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Author Topic: The Return of Nazo  (Read 4649 times)

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The Return of Nazo
« on: Jul 14 2006, 12:14 AM »
It was a cold night aboard the ARK.Shadow having regained his memories,just felt an open hole inside of him.An empty feeling,that was worse than the darkness in his mind.

"What is this empty feeling?I've regained all of my memories.But why does this feeling haunt me so?"said Shadow nodding off.He began to think of Nazo.The epic clash of the powers of chaos.The darkness so strong within' Nazo,that one could litterally feel their soul freeze when near him.Shadow shuddered at the thought of Nazo.

"He was the most powerful being I've ever seen in my life.The literal physical manifestation of evil!How could something like that exist?And if the power of the Chaos Emeralds is infinite,then why could I defeat him?Is he really dead?"Shadow said thinking aloud.He shook his head."No.He must be dead.He killed him with my own two hands.Hmp.I am the Ultimate Lifeform after all.I was made to kill people like him."And with that he fell into a deep sleep unaware of the impinding doom that was to come...

Later on Earth

Sonic was hanging around Station Square no later than a month after the battle with Nazo.As he got more and more bored,he wanted to have some excitment around there.Eggman had been pretty quiet lately,Tails was,as always,tinkering around in his workshop and Amy had entered a basic Martial Arts class,so she wasn't around half the time.

"Oh god I'm bored!"moaned Sonic as he walked down the street."No evil.No crimes!There's nothing to do!"Sonic then remembered about his Chaos Emerald and Shadow.

"Hmmm,maybe I can go see Shadow.He's always up for a race!"Sonic said."Well alright then!Heh!Time for a rematch Shadow!"Sonic then concentrated all his energy for the long warp he had to do."CHAOS CONTROL!"shout Sonic as he dissapeared.

Shadow who was now in a deep sleep,was quickly snapped back to reality by the greatflash of light in the room.As he flipped back to his feet,he made out the figure to be Sonic.

"What?You!What do you want!"Shadow said glaring at Sonic.Sonic just snickered a little."Well.I want a little 'friendly' compition.So how 'bout it Shadow?"asked Sonic in an overconfident,almost arrogant tone.Shadow who was now fully awake just stared at Sonic.

"Hmp.I don't have time for you."said Shadow.Sonic just dashed up to Shadow and tackled him.It was enough to knock away some of his emeralds.Sonic quickly grabbed one."d*mn it!Give me my emerald back!"Shadow said as he stood back up.Sonic only flicked a quick smile and warped back to Station Square."d*mn!Grrrr!I'll get you Sonic!"said Shadow as he grabbed his other emerald and warped.

The two landed in a remote "badlands" area of Station Square."Hey Shadow!Looks like you really want to race!"said Sonic smirking. "No you spaz!I just want the d*mn emerald!"Shadow said etending his hand.

Sonic just laughed."You gotta' take it from me." "Well this won't take long!"said Shadow dashing at Sonic.Sonic laughed and moved out of the way.Shadow slid to a halt."Are you trying to get yourself killed?You can't fight me and win!"Shadow said walking towards Sonic."I am the Ultimate Lifeform!I've already defeated you countless times.So do something smart for a change and just give me the d*mn emerald!"

Sonic only looked at Shadow."So,if you can get the emerald...WHY DON'T YOU?"Sonic started to laugh at Shadow."You can't can you?"Shadow interupted."Thats it!"Shadow dashed at Sonic,who in turn,turned tail and ran.
The two dashed through the unoccupied streets with unrivaled speed trading quick blows."Argh!What's wrong with you!?"said Shadow as he dashed alongside Sonic."Nothing.I was bored and your easy to aggitate.And come on,you can't honestly say this isn't fun."said Sonic.Shadow couldn't stand it anymore.He almost instinctively warped in front of Sonic and knocked him flat on his a** shoving him.

Shadow picked the emerald up off the ground and started walking off.Sonic just sat there laughing."Ah,that was good for a laugh."Sonic said as he got up.He ran over beside Shadow and began to laugh."What the hell do find so funny?"Shadow said glaring at Sonic.Sonic stopped laughing shortly after."You!It's just fun racing you."Sonic said.

Shadow was just speechless.Not because it was true,but because that was,to him,quite possibly the stupidest thing anyone has ever said to him.Shadow looked over at Sonic ignoring the last statement and just shook his head."Well as long as I'm here,I may as well get something to eat.I'm running out of suplies up there."said Shadow before looking back Sonic."You do realize that you can be quite annoying."Sonic just shrugged.

"Nah..."Sonic replied."What I did was entertaining not annoying."Shadow rubbed his forehead."This is why I live by myself in space...''muttered Shadow.Sonic started to chuckle."You know Rouge got pissed when you held back on your promise."said Sonic.

Shadow looked a bit confused."What do you mean?"Shadow questioned."Yeah didn't you say you would give her the all the Chaos Emeralds?"replied Sonic.Shadow smiled."No.I said I would give her THE Chaos Emeralds.The word "the" can mean any number of things,such as all of something..."Shadow shifted his eyes."...or most of something."Shadow stopped briefly then continued."If she took it the wrong way it's her fault."

Shortly there after,Tails landed near the two."Sonic!"Tails said out of breath."Eggman...He's attacking the city looking for emeralds..."Tails said weezing."What!Argh,he never gives up!"Sonic said."Tails,think you can go get Knuckles?"Tails nodded and flew off."Shadow come on' we've gotta' go stop him!"Sonic said anxiously.Shadow only folded his arms."I don't really care.If the humans can't protect themselves,it's they're fault.Let them deal with it."said Shadow."Oh come on'.They haven't had enough time to rebuild after that Nazo incident!There forces are still weak from trying to fight him."said Sonic.Shadow sighed."Fine.Lets go."Shadow said breaking into a run towards the city.Sonic followed and quickly...

As the two dashed towards the city,they began to see the army of robots destroying the building and such.

The two finally closed in on the city and swiftly began destroying the bots.After what seemed like an eternity of fighting,the two were drained and injured.

Slowly the E-10000's began to close in.(Sonic Hero's bot,not Sonic Riders)
Shadow could only curse his own powerlessness.He had destroyed thoasands of them,but to no avail.

"I can't beleive there so many of them..."said Shadow."I don't beleive this guy has so much free time."He actualy began laughing."What a sorry way to go...killed by a d*mn tin can..."said Shadow sighing.

The two were back to back,surronded."Not going down without a fight,are we Shadow?"said Sonic mockingly.Shadow just grunted."Of course not.I'll fight till' I win,or die trying."Shadow said.But they both knew it was over.

"I wish Tails would hurry up..."muttered Sonic.

Almost as if on cue,the fox and a familiar red echina landed down and began attacking the bots.

"What took you so d*mn long!?"said Shadow."I thought I was really gonna' die!"Sonic just looked over."But we didn't now did we."Sonic said with a hint of laughter.

All four in the fray,were countlessly destroying robots.Finally,they seemed to stop coming.

"Is it over...?"Tails said winded.Sonic just nodded."Yeah I think so..."he said panting.Suddedly,a familar fatman flaoted down on the little aircraft he's always in.

"Ohohoho,think it's over,eh?"Eggman said."You under estimate me!I would never make it that easy!"Sonic only winced,rolling his eyes."It never is,so why would this be different..."Sonic said sarcastically.Shadow laughed a bit and whispered to Knuckles,"Sarcastic little bastard,isn't he?"Knuckles only snickered a bit.

"Well good for you!You knew better!But now face this!!!Metal Sonic!Your on!!"Eggman shouted.From atop one of the buildings,Metal Sonic came flipping down to the ground in front of them.

Shadow folded his arms."Well!This a surprise,why did Eggman take you back after helping us?"Shadow said."I thought for sure he would scrap you for betraying him."

Metal Sonic started laughing."But I did no such thing!He knew you idiots would try to stop him,so he sent me in to keep tabs on you."Metal Sonic said."Besides,he knew there was the possibility Nazo wouldn't obey him.I was to assist you if needed."Metal Sonic began to laugh again."And you fell for it!The whole act!I can't beleive you bought it!"Metal Sonic said laughing."Knuckles I can understand.He's dumb as a post.*Hey!*But the rest of you should've know better,esspcially you Shadow!Ultimate Lifeform!Ha!Thats a joke..."Metal Sonic said.

Shadow couldn't stand it anymore.He dashed full speed at Metal Sonic."Oh please,your too weakened to fight me."He said.Immediatly,when Shadow was about to strike,Metal Sonic kicked him back."All of you are weakened too harshly to even stand a chance..."Metal Sonic said triumphtly.

It was true,they gang was too tired for anymore combat."Knocking us off when we're down,thats a new low fatass..."Sonic wheezed."It dosen't matter to me!All that matters is that you all die!Then no one can stop my world conquest!"Eggman said cackling."Now do away with them!"

Metal Sonic began walking over too the group."I can't beleive he's won..."Shadow said breathly really heavily."All my work was for nothing...My suffering for this!?Having to remember Dr.Gerald in a speedo!?"Shadow fell to his knees holding his head."I won't give up that easy!"Shadow said.He then dashed towards Metal Sonic only to be repeld again.

"Now you die..."Metal Sonic said coldly.Metal Sonic raised his hand to finish them off.Suddenly he was blasted back by what looked like a Chaos Spear,but a pink color.

From out of close by alley,Amy walked out sporting her new attire.A long sleeved red shirt with black eched in marks on the sleeves.A pair of solid black,baggy pants with a rose on the outside of the left pant leg.Her hair was a bit longer and the hairband was gone.She was not as childish looking and she wasn't overly happy.

"Amy?"Sonic said with some amout of surprise in his voice."Was that you?"Amy looked over at Sonic."Yep!"was her reply.Shadow was woundering if she really learned how to control the Chaos Spear."How did you use that!?I haven't learned completely!"Sonic said with envy in his voice.Amy only laughed a little."Oh what?Is the great Sonic envious of his girlfriend?"Amy said laughing."Don't worry,maybe I'll teach you after this."

Metal Sonic finally recovered from the surprise attack."Argh....Did anyone catch the number of that bus?"Metal Sonic said dazed.He finally shook off his dizzyness."Dammit!!!You attacked me!?That was cheap!"Metal Sonic said looking at Amy.

Amy looked at him at laughed."Ha!That'll learn ya' to attack those weakened from battle!Serves you right!"she said.Sonic just looked at Amy."You watched us fight?And didn't help!?What were you thinking!?"he said."I was thinking about a situation like this."Amy said calmly.Sonic just felt that cold chill blow past him."Oh..."he managed to get out.

Amy returned her attention to Metal Sonic."So,are you gonna' step off or not?"Amy said in that same calm voice.Metal Sonic glanced back at Eggman."Get her!She's no threat!" Eggman commanded.

Metal Sonic dashed at Amy rapidly and began attacking as fast as he could.Amy was easily dodging."Oh comon'!Do I need to wear a blindfold?"she said while dodging.After awile of dodging Metal Sonic began to wear down.Quickly he jumped back."Now..."Amy said cracking her knuckles."I'm gonna do to you what you were gonna' do them."

Faster than any of them could see,she dashed over.She began to attack Metal Sonic viciously.It had only been a few seconds and already Metal Sonic flew back nearly destroyed.

With dent's,ding's and electricity sparking around him he retreated back near Eggman."Argh......................She's....too fast....quickly retreat...."Metal Sonic said voice crackling and eyes faded.Eggman began to swear at Amy before flying off,Metal Sonic in tow
Soon after the turn of events,The group had proceeded to go to a near by cafe'.The five had sat down at a tabe outside,drinking their refreshments."So Amy...I've gotta' know!Where did you learn to munipulate chaos energy so well?It looked like you fired a Chaos Spear at the guy."said Sonic.

Amy just smiled a bit."Well,while you guys were all out relaxing,I was training hard and getting better!Now you guys get to see me in the lead!"Amy said."I'm faster than you now Sonic.Can't run any more!"Sonic relized this only now.

Sonic smacked his forehead."Oh great..."he said."And let me guess...You can use Chaos Control as well?"Amy nodded."I couldn't grip how to warp with it though.Buuuuuuuuuuuuut......."Amy said shifting her eyes towards Sonic then towards Shadow."I can do something with it you guys can't.Allow me to demonstrate."

Amy stood up and looked at Sonic."Watch this!Chaos Control!"she said.Sonic's colors shifted as if he was traped by Chaos Control,unable to move,however the world around him kept going.She had only stopped Sonic.

Amy laughed and snapped her fingures.Sonic fell out of the Chaos Control and backwards out of his seat."Hmph,so what?I don't beleive for a second your faster than me."Shadow said taking a sip of his drink.

Amy looked over at him surprised."Really?Are you that deluded?"Amy asked calmly.Shadow banged his fists on the table standing up."What!You think your so fast!Prove it!I'll race you from here to Angel Island!First one there wins!"Shadow said angrily.Amy just sipped off her drink."We can't get there.It's floating miles above the ocean."Amy said cooly.Shadow just smiled."There are hundreds of air curents around the area below.Strong enough to get up there provided you have the skills."he said."But one rule,no Chaos Attacks."Amy nodded.

Both Shadow and Amy had taken their starting points,right outside the city.The first one to touch the Master Emerald would be victor.They course was set up so that they would have to go the long way on the island,trough the mountains and the jungle.Tails was flying off as the two got ready.He would rule the winner.

Sonic looked at the two."Are you ready?"he asked.The two nodded."Aright.3....2........................1....................GO!!!!!"Sonic annouced.

Shadow was quick to the draw and took an early lead.Amy right behind him."Heh.I've got this won already."Shadow thought.He could hear Amy laughing."Ready to stop warming up?"she said mockingly.Shadow had no response,he was running nearly as fast as he could.Thinking she was bluffing,he shook it off and kept going.

After a moment the two could see Angel Island, and ledge off to the ocean below it."Now!No more games!"Amy said as she started running full speed.She flashed by Shadow who was baffled.Amy quickly lept off the oncoming land,off the cliff.She was caught by the wind but was getting thrown around disoriented by it.Shadow saw this as a perfect oppertunity.
Charging up a spin dash,he flew past Amy riding the air all the way to the ledge of Angel Island.He abruptly pulled himself up and kept going.Shadow looked back down at Amy who was flaotin garound in the current trying to reorientate herself."See ya!"Shadow said laughing running off towards the jungle.

He believed that he had obtained a good enough lead to slow down a little."No use tiring myself out." he thought.He was eventually able to reach the base of the mountain.Quickly he started running up the path.

When he approached the peak of the first big hill,he looked back to see Amy running through the jungle,nay tearing through the jungle."Oh crap..."Shadow thought accelerating.

He was soon under the relization that he may lose as Amy began to close in on him.He couldn't shake her and the two were approching the Master Emerald.She had just about taken a lead over him."Shadow...I'm dissappointed.You can't win?Tsk tsk,you should train harder."Amy said as she overtook Shadow.

Shadow was begining to slow from exuation."Argh......She's....really fast..."Shadow said sweating.Amy had just come to the bridge as Shadow was just a bit behind her.He was fearing a loss.As Amy began running up the long staircase to the Master Emerald,Shadow got an idea.

He quickly grabed part of one of the dilapatated monuments and tossed it at the Master Emerald.Amy jumped back in surprise.The stone collided hard with the Master Emerald,knocking a large chunk out of it flying through the air.Shadow jumped up towards it and so did Amy.

In a flash of light,Shadow landed behind Amy with the Master Emerald piece in hand."I win..."he whispered to her walking off.Shadow threw the Emerald chunk to Tails who passed it to Knuckles,who fixed it.

Amy fell to her knees.She had lost because Shadow was more cunning.

Amy just sat there,stunned."B...b...but...you cheated!"Amy said.Shadow turned around to face her."No.I followed the challenge and touched the Master Emerald before you.No one ever said it had to be complete."Shadow said smiling.

Amy just hung her head in defeat.But Shadow came over and helped her up."You were formitable,and extreamly fast."Shadow said."I didn't think I would win."

Amy nodded."Well at least you can see my power."Amy said."Oh,and by the way Shadow..."She walked past him and said,"...That wasn't my fastest."

Shadow just turned around to face her."Your kidding right?"Shadow said anxiously.Amy said nothing.She only smiled.

Suddenly,the ground began shaking viloently.The two looked up to see Metal Sonic.He was flying off with a chunk of the Master Emerald."Argh...Not again!"Knuckles said.

Shadow and Amy both ran after him on land,unaware of the trap that lie ahead...
Shadow and Amy ran after MetalSonic,unable to get high enough to catch him.

"d*mn it!!!He's too high!"Shadow said anxiously."We should return the shard of the Master Emerald quickly,or else this place will fall to the ocean."Amy said calmly.

The two were approaching the edge of the island where they could see an airship waiting.Metal Sonic laughed as he flew into the hanger.The door slowly began to close.

"Alright!Brace yourself,Amy!"Shadow said grabbing her hand.He jumped off the edge of Angel Island."Shadow what are you..."Amy began.Before she could finish however,Shadow laughed."Now!Chaos...Control!"He said.It warped the two inside of the hanger.

Amy looked dizzy."You could've told me ya' know."Amy said frazzled.Shadow started running off towards Metal Sonic."If you don't hurry up,I'll leave you."Shadow said.

Amy shook off her dizzyness and ran after Shadow.The two ran after the metal being through many long hallways."Where is he leading us..." Shadow thought.

Finally,after chasing him through a number of halls,they reached a large room with a door at the other side of the room.Metal Sonic stopped,hanging in the air,in the middle of the room.

Metal Sonic laughed,as he tossed the fragment of the Master Emerald up and down."Well,looks as though you've been tricked again,Shadow.Falling into two traps in the same day?Tsk,tsk."Metal Sonic said waving his finger.He threw the shard to Shadow."The bait worked,you can have it back now."Metal Sonic said.

"What!What are you talking about,you worthless robot!?"demanded Shadow as he caught the shard.Metal Sonic shook his head."Why shoud I explain myself to someone who's about to die!"Metal Sonic said.

Metal Sonic flew full speed at Shadow,blasting him back.Shadow quickly caught himself and flipped to his feet."Fine!!!It's your funeral!"Shadow said running at Metal Sonic.

The two began trading hard blows to each other.After a few seconds,Metal Sonic got the upperhand by delivering a roundhouse to his face.Shadow staggered back,only to be knocked to the ground by a gut check.

Shadow feeling he had to hurry up,quickly jumped up and into the air."Fine,you wanna' play rough?Chaos Spear!"Shadow said firing a barrage of Chaos Spears at him.

Metal Sonic flew back against the wall as the rest of the attack pelted him.After the attack ended,Metal Sonic began to fall off the wall,stunned.Shadow saw the oppertunity and did a full force whip kick to him.Metal Sonic broke through the wall and fell into the ocean.

"Well that takes care of him..."Shadow said."Amy,we need to g..."Shadow stopped.He hadn't relized Amy wasn't there.Shadow rubbed his head."Argh...not this d*mn senario again..."Shadow said."I'd better go find her..."He then ran to the door and went through.

He found himself in a huge room with Eggman floating in the same little pod he was in."Ohohohoh,Shadow.It looks like Metal Sonic wasn't strong enough to face you,Shadow."Eggman said sarcasticly.Shadow only only glared at him."You wanted me here for something,what!?"he said.

Eggman began to laugh."I just needed something of your."Eggman said.Shadow was suddenly attacked from behind,scattering his emeralds. As Shadow lay there,Eggman collected the emeralds in his pod.

"Ohohohoho,I've got six of the chaos emeralds!"Eggman proudly declared.Shadow at this point had returned to his feet.Shadow shook his head a bit to return his vision to normal.He quickly looked around the room to see who attacked him."Who did that!?"Shadow said.

He heard footsteps behind him.Shadow turned around to see Amy,eyes white,no expression on her face."Huh?Amy,what the hell..."Shadow said.Eggman began to laugh."He does very good work!"said Eggman laughing.

Shadow glanced over."Who!"Shadow said.Amy took this chance to attack Shadow.He jumped back and began trading blows with her.

Eggman began laughing."Good! Good!!!!Ohohohohoho,I can't wait for him to lose!"Eggman said with glee.After fighting for awile,the two broke away,jumping back pretty far.Shadow had sustained a good bit of damageand was now on his knee.Amy however,looked like nothing happened,aside from the occational knick and scratch.

"I can't keep fighting like this...."Shadow muttered.After a couple of seconds,Rouge landed down next to Eggman.

"Ah!Rouge,do have the last emerald?"Eggman said.The batgirl flashed a smile and pulled out the Chaos Emerald."Of course!You need to have more faith in people like me."Rouge said.

Shadow looked over,stunned."Y...You betrayed me!?Why!?"Shadow said.Rouge glared at him coldly."Merely personal gain.I wanted to see you beaten within an inch of your life for tricking me!"Rouge snapped as she handed the emerald over to Eggman.

Eggman began laughing."Alright!You can come out now Nazo!"Eggman said.Amy began flashing and out of her phased Nazo.She fell to the floor out cold.

Shadow was stunned."But...I...I killed you..."stammered Shadow."How are you alive!"Nazo began to laugh."I was resurected by using the Chaos Emeralds,of course!"Nazo said with a smile that beared his fangs."And now you'll die for what you did!!!"

Nazo then dashed over to Shadow and began to attack rapidly.To finish off the combo he had inflicted,Nazo grabbed Shadow's arm,pulled him foward and delivered a roundhouse to Shadow's throat.

Nazo let go of Shadow.Shadow was coughing blood up all over the ground.Rouge was looking over a bit worried."You said you weren't going to kill him!"Rouge said.Eggman looked over."I did.I'm not,Nazo probably is though!"Eggman said laughing."Just stay out of their way if you want to live."he said watching the fight.Rouge just looked at the ground worried.

Shadow had been doing his best to fight back,but to no availe.He was outmatched because of his being tired.He entered the fight pretty injured,and now he was too weak to continue.Shadow fell too his knees breathing heavily.

"I don't think I can get through this one..."Shadow muttered.Nazo began laughing."Doctor,send us into orbit.I want to make sure he can't get away."Nazo said looking at Shadow.

Eggman nodded and pressed a few buttons on the console in front of him.The ship began to rumble and the room the were in broke away from the rest and fired quickly into orbit.

Shadow had at last gotten back to his feet."I won't give up!I beat you once and I will do it again!"Shadow said.The Chaos Emeralds floated in to the center of the room.Shadow closed his eyes and burst into his super form.Shadow floated over to Nazo."We finish this now!"Shadow said as he dashed towards him.

Shadow and Nazo began fighting so fast,Rouge and Eggman couldn't follow."Wh...whos winning?"Rouge said timidly.Eggman only scratched his head and frowned."I can't tell!"Eggman whined.

After a couple of minutes of this,Nazo suddenly smashed into the ground,very badly hurt.Blood was running down his face and chest.He had bruises and many scratches over his body.

Shadow reappeared in the air holding a large ball of Chaos energy over his head."Now die!"Shadow said as he hurled the ball down at Nazo.A chaotic explosion covered the area and the room began to collapse.

Shadow landed beside Amy's body and he put her on his shoulder.Shadow looked around to see Rouge backed up against the wall,but no Eggman."Hmph,the coward must've fled."Shadow said to himself.

He began walking over to Rouge.She only backed up against the wall.Shadow closed in and offered his hand to her."If you don't come with me,you will die."said Shadow.Reluctently she took his hand,and the three flew back down to Angle Island.


Shadow had finished explaning what had happened to the others.Knuckles repaired the Master Emerald,and Rouge had apologized.

"Shadow,the Chaos Emeralds were still up there!"Sonic said.Shadow nodded."Now if anyone wants them,they get to search the planet and I don't think anyone wants too."Shadow said."But really,now I have to search for one to get back to ARK."Shadow was rubbing the back of his head.

Rouge walked over."Not exactly."she said as she handed Shadow a Chaos Emerald."I managed to get my hands on one before we flew off."she said smiling.

Shadow nodded,took the emerald and said his goodbyes for another while."Chaos...Control!!!" was the last thing they heard before he warped away.

So ends another adventure of Shadow the Hedgehog.

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The Return of Nazo
« Reply #1 on: Jul 16 2006, 08:16 PM »
My cousin always called himself Nazo, he had Nazo before Nazo was popular.

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The Return of Nazo
« Reply #2 on: Jul 17 2006, 12:40 AM »
I know.You told me.
Respect the power of a good author,they can dictate a lot.

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The Return of Nazo
« Reply #3 on: Jul 18 2006, 02:59 PM »
When was Nazo popular?

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The Return of Nazo
« Reply #4 on: Jul 18 2006, 03:48 PM »
He hasn't been acctually popular yet.
Respect the power of a good author,they can dictate a lot.

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