him gone when he did. Jen winds up standing beside Seiji, shaking his head.
“And here I thought you knew how fast I was.” Seiji tries again to grab him, but finds him gone once again. “Will you stop doing that?”
The voice comes from beneath him this time. “No, this is far more entertaining.”

Jen goes from lying on the floor between Seiji’s legs to being behind Yuki, who had turned around when he started to pester Seiji. He wraps his arms around her waist and leans in close, whispering softly into her ear.
“You never did answer the question. What are you so afraid of?”
The fine hair on the back of her neck stands up on their ends, her breath comes quick and shallow at his presence. Her voice quakes as an icy, tingling feeling comes through her spine.

“Y, you.” Jen chuckles lightly, his chest hopping against her back.
“You have nothing to be afraid of, my dear. After all, I’m here for your protection…” He smirks and lets her go after licking her neck. Yuki rushes away to her father.
“He’s sick.” Her face and voice showing her disgust with him. Jen laughs and extends his hand.
“Then give me the star ball, and I’ll leave you alone for good.”

Yuki looks at his extended hand and feels compelled to give him the ball hanging on the string in her hand.
“Yuki!” The voice of her father startles her. She looks up at him.
“Don’t listen to him. He’s just trying to get it back. He’ll do anything in order to acquire it, but you must remember that he is your servant in this matter, not the other way around.”
Jen grinds his teeth as he sees Yuki take the star ball and put the looped string around her neck. The ball rests firmly against her chest.

“Fine, have it your way. I’ll find another way to get it back.” He scoffs indignantly and puts his hands in his coat pockets.
“You see, Yuki? He can be very persuasive when he wants to be, but never give in.”
She nods and looks at the ball while stroking it. “It’s strange, since I don’t feel anything coming from it. No aura at all.”
Seiji nods. “It’s his star ball, and none but he can tap into its power.”

Yuki nods slowly and then looks at the strange man.
“And how is he going to protect me when I’m at school or in public?” Seiji slightly smiles.
“Well, he accompanies you, though he can be very discreet about his presence.”
Jen nods and leans against the wall, his face once again a mask of neutrality.
“I chose to show myself to scare you into giving it to me. My plan obviously failed. However, you haven’t noticed before, have you? How I’ve always protected you?”

Looking at her father, Yuki’s brow furrows in confusion.
“But what’s so special about this night?” Jen’s voice speaks up instead, directing her attention back to him.
“Tonight marks the night that your great-great-grandfather managed to steal my star ball. It has passed onto the descendent when it is this night of their sixteenth year. That was the arrangement, though I still don’t understand what’s so special about this particular age.”
Jen closes his eyes and raises his nose. “After all, I’m more than a hundred times older.”

Yuki slowly smiles. “So you remember history then, right?”
Jen opens his eyes and looks at her. “Remember, yes. Allowing it for use in your assignments, no.”
Seiji chuckles and pats Yuki’s shoulders. “He’s only here to protect you. I know, as I tried that as well.” Yuki lightly laughs and begins to yawn.
“All of these events have worn me out. I think I’ll go to bed.”

She waves goodnight to her father and goes off to bed. Seiji looks at Jen, who just stares back.
“What?” Seiji frowns lightly.
“Don’t try to do that. You know that controlling people takes its toll on the victim. It could cause harm.”
Jen scoffs and closes his eyes in irritation of the man.
“It only wears them down a little, causing them to become tired. I’m well aware of my powers, thank you.” He pushes off the wall and starts to leave the room.
“But as I said before, I’m not under any obligation to follow what you or her say.”

Jen stops at the door and looks over his shoulder at Seiji.
“And I will kill you if you get in my way. As that phrase goes, ‘obstacles are for killing’. Don’t make yourself an obstacle.”
Jen opens the door and closes it behind him. He leaves the house through the back door and leaps onto the rooftop, lying down to stare at the starry, moonlit night.
“I’ll get it back. Soon enough.”
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What's so special about Yuki?
« Reply #2 on: Jun 27 2007, 03:10 PM »
Chapter 4
“Yuki!” Yuki turns around and sees her friends heading towards her.
“Hey!” Rika and Miu catch up to her and immediately spot the golden ball hanging on her school uniform.
“Where’d you get that from?” Yuki opens her mouth to speak, but then remembers the talk she had with Jen earlier in the morning.

“Remember, people don’t believe that beings such as myself exist. If you say it’s my star ball, they will think you extremely weird. You’d best come up with a much better answer. Probably related to your mother, since she is overseas and all.”

“My mother had sent this to me, it came yesterday.”
Rika looms closer and lifts it up, examining it. “Wow, it’s real pretty. Not a single mark on it.”
Miu takes a look as well. “It is. You’re so lucky having a tour guide for a mother.”
Yuki lightly laughs. “It seems like it at times, but when she’s rarely around, it gets to be lonely.”
Her friends throw an arm around her and remind her that she isn’t alone.

Watching from a distance, Jen grinds his teeth at how two mortals had touched his ball.
“This is too much, why must I have to go through this humiliation?” He growls lowly and continues following them, his coat tail billowing behind him when he moved onto the next rooftop.

As they enter the building, Rika looks at Yuki.
“So, what are you going to do with it? You know that we’re not allowed any decorations or accessories on in our uniforms.”
Yuki blinks, not having thought about that. “Uh, well… I’ll put it in my locker.”
She nods and heads straight to her locker. She opens it and hangs the string on the hook within and closes it.
Rejoining her friends, they start walking again until they get to the first hallway and part to go to their classes.

Jen watches Yuki and her friends enter the school and then decides on the best course of action. He jumps off the roof of the store closest to the school and lands on the ground.
The handful of people on the road look at him in surprise. He flashes his teeth and looks at them.
“What?” The people continue walking, not wanting to get involved with a person looking for a fight.

Jen starts walking around the fence of the school, following it to the back of the school building. He leaps over the fence and lands in a crouch.
Getting up, he heads to the air conditioning unit and stands on it. He crouches down and pushes upward with his legs.

The air whizzes past as he leaps all the way to the roof of the six story building. He lands in a crouch, with the coat tails flopping down onto the roof.
“I despise this, waiting for this girl to finally give me mine.” He goes to the enclosed stairwell that leads back into the building and gets on top of it.
He lies down, closes his eyes, and folds his arms over his stomach. “Several million years won’t live this down.”

Yuki goes through her uneventful day of school and starts to head home. She hears something hit the ground behind her and turns to see Jen there.
“Don’t do that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!” Her eyes widen as her heart races.
“You weren’t that close.” He starts walking towards her house, and she begins to follow him.
She strokes the star ball and catches his fist clenching before relaxing. “You don’t like people touching this, do you?”

He doesn’t turn when he replies. “No I don’t.”
She jogs until she gets beside him. “And why not?” He feels her touching the ball without having to look, his brow furrows in annoyance.
“It’s solely mine, and has no right to be with in the hands of mere mortals.” She touches her cheek with her right index finger in thought.
“Even though it was taken from you?”

He stops and turns to glare at her.
“Exactly. It was taken, without my consent. And you simply have it because of a promise of protection given to that thief of a great-great grandfather of yours.”
Jen sulks and turns to continue walking back towards the house. Yuki turns her nose to the side as she walks with him.
“You’re horrible company.” Jen smirks. “Then why don’t you walk home with those friends of yours?”

Yuki stops and opens her mouth to say something, but finds no words to say.
“Oh, that’s right, they ditched you.” Jen laughs and continues walking.
He stops after a few steps when he notices that she had simply stayed still. He turns around and looks at her.
“It was meant as a joke.” He sees the tears in her eyes and he shuts up. “Well it wasn’t funny!”

She runs past him and continues towards her house. He easily keeps up with her but remains silent.
She gets to her house and unlocks the door before closing it behind her and re locking it. She leans against the door and tries to stop crying.
“You know, you’re taking this way too seriously.” She opens her eyes and sees Jen standing against the wall, arms folded across his chest.

“I don’t care about your opinion.” She takes her shoes off and goes upstairs to her room. She slams the door behind her and lies down on the bed.
“You know, temper tantrums really don’t suit the image you put up.” She growls and throws her pillow at Jen, who managed to get in when she was closing the door.
He catches the pillow and walks to her, setting the pillow back in its spot. Still bent over, he looks at her red and tear stained eyes. “Nor does that face.”

She screams and kicks out at him. It misses completely as he vanishes and reappears above her, bracing himself in the corner above her bed against the walls and ceiling.
“The kind you try to show is far more beautiful, though extremely shallow and lifeless.” He pushes off the walls and twists his body to land on his feet. He looks over his shoulder to see her.
“Not like there’s much wrong with this side of you.”

Yuki sulks and turns to her side with her back to him. “Why did I have to inherit such a pain?” Jen shrugs and moves to lean against the desk next to her bed.
“Blame your great-great grandfather.” She snorts in disgust and crawls into a ball. He sighs and walks to the bed, sitting down and placing a hand on her shoulder.
She shrugs it off, but he places it back on. “Don’t touch me.”

“Believe it or not, I’m not here to make your life harder.” She doesn’t say a thing, just lies there and continues to cry. He sighs and gently squeezes her shoulder.
She withdraws from him and her head touches the wall. He frowns lightly and lies down next to her. She cries herself to sleep and tosses around while dreaming.
Jen looks over and pulls her to him, putting his arms around her to try and stabilize her. Eventually, she calms down and rests easily.
He closes his eyes as well and decides to take a quick nap.

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What's so special about Yuki?
« Reply #3 on: Jun 30 2007, 01:16 PM »
On a side note, I see people have been reading, but there's a lack of reader response. As I am still working on it, problems with how things are going can be (more or less) easily remedied. As it goes, "Say something!" :D Well, posting begins.

Chapter 5

Yuki opens her eyes and becomes aware of a body next to her. She yells and pushes away, bumping into the wall behind her. “Wha, what are you doing here?!” Jen slowly opens his eyes and looks at her, having been conscious for quite some time. “I was keeping you safe.” Her mouth hangs open in sheer flabbergast. “How can you being in my room, on my bed, next to me, be keeping me safe?!” Her voice rises with each set until she is yelling at him.

He simply closes his eyes again. “Your mind wasn’t very stable, so I took action to help the situation.” She glares and crawls to him, grabbing his trench coat in both of her hands. “What?! What do you mean I wasn’t stable? I’m perfectly fine!” He opens his eyes and glares at her. “If you’re fine, why do you have a death grip on me while yelling at the top of your voice?”

She blinks and looks to see that her knuckles were white from the force she was exerting. She lets go of him and finds her hands stinging a little from holding something so tightly. “I.. Sorry…” She looks away and moves back, still sitting on the bed, but with her back to the wall. Jen shrugs lightly and puts his hands behind his head. “It’s nearly seven o’clock. There’s still a while before your father should be coming home.”

She leans her head to the side while looking at him. “It’s seven?” Jen nods lightly. “Pretty close to it.” She bites her lower lip. “I must have slept for quite a while.” He nods again then pushes himself off the bed and stands up. “You still seem a little worn out. I’ll make you some dinner.” He leaves the room and closes the door behind him. She watches, in wonder, as he leaves. What was that about?

While he was away, she lies on the bed and thinks, as she did countless days before when she was alone. Why me? Why does this have to happen to me? What did I do to deserve this kind of life? And what is with him? I don’t understand him. I know everything he does is to connecting to getting his ball back, but his method is hard to follow. Is he being nice to me so I will feel ashamed to keep it? She mulls over these questions and then feels his presence next to her.

Jen points to the tray of food on her desk. “Eat it while it’s still warm, it doesn’t taste all that good cold.” She nods and gets up, feeling a little light headed as she gets off the bed. She feels his hand steadying her and leading her to the seat at the desk. She plops down into the seat and begins to get over the light headedness. Jen lies down on the bed and places his hands behind his head.

Yuki takes the chopsticks and starts eating the rice. After a few bites, she realizes that she was pretty hungry and didn’t notice. “Does it matter?” She stops eating and looks at Jen. “Does what matter?” He continues looking at the ceiling. “What my method is. Regardless of how I intend to regain it, the decision to give it back is yours alone.” She doesn’t respond, turning back to her food and continuing to eat. Jen closes his eyes and remains in silence while she finishes her dinner.

After finishing her meal, she carries the tray back downstairs to the kitchen and cleans the dishes. The door to the kitchen opens and she turns to see her father walk in. She smiles at him. “Welcome home Dad.” He nods. “Thank you. Did you have a good day at school?” She nods, still smiling. “Yeah, it went well. How was yours?” Seiji goes to the refrigerator and pulls out a can of beer. “It was another day. Though it does make one wonder how much can really go wrong within a short period of time.”

Yuki giggles at her father’s overreacting. Things rarely go as planned for him, but in the end, everything works out well. “The business is still doing well, so it can’t be that bad, right?” He smiles and nods before drinking. “Did you eat at that place again Dad?” He nods. “They have really good food, and I must admit, without your mother around, I don’t feel like eating at home much.”

They take a seat at the table next to the kitchen. “So, did Jen try anything to get it back?” Yuki shakes her head. “Not really, but for some reason, he’s been real nice to me today, nothing like he was earlier.” Her father mulls over that and takes another sip of his beer. “I don’t know what he’s up to. I never could follow his thought process.” Yuki places her arm on the table and rests her head on it, closing her eyes. “I feel exhausted.”

Jen walks into the room and looks at them. “So it’s naptime and happy hour?” Seiji finishes the can and throws it at Jen. The kitsune in human form dodges the can and lets it hit the wall, watching as the can falls to the ground. “You missed.” Seiji shakes his head and gets up from the table. “Putting up with your antics drives me nuts.” Jen simply smirks and watches Yuki’s father leave the kitchen area. He then walks to the table and sits on it, next to Yuki. “Didn’t you get enough sleep all ready?”

She opens her eyes, the closes them, trying to ignore him. He pokes her head with his index finger. When she doesn’t respond, he pokes her again and again. She groans and swipes a hand at him. “If you really want to sleep, wouldn’t your bed be a better place than the kitchen table?” She mutters under her breath and settles her head on her arm. Jen reaches over and ruffles her brown hair, making parts of it stick up.

She opens her eyes, annoyance clearly written on her face. “Why are you doing this?” He smiles at her. “It’s too early to be going to sleep. It’s not even eight thirty yet, and you’re ready to fall right asleep.” She groans and closes her eyes again. “Fine, be that way if you want to.”

He gets off the table and pulls her chair out, with Yuki leaning more over to not be moved. Sarcastically, he says, “All right, I’ll put you to bed and tuck you in.” She protests weakly as he lifts her up and carries her in his arms. “You’re such a little baby, you know that, right?” She mutters incoherently and rests her head on his chest. He sighs and leaves the kitchen, going through the hallway to the stairs. Carrying her, he watches her sleepy face as she slowly finds rest.

He brings her to her room and sets her down on her bed. Seeing she’s still in her school uniform, he debates taking them off so they won’t get even more wrinkled than it all ready was, or just leaving her be. He decides to leave her be and pulls the covers out from under her and brings them up to her shoulders. “Sleep well.”

Looking at the doorway, he sees Seiji. “It’s sad when I have to do your job for you.” Seiji doesn’t say anything but walks away. Jen goes to the door and looks back at Yuki’s sleeping form. “Night.” He closes the door and leans against it. “This seems to be harder than I had thought.” He goes downstairs and leaves the house, wandering into the night for some mischief. -_-

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What's so special about Yuki?
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Despite there still being a lack of a reaction whatsoever, going to keep posting. After all, not like I have anything else better to do... -_-

Chapter 6

Yuki groans as she slowly wakes up.
“Did you rest well?”
Her eyes turn to the speaker, seeing Jen sitting on the floor with his back against the far wall.
“You’re always around, aren’t you?” Jen nods slowly.
“I try my best to.” Yuki looks at herself and notices she’s still dressed in her school uniform.
“Have I slept in this the whole night?”

Jen nods and gets up.
“I didn’t feel it would be appropriate to undress you.” Yuki smirks slightly.
“Not appropriate? You don’t strike me as the kind of person to care about someone else’s modesty.” Jens shrugs lightly.
“I did it for you, not me. Seeing a naked body doesn’t mean a thing to me. However, if I was to strip you, you probably wouldn’t be very amiable. How would you know I didn’t do something to you? Right?”

Yuki glares at him and lifts her nose as she gets out of the bed.
“Can you leave? I’d like to change.” Jen walks out, lifting his sunglasses to cover his eyes again.
“Fine, but don’t take too long.” He shuts the door behind him and leans against the wall next to the door frame with his arms crossed. Yuki begins to change when she hears his voice.
“Do you really have that much problems with taking your clothes off? I could have undressed and redressed three times by now.”

She ignores him and continues removing the uniform. Folding them up, she places them within a drawer in her dresser before withdrawing a blue skirt, a beige blouse, a bra and white panties. She places them close to her body and walks to the door, still only clad in her panties, bra, and the necklace.
The door opens and she looks down both sides of the hallway, not seeing Jen anywhere. She quickly walks down the hall, down the stairs, and turning around the corner to the bathroom.

She sets the fresh clothing on the bench against the wall. She looks at the door leading to the bath and goes to it, opening it quickly. After looking around, she sees he wasn’t there either. She frowns lightly while still leaning against the inward opened door.
“Weird, where is he?” The door to the hallway opens up, and Jen gets a good view of her slightly bent over form from behind.
“I’m right here, since you ask.”

Yuki quickly gets behind the door and her face reddens in a mixture of anger and embarrassment.
“Oh, will you knock next time?!” Jen shrugs and takes a seat on the bench, careful not to sit on her clothes.
“You were asking for me, so I figured that I’d go ahead and reveal myself.” He smirks slightly.
“Though I wasn’t expecting you to go revealing yourself as well.” Her face reddens more and she slams the door.

She turns her attention to the bath and proceeds to wash herself. After a few minutes, she wraps a towel around her dripping form and exits the bath. She sees Jen gone again, and finds his behavior odd and confusing.
Pushing the thoughts away, she begins to get herself dressed. Having finished dressing, she finishes drying her hair and sets the towel on a hook. Going to the sink, she brushes her teeth before leaving the bathroom.
“Jen, where did you go now?”

Not receiving an answer, she begins to go around the house looking for him, for the sole purpose of him not sneaking up on her again. She eventually stops and goes to her room.
The door opens for her, and she walks in. A light breeze hits her face, and she sees him sitting on of the window seal with his legs dangling, the coat tail within the room.
“Took you long enough.” She makes a face at his back and fetches her purse.
“Like it’s any of your business.” She counters.

She begins to head back out of the door when he speaks again.
“Anxious to see a movie? It’s been a while since you last saw one.” She stops and turns to look at him.
“How did you know?” He continues looking out at the almost endless sea of houses beneath the blue sky.
“I could say that you mumbled it in your sleep, but the truth is, it’s been on your mind for a while.” She stalks over to him and places her hands on either side of the window frame.
“And you’re reading my thoughts again? Will you stop that?”

He lifts his head and looks at her, locking eye contact.
“Not gonna happen. I have to protect you, and knowing all possible threats are necessary to fulfill my duty.” She frowns at him, not breaking the eye contact.
“My thoughts are private, and are not meant to be read. If you don’t stop, I’m going to keep this forever.” She brings her left hand to caress the star ball.

Jen grinds his teeth in response to her touching it.
“You could try, but the fact remains, you won’t outlive me. And as you are the last one I have to protect, I will kill any that tries to stop me from taking it back.”
Yuki glares at him and removes her hand from the star ball to push him off the window seal. He falls to the ground, but gracefully lands. His coat tail falls back into place and he looks up at her.
“So, are you going to the movies or not?”

She makes a face at him and closes the window. She goes to the doorway and exits the room, running right into Jen.
“Ow, did you have to do that?” Jen shrugs nonchalantly.
“Not really, but I didn’t feel like waiting hand and foot for you either.” She glares lightly and walks ahead of him. They leave the house and begin walking to the train station.

“Are you going to walk with me there? I thought you preferred to stay out of sight.” He continues walking next to her.
“May as well. After all, it’d do well for your social reputation if it was thought you had a boyfriend.”
She opens her mouth and tries to form words, but the sheer shock of his statement ate at her.
“Boyfriend?! Like I would ever consider going out with someone like you! You dress way too dark, you’re more of a pest than anything, and you don’t listen to a thing I say!”

He picks at his ear.
“I’m sorry, were you saying something?” She yells in frustration and runs off towards the station. He easily keeps pace with her and smiles at her.
“I must have hit pretty close to home to have gotten such a strong reaction from you. What, do you like me or something?”
He asks, teasing her. She swings her purse at him, but it doesn’t come close to connecting.

“Why can’t you just go away?!” He puts his arms behind his head and turns around to run backwards.
“I believe we’ve been down this road before, in both senses of the term ‘road’.” She grinds her teeth and continues running, getting extremely irritated at him.
She blinks as he suddenly disappears from sight and slows down to a stop. Looking in each direction, she doesn’t see where he had gone.

Scanning the rooftops, she doesn’t see anything except a few birds perched on an electric wire. The ground shakes, and she falls to the ground. The birds fly off in a panic, afraid of what’s occurring. Yuki looks about for Jen.
Is it an earthquake? The ground shakes again, but this time, she sees a large cloud of dust forming from a street away. Intrigued, and figuring Jen was somehow responsible, she runs in the direction of the cloud.
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What's so special about Yuki?
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Chapter 7
Yuki stops as she passes the line of houses and is enveloped in a new cloud of dust. She coughs and closes her eyes until she feels the cloud settling. She opens her eyes back up and looks at a rather large red being wearing a tiger loincloth and wielding a very wicked club, looming over her. She backs up slowly, taking in the creatures features.

At the top of its large mane of deep red hair were two long horns. Its brow and red eyes were seething in anger, with its gaping mouth full of sharp teeth. Yuki backs up more, then turns to run as the creature reaches out to nap her with its left hand. She screams and tries to run faster, but is grabbed and picked up.

The red being looks at her curiously, then sniffs her. Its eyes widen at a familiar scent.
"Jen! That piece of SHIT! You know him?!”
The creature tightens its grip on Yuki. She yells and closes her eyes to try and shut away the pain. The grip is suddenly let go and she hears, at least she thinks she hears, the beast yell in pain. She is grabbed in mid air and set down onto the ground. Opening her eyes, she sees the back of a black trench coat.

“Jen?” He doesn’t pay her any mind, giving the red beast his undivided attention.
“Never know when to back down, have you, Gorun.” The other being gets up from the kneeling position Jen’s attack left him. The oni swings the massive, sharp club above its head.
“You shall die now, Jen Ide!” The club lands with crushing force into the ground, but Jen nimbly evaded the attack and the resulting dust storm.

Yuki coughs and starts to crawl away when she is picked up. She yells and hits what grabbed her with her fists.
“Ow, I’m here to protect you, not to get attacked by you too.” She looks and sees Jen holding her. He sets her down on the roof.
“Stay here. I’ll get you down when I’ve taken care of this fool.” Without waiting for a response, he leaves the rooftop and goes to battle.

Yuki crawls to watch, and is amazed at the speed and strength Jen possessed. Each of the oni’s deadly attacks were easily dodged and countered with enough force to stagger or bring the oni to its knees. The red beast keeps attacking, and it seemed inexhaustible. Attacks would slightly bring it down, but it continued to get back up.

That thing is unreal. But, is it because of its strength, or because Jen isn’t that strong? Jen growls to himself and yells out.
“I heard that! This is an oni I’m fighting, or do you not know about them as well?” The oni takes the opportunity and swings the spiked kanabo into Jen’s face. The kitsune is sent flying into the wall of the house next to where Yuki was.

The broken pieces of the sunglasses fall to the ground. Jen wipes away the blood coming from his left cheek.
“Oh ho, so you want to play rough, do you? Don’t blame me when you’re defeated.” Jen’s clothing falls to the ground as he changes into his real form. The kitsune growls lowly and its tails quiver lightly in anticipation.

“I hope you enjoy this.” Fire emerges from the tips of the tails and the tails sweep back then fling forward, launching balls of fire at the oni. The fire balls slam into the creature and staggers it back two steps.
It is then doubled over as the kitsune tackles it in its stomach with its blinding speed. The oni falls backwards and slowly gets back up.

“Not enough to stop me. You will pay for your past crimes, Jen.” The oni hurls the kanabo at the fox-like creature, but misses and creates a massive hole in the wall of the house.
Jen rushes forward and slams into the oni’s face, then produces a flame out of his mouth, enveloping the beast in a flash fire. Jen lands on the ground and jumps back, his tails standing up on ends in eagerness. The oni pats at its now lit mane of hair, trying to extinguish the fire.
“Damn you Jen!”

The oni smells the burnt and fried hair and growls in a rage. It rushes at the kitsune with its claws. The kitsune stands its ground and then darts forward, diving between the oni’s open legs.
It leaps up and stabs the oni in the back, along its spine. The oni howls in pain and reaches back to grab the fox. Jen lets go and shoots another flame at the wounds on the beast’s back.

The scent of burned flesh begins to fill the corridor the two creatures fight in. The kitsune launches additional flames at the back of the oni, until it turns around to charge at its antagonist.
The fox-like creature dodges at the last second, but is grabbed by a tail and swung around and slammed into the concrete floor. The blow knocks out the kitsune. The oni swings the kitsune into the wall of the house and then hurls it into the air.

Yuki watches as the kitsune is sent flying past her. The red beast picks up its kanabo and waits for him to come down. The kitsune opens its eyes and notices its falling towards the ground with the eagerly awaiting oni holding the kanabo.
Running out of time, it projects an image to the beast. Gorun watches as the kitsune slowly makes its way down, with his head tilted upwards.

The deception worked, as Jen touched ground and the oni was still looking up. The kitsune quickly got to the beast’s back and slashed deep into its flesh. The oni screams and the illusion collapses.
Another flame is let out into the more exposed muscles. The fire torments the oni and it reels away in agony. Not letting it go easily, the kitsune slashes the oni’s chest as it turns, launching off the oni’s body and throwing fire balls from his tails into the beast’s chest.

The balls crash into the tears and burn deeply into the beast. The oni screams and collapses to its knees. The kitsune allows itself a smirk.
“Had enough?” The oni raises its head.
“Never.” It gets up, bleeding and burned, but not having lost the will to fight. Jen’s smirk dies and he begins thinking of another way to defeat the crazed oni.
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