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Samui: cool Apr 18 2020, 01:04 PM

Kira Resari: I just found out that Tamamo no Mae is featured in Gegege no Kitaro. Here's her first appearance. =^,^= https://www.gogoanime1.com/watch/gegege-no-kitarou-2018/episode/episode-74 Apr 18 2020, 05:04 AM

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Kira Resari: And today: Toyokawa, the Town of Vulpinity =^,^= Oct 08 2019, 01:10 AM

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Author Topic: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos  (Read 20130 times)

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Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power

Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

Part 1

On the previous episode of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik opted to create a fifth addition to his line of EG Experiments, which would possess the powers and abilities of all the other Elemental Goddesses, plus additional power from the seven Chaos Rings, which he has codenamed “EG-005”. The Ice Goddess, Slush, who was feigning loyalty to the doctor and secretly plotting against him, ended up learning about this project from the newly-repaired Metal Sonic Version 3.0, and was getting ready to report this discovery to the Chaotix team. After examining the blueprints to EG-005, Slush remembered the incident that occurred with Dr. Robotnik’s first EG Experiment, EG-001/Squash, the Goddess of Stone, and came to the conclusion that since Robotnik couldn’t control her, then there wouldn’t be any way that he’d be able to control EG-005, who had abilities that far surpassed Squash’s. Fearing what she might become, Slush was getting ready to destroy the blueprints, until she was caught by Dr. Robotnik (after he had already learned of her treachery prior to that moment).

After briefly scolding the Ice Goddess for her “blatant act of treason”, Robotnik revealed that he was in need of a blood sample to begin his experiment. That time around, however, he decided to use Slush’s blood, rather than Scorch’s as he did with the previous four EG Experiments. Not wanting this to happen, Slush decided to make a run for it, but Metal Sonic 3.0, using the telekinetic powers he obtained from Silver, held her down, making it easier for the doctor to obtain the sample he desired. After he was finished getting the blood sample that he needed, Robotnik decided to use Dr. Nega’s dimensional camera to have Slush trapped within a dimensional card, in order to prevent her from leaking information about Project EG-005, which he intended to keep secret.

One week later, the project was nearly finished, and the only thing left to do was infuse the power of the Chaos Rings with the Multi-Elemental Gem that the doctor created. Using one of his latest inventions, the “Egg Merger”, he decided to do just that. However, things did not go entirely as Robotnik had planned. Instead of the Chaos Rings’ power getting infused within the Multi-Element Gem, it ended up being the other way around. Each of the seven elemental powers that the gem possessed ended up getting transferred into the Chaos Rings, accidentally and effectively creating the “Elemental Chaos Rings”. Shortly after they were created, they ended up getting scattered throughout various locations on Angel Island. With that said, Dr. Robotnik, Scorch, EG-003/Shock, EG-004/Storm, and Metal Sonic Version 3.0 wasted no time and hurried out of the Mystic Ruins base to find the Elemental Chaos Rings.

Elsewhere, at the office of the Chaotix Detective Agency, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Vector the Crocodile, and the Water Goddess, Splash, ended up getting a call from Slush via her walkie-talkie’s fuzzy signal. From there, she explained to the group that she had been captured, and what Robotnik and his associates were currently up to. After they were informed about the situation, the four of them set a course for Tails’ Workshop in the Mystic Ruins, in order to borrow the emerald detector and begin looking for the Elemental Chaos Rings right away. During their search, they ended up running into their comrades, Knuckles the Echidna and Wechnia the “White Echidna Project”, who were also on the hunt for the rings after spotting one while they were guarding the Master Emerald. However, they soon learned that there were two other individuals who were after the rings; those “individuals” were none other than the notorious criminals, Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite.

Apparently, the two of them were in the area during Splash and the Chaotix’s trip to Tails’ Workshop, and overheard them talking about the Elemental Chaos Rings, and came to the conclusion that the rings are worth a fortune, and decided to hunt them down in order to sell them for profit. Unfortunately for them, however, their plans were short-lived. They ended up getting outmaneuvered by the Chaotix and company, and soon found themselves arrested and sent to jail for the various crimes they’ve committed prior to that moment.

When the heroes left Red Mountain after their confrontation with Nack and Bean, they returned to the Mystic Ruins and found EG-002/Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves, as well as Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Honey the Cat, and Tikal the Echidna, who just came from the nearby Chao Garden. After explaining the situation to them, they agreed to take part in hunting down the Elemental Chaos Rings, and they all split into groups of two. Since the Chaos Ring slots were filled, Shadow, Squash, and Omega decided to infiltrate Dr. Robotnik’s base in hopes of finding and destroying EG-005 before she has a chance to reach completion, as well as rescuing Slush from her dimensional prison. Metal Sonic, on the other hand, outright admitted that EG-005 was of no concern to him, and that he was only tagging along with Shadow, Squash, and Omega in order to settle his score with Metal Sonic Version 3.0.

Although the group was not successful in finding EG-005, they did, however, succeed in rescuing Slush, as intended, and she was able to join the rest of the heroes in their search for the Elemental Chaos Rings. Shadow, Squash, and Omega also managed to find the blueprints to EG-005’s design, and they were able to pinpoint her weakness. Much later on, after the heroes managed to collect all seven Elemental Chaos Rings, and just as Tiara’s father, Professor Gazebo Boobowski, along with his assistant/lab partner Professor Nathaniel Porkenstein were about to use their invention, the “Elemental Power Extractor” to disable to Chaos Rings’ powers, the rings ended up getting lifted by Mecha Amy and Metal Sonic 3.0, and Robotnik was able to successfully bring EG-005 to life.

As suggested by Storm and Egg-Robo, the doctor named her “Silvra, the Goddess of All Elements”. Her first assignment was to destroy the Chaotix and company, who were in the process of storming the doctor’s Sand Ocean base in hopes of reclaiming the Elemental Chaos Rings and stopping Robotnik’s plans from coming to fruition. On the way, Silvra soon found herself lost, and eventually ended up befriending Cream the Rabbit and her Chao, Cheese and Chocola. After Silvra found the rest of the group, a battle was about to take place between them, but Cream interrupted, pleading with the other heroes not to hurt Silvra, since she had saved her life moments ago (thus proving she was not the monster everyone assumed she would be). Not very long afterwards, Cream and the others convinced Silvra not to take orders from Dr. Robotnik anymore, which she eventually agreed to.

Anticipating something like this would happen, Robotnik used the remote control device that he invented to transfer a virus over to Silvra (since she was part machine) and completely bring her under his control. Before succumbing to the doctor’s mind control, she asked Cream and the others to finish her off when that time came, but they refused, stating that taking her life was not the answer, and that they would instead find a way to free her. After that, half of the heroes stayed behind to take Silvra on, while the other half proceeded through the base to seek and destroy the device that Robotnik was using to control her.

Elsewhere, Mecha Amy, who was utterly resentful of the doctor and desired next to nothing but freedom and independence from him, had finally decided that enough was enough. She then began forming a plan to rise up and rebel against Robotnik; not only for the purpose of freeing herself, but Silvra, as well. After a small pep talk, Shock and Storm decided to do the same. The three of them then joined up with the group of heroes that were in search of the mind-control device, and showed them a shortcut that eventually led to where Robotnik was.

After defeating the Badniks that he pitted them against, they assumed that they had Robotnik cornered, but he retorted that EG-005/Silvra was not the only weapon that he had, and decided to use his mind-control device to brainwash Mecha Amy, as well. Unfortunately for the doctor, he forgot to set the device so that it’s possible to control both Mecha Amy and Silvra at the same time, and as such, the latter ended up returning to her original self, and joined up with the rest of the heroes to help take Robotnik down, and permanently free both herself and Mecha Amy from his control. With the combined efforts of all the heroes, they managed to defeat Robotnik, free both Silvra and Mecha Amy, and destroyed the device (as well as its corresponding blueprints later on).

Angered by everything that the doctor put her through, Mecha Amy decided that she was going to put a permanent end to Robotnik by taking his life, but Slush (after realizing that Robotnik was one of the first people who’s ever been kind to her) stopped Mecha Amy from doing so. Before the Ice Goddess was able to give an explanation for that, Egg-Robo showed up in the nick of time, grabbed the doctor with his “Big Arms” mech, and fled the scene, but not before tossing a bomb at the heroes in a last-ditch effort to destroy them. Silver, using his telekinetic powers, tossed the bomb right back at him, sending both Egg-Robo and Robotnik flying over the horizon. To celebrate their hard-earned victory over Dr. Robotnik’s plans, the heroes decided to enjoy yet another nice afternoon at the beach as they usually do.

Six months later, while Cream the Rabbit and her mother, Vanilla were having a Christmas gathering over at their house, Dr. Robotnik, of all people, ended up showing up over there…as a party guest, no less. During his stay there, he made a startling announcement, claiming that he’s decided to relinquish his plans for world domination in order to pursue a teaching degree. Although he seemed sincere, there were a few people (such as Sonic) who did not believe him, especially when a reprogrammed Metal Sonic arrived to cause trouble. However, as it turns out, Dr. Robotnik was not the one responsible for that; it was in fact, his crazed descendant, Dr. Nega (who somehow managed to escape the mental institution that he was brought to months ago).

According to himself, the “reprogramming” was the result of a virus program that he developed, which he decided to use Metal Sonic as a test subject for. However, he merely planned on using Metal Sonic as a decoy to distract the heroes, while the former kidnaps Cheese and Chocola  to use them as fuel for the Ifrit, who was able to seamlessly cross into their world, thanks to the dimension-ripping capabilities that Nega added to his camera. Before he was able to feed the two Chao to the Ifrit, Metal Sonic Version 3.0, of all people (who was presumed dead after one of his previous battles against Metal Sonic) ended up coming to their rescue. He then went on to explain that his reason for doing so was to obtain their data, and otherwise wouldn’t have cared less what happened to them.

After leaving to cure Metal Sonic of the Nega Virus (since Three Point-Zero wouldn’t get any satisfaction from defeating him while he’s under mind control), the rest of the heroes used the power of the Sol Emeralds, changed into their “super” forms, and engaged the Ifrit in battle. After a long, tough battle, the fiery creature was defeated, and ended up falling to its doom. Dr. Nega, on the other hand, was sent flying over the horizon by an angry Metal Sonic (along with all the other Badniks that were purged of the Nega Virus).

So far, one month has passed since then, and Dr. Nega, in addition to repairing and upgrading his dimensional camera, was in the process of creating a new robot to replace Metal Sonic 3.0, who he’s begun to find unreliable, and labeled as a “traitor” due to the aforementioned incident.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! So far, so good! My dimensional camera has been restored to perfection, and my new robot is coming along smoothly! However, I’m lacking a sufficient energy source to power her; so unfortunately, I’m going to have to put this robot on hold at the moment until I find one. In the meantime, why don’t I go ahead and put this camera’s dimension-ripping function to the test? Alright, here goes… *Turns the camera’s knob*

*A surge of energy bursts from it, effectively creating a dimensional rift*

Nega Robotnik: Yes, yes! It’s working, it’s working! Eee hee hee hee hee! I’m such a genius, I even amaze myself sometimes! Now then… *Looks at the portal* I wonder where it leads? I suppose there’s only one way to find out… *Jumps through*

Curious as to where the portal led, Dr. Nega decided to jump through it to see for himself. When he arrived at his destination, he soon found himself towards the entrance of a volcanic area.

Nega Robotnik: Huh? Where am I? *Looks around* Is this…another dimension? *Reads the sign* “Mt. Volcana”, eh? Eee hee hee! What an interesting coincidence! A few minutes ago, I had just got finished saying that I was in need of a fiery energy source to power my new creation, and then I happen to stumble upon a place like this! I think it’s time I’ve taken a look around. Who knows what I might find? *Enters*

After fifteen minutes of exploring Mount Volcana, Dr. Nega eventually came across a room that contained a small red, glowing gem with a fiery aura around it.

Nega Robotnik: Ah, now what have we here? *Walks over to the gem and picks it up and examines it* Ah, yes, yes! This is exactly what I need in order to bring her to life! *Looks at it again* Wait a minute, is it me, or does this gem bear a striking resemblance to the ones worn by Scorch, Slush, and all the other Elemental Goddesses? Hmm… Whatever the case may be, it’s most likely nothing more than a coincidence. Now that I have what I came for, I think it’s time I’ve-

Suddenly, before Nega had a chance to finish his sentence, a small vibration started to occur, indicating that Mt. Volcana was getting ready to erupt.

Nega Robotnik: W-WHAT!? What’s happening!? Is this volcano erupting!? I’d better escape while I still have the chance! *Runs off*

*Somewhere along the way, he ends up dropping the gem due to the vibration, and it ends up falling into a pool of lava*

Nega Robotnik: OH, NOOOOOO! CURSES!

Shortly after accidentally dropping the gem, a pillar of flames suddenly burst from the lava, forming into a Scorch look-alike with blue fur and flames.

Nega Robotnik: GAH! S-Scorch!? What are YOU doing here!? Don’t tell me you’ve anticipated my arrival here, and have come to spoil my plans!

???: “Scorch”? Who is that? I don’t know such a person…

Nega Robotnik: …

I see. Well, if you’re not her, then who are you?

*The volcano vibrates again, and some lava is seen heading in their direction*

???: I’ll explain everything very soon… *Grabs him by the arm* But for now, we need to focus on getting out of here!

After taking Nega by the arm, the mysterious Scorch look-alike took off and jetted out of the volcano at the speed of a comet.

Nega Robotnik: That was a close one! I thought for sure I would end up getting boiled alive in there! You have my thanks, Scorch, I mean…whoever you are.

???: My pleasure. It’s the least I could do for the man who saved my life.

Nega Robotnik: Saved your life?

???: The gem you found… *Points to it in her tiara* …For reasons I don’t particularly care to get into detail with, I’ve been trapped in it for a very long time, and dreamt of nothing but freedom for thousands of years, and because of you, my dream has finally become a reality. I don’t know whether or not it was your intention, but the point is, you did it, and I thank you for that. *Bows*

Nega Robotnik: …

???: Oh, I almost forgot! My name is Volcana, the Goddess of Flames.

Nega Robotnik: As in, Mount Volcana, the volcano that we just came from?

Volcana: Yes, but due to some slight memory loss on my part, I cannot remember whether or not I was named after the mountain, or if it was the other way around.

Nega Robotnik: Ah, I see. Anyway, my name is Doctor Eggman Nega, also known as Nega Robotnik, or just simply Dr. Nega, if you prefer. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Volcana: Likewise, Doctor N. You don’t mind if I call you that, do you?

Nega Robotnik: Not at all. (Wait a minute, I just realized… My earlier assumption about this being another dimension… I guess it turned out I was correct! This world must be the parallel to the one that I came from, and Volcana must be Scorch’s dimensional equivalent! That would definitely explain the resemblance, and why there are two Fire Goddesses!)

Volcana: I feel as if I just can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. I am forever in your debt. *Bows* If there’s anything else that you need, don’t hesitate to let me know. Regardless of what it is, I’d be more than happy to do it. Just name it, and it shall be done.

Nega Robotnik: …

(Eee hee hee… Things are turning out even better than expected! I guess luck is just on my side!) Well, Volcana, there is one other thing you could do for me at the moment. I’m currently in need of a fiery energy source to power a new creation of mine. Would you mind lending me a hand with that?

Volcana: Oh, is that all? Sure, why not?

Nega Robotnik: Excellent. *Takes out his dimensional camera and turns the knob, creating another dimensional portal* This way, please. *Jumps through*

Volcana: *Follows him*

*They find themselves at Dr. Nega’s base*

Volcana: Wow, just…wow! *Looks around* This place…I’ve never seen anything like it before! It looks so…high-tech! I guess things have changed a lot from how they were back in my day.

Nega Robotnik: Yes, that’s what happens. As time goes by, technological advancements are made. Anyway, here’s the creation I was talking about. *Uncovers the robot, which turns out to be a Metal Sonic-esque clone of Blaze the Cat* This piece of work is known as Metal Blaze. Her design is based off of one of my sworn enemies, and I created her to replace a rebellious, treacherous creation of mine known as Metal Sonic Version 3.0. For the most part, all preparations are in order, and like I said before, the only thing I’m missing is a power source.

Volcana: Just leave that to me, Doctor. *Powers up a blue, fiery orb at the palm of her hands* Will this do?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! Yes, that’ll do just nicely! *Opens Metal Blaze*

Volcana: *Places the orb inside of her*

Nega Robotnik: *Closes it* Alright, now for the moment of truth… *Activates her*

Metal Blaze: …! *A red glow appears in her eyes as she sits up*

Nega Robotnik: Yes, she’s alive! She’s aliiiiiive!

Metal Blaze: *Faces Dr. Nega*

Nega Robotnik: Yes, look at me! Welcome to life! I am your brilliant creator, Doctor Nega! You, my friend, are one of the many brilliant inventions I’ve created thus far! You are the invincible being known only as “Metal Blaze”.

Metal Blaze: Metal…Blaze?

Nega Robotnik: That’s right. I’ve created you to perform certain tasks for me, but we’ll get into that soon enough. For the time being, I would like to test your abilities in combat. *Looks toward Volcana* Would you like to give it a try, as well?

Volcana: Sure, why not?

Nega Robotnik: Alright then. Both of you, this way, please. *Walks off*

*Volcana and Metal Blaze follow him into a simulation room*

Nega Robotnik: Alright, now here’s how we’re going to do this. I’ll be pitting the two of you against this squadron of Astro Badniks, and you will be scored based on how many you destroy. In a way, I suppose you could say that it’s somewhat like a video game.

Volcana: Um, what’s a video game?

Metal Blaze: …

Nega Robotnik:  Ah, yes, I forgot… You were only recently set free, and as such, you haven’t quite adapted to this era yet. I guess I’ll have to explain that concept some other time. Now then… *Presses a button, and makes the Astro Badniks appear* Are you ready?

Volcana: It’s been thousands of years since I’ve done this, so I might be a little rusty, but I’m willing to give it a shot anyway. What about you, Metal Blaze?

Metal Blaze: *Nods*

Nega Robotnik: Alright then! Let the games begin! *Presses another button*

*The Astro Badniks appear, and charge at Volcana and Metal Blaze*

Volcana: *Starts shooting them down with fireballs*

Metal Blaze: *Uses Blaze’s fire spin technique*

Ten minutes later…

Metal Blaze: So, how did we do, Doctor?

Nega Robotnik: *Claps* Well done, you two! Not only were you in perfect sync with one another, but you both managed to successfully score over nine thousand points! Absolutely splendid!

Volcana: Thank you, thank you. *Stage bow*

Nega Robotnik: You’re most welcome. By the way, Volcana, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you…

Volcana: Yes?

Nega Robotnik: There are other Elemental Goddesses that exist in your dimension, correct? Exactly how many are there, other than yourself?

Volcana: Well, besides me, there’s only two. The Wave Goddess, Oceana, and the Snow Goddess, Frostina. Unfortunately, I haven’t spoken to them in thousands of years, and as such, I have no idea where they are, or whether or not they’ve been released as of yet.

Nega Robotnik: Ah, I see.

Volcana: Why do you ask? Do you intend to release them, as you’ve done for me?

Nega Robotnik: I’ll be sure to cross that bridge when we come to it, but for the time being, there’s something else I’d like to take care of, which I’m going to need yours and Metal Blaze’s help for.

Volcana: Sure. Anything you need, Doctor N. Exactly what do you have in mind?

Nega Robotnik: Well…

Volcana: …

Later on, during the middle of the night, outside of Dr. Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base…

Nega Robotnik: Alright, now here’s the plan. First, you two will infiltrate the base. There are bound to be guard robots in the area, so Metal Blaze will act as a decoy and keep them busy. Volcana, on the other hand, will be able to sneak past them, and enter the production room, undetected.

Volcana: Ah, and from there, I’m supposed to swipe those blueprints that you need, right?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee... Precisely! As for me, I’m going to set this dynamite pack for approximately ten minutes! When that’s all said and done, we’ll be able to make our escape, and whoever else is still inside of the base by the time the bomb detonates, will be blown to pieces before they even have the chance to know what hit them! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!! *Ahem* Now then... *Walks over to the base, and sticks the dynamite pack to the side of it* The countdown has begun. We have a very limited amount of time to pull this mission off, and we only get one try, so failure is not an option!

Volcana: Don’t you worry, Doctor N. Ten minutes should be more than enough time to pull this off. Don’t you think so, Metal Blaze?

Metal Blaze: *Nods*

Volcana: Now, let’s move! *Runs off*

Metal Blaze: *Jets after her*

Nega Robotnik: I’m counting on two!

*The alarm goes off*

Volcana: I guess it’s time to get this party started!

*Metal Blaze starts fighting off the Badniks, while Volcana takes off and heads for the production room*

Volcana: *Takes out a walkie-talkie* Now, how do you use this thing again? Ah, yes, it was this button. *Presses it* Doctor N., I’ve made it past the guard robots. Which way should I go in order to reach this “production” room?

Nega Robotnik: *Through the communicator* Just keep going straight, and then make a left. When you do that, you should find an elevator and a stairway. From there, head all the way down to the bottom floor. That’s where the production room is.

Volcana: Got it. *Hangs up and speeds in those directions*

Meanwhile, at the base’s control/surveillance room, Egg-Robo, who was assigned to watch the base while Dr. Robotnik was away, spotted Metal Blaze’s battle against the Badnik squadron on camera.

Egg-Robo: Huh? Well, well. It looks as if we have an intruder on our hands. Let’s a closer look, shall we? *Zooms in* Hmm, it appears to be a robotic feline of some sort, whose design is reminiscent of the Metal Sonics; both the original and 3.0. Where did it come from? Who could have built it? I highly doubt that it’s one of Dr. Robotnik’s robots, since the Badniks do not recognize it, nor has the doctor ever made any mention of it. *Looks at the other monitor* Hmm? There’s another intruder? *Zooms in* Ah, it’s just Scorch. I guess I needn’t concern myself, then.

Minutes later…

*Volcana arrives at the bottom floor*

Volcana: So, this must be the production room that Doctor N. spoke of. Now, where do I find those blueprints? *Looks around*

Elsewhere, at the surveillance room again…

Egg-Robo: Wait a minute… Did she just say “Doctor N.”? “N” as in “Nega”, Dr. Robotnik’s treacherous descendent!? What’s Scorch doing associating with him!? Could it be…that she’s decided to betray the doctor!? I should have known she was merely faking her loyalty all this time! It took her long enough, but it looks like she’s finally shown her true colors!

Wait a minute, speaking of “colors”, the color of her fur is a lot different from usual. I wonder why that is? Bah, it’s probably nothing more than a pitiful attempt at a disguise so that we wouldn’t catch on to her treachery. Well, you don’t fool me, Scorch, the Goddess of Fire! I can see right THROUGH that fragile disguise of yours!

Meanwhile, at the production room again…

Volcana: Ah, I’ve found ‘em! *Takes the blueprints to the EG Experiments and Egg Merger* Now that I’ve gotten what I need, I’m gonna go ahead and get out of here! *Runs off*

After successfully finding the blueprints, Volcana quickly fled the production room and began heading upstairs. While she was on her way out of the base, she ended up getting headed off by Egg-Robo, who was pointing a fully loaded blaster at her.

Egg-Robo: Hold it right there!

Volcana: *Stops*

Egg-Robo: You’re not going anywhere, traitor!

Volcana: “Traitor”? Have we…met?

Egg-Robo: Don’t you play dumb with me, Scorch! I know all about how you betrayed Dr. Robotnik to side with Dr. Nega!

Volcana: Again with this “Scorch”! You’re the second person to mistake me for her today!

Egg-Robo: Oh, please. What kind of fool do you take me for? Did you seriously think that I, or anyone else, would be stupid enough to fall for such a fragile disguise?

Volcana: *Has a confused “WTF?” expression on her face*

Nega Robotnik: *Through the communicator* Have you found the blueprints yet?

Volcana: Yes. I found them a few minutes ago.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Excellent work, as always! I knew I could count on you! Now, just to refresh your memory, this base is set to explode, and the bomb will be detonating within the next three minutes! I highly recommend getting out of there now, while you still have the chance!

Volcana: *Nods* Right! *Hangs up*

Egg-Robo: What!? Did I hear that correctly!? A bomb’s been planted at this base!?

Volcana: I guess the secret’s out, then. It’s been nice chatting with you, but I’ve gotta jet!

Egg-Robo: Oh, no you don’t! You’re not going anywhere! *Shoots at her*

Volcana: *Dodges the lasers, surrounds her fist with fire, and punches Egg-Robo through the wall*

Egg-Robo: UHHHHHHH!!! *Czzzzt!*

Volcana: Doctor N., I’m on my way! *Gets a running start and flies off at high speed*

Meanwhile, at the Mystic Ruins jungle, a battle-damaged Metal Sonic Version 3.0 was on his way back to the base for repairs.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Slowly flying through the air, with a slight limp* Ghhhh…! *Czzzzt!* C-Curse him, that piece of outdated trash! *Czzzzt!* Someday, Metal Sonic, I WILL even the score! *Czzzzt!* I’ll crush you… *Czzzzt!* Like the obsolete worm you truly are! *Czzzzt!*

Hmm? That alarm…it’s coming from Dr. Robotnik’s base! *Czzzzt!* I don’t know what’s going on… *Czzzzzt!* …But whatever it is, I’m going to put a stop to it! *Speeds up*

With the base set to explode in only a matter of minutes, and with Egg-Robo out of commission, along with Scorch and Dr. Robotnik’s absence, does Metal Sonic 3.0 have what it takes to reach the bomb and deactivate it on time before it detonates? If not, will Volcana and/or Egg-Robo be able to escape in time before it does? Also, for what purpose was Dr. Nega seeking those blueprints? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 2

On the last chapter of Dimensional Chaos, seven months had passed since the events of The Goddess of Destruction, while only one had passed since the EoP Christmas Special. During this time, Dr. Nega, the crazed descendant of Dr. Robotnik from two hundred years into the future, was in the process of creating a new weapon, which was meant to replace Metal Sonic Version 3.0, who he began to find unreliable and “treacherous”, due to the part that he played in foiling one of his previous plans for the sake of pursuing his own desires. This creation turned out to be none other than a mechanical clone of the deranged doctor’s own arch nemesis, Blaze the Cat, who he has dubbed “Metal Blaze”.

However, Dr. Nega was lacking a sufficient power source that was needed to bring her to life. After putting his recently-fixed dimensional camera to the test, the doctor ended up discovering an alternate dimension, which was parallel to the one that he and the rest of the Sonic cast lived in. As he ventured through Mount Volcana, Nega ended up coming across what appeared to be a Fire Element Gem. Thinking that it was nothing more than a coincidence that it happened to resemble that one worn by Scorch and all the other Goddesses, the doctor intended to use it as a power source for Metal Blaze, but that ended up changing once he accidentally dropped it during a volcanic eruption, while trying to escape. Upon dropping it, a mysterious Scorch look-alike emerged from it.

Mistaking her for Scorch, Dr. Nega expressed disbelief that she happened to be around, and assumed that she was there to spoil his plans. The look-alike then assured him that she and Scorch were two entirely different people. After the two of them successfully fled from the volcano, the mysterious look-alike introduced herself as Volcana, the Goddess of Flames, and thanked Nega for releasing her, stating that she was forever in his debt, and would do anything to return that favor. Taking advantage of her offer, Nega asked Volcana if she could provide a power source for Metal Blaze, in which she did.

When the machine was brought to life, Dr. Nega immediately decided to test hers, as well as Volcana’s skills in combat via a simulation room. After congratulating the two of them for their exceptional performance, Dr. Nega, after realizing the world that he discovered was a parallel dimension, decided to ask Volcana how many other Goddesses existed over there. After replying that there were only two other than herself, Nega ended up getting the idea to raid to Dr. Robotnik’s base to steal the blueprints for both the EG Experiments and the “Egg Merger” machine, which was used to create them.

While they were there, Metal Blaze acted as a decoy, while Volcana snuck into the production room to obtain the blueprints that Nega desired. However, she was being monitored by Egg-Robo, who was assigned by Dr. Robotnik to protect the base while he was away. Mistaking her for Scorch, the machine labeled Volcana as a “traitor” after hearing that she was consorting with Dr. Nega. As Volcana was on the verge of escaping, Egg-Robo ended up heading her off, and attempted to stop her with his trusty blaster. However, she dodged every blast and ended up punching him, sending him flying through the wall, knocking him unconscious in the process.

Meanwhile, an injured Metal Sonic Version 3.0, who was returning to the base after another unsuccessful battle against the original Metal Sonic, ended up sensing that there was a commotion going on (due to the alarm), and decided to rush to the scene to put a stop to whatever was going on. Time is running out… The questions remain: With Egg-Robo out of commission, along with Dr. Robotnik and Scorch’s absence, will Metal Sonic 3.0 have what it takes to get there in time before the bomb detonates, despite his injuries? For what purpose has Dr. Nega decided to raid his ancestor’s base for those blueprints? Find out as the saga continues in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Volcana: *Quickly exits the base, and joins Dr. Nega and Metal Blaze outside* Here they are! *Holds up the blueprints*

Nega Robotnik: Ah, there you are! For a second, I didn’t think you were going to make it! Come out, let’s get out of here before explosion begins! The absolute last thing we need is to get ourselves caught in it when it begins to spread! *Runs off*

*Volcana and Metal Blaze follow, and then Metal Sonic 3.0 arrives shortly after they leave*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Czzzzzt!* *Looks around* That sound…where is it coming from? *Looks around and spots the bomb clinging to the side of the base* …! It’s… *Czzzzzt!* …an explosive device! Someone must have planted this here… *Czzzzzt!* …while I was away! *Czzzzzt!* But who? *Looks around again* Hmm, but I suppose that’s inconsequential at the moment...*Czzzzzt!* …For the time being, the only thing that matters…is finding a way to dispose of it! *Czzzzt!* *Grabs the dynamite pack and yanks it off* There’s only… *Czzzzzt!* …ten seconds until it detonates, so I’m going to have to do this quickly! *Czzzzzt!* *Tosses it into the air*

After tossing the dynamite pack into the air, Metal Sonic 3.0 looked up at it and blasted it with an eye laser, triggering a huge aerial explosion that was heard all throughout the Mystic Ruins.

Meanwhile, on the other side…

Mighty: WHOA! What was THAT!?

Tikal: I don’t know, but that was definitely pretty startling!

Mighty: Yeah, that’s for sure! So much for a quiet, romantic evening, huh?

Elsewhere, at the shrine of the Master Emerald…

Knuckles: Whoa… That was SOME explosion! Did you hear that, Wechnia?

Wechnia: Yes. There’s definitely something odd going on…

At Tails’ Workshop…

Tails: Was that…some kind of thunderstorm!? I don’t know why, but there’s always been something about them that makes me feel uneasy…

Heavy: *Looks out the window* I don’t believe that was a thunderstorm. The clouds aren’t dark enough for that…

Bomb: Yeah. To me, it sounded more like a kaboom. Believe me, as an explosive myself, I know what they sound like.

Orbot: Yes, but the question is… Who or what caused it?

Cubot: *Shrugs* Don’t ask me. I ain’t got the slightest clue…

Heavy: When do you ever?

Bomb: Okay, now THAT was uncalled for.

Heavy: You're starting to sound like Splash.

At the volcano…

Scorch: *In the middle of a lava bath* What just happened!? Did something blow up!? I certainly hope it wasn’t Dr. Robotnik’s fortress…

*Scorch gets out of the lava pool, shakes herself dry, and gets dressed*

Scorch: I’d better go see what’s up! *Gets a running start, and flies off*

Again, at the entrance of the Mystic Ruins base…

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Watching the smoke in the sky* *Czzzzt!* I couldn’t have picked a more convenient time to arrive… Had I come any later, then this fortress… *Czzzzt!* Would have been nothing but rubble.  Now, that brings me back to the question… *Czzzzt!* Exactly who was it that planted the explosive? *Czzzzt!* Whoever it was couldn’t have gone too far, so my scanners…should be able to pick them up. *Czzzzt!* *Turns on his scanners, and spots them nearby, in the jungle* I’ve found them! *Czzzzt!* *Holds his arm* Ugh… As much as I would like to spend this time recovering, I, unfortunately, do not have the time to do so at the moment. If I do, then the perpetrator(s) will escape… *Czzzzzt!* If I act now… I should still be able to catch them before it’s too late! *Turns on his jet booster and takes off*

Elsewhere, with Nega and company again, at the Mystic Ruins jungle…

Nega Robotnik: W-WHAT!? Impossible! I had that bomb strapped right to the side of the base, and it was only mere SECONDS from detonating! How could someone have managed to reach it fast enough to toss it into the air before that happened!?

Volcana: *Shrugs* Beats me, but hey, look on the bright side, Doctor N.: We got what we came for, didn’t we?

Metal Blaze: Yes, she is correct, Doctor. Obtaining those blueprints was our primary objective, was it not?

Nega Robotnik: Hmm, I suppose so. Now that we’ve obtained them, let’s go ahead and-

Metal Blaze: *Notices Metal Sonic 3.0 speeding toward them* Incoming object approaching! I repeat, incoming object approaching!

Nega Robotnik: Bah! Curses! Come on, let’s get out of here with those blueprints while we still have the opportunity!

*They take off again*

Metal Sonic 3.0 Ghhhhh…! *Czzzzzt!* *Starts to descend* If only…I hadn’t taken so much damage, my booster…would be at full power! *Czzzzt!* At this point, my only option is to go after them on foot… *Starts running after them*

*The chase continues, until they get to an open area within the jungle*

Nega Robotnik: Alright, this should be more than a sufficient amount of space to generate another dimension portal! *Takes out his camera, and begins turning the knob*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Catches up with them* Hold it! *Double takes* Dr. Nega!?

Nega Robotnik: What’s this!? Metal Sonic Version 3.0!? So, it was you then! You were the one responsible for keeping my bomb from destroying the base! This is the second time you’ve meddled in my affairs! You traitor! Why is it that you oppose me, the one who created you!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: First of all, I did not betray you… *Czzzzzt!* Dr. Robotnik was generous enough to repair me, so I temporarily worked alongside him to repay the favor. *Czzzzzt!* Secondly, if last’s month’s incident is what you’re referring to as “meddling in [your] affairs”… *Czzzzzt!* Then I thought I made it perfectly clear that I was merely trying to obtain data, and that I couldn’t have cared less what happened to those pathetic vermin known as Chao. *Czzzzzt!*

Nega Robotnik: Well, in any case, I have someone here I’d like you to meet. *Points to Metal Blaze* Meet… Metal Blaze, my newest creation! I even took the liberty of modifying one of your spare bodies to build her!

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Let me guess… You created her with the intention of replacing me, correct?

Nega Robotnik: Yes, as a matter of fact. However, if, by some chance, you manage to defeat her, then I just may reconsider.

Metal Sonic 3.0: “If, by some chance”? Don’t…make me laugh. *Czzzzzt!* Did you forget who you’re talking to? *Czzzzzt!* I am Metal Sonic Version 3.0, the ultimate combat robot! There are no improvements that could possibly…be made to this design! *Czzzzzt!*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Awfully arrogant, as always! You know, for someone so sure of himself, you sure have taken a lot of damage recently. What happened? Did you lose another battle to the original?

Metal Sonic 3.0: He merely got lucky! *Czzzzzt!* Nothing more, nothing less! *Czzzzzt!* Now, enough talk! *Looks toward Metal Blaze* Let’s get this over with! *Czzzzzt!* When this battle concludes, you will know which of us is TRULY the strongest! *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Blaze: …

Nega Robotnik: Are you sure you want to battle in this condition?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I’ll manage. *Czzzzzt!*

Nega Robotnik: Alright, suit yourself then. Anytime you’re ready, you may begin!

*The two machines dash toward one another and begin the battle*

A few minutes into the fight…

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Throws a barrage of punches*

Metal Blaze: *Effortlessly blocks them, and grabs his fist*

Metal Sonic 3.0: W-What!? *Swings his other one*

Metal Blaze: *Grabs that one, too*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Eye lasers her*

Metal Blaze: Uhhhhhh! *Czzzzzt!* *Releases him*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Leaps into the air, and uses the Homing Attack*

Metal Blaze: *Surrounds herself with a fiery aura and knocks him away*

Metal Sonic 3.0: UHHHHHH! *Falls back and slides across the ground*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… Now this is what I call quality entertainment!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Czzzzzt!* (Ghhhh…! If only…I was at full power, or if I…was still in possession of the copy chip I had months ago…!) *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Blaze: Are you ready to concede?

Metal Sonic 3.0: To a…worthless imitation like you!? *Czzzzzzt!* *Gets up and charges at her again* I don’t think so!

Metal Blaze: *Holds out the palm of her hand and blasts him*

Metal Sonic 3.0: UHHHHH! *Czzzzzt!* *Gets knocked back again*

Metal Blaze: It would be a wise decision on your part to surrender. As of now, you are not in the condition to contend with me. I also advise working on sharpening your skills until our next meeting.

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Nega Robotnik: Metal Blaze is right, Three-Point Zero. It’s highly recommended that you get yourself repaired, and then come back for a rematch. We’ll let you go this time, but we might not be so merciful the next. *Turns the camera’s knob and opens up the camera’s knob, creates another portal, and goes through it*

Metal Blaze: *Follows him*

Volcana: *Looks toward Three-Point Zero* Hey, cheer up. Don’t be so glum. You’re the first one I’ve seen do any damage to Metal Blaze at all so far, and that’s quite an accomplishment for someone as heavily damaged as you are.

Metal Sonic 3.0: …I don’t…need your pity! *Czzzzt!*

Wait a minute, who… Who ARE you, and why… *Czzzzzt!* …Do you resemble Scorch? More importantly, what are you…doing with the blueprints to the EG Experiments!? *Czzzzt!*

Volcana: Sorry, no time to explain. Gotta go! *Jumps through the portal right before it closes*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Ghhhh…! *Czzzzzt!* This…is not happening! *Czzzzzt!* First, I get defeated by outdated trash like Metal Sonic, and now I have THIS to add to THAT disgrace…!? *Czzzzzt!* Those…those fools… *Czzzzzt!* They shouldn’t…have been so soft…when they had me down. *Czzzzzt!* Now, I’m going to be back…to make them…pay…! *Czzzzt!* Ghhhh…! *Czzzzt!* M-My…my auto-recovery system…has been damaged! *Czzzzzt!* If I could just… *Czzzzzt!* Starts crawling* Make it…back to… Dr. Robotnik’s base…! *Czzzzt!*

Meanwhile, somewhere nearby, in the air…

Scorch: *Notices the smoke from the explosion* Whew…so far, so good! I’m so relieved to know that nothing happened to the base, after all, because that looked like it was SOME explosion! *Notices Metal Sonic 3.0 down below* Hmm? Hey, isn’t that Metal Sonic 3.0? I wonder what happened to him? Did he happen to get himself caught in the blast? Whatever the case may be, I’d better help him out…again. *Hovers down* Three-Point Zero, you look terrible! Even more than the last few times you ended up like this! Are you okay?

Metal Sonic 3.0: S-Scorch…it’s…you… *Czzzzzt!* The…real you… *Czzzzzt!*

Scorch: The “real” me? What are you talking about? Also, what happened to you? Did you lose another battle to Metal Sonic, or was it because of whatever caused the explosion in the sky?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Ghhhh…! *Czzzzzt!* Unfortunately, I do… *Czzzzt!* …Not have the time…to explain. *Czzzzt!* I’ve…taken too much damage, and am on the verge of…power failure… *Czzzzzt!*

Scorch: Power failure…? Does that mean you’re going to…? You can just be fixed again, can’t you?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, but…it’s going to…take some time… *Czzzzt!*

Scorch: I see. Don’t you worry… *Gives Three-Point Zero a “piggy-back”* I’ll get you back to the base in a flash!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Thank…you… *Czzzzzt!* *Shuts off*

Scorch: Anytime.

Due to the amount of damage that Metal Sonic 3.0 sustained during his battles against both Metal Sonic and Metal Blaze, he ended up experiencing power failure and shut down on Scorch’s way to the Mystic Ruins base. Meanwhile, at Dr. Nega’s base in the future…

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! So far, so good! As far as raiding Dr. Robotnik’s base and obtaining those blueprints is concerned, everything went perfectly! However, we ended up attracting unwanted attention in the process, from Metal Sonic 3.0. As a result, he’ll most likely end up spreading the word about everything that transpired over there, and I’ll have to deal with people intruding in my base, and I’ll never have the chance to work on my projects in peace!

Volcana: Okay, so what are you suggesting we do, Doctor N.?

Nega Robotnik: I’m saying that we’re going to have to relocate. Even if, by some chance, my enemies were to catch onto the fact that I’m the mastermind behind everything that went on, then they’ll have no idea where to find me!

Volcana: Oh, but I believe at least one other person already has.

Nega Robotnik: Is that so? Someone besides Metal Sonic 3.0, you mean?

Volcana: Yeah. After I grabbed the blueprints and left the production room, I ended up running into some strange robot who not only accused me of being this “Scorch” person in disguise, but also of betraying that “Dr. Robotnik” guy to side with you.

Nega Robotnik: …

I see. Well, this certainly reaffirms my position that we’re going to have to relocate elsewhere.

Metal Blaze: Where to, exactly?

Nega Robotnik: To Volcana’s dimension. I’m a hundred percent certain that my enemies aren’t even aware of it, and even if they are, they don’t have the technology that’s needed to get there! Sure, there are people other than myself with technical knowledge, and are very well capable of building a dimensional teleporter, but that’s bound to take a lot of time and effort on their part, and by the time they’re finished with that, my projects will already be complete!

Volcana: I forgot to ask… Exactly what is it that you intend to do with these blueprints? I’m guessing that they have something to do with this new project of yours?

Nega Robotnik: That’s right. I intend follow the steps of these blueprints to create dimensional equivalents of Dr. Robotnik’s “EG Experiments”. I shall call them…the “PG Experiments”. With yours and their power at my disposal, the world shall be my plaything! I shall bring about an age of fear and chaos! And it shall be glorious! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEEE!!!

Volcana: So, basically, what you’re saying is that you wish to take over the world?

Nega Robotnik: Precisely. Do you disagree with my methods?

Volcana: No, not at all.

Nega Robotnik: I’m glad to hear it! Now, are you two ready?

Metal Blaze: *Nods*

Volcana: Ready when you are, Doctor N.

*They go outside*

Elsewhere, nearby, Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, and Marine the Raccoon, who were on their way to Dr. Nega’s base to use his time machine to visit their friends in the past, ended up spotting the three of them.

Marine: Strewth! It’s that crazy Nega bloke, you guys!

Silver: Those other two that’re with him… One of them looks exactly like Scorch, while the other looks like you, Blaze!

Blaze: Yes, I see. I wonder what those three are up to? Whatever it is, it can’t be good if Dr. Nega’s involved. Why don’t we move a little closer, so we could listen in and find out what’s going on?

Silver: Sounds good to me.

*They move to a nearby bush to hide and eavesdrop on the trio*

Nega Robotnik: *Walks over to the side of his base, inputs a code on the control panel, and encapsulates it*

Volcana: Whoa! I’ve never seen a building just shrink like that! How did you do that!?

Nega Robotnik: It’s all part of the technological advancements that were made over the years. In this era, many buildings have portability, allowing us to have them encapsulated, so that we could bring them anywhere we please!

Volcana: Amazing…

Nega Robotnik: Alright, I’d say we’re about good to go now!

*Silver, Blaze, and Marine come from the bushes*

Blaze: Hold it right there!

Nega Robotnik: W-WHAT!? You three!?

Silver: That’s right, Nega! We might not know what’s going on at the moment, but we know for a fact that you’re up to something, and whatever it is, we’re putting an end to it! Right here and now!

Nega Robotnik: Hmph, how rude! To automatically assume I’m “up to something”, simply because you happen to come across me!

Blaze: After everything you’ve done up until now, you’ve given us more than enough reasons to think that!

Nega Robotnik: Hmph, believe what you want, I couldn’t care less.

Volcana: So, is she the “sworn enemy” of yours that you modeled Metal Blaze after?

Nega Robotnik: That’s correct.

Metal Blaze: *Stares at Blaze*

Blaze: *Stares back*

Metal Blaze: So, you must be the original… We shall determine which of us is more powerful soon enough.

Nega Robotnik: Yes, but that’s for another day. *Turns the knob on his camera and creates another portal* Until we meet again, I bid you farewell! Eee hee hee hee hee! *Jumps through the portal*

*Metal Blaze and Volcana do the same*

Silver: Hey, get back here! We’re not-

*The portal closes*

Silver: …Through with you yet.

Marine: Aww, blimey! Now that ‘e took the base with ‘im, we won’t get to use the time machine, and I won’t get to visit me mate, Charmy…

Blaze: Don’t worry. Even without Dr. Nega’s time machine, there are still other ways to travel into the past. Come on, follow me! *Runs off*

*Silver and Marine follow*

Meanwhile, at the parallel dimension…

*Dr. Nega, Volcana, and Metal Blaze come through the portal and land outside, in a shrine-like area*

Nega Robotnik: Hmm… *Looks around* This area doesn’t appear to spacious enough to set up our base here. Let’s look elsewhere.

*They start walking away*

???: Halt! Who goes there?

The trio looked in the direction of the voice, and it turned out to be a female Knuckles look-alike, which appears to be an echidna-porcupine hybrid with long, spiky “dreadlocks” with a “hair patch” on her forehead, along with a white shirt with a purple crescent moon symbol, black shorts, and purple and white shoes, which also have crescent moon symbols.

Volcana: Well, who might you be, stranger?

???: My name is Luna, Luna the Porchidna. I’m the guardian and protector of this island. Who are you, and why have you come? Don’t tell me you’re a bunch of thieves who’ve come here to steal the treasures I protect? If so, then you’re out of luck, because now you’ve got ME to deal with! *Cracks her knuckles*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… You couldn’t be further from the truth! We know nothing of these “treasures” you speak of! We come in peace!

Luna: Is that so? *Puts her hands on her hips and raises her eyebrow*

Nega Robotnik: That’s right! My name is… Doctor N. These are my associates, Volcana and Metal Blaze. We were merely looking for some place to…camp out, and we just happened to stumble upon this area.

Luna: I see.

Wait a minute, did you say “Volcana”, as in, the legendary Flame Goddess that’s been said to reside in the mountain of the same name!?

Volcana: Yes, that’s me.

Luna: All this time, I thought that was nothing more than a legend, a myth! I had no idea it was actually true!

Nega Robotnik: Well, Volcana, it sounds like you’re somewhat of a celebrity around here! Anyway, Luna, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Luna: Likewise.

Nega Robotnik: Just out of curiosity, exactly what kind of “treasures” do you protect, anyhow?

Luna: The treasures that I protect are special jewels, known as the “Lunar Emeralds” and the “Celestial Emerald”. They’ve been passed down through many generations in my family, and supposedly, they have the ability to transform thoughts into power, and can bring danger if fallen into the wrong hands. The Celestial Emerald also has the ability to cancel out the power of the Lunar Emeralds, if necessary.

Nega Robotnik: (Their description sounds remarkably similar to that of the Chaos and Sol Emeralds, as well as the Master Emerald! Eee hee hee, I think I’ll see what I could do about getting my hands on them, but with her in the way, something tells me that it won’t be easy... Wait a second, I’ve got it!) Ah, very intriguing. On the subject of these treasures, my dear Luna, I feel there’s something I should warn you about.

Luna: I’m listening…

Nega Robotnik: There are these dimensional invaders, who call themselves the “Chaotix”, as well as many other people who associate with them, who may very well discover this world and show up to steal these valuable treasures of yours!

Luna: Dimensional invaders!? Seriously!? What do they look like, exactly?

Nega Robotnik: *Takes out a small, hand-held computer, inputs a code, and projects images of the Chaotix, Silver, Blaze, and his other enemies* This is what they look like. These people are very dangerous! If you happen to see any of them, any one of them at all, then please do not hesitate to strike them down!

Luna: *Nods* I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, Doctor. Luckily, I already have quite a few traps set up around this island to keep thieves away. Thanks for the warning.

Nega Robotnik: My pleasure. Now, with that said, it’s time we’ve made our leave. *Starts walking away, and waves goodbye to her* Until we meet again…farewell!

*Volcana and Metal Blaze do the same*

Luna: *Waves back* Alright, take care!

A little while later, after they get far enough…

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… EEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEEEE!!! Tricking that fool guardian was much easier than I thought it would be! She automatically believed everything I told her about Silver, Blaze, and their friends without being even the least bit skeptical about it! I’d say she’s gullible, but that’s probably an understatement! *Ahem* Anyway, this looks like a good spot for the base, wouldn’t you agree?

Volcana: I don’t see a problem with it. Do you, Metal Blaze?

Metal Blaze: I have no objection to it.

Nega Robotnik: *Takes the capsule out of his jacket pocket, and tosses it*

*A poof of smoke briefly clouds that spot, and the base appears as it fades*

Nega Robotnik: Well, here we are. *Opens the door* After you. It’s ladies first.

Volcana: Thank you. *Enters*

Metal Blaze: *Same*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… Once again, everything’s going according to plan! Even better than expected, in fact! Running into Luna, and being able to successfully convince her that those meddlesome fools, Silver and Blaze are her enemies, was just a bonus to it! As soon as the PG Experiments are finished, I’ll finally be free to realize my ambitions! This time, there’ll be no stopping me! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEEE!!! *Enters*

Dr. Nega’s motive for stealing those blueprints has finally been revealed. Apparently, he intends to create new super beings, whose powers rival that of the EG Experiments! If that wasn’t bad enough, he has successfully manage to trick the island’s guardian, Luna into believing that Knuckles, the Chaotix, Silver, Blaze, and all of their friends are “dimensional invaders” who are after her emeralds! Will the heroes be able to catch onto Nega’s plan, and put a stop to it before it’s too late? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 3

When we last left off on Dimensional Chaos, Dr. Nega, Volcana, and Metal Blaze, after obtaining the blueprints to the EG Experiments, fled the scene in order to avoid getting themselves caught in the explosion from the bomb that they planted at Dr. Robotnik’s base. As soon as the three of them left, a battle-injured Metal Sonic Version 3.0 arrived at the entrance to find the bomb, and managed to get rid of it just in time before it exploded. As the bomb was detonated in the sky with his eye laser ability, the explosion was heard all throughout the Mystic Ruins, and ended up getting the attention of Knuckles the Echidna and the “White Echidna Project”, Wechnia, as well as Mighty the Armadillo, Tikal the Echidna, the Fire Goddess, Scorch, Miles “Tails” Prower, the robo-mechanics, Heavy and Bomb, along with Robotnik’s former henchmen, Orbot and Cubot.

After getting rid of the bomb, Metal Sonic 3.0 knew that the perpetrators were still in the area, and if he were to have any chance of catching them, then he was going to have to go after them as he was, not having enough time to recover from the injuries he suffered from his previous battle against the original Metal Sonic. When he detected the trio on radar, Metal Sonic 3.0 darted after them immediately, and when he caught up, he was surprised to find that one of them was not only Dr. Nega, but a robot that was designed for the sole purpose of replacing him. Eager to prove himself stronger, Metal Sonic 3.0 engaged Metal Blaze in battle, but due to his condition (as well as losing the copy chip that he had in the previous episode), he was no match for her, and she ended up making short work of him. Rather than finishing Three-Point Zero off, Metal Blaze advised him to recover first, and challenge her again after he’s recovered.

Shortly after the three of them left, Scorch, who was on her way to check on Dr. Robotnik’s base after hearing the explosion, found Metal Sonic 3.0. Before he had a chance to explain to her what happened, he ended up suffering from power failure because of all the damage he’s sustained, and ended up shutting off. From there, Scorch decided to carry him over to the base herself so that Metal Sonic 3.0 can heal.

When the trio got back to Dr. Nega’s base, the doctor went on to explain his purpose for stealing the blueprints, which was to create his own versions of Dr. Robotnik’s EG Experiments, which he has labeled as “PG Experiments”. In order for his work to go uninterrupted by his enemies, the deranged doctor has decided to relocate his base over to the alternate dimension. As he, Volcana, and Metal Blaze were on their way out, they ended up coming across the original Blaze, as well as Silver and Marine, who, coincidentally, were on their way to Dr. Nega’s base to use his time machine. Figuring that he was up to something, they questioned him about it, but he refused to tell them anything, and quickly opened another portal to the alternate dimension.

After they got there, they landed in a shrine-like area, where they meant a female echidna-porcupine hybrid by the name of Luna, which was the dimensional counterpart of Knuckles. Assuming that the trio came to steal her treasures, she was about to engage them in battle, but Dr. Nega assured her that was not their reason for being there, and that they “come in peace”. After getting themselves acquainted, Luna explained that she’s the guardian and protector of the “Celestial Emerald” and “Lunar Emeralds”, which are that dimensions equivalent of the Chaos (or possibly Sol) Emeralds, as well as the Master Emerald, and of the kinds of powers they possess. Nega then began secretly plotting to get ahold of these value gems, and decided to tell Luna a lie, stating that Silver, Blaze, and the rest of his enemies are “dimensional invaders” who will be coming to steal her valuables. Taking his word for it, Luna has decided to prepare herself for their arrival, and use the traps that she’s set around the island to keep them at bay.

Now that Dr. Nega has begun setting his plan in motion, do our heroes have what it takes to stop him this time around? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Meanwhile, at the residence of the Chaotix Detective Agency…

Vector: *Humming happily as he looks in the mirror, straightening out the tie that he put on along with his suit*

Charmy: *Snickers*

Vector: Whadda YOU laughin’ about?

Charmy: Getting ready for your date with Vanilla, huh? *Snickers again*

Vector: As a matter o’ fact, I am.

Charmy: I thought you didn’t like her, hmmmm?

Vector: Sheesh, will you quit sweatin’ me about that, already?

Splash: Yes, Charmy, you really should leave him be.

Get it, “leave him bee”? *Giggles*

Charmy: Hee hee hee hee!

Espio: *Rolls his eyes*

Splash: Anyway, Vector, I have to say… You look nice. *Gives him a thumbs up*

Vector: Thanks, Splash, I appreciate it.

Splash: You’re welcome.

Vector: And with that said, it’s about time for me to go. Oh, ‘n’ by the way, Charmy… Don’t even think about tryin’ to spy us ‘r nothin’, got it? If ya do, then I promise you’re gonna regret it! *Glares*

Charmy: Hee hee, no need to worry, I won’t! ^^;;

Vector: Good, glad ta hear it. Anyway, I’ll be seein’ you guys later. *Opens the door to leave*

Splash: Alright, take care.

Espio: Be safe, Vector.

Vector: *Shuts the door as he leaves*

Charmy: By the way, Espio, when are you gonna ask Honey out? *Snickers*

Espio: Ugh… Please don’t start this again, okay? What did I tell you before? The two of us are just friends, nothing more.

Charmy: “Just friends”… riiiiiggghht! I remember Silver and Blaze saying the same thing before, and look what happened with them!

Espio: It’s the truth! Even if I did think of her that way, being in a romantic relationship still wouldn’t be my top priority, since it would distract me from my training.

Charmy: Hee hee, whatever you say.

*Suddenly, a knock is heard at the door*

Espio: Come in.

*Silver, Blaze, and Marine enter*

Marine: Hey! How’s it goin’, mates?

Splash: We’re doing pretty well. Wow, what a weird coincidence… Charmy was just talking about you a little while ago!

Silver: He was?

Espio: Don’t worry about it, it’s not important.

Charmy: Hey, Marine! Vector’s about to go on a date with Vanilla! Wanna go spy on them?

Marine: Oh, that’s what ‘e was all dressed up for!? Strewth! Sounds rippa! Come on, let’s do it! *Rushes out the door*

Charmy: *Does the same*

*Everyone else sweatdrops*

Blaze: Those two are so much alike, it’s almost scary!

Silver: Yeah, tell me about it.

Splash: So, what brings you two lovebirds over here?

*They both blush at the “lovebirds” comment*

Silver: Well… At first, we were just stopping by to visit this time period, but then we ended up spotting Dr. Nega on the way.

Splash: You did!? Ugh, what’s that creep up to THIS time?

Blaze: We don’t know that as of yet, but we did happen to spot two others along with him, who are most likely helping him out with his latest scheme. One of them was a mechanical clone of me, while the other one heavily resembled Scorch!

Splash: Wait, what!?

Silver: You’re all sisters, right? So, would you happen to know anything about that blue Scorch look-alike we saw?

Splash: I’m afraid not. This is the first time I’ve heard anything about her. Although, I did happen to lose some of my memory after being sealed up for so long, so maybe there’s another sister of mine around that I wasn’t aware of…

Espio: It’s either that, or it’s someone in disguise. After all, Dr. Nega does happen to possess shapeshifting technology. Months ago, I remember seeing him use a belt-like device to morph into and impersonate Robotnik. So, maybe it’s the same case this time around?

Silver: Hmm, you just may be onto something, Espio.

Espio: Do the two of you happen to know where Dr. Nega went, by any chance?

Blaze: We saw him, along with the other two, pass through a dimensional portal that he created with his camera, but we have no idea where he is at the moment. However, there’s a chance that he’s somewhere in this time period, since this is where he usually goes to orchestrate his schemes.

Silver: Wherever he is, we need to find him and get to the bottom of this, so we could stop whatever scheme he’s hatching before it even begins!

Espio: Alright. Why don’t we go ahead and start looking for clues?

Splash: Okay. Is there any place in particular where you think we should start?

Silver: Hmm, do you think Robotnik might know something about what’s going on? Why don’t we stop by his base in the Mystic Ruins?

Espio: Sure, why not? There’s currently a train at Station Square’s that’s scheduled to stop at the Mystic Ruins sometime soon. If we act now, we should be able to get there before it takes off.

Blaze: Alright, then let’s get moving!

Believing that Dr. Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base contains the clues they’re looking for, Espio, Splash, Silver, and Blaze quickly rushed out the door, bound Station Square’s train station. However, by the time they got there, the train had already taken off.

Splash: Oh, shoot! Looks like we JUST missed it…

Espio: I suppose this means we’re going to have to wait for the next one, then…

Blaze: That won’t be necessary. I happen to have the Sol Emeralds in my possession, so we should be able to Chaos Control our way over to the Mystic Ruins.

Silver: Alright, then let’s do it!

Blaze: *Holds out one of the emeralds* Chaos Control!

*They teleport*

Meanwhile, Knuckles, Wechnia, Mighty, Tikal, and everyone else who heard the aerial explosion from Dr. Nega’s dynamite pack decided to see what was going on, and ended up running into one another somewhere in the middle of the Mystic Ruins.

Mighty: Oh, hey, you guys! Fancy running into you here, huh?

Knuckles: Yeah. I’ll take it that you heard the explosion, too?

Mighty: Yeah. We have no idea what caused it, but it sounded like it came from somewhere around Robotnik’s base on the other side.

Wechnia: Most likely. There’s only one of two things I could gather from this. It’s either someone was trying to destroy his base, or he was in the process of testing a new weapon that he built.

Heavy: The latter theory sounds more likely. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not in the least bit convinced that he’s changed.

Bomb: Neither am I.

Tikal: What if he truly has changed, though?

Tails: I doubt it. Maybe if he hadn’t pulled a stunt like that before, then it would have been more believable. I don’t think even Knuckles is buying this!

Knuckles: What do you mean by that!?

Tails: No offense, Knuckles, but you have been tricked by him a lot of times…

Knuckles: It didn’t happen THAT many times! It was only a few!

Hey, wait a minute… What’s this strange energy I’m sensing?

Wechnia: I feel it, too. It feels like…Chaos energy. Could it be that someone’s using Chaos Control?

*Espio, Splash, Silver, and Blaze appear*

Tikal: Ah, hello.

Splash: Hey. What an interesting coincidence, bumping into you guys here!

Mighty: What’s up? *Looks around* Charmy, Vector, and Marine aren’t with you guys?

Espio: Vector is currently on his date with Vanilla, while Charmy and Marine…decided to go and spy on it. -__-;;

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Heavy: Well, either way, the important thing is that Charmy and Marine aren’t here. Thank God for that.

Splash: What would’ve been wrong with them being around?

Heavy: …Do you REALLY need a reason? Really?

Splash: I don’t know about anyone else, but I enjoy their company.

Heavy: Ooh, now there goes the surprise of the century! Yeah, you would, wouldn’t you? After all, you’re hardly any better.

Splash: Yes, well excuuuuuuuse me for not being a condescending prick like you, who does nothing but make rude, sarcastic remarks to everyone around me!

Mighty: Whoa, whoa! Calm down, you two!

Tikal: Yes, it’s just as you’re always saying, Splash… “Can’t we all just make peace and get along?”

Splash: People like him are impossible to get along with.

Heavy: Likewise.

Tails: Well, shouldn’t we be focused on finding whatever it was that caused the explosion?

Blaze: I don’t know what explosion it is you’re referring to, but the four of us came here, because we’re trying to gather information about Dr. Nega’s whereabouts.

Knuckles: Dr. Nega!? He’s in this time period again!?

Wechnia: Wait, you don’t suppose HE had anything to do with that explosion, do you?

Blaze: It’s definitely a possibility. The four of us were on our way to Dr. Robotnik’s base for some clues. Is that where you were all heading, as well?

Knuckles: Yeah, since we’ve begun to suspect that the explosion came from somewhere over there.

*They head to the other side, go through the jungle, and arrive at the entrance to Robotnik’s base*


*Everyone has blank “WTF?” expressions on their faces*

Heavy: …Should we even ask?

Splash: Actually, I’m kind of surprised. Up until now, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Scorch get angry with Robotnik before... I wonder what happened between them?

Silver: *Shrugs* Beats me…

Scorch: *Storms out of the base, looking pissed off*

Splash: Scorch, are you alright?

Scorch: I’m fine, Splash…just fine.

Splash: Are you sure? Exactly what happened in there, between you and Robotnik?

Scorch: I, I… *Tears start to fill her eyes* I don’t want to talk about it! *Hovers into the air and flies off*

Splash: Scorch, wait! *Reaches her arm out*

Tikal: Whatever it was that happened, she seems so heartbroken… I feel so bad for her…

Heavy: …Says the person who sealed her up.

*People glare at Heavy*

Heavy: …What? It’s not as if I said anything that was untrue.

Splash: Can you try showing a little sensitivity for once!? Is that too much to ask!?

Bomb: This is Heavy we’re talking about, here, remember? “Heavy” and “sensitivity” don’t exactly belong in the same sentence.

Splash: Can’t argue with that, I guess. Anyway, I’m going in. *Enters the base*

*Everyone else does the same*

Robotnik: Well? Is there something I can help you with?

Egg-Robo: *Glares at Knuckles as he enters*

Knuckles: *Does the same to him*

Splash: We’re here for two reasons. First of all, Dr. Robotnik, please tell me… Exactly what were you and Egg-Robo arguing with Scorch about?

Robotnik: …

What happened, you ask? Scorch betrayed me, that’s what! It’s already sickening enough that she was feigning loyalty to me all this time, just as Slush did, but to add insult to injury, she sided with Dr. Nega, of all people!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Splash: That’s crazy! Scorch would never do that!

Mighty: Yeah, I mean, really! Wasn’t she like, obsessed with the thought of repaying you for setting her free?

Knuckles: I was about to say the same thing! After all, I was right there when she made that promise!

Espio: Also, weren’t she and Dr. Nega on bad terms with one another?

Robotnik: That’s the same thing I thought at first. I didn’t want to believe it, but then Egg-Robo showed me the recordings. Do you want to see them for yourself? Then follow me. This way, please.

*They follow Robotnik to the surveillance room, and he displays the recordings of Volcana and Metal Blaze invading the base*

Blaze: …!

Silver: That’s them! The ones we saw earlier!

Robotnik: As you can plainly see, that, without a shadow of a doubt, is undeniable proof of her treachery! She even stole the blueprints to the EG Experiments and everything! Now do you want to try telling me that isn’t Scorch? *Looks toward Splash* Or do you, her, and Slush, by any chance, happen to have another sibling I wasn’t aware of?

Splash: …

Look, Doctor, I don’t know who that was, but I know for a fact that was NOT my sister!

Egg-Robo: Oh, please. Do you seriously mean to tell us that you can’t see through that disguise?

Robotnik: My point exactly, Egg-Robo. For Scorch to show up here with such an unconvincing disguise is nothing more than a blatant insult to my intelligence!

Espio: Speaking of “disguises”, you’re aware of Dr. Nega’s shapeshifting technology, aren’t you? Did it ever occur to you that someone might have been trying to frame her? How do you know that someone didn’t simply disguise his or herself as Scorch?

Robotnik: …

I must admit, you do bring up a rather compelling argument, but until proven otherwise, this is the story I’m sticking with.

Blaze: Suit yourself, then. On the bright side, though, at least we know for a fact that Dr. Nega’s been here. That was what we came to ask you about initially.

Robotnik: I see.

Egg-Robo: What could Dr. Nega possibly need with the blueprints to the EG Experiments and Egg Merger?

Robotnik: He must be trying to replicate them… That’s the only logical explanation I could think of! Whatever it takes, we must get those blueprints back somehow! Especially if he intends to create another EG-005! The results could be disastrous!

Tails: Yes, but how are we going to do that, exactly? We have no idea where Dr. Nega is.

Robotnik: That’s true, but if he’s indeed somewhere in this era, and is truly trying create replicas of the EG Experiments as I’ve begun to suspect, then he’s most likely going to send one of his minions or associates to the jewelry store in Station Square to get jewels that are the exact same size and shape as the ones worn by all the Elemental Goddesses. When that time comes, that will be our opportunity to strike, and find out exactly where Dr. Nega is located!

Knuckles: Got it.

Wechnia: Alright, then I guess there’s no more time to waste. Let’s head over to Station Square right away!

Robotnik:  I’m counting on you all! Now that Scorch is no longer allied with us, you’re the only ones I can depend on at the moment! Good luck!

Blaze: *Takes out one of the Sol Emeralds again* Chaos Control!

*Everyone warps out of the base*

Meanwhile, in the alternate dimension…

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… So far, things are really coming along smoothly!

Volcana: Nice work, Doctor N.! Exactly when do you think it’s going to be finished?

Nega Robotnik: It should be done within the next few days, assuming things go according to plan.

Volcana: Oh, okay. Do you need help with anything?

Nega Robotnik: As a matter of fact, I do. The gem that you wear on your tiara… I’m going to need at least five regular gems that resemble it, in order for me to successfully perform the experiment. If it isn’t too much trouble, would you mind getting them for me?

Volcana: Sure, just leave it to me. Where do I find them, exactly?

Nega Robotnik: In the very same dimension that we obtained the blueprints, there’s a city by the name of “Station Square”, and there’s a jewelry store that sells all types of gems, along with other forms of jewelry. *Hands Volcana the dimensional camera*

Volcana: Hmm, how do you work this thing? I’m supposed to turn the knob, right?

Nega Robotnik: Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Volcana: *Turns it and creates a dimensional portal*

Nega Robotnik: Before you go, my dear Volcana… Take this with you, too, please. *Hands her a shapeshifting belt*

Volcana: Sure thing. Just to refresh my memory, exactly what does Scorch look like again?

Nega Robotnik: *Takes out his small computer-like device again, and displays a holographic projection of her*

Volcana: Ah, that should be simple enough to imitate. *Straps the belt around her waist, presses a button, and shapeshifts into Scorch*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! Perfect! Those fools won’t even be able to tell the difference!

“Scorch”: Yeah. If they couldn’t tell I was someone else even without the disguise, there’s no way they’ll be able to see through this! Alright, now here I go! *Jumps through the portal*

*The portal closes*

Elsewhere on Ringstar Island, Luna, after being informed of the supposed “dimensional invaders” has decided to go to Lake Oceana to double-check the traps that she’s set for them. In the process, she ended up discovering a silver-colored gem with a watery aura around it.

Luna: This jewel…it looks a lot like the one Volcana was wearing! I wonder…could this also have to do with one of the Goddesses spoken of in the legend? If the story about the Flame Goddess turned out to be true, then I guess the same thing could be said for the Wave Goddess! Alright, here goes… *Drops it into the lake*

After dropping the gem into the lake, a tidal wave splashed into the air, and as soon as it faded, a silver/clear-colored Splash look-alike emerged from it.

???: Huh? *Looks around* What’s this? I’m…I’m actually free!? Yes, FINALLY! I’ve been waiting SO long for this! *Notices Luna* Oh, hello there. Who might you be?

Luna: My name is Luna the Porchidna. I’m the guardian and protector of Ringstar Island. Your name is…Oceana, right?

Oceana: Yes, that’s me. I’m Oceana, the Goddess of Waves, but I also go by “Shannah” sometimes. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Luna.

Luna: It’s nice to meet you, too.

Oceana: Are you the one who released me?

Luna: Yes, I am.

Oceana: I thought so. I really appreciate what you’ve done for me, and I just can’t thank you enough for it.

Luna: Don’t mention it.

Oceana: If there’s anything you need at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll be glad to help, if it means that I’d repay you for your act of kindness.

Luna: Well, okay. Like I said, I’m the guardian and protector of this island, as well as the treasures that reside on it. I heard that there’s a bunch of thieves, or “dimensional invaders” as Doctor N. calls them, who will soon be coming here to steal the Lunar Emeralds and Celestial Emerald, and I’m currently preparing myself for their arrival. When they show up, will you help me deal with them?

Oceana: Sure, why not?

Luna: Okay, thanks! Now, if you need to know what they look like, the doctor will show you. Follow me! *Takes off*

Oceana: *Follows*

So far, Dr. Nega has already begun putting the next phase of his plan into action, and is already on the verge of completing his recreation of the Egg Merger, and eventually, the “PG Experiments”, as well. With Volcana on her way to the jewelry store to get the gems that he needs, will the heroes have what it takes to stop her? Additionally, Luna now has Volcana’s younger sister, Oceana, to assist her in dealing with the Chaotix and company, and making their arrival as unpleasant as possible should they manage to cross into that dimension. Will Luna ever come to the realization that she’s being manipulated? Will Dr. Robotnik and Egg-Robo ever find out the truth about Scorch’s supposed “treachery”? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…”
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Part 4

Previously on Dimensional Chaos, Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze, the Cat, and Marine the Raccoon, after their brief encounter with Dr. Nega, Volcana, and Metal Blaze, arrived in the past via Chaos Control, and found themselves at the residence of the Chaotix Detective Agency. After explaining the situation to them, all of them (except for Charmy, Vector, and Marine, who had already left before then) decided to head over to Dr. Robotnik’s base in the Mystic Ruins in order to find the clues that they needed about Dr. Nega’s whereabouts. Unfortunately for them, the train that was scheduled to go to the Mystic Ruins had already taken off by the time the group got to the train station.

Luckily, Blaze still had the Sol Emeralds with her, so she decided to use Chaos Control to warp herself and the rest of group somewhere in the middle of the Mystic Ruins. When they got there, they met up with Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, Heavy, Bomb, Wechnia, and Tikal, who had previously heard the explosion that occurred, and came to the conclusion that the source of it was Dr. Robotnik’s base. Since that’s where Espio, Splash, Silver, and Blaze were also heading, they decided to accompany Knuckles and the others over there.

When the group arrived, they found Scorch storming out of the base in a fit of sadness and rage. When they asked Robotnik about what happened, he replied that Scorch had betrayed him to side with Dr. Nega, not knowing that the person who stole the blueprints from his base was Volcana. After theorizing about what Dr. Nega was up to, Robotnik quickly came to the realization that he’s aiming to create replicas of the EG Experiments, including EG-005/Silvra. He then predicted that Dr. Nega would send one of his minions or associates to the jewelry store In Station Square to obtain the jewels that were needed for the PG Experiments. Wasting no time, Knuckles and company decided to go to Station Square to wait for Volcana, who was already on her way over there, so that they could stop her, as well as find out where Dr. Nega has relocated his base.

Elsewhere within the alternate dimension, the Ringstar Island guardian, Luna ended up stumbling upon that world’s equivalent of the Water Element Gem while she was in the process of double-checking the traps that she had set for the “dimensional invaders”. After meeting Volcana, Luna was aware that the story about the Elemental Goddesses was more than just a legend, and figured that there was a Wave Goddess inside of the gem that she found, so she decided to release her. The latter then introduced herself as Oceana, the Goddess of Waves, and thanked Luna for releasing her, stating that she’s willing to do anything she can to repay the guardian for her act of kindness. Luna then told her that she’s currently preparing herself for the “dimensional invaders” that Nega spoke of, and Oceana agreed to help ward them off.

Now, the questions remain… Do Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company have what it takes to stop Volcana from obtaining the gems that are needed for the production of the PG Experiments, and thus stop Nega’s plans from going any further than they already have? Should the heroes discover the alternate dimension and find out where Dr. Nega’s base is located, will they be able to successfully convince Luna and Oceana that the true enemy is right under their noses? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Meanwhile, at Dr. Nega’s base…

Nega Robotnik: *Working on the Nega Egg Merger*

*Someone knocks on the door*

Nega Robotnik: Who’s there? Come in.

*Luna and Oceana enter*

Nega Robotnik: Ah, it’s you, Luna, and I see you’ve brought a friend.

Oceana: You must be Doctor N. My name is Oceana, the Goddess of Waves. It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir. *Politely bows*

Nega Robotnik: Likewise.

Wait, did you say “Oceana”? Ah, so you must be one of the other Goddesses that Volcana told me about!

Oceana: You know my sister?

Nega Robotnik: Yes. As a matter of fact, it was none other than I, who released her.

Oceana: I see, I see! Thank you very much for that, I really appreciate it.

Nega Robotnik: It was my pleasure.

Oceana: So, where is she, exactly?

Nega Robotnik: Well, she’s currently in the middle of running a small errand for me, and she’ll be back in a little while. So, anyway, ladies, is there anything I could do for you in the meantime?

Luna: Yeah. About those “dimensional invaders” you mentioned before… Would you mind refreshing my memory on what they look like? Oceana would like to know, too, since she’s volunteered to help me deal with them.

Nega Robotnik: (Oceana’s gotten in on that, too? Eee hee hee…) Most certainly! *Takes out his handheld Nicole-like computer and displays the projections again*

Oceana: Ah, that’s just what I needed to see. Again, thank you.

Nega Robotnik: Why, you’re most welcome, my dear Oceana.

Luna: We’ll see you later!

*They leave*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! What fools! Those two are indeed, the very definition of “naïve”!

Meanwhile, in the city of Station Square…

*A flash of light appears as the heroes warp into the area*

Wechnia: *Looks around* Hmm, it doesn’t look as if anything’s going on as of yet.

Knuckles: Yeah. I guess we got here pretty early.

Blaze: Indeed, but it’s better this way.

Silver: Now that we’re here, all we have to do is start keeping a lookout for anybody suspicious. By that, I mean Metal Blaze and the blue Scorch look-alike, of course.

Espio: Yes, but something tells me that they’re going to end up using one of Dr. Nega’s shapeshifting devices to disguise themselves, and if that’s the case, they most likely won’t be very easy to find.

Tails: What about you two, Heavy and Bomb? Are your scanners capable of seeing through those kinds of disguises?

Heavy: Unfortunately, they aren’t at the moment.

Bomb: Yeah. If they were, then we would have known right away that the “Robotnik” we faced on the Death Egg III last year was actually Dr. Nega.

Tails: Oh, right. Good point. So, should we go ahead and get moving?

Knuckles: I have no problem with it.

*They start heading towards the jewelry store entrance*

???: Hey, you guys!

*They look in the direction of the voice, and find Sonic, Shock, Storm, and Mecha Amy*

Sonic: What’s up?

Tails: Hey there, Sonic! You, too, Shock, Storm, and Mecha Amy! How’re you guys doing?

Shock: We’re doing fine. And you guys?

Splash: Same with us for the most part, other than Dr. Nega coming back and hatching some new scheme.

Mecha Amy: Dr. Nega? Isn’t he that meanie who brainwashed my Metal Sonic last month, and tried to feed those two Chao to that huge, fiery monster?

Blaze: Yes, that’s him.

Tikal: I still can’t believe he actually tried to do such a thing!

Storm: Neither can I, but I guess that was to be expected, since the guy’s a certified nutcase.

Sonic: So, what’s Nega ‘Buttnik up to now?

Espio: Well, you see… *Explains*

Storm: So, what you’re saying, is that some mysterious Scorch look-alike, who’s allied with Dr. Nega, invaded Dr. Robotnik’s base, and stole the blueprints that were used to create me, Shock, and the other EG Experiments!?

Blaze: That’s right. According to Dr. Robotnik and Egg-Robo, Dr. Nega is most likely trying to make replicas of the EG Experiments to use for whatever sinister scheme he’s recently come up with, and since he or one of his associates are most likely going to show up here to steal the five gems that are needed for these copies, we’re going to stop them before they get the chance!

Silver: Yep, so we’re trying to keep a lookout for anybody suspicious, but like Espio said earlier, they may be a little hard to find, since the Scorch look-alike or Metal Blaze may decide to use one of Dr. Nega’s shapeshifting devices.

Sonic: Yeah, that definitely sounds like it’s gonna be tough.

*Suddenly, someone or something grabs Sonic from behind*

Sonic: Ahhhhhh! W-What the…!? Who’s there!? *Looks around*

???: *Giggles* Hi, Sonic! Guess who?

Sonic: Oh, geez! Is that you, Amy?

Amy: *Turns visible again* You got it! You know me too well, don’t you?

Mighty: Whoa… So THAT’S the invisibility technique that Slush was telling Ray and Seedra about before! She sure seemed pretty freaked about it…

Amy: What, seriously? She was? I really don’t see why that’s the case. Being able to fly and shoot ice beams isn’t exactly what I’d call “normal”, either. (That reminds me… Speaking of Ray and Seedra, I still need to get to the bottom of that “secret” of theirs that Slush mentioned to me before…) So, anyway, hi, everyone… *In a flat tone* And Shock, Heavy. How are you?

Knuckles: We’re just fine, other than-

???: *From somewhere around the corner* A’ight, blondie! If ya know what’s good for ya, ‘den you’ll hand ovah ‘dat poyse! ‘N’ ya beddah not scream, eitha, or I’ll bussa cap ‘n ya right now, where ya stand!

Knuckles: Wait a minute, that voice… It’s Nack!

Shock: You mean that wanna-be gangster weasel from before, who got arrested? Are you sure that’s him?

Knuckles: I’m positive. I know that voice anywhere.

Sonic: Something tells me that either Bean bailed him out, or he broke out himself. Either way, they really need to get ahold of some better security over there. Not even Ro-butt-nik’s is THIS bad!

???: “Poyse”? What?

Nack: Ya know what Ah’m talkin’ about! ‘Da thing you’re carryin’ around ya shoulda!

???: Oh, this? Last time I checked, it was called a “purse”.

Nack: Wudevah! Just hand it ovah, ‘cause Ah’m about three seconds away from pumpin’ ya guts full o’ lead, since ya wanna be a smartass about it!

Sonic: You know, speaking of familiar voices, I think I’ve definitely heard the other one somewhere before… But I guess I’ll worry about that later. For now, I’ve gotta go stop Fang! *Runs off*

Nack: One, two…!

???: Alright, already! Here! *Reluctantly holds out her purse*

Nack: Smart choice. *Gets ready to grab it, and stops as soon as he notices Sonic* What ‘da…!? Whadda YOU doin’ here, chump!?

Sonic: You know, I could ask you the same thing! *Notices the blonde woman* Wait a minute… Madonna!?

Madonna: Sonic!?

Nack: Oh, so ‘da two ‘o youse know each uddah, huh? Bah, wudevah. It don’t make no difference ta me. *Snatches the purse and takes off* Sayonara, suckers! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sonic: Hey, get back here! *Chases after him*

Nack: *Takes out his gun, aims back at Sonic, and fires*

Sonic: *Dodges, and continues running after him*

Nack: *Runs around the corner, and comes to a stop as soon as he notices the Chaotix and company* Youse again!?

Sonic: *Speeds past Nack, and gets in front of him*

Nack: What ‘da…!? How’d ‘ju do ‘dat!?

Sonic: What, you mean to tell me you’re actually surprised? I’m not called “Sonic” for nothing, you know. Now, you’d best play it smart and hand over that purse.

Nack: I’ve gotta beddah idea: How ‘bout ‘chu just back off, ‘cause ‘dis ain’t none o’ ya stinkin’ bui’ness!

Sonic: Whenever my friends are involved, it’s ALWAYS my business!

Nack: Have it your way ‘den, chump! *Puts the gun back in his holster, and unsheathes a knife*

Sonic: O-Oh, no! Y-You’ve found my weakness! It’s small knives! Not that! ANYTHING but that!

Nack: HAHAHAHA! Thanks for ‘da tip! *Rushes toward him, swinging his knife*

Sonic: *Starts dodging the swings, and then trips him with a leg sweep*

Nack: WHOA! *Falls over*

Sonic: What, you thought I was serious? I can’t believe you actually bought into that! I guess someone’s never heard of “sarcasm” before.

Nack: *Angrily tosses the knife at him*

Sonic: *Gets scraped in the face while narrowly dodging* Ghhhh…! *Holds the cut*

Amy: Sonic!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA! Howda ya like ‘dem apples!? *Notices Amy coming toward him with her hammer, takes his gun out again, and points it at her* Ya beddah stay put! ‘Dat also goes fa ‘dat rest o’ yas!

Sonic: It’s okay, you guys. I’ve got this.

Nack: Or DO ya!? *Aims at him again, getting ready to pull the trigger*

Sonic: Sonic Wind!

Nack: *Gets caught in it* Ah, crap! AH, CRAAAAAAAAP!!! AH’M GONNA REMEMBUH ‘DIS, Y’HEAR!? *Drops the purse as he’s sent flying*

Sonic: *Catches it, and hands it back to Madonna as she walks up to him*

Madonna: Thank you, Sonic. You’ve always been someone I could count on. *Kisses him on the cheek*

Sonic: Hey, no problem.

*Everyone looks toward Amy, who’s fuming with anger*

Madonna: *Notices* Problem, little girl?

Amy: You bet there is, missy! Just who do you think you are, putting your lips on MY Sonic like that!?

Madonna: “Your” Sonic? Oh, I’m sorry, and you are…?

Amy: I’m Amy Rose, Sonic’s girlfriend! His future wife, his one and only true love!

Sonic: Oh, brother… *Facepalm*

Shock: *Looks toward Madonna* Don’t mind her. She acts like this towards pretty much any girl who speaks to Sonic. Anyone who so much as faces the same direction he’s in is automatically accused of trying to “steal” Sonic from her, even though the two of them aren’t even dating.

Amy: You stay out of this!

Sonic: Madonna and I aren’t dating either, Amy. She just happens to be an old friend of mine, that’s all.

Amy: Whatever. *Looks toward Madonna and glares* I’ll be keeping my eye on you.

Madonna: *Glares back*

Sonic: Anyway, long time no see! I haven’t seen you since our band ended, back on South Island!

Madonna: Yeah, it’s definitely been a while, hasn’t it?

Knuckles: You were part of a band before, Sonic?

Sonic: Yeah. Vector was part of it, too, along with Sharps the Chicken, Mach the Rabbit, and Max the Monkey. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen those guys in a while, either. Have you, Madonna?

Madonna: I have. Last time I checked, they formed a new band with Mina Mongoose, called the “Forget Me Knots”.

Sonic: Ah, okay. Anyway, you’ve met Amy already, so why don’t I introduce you to the rest of the gang?

*Everyone else introduces themselves*

Madonna: It’s nice to meet you all.

Wait a minute… *Looks toward Splash, Shock, and Storm* Did the three of you say you were Goddesses?

Splash: Yes, we are. Elemental Goddesses, that is.

Storm: That’s right. There are five others like us, who control elements of their own.

Shock: Yeah, but in Silvra’s case, she has the power of seven different elements wrapped up in one.

Madonna: Wow.

Amy: (Pffft, “just an old friend”. Yeah, right. As I always say, I happen to have a sixth sense about this sort of thing, and it’s never steered me wrong before…except once. Like I said, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this “Madonna”…)

Sonic: Are you doing alright, Amy? You seem pretty quiet all of a sudden.

Amy: I’m just fine. Now, with that said, I have somewhere I need to go now. *Walks away*

Shock: …You know, Mecha Amy, I just can’t tell you how hard it is for me to believe that you were actually modeled after her.

Mecha Amy: Really?

Elsewhere in the city, moments later…

Amy: Ooh, that Madonna! We just met, and I already can’t stand her! She’d better keep her filthy hands off MY Sonic if she knows what’s good for her! Same goes for Boobowski, Shock, Elise, or whoever else! *Notices Scorch sitting alone on a bench up ahead* Huh? *Walks over to her* Hi there! You’re…Scorch, aren’t you?

Scorch: …That’s me. You must be…one of Splash and Seedra’s friends, correct?

Amy: Yeah. My name’s Amy, Amy Rose. Mind if I sit down?

Scorch: Go right ahead…

Amy: *Sits down with her* Are you okay?

Scorch: I’ve…been better…

Amy: Did…something happen between you and Robotnik?

Scorch: Robotnik? Robotnik WHO? *Crosses her arms, turning her back*

Amy: Well, I guess I’ll take that as a “yes”. If you don’t mind me asking, exactly what happened in order to make you so upset with him?

Wait, I think I know.

Scorch: Hmm?

Amy: You were madly in love with him, weren’t you? But then…he didn’t return your feelings, am I right?

Scorch: That's not what happened...

Amy: Are you sure? I happen to have a sixth sense about-


Amy: Alright, alright! If you say so! Well, what really happened, then? But if you’d rather not talk about it, then that’s okay.

Scorch: …

Dr. Robotnik’s base…it was attacked by some unknown look-alike of me, who’s apparently allied with Dr. Nega, according to what was shown on camera…

Amy: Go on…

Scorch: When I…came back to check on Metal Sonic 3.0 and see how his repairs were coming along, Dr. Robotnik and Egg-Robo…they…they thought that look-alike was me! *Tears start to fill her eyes again* First, I was…scolded by the two of them, and they told me that I “had a lot of nerve” showing my face there again after my so-called “betrayal”. We ended up…getting into a “heated” argument, which eventually…led into me getting thrown out!

Amy: Oh… I’m… I’m so sorry to hear that…

Scorch: *Bursts into tears*

Amy: *Hugs her*

Scorch: I… I don’t understand! How…how could they possibly think that was me!? Aside from the fur and fire color being different, I’ve…I’ve been nothing BUT loyal to Dr. Robotnik all this time, ever since the day he released me! I’ve made it plainly clear that I’d never, ever betray him under any circumstances! What makes him think all of that suddenly changed!? What gave him the idea that I’d side with Dr. Nega, of all people!? I’ve told him several times…that I would always remain by his side, no matter what! I’ve…done things for him that you wouldn’t believe! I’ve cooked for him, I’ve cleaned for him, and many other things that even his own robots probably wouldn’t have done! I did all of this out of my own free will, and THIS is how I’m awarded for it… *Sniffs*

Amy: Again, I’m very sorry this all had to happen. If there’s anything I could do to help, anything at all, just let me know, okay?

Scorch: I’ll…keep that in mind.

Amy: …

Hey, I know! Why not stay with me?

Scorch: You would…really let me do that?

Amy: Sure, why not? It’s no trouble at all!

Scorch: Thank you…

Amy: No problem. It’s the least I could do.

Scorch: *Clenches her fist in anger* (Dr. Nega… Both you and that impostor had better pray we don’t run into one another!)

Meanwhile, at the train station…

“Scorch”: *Gets off the train* Well, looks like I’m finally here. Perhaps I should have asked Doctor N. how to set the camera’s coordinates, so that I’d automatically land here. That way, I wouldn’t have ended up at the Mystic Ruins, and I would have been here a lot sooner. Ah, well. What’s done is done. Now to find that jewelry store… *Hovers down, rushes out the door, and flies off*

A little while later…

“Scorch”: Well, well! What have we here? This must be the jewelry store that the doctor was talking about, but…it appears to be closed at the moment. Ah, well. Easily remedied! *Holds out the palm of her hand, and blasts the door open, triggering a small fiery explosion that’s heard throughout the city*

Elsewhere, with the Chaotix and company…

Knuckles: That explosion… It must have come from the jewelry store!

Espio: Yes, and there’s little doubt that it was caused by that Scorch look-alike that we saw.

Wechnia: I guess there’s our cue, then.

Sonic: Alright! Let’s blast through with sonic speed!

*They take off*

At last, Volcana has arrived at Station Square to put the next phase of Dr. Nega’s sinister plan into action! Anticipating her arrival, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes have showed up to wait for her arrival. Now that she’s there, and has already made her way to the jewelry store, will they be able to get there in time to stop her from stealing the jewels that are needed for the creation of these “PG Experiments”? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 5

Last time on Dimensional Chaos, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes, after meeting with one another in the Mystic Ruins and getting the information that they needed from Dr. Robotnik’s base, headed over to Station Square to wait for Volcana’s arrival, and stop her from stealing the five gems that Dr. Nega needs in order to create his “PG Experiments”, which are replicas of the “EG Experiments” made by his ancestor. When the heroes arrived at the city, they ran into Sonic, EG-003/Shock, EG-004/Storm, and Mecha Amy, along with the original.

While they were in the middle of discussing a strategy, a familiar voice was heard from around the corner, holding someone up for their money. The “familiar voice” turned out to be none other than Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper, who was thought to have been in prison for the past seven months. The person that he was extorting money from turned out to be none other than Madonna, an old friend of Sonic’s. Never one to ignore those in need of help, Sonic went go to stop Nack, who soon made off with Madonna’s purse. After Sonic chased him down, the two of them got into a small skirmish, with the former emerging victorious in the end by sending Nack flying with his signature “Sonic Wind” ability.

After getting reacquainted with Madonna and introducing her to the rest of his friends, Amy, who was irked about the friendly kiss that Madonna gave to Sonic after getting her purse back (as well as being skeptical about Sonic’s claim that they’re merely old friends), decided to storm off. During her walk around the city, she eventually came across a saddened Scorch, who had recently gotten herself thrown out of Dr. Robotnik’s base, due to his and Egg-Robo’s erroneous belief that she betrayed them. Sympathizing with the Fire Goddess after explaining her story, Amy decided to let Scorch stay with her, since she no longer had a place to live.

Elsewhere, Volcana, in her Scorch disguise, had finally arrived at Station Square after taking a train from the Mystic Ruins. Wasting no time, she quickly hurried over to the jewelry store to get the gems that Dr. Nega needed for his project. Since the store was closed at the time, Volcana decided to break in by blasting the door open, promptly triggering an explosion that was heard throughout the city. Immediately after hearing it, the heroes decided to rush to the scene to stop her. The question remains: Will they have what it takes to get there in time, and stop Dr. Nega’s plans from going any further than they already have? Find out as the saga continues on this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

“Scorch”: Now, let’s see… *Picks up a clear gem, and then takes the Flame Element Gem out of her tiara to compare the two* Yep, I’m sure this is the right size. *Puts it into her bag* That’s one… *Puts in another, and loads it with a few more* …Two, three, four, and…five. *Ties the bag* Well, looks like my work here is done. Now, it’s time for me to head back. *Notices the heroes* Hmm?

Blaze: Hold it right there!

“Scorch”: Oh, so it’s you again, huh? *Notices Splash and gasps* …!

Splash: …?

“Scorch”: O-Oceana!? Is…is it really you!?

*Everyone has blank “WTF” expressions on their faces*

Splash: “Oh-shan-uh”?

“Scorch”: *Rushes over there and hugs her* Oh, it’s been so long! I haven’t seen you or Frostina in thousands of years! How’ve you been all this time?

Splash: Look, I don’t know who this “Oceana” is, but I’m not- *Gets hugged even tighter before she finishes the sentence* Can’t…breathe!

*Splash, after getting hugged tighter, accidentally leans onto the button on Volcana’s belt that changes her back to normal*

Volcana: Uh oh… This isn’t good…

Silver: AH-HA! It’s just as we thought! You ARE a fake after all!

Volcana: *Quickly runs past everybody with the gems*

Knuckles: Alright, let’s get her!

*Everyone runs after her, except for Splash, who’s a bit lost in thought after being caught off guard*

Splash: (“Oceana”…? “Frostina”…? Who are they? Better yet, who was THAT? Since there’s a look-alike of Scorch around, does this mean that there are doubles of Slush and I, as well…? Exactly…where did they even come from…?)

Mighty: Hey, Splash, are you alright?

Splash: Oh, yes, I’m fine. I’m going! *Joins in the chase*

Mighty: *Does the same*

Volcana: *Starts launching fireballs back at everyone*

Tails: Look out!

*They dodge*

Volcana: Ah, very good, very good! Now, what do you say we up the ante a little? *”Fires” a ki-style flame blast*

*They dodge that, too*

Volcana: *Continues to fire more of them as she goes*

Bomb: *Gets hit* GAAAAAHH!!! *Czzzzzt!* Explodes*

*The others seemingly get caught in it*

Volcana: HAHAHAHAHA! Wow, wasn’t expecting THAT! It’s too bad our little game had to end so soon… It was getting to be SO much fun! Ah, well. There’s always next time, I guess. Gotta run! *Flies off*

*The smoke clears, and everyone’s unharmed from the explosion, since they were protected by Silver’s psychic barrier*

Knuckles: Bomb, are you alright?

Bomb: Yeah, I’ll be okay… *Czzzzt!* As always, I could regenerate from these explosions… *Czzzzzt!* There’s no time to worry about me, though… *Czzzzzt!* You have to catch up to that copy before she gets away!

Espio: *Nods* Right. Come on, let’s get going, everyone. *Takes off*

A little while later…

Volcana: *Looks back* Good, it’s as close as clear. Now, to activate the- *Notices Scorch and Amy up ahead, and comes to a stop* Well, well! You must be Scorch!

Scorch: *Surrounds her fist with fire and punches her in the jaw*

Volcana: Uhhhhhh! *Falls over, dropping the bag in the process*

Scorch: Pathetic fake! Just who do you think you are, posing as me like that!? As a matter of fact, just who ARE you, anyway!?

Volcana: *Wipes the blood from her mouth, and grabs the bag*

Scorch: Well!? Are you going to give me an answer, or what!?

Volcana: Just a second. I’ll wait until THEY get here first… *Points to the other heroes as they arrive*

Mecha Amy: Oh, it’s you, Scorch! I barely recognized you without your nose up to Robotnik’s-

Scorch: *Glares at Mecha Amy* Piss off, Mecha Amy! As you can plainly see, I’m NOT in the mood for you right now! Don’t think for one SECOND that I’ll hesitate to burn you to a crisp! *Looks toward Volcana again* Okay, now that they’re here, tell me… Who the hell are you!?

Volcana: …

Awfully pushy, aren’t we? *Stands up* Alright then, here goes. My name is Volcana, the Goddess of Flames, and I come from another dimension.

Tails: Wait, did you just say that you’re from another dimension? So, does that mean you’re…?

Volcana: That’s right, you guessed it. I’m Scorch’s dimensional equivalent, so in a way, I guess that technically makes us sisters. *Looks toward Scorch* Wouldn’t you say?

Scorch: … *Gives her a death glare*

Volcana: Aww, what’s the matter, Sis? You mad?

Scorch: Shut up! Don’t you call me that! You are NOT my sister, you impostor!

Volcana: Aww, that hurts. Really, it does.

Scorch: Oh, SOMEHTING’S gonna hurt, alright!

Volcana: Wow, is it me, or you taking this a lot more personally than you really should?

Scorch: I shouldn’t be taking this personally!? I SHOULDN’T BE TAKING THIS PERSONALLY!? Oh, of all the things you could’ve said…! Yeah, why don’t YOU try having someone pose as YOU, and see how you’d like it!? Let’s see how well YOU’D take getting accused of something you didn’t do, and thrown out of your home because of it!!!

Volcana: …

Um, what? Am I missing something?

Scorch: Thanks to you, I ended up getting accused of “treachery” and thrown out of Dr. Robotnik’s base, because he thought I was the one who attacked his base and stole those blueprints, when it was YOU! Dr. Robotnik was one of the first people that I ever considered as a friend, and because of you, he’s never going to speak to me again!

Volcana: Ohhhh, that’s what this is about? Look, that wasn’t my intention at all. I even told that robot with the laser gun that I wasn’t you, but he didn’t believe me. Sure, I may have used this device to change myself into you a little while ago, but that wasn’t even my idea. In a way, I guess you could say that I’m just a “messenger”.

Scorch: Alright, then where is Dr. Nega!?

Volcana: Family or not, I’m afraid I can’t tell you that.

Scorch: I’ll get that information from you, one way or another… Even if I have to do so by force!

Volcana: Oh, I would LOVE to see you try.

Scorch: *Looks toward the others* Everyone, leave her to me. I owe her for what she did, and if anyone’s going to wipe that smug look of her face… *Surrounds her fist with fire again, and charges at Volcana* …THEN IT’S GOING TO BE ME!!! *Swings her fist*

Volcana: *Grabs her fist with one hand*

Scorch: WHAT!?

Volcana: *Uses her other hand to blast Scorch, knocking her backwards*

Scorch: Uhhhhhhhhh! *Falls over*

Splash: Scorch!

Volcana: You might have caught me off guard with that earlier, but the same trick could only work so many times before it becomes predictable, you know?

Scorch: *Gets on her feet again* Predict THIS! *Launches a flame blast of her own*

Volcana: *Counters it with another one*

*The two blasts collide, creating an explosion*

Sonic: Oh, geez…!

Mighty: If they keep this up, they may eventually destroy the entire city!

Knuckles: That’s exactly what I was thinking!

*Scorch and Volcana charge at one another*

Splash: Scorch, Volcana, wait!

*They come to an abrupt stop*

Scorch: What is it, Splash? Don’t try to talk me out of this!

Volcana: (Splash…so THAT’S her name…)

Splash: I’m not trying to talk you out of anything, other than continuing the battle here. Like Knuckles and Mighty were saying, you two might end up destroying this city, and many innocent people will end up getting caught in the crossfire! Why not take your fight elsewhere, like the Mystic Ruins, or something?

Scorch: …

Alright, fine.

Volcana: Heh, you remind me so much of my sister, Oceana.

Splash: From the way you acted after mistaking me for her, I’m guessing that’s a good thing?

Volcana: Yeah, it is. Anyway, I have no problem with relocating our battle to the Mystic Ruins. There’s a lot more space over there, anyway.

Blaze: *Takes out one of the Sol Emeralds*

Bomb: Hey, wait up! *Runs up to them*

Heavy: You sure do regenerate fast.

Blaze: Chaos Control! *Warps herself and everyone else in the middle of the Mystic Ruins*

*Scorch and Volcana surround themselves with fiery auras, and begin fighting again immediately, throwing barrages of punches at one another*

Sonic: Whoa, those two sure didn’t waste any time!

Tails: I hope my Workshop doesn’t get caught in the crossfire… No pun intended, by the way.

Meanwhile, at Dr. Nega’s base…

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… Once again, things are coming along smoothly! At this rate, I may even be finished with the machine a lot earlier than planned! Then, I could finally begin the creation of my glorious PG Experiments! That is, of course, when Volcana finally gets back here with those gems. Speaking of which, I wonder what’s keeping her?

Metal Blaze: *Enters the room*

Nega Robotnik: *Jumps up, startled* What the…!? Oh, it’s just you, Metal Blaze. Would you mind knocking next time?

Metal Blaze: I will keep that in mind. I apologize for the disturbance, but I merely came to inform you that Luna and Oceana have returned. *Points her thumb back at them as they enter the room*

Nega Robotnik: (Oh, NOW what do those two want!?) *Ahem* Hello again, ladies. What can I do for you this time?

Oceana: Hey, Doctor. I hope you’re not too busy or anything, but there was something else we’d like to ask you about those “invaders” you told us about…

Nega Robotnik: Alright, what is it that you’d like to know about them?

Luna: Well, doc, we were hoping you’d give us some background info. Like, who are these people, exactly, and where did they come from? For what purpose do they intend to steal the Lunar Emeralds?

Nega Robotnik: …

Well, you see… The “dimensional invaders” that I speak of… They’re all loyal servants of an evil scientist by the name of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who also goes by the name of “Dr. Eggman”.

Oceana: Go on…

Nega Robotnik: He is a ruthless, power-hungry tyrant who desires next to nothing but the misery and suffering of others. Dr. Robotnik intends to not only take over the world, but to rule over time itself! There are no limits to what he would do to achieve this nefarious goal… He'll achieve this goal by any means necessary, even if it means unleashing interdimensional creatures with the capacity to destroy it, such as the Ifrit, for instance!

Luna & Oceana: WHAT!?

Nega Robotnik: Yes, you heard that correctly. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what happened in the world that I originated from! But don’t just take my word for it… *Takes out his Nicole-like computer again, and displays a projection of the future homeworld that was destroyed by Iblis*

*The two of them gasp*

Nega Robotnik: Yes, take a good look at this, ladies. This is what will happen to this world also, if those invaders manage to get ahold of the Lunar Emeralds!

Oceana: O-Oh… Oh, my gosh! I… I don’t believe this! This…this is terrible!

Luna: Yeah, I’ll say! This Robotnik guy… He sounds like a real scumbag!

Nega Robotnik: I’m afraid that doesn’t even begin to describe him…

Luna: *Clenches her fist in anger* Just wait until he and his cronies get here! I’ll definitely be sure to teach them a lesson! That’s if they somehow manage to get through the traps I’ve set for them…

Oceana: So will I! How…could they do something like this!? Those were innocent people that they’ve slaughtered! I won’t let them get away with this!!!

Luna: By the way, Doctor N., I forgot to ask… Exactly what’s the connection between Lunar Emeralds and this “Ifrit” creature?

Nega Robotnik: …

Well, you see… That's because the Ifrit has been sealed behind a door, which leads to another dimension. In order for that seal to be broken, the energy of all seven emeralds is required. Dr. Robotnik and his associates intend unleash the Ifrit once more, so that it can lay waste to this and every other dimension, just as it did to mine!

Lunar: Oh, so THAT'S why they need them…

Oceana: You can definitely count on us to protect the emeralds, and keep them from falling into Robotnik's hands!

Nega Robotnik: Good, I'm glad to hear it.

Oceana: Sorry if we're asking too many questions, but…you said that the Ifrit was sealed behind a door, right? How did it get there, exactly? Are you responsible for that?

Nega Robotnik: Yes, I am. The Ifrit was powerful…indescribably powerful, and unfortunately, my robots and I weren't powerful enough to defeat that vile creature, and stop it from destroying our world! The only thing we were able to do was lure it into that dimensional door, and have it sealed up.

Oceana: Ah.

Nega Robotnik: Is there anything else you'd like to know?

Luna: That machine that you're building… *Points to the Nega Egg Merger* What's it for?

Nega Robotnik: I’m glad you asked. It’s my latest invention, the “Nega Egg Merger”. With this machine, I intend to create a quintet of super beings called the “PG Experiments”, who will travel back in time with Metal Blaze and I, so they could aid us in our quest to stop the destruction caused by the Ifrit, and change the course of history!

Luna: “Nega Egg Merger”? How did you come up with a name like that?

Nega Robotnik: I added “Nega” in front of it to avoid confusion with the original that Dr. Robotnik built.

Oceana: Oh, so THAT must be what the “N” stands for in your name! Right?

Nega Robotnik: Yes. In case you’re wondering, it’s merely a childhood nickname that I adopted. It was given to me, because many viewed me as a pessimist, since I often saw things in a…negative perspective most of the time.

Oceana: Ah, okay. Makes sense, I guess.

Nega Robotnik: So, anyway, about the machine… The Nega Egg Merger, just like the original, works by combining DNA and element-based samples with physical objects, like gems for instance. The “PG Experiments” that I speak of are also Elemental Goddesses like you are, Oceana. In a way, I suppose they could be looked at as “sisters” to you, Volcana, and…what was the name of the Snow Goddess again?

Oceana: Frostina.

Nega Robotnik: Ah, right, of course. Adding onto what I was saying before, these new Goddesses consist of… “PG-001”, the Earth Goddess, “PG-002”, the Flora Goddess, “PG-003”, the Thunder Goddess, “PG-004”, the Air Goddess, and “PG-005”, the Multi-Elemental Goddess.

Luna: Pee-Jee-Double-Oh-What? No offense, doc, but you could come up with better names than those, can’t you?

Nega Robotnik: Those are merely experimental codenames. Upon being brought to life, they’ll all be given actual names accordingly. You’re welcome to help with the naming schemes if you’d like.

Luna: Thanks, but no thanks. I’m not sure if I have the time right now. I need to report back to my post. As Guardian of both the Celestial and Lunar Emeralds, I can’t afford to leave them unprotected for lengthy periods of time.

Nega Robotnik: Understandable.

Oceana: I have to say, Doctor… I really commend you for all the work you’ve done so far in fighting for such a noble cause. You have my respect.

Luna: Mine, as well. Thanks for all the background info, by the way.

Nega Robotnik: I’m glad to have been of help to you both. (Eee hee hee…fools!)

Oceana: Luna, you go on ahead. I’m going to wait here for a while until my sister gets back.

Luna: Alright, sure. I guess I’ll see you when you get back. *Leaves*

Oceana: You don’t mind me doing that, do you, Doctor?

Nega Robotnik: Not at all. I’m sure Volcana will be thrilled to see you again.

*Some stomach growling is heard*

Oceana: *Grabs her stomach* Oh, I forgot… I don’t think I’ve eaten anything for the past thousand years or so!

Nega Robotnik: Well, we can’t have you going hungry now, can we? There’s a kitchen right this way. *Points* You’re free to help yourself to whatever you’d like. I insist.

Oceana: Thank you again, Doctor. You’re too kind.

Nega Robotnik: You’re most welcome.

*Oceana leaves the room and heads for the kitchen*

Nega Robotnik: (Eee hee hee! I just can’t get over how naïve those two are! Honestly, if I were to look that or “gullible” up in the dictionary right now, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind as to whose pictures I find! Eee hee hee hee hee!)

Again, back at the Mystic Ruins…

Scorch: *Launches a barrage of fireballs at Volcana*

Volcana: *Does the same to her*

*The fireballs collide and create another explosion*

Volcana: *Surrounds her fist with fire, runs toward Scorch, and punches her in the jaw*

Scorch: Uhhhhhh! *Stumbles backward, stops, and does the same thing to her*

Volcana: Uhhhhhh!

*They start throwing a barrage of flame-fisted punches, continuously hitting each other without bothering to block the others’ attacks*

Sonic: Whoa! This is pretty intense, isn’t it?

Blaze: Indeed. The two of them are so evenly matched, that it’s anyone’s guess as to who the victor will be!

Splash: “Who the victor will bee”… That would have been so much funnier if Charmy were around right now.

Heavy: No, it wouldn’t have.

Splash: Whatever, your opinion.

*Both Scorch and Volcana simultaneously kick one another in the stomach, and kneel to the ground*

Silver: Ouch… Now I know THAT’S gotta hurt!

*They get up again shortly afterwards, breathing hard*

Volcana: Geez, you’re…you’re pretty tough, Sis…

Scorch: Same to you… Now, tell me where Dr. Nega is!

*Suddenly, a chime is heard*

Volcana: *Takes out her interdimensional transceiver* Yeah?

Nega Robotnik: Volcana, have you obtained the gems yet?

Volcana: Yes, I have.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Excellent work, as always! Now, why not go ahead and report back to the base? There’s someone over here right now that I’m sure you’ll be delighted to see!

Volcana: I’ll be right there, Doctor N. *Hangs up, puts the communicator away, and looks toward Scorch* This has been fun, it really has, but it’s time for me to go. Let’s do this again sometime, eh?

Splash: Volcana, wait…

Volcana: Hmm?

Splash: You… You really don’t seem like such a bad person at all, so tell me… Why is it that you’re aligning yourself with someone like Dr. Nega?

Volcana: …

Well, Splash, to make a long story short, I was sealed up for thousands of years. Doctor N. was kind enough to release me, so I’m doing this to repay him for his generosity.

Scorch: …

Splash: I understand, but please take this as a warning… Dr. Nega is no one to be trusted!

Blaze: She’s right, Volcana. He may seem friendly, but make no mistake about it, he’s evil! He’s a user and a manipulator! The moment the opportunity presents itself, he’ll have no qualms with double-crossing you!

Volcana: …

Silver: Yeah, and that’s on top of the fact that he’s just downright INSANE! Do you have any idea what he’s tried to do in the past!? He’s tried to destroy this world countless times!

Blaze: For example, he once endangered my dimension by stealing the Sol Emeralds from it, and outright admitted that he couldn’t have cared less, as long as he achieved “ultimate power”!

Espio: They speak nothing but the truth. You’re only just meeting him, while the rest of us have known him for a while. Perhaps that’s something to consider?

Volcana: …

I’ll believe that when, or should I say, IF I see it. Until then, I’m still obligated to return the favor he’s done for me. *Uses the dimensional camera to open up a portal, showing the outside of Dr. Nega’s base*

Silver: So, THAT’S where he took his base!

Tails: Wait a minute… Is that another dimension!?

Volcana: As a matter of fact, it is. Now, with that said, I think it’s time I’ve made my leave. Ta-ta! *Jumps through the portal*

*They try to go after her, but the portal closes*

Storm: …That sure went well, didn’t it?

Shock: Yeah, but on the bright side, at least we know where Nega is now.

Knuckles: True, but how are we going to get over there if it’s in another dimension?

Tails: Hmm… Maybe I’ll see what I could do about creating a portal device of my own. I just hope I’ll be able to get it done in time before Dr. Nega’s plans go any further…

Meanwhile, at the Mad Gear Zone on Westside Island…

Metal Sonic 3.0: So, this is it… *Czzzzzt!* This must be…the machine that Dr. Robotnik told me about… *Czzzzzt!* The one…that has the ability to instantly…rejuvenate and repair any and all kinds of damage…done to robots. *Czzzzzt!* Thanks to…the jolt of energy that he and Egg-Robo have given me, I was able to…make it over here, despite… *Czzzzt!* …The wounds I’ve suffered…at the hands of that outdated trash model, Metal Sonic, and that worthless imitation, Metal Blaze… *Czzzzzt!* I’ll…I’ll show them both… *Czzzzzt!* …Who the strongest…TRULY is! *Curls up into a ball, charges up a Spindash, and shoots into the machine*

One minute later…

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Looks at his hands as he hovers down from the machine, fully healed* I’m at a loss for words… Everything the doctor said about that machine was true! My recovery was instantaneous! It’s almost as if those injuries never occurred at all! This is truly incredible… Who would have figured that the technology of THIS era was capable of that? *Looks at his hands again* Although I was given a brand new copy chip after Metal Sonic destroyed the other one, I still have yet to recover all that lost data, and as such, I’m nowhere near as powerful as I was months ago, and as much as it wounds my pride to say this, I may not…have what it takes to defeat him or Metal Blaze at the moment. I have to get stronger somehow… *Pauses to think* Perhaps Dr. Robotnik can give me some advice… *Turns on his jet booster, and heads for the teleporter*

Just as Metal Sonic 3.0 was heading back to the teleporter, a crashing sound, which was almost as loud as an explosion, was heard throughout the island.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmm!? What was that noise!? Something tells me that I’d better check it out… *Turns on his booster again, and dashes away*

Although the heroes failed to stop Volcana from the stealing the gems that Dr. Nega needs for his “PG Experiments”, they still managed to find the precise location of his whereabouts. Will Tails be able to finish his teleportation device in time before the rest of Nega’s sinister plan is set in motion? Also, exactly what was the source of the crashing sound that Metal Sonic 3.0 heard on Westside Island? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 6

On the last chapter of Dimensional Chaos, Scorch’s dimensional double, Volcana had finally arrived at Station Square to steal the five gems that were required for the creation of Dr. Nega’s “PG Experiments”, just as the heroes predicted. Since the jewelry store was closed, Volcana decided to blast the door open, which was heard throughout the city, getting the heroes’ attention in the process. Wasting no time, they decided to hurry to the scene. After her disguise was exposed, Volcana decided to make a run for it, but the heroes began chasing her down. As she was making her getaway, she ended up getting headed off and stopped by Scorch, who was angry at Volcana for impersonating her, and causing her to get thrown out of Dr. Robotnik’s base.

After introducing herself to everyone, Volcana explained to Scorch that it was not her intention to get her on bad terms with Robotnik, and that she merely did these things as a favor for Dr. Nega. Scorch then attempted to get Volcana to confess, and tell her where Dr. Nega was located, but she refused. Shortly afterwards, a battle between the two Fire Goddesses began. The two of them fought a close, evenly-matched battle that ended in a draw. When their fight was over, Dr. Nega asked Volcana to report back to his base, stating that Oceana was waiting for her (since she and Luna showed up to get background info on the so-called “dimensional invaders”).

Before Volcana left, Splash, Silver, Blaze, and Espio tried reasoning with her, stating that Dr. Nega was not the kind of person that she should be associating with. However, their words fell on deaf ears, since Volcana still felt obligated to return the favor that Dr. Nega has done for her. Elsewhere, at Westside Island, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 has made his way over to the Mad Gear Zone, thanks to the energy jolt that he was given by Dr. Robotnik and Egg-Robo after the power failure that he experienced after his battles with the original Metal Sonic and Metal Blaze. After using the recovery machine, Metal Sonic 3.0’s wounds were instantly healed. He then started to ponder, and realized that he was not as powerful as he was months ago, due to Metal Sonic destroying the copy chip that contained all the data that he copied. Just as Metal Sonic 3.0 was getting ready to head back to Dr. Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base, a loud crashing noise was heard somewhere on Westside Island. Curious as to what that noise was, Three-Point Zero decided to go investigate.

The questions remain… Exactly what was the source of the crashing sound that Metal Sonic 3.0 heard? Will Tails be able to complete his portal device in time before Dr. Nega could begin the next phase of his plan to replicate the EG Experiments? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Meanwhile, at the Mystic Ruins…

Blaze: So, you’re saying that you intend to create a portal device of your own, which is akin to the one that Dr. Nega invented?

Tails: That’s right. My knowledge on that kind of technology is limited, so I’m not exactly sure how long it will take. If I had to make an estimate, I’d say it would probably take at least a few days or so.

Silver: Not to rush you or anything, but are you sure we have that kind of time? There’s no telling exactly when Nega will be finished making those EG Experiment copies, and by the time those few days go by, it may already be too late to stop him!

???: Oh, trust me. I’m sure that a few days is more than enough time!

*They look in the direction of the voice*

Sonic: Hey there, Ro-butt-nik. When’d you get here?

Robotnik: About a second ago. By the way, that “Ro-butt-nik” joke of yours… It’s gotten quite old, wouldn’t you say?

Scorch: *Turns her back from Robotnik and starts walking away*

Splash: Scorch, wait…

Scorch: *Stops, but still has her back turned*

Splash: Dr. Robotnik, don’t you have something you want to say to her?

Robotnik: Like what?

Amy: Oh, gee, I dunno, maybe an “I’m sorry”, or something?

Robotnik: Why should I? I have absolutely nothing to apologize for.

Scorch: … *The flames in her hair start to heat up as she boils with anger*

Shock: Uh, Scorch? Are you doing okay over there, Sis?

Scorch: *Marches toward Robotnik and punches him in the stomach*

Robotnik: AUGH! *Holds his stomach*

Scorch: Never been better. *Storms off*

Amy: Hey, wait up! *Follows her*

Sonic: HAHAHAHA! Man, you sure handled THAT one pretty well! Eh, Ro-butt-nik?

Robotnik: Silence, fool! By the way, hasn’t that immature “Ro-butt-nik” insult gotten old by now?

Sonic: *Thinks* Nope, not really. It may be immature like you say, but it’s still pretty hilarious!

Robotnik: Whatever! *Continues holding his stomach*

Storm: Are you alright, Doctor?

Robotnik: I’m fine. I’ve been through worse.

Storm: Now that that’s been established, you really should go apologize to Scorch. After all, she didn’t do anything wrong.

Robotnik: What, other than siding with Dr. Nega, attacking my base, and stealing those blueprints? Yes, nothing wrong, indeed. The next thing you know it, you’ll also be saying that Slush didn’t betray me!

Shock: Yeah, doc, but this is different. The person that attacked your base…that wasn’t Scorch!

Robotnik: It wasn’t? Well, who was it, then?

*They explain*

Robotnik: …

THAT’S what she told you? That she’s Scorch’s dimensional equivalent? Oh, please. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Scorch magically happened to show up the moment this “Volcana” disappeared!

Tikal: You don’t understand… We actually did see the two of them at the same time! They even got into a fight, and could have possibly destroyed Station Square had they continued their battle over there! So, we’ve decided to move their battle over here, instead.

Mighty: That’s right. By the time you got here, though, the fight was already over. You can believe what you want, but Scorch and Volcana are two entirely different people.

Robotnik: …

Tails: Really, Robotnik. Is it really that out of the ordinary for alternate dimensions to exist? After all, time travel is possible, so why wouldn’t that be?

Robotnik: …

*Sighs* Very well, veeeery well. I suppose an apology is in order. Anyway, back to the subject at hand… What is it that you were saying before, about a portal device?

Blaze: Shortly before Volcana left, we’ve learned that Dr. Nega has taken his base within another dimension, and Tails was talking about creating a dimensional teleporter of his own in order for us to reach it.

Tails: Would you be willing to help us out with that, Robotnik? Not that Heavy, Bomb, and I are incapable, but we would definitely get things done a lot faster with your help, since you seem to know a lot about machinery and everything.

Robotnik: Hmm… (Dr. Nega’s base has been moved within an alternate dimension, they say? This gives me an idea! HAHAHAHAHAHA…) Sure, why not? If we’re to get those blueprints back, and prevent another EG-005 from being created, then I suppose there isn’t much of a choice now, is there?

Tails: Okay, great! Follow me to my workshop, and we’ll get started right away! There’s no telling how far Nega has come along with his project, so we have to get this done as soon as possible!

Robotnik: While the original Egg Merger was in development, it took me at least a month to have it completed, along with the first four EG Experiments. So, I highly doubt he’ll be able to finish them that quickly. But still, I see your point. It would definitely work to our advantage if we’re to get there early.

*They all head over to the workshop*

Robotnik: Alright, now that we’re here, let’s go ahead and get started, shall we? *Notices the Tornado Time Twister* What’s this?

Tails: Oh, that? That’s the Tornado Time Twister, a time machine that invented.

Robotnik: Hmm, interesting… Since that machine’s already been built, making a portal device from scratch probably won’t be necessary!

Tails: Wait, are you suggesting that we convert it into a dimensional teleporter?

Robotnik: Something like that, but what I had in mind was making a modification to it, so that it’ll have the ability to create dimensional portals in addition to its time travel capabilities!

Tails: You know…that’s not a bad idea. In fact, it’s a brilliant one!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… I know, wasn’t it? After all, I do happen to have an undisputed IQ of 300!

Mecha Amy: *Rolls her eyes*

Knuckles: Not that I’m rushing you or anything, but how long do you guys think it’ll take to make these changes to the time machine?

Robotnik: It will probably take a day or two at the most, and that should be more than enough time, considering the fact that the Egg Merger took far more time to construct. Plus, that’ll give you all an opportunity to spread the word about Nega’s latest plan, and get the rest of your friends involved.

Espio: Fair enough. That reminds me… I wonder how Vector’s doing on his date with Vanilla?

Splash: It’s probably safe to say that he’s doing pretty well, if he hasn’t caught Charmy and Marine spying on him yet…

Meanwhile, at Station Square…

*Vector and Vanilla arrive at the entrance of a nightclub, unknowingly beeing followed by Charmy and Marine*

Vector: Well, here we are.

Vanilla: Ah, so it’s this place. I’ve heard of it before, but up until now, I’ve never been here myself. I suppose there’s a first time for everything, though. *Holds Vector’s hand* Shall we?

Vector: *Turns completely red* S-Sure! ^^;;

Vanilla: *Giggles*

Charmy: *Peeks at them from beehind a parked car, snickering*

Marine: *Same*

Vector: *Starts looking around*

Vanilla: Is something the matter, dear?

Vector: I just thought I heard somethin’, that’s all.

Vanilla: Yes, but so far, you’ve been rather jumpy all evening…

Vector: Well, ya see, that’s ‘cause I just can’t seem to shake this feelin’ that I’m bein’ watched…by a certain bee and raccoon.

Vanilla: Really, now? *Looks around*

*They duck down as soon as she looks*

Marine: *Whispers* Strewth! I think they’re onto us, mate! What should we do?

Charmy: *Whispers back* As long as we stay quiet, I’m pretty sure they won’t find us.

Vanilla: Sorry, but I don’t see anyone around. Are you sure you’re not imagining things?

Vector: Eh, I dunno. They do ‘dis kinda thing all ‘da time, but fa their sake, they beddah not be!

Vanilla: Now, now… You wouldn’t truly think of harming the poor dears, would you?

Vector: Nah, of course not, but I’d still teach ‘em some kinda lesson.

Vanilla: Ah, I see.

Vector: So, should we go ahead ‘n’ get goin’? The show’s about ta start.

Vanilla: Certainly.

Vector: *Holds the door open for her*

Vanilla: Why, thank you. *Enters*

Vector: No prob. *Looks around before entering, and shuts the door when he does*

*Charmy and Marine follow them in secrecy*

Meanwhile, in the halls of Dr. Nega’s base…

Volcana: …

*Cue flashback*

Splash: Volcana, wait…

Volcana: Hmm?

Splash: You… You really don’t seem like such a bad person at all, so tell me… Why is it that you’re aligning yourself with someone like Dr. Nega?

Volcana: …

Well, Splash, to make a long story short, I was sealed up for thousands of years. Doctor N. was kind enough to release me, so I’m doing this to repay him for his generosity.

Scorch: …

Splash: I understand, but please take this as a warning… Dr. Nega is no one to be trusted!

Blaze: She’s right, Volcana. He may seem friendly, but make no mistake about it, he’s evil! He’s a user and a manipulator! The moment the opportunity presents itself, he’ll have no qualms with double-crossing you!

Volcana: …

Silver: Yeah, and that’s on top of the fact that he’s just downright INSANE! Do you have any idea what he’s tried to do in the past!? He’s tried to destroy this world countless times!

Blaze: For example, he once endangered my dimension by stealing the Sol Emeralds from it, and outright admitted that he couldn’t have cared less, as long as he achieved “ultimate power”!

Espio: They speak nothing but the truth. You’re only just meeting him, while the rest of us have known him for a while. Perhaps that’s something to consider?

*End flashback*

Volcana: (No, that can’t be! That just can’t be true! I mean, I know they sounded sincere and all, and I might not have known Doctor N. for the longest time, but still… He and I are great friends! I just can’t see him, of all people, doing something as low as that! Would he…?) *Sighs* In any case, I’d better go ahead and give him these gems. Also, I wonder who it was that he was talking about; the one that I’d be “delighted” to see? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

*Volcana heads to Dr. Nega’s room*

Nega Robotnik: Ah, Volcana, welcome back!

Volcana: Hey, Doctor N. Here are the jewels that you needed. *Hands him the bag*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Volcana: No problem. So, exactly who was it that you wanted me to see?

Oceana: *Comes from the kitchen* Ah… That hit the spot.

Nega Robotnik: Does that answer your question?

Volcana: Oceana! It’s you! *Rushes over there and hugs her, just as she did to Splash*

Oceana: A-Ahhhh! Volcana, it’s nice to see you’re doing so well! But…you’re kind of embarrassing me, you know?

Volcana: I’m just happy to see you, that’s all. *Releases her* So, have you heard from Frostina at all, as of late?

Oceana: No, I haven’t. Unfortunately, I have no idea where she could be…

Nega Robotnik: Hmm… I think I may know how we can find her.

Volcana: You do? How?

Nega Robotnik: Dr. Robotnik has a detector at his base that’s capable of picking up energy readings that the Elemental Gems give off. With that, I’m sure you’ll find Frostina in no time!

Volcana: Whoa, there’s really a detector like that over there!? I guess it’s a good thing that bomb didn’t go off, after all! So, anyway, I’d love to go back over there, but… I’m a little beat at the moment.

Nega Robotnik: Understandable. You’re free to rest as long as you need to. So, are there any other volunteers?

Metal Blaze: *Steps up*

Nega Robotnik: Excellent. Now, Volcana, if you would be so kind as to hand her the camera and the interdimensional transceiver?

Volcana: Sure. *Hands them to Metal Blaze*

Metal Blaze: *Takes them* Mission accepted. I shall retrieve the device, without fail. *Opens up a portal*

Nega Robotnik: Alright. We’re counting on you, Metal Blaze!

Metal Blaze: *Nods, and jumps through*

Oceana: Well, Dr. Nega, it’s about time for me to go, but before I do, I’d like to do my part and contribute to your cause in some way. Is there anything I could do to help?

Nega Robotnik: Well, now that you mention it, I’m currently in need of a blood sample to use for my PG Experiments. You wouldn’t mind giving one to me, would you?

Oceana: Um, well… Okay, sure. Why not? After all, I heard your story, and you seem pretty trustworthy.

Nega Robotnik: Thank you, your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Oceana: Anytime, Doctor.

Nega Robotnik: *Picks up the injector needle* Alright, now hold your arm out, please.

Oceana: *Holds it out*

Nega Robotnik: Now, this may hurt a little… *Stabs her in the arm*

Oceana: Uhhhhhh!

Nega Robotnik: *Gets the sample, and takes it out*

Oceana: *Holds her arm*

Nega Robotnik: Are you alright?

Oceana: Yes, I’m fine. I’m pretty sure I’ve been through worse before. This is a small price to pay for the sake of the peace we’re trying to achieve.

Nega Robotnik: I’m glad you think so.

Oceana: It’s about time for me to go now, as to not distract you from your work any longer. I’ll see you later.

Nega Robotnik: Very well. I’ll be sure to alert you when the project’s finished. I eagerly look forward to yours and Luna’s next visit.

Oceana: Same here. *Exits the room*

Nega Robotnik: (For the sake of peace, she says? Eee hee hee hee hee! This is a little TOO easy! Tricking both of those fools is like taking candy from a baby!) Now, with that said, I think it’s time I’ve taken a little break myself…

Elsewhere, Team Dark, which consists of Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and E-123 Omega, have arrived at Westside Island after being sent by G.U.N. to investigate the source of the aforementioned crashing noise, which was assumed to be the arrival of an extraterrestrial lifeform. Metal Sonic and the Stone Goddess, EG-001/Squash, who also had their own reasons for coming to the island, decided to tag along with the trio.

Squash: So, basically, what you guys’re saying is that you think there might be an alien on this island somewhere?

Shadow: Possibly. Ever since that incident with the Black Arms a while ago, G.U.N. Headquarters has been on constant guard, monitoring all signs of organic life that happen to arrive on this planet from the vastness of space.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH! Honestly, that sounds like a bunch of bologna to me. I think those guys are just being paranoid.

Rouge: Maybe, but I think aliens are a lot to be paranoid about, especially the ones that we had to deal with. There were thousands of them, and they even tried to destroy this planet!

Omega: That is precisely why we feel that this investigation is necessary; to prevent another extraterrestrial invasion from transpiring.

Squash: Well, okay then. Should we go ahead and get going?

Shadow: Yes. Let’s go.

Metal Sonic: … *Looking back, as if he feels he’s being watched*

Rouge: What about you, Metal Sonic? Are you coming along?

Metal Sonic: Very well.

*They take off*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Comes from behind a tree* Shadow, Rouge, EG-001…data successfully copied! Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain data from the other two, since this outdated copy chip that I’ve been reduced to using can only copy data from organic beings. Hmm… If what they said about an alien invasion is true, then it’s of little concern to me, but perhaps Dr. Robotnik would like to know about it. Metal Sonic, you obsolete scum… It looks like our battle will have to wait…at least until Metal Blaze has been disposed of. *Turns on his jet booster and flies away*

Again, at Tails’ Workshop…

Heavy: By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask… Exactly what kind of modification are we making to the Time Twister?

Robotnik: I’m glad you asked, Heavy. What I had in mind was adding fourteen different slots, where both the Chaos and Sol Emeralds can be placed. By harnessing the power of both sets of emeralds, we could create a large rip in the dimensional fabric, which will only be large for everyone to fit through, but-

Mecha Amy: Even large enough for you?

*A few people snicker about that*

Robotnik: Hardy har har. Anyway, as I was saying, in addition to its large size, the dimensional rift will also stay open long enough, so that all of you, as well as the rest of your friends, will be able to get through without it closing on them.

Bomb: That sounds pretty promising.

Robotnik: So, while we’re working on making modifications to the machine, I’ll take it that you’ll be searching for the Chaos Emeralds in the meantime?

Knuckles: Yeah. It shouldn’t take too long to find them, especially since we have a detector to use.

Robotnik: Excellent. As for you, Blaze, why not leave the Sol Emeralds here for safekeeping?

Blaze: … *Gives him an odd, skeptical look*

Robotnik: What’s the matter? Why are you looking at me like that? I’ll take it that you don’t trust me?

Blaze: As a matter of fact, I don’t. Not as of yet.

Robotnik: Aside from the fact that I’ve already told you all that I’ve given up on my evil ways, I intend to use those emeralds strictly for this machine, nothing more.

Silver: Yeah, you probably don’t have anything to worry about, Blaze. After all, Tails, Heavy, and Bomb are going to be here with him.

Blaze: Ah, yes, good point. *Sits them on the table*

Robotnik: You see? That wasn’t so hard now, was it? Now, with that said, I wish you all the best of luck in finding the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic: Alright. Let’s blast through with sonic speed, everyone!

*They leave the workshop*

Robotnik: *Grins* (It’s all going according to plan! HAHAHAHAHAHA…)

Meanwhile, at the entrance to Dr. Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base…

*A dimensional portal opens, and Metal Blaze comes through it*

Metal Blaze: *Looks around* It appears that I have arrived at my intended destination… *Enters the base*

*The alarm goes off again*

Elsewhere, in the surveillance room…

Egg-Robo: GAH! It’s her! That robotic feline from before!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Quickly enters the room* Did you say “robotic feline”!?

Egg-Robo: Yes. See for yourself!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Looks, and then clenches his fist in anger at the mere sight of her* This time, I shall rip her apart! Just as I will Metal Sonic! *Jets out of the room*

A little while later…

*Broken Badnik parts all scattered all over the place*

Metal Blaze: Hmph. *Starts walking away*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Drops down in front of Metal Blaze, glaring at her*

Metal Blaze: Metal Sonic Version 3.0, was it? So, we meet again, Brother…

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, for the last time!

Metal Blaze: Hmm, I see that you’ve recovered since our previous battle…very good. Now, you no longer have your condition to use as a scapegoat for your incompetence.

Metal Sonic 3.0: What did you way!? I shall see to it that I make you eat each and every word you’ve spoken, when I’m finished tearing your circuits out one by one!

Metal Blaze: We shall see.

*They dash toward one another*

It looks as if things are starting to heat up! Metal Sonic 3.0 has showed up to challenge Metal Blaze to a rematch. Which of the two machines will come out the victor this time? Even though Dr. Robotnik has volunteered to help Tails, Heavy, and Bomb add dimension-ripping capabilities to the Tornado Time Twister, he appears to have a hidden agenda. What are his true intentions? Also, will Shadow and the others’ hunch about an alien crashing into the Lost Labyrinth Zone turn out to be true? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 7

On the previous chapter of Dimensional Chaos, Volcana unintentionally revealed the location of Dr. Nega’s base as she was in the process of making her escape through a dimensional portal. Shortly afterwards, Tails came up with the idea to create a dimensional teleporter of his own, so that he and everyone else will be able to cross into that dimension themselves, and put a stop to Dr. Nega’s latest scheme. Overhearing this, Dr. Robotnik was asked if he would like to lend Tails, Heavy, and Bomb a hand in creating this new device, and he agreed (although, it was made apparent that he had an ulterior motive). After being led to Tails’ Workshop, Robotnik suggested that they simply make a modification to Tails’ time machine, the “Tornado Time Twister” in order to save them the time it would take to build an entirely new machine from scratch.

These new modifications that he spoke of, involved the use of both the Chaos and Sol Emeralds. By harnessing the power of both sets of emeralds, he intended to create a dimensional rift that would be wide enough for a large group of people to fit through. After Blaze (reluctantly) left the Sol Emeralds behind for “safekeeping”, she and the rest of the heroes wasted no time, and began looking for the Chaos Emeralds right away.

Meanwhile, at Westside Island, Team Dark, which consists of Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and E-123 Omega, were in the middle of an investigation. Apparently, the three of them were sent by G.U.N. to check the Lost Labyrinth Zone for what was assumed to be extraterrestrial life. Since Metal Sonic and the Stone Goddess, EG-001/Squash also had their own reasons for being on the island, they decided to tag along with the trio during their investigation.

Elsewhere, at Dr. Nega’s base, Oceana, after believing the story she and Luna were told about the “dimensional invaders”, decided that she wanted to do something to help Nega’s cause. From there, Nega took advantage of the offer, and told the Wave Goddess that he was in need of a blood sample to use for his “PG Experiments”, which she complied with. After discussing a strategy on finding the whereabouts of the Snow Element Gem (which Volcana and Oceana’s sister, Frostina is contained inside of), Dr. Nega came to the conclusion that Dr. Robotnik’s emerald detector was needed, so he decided to send Metal Blaze to retrieve it for him. While she was there, she ended up running into a vengeful, newly-repaired Metal Sonic Version 3.0, who was bent on evening his score with her.

The questions remain… Will Metal Sonic 3.0, with the data that he’s recently obtained from Shadow, Rouge, and Squash, stand a chance against Metal Blaze this time around? Will Shadow and others’ suspicion about an extraterrestrial lifeform turn out to be true? What about Dr. Robotnik and his hidden agenda? What are his true intentions? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Meanwhile, outside of the workshop…

Silver: Alright, so how we should go about finding the Chaos Emeralds? We split into groups again, like we did before, when we were trying to beat Mephiles to the punch?

Knuckles: Yeah, that’ll work. Let’s see… *Looks around and counts* There’s about twelve of us, so it looks like we’ll have to split up into groups of two.

Espio: Fair enough. You have the detector, don’t you? Well, why don’t you go ahead and tell us where the emeralds are located?

Knuckles: *Takes out the detector* Hmm… There seems to be an emerald somewhere in Station Square. If I had to guess, it's most likely at Casinopolis again. As for the others, the detector is picking up readings from somewhere on Westside Island, along with the Ice Cap Zone, Red Mountain, the Lost World, and…Carnival Island.

Sonic: Okay, sounds good to me. So, should we go ahead and decide the groups now?

Mighty: I don’t see why not.

*They decide the groups*

Knuckles: Okay, so Wechnia and I will look for the Chaos Emerald on Carnival Island.

Tikal: Mighty and I will look for the emerald at the Lost World.

Espio: As much as we both hate the cold, Splash and I are going to search the Ice Cap Zone.

Splash: Yeah. Plus, there’s a good chance that we’ll end up running into Slush while we’re there. Bark, too.

Sonic: Okay, so Shock and I will try to find the emerald at Station Square. Ugh, I just hope we don’t end up running into Amy again while we’re there.

Shock: Yeah. Knowing her, she’ll most likely assume we’re on a date or something. -__-;;

Blaze: I wouldn’t be surprised. Anyway, Silver and I will search for the Chaos Emerald at Red Mountain.

Mecha Amy: I guess that only leaves this “Westside Island” place, for Storm and I to search.

Storm: Yeah.

Wait a minute… There are seven emeralds, right? So far, we’ve only been given the location of six of them. Exactly where is the last one?

Knuckles: Hmm, let me check. *Shifts through the detector readings* Hmm, looks like we already have that one. It’s at the workshop.

Sonic: Are you sure that’s not the fake one?

Knuckles: I’m sure. The detector is giving off energy readings from both that and the real one.

Sonic: Ah, okay, just making sure.

Wechnia: Now that we have that cleared up, why don’t we go ahead and begin searching?

Sonic: Sounds good to me. Again, let’s blast through with sonic speed!

*They take off in separate directions*

Meanwhile, at Dr. Robotnik’s base…

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Turns on his booster, flies toward Metal Blaze at light speed, and throws a punch*

Metal Blaze: *Catches his fist*

Metal Sonic 3.0: GRRR… *Throws another punch, using his other hand*

Metal Blaze: *Catches that one, too*

*The two of them, while grappling, get into an aura struggle, with a golden aura emitting from 3.0, and a fiery one from Metal Blaze*

Elsewhere, in the Mystic Ruins jungle…

Storm: Whoa! Do you hear that, Mecha Amy?

Mecha Amy: Yeah. I think it’s coming from Robotnik’s base!

Storm: Exactly what is going ON in there!?

Mecha Amy: According to my scanners, there seems to be some huge battle that’s taking place, and the power readings are off the scale! I have no idea who the fighters are, though…

Storm: I guess we’ll have to see when we get there.

Mecha Amy:  I just hope they aren’t anywhere near the teleporter, though. After all, that’s our ticket to getting to Westside Island and finding that Chaos Emerald…

*They continue heading toward the base*

At the base again, the two machines were still in the middle of their aura struggle. Eventually, Metal Blaze decided to fire an eye laser at Metal Sonic 3.0, which he noticed just in time, and avoided by leaning backwards (similar to a game of limbo), causing her to miss. Shortly afterwards, he tossed her upwards with his feet, and fired a beam from his chest cavity, sending the robotic feline flying through the ceiling, out of the base.

Metal Blaze: UHHHHHHHHH! *Czzzzzt!* *Turns on her booster, and stops in midair*

Mecha Amy: Well, that’s one of them. I wonder who the other one is?

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Turns on his booster and flies after her*

Storm: I guess that answers the question.

Mecha Amy: Oh, it’s HIM.

Storm: Yeah, I’ve never liked that arrogant prick, either. Anyway, let’s keep moving.

*They sprint toward the base*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Briefly looks at them entering the base from the corner of his eye, and turns his attention back to Metal Blaze, not paying them any mind*

Metal Blaze: *Notices them, too* Friends of yours?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Friends? I don’t have any, and I intend for it to stay that way. Friendship is merely a delusion for the weak. The vermin who just passed by are former allies, nothing more.

Metal Blaze: Very well, I’ll take your word for it. In any case, I have to admit… I underestimated you. Perhaps you’re not as incompetent as I assumed you were, Brother.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Don’t call me that! You are no sister of mine!

Metal Blaze: We were both created by the same man, were we not?

Metal Sonic: 3.0: Even so, the mere thought of us being placed in the “family” category sickens me to the core.

Metal Blaze: I see. Despite your ill feelings toward me, I bear no grudge against you, but I have a mission to fulfill, and I will not hesitate to strike you down if you continue to interfere with it.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Then enough of this idle chit-chat! Let’s pick up where we left off!

*The two of them jet toward one another and continue the fight*

A few minutes later…

Mecha Amy: Well, here’s the teleporter. Months ago, I remember Metal Sonic using this to go to some place called “Mad Gear”, which is on Westside Island. So, if we go ahead and do the same, we’ll be there in no time!

Storm: *Sets the machine coordinates* Sometimes, I often find myself wondering exactly how many bases that Dr. Robotnik has. In any case, let’s go ahead and get going. We still have a Chaos Emerald to find. *Warps away*

Mecha Amy: *Does the same*

Elsewhere, at the Lost Labyrinth Zone…

Metal Sonic: Well, we’re here. You all do what you need to. I have some unfinished business of my own that I must attend to.

Shadow: Fair enough.

Metal Sonic: *Jets off*

Rouge: That’s odd… Where do you suppose he had to go?

Squash: *Shrugs* Beats me. Whatever the case may be, it probably doesn’t have anything to do with us.

Rouge: Yeah, most likely. Anyway, Omega, why not go ahead and use your scanners, and see if you could detect any signs of alien life around this temple?

Omega: Affirmative. Initiating interior search immediately! *Turns on his scanners*

Rouge: Whoa… Look at THAT! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crater so big before!

Shadow: *Looks down* It’s just as we suspected… There truly WAS an alien sent to this planet!

*They go down to get a closer look*

Rouge: Well, what do you know? It’s empty!

Squash: Yeah. Whatever was in there must have taken off sometime before we got here.

Shadow: Yes, but seeing how it wasn’t very long ago that the capsule landed, the alien couldn’t have gotten very far, which means that it’s most likely somewhere nearby…

Omega: Assuming your analysis is correct, it must be waiting for an opportunity to ambush us. We must stay on guard!

Rouge: *Nods* Right.

???: HAHAHAHAHAHA… Well, aren’t you perceptive?

*They look around*

Squash: Who said that!?

Shadow: Whoever you are, show yourself!

???: Look above you.

*They look up and find an alien-hedgehog hybrid, which looks similar to that of a Black Arms soldier*

Rouge: There he is!

???: *Jumps off the pillar, flaps his bat-like wings, slowly descends down in front of them* Shadow the Hedgehog, I presume?

Shadow:  Yes, that’s me.

Wait a minute, who are you? How do you know my name? Judging from your appearance, I’m guessing you have some connection to the Black Arms?

???: Yes, that’s correct. My name is Black-Hog. Like you, I am a creation of Black Doom’s, so in a way, I suppose that technically means that we’re brothers.

Shadow: You… You don’t mean to tell me that Black Doom is still alive, do you!?

Black-Hog: Isn’t it obvious? Do you think I’d be here right now if he wasn’t?

Shadow: So, why have you come here? You intend to help carry out his plans for universal conquest, don’t you?

Black-Hog: You think I’m here to carry out HIS plans? Get real. I take orders from no one. I have my own agenda.

Squash: And that “agenda” is…?

Black-Hog: You’ll never live long enough to find out, and do you know why? Because I’m going to bury you all in rubble, as I make these ruins collapse into nothingness!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH! Just you go ahead and try it!

Black-Hog: *His yellow eyes begin to glow*

Shortly after his eyes started glowing, Black-Hog started firing various eye lasers all over the place, destroying tons of walls, pillars, and other things that kept the place intact. Due to his antics, an earthquake occurred, and the ruins were starting to collapse around them.

Rouge: Ahhhh! Oh, no!


Squash: Oh, brilliant move there, genius! Now how are YOU going to escape?

Black-Hog: Like this! *Flaps his wings and flies into the air*

Shadow: Oh, no you don’t! Get back here! *Fires a Chaos Spear at him*

Black-Hog: *Dodges it, flies upward, and exits through the crumbling ceiling*

Shadow: Black-Hog! I won’t let you escape!

Omega: Let’s worry about him later! For now, we must concentrate on evacuating the premises…immediately!

Shadow: Right, let’s get going!

*They take off*

Meanwhile, at the Splash Hill Zone…

Mecha Amy: Ah, this place…it’s so beautiful, isn’t it? The warm weather, green grass, flowers…

Storm: Um, yeah, real nice.

Mecha Amy: …

You know, Storm, I just realized…

Storm: What is it?

Mecha Amy: We’ve known each other and lived together for about seven months, right?

Storm: Yes, so?

Mecha Amy: Up to this day, I don’t think I’ve ever, ever seen you smile before…

Storm: You haven’t?

Mecha Amy: Nope, not once. Why is that, exactly?

Storm: …

To be honest, I really don’t know…

Mecha Amy: Are you…unhappy about something?

Storm: No, it’s nothing like that. It’s my…serious nature, that’s all. That’s just the way I am, I suppose. Otherwise, I’m afraid I don’t have much of an answer for this…

Mecha Amy: Oh, okay, just wondering. So, should we continue looking for the Chaos Emerald?

Storm: Yeah.

*They move ahead, and run into Metal Sonic, who’s on his way back to Mad Gear*

Metal Sonic: Hmm?

Mecha Amy: Metal Sonic, my love! *Hugs him* Fancy running into you here, huh?

Metal Sonic: It’s you… What are you doing here?

Mecha Amy: Storm and I came here to look for a Chaos Emerald. Knuckles detected it on radar, and said that there was one on this island somewhere.

Metal Sonic: I see. Well, it happens to be in Shadow’s possession at the moment. He, Rouge, Omega, and Squash are at the Lost Labyrinth Zone, because they’re on an alien investigation of some sort.

Mecha Amy: Omega’s here? Ugh.

Storm: …Alien investigation?

Metal Sonic: I’m unsure of all the details. Why not ask them about it when you find them? As for me, now that I’m finished pointing them to the direction of the ruins, I have a score to settle with someone. By that, I mean a certain copy of mine…

Mecha Amy: Three-Point Zero?

Metal Sonic: No, he’s already been dealt with. I’m referring the organic Sonic. Have you seen him?

Mecha Amy: Yeah. He and Shock said they were going to Station Square.

Metal Sonic: Thank you, that’s just what I needed to know. *Turns on his jet booster, and takes off*

Mecha Amy: Isn’t he dreamy?

Storm: I can’t believe he actually thinks HE’S the real Sonic, but whatever. Now that we know where the emerald is, let’s go find Shadow and company.

Mecha Amy: Right.

*They go*

Again, at the Lost Labyrinth…

Rouge: Oh, shoot! The exit’s blocked! Now what!?

Shadow: *Takes out the green emerald* Chaos Control!

*A green flash of light occurs, and Shadow, Rouge, Omega, and Squash disappear just in time before more debris falls where they were standing, and find themselves at Splash Hill, right in front of Storm and Mecha Amy*

Storm: What the…!? Well, that was certainly convenient…

Rouge: Hey there. What are you two doing here? Judging from what you said just now, I’ll take it that you were looking for us?

Mecha Amy: Yeah, we were, as a matter of fact.

Omega: You’ve come to challenge me to a rematch, I presume?

Mecha Amy: Oh, believe me, I’d like to, but now isn’t the time. We’re looking for the Chaos Emerald on this island.

Shadow: I have it right here. *Holds it up* What do you need it for?

Storm: Well, you see… *Explains*

Shadow: Ah, I see. So, basically, what you’re saying, is that Dr. Nega, after stealing those blueprints, relocated his base into another dimension, and you’re trying to use both sets of emeralds to create a dimensional rift in hopes of reaching it?

Storm: Yes, that’s correct.

Shadow: Very well. Here, give this to Tails and the Doctor. *Tosses the emerald to her*

Storm: *Catches it*

Shadow: Until they’re finished making modifications to that machine, I have some business of my own that I need to take care of. Black-Hog… I don’t know what he’s up to exactly, but whatever it is, I’ll be sure to put a stop to it!

Squash: Same here. I can’t wait to get a piece of that guy!

Storm: …Black who?

Shadow: *Explains*

Mecha Amy: So, you’re saying that there’s an alien around this island somewhere!?

Shadow: Exactly.

Storm: Ah, okay. Anyway, thanks for the emerald. Good luck in your search for that alien. *Flies off*

Mecha Amy: Hey, wait for me! *Turns on her booster and does the same*

Rouge: While they’re doing that, why don’t we report back to the HQ?

Squash: After what I did in the past, I’m not sure I’d be too welcome over there, so I’ll just wait for you guys outside.

Shadow: Very well.

*The four of them leave*

Black-Hog: *Watching them from atop a high platform, unnoticed* Hmm, I see they’ve managed to survive after all, as expected…very impressive. The gem that Shadow just handed over… I believe that was one of the Chaos Emeralds that Black Doom wanted me to retrieve. Oh, I’ll retrieve them alright, but not for him. I’ll be doing so for my own…purposes. Since these fools already seem to be on the hunt for the emeralds, that’ll certainly save me the trouble of having to find them myself! As soon as they get all of the Chaos Emeralds in one spot, that’s when I’ll make my move. Black Doom, I’m one wild card you’ll wish you hadn’t counted on. One of us is going to rule the universe alright, but I know for certain that it won’t be you! As for you, Shadow the Hedgehog, we shall meet again, but rest assured, our next meeting will be our last! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… *Flaps his wings and flies away*

Elsewhere, at Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base…

Metal Sonic: *Arrives through the teleporter* Hmm? What’s all the commotion?

Metal Sonic 3.0: UHHHHHH! *Czzzzzt!* *Crashes into the room*

Metal Sonic: You! So, I see you’ve recovered…

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Gets back up* That I have, obsolete trash. Why not stick around until after the battle? As soon as I’m finished disposing of her… *Points to Metal Blaze as she enters the room*… You’re next! *Surrounds himself with a golden boost aura again, and jets toward her*

Metal Blaze: *Holds out the palm of her hand, gets ready to blast Three-Point Zero, and stops after noticing Metal Sonic* There’s…two of you!?

While Metal Blaze was visibly caught off guard by the presence of the original Metal Sonic, Three-Point Zero, while using his boost technique, crashed into her with incredible speed and force, sending her crashing through several other walls within the base.

Metal Blaze: *Collapses to the ground, severely damaged* *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmph. Now you know which of us is truly the strongest.

Metal Blaze: I…cannot believe it! *Czzzzzt!* For the…first time, I’ve…failed Doctor Nega… *Czzzzzt!* *Looks toward 3.0* Very well, Brother…you’ve…won. *Czzzzzt!* You’re…free to finish me if you wish, but keep in mind…even as I perish… *Czzzzzt!* I will…either be reborn, or there will be… *Czzzzzt!* Another model…to avenge me. *Czzzzzt!* There is…already one such robot that exists…

Metal Sonic 3.0: What are you talking about?

Metal Blaze: Before I came into being… *Czzzzzt!* There was another replacement model that was built, by the name of… *Czzzzzt!* “Metal Sonic Version 4.0”.

Metal Sonic 3.0: WHAT!? There’s a Four-Point Zero now, too!?

Metal Blaze: Correct… *Czzzzzt! So, are you going…to finish me or not? *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Sonic 3.0: As tempting as it is for me to put an end to your wretched existence right here and now, I’ll spare you just this once… Not out of the kindness of my “heart”, but as living proof of the mistake that Dr. Nega made by trying to replace me. I also intend to use your injuries as an example to this “Metal Sonic Version 4.0” and any other copy that he intends to replace me with in the future.

Metal Blaze: *Takes out the dimensional camera, activates a portal, and goes through*

Metal Sonic: *Enters* You wanted me to stick around until after the battle, correct? Well, I’m here. Let’s get this over with.

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

There’s been a slight change in plans. Apparently, there’s a “4.0” around, in addition to Metal Blaze. I’ll have to postpone our battle once again until this newer model has been dealt with.

Metal Sonic: Oh, the irony. Now, it seems as if you, yourself, have become “obsolete”…twice, in fact. Now, tell me… How does it feel to become the very thing you hate, an outdated model?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmph. As long as I can prove myself stronger than them, then it doesn’t matter. Oh, and by the way, Metal Sonic, there’s something I’d like to ask you…

Metal Sonic: What is it?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I know that you and I have never seen eye to eye, and I’m sure you’ll find this idea as sickening as I already so, but what do you think about forming an alliance for the time being? By that, I mean a temporary one, which will last until all these newer models have been dealt with.

Metal Sonic: …

You’re right, this is difficult to stomach, but I’m willing to take you up on that offer. You and Sonic are already bothersome enough, and the last thing I want is for more impostors to come into existence.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Then it’s settled.

*Storm and Mecha Amy arrive through the teleporter just as the two Metal Sonics are in the middle of a handshake*

Storm: Um, wow. Has Hell frozen over, or what?

Mecha Amy: Yeah, since when did you two start getting along?

*They stop*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Don’t misunderstand. As it turns out, we have a common enemy. This changes nothing between us. As soon as we’re finished disposing of this “Metal Sonic 4.0”, as well as any other robot that Dr. Nega’s copied from our design, then our alliance is officially terminated. We go back to being enemies, same as always.

Metal Sonic: Good. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Storm: By the way, I’ve been wondering for some time now.  If you’re the original… *Points to Metal Sonic* …And if he’s Version 3.0… *Points to Metal Sonic 3.0* ...Then whatever happened to “Version 2.0”?

Metal Sonic: Two-Point Zero is an entirely different model by the name of “Mecha Sonic”. As to whether or not he’s still alive, I don’t know, and to be honest, I really don’t care.

Storm: Oh, I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

Mecha Amy: Uh, okay. In the meantime, we’re gonna take this emerald back over to Tails’ Workshop. I’ll see you again, my sweet. *Hugs Metal Sonic, and then releases him* Chaos Control!

*The emerald flashes, warping both Storm and Mecha Amy out of the area*

Meanwhile, at Tails’ Workshop…

*Storm and Mecha Amy warp in*

Robotnik: Ah, hello, ladies. I see that you’ve already found the first Chaos Emeralds. Well done!

Tails: Actually, that’s technically the second emerald. I already have one outside, which is being used to power my plane, the Tornado.

Robotnik: Ah, of course. Anyway, if you two would be so kind as to sit that next to the Sol Emeralds…

Storm: Okay, sure. *Walks over to them and places the emerald down*

Heavy: So far, that’s two Chaos Emeralds, but we still have five more to go…

Bomb: Yep. I just hope we’ll be able to complete this project in time before Dr. Nega’s plan goes any further than it already has…

Tails: Same here, but I think I’m about ready to take a break for now.

Robotnik: So am I. We’ll resume our work again as soon as possible.

Mecha Amy: Alright then.

Robotnik: *Grins* (HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, this is too good! You know, I actually considered giving up on my plans for the Robotnik Empire at first, but not anymore! I’d be a fool to do so when there’s an opportunity like THIS on the horizon! Once the machine is finished, and the moment that Sonic and his friends cross into that alternate dimension, I’m going to stay behind, and see to it that he and the rest of those fools remain stranded over there! With them out of the picture, I can finally realize my ambitions and conquer the world! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…)

*Everyone stares at him*

Robotnik: *Notices* (W-What!? Did I say that out loud!?)

Tails: Um, are you okay? What are you grinning about?

Robotnik: Oh, uh…nothing. Don’t worry about it.

Tails: Uh, okay then.

So far, it looks as if things are looking up for our heroes. So far, two emeralds are in their possession, but there are still five more to go. Unknown to them, however, there are not one, but two evil forces at work, who are just itching to get their hands on the emeralds; the mysterious Black-Hog, who’s secretly plotting against his master in an attempt to take over the universe himself, and Dr. Robotnik, who’s apparently had a sudden change of heart regarding his “retirement”. When all emeralds are gathered together, how will our heroes deal with these threats? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…

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Part 8

Previously on Dimensional Chaos, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company left Tails’ Workshop to begin hunting down the remaining Chaos Emeralds in hopes of using them and the Sol Emeralds to create a dimensional rift that will lead them to the alternate dimension that Dr. Nega has relocated his base to. Knuckles and Wechnia agreed to search Carnival Island, Mighty and Tikal agreed on the Lost World, Espio and Splash agreed on the Ice Cap Zone, Sonic and Shock agreed on Station Square, and Storm and Mecha Amy agreed on Westside Island.

Meanwhile, at the Lost Labyrinth Zone, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, and Squash, who were in the middle of an investigation, found an enormous crater in the ground, which was caused by an alien space capsule, as they expected. When they went to get a closer look at the capsule, it turned out to be empty. Since it hadn’t been very long ago that the capsule arrived, Shadow and company assumed that the alien was still around somewhere, and as it turns out, their assumption was correct.

When the alien emerged, it turned out to be an alien-hedgehog hybrid by the name of Black-Hog, who was created by Shadow’s nemesis, Black Doom, and was sent to that planet to carry out his master’s will, which, as Shadow guessed, was universal domination. However, according to Black-Hog, he had absolutely no intention of doing what he was ordered, and had other plans. Before Shadow and company had the chance to engage him in battle, Black-Hog started blasting around the place, making the entire temple fall apart and collapse. Shortly afterwards, Black-Hog escaped from the collapsing ruins by flying through the cracked ceiling, while Shadow and company escaped via Chaos Control.

Shortly after escaping, they ended up running into Storm and Mecha Amy at the Splash Hill Zone. After explaining the situation regarding Dr. Nega and the stolen EG Experiment blueprints, Shadow, before heading back to G.U.N. Headquarters with his teammates, complied with Storm and Mecha Amy’s request and handed over his Chaos Emerald, which they gave to Tails, Heavy, Bomb, and Dr. Robotnik immediately upon returning to the workshop.

Elsewhere, at Dr. Robotnik’s base, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 and Metal Blaze were in the middle of a fierce battle. In direct opposition to their previous fight, Metal Sonic 3.0 managed to triumph in the end that time around. As Metal Blaze laid to the floor, defeated, she revealed to her “brother” that Dr. Nega had also created another replacement model besides her, by the name of “Metal Sonic Version 4.0”.

Ashamed of her failure to complete the mission she was assigned, Metal Blaze asked Three-Point Zero to finish her off, but he refused, stating that he would like to emphasize the mistake that Dr. Nega made by trying to replace him, by using her injuries as an “example” to Metal Sonic 4.0 and any other models the doctor may create in the future. After Metal Blaze retreated, Metal Sonic 3.0 decided to put his feud with the original Metal Sonic on hold and formed a temporary alliance with him, which was intended to last until Metal Sonic 4.0 has been dealt with.

So far, two Chaos Emeralds are in the heroes’ possession, but there are still five more to be found. When they do get ahold of the emeralds, will they be able to stop the rest of Dr. Nega’s plan from coming to fruition? When the time comes, what will they do about Dr. Robotnik, who’s secretly plotting against them, as well as Black-Hog, who’s also after the emeralds for his own nefarious purposes? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Meanwhile, on Carnival Island/Isolated Island…

Wechnia: So, the detector has led us back to this place, huh? It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen this place. Up until now, I don’t think I’ve set foot on this island since that incident with the Newtrogic High Zone a while ago… What about you?

Knuckles: Yeah, I’ve been here at least once since then. Espio, Charmy, and Vector have their office set up on this island. I came here about eight months ago, when I needed their help in stopping Robotnik from getting ahold of the Water and Ice Element Gems.

Wechnia: I see. *Looks around* Being on this island...it truly brings back memories. Good ones and bad ones…

Knuckles: Same here, but we could reminisce later, but for now, we need to go find the Chaos Emerald.

Wechnia: Right. Exactly which direction is it in?

Knuckles: *Checks the radar* Looks like it’s somewhere in this direction. *Points*

Wechnia: Alright, then let’s go.

*They take off*

Minutes later…

Knuckles: W-What the…!? I…I don’t believe it! It’s, it’s…!

Wechnia: …The Newtrogic High Zone!? Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this place blown to pieces after that showdown we all had with Metal Sonic!?

Knuckles: Yeah, I know that for sure! In fact, I even remember digging around this place’s remains sometime ago, looking for Heavy and Bomb’s parts…

Wechnia: You also said that you were at this island eight months ago, didn’t you? How is it that you’re so surprised about this?

Knuckles: That’s because Espio, Charmy, and Vector’s office is in a different direction other than this one.

Wechnia: Makes sense.

Knuckles: I’m not entirely sure who rebuilt the place, but I’d definitely put my money on Robotnik.

Wechnia: Yes, most likely. Anyway, since the Chaos Emerald is obviously somewhere in the building, why don’t we go ahead and take a look around?

Knuckles: Sounds good to me. I just hope the place doesn’t explode again while we’re in there…

*They enter*

Meanwhile, at the Station Square train station…

*The train stops, and Sonic and Shock get off*

Shock: Alright, looks like we’re here. Where’d Knuckles say the emerald was, again? Casinopolis, right?

Sonic: Yeah, but something tells me he wasn’t too sure exactly where it was in this city, since he said “probably”. Still, I guess it doesn’t hurt to check. If it isn’t there, maybe we could try Twinkle Park, or something.

Shock: Sounds like a plan. I’ll race you over there.

Sonic: You’re on!

*They speed out of the train station*

Meanwhile, at the nightclub entrance…

*Charmy and Marine are seen running by, getting chased by Vector*

Charmy & Marine: AAAAAAHHHH!


*Sonic and Shock stop as soon as they notice this*

Sonic: Hoo boy… Looks like those two have gotten themselves in trouble again…

Shock: …Exactly how many times has this happened so far?

Sonic: Well, I’ll put it this way: If I had a ring for everytime it happened, I’d be rich!

Shock: I see.

Marine: *Rushes toward them and hides behind Sonic*

Charmy: *Hides beehind Shock* Help, you guys!

Marine: T-The bloke’s gonna kill us!

Vector: Don’t think hidin’ behind them is gonna save ya!

Sonic: Whoa, Vector, chill!

Vector: Why should I?

Sonic: That’s because the two of them are with us! You might’ve thought they were spying on you and Vanilla, but they were actually looking for the Chaos Emerald that Knuckles said was in this city! Right, Shock? *Nudges her with his elbow*

Shock: Yep. Have you seen it anywhere, Vector?

Vector: Nope. As a matter o’ fact, I had no idea one o’ the emeralds were around here. Exactly whadda ya need it for, anyway?

Shock: *Explains*

Vector: So, basically, what you’re sayin’, is that Dr. Nega stole the EG Experiment blueprints from Robotnik’s base, ‘n’ escaped into anotha dimension, so you’re tryin’ ta use both sets of emeralds to create a portal that’s supposed to lead you to ‘is base, right?

Shock: You got it.

Vanilla: *Comes outside* Is everything alright out here?

Vector: Yep, everything’s fine. *Looks toward Charmy and Marine* Sorry ‘bout the misunderstandin’.

Charmy: It’s okay.

Marine: Yeah, don’t worry ‘bout it, mate.

Vanilla: *Looks toward Sonic and Shock* And how are you two doing?

Shock: Pretty good.

Sonic: Yeah.

???: *From inside* PERVERT!

*A loud slapping sound is heard*

*Everyone has blank “WTF?” expressions*

Sonic: That sounded like Madonna... Any idea what she’s so pissed about?

Vector: I’m guessin’ it has somethin’ to do with this wolf guy that we saw, who was whistlin’ ‘n’ howlin’ at her all throughout ‘da performance…

Charmy: Hee hee, yep! It was really, REALLY funny, too!

Marine: Yep! It reminded me of this cartoon I’ve seen before!

Sonic: HAHAHAHA! Oh, man! I wish I had been around to see that!

Madonna: *Storms out of the building, looking pissed off*

Vector: Lemme guess… It was ‘da wolf guy, right?

Madonna: Yeah. Ugh, that pervert even nosebled all over my dress AND my fur coat!

*Awkward silence*

Madonna: …Don’t worry, it’s not real fur.

Sonic: Oh, okay. Heh, you kinda had me worried for a second, there!

Madonna: I’m gonna go wash and get changed now, I’ll be right back. By the way, Sonic, we haven’t really had much time to talk lately, have we? When I get back, what do you say we go somewhere and get caught up, just the two of us?

Sonic: Uh… We are just hanging out, right? *Looks over his shoulders in paranoia* Alright then sure, why not? That is, after Shock and I are finished finding the Chaos Emerald.

Madonna: “Chaos Emerald”? You mean this thing? *Reaches into her pocket and takes out the purple emerald*

Sonic: Whoa, you were the one who had it!? I guess I was right after all, about Knuckles’ calculations being a bit off!

Madonna: Hmm?

Sonic: He detected the emerald on radar, and said that it was probably at Casinopolis.

Madonna: He wasn’t entirely wrong. I ended up winning the emerald as a prize when I was over there.

Sonic: Ah, okay. I guess that explains it.

Shock: You wouldn’t mind letting us hold onto that, would you?

Madonna: What for, exactly?

Sonic: We need it for something important. You see… *Explains the situation*

Madonna: Oh, I see. Well, here you go. *Tosses the emerald to Sonic*

Sonic: *Catches it* Thanks, I appreciate it. I’ll be sure to give it back to you as soon as Tails and Ro-butt-nik are finished with the machine.

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee sure”. *Snickers*

Marine: *Snickers, too*

Madonna: Alright, cool. I’ll see you when I get back. *Winks at him and walks away*

Vector: I dunno, Sonic. Somethin’ tells me she has more on ‘er mind than just “hangin’ out”…

Sonic: That’s not the case, trust me. *Looks over his shoulders in paranoia again* By the way, you guys aren’t gonna say anything to Amy about this, are you? I don’t think I even NEED to explain what’ll happen if SHE catches wind of this!

Shock: Hey, I don’t even get along with her, so you can definitely count on me to keep quiet about it.

Vector: Don’t worry. I ain’t sayin’ nothin’ about it, either.

Vanilla: Your secret is safe with me, as well.

Marine: Me lips are sealed, mate.

Charmy: Mine, too, but what about Tiara and Seedra? Should we keep it secret from them, too?

Sonic: Uh… Seedra, I don’t mind, but Tiara’s another story. She’d probably end up getting the wrong idea, too, just like Amy would.

Vector: A’ight, so I guess we won’t tell her, either.

Sonic: Okay, thanks.

???: *Comes outside, looking both dazed and lovestruck at the same time* Ya know, I think she likes me…

??? #2: I dunno, Spangle… I’m not the brightest guy around, but I don’t think she likes you very much. I mean, she did slap you everything…

Spangle: Sure she does, Spike. She’s just playin’ hard to get, that’s all.

Spike: If you say so…

Vector: HAHAHAHA! Oh, wow! This guy is freakin’ PRICELESS! Somethin’ tells me he ‘n’ Amy would be buddies if they evah met!

Sonic: I wouldn’t be surprised!

Spangle: Great, we’re getting laughed at again…

Spike: Uh, I think it’s just you this time.

Spangle: Bah, whatever. Now that our break’s over, I guess we should get back to work now. *Looks toward Sonic and company* Hey, mind if I ask you guys somethin’?

Sonic: Sure, ask away.

Spangle: We’re looking for a scumbag named Nack the Weasel, who also goes by “Fang the Sniper”. Have you seen ‘im anywhere?

Sonic: I’ve seen him. Why do you ask?

Spangle: That’s ‘cause me and my partner, Spike are undercover cops. Despite that, nobody at the force takes us seriously. Everyone thinks we’re a joke, and we’re always gettin’ laughed at!

Vector: Gee, I can’t imagine why. *Snickers*

*Charmy and Marine do the same*

Spangle: *Glares* Anyway, as I was sayin’, we came to this city in hopes of catchin’ him. If we’re to have someone like him put away, then we’ll finally earn everyone’s respect, and we’ll finally be taken seriously over at our department.

Sonic: Looks like you’re a little late on that one, buddy. I dealt with him about two hours ago, and sent him flying. So, basically, what I’m trying to say, is that I have no clue where he is right now.

Spike: Aww, man…

Vector: Hey, but don’t sweat it. He ‘n’ Bean usually end up findin’ us.

Spangle: Oh. If that’s the case, mind if we stick with you guys? That way, we’ll have a better chance at finding them.

Shock: Sure, go right ahead.

Spike: Okay, thanks.

Shock: No problem. Could I see the emerald, Sonic?

Sonic: Sure. *Tosses it to her*

Shock: *Catches it* I’m gonna take this to the Workshop. *Looks toward Spangle and Spike* Why don’t you guys come with me? There’s a chance that the two you’re looking for are in the Mystic Ruins somewhere.

Spangle: Okay, why not?

Shock: Alright, now stand next to me, please.

*They do that*

Shock: Chaos Control!

*They warp away*

Again, at the Newtrogic High Zone…

Knuckles: *Looks around* This place…it’s exactly as I remember it! Everything seems to be intact, almost as if it was never destroyed at all!

Wechnia: Yeah. I feel almost as if we’ve gone back in time…

As the two echidnas progressed through the building in search of the Chaos Emerald, they eventually ended up stumbling upon a secret room by accident. This “secret room” happened to be an abandoned robot production factory, which contained tons of capsules.

Knuckles: Where…are we? I don’t remember there being a room like this last time we were here…

Wechnia: Neither do I. It’s either a new addition, or a room we somehow managed to miss. You still have the radar, don’t you? Do you know whether or not the Chaos Emerald is in here?

Knuckles: *Checks* The signal seems to be getting stronger. The Chaos Emerald is definitely around here somewhere, there’s no doubt about it!

Following the signal of the emerald, Knuckles and Wechnia moved further into the factory, but they ended up stopping as soon as they found something strange inside one of the capsules. “Something strange”, as in what appeared to be robotic clones of Knuckles and the rest of the Chaotix team (minus Heavy, Bomb, and Wechnia).

Knuckles: What the…!? What’s all this!?

Wechnia: I don’t know, but one thing is certain… This is definitely Robotnik’s doing! That’s not to say that it wasn’t already obvious enough…

Knuckles: Yeah.

Wechnia: *Notices something else, which appears to be a set of blueprints* Huh? What’s this? *Picks it up the paper and examines it* Plans for a Green Hedgehog Project!?

Knuckles: Okay, at this point, I’m convinced! Robotnik hasn’t changed! He’s been faking his “retirement” all this time, just as I suspected! When I see him again, I’m definitely giving him a piece of my mind!

Wechnia: As am I, but for now, let’s continue trying to find the-

*The detector starts to beep even louder than before*

Knuckles: The signal’s gotten even stronger! It must be very close, but where, exactly?

*They look around, until something busts through the wall, which appears to be a spinning metal blade*

Knuckles: What the…!?

Wechnia: …!?

*The “blade” unrolls, revealing itself to be a [http:/sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Mecha_Sonic]certain Sonic clone[/url]*

Knuckles: You’re… You’re Mecha Sonic! So, you were rebuilt, too, huh!?

Mecha Sonic: …

Wechnia: I’ll assume that you’re the one with the Chaos Emerald?

Mecha Sonic: You assume correctly. I have been waiting for an opportunity to face you in battle again. Should you manage to defeat me, then I will be more than willing to relinquish the Chaos Emerald that’s in my possession.

Knuckles: That’s fine by me!

Mecha Sonic: Now, come! The moment of your destruction awaits… *Jets off*

*Knuckles and Wechnia follow*

Once again, things are looking up for our heroes…for the most part. So far, three Chaos Emeralds are in their possession, but there are still four more to go- and one of them happens to be in Mecha Sonic’s grasp! Will Knuckles and Wechnia have what it takes to defeat him and reclaim it? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…

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Part 9

When we last left off on Dimensional Chaos, Sonic and the Lightning Goddess, Shock, traveled to Station Square in search of the Chaos Emerald that was said to be in Station Square, according to Knuckles’ calculations. The detector readings, of course, turned out to be correct, since the emerald was in Madonna’s possession (since she apparently won it as a prize at Casinopolis). After explaining the situation, and because of the fact that she and Sonic were old friends, she gladly allowed them to hold onto to the Chaos Emerald, effectively adding that to the other two that were already at the Workshop.

Elsewhere, at Carnival Island/Isolated Island, Knuckles and Wechnia ended up making some startling discoveries during their search for the fourth Chaos Emerald. Not only was the Newtrogic High Zone rebuilt, but they also found a secret room, which was a production factory that contained robotic clones of the Chaotix team, as well as plans for a “Green Hedgehog Project”, which made them come to the conclusion that Robotnik’s been faking his “retirement”. Shortly afterwards, a rebuilt Mecha Sonic burst into the room, and revealed that he’s the one who was in possession of the Chaos Emerald that they were looking for. He then challenged the echidna duo, stating that he’ll hand over the emerald if they manage to defeat him. Knuckles and Wechnia, of course, accepted his challenge, and went straight into battle.

The question remains: Do Knuckles and Wechnia have what it takes to defeat Mecha Sonic, and claim the fourth Chaos Emerald? Exactly what is the nature behind this “Green Hedgehog Project”, as well as everything else that they found in the secret room that they stumbled upon? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Meanwhile, at the Newtrogic High Zone…

Mecha Sonic: *Hovers into the air, rolls into a spinning blade, and shoots toward Knuckles and Wechnia*

*They spread out and dodge the attack*

Mecha Sonic: *Unrolls*

The moment Mecha Sonic unrolled, Knuckles began running toward him with his fist raised. Just in time before he managed to land his punch, Mecha Sonic surrounded himself electrical current, causing Knuckles to get zapped.

Knuckles: UHHHHHH…! *Bzzzzzt!* *Falls back*

Wechnia: Are you alright?

Knuckles: Yeah, I’m fine. *Gets back up* But he won’t be!

Mecha Sonic: We shall see. *Hovers into the air again* Behold…the ultimate power!

*A flash of light occurs*

Knuckles: Ghhhh…! *Shields his eyes*

Wechnia: *Does the same*

*Mecha Sonic is seen in his “super” form after the light fades*

Knuckles: Huh!? Wait a minute, how did you do that!? The Master Emerald isn’t even around this time!

Super Mecha Sonic: The Chaos Emerald that you’re seeking… It’s embedded into my circuitry. As a result, I’m able to tap into its powers and transform at will.

Wechnia: I guess that explains it…

Super Mecha Sonic: Any last words before you’re terminated?

Knuckles: There’s really nothing more to be said, here. Let’s get this over with. *Cracks his knuckles and gets in a fighting stance*

Wechnia: We’re ready when you are.

Super Mecha Sonic: Very well then. Die! *Fires electric spheres from the orb on his chest*

*They start dodging*

Super Mecha Sonic: *Rapidly fires more of them*

Knuckles: *Continues dodging, runs toward Mecha Sonic, and starts punching him repeatedly*

Super Mecha Sonic: HAHAHAHAHA… Pitiful fool! Your feeble attacks have yet to so much as put a scratch on my armor!

*His super form momentarily wears off*

Mecha Sonic: WHAT!? Uhhhhhhhhh! *Czzzzzt!*

Knuckles: *Surrounds his fist with fire* Take… THIS! *Uppercuts him*

Mecha Sonic: *Czzzzzt!* *Gets sent flying through the wall*

Wechnia: And you were saying…?

Mecha Sonic: *Rises* I’m unable to sustain my super form for lengthy periods of time with only one Chaos Emerald, like I could with all seven of them, or the Master Emerald alone. In other words, you got lucky on that one, but rest assured, that will not happen again. Even without an emerald in my possession, I still have what it takes to send you to oblivion!

Wechnia: Then by all means, go right ahead. We’re waiting.

*The echidnas and Mecha Sonic charge toward one another, and the battle resumes*

Meanwhile, at the Ice Cap Zone…

Slush: So, that’s what’s going on, huh? Dr. Nega invaded Robotnik’s base, stole the blueprints to the EG Experiments, and escaped into another dimension, so now you’re trying to collect the Chaos Emeralds, so you could create a dimensional rift that’s supposed to lead to his base?

Splash: Yes, that’s right.

Bark: Exactly what does Nega need those for, anyway?

Espio: He’s most likely trying to make duplicates of them. This is further supported by the fact that he had Volcana steal five gems that are the exact same size and shape as the ones worn by all the Goddesses.

Slush: “Volcana”… That’s the name of the Scorch look-alike, right? While we’re on the subject, does that mean that you and I have dimensional doubles of our own, Splash?

Splash: I believe so. During our encounter with Volcana, she ended up mistaking me for someone named “Oceana”, and ended up mentioning a “Frostina” afterwards.

Slush: Weird…

Espio: In any case, would you two happen to be in possession of the Chaos Emerald, by any chance?

Bark: Eh, afraid not. Sorry.

Espio: Oh, I see. I guess we’ll have to take our search elsewhere, then.

Slush: We could help you look for it, if you’d like.

Splash: Okay, sure, we’d like that.

*They take off to look for the emerald*

Again, at the Newtrogic High Zone…

Super Mecha Sonic: *Jets toward Knuckles and Wechnia*

Knuckles: Come and get it!

*They each throw a punch at Mecha Sonic, and their fists go right through him, since it was an afterimage*

Wechnia: Huh!?

Super Mecha Sonic: *Elbows them both from behind*

Knuckles & Wechnia: Uhhhhhhhhh!

Super Mecha Sonic: HAHAHAHAHAHA… *Leaps into the air, rolls into a spinning blade again, and shoots toward them while they’re down*

Knuckles: Look out!

Just in time before Mecha Sonic was able to come in contact with them, Knuckles and Wechnia rolled out of the way. However, the moment Mecha Sonic unrolled, he ended up changing back into his regular form again, giving the two echidnas a chance to effectively land another hit on the machine.

Mecha Sonic: Uhhhhhh! *Czzzzzt!*

Knuckles: There’s plenty more where that came from!

*They both start pummeling him repeatedly with a punching combo, and uppercut him again afterwards*

Mecha Sonic: *Czzzzzt!* *Momentarily gets sent flying, does a somersault, and lands on his feet again*

Wechnia: Are you ready to surrender yet?

Mecha Sonic: You’re more formidable than expected, but I’m not ready to concede just yet! ! *Starts to glow*

Knuckles: Great, what’s he doing NOW?

Wechnia: I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

*Seconds later, tons of Mecha Sonic copies are seen, and they surround Knuckles and Wechnia*

Knuckles: Whoa... I don’t remember him having THIS technique the last time we fought! This is like my fight with Mephiles all over again…

Mecha Sonic: Precisely… I didn’t have this technique during our last battle, and that’s because I’m not the same machine you’ve faced in the past. Vast improvements have been made to my design since then, and my powers have increased tenfold! Plus, as I’ve stated earlier, I have additional power from the Chaos Emerald that’s embedded within me! Now, enough talk! It’s time you two’ve met your demise! Mecha Sonic squadron, attack!

*The Mecha Sonics attack, and Knuckles and Wechnia start fighting them off*

Meanwhile, at Dr. Nega’s parallel dimension base…

Metal Blaze: *Czzzzzt!* *Slowly opens the door, and collapses to the floor*

Volcana: Oh, geez! Um, Doctor N., we’ve got a problem, here… I think you’d better come quickly! Metal Blaze…she’s hurt!

Nega Robotnik: *Comes in through the other door* What!? How did this happen!? Metal Blaze, who did this to you!?

Metal Blaze: It…was… *Czzzzzt!* Metal Sonic Version 3.0… *Czzzzzzt!*

Nega Robotnik: This was HIS doing!? Impossible! You were designed with a power level that far exceeds his! But then again, maybe I’m underestimating him a little. After all, he, too, is MY creation, so I suppose this turn of events isn’t too out of the ordinary… Anyway, Volcana, would you be so kind as to escort Metal Blaze to the recovery room for me, please?

Volcana: Sure thing, Doctor N. *Helps Metal Blaze up, and takes her to the recovery room*

Nega Robotnik: I guess it’s time I’ve called upon HIM now. Come forth, Metal Sonic Version 4.0!

*A green and black Metal Sonic look-alike enters the room*

Metal Sonic 4.0: You called, Doctor? Has the time finally come for me put that obsolete “Three-Point Zero” model in his place?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… Oh, don’t you worry. You’ll get that opportunity in due time. For now, there’s something else I need you to do for me, and that’s to take over Metal Blaze’s mission.

Metal Sonic 4.0: What was her mission?

Nega Robotnik: Her mission was to retrieve Dr. Robotnik’s emerald detector, and bring it here to me, so that I could use it to locate the Snow Element Gem. Can you do that for me?

Metal Sonic 4.0: Understood. Mission accepted. I will retrieve it for certain, unlike the failure that is Metal Blaze.

Nega Robotnik: Good, good. *Hands him both the camera and interdimensional transceiver* I’m counting on you, Four-Point Zero!

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Nods, creates a portal, and jumps through it*

Again, at the Ice Cap Zone…

Espio: That Chaos Emerald… It’s got to be around here somewhere…

Splash: It’s times like this where I wish there was more than one detector to use. That way, we’d have a much easier time tracking them down, since we’d be able to pick up their exact locations and everything…

Bark: Hmm… Call me crazy, but I think I see something shining over there… *Points*

Slush: Then that’s gotta be it!

*They go over to get a closer look*

Espio: *Picks up the shiny object, and it turns out to be the light blue Chaos Emerald* As expected, it was one of the Chaos Emeralds after all! Mission complete!

Splash: Yep, our work here is done! Let’s go ahead and get this thing back to the Workshop. *Looks toward Slush and Bark* Are you two coming?

Bark: Sure, why not?

Slush: Yeah, there isn’t much else to do at the moment.

Espio: Alright then. Chaos Control!

*A flash of light occurs, and the four of them disappear*

Meanwhile, again at the Newtrogic High Zone…

*Knuckles and Wechnia are starting to become exhausted from fighting off all the Mecha Sonics*

Knuckles: Sheesh… It doesn’t seem as if there’s any end to these guys!

Mecha Sonic: Hmm hmm hmm… That is precisely why your efforts are nothing more than an exercise in futility!

Wechnia: I think I have an idea…

Knuckles: You do? Alright, then let’s hear it.

Wechnia: Chaos… *His fist starts to glow green* …FIST! *Slams it onto the ground, stunning all the Mecha Sonic copies*

Knuckles: Good idea! Alright, now I’ll take it from here! *Surrounds his fist with fire* TAKE THIS! *Pounds the ground, creating an eruption of fireballs that destroy all the Mecha Sonic copies*

Wechnia: Well, that takes care of them, now where’s the original?

Knuckles: Up there! *Points to Mecha Sonic, who’s charging up a beam*

Mecha Sonic: Survive THIS one if you can! *Fires a large beam from the jewel on his chest*


Wechnia: UHHHHHHH!

*They get blasted and knocked backwards from the impact*

Mecha Sonic: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… *Hovers down* The pathetic fools never stood a chance! Looks like I’ll be keeping this Chaos Emerald, after all.

Wechnia: Don’t get too overconfident…

*They get back up*

Mecha Sonic: So, you’re still alive? Easily remedied… *Starts charging up another beam* This time, I shall blow you to pieces for sure!

Knuckles: Just try it!

Wechnia: This time, why don’t we attack him before he’s finished charging?

Knuckles: That’s just what I had in mind!

*They charge toward him*

Mecha Sonic: Yes, that’s right! Come and meet your destruction! *Fires at them*

*They spread out, dodge the attack, and surround their fists with flames and Chaos energy again*

Mecha Sonic: WHAT!?

*They both simultaneously punch through Mecha Sonic’s chest, leaving a hole in it that reveals the red Chaos Emerald*

Mecha Sonic: Ghhhhhh…! *Czzzzzt!* Y-You…how did you…!? Impossible…! *Czzzzzt!* *Falls down and collapses to the floor*

Knuckles: Alright, finally! We did it! That Chaos Emerald’s as good as ours! *Picks it up*

Wechnia: Now, let’s return to Tails’ Workshop. When we get back, Robotnik’s definitely got some explaining to do…

Knuckles: That’s for sure. *Holds out the emerald* Chaos Control!

Minutes later, at Tails’ Workshop…

Tails: So, you found the next emerald? Great job, you guys!

Bomb: Yep. By adding that to the collection, we now have four Chaos Emeralds, and only three more to go!

Heavy: Indeed. Now, all we need is for Knuckles, Wechnia, Mighty, Tikal, Silver, and Blaze to arrive with theirs, and we’ll be all set.

Robotnik: That is, when we’re finished adding the finishing touches to the machine.

Splash: Yeah. By the way, Dr. Robotnik, you said you plan on apologizing to Scorch for that whole misunderstanding with Volcana, right?

Robotnik: Yes, so?

Splash: Well, shouldn’t you also apologize to these two? *Points to Orbot and Cubot*

Robotnik: What for?

Orbot: Oh, gee, I dunno… Maybe for leaving us at that erupting volcano!?

Cubot: Yeah! Darn tootin’!

Orbot: If you’ve changed as much as you say, that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Right?

Knuckles: *From outside* Changed? The hell he has!

*Knuckles and Wechnia bust in*

Robotnik: Ah, so you’ve retrieved for fifth Chaos Emerald. Well done! Now, would you care to elaborate on exactly what it is you’re trying to accuse me of?

Wechnia: We’ll let THIS speak for itself. *Shoves the Green Hedgehog Project blueprints in his face*

Robotnik: *Snatches them, and looks* Wait a minute, you were at the Newtrogic High Zone!?

Knuckles: Yeah, that’s right! Not only did we find those blueprints, but we also found these robot clones of me and the rest of the Chaotix!

Heavy: Gee, Robotnik was plotting something all this time? Wow, what a shock!

Robotnik: You two are overreacting…seriously. The Green Hedgehog Project and the Mechaotix team, which you’re getting so worked up over, are projects that I’ve started on at least a year ago, sometime after that battle we had in space! One of those projects never even made it past planning stages, since I’ve long since abandoned them after discovering the Elemental Goddesses! Up until you’ve brought them to my attention just now, I had completely forgotten about them!

Everyone: …

Robotnik: You don’t believe me, do you?

Knuckles: …

Fine, I’ll take your word for it, but I’ll be keeping my eye on you. *Tosses the emerald over to the others*

Meanwhile, outside of the Workshop…

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Just got finished eavesdropping* “Mech Chaotix”? “Green Hedgehog Project”? Hmm hmm hmm…sounds interesting. I may not have found the whereabouts of the detector as I originally hoped, but this sounds like the kind of information that the Doctor may like to know about anyway. HAHAHAHAHAHA…

After a long, tough battle, Knuckles and Wechnia have managed to triumph over Mecha Sonic, and claim the Chaos Emerald they were looking for. Additionally, Espio, Splash, Slush, and Bark have managed to find one at the Ice Cap Zone, so that now makes five, and two more to go. Will Mighty, Tikal, Silver, and Blaze manage to find the last two? If so, will they and the rest of the heroes be able to keep them from falling into the wrong hands? What about the mysterious Metal Sonic Version 4.0? Exactly what is it that he intends to tell Dr. Nega about these abandoned projects? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 10

On the previous chapter of Dimensional Chaos, Knuckles and Wechnia faced off against Mecha Sonic at the Newtrogic High Zone for possession of one of the seven Chaos Emeralds. Using the power of the emerald, Mecha Sonic used all kinds of techniques, ranging from duplication, afterimages, and was even able to trigger a super transformation! However, due to the fact that he only had one Chaos Emerald, Mecha Sonic was unable to sustain his super form for long periods of time, leaving himself vulnerable. As such, Knuckles and Wechnia were able to fight on even terms with both him and his clones.

After a long, exhausting battle, the two echidnas eventually emerged victorious in the end, and managed to successfully claim the red Chaos Emerald and add it to their growing collection. Additionally, Espio and Splash, after meeting up with Bark and Slush at the Ice Cap Zone, also managed to find one of the emeralds. With those two emeralds acquired, that now makes five of them, with only two more to go. Will Mighty, Tikal, Silver, and Blaze manage to find the last two emeralds in time before the finishing touches are made to the Tornado Time Twister? Will they be able to cross into the parallel dimension in time before Dr. Nega’s plan is put into effect? Speaking of Nega, exactly what is it that Metal Sonic Version 4.0 intends to tell him about Dr. Robotnik’s abandoned projects? Find out as the saga continues on this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Here, we begin this part of the story with Silver and Blaze searching for the Chaos Emerald that was said to be located somewhere within Red Mountain…

Blaze: That Chaos Emerald… It has to be around here somewhere...

Silver: Yeah. *Looks around* I have to say… Being in this volcano really opens up old wounds. You know, from when everything was in devastation and ruin over at our world, and all those countless battles we’ve had against Iblis…

Blaze: Yes, and meeting that conniving creep, Mephiles for the first time. Ugh, just thinking about what he did, from using us to do his evil bidding for him, that whole fiasco where he was plotting to have you killed, along with everything else he’s done, is enough to make me sick to my stomach!

Silver: That goes double for me. Luckily, he and Iblis are sealed away, so hopefully, we won’t have to deal with either one of them again anytime soon, or possibly ever.

Blaze: I hope it stays that way, as well. Now, I’d say that’s enough about them. Let’s concentrate on finding that Chaos Emerald. The sooner we find it, the sooner we’ll be able to put a stop to Dr. Nega’s scheme.

Silver: Right.

*They move on*

Meanwhile, at Station Square…

Amy: Well, here we are, Scorch. *Points to the small house up ahead*

Scorch: This is where you live?

Amy: Yep.

Scorch: Ah, okay. It looks nice. *Notices Gamma standing in front of the door* Hey, isn’t he…one of Dr. Robotnik’s robots?

Amy: Yeah, but he’s on our side. It’s been that way for a while, even before Robotnik claimed to have changed when we were at that Christmas gathering last month. As to why Gamma’s standing here, it’s because he usually volunteers to watch the house for me whenever I’m away. He’s such a good friend.

Scorch: Oh, okay.

Amy: *Walks up to Gamma* Can I get here for a second, please?

Gamma: Certainly. *Moves away from the door*

Amy: *Takes out her key, and uses it to unlock and open the door* Come on in, you guys. *Enters*

*Scorch and Gamma do the same*

Amy: Here you go. Make yourself at home.

Scorch: Okay. Thanks again for letting me stay here.

Amy: Anytime. You’re free to stay as long as you’d like until you, you know, get back on your feet and everything. While we’re on the subject, you don’t have any intention on going back to Robotnik, do you?

Scorch: …

I don’t know, actually. I have mixed feelings about it. One part of me is still pissed off at him for making that accusation about me in the first place, despite everything I’ve done for him. Even worse, he even went so far as to say that he had “nothing to apologize for”! But another part of me…still feels indebted to him somehow. Recent events aside, he is the one who freed me after I was trapped for thousands of years. He’s also the first person, other than my sisters, who’s ever been kind to me…

Amy: Oh, I see. I guess that explains why you’ve been so loyal to him all this time.

Scorch: Mm hmm. Back in my day, Splash, Slush, and I were all labeled as “freaks” and treated like outcasts because of our powers… We were treated like garbage on a regular basis simply because we were different from everyone else…

Amy: That’s terrible! I’m… I’m so sorry the three of you had to go through something like that…

Scorch: Yeah, it definitely sucked having to live in that era. I hated Tikal so much for having me sealed in that gem, but looking back at it now, I think she actually did me a favor, as strange as that may sound. Being sealed within the Fire Element Gem…it was kind of like being in a sort of “hibernation” state, and when I awakened thousands of years later, I was in a much better era, where people were much nicer, and I no longer had to go through the kinds of things that I went through all those years ago.

Amy: I see. Well, I just want you to know that I’m very happy for you guys.

Scorch: Thanks. While we’re still on the subject of treatment, I even had this one guy who was…stalking me, at one point.

Amy: You had a guy who was stalking you?

Scorch: Yeah, for “protection”, as he put it. From there, I knew he meant well, so I couldn’t bring myself to get mad at him over it. Especially since I know for sure something like that never would have happened back in my day.

Amy: …

Hmm, from the sounds of things, this guy must really care about you. In fact, he may even be in love with you!

Scorch: S-Say what!?

Amy: He is, isn't he? Awwww, that’s so cute!

Scorch: I-It’s nothing like that, trust me!

Amy: So, what does this guy look like? Have you been on a date with him?

Scorch: I’m serious! You’re definitely getting the wrong idea, here!

Amy: Oh, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, believe me! Love changes everything! It makes you feel as if every little moment in your life is huge!

Ten minutes later…

Amy: …Yep, so basically, in a nutshell, love conquers all!


Scorch: Zzzzzz…

Amy: I don’t believe it! She went to sleep right in the middle of my speech! Ooh, how rude! This is at least the fourth time something like this has happened! The only difference is that Ray isn’t around this time… Ah, well. I guess this isn’t too big of a deal. After everything Scorch has been through recently, she must have been pretty tired.

Scorch: Zzzzzz…

Amy: *Gets a blanket from the closet, and places it over her* Goodnight. Sweet dreams, my friend.

Scorch: Zzzzzz…

Amy: (You know, speaking of Ray, I’d still like to get to the bottom of that “secret” of his that Slush mentioned before…)

Meanwhile, on Ringstar Island…

Oceana: Luna? There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you…

Luna: Sure, what is it?

Oceana: You’ve lived on this island your whole life, so you know this island better than anyone else, right?

Luna: Uh huh…

Oceana: I was wondering… Since the Flame Element Gem was found at “Mount Volcana”, and mine was found at “Lake Oceana”, could there also be a place called “Mount Frostina”, or something else along those lines?

Luna: Now that you mention it, there is. Mount Frostina… It’s said to be one of the coldest places on the planet, with extremely strong winds and sub-zero temperatures.

Oceana: Oh, I see. I’d hate to ask this of you, Luna, since you’re preoccupied with your duties and everything, but would you mind finding the Snow Element Gem for me? Believe me, I’d love to go over there and get it myself, but I can’t handle cold temperatures very well…for obvious reasons.

Luna: Sure, just leave it to me.

Oceana: Okay, thank you, I appreciate it.

Luna: No problem, but you’ll have to do something for me in return.

Oceana: I’m listening.

Luna: While I’m away, would you mind looking after the Celestial and Lunar Emeralds for me?

Oceana:  Sure, I don’t mind.

Luna: Okay, good. There’s no telling exactly when those invaders will be here, and I’d hate to know what would happen if they were to get their grubby hands on them… If they’re to unleash that “Ifrit” thing that the doc spoke of, then it’ll be the end of the world as we know it!

Oceana: *Nods* Don’t worry. I’ll protect these gems at all costs!

Luna: Thank you, I appreciate it.

Oceana:  You’re welcome.

Luna: Now, with that said, I’m off!*Runs off*

Oceana: Hey, hold on a second!

Luna: Hmm? *Stops*

Oceana: Since that place is really as cold as you say, why not see my sister, and get her to surround you with a flame shield? I’d hate for you to catch a cold over there…

Luna: Yeah, good idea. Thanks, I couldn’t ask for a better friend than you, Oceana.

Oceana: Same to you, Luna.

Luna: I’ll see you when I get back! *Runs off*

A little while later, at Dr. Nega’s fortress…

Volcana: Ah, I see, so you’re taking it upon yourself to travel to Mt. Frostina to look for the Snow Element Gem?

Luna: Yeah. Oceana says that you have the ability to create fire shields to protect people from the cold. Would you mind lending me a hand?

Volcana: Not at all. *The Flame Element Gem starts to glow*

*Seconds later, Luna finds herself surrounded with a flame shield, which is akin to the one(s) from Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Generations*

Volcana: There you go. You’re all set.

Luna: Whoa… This is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it!

Volcana: Just keep in mind, though… It’s only temporary.

Luna: Exactly how long does it last?

Volcana: About half an hour, at the most.

Luna: That’s okay. Thirty minutes should be plenty of time.

Volcana: Alright, good luck!

Luna: *Gives her a “thumbs up” as she takes off*

Nega Robotnik: So, there actually IS a locale by the name of “Mount Frostina”, after all? I had a feeling that was the case, but I wasn’t a hundred percent sure. No matter, I guess I’d better contact Four-Point Zero and tell him to call off the search for the-

*A beeping sound is heard before he finishes his sentence*

Nega Robotnik: That must be him now. How convenient. *Picks up the communicator* Ah, Metal Sonic Version 4.0! I’m glad you contacted me. I’m going to need you to withdraw from your current mission. The location of the Snow Element Gem has been found. It resides within a cold, mountainous region in this dimension called “Mt. Frostina”. The Ringstar Island guardian, Luna, is currently on her way to obtain it for us, so searching for Dr. Robotnik’s detector is no longer necessary at this point.

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Through the communicator* Understood. I also have something I’d like to report.

Nega Robotnik: Alright, what is it?

Metal Sonic 4.0: While I was in the process of spying on our enemies to learn about the detector’s whereabouts, I ended up making an interesting discovery of the utmost importance. Apparently, there are some projects that Dr. Robotnik was working on some time ago, but ended up abandoning them. One of them is already finished, while the other one is only in planning stages, in the form of blueprints.

Nega Robotnik: Interesting… Are you suggesting that we make use of them, and add them to our forces?

Metal Sonic 4.0: Yes.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! I figured that’s where you were going with this! Now, about these projects… What are they, exactly, and which of Dr. Robotnik’s bases are they located?

Metal Sonic 4.0: These projects are the “Mechaotix team”, which are apparently robotic copies of that red echidna and the rest of his comrades, and the “Green Hedgehog Project”, which never made it past planning stages. From what I heard, the Mechaotix are at the newly rebuilt Newtrogic High Zone on Carnival Island, inactivated. The Green Hedgehog Project, on the other hand… The blueprints were taken to a workshop of some sort, in the Mystic Ruins.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! Excellent, that’s just what I needed to know! Metal Sonic 4.0, listen carefully! I need you to go in there and swipe those blueprints for me! As for this “Mechaotix” copies, I’ll head over to the Newtrogic High Zone to activate them myself once you return with my dimensional camera.

Metal Sonic 4.0: Understood…beginning new mission now. *Breaks contact*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Once again, luck is just on my side!

Volcana: This “Green Hedgehog Project” that Metal Sonic 4.0 spoke of… He said it was unfinished, didn’t he, Doctor N.? So, exactly how will you be able to find the time to work on both that and the PG Experiments before your enemies find their way over to this dimension? I get the feeling that there’s only a matter of time until they do…

Nega Robotnik: There’s no need to worry. Progress with the Nega Egg Merger and the PG Experiments is coming along very smoothly. At the rate I’ve been going, I’ll have them finished in no time! As for the green hedgehog, I suppose I’ll work on that one as a side project, after the PG Experiments have been thought to life.

Volcana: Ah, okay. Makes sense.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! I’d love to see how Silver, Blaze, and the rest of those fools are going to try and stop me this time! With the Green Hedgehog Project and Mechaotix at my disposal in addition to the PG Experiments, I’ll truly be unstoppable! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Meanwhile, at Tails’ Workshop…

Knuckles: Well, I’m heading back to the altar now, as to not distract you guys from your work. Are you coming, Wechnia?

Wechnia: Sure, why not?

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Busts through the window*

Tails: Huh!?

Knuckles: What the…!?

Robotnik: A…green Metal Sonic!?

Heavy: Hey, Metal Sonic…whichever model you are. There’s a new invention called the “door”. Ever heard of it?

Metal Sonic 4.0: …

Knuckles: Let me guess… Metal Ashura, right?

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Ignores him, jets over to the blueprints, grabs them, and takes off*

Robotnik: WHAT!? NO! Those were the blueprints to the Green Hedgehog Project! We have to stop him, quickly!

Slush: HAAAAH! *Fires an ice beam at him*

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Exits just in time before it hits him*

Slush: Oh, no you don’t! *Runs after him*

*Everyone else does the same*

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Looks back and starts firing eye lasers at the group as he goes*

Tails: Ahhhh! Look out!

*They dodge the lasers as they continue to chase him*

A few minutes later…

*Four-Point Zero gets cornered by the group*

Espio: Looks like we’ve got you surrounded. Just hand over those blueprints, nice and easy…

Metal Sonic 4.0: … *Takes out the dimensional camera*

Robotnik: Wait a minute, that’s…! So, you’re Nega’s creation, huh!? Just as I suspected!

Metal Sonic 4.0: That is correct. I am Metal Sonic Version 4.0, and I am indeed a creation of the Doctor’s. Blueprints to the Green Hedgehog Project… Successfully retrieved! Now that my mission is complete… *Activates a portal* …I bid you farewell. *Jumps through*

*The portal closes as they try to follow him*

Slush: Looks like we’ve been given the slip…

Splash: No pun intended?

Slush: Not at all.

Robotnik: GRRR… Dr. Nega! Curse him! First, the EG Experiments, and now the Green Hedgehog Project!? Things aren’t looking so good right now… At this point, we can’t afford to waste anymore time! We’ve got to make the finishing touches to the machine as quickly as possible!

Bomb: Yeah, and not to mention the fact that we still need the last two emeralds…

Tails: I’m sure they’ll be here soon. Now, with that said, let’s return to the Workshop.

*The start walking away*

Robotnik: *Still standing there* (Hmm, I just realized… When Sonic and his friends cross into that dimension, they may be able to gain access to that dimensional camera, and my plan to have them stranded over there will be ruined. I’d better rethink my plan a bit…)

Tails: What about you, Robotnik? Are you coming?

Robotnik: Ah, yes, of course.

*They go back inside to continue working on the machine*

Meanwhile, in a cavern at Mt. Frostina…

Luna: Ah, here it is! I’ve found it! *Picks up the Snow Element Gem, which is blue with an icy mist around it* Volcana said that this shield lasts for about half an hour, didn’t she? *Looks at her watch* Looks like I’ve got about ten minutes left. I’d better scram before I become a Popsicle! *Runs off*

After coming to the realization that there were only ten minutes left until the flame shield wore off, Luna began running towards the exit with all due speed. However, the moment she got out of the cave, she accidentally slipped and fell, and as such, the gem fell out of her hand, and into the snow.

Luna: Oooof! Wait, what happened to the-

*A flash of light occurs before she finishes the sentence, and a Slush look-alike with a red and dark blue dress, and a light, icy-blue coloring is seen*

???: Huh…? *Looks at her hands* I… I don’t believe it! I’m… I’M FREE! YES! *Jumps up and punches the air*

Luna: *Gets back up* Hey there. You’re…the Snow Goddess, right?

???: That’s right. I’m Frostina, the Goddess of Snow. And you are?

Luna: I’m Luna, Luna the Porchidna. I’m the guardian and protector of Ringstar Island.

Frostina: Freeze to meet you, Luna. Get it, “freeze”? *Giggles*

Luna: Um, yeah, real ice, I mean, nice.

Frostina: Are you the one who freed me?

Luna: Yeah. Your sisters wanted me to find you. I’m sure they must really miss you.

Frostina: I miss them, too. It’s been thousands of years since I’ve spoken to any of them. Anyway, I really appreciate what you’ve done for me, and I just can’t thank you enough for it.

Luna: Hey, don’t sweat it.

Frostina: If there’s anything I could do to repay you at all, just let me know, okay?

Luna: Well, now that you mention it, there is one thing. You see… *Explains*

Frostina: WHAAAAAT!? Seriously!? Not only are these invaders crossing into this dimension to steal your gems, but they also intend to use them to unleash some fiery creature into this world to destroy it!?

Luna: That’s right. Will you help us stop them when they arrive?

Frostina: *Nods* Sure, you can count on me!

Luna: Thanks.

Frostina: Anytime. So, um, you said that you know Volcana and Oceana, right? Do you know where they are, exactly?

Luna: Yeah. Follow me. *Runs off*

Frostina: *Follows*

Elsewhere, at Red Mountain…

Silver: Finally, we’ve found the Chaos Emerald!

Blaze: *Picks it up* Indeed, now we could add this with all the others.

*A vibration occurs*

Silver: Uh oh… That can’t be good! I think this volcano’s about to erupt!

Blaze: Then let’s get out of here! Quickly! Chaos Control!

*A flash of light occurs as they warp away*

As of right now, six Chaos Emeralds have been obtained, with only one more to go. Even so, the clock is still ticking, and Dr. Nega is getting closer and closer to completing his projects. Additionally, the blueprints to Dr. Robotnik’s abandoned “Green Hedgehog Project” have also been stolen, and Nega is determined to make use of it and incorporate it into his own plans. Last, but not least, the Snow Goddess, Frostina has been set free, and she’s decided to join Luna and Oceana in warding off the heroes when they cross into their dimension. Will Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company be able to convince them that they’re merely being manipulated by Dr. Nega? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 11

On the previous chapter of Dimensional Chaos, Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat ventured through Red Mountain in search of the sixth Chaos Emerald. Despite the surrounding environment “open[ing] old wounds” from the countless amounts of battles they’ve had with Iblis in the past, they still continued to forge onward, until they eventually found the emerald. Shortly after obtaining the gem, the volcano began to erupt. Before they ended up getting themselves caught in it, Blaze quickly used the emerald to Chaos Control herself and Silver out of it.

Elsewhere, Metal Sonic Version 4.0, after contacting Dr. Nega about his ancestor’s abandoned projects, decided to break into Tails’ Workshop, and steal the blueprints to the “Green Hedgehog Project”, which Knuckles and Wechnia brought with them after obtaining the fifth Chaos Emerald from Mecha Sonic. All of the heroes, including the supposedly “reformed” Robotnik, began to chase Four-Point Zero down, but before anything could be done, he quickly used Dr. Nega’s dimensional camera to make his getaway.

Meanwhile, on Ringstar Island, Luna has taken it upon herself to venture to Mount Frostina in search of the Snow Element Gem that was said to be there, but not before getting assistance from Volcana, as Oceana suggested. Using her power over the fire element, Volcana surrounded Luna with a flame shield to protect her from the mountain’s sub-zero temperatures. After successfully traveling through Mt. Frostina, Luna eventually found the Snow Element Gem and released the Goddess from within. She then introduced herself as Frostina, the Goddess of Snow.

After thanking Luna for releasing her, Frostina asked if there was anything she could do to repay the guardian for her act of kindness. Taking the Snow Goddess up on her offer, Luna asked Frostina if she would be willing to help her deal with the “dimensional invaders” who will soon be crossing into their world, supposedly to steal the Celestial and Lunar Emeralds to unleash the Ifrit. Determined to help in any way she can, Frostina agreed to it.

With that said, six Chaos Emeralds have been found so far. There’s only one more to go, which Mighty the Armadillo and Tikal the Echidna are searching for at the Lost World. What dangers await the pair over there? Will Tails, Heavy, Bomb, and Dr. Robotnik be able to complete the adjustments to the Tornado Time Twister before the rest of Dr. Nega’s plans are put into effect? When all seven of the emeralds are together, will our heroes catch onto Robotnik’s scheme before it’s too late? What about the mysterious Black-Hog, who also intends to use the emeralds for his own nefarious purposes? Lastly, when our heroes cross into the Lunar Dimension, will they have what it takes to lure Luna and Oceana over to their side, and convince them that Dr. Nega is merely playing them for fools? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Meanwhile, at the Lost World…

*Mighty and Tikal are being chased by a boulder*

Mighty: WHOOOAAH! You didn’t tell me there were any boulders in this place, Tikal!

Tikal: I’m sorry. I haven’t been to this place in so long, that it must have slipped my mind somehow!

Mighty: Hey, don’t worry about it. For now… *Carries her*

Tikal: *Blushes*

Mighty: Let’s just focus on getting out of here! *Takes off*

*The boulder continues to chase them as they move downhill*

Minutes later…

Mighty: Oh, geez! Looks like we’ve reached a dead end!

*The boulder starts closing in on them*


Mighty: Alright, here goes nothing! *Sits Tikal down*

Just as the boulder was closing in on them, Mighty, using his super strength, stopped it with one hand, and used the other to punch it, effectively smashing it into pieces.

Tikal: Whew… That was a close one!

Mighty: Yeah. For a second there, I was beginning to think we were done for!

You know, come to think of it, maybe that’s what I should’ve done from the beginning, don’t you think?

Tikal: I suppose so, but the important thing is that we made it out of that okay. With that said, I think that was truly amazing!

Mighty: Oh, uh, you really think so? *Starts to blush as he touches the back of his head*

Tikal: Mm hmm. You’re very strong, being able to lift and break boulders with such ease like that.

Mighty: Heh heh, thanks! ^^;;

Tikal: *Giggles* You’re welcome. In any case, now that that’s out of the way, why don’t we continue looking for the Chaos Emerald?

Mighty: Right.

*They resume their search for the emerald*

Elsewhere, in the city of Station Square…

Amy: …

*Cue Flashback (from The Goddess of Destruction Part 20b)*

Slush: […] No offense, Amy, but for someone who's always claiming to have a "sixth sense about that sort of thing", you sure can be naïve sometimes.

Amy: What do you mean!? Are you saying that you know something about this that I don't!?

Slush: That's exactly what I'm saying, but if you want to know what it is, you're going to have to find out yourself. I already promised that I wouldn't tell.

*End Flashback*

Amy: *Starts walking down the sidewalk, deep in thought* (What could she have possibly meant!? This has been bothering me for the past seven months or so! I’ve even used that ability of mine to try spying on Ray and Seedra before, and I still have yet to find anything! It’s almost as if they know about my invisibility technique, but how could they…!? Wait, of course! Slush must have told them! Yeah, that’s it! That’s why I haven’t been able to get anything from th-)

*She ends up bumping into someone before finishing her sentence, and they both fall over*

Amy: Oooooof! *Looks up* Hey! You watch where you’re going, Boobowski! *Stands up*

Tiara: I need to watch where I’M going!? *Gets back up* YOU were the one who bumped into ME!

*They anime lightning glare at one another*

???: *Scratches his head in confusion*

Amy: *Glances at the bow-tied rabbit* Oh, hi there!

???: *Waves*

Amy: I’m Amy, Amy Rose. And you are?

???: *Holds up one finger, indicating that he’s telling her to wait a second, and then jets off*

*Seconds later, the word “ZIPPO” is written/engraved within the grass*

Amy: “Zippo”… That’s your name, right?

Zippo: *Nods*

Amy: It’s nice to meet you.

Zippo: *Politely bows*

Amy: *Looks toward Tiara* He…doesn’t really say much, does he?

Tiara: That’s because he can’t…at least not at the moment. I don’t know all the details, exactly, but at some point, he yelled so loud, that he temporarily lost his voice.

Amy: Oh, I see. I’m sorry to hear that.

By the way, Boobowski, exactly how do you two know each other?

Tiara: Well…

Amy: Wait, I think I know! He’s…your boyfriend, isn’t he?

Tiara: Wait, what!?

Zippo: …!?

Amy: He is, isn’t he? So, if that’s the case, does that mean…that you’ve finally given up on Sonic!?

Tiara: Pffft, dream on. First of all, Zippo and I are just friends. Old friends, that is. The two of us grew up together, so he’s a lot like a brother to me. Secondly, I’d never give up on Sonic. He and I are just destined to be!

Amy: No, I’M the one who’s destined to be with Sonic!

Tiara: No, I am!

Amy: No, me!

*They continue arguing back and forth*

Zippo: *Silent sigh* (What could this “Sonic” possibly have…that I don’t…?)

Meanwhile, at the Lunar Dimension…

Oceana: *Sitting by at the emeralds* ♪♪♪ If you’re strong, you can fly, you can reach the other side of the rainbow… ♪♪♪ It’s alright, take a chance, ‘cause there is no circumstance that you can’t handle! ♪♪♪ Mr. Bad’s got it good, but this ain’t his neighborhood he’s- ♪♪♪ *Notices Volcana* Eek! *Jumps up, slightly startled* Oh, hey, Volcana. How long have you been there?

Volcana: I just got here, actually. Since Luna will most likely be coming back with Frostina and the Snow Element Gem, I thought I’d stop by.

Oceana: Makes sense.

Volcana: By the way, I had no idea you were such a good singer!

Oceana: You really think so? Thanks!

Volcana: No prob. Have you ever thought of making a career out of that, or something?

Oceana: To be honest, that’s never really crossed my mind, but I just may consider it someday. *Looks ahead and gasps* …!

Volcana: Hmm? What’s the matter? *Looks* Oh!

*Luna and Frostina approach the altar*

Luna: I’m back!

Frostina: Volcana, Oceana! It’s been so long!

*The three of them hug*

Luna: So, this is what family reunions are like…

Oceana: Hmm?

Luna: Well, as you already know, I’ve lived on this island my whole life, and I’ve been alone as far back as I can remember. Up until now, I’ve never really known what it was like to have family, or even friends for that matter…

Oceana: Oh, I see. I’m sorry to hear that, but there’s no need to feel that way anymore, Luna. You’ve got us now, so you’ll never have to worry about being alone again.

Frostina: Shannah’s right. It’s because of you, along with that “Doctor N.” guy, that we were reunited in the first place. We owe so much to the both of you.

Oceana: That’s right. Even though we’ve only known each other for a short amount of time so far, I think I can safely say that you’re one of the nicest people I’ve met so far, Luna. In fact, you’re…a lot like a sister to me.

Luna: You…really mean that?

Oceana: Of course I do. You’re my best friend. As far as I’m concerned, you’re our sister, too.

Volcana: Basically, everything they said. If you want, you’re free to join our little group hug.

Luna: Thanks, I… *Wipes a tear from her eye* …Don’t mind if I do.

*Luna joins their group hug*

Meanwhile, at the Newtrogic High Zone…

Nega Robotnik: Welcome to life, my friends! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Doctor Eggman Nega, also known as “Nega Robotnik”, “Dr. Nega”, or simply “Doctor N.”, if you prefer. I am the brilliant descendant of your creator, Dr. Ivo Robotnik! The five of you are known as the “Mechaotix” team.

Knuckles Clone: “Mech Chaotix”? I suppose we can live with that.

Vector Clone: Yeah. You might think this is a stupid question, but…what’re our names, exactly?

Nega Robotnik: So, my ancestor didn’t bother to give you individual names? Well, I suppose that’s up to me then. *Thinks* How about… “Mechidna”... “Armordillo” … “Mechameleon”… “Beedroid”, and… “Mechadile”?

*They agree to the names*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Excellent! I’m glad we’re all on the same page!

Beedroid: Um, no offense, Doctor, but your laugh is really, REALLY weird…

Mechadile: Yeah, I’m gonna hafta agree wit’ cha, there.

Nega Robotnik: None taken. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard someone say that.

Beedroid: Hee hee, “bee the first time”. Get it, you guys? *Snickers*

Armordillo: Huh?

Ah, right, I get it. Nice one.

Nega Robotnik: Yes, very nice indeed. Now, without further ado, let’s move onto more…important matters. Why don’t the five of you come with me to my fortress? I’d like to test your abilities, if that’s alright with you. It’ll be good practice for when you take revenge on Dr. Robotnik, along with his associates, for abandoning you the way he did!

Mechameleon: Sure, why not? Just out of curiosity, exactly what is it that you have against your ancestor?

Nega Robotnik: It’s a long story, so I’d rather not bore you with all the details right now. *Takes out his dimensional camera and activates another portal* Follow me now, gentlemen. My base is right this way! *Jumps through the portal*

*The Mechaotix follow*

Elsewhere, later on, at the Lost World entrance at the Mystic Ruins…

Tikal: *Holding the clear Chaos Emerald* Finally… The Chaos Emerald is in our hands!

Mighty: Yep. Along with the one that Tails already has at his workshop, that makes seven of them! Assuming that Knuckles and the others found the rest that were being detected on radar, that is.

Tikal: Yeah. Why don’t we go ahead and drop this off? That way, you and I can pick up where we left off. You know, before all of this started? *Winks*

Mighty: Heh heh, sounds good!

Tikal: Chaos Con-

Before Tikal had the chance to finish her sentence, a smoke bomb was suddenly thrown in front of the. The moment it came in contact with the ground, it exploded, clouding Mighty and Tikal’s vision in the process.

Tikal: *Coughs*

Mighty:  Where…where did that come from!? *Comes*

???: HAHAHAHA… Too easy!

Mighty: Wait a minute, that voice… This is Bean, isn’t it!?

Bean: You got it!

Nack: ‘N’ ‘dat ain’t all! I’m here, too, ya know!

Mighty: I should’ve figured…

Nack: Oh, ‘n’ by ‘da way… *Snatches the emerald from Tikal*

Tikal: Hey!

Nack: Thanks fa ‘de emerald, chumps!

Bean: Yep, couldn’t have done it without ya! Actually, no, we could’ve… We just figured it was a lot easier having YOU do all the dirtywork for us!

Mighty: GRRR…

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA! Sayonara, suckers! C’mon, Bean, let’s go ahead ‘n’ bus’ outta ‘dis joint! *Runs off*

Bean: *Does the same*

Tikal: Hey, you get back here! *Chases after them*

Mighty: *Follows them, too*

Meanwhile, further into the jungle…

Spangle: *Sniffs the Marvelous Queen for Nack’s scent* Yep, he’s definitely been here, no doubt about it.

Spike: He was? Uh, how do you know?

Spangle: Ah, come on, ain’t it obvious? His vehicle is here, and so is his scent.

Spike: Oh, okay. So, what do we do next?

Spangle: …

*Anime fall*

Spike: What? What’d I do?

Spangle: *Gets back up* In other words, if we follow this scent, we’ll finally be able to catch that dirtbag and have ‘im put away! Spike, buddy, no offense, but shouldn’t that have been common sense?

Spike: Uh, maybe, but shouldn’t it also be common sense that if a girl slaps you, then she doesn’t like you?

Spangle: Like I said before, that busty babe was just playin’ hard to get, that’s all.

Spike: Uh huh. Sure she was.

Spangle: Ah, shut up. Anyway, let’s go ahead and find Fang before he gets away. The sooner we arrest him, the sooner the rest of the force will start taking us seriously! *Runs off*

Spike: *Follows*

Meanwhile, at the scene of the chase…

Nack: So, ‘da two o’ youse ‘r’ followin’ us, eh? Time fa me ta bussa cap ‘n ‘da bofa yas! *Aims his gun at them, and fires*

Tikal: Ahhhhhh! *Dodges*

Mighty: *Briefly turns around and blocks the bullet with his shell*

Bean: Here, have a taste of Dynamite Power instead! *Tosses a few bombs at them*

*They dodge those, too*

A little while later…

Nack: What ‘da…!? How’d ‘ju manage ta geddin front’ve us!?

Tikal: We took a shortcut. Like Knuckles, I know all about this island’s secret passages.

Mighty: Why don’t the two of you stop running, and face us?

Nack: Yeah, y’know what? ‘Dat’s fine wit’ me! Ah’m gettin’ tired o’ you, Sonic, ‘n’ ‘da rest o’ ‘dose Chaotix chumps pokin’ ya noses into our bui’ness all ‘da time!

Mighty: …What’re you talking about? You’re the ones who took the emerald from us!

Nack: Wudevah! ‘Da point is, we’re gonna go ahead ‘n’ settle ‘dis! Right here ‘n’ now!

Bean: You got that right. This time, the only way YOU’RE walking away from this battle is in pieces!

Mighty: Just try it!

Tikal: We’re ready when you are!

Nack: HAHAHA! A’ight, you asked for it, chumps!

*The battle begins*

Minutes later into the fight…

Nack: Oooof! Not bad, chump! Not bad! Unfoichunately fa you, though, it’s ‘de end o’ ‘da line!

Mighty: Is that so?

Nack: *Takes out his gun again and fires more bullets at Mighty*

Mighty: *Dodges them* Honestly, why do you even bother? At this point, you’re just wasting ammo.

Nack: HA! I wouldn’t get too cocky if I was you, bruddah! It’s true ‘dat ‘chu might have ‘da speed ta dodge all my bullets ‘n’ whatnot, but whadda ‘bout ‘cha li’l girlfriend?

Tikal: Wait, what!?

Mighty: Hey! Your fight’s with me! Leave her out of this!

Nack: HAHAHAHA! Oh, don’t ‘chu worry! You’ll get ya toin! *Aims the gun at Tikal, getting ready to pull the trigger* Lights out, wench!

Tikal: …!

Just in time before Nack pulled the trigger, Mighty abruptly got in front of Tikal, and ended up taking the bullet instead, effectively injuring his side before he had the chance to block the projectile with his shell.

Mighty: UHHHHHHH!!! *Kneels down, holding his side*

Tikal: MIGHTY!!!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It was a bull’s eye, a freakin’ bull’s eye! I knew ‘dat was gonna woik, I just KNEW it!

Tikal: What!? What do you mean!?

Nack: Me aimin’ my gun at ‘chu was just a ruse ta get ‘im ta let ‘is guard down, ‘n’ keep ‘im from dodgin’ anuddah one o’ my bullets! In uddah woids, he’s ‘da one I intended ta shoot all along! ‘N’ it woiked poifectly, just I knew it would! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah’mma freakin’ GENIUS!

Tikal: You MONSTER! How could you!?

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Like Ah’m always sayin’, as long as it comes down ta me gettin’ paid, ‘den I do wudevah it takes ta get ‘da job done!

Tikal: *Starts fuming with anger*

Nack: *Aims his gun at her again* Time ta say goodnight, toots! *Pulls the trigger, but nothing happens other than clicking sound* What ‘da…!? Ah, crap! Not again!

Tikal: *Charges at Nack, tackles him, and starts punching him repeatedly*


Bean: *Shoves Tikal off of Nack*

Tikal: Uhhhhh! *Falls over*

Nack: *Gets up* Ya stinkin’ li’l wench! Ya lucky I ran outta ammo, y’hear!? ‘Cause I’d pump ya guts full o’ lead right now!

Tikal: *Stands up again, too*

Bean: You still have a knife, don’t you? Why not stab her, or something?

Nack: Y’know, ‘dat’s just what I had in mind! *Reaches for the knife on his belt*

*Spangle and Spike arrive before he does*

Spangle: Hey, you two there! Freeze! *Points a gun at them*

Spike: *Does the same* You’re under arrest!

Nack: Ah, damn it! Of all places fa ‘da cops ta be, why here!?

Bean: I vote we run! *Takes off*

Nack: You’re definitely speakin’ my language, bruddah! *Follows him, accidentally and unknowingly dropping the Chaos Emerald from his belt in the process*

*Spangle and Spike chase after them*

Mighty: Cowards… Ghhhh…! *Holds his side*

Tikal: *Rushes toward Mighty and kneels beside him* Mighty… Are…are you alright!?

Mighty: D-Don’t worry; I’ll…be fine…

Tikal: You… You got hurt because of me… I’m so sorry…

Mighty: Hey, don’t…don’t sweat it. It wasn’t your fault… I’m the one who…fell for that trick of his…

Tikal: I know you’re the one who turned out to be his intended target, but still… No one’s ever done something like that for me before, and I just want you to know that I’m very grateful for it. Thank you… *Kisses him*

Mighty: …! *Turns completely red* R-Really, it was nothing. ^^;;

Tikal: *Giggles* Now, didn’t Shadow say before that there were some healing devices up at the ARK? You know, which he used on Tiara that one time?

Mighty: Ah, yeah, I do remember him saying that, come to think of it!

Tikal: Come on. *Picks up the Chaos Emerald, and helps Mighty up* Let’s get you healed. Chaos Control!

*They disappear in a flash of light*

At last, all seven Chaos Emeralds have been obtained, and the adjustments to the Tornado Time Twister are getting closer to completion, which means that the Chaotix and company will soon be able to cross into the Lunar Dimension to put a stop to Dr. Nega’s latest scheme. However, even as we speak, his project is also close to completion. Not only that, but he’s been recruiting new additions to his forces, including the Mechaotix team. Will Tails and Dr. Robotnik be able to complete the Time Twister’s adjustments before the “PG Experiments” are finished? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 12

When we last left off on Dimensional Chaos, Mighty and Tikal ventured through the Lost World to obtain the seventh Chaos Emerald. Despite the danger that lurked over there, such as rolling boulders and other things, they eventually managed to overcome these obstacles and obtain the Chaos Emerald. Shortly after they left, however, the two notorious criminals, Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite show up seemingly out of nowhere and stole the gem from them. Mighty and Tikal then began to chase the crooks down, all the while dodging their bullets and bombs.

After taking a shortcut and heading them off, Nack and Bean decided to stop running, and face the two of them in battle, instead. Sometime later into the fight, Mighty ended up getting himself injured by Nack while taking a bullet for Tikal, who was supposedly being aimed at. As it turned out, Mighty was his intended target all along. Due to his injury, he was no longer in the position to continue battling, so Tikal began taking on Nack herself, attacking him in a fit of rage over what he did to Mighty. Not very long afterwards, Spangle the Wolf and Spike the Bulldog, the two seemingly “incompetent” police officers (who had been searching for Nack to have him arrested) arrived on the scene, and held the two crooks at gunpoint. However, before Nack and Bean had the chance to get arrested, they decided to run off, while Spangle and Spike gave chase.

Elsewhere, Dr. Nega, after being informed about Dr. Robotnik’s abandoned projects by Metal Sonic 4.0, decided to take it upon himself to venture to the Newtrogic High Zone and awaken the robots. These robots turned out to be the “Mechaotix”, a group of five mechanical clones of the Chaotix team. Since Robotnik never ended up giving them individual names before abandoning them, Dr. Nega came up with some instead. The names he came up with were “Mechidna”, “Armordillo”, “Mechameleon”, “Beedroid”, and “Mechadile”. After getting themselves acquainted, Dr. Nega decided to take them to his fortress in the Lunar Dimension, so he could test their abilities in combat and add them to his army.

Now that all seven Chaos Emeralds have been found, all that’s left is for the heroes to cross into the Lunar Dimension, and put a stop to Dr. Nega’s scheme. Will they have what it takes to stop him from replicating the EG Experiments, or are they already too late? What about Dr. Robotnik, who’s been secretly plotting against the heroes ever since he, Tails, Heavy, and Bomb began making adjustments to the Tornado Time Twister? What about the mysterious Black-Hog, who’s also been waiting for the heroes to collect the emeralds, so he could use them for his own nefarious purposes? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Here, we begin the story a few days later, where Dr. Nega has not only completed the Nega Egg Merger, but the first four PG Experiments, as well.

*Volcana enters the room with Luna, Oceana, and Frostina*

Volcana: Doctor N., we’re back!

Oceana: Hello. Good day to you, Doctor.

Nega Robotnik: Ah, hello, ladies. I’m glad you could make it.

Luna: *Notices the PG Experiments* Whoa! Are these the other Goddesses that you’ve been trying to create for the past few days?

Nega Robotnik: Correct! Allow me to formally introduce you to my…"daughters", the “Parallel Goddess Experiments”! *Points to one of them* This is the first of them, Stonia, the Goddess of Earth! Codenamed: PG-001!

Stonia: Hey. What’s up?

Nega Robotnik: *Points to the next* This is the second one, Woodra, the Goddess of Flora! Codenamed: PG-002!

Woodra: Hello, how do you do? Nice to meet you!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… Yes, as you can see, my dear Woodra has developed a habit of constantly rhyming in her speech. You’ll get used to it after a while. Now, onto the next one… *Points* This is the third of my PG Experiments! Electra, the Goddess of Thunder! Codenamed: PG-003!

Electra: Hi, how’s it going?

Nega Robotnik: *Points to the next* And this is Tornada, the Goddess of Air! Codenamed: PG-004!

Tornada: Hi there!

Oceana: It’s a pleasure to meet you all. I’m your older sister, Oceana, the Goddess of Waves. I also go by “Shannah” sometimes.

Frostina: I’m your other older sister, Frostina, the Goddess of Snow, or if you prefer, “Frostine” or “Tina”. I, too, am just chilled, I mean THRILLED to meet you.

Luna: I’m Luna the Porchidna. I’m the guardian and protector of this island. It’s nice to meet you.

Tornada: By the way, what’s a “Porchidna”?

Luna: It’s a cross between an echidna and a porcupine.

Tornada: Ohhhh, okay!

What’s an echidna?

Everyone: ...

*They anime fall*

Tornada: Was it…something I said?

Luna: …Don’t worry about it. Anyway, doc, I couldn’t help noticing that one of them seems to be missing. Didn’t you say before that there was supposed to be five of them?

Nega Robotnik: Yes, but PG-005 is incomplete at the moment. I’m currently in need of a specific power source to bring her to life.

Luna: What kind of energy source, exactly?

Nega Robotnik: The energy source that‘s needed is Chaos energy.

Come to think of it, I believe you have exactly what I’m looking for!

Luna: I do?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! That’s right! Luna, would you be so kind as to let me borrow those Lunar Emeralds of yours, please? I’ll give them right back to you as soon as I’m finished. You have my promise.

Luna: Sure thing. I’ll be right back. *Jets out of the room*

Nega Robotnik: (Eee hee hee hee hee! Once again, things are all going according to plan! When we first met a few days ago, I had initially planned on stealing those emeralds, but since Luna, Oceana, and Frostina bought into that story of mine, she’s saving me the trouble by practically handing them to me! Eee hee hee hee hee! Even now, I’m still amazed as to how naïve these fools are!)

Elsewhere, at the workshop, Tails, Dr. Robotnik, Heavy, and Bomb were finished adding dimension-ripping capabilities to the Tornado Time Twister. As such, all of the heroes, including ones who weren’t present during the emerald-hunting process (such as Ray the Flying Squirrel, Honey the Cat, Tiara Boobowski, Professor Porkenstein, EG-002/Seedra, EG-005/Silvra, just to name a few) were all lined up at Tails’ Workshop, preparing to cross into the Lunar Dimension.

Porkenstein: I do say! That’s quite a machine you’ve got there!

Robotnik: Yes, I know, isn’t it? After all, something like this is to be expected from a genius, such as I, with an undisputed IQ of 300!

Tails: Hey, hey! Don’t go trying to take all the credit! It’s my machine, first of all, and secondly, Heavy, Bomb, and I worked on making those adjustments, too!

Robotnik: Maybe so, but adding those dimension-ripping abilities to it was my idea in the first place.

*They “anime lightning” glare at one another*

Splash: *Gets between them* Now, now… Let’s not fight, okay, you two? Can’t we all just make peace and get along? Plus, we’re supposed to be focused on stopping Dr. Nega, remember?

Tails: …Fine.

Robotnik: Very well.

Charmy: Hee hee, “supposed to bee focused”. Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Marine: Good one, mate!

Heavy: Ugh… Just give that a rest already, will you? The same joke could only be funny so many times, but the thing is, that one never was to begin with.

Charmy: *Sticks his tongue at Heavy*

Heavy: Ooh, you sure showed me.

*Minutes later, another argument breaks out; this time, between Amy and Tiara*

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Sonic: Why me…?

Vector: I dunno about anyone else, but I’ve always found these li’l arguments o’ theirs freakin’ entertainin’!

Charmy: Hee hee, same here! They’re really, REALLY funny!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Ugh. *Facepalm* I’m surrounded by fools.

Vector: What’d ‘ju say!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: The only respectable ones here are Scorch, Dr. Robotnik, and myself.

Tiara: *Glares at Three-Point Zero* I’ve got two words: Up yours!

Slush: Yeah, “respect” THIS, asshole! *Flips him off*

Heavy: Oh, yes, you are SO right! What could possibly be more “respectable” than suffering countless defeats at the hands of a so-called “inferior, outdated model”? Idiot.

Metal Sonic 3.0: … *Clenches his fist in anger*

Shock: Owned.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Obsolete tin can! You’re lucky I don’t kill you where you stand!

Seedra: …So, Three-Point Zero, exactly why are YOU here, anyway?

Ray: I was thinking the same thing.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Not that I owe you an explanation, but there’s a “Metal Sonic Version 4.0” that’s rumored to exist. I intend to dispose of him, as well as Metal Blaze, and prove myself stronger than them. I then formed a temporary alliance with Metal Sonic, since we have a common enemy. Since he appears to be allied with you all, then I suppose this means the rest of you are included.

Heavy: Ooh, lucky us!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Glares* Don’t go thinking this changes anything between us, however. I haven’t forgotten about your meddling in one of my previous battles against Metal Sonic… *Glares at Ray and Seedra next* Nor have I forgotten about that incident at Casinopolis! As soon as Metal Blaze and Four-Point Zero are taken care of, not only do I intend to dispose of obsolete scum, Metal Sonic… *Gets in Ray’s face* …But you two, as well!

Ray: Just try it!

Metal Sonic 3.0: I don’t need to “try”; it’s already a guaranteed result.

Ray: GRRR…

Slush: Why not add me to that list? In case you’ve forgotten, I still have a bone to pick with you.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmph. Not that it’ll be worth my time, but if you insist. Who am I to turn down a deathwish?

Slush: Just you wait, you conceited prick. You’ll be eating those words when this is all over.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Don’t make me laugh.

Knuckles: …What ever happened to you not being able to talk? I liked that a LOT better.

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Amy: That’s the same thing I said before!

Metal Sonic 3.0: I’ve always been able to speak. I just didn’t think vermin like you were worth speaking to.

Knuckles: Why don’t you say that to my face, or would you rather say it to my fist!? *Holds it in front of his face*

Robotnik: Yes, awfully sorry to interrupt, but Metal Sonic 4.0’s existence is more than just a rumor, I’m afraid. As a matter of fact, he showed up here just a few days ago and stole the blueprints to the Green Hedgehog Project!

Metal Sonic 3.0: WHAT!? Four-Point Zero was here!? *Starts to surround himself with electric current*

*Everyone quickly spreads out as a 3.0 releases a golden aura in an eruption of anger*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Angrily clenches his fist again* I’LL RIP HIM APART! *Rushes over to the Tornado Time Twister, and starts pressing buttons*

Tails: Hey, wait a second! You don’t know what you’re-

Before Tails had the chance to finish his sentence, the machine ended up getting activated. After it was turned on, both the Chaos and Sol Emeralds began to glow, and a dimensional portal was generated.

Tails: …doing.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Looks toward Robotnik* When Metal Sonic gets here, can you tell him that I’ve gone on ahead?

Robotnik: I’ll keep that in mind.

Metal Sonic 3.0: I’ll make Nega realize his mistake when I’m finished crushing both Four-Point Zero AND Metal Blaze at the palm of my hands! When that’s done and over with, he’ll know for sure that I am the strongest! As for the rest of you, you might as well not even bother coming. A bunch of weaklings like you would only slow us down. *Jumps through the portal*

Everyone: …

Sonic: Man, that guy’s got some SERIOUS problems.

Splash: Yes, and I’m surprised one of those “problems” doesn’t involve being unable to see past his nose.

Vector: Yeah, whatta smug piece o’ crap!

*Just about everyone else agrees or says something similar*

Porkenstein: Indeed. Here, I thought the wanker couldn’t get anymore pretentious!

Mecha Amy: Ooooh…! That guy makes me SOOOO angry! Just WHO does he think he is!? What gives HIM the right to just talk down on people like that!?

Heavy: Honestly, I’m no fan of Four-Point Zero, either, but here’s hoping that either he or this “Metal Blaze” ends up tearing his circuits out.

Slush: If they fail to do so, I’d be more than happy to do it myself.

Scorch: …How odd. He doesn’t act this way towards me, but whatever. Anyway, I’m going on ahead, too! I’ll see you guys there! *Jumps through the portal*

Robotnik: I’m going to stay here and…watch the machine. I’ll see you all when you get back. Good luck! I’m counting on you to stop Dr. Nega and get those blueprints back!

Everyone: …

Robotnik: …What? Is something the matter?

Sonic: Do you REALLY think we’re gonna leave YOU alone with BOTH sets of emeralds? Yeah, nice try, Ro-butt-nik!

Blaze: You took the words right out of my mouth! How stupid do you think we are?

Robotnik: *Groans in annoyance* Why can’t you all get it through your heads, and accept the fact that I’ve truly given up my evil ways!?

Bomb: Probably because it turned out to be untrue the last couple of times you made that claim.

Robotnik: You all made that exact same assumption about me at last month’s Christmas gathering, remember? Then, as it turned out, I had absolutely nothing to do with what was going on! That was all Nega’s doing!

Knuckles: Maybe so, but you’re still coming with us! *Starts dragging him by the arm*

Robotnik: Hey, wait a minute, now! What do you think you’re doing!? Unhand me! (HAHAHAHAHAHA… Yes, these fools are playing right into my hand! I’m such a genius, I even amaze myself sometimes!)

Following after both Scorch and Metal Sonic 3.0, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company decided to pass through the dimensional portal, and into the Lunar Dimension, bringing a (seemingly) reluctant Robotnik with them. Meanwhile, at Dr. Nega’s base…

Luna: *Comes back, holding seven flat, circular gems; each with a different color and a crescent moon symbol* Here they are, Doc. All seven of the Lunar Emeralds…

Nega Robotnik: Ah, thank you very much, Luna!

Luna: Don’t mention it.

Nega Robotnik: Now, everyone, this way, please.

A little while later…

*A golden-colored Silvra look-alike is seen lying on the table*

Stonia: So, this is the fifth one, huh?

Nega Robotnik: That’s right. As you can see, PG-005 is built somewhat different from you and your sisters. In addition to being partly robotic, she’ll possess power over all seven elements. In order to achieve this, I intended to use the Nega Egg Merger to infuse element-based samples together with the Lunar Emeralds, and have them transferred to the gem that PG-005 is wearing in order to create a Multi-Elemental Gem.

Frostina: So, if those element samples are being fused together with the emeralds, does that mean they’ll be “Elemental Emeralds”?

Nega Robotnik: Precisely! Is that okay with you, Luna?

Luna: Sure, why not? *Looks at the machine* I just need to place the emeralds into these slots, right?

Nega Robotnik: That’s right.

Luna: *Loads the emeralds into the machine*

After Luna inserted the emeralds into the machine, Dr. Nega quickly activated it. About a minute or so later, all seven of the Lunar Emeralds were merged together with element-based samples. However, like Robotnik’s machine did in the previous story, the machine began to malfunction, and ended up exploding, causing the seven Elemental Emeralds to get scattered all throughout Ringstar Island.


Electra: That was…unexpected…

Woodra: Yeah. I didn’t know that machine would just blow…

Nega Robotnik: How can this be!? I’ve spent days working on that machine, only for it to go up in smoke!

Oceana: I’m so sorry that had to happen, Doctor…

Luna: So am I. So, what happened to the Lunar, I mean, Elemental Emeralds, exactly? Did they get destroyed in the explosion?

Nega Robotnik: Not up to my knowledge. *Looks around* I don’t see any of their pieces around, so perhaps they ended up getting scattered somewhere. That’s my only explanation.

Electra: So, if that’s the case, all we need to do is find them, and then you’ll be able to complete the experiment, right?

Nega Robotnik: Yes, but it may take a while. That is, unless you all decide to split up and search for them in different locales.

Oceana: I’ll take it that you have an emerald detector of some sort?

Nega Robotnik: Yes, I’ve recently decided to install one into my computer. I’ll take a look at it now.

A little while later…

Nega Robotnik: Ah, I’ve found them! It doesn’t look as if they’ve gotten very far! If you act now, you should still be able to catch them!

Woodra: An emerald hunt? This ought to be fun. Yes, Doctor. Consider it done.

Metal Blaze: *Enters the room*

Nega Robotnik: Ah, Metal Blaze. What can I do for you?

Metal Blaze: Doctor Nega, I have something to report. The original Blaze, as well as the one you call “Silver”, and several of your other enemies have arrived on the island!

Nega Robotnik: WHAT!? Okay, everyone, listen carefully! The people that Metal Blaze have mentioned just now… They’re the invaders I’ve been telling you about for the past few days! The very ones who are seeking the Lunar Emeralds! You must stop them from getting ahold of them at all costs!

Volcana: Sure, just leave it to us, Doctor N.

Oceana: We won’t let you down, Doctor. We’ll be sure to make them pay for each and every innocent life they’ve taken when they destroyed your world!

Nega Robotnik: Good, good, I’m glad to hear it! Remember, the fate of the world, no… The fate of the entire UNIVERSE depends on it!

*Luna the Goddesses rush out of the room*

Nega Robotnik: *Starts snickering as soon as they leave*

Metal Blaze: …

Looks like the long-awaited battle is about to begin! Despite the heroes’ efforts, Dr. Nega has still managed to complete the PG Experiments! All but one of them, that is. Will Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company have what it takes to get ahold of the Lunar/Elemental Emeralds before PG-005 is awakened? More importantly at the moment, will they have what it takes to convince Luna, Oceana, and the others that they’re being lied to? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 13

Last time, on Dimensional Chaos, a few days have passed since the seventh Chaos Emerald has been found, and as such, Tails, Dr. Robotnik, Heavy, and Bomb were finally finished making adjustments to the Tornado Time Twister. Not only that, but Dr. Nega has completed the Egg Merger, as well as the first four of his “daughters”, the Parallel Goddess Experiments. So far, the PG Experiments consisted of PG-001/Stonia, the Goddess of Earth, PG-002/Woodra, the Goddess of Flora, PG-003/Electra, the Goddess of Thunder, and PG-004/Tornada, the Goddess of Air.

The fifth PG Experiment, PG-005, however, was still incomplete. Even though Dr. Nega was almost finished with the project, he was still in need of a specific energy source to bring her to life; an energy source that contained Chaos energy. As it turns out, the Ringstar Island guardian, Luna, had exactly what he needed, which happened to be the Lunar Emeralds. Since she’s still entirely unaware of the deranged doctor’s true intentions, Luna willingly complied with his request to bring the emeralds to him.

As soon as Luna returned with the Lunar Emeralds and handed them over to Dr. Nega, he ran them through the Nega Egg Merger right away. During his attempt to merge the power of the Lunar Emeralds and the element-based samples together, and have them transferred over to PG-005’s gem, an accident ended up occurring. Not only did Nega accidentally create the “Elemental Emeralds”, but the machine exploded, causing the jewels to get sent flying out of the fortress, and throughout various locations on Ringstar Island. Shortly after that happened, Metal Blaze arrived and informed Nega and company that Silver, Blaze, and the rest of his enemies have crossed into the Lunar Dimension, and made their way onto the island. Wasting no time, Luna and the Parallel Goddesses then set off to reclaim the Lunar/Elemental Emeralds, and stop them from falling into the hands of the supposed “dimensional invaders”.

With that said, which side will claim the emeralds first; the heroes, or Dr. Nega and his associates? When the time comes, will they be able to convince Luna (as well as Oceana and Frostina) that they’re merely being manipulated? If or when they do, will it have already been too late? Find out as the saga continues on this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Meanwhile, at a donut shop in Station Square…

Spike: Mm, donuts… *Starts eating*

Spangle: Ugh… *Sips his coffee* I can’t believe those two managed to slip by us the other day! I mean, we were THIS close to catchin’ ‘em!

Spike: Yeah. So, how do you suppose we’re gonna break this to the chief?

Spangle: Oh, but that’s the thing: We’re not. The best thing to do at this point is to not even bother showing up at the station again until we catch those two scumbags. Our job, as well as our reputation, depends on it!

Spike: Good point. I’m sick and tired of getting laughed at all the time…

Spangle: Same here, but once Fang and Bean are caught, that’s all gonna change. We’ll finally get the respect we deserve!

Minutes later…

*They finish off the last of their donuts and coffee, and head out the door*

Spangle: Alright, now let’s start looking for some clues. The sooner we find some, the sooner we’ll be able to- *Notices Madonna up ahead before finishing his sentence* …! *Hearts appear in his eyes as his mouth hangs wide open, with his tongue sticking out*

Spike: *Notices* Oh, boy. Here we go again…

Spangle: *Zooms up to her* Hey there! Fancy runnin’ into you again, eh?

Madonna: Huh? Oh, not you again…

Spangle: Nice to see you, too, babe!

Madonna: What do you want? Whatever it is, make it quick. I’ve got a train to catch.

Spangle: You do? Where’re you headin’?

Madonna: The Mystic Ruins.

Spangle: Really? Whatta coincidence, so are we!

Madonna: You are?

Spike: …We are?

Spangle: Yeah. I dunno about you, but I’ve got a hunch that Fang and Bean might have a secret hideout around there somewhere.

Madonna: Fang? That’s the name of that weasel guy, isn’t it? The one who was failing horribly at a mobster accent?

Spike: Yup, that’s the guy.

Madonna: I thought so. Any reason why you’re trying to find him?

Spangle: Heh heh, well, ya see, babe, that’s ‘cause the two of us happen to be police officers!

Madonna: You two, police officers?


Spangle: I’m serious! I’ll even prove it to ya! *Takes out his badge and holds it up*

Spike: *Does the same*

Madonna: Oh, I see. Sorry about that.

Spangle: Don’t sweat it, babe.

Spike: Since you seem to know about that Fang guy, have you seen him anywhere?

Madonna: Not since the other day, when that creep held me up for my purse!

Spangle: He stole your purse!?

Madonna: Well, yeah, but Sonic ended up getting it back from him.

Spangle: Ah, okay, glad to hear it. Oh, and by the way… If Fang truly does have a hideout at the Mystic Ruins, and happens to be around at the time we get there, you can definitely count on me to protect ya, since Sonic doesn’t seem to be around at the moment.

Madonna: Uh, okay. Thanks.

Spangle: No prob. Now, whadda ya say we go ahead ‘n’ catch that train?

*The three of them get on the train before it takes off*

Meanwhile, in the Lunar Dimension, not very far from Dr. Nega’s base…

Volcana: ...

*Cue flashback (from Part 5)*

Splash: Volcana, wait…

Volcana: Hmm?

Splash: You… You really don’t seem like such a bad person at all, so tell me… Why is it that you’re aligning yourself with someone like Dr. Nega?

Volcana: …

Well, Splash, to make a long story short, I was sealed up for thousands of years. Doctor N. was kind enough to release me, so I’m doing this to repay him for his generosity.

Scorch: …

Splash: I understand, but please take this as a warning… Dr. Nega is no one to be trusted!

Blaze: She’s right, Volcana. He may seem friendly, but make no mistake about it, he’s evil! He’s a user and a manipulator! The moment the opportunity presents itself, he’ll have no qualms with double-crossing you!

Volcana: …

Silver: Yeah, and that’s on top of the fact that he’s just downright INSANE! Do you have any idea what he’s tried to do in the past!? He’s tried to destroy this world countless times!

Blaze: For example, he once endangered my dimension by stealing the Sol Emeralds from it, and outright admitted that he couldn’t have cared less, as long as he achieved “ultimate power”!

Espio: They speak nothing but the truth. You’re only just meeting him, while the rest of us have known him for a while. Perhaps that’s something to consider?

Volcana: …

I’ll believe that when, or should I say, IF I see it. Until then, I’m still obligated to return the favor he’s done for me.

*End flashback*

Volcana: (Doctor N… He told me ahead of time that he was planning to conquer the world, and was completely honest with me about it, but what he told Luna, Oceana, Frostina, and the PG Experiments, on the other hand… It completely contradicted everything that he told me! One minute, he’s telling me that he intends to “bring about an age of fear and chaos”, and the next, he’s telling them that he’s doing all of these things for the sake of peace! Trying to achieve world domination is already one thing, but to outright lie, and trick people into thinking that it’ll bring peace to the world is pretty low! Could it…be that Splash and her friends were right about Doctor N. all along…? Even so, I’m still obligated to return the favor he’s done for me, like I said before, but…does this also mean that I have to choose him over my family…? I… I just don’t know what to do… I’m so confused…)

Oceana: Um, Volcana? Are you doing okay?

Volcana: *Snaps out of it* Oh, uh, yeah. I’m fine, just fine. Why do you ask?

Oceana: Well, you did kinda zone out and everything…

Woodra: I hope you’re not planning on standing around all day. After all, we still have to keep those invaders at bay!

Volcana: …

Now that you mention it, Woodra, there’s something I have to tell you all about Doctor N…

Woodra: Okay, what is it that you have to say?

Stonia: …Does everything you say HAVE to rhyme?

Woodra: Well, what can I say? I just love wordplay.

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Metal Blaze: *Flies up to the group*

Volcana: Hey, Metal Blaze. What’s up?

Metal Blaze: Doctor Nega wanted me to give you these communication devices. *Passes out seven walkie-talkies*

Oceana: Okay, thanks, but aren’t you forgetting one? Luna doesn’t have one…

Luna: It’s no big deal. It just occurred to me that the Celestial Emerald has been left unguarded, and I need to get back to the altar as quickly as possible, before any of those invaders get to it! I’ll see you guys later! *Takes off*

Frostina: Well, I guess that means it’s up to us to find those emeralds. Before we go, what was it that you were trying to tell us about the Doctor, Volcana?

Volcana: Uh, well, you see… I, uh… Nevermind. Don’t worry about it.

Frostina: Well, okay then.

Volcana: Come on, let’s go ahead and start tracking down those emeralds! With Doctor N.’s radar, we should be able to find them in no time!

*They take off*

Elsewhere, on another part of Ringstar Island…

Scorch: Three-Point Zero, I need you to do me a favor.

Metal Sonic 3.0: What is it?

Scorch: When my sisters and their friends get here, would you mind not talking down to them anymore?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Pffft. Why shouldn’t I? Those cretins aren’t worthy of my respect. They make me sick.

Scorch: Look, I’m not saying that you have to like them. I’m just saying that I’d appreciate it if you’d keep your insults to yourself. If I could put my differences with Tikal aside, whom I’m pretty sure I have a far greater reason to hate, I’m sure you could do the same with my sisters, Amy, and all the others.

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Scorch: Plus, I’ve saved your life a few times, haven’t I? That’s the least you could do for me, if nothing else.

Metal Sonic 3.0: ...Very well.

*A portal opens up, and then Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company pass through*

Knuckles: So, this is the alternate dimension that Nega escaped to? *Looks around* This place…it looks oddly familiar for some reason…

Robotnik: Yes, that’s most likely because it’s this dimension’s equivalent of Angel Island. Now, would you mind letting GO of my arm already!?

Knuckles: *Releases him*

Robotnik: Thank you!

Tails: So, where do you suppose Dr. Nega could be?

Charmy: Hee hee, “Dr. Nega could bee”. *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Marine: Rippa as always, mate!

Seedra: Yeah, I’ll say!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Heavy: Ugh… Anyway, and you were saying, Tails?

Tails: Oh, right. I was saying-

*Before he finishes his sentence, the Lunar/Elemental Emeralds are seen getting scattered in several different directions*

Sonic: Whoa! What were those!?

Blaze: I only got a brief glimpse of them, but they appeared to be emeralds of some sort…

Knuckles: Yeah, those were definitely emeralds. The energy I felt from them a second ago was very similar to the type of energy that the Chaos Emeralds give off…

Sonic: That reminds me… I was supposed to give that purple emerald to Madonna! I completely forgot! Hmm, but then again, I did tell her where to find the Workshop, so I guess everything’s okay. *Notices Amy and Tiara glaring* Oh, geez…

Amy: …You were supposed to give WHAT to her!?

Tiara: Who IS this “Madonna”, anyway!?

Sonic: You two are totally getting the wrong idea, here! Uh, Vector, Shock, Charmy, Marine… You guys can help me out with this one, can’t you?

Vector: Madonna’s a friend o’ ours that used ta be part’ve our band sometime ago, and she ended up winnin’ that Chaos Emerald as a prize at Casinopolis. While Sonic ‘n’ Shock were lookin’ for the emeralds, they convinced her to let ‘em borrow it, so it could be used for da machine.

Tiara: Oh, okay. I guess that explains it.

Amy: Yeah, but I still don’t trust that hussy, so I’m gonna continue keeping my eye on her!

Shock: *Rolls her eyes*

Heavy: Ugh, I’m getting sick of this. Sonic, why not just tell them off, already, like you said you were gonna do?

Sonic: …

Amy: You mind your own business!

Silvra: You guys can discuss that later, can’t you? Why don’t we concentrate on trying to find Dr. Nega’s base? Even as we speak, he’s probably in the middle of making those copies of Squash, Seedra, Shock, Storm, and I. I’d hate to know what would happen if another “me” was created, especially by someone like Nega. That’s the last thing this world needs…

Cream: Miss Silvra is right. Can’t the two of you try to get along for a change?

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao!

Amy: …Fine.

Tiara: Yeah, whatever.

Wechnia: Now, back to the subject at hand… How do you suppose we go about finding Dr. Nega’s base? As large as this island is, there’s no telling where it is.

Robotnik: Those emeralds that just scattered a little while ago… I don’t know exactly how as of yet, but something tells me that they may very well be the key to finding exactly where Nega’s base is located.

Espio: I suppose it’s worth a try. It’s the only clue we have at the moment.

Tails: Aw, shoot! If only I had brought my emerald detector with me…

Robotnik: There’s no need to worry. I happen to have one of my own.

Slush: The one in your glasses, right?

Robotnik: Precisely. *Activates it*

Shock: So, Doc, what does it say?

Robotnik: Patience, my dear Shock.

Suddenly, just as Robotnik was in the process of trying to detect the locations of the Elemental Emeralds through his built-in detector, the seven Parallel Goddesses were seen flying by at high speed, in separate directions.

Charmy: Whoa! What was THAT!?

Storm: Seven emeralds getting scattered everywhere, “beams” of multiple elements flying in those same directions… Something tells me this isn’t a coincidence…

Robotnik: Indeed. You may be onto something, Storm. This is exactly what transpired during the Elemental Chaos Rings incident…

Silvra: …

Tails: So, does this mean that the EG Experiment copies have already been created, and that we’re too late!?

Shock: The first four, maybe. As for the fifth, I wouldn’t count on it just yet. Like the Doc just got finished saying, this exact same thing happened while we were all trying to bring Silvra to life, and they’re most likely hunting those unknown emeralds to do the same thing with the copy!

Vector: Ah, geez! Well, whadda we waitin’ for!? Let’s go ahead ‘n’ start huntin’ for the emeralds right away!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Let me just make one thing clear. I couldn’t care less about the EG Experiment copies, including the one of EG-005. It’s of no consequence to me at all. I’m only joining you all on this hunt, so I could find Dr. Nega’s base and put an end to both Metal Blaze and Four-Point Zero’s wretched existence.

Slush: Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before. At this point, you’re just sounding like a broken record.

Mecha Amy: You took the words right outta my mouth.

Seedra: *Rolls her eyes at 3.0* Yeah, so anyway, should we go ahead and split into groups again? We should be able to find those emeralds a lot faster that way.

Knuckles: I don’t see why not.

Porkenstein: Dr. Robotnik, why not go ahead and inform us of the emeralds’ locations, as you were about to do before we spotted those elemental “beams” in the sky?

Robotnik: I was just about to do that. *Checks the detector again* Hmm, how strange…but then again, I suppose that’s to be expected, if this island is truly parallel to Angel Island…

Wechnia: What’s the problem?

Robotnik: In addition to the seven emeralds that we’ve seen getting scattered all over the island, I’m also picking up an energy reading from an eighth one, which has a power reading that’s akin to that of the Master Emerald!

Knuckles: Whoa, seriously!? Now this, I have to see!

*Robotnik informs everybody of the emerald locations, and they all decide on the groups*

Sonic: Now, with that said, let’s all blast through with sonic speed!

Shortly before they had the chance to take off, an arm of colorless, grey-scaled Metal Sonic look-alikes were seen in the sky, flying in their direction.

Marine: *Notices them* Strewth! Look at all those Metal Sonics, you guys!

Sonic: Sheesh, there’s just one faker after another, isn’t there?

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Briefly glares at Sonic from the corner of his eye, and then toward the clones when they land* Which of you is Metal Sonic Version 4.0!?

Cyber Sonic #1: Neither of us. We are the Cyber Sonic squadron. We are under orders from Doctor Nega to have you all terminated.

Metal Sonic 3.0: You, terminate me? I would love to see your pathetic and futile attempt.

*Tons of people roll their eyes at his arrogance*

Metal Sonic 3.0: You all needn’t concern yourselves with them. I’ll hold them off, while you carry on with your search.

Scorch: Are you sure you’ll be able to handle them by yourself?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Pffft. Why even bother entertaining the thought that these weaklings will be any kind match for me? I alone have more than what it takes to destroy such pale imitations.

Scorch: Well, alright then. Good luck.

*Everyone else takes off as Metal Sonic 3.0 fights off the Cyber Sonics*

Meanwhile, again at the Mystic Ruins…

*The train stops, and Spangle, Spike, and Madonna step out of it*

Spike: *Whispers to Spangle* So, do you really think Fang and Bean are around here, or are you just using that as an excuse to follow her?

Spangle: Uh, well…

Spike: You are, aren't you? I knew it!

Spangle: Ah, shut up, will ya? That’s NOT the case!

Spike: Uh huh. Sure it isn’t.

Spangle: Cut it out, will ya? Sure, ‘Donna may be hot and all, but my number one focus right now is having those two caught. After all, our reputation is at stake, here!

Madonna: Uh, what are you two whispering about?

Spangle: Oh, uh, nothin’!

Spike: Spangle says that he thinks you’re hot.

Spangle: *Bashes him upside the head*

Spike: Owww!

Spangle: Shut up already!

Madonna: You know, I kinda figured that already, going from our encounter the other night. So, there’s no use in trying to hide it. *Winks at him*

Spangle: Eh heh heh. ^^;;

Madonna: *Giggles* Anyway, I’m heading over to Tails’ Workshop now. I’ll see you two later. Good luck in your search for those two crooks. *Walks away*

A little while later…

*Some screaming is heard from the Workshop*

Spike: Uh oh… That doesn’t sound good…

Spangle: Yeah. Somethin’ tells me that ‘Donna ran into Fang again! Looks like I was right about him being here after all! C’mon, let’s go! *Takes off*

Spike: *Does the same*

*They arrive at the Workshop*

Spangle: Alright, Fang, there’s no escape this ti- *Double takes* Wait a sec, you’re not him… Who’re you?

Black-Hog: You don’t need to know that. All that matters right now is that these Chaos Emeralds are as good as mine, and that I’m taking them with me! *Takes them off of the machine, and jets out the door*

Madonna: Oh, no! That…that THING just took my emerald along with the others!

Spangle: Don’t you worry, babe, we’ll definitely get it back for ya! *Jets out the door*

Spike: *Does the same*

*They start chasing Black-Hog through the Mystic Ruins*

Black-Hog: *Looks back* What’s this? You’re actually attempting to chase ME down? What a joke!

Spangle: Any idea who you’re dealin’ with, pal? We’re police officers, and we’ve been trained to handle dirtbags like you!

Spike: Uh, I don’t remember them training us to deal with aliens…

Spangle: Oh, you know what I mean!

Black-Hog: Swift Strike! *Launches an energy wave at them*

Spike: Look out!

*They jump over it*

Black-Hog: Begone, you meddlesome fools! BEGONE! *Starts launching meteorites at them with a telekinetic force*

*They dodge some of them, and get hit by the last few*

Spangle: Uhhhhh! *Falls over*

Spike: Oooooof! *Same*

Black-Hog: HAHAHAHAHA! Now, if you two want to live, I’d recommend staying where you are. Continue to pursue me, and I might not be so merciful next time!

Just as Black-Hog was getting ready to enter the jungle, he suddenly found himself head off by Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Metal Sonic, and Squash, who, coincidentally, were also on their way to Tails’ Workshop.

Black-Hog: *Groans in annoyance* You…

Shadow: That’s right, Black-Hog. At last, we’ve finally caught up with you. This time, we won’t allow you to escape! We’re putting an end to you and your ambitions, once and for all!

Black-Hog: Hmph. If you’re that eager to die, then very well! All of you prepare to be annihilated!

Before Black-Hog had a chance to escape from Spangle and Spike with the Chaos Emeralds, Team Dark has arrived to not only block his path, but challenge him to a showdown! Will they have what it takes to defeat the deadly alien? Elsewhere, in the Lunar Dimension, the hunt for the recently-created Elemental Emeralds has begun. Will Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company be able to hunt them down in time, before Dr. Nega and his associates? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 14

When we last left off on Dimensional Chaos, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes, including Dr. Robotnik, have managed to cross into the Lunar Dimension, due to the dimensional portal that the Tornado Time Twister was able to generate, using the power of both the Chaos and Sol Emeralds. As they got there, they soon ended up spotting the Lunar/Elemental Emeralds getting scattered everywhere, throughout various locations on Ringstar Island, followed shortly by the Parallel Goddesses. Figuring that these gems were their only clues that would lead them to Dr. Nega’s base, they all decided to split into groups in order to search for the emeralds. Before they had the chance to leave, however, Dr. Nega sent an army of colorless, mass-produced Metal Sonic clones called “Cyber Sonics” to hinder their progress. Metal Sonic Version 3.0 then decided to stay behind to take them on, while everyone else proceeds with their search for the seven Elemental Emeralds, and stop PG-005 from reaching completion.

Elsewhere, outside of the Lunar Dimension, Madonna, accompanied by Spangle the Wolf and Spike the Bulldog (who were in the process of hunting down Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite), arrived at the Mystic Ruins to get back the Chaos Emerald that Sonic and Shock borrowed from her. When Madonna got to Tails’ Workshop, she was horrified to find that someone was over there, getting ready to make off with the jewels. After hearing her scream, Spangle and Spike assumed that she ran into Nack again, and hurried to the scene.

To their surprise, this “someone” wasn’t Nack at all; it was none other than the evil alien-hedgehog hybrid, Black-Hog, who intended to use the Chaos Emeralds for his own nefarious purposes. After he made off with the emeralds, Spangle and Spike began to chase him down, but he managed to slow the two of them down with his Swift Strike and telekinetic meteorite attacks. Just when he was on the verge of making his getaway, Team Dark, which consists of Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, E-123 Omega, Metal Sonic, and EG-001/Squash, the Goddess of Stone, ended up getting in his way, and preventing his escape. From there, Shadow challenged Black-Hog to a showdown, and was determined to make sure that he his plans didn’t go any further.

Now, the question remains… Will Shadow and company have what it takes to defeat Black-Hog, and prevent him from getting away with the Chaos Emeralds, which are needed for them to cross into the Lunar Dimension? Speaking of which, how will Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company fare in their search for the Elemental Emeralds? Will they be able to find them in time before Dr. Nega and the Parallel Goddesses? Find out as the saga continues on this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

*Music Cue*

Spike: Ugh… *Holds his head and gets back up* You alright, Spangle?

Spangle: Yeah, I’m fine. *Gets back up, and notices Rouge* …! *Whistles at her*

Spike: Oh, brother… *Facepalm*

Rouge: Oh, don’t EVEN go there, pervert!

Shadow: You two, go ahead and get out of here! We’ll handle things from here!

Spangle: Sorry, buddy, but we can’t do that. We’ve got a bone to pick with this guy, too!

Shadow: Fine, do as you wish. Just make sure you don’t get in our way.

Spike: By the way, are you Sonic’s brother?

Shadow: No.

Spike: His cousin?

Shadow: …NO.

Spike: His-


Spike:  Well, soooorrry!

Black-Hog: Anytime you’re finished with this meaningless chatter, we can begin. I’m waiting. *Looks toward Shadow* Or perhaps you’re afraid to face me without your lackeys?

Squash: Hey, hey! First of all, who’re you calling a lackey!? Secondly, if Shadow was able to contend with ME, of all people, then I’m pretty sure he’d be able to mop the floor with someone like you!

Black-Hog: HAHAHAHAHA… I beg to differ.

Shadow: Hmph, if it’s a one on one fight that you want, then fine. Squash is right; I can take you on by myself!

Black-Hog: Now you’re talking. *Sits the emeralds down* Go right ahead. Come at me…if you dare.

*Shadow skates toward him, and the battle begins*

Metal Sonic: While the two of them are busy having their battle, we could take this as our opportunity to use the Chaos Emeralds, and cross into that alternate dimension.

Rouge: That’s just what I had in mind.

Spangle: An alternate dimension? Okay, cool. I’ll hold onto this one if ya don’t mind… *Picks up the purple emerald*

*The rest of them pick up the other emeralds and head for the Workshop*

*Music Cue*

Black-Hog: Swift Strike! *Launches energy waves at Shadow*

Shadow: *Dodges the first, jumps over the next, and Homing Attacks him*

Black-Hog: Uhhhhh! *Falls over*

Shadow: Chaos… SPEAR! *Shoots at him*

Black-Hog: *Quickly sits up, flaps his wings, and flies into the air to avoid it*

Shadow: *Fires more Chaos Spears at him*

Black-Hog: *Dodges them, swoops down, and crashes into Shadow, head-first*

Shadow: Uhhhhhh!

Black-Hog: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There’s plenty more where that came from! *Holds out the palm of his hand* Shadow the Hedgehog, witness my power!

*Tons of dark, flaming meteorites fall in Shadow’s direction*

Shadow: *Gets up, starts dodging them, and skates in Black-Hog’s direction*

Black-Hog: Not bad, not bad at all, but speed alone won’t be enough to save you from your inevitable demise!

Shadow: *Starts to glow red* Behold… The Ultimate power!

Black-Hog: Huh? What’s going on?

Shadow: Chaos… BLAST!!! *Fires*

*The blast destroys all incoming meteorites as it heads in Black-Hog’s direction*

Black-Hog: W-What the…!? This…this can’t be! *Gets hit* UHHHHHHHHH!!! *Gets sent flying over the horizon*

*Music Cue*

Shadow: Hmph. He was hardly a challenge. *Walks away*

Meanwhile, at Tails’ Workshop…

Madonna: Oh, you’re back! You were able to stop the alien THAT fast?

Spike: Uh, not exactly. He ended up getting head off by these guys... *Points to Rouge, Omega, Squash, and Metal Sonic* …Along with this black and red hedgehog that looks like Sonic.

Spangle: We did still get the emerald back, though. *Holds up the purple emerald*

Madonna: Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Spangle: No prob.

Madonna: *Gets ready to take it*

Metal Sonic: Before you do that, we’re going to need to use that Chaos Emerald for a brief moment.

Spangle: Ah, yeah. You all said somethin’ about crossin’ into an alternate dimension, right?

Metal Sonic: Precisely.

Spangle: *Tosses the emerald to Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic: *Catches it, places it on the Tornado Time Twister, and presses a button*

*A portal opens up*

Spike: Before you guys go, mind if we ask you something?

Rouge: Alright, what is it?

Spike: Have any of you seen these two? *Holds up a “Wanted” poster with Nack’s and Bean’s pictures on it*

Rouge: As a matter of fact, we have. We ran into them around Dr. Robotnik’s base in the jungle, and overheard them saying that they were going to use the detector he has in his base to track down the Chaos Emeralds. That’s why we came here, to keep them from getting their hands on them, but unexpectedly, we ended up running into Black-Hog.

Spangle: Ah, so if they’re usin’ a detector, then that means they’ll be comin’ over here pretty soon! When that time comes… *Starts looking at Rouge’s breasts* We’ll BUST ‘em for sure this time!

Rouge: PERVERT! *Slaps him*

Spangle: Owwwww! *Holds his face*

Spike: *Facepalm* You just never learn, do you?

Spangle: Oh, gimme a break! I was just sayin’ that we were gonna arrest ‘em, that’s all!

Madonna: *Rolls her eyes*

Rouge: Wait a minute… You two are cops?

Spike: Yeah, why?

Rouge: Oh, uh, no reason! (I’d better keep quiet about those midnight jewelry store thefts of mine…)

Squash: Yeah, so anyway, I’m gonna go ahead and get going now. *Jumps through the portal*

Metal Sonic: *Does the same*

Shadow: *Enters*

Spangle: Ah, hey, it’s you. If you’re lookin’ for your crew, you just missed ‘em. They went through this portal. *Points*

Shadow: *Skates toward the portal and jumps through it*

As the group crossed into the Lunar Dimension, they, like the Chaotix and company, found themselves on Ringstar Island, and spotted Metal Sonic Version 3.0 fighting off the Cyber Sonics that Dr. Nega sent to attack the heroes.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Notices them* It’s about time you showed up. What took you so long?

Metal Sonic: That’s not important. The fact of the matter is that we’re here now. *Looks at the Cyber Sonics* What, are these pathetic imitations too much for you to handle on your own?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Too much for ME to handle? Don’t make me laugh.

Rouge: …Honestly, between you and Squash, I can’t tell whose ego is bigger.

Squash: …

Shadow: *Comes out of the portal and lands*

Rouge: Ah, Shadow, glad you could make it! You’re finished with Black-Hog, already? Well done!

Shadow: Yes, but he must not have been fighting me very seriously at all, because that seemed a little too easy... *Looks around and notices the Cyber Sonics* In any case, let’s worry about that later. For now, let’s concentrate on taking down these useless heaps of metal!

Omega: Worthless consumer models! *Morphs his arms into machine guns* I will eliminate them all!

Shortly afterwards, the five of them took on and destroyed the remaining the Cyber Sonics in the area, effectively breaking each and every one of them into pieces.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Seriously, is this the best Nega could come up with? What a waste of my time that was!

Metal Sonic: Precisely. My design isn’t something that can be duplicated so easily or accurately.

Metal Sonic 3.0: …Except in my case, that is. In fact, my design is a vast improvement.

Metal Sonic: …Yes, it’s been “improved” so much that you’ve been destroyed by my hands six or more times.

Metal Sonic 3.0: You merely got lucky, you piece of outdated trash!

Metal Sonic: Have you already forgotten? As long as Metal Sonic Version 4.0 is alive and functioning, you’re no longer in the position to use that worn out, repetitive insult.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmph. Very well. Let’s just concentrate on trying to find wherever he is, so we can destroy him, so that this alliance can be terminated, and we could go back as enemies.

Metal Sonic: Yes, let’s do that. Do you have any leads regarding the whereabouts of Dr. Nega’s base?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Not at the moment. The only clues lie within the mysterious emeralds that were seen getting scattered across the island. Many of the others have split into groups in order to hunt them down. According to Dr. Robotnik, the emeralds were flung in the following locations…

*Metal Sonic 3.0 points them out to Sparkling City, Mt. Volcana, Lake Oceana, Mt. Frostina, Stoneopolis, the Celestial Ruins, Breeze Valley, and the shrine of the Celestial Emerald*

Rouge: Ah, I see! There’s really a jewel on this island that’s similar to the Master Emerald? That, I don’t mind taking a look at!

Squash: Alright then. I’m going in the direction of the Earth Emerald.

Omega: I shall retrieve the Wind Emerald.

Metal Sonic: I’m going to look for the emerald that landed in the city.

Metal Sonic 3.0: As for me, I’m going to look for the emerald in the ruins. (Ugh, it just occured to me... Unfortunately, that’s also the location that EG-002 and that squirrel have chosen…)

Shadow: I’m going to see what I could do about finding the Snow Emerald.

Rouge: Alright. With that said, let’s go ahead and get moving, you guys!

*They split up*

Elsewhere on Ringstar Island, the Thunder Goddess, PG-003/Electra has taken it upon herself to travel to the Mushroom Valley Zone, following the signal of the Lunar/Elemental Emerald that’s landed over there.

Electra: So, Doctor, exactly how close am I to the Thunder Emerald?

Nega Robotnik: *Through the transceiver* You still have some ways to go. I’ll let you know the moment you begin to approach it.

Electra: Alright, got it. *Notices a portal up ahead* Huh?

*A group of Cyber Sonics come from it*

Nega Robotnik: In case you’re wondering, I’ve sent my Cyber Sonic squadron over here to assist you in your search for the emerald. I’ve also sent some to lend your sisters a hand, as well.

Electra: Ah, okay. Thank you, Doctor. I appreciate it.

Nega Robotnik: Why, you’re most welcome, my dear Electra. Remember, I’m counting on you!

*They break contact with one another*

Cyber Sonic #1: Lady Electra, Doctor Nega has instructed us to obey any and all orders that you give us.

Cyber Sonic #2: Affirmative. We eagerly await your instructions…

Electra: Really, now? Alright, in that case here’s how we’re going to do things. We’re going to split up, and search every corner of this valley until one of us happens to come across the Thunder Emerald. As Dr. Nega might have told you already, we happen to have a little competition on our hands. If you happen to come across any of the “invaders” that he spoke of, please don’t hesitate to strike them down. Did you get all that?

Cyber Sonics: As you command, Lady Electra!

Electra: Okay, cool, but it’s alright if you just call me “Electra”, you know. In any case, let’s go ahead and get searching.

*The Cyber Sonics fly off in separate directions*

Electra: Oh, shoot! I forgot to tell them that if there were any cute guys, then they should leave them to me!

Elsewhere within the valley, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Big, Tiara, and Shock have decided to travel there in search of the Lunar Emerald that Dr. Robotnik has detected on radar.

Sonic: “Somewhere in this direction”, he says… Yeah, that’s real helpful! Thanks for the specifics, Ro-butt-nik!

Tails: Well, one thing is certain… The thunder beam that we saw earlier, which was most likely the Shock copy, was seen flying around here, so I think that definitely confirms that Robotnik’s calculations were actually right.

Sonic: Yeah, I guess you’ve got a point.

Tiara: So, how do you think we should go about finding the emerald?

Amy: *Looks around* Not counting Froggy, there’s about six of us, so maybe we could split into groups of two?

Tiara: I guess that’ll work. In that case, I’ve got dibs on Sonic!

Amy: What!? Oh, no you don’t! I’M going with Sonic!

Shock: *Facepalm*

Sonic: Oh, brother… Here we go again…

Tiara: I called it first!

*They “anime lightning glare” at one another*

Big: Come on… Enough, already!

Froggy: *Croaks*

Sonic: Big is right, girls. Besides, uh, Tails already called it when we were on the way over! Right? *Nudges him with his elbow*

Tails: Uh, yep! I did!

Sonic: So, with that said, we’re just gonna get going, now! Come on, we gotta speed, keed! *Runs off*

Tails: Hey, wait up! *Follows*

Amy: …

Wait a minute… How could that have possibly happened? I didn’t suggest splitting into groups of two until a little while ago…

Tiara: Isn’t it obvious? He only said that, so he could get away from you.

Amy: No, it’s YOU he was trying to get away from, Boobowski!

Tiara: No, it was YOU!

Amy: I’m Sonic’s girlfriend!

Tiara: No, I am!

*They “anime lightning glare” at one another again and continue going back and forth*

Shock: Ugh. *Facepalms again, shaking her head in disgust* How annoying. This is going nowhere, fast. Something tells me they’re gonna be going at it for the next hour.

Big: Yup…

Shock: By the way, you don’t mind joining up with me, do you?

Big: Not at all.

Shock: Okay, cool. With that said, let’s go ahead and get going.

*They take off, and Amy and Tiara stop arguing shortly afterwards*

Amy: Huh!? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Even Big took off without me!? Great, I guess this means I have to be stuck with YOU now!

Tiara: Hey, being stuck with YOU is no picnic for me, either, you know!

Amy: I’m glad we’re on the same page. In any case, I guess we’re gonna have to settle this later.

Tiara: Yeah. For now, I guess we’re gonna have to put our differences aside and work together. At least until we find that emerald.

Amy: *Nods in agreement* Let’s start looking for it right away!

*They take off*

Elsewhere in the valley, a little while later…

Sonic: *Spots Electra* …!

*Music Cue*

Electra: Why, hello there. Looking for me, handsome? *Suggestive pose*

Sonic: Oh, uh, hey, Shock. Are you feeling alright? Did you…have a little too many mushrooms, or something?

Tails: Uh, Sonic, I don’t think that’s Shock…

Electra: My, aren’t you perceptive? If by “Shock” you mean EG-003, then you’re right, I’m not her. My name is Electra, the Goddess of Thunder, codenamed “PG-003”.

Tails: “Pee-Jee-Double-Oh-Three”? What does the “PG” stand for, if you don’t mind me asking?

Electra: “Parallel Goddess”, I think.

Tails: Oh, right. I should’ve figured…

Electra: *Walks toward Sonic* Well, what about you, sugar? Aren’t you going to tell me your name?

Sonic: Uh, I’m... Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog...

Electra: Nice to meet you. *Gently rubs his face*

Sonic: Uh, yeah. The…pleasure’s all mine! (Ah, geez… In THIS situation, I think that was a BAD choice of words…) *Starts backing away from her*

Electra: Oh, I see… You’re the shy type now, are you? *Giggles* Well, don’t you worry… *Gets close enough to Sonic to wrap her arms around him, and talks in an even more seductive tone* I’ll be real gentle… *Slowly leans in to kiss him*

Sonic: *Sweating bullets while resisting her*

Tails: Oh, man… If Amy and Tiara were here right now, I’m pretty sure the two of them would be going BALLISTIC!


Little ways from there…

Tiara: Did you hear that?

Amy: Yeah, that sounded like Sonic!

Tiara: I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m putting an end to it! *Runs off*

Amy: Hang on, Sonic, I’m coming! *Follows*

At the previous scene again…

Sonic: *Continues resisting Electra*

Electra: *Giggles* Aww, what’s the matter? I don’t bite… Unless, of course, you want me to… *Winks*

Sonic: Seriously, cut it out, already! *Shoves her away*

Electra: …

Oh, I see. I think I know what’s going on… You have a girlfriend already, don’t you?

Amy: *Arrives* As a matter of fact, he DOES! *Tosses her hammer at Electra’s head*

Electra: *Ducks under it*

Amy: In fact, I already told you that before, several times!

Electra: …

Um, what?

Amy: Shock, you little hussy! I knew all along that you were after my Sonic! “Oh, Sonic’s not my type! We’re just racing rivals!” Yeah, right! You’re not fooling anybody, missy! I told you before, I happen to have a sixth sense about this sort of thing, and it’s never steered me wrong!

Tails: Uh, Amy?

Amy: What is it!?

Tails: That isn’t Shock... *Points his thumb over to Big and Shock, who just arrived*

Amy: *Looks* W-What the…!?

Shock: Oh, I’m sorry, what were you saying? Please, DO continue! I was REALLY starting to enjoy seeing you make an utter fool out’ve yourself!

Amy: You keep quiet!

Shock: Now do you see, Amy? THIS is what happens when your dumb imagination becomes real!

Amy: Hmph!

Tiara: *Arrives* Oh, that’s real funny, Amy! Who do you think you are, tripping me like that!?

Amy: Like you’ve never done that to ME before!

*They argue back and forth, while everyone else sweatdrops*

Electra: *Looks toward Shock* EG-003… I wasn’t expecting to find you here.

Shock: Who’re you? I’ll take it you’re one of Dr. Nega’s EG Experiment copies?

Electra: That’s right. My name’s Electra, the Goddess of Thunder, codenamed: PG-003. Why don’t we determine once and for all which of us is the fastest?

Shock: Well…

Amy: Hey, not so fast! She came onto MY boyfriend, so I’M the one who’s gonna take her on!

Sonic: *Facepalm*

Tiara: No, Sonic is MY boyfriend, so I’M taking her on!

*They argue back and forth, until they get into a physical fight, with a smoke cloud around them*

Tails: Geez… Those two are hopeless!

Shock: That’s for sure. Anyway, what were you saying, Electra? You were challenging me to a race, right?

Electra: Yeah.

Shock: Okay, sure. I’m up for it.

Electra: I’m glad you’re up to the challenge. Should you manage to beat me somehow, then I’ll even throw this in as a reward. *Holds up the Thunder Emerald*

Tails: Whoa! That must have been one of the emeralds we were looking for, in order to find Nega’s base!

Electra: (So, they really are the “invaders” that the Doctor spoke of, who were apparently looking for the Lunar Emeralds. As annoying as those two are... *Looks toward Amy and Tiara* …None of these people seem anywhere near as bad as he described, so I guess offering this emerald as a prize to the winner isn’t too big of a deal. At least I hope not…)

Shock: A race for a thunder jewel… This situation seems awfully familiar. Anyway, Electra, I’m ready when you are.

Electra: Just a sec. *Walks toward Sonic and kisses him on the cheek*

Sonic: …!

Electra: Wish me luck, okay, handsome? *Winks at him*

Amy & Tiara (at the same time): WHY, YOU…!

Electra: *Walks back over to Shock* Alright, then! On your mark, get set… GO!!!

*They take off at lightning speed*

Amy: HEY! YOU GET BACK HERE, YOU LITTLE HUSSY! *Picks up her hammer, and gets ready to run after Electra*

Tiara: *Does the same with her jeweled staff*

Big: *Starts holding them back*

Tiara: LET GO OF US! *Jerks away*


Tails: *Shakes his head in disgust* Are you sure you’re not ready to tell them off yet, like Heavy and Bomb suggested?

Sonic: Believe me, I’m definitely considering it. I just need to wait until the right time, that’s all. At this point, though, they’re seriously about to push me over the edge…

Elsewhere on Ringstar Island, Knuckles and Wechnia, along with Silvra, Cream, Cheese, and Chocola were heading towards the eighth energy signal that Robotnik detected on radar, which just-so-happened to be the shrine of the Celestial Emerald. Little did they know, however, that a certain someone was waiting for them, and had traps set for the group…

Knuckles: The emerald is definitely somewhere this way, I can feel it!

Wechnia: Yes, I can feel its energy, too. It’s definitely the emerald that Robotnik spoke of, which apparently has an energy signal that’s akin to that of the Master Emerald.

Knuckles: Alright, then what’re we waiting for? Let’s go check it out! The sooner we do that, the sooner we’ll be able to find Dr. Nega’s base!

*They get ready to run off*

Silvra: Hold it!

*They stop*

Knuckles: What’s the matter?

Silvra: Don’t move. *Picks up a rock, and tosses it across the ground, showing that there was a trench that was being covered*

Knuckles: What the…!? It was a trap!

Silvra: That’s right. My scanners picked up on it the moment we got here.

Knuckles: So, someone must have been trying to set us up, then! But who?

Wechnia: I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

*They move on until they find the Celestial Emerald, with Luna sitting in front of it*

*Music Cue*

Knuckles: *Notices her* What the…!?

Cream: Wow… She looks a lot like you, Mr. Knuckles! It’s almost as she’s your twin, or something!

Luna: So, you must be the invaders I’ve heard so much about for the past few days.

Knuckles: “Invaders”?

Luna: Don’t you play dumb with me! I know all about you, and why you’ve come here! You’re all allies with that “Robotnik” scumbag, who intends to use my emeralds to unleash a fiery creature that’s supposed to destroy this world!

*They all glance at one another with blank “WTF?” expressions*

Luna: Well, I’m not gonna allow that to happen! *Stands up, glides in the air, and drops down in front of them* I don’t know how you managed to get past my traps, but as of right now, this is the end of the line for you!

Knuckles: So, it was you, then! You were the one who tried to set us up!

Luna: That’s right, but apparently, that didn’t work out as planned. So, instead, I’ll just deal with you myself! *Fighting pose* Let’s go! Right now! Put ‘em up!

Knuckles: Look, I don’t know who you are, what your problem is, or what it is you’re going on about, but since you’re obviously looking for a fight, I’d be more than happy to give you one!

Looks like things are starting to heat up! So far, the first Lunar/Elemental Emerald has been found, but the heroes have run into a bit more trouble than they expected. Will Shock be able to successfully outrun Electra, and claim the Thunder Emerald? Will Knuckles and the others have what it takes to defeat Luna and/or convince her that Dr. Nega is her true enemy? Find out as the saga continues next time, on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 15a

Last time, on Dimensional Chaos, Shadow the Hedgehog faced off against his “brother”, Black-Hog, who attempted to make off with the seven Chaos Emeralds to use for his own nefarious purposes. However, the battle was surprisingly quick, as Shadow was able to send Black-Hog flying over the horizon with a powerful Chaos Blast attack. Shortly afterwards, he decided to head to Tails’ Workshop to use the Tornado Time Twister, so that he could join his comrades, Rouge, Omega, Squash, and Metal Sonic in the Lunar Dimension. Upon their arrival, they found Metal Sonic Version 3.0 battling against Dr. Nega’s Cyber Sonic squadron, and quickly joined in to lend him a hand. After laying waste to the group of robots, Metal Sonic 3.0 told Team Dark the Elemental Emerald locations that Dr. Robotnik detected on radar, and from there, the six of them split up to find them.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails, along with Amy, Big (plus Froggy), Tiara, and Shock, ventured into the Mushroom Valley Zone in search of the Thunder Emerald that was said to be in the area. Not only them, but Dr. Nega’s third PG Experiment, PG-003/Electra was also in the vicinity, plus another squadron of Cyber Sonics. Even though the six heroes split into groups of two to find the emerald, Electra eventually ended up coming across it first. When she and Shock finally met, Electra challenged her counterpart to a race, stating that she’ll relinquish the emerald if she manages to defeat her. Shock accepted Electra’s challenge, and the race began from there.

Elsewhere on Ringstar Island, Knuckles and Wechnia, along with Silvra, Cream, Cheese, and Chocola were following the Chaos energy signal that was coming from the shrine of the Celestial Emerald. On the way, they ended up coming across a few traps that were set for them, which Silvra easily managed to detect, thanks to her built-in scanners. After finally reaching the altar, the group ended up coming face-to-face with Luna, who was thoroughly convinced that the heroes posed a threat, and was determined to stop them by any means necessary.

The questions remain… Will Shock have what it takes to defeat her Parallel counterpart, and claim the Thunder Emerald? How will the others fare in their search for the other six? Will Knuckles and his group have what it takes to defeat Luna, or at least convince her that the true enemy has been right under her nose the entire time? Find out as the saga continues on this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

*Music Cue*

*Knuckles and Luna charge at one another, and clash their fists together as they try to punch one another*

Wechnia: Well, they certainly didn’t waste any time…

Silvra: That’s for sure…

*They continuously throw punches at one another*

Cream: So, why do you suppose she’s so angry with us?

Silvra: Honestly, Cream, I don’t know what her deal is, but something tells me there’s a major misunderstanding going on, here…

Wechnia: Yes, that seems very likely…

Luna: *Punches Knuckles a few times, and uppercuts him*

Knuckles: Uhhhhhh! *Falls backwards, and slides across the ground*

Cream: Mr. Knuckles!

Luna: Eat this! Flame Arrow! *A stream of fire rains down toward Knuckles*

Knuckles: *Rolls out of the way, and gets back up*

Luna: *Launches another*

Knuckles: *Dodges that one, too, surrounds his fist with fire, and starts charging toward Luna*

Luna: *Pounds the ground, making a bunch of electric spheres fly toward him*

Knuckles: *Dodges them, and fire punches Luna as soon as he gets close enough*

Luna: Uhhhhh! *Gets sent flying through the altar's stairway*

Knuckles: (What’s going on? Her attacks are almost exactly like my own! The only difference is that the elements in her attacks are the opposite of mine…)

Meanwhile, at the Mushroom Valley Zone…

*Shock and Electra are seen zooming by with electrical boosts of speed*

Shock: Just to be absolutely clear, there are no rules in this race, right?

Electra: None in particular; just whoever gets to the end of the valley, wins, and gets to keep the Lunar Emerald. Feel free to do whatever you need to if you feel it’ll truly slow me down.

Shock: Alright, if that’s what you want! *Fires an electric wave at her*

Electra: *Dodges it, and does the same to her*

Shock: *Sidesteps the blast, and fires another*

Electra: *Fires another, as well*

*The blasts collide with one another, creating a small explosion*

Shock: *Speeds up*

Electra: *Does the same*

Tails: They sure are pretty fast, aren’t they?

Amy: Yeah, I’ll give ‘em that, but MY Sonic could outrun them both!

Tiara: Correction: MY Sonic!

Sonic: *Facepalm* Please don’t start, you two. Just don’t…

Tails: Yeah, why not concentrate on watching the race? After all, whether or not we get that emerald and find Dr. Nega’s base depends on it!

Tiara: *Sigh* Fine.

Amy: Yeah, whatever.

Big: *Looks up* Uh oh…

Amy: What is it, Big?

Big: Those grey Metal Sonics from before are back!

*They swoop down and land in front of the group*

Cyber Sonic #1: Targets identified as Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Amy Rose, and…no data available on the next three. Orders: Eliminate on sight!

Sonic: Alright! Come and get some, fakers!

Tiara: What!? How could they not know who I am!? You’d think they’d have SOME kind of data on the daughter of a world-renowned scientist!

Big: I dunno, but they don’t seem to know me and Froggy, either…

Tails: Maybe it’s because Dr. Nega hasn’t had enough encounters with you. It’s either that, or these were just a bunch of test prototypes for that “Version 4.0” robot that Three-Point Zero was going on about…

Tiara: Oh, well. Let’s not worry about that. *Takes out her jeweled staff* Let’s go ahead and take out these hunks of junk!

*The Cyber Sonics start firing eye lasers at them*

Sonic: *Dodges* HA! You’re too slow! *Homing Attacks some of them*

Tails: *Tail-whips another portion*

Amy: HAAAAA! *Starts hammering the others*

Tiara: *Stabs through some of the last few*

Big: *Lifts one over his head, and tosses it into the last Cyber Sonic with so much force that it breaks them both*

Sonic: Too easy! Piece o’ cake!

Meanwhile, again, at the shrine of the Celestial Emerald…

*Knuckles and Luna continuously hit one another, without bothering to block the others’ attacks*

Silvra: Wow, this is going nowhere fast…

Wechnia: Yeah. They’re a little TOO evenly matched…

Luna: *Grabs Knuckles and headbutts him*

Knuckles: Uhhhhh! *Falls, jumps up again, and does the same to her*

Luna: Uhhhhhh! *Falls, stands up again, and makes some distance between herself and Knuckles* Not bad… You fought a lot better than expected, but as of now… *Surrounds her fist with electric current* This is where it ends! *Charges toward him*

Knuckles: Alright, give it your best shot!

Luna: I will!

Determined to put an end to the battle once and for all, Luna began charging toward Knuckles one final time. As soon as she got close enough, Luna, with her electrically-charged fist, attempted to strike Knuckles. Anticipating her move, Knuckles grabbed her arm just in time before her fist came in contact with him, and used his other hand to deliver a fiery uppercut, sending her crashing into the altar once more.


Cream: Ouch… Now that REALLY had to hurt…

Luna: Ghhhh…! *Sits up* I…can’t lose… I WON’T lose!

Knuckles: Are you ready to start talking yet? Who are you, and what is it that you have against us?

Luna: *Gets up* Playing dumb again, I see. But if you really need an explanation, then fine! My name is Luna, Luna the Porchidna. I’m the guardian and protector of Ringstar Island, along with the treasures that reside on it. This is one of them… *Points her thumb at the Celestial Emerald, which is large and purple with a crescent moon and star symbol* The Celestial Emerald, along with the Lunar Emeralds.

Wechnia: So, let me get this straight… You set those traps and picked that fight, because you’re under the impression that we came here to steal them?

Luna: That’s right. Days ago, I was warned in advance that you were all going to be showing up to terrorize my island, so I took all the necessary precautions to prevent THIS world from being destroyed like you’ve done to Dr. N’s!

Knuckles: Okay, once again, you lost me. What are you talking about? Are you sure you’re not getting us confused with someone else?

Silvra: Also, do you mean “Dr. N” as in Dr. Nega?

Luna: That’s right! He told me everything about you; from serving that “Robotnik” scumbag, along with the way you’ve all unleashed the Ifrit into his world to destroy it! Well, I won’t allow it! You’re all crazy if you think I’m just gonna stand by and allow my emeralds to be used for such an evil purpose! As long as there is breath in me, I’ll make you all pay for each and every innocent life that’s died by YOUR hands!!!

Everyone: …

Knuckles: Look, why don’t you just calm down for a minute and hear us out!?

Luna: …

Alright, fine. Go ahead and say what you have to say.

Knuckles: Okay then. First of all, we don’t work for Robotnik. He’s an enemy of ours that we’ve faced several times!  Just recently, though, he claimed to have given up world domination. We still don’t trust him entirely, though. The only reason we’re working with him, is because we have a common enemy.

Luna: …

Wechnia: Yes, and that “common enemy”, as you’ve most likely guessed already, is Dr. Nega.

Silvra: As bad as Robotnik was, or possibly still is, I can honestly tell you that Nega is far, far worse!

Luna: How so?

Silvra: Well, for starters, the guy’s a compulsive liar. That story he told you about the Ifrit… He completely spun everything around in HIS favor in order to make himself look like the good guy!

Luna: …

Wechnia: He said that WE were the ones aiming to unleash the Ifrit, correct? Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s the other way around. You see… *Explains everything that happened in the first Christmas Special*

Knuckles: So basically, in a nutshell, Nega’s been using you along!

Luna: *Visibly stunned*

Cream: That’s right. Dr. Nega is very, very bad! Please open your eyes, Miss Luna!

Cheese & Chocola: Chao. Chao…

Silvra: You see these two cute little guys? *Points to Cheese and Chocola* Nega actually tried to use them as a sacrifice to that thing! Can you believe that!?

Luna: (Wait a second…!)

*Cue flashback from Part 13*

Oceana: Um, Volcana? Are you doing okay?

Volcana: *Snaps out of it* Oh, uh, yeah. I’m fine, just fine. Why do you ask?

Oceana: Well, you did kinda zone out and everything…

Woodra: I hope you’re not planning on standing around all day. After all, we still have to keep those invaders at bay!

Volcana: …

Now that you mention it, Woodra, there’s something I have to tell you all about Doctor N…

Woodra: Okay, what is it that you have to say?

*End flashback*

Luna: (So, it’s true, then… That must have been what Volcana was trying to warn us about, but she didn’t get the chance! Now it all makes sense!) I, I… I can’t believe this! Dr. Nega… He’s been nothing but kind to me and my friends for the past few days, but then…he turns out to have been the bad guy all along, and was merely…playing us for fools…?

Silvra: We’re sorry that you had to find out this way, but it had to be said…

Luna: No, I’m the one who owes you the apology… FOR BEING STUPID ENOUGH TO TRUST HIM! *Angrily slams her fist into the ground* My…my duty was to defend this island and protect it at all costs, but by trusting him… I ended up doing the exact opposite! I’ve practically doomed this island and everyone on it by handing the Lunar Emeralds over to him! How… How could I’ve been so stupid!? How could I’ve been so blind, as to not see what was right under my nose all along!? I’m such a terrible guardian… After this, I don’t even deserve to be addressed as such!

Knuckles: Hey, I wouldn’t go that far, Luna. You’re not a bad guardian, you were just misled, that’s all. Since you had only heard Nega’s side of the story at the time, it’s only natural that you’d believe what he had to say. It’s not just you; that could have happened to anybody. Believe me, I’ve been there.

Luna: You…have?

Knuckles: Well, yeah, but it’s a long story. I’d rather not get into too much detail with it.

Rouge: You know, instead of sitting around throwing a pity party, we COULD be using this time to track those emeralds down before Nega manages to get ahold of them…just a thought.

Knuckles: Hey, how long have you been there?

Rouge: I just got here a little while ago.

Luna: …

*Looks toward Rouge* I don’t know who you are, exactly, but you’re right. *Stands up* After that accident occurred when we were trying to transfer the Lunar Emeralds’ power over to PG-005, they all ended up getting scattered all throughout the island. Oceana and the others are looking for them right now, as we speak, but…they don’t know the truth. They don’t know what Dr. Nega is truly about! *Clenches her fist in determination* We have to warn them and gather the emeralds before it’s too late!

Rouge: Now THAT’S more like it! I’m Rouge the Bat, by the way. I’m a treasure hunter that specializes in hunting down all kinds of jewels.

Knuckles: I’m Knuckles the Echidna.

Wechnia: I’m Wechnia.

Silvra: I’m Silvra, the Multi-Elemental Goddess, also known as “EG-005”.

Cream: My name is Cream, and these are my Chao, Cheese and Chocola. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Luna.

Luna: It’s nice to meet you all, too.

Wechnia: Now that we’ve got the introductions out of the way, I’d say it’s about time to go track down those Lunar Emeralds, don’t you agree?

Luna: Right, of course. *Walks over to the altar and picks up the Celestial Emerald* This is the Celestial Emerald. It has radar-like functions, which will allow us to track down the other emeralds.

Knuckles: Wow, that’s just like the Master Emerald! Then again, Robotnik and Volcana DID say that this place was parallel to the world that we came from, so I guess this isn’t too far of a stretch. Anyway, Luna, why not go ahead and lead the way?

Luna: Alright, let’s get going!

*They take off*

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Pokes his head out of the bushes, and takes out his communicator* Well, Doctor, it would appear as if the one you call “Luna” has finally caught onto your deception.

Nega Robotnik: *Through the communicator* Is that so?

Metal Sonic 4.0: Yes, and to add insult to injury, she’s taken the Celestial Emerald with her, and is currently on her way to obtain the Elemental Emeralds to prevent PG-005’s completion. Should I stop her?

Nega Robotnik: No, that won’t be necessary. I think I’ll just sit back and let her and the rest of those cretins gather the emeralds for me. When she has both the Elemental Emeralds and the Celestial Emerald together, THAT’S when I’ll make my move! Eee hee hee! Oh, the irony of it all! Luna will be doing ALL that work to keep me from getting ahold of her precious emeralds, not knowing that she’s leading me right TO them! Eee hee hee hee hee!

Metal Sonic 4.0: I see.

Nega Robotnik: By the way, I just got a message from one of the Cyber Sonics. It’s been reported that Metal Sonic Version 3.0 has been spotted somewhere within the Astral Ruins! I repeat, he’s somewhere in the Astral Ruins!

Metal Sonic 4.0: Yes… At last, the moment I’ve been waiting for! *Turns off the communicator and puts it away* I hope you’re prepared to die, Three-Point Zero, for your destruction is imminent! *Turns on his jet booster and flies off*

Meanwhile, again at the Mushroom Valley…

*Music Cue*

*Shock and Electra zoom across the valley in electrical jolts of lightning, hopping from mushroom to mushroom*

Shock: By the way, I forgot to ask… Where do we stop when the race is over? Is there any particular “finish line” that you have in mind?

Electra: We aren’t very far from it. You see that large tree down there? *Points* That’s our finishing point.

Shock: Okay, gotcha.

Electra: Ready to finish this?

Shock: You bet! *Surrounds herself with an electrical boost aura*

Electra: Glad to hear it! *Does the same* Let’s finish this!

Shortly afterwards, the two Lightning/Thunder Goddesses took off once again, at blinding, neck-breaking speeds, leaving trails of fire and gusts of wind behind as they dashed for the finish line. Shock and Electra ran towards the tree, side-by-side, with the former managing to win by a narrow margin.

Shock: Score!

*Sonic, Tails, Amy, Big, Froggy, and Tiara approach them*

Tails: Nice job!

Sonic: Yeah, that was sweet! *Gives Shock a thumbs up*

Shock: Thanks, you guys. *Looks toward Electra* So, I guess this means that emerald is ours for the taking?

Electra: Well, EG-003, or rather, Shock… I guess you may be the faster one, after all. You’ve beaten me fair and square, so here’s the Elemental Emerald, as promised. *Holds it out*

Shock: Thanks. *Takes it*

Electra: No problem. Now, with that said, it’s about time I’ve made my leave. Before I go… *Walks over to Sonic*

Sonic: W-What’re you…doing…?

Tiara: Hey! Back off! *Points her jeweled staff at Electra*

Amy: Yeah! Get away from him! *Raises her hammer*

Electra: *Ignores them and gives Sonic a quick kiss on the lips*

Sonic: …!?

Amy & Tiara: HEY!

Electra: Bye bye for now, sugar. Let’s meet again real soon! *Winks*

*Just as Electra’s leaving, Amy and Tiara start charging at her with their weapons*

Electra: *Turns around, holds out the palm of her hand and blasts them, causing them to be immobilized*

Tiara: W-What the…!? Uhhhhhhhh!

Amy: Ahhhhhh! What’s…going on!? I…can’t move!

Electra: Ta-ta! *Takes off*



*They continue screaming their heads off at Electra, while everyone else sweatdrops*

Big: Uh, she’s not here anymore, so you can stop yelling now…

Froggy: *Croaks*

Tails: You beat me to it, Big.

Tiara: GRRRR… She is SO dead! Just WAIT until she shows her face again!

Amy: You said it! By the way, since she left, how’re we supposed to break free from this!?

Shock: Just a sec. *Takes the Thunder Element Gem off of her tiara, and holds it out*

*The gem glows, and the electrical immobilization effects wear off*

Tiara: Hey, thanks!

Amy: *Reluctantly* Yeah, what she said.

Shock: No problem. *Looks toward Amy* I guess this means you’re gonna stay off my back, now?

Amy: Oh, don’t go thinking YOU’RE completely off the hook, missy! I know for a fact that you still have your eyes on my Sonic, too!

Sonic: *Rolls his eyes*

Tiara: I swear, if you say he’s “your” Sonic ONE more time…!

Amy: Then what!?

*They “anime lightning glare” at one another*

Shock: You know, Amy. I wasn’t gonna say anything to you about this at first, because I didn’t think it was any of your business, and quite frankly, I still don’t, but… Big and I are in love! *Hugs him*

Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Tiara: Huh!?

Big: Huh…? *Looks down at her in confusion*

Shock: *Whispers to Big* Just play along, okay?

Amy: Oh, yeah, right! I don’t believe that for one second! If that were the case, I would’ve caught onto it LONG ago! As I always say, I happen to have a sixth sense about this sort of thing, and it rarely steers me wrong!

Shock: What, says the person who doesn’t have the common sense to realize that if someone runs away from you, then they AREN’T interested? Yeah, some “sixth sense” THAT is.

Tiara: My point exactly.

Amy: You don’t know what you’re talking about!

Tiara: Sonic has never run away from me before. Too bad the same can’t be said about you.

Amy: The only reason he does that, is because he’s shy!

Sonic: *Sigh*

*Suddenly, it begins to rain*

Shock: Oh, great… *Her eyes widen in panic*

Big: *Takes out his umbrella and holds it over her*

Shock: Uh, thank you. *Starts to blush*

Big: You’re welcome.

Amy: (I wonder… Could there really be some truth to what she’s saying? I think I’ll keep my eye on them to see where this goes…)

Meanwhile, Mighty, Ray, Tikal, and Seedra were currently somewhere in the middle of the Astral Ruins, searching for the Lunar/Elemental Emerald that Dr. Robotnik detected on radar. During their search, they ended up coming across the Flora Goddess, PG-002/Woodra; along with the Cyber Sonics that Dr. Nega has sent to assist her.

Woodra: Hello, how do you do? I’ve been waiting for you!

Seedra: So, it’s true, then… There really is another me!

Woodra: Oh, so you must be EG-002.

Seedra: Yeah, that’s me. I’m Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves. And you are?

Woodra: Woodra, the Goddess of Flora… That’s my name, controlling plants is my game! I’m also known as “PG-002”, if that’s okay with you.

Mighty: So, uh… Does everything you say automatically have to rhyme, or is that unintentional?

Woodra: Well, what can I say? Wordplay is my forte, that’s all. Now, are you ready to brawl? Cyber Sonic pack, attack! *Points to Mighty, Ray, and Tikal*

*The Cyber Sonics fly toward three of them, and they begin fighting them off*

Woodra: As for you, EG-002, I have a poem for you.

Seedra: And what would that be?

Woodra: Roses are red, violets are blue… Nothing personal, but I’m gonna defeat you!

Seedra: Alright, I’m ready when you are!

So far, things are looking up. In addition to the fact that Shock was able to defeat Electra in a race and claim the first Lunar/Elemental Emerald, Knuckles and company were able to successfully convince Luna who her true enemy was, but there’s no cause to celebrate just yet, as there are still more emeralds to find. Will Seedra be able to successfully defeat Woodra and claim the next one? What about all the others? Will they be able to obtain the rest of the emeralds, and stop Dr. Nega from unleashing the potentially dangerous PG-005 into the world? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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