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Samui: cool Apr 18 2020, 01:04 PM

Kira Resari: I just found out that Tamamo no Mae is featured in Gegege no Kitaro. Here's her first appearance. =^,^= https://www.gogoanime1.com/watch/gegege-no-kitarou-2018/episode/episode-74 Apr 18 2020, 05:04 AM

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Kira Resari: Today features the climax of my Japanese spiritual fox experience with an epic ceremony at Toyokawa Inari Betsuin Nov 03 2019, 01:11 AM

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Kira Resari: If you check the dates of my Shrine Visits, you'll notice quite a number of gaps which are the days I worked on. =^,^= Oct 10 2019, 07:10 AM

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Queen Chibi: I'm kind of curious how this works Oct 10 2019, 04:10 AM

Queen Chibi: ... so are you just wealthy enough to tour shrines or something? Oct 10 2019, 04:10 AM

Kira Resari: And today: Toyokawa, the Town of Vulpinity =^,^= Oct 08 2019, 01:10 AM

Kira Resari: Featuring today, the shrine with the highest concentrations of foxes in all of Japan: Reigitsunedsuka ~ The Spirit Fox Den =^,^= Oct 03 2019, 12:10 AM

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Author Topic: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems  (Read 15099 times)

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Part 16

Last time, on Elements of Power, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes began to chase down Metal Sonic Version 3.0, who made off with the Master Emerald. During their pursuit, they were led into a base that was located deep within the Mystic Ruins, which happened to be one of Dr. Robotnik’s old hideouts. While inside of the base, they destroyed each and every Badnik in their path, until they came across what appeared to be Robotnik. However, they soon found out that their suspicions were correct; it was, in fact, Dr. Nega in disguise.

He then revealed that he had been impersonating the real Robotnik ever since Scorch went to go find Slush and lead her to Robotnik’s airbase after she had gotten lost. The real Dr. Robotnik was being held captive inside of a card, thanks to Nega’s camera. After taking the Master Emerald and fleeing the scene, Nega Robotnik left Metal Sonic 3.0 to deal with the heroes. However, the original Metal Sonic, who apparently had a score to settle with his copy, decided to take him on instead, while everyone else goes after Dr. Nega.

Will Metal Sonic be able to summon the power to do away with his doppelganger? Also, for what purpose has Dr. Nega stolen the Emeralds? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

*Both Metal Sonics Homing Attack one another and fly backwards*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *A green glow surrounds him, as he begins to hold out the palm of his hand and lift a few surrounding objects*

Metal Sonic: So, you also have the ability to copy data?

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Begins hurling the objects at him*

Metal Sonic: *Turns on his jet booster and starts dodging them*

As Metal Sonic dodged the attacks, he continued moving towards Three-Point Zero until he got close enough to successfully perform another Homing Attack, causing his doppelganger to fall over.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Czzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Is THAT all the power that you possess? Pathetic.

Shortly afterwards, Metal Sonic 3.0 got back up, held out the palm of his hand again, and got Metal Sonic caught in a telekinetic grip, constricting him of any movement.

Metal Sonic: W-What!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Tosses Metal Sonic into a wall*

After that, Metal Sonic 3.0 continued using telekinesis on his counterpart, and began to continuously slam him into the wall, dealing massive amounts of damage. This process continued for a while, until he finally decided to release Metal Sonic by dropping him onto the floor.

Metal Sonic: *Kneels down and holds his arm* *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Sonic 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHA… “Is THAT all the power that you possess? Pathetic.”

Metal Sonic: You…can speak?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, as you can see.

Metal Sonic: Your telekinetic abilities… You copied them…from Silver, did you not?

Metal Sonic 3.0: That is correct. I’ve also obtained data from the one you call “Blaze”, as well as many others. Where’s all that bravado now, you outdated machine? Have you finally come to the realization that you’re outmatched? That’s perfectly understandable, considering the fact that the technological advancements that I’ve been equipped with are two decades ahead of your own.

Metal Sonic: Regardless…of how “advanced” you claim to be, you are still nothing more than a copy! *Gets back up* I am the original… The one and only REAL Sonic! *Dashes toward him*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Catches him in a telekinetic grip again* It’s no use!

Metal Sonic: Ghhhh…!

Metal Sonic 3.0: To reiterate, there’s no possible way that an outdated machine, such as yourself, will ever stand a chance against the likes of me! It’s hardly worth my time to toy with you anymore. It’s time to end this!

Just as Metal Sonic 3.0 was getting ready to toss him aside, Metal Sonic began to surround himself a red, electrical glow.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmm!? What’s this!?

Metal Sonic: Behold the ultimate power! CHAOS… BLAST!

Metal Sonic 3.0: UHHHHHHH! *Czzzzzt!*

The force of energy from the Chaos Blast was enough to damage Metal Sonic 3.0 and send him flying across the room, into the wall.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Czzzt!* So…it would appear that you DO still have some fight left in you. Now, the real battle begins! Prepare to be ripped apart and thrown into the scrap heap, you inferior, outdated model! Firesoul… ATTACK! *Fires*

Metal Sonic: Chaos… SPEAR!

*The blasts collide with each other and create a small explosion*

Metal Sonic 3.0: DIE! *Aims his finger and starts firing lasers*

Metal Sonic: *Dodges and fires an eye laser*

Both Metal Sonics continued firing and dodging each other’s laser attacks. This pattern repeated itself for quite some time, until Metal Sonic 3.0 decided lift the objects around him with telekinesis again, getting ready to toss them at his counterpart. Noticing that he left himself wide open, Metal Sonic quickly dashed towards his doppelganger, rolled into a spinball, and bashed him, shoving him through the wall, and into another room.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Czzzzt!* *Regains his composure, grabs Metal Sonic, and slams him onto the ground*

Metal Sonic: *Czzzzzt!* *Grabs him by the foot and does the same*

*They roll around the floor fighting, with a smoke cloud around them (like in cartoons), indicating intense hand-to-hand combat*

The battle between Metal Sonic and Metal Sonic 3.0 began to get even more intense, as they continued to match each other blow-for-blow, crashing through various walls and going from room-to-room.


Knuckles: End of the line, Nega! Hand over the Master Emerald! NOW!

Blaze: The Sol Emeralds, too!

Scorch: Also, Dr. Robotnik’s card, and the camera along with it!

Nega Robotnik: Well, let’s just see you take them! Eee hee hee hee…

Knuckles: Oh, I’ve got NO problem with that! *Cracks his knuckles*

*Just then, the two Metal Sonics crash into their room*

Charmy: WHOA!

Marine: Strewth!

Sonic: This is pretty intense!

Vector: I’ve GOTTA record this! *Takes out his camcorder*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Czzzzzt!* An outdated machine like YOU can’t beat me! *Holds out the palm of his hand*

Charmy: Hey, I didn’t know he could talk!

Espio: Neither did I, actually.

Metal Sonic: Chaos…CONTROL!

Before Metal Sonic 3.0 had the chance to get him caught in his telekinetic grasp once again, Metal Sonic used Chaos Control to slow time. Metal Sonic then surrounded his fist with fire, dashed towards Three-Point Zero, and jammed his fist through his stomach.

Everyone: …!

Metal Sonic 3.0: UHHHHHHH! *Czzzzzzt!* H-How did you…!?

Metal Sonic: I TOLD you…no matter how advanced you claim to be, you could never outclass the original! I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: There’s only ONE real, true Sonic…and that’s ME! Firesoul Attack! *Blasts him*

Since Metal Sonic’s hand was jammed through Three-Point Zero’s stomach, including his circuitry, the Firesoul Attack went right through him, burning him from the insides first, and then came out of his back. After that, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 burst into flame and exploded.


Blaze: …

Correct me if I’m wrong, but did he just use one of my abilities?

Bomb: Yeah, he did. Robotnik installed a copy chip within Metal Sonic’s programming, which allows him to copy special techniques.

Blaze: I see.

Nega Robotnik: GRRRR… You’ll regret this! *Gets ready to run off*

Silver: Not so fast! *Uses telekinesis to hold him*

Nega Robotnik: Silver, you little…!

Silver: Quick, you guys! Now’s your chance to take both the camera AND the cards that he has!

Vector: Yeah, ‘n’ let’s jump ‘em while we’re at it!

Splash: But…is it really necessary to attack him when he can’t defend himself?

Blaze: If he just simply hands them over, then it won’t have to come to that!

Nega Robotnik: GRRR… Fine! You can have them!

Silver: *Releases him*

Nega Robotnik: *Sits the camera, Robotnik’s card, and the Master and Sol Emerald cards on the floor* Even without the Emeralds, their might should STILL be more than enough to destroy you!

Knuckles: “Their”? What do you mean?

Nega Robotnik: You’ll find out shortly! Eee hee hee hee! *Runs off*

Heavy: Ugh, I swear… He has to have THE most irritating voice on the planet! It’s quite an accomplishment for someone to sound even worse than Charmy!

Charmy: PBBBBTTTH! *Sticks his tongue at Heavy*

Splash: Why is it that nearly EVERYTHING you say is either rude, sarcastic, or taking jabs at Charmy in some way, shape, or form!?

Heavy: Why is it that nearly everything YOU say just drips with “public service announcement”?

Splash: Well, EXCUSE me for having morals!

Tikal: Please, you two… Can’t we all just make peace and get along?

Splash: I wish that were possible.

Tikal: *Picks up the camera*

Scorch: Wait, let me! *Snatches it from her*

After taking the camera from Tikal, Scorch used it to change Dr. Robotnik, the Master Emerald, and the Sol Emeralds to their original forms.

Robotnik: Huh!? What!? What’s going on!? The last thing I remember, I was waiting for Scorch to return to the base with Slush, and then I got into quarrel with Nega, and…the rest is a bit blank.

Shadow: Nega used that camera to capture you and have you transformed into a card, doctor.

Robotnik: Ah, yes, of course! Whichever one of you changed me back to my original state, you have my thanks.

Scorch: I’m glad to be able to return the favor, Dr. Robotnik.

Charmy: Hee hee, “glad to bee able”. Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Marine: Those puns of yours are ace, mate!

Heavy: Ugh… I’m surrounded by a trio of morons.

Robotnik: Anyway, though, there’s no time to celebrate just yet. I have some rather…unsettling news that I’ve discovered before getting changed into a card. You’re all familiar with the “Solaris Project”, aren’t you?

Silver: Yes, what about it?

Robotnik: I’ve recently discovered that Nega intends to resurrect it! He’s planning on using its powers to destroy this world!

Knuckles:  W-WHAT!? So, THAT’S what he meant by “their might”!

Tiara: Is this the same “Solaris” creature you were talking about before? The one that a friend of yours sacrificed himself to defeat?

Shadow: Yes, that’s the one.

Rouge: If either Iblis or Mephiles are to come back to life, then this world might get destroyed! We’ve got to stop Nega from reviving it before it’s too late!

Robotnik: I’ll see what I can do about reconstructing the Scepter of Darkness, just in case Mephiles survives after his defeat.

Blaze: What about Iblis? Will you be able to create a device that could contain him, so that a living vessel doesn’t have to be used this time?

Robotnik: There’s no need, because there’s already one such item that exists. *Looks towards Scorch* And by that, I mean the Fire Element Gem, of course!

Scorch: You don’t say…

Omega: Affirmative. Let’s begin our pursuit of Nega immediately, as to prevent those two from being revived!

Knuckles: Right. Let’s go!

*They run off*

Wasting no more time, all the heroes rushed through the automatic door to chase Dr. Nega down once again. Will they be able to stop the resurrection of Iblis and Mephiles before it’s too late? If not, will they be able to put a stop to Mephiles’ plans to destroy the world a third time? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 17

When we last left off, Metal Sonic engaged his doppelganger, Metal Sonic Version 3.0, in epic showdown. The two machines went all out, matching each other blow-for blow. It was a close battle that went on for quite some time, but eventually, the original Metal Sonic emerged victorious, as he finished off Metal Sonic 3.0 with one of Blaze’s signature abilities, which he copied from her. After that, Dr. Nega was forced to hand over the Master Emerald, Sol Emeralds, and Dr. Robotnik’s card, as well as the camera that was used to transform them into cards. Aside from the fact that he didn’t want to risk getting beaten up, he felt that the combined powers of Iblis and Mephiles were more than enough to deal with the heroes. 

After Robotnik was freed, he informed everyone that Nega was working on reviving the Solaris Project, so that he could use its powers to destroy the world. Robotnik then decided to stay behind to reconstruct the Scepter of Darkness, while everyone else chases Dr. Nega to prevent the Solaris Project’s revival. Time is running out… Will our heroes be able to put a stop to this before it’s too late? If Iblis and Mephiles do come back to life, will Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the others be able to stop them once again, for a third time? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

Mighty: I just hope we aren’t too late…

Charmy: Look! There he is, up ahead!

Nega Robotnik: *Looks back* Bah! Curses! *Speeds up*

Vector: GET ‘EM!

*Everyone else speeds up, too*

Marine: Strewth! He sure is fast for a fat ol’ bloke, eh?

Charmy: Yeah. Really, REALLY fast!

As the heroes continued to chase Nega, he was continuously closing automatic doors in the face and locking them. However, Knuckles was able to punch them down each time. This went on for a while, until they reach a stairway, which led to an underground passage.

Charmy: *Snickers* Does anyone else think Nega Robotnik looks really, REALLY funny when he runs? *Snickers again*

Marine: Yep! I sure do, mate!

When they finished going down the stairway, they found Dr. Nega waiting for them in an underground laboratory; behind him, was a machine that contained flames and dark, ooze-like substance.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! You’re too late! Actually, no… You’re right on time…to see Solaris’ resurrection, that is! EEE HEE HEE HEE!

Heavy: …

I have a question. What is WRONG with your voice? You sound like something with helium in it.

*A handful of people start laughing*

Nega Robotnik: WHAT!? Silence, you insolent fools!

Tikal: Tell us… What do you hope to accomplish by reviving those two!? Don’t you realize they’ll destroy this world!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… Of course! That’s the very reason why I intend to harness Solaris’ power: So I could use it to destroy this world and replace it with the NEGA Robotnik Empire! With Solaris’ ability to control time, Nega Robotnikland will be a transcendent universe that exists in all timeframes! The past, present, AND future! In other words, I’m going to rule over time itself! EEE HEE HEE HEE!

Blaze: I don’t think you understand how dangerous Solaris is! Didn’t you see what Iblis alone did to our own time period!? When he and Mephiles combine powers, they’ll do far more damage than that! If they’re to succeed in destroying this timeframe, they’ll destroy all others, as well, and there won’t be any worlds for you to rule! There’ll be nothing left! Everyone, including you, will perish! Is THAT what you want!?

Nega Robotnik: Oh, but what YOU fail to understand, is that I’m in complete and total control of the situation! While in possession of Solaris’ power, the destruction will be a lot more minimal. I only intend to do enough so that I could build my empire! Eee hee hee hee! With their power at my disposal, the world shall be my plaything! I shall bring about an age of fear and chaos! And it shall be glorious! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!


Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Some call it insanity, but I call it pure GENIUS! Solaris’ revival isn’t quite complete yet, but it should still be more than enough to deal with YOU troublesome pests! Now, arise, Solaris! Arri-

Before Dr. Nega could finish his sentence, the machine began to malfunction, and eventually exploded, sending the mad doctor flying into the wall (since he was right near it).

Nega Robotnik: UHHHHHHHH! *Knocked out cold*

Just then, Iblis’ flames and Mephiles’ dark liquid shot past everybody and flew out of the room at high speed.

Charmy: WHOA! *Ducks under them*


Marine: They’re getting away!

Shadow: Not on my watch! *Starts skating after them* Mephiles! I won’t let you escape!

Omega: *Follows*

Metal Sonic: *Same*

Vector: Why don’t we go ahead ‘n’ split up? Half of us could go aftah Mephiles; ‘n’ half of us could go aftah Iblis!

Blaze: That’s fine with me. I’ll pursue Iblis. What about you, Silver?

Silver: Same here.

Knuckles: I’m gonna join Shadow, Omega, and Metal Sonic in chasing Mephiles down.

Rouge: So will I.

Charmy: *Snickers*

Rouge: …What are YOU laughing at?

Charmy: Knuckles and Rouge, sittin’ in a-

Knuckles: *Bashes him on the head*

Charmy: OWWWW! *Holds his head as a lump appears on it*

Knuckles: This ISN’T the time for your games, Charmy!

A little while later, the groups were decided. All seven members of the Chaotix team, as well as Ray and Rouge, decided to join Shadow, Omega, and Metal Sonic in pursuing Mephiles, while everyone else went after Iblis.

Meanwhile, with the Iblis-chasing group…

*They follow Iblis’ flames through an automatic door, and find a room with a bunch of lava in it*

Silver: We’ve got you cornered now, Iblis!

After getting close enough to the lava, Iblis’ flames dived into it. Shortly afterwards, it come out in the form of a large, four-armed monster.

Iblis: *Growls*

Marine: IEEEEE! *Hides behind Blaze*

Amy: W-What IS that thing!?

Tiara: Could this…really be that Iblis creature!? Or am I missing something, here!?

Blaze: Yes, that is indeed Iblis. It has the ability to change forms.

Iblis: *Growls again*

Sonic: Heh! You think you could intimidate us with just your size and a few growls? Come on! Let’s see what you can do!

*The battle begins*

Elsewhere, with the Mephiles-chasing group…

*They catch up to Mephiles and get him cornered*

Shadow: Mephiles!

Mephiles: What…? Who’s…there? Is it…Shadow or…Knuckles?

Knuckles: It’s both, actually.

Vector: Yeah, ‘n’ that ain’t all. We’re here, too!

Espio: Yes. We’re here to put a stop to your diabolical scheme once again!

Mephiles: *Shoots toward them*

Vector: Ah, crud! Spread out, everybody!

Just as everyone spread out, Mephiles quickly sunk himself into Shadow’s shadow, and took on his form.

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It…really is you! My nemesis of…ten years… Shadow the Hedgehog…

Shadow: Eleven years, actually.

Charmy: Why’s he talking so slowly?

Bomb: I believe it has something to do with his development phase being incomplete, just as Nega said.

Charmy: Incomplete freak!

Hee hee hee! By the way, Bomb, did you notice that you said “bee”? As in, “beeing incomplete”? *Snickers*

*Everyone anime falls*

Charmy: What?

Heavy: In case you haven’t noticed, Splash and Marine aren’t here, you idiot! They went to go chase down Iblis!

Charmy: I know that, you jerk!

Mighty: There’s no time for arguing now, you guys! If we’re gonna take Mephiles down again, we’re gonna have to work as a team!

Ray: Mighty’s right, you guys. It’s all about the power of teamwork, as Sonic’s always saying.

Heavy: Whatever.

Mephiles: Oh, yes… *Morphs into his crystalline form* …What you all…gave to me, I now…return to you! A one-way… *Powers up a blue energy ball at the palm of his hand* …Ticket to…oblivion!

Shadow: I’ll finish this…right here, right now! You’re going DOWN, Mephiles! For the last time!

*The battle begins*

Meanwhile, with the Iblis-fighting group, the battle was really beginning to “heat up”. Iblis constantly pounded the ground with each of his four arms, trying to squash the heroes, but they managed to evade his attacks each time. He then tried blowing fire on them, but Splash over-powered it with one of her hydro blasts, and ended up dealing damage to the monster in the process.

Iblis: *Insert loud growl here*

Sonic: Nice one, Splash! Okay, now’s our chance to attack!

*They begin attacking Iblis, but then he back-hand slaps them into a wall*

Elsewhere, during the battle against Mephiles…

*Mephiles spawns tons of clones of himself*

Shadow: Hmph, don’t think there’s any strength in numbers, Mephiles. I’ll still defeat you again, one way or another!


Everyone: …

*They all stare at him with blank “WTF?” expressions on their faces*

Rouge: …He is CLEARLY not in his right mind!

Heavy: When is he EVER?

Rouge: Good point.

Knuckles: Okay, Mephiles, let’s go! Put ‘em up!

So then, the battle continued. The heroes, as well as Mephiles and his group of clones, began charging at one another at high speed. When they got close enough, a fierce battle began, with a smoke cloud appearing over them. Knuckles, the Chaotix, and all the others destroyed Mephiles’ clones one by one, but no matter how many of them they destroyed, they just kept reappearing.

Vector: Fa cryin’ out loud! Is ‘dere any end ta ‘dese guys!? *Shoulder-bashes one of them*

Omega: If we are to pinpoint the location of the original Mephiles and attack him, the cloning should come to an indefinite halt.

Charmy: Yeah, but how can we tell which is which? They all look exactly the same!

Mighty: Maybe there’s a way we could attack them all at once?

Bomb: Perhaps my explosive power will suffice? You’re going to need to leave the room, though, so you don’t get caught in it yourselves.

Vector: A’ight. You heard ‘em, everyone. Let’s scram!

*They leave the room as Bomb begins to glow*

Bomb: TAKE THIS!!!

After that, Bomb exploded and covered the entire room with flames, destroying Mephiles’ clones in the process, as well as sending the original Mephiles crashing through a wall. After the explosion was finished, the Chaotix and the rest of the Mephiles-hunting group reentered the room. As soon as the smoke cleared, Mephiles was reduced to a puddle of dark liquid.

Charmy: Yay! We did it!

Shadow: Mephiles isn’t finished, so don’t let your guard down just yet. I wonder how long it’s going to be before the doctor gets finished reconstructing the Scepter of Darkness…

Charmy: Hee hee, “how long it’s going to bee”.

*Everyone glares at him*

Charmy: Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Ray: Knuckles, until Robotnik’s finished with the scepter, don’t you think it’s a good idea to seal Mephiles in the Master Emerald, or something, like before?

Knuckles: Good idea. The servers are…the seven-

Before Knuckles could finish his sentence, Mephiles’ dark liquid quickly zoomed past everyone and shot out of the room at high speed, as before. The heroes then hurried out of the room and began chasing down him down again.
Meanwhile, with the Iblis-hunting group…

Iblis: *Growls and sinks back into the lava*

Marine: Bonza! I think you guys finally beat that creepy ol’ monster!

Blaze: No. He’s bound to rise from his ashes again, I’m sure of it.

Silver: Yeah. I think now would be a good time to go ahead and seal him up, before he does so.

Before anything else could be done, Mephiles’ dark abruptly burst into the room.

Slush: What the…!?

Silver: It’s Mephiles!

Blaze: Great…

*Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the others enter the room shortly afterwards*

Sonic: I’ll take it that Ro-butt-nik is finished with the scepter?

Knuckles: Not yet, so we’re going to have to seal him within the Master Emerald again, for the time being. *Glares at Charmy*

Charmy: I wasn’t gonna say anything this time! Really!

Mephiles: *Morphs back into his crystalline form* I must…complete my…evolution…

Blaze: That’s NOT going to happen! We’ve already worked hard enough to change the future that you and Iblis ruined, and we’re not going to let all that go to waste! *Runs toward Mephiles*

Just as Blaze was getting ready to attack Mephiles, he quickly powered up a ball of energy and blasted her, sending her flying, and causing the Sol Emeralds to fall.

Silver: Blaze! *Notices* Oh, no! The Emeralds!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHA… *Picks one up*

After picking up one of the Sol Emeralds, Mephiles raised it into the air and made it flash a bright light, burning everyone’s eyes in the process.

Amy: I…can’t see!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! F-Finally… I’m free to…merge with you…once again! IBLIS!!!

Iblis: *Rises from the lava*

Mephiles: It’s…time…for the final curtain call!

Iblis then reverted back to his raw flame form, as he and the Sol Emeralds began to encircle Mephiles. The shine from all seven of the Sol Emeralds caused another bright flash of light to occur, and after it disappeared, Iblis and Mephiles were both merged together into one being; the interdimensional being known only as Solaris.

Scorch: What…IS that!?

Vector: Ah, CRUD! Not again! We’re too late!


Everyone: …

*They stare with blank “WTF?” expressions again*

Knuckles: Oh, yeah, I forgot. It had something to do with an incomplete development phase…

*The Sol Emeralds fall to the ground, colorless*

Knuckles: …But there’s no time to worry about that now, I guess. Why don’t we get powered up, so we could stop him again?

Silver: Right. It ends here, Solaris! We’ll change the future with our own hands!

Despite their efforts, Dr. Nega was successful in reviving the Solaris Project. To add insult to injury, Iblis and Mephiles have managed to complete their transformation with the help of the Sol Emeralds! Will our heroes be able to put a stop to him once again, before he wipes out every timeframe in existence? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 18

Previously, on Elements of Power, Dr. Robotnik, after being rescued, decided to stay behind to reconstruct the Scepter of Darkness, while Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes chased down Dr. Nega in order to prevent Solaris’ resurrection. Although they managed to find the secret underground laboratory where the Solaris Project was being worked on, they were too late, since Nega beat them to the punch. He then explained to everyone that he intended to harness Solaris’ power to control and rule over time itself. Blaze and Tikal attempted to explain to him how dangerous Solaris was, but their words fell on deaf ears, since Dr. Nega insisted that he was in complete control of the situation.

Just as Nega was getting ready to release the two halves of Solaris, they both broke through the container and caused an explosion, which sent him flying and knocked him unconscious. Shortly afterwards, Iblis and Mephiles fled the scene, only for them to get chased down by the heroes when they split into groups of two. When both groups caught up with their respective targets, they engaged them in fierce battles. Before Knuckles had a chance to seal Mephiles within the Master Emerald again, he fled the scene once more, so that he could complete his transformation by merging with Iblis. When Mephiles came across Blaze, who was taking part in battling Iblis, he managed to take the Sol Emeralds from her grasp, and used them to reunite with Iblis and complete his transformation.

Now that Solaris has been reborn, will our heroes be able to stop him once again? Or are all worlds, galaxies, and dimensions doomed to be devoured? Find out now, is this third-to-last chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems!

Solaris: Now, come, Shadow, Knuckles, Blaze, and all of…and get your one-way ticket…to oblivion! I’ll… be waiting…for you! HAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  *Disappears in a bright flash of light*

Splash: Where did he go!?

Shadow: He must have used Chaos Control to teleport himself into outer space again, just as he did a year ago.

Bomb: Is it me, or do they seem more interested in destroying Knuckles, Shadow, and Blaze than anyone else?

Knuckles: I think it’s because we’ve all sealed them up at some point.

Scorch: Gee, I can’t imagine how THAT feels. *Glares at Tikal*

Tikal: Well, back then, you were no better than those two! You tried to destroy this world, just as they’re doing now! Did you honestly think I was going to sit back and let that happen!?

Scorch: Oh, bite me!

Robotnik: *Enters the room* Now, now… Just settle down for a moment, will you? The two of you could always squabble some other time. For the time being, we must concentrate on the task at hand. The fate of the entire universe is at stake!

Splash: I never in a million years thought I would be saying this, but Robotnik’s right.

Shadow: Ah, I see that you’ve managed to complete the Scepter of Darkness’ restoration. However, we just missed our chance to use it. Mephiles just merged with Iblis a minute or two ago.

Robotnik: I see, but perhaps this Scepter will still be of use after he’s been defeated and split into two again?

Shadow: Of course.

Robotnik: Also, I’ve taken the liberty of calling the S.S.M.A. on Dr. Nega.

Charmy: “S.S.M.A.”?

Robotnik: Yes, the Station Square Mental Asylum.

Charmy: Hee hee hee! I can’t WAIT to see HIM getting taken away in a straight jacket! That’s gonna be SO funny!

Vector: I can’t wait ta see it, eitha! Hopefully, it’ll be aftah we’re done dealin’ wit’ Solaris. That way, I’ll be able to record it!

Charmy: I can’t wait to see it, either! That’ll probably be even funnier than Tiara’s last name! *Snickers*

Tiara: *Glares at him*

Charmy: Whoops, sorry. ^^;;

*Suddenly, an Earthquake occurs*

Tails: Uh oh! That can’t be good!

Shadow: I think Solaris is already beginning to destroy this world, as we speak! There’s no more time to waste! We have to stop him now!

Charmy: Blaze, the Sol Emeralds are exactly like the Chaos Emeralds, right? Meaning, that we could go super with them?

Blaze:  Yes, that’s right.

Vector: A’ight, now that we got that cleared up, let’s get powa’d up!

Five members of the Chaotix team (Knuckles, Mighty, Espio, Charmy, and Vector), along with Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Metal Sonic, Silver, and Blaze moved towards the seven colorless Sol Emeralds as they rose into the air and encircled everyone. As the emeralds continued to encircle them, their color began to return, and a bright flash of light occurred. After the light faded, everyone’s super transformations were finished.

Heavy: So, you’re all powered up...excellent. I know you’ve all heard this before, but your super forms require ring energy. While you’re all battling Solaris, the rest of us will be on the move, collecting rings for you. As always, if you find yourselves running low on ring energy, we’ll be sure to send them to you immediately.

Super Knuckles: Got it.

Scorch: Pffft. I’m not collecting rings; I’m taking part in the battle instead.

Slush: So am I. There’s no way I’m letting YOU have all the fun. What about you, Splash?

Splash: Sure, why not?

Rouge: Well, this is it, you guys. We’re counting on you!

Ray: Yeah, good luck everyone!

Amy: Perhaps after you’re all finished beating Solaris, we could go to the beach again to celebrate!

Super Silver: Okay, that sounds fine.

Amy: Oh, and Sonic… While we’re there, the two of us could go on a romantic stroll. What do you say? *Winks*

Super Sonic: …

Tiara: Oh, in your DREAMS! If Sonic’s going on a romantic stroll with ANYBODY, then it’s gonna be ME!

Amy: No, me!

Tiara: ME!

*They argue back and forth*

Super Tails: Oh, great… Those two are at it again. *Sweatdrops*

Super Sonic: So, umm… Let’s blast through with Sonic speed!

Super Shadow: Chaos… CONTROL!

Using the power of Chaos Control, Shadow warped himself, the Elemental Goddesses, and the rest of the “Super” group into the vastness of space, so they could combat Solaris.

Super Charmy: Look, there he is!

Splash: Huh? What’s he doing?

Super Vector: It looks like he’s summonin’ a void of some sort!

Burning Blaze: Well, that certainly explains the Earthquake now, doesn’t it? He’s NOT destroying this world… Not on MY watch!

Super Knuckles: Heh… It looks like that core on his stomach isn’t being covered this time. What do you say we attack him altogether at once?

Super Mighty: No complaints over here!

While Solaris was busy trying to summon a void, the heroes flew towards him, literally at the speed of light, and attacked the glowing orange core on his stomach, causing Solaris to growl in pain.

Solaris: *Growls*

Super Charmy: Alright! It’s working!

Super Espio: The end for you is near, Solaris! Prepare to die once again!

Once again, they all started flying towards Solaris at light speed, attempting to attack his core once again, but he quickly blasted them with an eye laser, knocking them backwards in the process. After that, Solaris began launching asteroids at the group, which Silver managed to catch with telekinesis.

Super Silver: How ‘bout this!? *Starts launching the asteroids back at him* TAKE THIS!

Solaris: *Floats there, unaffected, as he begins to cover the core on his stomach*

Super Vector: Ah, crud! This ain’t good, you guys! He’s coverin’ up the core again!

Splash: Then it’s up to us to expose it again, I guess. Come on, let’s do it!


Slush: Umm, what did he say?

Super Tails: I think he said, “You cannot stop me with such limited power”, or something like that.

Burning Blaze: Well, how’s THIS for limited? *Starts powering up a ball of flame at the palm of her hands*


Everyone: …

*They stare with blank “WTF?” expressions again*

Super Metal Sonic: I’ve heard enough of his gibberish. *Starts firing lasers at him*

Super Shadow: Chaos… SPEAR! *Fires*

Super Silver: Psychic… CONTROL! *Fires*

Burning Blaze: Firesoul… ATTACK! *Fires*

Super Sonic: SONIC WIND! *Fires*

Super Knuckles: THUNDER ARROW! *Fires*

Super Mighty: COSMIC CRUSHER! *Fires*

Super Vector: Espio, Charmy! Let’s get ‘em with the Team Blast!

Super Charmy: Okay!

While everyone else used their individual special attacks, Espio, Charmy, and Vector used their musical Team Blast technique, and released a huge supersonic sound wave. Afterwards, Solaris’ weak point was open, and they all began charging toward it once again. Before they could get to it, Solaris fired a large energy blast, which was powerful enough to take a majority of their rings away.


Solaris: HAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I…told you! You cannot…hope to…stop ME with your…l…limited power! *Begins charging up another energy beam* Pre…Prepare yourselves…for your…one-way…ticket to…OBLIVION!

Scorch: You forgot one thing, bub. Unlike everyone else, Splash, Slush, and I don’t need ring energy! We’re perfectly capable of finishing you without it! Try THIS on for size! Nova Star… POWEEERRR! *Powers up*

Splash: Aqua Star… POWEEERRR! *Same*

Slush: Arctic Star… POWEEERRR! *Same*

After charging up, the three Goddesses combined their powers their powers and unleashed a massive element-based attack, which surprisingly, was enough to not only damage Solaris, but break him into pieces, as well.


Super Charmy: WOW! That was really, REALLY cool!

Super Vector: Yeah, I’ll say! That was freakin’ SWEET! The three o’ you just saved us anotha hour or so, of havin’ ta deal wit’ ‘dose two!

Super Knuckles: Yeah, that was a pretty smooth attack! But…are we entirely sure that Solaris is dead?

Scorch: Hmm hmm hmm! Not to, you know, toot my own horn or anything, but I don’t see how anyone could have possibly survived that.

Slush: “Not to toot [your] own horn”? That’s pretty much all you ever do.

Super Knuckles: Can’t argue with that.

Scorch: Oh, whatever! Slush, flirting with that polar bear is all YOU ever do!

Slush: *Blushes* Oh, shut up.

Super Charmy: *Snickers* Bark and Slush, sittin' in a-

Super Vector: This ain't the time for that, Charmy!

Super Charmy: Hee hee, sorry. Couldn't resist.

Super Shadow: Hmm… I think Knuckles may be right. There’s a chance that Solaris is still alive, so we shouldn’t let our guards down just yet.

Burning Blaze: I couldn’t agree more. Just in case, we’re going to need those rings as soon as possible…

Super Metal Sonic: Iblis and Mephiles data… Successfully copied!

Have the Elemental Goddesses actually done it? Has Solaris finally been laid to rest once again? For good, this time? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 19

On the last chapter of Elements of Power, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes used the seven Sol Emeralds that Solaris left behind, to power up and transform into their super forms. After that, all of them, including the Elemental Goddesses, followed Solaris in space to challenge him to yet another epic showdown to determine the fate of the universe. They all fought a close, fierce battle, but unfortunately for the heroes, Solaris managed to land a counter attack, effectively removing a majority of their rings, almost causing their super forms to wear off.

However, Scorch, Splash, and Slush soon combined their powers, and dealt an attack that was powerful enough to blow the monster to pieces. Has Solaris truly been defeated? Or has he managed to survive somehow, as predicted by Knuckles and Blaze? If so, will Heavy, Bomb, and the rest of their friends be able to deliver the rings to them on time, before their super forms wear off? Find out in this exciting, second-to-last chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems!

Heavy: *Czzzzt!* *Through the communicator* Testing, one, two, three. This is Heavy. Can you all hear me?

Super Vector: Yep, we hear ya, loud ‘n’ clear. You got ‘da rings for us?

Heavy: Yes. Bomb and I are transporting them to you now, as we speak.

*A warphole appears, and several rings come from it*

Super Knuckles: Alright!

*They collect them*

Scorch: Honestly, I don’t know why they even bothered. Solaris is clearly is dead. Like I said before, there’s no possible WAY that someone could have survived THAT attack! Just look at him; he’s blown to pieces, and everything! Then again, that’s to be expected, considering the fact that MY power is what caused it!

Slush: How arrogant can you possibly get?

Suddenly, Solaris’ pieces began move, and started going in a circular motion.

Super Tails: Uh oh! Don’t look now, but I think Solaris is putting himself back together!

Super Vector: WHAT!? Ya’ve gotta be freakin’ kiddin’ me!

Burning Blaze: It’s just as we suspected. Solaris can regenerate, after all. It looks like this battle is only just beginning…

Super Knuckles: That’s fine with me, because I’m just getting warmed up!

Scorch: Hey, that’s my line!

Solaris: *Finishes forming back together*

Super Shadow: Alright. Let’s pick up where we left off!

Solaris: *Starts to glow*

Slush: Huh? What’s he doing now?

Super Vector: I think he’s ‘bout to transform! Brace ya selves, everyone!

As Solaris was glowing, he began to transform, just as Vector said he would. After the transformation was finished, another bright light flashed, which once again burned the eyes of the heroes.

Super Knuckles: AUGH! Not again!

Solaris (Phase II) I am...matter I am...anti-matter I can see...your past I can see...your future I consume time... And Iwill consume YOU!

Just as he was finished with his “I will consume you” speech, Solaris fired a massive beam of energy, knocking everyone backwards.

Everyone: UHHHHHH!

Solaris (Phase II): HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! F…Fools! I…told you! You cannot…hope to stop ME with your…limited power! I am S… Solaris…the… God of…Time! The Ulti…mate Arbiter of Life and…Death in the…Universe!

Super Vector: Yeah, yeah, wudevah! Heard it all before! No mattah how powaful ya think ya are, you’re still goin’ down, just like last time!

Super Charmy: Yeah!

Super Knuckles: Why don’t we try attacking him with a different Team Blast this time?

Super Tails: You mean the same one that we used on Metal Overlord?

Super Metal Sonic: …

Super Knuckles: Yeah, that one.

Super Sonic: Alright, then let’s do it!

With that said, all of them, including the Elemental Goddesses, flew towards Solaris at high speed. As they moved closer to him, Solaris fired various lasers and projectiles at them, which they managed to dodge. When they got close enough to his core (which was still showing), they all used the Team Blast technique, attacking it continuously.

Solaris (Phase II): *Insert loud growling here*

Super Charmy: Alright! It’s working, it’s working!

Super Mighty: Yeah, that’s for sure! Once again, Solaris, you’re going down!

Super Silver: That’s right! Prepare to meet your doom!


Super Vector: Uhhh, WHAT!?

Super Tails: I think he said, “The battle is only just beginning”. Or something along the lines of it, at least…

Super Metal Sonic: As I said before, I’ve heard enough of his ridiculous babble, and I’m going to put an end to it!

Super Sonic: “Ridiculous babble”? Not that I’m defending him or anything, but you’re one to talk after all that “I am the real Sonic” crap.

Super Metal Sonic: You CANNOT be serious! You know perfectly well that I am the REAL Sonic! You’re nothing but a mere copy!

Everyone: …

Super Espio: …You know, at this point, I don’t think you should even bother trying to convince him. He’s, as Tiara would put it, beyond delusional. -__-;;

Super Charmy: Dun, dun, dun! It’s time for another episode of… “Delusional Thinking With Metal Sonic”!

Get it, “beeyond delusional”? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles* Oh, I could just never get enough of those!

Burning Blaze: Can we can the chatter for a moment, and get back to the fight?

Super Shadow: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Super Knuckles: Sounds good to me.

Amy: *Through the communicator* Hello, everyone! It’s me, Amy! I just want to let you know that we’ve collected some more rings for you, and we’re sending them up to you now!

*More rings get transported up there, and they get collected*

Super Vector: Ah, yeah! Now we’re talkin’!

Amy: Also, just like before, I, and everyone else, would like to wish you the best of luck!

Tikal: Yes. It’s up to you to defeat Solaris, and bring peace back to this world once again! We believe in you all… Yes, even you, Scorch.

Scorch: …

Tiara: Yeah, good luck, everyone! Oh, and Sonic, I’m really looking forward to going on that romantic stroll with you on the beach.

Super Sonic: Oh, boy…

Amy: Hey! Back off, Boobowski! I said I was going on that stroll with him!

Tiara: No, I am!

Amy: Sonic is mine!

Tiara: No, he’s MINE!

*They argue back and forth again*

Super Sonic: So, umm…yeah! What Blaze said! Let’s get back to the fight!

Super Mighty: Hold on a second… What’s he doing?

Suddenly, Solaris began to spawn a plethora of bat-like creatures, which were fire and darkness-themed. After they were spawned, they started charging towards the heroes.

Super Vector: INCOMIN’!

Super Charmy: Whoa! There sure is a whole lot of ‘em!

Super Knuckles: Yeah, but we could still take them!

Super Shadow: Precisely. As I always say, there’s no strength in numbers!

As soon as the creatures started stampeding towards them, the heroes began to fight them off. As always, no matter how many of them they defeated, Solaris continued to spawn more and more creatures. This went on for quite some time, until Splash decided to use her Tsunami Attack to destroy all the fire-themed bats, while Slush used her Blizzard Attack to freeze all of the darkness-themed bats. While they were frozen, everyone else took the opportunity to break them into pieces.

Super Charmy: Alright! I think that’s the last of ‘em!

Burning Blaze: Yes, now we could turn our attention back to Solaris!

Solaris (Phase II): *Stars charging* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! D…Dodge THIS one…if you can, fools! Even…if  you do, the entire…PLANET will go up in smoke! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes…you…heard right! Even …if you manage…to avoid…this attack, everyone on Earth…will receive a…one-way ticket…to OBLIVION!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Solaris (Phase II): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Continues charging*


Splash: Yeah! We’ve got to find a way to stop it somehow, otherwise, the Earth is doomed!


Super Knuckles: I guess the only way to stop it, is to block it, just as we did a year ago!

Burning Blaze: Sol Emeralds, please… Lend us more of your power! Give us the strength we need…to counterattack this!


Just as Solaris was firing his laser, the seven Sol Emeralds quickly answered Blaze’s plea, and began to surround everyone. Right before the beam could hit the heroes, the Sol Emeralds abruptly generated an energy barrier around them. Shortly afterwards, they all engaged in another beam struggle, just as they did when they fought Solaris a year ago.


Super Charmy: Ihhhh…! He’s…too…strong…!

Super Vector: Yeah, but we gotta keep tryin’! If we don’t, then we’re screwed! ‘N’ so is everybody else!

*They keep pushing against Solaris’ beam*

While their beam struggle was going on, Heavy, Bomb, Amy, Tiara, Tikal, and all the others sent more of the rings that they collected in order to help Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes maintain their super forms, and to give them the power that they need to overpower Solaris.

Rouge: *Through the communicator* You’re doing great, everyone. Keep up the good work!

Cream: Yes, you can do it, everyone!

Big: Uhhh, by the way… Is Froggy up there with you?

Their beam struggle with Solaris went on for quite some time, but despite their power increase from the Sol Emeralds, they couldn’t quite find the power that they needed to overpower Solaris’ beam, and attack his core. However, something, or someone, suddenly attacked Solaris out of nowhere, catching him off guard in the process.

Solaris (Phase II): *Growls in pain*

Super Charmy: Huh? I wonder what THAT was?

???: Hey, you guys. It looks like you could use some help.

Just then, they all looked in the direction where the voice came from, and to their surprise (and delight), it was none other than…

Everyone (except the E.G.s and Metal Sonic): WECHNIA!?

Wechnia: Long time no see, everyone.

Super Knuckles: Wechnia! Y-You’re alive!? I can’t believe it!

Super Espio: N-Neither can I!

Super Mighty: Yeah! I mean, all this time, we thought you were dead!

Super Charmy: We really, REALLY missed you! How did you come back to life?

Wechnia: I’ll explain later. For now, let’s concentrate our energy in taking Solaris down again!

Super Vector: Sure thing! Hey, Shadow, can’t ‘cha use Chaos Control, or somethin’, ta slow time a bit? That outta make things much easier!

Super Shadow: Of course. Chaos… CONTROL!

After using Chaos Control to slow time for a few seconds, the heroes started to gain the upper hand again. Although it was only for a few seconds, it still ended up making a huge difference. They began overpowering Solaris’ attack, and were on the verge of getting closer and closer to his glowing orange core.


Super Shadow: That’s where you’re wrong! It’s time to unleash the ultimate power!

Super Knuckles: That’s right! Prepare for another defeat!

Super Silver: The nightmare is over, Solaris! DIE!

Eventually, they all overpowered Solaris’ beam and won the beam struggle. When they got close enough to the core, the seven Sol Emeralds surrounded them all as they used the Team Blast attack once again, constantly attacking Solaris’ core, and draining his lifeforce.


*A huge explosion occurs*

Super Charmy: ALRIGHT, WE DID IT!

After a long, hard battle, the heroes have managed to triumph over Solaris once again…or have they? Additionally, there’s one other question that still remains on their minds: How did Wechnia, who was presumed dead a year prior to these events, manage to come back to life without the aid of the Master Emerald? All of these questions will be answered next time, on the final chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems!

To “bee” continued…

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Part 20

When we last left off, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes resumed their battle against Solaris, who’s managed to survive after being on the receiving end of the Elemental Goddesses’ special attacks. Not very long after that, Solaris increased his power by morphing into his second form. The battle went on for quite some time, until Solaris fired a giant energy blast that was not only meant to destroy the heroes, but the entire planet, as well. Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of them had no choice but to counter this beam, using additional power from the seven Sol Emeralds. During their beam struggle, they ended up getting an unexpected visit from an old friend. Wechnia, who was presumed dead for the past year, showed up to lend a hand. With his help, the heroes were able to triumph over Solaris…or so it seems. These questions still remain: Has Solaris truly been destroyed this time? How did Wechnia manage to come back to life without the aid of the Master Emerald? Both of these questions will be answered right here, in the final chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems!

Super Vector: Wechnia, it’s great ta see ya again, buddy!

Super Charmy: Yeah! Now that Solaris is gone, can you tell us how you came back to life?

Wechnia: It’s nice to see you all again, too. To tell you the truth, though, I was never dead to begin with. A year ago, when Solaris opened that void to wipe everything out of existence, I went inside of it, and used the powers I inherited from the Master Emerald to close it. Unfortunately, I ended up getting closed in along with it.

Super Tails: So, you’re saying that you were trapped in another dimension all this time?

Wechnia: Well, something like that. But in my case, I wandered through many different dimensions. It wasn’t until recently that I was transported back to this one. Although, even I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but it feels as if I was brought back with Chaos Control, or something. Was this…the work of the Master Emerald? Actually, nevermind… I don’t think you would have been so surprised to see me, Knuckles, if that were the case.

Super Knuckles: Yeah. I’m the only one who’s capable of using those kinds of commands, other than…

Wait, could Tikal have been the one behind this? I mean, I did leave it with her, after all.

Super Charmy: Hee hee, “the one beehind this”. Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles* Like I said “beefore”, I could just never get enough of those! *Giggles again*

Wechnia: Hmm hmm hmm. I never thought I’d be so glad to hear one of those again.

Super Charmy: Get it, “bee so glad“? *Snickers again*

Splash: *Giggles*

Wechnia: Just don’t wear it out, though.

Super Charmy: Hee hee, okay.

Burning Blaze: I’m afraid THAT ship is sailed.

Super Silver: Yeah, THAT’S for sure.

Splash: By the way, umm… Wechnia, is it? My name is Splash, the Goddess of Water.

Scorch: I’m Scorch, the Goddess of Fire.

Slush: And I’m Slush, the Goddess of Ice.

Wechnia: It’s nice to meet you.


Splash: Hmm? What’s the matter?

Wechnia: Solaris… He’s still alive!?

Everyone: WHAT!?

Once again, Solaris’ remains floated around in a circular motion, and then started forming themselves back together. When it was finished, however, Solaris ended up reverting back to his first form.

Super Vector: ARE. YOU. FREAKIN’. KIDDIN’. ME!? What does it take ta get RID o’ this guy!?

Wechnia: I think I have an idea. Iblis and Mephiles used the Chaos Emeralds to fuse together, correct? Can’t the Master Emerald be used to stop their power, so the two of them could split apart?

Burning Blaze: Actually, they used the Sol Emeralds this time around, but since those gems have powers that are akin to that of the Chaos Emeralds’, this idea should still work.

Super Knuckles: I’ll be right back! Chaos Control! *Teleports away*

Solaris: *Spawns more bat-like creatures*

Super Mighty: Here we go again…

As Knuckles went back to Robotnik’s base to get the Master Emerald back from Tikal, everyone else once again started fighting off the bat-like creatures that Solaris spawned. It was the exact same outcome as before: The fire-themed bats were destroyed by Splash’s Tsunami Attack, while the darkness-themed bats were frozen with Slush’s Blizzard Attack, and broken into pieces by everyone else. Just as they were finished dealing with the bats, Knuckles came back with the Master Emerald in hand.

Super Knuckles: I got it! Now, here goes! The servers are…the seven Chaos. Chaos is power enriched by the heart… The controller serves to unify the Chaos. Only you can do this… STOP THE SOL EMERALDS!!!

The Master Emerald spun around and began to glow a bright light. As it flashed, a multi-colored beam of light was seen coming from Solaris as it began to split back into its original two halves, Iblis and Mephiles. Also, due to the fact that Knuckles’ command wasn’t specific enough, the Master Emerald removed not only the powers of Solaris, but the heroes, as well.

Charmy: Yay! They’re back to normal!

Hey, what happened to OUR super forms!?

Knuckles: Oh, shoot! I forgot to tell the Master Emerald to just take away Solaris’ power!

Sonic: Smooth move, knucklehead.

Knuckles: Oh, shut up! Now that Iblis and Mephiles have split apart, it’s not like we need them anymore, anyway!

*They start falling*

Vector: ‘N’ you were sayin’!?

Knuckles: Chaos… CONTROL!

Using the power of the Master Emerald, Knuckles warped everyone, including Iblis and Mephiles, back to Robotnik’s base, where everyone else was waiting.

Heavy: Ah, so you’re back. I’ll take it that you’ve beaten Solaris?

Knuckles: Yeah. *Points to Mephiles’ dark liquid and Iblis’ flames* All we have to do now, is seal them up.

Shadow: Yes, so I’m going to need that scepter, doctor.

Robotnik: Here you go. *Tosses it to him*

Shadow: *Catches it*

Mephiles: Ghhh…! En…Enjoy this…temporary victory…while you still can, but it…won’t last! Ib…Iblis and I are…immortal, supernatural beings…we… CANNOT be killed! After each…”defeat”, we’re only…going to continue returning, re…regardless!

Shadow: Oh, I don’t think so! *Holds up the Scepter of Darkness*

Mephiles: …! *Shoots toward the exit*

Silver:  It’s no use! *Holds him down with telekinesis* Now, Shadow!

While Silver was holding Mephiles down with telekinesis, Shadow released the Scepter of Darkness into the air, and it began sucking up Mephiles’ dark liquid.

Mephiles: AUUUUUGGGH! You…haven’t seen the last…of me, Shadow the Hedgehog! Your death…certain! YOU…WILL…DIE! HAHAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

*He gets sucked up*

Heavy: Yep. He’s just as psychotic as ever. He hasn’t changed one bit.

Marine: Strewth! I think this bloke’s even crazier than Dr. Nega!

Blaze: Speaking of Dr. Nega, did the mental asylum come by to pick him up yet?

Robotnik: Not yet, but let’s worry about that after Iblis has been sealed.

Tikal: It’s up to you now, Scorch.

Scorch: Why me?

Oh, alright.

Silver: *Holds Iblis down with telekinesis*

Scorch then took the Fire Element Gem off of her tiara, so that it could be used to seal Iblis. However, she began to hesitate at the last second.

Silver: What’s the matter?

Scorch: I…I can’t do it…

Silver: Why not?

Scorch: Because… I… I was once…sealed within that gem, myself…for thousands of years, in fact. I know what’s it like to be locked away, and to be trapped, with nowhere to go. I…I couldn’t possibly do that to anyone else… *Begins to tear up*

Tikal: …

Splash: *Walks over to Scorch and places her hand on her shoulder* I know how you feel, Scorch. Slush and I both went through the same thing, but…this has to be done. Iblis is a dangerous creature, and if he continues to run loose, then there’s just no telling what kinds of destruction he’ll cause! Do you want him to destroy this world?

Blaze: Believe me, you do NOT want that. Silver and I have both seen what he’s capable of. Our time period was devastated by Iblis’ flames. He left a path of destruction wherever he went… Many innocent people have perished by his hands, entire cities have gone up in flames, and you name it! If Iblis isn’t stopped, all the work we’ve put into changing the future will be in vain!

Scorch: …

Slush: If, by some chance, that doesn’t motivate you, then at least do it for Dr. Robotnik. After all, you do still owe him for releasing you, right?

Scorch: …

You’re…you’re right. I… I’ll do it!

Silver: Now THAT’S more like it! I can’t keep holding him forever, you know. I’m going to need you to seal him as quickly as possible!

Scorch: Right. Here goes… *Releases the gem into the air*

As Scorch released the Fire Element Gem into the air, it began to glow a bright light (just like the Master Emerald), and started sucking up Iblis’ flames like a vacuum. Unable to resist, due to Silver holding him down with telekinesis, Iblis eventually found himself locked within the Fire Element Gem, just as Scorch once was.

Scorch: *Catches the gem as it falls, and places it back in her tiara*

Sonic: See? That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

Scorch: That’s easy for you to say. Like I said, it was a lot harder for me, since I was locked away for the past thousand years or so.

Big: …

So, uhhh… I guess no one’s seen Froggy, then?

Nega Robotnik: *From down the hall* YOU GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!

Knuckles: Heh heh heh! Looks like they got here just in time!

Vector: *Takes out his camcorder*

*They go down the hallway to watch, and they all start laughing at him as he gets taken away in a straight jacket*


Sonic: Heh heh heh! Sure could’ve fooled us, Nega Ro-butt-nik!

Big: Wow. I didn’t know there were two Robotniks…


Heavy: …

Oh, yeah, THAT’S something a sane person would say! Way to go! You’ve certainly proven us wrong!



Everyone continued to mock and laugh at Dr. Nega as he got shoved into the back of a white truck and closed in. Shortly after that, the truck drove off.

Cream: Bye bye! *Waves*

Cheese: Chao, Chao! *Waves, too*

Vector: Man that was freakin’ hilarious! You were right, Charmy! That WAS funnier than-

Tiara: *Glares*

Vector: Umm, nevahmid! Oh, by ‘da way, Cream, is your mother around?

Cream: She’s at the beach with Chocola.

Charmy: *Whispers to Marine* He’s only asking about Cream’s mom, because he has a crush on her. *Snickers*

Marine: *Snickers, too*

Vector: *Glares at Charmy * I heard ‘dat!

Charmy: Uhhh, heard what?

Vector: You know what I’m talkin’ about! I just got finished tellin’ Marine ‘dat I have I crush on Vani-

Umm, nevahmind.

Knuckles: Heh heh heh! No offense, Vector, but that’s about as much of a secret as Amy’s unrequited love for Sonic.

Amy: What do you MEAN “unrequited”!? Like I said before, Sonic and I are both MADLY in love! Isn’t that right? *Clings to his arm*

Sonic: Uhhhhh…

Tiara: No, Sonic’s madly in love with ME! *Clings to his other arm*

Amy: Back off, Boobowski! Sonic’s mine! *Pulls Sonic over to her*

Tiara: In your dreams! *Does the same*

*They continue arguing, pulling Sonic back and forth*


Blaze: Why don’t you two knock it off? Can’t you see that you’re hurting him?

*They let go*


Blaze: Why must the two of you get into such childish arguments all the time, anyway?

Amy: Because she’s always trying to steal MY Sonic away! How would YOU like it if some hussy just came onto Silver?

Blaze: *Blushes* D-Don’t start that again, okay? I-I told you before, Silver and I are just friends!

Silver: *Same* Y-Yeah, exactly!

Amy: Hee hee hee! You two are so in love, I could tell! There’s no use in trying to deny it! You’re blushing and everything!

Silver & Blaze (at the same time): WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!

Amy: Alright, alright! If you say so!

Tiara: …

First of all, Amy, it’s not possible for me to “steal” Sonic from you, if you aren’t together. Secondly, if you call me a hussy one more time, just ONE more time…!

Amy: Hussy, hussy, hussy, HUSSY!

Tiara: Oh, that does it! *Takes out her jeweled staff*

Ray: *Holds her back*

Tiara: LET ME AT ‘ER! *Jerks away*

Tails: Pssst! *Whispers to Sonic* I think now would be a good time to split.

Sonic: Yeah, I was just about to do that. Up, over, and GONE! *Runs off*

Amy: Hey, wait a minute, Sonic! Come back! *Runs after him*

Tiara: *Manages to break free from Ray’s grasp and goes after them*

Shadow: Anyway… I’m going to take the Scepter of Darkness someplace where I know for a fact that no one will find it. It’s for the best if I’m to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

Blaze: Good idea.

Shadow: Chaos… CONTROL! *Warps away*

Knuckles: As for me, I’m returning the Master Emerald to the altar. I’ll meet you guys at the beach in a little bit.

Rouge: Okay. I’ll be waiting for you. *Winks*

Knuckles: *Runs off*

Charmy: *Snickers*

Rouge: *Glares* Just so we’re perfectly clear, Charmy, if you even DARE to spy on us this time, I WILL kill you. Got it?

Charmy: Got it! ^^;;

Rouge: Good.

Marine: *Whispers to Charmy* You’re still gonna do it, aren’t ‘cha, mate?

Charmy: *Whispers back* Hee hee, yep! *Notices Rouge glaring at him* I mean, no!

Wechnia: Hmm hmm hmm. You’re still the same as ever, Charmy.

Heavy: Which, of course, means that he’s still an idiot?

Charmy: PBBBTTTH! *Sticks his tongue at Heavy*

Wechnia: That’s not what I was saying.

Robotnik: Now that Dr. Nega and Solaris have been taken care of, don’t you all have anything better to do than to hang around my base? You’re free to leave at any time now.

Tikal: Oh, that’s right. We were supposed to be going to the beach. *Clings to Mighty’s arm* Are you ready?

Mighty: *Blushes* S-Sure!

Scorch: Before you go, Tikal… The two of US still have a score to settle. Remember?

Mighty: Can’t that wait until some other time? Aren’t you kind of exhausted after that fight with Solaris? I think you should at least take some time to rest first.

Robotnik: He’s right, and besides… I still need you or Slush to stick around for a little while longer. There’s a project that I’m working on, and it can’t be completed without one of you.

Slush: I’d love to help you out, doctor, but… I’m heading back to the Ice Cap Zone. It’s usually not a good idea for me to be away from the cold for long periods of time. It’s already been a few hours, and it’s about time for me to head back.

Scorch: Alright then. I guess I’ll help you with your project, Dr. Robotnik.

Wechnia: Not that I mean to delay you further, Tikal, but would you mind clearing something up for me before you go? You’re the one who brought me back to this dimension, correct?

Tikal: Yes. Ever since last year’s incident, I always had the strangest feeling that you were still alive. I wasn’t entirely sure whether or not you were, but I decided to give it a try anyway, just in case. I’m so sorry I didn’t do this sooner. Having to wander endlessly through multiple dimensions must have been terrible…

Wechnia: Don’t worry about it, it wasn’t so bad. I’ve been through worse. It was only a small price to pay, if I was to stop that void from destroying everything. Anyway, you have my thanks.

Tikal: It was my pleasure.

*Mighty and Tikal leave*

Robotnik:  Very well, then it’s settled. By the way, Slush…

Slush: Yeah?

Robotnik: I’m merely curious… When you froze Splash and the Chaotix in those blocks of ice, exactly how did they escape?

Slush: Umm, well… I, umm…thawed them out myself. You see…when the word got out about Dr. Nega capturing you, I, umm…figured that I would need all the help I could if I were to rescue you from his evil clutches.

Robotnik: Hmm… I suppose that makes sense. Anyway, Slush, I’ll see you later. As for you, Scorch… This way, please. *Walks off*

Scorch: *Follows*

Slush: Whew… That was close. For a second there, I thought my cover was going to get blown…again. Since that wasn’t the real Robotnik that we were dealing with before, I guess this means I could continue working as a spy, giving you all first-hand information about his plans and everything. I just wish Nega hadn’t broken the communicator that you’ve given me, Vector…

Vector: Ah, don’t worry abou’ dit. Here, use ‘dis one. *Tosses his walkie-talkie to her*

Slush: *Catches it* Thanks, but…isn’t this one yours?

Vector: It’s no big deal, I’ve got plenty of ‘em.

Slush: Ah, okay.

Espio: You know, I wonder…

Vector: What is it, Espio?

Espio: This “project” that Robotnik’s working on… I wonder if this, by any chance, would have something to do with the bio-weapons that Shadow, Rouge, and Omega told us about…

Charmy: You mean those EG-Whatever things?

Espio: Yes.

Vector: You just may be onto somethin’, Espio.

Charmy: Hee hee, get it, “bee onto something”? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Marine: Heh heh heh! That was ace!

Vector: *Sweatdrops*

Espio: *Same*

Slush: Umm, yeah. Anyway, when the time comes, I’ll definitely be sure to tell you everything about the project that Robotnik’s working on.

Vector: A’ight, cool.

Slush: And with that…I’m off. I’ll see you guys again.

Charmy: It’s too bad you can’t come to the beach with us. It’s really, really fun.

Slush: Yeah, I really do wish I could come with you guys. I would, if it weren’t for the fact that I’d melt. Ah, well. It’s no big deal. After all, there IS another kind of “fun” that Bark and I could have together, if you DO catch my drift. *Winks*

Bark: Eh heh heh heh. ^^;;

Slush: *Clings to his arm* Shall we go back to the Ice Cap, now?

Bark: Y-Yeah, sure.

*They leave*

Charmy: …

Umm, I don’t get it. What kind of “fun” was she talking about?

Marine: I was ‘bout ta ask the same thing, mate.

Vector: …’Da two o’ you ‘r’ WAY too young ta know what she was talkin’ about!

Blaze: Indeed.

Charmy: Aww, come on! I’m not THAT young! I’m seventeen years old!

Marine: Eh!?

Splash: Wow, really!? I thought you were MUCH younger than that!

Vector: It’s kinda’ve a long story.

Big: Has anyone seen Froggy at all? Nobody’s answered my question yet…

Cream: Are you sure he’s not still at the beach, Mr. Big? That’s where he was the last time I saw him. Maybe he’s with my mother and Chocola?

Big: Oh, yeah. I forgot.

Vector: Well, ‘dat’s dat, I suppose! Now, whadda ya say we get movin’ ‘n’ head ovah to the beach?

Splash: Sounds good to me.

Charmy: Hee hee hee, you’re in THAT much of a hurry to see Vanilla? *Snickers*

Marine: *Snickers, too*

Vector: *Blushes* It ain’t got nothin’ ta do wit’ ‘dat!

Charmy: Suuuurrree it doesn’t!

Vector: I’m serious! We was already goin’ ovah there, anyway!

Charmy: Vector and Vanilla, sittin’ in a tree!

Marine: *Joins in* K-I-S-S-I-N-G-!

Vector: HEY!

Charmy: First comes love, then comes marriage!

Marine: Then comes the baby in a baby carriage!



Vector: Oh, ‘dat’s it! ‘Da two o’ you ‘r’ SO dead!

Charmy: RUUUUNN! *Flies off*

Marine: ‘Ey! Wait for me, mate! *Follows*

Vector: *Chases after them* GET BACK ‘ERE!

Splash: *Giggles*

Blaze: It’s just as I said a year ago. I knew that Charmy and Marine would get along well if they were to meet, since the two of them are very much alike.

Silver: Yeah, a little TOO much alike.

And so, the heroes have managed to triumph over the forces of evil once again, and brought peace back to the world. To celebrate their victory over Dr. Nega and Solaris, they decided to enjoy another nice afternoon at the beach. However, the peace that they’ve all worked so hard to achieve won’t last forever, as Dr. Robotnik is bound to go back to his evil ways, as he usually does after forming temporary alliances with the heroes. Now that we’re on the subject, he’s already in the process of creating four bio-weapons, which are said to have similar powers to that of Scorch, Splash, and Slush. When the time comes, Robotnik will be ready to unleash EG-001, EG-002, EG-003, and EG-004 into the world. Will anyone be able to stop them? Or will the doctor manage to succeed this time around? Find out on the next exciting episode, Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

The End?
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