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Author Topic: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special  (Read 19032 times)

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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
« Reply #15 on: Nov 20 2014, 01:51 PM »
Here it is, the first part of the fourth Christmas Special in the Elements of Power series. This time around, I'm certain that I won't be writing anymore Christmas Specials after this one. I wanted to end things at number three, but due to the story ending on somewhat of a cliffhanger, and because I didn't feel as if I did enough with with Cryos, I decided to do another. Even though he's been established as Chaos' dimensional counterpart, Cryos' backstory is going to have some similarities, but at the same time, I'm still going to try to avoid having it be a complete rehash.
Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power

Christmas Special #4

Part 1

On the last Elements of Power Christmas Special, Knuckles, the Chaotix, the Elemental Goddesses, and many others, including Tertius/Prickles and Quattuor of the Number Line, were invited to Cream and Vanilla’s house to attend another Christmas gathering. For the most part, things seemed normal until the Ringstar Island guardian, Luna the Porchidna, somehow ended up going missing, which caused Oceana to be fraught with worry. Just when she was on her way out the door to find the truth about her best friend’s disappearance, Dr. Robotnik arrived just in the nick of time, with the information that Oceana was looking for. The doctor then explained to the Wave Goddess and everyone else that the seemingly-reformed Dr. Nega was the one behind Luna’s disappearance, and was holding her for ransom until the heroes bring all seven Lunar Emeralds to him.

Knowing that Nega couldn’t be trusted to stay true to his word, the heroes decided that they were going to take the card from him by force. With the power of the Chaos Emerald that he had in his possession, Shadow used Chaos Control to warp himself and everyone else to the Mystic Ruins. Half of the heroes then headed over to Tails’ Workshop to cross into the Lunar Dimension, while the other half went to Dr. Robotnik’s base to deal with all the robots (including Metal Sonic and 3.0) that were corrupted by a virus program that Nega infected them with. Eventually, with the help of Quattuor and Prickles’ estranged brother, Denominator Quinti (more commonly known as “Denomi”) and Professor Porkenstein’s anti-virus technology, they were able to defeat the virus-infected Badniks, and were able to meet up with the rest of the heroes in the Lunar Dimension.

Elsewhere, as the heroes were on their way to Dr. Nega’s base, they ended up running into the Multi-Elemental Goddess, PG-005/Goldra, who agreed to tag along with the heroes to rescue Luna and stop Nega. Eventually, after destroying all the Badniks in their path, they came face-to-face with the deranged doctor himself. He then went on to explain to the heroes that his reason for capturing Luna was to get ahold of the Celestial Emerald, which apparently contained a creature who once threw the world into the depths of terror thousands of years ago. Dr. Nega intended to unleash the creature in order use its powers to further his own sinister scheme. After angering the heroes with all his taunts about playing Luna for a fool (again), they were getting ready to attack Nega, but came to an abrupt stop after he began using Luna as a shield, threatening to cut her card to pieces if they made a move. Nega then proceeded to torture the heroes with an electric generator, attempting to force them to surrender the Lunar Emeralds.

Just when all hope seemed lost, the Flame Goddess, Volcana, PG-001/Stonia, PG-002/Woodra, PG-003/Electra, and PG-004/Tornada, in a surprising act of mutiny, came to the heroes’ aid by destroying the electric generator. Shortly after branding the five of them as “traitors”, the sound of broken glass was heard from the basement. Nega then came to the realization that “Cryos”, the creature in question that he was aiming to release, has broken out of the Celestial Emerald, due to the sealing power weakening over the course of time. With that said, Nega began rushing to the basement, and sealed the entrance behind him so that the heroes wouldn’t be able to follow. Noticing that he dropped both Luna’s card and the camera, Oceana used it to change the former back to her original self. After thanking the heroes for coming to save her, Luna used her super strength to break down the steel door, effectively allowing them to chase after Nega.

When they arrived in the basement, they found Cryos absorbing the broken pieces of the Celestial Emerald. After absorbing its pieces, Cryos began to undergo a transformation, which increased his size so much that he began to make Dr. Nega’s base cave in. As such, the heroes, as well as Dr. Nega, had no choice but to make a run for it. While the Elemental and Parallel Goddesses began battling Cryos, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company temporarily left the scene in order to get the Lunar Emeralds from Tails’ dimensional counterpart, Julia Prowess, which were needed in order to combat Cryos. After absorbing their power, they engaged the creature in battle, and managed to defeat it. In an effort to prevent Cryos from regenerating, Frostina used the Snow Element Gem to have it resealed, due to the fact that the Ice Scepter that Nega invented was destroyed in the base’s wreckage.

Taking place not very long after the aforementioned incident, we begin the story this time on Ringstar Island with the Parallel Goddesses, who were in for an unwelcome surprise once they came back from the party.

*Music Cue*

Stonia: S-Say what!? You’re…you’re kicking us out!?

Nega Robotnik: That’s right.

Woodra: Surely, you jest! Up until now, we’ve done everything at your behest!

Nega Robotnik: Precisely, “up until now”. Going behind my back and attending those parties held by my enemies? I was able to overlook that. Blatantly betraying me and interfering with my plans, on the other hand? That is where I draw the line!

Volcana: But Doctor N… I’ve been nothing but loyal to you all this time! Doesn’t that count for anything!?

Nega Robotnik: Don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate everything you’ve done thus far, my dear Volcana. However, you’ve made your position quite clear when you chose to side with my enemies. As such, your services are no longer required.

Electra: Despite all that, didn’t we still help you out during the whole Cryos fiasco!?

Nega Robotnik: I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.

Tornada: But… We don’t have anywhere else to go…

Nega Robotnik: I’m afraid that’s not my problem. *Takes out his spare dimensional camera* Now, if you would excuse me, ladies, I have more important matters to attend to at my other fortress. *Generates a portal, and goes through*

*The portal closes as the Goddesses stand there in shock*

*Music Cue*

Stonia: Someone tell me that did not just happen…

Tornada: … *Tears begin to fill her eyes*

Volcana: *Hugs her* Don’t worry, girls. We do have at least one other place to go. I’m sure Oceana, Frostina, and Luna wouldn’t mind letting us stay with them.

One trip later…

Luna: Come again!? You’re saying that Nega threw you out, just like that!?

Tornada: *Slowly nods*

Oceana: Typical… As soon as he gets what he wants, that Nega creep just tosses people aside like common trash!

Electra: Yeah, but according to him, he kicked us out for “betraying” him.

Volcana: Did he seriously expect us to not do anything!? He went way too far that time, even by my standards!

Luna: I hear you. Just when I think that guy couldn’t be a bigger scumbag, he proves me wrong everytime.

Frostina: Surely, even before tonight, you must have questioned yourselves, wondering whether or not following Nega’s orders was the right thing to do. Am I right?

Volcana: Well, yeah.

Frostina: I know you’re all distraught over this turn of events, but try to look on the bright side… You’re free now! No longer working for someone like Nega and having all these moral dilemmas because of it… That should be a huge weight off your shoulders, don’t you think?

*They nod*

Tornada: Oh, yes. Definitely.

Oceana: Plus, now we can finally live together as a family.

Stonia: …Which brings us to the question: Is there going to be enough room for all of us?

Luna: Sure there is, but each of you may need to share a room, since, as you’ve probably picked up on already, this isn’t the biggest house there is.

Electra: Sure, that’s fine.

Woodra: Yeah. Thanks for agreeing to let us stay, by the way.

Luna: Don’t mention it.

Tornada: Oh, by the way, I forgot to ask… What’s a “dilemma”?

Everyone: …

*They anime fall*

Tornada: …Was it something I said?

One year later, yet another Christmas gathering was being held over at Vanilla’s house, but as you’ve probably guessed already, things won’t stop there. During the first Christmas gathering, Dr. Nega aimed to unleash the Ifrit. In the second one, Metal Sonic Version 4.0 opted to conquer the universe, while in the third one, Nega intended to unleash Cryos and use the creature’s powers for his own nefarious purposes. What sort of craziness will occur this time around? Find out in this exciting fourth installment of the Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Specials!

*Music Cue*

Vector: Well, boys…’n’ girls, looks like it’s that time again!

Charmy: Time for you to start singing?

Vector: No, not that. I meant it was time for anotha Christmas gatherin’!

Charmy: Whew! Oh, good!

Vector: Huh? Whadda ya mean “good”? I’ve said it before, ‘n’ I’ll say it again… My singin’ ain’t even bad!

Heavy: Right, you just keep telling yourself that.

Vector: Gimme a freakin’ break! I may not be ‘da best singer in ‘da world, but I ain’t anywhere near as bad as you’re tryin’ to make me seem!

Espio: No offense, Vector, but if you’re able to destroy robots with your voice alone, then that’s not exactly what I’d call good singing.

Knuckles: Yeah, Vector. Seriously.

Vector: Of course it’d be able to destroy robots! It was a Team Blast, so that was the entire point!

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee able”. *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles* Like I said beefore, I just never get tired of those!

Bomb: Why don’t we have a show of hands for those who think Vector’s singing is good?

*No one raises their hand, other than Mighty, Splash, and Seedra (who’re simply trying to be polite)*

Vector: Ya see? Some people ‘re actually able to recognize talent when they see it!

*Everyone else sweatdrops*

Knuckles: …If you say so.

Vector: I’ll have ya know that I was once part’ve a band! Me, Sonic, Madonna, Sharps the Chicken, Mach the Rabbit, ‘n’ Max the Monkey were a huge hit wit’ the fans!

Espio: Yes, but if I recall correctly, you told us some time ago that you were the band’s keyboardist, rather than lead singer.

Heavy: That would explain the group’s success.

Vector: Shut ‘sher stinkin’ trap!

*Trails of wind, fire, and lightning suddenly zoom past the group*

Honey: What was that?

Mighty: That must’ve been Sonic, Shock, and Zippo.

Vector: Yeah, the three o’ them usually race on the way ovah. Whadda ya say we go ahead ‘n’ get goin’, as well?

Charmy: Alright. Last one there’s a rotten egg! *Flies off*

*Everyone else takes off, as well*

Meanwhile, at the house…

Big: *Gives Cream a boost*

Cream: Thank you, Mr. Big!

Big: Mm hmm.

Cream: *Places the star on top of the tree* All done!

Vanilla: *Looks around* It looks as if we’ve gone a little overboard on the decorations again, but you can never have too many of them, I suppose. As always, I appreciate the help, everyone.

Amy: You’re most welcome.

Silvra: Yeah, it was our pleasure.

*The doorbell rings*

Vanilla: Gemel, would you get that, please?

Gemel: *Nods, walks over to the door, and opens it*

Sonic: Hey, it’s you! Long time no see! What was your name again? G-Mel? Gemel? Or was it Gemerl?

Gemel: …

*Sonic, Shock, and Zippo enter the house, followed by Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company shortly afterwards*

Amy: *Quickly rushes over there* Sonic! *Hugs him*

Sonic: A-Amy! Not so tight!

Shock: Yeah. Like I said a few other times before, you’re gonna mess around and suffocate the guy!

Amy: *Releases him*

Sonic: *Gasps for air*

Amy: So, by the way, Splash… How are things between you and Quattuor, hmm?

Splash: Uh, well… Why do you ask?

Amy: Ohhhh, you know!

Silvra: …She’s most likely trying to imply that there’s something going on between the two of you.

Splash: I see, but you’ve got it all wrong! Quattuor and I are just friends!

Amy: Are you suuuuure?

Splash: Y-Yes, really…

Amy: What about that moment you two had under the mistletoe?

Splash: *Blushes* T-That was nothing! It was only a tradition, you see…

Silvra: Come on, Amy. Just give it a rest.

Amy: Ah, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, believe me! I think you two are absolutely cyuuuuute together! Love changes everything! It makes you feel as if every little moment in your life is huge!

Minutes later…

Amy: Yep, so in a nutshell, love conquers all! *Looks around and notices that the room is empty* Oh, come on! Not again! Why’re people always doing that!? That is so rude!

*The doorbell rings*

Amy: I wonder who that is? If it’s that floozy, Electra, she’d better keep her filthy hands off my Sonic if she knows what’s good for her! *Opens the door*

Tiara: Hello.

Amy: Hey there, Tiara. For a second there, I thought it might have been Electra.

Tiara: That skank? Ugh, don’t even get me started on her…

Amy: You didn’t happen to see her on the way over here, did you?

Tiara: Thankfully, I didn’t.

Amy: Oh, good.

Tiara: While we’re on the subject, something definitely needs to be done about her, don’t you agree?

Amy: You bet!

Meanwhile, at Julia’s workshop in the Lunar Dimension…

Electra: AHCHOO! *Sneezes*

Oceana: Are you okay? It looks as if you’re starting to catch a cold…

Electra: Ah, no, I’m fine. Someone’s probably just talking about me, that’s all. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if that “someone” was that annoying brat, Amy or that other girl, whose name I could never remember. Or perhaps it was that handsome hunkster, Sonic. I’m sure his heart is beating for me even right now, as we speak.

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Stonia: Uh huh.

Oceana: …If you say so. What about you, Frostina? You seem a bit…out of it.

Frostina: Well, you see… It’s about this recurring dream I’ve been having…

Electra: Let me guess… It’s about Black-Hog, right? I can’t say I blame you, hon. For an alien, he’s quite a looker, if I do say so myself.

Frostina: *Blushes* I-It’s nothing like that, trust me! It’s a recurring dream I’ve been having for the past year, ever since the end of our battle with Cryos…

Electra: …Oh. Well, what of it, exactly?

Frostina: It was almost like a prophetic dream that was trying to tell me something, but I’d rather not bore you with the details right now. I’ll explain everything on the way to the party.

Luna: That’ll work. *Places the Lunar Emeralds onto the machine* Oh, and just to prevent another incident like my run-in with Nega last year, I’ll be keeping the Celestial Emerald in here, if that’s okay with you, Julie.

“Julia”: I don’t mind, not at all. I’d also hate for someone like Dr. Nega to get his hands on that. Speaking of which, you might want to do the same with the Snow Element Gem, Frostina. After all, you wouldn’t want to run the risk of accidentally dropping it into the snow and setting Cryos free, would you?

Frostina: Uh, well… I suppose not. *Hands it to “her”*

“Julia”: *Turns it on the machine and generates a portal* You all go on ahead. I’ll catch up with you in a little bit.

Electra: Sure thing. Sonic! I’m coming for you, handsome! *Zooms through the portal in a bolt of lightning*

Goldra: *Enters the Workshop*

Frostina: Hey, Goldra. You’re a lot earlier than usual. Will you be coming to the party with us?

Goldra: *Shrugs* Why not?

*Luna and the rest of the Parallel Goddesses pass through the portal, and ”Julia” presses a button on “her” wrist, morphing back into his/her true form*

???: Heh heh heh! *Walks over to the closet and opens it, revealing the real Julia, who’s tied up* Luna ‘n’ those Goddess babes must really put a lot o’ trust in you, dudette.

*Music Cue* 

Julia: Mmmph! *Wiggles around*

???: Not only did I get ‘em to leave behind all the emeralds ‘n’ everything, but that Frostina chick even left that Snow Gem behind! Totally wicked, man! Do I rule, or what? The Doc’s gonna have a field day when he catches wind o’ this!

Julia: *Glares*

As it turns out, the “Julia” that the emeralds and Snow Element Gem were left with was an imposter! Exactly what is the true identity of her impersonator? Whoever this person is, he or she obviously has some sort of connection to one of the doctors, but which one, exactly? Could it be Dr. Nega, or perhaps the seemingly-tired Dr. Robotnik? For what reason is he or she looking to get his/her hands on the aforementioned items? With everyone else attending the party, is there anyone available to put a stop to this person’s scheme and rescue the real Julia? Find out as the saga continues on the fourth Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…

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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
« Reply #16 on: Dec 13 2014, 02:07 PM »
This took a bit longer than I thought it would, but I finally got this chapter done. Last year, I thought that writing and coming up with ideas for the third Christmas Special was difficult, but it's even worse with this one. Yeah, I know... Time after time, I've said that I most likely won't be doing anymore Christmas Specials, but this time around, I think I can safely say that this will be the last one I ever write. Aside from the fact that I feel as if the well is running dry, trying to get these stories done in time before Christmas or New Year's Day is always a complete chore.
Part 2

On the previous chapter of the fourth Elements of Power Christmas Special, yet another Christmas gathering was being held over at Cream and Vanilla’s house. Many people showed up to attend, including, but not limited to, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, the Chaotix team, and many others. Unlike prior times, nothing out of the ordinary was happening at the house. However, the same could not be said for Julia Prowess’s Astral Ruins workshop in the Lunar Dimension.

Apparently, Julia had gotten attacked and captured by an unknown assailant prior to the arrival of the Ringstar Island guardian, Luna the Porchidna and the Parallel Goddesses. Additionally, this person was able to successfully fool the others by using a shapeshifting device of some sort in order to disguise his or herself as Julia. Shortly before they left, “Julia” convinced Frostina to the leave the Snow Element Gem behind, reminding her that Cryos would emerge once again if it were to come in contact with the snow. Heeding “Julia’s” advice, Frostina left the gem accordingly and left with Luna and her sisters to attend the party.

The questions remain… Who is this mysterious individual, and what are his or her intentions? Will anyone be able to get there in time to stop this person and rescue the real Julia from captivity? Find out as the saga continues on the fourth Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

Meanwhile, on the way to Vanilla’s house…

*Music Cue*

*Nack and Bean poke their heads out of the bushes right after Luna and the Goddesses leave, wearing prison jumpsuits*

Bean: So far, so good! Thanks to that riot, breaking out of prison this time around was like taking candy from a baby!

Nack: HAHAHA! Ya got dat right, bruddah! ‘N’ dis time around, there ain’t nothin’ dat rabbit or dem two mutts‘re gonna do ta stop us!

Bean: Yeah, but still… We should definitely prepare for them just in case, don’t you think?

Nack: Exactly whadda ya have in mind?

Bean: First, let’s get out of these stupid prison clothes. *Takes his off and tosses it*

Nack: Good idea. ‘Dese were makin’ me all itchy ‘n’ whatnot. *Removes his and tosses it, as well*

Bean: Now, about the plan… I’m thinking we should-

*They hide as Luna and the Parallel Goddesses walk by*

*Music Cue*

Electra: So, there was some dream regarding Cryos you were going to tell us about?

Frostina: Yeah. For the past year, ever since that incident, Tikal’s words about Cryos possibly not being as bad as he initially seemed have been echoing in my mind. Almost every night before going to bed, I’ve been coming across this mysterious, lavender-colored ball of light, which has been showing me these visions regarding Cryos’ past. From what I’ve been able to gather so far, there was this porcupine girl by the name of Artemis and-

Luna: Did you say “Artemis”…?

Frostina: I’ll take it you’ve heard of her at some point?

Luna: Yes, she’s an ancestor of mine! Well, my ancestral aunt, that is.

Frostina: Ah, I see, “icy”! As I was about to say, she and Cryos were very close, and were possibly in love. Then, one day, a tragedy befell the two of them; a tragedy that resulted in Artemis getting killed. It must have been her death that set Cryos off and turned him into the monster he became before his sealing…

Tornada: That’s such a sad story… I feel really bad for them…

Woodra: So do I, I tell you no lie…

Goldra: Pffft. Talk about melodramatic.

Frostina: Another strange thing is, even though Volcana, Oceana, and I have lost some of our memory from being sealed up for so long, I still feel as if I also happen to know that Artemis person from somewhere…

Volcana: Yeah, that name does sound kind of familiar, now that you mention it…

Oceana: Same here, but other than the name, nothing else is ringing a bell with me.

Electra: Ah, I’m sure we’ll learn the meaning of that dream soon enough. But for now, I’ve gotta go. After all, Sonic is just dying to see me right now, and I can’t just keep him waiting now, can I? I’ll meet you all there! *Takes off at lightning speed*

Tornada: Wait a minute… Did she say Sonic’s dying!? What happened to him!? Is he okay!?

Everyone: …

Goldra: … *Facepalm*

Tornada: …What? Was it something I said?

Stonia: No, nothing’s wrong with the guy, Tornada. That’s just a figure of speech.

Tornada: Oh! Boy, do I feel stupid!

Goldra: …Only just now?

Tornada: What’s that supposed to mean!?

Woodra: Hey, hey! Settle down, okay?

Frostina: Woodra’s right… Let’s just focus on getting to the party, alright?

Goldra: Fine.

Tornada: Hmph!

*They take off*


*Metal Sonic and Metal Sonic 3.0 were in the middle of another battle, which was being watched by Team Dark, Scorch, Syndra, Storm, and Mecha Amy*

*Music Cue*

Slush: *Approaches the group with Bark* …I see those two are at it again.

Scorch: Yep. Different time, same fight, same outcome…

Storm: Honestly, Three-Point Zero… At this point, why do you even bother trying?

Metal Sonic 3.0: As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, I’ve been created with a destiny… To become the strongest among all robots! Time and time again, this lowly piece of obsolete filth has been an obstacle that’s stood in my way, preventing me from achieving that goal with all his lucky victories! Well, no more! Once and for all, I intend to relieve myself of such humiliation and prove that I, without a shadow of a doubt, am the pinnacle of technological advancements!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Storm: …Good grief.

Syndra: (Here, I thought Rocco sounded bad, but…wow.)

Slush: Everytime you open your “mouth” to speak, you just continue to sound more and more ridiculous.

Mecha Amy: That’s for sure!

Scorch: Sooner or later, Dr. Robotnik and that Julia kid are probably going to get tired of repairing you all the time…

Metal Sonic 3.0: I’m not the one who’s going to be needing repairs this time around. It is I who will emerge victorious!

Metal Sonic: Are you finished babbling yet?

Metal Sonic 3.0: You’re that eager to die, are you? Who am I to disappoint?

*They resume the fight*

Rouge: …Should we even bother watching this anymore? I mean, it’s not as if we don’t already know what the outcome’s gonna be.

Shadow: I was about to say the same thing. Come on, let’s get-…

Electra: *Zooms pass everybody*

Shadow: …Moving.

*They leave*

Meanwhile over at Vanilla’s house…

*The doorbell rings*

*Music Cue*

Vanilla: Hmm? I wonder who it could be this time?

Charmy: Hee hee, “who it could bee this time”. *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Heavy: …Somebody shoot me, please.

Vanilla: *Opens*

Blaze: Hello. It’s nice to see you.

Vanilla: Why, hello there! How’ve you been?

Silver: Pretty good.

Marine: Yep, rippa as always!

Vanilla: Please, come right on in.

*They enter*

Electra: *Zooms by again* Excuse me, coming through!

Sonic: (Oh, geez… Where’d she come from!?) *Starts sneaking away, and then jets off to another room*

Electra: *Catches a glimpse of him from the corner of her eye shortly before he leaves, and then looks toward Vanilla, Silver, Blaze, and Marine* Hello, nice to see you guys. Ta-ta! *Follows Sonic into the other room*

A little while later…

*Music Cue*

Electra: Why, hello there, stud. Long time no see. *Winks*

Sonic: E-Electra… *Starts to back away* H-How’ve you been?

*Amy and Tiara peek into the room upon hearing Electra’s name and voice*

Electra: Well, let’s just say that I’ve had my share of problems over the months, but I’m doing okay… *Walks toward him, switching to a more flirty tone of voice* …Especially now that I’m around you.

Sonic: *Backs all the way into the wall*

Electra: *Giggles* You are so cute when you play hard to get…

Sonic: U-Uh, t-thanks…?

Amy: *Tosses her hammer and hits Electra in the back of the head*

Electra: Ouch! *Holds her head, turns around, and glares* You…

Amy: How many times do we have to tell you, you little hussy!? Stay away from him!

Tiara: That’s right! You want him? Well, you’ll have to get through us first!

Electra: Oh, that’s fine by me, because the two of you have officially gotten on my last nerve… *An electrical aura appears around her as her hair spikes up, complete with her eyes turning completely white*

Tiara: You want some!? Well, come and get it!

Electra: With pleasure.

Sonic: *Cowers under a table*

Vanilla: *From the other room* Dinner’s ready!

Electra: *Changes back to normal* You two got lucky this time. Really lucky. *Looks toward Sonic*

Sonic: *Flinches*

Electra: We’ll continue this later, okay, handsome? *Blows a kiss to him and walks out of the room*

*Amy and Tiara do the same*

Meanwhile, at Julia’s Astral Ruins Workshop in the Lunar Dimension…

Nega Robotnik: *Through the communicator* What’s that you’re saying? Not only have you gotten ahold of the Snow Element Gem, but you also have the Lunar Emeralds and the Celestial Emerald!?

???: You got it, Doc.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee! Excellent work!

???: I’ll be bringin’ everything back in a few.

*The sound of a booster engine is heard*

???: Sounds like someone’s comin’! Ah, bummer! *Quickly closes the closet back up and morphs back into Julia* (Good thing that closet’s soundproof… Sucks for the tiger kid, though! Heh heh!)

*Metal Sonic 3.0 enters the workshop, heavily damaged*

“Julia”: Oh, my gosh! Three-Point Zero! What happened to you!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Holds his arm* Metal Sonic… *Czzzzzzt!* That piece of outdated trash won another lucky victory, that’s what! *Czzzzzzt!* (Wait a minute… Since when did she start referring to me as “Three-Point Zero” all of a sudden?)

“Julia”: I guess I might as well get started on your repairs. *Gets behind 3.0 and opens up the back of him* (Heh, the only “repairs” I’m gonna be doin’ is havin’ you shut off, ya piece o’ junk…) *Gets ready to flip the On/Off switch*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Looks to the side and takes notice of what’s in the closet* …! *Gets up and backs away*

“Julia”: Is something the matter?

Metal Sonic 3.0: …Okay, who are you? *Czzzzzzt!*

“Julia”: Huh? What do you mean?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Reveal your true self! *Eye lasers “her”*

“Julia”: Uhhhhhhh! *A poof of smoke appears around “her” as “she” changes back to normal*

*Music Cue*

*When the smoke clears, the imposter was revealed as a green and black Sonic look-alike with shades and a red scarf (similar to the brown one Sonic wears in Boom)*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Just as I suspected… *Czzzzzt!* You didn’t truly believe you could deceive me, did you?

???: Aww! Uncool, man! Totally uncool! That was a perfect disguise! How’d ya know I wasn’t the real one?

Metal Sonic 3.0: First of all, “perfect disguise”? Don’t make me laugh. Secondly, did you truly think that a highly advanced robot, such as myself, wouldn’t be equipped with something as simple as x-ray vision? By the way, who are you? Judging by your repulsive color scheme, might I presume you’re the “Green Hedgehog Project”?

???: You got it, bro. The name’s Ashura, Master of Disguise.

Metal Sonic 3.0: I don’t know what your intentions are, exactly… *Walks over to the closet, opens it, and unties Julia* …But consider this the point where they come to an end!

Ashura: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, dude? If you couldn’t even beat a “piece of outdated trash” like Metal Sonic, then what makes ya think you’d stand a chance against me?

Metal Sonic 3.0: He got lucky! I’m far superior to that obsolete scum in virtually every way! As for you, I’ll easily crush you underneath my heel, like the pathetic vermin you are!

Ashura: Whatever, bro. Now, if ya’d excuse me, I’ll be helpin’ myself to this. *Picks up the Snow Element Gem, walks over to Julia’s machine, and activates a portal* Heh heh heh! Later, losers!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Turns on his jet booster*

Julia: Zero, wait! You’re still hurt! You need to-

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Flies toward Ashura and tackles him through the portal*

Ashura: Uhhhhhh!

Julia: …Be repaired.

*The portal closes*

At last, Julia’s impersonator has been exposed! Having still retained injuries from his battle against the original Metal Sonic, will 3.0 have what it takes to put a stop to whatever scheme Ashura’s conjured up? Exactly what are he and Dr. Nega up to this time around? Find out as the saga continues in the third Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…
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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
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Here it is, the third part of Christmas Special #4, coincidentally completed and released exactly one year after the very same chapter of the third Christmas Special. I know I said last year that Christmas Special #3 stands out as my least favorite of all the ones I've written, but now I think that this one is starting to take its place. That's not to say that I think it's terrible overall, but at the same time, I don't feel as if I've done as good of a job with this one as I have with all the others. Again, that's because I feel as if the idea well is starting to run dry for these Christmas Specials.

Of course, as you can see, there's absolutely no way this story is going to be done in time for Christmas (which is tomorrow). Heck, I'd be lucky if I could even get the next chapter done before New Year's, let alone the rest of the story. On the bright side, at least the story is finally moving along, which usually doesn't happen until the third chapter, even with the past Christmas Specials.
Part 3

When we last left off on Christmas Special #4, Metal Sonic and his doppelganger, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 engaged in yet another battle, which, as always, resulted in the latter’s defeat. Upon returning to Julia’s workshop for repairs, he soon discovered that the “Julia” he encountered was an impostor. The impersonator in question turned out to be the Green Hedgehog Project, Ashura; the self-proclaimed “Master of Disguise”. Prior to the Parallel Goddesses’ arrival and departure from the workshop, Ashura had Julia captured and impersonated her as a means of getting his hands on the Celestial and Lunar Emeralds, as well as the Snow Element Gem.

Shortly after exposing Ashura’s true identity and rescuing Julia, Metal Sonic 3.0 decided to engage the former in combat, despite the injuries that he retained from his battle against the original Metal Sonic. With that said, does Three-Point Zero have what it takes to defeat Ashura, and put a stop to whatever scheme that he and Dr. Nega have cooked up? For what reason are the two of them seeking the aforementioned items? Could it be possible that they intend to unleash Cryos into the world once again? Speaking of which… Exactly what is the nature behind the visions that Frostina has been receiving about Cryos’ past? How do she, Volcana, and Oceana know Luna’s ancestor, “Artemis”? Find out as the saga continues on the fourth Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

*Music Cue*

*Metal Sonic 3.0 and Ashura simultaneously Spindash toward one another, and the resulting impact bounces the two of them backwards*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Lifts up some nearby objects with telekinesis, and starts launching the objects at him*

Ashura: *Starts dodging, closes in on 3.0, and strikes him with a Homing Attack*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Uhhhhh! *Czzzzzt!* *Falls over, sits up, and blasts him with (another) eye laser in retaliation*

Ashura: Whoooooaaah! *Gets blasted into a tree*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Turns on his jet booster and begins shooting toward him again before the engine suddenly shuts down* (W-What!? No…not now!) *Czzzzzt!* *Falls flat on his face*

Ashura: Heh heh heh! Looks like you’re startin’ to run outta power… What a bummer! I guess it’s ‘cause you still haven’t recovered yet after gettin’ owned by Metal Sonic again. Sucks to be you, dude!

Metal Sonic 3.0: (D-Damn it…! That piece of outdated trash…gets the last laugh once again!) *Czzzzzzt!* (This is…like that incident with Metal Blaze…all over again!) *Czzzzzt!*

Ashura: *Walks over to 3.0 and kicks him across the ground*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Ghhhhh…! *Czzzzzt!* *Slowly stands back up again*

Ashura: So, ya’ve still got some fight left in ya, huh? Not bad!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Correct… *Czzzzzt!* …I haven’t even…begun to show you the extent of my-…! *Kneels down in pain, holding his arm*

Ashura: The extent of your what? Pain? *Snickers*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Silence, fool! I’ll show you…what happens to those…who dare to make a mockery out of me! *Czzzzzt!*

*The fight continues*

Elsewhere, at Vanilla’s house…

*Music Cue*

*The doorbell rings*

Silvra: I’ll get it this time. *Opens the door* Quattuor, Prickles! I didn’t know you’d be coming this time around!

Quattuor: Hey there. We’re not too late, are we?

Silvra: Not at all.

*They come in*

Prickles: Silvwuh!

Silvra: Aww… *Picks him up* How have you been, little guy?

Prickles: Guhd!

Splash: Hello. I’m glad you were able to make it.

Quattuor: It’s nice to see you.

Amy: Ooh, that reminds me! Scorch, do you think Denomi will be able to make it this time around?

Quattuor: …

Prickles: Dehmon…?

Scorch: I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in a while. Like I said before, he’s not someone I’m regularly in contact with.

Quattuor: Uh, yeah. Besides, he probably has another probably has another…”prior engagement”. (At least I hope he does…)

Electra: *Waves to Quattuor* Hey there, handsome. Nice to see you again. *Winks*

Quattuor: N-Nice to see you, too… Eh heh heh heh. ^^;

Stonia: *Facepalm* Oh, you are so shameless…

*Music Cue*

Amy: Splash, don’t you have something to say about this? He’s your boyfriend, isn’t he? Tell me you aren’t gonna just let this floozy have her way with him!

Splash & Quattuor: Actually, we’re just-

Electra: Who’re you calling a “floozy”!?

Amy: Who do you think!?

*They argue back and forth*

Vector: Heh heh heh! *Takes out his camcorder* These fights… They just nevah get old to me!

Espio: …Is it me, or does Amy always seem to be involved in some sort of conflict at these Christmas gatherings?

Mighty: That is true, come to think of it.

Bomb: Yep. She’s had arguments with Shock and Tiara, and now she’s been getting into it with Electra.

Heavy: I’ve noticed. Next to Nega, she’s definitely caused the most drama at these parties thus far.

Knuckles: …Speaking of which, you don’t suppose he’s up to something right now, do you?

Wechnia: With any luck, he may be bedridden again, like he was two years ago, during that incident with Metal Sonic 4.0.

Vanilla: Look, just settle down, you two!

Amy: Why don’t we take this outside, then?

Electra: That’s fine by me! You’ve been asking for it for the longest time!

*They start heading out*

Quattuor: …Those two are scary.

Seedra: I see what you mean. Oh, by the way, I forgot to ask… How’s Septette doing?

Quattuor: She’s been…smothering me a bit, as always, but other than that, she’s doing okay.

*Just as they’re getting ready to leave, a knock is heard at the door*

Amy: *Opens* Julia?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MzmAIOeY9s]*Music Cue*

Electra: Hey, kiddo. Glad you were finally able to make it.

Julia: You guys… Zero’s in trouble!

Quattuor: “Zero”…? Oh, wait, you mean him.

Heavy: Let me guess… He’s getting his ass handed to him by Metal Sonic again, right? Number one, what else is new? Number two, why should we care?

Splash: I’m no fan of Three-Point Zero myself, but that was pretty uncalled for.

Heavy: Why? I’m only saying what’s true.

Julia: Well, yeah… He did get into another fight with Metal Sonic, but that’s not the point. The thing is, Zero ended up having to face someone else right after the fact, even though he hasn’t recovered yet! The one he’s fighting right now is this green and black hedgehog with shades and a scarf, who was impersonating me earlier!

Knuckles: A green and black hedgehog…?

Volcana: …With shades and a scarf? Sounds like Ashura.

Quattuor: (She couldn’t possibly mean that Ashura, could she!?)

Oceana: You said he was impersonating you earlier?

Frostina: If that’s the case, then he must’ve been the “Julia” we talked to before coming here!

Julia: Yeah, that’s right. He had me tied up and stuffed in a closet sometime before you guys arrived. Luckily, Zero got there just in time and ended up saving me.

Goldra: (Ah, damn it! I have x-ray vision! How did I not see this!? I must not’ve been paying attention…)

Julia: I know most of you guys don’t like Zero very much, but he really, really needs your help right now! Not only that, but the Snow Element Gem was stolen, and since that Ashura guy’s working for Dr. Nega, he’s probably planning to release that Cryos thing again!

Luna: I should’ve known…

Sonic: Then I guess that settles it! Let’s blast through with sonic speed, everybody!

*They leave*

Again, at the scene of the battle…

*Music Cue*

Ashura: *Kicks 3.0, causing him to roll across the ground again*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Ghhhh…! *Czzzzzzt!*

Ashura: *Walks over to him, pins him down with his foot, and starts stomping him*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Uhhhhhh! *Czzzzzzt!*

Ashura: Ah, c’mon, man! I thought you said you were the “strongest”?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I…am!  *Czzzzzzt!*

*Ashura continues to stop him for the next few minutes or so, until 3.0 uses a telekinetic force to shove him onto a nearby tree*

Ashura: Uhhhhhhh! *Hits his back, and then falls face-first into the snow*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Holds his arm and begins slowly walking over to him*

Ashura: *Stands up again* I gotta say… You lasted a lot longer than expected. Not bad for a piece o’ junk on the verge o’ power failure!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Silence, vermin! *Czzzzzt!*

Ashura: Uh, that was a compliment, dude.

Metal Sonic 3.0: I…don’t need your false compliments! *Czzzzzt!*

Ashura: Like, whatever, man.

Metal Sonic 3.0: It’s time… *Surrounds himself with a golden boost aura* …To put an end…to this! *Czzzzzzt!*

Ashura: Whatever, bro. *Surrounds himself with a dark boost aura* It’s your funeral.

*Just as they’re about to booster into one another, a beeping sound is heard*

Ashura: *Picks up* Yeah?

Nega Robotnik: *Through the comm.* Ashura, you said you have the gems, don’t you? So, might I ask what the hold-up is?

Ashura: About that, Doc… I’m kinda in the middle of a fight. Y’see, that Three-Point Zero dude showed up just as I was about to come back, and I ended up gettin’ knocked through a portal. So now, I only have the Snow Gem on me.

Nega Robotnik: …I suppose that’ll do for the time being. I’ll simply send Metal Silver or some Cyber Sonics to retrieve the emeralds. In the meantime, please report back to the base. It’s time for us to initiate the next phase of our plan! Eee hee hee! This one’s bound to be absolutely flawless!

Ashura: Like, totally! I’ll be right there! *Looks in 3.0’s direction* We’ll finish this later.

Metal Sonic 3.0: I eagerly look forward to it!

*Ashura uses the dimensional camera to escape*

A little while later, at Dr. Nega’s fortress…

*Music Cue*

Ashura: Here it is, Doc. *Tosses him the Snow Element Gem*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Splendid job!

Ashura: I’ll be right back. *Jets off*

Nega Robotnik: Arise, Cryos! I summon you! *Drops the gem into the nearby bucket of ice cubes*

*An icy mist clouds the area, and when it clears, a frozen puddle of water morphs into what looks like an icy version of Chaos, but as a porcupine*

Cryos: Who…has summoned me…?

Nega Robotnik: It is I, Doctor Eggman Nega, scientific genius extraordinaire!

Cryos: You… *Glares* I… I recognize your voice… You are the being…who attempted to enslave me…

Nega Robotnik: “Enslave”? Not at all! I merely intended to help you exact the vengeance you so rightfully deserved!

Cryos: …

Nega Robotnik: By the way… Does the name of “Artemis” ring a bell?

Cryos: …What? How do you…know about her?

Nega Robotnik: I’ve conducted thorough research on the matter, so I know all about your past. Many years ago, you were a gentle and loving creature that was wrongfully judged as a monster by the inhabitants Ringstar Island. Artemis was the one person who was able to see through your cold, icy exterior, and she did everything in her power to come to your defense, even at the cost of her life.

Cryos: …Yes. That’s all true…

Nega Robotnik: I just want you to know that you have my condolences. I deeply sympathize with you both, and I’m behind you a hundred percent.

Cryos: …Oh? Are you really? Correct me if I’m wrong, Doctor, but weren’t you the reason I ended up getting resealed!? *His eyes glow*

Nega Robotnik: Of course not! That was all Frostina’s doing!

Cryos: Maybe, but you were the one who made that suggestion in the first place! *Creates a blizzard*

Nega Robotnik: W-Wait a minute! *Tries to resist the winds* Let’s not be too hasty!

Cryos: Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t rip you apart, right here and now!

Nega Robotnik: I can give you two! Reason number one: I just got finished setting you free again! Reason number two: It’s through my efforts that you’re going to be reunited with an old friend!

Cryos: An “old friend”…? *Stops the blizzard* Who might this be?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… Oh, trust me! It’s someone you’ll be absolutely thrilled to see!

Cryos: …

Nega Robotnik: See for yourself. *Points*

*A purple, female porcupine with a long hair bundled into a ponytail, along with tribal clothing similar to Tikal’s, approaches them*

Cryos: *Looks* …!

[color=9933cc]???: Cryos, my love! How I’ve longed to see you again![/color]

Cryos: A-Artemis!?

Well, isn’t this a surprising turn of events? Artemis, Luna’s ancestral aunt, Tikal’s dimensional counterpart, and Cryos’ long-lost love, which was presumed dead many years ago, is alive and well! Has she truly come back from the dead in some way, shape, or form? Or could this, perhaps, be some sort of illusion? Will our heroes be able to keep the emeralds out of Dr. Nega’s clutches this time around? Find out as the saga continues on the fourth Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…
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