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Author Topic: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos  (Read 18571 times)

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Part 16

Previously, on Elements of Power, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes arrived at the Sandopolis Zone’s pyramid, which Mephiles and Squash were using as their “base of operations”. While they were there, they decided to take the opportunity to convince Squash that Mephiles had simply been using her all along. Initially, the Stone Goddess wasn’t convinced, but after taking her back in time to learn about Mephiles’ true motives and origin, she was lured over to the heroes’ side. Fueled by rage, Squash challenged Mephiles to a fight, and insisted that she takes him on alone.

However, Sonic and Shadow convinced her that it wasn’t just her own problem, and that they, too, had their own reasons for wanting to battle him. When the battle started, the heroes had the upper hand, but Mephiles retaliated by summoning a large, dark, shadowy creature to get them caught in its grip, attempting to squeeze the life out of them. Could it be that the heroes are finally going to meet their ends at the “hands” of Mephiles? Or will they find some way to overpower him, as they’ve done quite a few times in the past? Even if they do, will they have the strength to deal with the two Robotniks and their new machine, the “Egg Galaxia”? Will Slush arrive in time to warn them about their plan before it’s too late? Also, will she be able to pull it off without her cover getting blown? Find out on this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Here, we begin this part of the story at the entrance of Dr. Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base, shortly after Scorch and Slush left to take part in the battle against Mephiles.

Nack: *Comes from the bushes* A’ight, Bean. It’s da close as clear. ‘De ice hag is gone.

Bean: *Comes out* So, exactly what’re we here for, anyway?

Nack: It’s simple. Robotnik most likely has one o’ dem emerald detector things at ‘is base, ‘n’ we’re gonna get ahold’ve, so we could find ‘da rest o’ dem Chaos Emeralds! ‘N’ if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll end up findin’ an emerald around da base, along WIT’ da detector! ‘N’ after we geddem all, we’re gonna be filthy, stinkin’ RICH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Bean: Umm, yeah. Whatever.

Nack: …

Y’know, Bean… You don’t seem like your usual self. Is somethin’ botherin’ ya?

Bean: That guy… He said his name was Mephiles the Dark, didn’t he?

Nack: Yeah, so?

Bean: Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t he the same guy that Knuckles and his friends told us about before? The one who they trapped in the Master Emerald for trying to destroy the world?

Nack: Holy crap! Come ta think’ve it, you’re right! I thought da guy’s name sounded familiar!

Bean: Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust that guy. Not in the least.

Nack: Why’s ‘dat?

Bean: For starters, the guy is a nutcase. Secondly, how do we know that he has as much money as he claims? How do we even know for sure that he has any intention of paying us to begin with? As far as we know, he may very well end up pulling a Robotnik on us.

Nack: …

Y’know, Bean, ‘dose are some good points, but ah’m still lookin’ for de emeralds, anyway.

Bean: What!? Are you serious!?

Nack: Well, yeah, of course I am! I nevah pass up an opportunity ta earn ‘DAT kinda cash!

Bean: *Facepalm* Are you out of your mind!? Don’t be an idiot, Nack! Haven’t you learned anything from our experiences with Robotnik in the past!? If HE didn’t deliver on his promise to pay us for our services, then what makes you think Mephiles will!?

Nack: Whoa, whoa! Take a chill pill, will ya? Ya didn’t even gimme ‘da chance ta explain myself!

Bean: Okay then, what is it? Personally, I don’t think any explanation you come up with can justify that kind of stupidity.

Nack: Will ya just shaddap ‘n’ listen!? Like I was sayin’, I’m still gonna collect ‘da Chaos Emeralds, but if Mephiles truly don’t got ‘da money ta pay us, ‘den ah’mma bussa cap in ‘em!

Bean: Oh, yeah. Now THAT’S reassuring. *Rolls his eyes* Even so, what will that solve? That won’t change the fact that we’ll have wasted our time tracking down the Chaos Emeralds for an award we’re not going to get.

Nack: True, but even if Mephiles ain’t got da cash, we could always sell ‘em ta somebody who does. Ain’t ‘dat da reason we were tryin’ ta find ‘em in ‘da first place, even before we met ‘im?

Bean: …

Come to think of it, you’re right. What’re we waiting for, then? Let’s go inside, grab that detector, and find the emeralds so we could earn some cold, hard cash!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now you’re speakin’ my language! I knew ya’d come around! A’ight, let’s go!

After their conversation was over, Nack and Bean finally entered Robotnik’s base and began searching for an emerald detector, as well as a possible Chaos Emerald, which was suspected to be around there somewhere. While the two crooks were in the process of storming the base, Knuckles’, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes were still in the middle of their battle with Mephiles. Using his darkling powers, he was able to summon a large creature from the shadows, which still had everyone in its deadly grip.


Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, that’s right! Crush them all! I want to see them SUFFER! Keep going until each and every bone or circuit in their bodies is broken!

Charmy: Ihhhh…! W-What’re we gonna do, you guys!?

Vector: I dunno, but we’ve gotta break outta this somehow! Bomb, you could blast us outta here, can’t ‘cha?

Bomb: I could, but then I’d run the risk of blowing you up along with the monster.

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, now that’s too bad, isn’t it? *Notices the red and green Chaos Emeralds that Bomb and Shadow dropped* Hmm? What’s this? *Walks over to them and picks them up* Yes, just as I thought! They’re Chaos Emeralds! HAHAHAHAHAHA! That makes four of them so far… And I, of course, have YOU to thank for the first two, Squash!

Squash: GRRRR…

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just three more to go and I’ll have all seven of them within my grasp!

Shadow: Tell us! Who was it that you “hired” to collect the rest of the emeralds for you!?

Mephiles: I don’t recall their names, but one of them was a green duck with a red bandana, and a purple weasel with a brown hat. I believe one of them called themselves “Nack the Sniper”, or was it “Fang the Weasel”?

Knuckles: So, the two of THEM are involved in this!? Why does that NOT surprise me one bit!?

Vector: Sheesh… Can ya BELIEVE that idiot!? How many times is ‘e gonna continue makin’ these kinda deals with people that can’t be trusted!?

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Very soon, those two are going to be delivering the rest of the emeralds to me, and then my plan will be nearly complete! When that time comes, I’ll be sure to “award” them alright… With a one-way ticket to oblivion, that is! After that, the only thing that’ll be left to do is free Iblis from his captivity! With Iblis’ freedom, as well all seven Chaos Emeralds in my possession, the two of us can become one again! When that time comes, we’ll erase every inch and corner of this universe, and replace it with a grand new one, created in our own image! In order for that to happen, Scorch’s destruction is required! Well, not necessarily “required”… It’s possible to obtain the Fire Element Gem by other means, I just happen to think that’s the easiest, most satisfying solution! What’s the fun in going through all the trouble in getting it, if blood isn’t spilled in some way, shape, or form? HAHAHAHAAHAHHA…

Everyone: …

*Everyone looks extremely pissed off*


Splash: OH THAT DOES IT! *Liquefies and drips through the hand’s fingers*

Mephiles: W-WHAT!?


After turning into her liquefied form and dripping through the hand’s grasp, Splash shot towards Mephiles and crashed into him, causing him to get sent flying through the wall again.

Splash: *Solidifies* I’ve HAD it with you! You and your evil ways REALLY turn my stomach! Like I said before, you’re even WORSE than Robotnik, and I’m getting SICK of it! Time and time again, you’ve used and manipulated people around you, treating them as nothing more than mere tools to be used and disposed of when they’re no longer needed! You filled Squash’s head with nothing but lies to get my sister killed, not only for the purpose of furthering your sick, twisted goals, but for your own personal amusement, as well! That’s on top of the fact that you and Iblis have caused so much destruction already… You’ve taken SO many innocent lives, and you just DON’T know when to stop!!! How many people have you killed!? Hundreds!? Thousands!? HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE BEFORE YOU STOP KILLING!?

Everyone: …

Vector: Whoa, ‘n’ I thought it was scary, seein’ Blaze blow a fuse…

Blaze: …

Charmy: Yeah, I’d sure hate to be Mephiles right about now!

Get it, “bee Mephiles”? *Snickers*

Splash: *Glares at him*

Marine: It doesn’t look like she’s in the mood, mate.

Charmy: Sorry, sorry! I’m shutting up RIGHT now!

Heavy: Well, it’s about TIME! Anyway, now that she’s free, we need to focus on getting loose, ourselves. Bomb, is it possible for you to explode, using only enough power to harm the creature, rather than everyone else around you?

Bomb: Unfortunately, that’s not possible, since you’d all be within the range of the explosion.

Shadow: I have another idea. Squash, didn’t you say before that you have the power to control anything that’s made out of stone?

Squash: Yeah, so?

Shadow: Well, why don’t you take a look around you?

Squash: You’re right! This entire pyramid is made out of stone! I’ll see what I can do.

Following Shadow’s advice, Squash used her powers to summon a sharp stone pillar from the ground, launched it at the creature’s hands with a telekinetic force, and stabbed through it, killing the monster and causing it to lose its grip on everyone.

*Insert loud growl here, as it dies*

Charmy: Yay! We’re free again!

Marine: That was bonza!

Knuckles: Alright, Mephiles! No more games! It’s time we’ve settled this once and for all!

Shadow: Yes, and like I said before, we won’t allow you to escape this time! This is one battle you won’t be walking away from!

Mephiles: *Gets up* What, and pass up an opportunity to destroy you? I wouldn’t dream of it! This time around, you WILL die! It’s time we’ve finally put an end to our eleven-year feud, don’t you agree? All of you, prepare yourselves for a one-way ticket to oblivion! *Creates a bunch of clones of himself*

*The heroes and the Mephiles clones charge toward one another and begin the battle*

Meanwhile, outside of the pyramid, far into the distance…

Scorch: So, this is the Sandopolis Zone. Judging by how quiet it is around here, the battle against Mephiles must be taking place inside of the pyramid. I wonder what’s keeping Slush? Perhaps she’s decided not to come after all? It’s either that, or she took a different route. In any case, I’m sure she’ll show up eventually, since she was so dead-set on coming here, even after I warned her about the heat. In the meantime, I’m gonna head over to the pyramid to put Mephiles in his place! When that’s all said and done, maybe then I’ll settle my score with-…!

*Cue flashback*

Tikal: Scorch, it’s not too late, you know. You can still abandon Robotnik before he turns on you.

Scorch: Enough about that! Robotnik ISN’T using me, okay!?

Tikal: Like I said before, I’m only trying to-

Scorch: Yeah, yeah. I know. You’re trying to help me, right? I told you before; I don’t need, nor do I WANT any help from you!

Tikal: I know you’re still angry about the incident from all those years ago, but please hear me out! I know we haven’t gotten along very well in the past, but still… I just don’t want to see you get hurt!

Scorch: Why do YOU care, anyway?

Tikal: Because… When we first met, you were bad to the core. As I said before, you were hardly any better than Iblis or Mephiles, but now…you’re different. I could see that you’ve changed a lot since then. I know that deep down inside, you’re a good person. And besides, I saw how heartbroken you were while you were under the impression that the real Robotnik had used and betrayed you. I just don’t want you to have to feel that same sadness all over again. I’m pretty sure Splash doesn’t want that, either.


Tikal: It’s quite a shame that things have to be this way between us, Scorch. To tell you the truth, I really wish that you didn’t hate me, because I don’t hold a grudge against you. I never have, in fact.


Tikal: […] does this mean we can put the past behind us and let bygones be bygones?

*End flashback*

Scorch: Gah… Why is it that even now, I STILL can’t stop thinking about this…? As soon as I begin to have thoughts of getting my revenge on Tikal, THAT keeps popping up! What’s going on…? Am I…getting soft? Could it be…that I’m actually starting to like her…? No, just…NO! That can’t be! I’ve spent thousands of years trapped because of her!

*Sighs* Ever since that day, I’ve dreamed of nothing but revenge. Part of me still wants to rip her to shreds, but the other part…really does want to “let bygones be bygones”. Honestly, she’s made it a lot harder for me to hate her now, especially since she’s been shown to have such a warm and caring heart, just like Splash. Although I’ve never had a nice thing to say to her, and even tried to kill her a few times, she’s still managed to show concern for me…

???: Aww, now isn’t that touching?

Scorch: Huh!? *Turns around* Slush, it’s you… How long have you been there, exactly?

Slush: Long enough to hear you talking to yourself, let’s just put it that way.

Scorch: Listen, you cannot tell anyone, especially Tikal, that I said that!

Slush: Why not? What are you so ashamed of?

Scorch: If word gets out about that, it’ll destroy my reputation! Even I’VE got an image to keep, you know.

Slush: …

Okay, whatever. Your secret’s safe with me. This conversation never happened.

Scorch: Good.

Slush: By the way, did you see the Robotniks pass by?

Scorch: No, I didn’t. It’s either we’re ahead of them, or it’s the other way around.

Slush: (I certainly hope it’s the latter. If so, then there’s still time to warn everyone about this! If not, then I’ll just have to deactivate that bomb somehow, before it’s too late!) *Runs off*

Scorch: *Follows*

Elsewhere, back at the battlefield, everyone was still fighting off Mephiles and his clones. As before, no matter how many of them they destroyed, they continued to re-spawn.

Bark: Man, there’s just no end to these guys!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHA… Surely, you must have realized that you cannot hope to stop ME with your limited power?

Espio: You’re awfully full of yourself for someone who’s been defeated at least three other times prior to this battle.

Mephiles: …

Shock: Yeah. If you’re as powerful as you claim, then why do you need Iblis?

Mephiles: Oh, don’t get me wrong… With or without Iblis, I still possess enough power to send you all to oblivion. It’s just that merging with him is the quickest, most effective way of wiping everyone and everything out of existence.

Storm: Exactly what do you hope to accomplish, here? You said you were aiming to erase everyone from existence, right? Doesn’t that also include you?

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your concern is touching, it really is! However, there is nothing to worry about, as Iblis and I will be protected by the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Secondly, wouldn’t you all like to live in a-

Vector: Oh, gimme a BREAK! Are you freakin’ serious? Are you REALLY tryin’ ta pull that “peace and prosperity” crap on us again?

Knuckles: Yeah, because it’s a lie! Like I told you earlier, that’s something that no one in their right mind would believe!

Sonic: Seriously, not even Knuckles is gullible enough to buy THAT one, and he’s been tricked by Ro-butt-nik about a thousand-

Knuckles: *Glares*

Sonic: Okay, bad choice of words.

Blaze: You’ve lost all credibility a long time ago, Mephiles. Knuckles is right; after your recent displays of sadism, as well as everything you’ve done before then, no one in their right mind would believe that you’re destroying this world to replace it with a peaceful one!

Silver: Yeah, so save that bogus story for someone who’s never met you!

Heavy: I honestly doubt he’s trying to convince us this time around. He can’t seriously think, at this point, that we’d be stupid enough to buy that. I have the strangest feeling that he’s simply stalling for something.

Bomb: You just may be onto something, Heavy.

Mephiles: …

Mighty: Yeah, I mean, after all, he DID say that he “hired” Nack and Bean to collect the rest of the emeralds for him.

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHA… That’s quite perceptive of you! Now, what do you say we put an end to all the chatter and finish this?

Wechnia: That’s fine with us. We’re ready when you are.

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Behold the power of the Chaos Emeralds!

Shortly after that, Mephiles released the four emeralds into the air, and absorbed their power. Due to the fact that he didn’t have all seven, he was unable to undergo a super transformation. He did, however, manage to get a power boost.

Mephiles: *Starts charging up a large energy beam* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dodge this one if you can, fools! Although, I think it’s fair that I warn you that this next attack will be powerful enough to destroy this entire pyramid, and I highly doubt you’ll be able to escape in time!

Vector: Ah, CRUD!

Sonic: Uh oh! That doesn’t sound good!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, of course it does! For ME, that is!

Tikal: We have to do something!

Charmy: Yeah, but what CAN we do, though!?

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, I’ll tell you what you can do… You can all stand there and DIE, you bothersome insects! It’s time I’ve crushed you beneath my heel! *Hovers into the air* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR YOUR ONE-WAY TICKET TO OBLIVION!!!

Upon hovering into the air, Mephiles fired a large emerald-powered energy beam at everyone. Just in time before it hit, Tails used his fake emerald to create an energy shield to protect everyone from Mephiles’ attack.

Mephiles: WHAT!?

Tails: Ihhhh…!

Sonic: Whew! Nice going, Tails! So far, this is the second time I’ve been saved by that fake emerald!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHA… Yes, you may have been saved for the time being, but you are merely delaying the inevitable! Soon, that shield is going to run out of energy, and all of you will meet your demise!

Thanks to some quick thinking, Tails was able to save himself and everyone else from Mephiles’ deadly onslaught…for the time being, at least. How long will he be able to keep this up? Will our heroes find a solution to this problem before they get themselves caught in Mephiles’ emerald-powered energy beam? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 17

On the last chapter of Elemental Chaos, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company resumed their battle against Mephiles at the Sandopolis Zone’s pyramid, determined to settle things with the villain once and for all. During the battle, the heroes ended up getting held down by a creature that Mephiles summoned from the shadows, and was on the verge of squeezing them all to death. Using her power to control stone surfaces, Squash formed a stone pillar, and launched it at the monster with a telekinetic force, destroying it and freeing herself and everyone else from its grasp. After that, Mephiles once again summoned an army of clones to aid him. As with all the other times, they continued to come back for more, no matter how many of them the heroes managed to fight off.

After a brief “intermission”, Mephiles tried something drastic. Using the power of the four Chaos Emeralds in his possession, he absorbed their power, but since he didn’t have all seven, he was unable to undergo a “super” transformation. Regardless, he still managed to get a power boost, and quickly fired a large emerald-powered energy beam at everyone, which was powerful enough to not only destroy the heroes, but the entire pyramid, as well. Before the blast could come in contact with them, Tails used the fake emerald that he created to generate a barrier around everyone. However, that was only a temporary solution to the problem, since it’s bound to run out of energy, eventually.

With the barrier on the verge of getting pierced through, do the heroes even have a chance of defeating Mephiles anymore? Even if they do manage to avoid it somehow, will they be quick enough to escape from the pyramid before they get themselves caught in the explosion? Also, even if they do emerge victorious, will they have the energy to deal with the Robotniks and their machine, the “Egg Galaxia”? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Meanwhile, deep into Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base…

*A bunch of broken robot parts are everywhere*

Nack: Well, Bean, whadda ya know? It’s just as we thought… ‘Dere was a detecta right here in ‘dis base, ‘n’ a Chaos Emerald along widdit!

Bean: Heh heh heh! Awesome! Now, all we need to do is find the other six, so we could receive our pay! If Mephiles doesn’t have it, in which he most likely doesn’t, we’ll just kill him and find someone else who’s willing to buy them. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for us!

Nack: Yep! As usual, you’re definitely speakin’ my language!

Bean: …

You always say that.

Nack: Ah, c’mon! Woik wit’ me here, okay? It’s one o’ my catchphrases! It’s kinda like how you’re always yellin’ “Dynamite Power” every time ya throw one o’ dem bombs!

Bean: Okay, whatever. Anyway, let’s go track down the rest of the emeralds.

Nack: Yeah, sure. Preddy soon, da two’ve us are gonna be swimmin’ in a truckload o’ cash! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Just as the two crooks were laughing maniacally, a long, robotic arm suddenly stretched toward them and swiped the Chaos Emerald right from Nack’s hand.

Nack: WHAT ‘DA…!?

*They look in the direction that it came from, and it turns out to be Z.E.R.O. (the robot who chased Amy in Sonic Adventure)*

Bean: Huh!? Who IS that, and where did he come from!?

Nack: Looks like it’s one o’ Robotnik’s hunks o’ junk!

Z.E.R.O.: …

Nack: Look, I dunno where ya came from, pal, but we stole ‘dat emerald, fair ‘n’ square! Ya beddah give it back, or ah’mma hafta bussa cap, y’hear!? *Aims his gun at him*

Z.E.R.O.: *Aims a small beam of light at Nack and puts a cursor around him*

Nack: Eh? What’s ‘e doin’?

Bean: I don’t know, but I’d get out the way if I were you!

Z.E.R.O.: *Stretches his arm again and punches Nack right in the jaw*

Nack: Uhhhhhh! *Falls over*

Bean: Ouch… Now I know THAT must’ve hurt!

Z.E.R.O.: *Sets his sights on Bean*

Bean: *Takes out a bomb* Alright, you piece of junk! It’s time you’ve learned the TRUE meaning of the words “Dynamite Power”!

Nack: Ya see what I was talkin’ ‘bout? *Gets up*

Bean: Nevermind that, let’s just focus on taking this guy down and getting that emerald back!

Nack: A’ight, ‘den let’s get ‘em! Eat lead, chump! *Starts blasting him*

Bean: DYNAMITE POWER! *Starts tossing bombs at him*

*An explosion occurs*

Bean: Heh heh heh! That should take care of him, wouldn’t you say?

Nack: Ya beddah believe it!

*The smoke clears, and he’s still there, unharmed*

Nack: AH, CRAAAAAAAP! Ya’ve gotta be freakin’ kiddin’ me!

Bean: I thought for SURE that we had him!

Nack: Whaddiz ‘dis guy MADE of!?

Bean: I don’t know, but he’s bound to have SOME kind of weakness! Whatever it is, we’ve gotta find it!

*They continue fighting*

Elsewhere, at the Sandopolis Zone’s pyramid…

Tails: Ihhhh…! The emerald’s power… It’s already beginning to fade!



Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, that’s right, you pathetic little insect! Like I already said, all you’re doing is merely delaying the inevitable! HAHAHAHAHAHA… There’s no escape for you this time! You’re FINISHED!

Vector: We’d beddah come up with’ somethin’ ‘n’ FAST!

Wechnia: Tails, that fake emerald of yours… You said that it contains the same wavelength and properties as the real ones, correct? Can’t you use Chaos Control to stop time? That way, we’ll all be able to make our escape, while Mephiles, on the other hand, will die at the hands of his own attack, since he’ll still be in here during the explosion.

Tails: Wechnia, that’s a GREAT idea! I just hope it has enough power to pull this off!


Tails: Alright, here goes nothing! Chaos… CONTROL!

Using the last ounce of power that was left in the fake emerald, Tails was able to successfully pull off one last Chaos Control, freezing both Mephiles and his energy beam in time.

Charmy: It worked, it worked!

Sonic: Excellent job, Tails! Now, we gotta speed, keed!

Shock: I bet I could make it out of here before you do, Sonic.

Sonic: You’re on!

*They take off at high speed*

Storm: *Sweatdrops*(Even at a time like this, they STILL find an excuse to compete with one another…)

Knuckles: Alright, now what do you say we go ahead and do the same, before he unfreezes?

Marine: Sounds good to me!

Following Sonic and Shock, the rest of the heroes took off as well, hastily hurrying toward the exit. About a minute or so later, they all made it out of the pyramid just in time before the effects of the Chaos Control wore off.


*An explosion occurs and the pyramid starts crumbling down*

Mighty: Whew… That was TOO close!

Espio: Indeed. Had we been even a second later, we would have ended up like Mephiles.

Honey: Yeah. It definitely serves him right, though!

Seedra: Yeah. That couldn’t have happened to anyone more deserving.

Shadow: Yes, but we shouldn’t let our guards down just yet. There’s a chance that Mephiles has very well survived the explosion.

Tiara: Are you sure? I don’t see how ANYONE could have possibly survived that.

Amy: I’d hate to say it, but I agree with Boobowski.

Shadow: There’s one of two ways he could have survived. Number one, Mephiles could have teleported himself out of the pyramid, or number two, he got himself caught in the explosion, and was simply reduced back to his original form, where he could regenerate.

Bark: Well, if that second one is true, he could still be sealed up, can’t he?

Shadow: Yes, he can.

Rouge: Hey, Omega. Why don’t you use your scanners to see whether or not Mephiles is still alive?

Omega: Affirmative. Initiating interior search… *Turns on his scanners*

Charmy: Did you find anything?

Omega: Patience.

Charmy: Okay then. By the way, Sonic, who won the race? You or Shock?

Sonic: We tied…again.

Shock: I know I said this before, but that definitely won’t be the case next time. When we race again, I’m gonna be miles ahead of you!

Sonic: Pffft! Oh, please! I’ll run circles around you in a sonic second!

Amy: By the way, Shock…

Shock: Yeah, what is it?

Amy: This little rivalry you’ve developed with Sonic… It’s not going to go beyond that, is it?

Shock: What do you mean?

Amy: As in, gaining romantic feelings for each other, because I’m warning you: I’m Sonic’s girlfriend!

Tiara: *Glares*

Sonic: *Facepalm* Oh, boy… Here we go again…

Tiara: Shock, don’t listen to a word she says. Amy’s completely delusional. She is NOT Sonic’s girlfriend; she’s nothing more than stalker.

Amy: Yes, I am!

Tiara: What, a delusional stalker? Yeah, I know.

Amy: That’s NOT what I meant, and you know it!

Tiara: I’M Sonic’s girlfriend!

Amy: No, I’M Sonic’s girlfriend!

*They ”lightning anime glare” at one another, and everyone sweatdrops*

Blaze: *Sighs* Pathetic.

Silver: This again? Really?

Marine: I dunno about you, but I think it’s entertainin’!

Charmy: Hee hee, me, too! It’s always really, REALLY funny when they argue!

Vector: *Recording it* Yeah, I’ll say!

Silver: By the way, Cream and Marine…

Cream: What is it, Mr. Silver?

Silver: Do you know who it was that Amy was trying to “introduce” me to earlier?

Cream: Well, umm…

Marine: We’ll tell ya later, at the beach.

Silver: Oh, okay.

Blaze: (He still hasn’t figured it out? Heh, he’s still so naïve, but I have to admit… That’s something I’ve always liked about him for some reason.)

Omega: Interior search completed! Scanners indicate that Mephiles has survived, albeit in a weakened state. His current location is underneath the rubble.

Vector: A’ight, now let’s get ‘em!

*They all rush over there*

Knuckles: Great… It looks like we’re going to have to do a lot of digging if we’re going to find him.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Trust me, that won’t be necessary. Check THIS out!

While holding out the palm of her hand, Squash used a telekinetic force to lift the pyramid’s debris from the ground, making it all float in the air. After it was removed, Mephiles was seen lying down, seemingly unconscious with the four Chaos Emeralds next to him.

Blaze: Hmm… He doesn’t appear to be conscious.

Charmy: Get it, “bee conscious”? *Snickers*

Splash: …

Seedra: …

Marine: I guess they’re still not in the mood, mate. Why not save ‘em for later, eh?

Charmy: Okay, okay.

Knuckles: Okay, that’s enough chit-chat. Shadow, I think you should go ahead and seal him up while you have the chance.

Shadow: Gladly. *Holds up the Scepter of Darkness*

Before Shadow had a chance to use the Scepter of Darkness, Mephiles opened his eyes, startling everyone in the process. After that, he quickly grabbed one of the Chaos Emeralds, released it into the air, and made a bright light shine from it again, temporarily blinding everyone once again.


Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You didn’t TRULY think an attack like that was enough to finish me, did you? You may have escaped from the pyramid, but once again, I hold all of your lives at the palm of my hands…literally! *Holds out the palm of his hand* Prepare yourselves for a one-way ticket to oblivi-

Just as he was getting ready to finish his sentence and use the piercing beam to finish everyone off, Mephiles was suddenly blasted by a cold, icy mist, causing him to get frozen in sheets of ice.

Seedra: Huh? How did THAT happen? We ARE at a desert, aren’t we?

Slush: *Drops down in front of them*

Bark: Ah, it’s you, Slush. I thought you said you weren’t coming, because you couldn’t bear being in “two scorching hot areas in one day”?

Slush: I changed my mind. Sure, I don’t like having to come to places like this, but at the same time, I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing while everyone else was battling Mephiles.

Bark: I guess that explains it.

Scorch: *Drops down in front of them, too* We’re not too late, are we?

Tikal: Not at all. We’re glad the two of you could make it.

Scorch: *Holds out the palm of her hand, charges up a fire blast, and aims at the frozen Mephiles*

Vector: Whoa, whoa! Wayda minute! You’re not gonna thaw ‘im out, are ya!?

Scorch: No, I’m going to break him to pieces! *Blasts him*

*Mephiles breaks, thaws, and reverts back to his dark liquid form*

Scorch: Okay… So I guess I DID melt him after all. Sorry about that.

Silver: It’s no big deal. We’ve got him right where we want him now.

Mephiles: Uggggh…! I…shall return! *Gets ready to fly away*

Shadow: Oh, I don’t think so! *Picks up one of the Chaos Emeralds* Chaos… CONTROL!

Mephiles: Ghhh…! *His movement gets halted, like when he was first sealed up* C-Curse you, Shadow the Hedgehog!

Squash: Good, now why don’t you let me seal him this time? After all, I WAS the one who released him, and I owe him big-time for what he did.

Shadow: Very well. *Hands her the scepter*

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Now, Mephiles, this is payback! *Raises the scepter into the air*

*The scepter starts sucking up Mephiles’ dark liquid*

Mephiles: You…haven’t seen the last of me! I…may have lost again, but each defeat only makes me stronger, and serves to bring you all…closer to your ultimate doom! So, you’d all better enjoy this temporary victory while you still can, for it means nothing! Next time, I WILL return, and when I do, mark my words: YOU. WILL. DIE. HAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Shadow: Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong, Mephiles. There isn’t going to BE a “next time” for you.

*He gets sucked into the scepter*

Vector: Good riddance!

*The others say something similar*

Elsewhere, back at the Mystic Ruins base, Nack and Bean’s battle against Z.E.R.O. continued. This time around, however, they managed to find and expose his weakness, which was the glowing blue core at the top of his head, which was being covered by a “lid”. They kept on attacking it, until Z.E.R.O. was eventually destroyed.

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, we goddem, Bean!

Bean: That outta teach that worthless piece of scrap metal not to mess with us! *Picks up the Chaos Emerald*

Nack: A’ight, now let’s start lookin’ for de otha six so we could get paid!

Bean: Right.

*They leave the base*

Meanwhile, back at the Sandopolis Zone…

Storm: Well, it looks like our work here is done. It’s time for us to head back to Dr. Robotnik’s base now.

Sonic: Okay then. Take care, you two.

Shock: Same to you, Sonic. It’s quite a shame that we have to be enemies… To be honest, I actually liked working alongside you guys.

Storm: So did I, actually.

Seedra: It doesn’t have to end, you know. Why don’t you ditch Robotnik and come with us?

Shock: Umm, well…

Storm: …

Splash: Yes, you really should. That goes for you, too, Scorch.

Scorch: I’ve already told you before, I’m still eternally indebted to the doctor, so that’s out of the question for me.

Shock: As for Storm and I, we’ll think about it. For now, we’re gonna be on our way. *Gets a running start and flies off*

Storm: *Same*

Splash: So, what’s next for you, Squash? I guess this means you’re going to go back to trying to conquer the world?

Squash: Nah. After what just happened, I’m through with the world domination business.

Splash: I’m glad to hear it.

Slush: Speaking of “world domination”, there’s another reason I came here. I would have told you this through the walkie-talkie already, but the battery ran out, so I had no choice but to come here to tell you in person.

Vector: Okay, what is it?

Slush: Dr. Nega…he’s back!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Blaze: Are you kidding me!? Who let HIM out of the institution!?

Silver: That’s what I’D like to know!

Slush: He said something about a “series of earthquakes” that were apparently caused by EG-001 over at Station Square.

*Everyone glares at Squash*

Squash: What’re you looking at!? I don’t know WHAT she’s talking about! Up until now, I’ve never even HEARD of Dr. Nega!

Shadow: Perhaps both of us are to blame. After all, we did crash into a lot of buildings during our battle, and I guess that mental institution was one of them.

Squash: That explains it…

Slush: Oh, and that’s not the extent of it, I’m afraid. Somehow, he’s managed to coax Robotnik into forming an “alliance” with him, and the two of them are on their way over here with new mecha called the “Egg Galaxia”, which they’re planning on using to destroy you guys.

Vector: Oh, now that’s just PERFECT! We pretty much exhausted all our energy dealin’ wit’ Mephiles, ‘n’ now we gotta deal wit’ THEM, too!?

Scorch: I have to wonder, though… Exactly what’s keeping them? Last time I checked, they were ahead of Slush and I.

???: Oh, let’s just say that we had a little…errand to run. Eee hee hee…

*They look in the direction of the voice, and find the Egg Galaxia hovering down*

Slush: Oh, great…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… Well, well! What have we here? Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, the Chaotix fools, and a nice handful of traitors! *Glares at Heavy, Bomb, Wechnia, Omega, Squash, and Seedra*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! By the way, Dr. Robotnik, what would you say if I told you that there was ANOTHER traitor among them?

Robotnik: Oh, really?

Slush: …! (No… He wouldn’t…!)

Nega Robotnik:  Yes, that’s correct! This individual has been spying on your every move, leaking information behind your back when you least expect it!

Slush: (GRRRR… Why, that bastard!)

Robotnik: Interesting. Who could this person be, exactly?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Oh, you’d be surprised as to who it is! But…I’m not saying any names.

Slush: (Whew…)

Robotnik: You’re not!? Then WHAT was the point in even bringing it up in the first place!?

Nega Robotnik: If I were to tell you, there’d be no challenge in it. It would take out all the fun of finding out for yourself. I’ve already given you a hint… I’m sure someone with an IQ as high as yours could figure it out.

Robotnik: ...

Now that you put it that way, I DO like a challenge. I’ll figure it out soon enough. For now, why don’t we concentrate on the task at hand? Now then… Before we begin, I would just like to take the time to thank you all for taking care of Mephiles for us! That was quite generous of you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! That’s right! It was quite ingenious of me to revive the Solaris Project! While you fools were busy exhausting yourselves battling against Mephiles, the two of us could now take the opportunity to finish you off while you’re in that weakened state!

Everyone: …

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! With you fools out of the picture, the two of us will finally be free to conquer this planet and create our ideal world, the Robotnik Empire!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! That’s right! By the way, my dear Blaze… Would you care to take a guess as to what kind of “errand” we ran before we got here?

Blaze: What “errand” would THAT be, huh!?

*The Robotniks hold up the Sol Emeralds*

Blaze: …! The Sol Emeralds!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! You were SO focused on Mephiles that you carelessly left them unguarded!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s right! Some guardian YOU are! You’re just as incompetent as Knuckles when it comes to the Master Emerald!

Blaze: GRRR…

Knuckles: What’d you say!?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA! Now that we’ve got the Sol Emeralds in our possession, all we need now is the Chaos Emeralds!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Yes, and with their power at our disposal, the world shall be our plaything! We shall bring about an age of fear and chaos! And it shall be GLORIOUS! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!


Silver: Not if WE have anything to say about it!

Robotnik: Scorch, Slush! You two are welcome to assist us if you’d like. Or are you still exhausted from battling Mephiles?

Slush: Umm, y-yeah, that’s it! Also, this heat is really starting to get to me… I have to head back to the Ice Cap Zone to recuperate. So, umm…bye. *Flies away*

Robotnik: What about you, Scorch? Don’t you still want to get even with Tikal? Well, now’s your opportunity to do so.

Tikal: …

Scorch: I’d like to, but in addition to being tired from fighting Mephiles, my arm is still in pain from when you stabbed it for the blood sample.

Robotnik: Ah, yes. I forgot about that.

Scorch: So I’ll be on my way, too… *Flies away*

Nega Robotnik: Ah, well. Who needs them anyway? As long as the Sol Emeralds in our possession, the two of them are worthless!

Robotnik: Come to think of it, you’re right. The Sol Emeralds’ power is MORE than enough to have them disposed of, especially while in THIS condition!

Knuckles: Are you two finished talking yet?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! You’re THAT eager to die, are you? Who am I to disappoint?

Robotnik: Yes, it’s time we’ve settled this once and for all! You’ve all interfered with our plans for the LAST time! Prepare to meet your maker!

Sonic: Bring it on then, Ro-butt-niks!

Although the heroes have defeated and sealed with Mephiles, another challenge now lies in store for them. With all of their strength nearly exhausted from their previous battle, do they have what it takes to stop the two deranged doctors from succeeding with their diabolical plot to conquer the world? Find out next time on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 18

On the previous chapter of Elements of Power, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes engaged Mephiles the Dark in another epic showdown in order to prevent his universal destruction plans from coming to fruition. The battle went on for quite some time, and eventually, Mephiles decided to use the power of the four Chaos Emeralds he had in his possession to give himself a power boost. Afterwards, he fired a beam that was not only powerful enough to destroy the group of heroes, but the entire pyramid was well. Thanks to some quick thinking from Tails, he was able to generate a barrier around everyone by using the fake Chaos Emerald that he created.

However, that was only a temporary solution, as it was bound to run out of energy eventually. Then, Wechnia made a suggestion for Tails to use the emerald’s remaining power to freeze Mephiles and his energy beam in time, giving everyone else the time they need to escape from the pyramid and leave Mephiles to get blown to pieces by his own attack. After following Wechnia’s advice, Tails and everyone else quickly took that as their opportunity to escape just in time before the explosion.

After a brief intermission, Omega used his built-in radar system to detect Mephiles’ lifeforce, confirming that he survived the explosion, albeit in a weakened state. Rather than going through the trouble of digging through the pyramid’s remains, Squash used her stone powers to lift the debris with a telekinetic force, exposing the seemingly-unconscious Mephiles. When they got close to him, he abruptly picked up one of the Chaos Emeralds, and used it to create a bright light that would temporarily blind the heroes. Just as he was getting ready to finish them off with his signature piercing beam technique, Slush arrived on the scene and saved the heroes by using her ice powers to freeze Mephiles. Scorch showed up shortly afterwards and blew him to pieces, thawing him out in the process, but at the same time, reducing him back to his dark, liquefied form.

Just as Mephiles was about to make his getaway, Shadow used Chaos Control to halt his movement, preventing his escape. He then handed the Scepter of Darkness to Squash, who was bent on getting even with the villain for using her as a pawn all that time. As she was sealing Mephiles, he vowed to return again someday, and swore revenge, stating that he’ll kill each and every one of the heroes next time he comes across them. Shadow then assured him that there wasn’t going to be a next time for him, as he had previously promised that he was going to make sure that Mephiles wouldn’t come back again.

Although the heroes managed to defeat Mephiles in battle, Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega quickly showed up with their new mech robot, the “Egg Galaxia” in order to take advantage of the heroes’ state of fatigue, and finish them off, so that they’ll be free to conquer the world like they had been planning all along. With the heroes being worm out from fighting Mephiles, as well as the fact that the doctors have the Sol Emeralds in their possession, do they even have a chance to winning this battle? Find out on this exciting, third-to-last chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… Now then! Are you ready to begin?

Splash: Before we start, Dr. Robotnik, I have something to ask you…

Robotnik: Ah, I think I know what this is about. I’ll take it that you’re finally willing to accept my offer? You want to know whether or not it’s too late to join me and stand beside us in our conquest, correct? If so, then it isn’t. You’re still welcome to join us, if you’d like.

Splash: What, you’re still on that? Maybe if you were to permanently turn your efforts towards saving this planet, rather than trying to conquer it, then I’d be more than happy to join you. Until then, the answer is still “no”.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Oh, well. It was worth a try, I guess. So, what IS it that you want to ask me, then?

Splash: How on Earth can you possibly trust Dr. Nega? Have you forgotten everything that went on last month? The way he captured you, impersonated you, and even threatened to rip your card to shreds after using that camera on you? It wouldn’t surprise me if he was planning to turn on you again.

Robotnik: …

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… You sound exactly like your sisters, and quite frankly, I’m deeply offended that you’d all make such an accusation of me!

Blaze: I wouldn’t put it past you. She’s right; when it comes to forming alliances, you’re just as trustworthy as Mephiles, A.K.A., not at all.

Robotnik: …

Shadow: They’re right, Doctor. Nega is no one to be trusted. You already know that from experience.

Robotnik: Your concern is greatly appreciated, but to tell you the truth, I don’t trust him, either. I’ve only joined forces with him to help take down a common enemy, much like I’ve done with you guys in the past. The only difference, however, is that this time, YOU are the “common enemy”. We’ve grown tired of you always interfering with our plans, but today, it ends right here and now! This is the day where our dream of creating the Robotnik Empire will become a reality! Now, prepare yourselves!

Knuckles: Wait a minute… Are you REALLY spineless enough to fight us in THIS condition?

Robotnik: …

Rouge: Yeah, I thought you were MUCH better than that, Doctor. Or was this Nega’s idea? I definitely wouldn’t put it past HIM to do something so cowardly.

Wechnia: Wouldn’t you prefer to fight your opponents at full power? Did you or did you not just get finished saying that you like a challenge?

Robotnik: Well, I…

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! What’s the matter, Ivo? Are you scared to fight us at full power? That’s perfectly understandable, considering what you’re up against.

Robotnik: Hmph, you’re still as pretentious as ever, I see. You certainly talk big for someone who was naïve enough to be played by Mephiles!

Squash: GRRR…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… What, you thought I didn’t know about that?

Squash: Bah, whatever!

Robotnik: Anyway, let’s get back to the subject at hand, shall we? I’ll tell you what: In order to make this a fair fight, I’ll give you the time you need to recover.

Charmy: You are?

Nega Robotnik: What!? Are you serious!? You’d blow this golden opportunity to finally have them disposed of!?

Robotnik: Yes, because I personally think it would be a waste for this battle to end so quickly and easily. Since you went through all the trouble of constructing the Egg Galaxia and equipping it with all these interesting features, wouldn’t you like to use it to the fullest of its abilities?

Nega Robotnik: …

Hmm, now that you put it that way, you DO bring up a valid point.

Robotnik: I knew you’d understand. Now then, you’re free to go collect some rings at any time now.

Nega Robotnik: Yes, as long as you’re back within five minutes.

Vector: Five minutes!? Are you freakin’ serious!?

Tiara: Yeah, I mean, do you have any idea how long that took before, while we were collecting them during the battle against Solaris last month!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Of course I’m serious! As fast as you guys run, in addition to that Chaos Control ability of yours, it shouldn’t take very long at all for you to round up some rings to replenish your energy.

Sonic: Okay, Ro-butt-niks. Consider it done! I’ll be there and back before you know I’m even-


*Everyone has “WTF?” expressions on their faces*

Tails: *Looks up* Hey, isn’t that the Tornado 2?

Sonic: Yeah, you’re right! I wonder who’s flying it?

Charmy: Hey, look! It’s Orbot and Cubot, you guys!

Cubot: You goddit, pardner!

Orbot: Once again, you’ll have to excuse him. His voicebox is stuck on “cowboy” mode again. Anyway, we just thought we’d stop by to give you these.

*They start dropping down a bunch of rings, and the heroes collect and absorb them*

Knuckles: Ah, that’s just what we needed! Thanks, you two!

Cubot: Sher! ‘T was our pleasure!

Orbot: Yeah. It was the least we could do, since you saved our lives after Robotnik left us to die at the volcano last month.

Seedra: He seriously did something like that!?

Cubot: Yer darn tootin’ he did!

*Everyone glares at Robotnik*

Robotnik: …What?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! And people say that I’M the ruthless one!

Splash: You know, I’ve almost completely forgotten about that. You ought to be ashamed of yourself! How could you do something like that to your own robots!?

Robotnik: Now, now. Let’s not overreact. Sure, I was fed up with them at the time. They bungled each and every task that was assigned to them with sheer stupidity and incompetence, but I never had any intention of killing them. I’m not THAT cruel; Knuckles was right there, so I knew he’d end up saving them. Now, enough of this small-talk! Now that your energy has been replenished, let’s begin the battle now, shall we?

Espio: Of course. We’re ready when you are.

Orbot: Well, now that we’ve got you your rings, we’re gonna be on our way now.

Nega Robotnik: Oh, but wait! Before you go, I have a little…”going away” present for you!

Cubot: Eh? What kinda present?

*The Egg Galaxia aims its arm cannon at the Tornado 2*

Cubot: Uh oh… That ain’t nothin’ good, is it?

Orbot: I vote we get outta here!

Just as they were about to make a run for it, Dr. Nega made the Egg Galaxia fire a laser beam at the Tornado 2, causing it to catch on fire and eventually explode. Just in time before it exploded, however, Orbot and Cubot were able to jump out and descend with the parachutes they were wearing.

Tails: NO! Orbot! Cubot! And the Tornado 2!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee!

Splash: You creep! Why did you do that to them!?

Nega Robotnik: Whoops, my fingers must have slipped! How clumsy of me! Eee hee hee hee!

Blaze: That was no accident! Who are you trying to fool!?

Knuckles: You’re gonna pay for what you’ve done to them!

Charmy: Hey, you guys! Look! I can see their parachutes! They’re okay…

Everyone: …

Vector: Look, Charmy, this ain’t the time to be quotin’ Dragon Ball Z lines!

Heavy: Yeah. Moron.

Mighty: No, he’s actually serious. Look up there. *Points*

*They look*

Vector: Oh. Well, nevahmind then.

Heavy: Either way, I still think he’s a first-class moron.

Charmy: PBBBBTH! *Sticks his tongue at Heavy*

Splash: And YOU’RE a first-class prick! Lay off him for once, will you!?

Mighty: Orbot, Cubot, thanks again for the rings. You two find somewhere safe to go while we deal with them.

Cubot: Sher thang!

*They land and run off*

Robotnik: Now, without further ado, let’s begin the battle now, shall we?

Vector: Yeah, now come ‘n’ get it!


The Robotniks began the battle by transforming the Egg Galaxia’s arm cannon into a machine gun, and started firing at the heroes, but they manage to dodge the attack by spreading out. After that, the heroes charged towards the Egg Galaxia and started attacking it altogether at once. To their surprise, however, their attacks had no affect on the machine.

Vector: WHAT!? Our attacks ain’t workin’!?

Charmy: Even after all THAT!?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s right, fools! You’re all familiar with the Egg Wyvern and Egg Dragoon, aren’t you? Well, as with those two, the Egg Galaxia has been constructed with some of the toughest metal this planet has to offer!

Nega Robotnik: Yes, and that’s on top of the fact that the technology in my era is far more advanced! Eee hee hee!

Robotnik: So, basically, what we’re trying to tell you is that anything you try will be completely useless. This battle is nothing more than an exercise in futility!

Knuckles: We’ll see about that! You may have built that with some tough metal, but just like all your others, it’s bound to have a weakpoint, and whatever it is, we’re going to find it!

Bomb: Why don’t you leave that to me? *Runs toward the Egg Galaxia, jumps onto the back of it, and clings*

Robotnik: What the…!? What’re you doing!?

Bomb: Hee hee hee! You’d think someone who claims to have an IQ as high as 300 would know by now! *Starts glowing*


Squash: Oh, let me guess… He’s going to sacrifice himself to take them down?

Heavy: No. Whenever Bomb explodes, he has the ability to regenerate himself. It does take some time for the regeneration process to complete itself, however.

Squash: I see.

As Bomb continued to cling to the back of the Egg Galaxia, the Robotniks desperately tried shaking him off, but to no avail. Since shaking him off didn’t work, the Robotniks tried moving backwards and started slamming him against the wall repeatedly.

Bomb: Ghhhh…! *Czzzzt!*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee! Are you ready to get off yet?

*They continue slamming into the wall, and he continues clinging*

Robotnik: ARGH! You persistent little PEST!

Vector: Look, Bomb, will ya just blow ‘em up already!?

Splash: Yes, please do, before you get yourself hurt even more!

Bomb: Alright, here goes! *Starts glowing even brighter*

About a second later, Bomb exploded, engulfing both the Robotniks and the Egg Galaxia in fiery explosion. After the smoke cleared, some of the Egg Galaxia’s armor was torn, leaving it vulnerable to the rest of the heroes’ attacks.

Knuckles: Nice going, Bomb! Alright, everyone, our attacks should actually do some damage now!

Vector: A’ight, then let’s get ‘em!

Robotnik: Oh, we haven’t even BEGUN to get started, you meddlesome pests! We’re just getting warmed up!

*They resume the battle*

Meanwhile, at the Mystic Ruins…

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHA! So far, so good! Thanks to da radar we took from da doc’s base, we’ve managed ta get ahold o’ three Chaos Emeralds!

Bean: Heh heh heh! Just four more to go, and we’ll have them all! I could practically SEE all that cash right now!

Nack: You ‘n’ me both, bruddah! Now, what does da radar say about where de otha four are?

Bean: Hmm… *Takes it out and looks* What the…? This can’t be right…

Nack: Eh? What’s da prob’em?

Bean: According to the radar, it says that there are four Chaos Emeralds over there, but along with those, there’s seven more!

Nack: Whoa, now ‘DAT’S weird!

Bean: This thing must be malfunctioning, or something…

Nack: Eh, I doubt it. ‘Dis thing hasn’t steered us wrong so far. Because o’ ‘dis thing, we’ve already gotten ahold o’ three emeralds, ‘n’ we barely broke a sweat! Also, ‘dat Mephiles guy said ta meet ‘em ovah at da Sandopolis Zone, so I’m guessin’ ‘dat ‘e already four de otha four wit’out us somehow. As for ‘da otha seven, I ain’t gotta clue.

Bean: Why don’t we go over there and see what’s going on?

Nack: Good idea. While we’re checkin’ things out, we could take ‘dat as our chance ta deliver da three emeralds we got, ‘n’ receive our pay! ‘N’ like I said before, if Mephiles is tryin’ ta play us for a coupla suckas, ‘den I’ve gotta buncha bullets wid ‘is name written ALL ovah ‘em!

Bean: Yeah, same here. Well, in my case, though, I’ll be blowing him to smithereens if he tries pulling a Robotnik on us. Even if this is the case, our trip won’t be a total loss, because not only can we find someone else who’s willing to pay us, but we could also take that supposed second set of emeralds for ourselves, and double the money!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Once again, you ‘r’ definitely speakin’ my language! A’ight, now whadda we waitin’ for? Let’s head ovah to da Sandopolis Zone ‘n’ get our reward!

Bean: Right.

Hold on a second, there’s something that just occurred to me…

Nack: Wad is it?

Bean: What if Knuckles and those Chaotix losers end up beating us to the punch? Are you sure we’ll be able to get there in time if we travel on foot?

Nack: Y’know, ‘dats a good question. Ugh! If only ‘dat cat goil hadn’t destroyed da Marvelous Queen, we’d be ovah dere in no time! I guess ‘dis means we’ll hafta find some otha way ta get dere…

Bean: Hmm… *Looks around and spots a jeep* Will this do?

Nack: Yep, ‘dat’ll do! I wondah who it belongs to? Ah, well… It doesn’t mattah! C’mon, let’s hotwire ‘dis baby ‘n’ scram before de owna gets back!

Wasting no time, Nack and Bean quickly rushed towards the jeep and jumped inside of it. Since they weren’t in possession of the keys that are needed to start the engine, Nack had no choice but to hotwire the jeep to get it started. Just as he got the engine running, a random male human appeared.

Guy: Hey, that’s my car!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA! Not anymore, it ain’t! ‘N’ ya beddah not say nutin’ to da cops, either, or ah’mma pump ya guts full o’ lead!

Bean: *Takes out a bomb and lights the fuse* Here’s a little going away present for you! Dynamite Power! *Tosses it*

*The bomb explodes and pours knock-out gas*

Guy: *Coughs, and collapses to the floor*

Bean: Alright, now let’s get outta here!

Nack: *Steps on the gas pedal and drives off*

So then, after the stealing a random guy’s parked jeep, the two crooks drove off, bound for the Sandopolis Zone to reunite the rest of the Chaos Emeralds. Little did they know, however, that Mephiles had already been disposed of, and an epic battle against the Robotniks was taking place. Thanks to Bomb’s maneuver, the Egg Galaxia was now vulnerable to the heroes’ attacks, and as a result, they were evenly matched.

Both the heroes and the Robotniks were matching each other blow-for-blow, with sheer physical and fire power. The battle went on for quite some time, until the Egg Galaxia was eventually on the brink of destruction.

Charmy: Yay! We did it!

Sonic: HA! In your face, Ro-butt-niks!

Robotnik: W-WHAT!? No way! I can’t BELIEVE this is happening!!!

Knuckles: Had enough yet?

Nega Robotnik: Bah! You haven’t won yet, fools! You have YET to see the TRUE power that the Egg Galaxia possesses!

Blaze: Give it up, you’ve lost! Just quietly hand over the Sol Emeralds!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Oh, I don’t think so! I figured something like this might happen, so we’ve taken precaution by stealing those precious Sol Emeralds of yours, so that we could harness their power and instantly repair any damage that’s been done to the Egg Galaxia!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, and not only that, but after absorbing the Sol Emeralds’ power, the Egg Galaxia will TRULY be unstoppable!

Vector: A’ight, bring it on! Like I always say, there ain’t nothin’ you could dish out that WE can’t handle!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Very well then! You asked for it!

After releasing the Sol Emeralds into the air, the Robotniks started absorbing their energy, instantly repairing the damage that was done to the Egg Galaxia by transforming their thoughts into power. Additionally, not only was the machine getting repaired, but increasing its powers, as well.

Marine: S-Strewth! This can’t be good…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s right, you little brat! I hope you all realize how utterly hopeless your situation is! The Egg Galaxia is now being powered by the seven Sol Emeralds, and unfortunately for you, you’re only in possession of four Chaos Emeralds, so you have absolutely NO way of matching our power!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! That’s right! This is IT for you! This is the day where the glorious ages of the Robotnikand Nega Robotnik Empire will finally come to fruition! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!


Just when things were starting to look up for our heroes, things have taken a turn for the worse! Now that the Robotniks have powered up the Egg Galaxia with the Sol Emeralds, do they even stand a chance with only four emeralds in their possession? Will they be able to hold out until Nack and Bean arrive on the scene with the three remaining Chaos Emeralds? Find out next time, on the second-to-last chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 19a

Previously, on Elements of Power, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes narrowly managed to escape from the Sandopolis Zone’s pyramid as Mephiles was in the process of destroying it with a large, emerald-powered energy beam. After managing to avoid this devastating attack, the heroes found Mephiles buried underneath the pile of rubble that used to be the pyramid, reduced back to his original liquefied form. Before Mephiles had a chance to escape, Shadow used Chaos Control to halt his movement, while Squash resealed him within the Scepter of Darkness.

Just as they were taking a breather, Slush, who arrived to lend a hand in battling Mephiles, informed everyone that the Robotniks were coming their way, using their new machine, the “Egg Galaxia”. A little while later, the Robotniks arrived, and the battle began. Initially, the scientists had the upper hand, since the Egg Galaxia was constructed with what was said to be some of the toughest metal on the planet. It wasn’t, however, tough enough to withstand Bomb’s explosion. After damaging the machine and leaving it vulnerable to the heroes’ attacks, the battle was even. It went on for quite some time, until Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes triumphed in the end…or so they thought.

Shortly afterwards, the Robotniks used the power of the Sol Emeralds, which were stolen from Blaze, to restore the amount of damage that was done to the Egg Galaxia, as well as making it invincible. With all seven of the Sol Emeralds in the Robotniks’ possession, and only four of them in the heroes’ possession, do they even have a chance of winning this battle? Sure, Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite are on their way to the battlefield with the three remaining Chaos Emeralds, but what will they do when they arrive? Will they choose to lend the heroes a hand, or will they simply steal the Chaos Emeralds and flee the scene? Find out in this exciting, second-to-last chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Scorch: Well, mission accomplished, I guess. Mephiles has been put in his place again, but somehow, I’m still not all that satisfied. Maybe if I had arrived on the battlefield much sooner, then I could have done a lot more. I could have given that spineless coward what he truly deserved for spreading all those lies to have me killed! Also, I can’t believe I actually turned down a chance to get even with Tikal… Maybe I really AM starting to get soft…

???: Talking to yourself again, sis?

Scorch: Ahhh! Slush, you’ve GOT to stop sneaking up on me like that!

Wait a minute… I thought you said you were going to the Ice Cap Zone?

Slush: I was, but then I remembered that the Ice Element Gem in my tiara has an endless supply of snow, so I used that to rejuvenate myself.

Scorch: I see. You mean to tell me that you didn’t realize that until now?

Slush: Of course I did, it’s just-

Scorch: Oh, I get it. Every other time you said that, you were only using that as an excuse to go see that polar bear, am I right?

Slush: *Blushes* N-No, it’s nothing like that at all!

Scorch: Yeah, sure. Then why are you blushing?

Slush: I’m not! At the time, I just didn’t think to use it, that’s all!

Scorch: If you say so, little sis.

*Suddenly, a loud roar is heard*

Slush: Whoa, what was that!?

Scorch: Oh, no…! Don’t tell me that’s…!

Slush: That’s who?

Wait a minute! Scorch, you didn’t happen to drop the Fire Gem into the lava by any chance, did you?

Scorch: Not that I remem-

No, wait… I did! Well, not me, exactly. It was Squash! During our battle, she ended up knocking me into the pool of lava at the volcano! Because of my gem coming in contact with it, Iblis must have gotten released as a result!

Slush: Ugh… Now that’s just perfect, isn’t it? First, Mephiles and Dr. Nega return because of her and now Iblis, too!?

Scorch: If that creature continues to run loose, he’ll eventually destroy everything! Come on, we’ve got to stop him before it’s too late!

Slush: …

Wow. You sure are bent on playing the hero all of a sudden.

Scorch: Oh, please. For me, this has nothing to do with heroism. It’s about keeping the promise I made to Dr. Robotnik. After he freed me from my thousand plus years of captivity, I told him that I’d do anything to repay the favor, which of course, includes helping him with his world domination plans. If Iblis ends up destroying everything, there won’t be a world left for him to rule!

Slush: *Sweatdrops* It figures. In any case, though, you’re right about one thing: Iblis MUST be stopped at all costs! One question, though: Are you sure you’ll be able to take him on, even though your left arm is still injured?

Scorch: I’ll manage. Come on, let’s get moving! *Flies off*

Slush: *Follows*

Wasting no time, the two Goddesses hurried over to the volcano as fast as they could in order to stop Iblis before he begins his rampage. Meanwhile, at the Sandopolis Zone, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes were still doing battle against Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega. Unfortunately for them, they were still unable to inflict any damage on Egg Galaxia, due to the fact that the Robotniks used the stolen Sol Emeralds to increase its power, making it invulnerable in the process. Since physical attacks weren’t working, they decided to use special attacks instead.



Espio: *Tosses a shuriken bomb at it*

Honey: *Same*

Vector: *Blows fire at it*




Omega: ERRADICATE! *Fires a huge purple laser*






*A huge explosion occurs*

Ray: Yeah, I think it’s working, you guys!

Charmy: Yay! You did it!

Marine: Strewth! That was bonza! That was ACE!

???: And you were saying?

Ray: W-WHAT!?

Shortly afterwards, the smoke cleared. Despite all the devastating attacks that were used, the Egg Galaxia was still standing, unscathed.

Charmy: Huh!? It’s STILL standing after all THAT!?

Heavy: This is insane!

Bomb: Tell me about it!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Yes, we’re still standing, as you can see.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Haven’t you fools put it together yet? With the power of the Sol Emeralds, we are UNSTOPPABLE!

Robotnik: That is, of course, unless you could somehow manage to get ahold of the three remaining Chaos Emeralds, which I very much doubt you can do!

Wechnia: Has it ever occurred to you that the Sol Emeralds’ power can be stopped with the Master Emerald? We may not know exactly where the Chaos Emeralds are, but we know exactly where THAT is!

Nega Robotnik: WHAT!? Curses! I forgot all about that thing!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… Even so, do you truly think we’ll let you walk away from this battle to get it? I already gave you all a freebie before, allowing you to rejuvenate yourselves with the rings, but that’s where I draw the line!

Knuckles: Damn!

Shadow: You’re right, Doctor. You might not let us walk away, but we DO have other methods…

Nega Robotnik: Oh? Eee hee hee! Would you care to explain what these supposed “other methods” are? I’m just dying to know!

Shadow: I have two words for you. *Picks up the green Chaos Emerald* Chaos… CONTROL!

Using the power of a single Chaos Emerald, Shadow was able to utilize Chaos Control, effectively freezing the Robotniks and the Egg Galaxia in time.

Knuckles: Good thinking, Shadow, but I don’t know if this’ll buy me the time I need to get to the altar and back.

Shadow: Sure it will. I could Chaos Control you over there, just as I did a year ago when we needed to use the Master Emerald to trap Mephiles.

Knuckles: Ah, yeah. I forgot all about that.

Charmy: Hey, look, you guys! Isn’t that Nack and Bean over there? *Points to ahead to the jeep*

Vector: Yep, that’s them a’ight. I’m gonna take a wild guess ‘n’ say they’ve got the otha three Chaos Emeralds? If so, then we probably won’t even need the Master Emerald!

Knuckles: *Takes out the radar* Well, what do you know? They DO have them!

Charmy: Alright!

Blaze: Well, that was certainly convenient, wasn’t it?

*Nack parks the jeep as soon as he and Bean get close enough*

Nack: Hiya, chumps! Didn’t expect ta find ‘ja here!

Bean: How is it that you STILL managed to beat us here, even after we went through the trouble of stealing that guy’s jeep!?

Rouge: So, you stole that jeep, huh? Isn’t THAT the surprise of the century?

Nack: Ah, shaddap! We wouldn’t ‘ve had ta do ‘dat if ‘dat cat coil ovah ‘dere didn’t blow up ‘da Marvelous Queen!

Blaze: Who, me? I don’t remember doing anything like that! What are you talking about?

Silver: Yeah, and what, exactly, is this “Marvelous Queen”, anyway?

Nack: Foist of all, ‘da Marvelous Queen was a custom-made air bike of mine. Second ‘ve all, I was talkin’ ‘bout HER! *Points to Honey*

Honey: Well, you had it coming after holding that knife up to my throat and using me a shield!

Nack: Well, ya shouldn’t ‘ve been pokin’ ya nose into our business ‘n’ what-not! As a mattah o’ fact, you owe me some money fa ‘da damages to da Marvelous Queen!

Honey: I don’t owe you a thing!

Nack: Look, Ah’m warnin’ you, sistah! Ya beddah pay up right now, or I’ll bussa cap ‘n ya right here, on ‘da spot!

Honey: You go ahead and try it!

*They “lightning anime glare* at one another*

Rouge: Alright, alright. That’s enough, you two. Fang, Bean. You two have the other three emeralds, right? Why don’t you give them to us? We could really use them right about now.

Bean: Why should we? If we do, then what’s in it for us?

Sonic: Didn’t you tell us last month that you had a bone to pick with Ro-butt-nik for cheating you in the past? Well, now’s your chance! You see that mech they’re using over there? *Points* It absorbed power from Blaze’s Sol Emeralds, and became invincible! We need those three emeralds, so we could put them in their place!

Bean: Hmm, come to think of it, we DID say something like that, didn’t we?

Shadow: Also, we just got finished doing you a huge favor.

Nack: Eh? What fava? I don’t remember you doin’ nutin’ for us…

Shadow: We know all about the deal that you two made with Mephiles, and I’ll tell you right now that he had absolutely no intention of paying you like he claimed, but don’t just take my word for it. *Takes out a recording device and presses the “Play” button*

*Cue recording*

Shadow: Tell us! Who was it that you “hired” to collect the rest of the emeralds for you!?

Mephiles: I don’t recall their names, but one of them was a green duck with a red bandana, and a purple weasel with a brown hat. I believe one of them called themselves “Nack the Sniper”, or was it “Fang the Weasel”?


Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Very soon, those two are going to be delivering the rest of the emeralds to me, and then my plan will be nearly complete! When that time comes, I’ll be sure to “award” them alright… With a one-way ticket to oblivion, that is!

*End recording*

Bean: So, I was right after all! I KNEW that guy couldn’t be trusted!

Nack: Ooh, why ‘dat doity, stinkin’, double-crossin’…! He really WAS tryin’ na pull a fast one on us all ‘dis time!

Omega: Yes, and had we not intervened, he would have exterminated you both.

Nack: …

Bean: …

Charmy: So, NOW will you give us the emeralds?

Nack: Well…

Bean: …

Nack: I guess we DO owe ya one, ‘n’ we DO wanna get even wit’ ‘da doc, so…

*The Robotniks unfreeze*

Nega Robotnik: Wait a minute, what just happened!? Were we…frozen in time?

Robotnik: Yes, I believe so. Now, where were we? Ah, yes, I remember! We were in the process of finishing you meddlesome fools off once and for all!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Yes, that’s right! Why don’t we go ahead and pick up where we left off?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… That’s fine by me! I think we’ve toyed with you long enough. What do you say we put an end to this?

*The Egg Galaxia starts charging up a laser and hovers into the air*

Tails: Uh oh… That doesn’t look good…

Vector: Fa cryin’ out loud, Nack ‘n’ Bean! Are ya gonna give us the emeralds or not!?

Nack: A’ight, a’ight! Fine! Take ‘em! *Tosses the emeralds towards the other four*

Bean: *Tosses the last one*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! The charge is complete! It’s time to die, fools! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ready, aim… FIRE!!!

Just as the Egg Galaxia was firing a huge laser beam at everyone, they ended up using the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to generate a barrier around themselves, just in time before it came in contact.

Robotnik: WHAT!? No way! I can’t BELIEVE this!

Nega Robotnik: Gah! That barrier will run out eventually, I guarantee it!

Wechnia: I wouldn’t count on it. The Chaos Emeralds have unlimited powers, you know.

Robotnik: Oh, but exactly how much longer do you think it’ll stand up to the power of the Sol Emeralds, which have powers that are akin to them? One side is bound to emerge victorious, and that’s of course, going to be Nega and I! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Knuckles: We’ll see about that!

Elsewhere, while everyone else was busy dealing with Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega, Scorch and Slush were in the “heat” of battle themselves, against the fiery monster, Iblis, who Squash had mistakenly and unknowingly released during her battle against Scorch.

Iblis: *Insert loud growl here as he spits a large ball of flaming charcoal at them*

Scorch: HAAAAAAAAAH! *Surrounds her fist with fire and punches through it, causing it to crumble into pieces*

After that, more and more flaming charcoal balls got launched at them, but Scorch continued punching through them, while Slush, on the other hand, we using her ice powers to freeze them, stopping them in midair. Eventually, Iblis ended up launching a meteorite at the duo, which promoted Scorch to punch through it, using her left hand.

Scorch: Ghhhhh…! *Kneels down, holding her arm*

Slush: Scorch! Are you alright, big sis?

Scorch: Don’t worry, I’m okay. *Stands up again* What about you? Are you sure you’ll be able to withstand this heat for much longer?

Slush: I’ve got it all under control. Whenever I need to cool myself off, I’ll just step outside and re-energize myself with the power of the Ice Gem. Now, with that said, we’re going to need an action plan for this guy. Obviously, just simply freezing him isn’t going to cut it, nor will fire attacks, for obvious reasons.

Scorch: You’re right. He has to have some kind of weakness. But what could it be, exactly?

Ah, wait! Now I remember! When we went up against Iblis last month, just about everyone but Splash was attacking its eye!

Slush: Yeah, that IS true, come to think of it! It doesn’t look as if he’s making ANY attempt to guard it whatsoever, either. Come on, let’s do it! *Holds out the palm of her hand and starts shooting at Iblis’ eye*

Scorch: *Same*

Iblis: *Blocks the attacks*

Scorch: W-WHAT!?

Slush: Ugh, me and my big mouth! I guess he isn’t so brainless after all…

Scorch: Ah, well. No big deal. I’m sure if we were to rapidly fire at his eye, then he won’t be able to block all of our blasts.

Slush: It’s worth a try.

*They do it again, and it’s the same result*

Slush: Damn it!

Scorch: Well, so much for that, huh?

Slush: I guess we’re going to need another plan, then. If attacking him from far away doesn’t get the job done, then our only option left is to attack him head-on!

Scorch: What if he ends up blocking that, too?

Slush: Don’t worry, I have an idea. *Whispers in Scorch’s ear*

Scorch: Yeah, that’s perfect! He won’t even see it coming! Anytime you’re ready, Slush.

Slush: With all this heat I’ve had to endure, I just hope I’ll have enough energy to pull it off. Well, here goes! *Hovers into the air* BLIZZARD ATTACK!

Using her cryokinetic powers, Slush used the remaining energy that she had left to create a blizzard. The snow, along with the strong winds, were not only enough to damage Iblis, but it distracted him long enough for Scorch to fly towards his eye and jam her fist through it.

Iblis: *Insert loud growling here as he sinks back into the lava*

Scorch: Well, that takes care of him…for now, at least.

Slush: Yeah. I’m going outside to cool off. Let me know when he gets back up again.

But then again, that probably won’t be necessary, since anybody could hear Iblis’ roar within a ten-mile radius.

Scorch: Good point.

At the Sandopolis Zone…

Nega Robotnik: You won’t be able to resist for much longer, you know. Sooner or later, the beam is going to penetrate that barrier, and you fools will be blown to PIECES! Eee hee hee hee!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… That’s right! It’s only a matter of time until we’ll finally be rid of pests for good! The Robotnik Empire… I could practically SEE it now! At long last, it’s going to become a reality, just as I envisioned it!

Seedra: I think I have an idea…

Mighty: You do? Well, alright. Let’s hear it.

Seedra: You guys said that the emeralds transform thoughts into power, right? Well, can’t we channel our thoughts into reflecting their beam?

Shadow: It’s worth a try.

Charmy: Alright, well let’s do it!

Taking Seedra’s suggestion, the heroes used the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds and transformed their thoughts into making the Egg Galaxia’s beam reflect off the barrier and bounce right back to it.



Before the Robotniks had the chance to dodge, they ended up getting hit by their own beam, with the Egg Galaxia being launched into the sky, and sent flying over the horizon somewhere.

Ray: Wow. I’m surprised that actually worked!

Sonic: HA! Game over, Ro-butt-niks!

Bean: HAHAHAHAHA… Now THAT’S what I call “Dynamite Power”!

Nack: Yep! ‘Dat outta teach ‘de ol’ doc not ta cheat us no moah!

Well, so far, so good. Thanks to Nack and Bean’s cooperation, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes were able to triumph over Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega and stop their world domination plans from coming to fruition. Additionally, Scorch and Slush were able triumph over Iblis at the volcano. Is it truly over? Have the heroes truly won? Or do the Robotniks, as well as Iblis, have more tricks up their sleeves? Find out in Part Nineteen “Bee” of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 19b

Last time, on Elements of Power, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes resumed their battle against Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega, in their new machine, the “Egg Galaxia”. Due to the fact that the Robotniks were in possession of all seven Sol Emeralds, the Egg Galaxia was invincible, and the heroes were unable to inflict any damage on it. In order to buy time to come up with a strategy, Shadow used Chaos Control to freeze the two doctors in time. Conveniently, Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite arrived on the scene with the three remaining Chaos Emeralds. Wanting to get back at Robotnik for cheating them in the past, the two of them decided to lend their emeralds to the heroes so that they could destroy the Egg Galaxia.

After the effects of Chaos Control had worn off, the Robotniks were unfrozen, and the battle resumed. The two scientists then started charging up a laser, determined to finish the heroes off once and for all and proceed with their plans to conquer the world and build the Robotnik and Nega Robotnik Empire. Before their beam could come in contact, they used the power of the seven emeralds to generate a barrier. Eventually, Seedra made a suggestion to channel their thoughts into reflecting the Egg Galaxia’s beam, in which they did, causing the machine and the Robotniks to get pushed away, and sent flying over the horizon somewhere.

In the meantime, Scorch and Slush were in the “heat” of battle themselves. As it turns out, Squash had mistakenly and unknowingly freed Iblis during her battle with Scorch. Knowing what would happen if Iblis continues to roam freely, two Goddesses wasted no time and headed straight towards the volcano in order to put a stop to the fiery creature’s rampage before it began. Scorch and Slush fought him face to face, and after a tough battle, they eventually managed to defeat it, causing it to sink back into the lava.

Are the battles truly over? Have Iblis and the Robotniks truly been defeated? Or do they still have more tricks up their sleeve? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Charmy: Yay! We did it, you guys! We beat Robotnik and Dr. Nega!

Vector: Yep! All in a day’s work, boys…’n’ girls!

Squash: So, HE was Dr. Nega, huh? Are he and Ivo twins, or what?

Shadow: Nega is actually his descendant from 200 years into the future.

Squash: I see.

Nack: By da way, what’d ‘ju guys do wit’ Mephiles?

Shadow: He’s been sealed up within the Scepter of Darkness, where he belongs. *Holds it up*

Bean: Ah, okay.

Rouge: I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally think he deserves far worse.

Nack: Yeah, like havin’ ‘is guts pumped full o’ lead!

Bean: Or getting blown to smithereens!

Knuckles: Even if you had the chance to do that, he’d just piece himself back together again. But still, I agree with Rouge about him deserving worse.

Charmy: *Whispers to Marine* The only reason Knuckles agrees with Rouge, is because he likes her. *Snickers*

Marine: *Snickers, too*

Knuckles: *Glares at Charmy* I heard that!

Rouge: Yeah, so did I!

Charmy: Uhhh, heard what?

Marine: You’re just hearin’ things, mates! That’s all!

Charmy: Yep, what she said! You’re just hearing things!

Rouge: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bat, which means that I have ultrasensitive hearing. There’s no use in trying to hide it.

Knuckles: Plus, your whispers aren’t that quiet anyway, Charmy.

Charmy: Aww, crap…

Amy: Ooh, that reminds me. Now that we’ve finished saving the world from Mephiles and the two Robotniks, why don’t we head over to the beach? And while we’re there, Silver, I could introduce you to that nice girl I was telling you about!

Blaze: …! *Blushes*

Silver: Oh, right… I forgot all about that. (I was hoping SHE’D forget all about it, too…)

Blaze: (This is going to be awkward, I just know it…)

Cream: Umm, Amy?

Amy: What is it, Cream?

Cream: *Whispers* Are you sure it was a good idea to mention that in front of Blaze? She might end up catching on, you know…

Amy: Oh, right. I guess I wasn’t thinking.

Cream: *Looks toward Blaze* (Hmm? Why is Blaze blushing? Could it be that she’s already figured it out somehow?)

Blaze: O-Oh, uhh… I just remembered! The Sol Emeralds! They’re still missing! Do you think there’s a chance that they might have gotten scattered after the explosion?

Silver: Possibly. What does the detector say about them, Knuckles?

Knuckles: *Looks* Oh, shoot! I think the battery died!

Tails: It just needs to be charged up again, that’s all.

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee charged up”. Get it? *Snickers*

Marine: Heh heh heh! Sure do, mate! That was rippa!

Splash: Yeah, I guess you’re right. *Giggles*

Seedra: *Same*

Knuckles: *Sweatdrops* Just when I thought they had finally gotten old to you…

Splash: Hey, like I said before, those puns never get old to me, no matter how many times I hear them.

Wait, I just realized… I said “beefore”. *Giggles again*

*Everyone anime falls (except Charmy, Marine, and Seedra; once again, for obvious reasons)*

Heavy: Umm, no offense, but you sound even more idiotic than Charmy does, and that’s saying a lot.

Charmy: *Pulls down his eyelid and sticks his tongue at Heavy*

Splash: Here’s a little newsflash for you, Heavy… Saying “no offense” doesn’t make you any less of a jerk than you’ve already proven yourself to be.

Charmy: Yeah! *Sticks his tongue at Heavy again*

Squash: …

In any case, Shadow… Now that Mephiles is back in the Scepter of Darkness, exactly what are you planning to do with it? Take it back to G.U.N. Headquarters?

Shadow: I would, but if I take it there, then it’s just bound to fall into the wrong hands, and Mephiles will be freed from his imprisonment again. So, I’m going to have to find another place to put it. As to where… I haven’t exactly decided yet, but I’ll think of something when the time comes.

Squash: I see.

Mighty: While we’re on the subject, this is the first time in a while that we’ve managed to stop him before he had the chance to merge with Iblis, or even set him free for that matter.

Espio: Indeed. Here’s hoping we’ll never have to face Solaris again.

Tikal: Yes. As long as Scorch could keep the Fire Element Gem from coming in contact with lava or flames, then we won’t have to worry about Iblis returning.

Squash: Coming…in contact with lava and flames…? (Wait a minute… I fought Scorch earlier, and I definitely remember her wearing that gem in her tiara as I knocked her into the lava! If what they say is true, then that must mean Iblis is free! No! This can’t be! I’ve got to go stop him!)

Seedra: Is something wrong, Squash? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost or something…

Squash: There’s no time to explain! I have to go! *Gets a running start, rolls into a boulder, and dashes away*

Rouge: …

Wow. What do you suppose THAT was about?

Knuckles: I don’t know, but she definitely acted pretty strange once Iblis was brought up…

Silver: *Looks toward Blaze* Do you think that could possibly mean…?

Blaze: I certainly hope not…

Omega: Warning! Incoming enemy approaching from above! Scanners indicate that the Egg Galaxia is still intact!

Everyone: WHAT!?

*The Egg Galaxia hovers down*

Bomb: Well, from the looks of things, it seems we were actually able to do some damage to it…

Blaze: Why don’t you just give up already and hand over the Sol Emeralds!

Silver: Yeah, you might as well, because you’re just going to lose again, like always!

Nega Robotnik: Hmph, I’ll admit that you caught us by surprise during the last round, but no matter. The two of us are still bound to emerge victorious in the end! Eee hee hee!

Robotnik: Why don’t you meet us up at the Doomsday Zone so that we could settle this once and for all? If, by some chance, you manage to defeat us up there, then we’ll be more than happy to return your precious Sol Emeralds.

Blaze: We’ll be there.

Charmy: Yeah, we’ll BEE there!

*People glare at him*

Charmy: Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Excellent! We’re glad to hear it!

Robotnik: Don’t disappoint us. HAHAHAHAHAHA…

*The Egg Galaxia teleports away*

Seedra: “Doomsday Zone”? I don’t like the sound of that… Where is this place, exactly?

Sonic: The Doomsday Zone is in outer space. It’s just an asteroid field, so it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Seedra: Oh, okay. But still, I wonder why they chose that place in particular…

Wechnia: They must want to challenge us to an emerald-powered showdown. After all, both sides happen to have a set of emeralds. We have the seven Chaos Emeralds, while the Robotniks have the seven Sol Emeralds. It’s the only logical explanation.

Seedra: Makes sense.

Sonic: Heh! Sounds like an invitation to party! Okay, Ro-butt-niks! Bring it on!

Knuckles: Well, that’s one invitation I’m not turning down! If it’s a fight they want, then it’s a fight we’ll get!

Charmy: So, you mean we’re gonna go super again? Awesome!

Vector: Ya beddah believe we are! C’mon, let’s get powa’d up!

Just then, the Chaotix team (Knuckles, Mighty, Espio, Charmy, and Vector), Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Silver, and Blaze moved towards the seven Chaos Emerald as they began to glow and encircle everyone. After that, a bright flash of light occurred, and when it faded, their super transformations were finished.

Nack: HOLY CRAP! I ‘de emeralds were powerful ‘n’ whatnot, but nevah knew ‘dey had ‘DAT kinda powah!

Bean: Neither did I, actually…

Heavy: I know I say this every time, but rings are needed in order to help sustain your super forms. While you guys are busy doing battle against the Robotniks, the rest of us will be on the move, collecting rings to fuel your ring energy.

Bomb: Yeah. If you find yourselves running low on rings, then we’ll be sure to send them to you immediately.

Knuckles: Got it.

Bean: …

Alright, fine. I guess we’ll take part in this, too. Normally, we wouldn’t involve ourselves in anything like this unless some money was involved, but since we wanna get even with Robotnik, this one’s on the house.

Mighty: Well, okay then. Thanks.

Nack: *Looks toward Honey* As fa you… Don’t go thinkin’ ‘dis changes nutin’, y’hear? Aftah ‘dis is ovah, ya beddah gimme my money!

Honey: And if I don’t?

Nack: I think ya already know ‘de answer ta ‘dat! Anyway… *Looks towards the Chaotix and the others* Whadda ya waitin’ for? Go ahead ‘n’ show ‘dem Robotniks who’s boss!

Super Sonic: Alright. Let’s blast through with Sonic speed!

Super Shadow: Chaos… CONTROL!

Just as they were in the process teleporting themselves from the desert and into space, Wechnia, Splash, and Seedra quickly stepped within the range of Shadow’s Chaos Control come with them and take part in the battle. Meanwhile, at the volcano, Scorch was currently battling Iblis (in his second, worm-like form), who rose back up again after sinking into the lava. In addition to Iblis, Scorch also had fiery bats and other creatures to fight off that were spawned by Iblis.

Scorch: Sheesh! What could be taking Slush so long!? She said she’d be back after cooling herself off, and since she has the Ice Gem with her, it shouldn’t have taken any more than a few minutes! What could she be doing, exactly!?

???: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! It looks like we meet again, my dear sister…

Scorch: Huh!? Squash! It’s you!

Squash: AH-HA-HA-AH! The one and only!

Scorch: …

That laugh…don’t ever do it again.

Squash: Well, isn’t THAT a jolly thing to say to someone who’s come all this way to help you?

Scorch: …

Squash: Listen, about before...

Scorch: Yeah, I know. You’re sorry for picking that fight with me, right? Is that what you were going to say?

Squash: Well, yeah. Something like that…

Scorch: Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t your fault. That was Mephiles’ doing, after all.

Squash: Either way, I still feel stupid for believing his lies, and I’d like to make it up to you somehow. Since Slush isn’t here, maybe I could fight in her place?

Scorch: Sure, why not?

Iblis: *Roars and summons more fiery creatures*

Squash: Alright then! Let’s get ‘em!

*They start fighting the creatures off*

Elsewhere, at the Doomsday Zone…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… So, you’ve come! We’re glad you could make it!

Super Vector: Ya beddah believe we did! Like I always say: Once we start a job, we finish the job! That’s our policy! We’re Team Chaotix!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Well, we regret to inform you that this is one job you won’t be finishing! EEE HEE HEE HEE!

Super Espio: We’ll see about that, Nega.

Robotnik: All of you! Prepare to meet your maker!

So far, there are two epic battles taking place, both which determine the fate of the world, and eventually, the entire universe. Do the heroes have what it takes to put a stop to Dr. Robotnik’s and Dr. Nega’s evil ambition? Do the Goddesses have what it takes to dispose of Iblis? Speaking of a which, what’s keeping Slush, exactly? Find out next time, on Part Nineteen “See” of Knuckles’ Chaotix, Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 19c

When we last left off, Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Nega, and their new mech robot, the Egg Galaxia was sent flying by its own attack, thanks to the reflective forcefield that the heroes created with the seven Chaos Emeralds. After that, the heroes, while under the impression that the Robotniks were beaten, decided to take a breather. During that time, Squash came to the realization that she had accidentally released Iblis from its imprisonment during her battle against Scorch. After that, she wasted no time and hurried to the volcano immediately to put a stop to the monster’s rampage before it begins. Shortly after she left, the Robotniks returned with the slightly damaged Egg Galaxia, and decided to challenge the heroes to an emerald-powered showdown at the Doomsday Zone, which is located in outer space. Needless to say, the heroes accepted their challenge, and a handful of them used the seven Chaos Emeralds to transform. Heavy, Bomb, and all the others decided to stay behind to collect rings for them in case their super forms are on the verge of wearing off.

Meanwhile, Scorch was busy battling Iblis, but without Slush this time around, so she was forced to take on the fiery monster and the creatures it spawned all by herself, until Squash arrived to fight in Slush’s place. Speaking of a which, exactly why hasn’t she returned yet? Even if she does, will the Goddess have a chance of defeating Iblis and stopping him from destroying their current timeframe? Do Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes have what it takes to defeat Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega, and stop their plans for world domination? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Robotnik: GET A LOAD O’ THIS!

*The Egg Galaxia fires missiles at them*

Seedra: *Grabs some of them with the vines extended from her back*

Super Silver: How ‘bout this!? *Catches some with telekinesis* Take THIS! *Launches them*

Seedra: *Same*

Nega Robotnik: Oh, I don’t think so!

*The Egg Galaxia holds up a shield*

Super Vector: Ah, crud!

Wechnia: Don’t worry, we still have a chance. While they’re busy focusing on blocking what’s in front of them, they’ve left themselves unguarded from behind.

Super Knuckles: Good thinking as always, Wechnia. Come on, let’s get ‘em!

Going with Wechnia’s suggestion, the super-powered group of heroes took advantage of the situation and attacked the Egg Galaxia’s unguarded area, while it was busy blocking what was in front of them.

Robotnik: AUGH!

Nega Robotnik: BAH! CURSES!

Super Sonic: HA! How’s THAT, Ro-butt-niks!?

Robotnik: I wouldn’t get too cocky if I were you, you meddlesome hedgehog, because we haven’t even BEGUN to get started!

Nega Robotnik: Especially since we could do… THIS!

Shortly afterwards, Dr. Nega pressed a button, which morphed the Egg Galaxia’s arm from a cannon to a vacuum, which started sucking up the heroes’ rings.

Super Charmy: AAAAH! OH, NO! OUR RINGS!

*The others say something similar*

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How do you like THAT, fools!? It’s a well-known fact that your super forms require ring energy, and since we’ve deprived you of a majority of them already, you don’t stand a chance!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! That’s right! Installing that Ring Vacuum within the Egg Galaxia was a stroke of pure genius, wasn’t it?

Burning Blaze: GRRR…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Indeed it was, Nega! Indeed it was! Sure, your friends are most likely running around Angel Island, collecting rings to fuel your super forms right now, as we speak, but their efforts are in vain, since we could easily take them from you again!

Super Charmy: Aww, no! He’s right, you guys! What’re we gonna do!?

Super Vector: Whadda we gonna do, ya ask? Simple: We’re gonna find some way ta break that vacuum thingy o’ theirs, ‘n’ get our rings back!

Nega Robotnik: Oh, but what if your energy wears off before then?

Super Knuckles: We’ll think of something! Now, enough talk! Let’s pick up where we left off!

Robotnik: Very well then, fools! Come and meet your destruction!
Just as both sides were getting ready to charge towards one another, tons of rings were suddenly transported in front of them.

Super Mighty: Wow, that was fast! Especially when compared to last time, when we were dealing with Solaris…

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee! Thanks for the rings, fools!

*The Egg Galaxia starts sucking them up*

Super Silver: It’s no use! *Holds the rings down with telekinesis*

Robotnik: WHAT!? No way! I can’t BELIEVE this!

Super Espio: Alright, now why don’t we collect them before it’s too late?

Super Vector: Ya don’t gotta tell ME twice!

*They collect the rings*

Seedra: By the way, exactly how are those rings getting sent up here?

Super Tails: They’re most likely using the space transporter at my Workshop.

Nega Robotnik: Tails’ Workshop, eh? *Takes out a communication device* Come in, Metal Sonic Version 3.0! Can you hear me?

Everyone: WHAT!?


*Metal Sonic 3.0 is in the middle of a battle with the original Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Holds Metal Sonic down with telekinesis*

Metal Sonic: Ghhhh…!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, I hear you. What is your command, Doctor Nega?

Nega Robotnik: I have an important task for you to perform, so listen carefully! I need you to head over to Tails’ Workshop in the Mystic Ruins to intercept those pests and keep them from collecting rings!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Very well, understood. *Hangs up and uses telekinesis to toss Metal Sonic through a wall*

Metal Sonic: UHHHHHH! *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Sonic 3.0: I currently have some other business to attend to. Your death is for later. *Turns on his jet booster and flies away*

Metal Sonic: *Gets up again* I hope he doesn’t truly believe that he could escape me. If so, then he has another thing coming! Once again, I’m going to destroy him like the pathetic imposter he is, and prove which of us is TRULY the real Sonic! *Turns on his jet booster and flies after him*

At the Doomsday Zone…

Super Sonic: Metal Sonic 3.0!? Didn’t he already get destroyed last month, when he was fighting against the original!?

Burning Blaze: Yes, he burst into flames and everything! There wasn’t a shred left of him!

Robotnik: Obviously, he was rebuilt.

Super Vector: Yeah, but how’d Nega even find ‘da time ta do it, when he was locked in the institution for the past month ‘r so!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Yes, Metal Sonic 3.0 was defeated in battle last month, and yes he “burst into flames” as you put it, Blaze, but his control chip was left unscathed. So, as a result, I was able to upload it into one of the spare bodies that I’ve built for Metal Sonic 3.0 prior to this moment, so it’s as good as new! As to when I found the time to do that, it was after I escaped from the mental asylum, and sometime before Dr. Robotnik and I lifted the Sol Emeralds! EEE HEE HEE!

Super Mighty: Well, I guess THAT explains it…

Super Shadow: Well, now that we’ve got that cleared up, why don’t we pick up where we left off?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… I thought you’d never ask! It’s time you’ve witnessed the TRUE power of REAL evil geniuses!

*They charge toward one another and resume the battle*

Elsewhere, at Tails’ Workshop…

Heavy: There, that should do it. All the rings we’ve collected have been safely transported up to The Doomsday Zone.

Bomb: Yeah. As much as we’ve collected, their super forms should be able to last for a while.

Honey: I certainly hope so. I’d hate for something bad to happen to Espio… Knuckles and all the others…

Amy: …

Say, you wouldn’t happen to have feelings for Espio, would you?

Honey: H-Huh? *Blushes a little* N-No, of course not! W-What makes you say that?

Amy: Like I always say, I happen to have a sixth sense about that sort of thing. It’s never steered me wrong before!

Tiara: …


Amy: Hey! What’s so funny!?

Tiara: That “sixth sense” of yours, that’s what. Let’s be real here, Amy. If it truly “never steered [you] wrong before”, then how come you haven’t caught on to the fact that Sonic doesn’t like you?

Nack: Y’know, she’s gotta point ‘dere…

Bean: Yep.

Amy: Oh, piss off, Boobowski! Sonic does TOO like me!

Tiara: Yeah, as much as a bullet through the head.

*They “anime lightning glare” at one another*

Rouge: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… These are always so entertaining, don’t you think?

Omega: Negative. I find these quarrels to be absolutely meaningless, and a complete waste of time.

Rouge: Ah, you’re always so serious, Omega.

Amy: Sonic loves ME!

Tiara: No, ME!

*They argue back and forth*

Omega: SILENCE! *Aims his arm cannon and fires a bullet through the ceiling*

*They stop*

Nack: Ah, man… It was JUST gettin’ to da good part…

Omega: Our objective is to collect rings to help Shadow and the other sustain their super forms! Do not forget it!

Heavy: I was on the verge of saying the same thing, but you beat me to it.

Bark: He’s right, you know. As entertaining as I thought that was, this isn’t the time for it. You two could always fight over Sonic later, after the Robotniks are beaten.

Amy: …

Okay, fine.

Tiara: Yeah, whatever. Let’s go.

Just as they were leaving the Workshop to continue their ring hunt, Metal Sonic 3.0 suddenly hovered down in front of them.

Cream: Hey, isn’t that… Mr. Metal Sonic!?

Honey: That’s him alright, but his coloring is different from before…

Bomb: That’s actually an entirely different Metal Sonic from the other one. This is Metal Sonic Version Three-Point Zero, a carbon copy created by Dr. Nega.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Precisely, but I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “carbon copy”… An “improvement” is a more accurate description. Don’t ever lump me with that inferior, obsolete piece of trash.

Heavy: HAHAHAHAHAHA… Oh, that’s rich. You were sent to the scrap heap BY the original, and yet HE’S the inferior one?

Metal Sonic 3.0: What he achieved was merely a lucky victory, nothing more. I would be settling my score with him right now, but I’ve been ordered to keep you from collecting anymore rings. Otherwise, I’d never entertain the thought of wasting my time dealing with a multitude of weaklings.

Bean: What’d you say!?

Nack: You’re gonna regret openin’ ya yap, pal!

Rouge: Hmph, that’s quite an ego you’ve got there!

Bark: Yeah, that’s for sure! You think you’re so tough? Then show us what you’ve got!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmm hmm hmm! So, you have a deathwish? Who am I to disappoint?

Bark: Alright, then. *Cracks his knuckles* It’s clobberin’ time!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Holds out the palm of his hand*

???: HOLD IT!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmm? *Looks up* So, it’s YOU again…the outdated model…

Metal Sonic: *Hovers between the two sides and faces Three-Point Zero* You and I still have some unfinished business to attend to! Your fight is with me! They are of no concern to you!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Fair enough. This is convenient for me, actually. You’re the one that I truly wanted to do battle with in the first place.

Metal Sonic: *Turns to the heroes* The rest of you are free to go. I’ll handle him.

Tikal: Okay. Thank you.

Cream: Yes, thank you, Mr. Metal Sonic!

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao!

*Everyone else leaves*

Metal Sonic 3.0: So, Metal Sonic, it’s just you and me now. Let’s go! Once and for all, we will determine which of us is truly the strongest!

Metal Sonic: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

*They fight*

Elsewhere, at Red Mountain, Scorch and Squash were still in the process of fighting off the fiery creatures that were recently spawned, as well as Iblis himself.

Scorch: *Punches one of them away*

Squash: *Same*

Scorch: What is taking Slush so long, exactly!?

Squash: Beats me.

Scorch: Does she have any idea how hard it is to fight fire with fire!?

Squash: Maybe she chickened out? After all, she IS an Ice Goddess, and we’re inside of a volcano, fighting against volcanic creatures.

Scorch: Trust me, that’s not the case. Aside from the fact that she’s been to this volcano at least twice in the same day, she willingly entered the Sandopolis Zone, even after I warned her about the heat. So, it’s not fear that’s holding her back. Something else must be keeping her…

*Suddenly, the creatures, as well as the entire place get covered in sheets of ice*

Squash: …I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that was her?

Slush: You got it. *Drops down*

Shock: *Same*

Storm: *Same*

Slush: Sorry I’m late. Along with the recovery process, I had to fly all the way to Robotnik’s base to find these two, so they could lend us a hand.

Scorch: Ah, okay. I guess that explains it.

Iblis: *Roars*

Shock: So that’s Iblis, huh?

Slush: Yep.

Shock: I could have sworn it had a different form before, when we made that trip back in time…

Scorch: That’s because it can shapeshift into different forms, much like Mephiles can.

Storm: Alright, now why don’t we can the chatter and get this over with?

Squash: Sounds good to me.

Iblis: *Blows fire at them*

*They spread out and dodge the attack*

Shock: HA! Too slow!

Slush: Why don’t we all aim for his eye again?

Scorch: It’s worth a try.

Just as they were preparing to attack Iblis’ third eye, the fiery creature quickly swung its worm-like tail and knocked the five sisters back, sending them flying into the wall behind them.

Iblis: *Starts roaring so loud, that his voice begins to make the volcano cave in*

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Thanks, that’s JUST what I needed! *Holds out the palm of her hand, stops the falling rocks in midair, and launches them at Iblis’ eye with a telekinetic force*

Iblis: *Insert loud growl here*

Shock: My turn! *Zaps his eye*

Scorch: *Flies towards Iblis and punches his eye as soon as Shock is done*

Slush: Alright, Storm, we’re going to need to combine our powers on this one. I froze the place some, so that your wind powers will actually be of use in this volcano.

Storm: Okay. Let’s do it!

Once again, Slush used her cryokinetic powers to create a blizzard, while Storm, on the other hand, used her wind powers. Eventually, Iblis ended up being overwhelmed by the strong gusts of wind, and sank right back into the lava.

Shock: You know, I actually think that did the trick!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! That Iblis creature wasn’t so tough after all!

Shock: …

Umm, no offense, but that laugh… It’s really creepy.

Storm: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Squash: Oh, shut up.

Scorch: I get the strangest feeling that Iblis isn’t done yet… He might rise again, just as he did last time. After the next round, I’m going to make sure he doesn’t, by sealing him inside the Fire Gem again, like last time.

Slush: Okay, good. For now, we just need to play the waiting game…

Meanwhile, back at the Doomsday Zone, battle against heroes and the villains began to get more intense. As before, both sides were eventually matched, matching each other blow-for-blow. After a while, however, it got to the point where the heroes’ ring energy was almost depleted.

Super Tails: Uh oh… This isn’t good, you guys… I don’t know how much longer we’re going to be able to sustain these forms…

Wechnia: Hopefully, everyone else was able to get through this “Metal Sonic Version 3.0” in order to collect more rings…

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! At this point, I’d say that’s highly unlikely!

Robotnik: I’ll admit that you’ve all put up a good fight, but now it’s all over! It’s time we’ve disposed of you pests once and for all! With you fools out of the picture, we’ll finally be free to realize our ambitions! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Yes, and after we’re through taking over THIS planet, we’ll conquer the entire galaxy, as well! As I’ve stated before, the Robotnik and Nega Robotnik Empires will be transcendent universes that’ll exist in all timeframes; the past, present, AND future! It’ll be Robotnikland beyond THIS and EVERY other dimension! EEE HEE HEE HEE!


Splash: We’ll NEVER allow you to do that!

Super Charmy: Yeah!

*Some more rings get transported*

Both Robotniks: WHAT!?


Nega Robotnik: IMPOSSIBLE! HOW CAN THIS BE!? I specifically gave Metal Sonic Version 3.0 orders to distract those fools!

Burning Blaze: Has it ever occurred to you that he might have been defeated?

Super Shadow: It’s either that, or he’s too focused on his vendetta against the original Metal Sonic.

Super Vector: Eitha way, ya still lose!

Super Espio: Indeed. You might as well surrender.

Robotnik: Oh, I don’t think so!

*Both of the Egg Galaxia’s arms morph into vacuums*

Nega Robotnik: We might not be able to prevent your friends from collecting rings, but we can still take them from you! Eee hee hee hee!

Robotnik: Yes, and this time, we’re going to double the fun!

Super Shadow: Chaos… CONTROL!

Super Mighty: Good, that’ll hold them for the time being.

Super Charmy: “For the time beeing”. Get it? *Snickers*

Splash & Seedra: *Giggles*

*Everyone else sweatdrops*

Super Vector: …ANYWAY, whadda ya say we take this as our chance to destroy the vacuum, or somethin’? That way, we’ll be able to get back some o’ the rings that were taken from us!

Super Knuckles: Sounds good to me!

*They do that*

Super Charmy: I have another idea! Why don’t we all try ramming into them at the same time?

Super Vector: I ain’t got a problem with that!

*They all fly towards the Egg Galaxia at super speed, and the effects of Chaos Control wear off*

Nega Robotnik: So, you’ve decided to use that time freeze technique again? Eee hee hee! So what? By doing that, you’re only delaying the inevitable! We’re still going to-

Robotnik: ENOUGH OF YOUR BABBLING! We’ve got to get out of the way! Or else, we’re-

Before Robotnik had the chance to finish his sentence, and before either of them had a chance to dodge, the emerald-powered heroes rammed into the Egg Galaxia with incredible force and speed, sending the doctors and the machine crashing into a large asteroid behind them.

*An explosion occurs*

Super Sonic: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Game over, Ro-butt-niks!

Meanwhile, deep within the Mystic Ruins, the battle between the Metal Sonics continued, with the original gaining the upper hand in the end.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Ghhh…! *Kneels down, holding his arm* *Czzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Are you ready to accept your defeat?

Metal Sonic 3.0: You…haven’t won yet, fool! *Czzzzt!* I’ll…never allow myself to once again…suffer the shame and humiliating of being defeated by an inferior, outdated model like yourself! *Takes out seven colorful rings*

Metal Sonic: Wait a minute… Those are the Chaos Rings, are they not?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmm hmm hmm! That would be correct! Did you truly think that I would go down that easily? This time around, I’ve come prepared, just in case you happened to get lucky again…

Metal Sonic: …

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmm hmm hmm hmm! With the power of the Chaos Rings, I shall truly be unstoppable! I shall reign supreme as the most powerful robot the world has ever known! *Hovers into the air*

After hovering into the air, Metal Sonic 3.0 released the seven Chaos Rings into the air. As the rings encircled him, Metal Sonic 3.0 began to undergo a giant, monstrous transformation. While he was in the transformation process, a series of earthquakes began to occur, which were felt all throughout Angel Island.

At Tails Workshop…

Nack: HOLY CRAP! What’s goin’ on, he’ah!?

Bean: I don’t have a clue!

Cream: I-I’m scared…

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao…

Marine: B-Blimey! What do you suppose is causin’ this?

Rouge: I don’t know, but whatever it is, it can’t be good...

Tikal: Indeed. It must be some kind of awful power…

Omega: Scanners indicate high power readings; readings which are akin to that of the Chaos and Sol Emeralds’ power!

Tiara: Maybe your readings are coming from Sonic and the others?

Omega: Negative. Their battle is currently taking place at the Doomsday Zone, which is in the vastness of space. My scanners are unable to detect power readings that are not within the planet’s range.

Ray: Well, since it’s not them, I wonder if it has anything to do with the Metal Sonics?

Amy: I think you may be onto something, Ray. I have the strangest feeling that Metal Sonic might need our help…

At the battlefield…

Metal Overlord 3.0: Hmm hmm hmm hmm! The transformation is complete! Tremble with terror, you worthless piece of scrap metal, for your destruction is at hand!

Metal Sonic: …

Oh, no! Just when Metal Sonic was beginning to have the upper hand in battle, things have sudden taken a turn for the worse! With Metal Sonic 3.0’s newfound powers, does the original even stand a chance? Also, have the Robotniks truly been defeated? What about Iblis? Will he rise again, like the Goddesses have predicted? Find out on Part Nineteen “Dee” of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 19d

Last time, on Elements of Power, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes continued their battle against Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega's new machine, the "Egg Galaxia". Sometime during the battle, the newly resurrected Metal Sonic Version 3.0 was ordered by Dr. Nega to keep Heavy, Bomb, Honey, Nack, Bean, etc. from collecting additional rings to fuel the super forms of the Chaotix and company. As a result, he temporarily withdrew from his battle with the original Metal Sonic to carry out the orders that were given to him. Before he had the chance to do so, however, the original caught up with him, and the two of them resumed their battle from there, which allowed the others to continue collecting rings, without any interruptions.

Elsewhere, the Elemental Goddesses were still in the middle of their battle with Iblis, whom Squash accidentally released after having been tricked by Mephiles into fighting Scorch. As she and Scorch continued to fight off Iblis and the creatures that he continued to spawn, they constantly wondered where Slush had run off to, but conveniently, she showed up just in the nick of time, along with the Lightning and Wind Goddesses, Shock and Storm. Thanks to all five of the sisters combining their powers, they were able to defeat Iblis' second phase, and they're now eagerly awaiting his third.

Up at the Doomsday Zone, the Chaotix and company eventually ended up getting the upper hand with the Robotniks, and they ended up using a super-charged attack, ramming into the Egg Galaxia with incredible speed and power, sending it plummeting towards a large asteroid behind it, causing an explosion in the process. Coincidentally, around the same time, Metal Sonic had also triumphed during the battle against his doppelganger, Metal Sonic 3.0…or so it seemed. Not wanting to admit defeat, Metal Sonic 3.0 used the seven Chaos Rings to undergo a monstrous transformation. Now that he's absorbed the power of the Chaos Rings, does the original Metal Sonic stand even the slightest chance of defeating his copy? Have the Robotniks truly been defeated? Will the Elemental Goddesses be able to summon the power to defeat Iblis' final form? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Outside of Tails' Workshop…

Omega: Are you certain that abandoning our current mission to assist Metal Sonic is a wise decision?

Amy: Well, yeah. For starters, you did say that there are high power readings coming from this island, which are about the same as the Chaos Emeralds, right?

Omega: Correct.

Amy: I think that definitely had something to do with the earthquake that just happened a few minutes ago. What if that Metal Sonic copy ended up transforming, or something? If that's the case, and if he truly has power that's equal to that of the Chaos Emeralds, then there's no way Metal Sonic will stand a chance against him by himself!

Omega: …

Ray: She's got a point. I don't see the harm in lending Metal Sonic a hand, either. After all, he IS on our side now, since Tails reprogrammed him sometime ago.

Omega: Your points are very valid, but there is one small problem: While we're in the process of battling Metal Sonic Version 3.0, then who's going to be collecting rings to help sustain the super forms of Shadow and the others? Wasn't this what Dr. Nega intended?

Bomb: Yes, but I'm certain that we've gathered more than enough rings to keep them occupied, so there shouldn't be any need to worry about that for the time being.

Marine: Heh heh, "the time beeing". Get it, mates? *Snickers*

Everyone: …


Marine: Well, blimey! Doesn't anyone around here besides me, Charmy, the Water, and Leaf Goddesses have a sense o' humor around here?

Heavy: ...Moron.

Rouge: …Yeah, so anyway, back to the subject at hand. It's true that we've collected a lot of rings, but their super forms use up ring energy pretty fast, so Knuckles, Shadow, and the others may still need our help.

Tiara: Maybe half of us could go help Metal Sonic, while the other half continues collecting rings? And after a while, we could switch it around some and take turns.

Amy: …

I'd hate to say it, but once again, I agree with Boobowski. What about you guys?

Rouge: Sure, why not?

*Others agree, too*

Heavy: Okay, now with that said, all we need to do now is decide on the groups.

*They decide on the groups*

Rouge: Okay, so Omega, Heavy, Bomb, Tiara, Marine, and I will continue collecting rings for the time being.

Amy: Alright, then the rest of us will be helping out Metal Sonic.

Nack: Just so we're clear, he'ah… I ain't doin' 'dis outta 'da kindness o' my heart, or nutin' like that. I'm in 'dis fa two reasons. Numbah one, I ain't lettin' 'dis cat goil outta my sight, until she pays me da money she pays me da money she owes me for blowin' up da Marvelous Queen! *Glares at Honey*

Honey: *Rolls her eyes*

Nack: 'N' numbah two, 'dat Metal Sonic copy had 'da noive ta be talkin' down on us 'n' what-not. He was preddy much askin' for it, right 'dere!

Bean: You said it! I'll bet he won't be so cocky once he gets a taste of Dynamite Power!

Bark: *Cracks his knuckles* It's clobbering time!

Marine: Been watchin' a li'l too much Fantastic Four, eh, mate? Can't say I blame ya, though, 'cause that show's bonza!

Bark: …

Umm, Fantastic Four, you said? Never heard of it.

Marine: What? You've nevah heard of it, ya say? Strewth! You don't know what you're missin', mate! *Goes on and on*

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Heavy: …

Wow, just…wow. Do you EVER shut up? Not even Charmy is THIS irritating.

Tikal: Now, now… There's no need to be so rude.

Bomb: Heavy's always being an anus, so what else is new?

Amy: Yeah, anyway, I'm gonna get going. There's no telling what might be happening to Metal Sonic right about now…

Tiara: …

You know, Amy… You sure are showing an awful lot of concern for Metal Sonic, aren't you?

Amy: Look, I know what you're trying to imply, Boobowski, and that's NOT the case. I've shown the same amount of concern for Gamma in the past, so that doesn't mean a thing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love Sonic, and ONLY Sonic!

Ray: *Sighs and mumbles* It figures…

Tiara: That's too bad. He doesn't love YOU, though.

Amy: Yes, he does!

Tiara: No, he doesn't! Sonic loves me!

Amy: No, ME!

*They argue back and forth until they realize that everyone's gone*

Amy: Hey, where'd everyone go!?

Tiara: Ugh, don't tell me they bailed on us again…

Amy: I guess they did…

Tiara: Well, once again, we're going to have to settle this later. I have some rings to collect. *Rushes through the door*

Amy: Ooh, I HATE it when they leave me behind! *Exits the Workshop, too*

Meanwhile, deeper within the Mystic Ruins…

Metal Overlord 3.0: So, do you have any last words before I kill you? If so, say them now, while you still have the chance.

Metal Sonic: I believe you should be asking yourself that question, you loathsome copy! I told you before… There's only one real, TRUE Sonic… And that's none other than I, the original Metal Sonic!

Metal Overlord 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHA… A rather interesting choice of last words, if I do say so myself! *Holds out the palm of his hand*

Metal Sonic: What, more telekinesis? Is that all the power your transformation yields? Pathetic. If you're going to imitate my transformation, then at least do it correctly.

Metal Overlord 3.0: Watch and learn, fool.

While holding out the palm of his hand, Metal Overlord 3.0 ended up using telekinesis, just as Metal Sonic had predicted. This time around, due to his power increase, he's now able to lift much heavier objects. He started by uprooting an entire tree and launching it at Metal Sonic, but he managed to dodge just in time before it came in contact.

Metal Sonic: So, your power truly HAS increased…

Metal Overlord 3.0: Yes, and that is only a mere glimpse of my power! I could destroy you at any time, if I wish!

Metal Sonic: Then what are you waiting for? Stop talking and fight.

Metal Overlord 3.0: Hmm hmm hmm! So, you really DO want to die! Very well, then… Your fate has been sealed! Prepare to be ripped apart and thrown into the scrap heap! *Balls his fists and tries to smash Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic: *Dodges them, hovers into the air, and flies toward his glowing core, getting ready to attack it*

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Swings his large iron tail and smacks Metal Sonic with it*

Metal Sonic: UHHHHHHHHH!!! *Czzzzzt!*

Before Metal Sonic was able to perform the Homing Attack, he ended up getting himself smacked away by Metal Overlord 3.0's powerful iron tail, which sent him crashing through a few trees, and then into a wall.

Metal Overlord 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How's THAT for "pathetic", huh, you inferior, outdated piece of trash!?

Metal Sonic: I'm… *Czzzt!* Still not impressed… *Gets up again*

Metal Overlord 3.0: Hmm hmm hmm hmm! Oh, trust me… You're going to be "impressed" soon enough… After I'm finished crushing you at the very palm of my hand! *Raises his fist, and slams it down, in an attempt to squash Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic: *Dodges*

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Uses the other hand*

*That process continues for a while*

Elsewhere, at the volcano, the Elemental Goddesses' battle against Iblis resumed, as the monster rose from its ashes once again, just as they had predicted. This time around, he was in his third and final phase, and more powerful than ever, and as a result, the five sisters began to have a bit more trouble dealing with him.

Squash: *Breathes hard* I guess…he's a little…tougher I thought…

Shock: You…said it… I guess it really does live up to its reputation, after all…

Storm: So, Scorch… You've dealt with this thing before and had it sealed up, right? Exactly…how did you pull that off?

Scorch: Some white hedgehog that I forget the name of held Iblis down with telekinesis while it was in its raw flame form, and I ended up sealing it from there.

Slush: Well, I guess we're going to have to keep fighting until he's reduced back to that form. But…what if he tries to escape again? I don't think there's anyone around to hold Iblis down with telekinesis this time around.

Shock: Wait… Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't I seen you do something like that, Squash? Like when you killed the creature that Mephiles summoned from the shadows, and when you lifted all that debris from the pyramid.

Squash: I can, but my telekinetic abilities are only limited to things that are made out of stone. Otherwise, I wouldn't be called the "Goddess of Stone" now, would I?

Shock: Good point…

Scorch: Don't worry. With our without telekinesis, I'll make sure Iblis doesn't escape. Now, let's take this fight to him!

Everyone: Right!

Iblis: *Starts charging up*

Shock: It looks like he's charging up for some big attack… Somehow, I don't think he's going to be holding anything back. Brace yourselves, everyone!

After a while, Iblis finished charging his energy, and "fired" a large beam of energy which was over a hundred degrees, and capable of melting just about anything in its path. Before the blast could come in contact with the Goddesses, Scorch quickly countered the attack with a fire beam of her own. Shock, on the other hand, fired an electrical beam to help Scorch over-power Iblis.

Scorch & Shock: Ihhhh…!

Elsewhere, back at the Mystic Ruins jungle, the battle began to shift even further in Metal Sonic 3.0's favor. Overwhelmed by his doppelganger's increase in power, the original Metal Sonic began to take a brutal beating.

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Grabs Metal Sonic with one hand, and uses the other to punch him, sending him plummeting towards the ground with incredible force*

Metal Sonic: UHHHHHHHH!!! *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Overlord 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! At last, I finally have you beaten! You've made a good run of it while you still could, but now it's all over! Now, the time has come for me to dispose of you once and for all, and reclaim my rightful title as the most powerful machine in existence! Never again will I suffer the shame and humiliation of being defeated and cast aside by an obsolete, low-level machine like yourself! Now then… Your last words… Say them now, while you still have the chance.

Metal Sonic: Ghhhh…! *Czzzzt!* I'm…the inferior one, you say? *Czzzzt!* Ignoring the fact…that you've already been defeated by me a month ago… The fact…that you had to transform…clearly shows which of us is TRULY the superior model! *Czzzzt!*

Metal Overlord 3.0: WHAT!?

Metal Sonic: You and I…both know… *Czzzzt!* …That without the aid…of the Chaos Rings, you're… NOTHING! You were nothing…more than an even cheaper imitation of the original, even moreso than Sonic! *Czzzzt!* I…am the original… The and only… REAL Sonic! In the end… I am going to be the one to triumph once again!

Metal Overlord 3.0: Fool. *Points his finger at Metal Sonic and blasts him with a laser*

Metal Sonic: *Crosses his arms to block it, and falls backwards*

Metal Overlord 3.0: You've said your last words… And now it's time for you to perish! *Holds out the palm of his hand and starts charging up*

*Suddenly, a hammer, bombs, bullets, and exploding shurikens are launched at him*

Metal Sonic: Hmm…? *Czzzt!*

Metal Overlord 3.0: What!? Who's there!? Show yourself at once!

*Nack, Bean, Bark, Amy, Ray, Cream, Cheese, Chocola, Tikal, and Honey step in front of Metal Sonic*

Metal Overlord 3.0: Oh, so it's YOU insignificant pests again…

Amy: Whatever problem it is you have with Metal Sonic, you're gonna have to take it up with us now!

Metal Sonic: S-Stay…OUT of this! *Czzzzt!* This does not… *Slowly gets back up* Concern you! This… *Czzzzt!* Is MY battle! I will defeat him…by myself!

Amy: How can you say something like that? We're here to help you!

Tikal: Yes, and you're clearly in need of it!

Metal Sonic: I don't… NEED your help… nor do I WANT it! Just…let me be! *Czzzzt!*

Amy: What's wrong with you, anyway!? Why are you acting so stubborn!?

Metal Sonic: …

First of all, this is a battle…to determine which of us…is the strongest! *Czzzzt!* If I…were to accept your help, then I won't be able…to truly prove that I am…the superior model! Do you have… ANY idea how much…my pride would be wounded!? Secondly… I heard Doctor Nega's message… *Czzzzt!* His plan was to…distract you from…collecting rings! By interfering…with this fight, aren't you doing precisely what he wants!?

Nack: …

Foist of all, we already got uddah people on 'da hunt for rings. Second of all, I ain't doin' 'dis ta help you. Me 'n' Bean are in 'dis, 'cause we've gotta bone 'ta pick wit' 'dat copy o' yours!

Amy: Yes, and besides… That "pride" of yours won't be worth anything if you wind up dead!

Metal Sonic: …

Amy: So, we're helping, whether you like it or not!

Metal Sonic: …Fine. *Czzzzt!* Do what you want. I honestly…don't know why YOU'RE going out of your way to help me, anyway. I hope you realize…that Sonic is next on my agenda…after HE'S been taken care of.

Amy: …

Ray: He's got a point, Amy.

Amy: I'm helping you, simply because it needs to be done. Sure, you may still have a rivalry with Sonic, but you aren't the bad person you used to be.

Metal Sonic: …

Metal Overlord 3.0: I don't have time to sit here and listen to your ridiculous babble. *Aims his finger again and fires at them*

*They spread out and dodge*

Nack: Eat lead, chump! *Starts blasting him*

Bean: DYNAMITE POWER! *Tosses bombs*

Following Nack and Bean's lead, everyone else tried attacking him again as well, but unfortunately for them, their attacks were once again rendered useless against the super-powered machine.

Metal Overlord 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHA… What, is that all the power you possess? Pathetic. *Aims his finger again and blasts them*

Everyone: AAAAAHH! *They fall over*

Honey: He has…to have SOME kind of weakness! But what?

Ray: Heck if I know!

Metal Overlord 3.0: HAHAHAHAHA! Fools! Haven't you put it together yet? I possess NO weakness whatsoever! Now that I've obtained these newfound powers from the Chaos Rings, I am unmistakably the most powerful being the world has ever known! I am the ultimate, unrivaled power in the universe!

Now that I think about it… Why is it that I continue to follow orders from Dr. Nega? There is nothing he can possibly threaten me with, as I have a power that FAR exceeds his or any other machine he could possibly make! In fact, after I'm finished dealing with you meddlesome pipsqueaks, I'm going to take world domination into my own hands! I shall create a utopia of my own, where I reign supreme over all!

Cream: We won't let you do that!

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao!

Tikal: The Chaos Rings, he said? The very same ones created by an ancient civilization many years ago, which were infused with Chaos Emerald energy?

Metal Sonic: Yes, those are the ones. *Czzzzt!*

Tikal: Since the Chaos Rings are exactly the same as the Chaos Emeralds, it should be possible to cancel out their power using the Master Emerald!

Bark: Good thinking! Without the power of the Chaos Rings, we should actually be able to do some real damage!

Nack: HAHAHA! Now ya speakin' my language!

Tikal: I'm heading to the altar right now! *Starts running*

Metal Overlord 3.0: Do you TRULY think you could escape me? *Starts shooting at her*

Tikal: Ahhhhhh! *Dodges the blasts and runs off*

Metal Overlord 3.0: Hmm, no matter… I'll just dispose of her when she returns.

Metal Sonic: Good… *Czzzt!* While she's doing that… I'm going to need the rest of you… To buy some time… Until my built-in auto-recovery system…is finished repairing the damage that was done…to me. *Czzzzt!*

Ray: Okay, no problem.

Metal Sonic: When that's…taken care of, and as soon as Three-Point Zero has been deprived…of the Chaos Rings' powers, I will no longer require your assistance. I will…destroy him with my own hands!

And so, to buy enough time for Metal Sonic's recovery process, as well as Tikal to come back with the Master Emerald, they all continued fighting against Metal Sonic Version 3.0, despite being unable to inflict any damage on him. Meanwhile, back at Red Mountain, Scorch and Shock were still in the middle of a beam struggle with Iblis.

Slush: Man… This is getting nowhere FAST! Squash, Storm! I have an idea!

Squash: You do? Okay then let's hear it.

Slush: While Iblis is busy shooting at them, he's leaving himself open for us to attack him from both sides, and behind him.

Storm: Good idea.

Squash: Alright, let's do it! *Goes to Iblis' left*

Storm: *Goes to his right*

Slush: *Gets behind him* Alright, let's do it! Arctic Star… POWEEERRRR!

Squash: Geo Star… POWEEERRRR!

Storm: Aero Star… POWEEERRRR!

Scorch: I guess we might as well take it up a notch, too! Nova Star… POWEEERRRR!

Shock: Electro Star… POWEEERRRR!

By combining their powers, Slush, Squash, and Storm succeeded not only in damaging Iblis, but catching him off guard in the process, with allowed Scorch and Shock to over-power the monster's large heat-based energy beam.

Iblis: *Growls in pain as an explosion occurs*

Scorch: HAHAHAHAHA… I think we did it this time!

Storm: Yes, hopefully…

Slush: Now's your chance, big sis. Now that Iblis is submerged under the lava, I think now would be a good time to seal him up again!

Scorch: Right. *Takes the Fire Gem out of her tiara*

With the Fire Element Gem in hand, Scorch held it over the lava. After releasing it from her hands, the gem floated into the air and started sucking up Iblis' flames like a vacuum cleaner; much like the Scepter of Darkness did to Mephiles.

Scorch: *Catches the gem as it falls, and places it back in her tiara*

Shock: Finally… It's all over. Here's hoping we'll never have to hear from THAT thing again!

Storm: That's for sure.

Squash: Yeah, the same thing goes for Mephiles. That conniving backstabber…

Meanwhile, up at The Doomsday Zone, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and all the rest of the super-powered heroes received more rings via the space transporter at Tails' Workshop. Additionally, they found out that the Robotniks and the Egg Galaxia survived the heroes' devastating attack. However, it was in a quite a weakened state.

Super Vector: What!? Oh, come on! Gimme a break! The thing STILL ain't completely destroyed!?

Super Sonic: So… Back for more, huh, Ro-butt-niks?

Super Knuckles: Hmph… You just don't know when to give up, do you?

Super Espio: Yes, I think it's about time you've accepted your defeat, doctors.

Super Charmy: Yeah!

Super Mighty: Exactly. It doesn't look as if that machine can take any more damage…

Burning Blaze: I think it would be wise at this point to just hand over the Sol Emeralds, just as promised!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… You haven't won yet, fools! I still have yet to play my trump card… While constructing the Egg Galaxia, I've prepared just in case…for this VERY moment!

Super Silver: Huh? What are you talking about?

Robotnik: Hold on a second, you don't mean…

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! That's right! Just as I did with the Egg Wizard a while ago, I've also installed the Planet Buster Laser to THIS machine to use as a last resort!

Super Sonic: Uh oh!

Burning Blaze: No! Not again!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee!

Robotnik: WHAT!? Nega, are INSANE!?

Super Silver: Did you even NEED to ask?

Robotnik: If by some chance, you happen to miss them, you'll destroy the entire planet!

Nega Robotnik: If THAT'S what it's going to take to dispose of them, then so be it! Eee hee hee! Prepare to die, FOOLS!

Robotnik: I'm warning you, Nega, do NOT press that bu-


The moment Dr. Nega pressed the button and fired the Planet Buster Laser, the Chaotix and the rest of the super-powered group of heroes started pushing against it, in an attempt to block it and keep it from destroying the Earth, which was right behind them.

Robotnik: AUGH! Nega, you have COMPLETELY lost your mind! I want NO part of this! *Presses a button, and ejects with an escape pod*

Nega Robotnik: W-WHAT!? Yours is working…!? I mean-… Curses!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… That's right, Nega! It's just as I suspected... I knew that you would end up pulling a stunt like this, so while you were busy getting a spare body for Metal Sonic 3.0's control chip, I took the liberty of enabling MY escape pod, and disabling YOURS!

Nega Robotnik: But how did you know…!?

Robotnik: I wasn't born yesterday, you know. Aside from Scorch and Slush's warnings, I knew from the very beginning that you couldn't be trusted, and that you'd double-cross me the first chance you got. I just simply played along.

Nega Robotnik: CURSES!

Robotnik: *Takes out a walkie-talkie* Shock, Storm! Can you hear me?

At Red Mountain…

Shock: *Answers* Yeah, we hear you, Doc. Loud and clear.

Storm: Yes, I can hear you, as well. What's going on?

Robotnik: There is a space transporter at my base. I need you and Storm to come up here and lend Sonic and company a hand in stopping Dr. Nega from blowing up this planet!

Shock: We're on it!

Squash: …

Scorch: Nega's trying to destroy the planet!?

Slush: Well, it certainly didn't take HIM long to show his true colors now, did it?

Robotnik: Is that you I hear over there, Scorch and Slush? HAHAHAHAHAHA… That's rather convenient! I was just going to tell Shock and Storm to make sure that you two came along, since the two of you are so eager to settle things with Nega. Well, now's your chance! Hurry, for there might not be much time left!

Scorch: Leave it to us, Dr. Robotnik.

Squash: Count me out. I take orders from no one, especially from Ivo.

Slush: Okay then. Suit yourself.

*Scorch, Slush, Shock, and Storm take off*

In a miraculous turn of events, Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega's alliance has come to an end once again. Apparently, Nega had planned on betraying his ancestor from the very beginning, only to find himself outwitted. Additionally, the Elemental Goddesses have managed to triumph over Iblis, and had him resealed within the Fire Element Gem. Time is running out… Will they be able to get there in time to help Knuckles, the Chaotix and company stop Dr. Nega from destroying the planet? Will Tikal be able to return with the Master Emerald on time to help put a stop to Metal Sonic 3.0's monstrous power? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To "bee" continued…
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Part 19e

On the previous chapter of Elemental Chaos, Metal Sonic began the third round of his battle with Metal Sonic Version 3.0, who powered himself up with the Chaos Rings and underwent a monstrous "Overlord" transformation. Eventually, the battle began to shift in Three-Point Zero's favor, due to the overwhelming power of the Chaos Rings. Just in time before Metal Sonic 3.0 delivered the finishing blow to his counterpart, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese, Chocola, Tikal, Honey the Cat, Bark the Polar Bear, as well as Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite (who apparently had a score to settle with Three-Point Zero) stepped in to lend Metal Sonic a hand. Realizing the Chaos Rings have powers that are akin to that of the Chaos Emeralds, Tikal decided to go retrieve the Master Emerald in order to use it to cancel out their power and strip Metal Sonic 3.0 of his newfound powers. After she left, the others decided to buy time for Tikal to return, as well as Metal Sonic's auto-recovery system to complete his repairs.

Elsewhere, at Red Mountain, the Elemental Goddesses, Scorch, Slush, Squash, Shock, and Storm were still in the middle of their battle with Iblis. Thanks to the combined efforts of all five sisters, they were all able to defeat the fiery monster and have him sealed up once more. Shortly afterwards, up at the Doomsday Zone, the Robotniks were confirmed alive after being on the receiving end of the super-powered heroes' combined assault against them and the Egg Galaxia. Not wanting to accept defeat, Doctor Nega, in a last-ditch effort, decided to fire the Planet Buster Laser, which, as its name implies, is powerful enough to destroy an entire planet. Not wanting to have any part of the planet's destruction (since his goal is to conquer it), Dr. Robotnik decided to eject himself from the Egg Galaxia, using its built-in escape pod. Dr. Nega then expressed disbelief that it was functioning, which indicated that he had planned on betraying him from the very beginning, just as Scorch, Splash, and Slush had previously warned him about. Robotnik then revealed that he made adjustments to the Egg Galaxia while Dr. Nega was away, trying to find a spare body for Metal Sonic 3.0's control chip.

While making these minor adjustments, Robotnik enabled his own escape pod, and disabled Nega's, completely turning the tables on his treacherous descendent. After the Planet Buster Laser was fired, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the super-powered heroes started pushing against the beam in order to over-power it and keep it from destroying the Earth. During their beam struggle, Robotnik contacted Scorch, Slush, Shock, and Storm, and asked them to come lend Sonic and company a hand in stopping Dr. Nega from blowing up the planet. Wasting no time, all the Goddesses (with the exception of Squash) quickly hurried over to the space transporter at Dr. Robotnik's Mystic Ruins base in order to get to the Doomsday Zone and assist the others. Time is running out… Will they be able to get there in time? Even if they do, do they have what it takes to stop Dr. Nega from destroying the world? Will Tikal make it back in time with the Master Emerald? Find out as the battles conclude on this exciting, second-to-last chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix, Elements of Power Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

After receiving Dr. Robotnik's message, the four Elemental Goddesses, Scorch, Slush, Shock, and Storm rushed back to the Mystic Ruins base as quickly as they could in order to find the space transporter and lend a hand in stopping the deranged Dr. Nega from destroying the Earth with his Planet Buster Laser. Unfortunately, they were having trouble finding it.

Scorch: The space transporter that Dr. Robotnik mentioned… It HAS to be around here somewhere!

Slush: As usual, the old doctor is very vague when leaving directions, just like last month, when I got lost trying to find his base, and then that whole fiasco with him getting turned into a card, too.

Scorch: Why don't we try splitting up to find it?

Shock: That sounds like a good idea, but what should we do to alert the others if one of us happens to find it?

Storm: Perhaps we could try yelling, or using our powers in some way to get everyone's attention.

Shock: That'll work. Come on, let's do it!

*They split up*

Elsewhere on Angel Island, Tikal was running as fast as she could in order to get to the Master Emerald. Somewhere along the way, she ended up running into Heavy, Bomb, Rouge, Omega, Marine, and Tiara, who just came back from Casinopolis in Station Square with tons of rings.

Rouge: Oh, hey, Tikal. What's the big rush?

Tikal: I'm in need of the Master Emerald. Without it, we won't be able to stop Metal Sonic 3.0 and his rampage!

Bomb: It's a good thing you ran into us, then, because the Master Emerald is currently being protected by the security system that Heavy and I installed, and we haven't told anybody the password yet, not even Knuckles!

Heavy: Yes, so you're going to need to take us with you in order to get ahold of it.

Tikal: Alright, thank you.

Marine: Ooh, ooh! When you're done wit' that, why don't we send the Master Emerald through the transporter, too? 'N' that way, we'll be able to stop those crazy, mustachioed blokes from using the Sol Emeralds! It worked with that Solaris thing last month, didn't it?

Rouge: Marine, that's a GREAT idea!

Tiara: Yeah. I don't know why I didn't think of that!

Heavy: Yes, I'll say! In fact, it's the only useful thing you've said so far.

Omega: Affirmative. We will definitely take your suggestion into consideration. For now, we must proceed onward and have these rings transported to Shadow and the others!

Tiara: Alright, then let's go!

Wasting no time, the two groups then split up again and went in separate direction. Tiara, Rouge, Omega, and Marine quickly hurried over to Tails' Workshop in the Mystic Ruins, while Heavy and Bomb decided to accompany Tikal on her way to the altar in order to disable the security system and reclaim the Master Emerald. Elsewhere, at the Mystic Ruins jungle, the battle against Metal Sonic Version 3.0's "Overlord" form was still taking place, and as before, their attacks were dealing next to no damage against him.

Ray: Dang it! I don't know how long we're going to be able to keep this up! This is going nowhere fast…

Amy: You said it. I hope Tikal gets back here soon…

Metal Sonic: (So far, the auto-recovery process is going smoothly… If they could stall him for approximately ten more minutes, I'll be able to put Three-Point Zero in his place…once and for all!)

Nack: *Aims his gun at Metal Sonic 3.0 and pulls the trigger, but nothing happens other than clicking sound* Ah, crap! AH, CRAAAAAP! I ain't got no more ammo!

Bean: Neither do I! I just got finished using up my last bomb! Wait, you still have that knife, don't you? You know…the one that you held against HER throat? *Points to Honey*

Honey: …

Nack: Yeah, I do still have 'da knife, but if bullets 'n' bombs couldn't do nutin' to 'em, 'den 'dere's no way 'dat'll do anythin', eitha!

Bean: Good point. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Nack: Yeah. I say we bus' outta 'dis joint!

*They run off*

Amy: Ooh, fine then! Go ahead and run away, you cowards! *Waves her fist*

Bark: Somehow, I'm not surprised that happened again.

Honey: Oh, well. No big loss.

Metal Overlord 3.0: I wouldn't necessarily call it cowardice… I call it being wise enough to know when they're outmatched!

???: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Oh, please! Do you really think someone's afraid of you?

Cream: Oh, it's you, Miss Squash. I was wondering where you've been. We haven't seen you since earlier today, when you left after that Iblis monster was brought up.

Ray: Yeah. What was that all about, anyway?

Squash: Well, as it turns out, I accidentally set that creature free after getting into that fight with Scorch, exactly as Mephiles had planned. There's no need to worry yourselves about it, though. We've already taken care of him, and he's been sealed up again.

Ray: Whew… Now THAT'S a relief!

Squash: If you haven't guessed it yet, I'll be fighting in the place of the duck and weasel that just took off.

Amy: Okay, good. We could use the extra help.

???: Uhhh… What's with all the noise?

*A huge purple cat with a fishing rod appears*

Big: Me 'n' Froggy were trying to take a nap…

Cream: Oh! Hello, Mr. Big!

Big: Hello.

Froggy: *Croak*

Amy: Yeah, hi! It's nice to see you! Now that you're here, you wouldn't mind lending us a hand, would you?

Big: Not at all.

Metal Overlord 3.0: One extra challenger or two… It doesn't make a difference to me! You're all still bound to meet your demise in the end! *Fires a laser at them from his finger*

*They spread out and dodge the attack*

Metal Overlord 3.0: Dodge THIS one if you can! *Swings his tail*

Just in time before Metal Sonic 3.0's large iron tail came in contact with the heroes, Bark, Squash, and Big quickly grabbed his tail.

Metal Overlord 3.0: W-What!? How did you…!? Impossible!

Using their super strength, the three of them swung Metal Sonic 3.0 by his tail in a circular motion, and tossed him away, sending him flying over the horizon somewhere.


Ray: Nice one, you guys!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! That was too easy!

Ray: Yeah, but wherever you launched him, hopefully it wasn't anywhere near Tikal. I have the strangest feeling that Metal Sonic 3.0 is going to be coming back for more, and we're going to need the Master Emerald to be in perfect condition. If it gets broken again, then not only will we not be able to stop him, but Wechnia will die, too.

Amy: Oh, yeah. I completely forgot about his link to the Master Emerald. Anyway, how are you doing, Metal Sonic? Is your auto-recovery process finished?

Metal Sonic: Almost. I only need a few more minutes. When that time comes, your assistance will no longer be required. Without the Chaos Rings aiding him, his powers will fade, and I will be able to destroy Three-Point Zero myself, once and for all! I will prove to him which of us is TRULY the strongest!

Amy: Sorry, Metal Sonic, but we can't just sit this one out now. Not after what he just said a little while ago. Didn't you hear? He's planning on overthrowing Dr. Nega and taking over this world himself! We can't allow him to do something like that! So, this isn't just your fight anymore. We're all in on this one together!

Ray: Yeah. Like Sonic's always saying, it's all about the power of teamwork!

Metal Sonic: …Very well then. Do as you'd like. I don't care.

Just then, a bright flash of light occurred, indicating that someone was using Chaos Control. The "someone" turned out to be Tikal, along with Heavy and Bomb, who've managed to successfully return from the altar with the Master Emerald, after temporarily disabling the security system.

Ray: I guess that didn't take quite as long as I thought it would!

Heavy: It probably would have if we traveled back on foot, rather than using Chaos Control.

*Rouge, Omega, Tiara, and Marine arrive shortly afterwards*

Tiara: Alright, we're back. We'll take it from here. It's you guys' turn to collect the rings now!

Amy: We're on it!

Bomb: Say… What happened to Metal Sonic Version 3.0? Did you guys manage to destroy him somehow, without disabling his power with the Master Emerald!?

Marine: Wow, ya beat 'im already!? Strewth! That was ACE!

Bark: No, we just simply tossed him aside. He's most likely going to come right back.

Rouge: Oh, okay. What about Fang and Bean?

Honey: Take a wild guess.

Rouge: Knowing them, they probably ran off after using up all their ammo, or something, and then decided that this fight was none of their concern because they weren't getting paid. Ah, well. Who needs them, anyway?

Honey: Well put.

Squash: If you guys are going to collect more rings, I suggest you hurry. I heard Ivo over Shock's walkie-talkie, and he says that Nega has gone insane, and is trying to destroy the planet!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Amy: If that's the case, Sonic and the others are going to need more rings as quickly as possible! Come on, let's go, you guys!

With that said, Amy, Cream, Big, Cheese, Chocola, Ray, Bark, and Honey quickly took off to collect more rings, while Heavy, Bomb, Tikal, Rouge, Omega, and Marine stayed behind to wait for Metal Sonic 3.0 to return. Meanwhile, at Robotnik's base, Shock finally managed to find the space transporter after giving a quick call to Dr. Robotnik through her walkie-talkie. Shortly afterwards, she signaled her sisters by making a loud thundering noise.

*They come rushing over there*

Shock: Here it is! I've found it!

Scorch: Alright, good, good! Now, how do we activate this thing, exactly?

Robotnik: *Through the communicator* It's quite simple. All you have to do is activate the machine, and then set the destination. There are three other places besides the Mystic Ruins base, where this machine could transport you. The first place is my base at Sand Ocean, the second is my air fortress, and the third is the Space Colony, ARK. The Doomsday Zone isn't too far from there, so you should be here in no time!

Slush: Alright, understood. Here we come!

Meanwhile, up at the Doomsday Zone, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes were still in the middle of their beam struggle with Dr. Nega. They were all pushing against it as hard as they can, in an effort to prevent his Planet Buster Laser from destroying the Earth.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! By doing this, you're only delaying the inevitable! Sooner or later, your ring energy is bound to run dry, and when it does, all of you, as well as your precious planet, will be blown to PIECES! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!

Robotnik: Tell me something, Nega! What is it that you hope to accomplish from all this!? Don't you realize that if you destroy this planet, there won't be anything left for you to rule!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Oh, now THAT'S where you're wrong! The universe is a vast place, so there's a plethora of other planets throughout this solar system that I can conquer! So wiping one planet off the face of the galaxy is no big deal, as I still have PLENTY of others to choose from! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEE!!!

Super Silver: Ihhhh…! Whatever it takes, Nega, even if it destroys us, we'll NEVER allow you to ruin the future we've all worked so hard to change!

Burning Blaze: That's right!

Super Vector: Yeah, so ya beddah prepare yourself, ya freakin' psychopath! 'Cause sooner 'r later, you're goin' DOWN!

Super Charmy: Yeah!

*Suddenly, Scorch, Slush, Shock, and Storm arrive on the scene*

Robotnik: Ah, there you are, ladies! You're right on time!

Slush: Of course. Surely, you didn't think we'd miss an opportunity like this? I've wanted to settle things with Nega for the longest time!

Scorch: So have I!

Splash: I see. In any case, we're glad you could make it!

Nega Robotnik: Alright then! Come and meet your destruction with the REST of these fools!

Storm: Oh, SOMEONE'S going to "meet [their] destruction" alright!

*The four Goddesses join the other heroes in the beam struggle*

Meanwhile, down on Earth…

Omega: Warning! Scanners indicate that Metal Sonic Version 3.0 is returning! I repeat: Metal Sonic Version 3.0 is returning!

Metal Sonic: Good. Now that I've fully recovered, I can put him in his place once again!

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Teleports back into the area, via Chaos Control*

Tiara: He's back! Tikal, now's your chance!

Tikal: The servers are…the seven Chaos… Chaos is power enriched by the-

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Aims his finger at Tikal and fires a laser*

Tikal: …! *Gasps*

Metal Sonic: *Quickly jets in front of her and blocks the attack*

Tikal: Metal Sonic, you saved me…thank you.

Metal Sonic: Don't misunderstand. I only did that to prevent the Master Emerald from being broken. It's the only thing that's capable of disabling his powers!

Bomb: Since the Master Emerald can perform the Chaos Control warp technique, it should be able to freeze opponents in time, as well! Go ahead and give it a shot, Tikal!

Tikal: Alright, here goes! Chaos… CONTROL!

*Metal Sonic 3.0 gets frozen in time*

Rouge: Okay, now THIS should buy you plenty of time to disable the Chaos Rings without anymore interruptions!

Tikal: The servers are…the seven Chaos… Chaos is power enriched by the heart. The controller serves to unify the Chaos… Only you can do this… STOP THE CHAOS RINGS!

After saying those words, the Master Emerald began to hover into the air and glow a bright light. After that, it spun around rapidly and started disabling the Chaos Rings' power. All seven of the Chaos Rings shot out of Metal Sonic Version 3.0's body, and began to revert him back to his original form. Just as this was taking place, the effects of Chaos Control ended up wearing off.

Metal Overlord 3.0: W-WHAT!? How did you…!? N-No! This…This can't be happening! Y-You… YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DOOOOOOONNNNNNEEEE! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Wow, can you possibly be anymore melodramatic? It's not as if you're dying, or anything.


*He changes back to normal*

Marine: Whoo hoo! We did it, mates! That was bonza!

Heavy: Ugh, I swear… If I hear the words "strewth", "bonza", "ace", or "rippa" one more time, I'm GOING to commit suicide.

Marine: Wouldn't bother me if ya did, jerk. *Sticks her tongue at him*

Metal Sonic: I appreciate the help, but now that I've recovered, and now that Three-Point Zero has been deprived of the Chaos Rings' power, I can handle him myself. The rest of you are free to continue collecting rings, so that Dr. Nega doesn't succeed in destroying this planet!

Omega: Affirmative.

Tiara: While we're at it, let's go ahead and bring the Master Emerald to the Workshop and run it through the space transporter, like Marine suggested earlier!

Rouge: Good idea. Metal Sonic, good luck!

*They take off*

Metal Sonic 3.0: So... You think you can do something like this to me, and just walk away as if nothing's happened!? *Gets ready to stop them with telekinesis*

Metal Sonic: *Homing Attacks him*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Uhhhhh! *Czzzzt!* *Falls over*

Metal Sonic: This battle is between you and I! The others are of no concern to you!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Very well then… Their deaths are for later! For now, I'm just going to concentrate on ripping YOU into pieces!

*The two Metal Sonics resume their battle*

Elsewhere, at Tails' Workshop…

*Team Rose, Ray, Honey, and Bark put the rings they've collected through the transporter*

Ray: There, that outta do it for the time being!

Honey: Yeah. Should we go ahead and collect some more rings, just in case?

*Heavy, Bomb, Tiara, Rouge, Omega, Tikal, Marine, and Squash enter*

Omega: That is no longer necessary. Tikal has successfully retrieved the Master Emerald disabled the power that Metal Sonic Version 3.0 absorbed from the Chaos Rings! Now, all that currently remains is Doctor Nega's defeat!

Tikal: *Runs the Master Emerald through the space transporter*

Up at the Doomsday Zone…

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… Just to reiterate, it's time for you to DIE, fools! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE! *Notices the Master Emerald* W-What the...!?

Seedra: Hey, that's the Master Emerald, isn't it?

Super Knuckles: Hey, you're right!

Seedra: *Makes vines extend from her back, and uses them to bring the Master Emerald closer to them*

Wechnia: Please be careful not to get it caught in the beam… I don't think I even need to explain what will happen if it does.

Seedra: Don't worry, I've it under control.

Super Mighty: Knuckles, now's your chance!

Super Knuckles: The servers are…the seven Chaos. Chaos is power, enriched by the heart… The controller serves to unify the Chaos… Only you can do this! STOP THE SOL EMERALDS!

Once again, the Master Emerald started spinning and glowing, and it began to disable the power that the Egg Galaxia absorbed from the Sol Emeralds. Additionally, the seven Sol Emeralds ended up getting released from the machine, much like the Chaos Rings did from Metal Sonic Version 3.0.

Burning Blaze: Yes!

Super Sonic: Awesome job, Knuckles! Now, let's go ahead and show Nega Ro-butt-nik the REAL super power of teamwork!

Super Shadow: Yes, it's time to unleash the ultimate power!

So then, all of the super-powered heroes, including the Elemental Goddesses, combined their powers, and were able to successfully overpower the Egg Galaxia's beam, now that it was no longer being fueled by the Sol Emeralds. Once again, they all crashed into the Egg Galaxia with incredible force and started ramming into it.


*An explosion occurs as it crashes into another asteroid*


*The others celebrate, too*

Finally, after a long, tough battle, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes were able to triumph in the end, and put a stop to Dr. Nega's diabolical plan to destroy the Earth, as well as taking over the entire galaxy. Not only that, but because the Elemental Goddesses' efforts (as well as Dr. Robotnik's), Iblis was successfully sealed within the Fire Element Gem once again, and Mephiles' ambitions were never realized, either but there's one thing that still remains. Now that Metal Sonic 3.0 has been stripped of the Chaos Rings' powers, how will he fare against the original Metal Sonic? Will he be able to put up a decent fight, or is he destined to wind up in the scrap yard again? Find out in next time, on the final chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To "bee" continued…
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Elemental Chaos Ending Part 1
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Part 20a

On the previous chapter of Elemental Chaos, the battle against Metal Sonic Version Three-Point Zero and his "Overlord" transformation continued. In order to stop the power of the Chaos Rings, Tikal volunteered to go retrieve the Master Emerald, while everyone else buys her the time to do so. During her trip back to the altar, she ran into Heavy and Bomb (along with Tiara Boobowski, Rouge the Bat, E-123 Omega, and Marine the Raccoon), who just came back from Casinopolis, where they ended up racking up more rings to help fuel the super forms of Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the others. Heavy and Bomb, being the only ones who knew the password to the newly-installed security system, decided to accompany Tikal on the way to the altar.

After temporarily disabling the security system and retrieving the Master Emerald, the three of them Chaos Controlled their way back to the battlefield. When Metal Sonic 3.0 returned (after being thrown over the horizon by Big, Bark, and Squash), Tikal quickly used the power of the Master Emerald to disable the Chaos Rings, reducing him back to his original form in the process. Eventually, after Squash informed everyone about Robotnik's message to the Elemental Goddesses, everyone agreed to let Metal Sonic face Three-Point Zero alone (since he was no longer invincible, and because Metal Sonic requested it), and decided to assist Knuckles and the others by giving them more rings to sustain their super forms, as well as running the Master Emerald through Tails' space transporter (as Marine suggested).

Using the power of the Master Emerald, Knuckles disabled the Sol Emerald power that the Egg Galaxia absorbed, and they were all able to over-power its beam with ease. Once again, all of the heroes combined their powers and rammed into the Egg Galaxia with incredible force, sending the machine crashing into yet another large asteroid behind it, which caused an explosion, ultimately foiling Doctor Nega's plans once again. Is this truly the end this time? Has the Egg Galaxia truly been destroyed? Also, with his escape pod disabled, was Dr. Nega able to survive the explosion? Find out on this exciting conclusion of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Super Charmy: YAY! We did it, we did it!

Super Vector: Heh heh heh! Yep! All in a day's work, boys…'n' girls.

Super Espio: Hmph. I'll bet now, Dr. Nega will think twice before trying something like this again… Assuming he's still alive, that is.

Super Mighty: Somehow, I wouldn't be surprised if he was still alive. He and Robotnik always seemed to have a knack for surviving explosions somehow…

Super Charmy: Huh? What does Nack have to do with anything?

Super Knuckles: He wasn't talking about the weasel, Charmy. The word "knack" means "special talent".

Super Charmy: Oh.

Splash: I have to say, Dr. Robotnik… You really came through for us this time around.

Robotnik: Huh? What do you mean?

Splash: Well, for starters, if it hadn't been for you repairing the Scepter of Darkness, that scheming lowlife, Mephiles would still be running loose right about now.

Robotnik: …

Scorch: Yeah. Also, you were the one who suggested sealing Iblis within the Fire Element Gem in the first place. Remember?

Robotnik: Yes, that is true, isn't it?

Seedra: I definitely wasn't expecting you to turn the tables on Dr. Nega at the last second like that. I never thought that you, of all people, would actually take part in saving the world. I guess you aren't such a bad person after all, Doctor.

Robotnik: Hmph, don't get the wrong idea! The only reason I did these things, is to prevent the planet from getting destroyed. Needless to say, if that were to happen, that I won't be able to conquer the world and build the Robotnik Empire!

Seedra: I should have figured…

Super Sonic: Yep. Some things just never change, do they? That's Ro-butt-nik for ya!

Robotnik: Although, as much as I'd hate to admit it… It was nice working with you again, even if it was for a little while, but no more! I hope you've all made the best out of this little alliance while it lasted, because it will never happen again! The next time we meet, it will be as enemies, and this time, my plans WILL succeed!

Super Tails: Alright, if you say so.

Robotnik: Now, if you would excuse me, I'll be returning back to the base. There's a spy that I still need to sniff out. Until we meet again… Farewell! *Flies away*

Scorch: Well, my work here is done, so I'll be on my way, as well. *Follows Robotnik*

Storm: I guess we'd better run along, too, don't you think, Shock?

Shock: Yeah. Again, it's been nice working with you guys. *Floats towards Sonic and holds out her hand for him to shake* Let's race again sometime, huh?

Super Sonic: Sure. *Shakes her hand* I'll be looking forward to it.

Storm: Are you coming back to the base with us, Slush?

Slush: Yes, but not right now. I'll be back a little later.

Storm: Alright then.

*Shock and Storm leave*

Super Charmy: Hee hee, "bee back a little later". Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Seedra: Nice one!

*Everyone else sweatdrops*

Slush: Anyway, about the "spy" that Robotnik talked about "sniff[ing] out"… I have the strangest feeling that he's getting closer to discovering the truth. The fact that Nega outright told him that someone's been leaking information behind his back doesn't help, either.

Super Vector: Yeah. I'm pretty surprised that he didn't botha to rat 'chu at when 'e had the chance.

Slush: …

"Rat [me] out", you say? I'm sorry, but I have NO idea what that means.

Super Vector: It's a slang word, meanin' "tattle".

Slush: Oh, I see. I may not look like it, but I'm pretty old. I'm not all that familiar with slang terms like that.

Super Charmy: Exactly how old ARE you, anyway?

Slush: …

I'd rather not say. All you need to know is that I'm older than pretty much everyone here right now, except for Splash.

Super Charmy: Even Shadow, too? He's like, fifty-something years old!

Super Shadow: …

Slush: Oh, yes. I'm much, MUCH older than that. Anyway, though, shouldn't you be more worried about your ring energy? It could run out at any given moment now.

Super Knuckles: Oh, shoot! I almost forgot! I think we should go ahead and get back to Earth!

Burning Blaze: Indeed. The Robotniks have been defeated, and the Sol Emeralds have been retrieved, so there's no reason for us to dally around here any longer.

Super Tails: Yes, why don't we get back to my Workshop?

Super Shadow: Very well then. Chaos Con-

???: WAIT!

Before Shadow had a chance to Chaos Control himself and the rest of the heroes back to Earth, they were suddenly interrupted by someone. When they looked in the direction of the voice, that "someone" turned out to be a tattered and burnt up Dr. Nega.

Super Shadow: So, you're still alive, huh?

Nega Robotnik: *Coughs and wheezes* I… I can't…breathe…!

Burning Blaze: Ah, yes, of course. We are still in space, aren't we?

Nega Robotnik: P-Please…! H-Help me…!

Super Silver: After all YOU'VE done, why should we even bother!?

Slush: I couldn't have put it any better myself! You've got a lot of nerve asking ANY of us, especially ME, for help! Especially after what you did to me last month! What kind of mercy did you show me, when you lured me into that room and trapped me in there, with the temperature set to a hundred degrees!? What kind of mercy did you show to the people of the planet you were about to destroy!? Can you answer THAT!?

Super Espio: That about sums it up. Like I told you a while back as we left you in the Ifrit's dimension, you reap what you sow, Nega.

Nega Robotnik: F-Forgive me! *Coughs* I… I apologize! For ALL of it! *Wheezes again* I… I really…mean it! F-From here…on out…. I'll… I'll abandon my plans for world conquest! I'll change my wicked ways!

Burning Blaze: Knowing YOU, that's highly unlikely!

Nega Robotnik: R-Really… I mean it! I… I give you my word!

Everyone: …

Nega Robotnik: You… You all…believe in mercy, don't you…!?

Super Knuckles: Yes, but not when it comes to showing it to people who don't deserve it!

Burning Blaze: Precisely. You deserve about as much mercy as Mephiles does!

Nega Robotnik: *Coughs* P-Please…help me…! I'll…I'll do anything!

Super Mighty: …

I don't know, you guys. I'm having second thoughts… Maybe we SHOULD spare him…

Super Vector: What, are ya CRAZY!? I'm in 'da same boat as the rest o' them! All 'dis crap about him "chang[in'] [his] wicked ways" or wudevah… I ain't buyin' it for one second! People like him would say anything ta save their filthy hides!

Wechnia: Exactly.

Seedra: I don't know about anyone else, but I agree with Mighty.

Splash: I agree with him, as well. Don't get me wrong, though. I don't like Dr. Nega any more than you do, but regardless of what he deserves, I just…don't have the heart to leave someone to die, especially if they're asking for help.

Super Mighty: Yeah, what she said.

Burning Blaze: *Sighs* I guess you do bring up a valid point. Alright, Nega, we'll help you, but under one condition.

Nega Robotnik: Anything, anything! Just…just name it!

Burning Blaze: As soon as we get back, you're returning to the mental asylum that you escaped from. Does this sound fair to everybody?

*They agree*

Super Shadow: Alright, then it's settled. It's time to go back to Earth. Chaos… CONTROL!

*Shortly afterwards, they find themselves at Tails' Workshop*

Heavy: So, you finally did it, huh? I guess sending the Master Emerald through the space transporter really did the trick!

Marine: Yup, 'n' it was all my idea!

Say, by the way… What's THIS crazy ol' bloke doin' here!? *Points to Nega*

Blaze: We're taking him back to the mental asylum.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee…

Knuckles: What's so funny?

Nega Robotnik: What ignorant, gullible simpletons you are! Did you TRULY think I would comply with that?

Everyone: WHAT!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! *Reaches into his coat pocket and takes out a camera*

Slush: Ahhhh! I-Isn't that the same camera that you used on Robotnik last month, when you turned him into a card!?

Nega Robotnik: That's correct! I always keep this thing with me just in case, as a last resort! You may have destroyed the Egg Galaxia, but THIS is still intact! In just a single click of a button, I'll be rid of you fools once and for all! Then, I'll be free to proceed with my plans! Eee hee hee hee hee!

Vector: Y'see!? It's just as I was sayin' before! I KNEW he couldn't be trusted!

Splash: How could you!? We just saved your life!

Seedra: Yeah, even though you DIDN'T deserve it!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! It's your own fault for being so soft and naïve! It's THOSE very weaknesses which are about to lead to your downfall! Now, say goodbye, you meddlesome FOOLS! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEEE!!! *Aims the camera at them*

Everyone: …!


As Dr. Nega aimed his camera at the heroes, he wasted no more time and immediately pressed the button. Unfortunately for him, however, it didn't work.

Nega Robotnik: W-WHAT!? What's going on!? Why isn't it working!?

O-Oh… OH, NO! I forgot to replace the film cartridge! CURSES!

Bark: Heh heh heh! That's too bad! *Cracks his knuckles* It's clobberin' time!

Vector: Ya took the words RIGHT outta my mouth! *Cracks his, as well*

Knuckles: *Same*

Amy: *Raises her hammer*

Tiara: *Raises her jeweled staff*

Nega Robotnik: *Starts backing away, and quickly jets out the door*

Vector: LET'S GET 'IM!

No longer able to defend himself in any way, Dr. Nega had no choice but to retreat, with all the heroes chasing after him. Before the deranged doctor could get any further, Silver quickly stopped him via telekinesis.

Silver: You're not going ANYWHERE, Nega! Not THIS time! You're going to stay RIGHT here until the asylum picks you up!

Sonic: Heh heh! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Game Over, Nega Ro-butt-nik!

Nega Robotnik: AUGH! I HATE YOU!

Shadow: It's either that, or I could Chaos Control you back to the Doomsday Zone, where we should have left you in the first place.


Shadow: I thought so.

Shortly afterwards, Tails used the phone at his Workshop to call the Station Square Mental Asylum. Unable to use his telekinetic powers for long periods of time, Seedra eventually took over and tied Dr. Nega up with her vines. Twenty minutes later, the S.S.M.A. arrived, and Nega found himself in a straight jacket, getting thrown into the back of a white truck. As they were driving off, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes mockingly waved goodbye to the doctor, with him yelling and complaining.

*They laugh at him*


*The truck eventually leaves*

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Now THAT' S what I call entertainment!

Vector: *Turns off the camcorder* Man, that was freakin' PRICELESS! It was just as funny as last month's incident!

Charmy: Hee hee, yep! That was really, REALLY funny! Like I said before, not even Tiara's last name is as funny as THAT! And her last name has the word "boob" in it! *Snickers*

Tiara: *Glares at him*

Charmy: Sorry. ^^;;

Tiara: Yes, I'll bet you are.

Amy: Well, now that the battles are over, should we head over to the beach?

Cream: I don't see why not.

Big: Sounds good to me! Then me 'n' Froggy could go fishing while we're there!

Froggy: *Croaks*

???: Hiya, chumps!

Rouge: Oh, look. It's Fang and Bean again. I'll take it that you two are finally finished hiding?

Nack: Ah, shaddap! We wasn't hidin' from nobody! Didn't ya hear a woid we said? We ran outta ammo, 'n' we only left ta get some more!

Bean: Exactly! I don't know where you ever got a stupid idea like that! If that was an attempt to be funny, then you failed big-time.

Amy: Well, whatever the case may be, you're too late. The Robotniks have already been beaten, and so has Metal Sonic 3.0, most likely, since Tikal got rid of the Chaos Rings' power.

Nack: Maybe, but 'dat ain't while we're here. We came back, 'cause we gotta sco'ah ta settle wit' 'dat cat goil ovah 'dere! *Points to Honey*

Honey: Oh, boy. Here we go again…

Nack: I TOLD 'ja I wasn't lettin' ya off 'da hook 'dat easily, didn't I? Now, Ah'm only gonna say it one more time! Ya beddah pay me 'da money ya owe for 'da damages to 'da Marvelous Queen! Cough up 'da dough, right now, or else! *Aims his gun at her*

Espio: Hey, back off! *Stands in front of Honey*

Nack: Look, 'dis ain't none o' ya bu'iness, y'hear!? Get outta 'da way, unless ya'd like me ta bussa cap 'n 'da bofa yas!

Heavy: "Bussa cap 'n 'da bofa yas"? Wow. You sound like a blithering idiot.

*A few people snicker*

Nack: Look, ya li'l smartass! Don't think I won't pump YOUR guts full o' lead, too!

Heavy: Oh, how I quiver with fear.

Nack: *Aims his gun at Heavy and blasts him*

Heavy: *Unaffected* Oh, I'm sorry. Was that supposed to hurt?

Nack: Why, you…! *Gets ready to shoot him again*

Bean: Hold on a second, Nack! If one bullet doesn't hurt him, then firing a bunch of others at him won't, either! All you'll be doing is wasting your ammo! Why not save it for them? *Points to Espio and Honey*

Nack: Fine, wudevah. Anyway, let's get back down ta business, shall we? *Points the gun at Espio* Ya've got 'til 'da count o' three ta get out 'da way, or both you 'N' ya goilfriend will be layin' on 'da ground 'n a puddle o' blood!

Espio: G-Girlfriend…?

Honey: *Starts to blush*

Charmy: Espio and Honey, sittin' in a tree!

Marine: K-I-S-S-I-N-G-!

Vector: *Covers their mouths* 'Dis ain't 'da time for that, y'know!

Nack: One… Two… Thr-

Random Guy: They're the ones, officer! *Points to Nack and Bean* They're the ones who took my jeep!

Cop #1: Hey, you two there! Freeze! You're under arrest!

Nack: Ah, crap! C'mon, let's SCRAM! *Runs off*

Bean: Right behind you! *Follows*

*The two of them run off, getting chased by the cops, and everyone laughs as Nack yells "AH, CRAAAAAAAAAP!" on the way*

Vector: *Has managed to get that one on tape, too* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, man! I nevah expected TWO hilarious things ta happen in one sittin'!

Charmy: Actually, Vector, there's three! Care to take a guess at what the third is? Espio and Honey are in looooove! *Snickers*

Marine: *Snickers, too*

Espio: W-What? *Blushes* Don't be ridiculous!

Honey: *Same* Exactly! We're just friends, okay?

Amy: Hee hee hee! Oh, don't mind them! It's nothing to be ashamed of, believe me!

Cream: Uh oh… I think they've got her started again…

Big: Yup…

Amy: Love changes everything! It makes you feel as if every little moment in your life is huge!

Tails: Yep, you were right, Cream. Once Amy gets caught up these little "love lectures" of hers, she could go on about it for hours. It's best that we bail now, while we have the chance!

Sonic: You said it, little bro! Come on, we gotta speed, keed!

*Just about everyone starts stampeding out of there, while Amy's in the middle of her speech, without her noticing*

Amy: Love is such a wonderful thing! It makes you feel invincible, as if you could accomplish anything!

*She goes on and on*

Ten minutes later…

Amy: …Yep, that's pretty much it. So, basically, in a nutshell, love conquers all!

*Looks around and notices that everyone's gone, except for Ray* Huh!? Where'd everybody go!?

Ray: They must have gone ahead to the beach.

Amy: Ooh, I HATE it when they leave me behind!

But for some reason, Ray… You're always the one person who doesn't. Why is that, exactly?

Ray: Uh, well, I, uhh… *Has a sudden flashback of the "friendly kiss" that Amy gave him in Knuckles' Chaotix: The Last Story Part 10k*

Umm, no reason! No reason at all!

Amy: Are you sure? Is there something you'd like to tell me?

Ray: I-it's…nothing at all! Really!

Amy: Oh, come on! You can tell me! We're friends, aren't we, Ray?

Ray: Well, I, uhh, well... Of course we are! Heh heh heh! ^^;;

Amy:  …

(What is WITH him? He sure is acting strange all of a sudden…)

Ray: (Oh, geez… How am I gonna put this into words…? This is a lot harder than it looks… No wonder Mighty was so nervous around Tikal last year…)

Amy: …

Ray: …

Alright, you've got me. I… I have a question.

Amy: Okay, what is it?

Ray: W-Well, it's about…Sonic. Don't you…ever get tired of chasing him around and fighting with Tiara over him? I mean, how do you know for sure…that he's even interested in you that way?

Amy: Hee hee hee! It's quite simple, actually. As I've said quite a few times, I happen to have a sixth sense about that sort of thing. It's never steered me wrong before! I know for a fact that Sonic has feelings for me; he's just too shy to admit it! He'll come around someday, I just know he will!

Ray: Oh, right. Your "sixth sense"… How could I forget?

Amy: Well, I'm heading to the beach now. First, Cream, Marine and I have to execute the final part of our plan to get Silver and Blaze together. After that, I'm going to see what I can do about keeping Boobowski away from MY Sonic!

Ray: ...

Amy: I'll see you later, okay? *Leaves*

Ray: *Sighs* I thought for sure I'd be able to tell her this time...

???: Tell her what? That you're in love with her?

Ray: GAH! S-Slush! Where'd you come from? I didn't know you were still here!

Slush: I was about to leave like everyone else, but then I noticed that you stayed behind, and I was simply curious as to why.

Ray: You've…got the wrong idea! Seriously!

Slush: Really, now? Then why were you acting so nervous?

Ray: Only…because I was…afraid she'd flip out on me for saying that Sonic probably wasn't interested in her! Believe me; I've seen her do it!

Slush: HAHAHAHA. Nice try, but you don't fool me, kiddo. She's not the only one with a "sixth sense", you know. Although, I'd say mine's a bit more accurate.

Ray: You're…not going to tell anybody, are you? Do you have any idea how embarrassing it would be if other people found out?

Slush: There's no need to worry. Your secret is safe with me.

Ray: Whew… Thanks.

Slush: No problem. I'm pretty good at keeping secrets. In fact, I'm already keeping one for Scorch right now. I personally don't think it's that big of a deal, but she, on the other hand, feels that it could destroy her reputation.

Ray: I see.

Slush: Hey, but don't feel bad, though. I'm sure that someday, when Amy finally gets it through her head that Sonic doesn't like her that way, she'll come around. I guarantee it.

Ray: Maybe you're right.

Elsewhere… Shadow, staying true to his word about making sure Mephiles doesn't return, has taken it upon himself to venture through Mystic Haunt once again, where the portal to the Ifrit's dimension lies. Knowing that all seven Chaos Emeralds were needed to break the dimensional seal, he decided to take those with him in order to do so.

Shadow: I've found it… The portal to the Ifrit's dimension! Now, to get down to business… *Releases the seven emeralds into the air*

*The Chaos Emeralds, as well as the dimensional door begin to glow, and then it opens*

Shadow: *Takes out the Scepter of Darkness* Mephiles the Dark, this is it for you! Your days of terrorizing this universe are coming to an end, once and for all! Never again, Mephiles! Never again! *Tosses the scepter through the portal*

???: Well put, Shadow. Well put.

Shadow: *Turns around* Oh, it's you, Squash. You followed me here?

Squash: Well, I guess you could say that. I see you've finally decided where to put the Scepter of Darkness…

Shadow: Yes. The idea came to me as Espio mentioned this place to Dr. Nega earlier. If there's anywhere to put the Scepter of Darkness to ensure that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands again, then it's definitely here.

Squash: Ah, okay. That's good to know. By the way, Shadow, I would just like to take the time to say thank you. If it hadn't been for you and everybody else getting Mephiles to show his true colors, then I probably never would have found out about it, until it was too late. Also, before I forget, I would like to thank you for saving my life back at that temple.

Shadow: Don't mention it.

Squash: I think I've covered most of the grounds, but still… I really appreciate everything you've done for me, and I don't think there're enough words to express how thankful I truly am. I would like to return the favor someday, if possible. Shadow, I just want you to know… If there's anything that you ever need, just remember that I've got your back.

Shadow: I'll be sure to keep that in mind.

Squash: There's one last thing… *Walks toward Shadow and kisses him on the cheek*

Shadow: H-Huh?

Squash: If you ever, EVER tell anyone about that, I will kill you.

Shadow: We'll see about that.

Squash: *Walks away*

*Rouge and Omega enter the room as Squash leaves*

Rouge: Well, well… I see SOMEONE'S really taken a liking to you, Shadow.

Shadow: How long have you two been there?

Rouge: We arrived only a few minutes ago, which was shortly after Squash did.

Shadow: I see.

Omega: Are you a hundred percent certain that Mephiles will be unable to return this time?

Shadow: Yes, I'm positive. At this point, I highly doubt that anyone, even Dr. Nega, will go through the trouble of releasing him again, after what happened last month. Even if he wished to, he won't be able to do so without the seven Chaos Emeralds, as well as the fact that he's currently within the mental asylum.

Rouge: Makes sense. Well, with that said, I'm heading over to the beach with Knuckles and the others. What about you, Shadow?

Shadow: I think I'll pass. I have other things to do.

Rouge: It's always business with you, Shadow, but alright. Suit yourself then. I'll catch you later. *Leaves*

Omega: The door is still opened, Shadow. Before evacuating the premises, I would advise closing it again.

Shadow: Of course.

Following Omega's advice, Shadow shut the interdimensional door. After that, he once again used the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to place the seal back on it, in order to ensure that Mephiles stays locked away for eternity, never to return.

To "bee" continued on the next post...
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Elemental Chaos Ending Part 2
« Reply #24 on: Aug 13 2011, 02:44 PM »
Part 20b

When we last left off on Elemental Chaos, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company finished their battle against Dr. Nega, and managed to stop the deranged doctor's efforts to destroy the planet. After thanking Dr. Robotnik for his assistance, he promptly scoffed at the group, saying that his only reason for doing so is because he would not be able to conquer the world if it's destroyed. After swearing that they'll be enemies again during their next encounter, the doctor decided to head back to his base, with the Fire, Lighting, and Wind Goddesses, Scorch, EG-003/Shock and EG-004/Storm following him shortly afterwards.

Shortly afterwards, it was soon revealed that Dr. Nega survived the Egg Galaxia's explosion. Since he was floating in the vacuum of space, unable to breathe, he pleaded with the heroes to help him, which fell on deaf ears with most of the heroes. Mighty and Splash, being as kind-hearted as they are, felt as if they couldn't bear to leave anyone behind to die if they're asking for help, no matter how evil they may be. As such, everyone else reluctantly agreed to help Nega and bring him with them to Tails' Workshop, with the condition that he returns to the Station Square Mental Asylum.

However, the moment the opportunity presented itself, Dr. Nega quickly turned on the heroes, scoffing at them for being "soft and naive". Just as he was about to use his dimensional camera to trap the heroes, he was unable to do so, as he had apparently forgotten to change the film cartridge. The now-defenseless doctor had no choice but to flee, with the heroes promptly giving chase. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to get very far, as Silver stopped him via telekinesis. Since he was unable to keep that up during the wait for the asylum truck to arrive, the Leaf Goddess, EG-002/Seedra, decided to tangle him up until then.

Sometime after Nega was finally taken back, Shadow the Hedgehog, after hearing Espio mention the Chaotic Inferno Zone, decided to bring the Scepter of Darkness to the Mystic Haunt Zone, which contains a portal to the former. Shadow proceeded to toss the scepter through the portal, and used the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to place a seal on the door in order to ensure that Mephiles the Dark never returns to terrorize the universe again.

Now, there are two questions that remain. What has become of Metal Sonic's battle against his doppelganger, Metal Sonic Version 3.0? With the hint that Dr. Nega has provided Dr. Robotnik, how much time is left until he finds out the truth? Find out on this exciting, final chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Elsewhere, at the Mystic Ruins jungle, Metal Sonic's battle with his doppelganger, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 has finally come to an end, with the original emerging victorious.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Uggggh… *Czzzzzt!* H-How… How could I have lost… AGAIN!? *Czzzzzt!* I was created… To be the ultimate machine… *Czzzzt!* One that was…far more advanced… One that…exceeded the original… In every respect…! *Czzzzt!* I'm… utterly baffled… *Czzzzt!* …As to how… I could once again…be overpowered…by an obsolete…piece of garbage…such as yourself…! *Czzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Hmph. Even now, in the face of death, you're STILL spouting nonsense like that? If I were you, I would choose my last words more carefully.

Metal Sonic 3.0: G-Go right ahead… *Czzzzt!* Finish me… *Czzzt!* I can't…bear this…humiliation any longer! *Czzzt!* Just…just put me… *Czzzzt!* Out of my misery… *Czzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Very well. *Holds out the palm of his hand*

As Metal Sonic held out the palm of his hand, he was preparing to finish off his doppelganger once and for all, with Mephiles' signature piercing beam technique (since he copied data from him and Iblis in the previous story). However, right at the last second, he began to hesitate.

Metal Sonic 3.0: What… *Czzzt!* Are you… *Czzzt!* Waiting for…!? *Czzzzt!* Just…get on with it! *Czzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: …

I will not.

Metal Sonic 3.0:  Hmm? *Czzzt!* You're…sparing me? Why? *Czzzt!*

Metal Sonic: First of all, I take orders from no one, especially those that I defeat. Number two, my other reason for sparing your life, is because somehow, this victory hasn't satisfied me enough, especially because of Amy Rose and the others' interference. I want a rematch where I could fight you alone, while you're at full power. I want to defeat you at your absolute best, and determine once and for all which of us is truly the better machine!

Metal Sonic 3.0: By "full power"… You're referring… *Czzzt!* …To my transformation, correct? *Czzzt!*

Metal Sonic: That is correct. You stay here and let your auto-recovery system repair you. I have other things to do. *Starts walking away*

Metal Sonic 3.0: W-Wait… *Czzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Hmm? *Turns around* What is it?

Metal Sonic 3.0: There…there is no auto-recovery system…in my design… *Czzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Well, now isn't that ironic? After all that nonsense you spouted about me being an "inferior, outdated model", you aren't even equipped with something as simple as that! Very well then… *Carries Three-Point Zero over his shoulder* I guess this means I'm going to have to take you someplace where you can be repaired. Dr. Robotnik's base isn't very far from here.

After carrying Three-Point Zero over his shoulder, Metal Sonic turned on his jet booster and flew straight towards the entrance to Dr. Robotnik's Mystic Ruins base. From there, he dropped Metal Sonic 3.0., rang the doorbell, and took off just in time before Scorch answered it.

Scorch: What the…? *Looks around and notices Metal Sonic 3.0 on the ground* Oh, so it's you, huh? Aren't you Dr. Nega's Metal Sonic copy?

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Scorch: Oh, yeah, I forgot… You don't speak much, do you?

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Scorch: I don't know why I'm doing this, especially since I despise Dr. Nega, but I'll go ahead and help you out anyway. *Carries him over her shoulder and brings him to Robotnik*

Robotnik: Ah, Metal Sonic Version Three-Point Zero, is it?

Scorch: Yeah. I found him lying outside near the entrance. Considering how banged up he is, it's highly unlikely that he did that himself. Someone must have dropped him off here and took off.

Robotnik: Hmm, sounds logical enough.

Scorch: So, are you willing to give him a hand? Or should we destroy him?

Robotnik: I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give him a hand. After all, I feel as if he could really be of great use to us, especially when I begin the development of Project "EG-005".

Scorch: "Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Five"? You mean, you're creating another EG Experiment?

Robotnik: Yes, that's right, but this one's going to be different from all the rest. Rather than containing power over one specific element, EG-005 will be my most powerful creation yet, as she will contain the power of the seven elements: fire, water, ice, stone, leaf, lightning, and wind, all wrapped up into one!

Scorch: Sounds interesting!

Shock: Yeah, but are you sure she won't, you know…go haywire?

Robotnik: I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that she doesn't. The last thing I need is another Squash or Seedra, the former especially.

Storm: Alright. By the way, Doctor, did you ever figure out who's been spying on you all this time?

Robotnik: Not yet, I'm still pondering about it, trying to put the facts together. I'll figure it out soon enough. Anyway, Scorch, go ahead and sit Metal Sonic 3.0 on the table over there, and I'll start working on his repairs as soon as possible.

Scorch: Sure thing, Dr. Robotnik. *Walks over to the table and puts him down*

Robotnik: Excellent. Now, ladies, if you please… I would like to be alone for the time being, so that I could concentrate.

Shock: Sure thing, 'Doc.

*They leave*

Robotnik: This "spy"… This "traitor" that Nega has spoken of… Who could it be, exactly? From the way he talked about it, it must be someone who's very close to me, a lot closer than I may think… Someone who's right under my nose, in fact. According to him, it's one of the last people that I ever would have suspected. Under normal circumstances, given his history of lies and betrayal, I wouldn't believe a word he says, but even before then, I've long begun to suspect-…

Wait a minute!

*Cue flashback #1*

Robotnik: The Chaotix team… For some reason, they were always one step ahead of me…

Slush: What do you mean?

Robotnik: Somehow, they always seemed to have knowledge of my plans before I had the chance to put them into effect! It’s almost as if they heard everything about it, first-hand! This just doesn’t make any sense!

Slush: Your guess is as good as mine, Doctor. (Heh heh, as if I don’t know.) *Smirks*

Robotnik: Hmm? You know something, don’t you, Slush?

Slush: Huh!? W-What makes you say that, exactly…?

Robotnik: That look on your face definitely tells me that you know something about what’s been going on…

Slush: (Oh, crap… This isn’t good. I think he’s on to me…) I… I don’t know anything, Dr. Robotnik. Really, I don’t…

Robotnik: Is that so? You’ve been here at this base an awful lot, even while I’ve been away. Are you absolutely sure that you haven’t seen any suspicious activity?

Slush: “Suspicious activity”, you say? Like what?

Robotnik: I’m beginning to think that we may have a spy among us…

Slush: (Oh, yeah… He is DEFINITELY onto me. I’ve gotta hand it to him… The old doctor is a lot smarter than I gave him credit for… I guess he wasn’t kidding about his IQ.) A-A spy, you say…? N-No…at least not that I know of…

Robotnik: Are you sure? You seem awfully jumpy all of a sudden…

Slush: I’m…positive!

*End flashback*

*Cue flashback #2*

Nega Robotnik: Easy, now! Easy! I’m not here to cause any trouble! I come in peace!

Slush: After all YOU’VE done, how do we know you could be trusted!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Oh? Look who’s talking! Are YOU, of all people, REALLY trying to accuse ME of not being trustworthy?

Slush: What do you mean!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Should I spell it out, or do YOU want to tell them?

*End flashback #2*

Robotnik: So, THAT'S it! Slush… SHE'S the one who's been spying on me all this time! How could I have been so blind!? I should have SEEN this from the start! AUGH! She's not going to get AWAY with this! I swear it! One way or another, she's going to be DEARLY for this blatant act of treason! *Yells from the top of his lungs* DO YOU HEAR ME, SLUSH!? YOU WILL PAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

*That echoes all the way through the base*

Scorch, Shock, and Storm: o_O

Meanwhile, at the beach…

Silver: *Wearing a blindfold while getting dragged by the arm by Amy* How much further is she, exactly?

Amy: There's no need to worry, she's right this way! You're going to be in for a surprise when you find out who she really is!

Silver: *Reluctantly goes along with it*

Elsewhere, in a nearby area…

Blaze: This blindfold…is it really necessary?

Cream: Well, we just don't want to spoil the surprise, that's all.

Marine: Yep! Ah'm tellin' ya, mate, this surprise is gonna be rippa!

Blaze: …

You know, I wasn't going to say this at first, but I already know who you're trying to set me up with.

Cream: You…do?

Blaze: Yes, it's Silver.

Marine: How'd ya know?

Blaze: I've known all along. It wasn't very hard to figure out.

*Amy arrives with Silver*

Amy: Ta-da! *Takes the blindfold off of him*

Silver: B-Blaze!?

They're setting YOU up with someone, too?

Blaze: What? You still don't get it? *Laughs a little*

Silver: What's so funny?

Blaze: The "someone" that I'm being set up with is you, silly.

Amy: Well, our work here is done. We'll go ahead and leave you two alone now.

Cream: Bye!

*Amy and Cream run off to a nearby area to go spy on them*

Silver: So, the "nice girl" they've talking about up until now… It's been you all along?

Blaze: Of course. I thought it was rather obvious, since they've been suggesting for the past year or so, that we have feelings for each other.

Silver: You're right! I don't know WHY I didn't realize this from the start!

Blaze: *Laughs again* As always, Silver, you're so naïve.

Silver: *Sarcastic tone* Gee, thanks.

Blaze: But I've…always liked that about you. *Kisses him on the cheek*

Silver: *Blushes*

Amy: Aww, isn't that romantic?

Cream: Yep! It looks like our plan worked after all!

Marine: Pfffft…! (Blimey! I've gotta tell Charmy! He's gonna LOVE this!) *Snickering and trying to hold in a laugh*

Cream: Marine…that isn't very nice.

Amy: Exactly! There's nothing funny about two people being in love!

Cream: *Notices Silver and Blaze looking in their direction* Uh oh… I think they're noticed us…

Silver: Do you three mind?

Amy: O-Oh! Sorry about that!

Cream: Yes, we're very, very sorry!

*They leave*

Not too far from there…

Charmy: Huh? Hey, I didn't know you were coming to the beach, too, Slush!

Splash: Yes, I mean… Last month, when all of us came here, you decided to stay behind, because you feared that you might melt!

Slush: Well, since I was able to handle being at both the volcano and the desert, I thought I'd give this place a try, too. And besides, there's quite a few shaded areas around here, so I'm sure I'll be okay.[/color]

Charmy: Hee hee, "bee okay". Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles* Oh, I could just never get enough of those!

Seedra: Neither can I! *Giggles, too*

Wechnia: *Sweatdrops* Oh, good grief…

Tikal: *Notices Knuckles and Rouge walking by* Ah, I'll take it that Heavy and Bomb finally told you the password to the new security system for the Master Emerald?

Knuckles: Yeah. From what I've seen of it, I'm sure it won't be very easy to bypass this one, like Nega did to the other one last month.

Charmy: *Looks at Knuckles and Rouge, and then snickers*

Knuckles: What're YOU laughing at!?

Charmy: Ohhhh, you know! *Snickers again*

Rouge: Oh, very funny! Just to refresh your memory, if you even THINK about spying on us again this time-

Charmy: Hee hee! Yeah, yeah, I know. Don't worry, I won't.

Knuckles: Good. I'm glad we're on the same page.

Marine: *Runs up to them* Charmy! Ya've gotta come see this, mate! It's about Silver and Blaze!

Charmy: They're kissing, aren't they? *Snickers*

Marine: Not yet, but they're probably 'bout to! *Snickers*

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Charmy: Hey, Vector, Vector! Could I borrow your camera again, so I could take a picture?

Vector: You're gonna spy on 'DEM, this time? Good idea! If ya have a deathwish! Fine then, wudevah. Go ahead 'n' use it. You're gonna get yourself caught, though. *Hands it to him*

Charmy: He hee hee, don't worry! I won't get caught this time! *Takes it and flies off*

Marine: *Follows him*

Wechnia: Well, this ought to be interesting.

Espio: Indeed.

Tiara: *Little ways from there* Get lost, brat! I called it first! I'M the one that Sonic's going on that romantic stroll with!

Amy: YOU called it first!? I already called it before you did, a month ago!

Ray: Oh, boy… *Facepalm*

Seedra: …

Amy: Sonic is MINE, Boobowski! You hear me!? Stay away from him!

Tiara: He is NOT yours if he keeps running away from you all the time, moron!

Amy: He only runs because he's too shy to admit his feelings!

Tiara: What a load of crap! I'M the one who he has feelings for!

*They argue back and forth*

Sonic: *Starts sneaking away*

Vector: Heh heh heh! Like I always say…  Nothin' but quality entertainment! *Records*


Blaze: Silver… Last year, when Mephiles took your life… I… I was devastated. For a moment, I thought I'd never see you again, up until Wechnia suggested reviving you with the Master Emerald. I've… I've wanted to express this to you for quite some time, but… I just couldn't find the words. You…mean everything to me, Silver. I… I love you…

Silver: And I…love you, too, Blaze…

*They lean in to kiss*

Charmy & Marine (at the same time): PFFFT...! *They hold in a laugh*

*Silver and Blaze look over there, and the two of them hide just in time before they're seen*

Silver: Huh? What was that noise?

Blaze: I heard it, too. It was probably just the wind or something…

Silver: Maybe you're right.

Blaze: So, where were we?

Without anymore sounds to interrupt them, Silver and Blaze began to kiss after expressing their love to one another. Just as they were in the middle of it, however, a sudden flash of light occurred, which was from the camera that Charmy borrowed from Vector.

Blaze: Huh!? What!?

Silver: *Spots Charmy and Marine* YOU…!

Marine: Strewth! We'd better get outta here, mate! *Runs off*

Charmy: Right behind 'ja! Get it, "beehind 'ja"? *Follows Marine*

*Silver and Blaze start chasing them around for the photo, much like Knuckles and Rouge did in the final issues of Robotnik Strikes Back and The Last Story*



Silver & Blaze (at the same time): YOU GET BACK HERE!

*The chase continues*

Vector: Y'see? I KNEW that was gonna happen!

Mighty: Heh heh, so did I. Those two could just never seem to stay out of trouble!

Knuckles: Yeah, especially since that's about the sixth time that's happened throughout the series!

Wechnia: …?

Espio: Huh? What "series" are you referring to, exactly?

Vector: What? Ya mean ya really don't know?

Espio: No, I don't.

Mighty: Please, do fill us in.

Honey: Yes, I think we'd all like to know.

Vector: It's…kinda've a long story, so don't even worry about it. We'll tell ya some otha time.

Wechnia: Alright then.

Later on that day, after they were finished spending time at the beach, Slush, not knowing that Dr. Robotnik has caught on to her betrayal, has decided to return to his Mystic Ruins base.

Slush: Hey, you guys. I'm back! *Looks around*

Hmm? Where is everybody? Dr. Robotnik? Scorch? Shock? Storm? Anybody?

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Enters the room, fully repaired*

Slush: Wait a minute, I know you! You're Dr. Nega's Metal Sonic copy, Metal Sonic Three-Point-Something! What are YOU doing here!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: After another humiliating loss to that outdated model, Metal Sonic, I was brought here in order to get my wounds healed so that we could have a rematch. Dr. Robotnik was generous enough to repair me, so I have temporarily sworn allegiance to him as an act of gratitude.

Slush: You sound almost exactly like Scorch, with the only difference being that her allegiance is permanent.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Have you, by any chance, heard of the new project that the doctor is working on?

Slush: A new project? What kind?

Metal Sonic 3.0: He is currently in the process of creating a fifth EG Experiment, which he has codenamed "EG-005".

Slush: So, he's working on another one, huh? Interesting… What kind of power will this one possess?

Metal Sonic 3.0: See for yourself. The blueprints for EG-005 are right there, in the production room.

Slush: Okay, got it.

Say, by the way… Robotnik wouldn't happen to be here right now, would he?

Metal Sonic 3.0: He is not. He said that he had an errand to run, so he has left the base momentarily.

Slush: (Perfect! That's rather convenient for me! Now that he's gone, as well as the fact that my communicator is charged, I could report this discovery to the Chaotix with no problem! ) *Runs off*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmm hmm hmm…  All too easy. *Takes out a communicator of his own* The Ice Goddess is heading for the production room; I repeat, she is heading towards the production room.

???: HAHAHAHAHA… Excellent work, Metal Sonic 3.0! Now, you just leave the rest to me.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Understood. *Breaks contact*

Wasting no time, Slush quickly hurried to the production room in order to examine the blueprints of EG-005 and report her findings to the Chaotix team. Little did she know, however, that she was playing right into the evil doctor's hand…

Slush: *Enters* Alright, so this is the production room. Exactly where ARE the plans for this "EG-005" that Three-Point-What's-His-Name spoke of? *Looks around* Ah, I see! It's right here, on the computer! *Sits down and examines them* So, this is Project EG-005… Appearance-wise, she hardly looks any different from the other four, but apparently, she's going to have my powers, along with Scorch's, Splash's, Squash's, Seedra's, Shock's, and Storm's powers combined into one! Wait a minute, what's this!? Robotnik… He's planning…to make her invincible by infusing her gem with energy from the Chaos Rings!? This…this isn't good! This is more horrible than I imagined! If Robotnik couldn't control Squash, there's no WAY he'll be able to control something this powerful! Oh, that does it! I won't allow this to happen! I'd better go ahead and destroy these blueprints! EG-005 must never, and I mean NEVER see the light of day!

???: Snoop PINGAS usual, I see!

Slush: *Looks toward the entrance* D-Doctor Robotnik!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA... That's right! It looks as if you've played right into my hand, just as I knew you would!

Slush: W-What!?

Robotnik: I've finally figured it out. The spy that's been leaking information behind my back for the past month… It's been YOU all along, hasn't it?

Slush: …

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… I must say, I'm impressed! It even took me, the great Doctor Ivo Robotnik, scientific genius extraordinaire, quite some time to figure it out! For the past month or so, you've played a daring and ingenious game, my clever little friend, but now it's all over, traitor!

Slush: …!

Uh oh! The unthinkable has finally happened! After thinking long and hard about the situation, in addition to various hints, Dr. Robotnik has finally figured out that Slush is the one who's been spying on him all this time! Although the heroes have triumphed over the likes of Mephiles the Dark, Iblis, Dr. Nega, and Metal Sonic Version 3.0, another problem awaits them. Will this "EG-005" pose a significant threat as Slush has begun to fear? What horrible fate does Robotnik have in store for the Ice Goddess now that he has caught on to her treachery? Find out next time, on Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

The End? Or…the beginning?
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