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Author Topic: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star  (Read 17417 times)

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Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
« on: Sep 26 2012, 08:29 PM »
Super Mario Brothers:

Legend of the Chaos Star

Part 1

Sometime ago, prior to this story, there was a dark, prophetic book called the “Dark Prognosticus”. This book foretold that a mysterious, powerful object called the “Chaos Heart” would fill the skies with a chaotic void that would grow over time, and eventually destroy the universe; wiping out all galaxies, dimensions, and timeframes in existence. The book’s last owner, Count Bleck, A.K.A. Lord Blumiere, began following the book’s instructions in order to formulate a plan for universal destruction. Additionally, he also recruited minions to help him fulfill this sinister plot of his. These minions consisted of Nastasia, O'Chunks, Mimi, Dimentio, and Mr. L (a brainwashed Luigi in disguise).

Unknown to them at the time, Dimentio had only joined Count Bleck’s army as a means of orchestrating his own scheme. His plan all along was to steal the Chaos Heart, so that he could destroy the universe and replace it with a brand new one that he’d rule over. With the power of the Chaos Heart in Bleck’s possession, Dimentio knew that he did not have the power to defeat the former on his own, so he “enlisted” help from the Heroes of Light. These heroes consisted of Mario, Princess Peach/Toadstool, Bowser (who had temporarily allied himself with them), Luigi (who was later changed back to his original self), as well as Tippi/Lady Timpani, and the rest of their Pixl companions.

Throughout Mario and company’s quest to collect the eight pieces of the Purity Heart, Dimentio acted as a double agent, assisting the heroes in secrecy all the while feigning loyalty to Count Bleck. Much later on, after all Pure Hearts were collected, the heroes ventured through Castle Bleck, and eventually engaged Count Bleck in battle, and defeated him. As the Count lay to the floor, defeated, it was revealed that he and Tippi were once lovers, and that his reason for trying to fulfill the Prophecy of Destruction, was out of rage and sadness over her supposed “death”. Count Bleck then asked Mario and company to finish him off, stating that the Chaos Heart and the Void will disappear in the process.

Taking advantage of their hesitation, Dimentio, who was lurking in the shadows, fired a fatal energy blast at Bleck with the intention of finishing him off. However, Nastasia abruptly got in front of him and took the blast instead, seemingly sacrificing her life in the process. After mocking Nastasia for her sacrifice, Dimentio took the Chaos Heart, and revealed that he had been using the heroes all along, and that his plot from the beginning was to get them to use up the Pure Hearts that they’ve collected, so they’ll be powerless to stop him when he gains control of the Chaos Heart.

No longer of any use or value to Dimentio, he opted to dispose of the group, but not before brainwashing Luigi, and then fusing together with him and the Chaos Heart, becoming “Super Dimentio” in the process. After transporting Count Bleck, Tippi, and Nastasia to Dimension D in order to torture and kill them later on, Super Dimentio engaged Mario and company in battle, gaining the upper hand, thanks to the invincibility he’s obtained from the power of the Chaos Heart. Just when all hope seemed lost, and all worlds were on the brink of destruction, Tippi returned from Dimension D with the revitalized Pure Hearts (thanks to O’Chunks, Mimi, and Count Bleck), and used them on Super Dimentio, rendering him vulnerable. Mario, Peach, and Bowser were then able to resume the battle until Super Dimentio was defeated, and Luigi was changed back to normal.

However, just when Dimentio was on the brink of death, he left behind a shadow of his power to continue controlling the Chaos Heart in order to ensure that the heroes and everyone else would die with him. Seeing no other option, Count Bleck/Blumiere and Tippi/Timpani refueled the eight Pure Hearts once again by renewing their wedding vows, effectively destroying the Chaos Heart for good. With Dimentio and the Chaos Heart no longer in the picture, the Void disappeared, and peace was restored to the world once more.

So far, one year has passed since this incident, and Bowser has once again gone back to his evil ways. Here, we begin the story with Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and Birdo storming his castle in search of Princess Peach/Toadstool, who’s gotten herself kidnapped by the Koopa king (again). The five of them had just got finished dealing with a squadron that consisted of Magikoopas, Koopatrols, Terrapins, and Hammer Brothers, and were merely one floor away from Bowser’s throne room, where the princess was being kept.

*Music Cue*

Mario: Hee hee, so far, so good!

Luigi: Yep, looks like we’re definitely on a roll here, Bro!

Toad: Now that we’ve got all these goons out the way, all we need to do now is take care of Koopa Stoopa himself, and the princess will be home free!

Birdo: …

Yoshi: Is everything alright, Birdo?

Birdo: Uh, yeah. Everything’s fine.

Mario: Are you sure?

Birdo: Yep, I’m positive!

Luigi: Ah, come on. Why not tell us what’s on your mind? After all, we’re pals now, aren’t we?

Birdo: Yes, but…

Mario: Luigi’s right. You can tell us anything, anything at all.

Birdo: …

Well, alright, if you insist. *Looks toward Mario* Mario… What I have to say isn’t going to be easy. In fact, it may…even break your heart, but as a friend, I feel I have to tell you this anyway…

Mario: Okie dokey, I’m listening…

Birdo: This…this may sound crazy, but Bowser and the princess… I think the two of them secretly have something…going on, if you know what I mean.

Everyone: …

*They burst out laughing, and fall to the ground*

Birdo: Hey! What’s so funny!?

Toad: Oh, wow! Are you serious!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Mario: HAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s a good one, Birdo! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Luigi: Yeah, I’ll say! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yoshi: Pfffft…! *Holds in a laugh*

Birdo: I’m serious, you guys! Am I the only one who finds it even a LITTLE bit suspicious that she’s been kidnapped by him so many times, despite the fact that she’s perfectly capable of defending herself? It’s almost as if she’s practically LETTING him do it!

Yoshi: Really, Birdo, what are the chances? No offense, but you’re definitely overthinking and blowing things WAY out of proportion! Let’s examine the facts, here: Bowser is evil, completely evil, and he’s tried to take over and enslave the Mushroom Kingdom countless times. For that, I’m pretty sure Princess Peach hates Bowser, and wants nothing to do with him. I’d feel the same way if I was in her shoes.

Toad: I think Yoshi has summed it up pretty nicely.

Birdo: …

Luigi: Um, yeaaaah. Now that we’ve got that cleared up, what do you say we hurry up these stairs, so we could stop him again, as usual?

Mario: Okie dokey! Ret ‘ta go, everybody!

*They start going up the stairs*


*A small, egg-shelled Koopa is seen running toward them, and comes to a stop*

Music Cue*

???: Mario, long time no see! You remember who I am, don’t you?

Mario: *Facepalm* Not you again… Jr. Troopa, was it?

Jr. Troopa: That’s right! Darn tootin’! I’m glad you remember me!

Mario: *Sigh* What do want, now?

Jr. Troopa: Isn’t it obvious? Revenge! Revenge for all the times you’ve humiliated me, that is! Don’t think I’m the same person I was before! I’ve been training hard since our last fight… I’ve gained new powers, and I’ve gotten much, MUCH stronger!

Mario: Um, yes, that’s nice, but didn’t you say something like that the last five times we’ve fought? I don’t have time to deal with you right now, I’m kinda busy. *Starts walking away*

*The others do the same*

Jr. Troopa: Hey, hey! I didn’t come all this way to find you for nothing! Get back here and fight, you chicken!

*They ignore him and keep going*

Jr. Troopa: GET BACK HERE AND FIIIIIGGGHHHT! *Charges up the stairs after Mario*

Mario: Buzz off, already! *Kicks him*

Jr. Troopa: Uhhhhhhhhh! *Falls down the stairs with a loud thump*

Toad: Ouch… Now that’s GOTTA hurt!

Yoshi: I sure wouldn’t wanna be him right now!

Jr. Troopa: *From downstairs* I’m gonna remember this, Mario! I’m gonna beat you SO bad next time, you hear!? *Runs off*

Luigi: Don’t you think you were kinda rough on the little guy, Bro?

Mario: No, not really. He’s survived worse, believe me.

Birdo: Come to think of it, who WAS that little brat, anyway?

Mario: That was Jr. Troopa. Supposedly, he’s the boss of some “neighborhood gang” somewhere around Goomba Village. The first fight he picked with me was when I crossed into “his” playground, and after I defeated him, he continued to stalk me, Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry, Bow, Watt, Sushie, and Lakilester all throughout our quest for the seven Star Spirits just to pick all these pointless fights! He just didn’t know when to give up and still doesn’t!

Yoshi: Wow. I can’t imagine how annoying that must have been.

Mario: Oh, believe me, there aren’t enough words to describe it, but enough about that. Let’s go ahead and save Peach!

Birdo: *Mumbles* For the thousandth time.


With nothing else to distract them, the five heroes proceeded up the stairway, and entered Bowser’s throne room. When they got there, it was (seemingly) empty, but they did find Princess Peach tied up in chains, hanging over a chandelier.

Mario: Leapin’ lasagna! There she is! *Points*

Peach: Mario! You guys finally came!

Luigi: Don’t worry, Princess, we’ll save you!

Peach: Alright, but be careful, though! Bowser will be back at any-

*Music Cue*

Bowser: *Crashes through the wall in his Koopa Clown Copter* …Moment?

Birdo: Oh, crap!

Bowser: *Jumps out, lands in front of Mario and company, creating a slight tremor* BWAHAHAHAHA! Well, well! If it isn’t the Super Stupid Brothers…and you three losers, too! You all showed up right on cue, as expected. You’re as annoying as ever.

Toad: You let the princess go, Koopa Stoopa!

Bowser: Yeah, okay, sure. You can have her.

BWAHAHAHAHA!  What, is that what you expected me to say? Well, tough luck! As for you, Mario… You’ve been a thorn on my side for far too long, little man! Time after time, you’ve trashed each and every one of my awesome plans, but not anymore! This is the day where I finally flush you pesky plumbers down the drain! Once you’re outta the way, both Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom will be mine! Now, are you ready?

Mario: Ret ta go! *Fighting pose*

Bowser: Alright, then come on! I’ll stomp ALL of you into next week! I’ll Bowserize you!

Birdo: …You’ll “Bowserize” us? What?

Bowser: *Ignores her and blows fire at the group*

Mario: Look out!

*They spread out and dodge*

Bowser: *Continues blowing fire at them*

*They continue to dodge*

Yoshi: HA! *Tosses eggs at him*

Birdo: *Does the same*

Bowser: *Turns his back and blocks them with his shell* BWAHAHAHAHA! What, is that all you’ve-

Mario: *Rushes up to him and grabs his tail before he finishes his sentence*

Bowser: Why, you little…! That’s not gonna work this time! *Elbows him*

Mario: Uhhhhhh! *Falls over*

Peach: Mario!

Bowser: *Gets into his shell, and bashes into Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and Birdo*

Luigi: Waaaah!

Toad: Owwwww!

Yoshi: Ahhhhhh!

Birdo: Uhhhhhh!

Peach: Oh, no!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! You see? What did I tell you? We’ve fought so many times; I know your attack your attack patterns by heart! Don’t go thinking the same tricks are gonna work on me, Mario! The same goes for the rest of you!

Mario: …

Luigi: He’s got a point, Bro. If we’re gonna beat him this time, we’re gonna need a plan.

Mario: Hmm…

I’ve got it!

Yoshi: You do? Alright, what’s your plan?

*The five of them gather together in a “football huddle” as they discuss their plan*

Bowser: Pffft! You can plan all you want, you lasagna-lovin’ loser! I’m still gonna stomp you into next week!

Mario: That’s what you think! Okie dokey! Let’s –a- do it, you guys!

*The group charges toward Bowser*

Bowser: Yeah, that’s right! Come and get it!

*Yoshi and Birdo slam egg bombs onto the ground, temporarily clouding the area with smoke*

Bowser: Huh!? Hey, what the…!? What’s going on!?

*When the smoke clears, Mario and Luigi are seen jumping into the air, simultaneously kicking Bowser in the face*

Bowser: Oooooof! *Falls on his back* Oh, crud!

Toad: *Starts dragging him by his tail* Alright, now this is the part where we stuff him into the cannon, right?

Bowser: WHAT!?

Mario: You got it!

*The five of them carry Bowser over to the cannon, and stuff him in*

Bowser: *Monstrous growl* GET ME OUTTA HERE!

Birdo: HAHAHAHAHA… Oh, don’t you worry! You’ll be out soon… REAL soon! *Snickers*


After successfully getting Bowser stuck into the cannon, Mario used fire Firebrand ability to light the fuse. The moment the cannon fired, the Koopa king was sent crashing through the wall, flying somewhere over the horizon.


Mario: Hee hee! So long, Bowser!

Birdo: Happy landings! *Mockingly waves goodbye*

*Everyone else does the same*

Luigi: Heh heh! Y’know, I think this was probably out fastest victory over him, yet!

Toad: Yep. Now that he’s outta the way, let’s get Princess Toadstool out of those chains!

Yoshi: *Tosses an egg bomb at the chain, cutting Peach loose from them*

Peach: Ahhhhhh!

Mario: *Quickly runs over there and catches her before she hits the ground*

Luigi: Nice catch, Bro!

*Music Cue*

Peach: Thank you, Mario. You saved me again. You’ve always been someone I could count on. *Kisses him on the cheek*

Mario: *Blushes* Hee hee, it was nothing! *Gently puts her down*

Birdo: *Rolls her eyes and mumbles* God, that’s so fake.

Peach: I have you all to thank, too, of course. Bowser and his forces have been defeated again, and peace has returned to the Mushroom Kingdom once more.

Luigi: It was no problem, Princess. We were happy to help!

Toad: What he said.

Yoshi: Yeah, no problem.

Birdo: *Dryly* Uh huh. *Crosses her arms, giving Peach a skeptical look*

Peach: Is…something the matter, Birdo?

Mario: Hee hee, you’re not gonna believe this, Peach, but for some reason, Birdo is under the impression that you and Bowser are sneaking around, and that you’ve been faking all the kidnappings that have happened so far.

Peach: WHAT!? That’s crazy! What would I have to gain from that!?

Luigi: I dunno, but I have to admit, though… You were eerily nice to him that one time. You know, when we were on that quest to collect the Pure Hearts, and stop Count Bleck, and eventually, Dimentio from destroying the world?

Peach: Oh, that? Well, to be honest, I try not to hold anything against him when he isn’t doing anything wrong at the time, like when we form some of our temporary alliances with him, but there’s no WAY anything between us will ever go THAT far!

Birdo: …Alright, then. I guess I’ll take your word for it.

Peach: Now that we’ve got that cleared up, why don’t we return to the castle? I’m sure you all must be hungry, so I’ve got a special dinner planned.

Mario: Is it spaghetti!?

Luigi: Is it ravioli!?

Peach: You’ll see.

*They walk off*

Birdo: (Looks like you win for now, Toadstool, but someday, I’ll get to the bottom of this…)

One week later, after Bowser’s humiliating defeat at the lands of the Mario Brothers and company, he and his right-hand minions, Kamek and Kammy Koopa were in the process of recruiting new members of the Koopa Troop to assist him in his next scheme for world domination.

*Music Cue*

Kammy: What about this one, Your Viciousness? Is he to your liking?

Bowser: Nope. Next!

*That goes on for the next ten minutes or so*

Kamek: You’re going to have to pick SOMEONE eventually, King Koopa. Otherwise, this entire thing will be a total waste!

Bowser: I’m trying, alright? It’s just that none of these people are- *Notices someone walking up to them* Huh? Who are you?

???: Good day. The name’s Nello… PUNCHINELLO!

Bowser: Okay, Punchi-whatever. Why are you here? You looking to join the Koopa Troop, or what?

Punchinello: You got it! This is probably the last chance I have to achieve the fame I’ve been looking for, for so long. Plus, I’ve got a bone to pick with Mario, too, you know! Him, along with that little puff ball and that Pinocchio wanna-be I’ve dealt with before…

Kammy: I see, I see. How very…interesting. So, what kind of techniques do you use in battle?

Punchinello: I’m a Master of Explosives, you see? *Takes out a few Micro Bombs* I use Bob-ombs in all types of different shapes and sizes. I could blow Mario or anyone else sky-high! I’ve also mastered the Sandstorm ability, if that counts for anything.

Bowser: Hmm…

Kamek: What do you think of this one, my king?

Bowser: I gotta admit… I like this guy’s style. He might even give the Bob-omb King a run for his money! Alright, Punchi…something, you’re in!

Punchinello: Alright! I promise you, you won’t be disappointed with what I bring to the party!

Bowser: Good, super. Just try not to blow up my castle.

Later on, two jesters, who looked remarkably similar to Dimentio, showed up. One of them was a girl with a pink color scheme and long blonde hair, while the other was a guy, with a blue color scheme and shorter hair.

*Music Cue*

Bowser: Pfffft…! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, wow! Why are you two here? You gonna tie me a balloon animal, or something?

Female Jester: *Giggles* Oh, you have such humor, your kingship!

Male Jester: We’re here for the same reason as all the others. We wish to join you and the Koopa Troop!

Bowser: …

Pffft, are you kidding? Next!

Male Jester: What, that’s it? You didn’t even give us a chance to-

Bowser: NEXT!

Female Jester: Oh, come on! Why not give us a chance? My brother and I could help you in ways you wouldn’t believe!

Bowser: This isn’t a sideshow tent, you know! You two bozos have no business being here! Why not try out for a circus, or something?

Male Jester: But-

Bowser: My mind’s made up. Get lost!

Male Jester: …

As you wish, but I promise you, you’ll be hearing from us again! And with that said, I bid you farewell. Adieu! *Warps away*

Female Jester: Ta-ta! *Warps away, as well*

Kammy: Um, pardon me, Your Maliciousness, but what would have been wrong with giving those two a chance?

Kamek: I’m in agreement with Kammy. What if those two truly did have what it takes to destroy Mario?

Bowser: Those two? Pffft. Yeah, right.

Kamek: Have you ever heard of the saying that you should never judge a book by its cover?

Bowser: Meh, whatever. What’s done is done. I guess that’s a wrap for the new minion recruitment. (You know, now that I think about it, those two clowns looked familiar… I’ve definitely seen them somewhere before. Or at least, someone who looks like them, but I can’t put my finger on it…)

Later on that evening, at Bowser’s castle…

Bowser: *In his room, reading through his past diary entries*

???: *Peaks over his shoulder and giggles* Aww, I see SOMEONE has the cutest little crush on Princess Peach!

Bowser:  …! *Quickly jumps up and shuts his diary* Who… Who’s there!? Who said that!? *Looks around in paranoia*

Female Jester: *Snaps her finger, and makes herself visible*

Male Jester: *Same*

Bowser: You two again!?

Male Jester:  HAHAHAHAHA… That’s right. I told you we’d meet again, didn’t I?

Bowser: GRRRR… Get lost! Right now! Or do you want me to stomp you into next week!?

Female Jester: *Giggles* Sure thing, but first… *Jets in front of Bowser and snatches the diary out of his hand*

*Music Cue*

Bowser: HEY!

Female Jester: We’ll be taking THIS with us!

Bowser: WHY, YOU LITTLE…! *Charges at her*

Female Jester: *Tosses the diary to her brother*

Male Jester: *Catches it, opens it up, and starts reading* “I just don’t get it, diary! Why does Princess Peach like Mario so much!?”

Bowser: *Charges at him next*

Male Jester: *Tosses it to his sister*

Female Jester: *Catches it and picks up where he left off* “What does HE got that I haven’t got!? I’m way more burly, many, and awesome than HE is!”

Bowser: GRRRR!!! I’LL KILL YOU!!! *Charges at her again*

Female Jester: *Tosses it back to her brother*

Male Jester: *Catches* “And not to mention that I’m a LOT more handsome, too!”


Female Jester: *Giggles* Just calm down, okay? We’re not gonna tell anyone.

Bowser: You’re…not?

Male Jester: Not at all. Your secret is safe with us, but under one condition…

Bowser: Fine! What is it!?

Female Jester: Just give us a chance, that’s all we ask. Please?

Bowser: *Sighs* Alright, already! If it really means that much to you, then fine! You’re officially part of the Koopa Troop! Happy!?

Male Jester: Yes, we most certainly are!

Female Jester: Thank you so much, O’ Great King Koopa! We are most honored!

Bowser: Yeah, yeah, spare me the flattery, already.

Wait, I forgot to ask… Exactly who ARE you two bozos, anyway?

Female Jester:  Who are we, you ask? Why, we are none other than the Masters of Dimensions…

Male Jester: …The pleaser of crowds…

Female Jester: I am… Dimentia!

Male Jester: You can call me… Dimention! *Looks toward the camera* That’s pronounced “dim-en-tee-ahn”, by the way.

Bowser: …!

Dimentia: Is something the matter?

Bowser: Hold it… Now I remember who you remind me of! You guys look just like that one psycho used to work for Bleck!

Dimention: Rest assured, any resemblance we may have to him is merely a coincidence.

Bowser: Oh, please. What kind of sucker do you take me for? The two of you look just like him, have powers, and even names that are like his, and you expect me to believe that’s a coincidence? I’m not buying it!

Dimention: These are clan names, you see. You’re familiar with the Tribe of Ancients, aren’t you?

Bowser: Yeah, so? What about ‘em?

Dimention: Well, if that’s the case, then I’m sure you must have noticed that there are several different Merlons, Merlees, and Merluvlees within that clan. It’s the same case with Dimentio, Dimentia, and myself.

Bowser: …

Ah, okay, gotcha. I guess that makes sense. Now, how about we get down to business? Exactly what is it that made you two want to join the Koopa Troop?

Dimentia: *Giggles* I’m glad you asked, my king. We’re your biggest fans, you see? We’ve always admired you and your evilness. You may not have noticed, but Dimention and I have watched many of your battles with Mario over the years, and we’ve rooted for you each and every time. Unfortunately, the outcome was always the same… He ended up crushing you underneath his foot, and spoiling all the brilliant plans that you’ve worked so hard on.

Bowser: …

Dimentia: To add insult to injury, he ended up winning the heart of fair Princess Peach, the woman you so deeply love…

Bowser: Okay, okay! Will you get to the point already!?

Dimentia: Alright, alright. So, anyway, my younger brother and I joined your army in hopes of helping you out.

Dimention: That’s right. We mean you no harm. We merely wish for your success. We look forward to seeing the day where you crush that meddlesome Mario and his friends, and become the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, like you so richly deserve!

Bowser: …

Alright then. So, exactly how do you plan on helping me out, anyway?

Dimention: How do we plan to help you out, you ask?  It’s quite simple, actually! The answers lie within the “Chaos Star”.

Bowser: Chaos Star? What the heck is that?

Dimentia: The Chaos Star is a mystical, powerful object that grants infinite power to the user. Once it’s in your possession, it will make you invincible, and give you the power you need to defeat Mario and his companions, so you can finally rule this world, and eventually, the entire universe! They’ll all be powerless before you… With the Chaos Star in your hands, the world shall be your plaything! You shall bring about an age of fear and chaos! And it shall be glorious!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now THAT sounds like a plan! I definitely like where this is going! Now, tell me… Exactly where can I find it?

Dimention: Well, technically, the Chaos Star isn’t something you “find”, it’s something that you make.

Bowser: Alright, well how do I MAKE it, then?

Dimention: HAHAHAHAHA… Oh, don’t you worry, my king. We’re going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Bowser: Sounds like this is gonna be complicated…

Dimentia: *Giggles* You couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s nothing complicated at all. In fact, you’d be surprised how easy it is!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHA! Okay, well in that case, let’s go ahead and get started!

Dimention: Your wish is our command!

So far, it looks as if things are looking up…for Bowser, that is. Now that he’s recovered from his defeat at the hands of the Mario Brothers and company, he’s ready to put his next plan into action, which involves the creation of the mysterious “Chaos Star”, which the jester twins have claimed grants infinite power to the user. Exactly what is the true nature behind this mysterious object? Could there be more to it than the two of them are letting on? Could there be more to THEM than they’re letting on? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…
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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 2

Previously, on Legend of the Chaos Star, exactly one year had passed since the four Heroes of Light (Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Luigi) collected the eight pieces of the Purity Heart, and prevented the Prophecy of Destruction from coming to fruition. Now that Bowser’s temporary alliance with the heroes had come to an end, he went right back to his evil ways, and ended up kidnapping Princess Peach/Toadstool once again, in an effort to defeat the Mario Brothers and company, so that he’ll be free to marry the Princess and rule over the Mushroom Kingdom.

As always, Mario and Luigi, along with their companions, Toad, Yoshi, and Birdo, ventured through Bowser’s castle, and defeated each and every one of the guards in their path, until they eventually came face to face with the Koopa king, himself. Even though Bowser proved to be somewhat of a challenge that time around (having memorized their attack patterns), they still managed to triumph in the end by having him stuffed into a cannon, and blasted over the horizon.

A few days later, after recovering from his defeat, Bowser, along with his right-hand Magikoopa minions, Kamek and Kammy Koopa, decided to start recruiting new members of the Koopa Troop to help aid them in their next scheme. Among these new recruits was the deranged Punchinello, who specializes in using explosives in combat. Sometime later, two mysterious, magical jester twins also showed up to get recruited. However, Bowser immediately turned them down; not because of their resemblance to the psychotic, interdimensional jester, Dimentio (which he did not initially catch onto), who happens to be an enemy of his, but because of the fact that he had a hard time taking them seriously, due to their “clownish” appearance. As such, he did not think the two of them were qualified to join his army.

Undeterred, the jester twins showed up at Bowser’s castle again later, and peeked over the Koopa king’s shoulder as he was in the middle of reading through his past diary entries. As they were doing that, they ended up discovering that Bowser had a secret crush on Peach, and decided to swipe his diary in an attempt to blackmail him into accepting them as members of the Koopa Troop, to which he reluctantly complied with.

Shortly after thanking him, the two jesters introduced themselves to Bowser as “Dimentia” and “Dimention”. From there, it finally clicked, and Bowser ended up taking note of their resemblance to Dimentio, which they shrugged off as a coincidence. After getting further acquainted, the twins eventually informed Bowser about an object called the “Chaos Star”, which would supposedly grant the user infinite power, and would be enough to finish off the Mario Brothers and company once and for all.

Now, the questions remain… Exactly what is the nature of this mysterious object? Could there be more to it than Dimentia and Dimention are letting on? In fact, could there be more to THEM they’re letting on? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

Picking up exactly where the first chapter left off, the two interdimensional jester twins, Dimentia and Dimention have just got finished instructing Bowser on how to create the Chaos Star. Wasting no time, Bowser immediately absorbed the star’s power upon its creation. Eager to test the object’s power in combat, the Koopa king decided to have a sparring session with his minions.

*Music Cue*

*Tons of Bowser’s minions are seen face-down on the floor, ranging from Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Terrapins, Koopatrols, etc.*

Bowser: What? Is that seriously all you’ve got? Come on! Put a little muscle into it, will ya?

*Teams of Hammer Brothers, Boomerang Brothers, Fire Brothers, and Ice Brothers simultaneously attack Bowser together, not managing to put a single scratch on him*

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, wow! That tickles!

*The Magikoopa Mob simultaneously blasts him with their wands*

Bowser: *Still not affected* Alright, now it’s my turn! ROOOAAARR! *Blows fire all around the room, and torches the remainder of his minions*

*They fall to the ground, charred*

Bowser: Oh, yeah! All Bowser, baby!

Kamek: Um, no offense, King Koopa, but are you sure this was a good idea?

Kammy: Kamek is right, Your Ghastliness. At this rate, you may not have any more minions left that’ll be in the condition to assist you in your next attack on Princess Peach’s castle!

Bowser: Oh, gimme a break, that was nothing. I’m pretty sure they’ve had a lot worse done to them by the Super Stupid Brothers and their friends. Besides, you two have healing magic, don’t you? Why not go ahead and use it?

Kamek: Ah, right, of course. Your wish is our command.

*Kammy and Kamek use their magic wands to cast healing spells on them, and they stand up again*

Bowser: See? Problem solved!

*Some clapping is heard*

Kammy: Hmm?

*Dimentia and Dimention suddenly appear*

*Music Cue*

Bowser: Whoa! *Jumps up, slightly startled*

Dimentia: *Giggles* Well done!

Dimention: Yes, quite a splendid performance, as expected!

Bowser: You two’ve gotta stop sneaking up on me like that!

Dimentia: *Giggles again* Sorry about that.

Dimention: Yes, we sincerely apologize.

Bowser: Don’t worry about it. In any case, I’ve gotta hand it to you two. You definitely weren’t kidding about the Chaos Star! It’s just brimming with all kinds of awesome! I don’t think I’ve felt this powerful since the time I raided Star Haven and stole the Star Rod! This is gonna work wonders for when I attack Peach’s castle again next week!

Kammy: If you don’t mind my asking, Your Maliciousness, why wait until then?

Bowser: That’s because next week happens to be a special occasion.

Kamek: Yes, and that “special occasion” is the Mario Brothers’ birthday, if I’m not mistaken.

Bowser: Exactly!

Kammy: Ah, I see, I see! Excellent thinking, Lord Bowser! Not that I’d expect anything less, of course.

Bowser: BWAHAHAHA! Yes, my tactics are pure art, aren’t they?

Dimentia: Yes, they most certainly are!

Dimention: HAHAHAHA… Oh, yes. “Pure art”, indeed!

One week later, over at the Mushroom Kingdom, a surprise party was currently being held at Princess Peach’s castle to celebrate Mario and Luigi’s birthday.

*Music Cue*

Mini-Yoshi: So, any sign of Gonzales yet, you guys?

Geno: …Who?

Mini-Yoshi: You know, Mario?

Goombella: Yeah, in case you’re wondering, “The Great Gonzales” was a random a stage name that was given to Mario when he fought in the Glitz Pit tournament sometime ago. Since Mini-Yoshi was born in the arena, that’s the first name he’s heard him go by, so…yeah.

Geno: Oh, I see. To answer the question, not as of yet, I’m afraid. There’s no telling exactly when he’ll show up, but Princess Toadstool is bound to be back with both Mario and his brother very soon.

Goombella: When Luigi does get here, I hope he doesn’t, like, put us to sleep again. Nothing against the guy, but those stories of his were totally boring!

Bobbery: Personally, I rather liked the fellow’s tales. I do say, they were quite interesting, in my humble opinion.

Watt: You guys? I think I, um, hear someone coming!

Mallow: *Peeks out the window* It’s Mario, you guys!

Bow: Quickly, someone turn off the lights!

*They turn off the lights, and hide*

Mallow: Hold on a sec, I just noticed… How come his brother and Princess Toadstool weren’t with him?

“Mario”: *Enters and turns on the lights*

*Everyone comes from their hiding places and yell “SURPRISE!”*

“Mario”: Yes, yes! Rejoice, everyone, for the great Super Mario has arrived!

Everyone: …

“Mario”: What? Why’s everyone looking at me like that? Was it something I said?

Flurrie: Doopliss… I know that’s you, darling.

*”Mario” changes back to his original self*

Doopliss: Ah, crud… I thought I had you guys goin’ for a second there! How’d ya know it was me?

Flurrie: Well, you see, dear, that’s because the real Mario doesn’t speak in such a self-righteous manner.

Doopliss: I’ve gotta remember that.

Mimi: Wow, you can shapeshift, too!? I thought I was the only one!

Doopliss: Same here! I thought it was something that only Duplighosts, like myself, could pull off! By the way, who’re you?

Mimi: My name’s Mimi, but you can call me “Mimikins” if you want.

Doopliss: … I think I’ll just stick with “Mimi”. Anyway, I’m Doopliss. It’s nice to meet ya.

Mimi: Nice to meet you, too.

Goombario: So, Doopliss, while you were on the way over here, did you happen to find any sign of Mario at all?

Doopliss: Nope. Just Donkey Kong and a few other apes that were with him, including some rambling old geezer, along with a girl whose jugs are probably even bigger than Flurrie’s.

Flurrie: Hmph, pervert! *Slaps him*

Doopliss: OWWWW! *Holds his face* Oh, gimme a break! It’s not like I actually went out of my way to look at ‘em! They’re just hard to miss, that’s all! Cut me some slack, here!

Birdo: Pfffft…!

Doopliss: What’re YOU laughing at?

Birdo: I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. It’s just that I thought that was SO funny!

Toad: Same here! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


*Many others laugh, too*

Doopliss: *Groans in annoyance* Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh it up, you ninnies…

Later on that day, somewhere nearby…

Luigi: I dunno about you, Bro, but I’m seriously having a hard time believing that everyone just up and forgot our birthday like this…

Mario: Same here, Luigi. I don’t think we’ve seen Toad, Yoshi, or Birdo at all today. *Looks to Peach and Daisy* Are you sure they don’t have some kind of surprise party for us?

Daisy: Not that we know of…

Luigi: Oh… I see…

Peach: Hey, but don’t feel bad, you two. At least we haven’t forgotten your birthday. Why don’t we celebrate it together, just the four of us?

Mario: Well… Okie dokey.

Minutes later…

*Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy enter the castle*

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!

Mario: *Startled* Momma-mia!

Luigi: Leapin’ lasagna!

Mario: So, I was right, then! You guys really did remember, after all!

Vivian: *Giggles* How could we possibly forget, after all we’ve been through together? Plus, you were the first person who’s ever been kind to me. That…really means a lot. *Holds out a gift-wrapped box* Happy Birthday, Mario!

Mario: Thanks, you shouldn’t have! *Takes it*

Vivian: It was my pleasure. *Starts to blush*

Mini-Yoshi: Gonzales! Happy Birthday, dude!

*Several others say “Happy Birthday” Mario, too*

Mario: Hee hee! Thank you, everyone! Thank you very much!

Luigi: …

*Silent sigh* (I should’ve known this would happen…)

Daisy: Luigi? Are you okay?

Luigi: I’m just fine, Daisy. I’m just…fine… *Turns around*

Daisy: Are you sure about that?

Luigi: I’m positive… *Starts walking away* If anybody needs me, I’ll be outside, taking care of…something… *Opens the door*

Daisy: Luigi, wait…

Luigi: *Shuts the door behind him as he leaves*

Everyone: …

Mallow: Um, wow. What’s with him?

Goombella: I dunno, but for some reason, he seems totally bummed out about something, but what?

Mario: *Shrugs* I have no idea.

Daisy: I think I know what’s bothering him.

Mario:  You do? Well, what would that be, exactly?

Daisy: I’ll let you guys figure that out. *Leaves to go after Luigi*

Birdo: …

Any idea what she could be talking about, you guys?

Yoshi: Don’t ask me. I don’t have a clue.

*Many of the others say something similar*

Meanwhile, as everyone was in the process of celebrating Mario and Luigi’s birthday, little did they know that Bowser and the Koopa Troop were on the way over, in a fleet of flying airships, to crash the party.

*Music Cue*

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, yeah, baby! This is perfect! This time, I’m gonna wipe the floor with Mario and the rest of his loser friends for sure, now that I have the power of the Chaos Star within my grasp! And what better time is there to do it than on his birthday? I’m gonna give him and Green ‘Stache a birthday “bash” they’ll never forget!

Kammy: Yes, quite so, Your Viciousness!

Kamek: Indeed. Mario and the rest of those wretched fools will be powerless before you this time!

Kammy: Yep, at this rate, things may very well go even better than the time you wielded the Star Rod!

Bowser: You know, that reminds me… *Looks toward Dimentia and Dimention* There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you two about this…

Dimentia: Sure, ask away.

Bowser: Going by my past experiences with the Star Rod, Star Spirits, the Chaos Heart, and the Pure Hearts, there always seems to be someone or something that’s somehow capable of disabling the powers of whatever was used to grant someone invincibility. So, basically, what I’m trying to say is… Is there anything around that’s able to disable the powers of the Chaos Star?

Dimention: …

Well, now that you mention it, yes.

Bowser: There is!?

Dimention: That’s right.

Bowser: Alright, then you’re gonna spill every bit of info you know about this, pronto! The last thing I need is for Mario and his loser friends to go around collecting them, and end up trashing my awesome plans again! Go ahead, out with it!

Dimentia: Patience, my king. Okay, here goes. The objects you speak of, which potentially have the ability to drain the Chaos Star of its power are called…the “Stars of Purity”, or “Purity Stars”, if you prefer.

Bowser: “Purity Stars”? What the heck are those?

Dimention: They’re special treasures that were developed for the sole purpose of being able to combat the Chaos Star. You see, the two Pixls who guard them apparently had enough foresight to know that this day would come, and as a result, they created the Purity Stars.

Bowser: Oh, now that’s just PERFECT! You wait until NOW to tell me!? IDIOTS! Why wouldn’t you do that sooner!? Don’t you think something like this is important information!?

Dimentia: *Giggles*

Bowser: What’re you giggling about, now!? Did I say something funny!?

Dimention: HAHAHAHAHA… We’re way ahead of you, King Bowser!

*Dimentia and Dimention hold out eight star-like objects, which have flashing color schemes akin to the Pure Hearts*

Bowser: Whoa! Are those… Are those the Purity Stars you were talking about?

Dimentia: That’s right. Not only did Dimention and I steal them while you were getting the fleet ready, but we’ve also taken care of the two guardians as an added bonus!

Dimention: Yes, and as such, they won’t be able to provide Mario and his companions with knowledge on how to get rid of the Chaos Star’s power!

Bowser: …

Oh, okay, gotcha! BWAHAHAHAHA! You definitely had me worried for a second there! I gotta say… I really applaud your initiative and everything, but still… If you know those pesky plumbers as well as I do, they’ll most likely ended up finding about the Purity Stars by some other means. So, here’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll entrust them to at least eight of my hand-picked subjects in separate locations, and have them guard the stars just in case.

Kamek: So, who’re you going to have guard the stars, exactly? Will it be the Koopalings?

Bowser: Well, since I didn’t recruit as many new minions as I had hoped last week, I have no choice but to leave it to them, even though they’re just bound to screw things up…again, but maybe they’ll prove me wrong this time. I hope. Anyway, it doesn’t look as if we’re very far from Peach’s castle. Full speed ahead!

*The airships begin to speed up*

Meanwhile, outside of Peach’s castle…

*Music Cue*

Daisy: Luigi?

Luigi: Hmm? *Looks* Oh, hey, Daisy.

Daisy: Are you sure you’re doing okay?

Luigi: Yes, I’m fine. I’m just...enjoying the scenery, that’s all.

Daisy: I think I know why you stormed out of the castle like that…

Luigi: You do?

Daisy: It’s because of everyone only paying attention to Mario. Am I right?

Luigi: What, you think that’s the reason? Oh ho ho ho! Of course not!

Daisy: …

Luigi: …

Okay, fine. You got me. That was it…

Daisy: I thought so.

Luigi: I just don’t get it, Daisy! I do as much for this kingdom as Mario does, and yet, for some reason, HE’S the one who always gets all the recognition! Sure, my name was on the “Happy Birthday” banner, too, but other than that, I wasn’t so much as given a second glance…

Daisy: Hey, don’t feel bad. I’m pretty sure that not everyone has forgotten about all the accomplishments you’ve made, but even if that were the case, you’ll… You’ll always be a hero in my eyes, no matter what.

Luigi: You… You really mean that?

Daisy: Of course.

*They lean in to kiss, but end up spotting Bowser’s fleet before they get the chance*

*Music Cue*

Daisy: Luigi, look! Over there! Aren’t those… Bowser’s airships!?

Luigi: *Looks* You’re right! That’s definitely him, no doubt about it!

Daisy: What could he possibly want at a time like this!?

Luigi: Knowing him, he’s most likely here to try kidnapping Princess Peach again, but there’s no way I’m letting that happen, even if I have to stop him with my own two hands!

Wait a minute, that’s it!

Daisy: Hmm?

Luigi: That’s what I’m gonna do! I’m gonna go stop Bowser and his army myself, without Mario’s help! That way, I’m bound to finally get the recognition I deserve!

Marching straight into danger, Luigi has taken it upon himself to stop Bowser and the Koopa Troop’s invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom. With the power of the Chaos Star in the Koopa king’s hands, will Luigi have what it takes to stop him on his own? Find out as the saga continues in the next chapter of Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…
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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 3

When we last left off, Bowser was able to successfully create the Chaos Star, thanks to Dimentia and Dimention’s instructions. Eager to test its power, Bowser decided to have a sparring session with his minions, with not one of them managing to inflict any damage on him. The Koopa king was, of course, pleased with this result, and decided that he was going to make use of the Chaos Star’s power during his next attack on the Mushroom Kingdom. Knowing that Mario and Luigi’s birthday was the very next week, he decided that he was going to strike on that day, claiming that he’d give the two brothers a “birthday ‘bash’ they’ll never forget’”.

One week later, several of Mario and Luigi’s friends were throwing a surprise party for them at Peach’s castle, in celebration of their birthday. Among these “friends” was Prince Mallow, ♥♪!?/Geno, Goombario, Lady Bow, Goombella, Madame Flurrie, and many others, including the shapeshifting Duplighost, Doopliss. When Princesses Peach/Toadstool and Daisy led Mario and Luigi to the castle, the two of them were in complete shock, as they had started to think that everyone forgot about their birthday. Unfortunately for Luigi, however, even though his name was in the “Happy Birthday”, mostly everyone turned their focus over to Mario, leaving that green-clad plumber distraught.

Daisy then followed Luigi out of the castle in an attempt to cheer him up, and just when it seemed as if she was making some progress, the two of them ended up spotting Bowser and his fleet of airships, who were heading towards Peach’s castle to wreak havoc, as usual. Luigi then got the idea to take it upon himself to stop the Koopa Troop’s invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom on his own, without any help from Mario. He figured that by doing so, then he would finally get the recognition he felt he deserved. Wasting no time, Luigi began charging straight toward the fleet.

Now, the question remains… Will Luigi truly be able to stop Bowser’s army on his own? Even if he does, will he have what it takes to stop the Koopa king himself, now that he has the power of the Chaos Star within his grasp? Find out as the saga continues in this exciting chapter of Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star!

*Music Cue*

Luigi: *Runs toward the cannon in Peach’s yard (from Super Mario 64) and jumps into it*

Daisy: Luigi, please! Think this over! You don’t have to do this alone! What if you end up getting seriously hurt!?

Luigi: There’s nothing to worry about, Daisy. Mario’s done this plenty of times, and if he could do it, then so could I!

Daisy: I don’t doubt that for one second, but still… It doesn’t hurt to have a helping hand, just in case. I just can’t seem to shake the feeling that something terrible may happen…

Luigi: …

Daisy: Plus, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Really, you don’t. I think you’re fine just the way you are…

Luigi: I appreciate your concern, Daisy, but my mind’s made up. This is something I simply must do.

Daisy: …

Luigi: There’s no need to worry. I’ll be okay, just trust me on this.

Daisy: …

*Sigh* Alright, if this is really what you want, then I won’t try to stop you anymore. Just come back in one piece, okay?

Luigi: Okie dokey!

Daisy: Good luck!

After hopping into the cannon, Luigi aimed straight up at one of the airships, and shot himself in its direction, landing smack in the middle of the dock. Just as Luigi was getting ready to proceed through the ship, four Koopa Troopas suddenly jumped out in front of him.

Luigi: What the…?

*They strike a pose, with the tips of their thumbs glowing*

*Music Cue*

Black: Here come the Koopa Bros.!

Red: Yeah! Uh huh! Uh huh! We’re the coolest of cool!

Luigi: …

Yellow: Dude, check out the look on his face!

Green: Yeah, he must be like, totally impressed!

Black: Yeah, but who could blame him? We’re as cool as they come, so we just have that kinda affect on people, y’know?

Luigi: *Rolls his eyes*

Red: Totally! Anyway, that’s enough about our coolness for now. Why don’t we go ahead ‘n’ rough this shabby green mustached dude up, by showing him the super power of teamwork? It shouldn’t take very long… The dude looks like a total wimpola!

Black: Rock on, dude!

Luigi: I’m a wimp, you say!? Just you wait… You shall know the fury of the one and only Green Thunder, as he strikes like lightning! HAVE AT YOU!

(Wait a minute, what!? Where did that come from!?)

*Music Cue*

*The Koopa Brothers get behind their Bill Blasters, and start firing Bullet Bills at him*

Luigi: *Starts dodging the Bullet Bills as he charges toward the Koopa Brothers* Wah! *Jumps over one of them* Whoo hoo! *Jumps over another* WAH HAAAA! *Jumps and flips over the last one*

Yellow: Whoa! I gotta admit… This green dude’s pretty fast!

Green: Yeah, and he could jump wicked high!

Black: True, but we’ll still mop the floor with him! Right, Red?

Red: Word up, man!

*They keep firing*

Meanwhile, at Peach’s castle…

Bobbery: By Blabberton’s beard! What’s all the commotion out there!?

Kooper: Yeah, I mean… Is someone firing cannons out there, or what?

Daisy: *Comes in* You guys! You’ve gotta get out there, quickly!

Birdo: We do? What’s going on out there, exactly?

Daisy: Bowser and his army… They’re here!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Daisy: Not only that, but Luigi has decided to take on all of them by himself!

Yoshi: I don’t get it… Why would he do that? He could have gotten us to help him, couldn’t he?

Daisy: Well, yeah, but there’s a reason for what he did. You all remember how bummed out he was before he left?

Toad: We remember, but we still have no clue what was bothering him, though.

Birdo: Yeah, I mean… You think he’d have been happy about this surprise party that we all went through the trouble of planning out!

*Some of the others say something in agreement with that*

*Music Cue*

Daisy: You guys still haven’t figured it out? Alright then, I’ll tell you. The reason Luigi left, is because he felt as if he was being overshadowed. The moment we walked through the door, just about everyone turned their focus over to Mario, and hardly gave Luigi a second glance, even though it’s his birthday, too.

Mario: Oh… I had no idea…

*The others say something similar*

Daisy: He was very deeply hurt about this… So much, to the point where he began to feel as if he was worthless, and like everything he’s done for the kingdom over the years didn’t mean anything. From there, he figured that by stopping Bowser on his own, then he would finally be acknowledged as the hero he is.

Vivian: I’m…so sorry we made him feel that way…

Goombella: Yeah. I mean, like, that totally wasn’t our intention at all…

*The others say something in agreement with that*

Mario: Alrighty then. With that said, let’s –a- go help him out.

*They start heading out the door*

Daisy: Good luck, you guys!

Peach: Yes, good luck!

Shortly after they leave the castle…

*Music Cue*


*Everyone looks around in confusion*

Mario: Ugh, I hope that isn’t who I think it is…

Watt: Look, up there!

*They look up and spot Jr. Troopa flapping his wings, swooping towards Mario at high speed*

Birdo: Hey, it’s that brat from before!

Mario: Just as I thought… *Facepalm*

Goombario: Pffft…! HAHAHAHA! It’s Jr. Troopa! I swear, that kid just doesn’t know when to quit!

Jr. Troopa: I’VE GOT YOU NOW! THIS TIME, YOU’RE MIIIIIINE!!! *Starts to close in on him*

Mario: *Ducks under him*

Jr. Troopa: W-What the…!? Oh, no, oh, no! Pull back, pull back! *Tries to stop himself* SHOOOOOOOOOT!!! *Crashes into wall*



*Just about all the other Paper Mario 64 partners laugh at him, too*

Jr. Troopa: Shut up! SHUT UUUUUUP!

*They ignore him and keep laughing*

Flurrie: Alright, I think that’s quite enough now! *Floats toward Jr. Troopa* Aww, are you alright, you adorable little thing? *Picks Jr. Troopa up and starts hugging him, unintentionally squeezing him in the process*

Jr. Troopa: AAAAACCCKK…!

Goombella: Y’know, he totally sounds like Grodus now! Don’t you agree?

Mario: Hee hee, good one!

Bobbery: Yes, quite so!

Vivian: Uh, Flurrie?

Flurrie: Awwww, aren’t you just the most ADORABLE little thing I’ve ever laid eyes upon? Yes you are, yes you are! *Continues hugging him*

Jr. Troopa: *Turning blue in the face*

Vivian: Flurrie, I think you’re hurting him!

Flurrie: Hmm? *Notices* Oh, my goodness! *Releases him*

Jr. Troopa: *Starts gasping for air*

Flurrie: You poor dear… I’m so sorry…

Bow: There’s no need to be sorry about it. The little urchin’s been through worse, believe me.

Jr. Troopa: *Marches toward Mario* You! Me! Let’s go! Right now! This is the day where we’ll finally settle this, once and for all!

Mario: *Sigh* Look, I don’t have time for this. As always, you’ve picked one of the worse possible times to show up.

Jr. Troopa: Yeah, yeah, whatever, chicken! Heard it all before! You’re only saying that because you know you’re gonna lose!

Mario: *Rolls his eyes*

Bombette: …Yeah, just like he lost the LAST six fights you’ve had? Moron.

Jr. Troopa: Shut up, shut up! I wasn’t talking to you! Anyway, Mario, let’s go ahead and get this over with!

Mario: *Sighs again* Alright, I’ll tell you what. I’ll accept your challenge and fight you again as soon as we’re finished stopping Bowser and his army. Does that sound good?

Jr. Troopa: That’s fine with me! I’m gonna hold you to that. In fact… *Walks over to the porch and sits down* I’m gonna wait right here until you return, to make sure you don’t end up backing out on me!

Mario: …Okie dokey, then. *Looks toward the others* ‘Ret ta go, everybody!

*They take off*

Meanwhile, back on the ship…

*Music Cue*

Luigi: *Jumps over a few more Bullet Bills, and stomps on all four of the Koopa Brothers, causing them to fall on their shells*

Koopa Bros.: Uhhhhhh!

Luigi: HAHA! Had enough yet?

Red: Don’t get smug, pal! *Stands up*

*The others do the same*

Red: Just wait until you see our special technique! You ready, Bros?

Black: Right on, dude!

*They stack on top of one another*

Koopa Bros.: COWABUNGA!

After stacking on top of one another, the Koopa Brothers used their signature Shell Spin attack, moving towards Luigi at high speed. However, before they were able to come in contact with him, Luigi abruptly moved to the side, causing the four brothers to go plummeting off the airship.

Green: Uh oh…

Yellow: Not cool, dudes… Not cool…


Luigi: I’m –a- Luigi! Number one! *Does a victory pose, and proceeds through the ship*

Meanwhile, in the yard of Peach’s castle…

Watt: Hey, look, you guys! Aren’t those the um, Koopa Brothers?

Bombette: *Looks* Yep, that’s them, alright.

*They fall and splash into the water, and start flailing around*

Vivian: Oh, my… Should we go help them?

Bombette: Are you kidding? I say we just leave them there. The water isn’t that deep, anyway. Even if it was, those idiots could drown for all I care.

Goombario: I’ll take it that you haven’t quite forgiven them for that…incident a while back?

Bombette: Of course not. After all, I was among one of the many Bob-ombs that they enslaved.

Vivian: Oh… I’m sorry to hear that.

Bombette: Eh, don’t worry about it. Anyway, what do you say we go back to stopping Bowser, as we were about to do?

*They each get into the cannon, one by one, and shoot themselves toward the airship(s)*

Minute later, on board the ship, Luigi, after defeating the Koopa Brothers, has managed to get through the rest of Bowser’s minions, and was on his way to challenge the Koopa king, himself.

Army Hammer Bro.: *Enters the cabin* King Bowser, sir! I have something to report! *Salutes*

Bowser: Yeah? What is it?

Army Hammer Bro.: The green Mario Brother is onboard the ship! I repeat, the green Mario Brother is onboard the ship, and he's on his way in here right now, as we speak!

Bowser: What, only Green ‘Stache? Is that all? What about Mario and all those other losers?

Army Hammer Bro.: I’m afraid I don’t have the information as of yet, sir, but they should be showing up along with the green one pretty soon.

Bowser: Well, alright then. I guess he’ll at least make a pretty nice warm-up, if nothing else. In the meantime… *Looks toward Dimentia and Dimention* Take the Purity Stars and deliver them to my kids’ castles, would you? Since one of those facet freaks are onboard the ship, I can’t risk having those react to the Chaos Star’s power and disable my invincibility, you know?

Dimentia: We understand completely. You can count on us, O’ Great King Koopa!

Dimention: Yes, that’s right. I just hope we’ll be back in time to witness your flawless victory, but until then… Adieu! *Warps away with half of the stars*

Dimentia: Ta-ta! *Does the same*

Bowser: While they’re busy with that, all we have to do is play the waiting game for Green ‘Stache to show up…

Luigi: *Enters*

Kamek: Well, well! That was rather convenient, wouldn’t you say?

Kammy: Yes, I’ll say!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! I’ve gotta hand it to you! You definitely surprised me… Not only did you get through all minions, but you did it all by yourself! I’m impressed, I really am, but unfortunately for you, Green ‘Stache, this is the end of the line!

Luigi: Yes, for YOU, that is!

Bowser: Pfffft! Don’t make me laugh! You don’t have a CLUE what you’re up against THIS time, little man!

Kammy: Mweh heh heh! That’s right! Recently, Lord Bowser has obtained ultimate, unfathomable power, which neither you OR your brother could deal with this time!

Kamek: Kah ha ha ha! Precisely! This time around, your chances for victory are virtually non-existent!

Luigi: We’ll just see about that now, won’t we?

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! Alright then, tough guy! Let’s go! You’ll make a nice tune-up for when I stomp Mario into next week!

With that said, Bowser started things off by blowing fire at Luigi, which he managed to dodge. Shortly after dodging, Luigi began preparing his super jump attack. As he was in the process of it, Bowser started charging toward him, attempting a shoulder-bash attack. Before he was able to come in contact, Luigi leaped high into the air and stomped on Bowser’s head. Unfortunately for him, however, it was ineffective.

Luigi: W-What!?

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! I guess I forgot to tell you! *Holds out a large, clear-colored star object* You see this? It’s the source of the “unfathomable power” that Kammy told you about… The Chaos Star! Whoever absorbs its power becomes practically unstoppable!

Luigi: Momma-mia… This is like Count Bleck all over again!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! Now do you understand what you’re up against? You might as well go ahead and call it quits!

Luigi: I don’t think so! This battle’s not over until only one of us is left standing!

Bowser: Have it your way then, chump!

Minutes later into the battle…

Luigi: Ghhhhhh… *Holds his arm*

*Music Cue*

Bowser: What, you thought you’d dent a shell as burly as this one? You thought you’d be able to smack down a huge, studly boss like me? HA! Whatta joke! *Backhands him*

Luigi: UHHHHHH! *Falls and rolls across the floor*

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! With the power of the Chaos Star in my hands, nobody can stand in my way! Not you, not Mario, or anyone else! Speaking of which, I’ll be mopping the floor with him next, as soon as I’m finished stomping YOU into the next week! With you pesky plumbers out of the way, both Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom will be mine at last!

Luigi: Ghhhh… *Slowly rises up again, breathing hard*

Bowser: So, you’ve still got some fight left in you… Not too shabby!

Luigi: *Takes out a Fire Flower, and uses it to power up*

Shortly after powering himself up with the Fire Flower, Luigi began to launch a barrage of fireballs at Bowser. He ended up launching so many of them, that a fiery explosion was created in the process.

Luigi: There’s…plenty more where THAT came from! HAAAAAA! *Launches an even bigger one*

*Another explosion occurs*

Luigi: *Breathes hard* I think I…finally got him this time…

???: BWAHAHAHAHA! Guess again, you lasagna-lovin’ loser!

Luigi: W-WHAT!?

*The smoke clears, and Bowser is once again unscathed*

Luigi: Momma-mia, you’ve gotta be kidding me!

Bowser: Haven’t you gotten it through your head yet? Let me spell it out for you, drain-brain: I. Am. Invincible! I. Can. Not. Be. Beaten!

Luigi: GRRR… *Takes out his hammer, charges toward Bowser, and slams the hammer onto his head with incredible force*

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, wow! You just don’t know when to give up, do you? *Grabs him up by the collar of his shirt, and starts walking toward the edge of the airship*

Luigi: *Starts jerking away*

Bowser: This little warm-up of ours has been fun, but unfortunately for you, little man, it’s hardly worth my time to even toy with you anymore! So, Green ‘Stache, you got any last words?

Luigi: *Spits in his face*

Bowser: GAH! *Wipes it off* Oh, now that does it! *Raises his fist, getting ready to punch him*

Luigi: …! *Closes his eyes*

*The door behind them suddenly flings open as Bowser’s about to send Luigi flying*

Bowser: What the…!? *Turns around*

Luigi: M-Mario...it’s…you guys…

Mario: Yes… Daisy told us that you went to stop Bowser and his army all by yourself, so came here as quickly as we could!

Vivian: Yeah, she was very worried about you…

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, well… Look who’s finally decided to show up! I was really having some good laughs with your brother a little while ago… Care to get in on the fun?

Mario: *Glares*

Bowser: Ooh, scary!

Mario: Put him down!

Flurrie: Yes, you drop him this instant!

*The others say something similar*

Bowser: Oh, I’m sorry, what’s that? You want me to drop him? Sure, no problem! *Drops him*


Mario: LUIGI!!! *Gets a running start, slides over to the deck, and grabs his hand* Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

Bowser: Or do you? *Walks over to them*

*The others start charging toward Bowser*

Bowser: *Blows fire at them, blocking their path* You stay out of it and wait your turn! Now, where were we? *Turns to the Mario Bros. again* Ah, right, I remember! By the way, Happy Birthday! I hope you two enjoyed it while it lasted! *Kicks Mario and sends him flying, causing him to lose his grip on Luigi in the process*


Luigi: WAH, WAH, WAH, WAH, WAH, WAH! *Falls*

Everyone: MARIO!!! LUIGI!!!


Kammy: Mweh heh heh heh!

Kamek: Kah hah ha ha ha!

Army Hammer Bro.: HAHAHAHAHA!

Despite Luigi’s efforts to save the Mushroom Kingdom on his own, he was no match for Bowser and the overwhelming power of the Chaos Star. To add insult to injury, he and Mario ended up getting sent flying/falling from the airships high altitude. What has become of the two brothers? What about the rest of them? Will they have what it takes to stop the Koopa king, or does a similar “fate” await them? Exactly what is the secret to these “Purity Stars”, which are apparently the key(s) to stopping the Chaos Star’s power? Find out as the saga continues in the next exciting chapter of Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…
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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 4

When we last left off on Legend of the Chaos Star, Bowser and the Koopa Troop deployed their airships, and set a course for the Mushroom Kingdom, in order to commence yet another attack on Princess Peach/Toadstool’s castle. Luigi, who wanted to prove his worth to everyone, took it upon himself to stop Bowser and his troops by himself. As he first got onboard the ship, he engaged the Koopa Brothers battle, and defeated the four of them with ease. He then proceeded through the airship and defeated all other enemies in his path, until he eventually reached Bowser himself. Shortly before Luigi entered, however, Bowser quickly ordered the two interdimensional jester twins, Dimentia and Dimention, to take the eight stolen Purity Stars away from the ship, and into the Koopalings’ castles, which they willingly complied with.

Although Bowser was slightly disappointed that Luigi was the only one there, he still figured that he would make a nice warm-up until Mario and his friends arrived. After a brief moment of bantering, the two of them engaged one another in battle. Unfortunately for Luigi, however, he was unable to inflict any damage on Bowser, due to the latter absorbing powers from the mysterious Chaos Star. However, Luigi refused to give up, and decided that he was going to continue fighting to the bitter end. He then ended up taking a brutal beating from Bowser, and was about to get sent flying off the ship, over the horizon, until Mario and his friends arrived.

Shortly after their arrival, they demanded Bowser to “drop” Luigi, in which he did; but not in the way the heroes intended for him to do. Instead, he dropped Luigi off the ship, but luckily, for the time being, Mario was able to get over there and grab his hand just in time before he fell off. Sadly, before Mario had the chance to pull him up, Bowser ended up kicking Mario and sending him flying over the horizon, causing him to lose his grip on Luigi in the process.

Now, the question remains… What has become of the Mario Brothers, now that they’ve been defeated by Bowser? Will their friends have what it takes to avenge the two brothers? Or will they suffer a similar fate? Lastly, what will become of Princess Toadstool, the party guests, and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom? Find out in this exciting chapter of Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

Meanwhile, down in the yard of Peach’s castle…

*Music Cue*


*Suddenly, both Mario and Luigi mysteriously disappear in a teleportation-like fashion*


Elsewhere, back on the airship…

*Music Cue*

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, yeah! All Bowser, baby!

Kammy: Mweh heh heh heh heh! Oh, my goodness! Did you see the way he just FLEW!?

Kamek: Kah ha ha ha ha! I most certainly did!

Army Hammer Bro.: Best thing I’ve seen all day, next to seeing the green Mario Brother get the tar kicked out’ve him!

Bowser: Oh, man! I gotta say… It felt GOOD, stomping those two into next week! It’s too bad I didn’t get to beat Mario as bad as Green ‘Stache, but oh well! Sucks to be them!

*Suddenly, a gust of wind blows, and the fire that Bowser surrounded Mario’s friends with is put out*

Bowser: What the…? *Looks* Oh, so you’re still here, huh?

Vivian: You meanie! How could you do that to them!?

Goombella: Yeah, you total creep!

Mini-Yoshi: You’re gonna pay for what you did to both Gonzales AND his brother!

*The others say something similar*

Bowser: Oh, boo hoo. Cry me a river. Mario, Gonzales, Green ‘Stache, whatever… Stomping fools is my business! Show me a fool, I’ll stomp it! I don’t even need a reason!

*Dimentia and Dimention warp in*

*Music Cue*

O’Chunks: Great-leapin’ bog monkeys! The two o’ yeh look just like that crazed loon, Dimentio!

Mimi: That’s the same thing I was thinking!

Dimention: Ah, yes, of course. You two aren’t the first to make that comparison thus far…

Nastasia: Oh, let me guess… You’re his siblings, right?

Dimentia: It’s true that we’re all part of the Dimén clan, but other than that, we have no relation to him whatsoever. Anyway, King Koopa, we’re all finished. Each and every one of the stars have been delivered, as you requested.

Bowser: Good, good! I kinda wish you guys could’ve been back a little sooner, though. That way, you would’ve been able to see what I did to those two pepperoni plumbers! It was awesome!

Dimention: Oh, so we missed it? That’s quite unfortunate. *Looks around* Might I presume these are friends of theirs?

Dimentia: My, my! They certainly don’t look very happy with you, that’s for sure! *Giggles*

Dimention: Too bad, so sad! Do you want us to take care of them, my king? Just say the word, and it shall be done!

Bowser: That’s alright, I’ll handle them. For the time being, you guys just stand back and watch how a totally awesome tyrant gets business done.

O’Chunks: Looks like Ah’m gonna have teh get chunky on yeh!

Bowser: HA! Bring it, beardo! If you couldn’t beat me without the Chaos Star’s power, then what makes you think you’d stand a chance against me now?

Geno: “Chaos Star”?

Mallow: What’s that?

Bowser: *Holds it up* I mean this! Whoever absorbs its power pretty much becomes unstoppable! Go ahead; try me if you think I’m bluffing! As a matter of fact, I dare you all to try charging me at the same time!

Goombario: Fine, you asked for it!

Mini-Yoshi: Let’s chew this dude up and spit ‘im out!

Birdo: This is for Mario…AND Luigi!

*They all rush and attack Bowser at once, not managing to inflict any damage on him*

Mallow: What the…!? Aww, man… I guess he wasn’t bluffing after all!

Parakarry: I’m definitely getting a feeling of déjà vu, here…

Lakilester: Like, yeah, man. This is just like the time he had the Star Rod!

Minutes later…

*The heroes are all beaten and worn-out*

Goombella: Ihhhh… What’re we gonna do? At this rate, we’re, like, totally done for!


Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! You got THAT right! Now, I’d say it’s time you’ve all taken a page outta Mario and Green ‘Stache’s book! GOODBYE! *Opens his mouth and blows fire at them*

Just as Bowser was about to deliver the final blow to the heroes, they suddenly found themselves surrounded by a transparent forcefield. Shortly afterwards, they all vanished, much like Mario and Luigi earlier on.

Bowser: Wait a minute, what the…!? *Looks around* Where’d they go!?

Kammy: Your guess is as good as mine, Lord Bowser…

Kamek: How strange. I don’t recall any of them having a magic wand or any other teleportation devices on them…

Bowser: *Looks toward Dimentia and Dimention* Do you two know anything about this?

Dimentia: Not at all, my king. We’re just as confused as you are.

Dimention: That’s right. Wherever it was that they went, why get hung up on such trivial details? Why not go ahead and proceed with the plan? After all, Princess Peach’s castle is now yours for the taking!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, good idea! Come on, let’s go!

*The anchor gets lifted, and the ship steers closer to the castle*

Dimention: *Whispers to Dimentia* Do you think this may have been…HER doing?

Dimentia: *Whispers back* Yes, definitely. No doubt about it.

Meanwhile, at Peach’s castle…

*Doorbell rings*

Peach: Eh? I wonder who that could be? Toadsworth, would you mind getting the door for me, please?

Toadsworth: Certainly. *Walks over the door and opens it* Ah, good day to you, sir. Who might you be? Might I presume you’re a friend or acquaintance of Mario’s?

*Music Cue*

Francis: Nerr herr herr! Yeah, I guess you could say that. After all, he’s one of the reasons I was able to purchase the first, limited edition issue of Starship X-Naut. That one’s pretty rare nowadays. Its rarity alone makes it one of the schweetest things ever!

Toadsworth: …

Um, yes, I see. In any case, why not come on in?

*Francis enters*

Peach: Ah, Francis, I’m glad you were able to make it.

Francis: Of course I was. I’ve never been invited to any party, ever, let alone by a totally hot babe. There’s no way I could resist an invitation so high-technicaaaaal!

Peach: …

Um, thanks.

Francis: Ooh, speaking of “high-technical”, check this out! *Reaches into his bag and takes out a robotic, colorful butterfly*

Peach: Oh! Is that Tiptron? I’ll take it you’re finished upgrading her?

Francis: Nerr herr herr! You guessed it! Tiptron is now… Tiptron MKII!

Tiptron MKII: I know not this… “Tiptron” you speak of. I am… Tippi…

Peach: She still believes she’s the real one?

Francis: Yeah, I guess there are still a few…”bugs” to iron out. Nerr! Get it, “bugs”?

Daisy: Oh, I get it! Nice one!

Francis: Heh heh, thanks! *Looks in Daisy’s direction* …!

Daisy: ...?


Peach: *Facepalm* Oh, here we go again…

Francis: *Takes out his laptop* Booting up Swoon.exe! Activating Nerr2Babe interface with real-time wooing!

Daisy: Wait, what!? Looks around and finds herself in Francis' in a dating sim* Wait a minute, what’s going on, here!?

Francis: Nerr herr… I boot this baby up whenever it’s time to talk to the…heh…laaadies…

Toadsworth: *Sweatdrops* I have to say, Princess Toadstool… This friend of yours is rather…peculiar.

Peach: Tell me something I don’t know. -__-;;

Daisy: Look, buddy! I’ll have you know that I’m already involved with-

*Suddenly, an earthquake occurs before Daisy has a chance to finish her sentence*

Toadsworth: What in blazes is going on!?

Peach: *Looks out the window* Oh, no… This castle’s getting lifted into the sky again! This must be Bowser’s work!

Toadsworth: S-Say what!? Could this possibly mean that Masters Mario, Luigi, and their friends were unable to drive him and his army away!?

*Bowser and the Koopa Troop crash through the window*

Peach: Bowser!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! Hello there, Princess Peach! How are you doing this fine day? Since you didn’t, you know, invite me to the party and everything, I thought I’d crash…literally!

Toadsworth: Surely, you don’t REALLY need a reason as to why YOU weren’t invited? You have no business being here, you gargantuan lout! So, do make yourselves scarce and get out of here this instant!

Bowser: Oh, can it, you old geezer!

Peach: Tell me… What have you done with Mario, Luigi, and all the others!?

Bowser: BWAHAHA! I’m glad you asked! I took care of every one of those chumps before we arrived!

Peach: You what!?

Daisy: You… You didn’t!

Bowser: Oh, yes I did! I started with Green ‘Stache, then Mario, and then the rest of their friends!


Peach: But, but…how!?

Wait a minute, don’t tell me you’ve stolen the Star Rod again!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHA! You’re close, but no. I WAS granted invincibility again, but it wasn’t through the Star Rod. It’s all because of THIS! *Holds up the Chaos Star* It’s called the Chaos Star! Whoever uses it ends up gaining unimaginable, god-like power! I don’t think I ever would’ve known about it if it hadn’t been for these two! *Points his thumb in Dimentia and Dimention’s direction*

Peach: …! *Gasps*

Dimentia: Ah, so you’re Princess Peach! Dimentia, at your service! *Politely bows*

Dimention: Dimention, also at your service! *Bows, too, and then looks at the camera* Remember, viewers, it’s pronounced “dim-en-tee-ahn”.

Peach: Y-You two…! You…you look exactly like…!

Dimentia: Oh, let me guess… Dimentio?

Peach: Yes, that’s exactly who I mean! I’m guessing you two are relatives of his?

Dimention: Other than simply being part of the same clan, much like all the Merlons, Merlees, and Merluvlees out there, we have absolutely nothing to do with him.

Peach: Somehow, I find that hard to believe. I don’t think you’re telling the entire truth.

Dimentia: *Giggles* Rest assured, Princess… What we’re telling you is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Peach: *Looks toward Bowser* Don’t you find them to be even the least bit suspicious? I‘m not sure what “clan” these two came from, exactly, but if I were you, I wouldn’t trust them. How do you know that they aren’t secretly plotting against you in some way, just as Dimentio did to Count Bleck a year ago?

Bowser: …

Dimentia: Aww, now that hurts… How can you accuse us of such a thing? Our loyalty to our king is absolute!

Dimention: Precisely. I, for one, may be crazy; I may be insane, I may be psychotic, even! When it comes to loyalty, however… That’s the one line I wouldn’t cross under any circumstances.

Dimentia: I’d never cross that line, either.

Peach: …

Bowser: Good, good! Now, let’s get down to business, shall we? Now that the Super Stupid Brothers and their friends are outta the picture for the time being, this castle and the Mushroom Kingdom are now under MY control!

Francis: Nerr! Not if I have anything to say about it! Now… *Turns camouflage* Feel the wrath of the jilted X-Naut from the season finale of The Grodus Chronicles! *Charges toward Bowser*

Bowser: *Blows fire on him*

Francis: UHHHHHHHH!!!

Tiptron MKII: Oh, no…

Peach: Francis!

Francis: *His camouflage wears off as he falls to the ground, charred* My…high-technicaaaal battle moves…have failed me… *Coughs*

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Whatta waste of my time! *Looks toward the Koopatrols* I have no use for this dweeb. Toss ‘im out the window for me, would you?

Koopatrol #1: Yes, sir!

*The Koopatrols pick Francis up, and toss him out of the broken window*


Daisy: Oh, geez…!


Tiptron MKII: …!


Peach: First, Mario, Luigi, and their friends, and now him!? How could you!?

Bowser: Oh, please. What do you care? Did you, or did you not help me and Mario triple-team the guy after he had Tippi locked in a cage?

Peach: …

*Another slight vibration is felt*

Kammy: *Looks out the window* Your Viciousness! Take a look outside!

Bowser: Huh? What’s going on?

Kamek: The merger is complete! The Princess’ castle has successfully managed to merge with your own!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHA! Awesome! I guess this means it’s time to move onto the next step! *Looks toward the Terrapins, Terra Cottas, and the rest of his troops* Go ahead and start rounding up whatever Toads or whoever else is around this castle, and have them locked in the cells, just like last time!

Terrapin #1: As you command, King Bowser!

*They take off*

Bowser: *Looks toward Kammy, Kamek, Army Hammer Bros., and the remaining Koopatrols* As for you guys, take Princess Peach to her room, and make sure she doesn’t try sneaking out this time!

Kamek: Your wish is our command, King Koopa.

Kammy: What about the other one? *Points to Daisy*

Bowser: Hmm… I guess you could do the same with her. I’m sure Peach wouldn’t mind having some company! BWAHAHAHA!
Kammy: Right away, Your Maliciousness!

*They grab hold of Peach and Daisy, and start taking them away*

Peach: What are you doing!? Let go of us! *Jerks away*

Daisy: Just you wait until Luigi, Mario, and the others get here! You’ll be sorry!

Bowser: Ooh, I’m SO scared! Really, I’m just SHAKING in my boots! Just let ‘em come! It’ll be my pleasure to stomp them personally…AGAIN!

*The princesses get dragged out of the area*

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah, man… I’ve sure accomplished a lot today, haven’t I? I showed both Mario AND Green ‘Stache who’s boss, along with all their stupid friends AND I’ve managed to bring Peach’s castle under my control yet again! I guess luck is just on my side! It’s either that, or I’m just downright awesome!

Dimention: That Chaos Star really came in handy, didn’t it? So, do you have any regrets so far about turning us down when Dimentia and I offered to join your army last week?

Bowser: Now that you mention it, yeah. Turning you two down definitely would’ve been a big mistake. I gotta say, accepting you into the Koopa Troop is the best thing I’ve done in a while!

Dimentia: *Giggles* Why, thank you! Thank you so much! That’s one of the greatest compliments a servant could ever get from a king!

Dimention: HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, I’ll say!

Bowser: It’s no big deal.

Dimentia: Oh, and by the way, King Koopa… There’s something that’s been on my mind for the past week, ever since you first allowed Dimention and I to become part of the Koopa Troop.

Bowser: Yeah? What would that be?

Dimentia: Just between us, I’m gonna see what I could do about getting you and Princess Peach together.

Bowser: S-Say what!?

Dimention: Yes, as you can see, Tia happens to be a major romantic, and considers herself to be an expert in the art of matchmaking.

Bowser: *Starts to blush* N-No, don’t! T-That won’t be necessary! Seriously!

Dimentia: *Giggles* Aww, come on! You know you want it! It was written right there in your diary, clear as day! Like I said before, I think your crush on her is the cutest little thing!

Bowser: …I really wish you’d quit saying that! Seriously! As for this little idea of yours, just drop it, already! It’s not gonna work!

Dimentia: You’ll never know for sure unless you try. Hmm, but then again, if you truly don’t want to, then perhaps you’d much rather see your beloved princess in the arms of a certain plumber?

Bowser: *Sighs* Okay, okay. You made your point.

Dimention: Just to let you both know… Matchmaking isn’t exactly my…specialty, so for the time being, I’ll be making my leave. Adieu! *Warps away*

Bowser: So, tell me, Tia… Exactly what is it that you’re planning to do, anyway?

Dimentia: *Reaches into her pocket and takes out a small, glassed bottle with a heart on it* Ta-da!

Bowser: Oh, I get it! That’s some kinda love potion, right?

Dimentia: *Giggles* You got it, my king! Once Princess Peach takes a whiff of it, she’ll find you to be utterly irresistible!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! I really like where this is going! Now, before we go through with this, I need to know the following: How long do its effects last? Are there are cures or antidotes for it?

Dimentia: I’ll answer that second question first. Yes, there is an antidote for it. *Reaches into her other pocket and takes out another glassed bottle, which has a raindrop symbol on it* As for your first question, the love potion isn’t exactly one of the “traditional” kind, where the effects will wear off after a certain amount of time. Unless the antidote is used within twenty-four hours after taking a whiff of the potion, then the effects are permanent!

Bowser: W-Whoa, seriously!?

Dimentia: That’s right! Just think about it… Princess Peach will be all OVER you! She’ll pretty much forget that Mario even exists!

Bowser: Ohhhh, yeah… That sounds almost too good to be true! *Starts to drool at the thought of it*

Dimentia: *Giggles* Oh, and do you know what else, King Koopa? Once those twenty-four hours pass, the two of you can finally be married! That way, you’ll be able to cement your control over the Mushroom Kingdom!

Bowser: Now THAT sounds like a plan!

Dimentia: Also, last, but not least… Just think about the kind of things you and Peach could do on your honeymoon, if you know what I mean. *Winks*

Bowser: …! *Nosebleeds*

*It splatters all over Dimentia, soaking her in the process*

Dimentia: *The smile on her face turns into a frown as she glares at Bowser*

Bowser: Whoops, sorry about that. I guess I got a little carried away.

Dimentia: Don’t worry about it, we both did. In any case, King Koopa, why not go ahead and try out the potion? *Hands it to him*

Bowser: BWAHAHA! Don’t mind if I do!

Dimentia: Also, you might want to hold onto the antidote, too, just in case someone other than Princess Peach ends up getting a whiff of the potion. *Hands Bowser the antidote*

Bowser: Thanks, Tia, I appreciate it.

Dimentia: You’re most welcome, my king.

*Bowser leaves*

Dimentia: Sheesh, what a perv! Ugh, I’d better go get cleaned up… *Warps away*

Tiptron MKII: A love potion…? That doesn’t sound good… I must warn Princess Peach about it before it’s too late! *Flies off*

Elsewhere, down at the yard of Princess Toadstool’s (uprooted) castle, the Kong Family, which consists of Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Kiddy Kong, Cranky Kong, Candy Kong, and Funky Kong have just arrived in hopes of attending the Mario Brothers’ birthday party. To their surprise, however, the castle was no longer there.

*Music Cue*

Funky: Duuuuude! Check it out!

Cranky: What the blazes!?

Diddy: Whoa… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crater that big before!

Dixie: Didn’t Princess Peach’s castle used to be right here? I wonder what could’ve happened?

Kiddy: It’s either someone blew it up, or it was lifted really, REALLY high into the air or something…

Donkey Kong: Maybe. Ugh, if only K. Rool and the Kremlings hadn’t held us up on the way here, I’m sure we would’ve been able to put a stop to this!

Candy: I wouldn’t be so sure, sugar. Whatever it was that happened out here, I don’t think anyone would’ve seen that coming…

Cranky: Bah, what a complete waste of time this has been! I mean, seriously! The time we spent coming ALL this way to a castle that’s no longer here… I could’ve been using it to take a nap!

Dixie: …You’d look for pretty much ANYTHING to complain about, wouldn’t you?

Diddy: Yep. That’s ol’ Cranky for ya!

Donkey Kong: Still, though, he has a point. Since the castle isn’t here anymore, we might as well head back ho-

*Music Cue*

Francis: WHOOOOOAAAAHHH! *Falls through the ground, headfirst*

Diddy: Ouch… Now THAT’S gotta hurt!

Francis: *Tries to pull himself out* Neeerrr… Can someone give me a hand, here?

Kiddy: *Grabs him by the leg and pulls him out with ease*

Francis: Heh, thanks.

Kiddy: Mm hmm.

Cranky: Hey, lizard face! Would you mind tellin’ us what’s goin’ on?

Francis: It was taken over by Bowser, and lifted high into the sky, somewhere! It’s like episode 64 of Cyborg Wart all over agai- *Notices Candy* …!

Candy: …?


Donkey Kong: *Gives him a death glare*

Francis: *Takes out his laptop* Booting up Swoon.exe! Activating Nerr2Babe interface with real-time wooing!

Donkey Kong: *Smacks the laptop out of Francis’ hand before he has the chance to boot it up*

Francis: HEY! *Chases after the laptop, and comes to a stop as it slides into the water and short-circuits* NOOOOOOO! MY LAPTOP! MY GRAPHICS CAAAAAAAARRRDDD!!!

Candy: Yeah, sorry about that. My Honey Kong tends to get pretty jealous whenever other guys come onto me.

*Suddenly, a transparent forcefield surrounds the group*

Funky: Whoa! What’s goin’ on!?

*They disappear shortly afterwards*

As with Mario, Luigi, and their friends, the Kong Family and Francis have seemingly vanished out of thin air! Who’s behind this, exactly, and where have they been taken? How do Dimentia and Dimention know of this individual? Additionally, things seem to be looking up for Bowser. Not only has he managed to defeat his enemies and gain control of Princess Toadstool’s castle, but Dimentia has given him a mysterious potion, for the sole purpose of making Peach fall in love with him! Will Tiptron be able to get there in time to warn her about it, before it’s too late? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…

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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
« Reply #4 on: Jul 02 2013, 08:07 PM »
Part 5

On the previous chapter of Legend of the Chaos Star, Mario and Luigi found themselves overwhelmed by Bowser’s newfound power, which was obtained from the Chaos Star. After they were sent flying over the horizon, the two brothers mysteriously vanished. The same thing eventually happened with Mallow, Geno, and the rest of their friends who came to assist them. With the heroes out of the way (for the time being), Bowser quickly turned his efforts toward conquering Princess Peach/Toadstool’s castle once again.

Since Mario and company were out of the picture, the nerdy chameleon, Francis attempted to stop Bowser’s invasion, but to no avail. Shortly after his defeat, he was abruptly tossed out of the window by a group of Koopatrols, from a high altitude (since the castle had been lifted up into the sky). Once Bowser and Peach’s castles merged together, the Koopa king quickly had his minions round up all the Toads and the rest of the party guests, and had them locked within the cells of his own castle. Princesses Peach and Daisy, on the other hand, were taken elsewhere.

Shortly after these events transpired, Dimentia informed Bowser about a love potion of hers, stating that if Peach is to take a whiff of it, then it’ll make her fall in love with him. Additionally, she also said that the effects of the potion become permanent, unless the antidote is used within twenty-four hours. Delighted, Bowser began heading towards Peach’s room in order to test the potion out right away. Fortunately, the newly-upgraded Tiptron, now known as “Tiptron MKII”, still happened to be in the vicinity at the time, and overheard everything. Wasting no time, she decided to take off and warn the princess about the dangerous effects of the potion right away.

Now, the questions remain… Will Tiptron be able to get there in time to warn Princess Peach about the potion, before it’s too late? Exactly who was responsible for teleporting Mario, Luigi, and the others away? Where have they been taken, exactly? How do Dimentia and Dimention know this person? Find out in this exciting chapter of Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

*Dimention suddenly teleports in front of Bowser*

Bowser: WHOA! *Jumps back* Hey, what did I tell you before about sneaking up on me like that!?

Dimention: Once again, I sincerely apologize.

Bowser: Fine, I guess I’ll let it slide this time. Anyway, is there something you need? Whatever it is, make it quick. I’m just dying to try out that love potion that your sister gave me!

Tiptron MKII: (Yes… This should buy me the time I need to get there before Bowser does!) Takes off*

Dimention: While we’re on the subject, King Bowser… After the princess has taken a whiff of the potion, and the two of you are busy having your…intimate moment, would you be so kind as to allow me to take a snapshot, so I could show it to Mario?

Bowser: WHAT!? NO! Why would you ask me a stupid question like that!?

Dimention: Yes, it may sound as stupid as you say, but please hear me out. What I actually meant was showing that to Mario as a means of rubbing it in his face… You know, in a “You mad, Bro?” type of way. In other words, out of spite, or a smug sense of triumph.

Bowser: Hmm… Now that you put it that way, that’s not such a bad idea! BWAHAHAHAHA! I’d LOVE to see the look on his face once he sees Peach in the arms of a burly, awesome king of evil like me!

Dimention: HAHAHAHAHA… Wonderful! I’ll be sure to take a snapshot of that one, too, so you’ll be able to see for yourself!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHA! I can’t wait to see it!

Dimention: Neither can I!

Meanwhile, in Princess Toadstool’s room…

*A tapping sound is heard*

Daisy: Huh? What’s that noise? *Looks around*

Peach: It sounds like it’s coming from the door near the balcony… *Walks over to it* Tiptron? *Opens the door*

Daisy: Hey there. Couldn’t you have used the other door?

Tiptron MKII: There are Koopatrols guarding it, so I had no choice but to resort to an alternative. Additionally, I wanted to get here before Bowser, and by the looks of things, it seems that he hasn’t come by yet…

Peach: What do you mean? Is something the matter?

Tiptron MKII: I overheard a conversation between him and that clown girl, Dimentia…

Peach: Go on…

Tiptron MKII: They spoke of a love potion that they intend to use on you, which will make you forget all about Mario!

Peach: W-WHAT!?

Daisy: Are you serious!?

Tiptron MKII: Yes, I am. I also heard Dimentia say that the effects of this potion become permanent within twenty-four hours of its use! To add insult to injury, Bowser intends to take advantage of this by getting you to marry him, thus crowning him king of the Mushroom Kingdom!

*Suddenly, some giant footsteps are heard*

Peach: *Gasps* …!

Tiptron MKII: Oh, no…

Daisy: Ahhhh! That’s him, isn’t it!? What’re we gonna do!?

Peach: Luckily, there’s a secret passage in this room that’ll lead us out of here! Let’s go ahead and use it!

Daisy: Right, but where is it?

Peach: There’s a button behind this painting that’ll open it up and lead us right to it. *Points*

Bowser: *Knocks on the door* Yoo-hoo, oh, Princess Peach! Your cuddly ol’ Bowser’s here! *Comes in*

Tiptron MKII: Oh, no! We’re too late!

Daisy: *Rushes over to the door, closes it, and leans on the door to keep it shut*

Bowser: What the…!? Hey!

Daisy: *Locks it* Peach, you’re the one he’s after! Go ahead, use that passage and get out of here as quickly as you can!

Peach: But what about you?

Bowser: Hey! Open up! *Bangs on it*

Daisy: I’ll stay here and try to keep him at bay! Bowser’s much stronger than I am, so I won’t be able to keep this up much longer… I know for a fact that he’s gonna break this door down soon!

Bowser: *Continues banging on it*

Tiptron MKII: Princess Daisy is right… Please, go ahead and escape while you still can!

Peach: Right! *Rushes over to the painting, removes it, and presses the red button*

*The secret passage opens up*

Peach: *Looks toward Daisy and Tiptron* I’m going, now. Good luck to the two of you.

Daisy: Yeah, same to you, now hurry!

Peach: *Presses the button again, puts the painting back over it, and manages to rush through just in time before it closes*

Bowser: Ready or not, Princess, here I come! *Punches through the door*

Daisy: Eek! *Quickly moves away from the door*

Bowser: *Knocks the door down and enters* BWAHAHAHAHA! Hey there, Princess Peach! I’ve got a little surprise for-

Hey, wait a minute! Where is she!?

Daisy: Hey, don’t look at me… I don’t have a clue!

Bowser: Don’t play dumb with me! She’s hiding somewhere, isn’t she?  *Looks around*

Tiptron MKII: Did it ever occur to you that she might have jumped off the balcony?

Bowser: Oh, please! Do you really expect me to believe that? There’s no way she’d possibly survive that, unless-

Hold on a second! Something like this happened earlier, when I was about to finish off Mario’s friends! All of them just suddenly disappeared out of nowhere! *Roars, and blows fire into the air out of anger*

Daisy: Whoa! *Backs away, startled*

Bowser: GRRR! *Angrily clenches his fist* This is the second time this person’s screwed everything up! When I find the punk who’s been doing this, he’s as good as dead!!! *Begins storming out of the room*

Daisy: *Snickers*

Bowser: *Looks back*

Daisy: *Whistles innocently*

Peach: *From down the hallway* LET GO! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!

Tiptron MKII: Oh, no… That doesn’t sound good…

*Peach jerks away as a handful of Terrapins and Koopatrols drag her back into the room*

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! Nice work, you guys! Now, continue holding her down, and make sure she stays still while I use this potion!

Koopatrol #1: Yes, sir!

Peach: I SAID LET GO OF ME! *Continues jerking away*

Bowser: *Starts walking toward her*

Daisy: No! Peach! *Rushes toward Bowser, trying to snatch the potion out of his hand*

Bowser: Gah! Buzz off! *Lightly shoves her away*

Daisy: Uhhhhh! *Falls over*

Tiptron MKII: *Flies toward the potion*

Bowser: *Backhands her*

Tiptron MKII: Ghhhh…! *Czzzzzt!* *Slams into the wall*

Peach: Daisy! Tiptron!

Daisy: *Stands up again* I WON’T LET YOU DO THIS! *Begins charging toward Bowser again, only to bump into an invisible forcefield* Owwwww! What just happened!?

Dimention: *Enters* HAHAHAHAHAHA…

Daisy: Are you the one who did this!?

Dimention: Yes, that’s right. It was me. Guilty as charged!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! Awesome work, Dimention! You keep those two pests at bay, while I get Peach to take a whiff of the potion!

Dimention: With pleasure, my king.

Peach: Ihhhh…! *Continues jerking away from the Koopatrols and Terrapins*

Bowser: Don’t you worry, Princess! This won’t hurt a bit! *Takes the cork off the bottle, releasing a pink mist that heads straight in Peach’s direction*

Peach: …! *Starts to cough as it gets in her face* (You know, that…actually…smells…kind of good…) *Loses consciousness*

Daisy: PEACH!!!

Tiptron MKII: …!


Daisy: Peach, no! Don’t give in! You have to fight it!

Tiptron MKII: Yes, you simply must!

Peach: …

Bowser: HA! Too late! *Looks to the Koopatrols and Terrapins* That’ll be all. Go ahead, return to your posts.

*They leave*

Daisy: GRRR! Bowser, you’ve officially sank to a new low!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! Glad to hear it! After all, I’m Bowser, evil king extraordinaire! Hello!

Peach: Unnngghh… *Starts to open her eyes*

Bowser: *Notices* Now, it’s time for the moment of truth! *Rushes over there* So, Peach, how are you feeling right now?

Peach: I feel great. You know, Bowser… Up until now, I’ve never realized how handsome you are. *Gently rubs his face*

Daisy: *Jawdrop*

Tiptron MKII: Um, wow… Tell me I did NOT just hear her say that…

Bowser: Hey, Dimention! Are you getting this?

Dimention: I sure am, Your Kingship! *Aims the camera* Anytime you’re ready!

*Dimention takes a snapshot of Bowser and Peach as they kiss*

Daisy: *Turns green in the face, rushes over to the trashcan, and vomits*

Tiptron MKII: My sentiments exactly. If I had innards, I’d be doing the same…

*They stop seconds later*

Bowser: BWAHAHAHA! Now that felt AWESOME! :wub:

Peach: *Giggles*

Daisy: *Continues vomiting*

Dimention: Here it is, my king. *Shows him the photo* Should I go ahead and show this to Mario?

Bowser: Not yet, there’s one more I want you to take before you go. This one’s for you, Mario! *Grabs Peach and kisses her again, this time while flipping “the bird”*

Dimention: As you wish. *Takes their picture again* Now, with that said, I’ll be making my leave. Adieu for now, my king! *Warps away*

*Bowser carries Peach out of the room*

Daisy: Oh, my God, just… OH. MY. GOD. I… I think I’m gonna have nightmares about this for weeks, or possibly even months!

Tiptron MKII: I hear you. To add insult to injury, Dimention has even decided to take a photo of it for the sole purpose of rubbing in Mario’s face!

Daisy: Geez… Something tells me that Mario’s gonna be crushed as soon as he sees that! If only there was a way we could-…

Hey, wait a second, I just remembered something!

Tiptron MKII: What is it?

Daisy: There was this mysterious treasure chest that Peach showed me before. She told me that there’s another one like it somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom, and whatever’s put into one of them will come out of the other!

Tiptron MKII: Sounds intriguing, but is there something you’re getting at?

Daisy: Yeah, I’m getting at the fact that it could be used to escape from here, and relay that message about the potion to Mario! I, myself, am too big to fit into that chest, so it’s out of the question for me. You, on the other hand, Tiptron… I’m sure you could do it easily!

Tiptron MKII: Alright, where is it?

Daisy: I know where it is. Follow me.

*They leave*

Meanwhile, at Merluvlee’s house in Shooting Star Summit…

*Music Cue*

Goombario: Whoa, where are we? *Looks around* Is this… Shooting Star Summit? How did we get here?

Kooper: Beats me. One minute, we were all fighting Bowser on that airship, and the next thing you know it, we find ourselves over here!

Diddy: The same thing ended up happening to us! Well, with the only difference being that we were at Princess Peach’s castle.

???: I could answer that.

*They look in the direction of the female voice and find three Pixls; one that’s square-shaped, while the other two are star and heart-shaped*

Luigi: Eh? Are those…Pixls?

Mario: Yeah, it looks like it.

Square Pixl: My name is Polywarp, but I usually go by “Poly” for short. As you’ve probably gathered already, I specialize in teleportation and dimensional travel.

Birdo: Oh, so YOU’RE the one who warped us away when we were fighting Bowser?

Polywarp: That’s correct.

Cranky: “Polywarp”? What kinda name is that?

Polywarp: …It’s basically the word “polygon”, but with the “gon” part replaced with “warp”.

Cranky: Maybe, but it still sounds like somethin’ straight outta Pokémon, which, by the way, is rubbish.

Polywarp: *Rolls her eyes*

Star Pixl: …So, yeah, anyway, I’m Starlight.

Heart Pixl: My name is Purity. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.

*Everyone else introduces themselves as well*

Luigi: *Sigh*

Mario: Luigi? What’s the matter?

Luigi: That fight I had with Bowser… I can’t believe I lost to him so easily…

Mario: Hey, don’t take it so hard. Even I haven’t won every fight I’ve ever been in. The same thing ended up happening to me when Bowser stole the Star Rod that one time, and not to mention the two times I got turned into a painting by King Boo…

Goombella: Plus, he was invincible, thanks to that Chaos Star thing that he used. None of us were able to put a dent in him, either! If it weren’t for that, we would’ve totally wrecked him!

Cranky: What? You guys lost to Bowser, you said? Oh, come on! Back in my day, I’d have knocked ‘im out in one punch!

Dixie: Yeah, sure.

Cranky: I’m serious!

Francis: My laptop… It was the pinnacle of high-technicaaaality, built with a 256 gigahertz processor! And now it’s gone! ;_;

*Just about everyone stares in confusion*

Diddy: Yeah, in case you guys are wondering, he and D.K. had an incident that led into his computer getting knocked into the water.

Francis: Oh, I almost forgot! Episode 128 of “Fawful the Furious” is airing right now, as we speak! There’s no way I’m gonna trust my digital Recordomeow to tape an episode so epic! *Warps away*

*Music Cue*

Merluvlee: *Enters the house* Hello, everyone. I’ve been expecting you.

Goombario: H-Hey, Merluvlee! H-How’re you?

Merluvlee: I’m doing well. And you?

Goombario: G-Great, just great! ^^;; For the most part, at least.

Goombella: Hey, I know you! Aren’t you that fortune-teller we met back at Rogueport?

Merluvlee: Oh, no, I believe you’ve mistaken me for someone else.

Goombella: Really? I could’ve, like, sworn that fortune-teller’s name was “Merluvlee” also…

Merluvlee: There are many people within the Tribe of Ancients that share the same names, depending on the kind of services we perform. Like, for instance, whenever there’s someone in our clan that does fortune-telling like I do, then they’d also have the name of “Merluvlee”. If there’s someone in the clan who bestows magical “charms” upon individuals, then they’d have the name of “Merlee”, just like my twin sister. It’s a similar case with those in the clan who are named “Merlon”.

Goombella: That totally explains everything.

Vivian: Has anyone ever told you that you’re really pretty?

Merluvlee: Yes, thank you. I get that a lot.

Vivian: You’re welcome.

Goombario: (I can see why…)

Merluvlee: *Looks in Goombario’s direction*

Goombario: …! *Quickly looks away*

Cranky: So, are ya gonna tell us why we’ve been brought here, or what? Make it snappy, ‘cause I haven’t got all day, ya know!

Merluvlee: You don’t know how right you are about that…

Cranky: What do you mean?

Merluvlee: The answer you seek lies within the sky. Take a look.

*They go outside, look up at the sky, and find a purple, dimensional void*

Mario: Momma-mia! It…It couldn’t be!

Luigi: Is…is that the Void!? I thought Tippi and Count Bleck made it disappear a year ago!

Goombario: You guys know something about this?

Mario: Yes, you see… *Explains the events of Super Paper Mario*

Goombario: Whoa…

Diddy: You know, that definitely explains that black hole we saw in the sky last year!

Goombella: I remember seeing that, too, and I gotta say… That like, totally freaked me out and everything.

*Many others say something similar*

Sushie: *Sniffs*

Vivian: Are you crying? What’s the matter?

Sushie: Oh, sorry. It’s just that romantic stories like that…really touch a soft spot on this heart of mine.

Cranky: Bah, sounds like bad fanfiction to me. Speaking of which… *Looks at the camera*  Really, SolarBlaze? Really? You call THAT a story? Even Sticker Star did better, and that was a piece of garbage!

Everyone: …

Vivian: Um… Who are you talking to, the sun?

Cranky: Bah! Nevermind!

Nastasia: Yeah, so about that Void? Do you think it may have something to do with that Chaos Star that Bowser has? I couldn’t help but notice how similar it was to the Chaos Heart…

Purity: Yes, it does. It’s because of the Chaos Star’s existence that the dimensional void has re-appeared into the sky. Over time, it will grow, and unless we put a stop to it, all worlds, galaxies, and dimensions will be consumed!

Starlight: There was an unseen chapter of the Dark Prognosticus, which states that the Void would return someday, thanks to the Chaos Star. So, Purity and I have taken the liberty of creating something to combat this threat, and that “something” is none other than the Stars of Purity, or “Purity Stars” for short.

Purity: Sadly, we were ambushed earlier today, and all eight of the stars were stolen by two of Bowser’s “underlings”.

Mimi: Golly, you mean those two clowns we saw earlier?

Starlight: Yes. The two of them are known as “Dimentia” and “Dimention”. They’re part of the Dimén clan, a race of dimension-bending jesters. As far as anyone’s aware, the two of them are the last of their kind.

Nastasia: Oh, I see. I guess they weren’t lying after all, when they said they weren’t Dimentio’s siblings.

Mario: You know, there’s something I really don’t get… Bowser’s goal is to take over the world, isn’t it? So, why would he do something like this, knowing that there won’t be any worlds left for him to rule if it’s been destroyed?

Luigi: I was wondering the same thing. After all, he even went through the trouble of helping us save the universe from Count Bleck and Dimentio!

Purity: That’s most likely because Bowser isn’t the true culprit in this situation…

Luigi: Eh? What do you mean?

Purity: I’m saying that this is most likely Dimentia and Dimention’s work! Bowser clearly had no knowledge whatsoever of the Chaos Star until those two brought it to his attention. If he truly knew just how dangerous that thing was, then he wouldn’t have bothered taking part in its creation, since his goal is world domination, rather than universal destruction.

O’Chunks: Wait, so what’re yeh gettin’ at?

Purity: I’m getting at the fact that Bowser is being manipulated by those two! They must not have told him the entire truth about the Chaos Star’s power! Knowing Dimentia and Dimention, they most likely just told Bowser that it would grant him invincibility and give him the power that he needs to defeat his foes, so that he could rule the world, without telling him that it would also ravage the universe in the process!

Luigi: I have a question. Exactly how was the Chaos Star created, anyway?

Starlight: I can answer that. The Chaos Star was created through a means of black magic, but is fueled negativity. By that, I mean that it has the ability to transform one’s thoughts into power. The Chaos Star is currently feeding off of Bowser’s wicked desires as we speak. Dimentia and Dimention… They must have taken advantage of his evil ambition to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom!

Goombella: Ugh… I’m no fan of Bowser, either, but those two sound like total scumbags!

*The others say something in agreement with that*

Purity: I’m afraid that doesn’t even begin to describe those two…

???: Ah, just as I thought! This truly WAS Tiana’s doing, after all!

*Everyone looks around in confusion*

Goombella: Um, did anyone else hear that? Or am I, like, totally going crazy?

Koops: Yeah, I heard it, too.

Ms. Mowz: So did I, dearie.

*Everyone else says something similar*

Polywarp: Okay, whoever this is, go ahead and show yourself!

*Music Cue*

Dimention: *Appears* Here I am. Satisfied?

Polywarp: You’re… Dimention, I take it?

Dimention: That’s correct. I am the master of dimensions, the pleaser of crowds, I am… Dimention! At the risk of breaking the Fourth Wall again… *Looks toward the camera* It’s pronounced “dim-en-tee-ahn”, for those who are just tuning in. *Looks around* I’m surprised you all managed to survive after taking such a brutal beating from King Bowser. Even more surprising than that, you’ve even managed to make a full recovery! I’m impressed!

Polywarp: Yes, well I couldn’t just stand by and allow that to happen.

Dimention: Oh, so YOU’RE the one responsible for warping them away? Dimentia and I thought for sure that it was a fellow clan member of ours, but I guess we were mistaken.

Luigi: “Fellow clan member”!? Are you trying to tell us that Dimentio’s still alive!?

Dimention: Not as far as I’m aware.
Starlight: You! What’re you doing here!?

Purity: Yes, and what have you done with the Purity Stars!?

Dimention: What’s this? The Pixls are still alive, as well? It would appear that my sister and I have underestimated you a bit. Anyway, you want to know where the stars are, correct? Each of them are currently being guarded by one of King Bowser’s eight children, all in separate locations from one another. *Notices Flurrie* You know, speaking of which, I have to say… The resemblance between you and the oldest Koopaling is very uncanny! Would you care to enlighten us on why that is, my good ma’am?

*Everyone stares blankly at Flurrie*

Flurrie: …Why are you all looking at me like that?

Mario: Ah-ha, of course!

Flurrie: Hmm?

Mario: Ever since I first met you, I always thought that you reminded me of someone, but up until now, I was never able to put my finger on it!

Luigi: Momma-mia… At some point, could you and Bowser have…!?

Flurrie: Absolutely not! I don’t know WHAT this fellow’s trying to suggest, but whatever resemblance I supposedly have to one of Bowser’s children is merely a coincidence! I shan’t consort with lowlifes like him!

Dimention: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe so, maybe not, but I definitely know someone who has! By that, I mean a certain princess we all know and love! Would you care to guess who it is?

Mario: …

Luigi: Wait, you… You couldn’t possibly mean…!?

Dimention: That’s right, you guessed it! Our very own Princess Toadstool!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Mario: You’re lying!

Dimention: Oh? A liar, am I?

Mario: I know for a fact that Peach would never do that!

Dimention: HAHAHAHAHAHA! You poor, poor simpleton… You don’t have a single clue, do you? Surely, you aren’t THIS naïve?

Birdo: The clown’s got a point. Really, Mario… Is it really THAT much of a stretch? After all, that exact same “kidnapping” has been happening over and over again, almost as if it’s staged! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Toadstool has already proven that she’s perfectly capable of defending herself, and yet, for some reason, she “magically” becomes helpless against Bowser! Do you not see a pattern, here?

Mario: …

Dimention: HAHAHAHAHA… Your cannon-mouthed friend is right! Don’t just take my word for it, though. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! Feast your eyes on… THIS! *Shows them the photos*

*Everyone gasps, and Dimention then takes a snapshot of their reactions*

Dimention: HAHAHAHAHA! Your expressions… Priceless! Now you finally know the cold, harsh truth… And the “truth” is that Princess Toadstool has been playing you guys all along with that elaborate charade of hers! Too bad, so sad! Now, with that said, I’ll be making my leave. Until we meet again, my friends… Adieu! *Warps away*

Mario: *Too shocked to speak*

Bow: Blech! Well, there goes MY lunch.

Watt: Um, do ghosts even eat?

Bow: That was a figure of speech, but yes, we ghosts do eat. It’s not essential to our “survival”, however, but we still do it on occasion.

Watt: Oh, okay.

Sushie: Um, wow. I really don’t know what to say, here. I’m at an utter loss for words…

Yoshi: I guess you were right after all, Birdo! That entire thing really WAS an act!

Birdo: I knew it, I knew it all along! I’d hate to say it, but I told ‘ja so! To think that you guys even laughed at me when I brought it up, as if I was some kinda lunatic!

Mario: Momma-mia… I don’t believe this! How could she do something like this, after all the times I’ve risked my life to save her!?

Luigi: Don’t you mean “our lives”, Bro?

Vivian: I’m so sorry that had to happen… Just to let you know, Mario… If you and I were together, I never would have done something like that to you…

Mario: …

Vivian: U-Uh, I mean, um… H-Hypothetically speaking, of course! Oh, I’m so embarrassed! ^^;; *Blushes*

Everyone: …

Vivian: So, um… Anyway, Dimention said that the Purity Stars are being guarded by Bowser’s kids, right? Do you think you can pinpoint where their castles are, Merluvlee?

Merluvlee: I’ll see what I can do. may take some time, though. About ten minutes, at the most.

*A tapping sound is heard nearby*

Birdo: Does anybody else hear that?

Polywarp: It sounds as if it’s coming from that starred treasure chest over there.

Donkey Kong: *Opens it*

*Tiptron comes out*

Luigi: Hey, Tiptron! How’s it going?

Tiptron MKII: Other than the…incident that occurred up at the castle, I’m doing well. Speaking of which… You know that story Dimention just told, about how Princess Peach has been sneaking around with Bowser this whole time? Well, that’s not true… Don’t listen to a word he says! Dimention’s nothing but a liar! I’ll tell you what actually happened. His sister gave Bowser some mysterious love potion, which he’s decided to use on the princess!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Tiptron MKII: That’s right. Princess Daisy and I are currently doing whatever we can to find the antidote for it, because unless Princess Peach is cured of its effects, then they become permanent!

*A vibration occurs*

Purity: The Void… It’s grown larger!

Starlight: At this point, there’s no more time to waste! We have to start looking for those stars right away! Merluvlee, have you gotten those energy readings yet?

Merluvlee: Yes, I have. The stars are in the following locations: Green Gully, Arid Aztec, Seaside Shores, Jaunted Jungle, Cumulous Climb, Shiver Summit, and Gloomy Grove. Unfortunately, I was unable to pick up a reading for the eighth one. I’ll inform you as soon as I begin to pick something up, but for now, it’s probably best that we focus on the star locations that are currently known.

Mallow: Right, got it. Does anybody else think we’ll be able to hunt down those stars much faster if we split into groups, or something?

Geno: That’s not a bad idea. What do you guys think?

*They agree to it and decide on the groups*

Polywarp: *Uses her powers to create seven dimensional doors*

Birdo: What are these for?

Polywarp: For transportation, of course. After all, time is of the essence. With each second that goes by, all worlds are slowly beginning to decay, thanks to the Chaos Star and the Void. By going through these dimensional doors, it’ll lead you right to the castles, without going through the trouble of traveling all the way over there.

Birdo: Makes sense.

Tiptron MKII: I’m returning to the castle now. I’ll be sure to alert you when we find the antidote, or if we learn any information that’ll be of use to you on your quest. We’ll also see what we could do about freeing those who are being held prisoner in Bowser’s castle.

Purity: *Uses her powers to heal everyone of the wounds they got from their battle against Bowser*

Vivian: Thank you so much! *Looks toward Poly* And you, too, of course, for saving us back there.

Purity: You’re welcome.

Polywarp: Yeah, don’t mention it.

Mario: Okie dokey! Ret ta go, everybody!

*They take off*

Merluvlee: Good luck, everyone!

Jr. Troopa: *Comes rushing to the area* AH-HA! I got you now, Mario! There’s no escape this ti- *Looks around* Hey, wait a minute! Where did he go!? That clown in the blue outfit told me that he was here!

Merluvlee: I’m afraid you just missed him.

Jr. Troopa: Augh! Not again! SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! *Storms off*

The secret of the Chaos Star has been revealed, and the hunt for the Purity Stars has begun! As Poly has stated, with each second that goes by, the Void continues to hang in the sky, slowly consuming all worlds in the process. Do Mario, Luigi, and their friends have what it takes to save the universe once again?

For what reason have Dimentia and Dimention left Bowser in the dark about the Chaos Star’s destructive power? Could it be that the two of them have a sinister agenda of their own, as Purity, as well as Princess Peach, has begun to theorize? Speaking of the princess, will Daisy and Tiptron be able to locate the antidote to the potion before it’s too late? Where could that last Purity Star be? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…
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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 6

On the previous chapter of Legend of the Chaos Star, Bowser was given a mysterious love potion by one of the two dimension-bending jester twins, Dimentia. She then went on to explain to the Koopa king that the potion begins to take effect on whoever breathes in its fumes. According to Dimentia, the potion’s effects eventually become permanent unless the antidote is used within twenty-four hours of taking a whiff of the love potion. Excited by this, Bowser began heading over to Princess Peach’s room in order to use it on her, so that he’ll be able to marry her and cement his control over the Mushroom Kingdom. Not wanting this to happen, Tiptron began hurrying over there in an effort to beat him to the room, so that she could warn the princess about the potion’s dangerous effects. Luckily, she was able to get there before Bowser, due to Dimention unexpectedly appearing in front of him.

As soon as Tiptron got into the room, she warned both Peach and Daisy about it, telling the former to escape from there as quickly as possible. Using the room’s secret passage, Peach began making her escape, but unfortunately for her, she did not get very far. While she was in the hallway, she ended up getting herself caught by some Koopatrols and Terrapins, which immediately brought her back to the room and held her down. With further assistance from Dimention, Bowser was successfully able to use the potion on Peach. To Bowser’s delight and Daisy’s disgust, the potion ended up working, just as Dimentia said it would. After these events transpired, Daisy and Tiptron have taken it upon themselves to locate the antidote, so they could free Peach from the effects of the love potion.

Elsewhere, Mario, Luigi, and company, after their loss to Bowser, ended up getting transported to Shooting Star Summit by Polywarp, a Pixl with teleportation powers. Additionally, they were also greeted by the star and heart-shaped Pixls, Starlight and Purity, who happen to be the guardians of the stolen Purity Stars, which were created to combat the Chaos Star. During their stay over at Shooting Star Summit, Dimention decided to pay them a visit in order to rub the photos he took of Bowser and Peach in Mario’s face. Additionally, he also told the group where each of the Purity Stars were located, which happened to be in each of the Koopalings’ castles. Using her fortune-telling abilities, Merluvlee was able to pinpoint all but one of stars’ locations, and the heroes began their search right away.

Now, the questions remain… Will Mario, Luigi, and company be able to successfully hunt down the Purity Stars and save the universe from destruction once again? Will Daisy and Tiptron be able to locate the antidote, and use it on Peach before twenty-four hours pass? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

Meanwhile, up at Princess Toadstool’s uprooted castle…

*Music Cue*

Tiptron MKII: *Emerges from the starred treasure chest*

Daisy: Hey, welcome back. So, how did they take the news, exactly?

Tiptron MKII: They all reacted just as we thought they would. Dimention made things worse by not only rubbing those photos in Mario’s face, but fabricating a story, saying that Princess Peach has been sneaking around with Bowser and staging those kidnappings all along!

Daisy: Seriously!? Ugh! As of now, I officially hate that guy! Between him and Bowser, I’m having a hard time deciding which of them is a bigger creep than the other!

Tiptron MKII: Bowser’s no saint himself, but from I’ve heard about the Chaos Star while I was down at Shooting Star Summit, I would definitely say Dimention. The same applies to his sister.

Daisy: That’s the thing he used to beat Luigi, Mario, and the others, right? What was it that you heard about it?

Tiptron MKII: *Explains*

Daisy: S-SAY WHAT!? So, basically, what you’re saying is that the Chaos Star caused a black hole to appear in the sky, which will eventually grow over time and destroy the world!?

Tiptron MKII: Yes, but not just the world… Unless something is done about it, it’ll destroy the entire universe! Dimentia and Dimention have kept Bowser in the dark about this, so he took part in the Chaos Star’s creation, not knowing what it’s truly capable of! In short, those two are using him, just as Princess Peach assumed! Bowser’s nothing more than a pawn in their scheme!

Daisy: …!

Kammy: *From the hallway* What’s all the commotion in there!?

Daisy: Uh oh… Not good!

Tiptron MKII: Quickly! Let’s hide before we’re spotted!

*They hide behind the door as Kammy, Kamek, and a handful of Koopatrols enter*

*Music Cue*

Kammy: Hmm, now that’s odd… I could have sworn I heard someone in here... What about you, Kamek?

Kamek: Yes, I thought I heard the same thing.

*Daisy and Tiptron begin sneaking away while their backs are turned, only to get themselves caught just before they exit the room*

Kamek: AH-HA! I knew it!

Daisy: Drat! We were SO close!

Kammy: Well, well… If it isn’t Princess What’s-Her-Name!

Daisy: Is the name of “Daisy” really THAT hard to remember, or is your old age starting to get to you?

Kammy: What did you say!? How dare you!

Kamek: I don’t know how you managed to get out of your room, but we shall see to it that it doesn’t happen again!

Kammy: *Looks toward the Koopatrols* You know what to do, boys! Get that insolent whelp out of my sight!

Koopatrol #1: Yes, ma’am!

*They grab Daisy and start dragging her away*

Daisy: Ugh, not again! Let go of me! *Jerks away*

Tiptron MKII: Oh, no! Princess Daisy! *Starts following them*

Daisy: *Continues jerking away and faces the two Magikoopas* Listen! Those two clowns, Dimentia and Dimention… There’s something you need to know about them!

Kamek: Is that so?

Tiptron MKII: That’s right! It’s very important, so I would strongly suggest listening to what she has to say!

Kammy: …

Alright, very well, then. Hold on a moment, Koopatrols. Let’s hear her out.

*They stop*

Kamek: So, Princess, do enlighten us… Exactly what is it that we need to know about Dimentia and Dimention that’s so urgent?

Daisy: Well, you see, the thing is… You guys need to get rid of it as soon as possible! It’s extremely dangerous!

Kammy: How so? As far as I’m aware, it’s only dangerous to those who oppose Lord Bowser, due to the invincibility that it grants!

Daisy: Yes, the Chaos Star may grant invincibility to whoever uses it, but there’s more to it than that! What you guys didn’t know about it is that it’s opened up a void in the sky that’ll eventually destroy the universe!

Everyone: …

*Kammy, Kamek, and the others glance at one another, and then burst out laughing*

Daisy: What’s so funny!?

Kamek: Ka ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, my! Are you serious!?

Kammy: Mweh heh heh heh! My goodness! Of all the things you could have come up with, THAT was your excuse!?

Koopatrol #2: Gee, what next? You’re gonna tell us that we’ll be getting visited by little green men from space?

*They laugh some more*

Daisy: Aliens DO exist, genius! I’ll have you know that one of them tried taking over my kingdom before!

*They ignore her and continue laughing*

Tiptron MKII: What would we have to gain from making up something like this!?

Kamek: Hmph, it seems to me that you just want King Koopa to get rid of the Chaos Star in order to make it easier for the Mario Brothers to defeat him! Well, that isn’t going to happen!

Kammy: That’s right! We’re onto you and your little scheme, missy!

Daisy: You guys just don’t get it, do you!? You’ve been tricked!

Kammy: By whom?

Daisy: Dimentia and Dimention, that’s who!

Kamek: Now what are you on about?

Tiptron MKII: Please, take this as a warning… They may act as if they’re loyal to Bowser, but they’re far more than what they appear to be! Those two aren’t to be trusted, period! Dimentia and Dimention are playing you all for fools!

Kammy: Come again?

Tiptron MKII: They’re the ones who initiated this entire plan by instructing Bowser on how to create the Chaos Star, correct? To further elaborate on what Princess Daisy said before, Dimentia and Dimention did this under the pretense that it would simply grant Bowser the power he needs to defeat his enemies and proceed with his plans to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, but what they didn’t tell him is that even if he’s to succeed, the Chaos Star would still ravage the universe in the process, and there won’t BE any worlds left for him to rule!

Everyone: …

Tiptron MKII: Yes, that’s right… They did not tell him the entire truth about the Chaos Star’s capabilities! Those two purposely obscured this information from Bowser, because they’re using him! In short, they’ve manipulated you from the start! This is why the Chaos Star should be destroyed! By continuing this plan, you’ll be playing right into their hand!

Daisy: Exactly! What do you have to say to that!?

Kamek: What do we have to say, you’re asking? I’m still not certain I believe your story.

Kammy: I don’t quite believe it, either.

Tiptron MKII: What!?

Daisy: Oh, come ON! Are you for real!? Do you seriously mean to tell me it’s THAT much of a stretch for a self-admitted psychopath like Dimention to do something like this!?

Kammy: For all we know, your story may very well have some truth to it, but on the other hand, it’s also possible that you’re simply trying to get Lord Bowser to drop his guard so that Mario and his brother will be able to defeat him, as Kamek stated before.

Kamek: Yes, and until proven otherwise, we’re continuing the plan, and as of this moment, this conversation has concluded! Guards, take these two runaways back to their room!

Koopatrol #1: Yes, sir!

*They grab Daisy and Tiptron, and start dragging them away*


Elsewhere, at Green Gully…

*A dimensional door appears in front of the castle entrance, and then Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Bombette come out of it*

Mallow: Well, looks like we’re here. Which of Bowser’s kids do you suppose this castle belongs to, Mario?

Mario: Hmm… *Looks around* Judging from the grassy scenery and the statues, this must be Larry’s castle. He’s the youngest of Bowser’s kids, next to Bowser Jr. I think.

Bombette: Good grief… Why does that guy have so many kids? I just have to wonder who the mother is…

Mallow: You know, if Birdo were here right now, I bet she’d probably come up with some crazy theory about Princess Toadstool being the mother!

Geno: Hmm hmm hmm! Yes, that sounds an awful lot like her. Birdo, I mean.

Mario: I wouldn’t put it past her.

Mallow: By the way… Is it me, or does she have something against the princess? Why’s that, exactly?

Mario: *Shrugs* I don't have a clue, to be honest. In any case, why don’t we go ahead and start looking for the Purity Star?

Geno: Yes, good idea. As Polywarp said, with each minute that passes by, all worlds are slowly beginning to decay, due to the Chaos Star’s power. Come on. Let’s get this show on the road.

*They start walking across the bridge*

???: YAHAHA! Well, what have we here?

*They look up at the balcony*

Mario: Momma-mia!

Mallow: No way!

Geno: It can’t be!

Bombette: And YOU are…?

???: The name’s Nello…PUNCHINELLO!

Mallow: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold the phone! How is it that you’re still alive!? You got crushed by one of your own bombs AND caught in the explosion!

Punchinello: You thought I was dead? Well, you thought wrong! I WAS accidentally crushed by the King Bomb that I summoned, but as that happened, I ended up burrowing underneath the ground just in time before the explosion, and here I am today!

Geno: Why are you here?

Punchinello: I’ve recently been recruited as a member of the Koopa Troop, and the number one thing on my “to do” list is blowing you sky high! *Takes out a handful of bombs* IT’S CLOBBERING TIME!!! *Starts tossing them*

Mallow: Ahhhh! He’s aiming for the bridge!

Mario: Quickly, let’s make a break for the entrance!

*They run off as the bridge begins to collapse, due to the bombs coming in contact with the bridge*


*They manage to make it to the entrance just in time before the rest of the bridge is gone, and they quickly enter the castle*

Punchinello: Hey, wait a minute! Where’d they go!? *Looks toward one of the Bob-ombs* Hey, you! Johnson! Did you see where they went? Did you see where they went? I DID get them, didn’t I?

Johnson: Yeah, they made it across.

Punchinello: Blast! *Clenches his fist* I’ll get them next time! Just you wait until they get up here… I’ll clobber ‘em for sure! Then, I’ll finally be famous around the world as the guy who defeated Mario! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Meanwhile, inside the castle…

Mallow: Sheesh! Is it me, or did that guy get even crazier since the last time we saw him?

Geno: It’s not just you. I think Punchinello may have very well reached a new level of insanity.

Bombette: By the way, where do you guys know that lunatic from, anyway?

Geno: We met him a while ago, during our quest for the seven pieces of the wish-granting Star Road that were scattered around the Mushroom Kingdom. Punchinello was in possession of the third Star Piece that we found at Moleville Mines, and we ended up having to face him in battle for it.

Bombette: Ah, okay. I guess that explains it.

*A group of Bob-ombs and Koopa Troopas are seen entering the area*

Mallow: Don’t look now, you guys, but it looks like we’ve got more bad guys to take down!

Mario: Hee hee, no problem! HERE WE GOOOOOO!

*They start fighting them off*

Meanwhile, up at Bowser’s castle…

*Music Cue*

Dimentia: *Exits the bathroom, with steam coming from her* Ah, good as new! I just hope I don’t end up on the receiving end of another nosebleed!

Bowser: *Walks by, carrying Peach*

Dimentia: (Well, THAT was convenient…) So, how did it go, King Koopa? I’ll take it the potion worked okay?

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! You bet it did!

Dimentia: *Giggles* I’m glad to hear it!

Bowser: *Sits Peach down* Hey, Peach, I need to have a word with Tia real quick. Could you wait for me in the room?

Peach: Certainly. *Walks away* 

Dimentia: Aww, you two are SO cute! By the way, when those twenty-four hours pass, you’ll invite me to the wedding, won’t you?

Bowser: Yeah, of course. All of my minions are invited, including you and your brother. Besides, this probably wouldn’t have been possible in the first place if it hadn’t been for you.

Dimentia: Thank you. As always, I am most honored.

Bowser: Don’t mention it.

Dimentia: One more thing… Would you happen to know which of the Koopalings’ castles that Mario went to, by any chance? I’d also like to have the honor of dealing with him personally, if that’s okay with you.

Bowser: Sure, go right ahead, but I don’t know whose castle he’s in at the moment.

Dimention: *Appears*

Bowser: Whoa!

Dimention: Once again, I’m awfully sorry. I guess I need to work on making my entrances less…surprising.

Bowser: Don’t worry, I’m starting to get used to it now.

Dimention: Pardon the eavesdropping, but you wanted to know where Mario is, correct? Well, he, his fluffy friend, his puppet pal, and his Bob-omb buddy are currently infiltrating Larry’s castle in a futile attempt to obtain the Purity Star.

Dimentia: Thanks, that’s just what I needed to know. Now, with that said, I’ll be on my merry little way for the time being. Ta-ta for now, my king! Enjoy your time with Princess Peach! *Warps away*

Dimention: By the way, here’s the reactionary photo that you requested, of Mario’s group. *Hands it to Bowser*

Bowser: Pfffft…! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now THAT is priceless! Awesome job, as always!

Dimention: Thank you, thank you very much!

Bowser: No problem. That’ll be all for now, Tion. Peach and I’ve got some…unfinished business.

Dimention: Ah, so you want some privacy, eh? Sure, your wish is my command! Should I be needed for anything else in the future, I’ll be right over! Until then… Adieu! *Warps away*

Kammy: *From down the hall* Your Viciousness! Your Viciousness!

Bowser: *Groans in annoyance*

Kammy: Do you mind if we have a word?

Bowser: As a matter of fact, I do! Whatever it is, it had better be important, because Peach and I were about to…spend some quality time.

Kamek: Trust me, this cannot wait! Now, just keep in mind, though… We don’t know for certain whether or not this is true, but we feel the need to inform you about what we’ve heard, anyway. It concerns those two jesters we’ve recruited, as well as the Chaos Star itself!

Bowser: Alright, then go ahead, spit it out.

Kammy: Yes, very well. Here goes… *Explains*

Bowser: SAY WHAT!? Are…are you serious!? Tell me, where did you hear this information from!?

Kammy: Princess Daisy and that robotic, colorful butterfly are the ones who relayed this information to us after we caught them sneaking around.

Bowser: This…this can’t be true! It just can’t be!

Kamek: Again, we’re not entirely certain whether or not their claims are believable, since they’re allied with our enemies, but it’s something to take into consideration. After all, didn’t Princess Toadstool say earlier that the two of them resembled one of your other enemies, who also pulled a stunt like this?

Bowser: Yeah, now that you mention it, but unlike THAT nutjob, I’m sure that Dimentia and Dimention can be trusted. They’ve never given me a reason to be suspicious. After all, it’s because of those two that my plan has come so far along. For starters, that Chaos Star gave me the power I needed to trounce both Mario AND Green ‘Stache along WITH their loser friends, and I didn’t even break a sweat! Secondly, Dimentia gave me this awesome love potion to use on Peach, which is gonna become permanent after twenty-four hours have gone by! When that’s all said and done, the two of us are gonna get married, and I’ll be able to make my reign over this kingdom official! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Kammy: Yes, that’s all well and good, Lord Bowser, but what if those two actually DO end up betraying you?

Bowser: BWAHAHAHA! There’s no need to worry yourself about it, grandma. If those two even THINK of pulling a fast-one on me, then I’ll stomp ‘em into next week! I’ll Bowserize ‘em!

Kamek: Good answer.

Kammy: Yes. Well said, as always.

Meanwhile, again at Larry’s castle…

*Music Cue*

Punchinello: HAHAHAHA! Well, well! Looks like you’ve made it! That was a lot quicker than I expected…

Geno: Punchinello, step aside. We haven’t the time to trade barbs with you.

Mallow: That’s right! We need to get that Purity Star! Otherwise, this world is gonna be destroyed!

Punchinello: Oh, please! I’m not buying that for one second!

Mario: Okie dokey, then. I guess this leaves us with no choice but to fight him, you guys.

Bombette: I’ve got no problem with that!

Punchinello: *Summons some Bob-ombs and points to Mario’s group* Attack!

*The Bob-ombs light their fuses, and begin charging toward the group*

Mallow: *Uses his lightning magic to strike them*

Geno: *Morphs his arm into a gun and blasts the rest of them with a laser*

*The Bob-ombs explode, and then Mario and Bombette start charging toward Punchinello*

Punchinello: *Tosses a few Micro Bombs at them*

Bombette: Look out!

*They dodge, and keep running toward him*

Mario: Wah! *Jumps* Whoo hoo! *Jumps again* WA-HAAAAA! *Jumps even higher into the air, lands on Punchinello, and stomps him repeatedly with a Power Bounce*

Punchinello: Gah! Why, you little…! OWWWWWW!

Bombette: *Uses the Body Slam attack and bashes into him*

Punchinello: Oooof! *Falls over*

Mallow: Give up yet?

Punchinello: *Gets up again*

Mallow: I guess not.

Punchinello: *Shoves Mario with incredible force, knocking him in Mallow and Geno’s direction*

Mario: Uhhhhhhh!

Mallow: Ahhhhh! *Gets knocked over*

Geno: Ooooof! *Same*

Punchinello: *Grabs Bombette and picks her up*

Bombette: Hey, what do you think you’re doing!? Let go of me! *Jerks away*

Punchinello: *Uses the Sandstorm ability*

Mario: Momma-mia!

Mallow: I…can’t see!

Geno: The Sandstorm technique… I completely forgot that use knew how to utilize it!

Punchinello: HAHAHAHAHA! I hope you’re all having a blast, because I sure am! *Rolls Bombette across the ground like a bowling ball*

Bombette: Ahhhhhhhhh!

*She crashes into the three of them, triggering an explosion*

Punchinello: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now THAT’S what I call explosive results!

*The smoke clears, and Mario and company are shown to be slightly charred from Bombette’s explosion*

Mallow: Okay, something tells me we’re gonna need to come up with a strategy of some sort. Any ideas?

Punchinello: *Summons even more Bob-ombs than before*

Bombette: Mario, Mallow, Geno… Brace yourselves, because you’re about to see me do something that’s completely out of my nature. When I do it, I want it to never, EVER be spoken of again. Got it?

Mario: *Nods*

Mallow: Well, okay.

Geno: Alright, if you insist.

*All the other Bob-ombs get lovestruck and confused, turning, and begin targeting Punchinello*

Punchinello: What the…!? Hey, wait a minute! What’re you doing!?

*They stampede toward him and explode*

Punchinello: GAAAAAAH!

Bombette: There, I did it.

Mallow: Alright!

Mario: Hee hee, nice one, Bombette!

Geno: I don’t think we’ll be hearing from Punchinello again after that one! At least not for a while…

Bombette: Thanks, but just to, you know, reiterate, let’s NEVER speak of this again. As far as I or anyone else is concerned, this never happened.

Punchinello: You won’t be hearing from me again, you say? Well, I beg to differ!

*The smoke clears, and Punchinello’s still standing, but charred from the explosion*

Punchinello: You haven’t won yet! I’ve been saving one last surprise…

Bombette: And what would THAT be?

Mallow: Don’t tell me you’re gonna bring out another of those King Bombs! Don’t you remember what happened the LAST time you did that?

Punchinello: Oh, I remember, but this time around, I’ve learned how to time it just right!

Geno: Even so, I wouldn’t advise it. This high platform we’re on…it’s taken quite a bit of damage from all the explosions that have occurred. If anyone weight is added to it, it might collapse!

Punchinello: If that’s what it’ll take to beat YOU, then it’s a risk I’m willing to take! *Stomps the ground and summons a King Bomb*

Bombette: What the…!? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Bob-omb THAT huge before!

Punchinello: Don’t go thinking that little “love” trick of yours is gonna work this time! King Bombs are one of a kind, completely devoid of any and all feelings! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, yeah! You’re in for it now!

*Suddenly, a vibration occurs*

Punchinello: Oh, crud! Not now!

Unable to withstand any more weight, the platform they were all standing on ended up collapsing, just as Geno predicted. As a result, Punchinello and the King Bomb ended up collapsing, plummeting all the way to the bottom of the castle entrance. Additionally, this also triggered the King Bomb’s explosion, with Punchinello getting caught in it. Mario and company, on the other hand, made a jump for it just in time before the platform fell and safely landed on the other side.

Mallow: Whew… That was close!

Bombette: Yeah, that’s for sure! Here’s hoping we’ll never have to hear from THAT lunatic again!

Mario: *Nods in agreement*

Once again, Mario and his party have soundly defeated the deranged Punchinello, but there’s no cause to celebrate just yet, as they still have Larry Koopa, as well as Dimentia, to deal with in order to obtain one of the eight Stars of Purity. Speaking of Dimentia, could it be true that she and Dimention truly are plotting against Bowser? If so, what are their intentions? Will Daisy and Tiptron be able to successfully find the evidence that’s needed to prove their theory, as well as rescuing Peach from her brainwashing before twenty-four hours come to pass? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…
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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
« Reply #6 on: Nov 12 2013, 05:47 AM »
I've finished this chapter of the story about four days ago, and I was going to withhold from posting this until I got Part 15d of Dimensional Chaos finished, but as you can see, that didn't quite go as planned, since I've been having some difficulties with it. Not to worry, though. I'll definitely have it finished before this month is over, along with the first chapter of the upcoming third Christmas Special.
Part 7

When we last left off, Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Bombette ventured through Larry Koopa’s castle at Green Gully in hopes of obtaining the first of the eight Purity Stars, which have the power to combat the dangerous, destructive force of the Chaos Star. As the four of them fought their way through the Koopa Troop members and other obstacles in the castle, they eventually came across their recent recruit, Punchinello, who was bent on getting revenge on the group due to their previous encounter. From there, they engaged Nello and his Bomb-omb minions in battle, and managed to defeat them once again, with the former falling off the collapsing platform, ironically getting himself caught in the explosion of the very King Bomb he summoned once again. From there, Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Bombette proceeded to the next room.

Elsewhere, up at Princess Peach/Toadstool’s uprooted castle, Princess Daisy and Tiptron MKII ended up getting caught sneaking around the castle by Kammy, Kamek, and their Koopatrol squad. After hearing about the Chaos Star’s dangerous, destructive power from Starlight and Purity, Daisy and Tiptron attempted to persuade the Koopa Troop that they were being used by Dimentia and Dimention, and that they should get rid of the Chaos Star before it’s too late. However, their story, for the most part, ended up falling on deaf ears, and the two of them were taken away once again.

Now, the questions remain… Will Daisy and Tiptron be able to rescue the captured castle residents, free Peach from the effects of the love potion, and find the evidence that they need to prove Dimentia and Dimention’s alleged “deception” before it’s too late? What obstacles await Mario and his party in the next room? Find out as the saga continues in Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star!

*Mario and company enter the next room*

*Music Cue*

Dimentia: *Giggles* So, you must be Mario. We finally meet at last…

Mario: *Glares*

Dimentia: I have to say, you’re a lot cuter up close, from this view. *Winks at him*

Mario: …

Geno: You’re…Dimentia, I take it?

Dimentia: That’s right! I am a loyal, humble servant of King Koopa… The mistress of dimensions, the pleaser of crowds, I am… Dimentia!

Mallow: “A loyal, humble servant of King Koopa”, you say? Please! We all know for a fact that you and your brother are just using him!

Dimentia: You sound just like Princess Peach… And quite frankly, I’m deeply offended that you’d make such an accusation of us! We’ve sworn nothing but undying loyalty to our king! I, for one, would gladly give my life for him if I had to!

Everyone: …

Dimentia: You’re…not buying that, are you?

Geno: No, as a matter of fact. Your proclamation of loyalty would have been more believable if you hadn’t deliberately left Bowser in the dark about the Chaos Star’s true power!

Bombette: Exactly! You aren’t fooling anybody! Now with that said, step aside! We have a Purity Star to find!

Mario: Yes, and tell us what you’ve done with the antidote, while you’re at it!

Dimentia: Antidote? Whatever do you mean?

Mario: You know what I’m talking about! The one that came with the potion that you used to brainwash Peach!

Dimentia: Ohhhh, that one? *Giggles* Well, why didn’t you say so? The antidote to reverse the effects of that potion is currently in King Koopa’s possession, as far as I’m aware. If you want it, you’re going to have to take it up with him.

Mario: Believe me, I will!

Dimentia: *Giggles* You are SO cute when you’re angry! Anyway, let’s get down to business, shall we? In order to move onto the next room, you’ll have to get through me first!

Mallow: Bring it on!

Dimentia: Sure thing, but how about we…up the ante a little bit? *Uses her magic to transform the area so that they’re in Dimension D*

Bombette: Huh? *Looks around*

Mallow: Where are we?

Geno: Is this an alternate dimension of some sort?

Dimentia: That’s right. This is Dimension D, a realm of Dimentio’s creation before his death. Beware, because in this dimension, my attacks become 256 times more potent.

Mario: …

Dimentia: One more thing before we begin… *Uses more magic to trap Mallow, Geno, and Bombette within a forcefield*

Mallow: What the…!? Hey! What’s the big idea!?

Mario: Let them go!

Dimentia: This is a one-on-one battle between me and you, Mario. I did that to ensure that there’d be no unwanted interference. Oh, don’t you worry, though. I’ll gladly release them…if you can defeat me, that is. Just a heads up, though… I won’t go easy on you. Now, shall we get started?

Mario: ‘Ret ta go!

*Music Cue*

Dimentia: *Fires a few magic beams at him*

Mario: Wah! *Jumps over one of them* Wah hoo! *Jumps over the next one* WAH-HAAAAA! *Leaps even higher over the last one*

Dimentia: *Snaps her finger, causing an explosion in the spot Mario’s standing*

Mario: Uhhhhhh! *Gets blown backward*

Dimentia: *Fires a barrage of magic blasts at him*

Mario: *Dodges, takes out his hammer, and starts swatting them away, knocking one in her direction*

Dimentia: Ahhhhhh! *Gets hit*

Mario: *Runs toward Dimentia, leaps into the air, and uses the Power Bounce, stomping on her repeatedly*

Dimentia: Ow, owww!

Mallow: Alright!

Bombette: Yeah, that’s right, Mario! Show that witch who’s boss!

Dimentia: Hey, cut that out! That’s no way to treat a lady! *Teleports away, causing him to miss the final stomp*

Mario: Oooof! *Falls over*

Mallow: You okay over there, Mario?

Mario: Yes, I’m fine. *Stands up*

Dimentia: *Snaps her finger and creates another explosion*

Mario: Whoa! *Jumps out of the way*

Dimentia: *Continues doing it*

Mario: *Runs dodges, and swings his hammer at Dimentia after getting close enough*

Dimentia: *Teleports out of the way*

Mario: Huh!? Where’d she go!?

Dimentia: *Giggles* Looking for someone? *Blasts him from behind*

Mario: Uhhhhhhhhh! *Falls over*

Dimentia: *Creates several copies of herself*

Mallow: Uh oh… That doesn’t look good…

Bombette: She’s able to make copies of herself… Great…

Geno: These “copies” are most likely illusions. As such, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish the real one among the group. That is, unless Mario finds a way to attack them all at once.

*Dimentia and her clones surround and encircle Mario*

Mario: Momma-mia…

All Dimentias: *Giggles* Can you find…the real one?

Mario: As a matter of fact, I can. *Takes out his hammer*

After getting out his hammer, Mario held it back, slammed it onto the ground, and used the Burnhammer technique. Upon impact with the floor, flames suddenly burst from the hammer in multiple directions, simultaneously burning both Dimentia and her clones to a crisp.


*The clones disappear as Dimentia collapses to the ground*

Mallow: Alright!

Bombette: Yeah, that outta teach her!

Geno: Yes, quite impressive!

Mario: Are you ready to give up?

Dimentia: Uggggh… You’re as good as they say, Mario… I can see why King Koopa’s had so much trouble with you over the years…

Mario: …

Dimentia: *Gets up* Well, you’ve beaten me fair and square, so you’re free to go now.

*Dimentia transforms the area back to normal, and releases Mallow, Geno, and Bombette from the forcefield*

Dimentia: Until we meet again, ta-ta! *Blows a kiss to Mario and teleports*

Mallow: Well, now that we’ve finally gotten that clown outta the way, let’s go stop that Larry goon!

Mario: Okie dokey! HERE WE GOOOOOO!

*They rush to the next room*

Geno: Hmm, it doesn’t seem as if anyone’s here…

Mallow: Hey, look, you guys! Over there! *Points to the floating red, flashing star*

Mario: Leapin’ lasagna! Could that be one of the Purity Stars that the Pixls were talking about?

Bombette: Yeah, that must be! I can’t think of anything else it could possibly be!

Geno: It could be, but doesn’t it strike anyone else as odd that it’s just lying here out in the open like this? Plus, I don’t believe we’ve seen this “Larry” at all since we’ve been here…

Mallow: You know, that’s a pretty good point. So, what do you think we should do?

Geno: I think it would be best that we proceed with caution while grabbing the star.

Mario: Yes, good idea.

With that said, Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Bombette began slowly and steadily walking towards the Purity Star. However, just as they were closing in on it, a trapdoor ended up opening underneath them, sending the four heroes plummeting towards the ground.




Bombette: AAAAAAAAHHH!!!

*They hit the ground with a loud thump, and find themselves in a jail cell akin to the one at the Koopa Bros. fortress*

*Music Cue*


Mario: Larry!

Larry: That’s right, drain-brain! Man, you guys’re so dumb! I can’t believe ya fell for such an obvious trap!

Mallow: For your information, we knew all along it was a trap!

Larry: Oh, really?

Geno: That came as no surprise to us at all, which is why we approached the star so cautiously.

Larry: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, and we all saw where THAT got ya!

Bombette: GRRRR…

Larry: I hope you guys have a good time shaking and crying in there! Just try not to drown yourselves in your own tears! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Walks away*

Bombette: Ooh, just wait until I get my “hands” on that little brat!

Mario: Hey, Bombette, do you think there’s a way you could blow us out of here, like you did at the Koopa Bros. fortress and Bowser’s castle a while back?

Bombette: Sure, no problem. *Walks toward the bars with a lit fuse* Stand back, you guys! This is gonna be a big one!

*They get out of the way as she explodes, destroying the jail bars in the process*

Mallow: Alright! Score one for us!

Geno: Are you alright over there, Bombette?

Bombette: Yeah, I’m okay, but enough about me. Let’s go settle things with that Koopa brat!

*They leave the room*

Minutes later…

Larry: WHAT THE...!? No way! How’d you escape that brilliant trap of mine!?

Mallow: “Brilliant”? Please, I’ve seen babies that could come up with better traps!

Bombette: Yeah, and not to mention the fact that it was totally unoriginal. The Koopa Bros. did the exact same thing.

Larry: I wouldn’t go gettin’ smug if I were you! Just wait until you’ve seen my secret weapon! *Takes out a remote, presses a button, and summons a large red, mechanical dragon*

Mallow: Whoa! That thing’s huge!

Larry: HAHAHAHA! Ya like it? This is “Zillatron”, a new robot made by my bro, Iggy. He gave it to me as a birthday present about a year ago, and now it’s time I’ve finally put this baby to use! *Gets inside of it*

Geno: Before we proceed, you’ve met the two jesters, Dimentia and Dimention, have you not?

Larry: Yeah? What about ‘em?

Geno: If you had even the slightest idea of what those two were planning, then you’d hand over that Purity Star, nice and easy.

Larry: What’re you talkin’ about?

Geno: Have you seen the black hole in the sky? That’s all the work of the Chaos Star. It may be small at the moment, but it will continue to grow over time and destroy the universe! Dimentia and Dimention knew this, but they still kept Bowser in the dark about it! To put it in short, the two of them are merely using him!

Larry: Oh, yeah, right! Nice try, Pinocchio, but I’m not buyin’ it!

Geno: Very well, then you leave us no choice. Are you guys ready? Let’s get this show on the road!

Mario: Ret ta go!

*Music Cue*

Larry: HAHAHAHA! The Zillatron’s gonna have you chumps for lunch!

*Larry presses the button to make the Zillatron stomp its foot, creating a slight tremor*

Larry: Ready or not, here I come! *Makes the Zillatron charge at them*

Mallow: W-Whoa!

*They spread out, dodge, and charge toward it*

Larry: *Presses a button to swing the Zillatron’s tail and smack them into a wall*

All four: Uhhhhhh!

Larry: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Your goose is COOKED! *Presses another button to blow fire*

Mario: *Takes out F.L.U.D.D., straps it across his back, and counters the fire with a water blast*

Larry: What in the…!?

*The fire gets put out, and the Zillatron gets blasted with water, too*

Larry: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice try, but this baby’s waterproof!

Mallow: Maybe, but is it electric-proof? *Uses lightning magic to zap the Zillatron*

Larry: IEEEEEEE! *Bzzzzzt!*

Mallow: *Smirks* I didn’t think so.

Larry: Oh, yeah, that’s REAL funny!

Mallow: Yeah, I know, wasn’t it?

Larry: …It’s called “sarcasm”, genius! Now, enough chit-chat! *Flaps the Zillatron’s wings, creating strong gusts of wind*

Mario: Ghhhh…! *Starts resisting the current*

*Mallow, Geno, and Bombette do the same*

Meanwhile, up at Princess Toadstool’s castle…

*Music Cue*

Daisy: Pssst! Hey, Tiptron! Looks like those guards have finally stopped paying attention to us! What do you say we sneak out of here again?

Tiptron MKII: I don’t see why not. After all, we’ve got a lot of work to do, and we won’t get any of it done by sitting around in this room, doing nothing.

Daisy: Right. *Removes the painting, presses the red button, and opens up the secret passage*

Tiptron MKII: By the way, are you certain that it’s still a good idea to go this way? We both saw how quickly Princess Peach was caught after Bowser came here to use that potion on her…

Daisy: Maybe, but we won’t know for sure unless we try.

Tiptron MKII: I suppose you’re right.

Daisy: Hey, wait a second!

Tiptron MKII: Hmm?

Daisy: I just remembered something that’ll make our job a WHOLE lot easier!

Tiptron MKII: Really? What’s that?

Daisy: *Walks over to one of the drawers, digs through it, and takes out the Sneaky Parasol* Ta-da!

Tiptron MKII: …An umbrella?

Daisy: Yeah, but it’s no ordinary umbrella. It’s called the “Sneaky Parasol”, and according to what Peach told me, it has a special power. You can use this to morph into other people without anyone suspecting a thing!

Tiptron MKII: Ah, I see, I see! I think I know where you’re going with this… You plan on using it to impersonate one of Bowser’s guards, correct?

Daisy: You got it! That way, we’ll be able to free all the others, get that antidote, and change Peach back to normal! Also, once we’re through with that, let’s see what we could do about finding the proof we need to back up everything we’ve said about those two psycho clowns!

Tiptron MKII: Alright! Now, what are we waiting for? Let’s go ahead and put it to use!

Daisy: *Nods* Right!

*They leave the room and begin sneaking up on one of the Koopatrols*

Daisy: *Taps him on the shoulder*

Koopatrol: *Turns around* Hey, wait a minute! You’re Princess Daisy! You aren’t supposed to leave your-

Daisy: *Lifts up his helmet visor and punches his lights out*

Koopatrol: Uhhhhhhh! *Falls over*

Daisy: Too easy! *V-pose*

Tiptron MKII: Nice punch!

Daisy: Thanks. Now, it’s time for this thing to work its magic. *Aims the Sneaky Parasol at the unconscious Koopatrol, and uses it to shapeshift into him* So, how do I look?

Tiptron MKII: Incredible… It’s just as Princess Peach described! We should definitely be able to sneak around this and Bowser’s castle without any trouble now!

Daisy: *Drags the Koopatrol across the floor and stuffs him into a closet* Alright, let’s go!

*They leave the area*

Again, back at Larry’s castle, much later on into the battle…

*Music Cue*

Mario: *Repeatedly smashes the Zillatron’s cockpit with his hammer*

Mallow: *Bashes it with his Froggie Stick*

Larry: Gaaaaah! Hey, hey! Cut that out!

Geno: *Blasts the Zillatron with bullets from his fingers*

Bombette: *Lights her fuse and starts charging up another explosion*

Larry: *Presses a button to make the Zillatron breathe more fire at the group*

*All but Bombette manages to dodge*

Bombette: W-WHAT!? UHHHHHHH!!! *Explodes*

*Mario, Mallow, and Geno get caught in it*




*They get blown into the wall*

Larry: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah, yeah! Howda ya like them apples!?

Bombette: Uggggh… *Her eyes twirl around, indicating dizziness*

Mario: Bombette, are you okay?

Bombette: I’ve…been better… Sorry, you guys, but I may have to sit the rest of this one out…

Mallow: Just sit tight, I have something that’ll fix you right up. *Summons a cloud and uses the HP Rain to heal her*

Bombette: Whoa… *Suddenly rises up again* Whatever that was you just did, I feel good as new again! Thanks!

Mallow: No problem.

Geno: Yes, Mallow’s HP Rain ability certain comes in handy. Now, why don’t we turn our focus back to taking down that mechanical dragon?

Bombette: Sounds good to me. Any ideas?

Geno: Yes, I have one. Mario, Mallow, why not attack it again with your water pump and lightning magic? After it’s taken enough damage from that, Bombette and I will deliver the final blow by attacking it simultaneously.

Mario: Good idea!

Bombette: Yeah, it’s definitely worth a shot!

Larry: Look, I dunno what you guys are whisperin’ about over there, but whatever it is you’re plannin’, it’s not gonna work!

Mallow: That’s what you think! Are you guys ready?

Mario: Ret ‘ta go! *Aims F.L.U.D.D. at the Zillatron*

Bombette: *Lights her fuse again*

Larry: Ready or not, here I come! *Steers the Zillatron in their direction, attempting to trample the group*

Mario: *Continuously squirts Zillatron with water*

Mallow: *Uses the Shocker ability to start zapping it*

Larry: IEEEEEEEEEE!!! *Bzzzzzt!*

Bombette: Alright, it’s working! Now, are you ready for the next part, Geno?

Geno: *Nods* I’m ready.

Bombette: *Stands next to the Zillatron and starts to glow* Let’s do it on the count of three!

Geno: One…

Bombette: Two…

Both: THREE!

At the count of three, Geno and Bombette simultaneously attacked the Zillatron, with the former using the Geno Flash, and with the latter exploding once again. These attacks, plus Mario and Mallow’s, caused the Zillatron to take so much damage that it began to break into pieces.

Larry: W-What the…!? Oh, crap! OH, CRAAAAAAAAP!

*An explosion occurs*

Mallow: Alright! We did it!

*The smoke clears and Larry is on the ground, charred from the explosion*

Mallow: Had enough yet?

Larry: *Coughs and waves a white flag* Okay, okay… I give up…

Geno: The Purity Star, please.

Larry: Yeah, sure, of course. *Holds it out* Here, go ahead and take it. It’s all yours.

Mario: *Starts walking over there to get it*

Larry: (HAHAHAHAHA! What morons! They’re takin’ the bait! Once ol’ drain-brain over here reaches for the star, I’ll switch it out with this bomb at the last second and blow ‘em all sky-high!)

Mario: *Gets ready to grab the Purity Star*

Larry: (Yes, wait for it…) *Smirks*

*As Mario takes the Purity Star, the bomb is suddenly snatched out of Larry’s hand just in time before he switches it out with the star*

Larry: Huh!? What the…!?

Croco: Lookin’ for this, kid? *Tosses the bomb back to him*

Larry: *Catches it just as it’s beginning to blow* Ahhhhhh! Ah, crap! AH, CRAAAAAAAPPP!!!

*It explodes, sending him flying through the ceiling*


*Music Cue*

Mallow: Huh? Wait a minute, what just happened?

Croco: Ya know that bomb I just threw back at ‘im? I saw ‘im hidin’ it behind his back when I came in, meanin’ that the kid was plannin’ to trick ya guys. The four o’ youse ‘r’ definitely lucky I got here when I did! Otherwise, ya woulda been toast!

Bombette: Hmph, it figures that the little brat would try pulling a fast-one on us. In any case, thanks.

Mallow: Yeah, we definitely owe ya one!

Mario: *Nods in agreement*

Geno: Yes, we appreciate it.

Croco: Hey, don’t sweat it.

Geno: So, exactly what brings you here, anyway?

Croco: Well, ya see, I just happened to be in the area, lookin’ for someone to sell some items to, ‘n’ I ended up runnin’ into you guys. *Takes out a bag and dumps out some items* You guys got any cash on ya? If so, would ‘ja be interested in buyin’ any o’ this junk, I mean…merchandise?

Everyone: …

Croco: What’s ‘da matter?

Mallow: Okay, who’d you steal from THIS time?

Croco: Does it matter? I just saved your hides, so the least ya could do is buy somethin’. You said ‘ja owe me, remember?

Mallow: *Sigh* Fine.

*They buy some of the items*

Croco: As always, it’s been a pleasure doin’ business wit’ ‘cha. ‘N’ wit’ that said, I gotta run. Adios, amigos! *Takes off*

Mallow: So, should we go ahead and return to Shooting Star Summit? We’d outta show Merluvlee and the others that we got the Purity Star.

Mario: Okie dokey! *Holds it up in the air* HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOO!!!

After long, grueling battles against Dimentia and Larry Koopa, the four heroes managed to triumph in the end and obtain the first Purity Star. However, there’s hardly any case to celebrate just yet, as there are still seven more to find. With each second that continues to pass by, the Void slowly continues to grow, and will eventually consume all worlds unless the Chaos Star is destroyed. Will the rest of the heroes have what it takes to obtain the rest of the Purity Stars before this transpires? Find out as the saga continues next time on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…
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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 8

When we last left off on Legend of the Chaos Star, Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Bombette confronted Dimentia as they were on their way to duel Larry Koopa and obtain the first Purity Star. Eager to test Mario’s abilities in battle, Dimentia trapped the others within a forcefield to ensure that there wouldn’t be any interference. Dimentia then used her powers to transport everyone within Dimension D, a realm which supposedly multiplies her abilities by tenfold. Shortly afterwards, the battle began, and even though Dimentia managed to put up a fight, Mario managed to emerge victorious in the end. After congratulating him for his victory, she removed the forcefield from around Mallow, Geno, and Bombette as she had promised, and left the castle accordingly. With her out of the way, Mario and company were free to proceed to the next room.

As they entered the next room, they found the Purity Star, floating around in the air, out in the open. Suspicious of this, they decided approach the star with caution, but despite this, they still managed to get themselves caught within the trap that Larry set. Not very long after Larry showed up to mock them for it, they managed to get themselves out with the help of Bombette’s explosive power. When that was all said and done, they quickly left the room to catch up Larry.

Once they got there, Larry summoned the “Zillatron”, a mechanical dragon robot that Iggy built for him. From there, Mario and company began their battle against Zillatron. As expected, Larry proved himself to be a bit of a challenge for the heroes, but they still managed to triumph in the end by combining their powers, and with some careful planning and thinking, they managed to destroy the Zillatron, leaving Larry burnt up and covered in soot from the explosion.

Defeated, Larry decided to surrender the Purity Star to the heroes…or so it seemed. Although he was handing it over to Mario, he intended to switch it out with a bomb at the last second. Luckily, Croco happened to be in the area and caught wind of this. After noticing the bomb, Croco snatched it from Larry and threw it back at him, sending the young Koopaling flying over the horizon. With Larry defeated, Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Bombette decided to travel back to Shooting Star Summit to deliver the good news to Merluvlee and the others. However, even though they managed to get one of the stars, there’s hardly any cause to celebrate, as there are still seven more to obtain. Plus, with each second that goes by, the Void continues to expand. Will the rest of the heroes be able to get the rest of the Purity Stars in time before the universe is destroyed? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star!

Meanwhile, at the room where Mario and company’s battle against Larry took place…

*Music Cue*

Dimentia: *Warps in shortly after the heroes leave and observes the Zillatron’s remains* Wow, would you look at that? It looks as if Mario and his friends were able to get their hands on that Purity Star…

Dimention: *Appears* …As expected. Still, they’re definitely more formidable than I thought! I’m now starting to see exactly how Dimentio met his end at the hands of Mario and his companions.

Dimentia: Same here. By the way, are you the one who told Mario about the love potion?

Dimention: I did no such thing. It was that mechanical butterfly who spilled the beans about it. I merely took a couple photos of Bowser and Toadstool while they were in the middle of their…moment, and showed them to Mario and his friends to back up the story I told them about Bowser and the princess secretly having something going on behind the scenes! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’ll tell you, Sis, their reactions were PRICELESS! Mario was in complete shock, and was probably on the verge of bursting into tears!

Dimentia: …Honestly, Dimention. You can be so cruel sometimes…

Dimention: Yes, maybe so, but it still gave him the right motivation, and everything’s going according to plan so far.

Dimentia: True…

Dimention: Now, with that said, let’s see how much progress the rest of our “friends” are making, shall we? *Warps away*

Meanwhile, outside of the castle…

*Mario and company approach the dimensional door that Polywarp created, open it, and begin going inside*

*Music Cue*

Jr. Troopa: *Flies through the air and spots them* …! AH-HA! There you are, Mario! *Starts flying toward the door at high-speed* Backing out on me again, I see? Well, not this time! I’m not letting you get away! This time, I WILL even the-

Mario: *Closes the door behind him, not noticing Jr. Troopa*

Jr. Troopa: UHHHHHHHH!!! *Crashes into the door* Owwwww! *Holds his head* That was a cheap trick, Mario!

Hey, wait a minute! The door… It’s disappearing! NO! Mario! Get back out here and fight me, you coward!

*It fades away*

Jr. Troopa: Augh! *Starts stomping the ground* Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUUUUUUPIIIIIIDDDD!!!

Meanwhile, at one of the jail cells of Bowser’s castle…

(Koopatrol) Daisy: *Enters the room and approaches the Koopatrol that’s guarding the cell* I’ll take it from here. You go ahead and rest easy now.

Koopatrol: Finally! It’s about time… My shift’s been over for ages now! I’m exhausted! I swear, they don’t pay me enough for this! Yeah, so, anyway, here’s the key. *Hands it to “him”*

(Koopatrol) Daisy: Thanks.

Koopatrol: No problem. So, uh, have a nice shift and all that. See ya. *Leaves the room*

(Koopatrol) Daisy: *Peeks out of the room, waits until he’s well out of sight, and changes back* Heh heh, sucker! That was too easy!

Tiptron MKII: *Enters* Yes, you certainly pulled that off quite well.

Toadsworth: *Wakes up* Hmm? Princess Daisy!?

Daisy: Toadsworth!? It’s nice to see you!

Toadsworth: Likewise, my dear! What happened to the bloke who guarding this cell?

Daisy: I tricked him by disguising myself as one of the other Koopa Knights, or whatever they’re called, and he ended up handing me the key, just like that. In any case, let’s get you guys out of here. *Unlocks the cell*

Toadsworth: Tally-ho! Sweet freedom! *Walks over to the other sleeping Toads* Hey, everyone! Wake up! The door’s opened! We’re free!

*The Toads wake up*

All Toads: Yahoo!

*They rush out of the cell*

Toadsworth: I do say we definitely owe you some thanks!

Daisy: Don’t mention it.

Toadsworth: By the way, any word on Princess Toadstool’s whereabouts? How is she doing?

Tiptron MKII: Uh, well…

Daisy: Trust me, you don’t wanna know…

Toadsworth: Oh, but I simply must! Please, you must tell me what’s become of her! Ever since this incident occurred, I’ve been fraught with so much worry! I’ve been Princess Peach’s caretaker ever since she was an infant, and if something were to happen to her, I… I don’t think I’d ever be able to forgive myself…

Tiptron MKII: Oh, I see…

Daisy: Well… In that case, we’ll tell you on the way out. For the time being, let’s focus on getting you guys out of here!

Toad #1: Wait, I just realized… This castle is all the way up in the sky, isn’t it? How are gonna get back down?

Tiptron MKII: While Princess Daisy and I were searching for this place, we came across the castle entrance, which has tons of unoccupied clown copter vehicles. Using those, you should be able to escape with ease!

Toadsworth: Alright, then let’s get out here with all due speed!

*They rush out of the room*

Daisy: (Luigi… I wonder where he is right now. Wherever he, Mario, and the others are, I hope they’re all doing okay…)

Elsewhere, at Ludwig’s castle entrance of Gloomy Grove…

*Luigi clings to a tree, while Bow, Vivian, Doopliss, Mimi, and Nastasia are trying to pull him off of it*

*Music Cue*

Bow: …Honestly, Luigi. Why are you acting so cowardly all of a sudden?

Luigi: N-No one told me this place was haunted!

Bow: Give me a break. This place isn’t all THAT bad. In fact, I rather like it. That Ludwig child certain has good taste, I must admit.

Luigi: Of course YOU would say that! You’re a ghost!

Mimi: Golly, how embarrassing…

Doopliss: Yeah, Slick. Seriously.

Bow: You know, Luigi, I’ve once heard that you were a ghost-busting master. You certainly aren’t doing a very good job of proving it.

Luigi: Yeah, but I don’t have the Poltergust 5000 on me right now! There’s NO way I’m going in there without it!

Vivian: With or without it, we still have to do something! If we don’t, then you’ll never be able to rescue Daisy, and the universe will get destroyed!

Bow: Exactly. Plus, wouldn’t you finally like to leave your brother’s shadow?

Luigi: …

*Sigh* Fine. Let’s –a- go.

*Dimentia and Dimention appear behind Luigi and company (unnoticed) as they enter the castle*

Dimention: …Is this some kind of joke? THAT sniveling coward is the “man in green” who was mentioned in the Dark Prognosticus? The “ideal host for the power of the Chaos Heart”? Give me a break! If HE was truly the one who determined whether the Light or Dark Prognosticus predicted truly, then I could see why the latter’s never came to pass!

Dimentia: *Giggles* He IS quite amusing, I’ll admit, but Luigi definitely isn’t anyone to take lightly, if his battles on the air fleet earlier today were any indication. Don’t forget, Dimention… He defeated just about everyone on there by himself, and he did it with ease!

Dimention: Ah, yes, of course. I forgot about that. In any case, let’s proceed, shall we?

Dimentia: You go on ahead. After that battle I had with Mario, I need to rest for a bit. My head is killing me… Sheesh, who knew that guy was so ruthless as to even attack a lady!? In any case, I’ll be making my leave now. Ta-ta.

Dimention: Adieu.

*Dimentia warps away*

Meanwhile, inside of Ludwig’s castle…

*Insert ghostly snickers and laughs here*

Doopliss: …Did anyone else hear that, or am I going crazy?

Mimi: You’re not alone. I heard it, too.

Luigi: YAAAAAAAH! *Takes off*

Nastasia: *Grabs him by his overalls*

Luigi: Let me go, let me go! *Jerks away*

Bow: For Heaven’s sake…! I’ll have you know that I’m probably FAR scarier than anything we’ll ever find in THIS place! At the same time, however, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still the very pinnacle of beauty.

*Insert more ghostly laughs here*

Luigi: *Continues jerking away from Nastasia*

Vivian: Yes, I know. It’s really scary, but you’ll never truly overcome your fears unless you face them.

Luigi: Well, yeah, but I just wish there was an easier way to do it, you know?

Nastasia: Hmm… I think I’ve got an idea. Luigi, look into my eyes for a sec, ‘K?

Luigi: Uh, okay? *Looks*

Nastasia: *Uses her hypnotic powers to transform him into Mr. L*

*Music Cue*

Mr. L: HAHA! The Green Thunder strikes like lightning once again! I am the bold, the fearless… *Poses* MR. L!

*Bow, Vivian, and Doopliss glance at him with blank “WTF?” expressions*

Mr. L: Yes, I know it’s a cool name. I could tell from your expressions that you’re impressed, so there’s no need to say a word.

Bow: “Impressed” isn’t quite the word I was looking for, but I suppose that’s one way of putting it. Now, what do you say we put an end to all this chatter and start looking for that Purity Star?

*They proceed through the castle*

Meanwhile, at the entrance to Bowser’s castle…

Daisy: Here we are, you guys. Come on; let’s hop into that Clown Copter thing and get out of this place!

Toadsworth: Yes, let’s do that! I don’t know if I can stand another moment of this dreadful place!

???: Hey, you there! Stop!

*Music Cue*

Toadette: Uh oh! Don’t look now, but here comes some more Koopatrols! *Points*

*The group of Koopatrols rush toward the group as Daisy and the others jump into the Clown Copter*

Daisy: Now, how to start this thing…

Tiptron MKII: Not to rush you or anything, but they’re gaining on us!

Daisy: Ah! *Quickly shifts through the control panel* Ah, found it! *Starts the engine*


Toadsworth: Smashing, simply smashing! Onward to glory and freedom!

*The copter takes off just as the Koopatrols get over there*

Daisy: *Waves to them* So long, suckers!

Koopatrol #1: Ah, crud! This isn’t good… King Bowser will have our heads for sure!

Koopatrol #2: Not if we catch them, though. *Points to the other Clown Copters*

Koopatrol #1: Oh, right, of course! Come on, let’s go!

*They get in and take off*

Meanwhile, off in the distance…

Toadette: Boy, does it feel good to be out of there! But…where are we gonna go now that Princess Peach’s castle has been taken?

Daisy: My castle in Sarasaland should do just nicely until things get back to normal.

Toadsworth: Speaking of Princess Peach, are you ready to tell me what’s happen to her, exactly?

Daisy: Um…

Tiptron MKII: Yes, but what we have to say it’s going to be easy…

Daisy: You see, Toadsworth, the thing is…

???: There they are!

Tiptron MKII: *Turns around* …! It’s the Koopatrols again!

Daisy: Oh, great! *Looks toward Toadsworth* Sorry to keep you in more suspense, but the explanation’s gonna have to wait until we shake these guys! *Speeds up*

*The Koopatrols do the same and continue the chase*

Meanwhile, further into Ludwig’s castle

*Some organ music starts to play*

*Music Cue*

Vivian: Where’s that music coming from? I don’t think I like the sound of this…

Mimi: Me neither. Golly, how creepy…

Nastasia: Yeah, I’ve gotta agree with you there.

Bow: Ah, music to my ears…

Doopliss: You’ve got some WEIRD taste in music. No offense.

???: Ooooh… Ooooooooh!

Doopliss: Great, now what?

???:  Turn back around! Tuuuuuurrrrrnnnn baaaaack arooooouuuuuuuund! If you value your lives, you will leeeaaaavveee this place at once!

Mr. L: Oh, please. Am I actually supposed to find that scary? Oh ho ho ho! The Green Thunder scoffs at your feeble attempt to intimidate us! Hey, GhostlyOoingThingThatThinksHe’sScaringSomeone! I’ll scare your FACE! HAVE AT YOU!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Doopliss: Um, yeah. That’s really tellin’ ‘em, Slick.

Vivian: Yes, but at least Luigi’s gotten a lot braver now that he’s been hypnotized. It’s almost as if he’s an entirely different person!

???: Did you say Luigi!?

Mr. L: Who’s there? Show yourself!

*King Boo and dozens of other boos come in through the ceiling*

*Music Cue*

King Boo: Bluh huh huh huh! Yes, just as I figured! I thought that voice sounded familiar…

Mr. L: And you are…?

King Boo: Wait a minute, what? How can you NOT know who I am!? You and I are sworn enemies! Surely, you haven’t forgotten about the times you’ve had me and my Boo clan trapped within E. Gadd’s infernal house-cleaning devices!

Mr. L: Doesn’t ring a bell.

King Boo: You simply MUST be joking! Did you hit your head, or what!?

Nastasia: Thanks to my hypnotic powers, he’s no longer Luigi at the moment. This is his alter-ego, Mr. L.

King Boo: That would certainly explain it…

Bow: I’m familiar with this guy. He’s the Master of Illusions, King Boo. He isn’t necessarily the biggest Boo there is, but he does specialize in all kinds of magical abilities.

Boo w/ Sunglasses: *Notices Bow* …! *Insert lovestruck expression here, with hearts in his eyes and his tongue hanging out*

Bow: …

Boo w/ Sunglasses: *Whistles at her*

Bow: …Pervert.

Boo w/ Sunglasses: *Floats over to her* Hey there, babe! The name’s Shade! What do you say you and I-

Bow: Oh, gee, let me think about it.


Shade: Heh heh heh! Playing hard to get, I see!

TaBoo: *Floats over to Shade, grabs him by the ear, and drags him away*

Shade: Ow, owww! That hurts!

King Boo: *Facepalm* Idiot.

Doopliss: *Snickers*

Mimi: *Does the same* That’s hilarious!

King Boo: Now, before we begin… *Looks in Bow’s direction* Lady Bow of Forever Forest, I presume?

Bow: Yes, that’s me.

King Boo: I have a proposition for you.

Bow: I’m listening.

King Boo: I’ll get straight to the point. How would you like to join my clan and stand beside me in our conquest of this planet?

Bow: Why should I?

King Boo: Just think of its benefits… You could have anything you desire, anything! Nothing will be out of your grasp! Once we conquer this world, we’ll usher in a new age for ghosts everywhere! We’ll be free to roam this planet and do as choose! We’ll be able to spread lots of fear, panic, and chaos, throughout the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond, and there’ll be nothing anyone can do to stop us! BLUH HUH HUH HUH!

*The other Boos laugh, too*

Bow: …

Shade: (Whoa, whoa… I don’t think I signed up for all this…)

King Boo: However, before we can proceed with our plan, individuals such as Luigi and Professor Elvin Gadd MUST be eliminated! Speaking of which, why would you align yourself with the likes of Luigi, anyway? He’s captured and imprisoned more ghosts than anyone could possibly count!

Bow: …

King Boo: Seriously, this guy takes nothing more than sheer pleasure and delight in hunting down our kind, stripping us of our freedom! Doesn’t that make you angry?

Bow: I, I…

Mimi: You’re not really gonna join that meanie now, are you?

King Boo: You say out of it, little girl. *Looks toward Vivian and Doopliss* What about you two? Since you happen to be ghosts yourselves, you’re also more than welcome to join.

Vivian: No way!

Doopliss: Yeah, Slick! You can forget it!

Bow: I’m going to have to turn you down, as well.

King Boo: What!? Are you kidding me!? Even with the knowledge of what Luigi’s done to us Boos, you’re STILL willing to stick by HIS side!?

Bow: That’s right! Admittedly, I don’t know Luigi all that well, but what I do know is that he isn’t the type to do something like that to anyone unless they were truly deserving of it. First, you outright admit to trying to conquer the world, then, in the same breath, you try to make yourselves seem innocent? HA! Sorry to burst your bubble, but your mind games aren’t going to work on me!

Mr. L: Oh ho ho ho ho! Looks like your plan backfired. Too bad, King Incompetent!

King Boo: *Groans in annoyance* Very well, then so be it! I’ll be sure to make space for you fools on the walls of my throne room after I turn you into paintings! Once I’m through with you, Mario and E. Gadd are next on my list! Then my gallery will TRULY be complete! Bluh huh huh huh huh!

Mr. L: Bring it on, Mr. GetsSuckedUpInTheVacuumAllTheTime! Just watch as I suck up your FACE! HAVE AT YOU!

King Boo: Alright, Boos, let’s- *Looks around* Hey, what happened to Shade?

GameBoo: He bolted a few minutes ago, for some reason.

LimBooger: I wonder what could’ve gotten into ‘im?

Boolivia: Yeah, I mean, it’s not like Luigi has the Poltergust with him this time!

King Boo: Ah, well. Who needs him? He was of little use to us, anyway. Now then! Let’s get them! *Points*

*The Boos charge toward the group*

Mr. L: *Leaps into the air, stomping on them one by one*

Mimi: *Tosses rubies at some of them*

Bow: *Starts smacking some of them around her fan*

Vivian: *Burns some of them with her Fiery Jinx ability*

Doopliss: *His eyes glow for a brief moment, and then some of the Boos turn to pigs shortly afterwards*

King Boo: WHAT THE…!?

Doopliss: Yuk yuk yuk yuk! How do you like them apples? I’m a dang genius! *Does that again to the remainder of them*

King Boo: GRRRR… You’ll pay for this!

Mr. L: HAHA! What can you do now? You are powerless before the Green Thunder!

King Boo: Bluh huh huh huh! That’s what YOU think! *Materializes a blank picture frame behind Doopliss, which begins sucking him in*

Doopliss: W-What the…!? *Starts resisting its currents* WHOOOOOAAAAAH! *Gets sucked in*

Vivian: Ahhhh! Oh, no!

Mimi: Doopliss!

Mr. L, Bow, and Nastasia: …!

*Shortly afterwards, the Boos that were morphed into pigs change back to normal*

Vivian: Why did you do that!?

King Boo: Bluh huh huh huh! Did I, or did I not say that I’d be adding you all to my portrait gallery? I started with him, because I figured that his disappearance would cause his powers to wear off, thus changing my friends back to their original forms!

Mimi: Change him back right now, you meanie!

King Boo: BLUH HUH HUH HUH! I think not! You know, while I’m at it… *Materializes one behind Nastasia* I think I’ll add another!

Mr. L: Nastasia, look out!

Nastasia: AHHH! OH, NOOOOOOOO!!! *Gets sucked in*

Mimi: NASSY!!!

Bow: Not again!

*Shortly afterwards, the effects of Nastasia’s hypnotism wears off, and Luigi changes back to normal*

Luigi: Momma-mia, where am I? What just happened! *Notices King Boo and the other Boos* YAAAAAAAH!

King Boo: Bluh huh huh huh huh! Yes, just as I thought! Now that her powers are no longer in effect, you’ve returned back to your original, cowardly self! Without the aid of that woman’s hypnotism, or E. Gadd’s Poltergust devices, you really are nothing!

Vivian: You’ll pay for what you did to both of them!

King Boo: I beg to differ! Come on, Boos! Let’s assume our REAL form!

*They pile on top of one another and morph into King Boolossus*

Bow: Oh, great…

King Boolossus: BLUH HUH HUH HUH HUH! Behold the incredible power I possess! Sooner or later, the remainder of you fools will be joining the other two in paintings of your own, but before then, I think I’ll take my time and toy with you a while!

It appears as if things have gone from bad to worse. Now that Nastasia has been captured, Luigi has reverted back to his original self! Without Mr. L’s (over) confidence or any of the Poltergust models to aid him, will Luigi, along with Vivian, Mimi, and Bow have what it takes to defeat the monstrous King Boolossus, and rescue Doopliss and Nastasia? What about Daisy, Tiptron, and the others? Will they be able to successfully escape the pursuing Koopatrols, and get to Sarasaland safe and sound? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…

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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 9

On the previous chapter of Legend of the Chaos Star, Luigi, Vivian, Lady Bow, Mimi, Nastasia, and Doopliss ventured through Ludwig’s castle in Gloomy Grove in hopes of obtaining the second of the eight Purity Stars, which are needed in order to combat the power of the Chaos Star and save the universe from destruction. Although Luigi was hesitant about going into the haunted castle without the Poltergust 5000, he reluctantly did so anyway with some persuasion from Bow and Vivian, who refreshed his memory of what would occur if they fail to get ahold of the Purity Star. When they got inside the castle, there was some rather sinister-sounding organ music playing, coupled with ghostly laughs and snickers, which scared Luigi so much that he was getting ready to flee from the castle. In an effort to help him overcome his fear, Nastasia used her powers to hypnotize Luigi, effectively transforming him into his alter-ego, Mr. L.

Shortly afterwards, a ghostly voice was heard telling the group to leave the castle at once, warning them that disaster would befall them if they proceed any further. However, the words of the mysterious voice ultimately fell on deaf ears. Mr. L simply scoffed at its “feeble attempt to intimidate [them]”, and continued moving with the rest of the group. After overhearing that Luigi was in the group, King Boo and his minions paid the group the visit. While he was there, King Boo tried to coax Bow, Vivian, and Doopliss into joining him and his clan, offering them a chance to stand beside him in his conquest. However, the three of them declined his offer, much to King Boo’s anger. Afterwards, they all engaged King Boo and his group in battle, with Doopliss making short work of the Boos by using his powers to morph them into pigs.

Figuring that the Boos would change back to normal as a result of Doopliss’ powers no longer being in effect, King Boo decided to have him turned into a painting. Shortly afterwards, he ended up doing the same to Nastasia. According to himself, King Boo turned her into a painting, because that would result in Luigi being changed back into his “cowardly” self. With all the Boos changed back to normal, all of them fused together with King Boo, becoming “King Boolossus” in the process.

Now, the question remains… Without the aid of the Poltergust, will Luigi, Bow, Vivian, and Mimi stand a chance against King Boolossus? What about Daisy, Tiptron and company, who are currently being pursued by Koopatrols? Will they be able to successfully escape them and get to Sarasaland? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

*Music Cue*

Luigi: *Trembles*

King Boolossus: Bluh huh huh huh huh! I have to say… The way you tremble in fear, Luigi… I find it quite satisfying! Perhaps that is because it only goes to further prove my point about you being powerless without E. Gadd’s devices!

Bow: Don’t listen to a word he says! Luigi, there’s a reason why you and your brother are called the “Super” Mario Bros., and that’s because you DO have what it takes! You just have to believe in yourself!

Vivian: That’s right! There’s no need to be afraid… We’re behind you all the way!

Mimi: Yeah, and besides… Mr. L was able to take them on, so shouldn’t Luigi be able to do the same?

Luigi: …

Yes, you’re right. I… I really CAN do this!

Mimi: That’s the spirit! Come on, let’s show that meanie who’s boss!

King Boolossus: Aw, gee, how touching. Ugh, seriously. Listening to such rubbish makes me wanna vomit!

Luigi: Okie dokey, let’s –a- take this fight to him!

*Music Cue*

King Boolossus: *Leaps into the air, attempting to squash the group*


*They spread out and dodge, but end up getting knocked away by the shockwave that it caused*

Luigi, Bow, Vivian, and Mimi: UHHHHHHH!

King Boolossus: Bluh huh huh huh! *His eyes begin to glow* You’re finished! *Casts a lightning spell*

Bow: *Quickly grabs onto Luigi and uses her Outta Sight technique to evade it*

Vivian: *Does the same with Mimi, using her Veil technique*

King Boolossus: *Groans in annoyance*

*They re-emerge*

Bow: *Quickly takes out her fan, flies toward King Boolossus, and starts smacking him around*

King Boolossus: AUUUGGH!

Bow: *Smacks him again, knocking him in Luigi’s direction*

King Boolossus: Why, you…! Uhhhhhhh!

Luigi: *Takes out his hammer and knocks him back in Bow’s direction*

King Boolossus: GAAAAH! I’LL KILL YOU!

*They continue knocking him back and forth*

Vivian: Alright! Way to go, you guys!

Mimi: Golly, that looks fun! I wanna play! *Morphs into a tennis racquet* Here, use this!

Vivian: *Picks up the racquet* Over here!

Luigi: *Knocks him in Vivian’s direction*

King Boolossus: YOU ARE SOOOOO DEAD!!!

Vivian: *Smacks him upward, and burns him in midair shortly afterwards with a Fiery Jinx*

Luigi: I’ll take it from here! *Takes out a Fire Flower, powers up, and blats him with several fireballs, creating an explosion shortly afterwards*

King Boolossus: UHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Luigi: I’m –a- Luigi, number one! *V-pose*

Vivian: Great job! Now do you see? You can do anything once you put your mind to it!

Mimi: *Changes back* That’s right!

Bow: Thankfully, we won’t be hearing from him, or rather…THEM again! At least I hope not…

???: Oh, that’s what YOU think…

Luigi: H-Huh!?

Bow: What!?

*The smoke clears, revealing a nearly-unfazed King Boolossus*

Luigi: Momma-mia!

Mimi: You’re kidding!

Vivian: This can’t be!

King Boolossus: Bluh huh huh huh huh! Idiots… You just don’t get it, do you? I am a ghost… I cannot perish, for I am already dead! Even the slightest bit of injuries that you manage to inflict on me can instantly be healed! In other words, you’re fighting a losing a battle!

Luigi: Great… This must have been how they were able to get Mario those two times!

King Boolossus: Bluh huh huh huh! Yes, that’s right! Now, it’s time you’ve joined your friends… *Materializes four picture frames* INSIDE PAINTINGS OF YOUR OWN!

Mimi: A-Any ideas, you guys…?

Bow: Yes! RUN!

*They take off*

King Boolossus: BLUH HUH HUH HUH! Fools… If you truly believe you could escape me, then you are sadly mistaken! *Flies after them*

Meanwhile, somewhere in the sky…

*Music Cue*

Toadette: *Looks back at the Koopatrols* Oh, no! Daisy, they’re still gaining on us!

Tiptron MKII: Not only that, but they’re armed with Bob-ombs, and they’re about toss them at us!

*The Koopatrols start tossing them*

Daisy: Whoa, WHOA! *Steers away and manages to dodge*

Koopatrol #1: Drat, we missed! No matter… There’s plenty more where that came from!

*They toss more Bob-ombs, and Daisy continues to steer away from them*

Minutes later…

Tiptron MKII: This is going nowhere, fast! There simply has to be a way to shake these guys!

Daisy: I have an idea! *Presses the turbo button to speed up*

Koopatrol #2: Right, like we can’t do that, too! *Does the same*

Daisy: Alright, hang on, you guys! Here goes! *Makes the Clown Copter do a summersault*

Koopatrol #1: …! OH, CRUD! OH, CRUUUUUUUUDDD!!!

*They crash*

Tiptron MKII: Yes!

Toadette: Alright!

Toadsworth: Splendid maneuver! I daresay we won’t be seeing those louts again for the rest of the trip!

Again, at the battle scene at Ludwig’s castle…

*Music Cue*

*Luigi and company continue running through the castle halls as King Boolossus chases them*

King Boolossus: *Lifts up several objects via telekinesis and launches them at the heroes*

*They dodge*

King Boolossus: *Casts another lightning spell, managing to zap the group this time*

Everyone: AAAAAHHH! *Bzzzzzzzt!*

King Boolossus: BLUUUUUUH HUH HUH HUH!!! Now, I’ve got you right where I want you! You’d best relish in your last moments of freedom, for you’ll soon be trapped within paintings for all eternity!

Vivian: There has to be SOMETHING we can do to slow him down, but what?

Luigi: Ah, I’ve got it! I just remembered something!

Bow: Is that so? Alright, well let’s hear it!

Luigi: The first time I fought them all while they were merged together, I was able to weaken them with ice-based attacks.

King Boolossus: Bluh huh huh huh! Yes, but you weren’t able to do that without the Poltergust 3000, were you? Unfortunately for you, you seem to be lacking it at the moment. Too bad!

Luigi: Yes, bad for YOU! *Takes out an Ice Flower*

King Boolossus: What!?

Luigi: *Powers up and starts pelting him with ice blasts*

King Boolossus: GAAAAAH!

Luigi: *Charges up an even bigger one* HA HA! *Blasts him*

King Boolossus: Ghhhhh…! *Turns into a sheet of ice*

Luigi: *Takes out his hammer again, and smashes him into pieces*

Mimi: Alright! I think you got him this time!

Luigi: No, this is only temporary. He’s gonna recover again eventually, so while he’s frozen, I’m gonna see what I could do about leaving and coming back with the Poltergust 5000. That way, I’ll be able to trap him as soon as he unfreezes!

???: Yes, but that’s one luxury YOU won’t be getting!

*The ice chunks are seen floating around shortly afterwards, restoring King Boolossus back to his normal self*

Bow: W-What!?

Vivian: No, not again!

Mimi: Oh, come on! Seriously!?

Luigi: Momma-mia… I knew he’d recover from it, but I didn’t think he’d do it THAT quickly!

King Boolossus: *Defrosts* Bluh huh huh huh! That’s one of the many benefits of immortality! Now, let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?

Vivian: So…now what?

Bow: Once again, I vote we run!

Luigi: You don’t gotta tell me twice!

*The chase resumes*


*Daisy and company make it to Sarasaland and park the Koopa Clown Copter in front of the castle*

Daisy: Well, here we are, you guys! Feel free to make yourselves at home.

Toads: YAHOO!

*They all rush into the castle*

Toadsworth: By the way, Princess Daisy… You still haven’t told me what’s become of Princess Toadstool.

Daisy: …

Tiptron MKII: (I can’t see this going well…)

Daisy: *Sigh* Again, what I have to say isn’t going to be easy…

Toadsworth: Wait a moment… Surely, you aren’t trying to tell me that she’s perished or anything of the sort!?

Daisy: No, it’s nothing like that. It’s just, well… Come on, let’s go inside first. I’ll tell you everything over a spot of tea.

Minutes later…

*Music Cue*

Daisy: …And that’s the gist of it.

*The eyes of Toadsworth, Toadette, and all the other Toads are widened in shock*

Tiptron MKII: Yes, and do you know what else? This isn’t even the worse part of the story…

Toadsworth: T-That’s not the worse part, you say!? NOT THE WORSE PART!? What could possibly be more dreadful than the thought of Princess Peach…GETTING BETROTHED TO THAT BEAST!? *Sobs*

Daisy: (I knew this was gonna happen…)

Toadette: There, there… *Pats his back on comfort* Everything will be okay…

Toadsworth: Why!? WHY!? WHYYYYYYYY!? *Continues sobbing*

Daisy: Toadsworth, please! Calm down for a sec, okay? We haven’t told you the good news yet!

Tiptron MKII: That’s right! There’s still a glimmer of hope!

Toadsworth: T-There is…? *Sniffs*

Daisy: Yeah, the good news is that there’s a potion that can reverse the effects of the potion! All we have to do is get ahold of it, and Peach will come back to her senses!

Toadsworth: Really, now!?

Tiptron MKII: Yes, but the bad news is that it’s in Bowser’s possession, and getting it away from him isn’t going to be very easy. According to Dimentia, the potion’s effects become permanent within twenty-four hours, so unfortunately, we don’t have time to wait until Mario, Luigi, and their friends show up, since they’re currently occupied with collecting the Purity Stars. As such, we’re going to have to take matters into our own hands.

Toadsworth: “Purity Stars”?

Tiptron MKII: You’re familiar with the Chaos Star, correct? The object that gave Bowser the power he needed to win his last fight against the Mario Brothers? Well, the Purity Stars were created as a sort of counter-measure, because there’s a lot more to the Chaos Star than Bowser’s been led to believe. You see… *Explains*

*Music Cue*

Everyone: WHAAAAAAAT!?

Toadsworth: I-I beg your pardon!? Those maniacal fiends…are trying to destroy the universe, you say!?

Toadette: That’s horrible!

Daisy: Yeah, and the thing is… Bowser has no idea that he’s being taken advantage of by those two! Even worse than that, we tried telling his minions about it, and they didn’t believe us!

Tiptron MKII: Indeed. They even went so far as to laugh in our faces, as if we said something utterly ridiculous!

Daisy: Ugh, those idiots! I can’t believe the thought of trusting those two had even crossed their minds! Not only did Peach remind Bowser that they looked like this other weirdo who pulled that stunt with someone else, but they even said that they came from the same clan! Plus, Dimention proudly admitted to being a total nutcase! You remember his words, don’t you? “I may be crazy, I may be insane… I may be psychotic, even!”

Toadsworth: Yes, I definitely remember him uttering those words, and that is NOT the kind of thing any normal, trustworthy individual would say under any circumstances!

Tiptron MKII: You’ve summed up my thoughts on the matter perfectly. Since they’re unwillingly to heed a single word we have to say, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the evidence that we need to prove to Bowser and the Koopa Troop that Dimentia and Dimention aren’t to be trusted!

Daisy: Exactly, but before we get into that, we’re gonna continue looking for that antidote so we could free Peach, along with the rest of Mushroom Castle’s residents. I’ll do whatever it takes to get that antidote, even if I have to fight Bowser for it myself!

Toadette: That’s the spirit!

Toadsworth: Yes, but are you sure confronting Bowser head-on is a wise decision? He’s a monster! He’ll tear you limb-from-limb!

Daisy: I appreciate your concern, but there’s really no other option at this point. *Starts heading toward the door*

Tiptron MKII: *Follows* We’ll be back with the rest of the prisoners!

*They exit the castle, hop into the Koopa Clown Copter, and take off*

Meanwhile, again at Ludwig’s castle…

Vivian: Oh, no! It’s a dead end!

King Boolossus: Bluh huh huh huh huh! That’s right! Give up! There is no hope for escape! Very soon, you’ll be joining those other two as part of my portrait gallery! Not only that, but Mario and E. Gadd will be following YOU shortly afterwards! His eyes glow for a split second as he gets the group caught within a telekinetic grip*

Everyone: UHHHHHH!

Luigi: I…can’t…budge…!

Bow: Ghhhh…!

Vivian: What’s…going…on!?

Mimi: Let…us…go!

King Boolossus: BLUH HUH HUH HUH HUH! Oh, I’ll let you “go”, alright… *Magically merges the four picture frames together, fusing them into a jumbo-sized one* INSIDE THE PAINTING!!!

*Just as he begins sucking them in, a certain vacuum cleaner gets pixilated into the room, breaking his concentration*

King Boolossus: W-What!? No, it can’t be! That’s the…!

Luigi: The Poltergust 5000!?

Mimi: Golly, where did THAT come from!?

Vivian: I haven’t the slightest idea!

Luigi: By the looks of things, Professor E. Gadd sent it here through that Pixelator thing of his, but… How did he know we needed it right now?

Bow: Let’s worry about that later! Luigi, now that we can move again, why not go ahead and put that thing to use?

Luigi: Don’t mind if I do! *Runs over to the Poltergust and straps it around his back*

King Boolossus: *Starts backing away, sweating nervously*

Mimi: Aw, what’s the matter? Is the big, mean ghost scared of an itty-bitty vacuum?

Vivian: *Giggles*

Bow: Gwah hee ha ha!

King Boolossus: *Groans in annoyance* Silence, you simpletons! I’ll have you know that I am a KING among Boos! I swear it; I shall fear no mere house-cleaning device!

Luigi: *Points the vacuum nozzle at him*

King Boolossus: AH! NO! *Tries to fly away*

Luigi: Oh, no you don’t! *Straps the Poltergust 5000 around his back, and starts sucking him up*

King Boolossus: GAAAAH! *Starts resisting the current*

*About a minute later, Luigi manages to get him (or them) sucked into the vacuum*

Luigi: HA HA! *Victory pose*

Vivian: Alright, you did it!

Mimi: Finally, he’s gone!

Bow: Yes, thank heavens! Splendid work, Luigi! I can definitely see how you’ve gained the reputation of a ghost-busting master!

Luigi: Thanks!

???: I second that!

*They turn around*

*Music Cue*

Luigi: Oh, hey, Professor! When did you get here?

E. Gadd: Just moments ago, via the Pixelator. I have to say… You just never cease to amaze me, young feller. Not only did you stop King Boo in his tracks once again, but you pulled it off in mere seconds before I arrived! Not to, you know, toot my own horn or anything, but I’ve certainly trained you well! At this rate, you’ll be coming out of your brother’s shadow in no time! Speaking of which, he didn’t get turned into a painting again, did he?

Luigi: No, not this time.

Mimi: Yeah, but that meanie did get Nassy and Doopliss!

Vivian: Is there any way to change them back to normal, Professor?

E. Gadd: Yes, that can be done in one of two ways. Number one, they can be changed back by setting the Ghost Portrificationizer in reverse, or number two, it can be done by simply using my dark-light device. The latter option is a quicker, more effective, and not to mention far less painful, method. Believe you me!

Bow: That’s good to know.

Luigi: By the way, Professor… Exactly how did you know we were in trouble?

E. Gadd: It was this kind feller who brought me up to speed. *Points to Shade as he enters the room*

Luigi: Eh!?

Bow: It’s you!

Shade: Nice to see you, too, babe!

Vivian: So, your reason for leaving earlier was to help us?

Shade: Uh, well… I guess you could say that.

Mimi: Golly, I wasn’t expecting this at all!

Bow: Shade, was it? Not that I’m complaining, exactly, but what brought about this sudden change of heart, if you don’t mind me asking?

Shade: Well, the thing is… You’re probably gonna think this sounds stupid, but the reason I joined that group in the first place was to be part of something big, and by doing that, I thought I’d be able to impress the chicks.

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Bow: …I should have figured.

Shade: As you can probably tell already, that didn’t go as planned. When I first joined King Boo and the others, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Earlier, when he went on and on about taking over the world, causing all sorts of chaos and whatnot… It was right then and there when I realized how psycho he was! Sure, I’m all for ghosts having freedom and everything, but all the craziness that came out of King Boo’s mouth? That’s where I draw the line! Plus, believe it or not, I didn’t fit in very well. They were a buncha jerks, and they treated me like crap!

Vivian: Oh, I know how that feels. I’ve once gone through something like that myself.

Shade: I’m glad you understand. Now, with that said, you guys don’t mind if I tag along with you from now on, do ya?

Luigi: Not at all.

Vivian: Welcome aboard! We’re glad to have you!

Mimi: Yep!

Shade: Thanks.

Bow: We’re the ones who should be thanking you. If you hadn’t gotten in touch with E. Gadd, then we’d all be hanging on King Boo’s wall right about now! I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that.

Shade: Are ya thankful enough for a kiss?

Bow: …I’m not THAT thankful, mind you.

Shade: Was worth a try, I guess! Heh heh!

*Everyone laughs*

Shade: Oh, I almost forgot! *Flies through the wall and comes back with Doopliss’s and Nastasia’s paintings* You might wanna go ahead and change these two back.

E. Gadd: Luigi, you know what to do, young feller!

Luigi: *Nods, aims the dark-light device, and flashes it on the portraits, changing them back to normal*

Doopliss: Whoa!

Nastasia: I’m…alive?

E. Gadd: You two were turned into paintings, yes, but you were never dead.

Doopliss: I dunno how you guys changed us back, but thanks.

Nastasia: Yeah, you have my thanks, as well.

Luigi: No problem.

E. Gadd: Well, looks like my work here is done for the time being. Luigi, I’m gonna need to take the Poltergust 5000 back with me for a bit. That way, I’ll be able to run King Boo and his followers through the Portrificationizer.

Luigi: Okie dokey. *Hands it to him*

E. Gadd: *Takes it* Oh, and Happy Birthday, by the way! You thought I forgot, didn’t you, sonny?

Luigi: Well, yeah, actually.

E. Gadd: You needn’t worry! I have a present waiting for you back at the lab.

Luigi: You do? Thanks, but I won’t be able to claim it, until we’ve wrapped things up over here.

E. Gadd: Fair enough. I’ll see you later. *Pixelates out of the area*

*The organ music begins to play again*

*Music Cue*

???: Oooooooh! I seeee thaaaaaat yooooouu haaaavvve faaaaaaiiiileeed to heeeeeeed my waaaarrrnniiiiinnnnggs! Proceeeeeed aaaaannnnyyy fuuuuurrrtheeeeer, aaaaaannnnnddd yoooooouuuu wiiiilll beeeee cuuuuuurssssseeed…!

Vivian: It’s that creepy voice again…

Luigi: Great… This HAD to happen the moment Professor E. Gadd left with the Poltergust 5000!

Mimi: Golly… Up until now, I thought that King Boo meanie was the one doing that, but I guess I was wrong!

Doopliss: Same here. I just gotta wonder who that really is…

Nastasia: There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to confront it head-on. *Looks toward Luigi* Would you like me to transform you back into Mr. L?

Luigi: Uh, no. That’s okay. I’d like to remain as Luigi for the time being.

Nastasia: Well, ‘K. If that’s what you want.

*They move on*

Meanwhile, near the entrance to Bowser’s castle…

Tiptron MKII: This thing’s really running low on fuel… I hope we manage to get there in time…

Daisy: Don’t worry, we’re almost there!

A little while later…

Daisy: *Parks* There, we made it! That was too close for-…! *Looks ahead and gasps before finishing the sentence*

Tiptron MKII: Hmm? What’s the matter? *Looks* …!

Bowser: Well, well… What have we here?

Daisy: Bowser!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHA! Yeah, that’s right! His Awesomeness, Lord Bowser in all his glory!

Tiptron MKII: What’re you doing here, exactly?

Bowser: Newsflash: This is MY castle, genius. I don’t know how you managed to get past my guards, or what it is you’re up to, exactly, but as of right now, this is where it ends!

Oh, no! Just when it seemed as if things were looking up for Daisy and Tiptron, they ended up running into Bowser, of all people, on their way back to the castle! What horrible surprise could the Koopa King possibly have in store for the duo? Additionally, now that King Boo and his minions have once again been soundly defeated, the heroes, including their newest party member, Shade, are free to proceed through the castle and continue their search for the Purity Star. Since it’s already been established that King Boo was not the one issuing those threats to Luigi and company, who or where could that “ghostly” voice truly be coming from? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…
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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 10

When we last left off on Legend of the Chaos Star, Luigi, Lady Bow, Vivian, and Mimi found themselves locked in a confrontation with King Boo and his minions, who had fused together and became “King Boolossus”. In an effort to rescue Doopliss and Nastasia from their clutches, the group engaged King Boolossus in battle, but no matter how much damage they manage to inflict upon the monstrous ghost, he would always recover from it in a brief instant, due to his immortality. Just as Luigi and company were about to be turned into paintings, they decided to flee.

King Boolossus then chased the group all throughout the castle, displaying many powerful magic abilities along the way. The chase eventually came to a halt after the heroes reach a dead end. To ensure that they wouldn’t escape from him that time, King Boolossus decided to paralyze the group via telekinesis. Just as he was in the process of turning them into paintings, Professor E. Gadd used his Pixelator device to warp the Poltergust 5000 into the area, which caused King Boolossus to lose his concentration, and this his telekinetic hold on the heroes. No longer paralyzed, Luigi promptly strapped the vacuum to his back and had King Boolossus sucked into it, thus foiling his plans once again.

Shortly afterwards, Professor E. Gadd showed up to congratulate the heroes, and revealed that Shade, King Boo’s former minion, was the one who informed him of their dire situation, which prompted the former to send the Poltergust 5000. According to Shade, he originally joined King Boo clan’s to “impress the chicks”, and didn’t have any idea of what he was truly getting himself into. After discovering what King Boo was truly about, he decided to tag along with Luigi and company from that point onward. Not very long afterwards, he brought Doopliss’s and Nastasia’s paintings into the room, and Luigi used the dark-light device to change them back to normal.

Once Professor E. Gadd returned to his lab to run King Boolossus through the Ghost Portrificationizer, the organ music was heard again, plus the “creepy” voice that issued threats to the group, telling them that they would be cursed if they didn’t leave the castle. Once again, they ignored the warnings and proceeded through the castle. Elsewhere, Daisy and Tiptron, after successfully bringing Toadette, Toadsworth, and the other Mushroom Castle residents to Sarasaland, returned to Bowser’s castle, only to find the Koopa King himself at the entrance!

Now, the questions remain… What horrible surprise does Bowser have in store for Daisy and Tiptron? Exactly who or what is the source of the ghostly voice at Ludwig’s castle? Find out in this exciting chapter of Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

Meanwhile, on a long stairway at Ludwig’s castle…

*Music Cue*

Shade: …Alright, so let me get this straight. Bowser’s kidnapped Princess Peach again, taken over her castle, and created some “Chaos Star” thing to make himself invincible, and these “Purity Stars” you’re after are supposed to make him vulnerable again?

Vivian: That’s right, but that’s only part of it. You see… *Explains*

Shortly afterwards…

Shade: Whoa… Dude, are you serious!? They’re trying to destroy the universe!?

Doopliss: You got it, Slick.

Shade: Here, I thought King Boo was wacko, but…whoa! This seriously takes the cake! This is WAY over the top, even for someone like Bowser!

Bow: Yes, but he’s had a little…help in that department. I’m not defending him or anything, but Bowser’s doing this unknowingly. Those two jesters, Dimentia and Dimention are the ones who are truly behind it. Bowser is merely being used as a tool to further THEIR goal, and he’s too blinded by his own ambitions to realize!

Shade: Man… Things are a lot more serious than I thought…

Mimi: I don’t know how he could have possibly trusted those two in the first place! I mean, golly! You think he would’ve saw right away that they looked like that meanie, Dimentio!

Nastasia: Indeed. We all saw how trustworthy HE was, and the two of them don’t seem to be any better…

Shade: Dimentio? Who’s that?

Luigi: *Explains*

Shade: Whoa… Whatta psycho!

Mimi: This is what he looks like, by the way.

*Mimi morphs into him*

“Dimentio”: Ah ha ha ha ha! And so, we meet again like two magical, savage unicorns at a twilit forest clearing!

Luigi: Oh ho ho! Yep, that’s just like him!

???: Ooooh… Ooooooooooh! Iiiiiiiiiffffff yoooooooouuuuuu vaaaaaaallllluuuuueeee yoooooouuuurrrr liiiiiiiives, yoooooouuuu wiiiiilllll leeeeeeaaaavvvveee aaaaaaaat onnnnnnccceee!

Doopliss: Great… Here we go again…

Luigi: *Shudders* (I…I can do this!) *Ignores the voice and speeds up the stairs*

*The others do the same*

Meanwhile, at Bowser’s castle…

*Music Cue*

Tiptron MKII: Bowser, listen! About Dimentia and Dimention… The two of them are-

Bowser: Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re gonna say. You’re saying that the two of them are using me, right?

Tiptron MKII: Well, yes. How did you know?

Bowser: Kammy and Kamek told me about it earlier.

Daisy: They did!? I guess our words didn’t fall on deaf ears, after all!

Tiptron MKII: If that’s the case, then I’ll trust that you’ve gotten rid of the Chaos Star by now, yes?

Bowser: Rid of the Chaos Star? Pffft! Get real!

Tiptron MKII: Wait, what!?

Bowser: I’m a burly, awesome king of evil who’s destined to take over the world any day now! Did you really think I’d just throw away something like the Chaos Star at the drop of a hat, especially after it gave me the power to trounce both Mario and Green ‘Stache without breaking a sweat? Doing that would be like handing Princess Peach over to Mario, or returning the Star Rod back to Star Haven! Sure, like I said, Kammy and Kamek did tell me about that little story of yours, but they also said that it’s possible that you made the whole thing up!

Daisy: What!? Are you kidding me!?

Tiptron MKII: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If we were fabricating this like you and your minions have claimed, what could we possibly hope to gain from that!?

Bowser: Oh, gee, I dunno...to help the Super Stupid Brothers, maybe? What else?

Tiptron MKII: Can’t you see what’s going on, here!? Wake up! Dimentia and Dimention aren’t to be trusted, period! They’re doing this on purpose, you know! They’ve been luring you into a state of comfort, and generally passing themselves off as the perfect minions so that you won’t suspect anything!

Bowser: Oh, can it, bugface! I’m not stupid, okay!? I’m Bowser, evil king extraordinaire! I ‘m smart enough to know when someone’s trying to play me for a fool, like this one dingbat I formed an alliance with sometime ago! He tried to use me to do HIS dirtywork for him, but that blew up right in his ugly face when I turned the tables on him! Trust me, if Tia and Tion were doing that, I would have known about it by now!

Daisy: You are making a big mistake!

Bowser: Pffft, whatever. I’ll tell you as I told Kammy and Kamek… If those two even think about trying to pull a fast-one on me, then I’ll stomp him into next week! I’ll Bowserize ‘em!

Peach: *Comes out* Is everything alright out here?

Daisy: Peach!

Peach: Oh! Daisy, Tiptron! It’s good to see you!

Daisy: Whoa, wait a minute… You actually remember us!?

Peach: Why, of course I do! We are best friends, aren’t we?

Daisy: *Breathes a sigh of relief*

Bowser: (Okay, this isn’t good! What’s going on!? Tia told me that the potion would still last even after twenty-four hours, and a whole day hasn’t even passed yet! Could it be that those clowns really have been playing me for a fool!?)

Tiptron MKII: Then in that case, come with us! Escape from here while you still can!

Peach: I’m awfully sorry, but I can’t do that.

Daisy: Why not!?

Peach: First of all, exactly what do I have to “escape” from? This is my home…our home. Secondly, this may very well come as a shock to you, but Bowser and I are in love!

Bowser: …! (On second thought, I guess Tia wasn’t lying after all!)

Daisy: Peach, no! You… You don’t really mean that!

Peach: Oh, really? I don’t mean it, you say?

Tiptron MKII: That’s right! This isn’t you!

Peach: Then perhaps you need some…persuasion.

*Bowser and Peach kiss again*

Daisy: Oh, my God, just…! *Starts to turn green in the face* OH. MY. GOD.

Tiptron MKII: I can’t bear to watch! *Turns around*

*They stop about a minute or so later*

Peach: Now do you see? Still think I’m not serious?

Daisy: EEEERRRRP…! *Starts vomiting again, like last time*

Tiptron MKII: Like I said before… If I had innards, I’d be doing the same thing…

Peach: I don’t understand… You’re supposed to be my best friends, aren’t you? So, why can’t you be happy for me?

Daisy: What, happy that you’ve been brainwashed!?

Peach: Brainwashed? What do you mean?

Daisy: I’m talking about that potion! The one that Dimentia gave to Bowser, which he used to brainwash you into thinking that you’re in love with him!

Peach: You are mistaken. I haven’t been brainwashed, not at all. I’ve been…liberated.

Daisy: What!?

Tiptron MKII: Come again!?

Peach: That potion… It gave me this wondrous, indescribable feeling! Up until now, I’ve never felt so free, so alive! In addition to helping me realize my true feelings for Bowser, it’s also helped bring out my true self.

Daisy: Your…true self?

Peach: I am Princess Peach Toadstool, the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and soon-to-be Queen of the Koopas! Once Bowser and I are married, we’ll conquer many worlds together, and rule above them all as king and queen, as husband and wife!

Bowser: (Ohhhh, yeah! I am SO giving Tia a raise for this!)


Tiptron MKII: Truer words have never been spoken!

Peach: Hmm hmm hmm hmm! On the contrary, I’ve never felt better!

Daisy: Peach, you and I grew up together. We’ve known one another and have been best friends since we were babies, and I know for a fact that this isn’t you!

Peach: …

Daisy: Please, Peach… I’m begging you, don’t do this!

Peach: Why not? I’m simply following my heart, here. I’ve found my true love…

Daisy: That’s just it, though… Bowser is NOT your true love! He doesn’t care anything about you! He’s only after your kingdom!

Tiptron MKII: That’s right! Please reconsider what you’re doing! Think about your people, your loyal subjects, and Mario… Would you really forsake them!?

Peach: Mario? Mario WHO?

Bowser: (Things are getting more and more awesome by the minute!)

Daisy: “Mario”, as in the guy who’s risked his life several times to save your hide, along with the Mushroom Kingdom from HIM! *Points to Bowser*

Peach: …

Hmm, doesn’t ring a bell.

Tiptron MKII: What!? But-

Bowser: Oh, give it up already! The Peach you thought you knew is long gone! Get over it!

Daisy: *Glares at Bowser* As long as I live, I will NEVER forgive you OR Dimentia for this!

Bowser: Oh, boo hoo. Cry me a river. I’ll let you know as soon as I start to care.

Tiptron MKII: You won’t get away with this!

Bowser: Yeah, whatever, you wanna-be Tippi. Peach, are you done with these two yet?

Peach: Yes. I have nothing more to say to them, these so-called “friends” of mine.

Bowser: BWAHAHAHA! That’s fine by me! Guards!

*Some Koopatrols and Terrapins come out shortly afterwards*

Terrapin #1: You rang, dude? I mean, sir? You rang, King Bowser, dude? Bowser? King Bowser, sir?

Bowser: …Okay, a simple “you rang” would’ve done, but whatever. Peach, this time I’m gonna give you the honor of sending these two back to the room. After all, you ARE gonna be crowned queen soon, so it’s only fair that I share the power with you, don’t you think?

Peach: Why, thank you! As always, you certainly know how to make a girl feel special!

Daisy: *Rolls her eyes*

Peach: In any case, guards? Forget about taking these two back to the room. Throw them into the dungeon, instead!

Daisy & Tiptron MKII: WHAT!?

All Koopatrols & Terrapins: Yes, ma’am!

Bowser: (Wow! I never knew Peach could be so…evil! At this point, I think I can definitely say I’m in love!)

All Koopatrols & Terrapins: Yes, ma’am!

*Daisy and Tiptron start to back away as they head toward them*

Tiptron MKII: Let’s make a break for one of those clown copters… QUICKLY!

*They run toward the copters, but end up crashing into an invisible forcefield*

Daisy: No! Not again! Dimention! This is YOUR doing, isn't it!?

Dimention: *Appears* HAHAHAHAHA… Yes, you know me too well, don’t you? Once again, guilty as charged!

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA! Perfect timing, Tion!

Daisy: Great, looks like things have gone from bad to worse…

Tiptron MKII: Any ideas? I’m afraid I’m fresh out of them at this point…

Daisy: There’s only one choice we have, and that’s to fight through these guys!

Tiptron MKII: Alright, then let’s do it! *Hovers down on Daisy’s shoulder*

*Daisy charges at the Koopatrols and Terrapins, managing to shove them out of the way to make a break for the castle entrance*

Peach: After them!

*Peach, the Koopatrols, and Terrapins go after Daisy and Tiptron*

Bowser: By the way, Tion…

Dimention: Yes, my king?

Bowser: What’s this I hear about you and your sister trying to play me for a fool, huh?

Dimention: Would you care to elaborate?

Bowser: Is it true that the Chaos Star has opened up a void in the sky that’s supposed to destroy the universe? If so, then this is basically the Chaos Heart all over again! Why didn’t you tell me about it!?

Dimention: Destroy the universe, you say? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Nonsense! Go ahead, look into the sky. Do you see anything in it right now that even remotely resembles a dimensional void?

Bowser: *Looks* Hey, you’re right! There’s nothing there! But didn’t the Chaos Heart’s void also start out pretty small?

Dimention: Yes, but as small as it appeared, it could still be seen from lightyears away, regardless of where you happen to be. Is this not so?

Bowser: Hmm… Good point. I guess those two really were making it up, then.

Dimention: Exactly. I understand your concerns, King Bowser, but just because Dimentia and I happen to resemble that Dimentio guy doesn’t mean we should be lumped with the likes of him. We all originated from the Dimén clan, yes, but that’s as far as our similarities go. Unlike him, we actually understand the basic concept of loyalty.

Bowser: Alright. Sorry I doubted you, then.

Dimention: It’s alright, my king. Like I said, you had genuine concerns, all which were completely understandable. I’d probably have the same doubts if I were in your shoes, so no apology’s necessary.

Shortly after Bowser leaves…

Dimention: *Looks around, making sure everyone’s well out of sight* Daisy… Tiptron… I could tell that those two are gonna be a problem. Unfortunately for them, however, I’ve mastered the art of illusionary magic, so their efforts are in vain! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, it’s time I’ve headed back to see how our mutual friend, Luigi is doing. *Warps away*

Elsewhere, at Ludwig’s castle…

*Luigi and company eventually get to the top of the stairway and come across a door*

???: Thiiiiiiissss iiiiiissss your laaaaaaast warning! Enter this dooooooor and beeeee lost in daaaarrrrrknesssss foreveeeeeer…

Bow: I think we’ll take that risk. *Flies through the door*

*The others enter shortly afterwards and find Ludwig dressed like a vampire and playing the organ*

Ludwig: Yessss, enteeeer and be looooossst in daaaarrrrrknesssss for- *Notices them* Vut!? Oh, come on! How can you possibly NOT find that scary!? My ghost impression vuz flawless!

Bow: Pffft, you wish. As a REAL ghost, I’ll tell you right now that you weren’t even close.

Shade: Yeah. If that was supposed to scare us, then you failed big-time, buddy.

Ludwig: Vutever. If it vern’t for the fact that you vere ghosts yourselves, it vould haff vorked for sure!

Everyone: …

Luigi: HAHAHA! I have to say… Even though your ghost impression may need some work, you’ve got Antasma down perfectly!

Ludwig: …Who?

Luigi: *Anime fall*

Vivian: Ludwig, right? We don’t want to fight with you… We’re just here for the Purity Star.

Ludwig: You’re here for the star, you said? Yeah, I kinda figured.

Vivian: Yes. It’s very important that we get ahold of it. You see, if we don’t, then the universe will eventually be destroyed! Please understand.

Ludwig: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, right! Nice try! How gullible do you think I am?

Mimi: It’s the truth! Honest!

Nastasia: Have you NOT seen the void in the sky?

Ludwig: Vut void?

Luigi: It’s right there, in the sky!

Ludwig: *Looks out the window* …Funny, I don’t see anything.

Vivian: W-What!?

*The others look out the window, too*

Luigi: Momma-mia… It’s really gone! But…how!?

Bow: I have no idea, but it was definitely there the last time we looked!

Ludwig: Look, I’m not stupid, okay? I’ll haff you know that I’m smart enough to know vhen my enemy’s trying to deceive me!

Bow: ...Yeah, you know what? There’s no use trying to reason with someone like you, because it’s like talking to a brick wall!

Ludwig: Vutever. *Holds up the white Purity Star* If you vant this so badly, then you’re going to haff to fight me for it! You may haff defeated King Boo on the vay here, but you vill not defeat me so easily, for I am the great Ludwig Von Koopa! Now, shall vee begin?

Luigi: Alright, let’s –a- go!

*Music Cue*

Ludwig: *Opens his cape, sending robotic bat bombs in their direction*

*They dodge the bombs as they explode*

Ludwig: I vill crush you!

Shade: Dude, feel free to lose the wanna-be vampire accent anytime!

Ludwig: Oh, that vas SO funny I forgot to laugh! *Sends more after them*

*They dodge again*

Doopliss: Yeah, sorry, Slick, but you’re gonna have to do better than that!

Luigi: I have to agree. Your aim was WAY off!

Ludwig: Heh heh heh! Is that so? Vell, vhy don’t you take a look around you?

*They look around and find themselves surrounded by the bat bombs*

Shade: Uh oh… Not good…

Ludwig: *Blows fire on one of the bombs, causing it and all the others to detonate through a “domino effect”*

Everyone: UHHHHHHHH!

*Smoke clouds the area after they get caught in the explosion*


*The smoke clears, and the heroes are covered in soot*

Ludwig: Yes, I knew that vould vork! I am a genius!

Luigi: *Charges up a Super Jump, springs into the air, and starts stomping Ludwig repeatedly*

Ludwig: Ow, owww! Cut that out, vill you!? Uhhhhhh! *Ducks into his shell*

Luigi: *Kicks the shell across the room*

Bow: I’ve got this! *Takes out her fan and smacks Ludwig’s shell away*

*Everyone else knocks him around, too*

Ludwig: *Gets out of the shell after getting knocked onto his back* Uggggh…

Vivian: Had enough?

Ludwig: You… You vill NOT make a fool out of me again! *Gets up*

Kamek: *Flies through the window on his broom*

Ludwig: Kamek!

Kamek: Prince Ludwig! I’m here to assist you!

Ludwig: Perfect timing! Vith the aid of your magic, I vill teach these fools a lesson!

Kamek: …

Um, yes. Nice Antasma impression.

Ludwig: …Vunce again, haff NO idea who that is. I vas parodying a Dracula film I’ve vatched recently.

Kamek: I suppose that would explain it. (It’s strange that he knows nothing of Antasma. You think King Koopa would have been boasting about the stunt that he pulled that one time, but I guess he’s never bothered to mention him…)

Ludwig: Anyvay, you said you vere going to assist me?

Kamek: Yes. *Aims his wand at Ludwig and casts a spell, which starts to make him grow*

Luigi: Oh, great… Here we go…

Kamek: Ka ha ha ha ha! You’re in for it now! *Flies away*

*Music Cue*

*Seconds later, Ludwig grows into a giant*

Luigi: Momma-mia!

Shade: Whoa!

Vivian: He’s gigantic!

Ludwig: Heh heh heh heh! Vut’s the matter? Scared? You should be, for I’m going to crush you like the little vorms you are!

Doopliss: HA! Think we’re scared of you? Well, think again, Slick!

Giant Ludwig: Oh, but I vill be more than happy to give you a reason to be! *Opens his mouth, puts the Purity Star in it, and swallows it*

*The heroes gasp*

Luigi: Momma-mia! He ate the Purity Star!

Giant Ludwig: Yes, and I’m haffing YOU for lunch next! *Raises his fist, and slams it at them*

*They dodge*

Giant Ludwig: *Blows a fireball*

Luigi: *Takes out his hammer, and smacks it back to him*

Giant Ludwig: Uhhhhh! *Gets hit in the face*

Luigi: *Charges up a Super Jump and leaps into the air, getting ready to stomp him*

Giant Ludwig: *Backhands him*

Luigi: YAAAAAAH! *Crashes through the wall*

Everyone: LUIGI!

*The rest of them begin charging Ludwig shortly afterwards*

Giant Ludwig: *Takes a deep breath and blows them into the wall*

Everyone: AAAAHH!

*They slam into the wall*

Mimi: Owie! That hurt!

Giant Ludwig: HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, you are all powerless before the great Ludwig Von Koopa! *Begins taking another deep breath*

Shade: Ah, great! He’s about to do it again!

Giant Ludwig: *Blows a stream of fire at the group*

*They dodge*

Luigi: He’s unguarded! Now’s our chance to attack, you guys!

Bow: Good thinking, Luigi! Alright, let’s do it!

*They surround Ludwig from all sides while he’s busy blowing fire, and start to attack him*

Giant Ludwig: Uhhhhhhh! Vhy, you little…! *Gets into his shell, and dashes toward the group*

*They dodge, causing Ludwig’s shell to bounce all over the room*

Shade: Um… Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to run?

Bow: Yes, that’s exactly what I had in mind, as well!

*They rush out of the room, and Ludwig’s shell rolls after them, and breaks through the door*

Luigi: *Looks back* WAAAAAH! *Speeds up*

*Everyone else does the same*

Giant Ludwig: You…VILL NEVER ESCAPE!

*Ludwig continues chasing them down the hall, ramming over everything in the process*

Elsewhere, up at Princess Toadstool’s castle…

Dimentia: *Walks down the hall, reading a romance novel that she picked out of Peach’s library*

Bowser: *Enters* Ah, Tia! You’re just who I was looking for!

Dimentia: Hello, King Koopa. What can I do for you this time?

Bowser: Actually, there’s something I wanted to do for YOU.

Dimentia: Oh? My, my! You’re so bold! Are you usually this straightforward with Princess Peach?

Bowser: Hey, hey! I didn’t mean it like THAT! Get your mind outta the gutter, will you?

Dimentia: *Giggles* Why so serious? I was only kidding. In any case, what is it that you want to do for me, exactly?

Bowser: This. *Gives her tons of coin bags*

Dimentia: Whoa! Not that I’m complaining or anything, but what’s this for?

Bowser: That potion you gave me… It worked like a charm! I’ll admit, I was worried for a second when Peach still remembered Daisy and that robo-bug, but then things ended up taking a turn for the better! Not only did she forget about Mario, like you said she would, but she even had Daisy and that wanna-be Pixl locked up in one of my dungeons, and they were her best friends at one point! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That was just all KINDS of awesome!

Dimentia: Ah, I see, I see! I’m glad to hear things are working out for you! Anyway, thank you for the raise.

Bowser: Don’t mention it. You know, while I’m at it, I might as well give your brother the same raise. After all, he played a part in it, too.

Dimentia: How kind of you.

Peach: *Enters*

Bowser: Ah, there’s my lovely bride-to-be! How’d things go back there?

Peach: It’s done. Both of those pests have been taken care of. They were thrown right in the dungeon with all the others, like they belong.

Bowser: BWAHAHAHA! Awesome! Glad to hear it!

Peach: Oh, and… Dimentia, was it?

Dimentia: Yes, that’s me.

Peach: Bowser, the troops, and I will be throwing an engagement party soon. You and Dimention are more than welcome to come, if you’d like.

Dimentia: Really? Why, thank you! I’d be most honored to! What time will it be taking place, exactly?

Bowser: Tonight at eleven.

Dimentia: We’ll definitely be there! Dimention and I wouldn’t miss this for the world! Although, if any of you happen to need me for any reason until then, I’ll be in the room over there, reading this book I’ve picked out. *Points to one of the rooms*

Bowser: Alright, super. We’ll catch you later, Tia.

Dimentia: Ta-ta for now, my king…and princess.

*Bowser and Peach walk away*

Dimentia: Awww, those two are SO cute together! (Still… If what she did to her friend, Daisy is any indication, I may have created a monster, here…)

Meanwhile, again at Ludwig’s castle…

Jr. Troopa: *Marching down the halls* Mario, you big chicken! You can’t hide from me forever! If you’re in here, I swear I’m gonna beat you SOOO bad! Then you’ll regret backing out on-… Huh?

*Luigi and company run right past him*

Jr. Troopa: Hey, wait a minute! Those were Mario’s friends! If they’re here, then that must mean-…

*Music Cue*

Giant Ludwig: *Crashes through the wall*

Jr. Troopa: W-WHAT THE…!? *Tries to get out of the way, but ends up getting squashed* SHOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!

Minutes later, outside at the castle entrance…

Vivian: Whew! That was close! Looks like we’re safe for the time being!

Giant Ludwig: *Crashes through* …Or ARE you?

Everyone: AAAAAHHH!

Giant Ludwig: *Gets out of his shell* Now then… Let’s stop vasting time and finish this, shall vee?

Doopliss: Fine with us, Slick!

Giant Ludwig: *Gets ready to breathe fire on them, but comes to an abrupt stop* Ah, crud! Vut’s happening to me!? *Starts to shrink*

Luigi: Ah, I get it! I think Kamek’s magic must have worn off!

Shade: Sucks to be you!

Ludwig: Yes, go ahead… Make a mockery out of me vhile you can, for it is I who vill get the last laugh in the-…! *Starts to turn green in the face* Errrrp…! (Oh, no… I must haff spun around too much! BLAAAAGGGGHHH! *Vomits out the Purity Star*

Mimi: Ewwww!

Vivian: Look, you guys! It’s the Purity Star!

Mimi: Yeah, but look at it! It’s all wet and icky and gross!

Bow: Of course it is. It’s covered in vomit.

Ludwig: I…vouldn’t vorry about that if I vere you, because this isn’t over yet! I still haff vun last trick up my sleeff… *Takes out his magic wand, uses it to summon various Swoop enemies, and sends them in the heroes’ direction*

Nastasia: I’ll handle this. Leave this to me, ‘K?

Luigi: Okie dokey.

Nastasia: *Uses her powers to hypnotize them, sending them back at Ludwig*

Ludwig: Vut the…!? AH, CRUD!

*They start attacking him*

Ludwig: Uhhhhhh! Owww, owww! *Ducks into his shell*


*Everyone else laughs at him, too*

Mimi: Golly, that’s hilarious!

Ludwig: MARK MY VORDS, YOU VILL PAY FOR THIS! *Runs off with the bats chasing him, leaving the Purity Star behind in the process*

Mimi: Finally! That takes care of that big meanie!

Doopliss: Yep. Good riddance!

Bow: Indeed, but like I said before, I really like his castle. It reminds me of my own mansion.

Nastasia: ‘K so, um… Since we need all eight of these Purity Stars to stop Bowser and the Chaos Star’s power, we’re gonna have to touch this one sometime, y’know. So, who’d like to volunteer?

Mimi: Ewwww, no way!

Bow: Well, it’s certainly not going to me, that’s for sure!

Shade: Count me out!

Doopliss: Same here, Slick.

Luigi: …I guess I’ll do it. After all, if I was able to sleep on a pillow that this one monster had swallowed, I could certainly handle this.

Everyone: …

Luigi: …It’s a long story. Don’t ask.

Shade: Okay, dude.

Luigi: *Picks it up* HAHA! HERE WE GOOOOO! *V-pose*

After overcoming all the deadly obstacles at Ludwig’s castle, Luigi and company were able to successfully obtain the second Purity Star. Once again, however, there’s hardly any cause to celebrate just yet, as there are still six more to find. Will the rest of Mario and Luigi’s friends have what it takes to find the remainder of them before the Void gets large enough to wipe out all plains of existence? Find out as the saga continues in Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…
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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 11

Last time on Legend of the Chaos Star, Daisy and Tiptron were welcomed with not one, but two unexpected surprises once they returned to Bowser’s castle after successfully rescuing Toadsworth, Toadette, and several other Toads were being held prisoner. In addition to Bowser being at the entrance, they were also greeted by a brainwashed Princess Peach, who seemed to remember Daisy and Tiptron quite well, much to their relief. However, their sense of relief was short-lived once the princess stated that she and Bowser were in love. Not only that, but she claimed that the two of them were planning to get married and conquer the world together! Daisy and Tiptron tried to get Peach to come to her senses, but to no avail. Sometime afterwards, Bowser called in his troops to take the two of them back to her room, but Peach insisted that they be taken to the dungeon instead, further demonstrating how evil she had become due to the potion’s influence.

Elsewhere, Luigi and company, after defeating King Boolossus and rescuing Doopliss and Nastasia, whom the latter turned into paintings, proceeded through Ludwig’s castle until they reach a large stairway. As they began climbing it, the “ghostly” voice continued issuing threats to the group, claiming that they’ll be “lost in darkness” if they didn’t leave the castle. As with all the other times, the heroes ignored the voice and kept moving. When Luigi and the others reach the stairway, they went through one final door, only to find that it was none other than Ludwig who was the one behind it.

Before engaging the Koopaling in battle, Vivian attempted to reason with him, stating that the universe would be destroyed if they didn’t get ahold of all eight Purity Stars in time. Unfortunately for them, however, their words fell on deaf ears with Ludwig, who was thoroughly convinced that they were simply fabricating their story. As such, they had no choice but to fight him in order to get ahold of the second Purity Star. Sometime during the battle, Kamek arrived on the scene, casted a magic spell on Ludwig, and turned him into a giant. Although it got to a point where Ludwig had Luigi and company on the run, the magic ended up wearing off. Not willing to accept defeat, Ludwig sent a swarm of Swoops after the heroes, but Nastasia used her hypnotic powers to send them back at him, causing the young Koopaling to retreat and leave behind the Purity Star.

That one, plus the Purity Star that Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Bombette obtained from Larry’s castle at Green Gully, makes two in total, but there are still six more to collect. Will the rest of our heroes have what it takes to find the rest of them in time before it’s too late? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star!

Luigi: Well, looks like our work here is done. Let’s go back to-

*Music Cue*

Jr. Troopa: HOLD IT! *Runs up to the group*

Luigi: Eh? *Looks* Oh, it’s the kid in the eggshell again.

Bow: Jr. Troopa… *Rolls her eyes* Why am I not surprised?

Jr. Troopa: Alright, where’s Mario?

Shade: I dunno. Sorry, kid, but you’re gonna have to look somewhere else, because he’s not here.

Jr. Troopa: Yeah, right! Knowing him, he’s probably somewhere hiding, trying to escape from me!

Bow: Hiding to escape from you?

Jr. Troopa: Darn tootin’!

Bow: HA! You wish!

Jr. Troopa: Yes, he is! Not only has he been trying to escape me since the moment we met, but he always makes up these lame excuses whenever it’s time for us to even the score! Do you know why? It’s because he’s scared of me, that’s why! He’s so scared, that he lost that fight to Bowser on purpose just so he’d have an excuse to back out on me!

Everyone: …

*They all burst out laughing*

Jr. Troopa: Hey, what’s so funny!?

*They continue laughing*

Jr. Troopa: Shut up! SHUT UUUUUUPPPPPP!!!

Bow: You poor, deluded child. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? What reason would Mario have to fear you, of all people? He’s beaten you not once, not twice, but six times already! You cannot beat him! How many more times do you need to lose to him before it gets through your thick skull?

Jr. Troopa: Mario got lucky all those other times, but that’s ancient history! I’m ready for him this time! When I find out where that coward is hiding, I’m gonna beat him so bad, his own mama’s not gonna recognize him! I’ll track him down, one way or another! Even if that means searching all over the Mushroom Kingdom!

Everyone: …

Bow: Ugh. You know what? I have three words for you…

Jr. Troopa: Yeah? What is it?

Bow: *Briefly expands her size, with a menacing look on her face* GET A LIFE!!!

Jr. Troopa: AAAAAAHHH! *Runs off*

*They all laugh at him again*

Bow: Gwah hee ha ha! Serves him right, the annoying little urchin!

*The sound of a chime is suddenly heard*

*Music Cue*

Luigi: Hmm? *Reaches into his pocket and takes out the Dual Scream* Hey, when did this get in my pocket? I guess the professor must’ve slipped it in when he was here earlier. *Opens it up*

E. Gadd: Luigi! How are things going over there, young feller? Did you find what it was you were looking for?

Luigi: Yep, we got it. *Shows him the Purity Star*

E. Gadd: Ah, I see. What might that be, exactly?

Luigi: It’s called a Purity Star. I’ll tell you all about it when we get to the-

Oh, yeah, I forgot. The Pixelator can only warp one person at a time.

E. Gadd: Heh heh heh! Not anymore! I’ve upgraded it since our quest for the Dark Moon pieces, and it’s now able to teleport up to ten people!

Shade: Sweet!

Luigi: Yeah, I’ll say!

E. Gadd: Alright, hang on to your hat, youngster! *Activates the Pixelator and warps everyone into his lab*

Shortly after they leave…

Dimention: *Appears* Well, would you look at that? They’ve managed to get ahold of the next Purity Star. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well done, heroes! Well done! However, you’d best be prepared, as you’ll soon have a LOT more than just Bowser to worry about…

Shortly afterwards, at Princess Toadstool’s castle…

Dimentia: Hmm? Oh, my! *Flips the page of the romance novel* Now things REALLY seem to be getting-

Dimention: *Appears* Hi, Sis.

Dimentia: Waaaah! *Jumps up, startled* Dimention, do you mind? I was just getting to the juicy part!

Dimention: Oh, am I interrupting? I apologize.

Dimentia: Don’t worry, it’s alright. So, is there something you wanted to talk to me about?

Dimention: Yeah, I just wanted to bring you up to speed. The Purity Star at Ludwig’s castle… Luigi and his friends have managed to get ahold of it.

Dimentia: Oh, did they? *Giggles* I already figured they would. So, how do you feel about Luigi now? Do you still think he isn’t worthy of being mentioned in the Dark Prognosticus?

Dimention: Admittedly, you were right about him. I’ve been observing his progress all throughout the castle, and he’s certainly shown potential.

Dimentia: I see, I see! Ah, by the way… Tonight at eleven, an engagement party is being held for King Koopa and Princess Peach, and the two of us have been invited. Will you be coming along?

Dimention: Sure, why not? It’ll certainly kill some time until our plan unfolds.

???: Is that so?

Dimentia: Hmm?

Kammy: *Enters*

Dimention: Ah, Kammy Koopa! What can we do for you, my good ma’am?

Kammy: What you can do for me is give an explanation as to what kind of “plan” it is you’re waiting to “unfold”.

Dimention: Oh, that? Dimentia and I are busy preparing a strategy, as in, a back-up plan for just in case Mario and his friends get ahold of all the Purity Stars.

Kammy: Oh, is that so?

Dimentia: *Giggles* That’s right! You know how the saying goes, don’t you? “It pays to expect the worse.”

Kammy: Yes, indeed. That is something I say quite often.

Dimention: In the slim chance that the Mario Brothers and company are to succeed this time around, their victory will be very shortlived, as they’ll soon be brought to a quick and certain end!

Kammy: I see, I see! That sounds quite interesting!

Dimention: HAHAHAHAHAHA… I know, doesn’t it?

Kammy: By the way, there have been rumors flying around that the two of you are secretly plotting against Lord Bowser in some way. What’s this all about?

Dimentia: Hmph, this is the third time I’ve heard this so far, and I can’t tell you how much it hurts me inside that people keep making this accusation! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… We’ve sworn nothing but undying loyalty to King Koopa! I, for one, would gladly give my life for him if I had to!

Dimention: Exactly. To reiterate a point I’ve made before… We both originated from the Dimén clan, which has a strong emphasis on loyalty. That “Dimentio” guy that we keep being compared to was an exception. It was because of his scheming ways that he was exiled from our clan. In other words, he was an outcast, a disgrace, a total embarrassment, and I would very much appreciate it if Dimentia and I weren’t lumped with the likes of him. Unlike that scum, we actually understand the basic concept of loyalty.

Kammy: …

Very well, I’ll take your word for it, but listen carefully… If I or anyone else in the Koopa Troop comes to find out that you aren’t as loyal as you claim to be, then rest assured, you will regret it! Do I make myself clear?

Dimentia: We understand completely.

Dimention: Yes, your words are crystal clear.

Kammy: Good. Now, with that said, you two have a nice day. *Leaves*

Dimention: *Peeks out the door, waiting until she’s well out of sight* HAHAHAHAHAHA! Does that old crone truly think she could intimidate us?

Dimentia: Still, though… we really need to be careful about what we say from now on. We pretty much dodged a bullet, there.

Dimention: Yes, you have a point. Now in the meantime, I’m going to one of the other Koopaling castles to see how much progress our “friends” are making.

Dimentia: Alright. Ta-ta for now.

Dimention: Adieu. *Warps away*

Dimentia: (Is this…truly justified…?)

Meanwhile, at Professor E. Gadd’s lab…

*Music Cue*

E. Gadd: …That’s the story behind those!? Criminy! Of all my years of ghost researching, that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard!

Bow: By the way… Exactly what became of King Boo and his underlings? You said something about running them through a “Ghost Portrificationizer”?

E. Gadd: Yes, that’s the machine I’ve invented specifically for keeping insane, hostile ghosts like King Boo contained. As to what became of him and the others… They’ve been re-added to my gallery. Follow me, it’s right this way.

*They follow him to the portrait gallery room*

E. Gadd: Here it is! *Points to the King Boolossus painting on the wall*

Bow: Gwah hee ha ha! I just can’t help but chuckle at the irony! He went on and on about turning us into paintings, and even expressed an interest in doing the same to you and Mario, then he ends up becoming one himself! Serves him right! This couldn’t have happened to anyone more deserving!

Doopliss: Yeah. Good riddance!

Mimi: Yeah! Hopefully, we’ll never have to hear from that meanie again!

Luigi: Yeah, that’s if the professor doesn’t sell the painting this time.

E. Gadd: There’s no need to worry. I’m not making that mistake again, believe you me!

Ah, I almost forgot! Luigi, I have a special surprise that’s waiting for you in the next room. The rest of you are welcome to come along, if you’d like.

Nastasia: ‘K, sure. I don’t see why not.

*They follow E. Gadd into the next room*

E. Gadd: *Flips the light switch, revealing his Toads assistants, and tons of reformed Evershade Valley ghosts*

*Music Cue*

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!

Luigi: *Startled* Momma-mia!

E. Gadd: Heh heh heh! Are you surprised, young feller? Yeah, I know… This probably isn’t as glamorous as the party that was being thrown for you and Mario at Princess Peach’s castle, but this is the least I can do to thank you for all your hard work.

Luigi: Oh, no, this one’s fine. *Whispers to him* I kind of like this one better, to be honest.

E. Gadd: Is that so? I guess that does change a thing or two now, doesn’t it?

Luigi: Yeah, but at the same time, it’s not quite the same without my bro and Daisy…

Vivian: I could go back and get Mario, if you want. He and the others are most likely done getting their Purity Star by now.

Luigi: Okay, that’ll work.

Vivian: I’ll be right back! *Disappears into the shadows*

Shade: By the way, Bow, could I talk to you outside for a bit?

Bow: Sure, why not?

*They fly through the wall*

Bow: Alright, what’s on your mind?

Shade: Well, uh… Heh heh… You’re probably just gonna say “no” again, but I’ll throw this one out there anyway. After we’re finished saving the universe and all that, would you… Would you consider going out with me then?

Bow: Hmm… I’ll have to think about it.

Shade: W-Whoa, you really mean it!?

Bow: I simply said I’d think about it, I didn’t say “yes”.

Shade: Yeah, but you didn’t say “no” this time, either! If you didn’t wanna go out with me, you would’ve said that right off the bat!

Bow: …

Shade: You’ve got the hots for me, don’t you?

Bow: What? You can’t be serious!

Shade: Oh, yes you do! Come on, admit it!

Bow: I do not! Don’t be ridiculous!

Shade: Face it… I’m wearing you down, babe! I’m wearing you down!

Bow: Don’t get too carried away, now! That was only a “maybe”-type response; that could easily become a “no” if you continue to annoy me!

Shade: Okay, gotcha.

Bow: By the way, Shade…

Shade: Yeah?

Bow: (I’m probably going to regret this later…) *Kisses him on the cheek*

Shade: …! *Turns bright red*

Bow: Thanks for getting us out of that mess with King Boo. I really appreciate it.

Shade: O-Oh, uh… It was nothing! ^^;;

Bow: So, let’s get back to the party now, shall we? *Flies through the wall*

Shade: (I don’t care what she says… She’s totally into me!) *Follows*

Meanwhile, at Iggy’s castle…

*Music Cue*

Toad: I’ll bet you’re feeling pretty silly about all the things you said about Princess Toadstool, huh, Birdo?

Birdo: Nope. I still stand by everything I said.

Yoshi: Hasn’t it already been established that Dimention was lying about her so-called “affair” with Bowser?

Birdo: There’s no way that could have been a lie if he had undeniable, concrete evidence to back it up. I mean, seriously… Like I said before, Toadstool’s already proven that she can hold her own against plenty of enemies, some which were probably even tougher than Bowser, and yet she suddenly becomes powerless against HIM? I don’t believe that for one second.

Toad: Uh, did you forget that she’s been brainwashed? At least that’s what Tiptron told us. I don’t think she’d have any reason to lie to us about something like that…

Birdo: Brainwashed? Yeah, sure she was. I’ll bet that was some spur-of-the-moment excuse that she thought of after getting caught, and Tiptron ended up buying into it. Toadstool is playing Mario, big-time. Not only him, but the entire Mushroom Kingdom! I’m like, the only one who was able to see through her charade from the beginning! Yeah, you know how Bowser somehow has eight kids, but no one knows who the mother is? Gee, I wonder why?

Everyone: …

Polywarp: *Rolls her eyes* No offense, but you’re starting to sound more ridiculous than that grumpy, elderly ape that was with us at Merluvlee’s place.

Donkey Kong: You mean Cranky?

Polywarp: Yeah, him.

???: Did someone say my name?

*Music Cue*

Diddy: Hey, Cranky. I didn’t know you were coming!

Cranky: I had to. Who else is gonna add some flavor to this boring, poorly-written excuse for a story?

Polywarp: *Rolls her eyes again*

Cranky: Tired of me? You should be glad I even considered it! SolarBlaze couldn’t write to save his life! Not even the writers of the Donkey Kong Country series did this terrible of a job! Seriously, I could pull out a better script from the crack of my behind! Just to be clear, I know everything, and I mean everything that’s gonna go down in this story, and I’ll tell you… It has one of the stupidest-looking final bosses I’ve ever seen; one that makes both Tiki Tong and Fredrik seem original by comparison, along with a rubbish ending that has “cliché” written all over it!

Everyone: …

Polywarp: Uh, okay then. Moving along now.

*They enter Iggy’s room and find him dressed like a mad scientist*

Iggy: Hello, how do you do? I’ve been waiting for you! Iggy Koopa’s the name, mechanical engineering is my game! I’m also known as “Hip”, too, if that’s okay with you.

Birdo: “Hip”?

Iggy: Yeah, as in “hip-hop”. As of now, your journey comes to a stop!

Polywarp: Wow. He talks exactly like Merlee!

Yoshi: So, uh… Does everything you say always rhyme, or was that unintentional?

Iggy: Well, what can I say? Wordplay is my forte.

Cranky: Ugh, seriously. What does SolarBlaze think this is? A Dr. Seuss book?

Toad: …I guess that’s a “yes”.

Iggy: You’ve all done well to come this far, but I’ll never hand over this star! *Holds up the green Purity Star*

Polywarp: Don’t you have any idea what’s going on? The fate of the very universe hangs in the balance! Unless we get ahold of all eight Purity Stars, all worlds will cease to exist!

Iggy: What do you mean? Is there something I haven’t seen?

Polywarp: *Explains*

Iggy: Wait now, let me get this straight. You’re saying that all worlds are decaying, because of a void in the sky? You expect me to believe such a lie?

Birdo: What? Oh, come on! You really mean to tell us that you haven’t noticed? The void is right there in the sky, clear as day!

Iggy: HAHAHAHAHA! Surely, you jest? Alright, then let’s put your theory to the test. *Walks over to the window and looks outside*

Birdo: Well?

Iggy: Just as I thought… What made you think that’s something I would’ve brought?

Diddy: *Sigh* I guess there’s just no use talking to him, you guys. Our only chance of getting that star is to take him down!

Donkey Kong: *Bangs his chest*

Iggy: *Takes out a remote control, presses a button, and summons some robotic Chain Chomps* My hunch? These Robo-Chomps are gonna have you for lunch! Beware, because I’ve got a bunch!

Cranky: Are you done yappin’ yet?

Iggy: That’ll be all, now are you ready to brawl? Robo-Chomp pack, attack! *Points*

*They charge toward the heroes, and they begin fighting them off*

Yoshi: *Leaps into the air and ground-pounds one of them*

Birdo: *Tosses exploding egg bombs*

*Donkey Kong, Diddy, and Cranky use the Kong-POW attack, morphing all the robotic chomps into bananas, coins, and balloons*

Iggy: Eh!? What the hey!?

Donkey Kong: Banana Slamma!

Diddy: Score!

Birdo: Whoa! I gotta admit that was pretty awesome!

Yoshi: Yeah, I’ll say!

Toad: Definitely!

Cranky: Bah, that was too easy. Even without the Kong-POW, all it would’ve taken is my pinky to deal with those things!

Iggy: Don’t get too cocky, because for you, things are about to get rocky! *Takes out a remote control, presses a button, and summons a much bigger mechanical Chomp*

Diddy: Whoa! That thing’s huge!

Iggy: *Gets inside of it* Roses are red, violets are blue… You’d do best to scram before I make mincemeat out of you!

Cranky: Pffft! Yeah, as if anybody’d run from that piece of junk!

Iggy: You asked for it, old man! I warned you… You should’ve ran! *Activates the controls and makes the Giga Chomp leap into the air*


*They spread out and dodge*

Meanwhile, in a dungeon up at Bowser’s castle…

*Music Cue*


Tiptron MKII: Daisy!? Daisy! What’s wrong!?

Daisy: *Wakes up* Huh!? What!? Oh, hey, Tiptron. *Looks around* We’re still in the dungeon, I see…

Tiptron MKII: Yes, we are. Are you alright? It sounded as if you were having some kind of nightmare…

Daisy: Yeah, I was. It was about Peach. It was terrible, Tiptron! I dreamt that she and Bowser…were actually getting married! The moment that potion was used on her earlier…I knew I’d end up having nightmares about it! It doesn’t exactly help that they ended up kissing right in front of us…twice!

Tiptron MKII: That’s for sure. Well, if we don’t find a way out of here and get ahold of the antidote, then that nightmare’s going to end up becoming a reality. For the sake of Mario, Luigi, the Mushroom Kingdom, and our sanity, we have to put a stop to it at all costs!

Daisy: *Nods* Right! *Notices a nearby portal* Hey, is that…some kind of portal? Where did that come from, exactly?

Tiptron MKII: I’ve noticed it appear just a little while ago as you were sleeping, so it may very well be a dream portal of some sort…

*Suddenly, a pair of glowing, yellow eyes is seen in it*

Tiptron MKII: What is that thing!?

Daisy: I have no idea!

*A dark mist begins to seep through the portal and forms into a hand*

Tiptron MKII:  Huh!? Now what’s going on!?

*The hand grabs Daisy*

Daisy: W-What’re you doing!? Get off of me, whatever you are! AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! *Gets sucked in*

Tiptron MKII: DAISY!!! *Flies after her*

*The portal closes just in time before Tiptron enters*

Once again, at the battle scene of Iggy’s castle…

Donkey Kong: *Takes out his Coconut Shooter and fires at the Mecha Chomp*

Diddy: *Does the same with his Peanut Popgun*

Toad: *Tosses vegetables at it*

Iggy: *Presses a button, makes the Mecha Chomp open its mouth, and eat the projectiles*

Diddy: Huh!?

Iggy: What? That was your plan, to feed him? Man, you’re so dim! *Makes the Giga Chomp open its mouth again and fires them back at the group*

Everyone: UHHHHHH!

Iggy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Opens the Giga Chomp’s mouth again and blows fire at them*

*They dodge*

Iggy: *Makes the Giga Chomp charge at them again*

Cranky: This is our chance to attack! Let’s give it what-for!

Donkey Kong: Okay!

*They leap into the air when the Giga Chomp gets close enough, and simultaneously stomp on it*

Iggy: Uhhhhhhh! *Czzzzzzt!*

Donkey Kong: *Gets behind the Giga Chomp and grabs the chain*

Iggy: Hey, you! What’re you trying to do!?

Donkey Kong: Let’s just say I’m taking it for a little spin! *Starts swinging the Giga Chomp around in circles*

Iggy: Whoa, whoa, WHOOOOOOAAAAAAH!

Donkey Kong: *Tosses it through a wall*

Iggy: GAAAAAAAHH! *Czzzzzzt!*

Diddy: Alright! Way to go, D.K.!

Birdo: I guess this is where I step in! *Tosses more egg bombs*

*An explosion occurs shortly afterwards*

Toad: Alright, I think that’s the end of it!

???: Heh heh heh… You think you win? Well, guess again!

*The smoke clears, revealing that the Giga Chomp is still intact, but heavily damaged*

Iggy: This… isn’t the end! Not until… The count of ten! *Opens the Giga Chomp’s mouth again and begins charging up a laser* One…two…three…four…five…six…seven…eight…nine…TEN!

Toad: Uh oh… That can’t be good…

Iggy: HAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s time for you to say goodbye, because I’m about to blow you sky high!

Cranky: I’ll handle this. *Tosses his cane into the Giga Chomp’s mouth, causing the laser cannon’s hole to get clogged*

Iggy: Eh!? What the hey!?

*Seconds later, the Giga Chomp’s laser cannon overloads and explodes, blowing the machine to pieces and sending Iggy flying through the ceiling*


Diddy: Alright, we did it!

Cranky: “We”? You mean I did it! Face it, if I hadn’t been here, he would’ve tanned your hides for sure!

Polywarp: Your sense of modesty is astounding.

Cranky: Who asked you? A stepladder with eyes and wings… Who came up with such garbage character design?

Polywarp: *Rolls her eyes*

Birdo: So, anyway… What happened to the Purity Star, exactly? Do you think it may have gotten caught in the explosion?

Polywarp: I hope not…

*The green Purity Star falls through the hole that was made in the ceiling*

Yoshi: I guess our question’s been answered.

Donkey Kong: *Walks over to the star and grabs it*

Polywarp: Looks like our work here is done. Come on, let’s go back to Merluvlee’s place in Shooting Star Summit. *Creates a dimensional door*

*They go through*

Dimention: *Appears right after the door shuts* Well played, my friends. Well played…

Meanwhile, within the dream world that Daisy’s been taken…

*Music Cue*

Daisy: *Sits up and looks around* Where…am I?


Daisy: EEK! *Quickly turns around* W-Who’s there!?

*A swarm of bats appear, merge into one, and become a nightmarish vampire-like creature*

???: Velcome, Princess Daisy! Velcome to Dream’s Deep!

Daisy: Exactly who are you, anyway?

???: SKREEEEK! I am Antasma, the king of bats…the consumer of nightmares!

Daisy: Antasma? Where have I heard that name befo-

Wait a second, I remember now! Luigi and Peach told me about you some time ago! He told me about the way you stole that Dark Stone thing and imprisoned all those innocent Pi’llo guys! How could you do such a thing!?

Antasma: SKREEEONK! First of all, I haff no idea who “Luigi” is… Unless, of course, you’re referring to vun of those red und green pests that vere constantly vexing me at every turn! SKREEEEP! Secondly, yes… I vas responsible for imprisoning the Pi’llos, but only in retaliation for vut they’ve done to me first! SKREEEKEEE! Dreambert… Simply being reminded of him is enough to fill me vith rage! Still… As much as I despise him und the rest of the Pi’llos, that doesn’t compare to the hatred I haff for Bowser…

Daisy: Join the club, buddy. Now, tell me… Why did you bring me here?

Antasma: Vhy haff I brought you here? As I said before, I’m a consumer of nightmares, und as such, I haff the power to look into anyone’s dreams as long as they are connected to a Dream Point. SKREEEEK! Yours, in particular, vere of the utmost interest to me, und I vould like to offer you my help. Vhy not vork vith me?

Daisy: Work…with you? I, well… Your offer sounds tempting, but if you’re enemies with Luigi and Mario, why would you want to help me, of all people? What’s in it for you, exactly?

Antasma: Vut’s in it for me, you ask? SKREEEP! You are not the vun I bear any ill vill towards… Bowser is the vun I’m after! I vant nothing more than to see him suffer… To see him get vut he hast coming to him! SKREEEEP!

Daisy: Not that I’m complaining or anything, but what’s the history between you and Bowser?

Antasma: …

To make a long story short, Bowser und I vere vunce partners, but then he decided to betray me!

Daisy: …

Hey, wait a second! You must’ve been the one that Bowser mentioned to me earlier! He said that his reason for doing that was because you were using him!

Antasma: SKREEEEEONK! You think I vas using him? Do you haff any idea how many chances I’ve had to double-cross him, but didn’t end up going through vith it? Bowser vas vun of the very few people I had considered as a friend since I escaped my imprisonment vithin the dream vorld. I vas loyal to him, even to the point vhere I considered vithdrawing from my own plans to conquer the vorld, but in the end, he still chose to stab me in the back und left me for dead… All for his own personal gain! SKREEEEEEEP!

Daisy: Ugh, just when I thought that guy couldn’t sink any lower! What a complete creep Bowser is! I’m sorry that had to happen to you, Antasma…

Antasma: SKREEEONK! I vasn’t necessarily looking for pity, but still… It seems vee haff come to an understanding… It is, in fact, our mutual hatred of Bowser that our meeting has come to pass! Haff you made your decision yet?

Daisy: About accepting your help, you mean?

Antasma: Yessss… I can give you power beyond your vildest dreams! Vith my help, you vill be able to escape this dungeon und free the rest of your friends, including Princess Peach! Then, vunce und for all, vee can teach Bowser a lesson und give him vut he deserves! The vun thing I ask for in return is your cooperation. Vut do you say?

Daisy: Hmm, since you put it that way… You’ve got yourself a deal!

*They shake hands*

Antasma: Vunderful! Now vee go back to the real vorld…

Daisy: Okay, but how do we do that, exactly?

Antasma: *Raises his arms into the air and creates a dream portal*

Daisy: Whoa, how did you do that!?

Antasma: Thanks to the power of the Dream Stone, I can create dream portals at vill…anytime or anyvhere I vish. *Morphs into his bat form* This vay! *Flies through the portal*

Daisy: *Follows him*

So far, things seem to be looking up! In addition to the fact that another Purity Star has been obtained, Daisy has gained her one-way ticket out of the Bowser Castle dungeon…through Antasma, of all people! Although the Bat King claims to have nothing but revenge on Bowser in mind, is he really one to be trusted, or could there be more to his “alliance” with Daisy than he’s led her to believe? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…
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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 12

When we last left off on Legend of the Chaos Star, the group of heroes who chose to look for the Purity Star in Iggy Koopa’s castle, which consisted of Toad, Yoshi, Birdo, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Polywarp, and a reluctant Cranky Kong, ventured through the castle until they eventually came face to face with Iggy, himself. Before engaging him in battle, Polywarp and the others attempted to coax Iggy into handing over the Purity Star, informing him that the universe will eventually be destroyed unless they get ahold of it. As with all the other Koopalings so far, that claim ended up falling on deaf ears with Iggy, and as such, they had no choice but to engage the deranged Koopaling in battle. Using an army of mechanical Chain Chomps, including a ridable, giga-sized one, Iggy battled the heroes, but was eventually defeated in the end. After the young Koopaling was sent flying over the horizon, the heroes were free to claim the third Purity Star.

Elsewhere, up at Bowser’s castle, Princess Daisy and Tiptron MKII, who had gotten themselves thrown in one of the dungeons by a brainwashed Princess Peach, were pondering, trying to formulate an escape plan. Shortly after Daisy woke up from a nightmare she was having, she and Tiptron noticed a dream portal, which had a dark mist pouring from it. The mist then formed into a hand, which forcibly dragged Daisy through the portal. Shortly afterwards, she found herself within a dream world; Dream’s Deep, to be exact. As it turns out, the Bat King, Antasma, who was presumed dead sometime ago, was responsible for bringing Daisy there. However, as he noted, he did not bear any ill will towards her at all, and offered his help.

After Daisy questioned why Antasma would want to help her, of all people, the latter then went on to explain that his reason for helping the tomboy princess was out of spite towards Bowser, who betrayed him some time ago. Since Daisy desperately wanted to escape the dungeon so she could free Princess Peach and the rest of the Mushroom Castle residents, as well as the fact that they had a common enemy, she decided to accept Antasma’s offer.

Now, the questions remain… Is Antasma really one to be trusted under any circumstances? Will our heroes have what it takes to find the last five Purity Stars before all worlds are obliterated? What about Princess Peach? Will she forever stay under the influence of the love potion that was used to make her fall in love with Bowser? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

*Music Cue*

Tiptron MKII: *Watches them come through* …! Daisy, you’re back! But…who’s this bat? Is he the one who-

Daisy: …Dragged me through the portal? Yeah. This is Antasma, the bat king. To make a long story short, he has a bone to pick with Bowser also, and he’s here to help us out. Basically, he’s our ticket out of here!

Tiptron MKII: Really!?

Antasma: Yessss… Quite so! SKREEEEONK! Now, Daisy… I vill lend you my power! *Encircles Daisy and enters her body in a spirit-like fashion*

*A dark glow surrounds Daisy shortly afterwards*

Daisy: Hey, what did you just do!?

Antasma: SKREEEP! As promised, I haff given you my power. Vhy not put it to the test by getting this door out of the vay? I guarantee you… You vill not be disappointed vith the results. SKREEK!

Daisy: Alright, here goes… *Walks over to the door, raises her fist, and punches through it, causing it to break*

Tiptron MKII: …!

Daisy: Whoa! I can definitely see now that you weren’t exaggerating! Antasma, you’re truly something else!

Tiptron MKII: I’ll say! Come on, now’s our chance! Let’s free the rest of the prisoners, change Peach back to normal, and stop Bowser and those two psychopaths, Dimentia and Dimention in their tracks!

*They rush out of the cell*

Elsewhere at Toad Town, where Princess Toadstool’s castle used to be…

*Music Cue*

Mallow: Uh, Mario? Are you sure this is gonna work?

Mario: Yes, I’m positive. I’ve blasted out of plenty of cannons before, including one that’s once gotten me to the moon! If I was able to get up there this way, then I can certainly blast up to where Peach’s and Bowser’s castles are!

Geno: I’ll take your word for it, but before you go, answer me this… Are you certain that challenging Bowser at this point is a wise decision?

Mario: …

Mallow: Yeah, I mean… He still has the Chaos Star, remember? Because of the power he’s absorbed from that thing; none of us were able to put a dent in him!

Mario: Maybe so, but there’s no telling exactly when all the others are gonna get back with the rest of the Purity Stars, and I can’t just sit around doing nothing! Along with that void in the sky, the effects of the potion that Dimentia used to brainwash Peach will end up becoming permanent unless it’s cured on time!

Geno: Ah, yes, but weren’t Princess Daisy and Tiptron already handling that?

Mario: Yes, but we haven’t heard from them in quite a while. There’s no telling whether or not they’ve been captured along with everyone else up there.

Geno: True.

Bombette: Well, since fighting Bowser head-on is out of the question right now, your best bet would be to sneak that antidote away from him and get out of there as fast as you can! Just as we did while sneaking that key from Tubba Blubba!

Mario: *Nods* Okie dokey! Ret ta go, you guys!

*Mallow and Geno position the cannon upwards, while Bombette stands next to and lights the fuse with an explosion*

Mario: WAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA!!! *Puts on a Wing Cap and soars through the air*

*A warphole appears shortly afterwards, followed by Donkey Kong, Diddy, Cranky, Toad, Yoshi, Birdo, and Polywarp*

Polywarp: *Looks around* Whoops, I meant to take us all to Merluvlee’s, but I guess my calculations were slightly off.

Cranky: “Slightly”?

Polywarp: *Glares* Yes, “slightly”, as in the fact that Shooting Star Summit is right around the corner.

Mallow: Hey, you guys. I guess everything went okay over at the castle?

Donkey Kong: Yep. *Holds up the Purity Star*

Cranky: Yeah, we got the stupid star. That’s about as “okay” as things get for this rubbish story.

Vivian: *Rises from the shadows through her Veil technique* Hey, everyone. Have you seen Mario?

Bombette: Just a little while ago, he used this cannon to shoot himself up to Bowser’s castle.

Vivian: Even without all the Purity Stars!?

Geno: I’m afraid so. We reminded him of this, but he insisted on going anyway.

Vivian: Bowser will kill him for sure!

Bombette: Yeah, but he was still willing to take that risk if it meant getting ahold of that antidote to change Princess Peach back to normal. Plus, he told us he’d take off if Bowser spotted him.

Mallow: Yeah, and besides… This is Mario we’re talking about, here! He’s gotten himself out of more jams than anyone could possibly count!

Vivian: Yeah, I suppose you’re right.

*A brown-haired woman with a red dress approaches them*

Donkey Kong: P-Pauline!

Pauline: Hello, DK. How are you today?

Donkey Kong: J-Just fine. What about you?

Pauline: I’m doing pretty well. Say, wasn’t this where Princess Toadstool’s castle was supposed to be? I came here for Mario’s surprise party…

Diddy: As weird as this may sound, Bowser uprooted the castle at some point and took it into the skies somewhere!

Pauline: …An entire castle was lifted into the sky, just like that?

Cranky: Yep, that’s SolarBlaze’s genius writing for you. By the way, don’t I know you from somewhere? You look familiar…

Pauline: Not that I recall. *Looks toward the others* Oh, my name’s Pauline, by the way.

Geno: I’m ♥♪!?, but since that’s hard to pronounce, I usually go by “Geno”.

*Insert introductions for the others here*

Pauline: It’s nice to meet you all.

Vivian: Likewise. Oh, and you said you came here for the party, right? Well, it’s been moved over to Professor E. Gadd’s place in Evershade Valley.

Pauline: Ah, I see. How far is this “Evershade Valley”, exactly?

Polywarp: It’s pretty far from here, but with my teleportation abilities, we can get there in no time. *Encircles the group and uses her powers to warp everyone (including herself) away*

Shortly afterwards at Professor E. Gadd’s laboratory…

*Music Cue*[/i]

“Mr. L” (Mimi): The Green Thunder strikes like lightning once again! *Poses* I am the bold, the fearless… MR. L! *Poses again* Hey, Misterjumpsallthetime! Just watch as I jump on your face! HAVE AT YOU!

*Everyone laughs*

Luigi: Momma-mia… Is this really what I act like when I become Mr. L?

Doopliss: You got it, Slick.

*Polywarp and the others come in*

Vivian: I’m back! *Looks toward Luigi* I’m sorry I couldn’t come back with Mario. Believe me, I wanted to, but he’s kinda busy at the moment.

Luigi: Hey, don’t worry about it. After all, that’s my bro for ya.

Polywarp: The Purity Star that we got from Iggy’s castle… I’m going over to Merluvlee’s to drop it off. I’ll be right back. *Floats toward the star and teleports away*

E. Gadd: Hmm? Ah, I see we have some new faces! Welcome, everyone! Welcome! My name is Professor Elvin Gadd, and this is my ghost research laboratory!

*Insert introductions for the other characters here*

E. Gadd: It’s nice to meet ya!

Cranky: You’re a professor, you said? So am I!

E. Gadd: Is that so? What’s your field of expertise, exactly?

Cranky: I specialize in making potions.

E. Gadd: Sounds interesting! What kind of potions do you make?

Cranky: I make all kinds of ‘em, but don’t go asking me for a potion of good writing, as even my genius is unable to rescue this story from its rightful destiny in the recycle bin. Assuming, of course, someone’s actually bored enough to wanna download this rubbish.

E. Gadd: What “story” would that be? I’m not sure I follow you…

Cranky: Bah, nevermind.

Meanwhile, at Morton’s castle in Arid Aztec…

Goombella: Like, ohmigawsh! You’re saying that you know Professor Kolorado?

Kooper: Know him? I’m his assistant!

Goombella: That’s totally awesome. Coincidentally, I happen to be the assistant of Professor Frankly, who Kolorado was a student of sometime ago.

Kooper: Really!? You’re kidding!

Goombella: Not at all. I’m, like, dead serious.

O’Chunks: ...Who ‘n blazin’ bog rats ‘r’ they?

Parakarry: Professor Kolorado is a famed, but somewhat clumsy, archaeologist.

O’Chunks: Ah. Now, whadda ya say we get goin’, eh?

*They move through the door and find Morton dressed like a pharaoh*

Morton: *Belches loudly*

Everyone: …

Morton: Hey! Hurry up with the next batch, will ya?

???: Coming right up, Prince Morton!

*A group of Egyptian-dressed Boos, Paratroopas, and Dry Bones bring in more plates of meat, and Morton continues stuffing his face like a pig*

Goombella: Ewwww! What a total slob! I could like, totally puke right now!

Kooper: That’s for sure!

Parakarry: I hear you…

Morton: *Notices them* Halt, who goes there? Ya need somethin’?

O’Chunks: Yeah, we’re lookin’ fer- *Notices the Purity Star hanging on the wall* Great leapin’ bog-monkeys! That’s the Purity Star, innit!?

Kooper: Yeah, that’s gotta be!

Morton: Ah, so you must be some o’ that chump, Mario’s friends! I was told by one o’ the clowns that you’d be comin’ by pretty soon to try ‘n’ take that star from me. *Burps again*

Kooper: Yeah, about that star… It’s very important that we get ahold of it.

Morton: Why’s that?

Goombella: Y’know those two clowns you just mentioned? You see… *Explains*

Morton: Whoa, whoa! Hold the phone! You’re tellin’ me that they’re tryin’ to destroy the world!?

Goombella: You got it, bucko! Those two are totally psycho! They’re using Bowser, big-time! He has, like, no idea what’s truly going on right now!

Kooper: That’s right! If we don’t get ahold of that Purity Star, then not only will the world get destroyed, but the entire universe!

Morton: …

Parakarry: Yes, but don’t just take our word for it. There’s a growing, purple void in the sky that’ll tell you all you need to know. See for yourself.

Morton: *Walks over to the window* Huh? I don’t see nothin’…

*The heroes briefly look at one another in confusion and walk over to the window*

Goombella: Jeepers! What happened to it? I could’ve, like, sworn it was there the last time we looked…

Kooper: I have no idea!

Parakarry: I have no explanation either, I’m afraid…

O’Chunks: I’ll beddit was one o’ those two clowns who did ‘dis!

Goombella: What do you mean? Are you saying that they know how to use illusionary magic or something?

O’Chunks: Yeh got it, lass! Dimentio had powers just like it! I’d know, ‘cuz I used ta work wit’ that crazed loon!

Morton: Pffft! I’ll bet you guys’re just tryin’ to trick me into handin’ it over! Well, I ain’t buyin’ it! Not for one second!

O’Chunks: Then I guess we ain’t got no choice but to ‘ave an ol’-fashioned, no ‘olds barred!

Goombella: Yeah, I guess so. C’mon, let’s get him!

Morton: *Whistles*

*A group of Dry Bones comes in shortly afterwards*

*Music Cue*

Morton: Get ‘em! *Points*

Goombella: *Headbonks some of them*

Kooper: *Gets into his shell and uses the Shell Toss attack, bowling some of them over*

Parakarry: *Gets into his shell and flies into some of them head-on*

O’Chunks: *Picks up one of them and tosses them into the others*

*Their bones scatter everywhere*

Goombella: Oh, yeah! We totally rock!

Morton: *Takes out a bottle of hot sauce, drinks some of it, and spits fire at the group*

*They dodge*

Morton: *Picks up some of the bones and starts tossing them at the heroes*

Goombella: *Gets hit by some of them* Owwwww!

Kooper: Uhhhhhh! *Gets in his shell*

Parakarry: Ahhhhh! *Does the same*

O’Chunks: What in the…!? Uhhhhhh!

Morton: Now… Go ahead ‘n’ try this on for size! *Picks up more of the Dry Bones’ remains and tosses them at the heroes, all the while lightning the bones on fire*

*They start dodging the flaming bones, and begin charging toward Morton*

Kooper: *Bashes into him with his shell*

Parakarry: *Does the same*

Morton: Uhhhhhh!

Goombella: *Headbonks him multiple times*

Morton: Ugh! Cut it out!

O’Chunks: *Grabs Morton by the tail, swings him around, and tosses him through the wall*

Morton: UHHHHHH!!!

Goombella: Do you give up yet?

Morton: *Gets up*

Kooper: I guess not…

*The fight continues*

Meanwhile at the Bowser Castle entrance…

Mario: WAAAAA-HAAAAA! *Soars through the air, does an aerial flip, and lands on his feet*

Koopatrol: …! Dude, isn’t that Mario?

Terrapin: Yeah, that’s him alright! Let’s get ‘im!

Koopatrol: I dunno, man. He’ll mop the floor with us for sure! I say we should inform the others and gang up on him!

Terrapin: Don’t be such a scaredy-cat! We can take him! Besides, if we’re the ones who take him down, we’ll get all the credit! We’ll be heroes around here, even to the higher-ups! Kamek, Kammy Koopa, and even King Bowser himself!

Koopatrol: *Nods* Yeah, I guess you’ve got a point. Let’s do it!

*They both corner Mario at both sides*

Mario: …

Terrapin: Okay, on the count of three, we’ll charge him together! One…

Koopatrol: Two…

Both: …THREE!

*They charge toward Mario*

Mario: *Squat jumps into the air, causing a loud metal clanging sound as they crash into one another*

Both: Uhhhhhhh!

*They fall over*

Mario: Yes, hee hee! Mario number one! *Does a V-sign pose and takes off*

Terrapin: Uggggh… On second thought, maybe forming a mob wasn’t such a bad idea…

Koopatrol: *Takes out a whistle and blows it*

*Tons of other Koopatrols, Terrapins, and Terra Cottas show up to block Mario’s path*

Mario: Here we go again.

*Mario starts fighting through them*

Again, back at the battle scene at Morton’s castle…

*Music Cue*

Morton: *Drinks some more hot sauce and blows more fire at the heroes, surrounding them with a ring of flames*

Goombella: Uh oh… This is, like, not good…

Morton: Heh heh heh! Yeah, for you, that is!

Kooper: Ah, this is nothing! *Gets into his shell again, spins through the fire, and launches himself in Morton’s direction*

Morton: *Jumps over him*

Kooper: *Bumps into the wall and bounces into another*

Parakarry: I guess it’s time we’ve found our way out of here, as well. *Flaps his wings, carries Goombella, and flies over the flame ring*

Goombella: How about you, bucko? Are you gonna be able to get out of there on your own?

O’Chunks: Ah, don’t sweat it, lass! Chunks away! *Rocket farts his way out*

Parakarry: *Covers his nose*

Goombella: Ewwww! I wish I had a hand to cover my nose with, because that was, like, totally gross!

Kooper: *Gets out of his shell* I don’t know what’s making me dizzier… The spinning or that smell! *Covers his nose*

Morton: *Leaps into the air, attempting to stomp on the ground*

*Just as they dodge, O’Chunks gas gets caught in the flame ring, and an explosion occurs, with Morton getting caught in it*


Kooper: Whew! That was close!

*The smoke clears, and Morton is on the ground, charred up*

Morton: Uggggh… *Coughs*

Goombella: Are you ready to give up?

Morton: Here, it’s…yours. Take it… *Releases the star into the air and slips into unconsciousness*

Kooper: Alright, we did it! *Grabs it*

Goombella: Yep. C’mon, let’s head back over to Merluvlee’s.

*They leave*

*Music Cue*

Dimention: *Appears* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re doing well, heroes! You’re doing well…

Meanwhile, again at Bowser’s castle…

*The surrounding area suddenly changes into that of Dimension D*

???: *Giggles*

Mario: *Looks around*

???: My, my! I wasn’t expecting to see you again so soon, let alone here of all places…

Mario: Dimentia! Where are you!?

Dimentia: *Suddenly appears in front of him*

Mario: Waaaah! *Jumps back*

Dimentia: Why, hello there, stud. Did you miss me? Is that why you came all this way, to see little ol’ me again? Gosh, I don’t know what to say! I’m flattered! Truly, I am! Still, you could have at least gotten me some flowers, or something!

Mario: *Glares*

Dimentia: Sheesh, why so serious? I do still think you’re cute and all, but it was only a joke. I know why you’ve really come. It’s because you want that antidote to undo Peach’s “brainwashing”. Am I right?

Mario: *Nods*

Dimentia: I thought so. *Takes out a glassed bottle with a Boo symbol on it*

Mario: Is that it? Hand it over!

Dimentia: This isn’t it. As I told you the last time we met, it’s in King Koopa’s possession. This, on the other hand, is an invisibility potion. Pour some of this on yourself, and you’ll be invisible for about fifteen minutes at the most. Using this, you can sneak into King Koopa’s throne room entirely unnoticed, and that antidote will be yours in no time!

Mario: …

Dimentia: Is something the matter?

Mario: You sound almost as if you’re trying to help me, but I don’t get it… If you’re as loyal to Bowser as you claim to be, then why would you want to do that?

Dimentia: Yes, I’m loyal to King Koopa, as hard as it may be to believe, but I happen to have a mind of my own. In fact, I bear no grudge against you whatsoever. Plus, being the, as my brother put it, “major romantic” that I am, I can’t help but admire someone who’d go through all this trouble to win back the heart of their special someone. I at least owe you a fair chance for that reason alone, if nothing else. Also, while I do think King Koopa and Princess Peach are absolutely cute together, I’ve begun to have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Mario: What do you mean?

Dimentia: There was something King Koopa revealed to me earlier that’s really begun to make me worry. Sure, the potion still did its job of getting Princess Peach to notice him, but as it turns out, there’s a rather dangerous side effect that even I didn’t know about… One that just totally warped her personality like you wouldn’t believe!

Mario: How so?

Dimentia: You’re aware of how close she was with Daisy and that robotic Pixl, correct?

Mario: *Nods*

Dimentia: Well, that’s not the case anymore. Princess Peach, of all people, ended up having them locked in a dungeon somewhere!

Mario: …!

Dimentia: If Princess Peach, while under the influence of that potion, had no qualms with doing something like this to her own best friends, then there’s no telling what else will happen next! She may even overthrow King Koopa so she can have all the power for herself!

Mario: Momma-mia…

Dimentia: I’m sure you must be wondering why I, of all people, would care about something like this. Well, the truth is, I’m not the monster that most people, especially those star and heart-shaped Pixls, made me out to be.

Mario: Oh? Didn’t Dimentio also say that he wasn’t “violent by nature”? I’m sure we all know how that turned out.

Dimentia: Not again… Seriously, do you have any idea how much it hurts me that my brother and I keep getting compared to that creep?

Mario: …

Dimentia: So, back to the matter at hand… I would be more than happy to give you this invisibility potion. However, as I am still a loyal servant to King Koopa, I can’t hand this potion over to you that easily. You’re going to have to defeat me first!

Mario: Okie dokey! Ret ‘ta go! *Fighting pose*

Dimentia: Hold on a second, now!

Mario: Hmm?

Dimentia: We’ve been down this road before, and I’ve proven to be no match for you. So, I’d rather settle this one peacefully, if that’s okay.

Mario: Um, okay. What do you have in mind?

Dimentia: *Giggles* Oh, you’ll see…

Meanwhile, at Daisy’s castle in Sarasaland…

*A dream portal suddenly appears, followed by Antasma, Daisy, Tiptron, and some Toads shortly afterwards*

Toadsworth: Ah, Princess Daisy! Tiptron! Thank goodness you’re alright! At first, I was worried that something may have happened, but from the looks of things, your rescue mission seems to be going smoothly!

Daisy: Yep, it’s all thanks to Antasma’s power to create dream portals. Now we no longer have to worry about hijacking Bowser’s clown copters and getting followed by his troops on the way!

Toadsworth: A-Antasma!? As in the fiend who kidnapped Princess Peach back at Pi’llo Island!? Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t he and Bowser in cahoots!?

Antasma: SKREEEEP! Not anymore… I no longer associate vith the likes of double-crossers like him! SKREEEEONK!

Toadsworth: I’m sorry, what? Am I missing something?

Daisy: During the time they used to work together, Antasma ended up getting betrayed in the end. Basically, he’s been wronged by Bowser just as we all have.

Antasma: Yes, und I vill tell all of you as I haff told Daisy… You are not the vuns I bear any ill vill towards. Bowser und only Bowser is who I’m seeking to destroy! That is vhy I haff lent my power to Daisy… In order to exact my revenge! SKREEEEEONK!

Toadsworth: I see…

Antasma: By the vay, I haff been meaning to ask… Who are “Dimentia” und “Dimention”?

Tiptron MKII: They’re a brother and sister duo of psychopathic clowns with dimension-bending powers. They’ve recently joined the Koopa Troop as Bowser’s minions, but in reality, their sole reason for joining was to orchestrate a scheme of their own! In other words, they’ve played Bowser for a fool! He’s basically nothing more than a puppet at this point, a mere tool that’s being used to satisfy their dark ambitions, rather than his own!

Antasma: Vut’s that? Bowser is being used!? SKREE HEE HEE HEEEEE! Yessss… How delightful! Serves him right! I haff no pity for him vutsoever!

Daisy: Neither do we, but the thing is… Dimentia and Dimention have tricked him into doing something that affects everyone else, as well! The Chaos Star that they helped him create… They misled him into thinking that it would simply give him the power he needed to beat his enemies, but that was only partly true. What they didn’t tell him is that it’s created a void in the sky that’ll not only destroy this world, but the entire universe!

Antasma: Vut in the…!? They vish to destroy the universe!?

Tiptron MKII: Yes. The only things that can combat the power of the Chaos Star are the eight Purity Stars, which Dimentia and Dimention have stolen. Unless we have them, Bowser is pretty much invincible! That’s why Mario, Luigi, and all the others are currently trying to hunt them down… So they’ll be able to defeat Bowser and save the universe!

*A nearby explosion is heard outside*

Antasma: SKREEEP! Vut vas that!?

Daisy: I don’t know, but I’m going to check it out! *Rushes out the door*

Tiptron MKII: *Follows*

Antasma: *Does the same*

Although Antasma, Daisy, and Tiptron have successfully made it back to Sarasaland after having saved more of the Mushroom Castle residents that were being held prisoner,  another problem that’s arisen in the process. Could this possibly be an attack from one of Bowser’s minions, or is there an entirely unexpected surprise that’s awaiting them outside?

Additionally, Mario, in his one-man mission to obtain the antidote to the love potion, has been able to successfully avoid a confrontation with Bowser so far, but ended up running into Dimentia in the process! Supposedly, she has no interest in engaging him in battle again, and has instead issued another challenge. What does the seemingly psychotic jester have in store for the heroic plumber? Could she possibly have some sort of trick up her sleeve, or is she actually being sincere?

Last, but not least, another Purity Star has been retrieved. This, plus the ones that the other heroes have obtained at Larry’s, Ludwig’s, and Iggy’s castles makes four in total, which means that they’re halfway there! Do our heroes have what it takes to find the remaining four? If so, will there be enough time to do so, due to the void getting increasingly larger as time goes by? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…
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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 13

When we last left off on Legend of the Chaos Star, Goombella, Kooper, Parakarry, and O’Chunks ventured through Morton Koopa Jr.’s castle at Arid Aztec in hopes of obtaining the fourth Purity Star. After making their way over to his room, they tried reasoning with him, stating that all worlds would eventually cease to exist if they fail to get ahold of the Purity Stars. However, as with everyone else in the Koopa Troop who’s been told this story, it ended up falling on deaf ears with Morton. Seeing no other option, the four of them engaged the young Koopaling in battle. In the end, they emerged victorious, effectively claiming the Purity Star.

In the meantime, Mario, unsure of whether or not something had happened to Princess Daisy and Tiptron, has decided to go on a one-man mission to sneak into Bowser’s castle, obtain the antidote to the love potion, and change Princess Peach/Toadstool back to her former self. Although the heroic plumber has been able to avoid a confrontation with Bowser so far, he did, however, end up running into Dimentia on the way. She then went on to show Mario an invisibility potion, which would allow him to sneak into Bowser’s throne room unnoticed. Having come to the apparent realization that she’s no match for Mario, Dimentia has instead issued another challenge. Exactly what does she have in store for Mario?

Elsewhere, Princess Daisy and Tiptron were able to successfully escape the dungeon that they were thrown in, thanks to Antasma, who has decided to lend his help to the duo out of spite towards Bowser. Using his power to create dream portals at will, they were able to successfully rescue more prisoners and had them transported to Daisy’s castle in Sarasaland accordingly. Shortly after filling Antasma in on the nature of Dimentia and Dimention’s “allegiance” to Bowser, an explosion was heard outside. Curious as to what it was, Daisy, Tiptron, and Antasma began heading outside. Exactly what was the source of that explosion? Find out on this exciting chapter of Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star!

*Music Cue*

???: Well, well! What have we here? If it isn’t Princess Daisy!

Daisy: What!? No! It can’t be! Tatanga!?

Tatanga: Ah, I’m flattered that you still remember me! After all, it has been quite a while! How have you been all this time?

Daisy: Just fine until you showed up, thanks.

Tiptron MKII: So, where do you know this guy from?

Daisy: This is Tatanga, the Mysterious Spaceman. Sometime ago, he and his army have invaded this kingdom and tried to take over it! I ended up getting ambushed and kidnapped in the process, and to make things worse, Tatanga was going to force me to marry him until Mario showed up to put him in his place!

Tiptron MKII: Ah, I see! Is this the same alien you were talking about when the Koopatrol made that sarcastic remark about “green men from space”?

Daisy: Yeah.

Tatanga: Ah, yes… I remember that all too well. The joke was on Mario, however, because it all went according to plan!

Daisy: Wait, what!?

Tatanga: My attempted “takeover” of this kingdom was just a means to an end.

Daisy: What do you mean!?

Tatanga: I’m a mercenary, you see. I was hired by someone to create that elaborate ruse in order to keep Mario occupied. So, while he was busy running around over here, his own castle was getting taken over in the process! Pure genius!

Daisy: Someone hired you to terrorize my kingdom!? Who was it!?

Antasma: SKREEEEEP! It vas Bowser, vasn’t it?

Tatanga: Not at all, but it doesn’t matter. That’s all ancient history.

Tiptron MKII: Tell us… Why are you here?

Tatanga: I was just about to get to that. Throughout my line of work as a mercenary, I’ve ended up earning enough money to not only last me a lifetime, but to fund the resources you see before you; the very ones that I intend to use to begin my reign over this kingdom! For real this time!

Daisy: I should’ve figured, but why now all of a sudden? Shouldn’t you be happy with your well-paying job as a mercenary?

Tatanga: Yes, but despite all the wealth I’ve obtained, I still began to feel as if something was missing. After recalling the aforementioned incident, I’ve come to realize that this “something” was the thrill, the rush I felt while posing as an intergalactic dictator! The desire for power, the thought of having people working for me, being mere playthings for my amusement… It was the ultimate, indescribable joy! It was right then and there when I decided that I’d like to become a real, full-time intergalactic emperor! First, Sarasaland, then the world, and finally, the entire universe!!! EE HEE HEE HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Everyone: …

Tiptron MKII: Okay, so in other words, it’s because you’re a lunatic. Got it.

Daisy: I couldn’t have said it any better myself!

Tatanga: Clever. It’s too bad Mario isn’t here to save you this time!

Antasma: Maybe, but this vhere I come into the picture! SKREEEEK!

Tatanga: …Who are you supposed to be?

Antasma: I am your vorst nightmare! SKREEEEONK!

Tatanga: Eee hee hee ha ha ha ha! Yeah, whatever! You don’t scare me, you Count Dracula wanna-be! Come forth, my minions!

*Music Cue*

*A swarm of Goombos, Bombshell Koopas, and other enemies from Super Mario Land show up*

Daisy: Oh, now that’s just perfect…

Tiptron MKII: Yes, there definitely does seem to be a whole lot of them…

Antasma: Something tells me this vill be fun… *Looks toward Daisy and Tiptron* The two of you might vant to make vay for this vun.

Tiptron MKII: Uh, okay.

*Daisy and Tiptron move out of the way and make a path*

Antasma: *Opens a dream portal and summons a swarm of Antasmen and Flaming Antasmatons*

Tatanga: Ah, so you also happen to have an army? Well played! Let’s see which of them will emerge victorious!

Antasma: SKREEEP! Vith pleasure!

Tatanga: Attack! *Points*

Antasma: Vaste them! *Points*

*The two armies charge toward one another and start fighting*

Meanwhile, at Dimension D…

Dimentia: Alright, now let’s get started, shall we?

*Dimentia uses her magic to transform the area to that of a game show*

*Music Cue*

Mario: ...?

*Insert cheers from the audience here*

InterNed: Welcome! I am your host, The InterNed, and this is the 68th annual “That’s my Dimentia!” show! Today’s guest is the one, the only… Super Mario! Let’s give him a round of applause, folks!

*They applaud him*

InterNed: So, here’s how things are going to work…

Dimentia: *Uses more magic to create a clone of herself*

InterNed: Each Dimentia will respond to a total of three questions, and you have to use your judgment to determine which of them is the real one. Did you get all that?

Mario: *Nods*

InterNed: Alright, let the games begin! Question number one, please!

Mario: (Hmm, what should I ask them? Ah, I’ve got it!) So, how do you and Dimentio know each other, exactly?

Dimentia #1: I know of him by reputation only, as we were all part of a dimension-bending jester clan, known as the Dimén clan.

Dimentia #2: This doesn’t leave the room, but he, Dimention, and I are triplets. Dimentio’s the oldest; I’m in the middle, while Dimention’s the youngest.

Mario: …

InterNed: Next question, please!

Mario: (At this point, I might as well use some of the same questions from Merlee’s quiz show.) So, uh… What’s your favorite hobby?

Dimentia #1: : In my spare time, I enjoy all types of romantic things, such as literature, poetry, films, you name it.

Dimentia #2: I like to spend my time practicing and perfecting new magic spells.

InterNed: Now for your final question!

Mario: Hmm… What is it that you dislike the most?

Dimentia #1: Getting compared to that Dimentio guy, that’s what!

Dimentia #2: As do I. Even though he’s my brother, he and I are as different as you and Bowser!

InterNed: Now, it’s time for the moment of truth! Please choose who you believe to be the real Dimentia.

Mario: Hmm…

*Cue flashback from Part 5*

Starlight: Yes. The two of them are known as “Dimentia” and “Dimention”. They’re part of the Dimén clan, a race of dimension-bending jesters. As far as anyone’s aware, the two of them are the last of their kind.

*End flashback*

Mario: (The “triplets” thing alone is enough to make me want to choose number two, but it’s already been established even by other people that she and Dimention aren’t related to Dimentio by blood. Plus, up until now, I’ve never heard the real Dimentia call Bowser anything other than “King Koopa”. So, with that said, number two must be the fake!) I pick this one! *Points to #1*

InterNed: Is that your final answer?

Mario: Mm hmm. *Nods*

InterNed: And you are…

*Drum roll*

InterNed: CORRECT!

*Insert cheers from the audience here*

Mario: Wah hoo! *Thumbs up*

InterNed: Congratulations! That concludes the 68th annual “That’s My Dimentia!” show! Until next time, everyone…see ya!

*The InterNed disappears, along with the Dimentia clone, the audience, and everything else from the game show*

Dimentia: *Giggles* Well, Mario, you did it! I have to say, you really are amazing! Not only are you incredibly skilled in combat, but you’re very smart, too! Once again, you’ve beaten me fair and square. So, as promised, here’s your prize! *Hands him the invisibility potion*

Mario: Thank you very much!

Dimentia: You’re most welcome. *Uses her magic to make Dimension D disappear, and they find themselves back at the Bowser Castle hallway* Well, that’s about all I can do for you. As for this moment, you’re on your own. Ta-ta and good luck! *Gives him a quick kiss on the cheek and teleports away*

Mario: Maybe I’ll see what I could do about freeing Daisy, Tiptron, and the others first, then I’ll look for the antidote! *Takes off*

Meanwhile, again at the Sarasaland battle scene…

*The troops are seen lying on the ground*

Tatanga: What!? No, I can’t believe this!

Antasma: Und now… You’re next!

Tatanga: Oh, we’ll just see about that now, won’t we? *Presses a button and transforms his space pod into a mechanized walker*

Daisy: Whoa… That thing’s pretty huge!

Tatanga: Eee hee hee ha ha ha ha! Do you like it? This is the newer, improved model of my other ship, Pagosu, built by the hands of a genius! It was built with technological advancements that far exceed anything found on this planet, or anywhere else in the entire universe! You might as well save yourself the embarrassment and kneel before me now, bat boy!

Antasma: SKREEEEP! Daisy! Vunce again, I vill lend you my power! The moment to put them to use in battle has come at last! Defeating the vun who’s vunce tormented you und your kingdom vill serve as the ultimate test! Vunce vee are through vith him, vee can continue our vork in foiling Bowser’s plans! SKREEEONK!

Daisy: *Nods* You’re right, Antasma! Come on, let’s do it!

Antasma: *Encircles Daisy and seeps into her again*

Daisy: By the way, Tatanga… If we win, then you have to tell me who it was that hired you during your first invasion here!

Tatanga: Fair enough, but what if I happen to be the victor?

Daisy: Well, uh…if you win, then Sarasaland will be yours for the taking.

Tatanga: Sounds good to me, but there’s one more thing I require.

Daisy: Let me guess… You want me to become your bride, right?

Tatanga: Correct! Do we have an agreement?

Daisy: …

Alright, you’ve got yourself a deal.

Tatanga: Then it’s settled!

Tiptron MKII: Ruling a kingdom by marrying a princess? How original. I mean, it’s not as if other villains like Bowser haven’t tried that before.

Tatanga: I am not interested in what Bowser would do! Tatanga does as he pleases! Prepare yourselves! *Fires a laser at them*

*Music Cue*

Daisy: *Jumps out of the way*

Tiptron MKII: *Hovers upward* I’ll see what I can do about scanning that thing for weaknesses! I’ll let you know once the analysis is complete… That way, we’ll finish him in no time!

Daisy: Got it. *Dodges another laser*

Tatanga: *Makes the Walker leap into the air and pound the ground, causing a tremor that knocks Daisy (and Antasma) over*

Daisy: Ooooof!

Tatanga: Eeeeeee ha ha ha ha! Are you sure you don’t want to quit? Just make things easier on us all and surrender!

Daisy: Not a chance!

A few minutes later…

Daisy: Did you find anything yet, Tiptron?

Tiptron MKII: Yes, the cockpit! That’s the machine’s weakness!

Antasma: Yessss… Then that’s vhere vee’ll aim! SKREEEEONK!

Tatanga: HA! Just go ahead and try it!

Daisy: *Powers up, and starts launching dark fireballs at it*

Tatanga: Uhhhhhh! *Czzzzzt!* Hmph, not bad, Princess! Not bad! However, I haven’t even begun to show you the true extent of my power!

Antasma: Then vut are you vaiting for?

Tatanga: I’m not “vaiting” for anything! Ready or not, here I come! *Charges at them*

Daisy: *Dives out of the way*

Meanwhile, at Professor E. Gadd’s laboratory…

*Music Cue*

Diddy: You’ve been pretty quiet as of late, Cranky. Is something the matter?

Polywarp: Let’s not encourage him, now…

Cranky: That woman over there that Donkey’s talking to… *Points to Pauline* …I still can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen her somewhere before, but I just can’t put my finger on it!

Diddy: I thought you said you knew everything about this story?

Cranky: I do, but this is the one thing that even has me stumped! Sure, I could easily look at SolarBlaze’s outline for future events, but that would take out what little fun there is of this crummy story!

Diddy: …If you say so.

Vivian: *Sighs*

Luigi: Vivian? What’s the matter?

Vivian: I’m just really worried about Mario, that’s all…

Luigi: Ah, don’t worry. He’ll be okay. After all, this is my bro we’re talking about, here!

Vivian: Yes, but do you remember when I told you I couldn’t bring him here, because there’s something he’s busy with? Well, that “something” is sneaking into Bowser’s castle in search of that antidote. Since we don’t have all the Purity Stars as of yet, I’m worried that he may end up running into Bowser…

Birdo: Pfft. I don’t know why he even bothers. Toadstool’s done nothing but play him and everyone else for fools from the start!

Polywarp: *Rolls her eyes*

Birdo: Seriously! Am I the only one who finds it odd that she was able to predict that Cackletta and Fawful, who’re people she’d never seen or heard of in her entire life, would be showing up at her castle, and yet she was somehow unprepared all thousand plus times Bowser’s shown up? Come on! Plus, it’s funny how that “love potion” story came up as soon as Toadstool began to see that I was onto her! That’s pretty suspicious to me!

Everyone: …

Toad: Well, Birdo, since you seem to be so sure about your crazy theory, then maybe you won’t mind placing a wager on it?

Birdo: Sounds good to me! What kind of “wager” do you have in mind, exactly?

Toad: If you could find some way, other than those photos that Dimention showed us, to prove that all of Princess Toadstool’s kidnappings were “staged”, then I’ll give you a hundred coins. However, if you turn out to be wrong, then you’ll owe me a hundred coins. Do we have a deal?

Birdo: You’re on!

*They shake on it*

Yoshi: I hope you know what you’re doing, Birdo…

Birdo: Don’t worry; this’ll be a piece of cake!

Toad: If you say so!

Luigi: *Walks over to Polywarp*

Polywarp: Yes?

Luigi: Hey, uh… Would you mind teleporting me up to Bowser’s castle? I’m gonna go help my bro!

Vivian: I’ll come with you. I want to help Mario, too.

E. Gadd: Well, if you have to go, you have to go. I won’t stop you. Go ahead and give Bowser what-for!

Luigi: Okie dokey.

Polywarp: Are you two ready?

Vivian: Yep, ready when you are.

Polywarp: *Encircles Luigi and Vivian, and uses her powers to teleport them, as well as herself, up to Bowser’s castle*

Cranky: Ugh, I swear… This story’s script gets progressively worse with each chapter!

Meanwhile, again at Sarasaland…

Tatanga: *Makes a grabber claw lash out at and grab Daisy*

Daisy: Ghhhhh…!

Tiptron MKII: Daisy!

Tatanga: You can’t move now, can you?

Daisy: Gee, nothing gets by you, does it?

Tatanga: Eee hee ha ha ha ha ha! You are so cute, even when you’re angry.

Daisy: …

Tatanga: Eee hee ha ha ha! This battle was already over before it began! With this incredible technology at my disposal, I cannot be beaten! Very soon, this world and all others will be mine! Then you, my dear, get to have the special privilege and honor of being by my si-

Antasma: *Emerges from Daisy in his bat form, and summons a swarm of bats that fly directly towards Tatanga’s windshield and cling to it*[/color]

Tatanga: W-WHAT IN THE…!? GAAAAH! I CAN’T SEE![/color]

Antasma: SKREEEEP! Daisy, now’s your chance! The same strength you used to break down the dungeon door at Bowser’s castle… Vhy not put it to use again? Use it to cut yourself loose from the claw und triumph! *”Possesses” Daisy again, making the dark aura reappear around her*[/color]

Daisy: Right! *Bends the claw open, breaks free, and starts running across the chain, heading straight for the cockpit* Tatanga, this is it! You’re finished!

Tatanga: I don’t think so! My reign is only just-

Daisy: *Leaps into the air and stomps on the cockpit, dealing additional damage with Antasma afterimages (like Dreamy Luigi does in Dream Team)*

*The mech begins to malfunction*

Tatanga: This cannot be! I am invincible! NOOOOOOO!

*His machine breaks down and explodes*

Tiptron MKII: Alright! We did it!

*Soon, the smoke clears, and Tatanga is seen on the ground, covered with soot*

Antasma: I vunder… Is he still alive?

Daisy: I’m pretty sure he is. Tatanga’s survived much worse, believe me. *Marches over to Tatanga and grabs him by the shirt* Now that we’ve won, tell me! Who was it that hired you to attack this kingdom!?

Tatanga: It was...

Daisy: …It was who?

Tatanga: It was… Wario… *Coughs*

Daisy: WHAT!? *Drops Tatanga* He was the one behind that all along!?

Antasma: Vario? Who’s he?

Tatanga: I said “Wario”, not “Vario”!

Antasma: …That’s vut I said. “Vario”.

Tatanga: *Facepalm* Whatever. *Gets inside of the large U.F.O. that he and his troops came there in* You win for now, but rest assured, I will return! By that time, there’ll be nothing anyone can do to stop me! Not Mario, his brother, and certainly not you, bat boy!

Antasma: SKREEEP! Vee’ll haff to see about that, von’t vee? SKREEEONK!

Tatanga: You’d better be prepared for my next visit, because when that glorious day dawns, this kingdom will be mine! My reign over it, as well as the entire universe, will be everlasting! All will worship me, the mighty Tatanga, as their almighty ruler! EEE HEE HEE HAHAHAHAHA!

*The ship flies away after Tatanga’s minions get inside with him*

Tiptron MKII: …Sounds like someone needs a hobby, badly.

Daisy: *Angrily clenches her fist* Oooooooh, that Wario…! He is so dead when I see him again!

Antasma: By the vay, you never answered my question. Who’s he?

Daisy: *Explains*

Tiptron MKII: He sounds rather…unpleasant.

Daisy: He is, but as much of a greedy, disgusting pig as he normally is, I never would’ve dreamed that he’d do something this! Enough about him, though. We still have a lot of work to do up at the castle, but with such little time to do it...

Tiptron MKII: Indeed.

Daisy: If only we had some sort of recording device, we could listen in on Dimentia and Dimention’s conversations, and that way, we’d have all the evidence we need to prove that everything we’ve said about them was true.

Tiptron MKII: You know, I think Francis may be able to help us.

Daisy: Francis? That’s the chameleon guy from earlier, right? Bowser had him tossed right out the window! Are you sure he’s doing alright?

Tiptron MKII: I’m sure he’s doing fine. Tatanga’s not the only one who’s survived worse.

Daisy: Ah, that’s great news! Where does he live?

Tiptron MKII: He lives in a fortress at The Bitlands. *Displays a projection of it*

Daisy: Antasma, I’m sorry to ask this of you, but would you be willing to take us over there?

Antasma: Sure, vhy not? SKREEEP! But…vut does it look like, exactly?

Tiptron MKII: *Displays a projection of it*

Antasma: Ah, yes, yes… That’s just vut I needed! SKREEEONK! *Raises his arms into the air and creates a dream portal* I vill meet you in the dream vorld.

Daisy: Okay, that’ll work. Before you go, Antasma…

Antasma: Yes?

Daisy: I just want to say thanks…for everything. Sure, the whole “looking into peoples’ dreams” thing is kinda creepy, I’ll admit, but truth be told, I’m not sure what I would’ve done if you hadn’t shown up and gotten us out of that dungeon. Even if your only reason for helping us is just to get back at Bowser, I just want you to know that I really do appreciate everything you’ve done for us so far.

Antasma: It vas my pleasure. SKREEEK! *Morphs into his bat form and flies through the portal*

*Daisy and Tiptron follow him*

Meanwhile, at the throne room of Bowser’s castle…

*Music Cue*

Mario: *Enters unnoticed, while the invisibility potion’s in effect*

Kammy: About those two jesters…

Bowser: Yeah? What about them?

Kammy: Are you absolutely certain that they can be trusted?

Bowser: What, this again?

Kammy: At this point, I’m really beginning to think that Princess Daisy and that butterfly were right. I don’t know what it is about those two, but there is definitely something fishy about them.

Kamek: I have to agree. I, too, can’t seem to shake the feeling that the two of them are up to something. It would definitely be wise for us to keep our eyes on them.

Bowser: Haven’t we already been through this? Remember, this is Lord Bowser we’re talking about, here! You know, evil king extraordinaire! Grade-A, 100% prime-cut final boss! I’m smart enough to know when someone’s trying to play me. *Looks toward Kamek* You remember Antasma, right?

Kamek: Yes, of course. How could I forget?

Bowser: Then if that’s the case, I’m sure you must remember how things turned out when he thought he was using me! I played him like a bat fiddle and turned the tables on him! If I come to find out that Tia and Tion are trying to pull an Antasma on me, then I’ll do the same to them, plain and simple!

Kamek: Ka ha ha ha! Ah, yes, I remember! That was simply genius!

Bowser: You got that right, buddy! I’m the biggest, baddest brute around, and don’t you forget it!

Kammy: I don’t doubt that for one second. After all, that’s why you’re the king! Now in the meantime, I’m going to spy on Dimentia and Dimention some more, and I’ll be sure to alert you immediately if I happen to find any evidence whatsoever of their planned betrayal.

Kamek: I believe I’ll get in on this, as well.

Bowser: Alright, super.

Kamek: By the way, I’m merely curious… Back when those two first offered to join this army, you turned them down. What is it that made you change your mind about them?

Bowser: …

Alright, but what I’m about to tell you doesn’t leave this room. If it does, then heads will roll! Understood?

Kamek: Yes, of course.

Kammy: You’re the boss.

Bowser: The thing is… I’m being blackmailed. Tia and Tion got ahold of some information from my private diary that would’ve ruined me if it ever got out! Aside from the Chaos Star’s power and the love potion I was given, I’m only stringing those two along so my reputation doesn’t get destroyed! Even I have an image to keep, you know!

Kamek: Oh, yes, that definitely confirms it. I highly doubt that the two of them would have gone to such great lengths if they didn’t have some sort of ulterior motive…

Kammy: I agree completely.

*Someone knocks on the door*

Bowser: It’s open.

Koopatrol: *Comes in* Lord Bowser! I have terrible news! You know all those prisoners we’ve had locked in the dungeons, right? Well, quite a few of them have escaped so far, including Princess Daisy!

Mario: (So, I was right about them getting captured, but since they ended up escaping, that’s one less thing for me to worry about! I’d better get this antidote out of here while they’re distracted…) *Grabs it and starts heading for the exit*

Bowser: WHAT!? Oh, now that’s just perfect! Tell me! How did they manage to-… What the!?

Kammy: Is something the matter, Your Viciousness?

Bowser: Am…am I nuts, or did I just see that antidote bottle move?

Kamek: *Aims his wand, and fires in its direction, causing Mario’s invisibility to wear off*

Mario: Uhhhhh! *Falls backwards*

Kammy and Kamek: MARIO!?

Bowser: YOOOOOUUUU! All up in my castle again, I see! So it was you, then! You must’ve been the one letting those prisoners out! I swear, you Mario Brothers are the worst! I don’t know how you found out about the antidote, exactly, but I’ll tell you right now… I’m not letting you trash my plans this time! This castle, Mushroom Castle, Peach… all of them, mine! They belong to Bowser! As for you, I’m stomping you into next week!

Mario: …

Hey, look! It’s Antasma! *Points*

Bowser: WHAT!? *Looks*

Mario: *Runs off*

*Music Cue*

Bowser: Why, you little…! *Blows a fireball at him*

Mario: *Exits the room just in time before it hits him, causing it to char the wall instead*

Kamek: King Koopa! Allow us the honor of dealing with him personally!

Bowser: Don’t bother, that won’t be necessary. I’ll deal with him myself. You two concentrate on finding out whether or not Tia and Tion are up to something.

Kammy: As you command, Lord Bowser.

Bowser: *Charges out of the room*

Mario: Momma-mia!

Bowser: MAAAARRRRIIIIOOO! I’ll tear you limb from limb! *Blows fire at him*

Mario: *Dodges and speeds up*

Bowser: *Angrily roars and continues chasing him*

Elsewhere in the castle…

Vivian: Oh, no! That sounds a lot like Bowser! Do you think Mario must have gotten caught?

Polywarp: Yep, it definitely sounds like it.

Luigi: Hoo boy… Come on, let’s –a- go! *Takes off*

*Vivian and Polywarp follow*

Oh, no! Just when it seemed as if things were starting to take a turn for the better, Mario ended up getting himself caught as he was in the process of retrieving the antidote! Will our hero have what it takes to escape Bowser’s wrath, and successfully change Princess Peach/Toadstool back to her original self? Will Luigi, Vivian, and Polywarp be able to help Mario in time before Bowser catches up? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…

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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 14

On the previous chapter of Legend of the Chaos Star, Princess Daisy, Tiptron MKII, and the Bat King, Antasma were in for an unwelcome surprise once they got back to Sarasaland after rescuing more prisoners from the dungeons of Bowser’s castle. After hearing an explosion, they went outside to see what it was, and came to find out that it was the extraterrestrial, Tatanga, who once terrorized Princess Daisy and the residents of Sarasaland years ago. As Daisy and Tatanga got themselves “reacquainted”, the latter revealed that his previous attempt at taking over the kingdom was merely a diversion, and that he was merely hired by someone to keep to Mario busy while his own castle gets taken over.

Furious after hearing this, Daisy demanded Tatanga to tell her who it was that hired him, but he refused. Shortly afterwards, the latter explained his reason for returning to Sarasaland, which was to resume his original plan and begin an actual conquest of Saraland. Not wanting that to happen, Daisy decided to engage the extraterrestrial in battle. Before the battle started, the two of them made a deal. If Daisy wins, then Tatanga has to tell her who it was that hired him during his first conquest. If Tatanga wins, then Sarasaland would be his for the taking, and Daisy would have to become his bride in the process.

With Antasma’s and Tiptron’s help, Daisy was able to defeat Tatanga, causing the mechanized Pagosu Walker he was using to come crashing down. Defeated and weakened, Tatanga kept his end of the bargain, and revealed that Wario was the one who originally hired him, much to Daisy’s shock and anger. Once Tatanga and his troops left, Daisy, Tiptron, and Antasma decided to head over to Fort Francis in the Bitlands to get a recording device, which they intended to record Dimentia and Dimention’s conversations, and expose their true intentions in hopes of saving the universe from destruction.

In the meantime, as the battle against Tatanga was going on, Mario was participating in Dimentia’s quiz show in hopes of winning her invisibility potion, which he intended to use as a means of getting ahold of the antidote in Bowser’s possession, which is the only thing that can change Princess Peach/Toadstool back to her original self. After completing Dimentia’s challenge, Mario wasted no time in heading to Bowser’s throne room. Just as he was in the process of making off with the antidote, he was spotted, and ended up having his invincibility disabled by Kamek’s magic. Knowing that he’s currently unable to faze Bowser without all the Purity Stars, Mario had no choice but to flee, with the Koopa King promptly giving chase.

Now the question remains… Will Mario have what it takes to escape Bowser’s wrath, save Princess Peach/Toadstool, and change her back to normal? Will Luigi, Vivian, and Polywarp be able to get to Mario before Bowser does? Will our heroes be able to obtain the remaining half of the Purity Stars at the Koopalings’ castles? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

*Music Cue*

Bowser: *Continuously blows fireballs at Mario as he chases him down the hall*

Mario: Wah! *Jumps over one of them* Whoo hoo! *Jumps over another* WA HAAAAAAH! *Jumps again*

Bowser: You little pest! You’ve trashed my awesome plans for the last time! *Balls his fist, slides toward Mario, and throws a punch*

Mario: *Dodges, causing him to get his arm stuck in the wall*

Bowser: *Roars and tries pulling his arm out*

Mario: Here we gooooooo! *Jumps in the air and stomps on his head*

Bowser: *Unaffected* Pffft, was that supposed to hurt? What a joke!

Mario: (Momma-mia, I forgot! He absorbed power from the Chaos Star! I’d better get out of here with this antidote while I still can!*Runs off again*

Bowser: MAAAAARIIIIIIIOOO! YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS, YOU LASAGNA-LOVIN’ LOSER! *Starts pulling until he gets unstuck, and resumes the chase*

Elsewhere in the castle…

*Luigi accidentally bumps into Peach*

*Music Cue*

Luigi: Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah! *Falls over*

Peach: Ooooooof! Hey, watch where you’re-…! *Looks up* Hmm?

Vivian: Princess Peach!

Luigi: Hey! What a coincidence, bumping into you…literally! *Rises to his feet and helps Peach up*

Peach: Luigi, Vivian! It’s nice to see the two of you are doing well!

Luigi: Same to you!

Hey, wait a minute… You actually remember us!?

Peach: Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I?

Luigi: Well, you did get brainwashed by that love potion and everything, so…

Peach: …Here we go with that again. Daisy and Tiptron said the same thing before, and I could assure you that I haven’t been brainwashed at all!

*They breathe a sigh of relief*

Vivian: That’s a relief!

Luigi: I’ll say!

Polywarp: That’s for sure!

Luigi: Speaking of Daisy, would you happen to know where she and Tiptron are, by any chance?

Peach: Why, yes, I do. They’re in the dungeon…where I put them.

Luigi: …Wait, what?

Polywarp: …Come again!?

Vivian: Wait a minute… Peach, what’re you saying!?

Mario: *Runs by*

Luigi: Mario!

Mario: *Stops and turns around* Oh! Luigi, Vivian, Polywarp! *Notices Peach* Momma-mia! Peach, too!?

Peach: …Do I know you?

Luigi: Eh!?

Vivian: That’s strange… She was able to remember us, along with Princess Daisy and Tiptron…

Polywarp: That love potion…it must have been rather selective in terms of wiping her memory…

Mario: …It figures, but there’s no need to worry about that anymore, because I’ve got the antidote! *Holds it up*

Luigi: Ha ha!

Vivian: Alright!

???: Or do you?

*A gust of wind sucks the bottle out of Mario’s hands*

*Music Cue*

Peach: Oh! Bowser!

Bowser: I guess you chumps won’t be needing this anymore! *Opens his mouth and stuffs the bottle down his throat*

Mario: Oh, no!

Luigi: Leapin’ lasagna!

Vivian: H-He swallowed it whole!

Polywarp: It looks as if things have gone from bad to worse…

Bowser: Yeah, for you! Too bad, Super Loser Bros.!

Vivian: Now what do we do…?

Mario: Don’t worry, I have an idea! But for now, let’s get focus on getting Peach out of here! *Carries her and runs off*

Luigi: Okie dokey!

*Luigi, Vivian, and Polywarp follow*

Peach: Let go of me! *Jerks away* Bowser! Help me!

Bowser: Hey! You think you’re getting away with my Peach? Not on my watch, bub! *Starts charging at them*

Luigi: WAAAAAAH! Uh, Poly? Now would be a good time to get us back to Professor E. Gadd’s place, don’t you think?

Polywarp: Of course. Here goes!


*They teleport away with Peach*

Bowser: Those Mario Brothers! They are the most annoying brothers of all time!!! *Angrily roars and blows fire into the air*

Meanwhile, at Fort Francis…

*Music Cue*

Francis: *Viewing a video on his computer* Neeerrrr… Totally hot babes are sooo high-technicaaaaaal… *Drools*

*A dream portal opens up behind him*

Antasma: *Comes through and notices the video* SKREEEEP! *Turns around, with his face completely red*

Francis: Whoa! *Quickly pauses the video and turns around* H-Hey, who’re you!? Unless otherwise stated, only super geniuses like me and totally hot babes are permitted to enter!

*Daisy and Tiptron come through shortly afterwards*

Daisy: Hi, Francis, I was wondering if you could do us a- *Notices the video* What in the...!?

Francis: *Clicks out of the video and boots up another, which is a clip from Fawful the Furious*

Fawful: For now, a winner is you, but the next time, the winning will be for Fawful! For now, I say to you farewell! Farewell to all of your stupid fink rat faces! I HAVE FURY!

Daisy: …Nice cover-up, perv.

Francis: Eh heh heh heh… *Stops the video*

Daisy: In any case, you just don’t know how glad we are that you’re okay! When Bowser had his men toss you out that window, I thought you were a goner for sure!

Francis: Well, what can I say? I’m not someone you can get rid of so easily. My battle moves are the pinnacle of high-technicaaaaaality!

Antasma: …

Tiptron MKII: …Right.

Francis: So, what brings a smokin’ hot babe like you over to my fortress?

Daisy: I was wondering if you could do us small favor. Would you, by any chance, happen to have a recording device that we could use? You see… *Explains the situation regarding Dimentia and Dimention*

Francis: Whoa, they’re trying to destroy the universe!?

Tiptron MKII: Yes, they’re that insane!

Francis: This reminds me of the 64th episode of “The Grodus Chronicles”. Speaking of which, the DVD set had such a schweet cover illustration!

Antasma: …

Tiptron MKII: …So, do you have the recording device or not?

Francis: No, not at the moment, but I can make one. In fact, if you want, I could harness my inner nerr and equip you with one, Tiptron.

Tiptron MKII: Hmm… That’s not a bad idea!

Daisy: Yeah, I’ll say! How long will this take, exactly?

Francis: Only about an hour at the most. There is, however, one thing I require in exchange…

Daisy: Sure, anything you want. Just name it.

Francis: If I do this, you have to promise to set me up on a date with a totally hot babe.

Tiptron MKII: …

Antasma: *Sweatdrops*

Daisy: …I should have figured. Okay, Francis. I’ll do it. You’ve got yourself a deal.

Francis: Schweet! I’ll get started on the built-in recording device right away!

Daisy: However, it’s going to have to wait until we’re finished taking care of business up at Bowser’s castle.

Francis: Okay, no problem.

Daisy: Ready when you are, Antasma.

Antasma: *Rips open another dream portal*

Daisy: Francis, Tiptron. We’ll see you again in an hour.

Tiptron MKII: Alright. Be careful.

Daisy: Don’t worry, we will. *Jumps through the portal*

Antasma: *Goes in, as well*

Meanwhile, at Professor E. Gadd’s laboratory…

*Mario, Luigi, and company teleport in*

*Music Cue*

E. Gadd: Ah, welcome back! I see you were able to bring Mario back safe and sound…without him being in a picture frame, no less!

Mario: …Very funny.

E. Gadd: Heh heh heh! Ah, lighten up, young feller! It was a joke! In any case, Happy Birthday to ya!

Mario: Thank you, thank you very much!

E. Gadd: Don’t mention it! It was the least I could-… *Notices Peach* Hmm? Criminy! You rescued the princess, as well!?

Luigi: Yep.

Peach: “Rescued”!? From what!? I believe the correct term is “kidnapped”!

Everyone: …

Birdo: Hey, at least she’s finally being honest for a change!

*Everyone stares at Birdo*

Birdo: …What?

Toad: Don’t mind her, Princess. For whatever reason, she’s got this crazy idea that you and Bowser have something going on behind the scenes…even when you weren’t under the potion’s influence.

Peach: …

Polywarp: Anyway, so, uh… Princess Peach, Princess Toadstool, or whichever you prefer? Do you mean to tell us that you really have no recollection of Mario at all?

Peach: Not in the slightest.

Vivian: But… Mario is your true love!

Peach: …What’re you talking about? I don’t even know this guy! I only have one “true love”, and his name is Bowser! I’ll tell you as I told Daisy and Tiptron… Very soon, he and I are going to be married, and I’m going to be crowned Queen of the Koopas! Once we’re through with that, Bowser and I will conquer many worlds together and rule above them all as king and queen, as husband and wife! Anyone who opposes us will be destroyed!

*Everyone (with the exception of Cranky, and of course, Birdo) widen their eyes in shock*

Polywarp: …Um, I know I’ve never met you until today, but I’m pretty sure I can safely say that being under the influence of that potion has really made you go off the deep end.

Shade: Oh, yeah. I agree completely. Not even King Boo sounded this wacko!

*Just about everyone says something in agreement with them*

Peach: Whatever! Now take me back to my castle, please! I’m done with this conversation! *Storms off*

*Music Cue*

Mario: (It’s just as Dimentia described…) *Hangs his head down*

Luigi: Hey… *Places his hand on Mario’s shoulder* Don’t let it get to you, Bro.

Vivian: Yeah. Princess Peach just isn’t herself right now, remember?

*Just about everyone else chips in to cheer him up, also*

Birdo: …Not herself? I beg to differ.

Yoshi: No offense, Birdo, but you’re not helping.

Polywarp: By the way, didn’t you say you had an idea on how to get the antidote back that Bowser swallowed?

Mario: Ah, yeah, I almost forgot! There are quite a few warp pipes around this kingdom that lead right into the inside of Bowser’s body. Since there’s one right at Toad Town, I’m heading over there to use it!

Vivian: That’s a great idea!

Goombella: …The inside of Bowser’s body? Like Vivian said, it’s a good idea and all, but that sounds, like, totally gross.

Luigi: As strange as this may sound, it’s actually not that bad in there. It’s almost like another dimension.

Goombella: Oh.

Mario: Ret ta go! Are you coming, Luigi?

Luigi: I would, but since Daisy and Tiptron got captured, I’m gonna see what I could do about saving them.

Cranky: There’s no need to worry, they bailed out already.

Mario: Hey, that’s what I was about to say! But…how did you know?

Cranky: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I know everything that’s gonna go down in this story, including who the final boss is gonna be! I won’t say anything more about that, because I don’t want to spoil anything. That is, assuming that anyone’s even reading this trash, of course.

Luigi: Uh, okay. In that case, I guess I’ll come with you then, Mario.

Mario: Okie dokey! HERE WE GOOOOOOOO!

*They leave*

Shade: As much of a psycho as Princess Peach came off as, I’ll give her one thing…. She’s a total babe!

Bow: …

Shade: (Oh, crud… Did I say that out loud?) Uh, but she’s got nothin’ on you, of course!

Bow: Whatever. *Turns away*

Shade: Heh heh heh! What’s the matter? Jealous?

Bow: Oh, give me a break! *Leaves the room by passing through a wall*

Shade: (Ah, yeah… That confirms it right there! At this point, there’s no doubt in my mind…she’s got the hots for me for sure!) *Follows her*

Pauline: Some party this is turning out to be…

Cranky: More like, some story this is turning out to be! So far, all fourteen chapters of it have been nothing but garbage! Pure rubbish with a capital “R”!

Pauline: …

Elsewhere, at Lemmy Koopa’s circus-themed castle at Shiver Summit…

*Flurrie, Watt, Ms. Mowz, Starlight, and Purity climb the stairway and find a black Shyguy guarding the door that leads to Lemmy’s room*

*Music Cue*

Watt: Look, you guys! It’s an, um… Anti-Guy!

Anti-Guy: Looks like this is the end of the line. You’d best turn back now, because if not, I will hurt you.

Ms. Mowz: Mmm hmm hmm! Do you truly think you’ll be able to take on all of us by yourself? You’re hopelessly outnumbered, dearie.

Anti-Guy: Outnumbered? Maybe so. Outmatched? Not in the least.

Flurrie: Hmph! My, you’re awfully arrogant, aren’t you?

Watt: We should um, be careful, because, um… Anti-Guys are really, really tough!

Flurrie: We’ll keep that in mind, darling.

Anti-Guy: So, you still intend to go through with this? This is your last warning… Turn back now!

Starlight: Even if you are as tough as the kid says, we’re not backing down without a fight!

Purity: That’s right! The fate of the very universe depends on it!

Anti-Guy: Looks like you’ve used up your last chance. How foolish. Remember, you’ve brought this on yourselves!

Flurrie: We shan’t lose to a lowlife like you!

*They charge at one another*

Once again, the hunt for the Purity Stars is on! Will Flurrie, Watt, Ms. Mowz, Starlight, and Purity have what it takes to defeat Anti-Guy and proceed to the next room? Will Mario and Luigi be able to successfully track down the antidote that Bowser swallowed in time before the love potion’s effects become permanent? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…
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Re: Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star
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Part 15a

On the previous chapter of Legend of the Chaos Star, Mario, after winning an invisibility potion on Dimentia’s quiz show, was able to successfully sneak into Bowser’s throne room, and obtain the antidote to reverse the effects of the love potion that was used on Princess Peach/Toadstool. However, Bowser spotted him the moment he was on the way out, and his invisibility was promptly disabled via Kamek’s magic. No longer invisible, and because all the Purity Stars had not yet been obtained, Mario had no choice but to flee, with Bowser following close behind.

Elsewhere in the castle, Luigi, Vivian, and Polywarp, who’ve come to the castle to help Mario, ended up running into Princess Peach along the way…literally. To their surprise, the princess still had recollection of Luigi and Vivian, but their sense of relief was short-lived after she revealed that Princess Daisy and Tiptron had gotten thrown into the dungeon, showing that she was, indeed, still under the love potion’s influence. Shortly afterwards, Mario arrived on the scene. Just as he was about to change Toadstool back to her original self, Bowser used the power of the Vacuum Mushroom (which Fawful gave him some time ago) to suck the bottle right out of Mario’s hand. In order to ensure that he wouldn’t get ahold of it again, Bowser stuffed the antidote bottle down his throat and swallowed it.

Just when all hope seemed lost, Mario stated that he had a plan to get the antidote back, but for the time being, he, Luigi, Vivian, and Polywarp decided to concentrate on getting Peach out of the area, and bringing her back with them to Professor E. Gadd’s laboratory. While there, they tried to get Peach to come back to her senses, but to no avail. Shortly after Toadstool angrily stormed out of the area, Mario explained to Luigi and the others that the only way to get the antidote back would be to go into Bowser’s body. Since there was a pipe in Toad Town that leads to it, the two plumbers wasted no time and began heading over there.

Meanwhile, as all of this was going on, Madame Flurrie, Ms. Mowz, Watt, Starlight, and Purity were at Lemmy Koopa’s castle on Shiver Summit, searching for the fifth Purity Star. Just as they were on their way to confront the young Koopaling, they ended up running into an Anti-Guy, who was determined not to allow them to pass. Seeing no point in trying to reason with him any further, they decided to engage the Anti-Guy in battle in order to proceed to the next room.

Now the questions remain… Will they have what it takes to contend with the Anti-Guy and his phenomenal strength? Will Mario and Luigi be able to find the antidote in time before Peach/Toadstool’s brainwashing becomes permanent? Once Francis is finished installing the recording device in Tiptron, will the latter, along with Princess Daisy and Antasma, be able to find the evidence they need to expose Dimentia and Dimention’s true intentions? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

Meanwhile, in the dream world…

*Music Cue*

Antasma: Bowser… Soon enough, I vill show him the true meaning of fear und terror! SKREEEEEARK!

Daisy: Are you sure challenging Bowser now is a good idea? I’m not doubting your power for one second, but he absorbed power from the Chaos Star, remember? Unless all the Purity Stars are used against him, you won’t stand a chance!

Antasma: SKREEEEEP! You’d be surprised vut the power of dreams und nightmares are capable of, but I suppose that can vait for now. SKREEEE! I von’t be satisfied vith just haffing Bowser beaten up, oh no… Vut I also vant to do is humiliate him in some vay…

Daisy: Uh, okay. How do you plan to do that?

Antasma: His diary… SKREEEEEK! That’s the perfect vay to do it!

Daisy: …Bowser keeps a diary?

Antasma: Yesssss… SKREEEONK! I noticed that during the alliance he und I formed on Pi’llo Island…

Daisy: Interesting. Did you happen to read any of it?

Antasma: I really vish I could say I did, but believe it or not, I actually had respect for Bowser und his privacy back then.

Daisy: …

Um, wow. I have to say, Antasma… You’re definitely not what I expected when I first heard about you.

Antasma: Vut do you mean by this?

Daisy: Perhaps I’m being totally naïve, here, but despite the whole “nightmare” thing you’ve got going on, you really don’t seem all that bad. You seem like a genuinely nice guy…one that Bowser’s really taken for granted. . I can’t help but feel as if you’re just very misunderstood…

Antasma: …Thank you. SKREEEEP! Looking back, I haff no idea vhy I ever considered him as an ally, let alone a friend… SKREEEEONK! I did so much for him, including carrying him around as I took flight in my bat form, even in spite of how heavy he vas! Do you know vut kind of appreciation he showed!? None. That’s right… Not even so much as a “thank you”! All I vould get from that ungrateful scum is remarks like “Hey, ugly! Learn to fly!”, along vith ridiculous jokes about my accent und so-called “screeching tic”. Even in spite of all this, I vas still loyal to Bowser, und if I vanted to betray him like he claimed, I vould haff done it a vhile ago! Freedom… That vas all I vanted… That vas something I desired far more than vorld domination, vhich vas vhy I villingly reserved that for Bowser vhen it came time to make our vishes on the Dream Stone… Und how does he repay me for all this!? Vith treachery, ultimately cheating me out of everything I had vorked so hard for! *Angrily crushes an Antasmunchie at the palm of his hand*

Daisy: Again, I’m sorry this had to happen to you, Antasma. Bowser… There’s just no line that creep wouldn’t cross, is there!? This, along with everything else he’s done, he deserves any and all humiliation he’s got coming to him! We have an hour to spare until Francis is finished installing the recording device within Tiptron, so I’m all for taking a peak at that diary of his!

Antasma: Yesssss… Vunce again, it seems vee’re on the same page! *Creates a dream portal to Bowser’s castle and flies through*

Daisy: *Follows him*

Dimention: *Appears right after they leave* My, my! Well, isn’t this an interesting development? I’m very interested in seeing how this plays out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… *Teleports out*


*Music Cue*

Bowser: Kammy, would you happen to know anything about some geezer named “Professor E. Gadd”?

Kammy: Why, yes, I do. Professor Elvin Gadd is a world-renowned scientist that specializes in ghost-researching. Why, if you don’t mind me asking, Your Maliciousness?

Bowser: I heard Green ‘Stache mention him earlier, right before he, Mario, and those two loser friends of theirs took Peach away! They said that they were taking her to wherever his place happens to be. Do you know where I can find it?

Kammy: Professor E. Gadd resides in a laboratory at Evershade Valley. Would you like me or Kamek to go there and retrieve Princess Peach for you?

Bowser: No, leave that to me. You continue trying to find out whatever clues you can about Tia and Tion’s true intentions.

Kammy: As always, your wish is my command, Lord Bowser. *Leaves*

Bowser: *Summons his Koopa Clown Copter and gets inside* Peach, hang on! Your burly, awesome hubby is coming for you! *Takes off and flies out the window*

*Antasma and Daisy look on from around a nearby corner*

Antasma: …

Daisy: …

Um, wow. I don’t know what’s more shocking. The fact that Luigi and Mario actually managed to get here and save Peach, or the fact that Tiptron and I were actually to get through to Bowser about Dimentia and Dimention!

Antasma: I vas actually more shocked…und disturbed at the “burly, awesome hubby” bit…

Daisy: Ugh, me, too, actually. In any case, I think our reading of Bowser’s diary may have to wait for the time being. You heard what he said just a little while ago, right? He’s going over to that Evershade Valley place to re-kidnap Peach! Again, I’m sorry to keep asking this of you, but would you mind bringing me over there, if it isn’t too much trouble? I’d like to get over there before Bowser does so I could warn everybody!

Antasma: You needn’t vorry… SKREEEEP! It’s no trouble at all. I intend to exact my revenge on Bowser in any vay possible, so no apology’s necessary. *Opens another dream portal and goes through*

Daisy: *Follows him*

Elsewhere, at Toad Town…

*Music Cue*

Luigi: …What’s that, now? You’re saying that Dimentia doesn’t seem so bad?

Mario: Mm hmm. *Nods*

Luigi: What makes you say that? As far as I’m concerned, she’s just as crazy as her brother and Dimentio!

Mario: That’s the same thing I thought at first. As hard as this may be to believe, she’s actually been helping me out as of late. In fact, she’s the reason I was able to get ahold of that antidote!

Luigi: Seriously!? But wasn’t she also the reason why Peach got brainwashed in the first place?

Mario: Yes, but Dimentia said that she’s been having second thoughts about the whole thing, since the potion had a side effect that completely warped Peach’s personality. You’ve seen for yourself what it’s done, so I don’t need to explain myself on that one.

Luigi: True, but how do you know that this isn’t some kind of act? Dimentio did the same thing, remember? He was “helping” us all throughout our quest to gather the Pure Hearts, but as it turns out, he was only using us to do his dirty work for him! Dimentia may be doing the same thing; luring us into a state of comfort so she could turn on us at the last second!

Mario: That’s a good point, but there’s definitely something different about Dimentia. I can’t explain it very well, but somehow, I just don’t get the same vibe from her as I did with Dimentio…

Luigi: If you say so, Bro…

*They jump into the warp pipe that leads to the inside of Bowser’s body*

Elsewhere, at Lemmy’s castle…

*Music Cue*

Anti-Guy: Ready or not, here it comes!

*They charge at one another*

Flurrie: *Leaps into the air, attempting to body slam Anti-Guy*

Anti-Guy: *Uppercuts her*

Flurrie: Uhhhhhh! *Knocked backwards*

*Watt and Starlight corner Anti-Guy from both sides and shoot toward him*

Anti-Guy: *Dodges, causing them to crash into one another*

Watt: Ahhhhhh!

Starlight: Oooooof!

Ms. Mowz: *Creates afterimages of herself and runs around Anti-Guy in circles to confuse him*

Anti-Guy: You guys are really starting to bore me… *Grabs her tail*

Ms. Mowz: …!?

Anti-Guy: *Swings her by the tail, slams her onto the floor, and then tosses her into the wall*

Ms. Mowz: Ugggh…!

Anti-Guy: Pathetic. I thought you’d all put up a better fight than this. So far, I’m disappointed.

Flurrie: *Grabs Anti-Guy from behind*

Anti-Guy: What the…!?

Flurrie: *Starts squeezing him*

Anti-Guy: GAAAH!

Flurrie: Perhaps this’ll teach you not to turn your noses up at us, darling!

Anti-Guy: *Thrusts himself backwards and starts slamming Flurrie onto the wall*

Flurrie: Ahhhhhh!

Elsewhere, in the skies of Evershade Valley…

*Music Cue*

Bowser: So, this is that Evershade Valley place, huh? BWAHAHAHA! Super! All I gotta do now is sniff out Peach’s perfume, and I’ll find that Gadd geezer’s place in no time! Mario, Green ‘Stache! I’m coming for you, you mustached losers! You can run all you want, but you can’t hide!  *Increases the Clown Copter’s speed*

Meanwhile, at Bowser’s insides…

Mario: …!?

Luigi: M-Mario! Did you hear that!?

Mario: Yes, Bowser’s on his way to Prof. E. Gadd’s place to take Peach away! Come on, we’ve gotta go stop him! *Runs off to find the nearest shortcut pipe to Evershade Valley*

Luigi: Okie dokey! *Follows Mario*

Again, at Lemmy’s castle…

Flurrie: Watt… You certainly weren’t kidding, dear. These black Shyguys are rather robust!

Anti-Guy: So, you finally get it. Do you realize now that you’re fighting a losing battle?

Ms. Mowz: Don’t count us out of this yet, hon. Oh, no, siree. We still have a few tricks up our sleeves…

Anti-Guy: Like what?

Ms. Mowz: Mm hmm hmm! I’m glad you asked. *Walks toward Anti-Guy and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek to catch him off guard*

Anti-Guy: …Nice try. *Wipes it off*

Ms. Mowz: Wait, what!?

Anti-Guy: You seem surprised. Your little “feminine wiles” strategy probably would have worked had it not been for one thing…

Ms. Mowz: Hmm?

Anti-Guy: *Removes the mask and hood*

Ms. Mowz: …!? *Jumps back in shock*

*Flurrie, Watt, Starlight, and Purity do the same*

Watt: Um, you’re…a girl?

Anti-Guy: Well, duh. I thought for sure that a name like “Anti-Guy” would be a dead giveaway, but clearly, my expectations for your intelligence were set too high.

???: *From around the corner* Lemon candy, come ‘n get your lemon candy!

Anti-Guy: Oh, boy! That’s my favorite! *Rushes over there*

*A metal clanging sound is heard shortly afterwards*

Croco: *Comes from around the corner, holding a metal baseball bat* Heh heh heh! Whatta sucker! That was a li’l too easy!

Flurrie: Hello there. Who might you be, good sir?

Croco: Croco’s the name, sellin’ merchandise is the game!

Watt: So, what happened to that, um, Anti-Guy that was just here?

Croco: Come over ‘n’ see for yourself. *Goes around the corner*

*They follow him around the corner and find Anti-Guy on the floor, unconscious*

Starlight: …Wow. That would certainly explain it.

Croco: So, how much money ya got on ya? ‘Cause I’ve got some lemon candy to sell. Chances are, that ain’t the only Anti-Guy you’ll find here, ‘n’ as ya’ve seen for yourselves, this tasty treat happens to be their number one weakness. If I was either o’ youse, I’d wanna come prepared.

Ms. Mowz: If it’ll make things easier, then sure, hon. Why not?

*They buy some*

Croco: It’s been nice doin’ business with ya.

Purity: Thank you very much for the help, too, by the way.

Croco: Sure, don’t mention it! ‘N’ with that said… Adios, amigos! *Takes off*

Starlight: Now that this is all taken care of, let’s go get the next Purity Star from Bowser’s kid, shall we?

Flurrie: Absolutely.

Meanwhile, again at Professor E. Gadd’s laboratory…

*Mario and Luigi come rushing in*

E. Gadd: Back so soon? Did you forget something?

Mario: Not quite. Is Peach still around? We heard Bowser say that he’s on his way here to kidnap her again!

E. Gadd: She stormed right out of here, remember? For all we know, she could be somewhere alone in a secluded area of the valley by now. Had it not been for the Dark Moon pacifying all the ghosts, I’d be quite worried, believe you me!

*A dream portal appears*

Luigi: Huh?

*Daisy and Antasma come through*

Luigi: Daisy!?

Daisy: Luigi!

*They hug*

*Music Cue*

Antasma: *Morphs from his bat form to his vampire form*


Luigi: Hmm? Oh ho ho! Oh, no, that’s not Cackletta, that’s just Antasma.

W-Wait a minute! Antasma!?

Mario: Momma-mia! It can’t be!

Antasma: SKREEEEP! It’s you… Those red und green pests from before! So, vee meet again…

“Dimentio”: …Like two angry, burly dinosaurs with terrible indigestion!

*Everyone stares*

Mimi: *Changes back* Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

Shade: So, uh… Luigi, is this the dude you thought that Ludwig guy was copying?

Luigi: Yeah.

Polywarp: So, where do you know him from, exactly?

Mario: *Explains*

Antasma: Yessss…this vorks out just nicely! Bowser vill get his turn soon, but before I deal vith that traitor, I believe I vill exact my revenge…on you!!! SKREEEONK!

Mario: Ret ta go! *Fighting stance*

Luigi: Okie dokey! *Also gets in a fighting stance*

Antasma: *Powers up an energy sphere at the palm of his hand*

Although they were able to get to Professor E. Gadd’s laboratory in time before Bowser did, Mario, Luigi, and Antasma ended up running into one another unexpectedly, determined to settle their old score. Which side will turn out the victor? Should Bowser manage to find the lab, will any of them have what it takes to ward him off when he arrives to kidnap Princess Peach, despite the invincibility he’s been granted from the Chaos Star? Find out as the saga continues on Super Mario Brothers: Legend of the Chaos Star!

To be continued…     
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