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Author Topic: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos  (Read 18362 times)

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This story is a direct sequel to my previous story, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 1: Legend of the Elemental Gems. If you haven't read that story, you might want to check that one out, even if this does contain an episode recap.

Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power

Episode 2: Elemental Chaos

Part 1

On the last episode of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Dr. Robotnik learned of the three legendary gems that contain Goddesses with power over the three basic elements; fire, water, and ice. After gaining this knowledge, the doctor made it his sole mission to claim them, so that he could use it for his evil purposes. His goal was to release the three Elemental Goddesses, so that he could use their powers to destroy his enemies, so that he’ll be free to conquer the world and build his utopia, the “Robotnik Empire”. However, despite the evil doctor’s efforts to claim all three of them, he managed to get two, with only one of them being fully at his disposal. The first one he came across was the Fire Element Gem, which contained Scorch, the Goddess of Fire.

Scorch was a supernatural, powerful being that once threw the world into the depths of terror thousands of years ago, but was defeated and sealed by Tikal. When Robotnik released Scorch from her imprisonment, she was eternally grateful, and decided that she was forever in his debt, meaning that she was going to do whatever it takes to repay that favor, even at the cost of her life. From then on, Scorch aided Robotnik in finding the remaining Elemental Gems, which contained her younger sisters, Splash, the Goddess of Water, and Slush, the Goddess of Ice.

During their search, however, things didn’t quite go as planned. Although Splash was released from her imprisonment as Robotnik had been trying to do, she refused to take part in assisting the doctor with his world domination plans, and sided with the Chaotix team instead. When they came across the Ice Element Gem, Slush seemingly took Robotnik’s side, but in actuality, she was working as a spy, informing the Chaotix team with first-hand information about the evil doctor’s master plan.

Shortly after that, another series of events happened. While Scorch and Slush were away, Dr. Nega, Robotnik’s descendant from 200 years into the future, captured Robotnik and began impersonating him. This fact wasn’t revealed until later on, when Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, and Marine the Raccoon came to that time period in search of the Chaos Emeralds, which were stolen by Dr. Nega. After the real Dr. Robotnik was rescued from Nega’s clutches, he was forced to form another temporary alliance with them, and take part in stopping the resurrection of the Solaris Project, which Dr. Nega intended to use to destroy the world and replace it with the “Nega Robotnik Empire”.

Despite the heroes’ greatest efforts, they were unsuccessful in stopping the revival of the Solaris Project. They did, however, manage to defeat them in yet another epic showdown, which determined the fate of the entire universe. After Solaris was defeated, its components, Mephiles the Dark and Iblis, the Flames of Disaster, ended up getting sealed within the recently reconstructed Scepter of Darkness, and the Fire Element Gem. Shadow, after sealing Mephiles, decided to take the scepter someplace where he knows for sure that it won’t fall into the wrong hands. Dr. Nega, on the other hand, was taken to a mental asylum. With them out of the picture, the world was at peace once more…for the time being.

So far, one month has passed since then. This story begins on a nice, sunny day, with Knuckles and the recently “revived” Wechnia, standing around, guarding the Master Emerald. The two robo-mechanics, Heavy and Bomb, were alongside them, and were working on reconstructing and upgrading the security system after it had gotten destroyed by Dr. Nega in the previous story.

Knuckles: So, you guys? How much longer is it going to be until you’re finished with that thing?

Heavy: Yeah, here’s an idea: How about you NOT rush us? It’ll be finished when it’s finished. Have some patience.

Bomb: Hey, hey, cool down, will you? I don’t think he was saying that to rush us, he was asking out of curiosity.

Knuckles: Exactly! It was a simple question! That’s all!

Heavy: Oh, I see. Well, in that case, it’ll probably be another half hour or so, according to my calculations.

Wechnia: If Charmy were around, he would have made a “bee” pun out of that, I’m sure of it.

Heavy: Well, thankfully, he isn’t.


Heavy: I spoke too soon. -__-;;

*Mighty, Tikal, Espio, Charmy, and Vector run towards them*

Knuckles: Oh, hey. How’s it going?

Vector: We just gotta call from Slush, ‘n’ she says that Robotnik’s already finished wit’ da project ‘e was workin’ on!

Knuckles: Seriously!?

Espio: Yes, and as it turns out, Shadow, Rouge, and Omega were right. Robotnik really IS aiming to create Elemental Goddesses of his own!

Mighty: Yeah, and from what Slush told us, they possess power over the stone, leaf, thunder, and wind elements.

Charmy: Yep. Slush said that Robotnik is coming to this island to release them, so he should be coming our way soon.

Get it, “bee coming our way”? *Snickers*

Everyone: …

*They anime fall*

Charmy: Sorry, I couldn’t resist! I kinda set myself up for that one, you know.

Knuckles: Next time you make one of those stupid puns, can you at LEAST wait until Splash or Marine’s around?

Charmy: Okay, okay.

A little while later, Dr. Robotnik was seen flying by in his Egg-O-Matic Hovercraft, followed by Scorch.

Vector: ‘Dere they are!

Knuckles: Yep, I guess that’s our cue to follow them!

Vector: Yep. C’mon, boys! Let’s get movin’!

Bomb: Actually, Heavy and I are going to stay here to work on the security system. We can’t just leave the Master Emerald unguarded without it.

Mighty: Okay, no problem. Let’s go!

While Heavy and Bomb stayed behind to finish rebuilding the Master Emerald’s security system, the rest of the  took off at high speed in an effort to catch up to Robotnik,  and Scorch,  who were on their way to the Red Mountain Zone.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… We’re almost there! Very soon, the moment of EG-001’s awakening will be at hand!

Scorch: By the way, Doctor, I’ve been thinking… Do we really need these “EG” experiments? I mean, seriously. My powers alone are enough to put the Chaotix and the rest of your enemies in their place.

Robotnik: Now, now, Scorch… Let’s NOT let our egos get the best of us.

*They arrive at Red Mountain*

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… Well, we’re here! Let’s take care of business, shall we?

Scorch: So, in order for us to release EG-001, we have to throw that brown gem into a pile of stones, correct?

Robotnik: That’s right.

Scorch: Allow me, Dr. Robotnik. *Holds out the palm of her hand, getting ready to blast the stone wall with a fire attack*

Knuckles: Hold it right there!

Robotnik: WHAT THE…!? *Looks*

Vector: The jig’s up, Robotnik!

Robotnik: ARGH! It’s those Chaotix fools!

Espio: We know everything you’re trying to do…

Mighty: …And we’re putting a stop to it!

Charmy: Yeah! We’re putting a stop to it!

Wechnia: That’s right.

Robotnik: W-Where did you fools come from!? How could you have possibly known about this!?

Vector: Oh, we’ve got our ways.

Espio: Just hand over that gem, nice and easy…

Robotnik: Hmph! Just you try and take it from me!

Knuckles: Gladly!

Scorch: So, Tikal, you’ve come. I’m glad, because now we could finally settle our score!

Tikal: Scorch… How do you know for sure that Robotnik isn’t taking advantage of you?

Robotnik: …

HAHAHAHAHA… What, THIS old story again?

Scorch: Yeah, I mean… The LAST time you guys said that, it turned out to be a false alarm. That wasn’t even the real Robotnik that we were dealing with.

Mighty: Tikal's right, you know. It may have turned out to be Dr. Nega that we were dealing with last time, but that doesn’t mean that the REAL Robotnik isn’t using you.

Scorch: …

Knuckles: Exactly. Have you forgotten what he’s done to Orbot and Cubot? They’ve worked hard for him all this time, and despite all that, he STILL chose to cast them aside like garbage!

Tikal: That’s right! He may end up doing the same to you eventually!

Scorch: AUGH, ENOUGH OF YOUR STALLING! We have a score to settle, and you’re going to fight me right here and now, Tikal! No more excuses!

Tikal: Scorch, I’m only trying to help you!

Scorch: Yeah!? Well, I don’t need it, NOR do I want it! You’re the LAST person I’d EVER accept help from! I haven’t forgotten what you’ve done to me all those years ago, and for that, I’m going to pay you back in full! Prepare yourself!

Tikal: If that’s the way you want it…

Robotnik: Scorch! I’ll leave you to take care of things from here! I’m counting on you! *Runs off*

Knuckles: Oh, no you don’t! *Runs after him*

Tikal: I’ll stay here and deal with Scorch, while the rest of you go after Robotnik!

Mighty: Are you sure you’ll be able to handle Scorch by yourself?

Tikal: Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee fine”. *Snickers*

*They glare at him*

Charmy: Sorry, it’s a habit.

Vector: Yeah, anyway, no problem! Consider it done! Like I always say: Once we start a job, we finish ‘da job! Dat’s our policy! We’re Team Chaotix!

Mighty: Alright then, let’s go!

Tikal: Before you go, Mighty…

Mighty: Yeah?

Tikal: *Kisses him*

Mighty: …!

Charmy: Pffft…! *Holds in a laugh*

Tikal: Good luck.

Mighty: *Blushes* S-Same to you!

Charmy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Mighty and Tikal, sittin’ in a-

Vector: *Bashes him on the head* ‘Dis ain’t ‘da time fer ‘dat!

Charmy: OWWW! *Holds his head*

*They leave*

Scorch: Aww, how sweet of you to kiss your boyfriend goodbye. I hope the two of you enjoyed it, for it will be your last!

Tikal: But…your arm. Are you sure you want to fight me in that condition?

Scorch: This is nothing. It’s only like this, because Dr. Robotnik needed a small blood sample from me to create EG-001, EG-002, EG-003, and EG-004.

Tikal: Really?

Scorch: Yes, that, along with samples of each element, as well as ordinary gems that were the exact same size and shape as my own, Splash’s, and Slush’s. After all of these things were obtained, they were loaded into Dr. Robotnik’s “Egg Merger” machine, which fused all of these things together. Now, enough talk! Let’s go!

Tikal: Alright then. I’m ready.

Scorch began the battle by holding out the palm of her hand and launching several fireballs at Tikal, which she managed to dodge. Meanwhile…

Knuckles: You’re cornered now, Robotnik! You’ve got nowhere else to run! We could do this the easy way or the hard way! Which will it be?

Robotnik: I think I’ll pick the hard way, if that’s alright. HAHAHAHAHA…

Knuckles: Alright then, you asked for it!

Knuckles then charged towards Robotnik and swung his fist at him. However, the doctor managed to dodge, causing Knuckles to punch the stone wall behind him, breaking it into a pile of rubble.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank you very much, Knucklehead! That’s EXACTLY what I needed!

Knuckles: Huh!? What do you-… Oh, crud!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s right, fool! You’ve played RIGHT into my hand, just as I knew you would! Now, arise, EG-001!

Robotnik quickly tossed the gem into the rubble pile and a bright flash of light occurred. When it was over, another Scorch look-alike was seen. Rather than being made out of fire, water, or ice like the other three, she, of course, was made out of stone, and had a light brown color. Her long “hair”, unlike the other three, looks like that of a stone carving. Also, she wears a bronze-colored tiara with a brown gem in the middle, and bronze and brown-colored dress, ring bracelets, and bronze-colored sandals (rather than gold).

Knuckles: No way!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She lives! Project EG-001 was a complete success!

EG-001: *Looks at her hands*

Robotnik: Welcome to life, EG-001! I am your brilliant master and creator, Dr. Ivo Robotnik! You, my friend, are the first of my “EG” experiments! From this day forth, you shall be known as Squash, the Goddess of Stone! Codenamed: EG-001.

Squash: “Squash, the Goddess of Stone”? “Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-One”, you say?

Robotnik: That would be correct. Your naming scheme is similar to that of your sisters’. “EG” stands for “Elemental Goddess”, while the “Double-Oh-One” part represents the order of your production.

Charmy: Did someone say “bee”?

*The rest of the Chaotix arrive, too*

Espio: Oh, no! It looks like we’re too late!

Vector: Crud! We was so close!

Squash: So, Ivo, who are they?

Robotnik: …

First of all, you will address me as “Dr. Robotnik”! Secondly, they are the Chaotix team, which happen to be enemies of mine! Along with Sonic the Hedgehog, who I’ll get into detail with later, they’re ALWAYS spoiling my plans! I need YOU to destroy them for me!

Squash: …

Why should I? If I’m a Goddess, like you claim, why should I obey orders from you?

Robotnik: Because I created you, that’s why! I gave you life, Squash, and I could just as easily take it away!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Do you TRULY think that I’d fall at the hands of a weak, pathetic human like you?

Knuckles: …

I don’t know what’s worse…her arrogance or that annoying laugh.

Espio: At least it’s not as irritating as Dr. Nega’s…

Knuckles: Good point.

Robotnik: Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, Squash. I am your creator, and you WILL do as I say, without question! Is that understood!?

Squash: *Marches towards Robotnik and punches him in the stomach*

Robotnik: AUUUUGGGH! *Kneels down*

Vector: HAHAHAHAHA! You’re doin’ great, Robotnik! Good job! Ya sure showed her!

Charmy: *Snickers*

Robotnik: Ghhh…! Silence, you FOOLS! As for you, Squash, how…how DARE you!? How dare you do this to…ME!? I’m the one who-…!?

Squash: Yes, you were the one who gave me life. Is THAT what you were doing to say? Well, big whoop. That doesn’t mean that I’ll allow myself to become your slave. I take orders from no one, especially a weak human like you, Ivo.

Robotnik: If it…hadn’t been for me, you wouldn’t even exist!

Squash: …

You know, that’s a good point. I thank you for that, Doctor. For that, I’ll spare you. That way, you’ll have the special privilege and honor of living to see the very being that you gave life to, become Queen of the World!

Mighty: Not if WE have anything to say about it!

Vector: Ya got ‘DAT right, sistah! We ain’t lettin’ that happen!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! You amuse me, you really do. It would be simple for me to kill you right here and now, but I have no time to play around with the likes of you. Don’t worry, though. I’m sure my Pyrocks will keep you entertained!

Knuckles: “Pyrocks”?

Squash then took the brown gem off of her tiara, stooped down, and placed it into the ground. Shortly afterwards, a small Earthquake occurred, and a plethora of oval-shaped rock monsters appeared.


Everyone: WHAT THE…!?

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! Adorable, aren’t they?

Espio: “Adorable” isn’t the word I’d choose. “Hideous” is more like it.

Squash: Whatever. As I was saying before, they’re sure to keep you entertained. They’re not as powerful as I am, of course, but they should do just fine. Ta-ta! AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! *Curls into a ball, and rolls away like a boulder*

Charmy: Whatta psycho!

Robotnik: Indeed. It’s like the White Echidna Project all over again!

Wechnia: …

At last, Project EG-001 was a success! Well, not in the way Robotnik originally intended, but still successful, nonetheless. Will our heroes be able to defeat Squash’s deadly army of Pyrocks, and stop her from taking over the planet? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Oh, I almost forgot. Regarding EG-001/Squash's "annoying" laugh... Check out this episode of Sailor Moon and skip to 13:42. Yes, that's what Squash's laugh sounds like. Some may find it annoying, but I think it's hilarious.

Part 2

When we last left off, the Chaotix got a call from Slush, saying that Dr. Robotnik was finished developing his “EG” experiments, and was heading towards Angel Island to release them. After being informed of this, all of them, except for Heavy and Bomb (who decided to stay behind to work on the Master Emerald’s security system), followed Robotnik and Scorch to the Red Mountain Zone to stop him from releasing EG-001. Unfortunately for them, however, they were unable to stop him. After EG-001, or Squash, the Goddess of Stone, as she’s now called, was brought to life, she rebelled against the doctor, and decided to come up with world domination plans of her own. Just as the Chaotix were getting ready to stop her, Squash made a tactical retreat, but not before leaving behind her minions, the Pyrocks, to deal with them. Can Knuckles and the Chaotix stop Squash’s deadly army of Pyrocks, as well as her evil ambition to conquer the world? Find out in this exciting chapter of Elemental Chaos!

Pyrocks: RAAAGGGH!

Charmy: Whoa, there sure is a lot of them!

Vector: Yeah, but just ‘cause there’s a lot, don’t mean we can’t take ‘em!

Knuckles: Exactly. They shouldn’t be any tougher than Robotnik’s robots, which we always destroy easily.

Robotnik: …

Espio: *Takes out a shuriken* Beware my ninja power!

Charmy: Yeah! Beeware his ninja power! Get it? *Snickers*

Everyone: …

Robotnik: Umm, no.

Charmy: Aww, you guys are no fun.

Mighty: Splash and Marine still aren’t here, in case you haven’t noticed.

Charmy: Okay, okay. That’s the last one I’m doing for now.

Wechnia: Alright, good. In the meantime, let’s focus on taking these creatures down.

So then, the battle began. Both the Chaotix and the Pyrocks quickly started charging towards one another. As they fought, a smoke cloud appeared over them, with broken pieces of rubble flying everywhere.

Vector: Good grief! Exactly how many of ‘em did she create!?

Charmy: A whole, WHOLE lot of ‘em!

Knuckles: If only Bomb came with us, he’d be able to blow them to bits and end this in a heartbeat.  *Glares at Charmy*

Charmy: I wasn’t gonna say anything this time! Really!

Knuckles: I seriously find THAT hard to believe.

Wechnia: Sure, Bomb’s help would be nice, but I don’t think we need it. Remember, I happen to possess powers inherited from the Master Emerald. Watch this… *Raises his fist* CHAOS…! *His fist turns green*

*Some of the Pyrocks start charging towards them again*

Wechnia: …FIST! *Slams his fist on the ground*

After Wechnia slammed his fist onto the ground, he created a large, energy-based shockwave that destroyed half of the Pyrocks that were moving towards them. Knuckles and the rest of the Chaotix used their special abilities, such as Thunder Arrow, Cosmic Crusher, and Team Blast to destroy the remaining Pyrocks.

Charmy: We did it!

Vector: Yep, ‘dat takes care o’ them!

Espio: Yes, but there’s one question that remains: Where did Robotnik go?

Mighty: Good question. I could have sworn he was here a minute ago…

Vector: He must’ve run off sometime durin’ the fight. Freakin’ coward.

Knuckles: Yeah, that’s for sure.

Mighty: I wonder how Tikal’s doing against Scorch. I sure hope she’s okay…

Charmy: What’s the matter, Mighty? Worried about your GIRLFRIEND? *Snickers*

Mighty: *Bashes him upside the head again* Knock it off, Charmy!

Charmy: OWWW! *Holds his head*


Scorch: Ihhh…! *Kneels down, holding the arm that she was stabbed in for the blood sample*

Tikal: Are you alright?

Scorch: I’m…fine. Hmph, for someone who apparently hates fighting so much, you sure are good at it…

Tikal: Maybe, but I take no pleasure in this sort of thing. I only do this when necessary. I fight for peace and nothing more.

Scorch: HAHAHAHAHAHA! How noble of you… It’s too bad all the peace you’re fighting for is going to be in vain! That is, after Dr. Robotnik is finished conquering this world!

Tikal: Scorch, it’s not too late, you know. You can still abandon Robotnik before he turns on you.

Scorch: Enough about that! Robotnik ISN’T using me, okay!?

Tikal: Like I said before, I’m only trying to-

Scorch: Yeah, yeah. I know. You’re trying to help me, right? I told you before; I don’t need, nor do I WANT any help from you!

Tikal: I know you’re still angry about the incident from all those years ago, but please hear me out! I know we haven’t gotten along very well in the past, but still… I just don’t want to see you get hurt!

Scorch: Why do YOU care, anyway?

Tikal: Because… When we first met, you were bad to the core. As I said before, you were hardly any better than Iblis or Mephiles, but now…you’re different. I could see that you’ve changed a lot since then. I know that deep down inside, you’re a good person. And besides, I saw how heartbroken you were while you were under the impression that the real Robotnik had used and betrayed you. I just don’t want you to have to feel that same sadness all over again. I’m pretty sure Splash doesn’t want that, either.

Scorch: …

Tikal, just…just stop it. You’re…you’re making it harder for me to hate you!

Tikal: It’s quite a shame that things have to be this way between us, Scorch. To tell you the truth, I really wish that you didn’t hate me, because I don’t hold a grudge against you. I never have, in fact. Sure, I did seal you up, but I only did what I thought was best if I were to keep the world from getting destroyed. Just keep in mind… You did the same thing to Iblis, remember?

Scorch: …Yeah, of course.

Tikal: So, does this mean we can put the past behind us and let bygones be bygones?

Scorch: …

I don’t know. I’ll have to give it some thought…LOTS of thought.

Tikal: I see, but again, it’s not too late for you to free yourself from Robotnik. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you already return the favor? You know, when you changed him back to his original form after Dr. Nega turned him into a card?

Scorch: …

That’s a good point, but…leaving his side is still out of the question. I told Dr. Robotnik that I was forever indebted to him for releasing me. I can’t just back out on him. I have to stay true to my word, you know.

Tikal: I understand.

Robotnik: *Arrives on the scene*

Scorch: Dr. Robotnik, you’re back. I’ll take it that you didn’t get the chance to release EG-001?

Robotnik: I certainly wish that I hadn’t! Ooh, why that arrogant, ungrateful little worm! Immediately upon releasing her, she’s decided to betray me!

Scorch: Seriously!? Oh, let me guess… She sided with the Chaotix, right?

Robotnik: No, it’s far worse. Not only has she decided to disobey me, but she’s even come up with her own world domination plans! It’s like the White Echidna Project all over again!

Tikal: Oh, no! How horrible!

Robotnik: With that said, Squash MUST be destroyed at ALL costs! No matter WHAT it takes, I’m going to hunt her down and have her destroyed! I’ll show HER what happens to those who dare to defy me! She’s going to pay with her life, for the treason she’s committed against me! *Hops into his Egg-O-Matic Hovercraft* Are you coming, Scorch?

Scorch: Sure thing, doctor.

Just as the two of them were taking off, Tikal noticed a strange green gem lying on the ground.

Tikal: Hey, wait a minute! What’s this? *Picks up a small green gem*

*The Chaotix arrive shortly afterwards*

Tikal: Hello, everyone. I’m glad you’re back. Take a look at this. *Holds up the green gem that she picked up*

Charmy: Could that be one of the Chaos Emeralds?

Mighty: No, I don’t think so. It’s a little too small to be a Chaos Emerald. But now that I look at it, it seems to be the exact size and shape as the Fire, Water, Ice, and Stone Gems.

Espio: So, are you saying that this thing’s one of the Elemental Gems?

Knuckles: Could I see that for a second, Tikal?

Tikal: Sure. *Hands it to him*

Knuckles: *Examines it* Oh, yeah. There’s no mistake about it. This is definitely one of the Elemental Gems that Robotnik created. It even has “EG-002” written on it with a marker.

Vector: Heh, Robotnik must’ve dropped it while ‘e was runnin’ off.

Tikal: As a matter of fact, he did. I noticed it shortly after he and Scorch took off about a minute ago.

Vector: Well, now ‘dat we know fa sure, I say we go ahead ‘n’ destroy it!

Wechnia: I have no objection to that.

Espio: Neither do I. We all saw how mentally unstable EG-001 was. She’s already bad enough as it is, and the last thing we need is for three more of them to be running rampant!

Knuckles: Alright then! Here goes…! *Raises it in the air, and gets ready to slam it*

Mighty: Wait a second!

Knuckles: What’s the matter?

Mighty: I don’t think killing her necessary! I mean, just because one of them turned out to be bad, doesn’t mean all of them will. And besides, don’t Elemental Gems absorb energy from the people who use them? Scorch and Squash turned out the way they did, because theirs absorbed negative energy from Robotnik. Splash’s, on the other hand, ended up absorbing positive energy from Tikal, and look how she turned out. Maybe there’s a chance that we could bring EG-002 over to our side?

Tikal: I agree with Mighty. EG-002 may turn out to be a valuable ally, just like Splash.

Knuckles: …

Now that you put it that way, you’re right. I guess we could go ahead and spare her. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had one of Robotnik’s creations on our side.

Espio: Yes, we have at least… *Counts on his fingers* Eight of them fighting by our side already. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to add a ninth.

Charmy: Who are the other eight?

Espio: Heavy, Bomb, Wechnia, Gamma, Omega, Metal Sonic, Orbot, and Cubot.

Charmy: Oh, yeah. Too bad Heavy’s such a jerk, though. It’s not just me that he’s mean to, either!

Knuckles: Tell me about it. As Splash pointed out before, the guy can’t ever say ONE thing without being a sarcastic little prick. Say, for example, when we saw him and Bomb again for the first time in a while, I said something along the lines of, “Heavy and Bomb? Is it really you?”, which meant that I was happen to see them, and then and he replies with “NO, it’s the Super Mario Brothers. Of COURSE it’s us!” I don’t know about anyone else, but I find his sarcasm FAR more irritating than any of Charmy’s “bee” jokes.

Mighty: So do I.

*Everyone else agrees*

Charmy: Ooh, ooh! Does this mean I could-

Everyone (at the same time): NO!

Charmy: Okay, okay! I was just asking! So, umm… Anyway, where should we go to bring EG-002 to life?

Knuckles: Maybe the Mystic Ruins will do. After all, I need to stop by Tails’ Workshop for the emerald detector.

Vector: A’ight, then I guess that settles it. C’mon, boys! Let’s get movin’!

And so, after defeating Squash’s army of Pyrocks, the seven heroes took off, bound for the Mystic Ruins, in order to obtain Tails’ emerald detector, as well as finding a place to release EG-002, whose gem Robotnik mistakenly dropped as he and Scorch left Red Mountain. Will EG-002 turn out to be a “valuable ally” as Mighty and Tikal have predicted? Or will she turn out to be as sinister and evil as her sister? Find out in the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z!

Uh, whoops. Sorry about that. I meant, on the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 3

Previously on Elemental Chaos, Knuckles and the Chaotix dealt with Squash’s army of Pyrocks. There were tons of them, but despite their quantity, the Chaotix still triumphed in the end by using their special abilities. Dr. Robotnik, on the other hand, fled sometime during the battle and headed back to his Egg –O- Matic Hovercraft, so that he could begin tracking down his rebellious creation. However, just as he and Scorch were leaving Red Mountain, he accidentally and unknowingly dropped the green, leaf-themed Elemental Gem, which was said to belong to EG-002, the second of his “EG” experiments. Tikal then picked it up and showed it to the Chaotix when they returned. They then took the opportunity to decide EG-002’s fate. Fearing that she might turn out like her sister, a majority of the Chaotix were in favor of destroying her gem before she’s brought to life, but Mighty and Tikal convinced them to spare her, stating that she could prove to be a valuable ally to them sometime in the future. After that, they were convinced, and decided to spare EG-002’s life, and opted to release her.

After that was all said and done, the Chaotix left Red Mountain and decided to head to the Mystic Ruins to release EG-002 and borrow Tails’ emerald detector. When EG-002 comes to life, will she truly be a “valuable ally” as Mighty and Tikal have predicted? Or will she instead turn out to be a complete psychopath, bent on world domination like her older sister? Find out in this exciting chapter of Elemental Chaos!

*They arrive at the Mystic Ruins*

Charmy: By the way… When we bring EG-002 to life, what do you think we should name her?

Espio: Hmm… That’s a good question. I’m not entirely sure, but perhaps we could give her a name that starts with an “S”, just like her sisters’.

Tikal: That’s a start. Judging by the gem’s color, this is most likely the Leaf Goddess. Any “S” name that we come up with has to be something plant-related…

Charmy: Hee hee hee, “has to b-“

*Everyone glares at him*

Charmy: Nevermind! ^^;;

Knuckles: Hmm… An “S” word that’s plant-related… The only words I could think of, at the top of my head, are “seed” and “soil”. Should we go with one of those?

Mighty: I suppose those could work, but…which one should we choose?

Vector: Anybody who’s in favor o’ “Soil, the Goddess of Leaves”, raise yer hand!

*No one raises their hands*

Vector: …Well, so much fa ‘dat one, huh?

Tikal: Well, “the Goddess of Leaves” part sounds nice, but for some reason, I don’t think “Soil” clicks very well.

Wechnia: Well, I guess that only leaves “Seed”, then.

Vector: Hold on a sec… I’ve gotta beddah idea! Why don’t we call ‘er “Seedra”?

Charmy: “Seedra”? You mean like, the Pokémon?

Vector: No, that one’s “Seadra”, which happens ta be named aftah ‘da sea. The Leaf Goddess, on the otha hand, if named aftah ‘da word “seed”, just with an “r” and an “a” added at the end ta sound more feminine, ‘n’ less generic.

Charmy: Okay, I guess that makes sense.

Vector: A’ight, so anybody who’s in favor o’ “Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves”, just raise yer hand! *Raises his*

*Everyone else raises theirs*

Knuckles: Alright, then I guess that settles it. Seedra is what we’ll call her after she’s released.

Vector: A’ight, so let’s go ahead ‘n’ release ‘er. All we gotta do is throw ‘da gem into a pile o’ leaves, or somethin’, right?

Tikal: Yes, that’s right.

Charmy: How about those bushes over there? *Points*

Knuckles: Alright, here goes. *Tosses it*

After Knuckles tossed the Leaf Gem, a bright flash of light occurred upon its contact with the leaves. After the light faded, another Scorch/Splash/Slush look-alike appeared. This one had a green color, hair made out of leaves, a diamond-shaped dress with light green on one side and dark green on the other, golden ring bracelets, sandals, and a tiara with a green gem in the middle.

Charmy: Look, there she is!

Seedra: Oh, hi. Who are you? Better yet, who am I?

*They introduce themselves*

Vector: ‘N’ togetha we are… TEAM CHAOTIX!

Seedra: It’s a pleasure to meet you all.

Espio: Likewise. To answer your other question, you’re Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves. You’re a creation of Dr. Robotnik’s, whose codename is “EG-002”.

Seedra: “Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves”? “Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Two”? I guess I could live with that. I’m sorry if I’m asking too many questions, but who is this “Dr. Robotnik”?

Tikal: Dr. Robotnik is an evil man who wants to take over this world. He’s done many horrible things, such as building weapons of mass destruction, and turning innocent animals into his robot slaves!

Mighty: Yeah, and he once tried to blow up a Chao Garden, too!

Knuckles: Not to mention the fact that he’s tried to destroy this island in the past!

Seedra: W-WHAT!? That’s…that’s terrible!

Vector: ‘N’ that ain’t the worst part, Seedra. When Robotnik created ‘ju, your original purpose was ta help ‘im wit' 'is world domination plans!

Seedra: Well, he could forget it! Even if he IS my creator, I refuse to have ANY part in that! In fact, I’ll personally see to it that doesn’t!

Mighty: We’re glad to hear it. Also, I feel there’s something else you should know. There’s an even bigger problem than Robotnik that we have on our hands right now. Your older sister, EG-001, or “Squash” as she’s now called, has rebelled against Robotnik, but rather than siding with us, she’s out to conquer the world herself!

Seedra: Seriously!? Where is she, now?

Knuckles: We’re not sure where she went. That’s why we’re going to borrow Tails’ emerald detector; we’re going to use it to track her down and put a stop to her plans before she puts them in effect.

Seedra: Oh, okay.

Knuckles: We aren’t much further from the Workshop now. It’s right this way.

So then, the eight of them forged onward until they got to Tails’ Workshop.

Cubot: Arr! Ahoy, mateys!

Everyone: …

*They stare at him with blank “WTF?” expressions*

Orbot: Err… You’ll have to excuse him. We were able to get his voicebox off of “cowboy” mode, but it ended up getting switched to “pirate” mode in the process.

Knuckles: Oh, I see. *Notices Heavy and Bomb* Huh? When did you two get here? I thought you were working on the security system?

Heavy: We did.

Bomb: Yeah, we came back here as soon as we were finished.

Knuckles: Makes sense.

Sonic: Hey, you guys. What’s up?

Seedra: …! (Wow, he’s cute…) *Hearts appear in her eyes and float around her head*

Knuckles: We just stopped by to borrow the emerald detector. Is Tails here?

Tails: *Enters the room* Here I am. I’ll take it that the Master Emerald went missing again?

Sonic: Sheesh, Knuckles… That makes what, the thousandth time so far?

Knuckles: Oh, shut up! It’s got NOTHING to do with that, okay!? Do you think Wechnia would be standing here if something happened to it!?

Sonic: Alright, already! Relax! *Looks towards Seedra*

Seedra: …! *Quickly looks away*

Sonic: By the way, who are you?

Seedra: M-Me? I’m… I’m Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves.

Sonic: Oh, okay. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Seedra: I-It’s…nice to meet you, too. ^^;;

Charmy: *Snickers*

*Everyone else introduces themselves*

Amy: *Enters the room* I’m Amy Rose, Sonic’s girlfriend.

Seedra: His…girlfriend?

Sonic: *Sweatdrops* Eh, don’t listen to her. That’s not even CLOSE to being true.

Seedra: Oh, okay. (Whew…) So, umm… Anyway, it’s nice to meet you all.

Cream: Same to you, Miss Seedra.

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao!

Amy: Well, Cream and I are going to be on our way now. We’re gonna go find Silver and Blaze.

Ray: What for?

Amy: Because… I could tell that those two are hopelessly in love, and they’re just too shy to admit their feelings to one another. I just happen to have a sixth sense about this kind of thing, you know?

Sonic: *Sweatdrops* Figures…

Ray: Oh, okay. (Her “sixth sense” can’t be THAT good if-… Oh, nevermind. I might end up thinking something aloud by mistake.)

Heavy: Oh, SOMEONE’s “hopeless”, alright.

Amy: *Glares at Heavy* …ANYWAY, Cream and I have both come up with a perfect, fool-proof plan to get those two together. It’s just bound to work, I know it!

Cream: Yep!

Heavy: Pfffft. Well, good luck with that. You’re going to need it.

Amy: Hmph! Up yours, Heavy! *Leaves*

*Cream, Cheese, and Chocola follow her*

Knuckles: Heh heh heh! If any of Amy’s “matchmaker” plans somehow manage to work, then I’ll eat my hat!

Vector: HAHAHA! Same ‘ere, actually!

Charmy: But you don’t have a hat, Knuckles.

Knuckles:  Number one, yes I do. See? *Puts on his brown cowboy hat from the Sonic OVA* Number two, that’s just a figure of speech.

Heavy: By the way, Seedra, I’m curious… Are you, by any chance, one of Robotnik’s “EG” experiments? I’m asking, because I don’t recall there being any other Elemental Goddesses around, besides Scorch, Splash, and Slush.

Seedra: Why, yes, I am. I’m EG-002.

Heavy: I thought so.

Knuckles: Yeah, so… You’re still going to let me use that emerald detector, Tails?

Tails: Sure. *Hands it to him* So, if the Master Emerald isn’t missing, then what do you need it for, exactly? The Chaos Emeralds?

Knuckles: We need it for two reasons. Number one; to track down Robotnik and nab the Electric and Wind Gems before EG-003 and EG-004 are released. Number two; to find Seedra’s psychotic sister, Squash, and stop her before she tries to take over the world, like she said she was gonna do.

Sonic: Man, if I had a Ring for every time one of Ro-butt-nik’s creations have gone out of his control, then I’d be rich!

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee rich”. Get it, Seedra? *Snickers*

Seedra: Huh?


Oh, I get it! Heh heh heh! Nice one!

*A handful of people anime fall*

Seedra: Was it…something I said?

Knuckles: No, it’s something HE said. He’s done those “bee” puns about a thousand times already!

Wechnia: That’s pretty much it.

Vector: He gets even worst whenevah people think they’re funny! Speakin’ of a which, Seedra, I think you ‘n’ Splash would get along pretty well. She’s one o’ your otha sistahs, in case you’re wonderin’.

Seedra: How many do I have, exactly?

Tikal: For the time being, only four: Scorch, Splash, Slush, and recently, Squash.

Wechnia: Speaking of Squash, shouldn’t we go ahead and stop her?

Knuckles: Right. Come on, everyone, let’s get moving! *Runs off*

Vector: Right behind ‘ja!

With Tails’ emerald detector in hand, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes took off and began their search for  Squash, as well as the remaining two Elemental Gems that are in Dr. Robotnik’s possession. Will our heroes be able to stop the demented Stone Goddess’ world domination plans from coming to fruition? Additionally, will they be able to prevent the mad doctor from bringing EG-003 and EG-004 to life? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 4

On the last chapter of Elemental Chaos, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and Tikal headed over to the Mystic Ruins after obtaining the Leaf Element Gem, which Dr. Robotnik mistakenly left behind at the Red Mountain Zone. While there, they all decided to come up with a name for the Leaf Goddess before releasing her and “Seedra” was the name that was chosen in the end. After Seedra was released, they informed her about what was going on, and she agreed to fight alongside them. With Tails’ emerald detector in hand, the heroes began their search for Squash and the two remaining Elemental Gems. Will they be successful in their search? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

*Scorch and Robotnik return to the Mystic Ruins Base*

Slush: Hey. Welcome back, you two. I’ll take it that things didn’t quite go as planned with EG-001 and the others?

Robotnik: As a matter of fact, they didn’t. Number one, those Chaotix fools somehow caught my wind of my scheme, and showed up just as I was in the process of bringing EG-001 to life! Number two, even when I DID manage to bring her to life, she disobeyed me! To make matters worse, that arrogant, ungrateful piece of rubble has even come up with world domination plans of her own!

Slush: What a shame. Well, at least there’s still hope for the other three, right?

Robotnik: Possibly.

Slush: So, what are we going to do about EG-001, exactly?

Robotnik: I’m going to hunt her down and destroy her, that’s what! If anyone is going to conquer this world, then it’s going to be me! I’ll NEVER allow myself to be overthrown by anyone, especially one of my own creations!

Scorch: You have an emerald detector in your glasses, don’t you, Dr. Robotnik? Why don’t we use that to track her down?

Robotnik: Good thinking there, Scorch. I’ve upgraded it since last month, so now it’s able to detect the precise location of both the Chaos Emeralds and Elemental Gems, including the ones that I’ve created. I’m going to step outside and check the surrounding area for EG-001/Squash. She could be anywhere. While I’m doing that, I’m going to take this opportunity to release EG-002, EG-003 and EG-004, before those Chaotix fools manage to get wind of it somehow.

Scorch: No pun intended?

Robotnik: Not at all. Anyway… *Activates the detector* It’s time to put this to the ultimate test! *Steps outside*

A minute later…


*A bunch of birds fly away, and then Scorch and Slush rush outside*

Scorch: Dr. Robotnik, what’s the matter? Did something go wrong with the detector?

Robotnik: It’s…it’s gone!

Slush: What’s gone?

Robotnik: The...the Leaf Element Gem, the one that contains EG-002, is missing!

Scorch & Slush (at the same time): WHAT!?

Robotnik: I…I don’t understand! I don’t understand WHAT could have happened to it! I had it right there, in my pocket the entire time! This doesn’t make any sense!

Slush: Why not do some backtracking, Doctor? Where was the last place you had it?

Robotnik: Let’s see… Scorch and I flew from this base, all the way to Red Mountain, and back. It’s been in my pocket ever since, and I don’t recall ever taking it out!

Scorch: Perhaps it fell out of your pocket, somehow?

Slush: Or maybe someone pick-pocketed it?

Robotnik: The former explanation seems more likely. There’s no possible way to pick-pocket ME and get away with it! I have to go back and find it, otherwise-

Before Robotnik could finish his sentence, his detector started beeping.

Robotnik: Wait a second! My detector… It’s picking up a signal! Besides the two that I have in my possession, as well as the ones in your tiaras, one of the Elemental Gems is right here, in the Mystic Ruins!

Scorch: Ah, great! Maybe it’s the Leaf Element Gem that you dropped?

Robotnik: No, I doubt it. The gem that I’m detecting on radar happens to be moving, and to the best of my knowledge, EG-002 has not yet been brought to life. So, there’s only one of two people that my radar could be getting a signal from: Splash or Squash. I have a strong feeling that it’s the latter, so I’m going to follow this signal, and put EG-001 in her place!

Slush: I have a question, Doctor: How can you be sure that the signal your detector is picking up is an Elemental Gem, rather than a Chaos or Sol Emerald?

Robotnik: Because the Chaos and Sol Emeralds give off different energy readings from that of the Elemental Gems, and I’ve designed my detector to be able to differentiate between them.

Slush: Ah, I see. Very good, Doctor.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… Yes, I know, isn’t it? I’m such a genius, I even amaze myself sometimes!

Scorch: I agree. Words alone aren’t enough to describe your sheer brilliance, Dr. Robotnik.

Slush: *Rolls her eyes*

Robotnik: Why, thank you! Thank you very much! After all, I DO have an undisputed IQ of 300!

Slush: …

Umm, yes. That’s very nice, but…aren’t we supposed to be searching for EG-001 and the Leaf Element Gem?

Robotnik: Ah, yes, of course. *Hops into his Egg –O- Matic Hovercraft* Are you two ready?

Slush: Whenever you are, Doctor.

Just as they were getting ready to take off, the sky darkened, and it began to rain. Due to the fact that Scorch is weak against water, she instantly collapsed to the floor upon contact with the rain drops.

Scorch: UHHHHHH!

Robotnik: Scorch! Are you alright?

Scorch: Ihhhh…! I-I’m…sorry, Dr. Robotnik, but…  I don’t…think I’ll be able to come with you. My powers...are of no use in this kind of weather…

Robotnik: I understand. Slush and I will resume the search for Squash and the Leaf Element Gem. You stay here and rest.

Scorch: Thank you, Doctor… You’re too kind…

Slush: Actually, Dr. Robotnik, I’m going to stay behind to take care of Scorch.

Robotnik: Very well.

*A lightning bolt strikes*

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… You know, this gives me an idea! Since there’s a lightning storm along with the rain, I could take this opportunity to bring EG-003 to life! Additionally, there’s a passage here in the Mystic Ruins that leads to Windy Valley, where EG-004 can be released! Basically, I could kill two birds with one stone!

Scorch: HAHAHAHAHA… Sounds like a plan…

Slush: Yeah, I’ll say! Anyway, you run along now, Doctor. We’ll see you when you get back.

Robotnik: Very well then. I’m off! *Flies away*

With that said, Robotnik took off in his Egg –O- Matic Hovercraft and started heading towards Windy Valley, while at the same time, resuming his search for Squash. Meanwhile, with the Chaotix team…

*The detector starts beeping*

Knuckles: What the…!?

Wechnia: What’s the matter?

Knuckles: The readings for this thing are off the scale! According to the detector, there are two other Elemental Gems here in the Mystic Ruins, other than Seedra’s, and they seem to be heading directly toward us!

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee directly toward us”. Get it? *Snickers*

*They glare at him*

Charmy: Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Vector: Yeah, ya could NEVAH resist.

Seedra: Aww, go easy on the poor little guy. I personally find those puns of his amusing.

Vector: Yep, just like Splash. Da two o’ you are so much alike, it’s scary.

Seedra: Is that a bad thing?

Tikal: No, not at all.

Charmy: Yeah. Splash is nice, and she’s really pretty, too.

Vector: …Heh heh heh! Somethin’ tells me that Charmy’s gotta thing for Splash!

Charmy: Huh!? No, I don’t! All I did was give her a compliment! And besides, I’m too young for that sort of thing, anyway! I’m only…seven!

Wechnia: Correct me if I’m wrong, but did I hear you say that you were seventeen before?

Charmy: Umm…

Vector: …

Okay, numbah one, Wechnia's right. If it weren’t for ‘dat incident back at ‘da Newtrogic High Zone, where your age was cut down by ten years, you’d be seventeen! Numbah two, had any of us given Splash a compliment like that, you’d ‘ve said the same thing! As a mattah o’ fact, we’d probably hafta listen to that “sittin’ in a tree” crap ‘dat you ‘n’ Marine‘re always doin’!

Knuckles: Heh heh heh! He’s got a point there, Charmy!

Mighty: Yeah, I’ll say!

Espio: Indeed.

Charmy: That’s NOT true, okay!?

*A small chime is heard*

Vector: *Picks up the walkie-talkie* Yeah?

Slush: Hey, it’s me. Robotnik just left his base, and he's on his way to Windy Valley so he could release both EG-003 and four, right there, in the same area!

Vector: I guess ‘DAT explains da detector readings that we were gettin’! Don’t worry, we’ll stop ‘em!

Slush: Okay, good. Say, by the way, did you know that he misplaced EG-002’s gem? Apparently, Robotnik dropped it while he was leaving Red Mountain and returning to his base. Since you guys seem to have a detector of your own, you may still have a chance to beat him to the punch!

Vector: Way ahead o’ ya! Tikal already found it, ‘n’ EG-002, or Seedra as she’s now called, has already been released, ‘n’ she’s on our side.

Slush: Ah, okay. Cool.

Charmy: By the way, Slush, I’m surprised you’re not making out with Bark right now. *Snickers*

Slush: *Her face turns completely red* Oh, VERY funny, you little insect!

Vector: If ya wanna get back at ‘em, Slush, you should say somethin’ about his crush on Splash!

Slush: *Smirks* I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

Charmy: I already told you, that’s NOT true!

Slush: If you say so, little guy.

Charmy: I’m telling the truth!

Tikal: Don’t look now, but here comes Dr. Robotnik! *Points*

Vector: Thanks for the info. I’ll talk to ya later. *Hangs up*

Seedra: So, HE’S Dr. Robotnik…

Robotnik: *Hovers down* W-WHAT!? It’s those Chaotix fools again! How is it that you ALWAYS manage to catch wind of my schemes!?

Vector: Like I said before, we’ve got our ways.

Robotnik: WHAT ways!?

Vector: We ain’t tellin’!

Robotnik: Hmph, whatever. *Notices Seedra* Wait a minute! You’re, you’re…!

Seedra: …Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves. You must be Dr. Robotnik.

Robotnik: Correct you are, my dear! I am Doctor Ivo Robotnik, the most brilliant scientific genius in the world! This certainly explains what happened to the Leaf Element Gem, and who I’ve been detecting on radar. So, we finally meet at last, EG-002, or rather, Seedra. Since you seem to be aware of who I am already, I guess there’s no need to explain myself any further.

Seedra: You’re right, you don’t need to explain, because I already know what you’re about, Doctor. Your goal is to take over this world, and if you think I’m going to join you, then you’re sadly mistaken! Even if you are my creator, I want no part in this! Conquering the world…that’s just sick and wrong, and I would never do something like that!

Robotnik: …

Great, that’s just what we need…another Splash. You are, in fact, the second of my EG experiments to oppose me out in the open like this! Sooner or later, you, along with your older sister, Squash, are going to pay dearly for your blatant acts of treason! I would destroy you fools right here and now, but I’ve got some unfinished business to attend to. *Turns on his Egg –O- Matic’s rocket engine and zooms past them* Let’s see how you fare against EG-003 and EG-004! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Knuckles: Oh, no you don’t! Get back here!

Dr. Robotnik quickly zoomed past them to make a break for Windy Valley, but they began chasing him immediately, in order to nab the Thunder and Wind Gems from him. Will Knuckles, the Chaotix, Tikal, and Seedra be fast enough to catch Robotnik and prevent EG-003, the Thunder Goddess, and EG-004, the Wind Goddess, from being released? Or will they ultimately fail in the end? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 5

On the previous chapter of Elements of Power, Dr. Robotnik and Scorch returned to the Mystic Ruins base to formulate a plan to track down Squash and do away with her. Scorch then made a suggestion for Robotnik to use the emerald detector that he installed in his glasses. Just as the doctor began tracking down his rebellious creation, he quickly noticed that the Leaf Element Gem, which contained EG-002/Seedra, was missing. Just as they were about to take off to go look for it, it suddenly began to rain, which caused Scorch, whose weakness is water attacks, to collapse to the ground. Due to the rainy weather, she was unable to accompany the doctor during his search. Slush, on the other hand, decided to stay behind to help her sister recuperate.

Taking advantage of the rainy and thundery weather, Robotnik got the idea to go to Windy Valley, so that he could release both EG-003 and EG-004 in the same area. As soon as he left, Slush informed the Chaotix team about this, and they decided to go after him. Will our heroes be able to stop Robotnik from releasing the remaining two EG experiments? Find out on this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

As Robotnik and the Chaotix entered Windy Valley, the weather began to get even worse than it was while they were at the Mystic Ruins. Although the rain had stopped, the thunder storm was still occurring, in addition to strong winds that were akin to that of a typhoon.

Charmy: Ihhhh…!

Vector: Man, this is some CRAZY weather we’re havin’!

Knuckles: Yeah, you could say THAT again!

Wechnia: Ghh…! Knuckles, what does the detector say about Robotnik’s location? How far has he gotten?

Knuckles: He shouldn’t be too far…

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee too far”. *Snickers*

Seedra: Hmm hmm. I like your puns, Charmy, I really do, but… I don’t think this is the time or place for that, you know?

Charmy: …

Yeah, you’re right. Thanks for not being mean about it like everyone would. Well, almost everyone, I should say. Especially Heavy; he’s such a jerk.

Seedra: You’re welcome.

Knuckles: So, yeah, as I was saying, Robotnik hasn’t gotten very far. If we act now, we SHOULD be able to catch him! Come on, let’s get moving!

The Chaotix pressed onward, and continued moving through the treacherous storm, in an effort to catch up Robotnik and prevent him from bringing EG-003 and EG-004 to life. Moving through the strong winds took every ounce of strength of they had, but eventually, they managed to catch up to the doctor and have him cornered.

Vector: End o’ the line, Robotnik!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… That’s where you’re wrong! YOU’RE the one who’s too late, fool!

Mighty: Here’s a quick question: How do you know for sure that the Thunder and Wind Goddesses won’t turn on you, like Squash did?

Robotnik: Hmm, that’s a good question, but just because one, or should I say TWO of them decided to disobey me, doesn’t mean that all of them will. Now then! Arise, EG-003! Arise, EG-004!

Just as the next lightning bolt struck, Robotnik tossed the two gems into the air. The Electric Gem came in contact with the lightning bolt, while the Wind Gem came in contact with the winds that were currently blowing. After that, a bright flash of light occurred; when it disappeared, two Scorch/Splash/Slush look-alikes were seen. One of them had long yellow, electrical hair, with a black and yellow-colored dress with diamonds on it, along with golden ring bracelets, sandals, and a tiara with a yellow gem in the middle. The other one had a similar appearance, but with “hair” made out of wind, and a hot pink and lavender-colored dress, rather than yellow and black. The gem in the middle of her tiara was also lavender-colored, instead of yellow.

Espio: It’s…it’s them!

Vector: Crud! Beaten to ‘da punch again!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Welcome to life, ladies! I am your brilliant master and creator, Doctor Ivo Robotnik! You two are the third and fourth of my EG experiments! *Points to the Electric Goddess* You are Shock, the Goddess of Lightning! Codenamed: EG-003!

Shock: “Shock, the Goddess of Lightning”? “Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Three”? How creative.

Robotnik: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were being sarcastic.

Shock: Not at all. I like it.

Robotnik: Okay, good. *Points to the Wind Goddess* You, on the other hand, shall be known as Storm, the Goddess of Wind! Codenamed: EG-004!

Storm: “Storm, the Goddess of Wind”? “Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Four”? Not bad, I guess. Now, umm… Dr. Robotnik, was it? Why have you created us, exactly? Is there a specific purpose we’re supposed to fulfill?

Robotnik: That’s right! You are to assist me in my plans for global conquest!

Shock: Okay. How do we do that, exactly?

Robotnik: You could start by destroying these meddlesome fools who are standing before me! *Points* They are the Chaotix team, some of my sworn enemies! They, along with Sonic the Hedgehog, who I’ll get into detail with later, are always interfering with my plans!

Shock: Okay. Consider it done, doc. It’ll give us the perfect opportunity to test our abilities. I certainly hope they could put up a good fight.

Wechnia: Why don’t you try us and see for yourself?

Shock: Oh, I thought you’d never ask. Storm, why don’t you two leave this to me?

Storm: Are you sure you can take all of them on by yourself?

Shock: Sure I can. This won’t take very long at all. If, by any chance, they somehow manage to get through me, then they’re all yours.

Storm: Okay then.

Shock: Considering how “electrifying” my abilities are, I’d say that’s highly unlikely.

Knuckles: …

Okay, number one. What is WITH you Elemental Goddesses in puns? Secondly, does arrogance just happen to RUN in this family, or what? There are a few exceptions, but still.

Charmy: Splash, Slush, and Seedra aren’t anything like that, though.

Knuckles: Yeah, that’s why I said there’re exceptions. Anyway, enough talk. I’m ready to get this over with! Since you think you’re so tough, Shock, then let’s go! Show us what you’ve got! *Fighting stance*

Espio: On guard! *Takes out a shuriken*

Charmy: Guard on!

Everyone: …

Shock: HAHAHAHAHA… I’m sure you’ll get a real “charge” out of THIS!

So then, the battle began. Shock held out the palm of her hand and fired a beam of electric energy at the heroes, but they managed to dodge it by spreading out. Knuckles quickly charged toward the Goddess, and started throwing punches at her. She evaded most of them, but ended up getting hit by the last one, which caused her to fall backwards and skid across the ground.

Shock: Uhhhhhh!

Mighty: Nice one, Knuckles.

Knuckles: Thanks.

Shock: Ihhh… *Sits up and wipes the blood from around her mouth* Not bad…you’re tougher than I thought. *Stands up* It won’t make any difference in the end, however. I have yet to show you the true extent of my power.

Wechnia: Then what’s stopping you? Don’t just talk about it, do it.

Charmy: Yeah!

Shock: HAHAHAHAHA… You should be careful what you ask for. It may destroy you!

Knuckles: All you are is a bunch of talk.

Shock: Oh, I’ll show you! *Morphs into a lightning bolt and shoots toward Knuckles*

Knuckles: W-What the…!? UHHHHH! *Bzzzzzt!* *Falls over*


While Knuckles was down, Shock began launching tons of small lightning orbs at him, which he started rolling away from. When Knuckles got back up, he ran towards her once again, and started throwing more punches at her.

Shock: *Dodges* What, again? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re so predictable! *Looks toward the other heroes* Feel free to jump in and help him at any ti-

While Shock was busy looking away, Knuckles was able to land another punch to her to her jaw before she had a chance to finish her sentence. Instead of it knocking her over this time, it simply made her stumble backwards. After she regained her composure, she quickly powered up a lightning blast and fired it, sending Knuckles flying into the wall behind him.

Knuckles: UHHHHHH!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Excellent job, Shock! You’re going great so far! Keep up the good work!

Vector: Knuckles! Are you a’ight ovah there, buddy?

Knuckles: Yeah, I’m fine. *Gets back up*

Shock: As I was saying before, the rest of you are welcome to jump in at any time. Please feel free to do so.

*Looks toward Seedra* By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask: Who are you, and why is it that you look so much like Storm and I?

Seedra: I’m your older sister, Seedra.

Shock: Well, in that case, why not come with us, sis?

Seedra: No thank you. If I were to side with Dr. Robotnik, then I’d be going against everything I stand for.

Shock: Well, alright. Suit yourself, then.

Robotnik: There’s no use in trying to talk to her, Shock. It appears that those Chaotix fools have warped her mind. Just destroy her along with the rest.

Shock: …

Well, okay. Sure thing, doc.

Seedra: I really don’t want to have to fight you, but you leave me no choice… *Vines extend from her back*

Setting her sights on Seedra, Shock morphed back into a lightning bolt, and shot herself towards Seedra at high speed. Just as Shock was about to “strike” her, Seedra’s vines quickly lashed out at Shock and wrapped around her tightly, constricting her of any movement.

Shock: W-What!? How did you…!? Impossible!


Using her vines, Seedra lifted Shock into the air, and slammed her onto the ground, sending her sister crashing through the ground, making a crater in the process.

Charmy: Wow, Seedra! That was really, REALLY cool!

Seedra: Thank you, Charmy.

Shock: Ugggggh…

Storm: Are you sure you don’t need my help?

Shock: I’m…positive. I’m only getting warmed up! *Quickly bursts out of the hole in a flash of lightning* Alright, no more games! It’s time to get serious!

Knuckles: That’s fine with us!

Vector: Should we try rushin’ ‘er altogether at once?

Espio: It’s worth a try.

Knuckles: Alright, then let’s do it!

Just as they were running towards Shock and getting ready to attack her, she quickly absorbed one of the lightning bolts from the thunderstorm that was already occurring, and began powering up.

Shock: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Let’s see how you fare against… THIS! *Morphs into a lightning bolt, and crashes into everybody*

Everyone: UHHHHH! *They fall over*

*That continues for a while*

Knuckles: Ugggh… Is it me, or has she gotten faster?

Seedra: Yeah, I’ll say… I couldn’t catch her with my vines this time!

Shock: You guessed it! Whenever I absorb lightning bolts, whether it’s from the sky, electrical wires, or whatever else, my speed and power increases tenfold! Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is that anything else you try will be completely useless, so you might as well quit while you’re ahead.

Vector: No way! We ain’t ready to give up just yet!

Mighty: Exactly, I know we still have a chance to win!

Shock: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, quit deluding yourselves! You’re outmatched, and you know it! I think I’m going to go ahead and put another shock to your system! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Get it, a “SHOCK to your system”? Oh, where do I come up with stuff!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Everyone: …

Robotnik: Alright, Shock, that’s enough! Quit playing around, already, and finish the job! I haven’t got all day, you know!

Shock: Alright, alright. Keep your shirt on. It’ll definitely be over after this next attack, I’m sure of it. *Hovers into the air*

After hovering into the air, Shock started absorbing more electricity from the thunderstorm, and began powering up again. Unfortunately for her, it started to rain again while she was in the middle of it, which, of course, caused her to shortcircuit.

Shock: W-WHAT!? This…this can’t be! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! *Bzzzzzzt!* *Falls down and hits the ground hard*

Vector: Ouch… Now ‘dat’s GOTTA hurt!

Tikal: I sure do feel sorry for her…

Storm: *Runs over to Shock* Are you okay, Shock? *Shakes her*

Seedra: She isn’t…dead, is she?

Storm: *Feels her pulse* She’s still alive; she’s just unconscious, that’s all.

Robotnik: Hmph, so what if you won this time around? You just happened to get lucky, that’s all. The next time we meet, we shall be victorious!

Storm: I was going to fight you guys myself after Shock lost, but I guess that’s going to have to wait. However, though, here’s a little going away present! *Her eyes glow purple*

Charmy: Huh? What’s she doing?

Vector: Uh oh! This can’t be good! Brace yaselves, everyone!

Just as Storm’s eyes began to glow, even stronger gusts of wind began to blow. Knuckles and company were able to stand their ground and withstand them for a short while, but eventually, the winds got even stronger, and they ended up getting caught in a tornado.

Everyone: AAAAAAHHH!!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, yes! Now, go ahead and finish them off!

Obeying her master’s command, Storm controlled the tornado by making it throw everyone in different directions, knocking them over the horizon in the process. After that was done, Storm made the rest of the winds stop.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Excellent job, Storm! You’ve truly outdone yourself by getting rid of those Chaotix fools as easily as you did! I always had confidence in you, but even I didn’t think you’d pull it off THIS easily!

Storm: Thank you, Doctor. So, I guess this means you’re free to take over the world now?

Robotnik: Well, almost, but not quite. There are still a few other nuisances that need to be taken care of, but we’ll burn that bridge when the time comes, I guess! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… *Ahem* Anyway, let’s return to the base. *Flies off in his Egg –O- Matic*

Storm: *Carries Shock over her shoulder and follows*

Oh, no! The unthinkable has happened! Despite the fact that they were able to triumph over Shock, they were easily brushed aside by Storm and her powerful wind techniques! Could this truly be the end of our heroes? Has Robotnik truly won? Will he truly succeed with his plans to conquer the world and build the Robotnik Empire? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 6

Previously, on Elements of Power, Knuckles, the Chaotix, Tikal, and Seedra pursued Dr. Robotnik at Windy Valley in hopes of stopping him from releasing the Thunder and Wind Goddesses, EG-003 and EG-004. Unfortunately for them, they were once again unable to stop him. After Robotnik brought them to life, he named them Shock, the Goddess of Lightning and Storm, the Goddess of Wind. Knuckles and company engaged Shock in combat. It was a long, tough battle, but just when Shock was starting to gain the upper hand, it began raining once again; and to due to her weakness to water, Shock ended up losing and was unable to battle any further. Storm then took her place, and easily dismissed the Chaotix team with strong gusts of wind, blowing them all over the horizon in the process. Robotnik then congratulated his new creation for defeating his enemies, and returned to his base to begin putting the rest of his plan into action. Could this truly be it? Could Knuckles and the Chaotix truly have met their end at the hands of the powerful Wind Goddess? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

This part of the story begins at the city of Station Square. Meanwhile, just as Knuckles and company’s battle against Shock was taking place, Robotnik’s first EG experiment, EG-001, or Squash, the Goddess of Stone as she’s now called, began putting her own world domination plans into effect. The first step of her plan involved seizing control of Station Square, so she and her Pyrock army began attacking the city, with many buildings crumbling, and tons of people running off, screaming in terror. Additionally, quite a few G.U.N. soldiers attempted to stop her, using their mech robots and fighter planes, but they were getting destroyed and taken down, one by one.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Pathetic humans! They’re making this all too easy! Conquering this world is going to be even easier than I thought! There’s no one on this entire planet that’s capable of stopping me! Not even those Chaotix weaklings! AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! Oh, how I’d just LOVE to see the look on Ivo’s face once he’s seen the work I’ve done in renovating this place! The very city that HE was most likely aiming to conquer! AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH!

???: Chaos… SPEAR!

At the sound of those words, an explosion occurred, which wiped out each and every one of the Pyrocks in its path, making broken pieces of rubble fly everywhere.

Squash: NOOOOO! My…my Pyrocks! My precious, precious Pyrocks! Alright, who did this!? Show yourself!

Shadow: *Drops down in front of her*

Squash: Who are you!?

Shadow: I am Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform. You must be one of the doctor’s EG experiments. EG-001, I presume?

Squash: My codename…how did you know it?

Shadow: I’ve known about you and your sisters long before you were ever created, but that’s not the point. I’m here to put a stop to you and your rampage.

Squash: …

Oh, I get it. You must be one of Ivo’s allies. I should have known that weak, bald-headed buffoon wouldn’t dare to fight me himself. Anyway, you obviously have NO idea what you’re up against. Or perhaps I’m mistaken, and you just happen to have a death wish? Let me spell it out for you: I am an invincible, all-powerful Goddess, which means that I cannot be beaten. A weakling like you wouldn’t stand a chance against me, so you’d best turn back now.

Shadow: Awfully arrogant, aren’t we?

Squash: This is your last chance. Leave now, or die. It’s your call.

Shadow: I think I’ll stay. Your words don’t intimidate us one bit.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Oh, well! Then so be it! After all, it’s YOUR funeral, not mine! Let’s see how well you’ll handle THESE guys?
Squash then took the Stone Element Gem off of her tiara, placed it into the ground, and created more minions. However, rather than Pyrocks this time around, they were small, rock-themed crocodiles with stone teeth.

Shadow: What the…!?

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! *Places the gem back in her tiara* Meet… the “Rockadiles”, the newest addition to my army. As with the Pyrocks, they’re not quite as powerful as I am, but they should be more than enough to deal with you. Rockadiles, attack!

The Rockadiles quickly jumped towards Shadow, trying to sink their teeth into him, but he dodged and Homing Attacked every single one of them, breaking them into pieces as he’s done to the Pyrocks.

Squash: WHAT!? NOOOO! I don’t BELIEVE this! How is it that you’ve beaten both the Rockadiles AND the Pyrocks so easily!? This makes no sense!

Shadow: There’s a reason WHY I’m called the “Ultimate Lifeform”, you know. Now, you’re next, EG-001.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! You poor, poor simpleton… You don’t have a single clue, do you? Surely, you don’t think I’ll be as easy to defeat as my minions? AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! Don’t make me laugh! Like I said before, I’m far superior to them in every way! Take the powers of both the Pyrocks and Rockadiles, and multiply it by at least nine thousand. If you still want to challenge me, then fine. I promise you, though; this fight will be your last!

Shadow: We’ll see about that.

Squash: HAAAAAAH! *Punches through the ground and creates a shockwave*

Shadow: *Leaps into the air*

While Shadow was in the air, Squash used her powers to make a sharp stone pillar rise from the ground, and used a telekinetic force to launch it at him. However, Shadow quickly dodged it, dive towards Squash, and spun right into her with the Homing Attack, knocking the Goddess over.

Squash: Uhhhhhhh! *Falls backwards*

Shadow: Hmph.

Squash: *Stands up again, and makes a bunch of rubble and debris float into the air* Try THIS on for size! *Launches them at Shadow*

Shadow: *Starts dodging them*

While he was busy trying to evade the debris that was thrown at him he was temporarily off guard, so Squash took that as her opportunity to get close enough to Shadow to successfully land a punch, sending him flying through the wall, burying him under rubble in the process.

Shadow: UHHHHHH!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! Well, so much for him! He was hardly a challenge at all! “Ultimate Lifeform”…don’t make me laugh! Although, I WILL admit, he was kinda cu-


Squash: Huh!? Who’s there!? Don’t tell me he’s still alive!

Shadow quickly burst from the pile of rubble, with a glowing red aura around him.

Squash: What!? This can’t be! You should have at least been knocked unconscious, or something!

Shadow: Perhaps this will teach you not to underestimate your opponents! Chaos… BLAST!!! *Blasts her*


After getting struck with the Chaos Blast, Squash was sent flying backwards, and crashed into the wall behind her. Rather than going through it, however, she ended up getting broken into pieces, like a rock.

Shadow: Hmph. I guess EG-001 wasn’t the “all-powerful Goddess” she claimed to be. What a waste of my ti-

Before Shadow could finish his sentence, the Stone Element Gem floated into the air, and started to glow. As it was glowing, broken pieces of rubble started forming together, and Squash was restored back to her original state.

Shadow: What the…!?

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Now look who’s underestimating who?

Shadow: How did you do that!?

Squash: Isn’t it obvious? I am Squash, the Goddess of Stone, which, of course, means that I have the power to manipulate any rock-hard substance around me. Also, the Stone Element Gem has the ability to repair any and all kinds of damage that are done to me. As long as it’s still intact, as well as there being stone in the surrounding area, then I’m able to regenerate myself. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Shadow: I guess that explains it. Now, are you ready to continue?

Squash: Sure. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shadow: *Skates towards Squash*

*They try to punch one another and the bracelets on their wrists clash*

Squash: HAAAAAAAH! *Throws several punches at Shadow*

Shadow: *Dodges them, ducks under the last, gets behind Squash, and kicks her in the back of the head (as he did to Silver in Next-Gen Sonic/Sonic 2006)*

Squash: Uhhhhh! *Falls over*

Shadow: Your punches… They have a lot of power behind them, but you’re definitely lacking in the speed department.

Squash: Oh, so you want speed, do you? Well, try THIS on for size! *Rolls herself into a boulder, and rolls toward Shadow at high speed*

Shadow: *Holds his hands in front of him and tries pushing her away, getting backed into a wall in the process*

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Is THAT fast enough for you?

Shadow: Chaos… BOOST! *Starts to glow red, and gets an extra boost of strength*

Squash: Huh!? What’s going on!?

Shadow: HUUUUUHHHHHH! *Shoves her away, causing her to roll backwards*

Squash: H-How did you…!? AAAAAAHH! *Crashes into the wall*

Shadow: Hmph. *Turns black again*

Squash Ugggh… *Unrolls and stands up again* Now, for my next trick! I’m sure you’ll LOVE this one! It’s...to die for! AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! *The gem in her tiara begins to flash*

*Suddenly, the ground begins to shake*

Shadow: WHOA! *Quickly moves out of the way as a large stone hand comes from underneath the ground*

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Now, Shadow, I’m going to squash you like a bug on the kitchen floor! HAAAAAAH!

The giant stone hand that Squash summoned was motion-controlled, meaning that whatever Squash did with her own hands, the rock hand would imitate that action. Using this power, Squash made the stone hand ball into a fist, and while it was clenched, she used it to try pounding Shadow, but he dodged it. As Shadow dodged the fist, he started skating towards Squash to attack her, but she quickly used the hand to grab Shadow, and toss him into a wall.

Shadow: Uhhhhhh!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Now, what do you say we double the fun? *Summons a second one*

Shadow: Ugh, that’s JUST what I need…

Using both hands, Squash continuously made them pound the ground, in an effort to flatten Shadow. He once again started dodging them, and blast the left hand with a Chaos Spear, followed by a Homing Attack. Just as the right hand was moving toward him at high speed, with its fist balled, Shadow dodged it, causing it to accidently punch the other one, breaking it into pieces.

Shadow: *Starts glowing red again* Chaos… BLAST!!! *Destroys the other one*

Squash: WHAT!? This can’t be!

Shadow: Now, you’re next!

Squash: Fine. What do you say we finish this battle the old fashioned way? No more powers; just regular hand-to-hand combat.

Shadow: That’s fine with me.

Squash: Alright, then come and get it!

*They dash towards one another and start fighting*

Squash: *Punches Shadow in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him*

Shadow: Uhhhhhhh! *Regains his composure, and does the same thing to her*

Squash: Uhhhhhh! *Throws another punch*

Shadow: *Ducks under it and tackles Squash*

*They start rolling across the ground, fighting, with a huge smoke cloud over them (like in cartoons)*

Shadow: *Pins Squash to the ground*

Squash: Oooooof!

*Giggles and talks in a flirty voice* And all this time, I thought you hated me…

Shadow: *Quickly gets off of her and backs away*

Squash: *Gets back up* AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! I knew that would work! Now, I’d say it’s about time we’ve wrapped this up, don’t you agree? *The Stone Gem starts flashing*

Shadow: Gladly.

While the Stone Gem was flashing, the broken pieces of rubble formed together. Unknown to Shadow, one of the stone hands that Squash summoned regenerated itself. Before anything else could be said or done, the hand quickly grabbed Shadow and started squeezing him.


Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! I’ve got you now, Shadow! There’s no escape!

Shadow: Ihhhh…! Wait a minute! Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you say “no more powers”!?

Squash: Ah, yes… I did, didn’t I? Well, in case you haven’t figured it out, I’ve changed my mind. *Clenches her fist, causing the hand to squeeze him even further*


Squash: This has been fun, but as the old saying goes, “All good things must come to an end”. AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! *Uses the debris around her to create a stone sword, and grabs it as it floats toward her* This is it, Shadow! Prepare to die!

Squash then leaped into the air, getting ready to slash Shadow with the sword. Before her sword could make contact with Shadow, it suddenly began to rain. As with some of her sisters, water happened to be Squash’s primary weakness, and as a result, she quickly collapsed to the ground, while in midair. Shadow, on the other hand, used the Chaos Boost technique to free himself from the stone hand’s grasp, and then destroyed it with a Chaos Spear.

Squash: Ghhh…! N-No… Not now! H-How could this be!? I was…mere SECONDS away from a victory!

Shadow: I don’t think so. As I’ve just demonstrated, I would have broken out before you had the chance to use that sword, even if hadn’t started raining.

Squash: Bah, whatever… I guess…this means you’ve won, and…I’ve lost. Go right ahead, Shadow…finish me off…

Shadow: …

That won’t be necessary. You’re already weakened enough as it is.

Squash: So…you’re letting me go?

Shadow: If that’s what you want to call it. When the rain clears, you’re welcome to challenge me to a rematch at any time, but you might want to work on your skills until then. *Skates away*

Squash: Work…on my skills, he says? AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! Don’t…make me laugh! Does he have…ANY idea who I am!? I am… Squash, the Goddess of Stone! The…strongest, most powerful being on this planet!

*A bunch of G.U.N. vehicles arrive on the scene*

Squash: Ugh, not… these guys again. Why now!?

And so, Shadow and Squash’s battle finally came to a conclusion, with Shadow emerging victorious in the end. Despite the fact that he had a perfect opportunity to finish her off right then and there, he chose to spare her life. As soon as Shadow left, more G.U.N. soldiers arrived on the scene to capture Squash, because of all the chaos and destruction she had caused. Due to the rain, she was powerless to resist, and as a result, she was taken away.

Elsewhere, Knuckles, the Chaotix, Tikal, and Seedra have managed to recover from their defeat at the hands of the Wind Goddess Storm, and have met up again at the Mystic Ruins.

Vector: A’ight, cool, so everyone’s here.

Knuckles: Yeah. Ugh, I still can’t believe we were defeated THAT easily, though…

Vector: Neitha can I, but no one coulda seen ‘DAT comin’! ‘Dose winds were blowin’ like CRAZY! For a second ‘dere, I didn’t think we was gonna be able to survive ‘dat!

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee able”. Get it? *Snickers*

Seedra: Hmm hmm hmm! Nice one!

Everyone: …

Espio: *Sweatdrops* So, umm… Anyway, Knuckles, do you still have that emerald detector with you?

Knuckles: Let me check… *Lifts up his cowboy hat and reaches for it* …!

Mighty: Huh? What’s the matter?

Knuckles: The…the detector! It’s gone!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Wechnia: Curses! It must have gotten blown away during the wind storm!

Vector: Wherevah it is, we’d beddah find it, ‘n’ FAST!

Tikal: I couldn’t agree more. I’d hate to know what would happen if it were to get broken or fall into the wrong hands…

Although the Chaotix team has banded together again after the Windy Valley incident, the emerald detector that Tails has lent to Knuckles has gone missing! Apparently, it was blown away during the wind storm. Where could it be, exactly? Also, what will become of Squash, who was captured by the G.U.N. military? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 7

Last time, on Elements of Power, Dr. Robotnik’s rebellious creation, Squash, the Goddess of Stone, began putting her plans for world conquest in action by attacking the city of Station Square to seize control of it. The G.U.N. military fought against Squash and her minions, but were defeated with ease. Just as the Stone Goddess thought she won, Shadow the Hedgehog stepped in, and destroyed her minions. After that, he engaged Squash in an epic showdown, and eventually emerged victorious, partially because of the rainy weather. Shortly after her defeat, Squash was captured and taken away by the G.U.N. military.

Elsewhere, Knuckles and company met up again at the Mystic Ruins, after being blown away during their battle against Storm, the Goddess of Wind. Just as Knuckles was getting ready to use the emerald detector that Tails lent to him, he quickly realized that it was missing. Wechnia theorizes that it may have been blown away while they were all caught in the tornado, but can that really be the case? Or has something else happened to it? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

In the Mystic Ruins…

Charmy: So, where do you think it could be?

Get it, “think it could bee”?


*Everyone sweatdrops*

???: *Giggles* Like I always say, I could just never get enough of those puns!

Charmy: Huh? *Looks around* Was that you, Splash? Where are you?

Splash: *Rises up from the pond* Here I am.

Vector: Ah, hey, Splash! How’re ya doin’?

Splash: I’m fine. And you guys?

Knuckles: Same…for the most part.

Splash: “For the most part”?

Espio: You know those “bio-weapons” that Shadow, Rouge, and Omega told us about? Well, Robotnik has already finished creating them, and they’ve all been released.

Mighty: Yeah, but we did manage to obtain one of the new Elemental Gems that he created, and brought one of them to our side.

Splash: Really, now?

Knuckles: Yeah, but we weren’t so lucky in obtaining the other three. Robotnik’s first “EG” experiment was released by Robotnik, but she ended up going out of his control and coming up with world domination plans of her own.

Splash: Seriously!? What about the other two? Did they go out of his control, as well?

Vector: Nope.

Splash: I see. *Looks toward Seedra* Wait a minute, are you one of Robotnik’s bio-weapons?

Seedra: Well, yes. I’m Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves, or “EG-002”, as I was codenamed.

Splash: It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m your older sister, Splash, the Goddess of Water.

Seedra: It’s nice to meet you, too.

Espio: Now that you two have been acquainted, we’ve got some unfinished business to take care of. The emerald detector that Tails lent to Knuckles has gone missing after that…incident that took place at Windy Valley, and it’s most likely over there somewhere. We’re going to have to go back there to get it.

Charmy: You mean we have to go back THERE again!? No way! Those winds were really, REALLY strong! What if we end up getting caught in another tornado!?

Wechnia: That’s a risk we’re going to have to take, if we’re to track down Squash and stop her before her plans are set in motion.

Splash: “Squash”?

Tikal: That’s the name that was given to EG-001, the Stone Goddess.

Splash: Ah, I see.

Vector: A’ight, then what’re we waitin’ for? Let’s head ovah ta Windy Valley ‘n’ find ‘dat emerald detector!

Seedra: Right, but as soon as we get it, I say we make like a tree, and leave.

Get it, “like a tree, and leave”?

Charmy: Hee hee hee! You’re funny, Seedra!

Splash: I agree! *Giggles*

*Everyone anime falls*

Knuckles: Please…not now, you guys.

Splash: Alright, alright. Why don’t we go ahead and get going?

Vector: Works fa me!

*They leave*

Nack: *Comes from behind the bushes* Heh heh heh! Did ‘ja hear ‘dat, Bean?

Bean: What, you mean that lame excuse for a pun that the tree girl used?

Nack: No, ah’m talkin’ ‘bout ‘da part where ‘dey said somethin’ about droppin’ ‘da emerald detector ‘dey was usin’!

Bean: Oh, that. Yeah, I heard it, loud and clear.

Nack: Are ya thinkin’ what ah’m thinkin’?

Bean: I sure am. You mean we should steal it from them as soon as they find it, right?

Nack: Yep! You goddit!

Bean: Sounds good to me! Then, when we get ahold of that detector, we could use it to track down the Chaos Emeralds, sell them, and make some big bucks off of ‘em!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah, yeah! Once again, you ‘r’ DEFINITELY speakin’ my language! ‘Dis time around, there ain’t nutin’ ‘dose Chaotix chumps’re gonna do ta stop us from becomin’ filthy, stinkin’ rich! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Bean: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, that’s for sure! This time, they’ll know the TRUE meaning of the words “Dynamite Power”!

Nack: A’ight, ‘den whadda we waitin’ for? Let’s start goin’ aftah ‘em!

With all nine heroes banded together, they decided to return to Windy Valley in search of the missing emerald detector, while unknowingly being followed by Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite. Unlike last time, however, the winds weren’t nearly as strong, so they were able to press onward with ease.

Charmy: Wow, the weather sure has gotten a lot better since earlier, hasn’t it?

Vector: Definitely.

Wechnia: Perhaps Storm had something to do with it while she was still here? After all, she does have control over the wind element.

Knuckles: Most likely. This is pretty convenient for us, actually. Now that the tornadoes have stopped, searching for that emerald detector should be a lot easier.

Mighty: What do you say we split up?

Vector: Into groups o’ two again, you mean? I don’t think that’ll work out ‘dis time around, since there’s nine’ve us.

Mighty: Good point. It looks like we’ll have to split into groups of three, then.

Charmy: Hee hee hee. I guess this means you don’t get to be alone with Tikal now, huh? *Snickers*

Mighty: *Blushes* Oh, VERY funny!

Tikal: *Same* Even if that were the case, we’d be searching for the detector, like everyone else!

Charmy: Suuuuurrreee!

Vector: Sheesh. Give it a rest, would ‘ja, Charmy? Really, they could just as easily say somethin’ about your crush on-

Splash: Marine? It’s her, isn’t it? Aww, that’s so cute!

Charmy: NO WAY! I don’t know WHAT he’s talking about!


Seedra: Huh? What was that? *Looks*

Nack: *Hides behind the corner*

Bean: *Same*

Seedra: Did anyone else hear that, or am I beginning to go crazy?

Wechnia: You’re not alone. I heard something, too.

Espio: So did I. I get the strangest feeling that we’re being followed…

Knuckles: Okay! Whoever’s there, go ahead and yourself!

*No answer*

Tikal: Hmm…no response. Maybe it was just the wind, or something.

Splash: So, should we go with Mighty’s suggestion to split into groups of three?

Vector: Sure, why not?

*They decide the groups*

Knuckles: Alright, then it’s settled. Seedra, Wechnia, and I will go this way in search of the detector. *Points*

Vector: A’ight, cool. Espio, Charmy, and I will take ‘dis path. *Points*

Mighty: Tikal, Splash, and I will go this way. *Points*

Knuckles: Okay, let’s get moving.

*They leave*

Bean: Smooth move, Nack. You almost blew our cover…AGAIN.

Nack: Ah, shaddap, will ya? ‘De important thing is ‘dat ‘dey didn’t, a’ight?

Bean: But still, though…  I thought you would’ve learned not to do that again, after our cover almost got blown last month, when we followed them over to the Ice Cap Zone. Shouldn’t that have been common sense?

Nack: Yeah, yeah, I geddit. Anyway, all we need to do now is play da waitin’ game…

Half an hour later…

Charmy: WE FOUND IT!

*The other two groups rush over there*

Knuckles: Good, mission complete!

Vector: A’ight, now we could get outta this place!

Just as the nine heroes turned back, and were on their way out of Windy Valley, Nack and Bean headed them off and blocked their path, carrying bombs and a fully-loaded pistol.

Knuckles: Nack!? Bean!? What are YOU two doing here!?

Nack: Hiya, chumps! We’ve been waitin’ for ya!

Seedra: You’ve been waiting for us, you say?

Wait a minute! It was you, wasn’t it? You’re the ones I heard back there!

Bean: Umm, I believe you mean “one”. Unlike him, I didn’t make a sound.

Seedra: Who are you two, anyway?

Bean: I’m Bean the Dynamite, Master of Explosives!

Nack: Da name’s Nack, Nack the Weasel, A.K.A. Fang the Sniper, da greatest treasah huntah in the woild!

Knuckles: I think Rouge and I have you outclassed in that department.

Nack: Oh, please! ‘Dat skank ain’t got nutin’ on me! ‘N’ neitha do you!

Charmy: Yeah, you WOULD be the one to say that, Knuckles. *Snickers*

Knuckles: What are you trying to imply?

Charmy: Hee hee hee! Ohhhh, you know! Remember when you two were alone at the beach that one time? *Snickers again*

Knuckles: …If I find out that you still have that photo, you’re as good as dead! You hear me!?

Charmy: Oh, and what photo would THAT be, hmmmmm? The one where you two were kissing? *Snickers again*

Knuckles: Why, you little…!

Splash: Guys, can we concentrate on the task at hand here, please?

Knuckles: Alright, fine. Now, where were we? Ah, yes. What do you two want, anyway?

Bean: To be blunt, we’re here for the detector.

Nack: Yeah, so hand it ovah or ah’mma hafta bussa cap in ya! Goddit? *Clicks the gun*

Splash: Forget it!

Bean: Alright, if that’s the way you want it. *Lights the bomb’s fuse* DYNAMITE POWER! *Tosses it*

Vector: LOOK OUT!

Upon making contact with the ground, the bomb exploded and clouded everyone’s vision with smoke. Nack and Bean took advantage of the situation by snatching the emerald detector from them and running off with it.

Charmy: HEY!



*They run off*


Then, Knuckles and company quickly ran after the two thieves in an effort to get the detector back. As the chase went on, Nack and Bean fired bullets and chucked bombs at the heroes to slow them down. This continued for quite some time, until the nine heroes ended up falling through a cleverly disguised trench in the ground.

Everyone: AAAAAHHH!

*They land hard on the ground*

Knuckles: W-What the…!?

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA! Howda ya like ‘DAT? While you guys was lookin’ all ovah ‘da place for ‘da radar, Bean ‘n’ I decided ta dig ‘dis trench ta lure you guys into a trap, and needless ta say at ‘dis point, it woiked!

Splash: Why, you…! You won’t get away with this!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ‘Dat’s where ya wrong, toots, ‘cause we already have! Now, I say it’s ‘bout time for us ta bus’ outta ‘dis joint! Thanks for ‘da radar, chumps! C’mon, Bean, let’s get outta here ‘n’ make a break for ‘da Marvelous Queen, back at ‘da Mystic Ruins!

Bean: Okay. Later, losers! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


*They run off*

Vector: Heh heh heh! Morons! They sure didn’t think ‘dis plan through, did they? If so, ‘den they must not’ve known ‘dat we know how ta fly, climb, and wall-kick our way outta tight spots like this!

Charmy: Alright, then let’s do it!

Shortly afterwards, the nine heroes found their way out of the trench, using the aforementioned abilities. Knuckles, Vector, and Tikal climbed out of the hole, Mighty and Wechnia used wall-kicks, Charmy and Splash flew out of the hole, Seedra used her vines to climb out, and Espio clinged to wall with his feet and ran out of it (like in Knuckles’ Chaotix, the 32X game).

Splash: Alright, now that we’re all out, let’s see what we could do to catch up to those two scheming lowlifes!

Knuckles: Okay. They couldn’t have gotten too far, so we should still have a chance to catch up to them, before they get to their jetbike!

Wechnia: Right.

After finding their way out of the hole, Knuckles and company continued pursuing Nack and Bean in an effort to reclaim the stolen emerald detector. Just as they were exiting Windy Valley and reentering the Mystic Ruins, they ended up catching up to the two crooks as they were about to board the Marvelous Queen and take off.

Bean: WHAT THE…!? How’d you guys catch up to us so fast!?

Nack: Beddah yet, how’d ‘ja get outta ‘da hole!?

Knuckles: Nevermind that! Hand over the detector!

Nack: Ya too late, Knucklehead! We’d love ta stay ‘n’ chat wit’ ‘cha, but we ain’t got ‘da time! We’ve got big bucks ta make!

Just as the two of them were getting ready to run towards the Marvelous Queen, a shuriken was suddenly thrown in front of them, causing them to stop.

Bean: Huh? Where’d THAT come from?

Charmy: Did you do that, Espio?

Espio: No, it wasn’t me...

Just then, a yellow, female cat with black hair, a red and black dress, and boots dropped down in front of Nack and Bean.

Espio: It’s…her!

???: Espio, Knuckles, it’s been a while. It looks like you guys could use some help.

Knuckles: Hey, I remember you! You’re that-

Nack: Look, sistah! I dunno where ya came from, but ‘cha beddah get outta ‘da way, before I hafta bussa cap in ya!

???: Just you go ahead and try it!

Suddenly, out of the clear blue sky, a stranger who claims to know Knuckles and Espio has shown up to lend them a hand in getting the emerald detector back from Nack and Bean. Who is she, exactly? And where do they know her from? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 8

Last time, on Elements of Power, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes decided to head back to Windy Valley in search of the missing emerald detector. Little did they know, however, that they were being followed by Nack the Weasel and Bean the Dynamite, who were bent on stealing the radar as soon as they got ahold of it. When the time came, they did just that. Knuckles and company chased after the two thieves, only to get themselves caught in a trap. While they were stuck underground, Nack and Bean took that as their opportunity to escape.
Although Knuckles and the others were able to escape, they were still ways behind. Sure, they did manage to catch up to Nack and Bean, but the two of them were on the verge of escaping once again. Just as they were about make their getaway on Nack’s jet bike, the “Marvelous Queen”, a mysterious stranger, who claims to know Knuckles and Espio, blocked the thieves’ path and prevented them from escaping. Who is she, exactly, and where do Knuckles and Espio know her from? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Bean: You…you look familiar. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve DEFINITELY seen you somewhere before. What about you, Nack?

Nack: …

Nah, it ain’t ringin’ a bell wit’ me.

???: I’m Honey the Cat. You know, from the fighting tournament we held a while back?

Nack: Ah, yeah… NOW I remembuh!

Bean: I guess that explains it.

Honey: Why don’t you two just kindly hand over the detector that you’ve taken from them?

Nack: ‘Ey! Back off, toots! ‘Dis ain’t none o’ ya business, y’hear!? *Takes out his gun and points it at her* I’ve seddit before, ‘n’ I’ll say it again: You eitha get outta da way, or I’ll bussa cap ‘n’ ya! *Clicks the gun*

Honey: Go right ahead then. Feel free to “bust that cap”.

Nack: A’ight, you asked for it, sistah!

Just as he was pulling the trigger, Honey abruptly threw another shuriken and got it clogged into the gun’s hole, causing it backfire and explode in Nack’s face.

Nack: AH, CRAAAAAAAAP!!! *Gets blown backwards*


*Everyone else laughs at him, too*

Nack: AH, SHADDAP! Bean, gimme a hand here, would ‘ja?

Bean: Alright, cat girl! It’s time you’ve learned the TRUE meaning of the words “Dynamite Power”! *Tosses a bomb at her*

Honey: *Dodges*

Bean: *Tosses tons of others*

As Bean tossed bombs at Honey, she continued dodging until she got close enough to land a punch, causing him to fall over.

Bean: Ooooof!

Nack: *Reaches into his belt, takes out a knife, and starts sneaking up on Honey*

Honey: Heh heh heh! Too easy! A little TOO easy if you ask me! *Takes back the detector and hands it to Espio*

Espio: T-Thank you.

Honey: Don’t mention it.

Splash: Umm, Honey, was it? I think you should take a look behi-

Before Splash had the chance to finish her sentence, Nack quickly grabbed her from behind, holding the knife right up to her neck.

Honey: H-Hey! What’re you doing!? Let go of me! *Jerks away*

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHA! NOW look who’s back in control, chumps!

Knuckles: Why, you…!

Nack: Hand ovah ‘da radar, ‘r da cat goil gets it!

Espio: You coward!

Nack: Call it whatcha want, but I do whatevah it takes ta get da job done! Again, ya could eitha hand it ovah, or I’ll slice ‘er freakin’ head off!

Bean: Trust me, he’ll do it. So you better do what he says.

Knuckles: What do you even want the thing for, anyway!? Did you happen ta make anotha deal with Robotnik, or what!?

Vector: Sheesh, did ‘ja forget what happened ‘da LAST couple o’ times you did that? Freakin’ morons.

Nack: Ah, shaddap! You dunno whatcha talkin’ about! We ain’t got nothin’ ta do wit’ ‘im!

Bean: Exactly! Didn’t we already tell you before, that we weren’t affiliated with him in any way? We’re doing this for ourselves. We’re gonna use that radar to track down the Chaos Emeralds, sell them for a price, and make TONS of cash!

Nack: HAHAHAHA! Yep, ‘dat’s right! ‘Dis time aroun’, we’re gonna be filthy, stinkin’ RICH!

Splash: Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you already steal tons of money from Robotnik last month!? How greedy can you two possibly get!?

Nack: …

Foist of all, we didn’t “steal” it; we got what was owed ta us. ‘N’ numbah two, yeah, we’ve gotta buncha cash, but so what? ‘Dat don’t mean we can’t get more! Now enough o’ ‘dis chit-chat! Hand ovah ‘da radar, or ah’mma slice ‘er head off! Ya’ve got ‘til ‘da count o’ ten! One…two…three….

Honey: Ihhhh…!

Espio: Don’t worry, Honey, we’ll save you! Just sit tight!

Nack: Four…five…six…

Charmy: What’re we gonna do, you guys!?

Wechnia: Hmm…

Nack: …Seven…

Vector: Ah, crud! We’ve gotta think of somethin’, ‘n’ FAST!

Mighty: Can’t we hand over the radar for the time being? We could always get it back from them, you know.

Espio: …

Perhaps you’re right, Mighty. After all, the last thing I want is for Honey to get herself killed. I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if that were to happen…

Charmy: Hee hee hee, do you like her, or something? *Snickers*

Espio: N-No! Of course not!

Vector: Charmy, don’t even start! This ain’t the time for that!

Nack: Eight! Nine! Te-

Espio: Wait!

Nack: Hmm? So, you’re gonna give it to us?

Espio: Yes, you can have it. Just let her go.

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA! I’m glad ta see ‘dat ya’ve finally come ta your senses! Now, just hand it ta Bean, nice ‘n’ slowly.

Espio: Fine. *Talks toward Bean*

Honey: Wait! That won’t be necessary!

Espio: Huh?

Knuckles: What do you mean?

Just then, Honey tilted her head back, and did a backwards headbutt, making Nack drop his knife and hold his face, losing his grip on Honey in the process.

Nack: UGH! Why, ya dirty, stinkin’ li’l…!

Knuckles: Nice one! Now, let’s teach these two a lesson they’ll never forget!

Vector: Ya mean we’re gonna jump ‘em, right?

Knuckles: Yeah, that’ll work.

Nack: Go right ahead ‘n’ try it! I’ll bussa cap in every one o’ yas! *Aims his gun*

Bean: *Lights the bomb’s fuse*

Just as Nack and Bean were getting ready to strike, Seedra quickly extended vines from her back, and knocked the weapons out of their hands. Shortly afterwards, everyone stampeded towards the two crooks and started ganging up on them.

*A smoke cloud appears around them during the beating*



*They leave them on the ground, beaten up*

Tikal: Hmph! It serves you right!

Nack: Uggggh… ‘Dis…ain’t ovah, y’hear!?

Bean: Ugggh, yeah… You won’t be so lucky next time!

Nack: ‘Dat’s right! ‘Da next time we meet, ya beddah say ya prayahs, ‘cause ah’mma pump ya guts full o’ lead!

*They get on the Marvelous Queen and take off*

Honey: *Tosses something at it as they’re leaving*

Mighty: What was that?

Honey: Oh, you’ll see…in just a few more seconds.

Suddenly, an explosion occurred from far away, which destroyed the Marvelous Queen and sent Nack and Bean flying over the horizon.




*Others laugh at him, too*

Vector: HAHAHAHA! Oh, man! Now ‘DAT was priceless!

???: Yeah, I agree!

*They look in that direction*

Seedra: …! (It’s…him again…) *Hearts appear in her eyes*

Knuckles: Hey, Sonic. How long have you been there?

Sonic: I just got here a little while ago. I was gonna step in to lend you guys a hand, but it looked like you already had things under control. Nice job. I like the way you handled those two.

Honey: Thanks.

Sonic: No problem. *Looks toward Seedra*

Seedra: *Looks away*

Sonic: …? (Wow, what’s with her?) So, umm… Anyway, I’m about to go grab some chili dogs, so I’ll catch you later. It’s juice ‘n’ loose time! Up, over, and GONE! *Takes off*

Seedra: *Sighs with hearts floating around her head* He’s so…dreamy.

Oh, God… Did I just say that out loud?

Charmy: Yep! *Snickers*

Seedra: Y-You didn’t hear that! Really, you didn’t! If you did, then just, umm…COMPLETELY disregard it, okay? ^^;;

Charmy: Hee hee hee, sorry, but that’s WAY too funny to disregard! *Snickers again* Seedra likes Sonic, Seedra likes Sonic!

Seedra: *Blushes* H-Hey! Cut it out!

Charmy: Sonic and Seedra, sittin’ in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G-! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in a baby carriage! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Seedra: *Blushes even more* I SAID CUT THAT OUT!

Splash: I don’t know what’s so funny about that. Personally, I think it’s cute.

Knuckles: Heh heh heh. Maybe so, but good luck fighting Amy for him, Seedra.

Vector: Yep! Her, along wit’ this otha girl named Tiara Boobowski.

Honey: “Boobowski”, you say? What a weird last name.

Charmy: Yeah, I know! It has the word “boob” in it! Now THAT’S funny!

Vector: Yeah, ‘DAT’S fa sure!

Honey: My point exactly. Also, thanks for taking the time to help me out after I screwed up during that battle with Fang.

Espio: No, we should be thanking you. If you hadn’t showed up, then he and Bean probably would have escaped.

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee thanking you”. Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Elsewhere, at G.U.N. Headquarters, Squash, who got herself defeated and captured for her antics at Station Square, has escaped her imprisonment and was on the run, trying to find her way out. During her escape, she came across tons of G.U.N. sentry droids, destroying each and every one in her path.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! These humans, I swear! Do they truly think they could stop me with mere toys like that? What fools!

After destroying the robots, Squash continued running through the base, until came across a squadron of G.U.N. soldiers, which were all pointing fully loaded machine guns at her.

Squash: What the…!?

Soldier #1: EG-001, we have you surrounded! Surrender yourself now, or face the consequences!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! Surrender, you say? Why should I surrender to a multitude of weaklings?

Soldier #1: Your arrogance has just sealed your fate! Ready, men!? FIRE!

The soldiers started rapidly firing their machine guns at Squash, but she blocked the projectiles with her ring bracelets. After that, she curled up into a boulder, rolled toward the soldiers, and rammed into them. After that, she continued running through the base, until she came across room that had “KEEP OUT” written in bold red letters.

Squash: “Keep out”? AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Oh, please! Do they honestly expect people to listen to that? *Uses her super strength to break the chains, and bursts into the room*

Upon entering the room, Squash found a strange, ancient-looking artifact that contained a dark, ooze-like substance, with a dark, fiery glow around it.

Squash: “Scepter of Darkness”, it says? Interesting. I don’t know what kind of powers this thing possesses, exactly, but considering the fact that those G.U.N. idiots went out of their way to keep it hidden, it must be very powerful. I think I’ll take it with me. This thing could certainly come in handy when I resume my plans for world conquest! AH-HA-AH-AH! Yes, very soon, this world is going to be mine, all mine! AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! *Grabs the scepter* Well, looks like my work here is done. I think it’s time I’ve gotten out of this place.

As Squash was getting ready to exit the room, she accidentally tripped and fell, somehow triggering the Scepter of Darkness to release the dark ooze from within.

Squash: Huh!? What!? What’s this!? Ahhhhhh!

After the ooze came out of the scepter, a dark, shadowy mist appeared around it, forming into a certain Shadow look-alike with a light blue trim around his spikes.

Squash: GRRR! Shadow! It’s you! Are you seriously trying to start with me again!?

???: Ah, I see that you, too, have been wronged by Shadow…

Squash: …

Wait, what?

???: I am Mephiles, Mephiles the Dark. And you are?

Squash: I’m Squash, the Goddess of Stone, or “EG-001”, as I was codenamed. What were you saying before? Something about being “wronged by Shadow”, right?

Mephiles: Yes. Immediately after I was created eleven years ago, Shadow sealed me within that scepter! Because of him, I was trapped for ten years, and I’ve dreamt of nothing but seeking revenge upon him; nothing BUT the day where I’d give him a one-way ticket to oblivion! I did get released eventually, only to wind up back where I started, thanks to Shadow and several others.

Squash: Boy, do I know the feeling. Earlier today, I began putting my world domination plans in action, only for Shadow to stand in my way and ruin everything! Not only that, but because of him, I ended up getting captured by the military, and they were about to put me in a cryogenic rest chamber!

Mephiles: …

I see. It would appear as if the two of us have something in common. Both of us had plans that were foiled in some way, we both despise Shadow, and the list goes on and on. Why not come with me, Squash? Let us punish this foolish world of humanity… Once and for all, we can teach this world a lesson, and rewrite the future!

Squash: …

Sure. Why not?

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Excellent! I’m glad to see we’re on the same page. Sooner or later, we shall see to it that Shadow the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Blaze the Cat, and every one of our enemies suffer slow, painful deaths! HAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Oh, no! Mephiles the Dark has escaped his imprisonment, and has been released into the world once again! As a result, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and all the others have more than just Dr. Robotnik and his remaining “EG” experiments to worry about. With Mephiles’ newfound alliance with Squash, do our heroes have what it takes to put a stop to his plans once again? Find out next time on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To “bee” continued…

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Part 9

On the last chapter of Elemental Chaos, Nack the Weasel and Bean the Dynamite were on the verge of escaping with Tails’ emerald detector, which they stole from Knuckles and the Chaotix. Just as they were about to make their getaway, they were confronted by Honey the Cat, an old acquaintance of Knuckles’ and Espio’s. She then engaged the two of them in combat, and started to have the upper hand. She won the first round, and returned the emerald detector to Knuckles and company, but as soon as she let her guard down, Nack grabbed her from behind and held a knife up to her throat, demanding the emerald detector. However, Honey managed to break free from the weasel’s grasp by headbutting him. After that, everyone ganged up Nack and Bean, leaving the two crooks tattered and beaten up. Shortly afterwards, the two of them swore revenge, saying that they’ll return. Just as they were retreating on the Marvelous Queen, Honey threw a time bomb on it, causing it to explode and send the criminals flying.

Elsewhere, at G.U.N. Headquarters, Squash, after being captured, was on the run, desperately trying to escape the military in order to prevent being put in a cryogenic rest chamber, and resume her plans for world conquest. She destroyed and defeated all guard robots and soldiers in her path, and eventually came across a forbidden room, which contained the Scepter of Darkness, which Mephiles the Dark was contained in. Although she was unfamiliar with the device, Squash figured that it would be useful, and decided to take it along with her, accidentally releasing Mephiles in the process. After the two introduced themselves, the two of them formed an alliance. Now that they’ve joined forces, do Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes have what it takes to stop the two supernatural beings? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Squash: By the way, Mephiles…  I have a couple of questions. Number one, why is it that you look so much like Shadow? Number two, exactly what do you mean by “rewrit[ing] the future”?

Mephiles: …

As you already know, my true form is that of a dark liquid. I have the ability to change shape; by sinking into someone’s Shadow, I can take on their form and turn myself into a near exact replica of that person. Allow me to demonstrate. *A dark mist appears around him, and he transforms into a black Knuckles look-alike*

Squash: Ah, I see! That’s an interesting technique you’ve got there!

Mephiles: I can also morph into “crystalline” versions of these forms. *Turns into a crystalline copy of Shadow, and then Knuckles*

Squash: Amazing…

Mephiles: That’s not the only power that I possess. I also have the ability to control time and space.

Squash: Seriously!?

Mephiles: Yes. Allow me to demonstrate to you what I meant by rewriting the future… *Powers up a blue energy ball at the palm of his hands*

After powering it up, the blue energy ball expanded and engulfed both Squash and Mephiles, causing them to warp from the area, somewhere into the future. When they got to their destination, they found themselves in a futuristic city, 200 years into the future. It was, in fact, a peaceful version of Silver, Blaze, Marine, and Dr. Nega’s time period, which was created as a result of them traveling back into the past to change history.

Squash: Where…are we? Is this…the future?

Mephiles: Yes. I have transported us two hundred years beyond our present timeline.

Squash: I see. Those time-travel powers of yours are pretty impressive. Hey, do you think you could transport us to another time period? Like, when I officially become the ruler of this world?

Mephiles: I wish that were possible.

Squash: What do you mean?

Mephiles: There’s something I’d like to show you, but first, take a good look around you… Do you see how peaceful it is in this time period? Well, allow me to show you an alternate version of it. *Powers up another ball of energy*

Once again, Mephiles created another warp hole and transported himself and Squash to another timeframe. This one, however, as an “alternate” reality; the ruined future that Silver and Blaze lived in; the very same one that was devastated by Iblis’ flames.

Squash: W-WHAT!? What is THIS!?

Mephiles: Oh, yes… Not only do I have the power to travel through time, but I can also travel to alternate realities. Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is that this is a ruined version of the peaceful time period that I showed you a little while ago.

Squash: How…did this happen, exactly!?

Mephiles: Perhaps it’s better to show you. *Snaps his finger and displays a hologram of an imprisoned Squash (just as Shadow was in Next-Gen Sonic/Sonic 2006*

Squash: …!

Mephiles: Yes, that’s you. When this world was devastated by flames, what do you think happened? A search for the guilty. Humanity wasn’t just jealous of your power…they feared it, and used this incident as an excuse to hunt you down.

Squash: I…I don’t believe this! How…can this be!?

Mephiles: It isn’t too late…you still have the power to prevent this future from happening, you know.

Squash: How!? What can I do to prevent this!? Tell me!

Mephiles: …

I will, but first, I’m going to return us to our own present timeline. *Powers up another ball of energy*

*He transports himself and Squash back to the present; this time on Angel Island*

Squash: Where are we now? This is the present, right, Mephiles?

Mephiles: Yes. Our current location is Angel Island.

Squash: Okay, cool. Now, you were going to tell me how I can change my future?

Mephiles: It’s quite simple, actually. The Chaos Emeralds…they are the key to changing your bleak future.

Squash: “Chaos Emeralds”? What are those?

Mephiles: The Chaos Emeralds are special jewels that possess unlimited power. There are seven of them in all, each with a different color. They have the ability to transform thoughts into power... When all seven of them are collected, they can perform miracles.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Sounds interesting! So, you’re saying that collecting these jewels will help change my future? Then, I’ll be able to rule this world without any trouble?

Mephiles: Yes. If you could find at least one Chaos Emerald and bring it here to me, I’ll give you the rest of the details.

Squash: Got it. Do you know where I could find one?

Mephiles: I’m not entirely sure of its exact location, but there’s bound to be at least one around this island somewhere.

Squash: Oh, now THAT’S helpful.

Mephiles: ...

Hmm, actually, now that I think about it, I do remember hearing about a secret shrine that’s located on this island, which is said to contain the emeralds. I believe it was called the “Hidden Palace Zone”. There is a passage at the Lava Reef Zone that will lead you right to it.

Squash: “Lava Reef”, huh? Would that, by any chance, be the same place as Red Mountain?

Mephiles: Yes, I believe so.

Squash: Alright, then I’m off! *Rolls into a boulder and dashes away*

Just then, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes, who were tracking Squash with Tails’ emerald detector, arrived on the scene and realized that she already left. They did, however, spot Mephiles in the process.

Knuckles: Hey, you there! Did you happen to see a rocky brown hedgehog who looks like-

Hey, wait a minute! You’re…you’re Mephiles!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, that’s right! We meet again, Knuckles the Echidna…

Charmy: Whoa, you’re right! That IS Mephiles! He looks kinda different this time!

Vector: Yeah, I’ll say! This time around, he looks like a demon version o’ you, Knuckles, rathah than Shadow ‘dis time around!

Seedra: So, who is this guy, exactly, and where do you know him from?

Honey: I was about to ask the same thing.

Espio: That’s Mephiles the Dark, a demented psychopath who’s bent on destroying this world. He’s one of the halves of the “Solaris Project” that was created eleven years ago, with the other being a fiery monster named Iblis. When the two of them merge into one being, they become “Solaris”, a creature that has the ability to consume time. We faced them in battle a year ago, and thought that we had beaten Solaris once and for all. That is, until last month, when Dr. Nega, Robotnik’s descendant from the future, revived them for his own evil purposes. As a result, we were forced to face Solaris once more, and defeated them again. That time around, we decided to have them sealed up. Mephiles was sealed within an ancient artifact called the “Scepter of Darkness”, while Iblis, on the other hand, has been sealed within the Fire Element Gem by Scorch.

Honey: Whoa…

Tikal: Remember the things we told you about how evil Dr. Robotnik was, Seedra? Well, Mephiles is far worse. Robotnik is a saint compared to this guy!

Mighty: That about sums it up.

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your words, they’re quite flattering!

Knuckles: I should’ve known you’d return! What are you up to THIS time, huh!?

Mephiles: Not that it’s any of your concern, but I’ve recently formed a new…partnership with someone who’s bound to make my plans succeed! Even now, as we speak, she’s on the hunt for a Chaos Emerald, and she’ll be delivering one to me very soon.

Splash: “She”? Would you happen to mean Squash, by any chance?

Mephiles: What? How did you know that?

Splash: Shortly before we got here, we detected the Stone Element Gem on radar.

Mephiles: I suppose that explains it.

Tikal: Your so-called “partnership” with Squash… I’ll bet you’re just simply using her to do your evil bidding!

Mighty: Yeah, I’ll bet he is. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time he’s done something like that.

Charmy: Hee hee, “wouldn’t b-“

*People glare at him*

Charmy: Shutting up now.

Wechnia: Good, because this isn’t the time for that.

Knuckles: Anyway, Mephiles, I’m not entirely sure what it is you’re up to right now, but whatever it is, we’re going to put a stop to it! Right here and now! *Fighting stance* Let’s go! Put ‘em up!

*Everyone else does the same*

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that’s fine by me, because I still owe much to you, Knuckles. Oh, yes… What you and your comrades have given to me, I now return to you… *Powers up a blue ball of energy at the palm of his hand* A ONE-WAY TICKET TO OBLIVION! *Tosses it at them and gets them caught in it*

Everyone: AAAAAAHHH!

After getting caught in Mephiles’ energy orb, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes ended up getting warped away from their present timeline.

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That should take care of them for the time being! I should have transported them to the ruined “alternate” future that’s two hundred years ahead of this one, but oh, well. What’s done is done. For now, I’m going to focus on gathering those Chaos Emeralds. Sure, I already have Squash on the lookout for one of them, but if I’m to remerge with Iblis after he’s released, then I’m going to need all seven. When that time comes, Squash, the Goddess of Stone, you will no longer be of any use to me! HAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Before the heroes had the chance to act, they ended up getting themselves caught within one of Mephiles’ time warps! Where have they gotten themselves transported, exactly? Wherever they are, will they ever be able to find some way to return to their own time period to put a stop to Mephiles’, as well as Dr. Robotnik’s, evil plans once again? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…

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Part 10

Previously, on Elemental Chaos, Mephiles the Dark was freed from his imprisonment in the Scepter of Darkness once again, this time, by the Stone Goddess, Squash. The two of them quickly got acquainted, and realized that they both have a hatred of Shadow the Hedgehog, which caused them to join forces. While displaying his ability to control time and space, Mephiles transported Squash 200 years into the future; the very same timeframe that Silver and Blaze lived in, which was devastated by Iblis’ flames. Mephiles then showed Squash a horrifying image, and explained to her that she was persecuted by humanity in the future. According to himself, they feared and were envious of their power, and as a result, they used that incident as an excuse to hunt Squash down and have her imprisoned.

Squash desperately wanted to know what she can do to change history and prevent this from happening, so Mephiles told her that she could do so by collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds. After informing her about the emeralds and the kind of powers they possess, Mephiles told Squash that if she’s to bring one to him, then he will tell her exactly what she can do to change her future. Shortly after Squash left, Knuckles and company, who were looking for her, ran into Mephiles. Knowing that he was up to no good, as usual, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes were about to engage him in battle, but he abruptly dismissed the group of heroes by warping them away from their present timeline. Where have they been transported, exactly? Will they ever be able to get back to their own time period? Additionally, what twisted, evil plot does Mephiles have in store for Squash? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Meanwhile, at G.U.N. Headquarters, Shadow the Hedgehog, along with Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega, entered that room that the Scepter of Darkness was hidden, only to find it on the floor, broken as a result of Squash’s and Mephiles’ actions.

Shadow: Hmm, it’s just as I suspected… Mephiles has been freed once more, and I think I know exactly who’s behind it!

Omega: The Stone Goddess, EG-001, correct?

Shadow: Yes. After all, the scepter was safely secured in this room until she got here. Also, take a look at the broken chains. *Points* Of all the people who’ve been here recently, she’s the only one who has the strength the break them.

Rouge: Makes sense, I guess. But…why would she want to release Mephiles? Could this have been part of the world domination plans that she’s been babbling about?

Shadow: Possibly. Unfortunately, she just doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into by trusting Mephiles…

Rouge: That’s for sure. I’ll bet he’s definitely taking advantage of her.

Shadow: Most likely. Seeing how he did the exact same thing to Silver a while ago, I wouldn’t put it past him. *Walks over to the Scepter of Darkness and picks up its remains* Why don’t we stop by the doctor’s base? That way, we could get this repaired, and have Mephiles resealed.

Omega: Affirmative.

Shadow: *Takes out the green Chaos Emerald* Chaos Control!

*The three of them teleport away*

Meanwhile, at Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base…

Robotnik: …

Shock: Hey, what’s wrong, doc? You look as if you’re in deep thought about something.

Storm: Yes. Why not tell us what’s on your mind?

Robotnik: The Chaotix team… For some reason, they were always one step ahead of me…

Slush: What do you mean?

Robotnik: Somehow, they always seemed to have knowledge of my plans before I had the chance to put them into effect! It’s almost as if they heard everything about it, first-hand! This just doesn’t make any sense!

Slush: Your guess is as good as mine, Doctor. (Heh heh, as if I don’t know.) *Smirks*

Robotnik: Hmm? You know something, don’t you, Slush?

Slush: Huh!? W-What makes you say that, exactly…?

Robotnik: That look on your face definitely tells me that you know something about what’s been going on…

Slush: (Oh, crap… This isn’t good. I think he’s on to me…) I… I don’t know anything, Dr. Robotnik. Really, I don’t…

Robotnik: Is that so? You’ve been here at this base an awful lot, even while I’ve been away. Are you absolutely sure that you haven’t seen any suspicious activity?

Slush: “Suspicious activity”, you say? Like what?

Robotnik: I’m beginning to think that we may have a spy among us…

Slush: (Oh, yeah… He is DEFINITELY onto me. I’ve gotta hand it to him… The old doctor is a lot smarter than I gave him credit for… I guess he wasn’t kidding about his IQ.) A-A spy, you say…? N-No…at least not that I know of…

Robotnik: Are you sure? You seem awfully jumpy all of a sudden…

Slush: I’m…positive!

Storm: …

Huh? What’s this…flash of light?

Robotnik: *Looks* Someone’s using Chaos Control… I’ll bet that this is none other than Shadow.

*Shadow, Rouge, and Omega appear*

Robotnik: Just as I thought.

Slush: (Whew… Boy, am I glad to see them! I thought I was busted for a second, there!)

Robotnik: So, is there anything I could do for you three?

Shadow: As a matter of fact, there is. *Holds up the broken scepter*

Robotnik: W-WHAT THE…!? If that’s broken, then that could only mean…!

Rouge: You guessed it. Mephiles is back.

Slush: You’ve GOT to be kidding me! I mean, after all we went through last time!? Who in their right mind would want to release this psycho!? It was Dr. Nega, wasn’t it!?

Omega: Negative. I could assure you that he is still being contained within the Station Square Mental Asylum.

Shadow: We’re not sure of all the details, but what we do know, is that EG-001 was behind it.

Robotnik: WHAAAAAAAT!? First, she betrays me, and now this!? It would already be one thing if she were to join those Chaotix fools like, Seedra did, but Mephiles!?

Shock: I’m lost. Exactly who is this “Meh-fill-iss” character?

Shadow: Mephiles the Dark is a psychotic creature whose sole mission has been to destroy this world. He does whatever’s necessary to achieve his goals. Lies and deception are his greatest tools, and he uses them to his advantage in any way he possibly can.

Rouge: That’s pretty much it. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now, Doctor, but we’ve come here to get the Scepter of Darkness repaired. Do you think you could do it again?

Robotnik: (Hmm… If I’m to succeed in taking over this world and building the Robotnik Empire, then I suppose I’ll have to get Mephiles out of the way first.)  Can I do it again, you ask? Why, of course I can! There’s nothing that I, Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, scientific genius extraordinaire, can’t pull off!

Slush: *Mumbles* Yeah, besides taking over the world.

Robotnik: Did you say something, Slush?

Slush: Oh, nothing.

Robotnik: Anyway, Shadow, just sit the scepter on the table, and I’ll have it ready within the next hour or so.

Shadow: *Does that* By the way, have you seen Scorch?

Robotnik: The last time I saw her, she finished recovering and said she was “going out for some fresh air”. Why do you ask?

Shadow: Iblis was sealed within the Fire Element Gem, and I have a hunch that she may very well be Mephiles’ next target.

Slush: …!

Robotnik: I should have figured… Anyway, I’ll get to work in repairing the scepter immediately. I’ll alert you when it’s finished.

Rouge: Got it.

Slush: In the meantime, I’m gonna go look for Scorch so I could warn her about this. (While I’m at it, I’ll also fill the Chaotix in…)

Robotnik: Alright, I’ll see you when you get back.

Slush: *Leaves*

Robotnik: …

(You know, I just couldn’t help noticing how strange Slush acted when I mentioned the possibility of there being a spy around this base, and I find that eerily suspicious. From here on out, I’ll be keeping an eye on her…)

Meanwhile, outside of the base…

Slush: *Flying through the air at high speed* Scorch, where is she? I’ve got to find her and FAST! I wonder if the Chaotix have seen her, by any chance? I think I’ll ask them.

Using the walkie-talkie that Vector gave to her in the last episode, Slush tried communicating with them, but to her surprise, there was no signal.

Slush: That’s odd… There’s no signal! What’s going on!? Earlier today, I remember Robotnik claiming that Storm defeated them in battle… If what he says is true, then could this possibly mean that they’ve been killed!? No, that can’t be!

Elsewhere, two hundred years into the future, Knuckles and company found themselves in the same futuristic city that Mephiles had previously shown to Squash; the peaceful future that was created as a result of Silver and Blaze’s actions in the past.

Splash: Where…are we?

Knuckles: By the looks of things, we must be in the future. After all, Mephiles does know how to control time and space.

Honey: I guess that explains it.

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee in the future”. Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Seedra: Heh heh heh. Nice one.

Knuckles: *Facepalm*

Vector: Hey, wayda minute! Is that…Amy ovah there!? *Points*

Mighty: Yeah, it sure looks like it!

Espio: Yes, and I believe that’s Silver with her, if I’m not mistaken.

Wechnia: That’s them alright, no doubt about it.

Knuckles: What is Amy doing here, exactly?

Tikal: Earlier today, she and Cream said they were going to try getting Silver and Blaze together, so I guess they came to this time period to do that.

Knuckles: *Sweatdrops* Oh, yeah. Now I remember.

Amy: *Dragging Silver by the arm*

Silver: H-Hey! Where are you taking me?

Amy: I’m trying to “introduce” you to that nice girl I was telling you about; she’s just dying to meet you, and she’s right this wa- *Notices the Chaotix and the others* Huh?

Silver: Oh, hey, it’s you guys! How are you doing?

Vector: We’re doin’ pretty good…for the time bein’, at least.

Charmy: *Snickers* “The time be-“

Vector: *Glares at him*

Charmy: Nevermind.

Splash: By the way, Amy, exactly how did you get here?

Amy: Cream and I used Tails’ time machine to get here. Why do you ask?

Splash: I was just curious. I thought you might have had a run-in with Mephiles, like we did.

Silver: W-WHAT!? What’d you say!? Mephiles is back!? How’d he escape THIS time!?

Splash: Before Mephiles warped us here, he told us that he and the Stone Goddess, Squash, are working together, so it’s safe to assume that she’s the one who released him from his prison.

Silver: *Turns to Amy* I’m not sure who you were trying to introduce me to, exactly, but whoever she is, I promise I’ll meet her later. For now, I have to head over to Dr. Nega’s base, so I could use his time machine to travel back into the past and stop Mephiles!

Amy: Okay, I understand.

Silver: *Gets a running start, and flies off*

Seedra: Should we follow him?

Amy: Yeah, but why don’t we wait until Cream gets here first?

Honey: Is that her over there? *Points*

Cream: *Dragging Blaze by the arm, like Amy was doing to Silver*

Blaze: C-Cream, where are you taking me, exactly?

Cream: Just around the corner, that’s all. The really nice guy that I’d like you to meet… He’s right this way!

Blaze: *Sighs* (I don’t know WHY I agreed to this…)

Marine: Yep, he’s right ovah he- *Notices the Chaotix and the others* Strewth! It’s you guys! How’re ya doin’, mates?

Blaze: Yes, hello. I didn’t expect to find you guys here, all the way in this time period, but it’s still a pleasant surprise, nonetheless. What brings you here?

Knuckles: What brings us here, you ask? It’s not necessarily a “what”; it’s more like a “who”.

Blaze: A…who? Wait a minute, you…you couldn’t possibly mean…!

Mighty: That’s right. Mephiles has escaped again.

Blaze: WHAT!? Again!? Ugh, JUST when we thought we’ve seen the last of him… Well, Cream and Marine, whoever it is you were trying to introduce me to, that’s going to have to wait for now. Speaking of a which, where is he, anyway?

Cream: Umm…

Amy: Well…something urgent has come up, and he said he had to go, but he promised that he’d be back later.

Blaze: I see.

Knuckles: Well, now that we’ve got that cleared up, let’s go find that time machine at Dr. Nega’s base, so we could head back to the past.

Charmy: Okay, but where is his base?

Knuckles: Hmm, that’s a good question…

Blaze: I know where it is. Follow me.

Following Blaze’s lead, the heroes wasted no more time and began heading towards Dr. Nega’s base in order to get back to the past and stop Mephiles from putting his plan into effect. Meanwhile, in the past, Squash was unable to find the Hidden Palace Zone, but she did, however, stumble upon the purple Chaos Emerald, which she found lying around in the grass on her way to Red Mountain.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Well, well! What have we here? This must be one of the Chaos Emeralds that Mephiles told me about! *Picks it up* Well, mission accomplished, I guess. It’s time for me to head ba- *Notices a dark mist* Huh? Could that be him?

Mephiles: *Appears* Ah, I see that you’ve already found your first Chaos Emerald. Well done. Now, if you would by so kind as to hand that to me, I’ll tell you precisely what you can do change the outcome of your future.

Squash: Sure. *Hands it to him*

Mephiles: *Takes it* (HAHAHAHAHAHA… Six more, just six more, and my plans will finally come to fruition!)

Squash: Well? Are you going to start talking, or what?

Mephiles: Very well. Remember when I showed you the future homeworld that was devastated by flames, and you ended up getting persecuted for it? Well, you have THIS person to blame… *Makes the Chaos Emerald display a projection of Scorch, and hands it to Squash*

Squash: *Takes it* …! (That girl…she looks exactly like me! Is she…one of the sisters that Ivo mentioned to me before?) You mean to tell me…that SHE’S the one who’s responsible for all the carnage that happened in that time period…?

Mephiles: Yes, that’s right. Her name is Scorch, the Goddess of Fire. She is a dangerous creature who’s continued to wreak havoc upon the world, and ultimately, it was her actions that have led to your persecution.

Squash: Wait a minute… Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought you said it was because humanity was jealous of my power?

Mephiles: It was both. The Fire Goddess was the one responsible for everything, yes, but it was done so swiftly and suddenly, that the humans had no way of knowing who caused all of this destruction. In short, you were blamed and severely punished for a crime that you never committed.

Squash: …

Mephiles: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. It isn’t too late… You still have the ability to prevent this future from transpiring, you know. Now that you’ve acquired this new knowledge, it’s up to you. You and you alone, have the power to change your own destiny.

Squash: I see. So, in order to change my bleak future, I have to…kill my own sister…?

Mephiles: Why does that matter to you? Sisterhood certainly didn’t matter to her now, did it?

Squash: …

Mephiles: Unless you complete your task, you future will remain the same…forever.

Squash: …

I guess you’re right. I’ll do it. Where can I find her, exactly?

Mephiles: …

Before Mephiles had a chance to answer, Scorch was suddenly and conveniently seen flying past them at the speed of a comet.

Squash: Hey, that was…!

Mephiles: Does that answer your question? If you act now, you should be able to catch her. Hurry, it is now or never if you want this. Remember, Squash, the future of the world…rests in your hands.

Squash: Got it. *Hands the emerald back to Mephiles and takes off after her*

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHA! While she’s busy taking care of that for me, I’m going to collect the remaining six Chaos Emeralds. How am I going to find them all within such a short amount of time?

Wait a minute!

*Cue flashback*

Splash: Shortly before we got here, we detected the Stone Element Gem on radar.

*End flashback*

Mephiles: Yes, of course… Knuckles and the others have some sort of detector with them at the moment. If it could track down the Elemental Gems, I think it’s safe to assume that they could also detect the Chaos Emeralds! HAHAHAHAHA! I think it’s time I’ve paid them a little visit! *Opens up another portal* Yes, I’m going to confiscate that radar of theirs and give them a one-way ticket to oblivion while I’m at it! HAHAHAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

After Mephiles was finished laughing maniacally, he jumped into the warphole that he created, bound for Silver, Blaze, and Marine’s time period to steal the emerald detector that Tails has lent to Knuckles and company. Squash, on the other hand, began pursuing Scorch in order to change history and prevent her supposed “bleak future” from transpiring. Will Knuckles and the Chaotix be able to hold Mephiles off, until Dr. Robotnik’s finished repairing the broken Scepter of Darkness? Will Squash ever come to the realization that she’s being deceived by Mephiles? Or will it be too late? Find out next time on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 11

Last time, on Elements of Power, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and E-123 Omega arrived at G.U.N. Headquarters, only to find that the Scepter of Darkness was broken. From there, they saw that Mephiles had once again been freed from his imprisonment, and quickly came to the realization that Squash was the one behind it. Shortly afterwards, Team Dark stopped by Dr. Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base in order to get the Scepter of Darkness repaired again, so that Mephiles can be resealed. Knowing that he couldn’t proceed with his plans as long as Mephiles was freed, Robotnik agreed to repair the scepter and said that he would have it ready within the next hour.

Due to the fact that Iblis had gotten sealed within the Fire Element Gem in the previous story, Shadow knew that Scorch would eventually become Mephiles’ next target, and as soon as Slush heard this, she quickly rushed out of the base to warn her sister about Mephiles’ sinister plan. Additionally, she also tried getting in touch with the Chaotix team, but due to the fact that they were in another time period, she was unable to reach them.

Elsewhere, Knuckles and company found themselves 200 year into the future, thanks to Mephiles’ ability to control time and space. While they were there, they ran into Amy and Cream, along with Silver, Blaze, and Marine. After explaining the situation to them, they all began hurrying to Dr. Nega’s base, so that they could use his time machine to travel back to the past and stop Mephiles before his plan is set in motion.

Meanwhile, back in the past, Squash had already gotten ahold of a Chaos Emerald and delivered it to Mephiles, who promised that he would tell her specifically what she can do to change the outcome of her future, in which he did. Mephiles explained to the Stone Goddess that she had gotten persecuted and severely punished in the future for a crime that she’s never committed. According to Mephiles, it was, in fact, none other than Scorch, who was responsible for the carnage. Mephiles convinced Squash that if he were to kill Scorch, then it would change history and prevent her bleak future from transpiring. Conveniently, Scorch was seen flying by at high speed, and as soon as she was spotted, Squash began pursuing her.

As soon as she left, Mephiles decided that he needed a quick and easy way to track down the remaining six emeralds. Remembering Splash’s words, he quickly came to the realization that Knuckles and company were in possession of an emerald detector, and opened another portal to the future, so that he could confiscate the device and kill heroes. With that said, these questions still remain: With Mephiles heading their way, will Knuckles and the Chaotix  be able to hold him off until Robotnik’s finished repairing the Scepter of Darkness? Will Squash ever learn the truth about him? All of these questions will be answered right here, on this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Meanwhile, 200 years into the future, at Dr. Nega’s base…

Blaze: Well, here it is, everyone. This is Dr. Nega’s base.

Charmy: Wow! This place is really, REALLY cool!

Vector: Yeah, I’ll say! In fact, it looks even beddah than Robotnik’s!

Blaze: I guess that’s to be expected, since this fortress I equipped with technological advancements that are decades ahead of his.

Splash: “To bee expected”. Did you hear that, Charmy? *Giggles*

*Everyone else anime falls (except for Charmy, Seedra, and Marine, who thought it was funny)*

Knuckles: Honestly, Splash, you’ve heard those stupid puns enough times for them to have gotten old by now. Do you really think they’re funny, or are you just trying to be nice?

Splash: Well, like I always say, they just never get old to me; no matter how many times I hear them.

Marine: Heh heh! Hey, did ‘ja guys notice that he said “bee nice”? *Snickers*

*Everyone else (except Charmy, Splash, and Seedra) anime falls again*

Marine: Sorry, mates! I couldn’t resist!

Charmy: There’s no need to be, it was funny!

Seedra: Yeah, what he said. There was “no need to bee”. *Giggles*

Knuckles: Oh, for crying out loud! Are you finished with those puns yet!? We don’t have time for this, alright!? In case you guys have forgotten… MEPHILES IS ON THE LOOSE AGAIN!

Seedra: Alright, alright! Relax!

Marine: Yeah, take a chill-pill, mate!

Splash: Well, excuuuuuuuse me!

Blaze: He’s right; this isn’t the time to be fooling around. Mephiles must be stopped as soon as possible!

Mighty: Yeah. Why don’t we go ahead and move on?

Blaze: Before we go, take this as a warning; although Dr. Nega’s locked up in a mental institution, he still has plenty of Badniks around here to cope with. So, getting to that time machine won’t be that easy.

Vector: Ah, I’m sure we could take ‘em! There ain’t nothin’ Robotnik or Nega could dish out that WE can’t handle! Once we start a job, we finish the job! That’s our policy! We’re Team Chaotix!

Charmy: You always say that.

Vector: Not nearly as many times you do ‘dose stupid puns.  Now, whadda ya say we get movin’?

Wasting no more time, the heroes proceeded through Dr. Nega’s base in search of the time machine. As they moved further into the base, they found a bunch of broken robot parts.

Honey: It looks to me as if someone’s already been here. Could this have been Silver’s work?

Blaze: Huh? Silver was here?

Honey: Well, yeah. He left shortly before you arrived, and headed straight to this base.

Blaze: I see.

(Hold on a second…)

*Cue flashback*

Blaze: Well, Cream and Marine, whoever it is you were trying to introduce me to, that’s going to have to wait for now. Speaking of a which, where is he, anyway?

Cream: Umm…

Amy: Well…something urgent has come up, and he said he had to go, but he promised that he’d be back later.

*End flashback*

Blaze: (So, that’s it… Silver must have been the one they were trying to set me up with! I can’t think of anything more “urgent” than Mephiles’ revival, and since he’s been here recently, as well as the fact that Amy and Cream keep suggesting that we have feelings for one another, that has to be the case! There’s no mistake about it! Those two, I swear… They’re so persistent in trying to get Silver and I together, and they’ve even dragged Marine into this. From here on out, I’ll just pretend like I don’t know, since they’re going through so much trouble and everything.)

Vector: Well, it looks like things’ve already been taken care of ovah here. Whadda ya say we head to the next room?

Blaze: Good idea.

*They move on to the next room, and find Silver fighting off more of Dr. Nega’s robots*

Silver: Hey, you guys. Now that you’re here, would you mind lending me a hand?

Blaze: Sure, Silver.

*They start destroying the robots*

Meanwhile, back in the past, at Red Mountain…

Scorch: …

*Cue flashback*

Tikal: Scorch, it’s not too late, you know. You can still abandon Robotnik before he turns on you.

Scorch: Enough about that! Robotnik ISN’T using me, okay!?

Tikal: Like I said before, I’m only trying to-

Scorch: Yeah, yeah. I know. You’re trying to help me, right? I told you before; I don’t need, nor do I WANT any help from you!

Tikal: I know you’re still angry about the incident from all those years ago, but please hear me out! I know we haven’t gotten along very well in the past, but still… I just don’t want to see you get hurt!

Scorch: Why do YOU care, anyway?

Tikal: Because… When we first met, you were bad to the core. As I said before, you were hardly any better than Iblis or Mephiles, but now…you’re different. I could see that you’ve changed a lot since then. I know that deep down inside, you’re a good person. And besides, I saw how heartbroken you were while you were under the impression that the real Robotnik had used and betrayed you. I just don’t want you to have to feel that same sadness all over again. I’m pretty sure Splash doesn’t want that, either.


Tikal: It’s quite a shame that things have to be this way between us, Scorch. To tell you the truth, I really wish that you didn’t hate me, because I don’t hold a grudge against you. I never have, in fact.


Tikal: […] does this mean we can put the past behind us and let bygones be bygones?

*End flashback*

Scorch: Ugh! Why…why can’t I get this off my mind!? WHY!?

All of a sudden, a sharp stone pillar was seen flying towards Scorch, which she narrowly managed to dodge, causing it to crash into the wall behind her and break into pieces.

Scorch: Okay, who’s there!? Whoever you are, go ahead and show yourself!

Squash: *Comes in* AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Why, hello there! It’s nice to finally meet you, my dear sister!

Scorch: Huh? Who are y-

Wait a minute… You’re EG-001, aren’t you?

Squash: Yeah. I’m Squash, the Goddess of Stone.

Scorch: So, you’ve finally decided to show up, eh? Dr. Robotnik and I have been looking for you for quite some time now. You’re quite the elusive one, aren’t you?

Squash: Really, now? What a coincidence, because I’ve been looking for you, too.

Scorch: You have?

Squash: That’s right.

Scorch: What for?

Squash: Well, you see, Scorch… The thing is that I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Right here and now, I’m going to destroy you once and for all and change the outcome of my future!

Scorch: …

I don’t have a CLUE what it is that you’re babbling about, but since you obviously came here for a fight, I’ll be more than happy to give you one!

So then, the battle began. Squash started by pounding the ground with her fist, creating a massive shockwave that almost caused Scorch to fall over, until she levitated into the air. While airborne, Scorch started launching fireballs at her younger sister, only for her to either dodge or swat away.

Scorch: Damn it!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! Is that all you’ve got? If it is, then you might as well quit!

Scorch: Oh, I’m just getting “warmed up”!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! It never ceases to amaze me, the kind of stories people make up when they find themselves backed into a corner! AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH!

Scorch: Ooh, that laugh is REALLY starting to irritate me!


While Squash was busy laughing, Scorch morphed into a fireball, shot towards her at the speed of a comet, and crashed her, knocking her over.

Squash: Uhhhhhhh! *Falls backwards and slides across the ground*

Scorch: *Starts launching more fireballs at her*

Squash: *Starts rolling away from them and gets back up*

After Squash stood up again, she began running towards Scorch, dodging her fireballs in the process. When Squash got close enough, she rolled into a boulder and crashed into Scorch, causing her to fall backwards, right into the pool of lava that was behind her.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Well, that certainly didn’t take very long now, did it? And she has the nerve to call herself a “Goddess”… Pathetic! She was hardly a challenge!

Scorch: *Quickly bursts out of the lava, with a fiery aura around her*

Squash: WHAT THE…!?

Scorch: Well, well… Not the brightest tool in the shed, are you, little sis? I’m called the “Goddess of Fire” for a reason, you know. Did you seriously think knocking me into the lava was going to faze me? Talk about a lack of common sense!

Squash: GRRR… I’ll show you!

Squash used her powers to make another sharp stone pillar rise from the ground and launched at it Scorch. Once again, Scorch manage to dodge it, and then took the opportunity to fire a flame blast at her younger sister. Squash tried deflecting it as she did to some of the others, but ended up getting caught in it, instead.

Squash: UHHHHHHHH! *An explosion occurs, and she breaks into pieces*

Scorch: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What, is that all? I can’t believe Dr. Robotnik was worried about her all this time! She was hardly worth the effort! *Notices the Stone Element Gem floating into the air, flashing* Huh? Don’t tell me she’s-

Before Scorch had the change to finish her sentence, the Stone Element Gem ended up causing the broken pieces of rubble to form back together, fully regenerating Squash’s body.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! Nice try, but not good enough, I’m afraid! As you can see, I’m still here!

Scorch: I should have figured…

Squash: I’ll tell you what I told Shadow: The Stone Element Gem has the ability to repair all kinds of damage that’s done to my body, and even if I’m to get broken into pieces, I’ll still turn out good as new! Now, are you ready to continue? Or do you want to play it smart and quit while you’re ahead?

Scorch: No way. I won’t stop until only one of us left standing!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! Alright, then so be it! Ready or not, here I come! *Runs toward Scorch, and starts throwing punches at her*

Scorch: *Dodges them, ducks under the last punch, and tackles Squash*

*They roll around the ground, fighting with a smoke cloud over them*

Squash: *Pins Scorch to the ground*

Scorch: Uhhhhh!

Squash: *Starts choking Scorch*

Scorch: ACCCK…!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! I have to admit, you fought well! Far better than I expected, but now it’s all over!

While Squash was using one of her hands to choke Scorch, she used the other one to make a large stone chunk float into the air. When the Stone Element Gem in her tiara flashed, the stone chunk “magically” ended up getting carved into a sword.

Squash: *Catches it* This is it, Scorch! Prepare to die! *Gets ready to stab her*

Scorch: *A fiery glow surrounds her* HUUUUUUUHHHHH! *Knocks Squash away with a surge of energy*

Squash: W-WHAT!? This…can’t be! AAAAAAAAHHHHH! *Gets blown backwards, and crashes into the wall*

Scorch: *Stands up again* (Whew… That was close!)

Squash: This…isn’t over yet![

With her Stone Sword in hand, Squash quickly charged toward Scorch and started swinging it at her. Scorch managed to dodge quite a few swings, but eventually, the sword ended up scraping across her left arm, which Robotnik stabbed her in for the blood sample that he needed to create the EG experiments.

Scorch: Ghhhh…! *Kneels down in pain*

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH! I’ve got you now! It’s time I’ve finally put an end to this! With you out of the picture, my once-bleak future is finally going to take a turn for the better! Prepare to die, Scorch, the Goddess of Fire! *Raises her sword*

Scorch: …!

Before Squash had the chance to use her sword again, she was abruptly interrupted by Slush, who was on her way to the volcano to warn Scorch about Mephiles.

Slush: *Steps in between them*

Squash: What!? Who are you!?

Slush: I am Slush, the Goddess of Ice. You must be the Stone Goddess, EG-001/Squash. Am I right?

Squash: Yeah, that’s me. Out of my way!

Slush: I don’t think so. If you want to get to Scorch, then you’re going to have to go through me first.

Squash: …

(You know, something tells me that trying to fight the two of them at the same time would be unwise. If the two of them were to combine their powers, I’d find myself soaking wet again, which is the last thing I need right now.) Bah, round one goes to you, Scorch, but I’ll be back! You won’t be so lucky next time, I guarantee it! *Runs off*

Slush: *Turns to Scorch* Are you alright, sis?

Scorch: Yeah, I guess so… If only my arm were in better condition, I would have beaten her for sure… Anyway, thanks, Slush.

Slush: No problem. It was the least I could do, since you bailed me out of the “Scorching” hot room that Dr. Nega trapped me in before.

Scorch: So, exactly how did you know I was in trouble?

Slush: Actually, I had no idea. I was on my way here to warn you about Mephiles, but then I saw you fighting Squash, and decided to lend you a hand.

Scorch: I see.

Wait, did you say Mephiles!? Don’t tell me that someone let him out of that dark scepter thing…

Slush: That’s right, and that “someone” was Squash. Apparently, the two of them are on the same side.

Scorch: WHAAAAAT!? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Slush: I kid you not, sis. In fact, it was most likely because of him, that Squash came here to attack you in the first place.

Scorch: Huh!? What do you mean!?

Slush: According to Shadow, Mephiles is trying to get his hands on the Fire Element Gem, so he could release that “Iblis” creature and merge with it again. Shadow also told us that Mephiles has a history of deceiving and using other people to do his dirty work for him, and he seems to be doing just that with Squash.

Scorch: Now THAT explains everything! Well, sort of. I still don’t have a clue what Squash meant by “changing [her] future”, but it must have had something to do with a lie that Mephiles told her!

Slush: Yeah, most likely. Anyway, I think it’s about time for me to go. As you’re well aware, I can’t stay out of the cold for too long, especially in a place like this. I’m heading back to the Ice Cap Zone to recuperate.

Scorch: Alright then. I’ll see you later.

Slush: *Leaves*

Scorch: As for me, I’m heading back to Dr. Robotnik’s base. *Takes off*

Meanwhile, in the future…

Silver: Here it is, you guys; Dr. Nega’s time machine.

Vector: Sweet. Now, howda ya work this thing?

Blaze: It’s quite simple. You just use the arrow keys to set your time travel destination to wherever you’d like to go, and then press the red button to activate a portal. From there, all you have to do it jump through it, and we’ll be back in the past.

Wechnia: Hmm, that sounds simple enough.

*They activate the machine and generate a portal*

Charmy: Wow! That’s really, REALLY cool!

Marine: Yep! That Nega bloke’s crazy, but he’s got some bonza gadgets ‘n stuff!  They’re totally ace!

Knuckles: Alright, now that we’ve got the machine working, let’s head back to our own time period.

After activating the machine, the heroes jumped through the portal, warped back to the past, and found themselves at Tails’ Workshop.

Sonic: *Eating a chili dog* Hey. Welcome back, you guys.

Seedra: T-Thanks. ^^;;

Charmy: *Snickers* Hey, Sonic, guess what! Did you know that Seedra has a-

*A handful of people quickly cover his mouth*

Charmy: Mmmmph!

Vector: Charmy, are ya CRAZY!? Did ‘ja forget ‘dat Amy is RIGHT THERE!?

Sonic: …?

Amy: Huh? I don’t get it. Exactly what are you guys trying to keep secret from me, anyway?

Heavy: Charmy’s just being his usual idiot self, as always. Nothing to see here.

Charmy: PBBBTTTHHH! *Sticks his tongue at Heavy*

Bomb: Heavy’s just being an anus, as always. Nothing to see here.

Splash: I couldn’t agree more.

Tails: Yeah, that’s normal for him. *Takes a bite of his chili dog*

Sonic: So, Silver, Blaze, and Marine… What brings you back to this time period? Are you just visiting, or has Nega Ro-butt-nik escaped from the institution?

Blaze: Far worse than that, I’m afraid. Someone’s “escaped” alright, but it wasn’t Dr. Nega. It was Mephiles!


Tails: AGAIN!?

Ray: Well, that’s just great…

Cubot: Arrr… Mephiles… ‘Dat be the scallywag that looks like Shadow, right?

Orbot: Yes, I believe so.

Sonic: *Looks around* Hey, wasn’t Knuckles with you guys at first?

Mighty: *Looks around, too* Whoa, what happened to him? I could have sworn he right there with us before we went through the warphole!

Tikal: Do you think there’s a chance he’s still in the future?

Blaze: Maybe. If so, then what could he possibly be doing?

Meanwhile, in the future…

Knuckles: *Looks back at the dark mist as it forms into Mephiles’ black echidna form*

Mephiles: So, decided to void your return ticket, have you?
Knuckles: What’re you doing here!?

Mephiles: Recently, it has come to my attention that you’re in possession of a radar device. I’m here to claim it, so that I could use it find the other six Chaos Emeralds.

Knuckles: I know exactly where this is going. You’re here to try stealing it from me, right? You’re the third person to try that today! Well, Mephiles, you’re out of luck, because number one, it’s not in my possession right now. Number two, even if it was, you’re one of the LAST people I’d EVER hand it over to!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Very well, then so be it. I suppose this means I’ll have to take it from you!

Knuckles: I’m glad you’ve decided to show your face. It certainly saved me the trouble of having to hunt you down! Alright, let’s do this! I’m taking you down! One way or another! *Fighting stance*

Mephiles: It is a pity, Knuckles the Echidna… A pity that you are in such a rush to die! Prepare yourself for a one-way ticket to oblivion! *Morphs into his crystalline echidna form*

Apparently, Knuckles has chosen to stay behind to battle Mephiles! Which side will emerge victorious? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To “bee” continued…

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Part 12

On the previous chapter of Elemental Chaos, Squash, following Mephiles’ “advice”, has taken it upon herself to chase Scorch all the way to Red Mountain to challenge her to a showdown; a showdown that supposedly affected the outcome of Squash’s future. The two of them fought a close battle, but eventually, Scorch began to succumb to the injury on her left arm, which was inflicted on her after Dr. Robotnik used an injector needle to get the blood sample that he needed for the EG experiments. Just as Squash was about to deliver the final blow, Slush showed up in a nick of time to lend Scorch a hand. Not wanting to risk getting “soaking wet” from the two Goddesses combining their powers, Squash was forced to make a tactical retreat.

Elsewhere, in the future, Knuckles and company followed Blaze to Dr. Nega’s base, so that they could use the time machine to return to their own time period. While they were in the process of storming the fortress, they encountered many Badniks that Dr. Nega left behind, and destroyed each and every one in their path until they eventually got to the time machine. After using the time machine to return to the past, they found themselves at Tails’ Workshop; everyone but Knuckles, that is, who decided to stay behind to battle Mephiles. Who will come out the victor; Knuckles or Mephiles? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

Knuckles: Alright, are you ready to get this over with, or what? I know I am. I haven’t got all day, you know.

Mephiles: Of course, but before we begin… Allow me to ask you something…

Knuckles: Look, if you’re going to try telling me that phony “peace and prosperity” story again, then don’t even bother! I’m not buying it! I didn’t back then, and I’m certainly not now! In fact, who their right mind would?

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Quite the skeptical one, aren’t you? Well, then answer me this… Before you die, tell me… Which of your friends is in possession of that detector?

Knuckles: That’s none of your business!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, then I guess this means you are of no use to me. Die! *Holds out the palm of his hand*

Knuckles: Huh? What are you-…?

Before Knuckles had the chance to finish his sentence, Mephiles fired a piercing energy beam at him, which he managed to dodge. Unfortunately, since Dr. Nega’s time machine was right behind Knuckles, it ended up getting destroyed.


Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! It would appear as if your one and only return-ticket has been voided once again!

Knuckles: Aw, shoot!

Mephiles: Now, what will you do?

Knuckles: I’ll figure something out, but for the time being, I’m gonna take you down! *Runs towards Mephiles and starts throwing punches at him*

Mephiles: *Dodges them all and teleports away from the last one*

Knuckles: Mephiles! Where are you!? Come back here and face me, coward!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Looking for me!? *Reappears in front of him*

Knuckles: WHOA! *Jumps back*

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Holds out the palm of his hand again* Here it is, your one-way ticket to oblivi-

Knuckles: *Punches him before he gets the chance to finish his sentence*

Mephiles: Uhhhhhh! *Stumbles backwards and falls over*

Knuckles: *Leaps into the air* And there’s plenty more where THAT came from! *Uses the Drill Claw attack from Sonic Adventure 2*

Mephiles: *Avoids the attack by sinking into the ground and becoming a shadow, causing Knuckles to punch through the ground and miss*

Knuckles: Crap!

Mephiles: *Quickly rises from the ground and blasts Knuckles away with an energy orb*

Knuckles: Uhhhhhhhh! *Falls back*

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHA! *Fires tons of other ones at him*

Knuckles: *Rolls away, gets back up, and starts dodging*


After that, Mephiles used his powers to transform the floor into a puddle of dark liquid (like he does during the Mephiles Phase II battle in STH2006), and made a bunch of dark, shadowy creatures spawn from it, and start clinging to Knuckles.

Knuckles: Hey, what the…!?

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes! Dance, my shadows! DANCE!

Knuckles: Ihhhh…! *Jerks away from them*

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHA! There’s no escape! Finally, at long last, I shall have my revenge! I haven’t forgotten about the time you had me sealed within the Master Emerald, you know.  What you’ve given to me, Knuckles the Echidna, I now return to you… *Holds out the palm of his hand* A ONE-WAY TICKET TO OBLIVION! *Fires the piercing beam again*

Just as Mephiles was firing his piercing energy beam again, Knuckles managed to shake loose from the shadow creatures’ grip, and narrowly avoided the attack at the last second, causing Mephiles to accidently kill them instead.

Mephiles: What!?

Knuckles: *Cracks his knuckles* Now, witness my power! *Starts charging towards Mephiles*

Mephiles: *Shoots at him again*

Knuckles: *Dodges*

As Knuckles was getting closer, Mephiles continued to fire more energy beams at him, only for Knuckles to dodge them each time. When he eventually got close enough, he delivered a punching combo on Mephiles, sending him flying and crashing through a wall.

Knuckles: Had enough yet?

Mephiles: Uggggh… *Slowly gets back up*

Knuckles: I guess not. That’s fine with me, though, because I’m just getting warmed up!

Mephiles: As am I. *Dashes toward Knuckles at high speed*

Knuckles: *Throws a punch, and his fist goes through Mephiles* What the…!? That was a fake!? *Gets hit by the real one shortly afterwards* Uhhhhhhhhh! *Falls over*

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How do you like my afterimage trick? Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Well, you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet… Feast your eyes on… THIS! *Creates a bunch of clones of himself*

Knuckles: Great… Just what I need…

Mephiles: Now… ATTACK!

*The clones charge toward Knuckles, and he starts fighting them off*

Meanwhile, in the past…

Honey: …

Espio: What’s the matter?

Honey: I just find it odd how Knuckles hasn’t come back yet… I have the strangest feeling that he might be in some kind of trouble.

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee in some kind of-“

*People glare at him*

Charmy: Nevermind. ^^;;

Blaze: Yes, I agree. Something must have happened; otherwise, he wouldn’t have stayed behind unless he had a reason to do so.

Seedra: I have the same feeling. Should we go back to the future to see what’s up?

Wechnia: I don’t see why not. Who knows? He could have very well run into Mephiles, or something.

Silver: If THAT’S the case, then we need to get there as soon as possible!

Vector: Tails, can ya use that machine o’ yours ta send us back into the future?

Tails: Sure thing. This time around, I’ll try setting the Tornado Time Twister’s coordinates, so that it’ll transport you guys directly into Dr. Nega’s base, where his time machine is located. *Starts pressing buttons* Uh oh… We have a problem…

Sonic: What’s wrong?

Tails: For some reason, I was unable to set its coordinates to the area where Nega’s time machine is located. There’s only one reason I could think of as to why that would happen…

Ray: And that reason would be…?

Tails: Nega’s time machine is out of order, somehow!

Mighty: Well, that’s just PERFECT… If what Wechnia said is true, then Mephiles must have been the one behind this!

Vector: I swear… That guy really, REALLY freakin’ pisses me off!

Blaze: Join the club.

Splash: Is there any other way to get there in time, even if we can’t warp directly to where that time machine used to be?

Tails: Hmm… That’s a good question. From the way I designed the Tornado Time Twister, it has the ability to create portals that lead to other time periods, but unless the coordinates are set to a specific location, then we’ll wind up anywhere.

Heavy: “Anywhere”, as in a random time period?

Tails: No, I meant anywhere in the time period that the machine has been set to, rather than one specific location in that era.

Heavy: I see.

Silver: The Chaos Emeralds… They have the ability to transform thought into power, right? Why don’t we use them to create a warphole that’ll not only lead us back into the future, but to exactly where Knuckles and Mephiles are located!

Espio: Good idea. That just may work.

Vector: *Takes out the emerald detector* Accordin’ to this thing, there’s already two Chaos Emeralds right here, inside o’ the Workshop!

Tails: I’m pretty sure that one of them is the fake emerald that I designed a while back, which contains the same wavelength and properties as the real ones. However, it’s less powerful.

Vector: Ah, okay. That makes sense. Now, where’s the second readin’ comin’ from?

Bomb: *Takes out the red Chaos Emerald*

Heavy: Ah, so YOU have it! When and where did you find that, exactly?

Bomb: I found it while we were on our way back from the altar, after making finishing touches to the Master Emerald’s new security system.

Sonic: Alright!

Tikal: The fake emerald has the same wavelength and properties, you said? I guess that means that it’s also possible to use Chaos Control with it?

Tails: That’s right.

Sonic: Yeah, what he said. Trust me…  If it wasn’t, then I’d be dead right now!

Ray: Huh? What do you mean?

Sonic: A while ago, we had a run-in with Ro-butt-nik at the space colony, ARK, and he ended up trapping me in a capsule, and launching it into outer space. Just in time before it exploded, I used Chaos Control to escape. So, basically, that thing saved my life.

Amy: Oh, yeah. I remember that.

Heavy: Anytime you’re finished reminiscing about the good old days, we could move on.

Wechnia: Heavy’s right. Knuckles might need our help right about now.

Tails: Okay, then let’s go. *Takes out the fake emerald* Chaos...!

Bomb: …Control!

Using the powers of both the real and fake Chaos Emeralds, they managed to open up a large blue warphole, which was akin to the ones that Mephiles often creates.

Charmy: Wow! That’s really, REALLY cool!

Marine: You got that right, mate! No mattah how many times I see it, I just can’t get ovah how amazin’ it is!

Sonic: Alright! Let’s blast through with Sonic speed!

Tiara: *Enters the Workshop* Hey, you guys. Mind if I come along?

Tails: Hmm? *Looks* Oh, hey, Tiara. I’m…glad you could join us!

Amy: Oh, it’s HER again…

Tiara: Yeah, nice to see you, too, brat.

*They glare at one another, with lightning coming from their eyes (like people do in anime)*

Ray: Hoo, boy… Here we go again…

Splash: You two aren’t about to start fighting over Sonic again, are you? This isn’t the time for that, you know. We need to go back to the future, so we could lend Knuckles a hand in stopping Mephiles!

Amy: Don’t worry, I won’t. There’s really no point, since I already know exactly which of us Sonic is madly in love with!

Sonic: *Sweatdrops*

Tiara: Well, it certainly isn’t YOU, that’s for sure.

Amy: He is too! You don’t know what you’re talking about!

Tiara: Oh, I know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

Amy: Stay away from MY Sonic, Boobowski!

Tiara: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: He is not YOUR Sonic, you idiot! If that were the case, he wouldn’t be trying to get away from you all the time!

Amy: You wanna repeat that!? *Takes out her hammer*

Tiara: I'd be more than happy to! *Takes out her jeweled staff, and then looks around*


Hey, wait a minute! Where did everybody go!?

Amy: They must’ve gone through the portal. We’ll have to settle this later.

Tiara: That’s fine with me.

Amy: *Jumps through the portal*

Tiara: *Same*

Elsewhere, in the future…

Knuckles: *Breathing hard* Man, these things are relentless! There’s just no end to them!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHA! I guess you’ve finally comes to the realization that no matter how many of my clones you defeat, they’ll still continue to re-spawn!

Knuckles: Damn!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! From the looks of things, you’re all tired out! You no longer have the energy to continue battling! Your time has come, Knuckles! Once I’ve disposed of you here, I’ll do the same to your comrades! After that’s been done, I’ll be free to use that detector of yours to track down the remaining six Chaos Emeralds! HAHAHAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Just as Mephiles was laughing maniacally, a blue warphole appeared, and the rest of the heroes arrived on the scene.

Mephiles: What!? Where they come from!?

Sonic: Knuckles! You look like you could use some help!

Knuckles: Oh, hey, you guys! Perfect timing! I didn’t know how much longer I was gonna be able to fight off all these clones!

*Amy and Tiara come through the portal next, and then it closes*

Tails: Oh, so you came. I thought for sure that you’d still be arguing over at my Workshop.

Cream: Mr. Mephiles! Are you up to no good again!?

Cheese: Chao, Chao!

Mephiles: (Ugh, just when I finally had Knuckles alone, they conveniently show up! I guess I’ll have to make a tactical retreat for now, and kill him another time!) *Holds up the purple Chaos Emerald*

Charmy: Hey, look, you guys! He’s got one of the Chaos Emeralds!

Mephiles: *Releases it into the air and makes a flash a bright light, burning everyone’s eyes*

Everyone: AAAAAHHH!

Amy: I…can’t see!

Blaze: I hate it when he does that!

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Mephiles quickly used his powers to create another warphole, and escaped through it. After a while, the light faded, and although the real Mephiles was nowhere to be found, the heroes still had his clones to contend with.

Honey: Hey, wait a second… Which one of them is the real one!?

Knuckles: I have no idea. While the light was flashing, he must have stood next to his clones in order to confuse us!

Heavy: Wrong. Neither of them are the original. The light from the emerald was nothing more than a diversion. Mephiles did that in order to make his escape.

Knuckles: GRRR… That coward!

Charmy: Huh? You mean you were able to see that, Heavy? How?

Heavy: Bomb and I are robots. Our eyes aren’t sensitive like those of organic beings.

Charmy: …

Hee hee, “organic beeings”.

*Everyone anime falls (except Splash, Marine, and Seedra for obvious reasons)*

Tails: Don’t look now, but I think those Mephiles clones are about to attack!

Vector: Alright, then let’s get ‘em!

So then, everyone joined Knuckles in fighting off the clones that Mephiles left behind. As with before, no matter how many of them were fought off, they just kept coming back for more.

Espio: There’s just no end to them!

Seedra: I have an idea. But first, we’re going to need to get some sunlight into this room.

Heavy: No problem. *Grabs Bomb*

Bomb: Hey, wait a minute! What are you- *Gets tossed into the air* WHOOOOAAAH!

After Heavy tossed Bomb into the air, he started to glow, and quickly exploded, causing the ceiling to crack. As a result of there being a hole in the ceiling, some sunlight shone through the room.

Seedra: Perfect! *A golden glow of light appears around her*

Sonic: Seedra? Are you feeling alright?

Seedra: Trust me, I’m fine, but they won’t be! *Puts the palm of her hands together* Solar Star… POWEEEEERRR!!!

Just then, Seedra fired a large beam of solar energy, obliterating each and every one of Mephiles’ clones, creating a huge explosion in the process. After the smoke was cleared, the clones were reduced were reduced to black puddles of liquid.

Charmy: WOW! That was really, REALLY cool, Seedra!

Vector: Yeah, I’ll say! I had no IDEA you had ‘DAT kinda powah! How come ya didn’t do that when we were up against Shock ‘n’ Storm at Windy Valley?

Seedra: That’s because it was raining at the time. I could only use solar energy when the sun is shining.

Sonic: Either way, that was still pretty sweet! *Thumbs up*

Seedra: R-Really? Gee, thanks. ^^;; *Blushes*

Sonic: No problem.

Amy: …

Tiara: …

Meanwhile, in the past, at Dr. Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Finally! It’s finished! The Scepter of Darkness’ repairs are complete! *Hands it to Shadow*

Shadow: Thank you, Doctor. Now, we should be able to seal Mephiles again without any trouble. This time around, I’ll make sure he doesn’t return.

Rouge: How are you going to do that, exactly? Surely, you’re going to store it somewhere other than G.U.N. Headquarters, this time?

Shadow: Yes, I will. I haven’t decided where I’m going to put it yet, but I’ll think of something when the time comes. For the time being, why don’t we go find him?

Omega: Affirmative. We must prevent him from obtaining the Fire Element Gem at any cost!

Shadow: Chaos Control! *Warps away*

Thanks to Seedra’s awesome display of solar power, she and the rest of the heroes were able to successfully defeat Mephiles’ clones, but unfortunately, the real one got away. Now that Dr. Robotnik is finished repairing the Scepter of Darkness, Shadow, Rouge, and Omega are now on the hunt for Mephiles. Will they manage to find him in time, before he tracks down the six remaining Chaos Emeralds? Will Squash ever learn the truth about Mephiles before it’s too late? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 13

Last time, on Elements of Power, Knuckles decided to stay behind in the future to challenge Mephiles to an epic showdown. The battle was close and went on for quite some time, but eventually, Mephiles began to gain the upper hand, since Knuckles was beginning to tire himself out from fighting off all the clones and dark creatures that were spawned. Just in the nick of time, the Chaotix and the rest of the heroes used the power of the real and fake Chaos Emeralds to create a time portal that led them back to the future, where the battle was taking place. They assisted Knuckles in fighting off all the clones that Mephiles spawned, and Seedra ended the battle by destroying them all with a large solar-powered energy beam. Despite the fact that the clones were defeated, the original Mephiles managed to escape after blinding the heroes with a bright flash of light from the Chaos Emerald that Squash delivered to him.

Elsewhere, Dr. Robotnik had finally finished repairing the Scepter of Darkness, which winded up broken after Squash had accidentally released Mephiles from his imprisonment. With the scepter fully restored, Shadow, Rouge, and Omega wasted no time and began hunting him down immediately. Will the heroes be able to stop Mephiles before his plans come to fruition? Will Squash finally come to the realization that she’s being manipulated? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

Meanwhile, at Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base…

*Shadow, Rouge, and Omega warp back in*

Robotnik: Did you forget something?

Rouge: Yes. We have another small favor to ask you.

Robotnik: Alright, what is it?

Shadow: Knowing Mephiles, he’s most likely already gotten his hands on at least one Chaos Emerald, and we were hoping you’d use your radar to pinpoint his location for us.

Robotnik: I’ll see what I can do. *Activates the emerald detector in his glasses* Oh ho!

Omega: You’ve located him, I presume?

Robotnik: Yes, I believe so. I’m picking up signals from at least two Chaos Emeralds and one Elemental Gem at the Sandopolis Zone. That’s guaranteed to be none other than EG-001 and Mephiles.

Shadow: Ah, I see.

Rouge: Thanks again for your help, Doctor.

Robotnik: It was my pleasure.

Shadow: Chaos… CONTROL!

*They warp away in a green flash of light*

Elsewhere, in the future…

Knuckles: Thanks for the help, you guys. I really appreciate it.

Vector: No problem. We couldn’t just leave ya hangin’.

Knuckles: Unfortunately, we have no way of getting back to our own time period, since Mephiles broke Dr. Nega’s time machine.

Tails: Don’t worry, there’s still a way to get back. *Takes out the fake emerald*

Bomb: *Regenerates, angrily marches up to Heavy, and shoves him* Here’s an idea: How about WARNING me next time you try something like that!?

Heavy: Oh, lighten up, will you? At least it still got the job done. EG-002 was still able to blow away all the Mephiles clones, wasn’t she?

Bomb: Bah, whatever.

Heavy: Anyway, you still have the Chaos Emerald, right?

Bomb: Yeah, it’s right here. *Picks it up*

Tails: Chaos…!

Bomb: …Control!

*A warphole appears*

Mighty: Okay, now we could return.

Amy: Hey, Sonic.

Sonic: Yeah?

Amy: Before you go, would you mind clearing something up for us? Who do you like better; me or Boobowski?

Sonic: Uh, well…

Tiara: Yeah, Sonic, which of us do you like better? Answer this, and it’ll be settled once and for all.

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee settled”. Get it? *Snickers*

*Splash, Seedra, and Marine laugh at it, as always*

Amy: Well? Are you going to answer, or what?

Sonic: Well, you see… I, uh…

Tiara: …

Amy: …

Sonic: GOTTA JUICE! *Speeds through the portal*

Amy: Hey! Wait up! *Goes after him*

Tiara: *Same*

*Everyone else goes through the portal as well*

Meanwhile, in the past, inside of a crystallized cave at the Ice Cap Zone…

Bark: So, you’re saying that you haven’t been able to get in touch with the Chaotix at all?

Slush: That’s right. I’ve been trying for at least an hour now, and nobody’s answered. That’s quite unusual, since they always bring that communicator with them, wherever they go. I certainly hope nothing’s happened to them…especially since Robotnik was boasting about them getting beaten by the Wind Goddess, Storm…

Bark: My guess is that something happened to the device. I highly doubt they got themselves killed. Those guys aren’t easy to get rid of.

Slush: Maybe you’re right.

*Suddenly, a blue warp hole appears*

Slush: Huh?

Bark: What the…?

*The Chaotix and the rest of the heroes come through it*

Vector: Hey, you guys! Sorry fa droppin’ by!

Silver: Yeah. We just got back from the future, and these time portals usually send to completely random locations.

Slush: The future, huh? I suppose that explains why I couldn’t get in touch with you guys. I’ve been trying for the last hour, but… I wasn’t getting a signal from you guys.

Sonic:  So, we’re not interrupting anything, are we?

Bark: Oh, ha ha. That’s REAL funny.

Slush: We were just simply talking, and that was it!

Charmy: Suuuuuurrreee you were! *Snickers*

Marine: *Snickers, too*

Slush: I’m serious!

Bark: Exactly, we WERE talking! Shortly before you got here, Slush was just saying that she was wondering what happened to you guys.

Charmy: Oh, okay. If you say so. *Whispers to Marine* They were probably about to make out, or something. *Snickers again*

Marine: *Same*

Slush: *Glares at him* I heard that, you little insect!

Charmy: Uhhhh, heard what?

Slush: Ugh, forget it. Anyway, the reason I’ve been trying to get in touch with you guys, is because I have some bad news…

Vector: Really? What’s the problem?

Slush: Well, first of all, I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to continue working as a spy for you guys. I’m starting to think the old doctor’s onto me…

Charmy: You’re calling HIM old? Aren’t you like, way, WAY older than he is, though?

Slush: Oh, you know what I mean! That’s just a figure of speech.

Vector: Robotnik’s onto you, ya said? What makes ya say that?

Slush: Robotnik was deep in thought, wondering how you guys always knew about his plans before he had the chance to put them into effect. He thought long and hard about the situation, and eventually came to the realization that there’s a spy around his base somewhere. After that, he started questioning me about it, as if he knows that I’m the one who’s been leaking that information.

Sonic: Man, that sucks. I guess Ro-butt-nik’s a little smarter than we gave him credit for.

Slush: That’s the same thing I said. Now, for the other bit of news… I found out from Shadow that-

Knuckles: Yeah, we know. Mephiles is back. Is that what you were going to say?

Slush: Well, yeah, how did you know?

Knuckles: That’s because we just got finished dealing with him a little while ago, but then he ended up escaping.

Mighty: Yeah. He’s the reason why were in the future in the first place.

Slush: I guess that explains it.

Splash: Yes, and we also know that Squash is in cahoots with him.

Slush: So I’ve heard.  About half an hour ago, I had to stop her from trying to kill Scorch.

Splash: Wait, what!? She tried to kill Scorch!? What for!?

Slush: This was all Mephiles’ doing, of course. He’s using Squash to do his dirtywork for him. According to Shadow, Scorch has become Mephiles’ primary target ever since last month. He’s planning to have her killed, so he could get ahold of the Fire Element Gem and unleash that Iblis creature again!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Slush: I don’t know what Mephiles told Squash exactly, but whatever it, it was obviously a lie; and needless to say at this point, it worked.

Silver: GRRR… I should’ve KNOWN he’d try something like this again!

Blaze: Ugh! This SO typical of him!

Splash: Does Scorch know about all this!? If not, then we need to warn her as soon as possible!

Slush: I already have, so she’s perfectly aware of the situation.

Espio: Now that she’s been informed, I guess all we need to do now is track Mephiles down and have him sealed up again. Speaking of a which, would you happen to know where the Scepter of Darkness is, by any chance?

Slush: Shadow, the bat, and the robot that I forget the names of, came to Dr. Robotnik’s base when it was broken and in need of repairs, and got him to fix it. Robotnik said that he’d have it ready within an hour, and since one has already passed, I think it’s safe to assume that it’s finished, and in Shadow’s possession. They’re most likely on the hunt for Mephiles right now, as we speak.

Splash: I’m glad to hear it. While those three are tracking Mephiles, why don’t we try finding Squash in the meantime, before she tries to attack Scorch again?

Blaze: Good idea. Squash deserves to know the truth about Mephiles. She needs to know just how much of a conniving creep he truly is. Also, we can’t afford to allow Iblis to run loose again. We have to put a stop to this at all costs!

Wechnia: Alright. Vector, you still have that detector, right?

Vector: I gave it back to Knuckles.

Wechnia: I see. Well, then, Knuckles… What does it say about Squash’s current location?

Knuckles: *Looks* Judging from the readings, there’s an Elemental Gem and two Chaos Emeralds located at the Sandopolis Zone.

Vector: A’ight, then let’s get movin’!

Charmy: Should we use Chaos Control again? We’ll be able to get there much faster that way.

Hee hee hee, “bee able”. Get it? *Snickers*

*Everyone anime falls again (except Splash, Marine, and Seedra; again, for obvious reasons)*

Charmy: Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Splash: *Giggles* Real cute, but let’s save those for later, okay?

Charmy: Okay.

Heavy: Pfft, like that’s going to work.

Slush: I’d like to come with you guys, but… I can’t. Having to go to two scorching hot areas in one day is more than I could bear.

Tails: Okay, we understand. What will you be doing in the meantime?

Slush: I’m going back to Robotnik’s base. What about you, Bark?

Bark: I think I’ll tag along with these guys again.

Sonic: Alright then. Let’s blast through with sonic speed!

Once again, the group of heroes used the power of the real and fake Chaos Emeralds to create another warphole, and jumped through it. They soon found themselves in the middle of the Sandopolis Zone.

Sonic: Looks like we’re here.

Honey: Yeah. That “Chaos Control” ability is definitely a quick and effective way of traveling.

Vector: Now that we’re here, whadda ya say we start lookin’ for Squash?

Mighty: Sounds good to me.

So then, they decided to move on. As they got further into the desert, they ended up coming across Team Dark, who were also on their way to stop Mephiles.

Ray: Wait a minute, isn’t that Shadow, Rouge, and Omega over there? *Points*

Charmy: Yep, that’s them! Hey, Knuckles, look! Your girlfriend’s here! *Snickers*

Marine: *Snickers, too*

Knuckles: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You’re NOT funny, Charmy.

Honey: Really, now? That bat is your girlfriend?

Knuckles: *Blushes* Uh, well, I, uh…

Honey: Aww, that’s so cute!

Charmy: Hee hee hee! Yep, she is! Last year when we when we were at the beach, I saw them ki-

Knuckles: *Bashes him on the head*

Charmy: OWWW! *Holds his head as a lump appears on it*

Knuckles: Okay, number one; exactly HOW many times are you going to keep bringing that up!? Number two; this ISN’T the time for your games, Charmy!

Heavy: By the way, Splash, I would just like to point out how much I love how you’re paying this absolutely no mind. When he does things like this, it isn’t so much as given a second glance, but had I done it, you would’ve blown a fuse.

Splash: …

Rouge: Hmm? *Looks back* Oh, hey! What a coincidence, bumping into you guys here!

Shadow: How very convenient for you all to show up. You couldn’t have picked a more appropriate time to come. I’ll take it that you’re searching for Mephiles as well?

Splash: That’s right. We’ve run into him a few times recently, and we’ve heard everything about his plans from Slush. We’re going to stop him before he even has the chance to act, but first, Squash is going to need to know the truth about him.

Charmy: I just thought about something… What if she doesn’t believe us? Remember what happened when we tried to tell Scorch that Robotnik was using her?

Splash: Hmm, that’s a good point…

Tikal: Yes, I mean… Even now, she still isn’t convinced! I feel so sorry for her…

Shadow: I see. Well, then… I guess this means we’ll have to prove it.

Omega: Yes. I could assure you that we can provide more than a sufficient amount of evidence to prove that Mephiles is deceiving her.

Splash: Okay. Is there any particular method that you have in mind?

Shadow: Yes, the answers can be found in the incident that took place eleven years ago. Perhaps if Squash learns of Mephiles’ true origin, then that’ll be enough to convince her. It certainly did the trick for Silver, when he was in her shoes at one point.

Silver: Don’t remind me.

Honey: Umm, Shadow, is it? That thing you’re holding… That’s the Scepter of Darkness, isn’t it?

Shadow: That’s right. This was the device I used to seal Mephiles eleven years ago, after that accident occurred at Soleanna’s laboratory. Now that it’s been fully repaired, I’m going to seal him up once again. And when I do, I’ll make sure that he doesn’t return this time.

Bark: Well, now that we’ve got that cleared up, why don’t we go ahead and start looking for them?

Shadow: Of course. Let’s get moving.

After reuniting with Shadow, Rouge, the Omega, the band of heroes quickly took off to begin their search for Squash and Mephiles. Just as they were taking off, a sudden bolt of lightning and a small gust of wind appeared in front of them, causing the heroes to come to a screeching halt.

*Shock and Storm appear in front of them*

Knuckles: You again!? If you’ve come here for another fight, then we’re ready for you this time!

Espio: That’s right. Since there’s no wind around for you to control, Storm, then we have the advantage this time around. Are you sure you want to challenge us again?

Storm: …

Shock: Coincidentally, it also isn’t raining anymore, either. As a result, you have no way of winning another lucky victory. I’d love to challenge you again, but now’s not the time.

Mighty: What do you mean?

Shock: I mean that we’ve come here to help you.

Seedra: You’re…helping us? Why?

Shock: Dr. Robotnik sent us here to lend you guys a hand in stopping that Mephiles guy.

Splash: I see. Are you two, by any chance, EG-003 and EG-004?

Shock: Yeah. I’m EG-003: Shock, the Goddess of Lightning.

Storm: I’m EG-004: Storm, the Goddess of Wind.

Splash: Ah, okay. I’m your older sister, Splash, the Goddess of Water. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Shock: Yeah, same to you. I’m gonna forge on ahead. Good luck trying to keep up with me and my lightning-fast speed.

Sonic: HA! Do you have any idea who you’re talking to? I’m Sonic, the world’s fastest hedgehog! I could run circles around you in seconds flat!

Shock: Oh, so you’re Sonic? I’ve heard all about you from Dr. Robotnik. I want to see for myself if you’re as fast as he says.

Sonic: Okay. Then let’s do this!

Shock: On your mark, get set… GO!!! *Takes off at lightning speed*

Sonic: *Same*

Tails: I guess Sonic has found himself another rival.

Shadow: Hmph. Let’s get one thing straight here. Sonic could have all the friends he wants, but I’M his rival. No question about it.

Knuckles: Yeah? Well, you’re gonna have to wait in line, because I’M Sonic’s rival!

Shadow: Oh, really? YOU’RE his rival? Since when?

Knuckles: Long before YOU ever showed up.

Shadow: That’s funny. All this time, I thought you were his sidekick.

Knuckles: What’d you say!?

Shadow: Did I stutter?

*They “anime lighting glare” at one another*

Rouge: *Gets between them* Hey, hey! Settle down, you two!

Splash: Really, you guys… Is this TRULY worth fighting over? Arguing over who Sonic’s in love with is already one thing, but this? Can’t we all make peace and get along? I mean, after all… We're supposed to be trying to find Mephiles, aren’t we?

Omega: Affirmative. EG-001 and Mephiles are top priority! Do not forget it!

Knuckles: Fine, whatever. *Takes out the detector*

Heavy: Back to the subject at hand, what does the radar say about their location?

Knuckles: According to the readings, they’re somewhere in the direction that Sonic and Shock ran off to.

Vector: Wow, ‘dat was pretty convenient, wouldn’t ya say?

Blaze: Yes. I don’t think we could afford to waste anymore time than we already have. As I said before, we can’t afford to allow Iblis to run free. We have to stop them as soon as possible!

Knuckles: Alright then, let’s go!

*They take off*

Meanwhile, off in the distance, the race between Sonic and Shock had come to an end. The two of them were evenly matched, and surprisingly, the two hedgehogs ended up crossing the “finish line” at the same time, which was right near a pyramid.

Sonic: So, what was that about me not being able to “keep up with [your] lightning fast speed”?

Shock: Alright, I’ll admit. I underestimated you, Sonic. You’re fast, but you definitely weren’t able to “run circles around [me]” like you said you would. This race might’ve ended up a draw, but I could assure you that the next one won’t!

Sonic: You got THAT right! I’m the one who’s gonna win next time!

Shock: We’ll just have to see about that now, won’t we?

???: *From inside of the pyramid* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So far, that’s two Chaos Emeralds in our possession!

Sonic: That voice… It’s Mephiles! That’s definitely him, no doubt about it! I recognize that voice anywhere! I wonder who he’s talking to?

Shock: Well, there’s only one way to find out. Let’s go inside.

*They enter the pyramid*

Sonic: The voices are coming from this way. Shock, let’s hide for a bit and see what we could find out.

Shock: Right.

*They peek around the corner and find Mephiles, along with Squash*

Shock: So, that black echidna is Mephiles? He looks exactly like Knuckles and that red-eyed echidna with white fur!

Sonic: Yep, that’s him alright. I’m sure of it.

Shock:  Now, about that girl over there who looks like Storm and I… I’m going to assume that’s EG-001?

Sonic: Yeah. I don’t see who else it could be.

Charmy: Hee hee, “who else it could bee”.

*Knuckles and the rest of them arrive, as well*

Sonic: So, what took you guys so long?

Charmy: Hey, we weren’t THAT long!

Shock: *Covers his mouth* Shhhh! Not so loud! We’re trying to spy on them to learn some information!

Mephiles: I must say, Squash… You definitely seem to have a knack for emerald-hunting. So far, you’ve managed to find two of them without a detector. I must say, that’s quite impressive.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH! I know, isn’t it?

Charmy: “A knack for emerald-hunting”? Does he mean Nack the Weasel?

*People cover his mouth and “shush” him*

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Well, now that we have these two emeralds, that only leaves five more to go! With all seven of them together, all of our dreams will finally come true, right?

Mephiles: Yes, that’s right. But before then, you still have the Fire Goddess to cope with, remember?

Squash: Oh, I haven’t forgotten. Hmph, I almost had her last time! If it weren’t for that Ice Goddess getting in my way, I would have beaten her for sure!

Mephiles: You’re always welcome to try again, you know. Just keep in mind… She’s bound to strike at any given moment now. As long as she is still able to breathe, your future is in constant jeopardy. Unless something is done about her, it will remain exactly as it is.

Squash: Got it. Tell me, Mephiles… Do you know where she is now?

Mephiles: Yes. I can confirm that she’s on her way to-

Shadow Comes from around the corner Stop it right there Mephiles!

Mephiles: What!? Shadow!?

*Everyone else comes from around the corner, as well*

Vector: ‘N’ that ain’t all! We’re here, too! The jig’s up, Mephiles, ya lyin’ scumbag!

Splash: That’s right! You’ve gone TOO far this time! Enough is ENOUGH, you scheming lowlife! How dare you!? How DARE you toy with Squash’s mind, feeding her a bunch of lies to get my sister killed, all for the purpose of furthering your own sick, twisted schemes!?

Knuckles: It ends right here and now, Mephiles!

Shadow: Precisely. Once again, you’re going down! For the last time!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh? Isn’t that what you said during our last two encounters?

Shadow: Maybe so, but this time, I’m sure of it. We won’t allow you to escape this time, Mephiles! This time, I’m going to make sure you won’t return!

With the help of Tails’, as well as Dr. Robotnik’s emerald detectors, the group of heroes was able to successfully track down Squash and Mephiles’ location. With all their powers combined, do they have what it takes to defeat Mephiles and foil his plans a fourth time? Will Shadow truly make due on his promise to dispose of him once and for all? Or will Mephiles manage to escape again? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 14

On the previous chapter of Elements of Power, Knuckles and company, after defeating the clones Mephiles left behind, departed from the future and returned to their own time period, thanks to the real and fake Chaos Emeralds that Tails and Bomb had in their possession. After that, they found themselves at the Ice Cap Zone, where they met up with Bark the Polar Bear and the Ice Goddess, Slush. From there, Slush explained to the heroes that Mephiles was using and manipulating Squash to further his goal of gaining all seven Chaos Emeralds, as well as releasing Iblis from the Fire Element Gem so that he could complete his transformation and wipe out all timeframes in existence. Using Tails’ emerald detector, Knuckles picked up a signal from the Stone Element Gem and two Chaos Emeralds at the Sandopolis Zone, and then he and the rest of the heroes Chaos Controlled their way over there.

While they were on the hunt for Squash and Mephiles, they ran into Shock, the Lightning Goddess, and Storm, the Wind Goddess, who were sent by Dr. Robotnik to lend a hand in stopping Mephiles’ plans from coming to fruition. Additionally, they also ran into Shadow, Rouge, and Omega, who were also on their way to stop him. When they got to the pyramid, they eavesdropped on Squash and Mephiles’ conversation, and overheard everything. Before Mephiles had the chance to point Scorch’s current location out to Squash, the heroes quickly came from around the corner and blocked her path.

The questions still remain: With all heroes banded together, do they have what it takes to put a stop to Mephiles’ plans again, for a fourth time? Will Shadow make due on his promise to permanently dispose of Mephiles? Or will he somehow manage to flee the scene again? Or even worse, could Mephiles somehow manage to overpower the group of heroes and succeed with his diabolical plans? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Squash: …

Hey, wait a minute… I recognize you! Well, some of you, at least. You’re the ones that Ivo wanted me to destroy back at the volcano! You were called…the Chaotix, right?

Vector: You got it!

Squash: Now then… If it isn’t too much trouble, would you mind telling me what’s going on, here?

Shadow: Oh, I’ll tell you what’s going on. Mephiles is playing you for a fool, that’s what! He’s been manipulating you from the very beginning!

Squash: Wait, what?

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, now that’s preposterous!

Blaze: Oh, like hell it is! You have a history of doing things like this! You are no one to be trusted!

Mephiles: Is that so?

Silver: Yeah, like the time you told me that lie about the “Iblis Trigger”! Does THAT ring a bell!?

Splash: Squash, please hear us out! Just forget about everything Mephiles told you! Every, and I mean EVERY word of it was nothing but lies!

Seedra: Exactly! This guy is a total creep!

Squash: …

And you are…?

Splash: I’m your older sister, Splash, the Goddess of Water. They’re your younger sisters, Seedra, Shock, and Storm. They’re creations of Dr. Robotnik’s, just like you are.

Squash: I see. Now, back to the subject at hand… How can I be sure that what you’re telling me is true?

Charmy: Oh, come on! Since several people have said the same thing, there has to be SOME truth in it, right?

Heavy: That’s one of the most intelligent things I’ve heard you say in a while.

Squash: …

Mephiles: Squash, you don’t truly believe what they’re saying, do you? First of all, not only did I give you this information, but I backed it up with undeniable, concrete evidence. Secondly, these people are allied with Shadow the Hedgehog… The very person that you despise! The very same person who, after defeating you in battle, left you right there in the rain, knowing how much damage it would have done to you! Shadow could have ended your misery right there, but he instead chose to leave you to suffer a slow, painful death!

Squash: …

Shadow: No! That’s not true!

Squash: Shut up! That’s EXACTLY what you did! It all makes sense now… THAT’S why you spared my life after our battle!

Vector: Oh, gimme a break! What, do ya think he’s psychic, or somethin’? It ain’t like he had any way of tellin’ when it was gonna start rainin’!

Knuckles: Exactly! We were all out in the rain, too, you know. Nobody saw that coming!

Mephiles: Just keep in mind, Squash… These people are allied with Shadow. If they would associate themselves with someone like him, then what would make you think that they would be any more trustworthy than he is?

Shadow: W-WHAT!?

Squash: …

Rouge: I’ve heard enough! Just WHO do you think you are, huh!? If ANYONE around here isn’t trustworthy, then it’s you, and ONLY you!

Charmy: Yeah! You’re ROTTEN! And really, REALLY crazy, too!

Vector: Yeah, ya freakin’ psychopath!

*Everyone else says something similar*

Squash: ARRRRGGGGH!!! ENOUGH!!! You people don’t know what you’re talking about! I know for a fact that everything Mephiles told me is true! Like he said, he showed me concrete evidence of everything I needed to know! I’m destroying the Fire Goddess, end of story! I’ll change my future, one way or another! I won’t let ANYONE stand in my way! If you try to stop me, then I’ll destroy you, too!

Splash: Squash, you’re making a big mistake…

Squash: No, Splash, I’m CORRECTING one! Now get out of my way!

Vector: Not a chance, sistah! If ya wanna get ta Scorch, then you’re gonna hafta get through us!

Squash: Oh, I’d be MORE than happy to! *Takes the Stone Element Gem out of her tiara and places it into the ground*

*A small vibration occurs, and then tons of Pyrocks and Rockadiles emerge from the ground*

Blaze: What in the world ARE those ghastly things!?

Knuckles: These things, if I remember correctly, are called the “Pyrocks”. The alligator things… I’m not sure. It’s the first time I’ve seen them.

Squash: Pyrocks, Rockadiles! ATTACK! *Points*

*They charge toward the heroes and the battle begins*

Mephiles: (Hmm, this was a rather unexpected development, but I must admit, it’s entertaining, also! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Entertaining beyond words! I just love how their pitiful attempts to get through to Squash are falling on deaf ears! Even if they DO somehow manage to convince her, it won’t be that much of a loss. She’s expendable… Especially since I’m perfectly capable of destroying Scorch myself, as well as the fact that I already have two others on the hunt for the remaining Chaos Emeralds…)

*Cue flashback*

Nack: So, whatcha sayin’ is ' willin’ ta pay us money fa findin’ ‘dose Chaos Emeralds for ya?

Mephiles: Yes. The two of you will be rewarded most handsomely if you do.

Bean: …

Nack: A’ight, cool. How much’re ya talkin’, here? ‘Cause we ain’t doin’ it for any less than a million.

Mephiles: Well, how does two million sound?

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, yeah! You are DEFINITELY speakin’ my language here, bruddah! Well, how ‘bout ‘chu, Bean? Are ya up for it?

Bean: It definitely sounds tempting, but… I have my doubts.

Nack: Whadda ya doubtin’ for? It ain’t like we’re offered ‘DIS kinda money every day, y’know!

Bean: …

Okay, fine. Whatever, I’m in.

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then it’s settled! When you find the Chaos Emeralds, meet me at the Sandopolis Zone to collect your reward.

Nack: You goddit! C’mon, Bean, let’s get goin’!

*End flashback*

Mephiles: (Oh, yes… I’ll reward them, alright… With a one-way ticket to oblivion, that is! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) *Broken pieces of rubble fly in his face from the Pyrocks and Rockadiles getting destroyed* Uhhhhhh!

Squash: NO! Not again! This can’t be! I guess I’ll have to deal with you myself!

Mephiles: Squash, I’ll leave you to take care of things from here.

Squash: Alright, just leave it to me! I’d be more than happy to! The sooner I take care of them, the sooner I could destroy Scorch!

Mephiles: *Leaves the room*

Shadow: Mephiles! *Skates after him*

Squash: *Steps in front of Shadow and blocks his path*

Splash: Squash, stop it! We don’t want to fight with you!

Blaze: Exactly! Why can’t you understand that Mephiles is only using you!?

Squash: How so!? Neither of you were there! I saw everything… Everything that happened in the future!

Silver: The future?

Squash: Thanks to Mephiles’ time travel powers, he was able to show me what happened 200 years from now! The world…it was completely destroyed! There were flames everywhere, burning everyone and everything in their path! It was all Scorch’s fault! SHE’S the one who caused all of this! Thanks to her, I…was persecuted and hunted down by humanity…*Begins to tear up* I was blamed and severely punished for a crime I never committed! I’ll NEVER forgive her for this!!! THAT’S why the Fire Goddess must be destroyed! So that I stop this before it ever takes place, and change the course of history!

Cream: …

I…feel so sorry for you, Miss Squash…

Cheese: Chao, Chao…

Squash: Bah! I don’t need your pity, little girl! All I need is for you all to get out of my way, I so I could destroy her! Or would you prefer to DIE!?

Mighty: Look, just calm down for a moment and listen to us, okay!? We're only trying to help you! Like Splash was saying before, everything Mephiles told you was a lie!

Splash: That’s right! Although it may seem that way, Mephiles is in NO way concerned about your well-being! He only cares about how useful you are to him!

Shadow: Precisely! Mephiles doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and only sees you and everyone else around him as nothing more than mere pawns to be manipulated!

Squash: …

Blaze: To add on to what they said, a value of a person’s life, to Mephiles, is solely on how useful he thinks they are! Once he decides that someone’s usefulness has run its course, then he’ll do anything he can do dispose of them, since in HIS mind, they no longer have a reason to live!

Cream: Everything they’re saying is true, you know. Mephiles is very, very bad! Please believe us…

Squash: …

Shadow: Squash, there’s something else you should know. The story about you getting persecuted 200 years into the future… Mephiles told ME the exact same thing a year ago!

Squash: Wait, what?

Shadow: Mephiles tried coaxing me into joining him in a rebellion against humanity, claiming that they were not only envious of my power, but feared it, and used the Flames of Disaster as an excuse to hunt me down. He even went so far as to claim that they reprogrammed Omega to fight against me!

Omega: …

Marine: 200 years into the future…? Strewth! Silver, Blaze, that’s our time period, ain’t it?

Silver: Yeah, it is.

Blaze: Indeed. We know exactly what it is that you’re referring to, Squash. That ruined future is where the three of us originated, and I could assure you that Scorch had NOTHING to with the destruction you saw!

Squash: She wasn’t!? Then who was it!? Who else but her is capable of generating THAT kind of fire power!?

Silver: This was all the work of a fiery monster named Iblis. He was the one responsible for destroying everything!

Squash: “Iblis”?

Blaze: Yes. It was an immortal creature that’s continued to destroy the world for the next two hundred years. Recently, he’s been sealed within the Fire Element Gem by Scorch… THAT’S the real reason why Mephiles is after her! He’s trying to get ahold of it so he could release Iblis from his prison!

Squash: …

I don’t get it.

Shadow: I didn’t think you would. Perhaps it’s better if we show you.

*They use Chaos Control to create another time portal and go through it*

Shadow: The answers that you need are right through this portal. Follow us if you want the truth. *Jumps through it*

Squash: *Follows him*

After jumping through the portal, they all found themselves at the hallway of Soleanna’s laboratory, eleven years into the past. Meanwhile, at Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… It’s all going according to plan!

Scorch: Really? What plan would that be, Dr. Robotnik?

Slush: Yes, do tell. (So I could forward this message right to the Chaotix.)

Robotnik: I’m planning to dispose of the Chaotix and the rest of my enemies by heading over to the Sandopolis Zone and planting one of my high-tech explosive devices at the pyramid! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Since those fools have already occupied themselves with Mephiles, they won’t even see it coming! They’ll all be blown to pieces before they even know what hit them!

Slush: It sounds like a plan, but there are a few things wrong with this strategy. Number one, what about Shock and Storm? How will they escape? And number two, won’t the Scepter of Darkness get destroyed in the explosion, causing Mephiles to be free again?

Robotnik: Those are some very valid points, Slush, but I’ve got it all under control. Before sending Shock and Storm to assist them in stopping Mephiles, I already warned them in advance, as well as giving them communication devices to remind them. Number two, after Mephiles has been captured, Shock and Storm could take the scepter and flee the scene before they get themselves caught in the explosion. After all, they do have the speed to pull this off.

Slush: Ah, I see.

Scorch: It sounds like you’ve really thought this through, Doctor!

???: Eee hee hee! Do you REALLY think it will be THAT easy?

*They look in the direction of the voice*

All three of them: DR. NEGA!?

Nega Robotnik: That’s right!

Slush: Great… Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse…

Scorch: What are you doing here!?

Robotnik: I was going to ask the same thing, because you’ve got a lot of nerve, showing your face around us again!

Slush: I couldn’t have put it any better myself!

Nega Robotnik: Easy, now! Easy! I’m not here to cause any trouble! I come in peace!

Slush: After all YOU’VE done, how do we know you could be trusted!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Oh? Look who’s talking! Are YOU, of all people, REALLY trying to accuse ME of not being trustworthy?

Slush: What do you mean!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Should I spell it out, or do YOU want to tell them?

Slush: (Ahhhh! Oh, no… I forgot! Because of last month’s incident, he knows my secret! He knows that I’ve been working as a spy around here! I can’t afford to let THIS happen! Robotnik’s already onto me as it is! I’d better change the subject and FAST!) So, Dr. Nega, how did you escape from the mental institution, anyway?

Nega Robotnik: It was all thanks to a series of earthquakes that have occurred recently at Station Square. I’m not entirely sure of all the details, but I believe it was shortly before a creature named “EG-001” was captured by the G.U.N. military.

Robotnik: Oh, I see… So this was HER handiwork! Anyway, Nega, if you aren’t here to cause any trouble, then why have you come?

Nega Robotnik: Well, first of all, I would like to take the time to apologize for my previous actions. I was out of line. Secondly, I’d like to call a truce. After all, we both have common goals of conquering this world and building our own ideal empire, and not to mention common enemies as well. Sonic the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat… All of them! Aren’t you tired of them interfering with your plans all the time?

Robotnik: As a matter of fact, I am. Words alone aren’t enough to describe how much I despise those idiots, and I want to be rid of them as soon as possible!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! With our pure genius combined, who knows what we could accomplish?

Robotnik: …

Nega Robotnik: Well, what do you say? Should we work together again, for old time’s sake? *Extends his arm and holds out his hand*

Robotnik: …

Scorch: Dr. Robotnik, are you sure we could trust this guy?

Slush: I’m with Scorch on this one. Trusting him would be no different from trusting Mephiles, which, by the way, HE’S responsible for reviving! *Glares*

Scorch: *Glares at him, too*

Robotnik: *In response to Nega* Alright, very well. *Shakes his hand* I’ll be keeping my eye on you, however.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Then it’s settled! Now, as I was saying as I was entering, your strategy is good for the most part, but there’s one small problem: They Chaos Emeralds. Sonic, Blaze, and the others could easily Chaos Control their way out of the area to avoid the explosion.

Robotnik: ARGH! I should’ve known! Well, then, Nega, what do YOU propose we do?

Nega Robotnik: Perhaps it’s better if I show you. *Points towards the exit* After you.

Robotnik: *Starts walking towards the door*

Scorch: *Grabs Robotnik by the arm* Wait!

Robotnik: Hmm? Scorch, what’s the matter?

Scorch: I wouldn’t do that if I were you… Nega’s probably trying to lure you into a trap, as far as we know!

Robotnik: Now, now, Scorch… There’s no need to be so paranoid.

Slush: This is Dr. Nega we’re talking about, here. As long as he’s around, we have every need to be paranoid.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… Still as skeptical as ever, I see. I could assure you, ladies, I bear you no ill will. There’s an invention of mine that I would like to show you.

Scorch: Dr. Robotnik, didn’t you say you were going to keep an eye on him?

Robotnik: Alright, alright! Why don’t YOU go first, Nega?

Nega Robotnik: Alright then. This way, please.

*They go outside and find a huge robot that looks slightly similar to the Egg Emperor (from with Sonic Heroes), but with a more “futuristic” appearance*

Nega Robotnik: Behold my latest invention! The “Egg Galaxia”!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… That’s a rather interesting machine you’ve got there!

Nega Robotnik: You said that Sonic, Silver, Blaze, and all the others are busy battling Mephiles, correct?

Robotnik: Yes, why?

Nega Robotnik: Well, they’re all bound to be in a weakened state after the fight’s over, and I say we should take advantage of the opportunity by engaging them in another battle after afterwards! Since they’ll wind up exhausting all of their energy from fighting Mephiles, they won’t pose much of a challenge for us! While they’re weakened, we could destroy them once and for all!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sounds like a plan!

Nega Robotnik: If by some chance, I’m wrong, and they still have the energy to defeat us, then we could go with your bomb strategy as a last resort. Even if we are to be defeated, the Egg Galaxia is equipped with two escape pods that will allow us to flee the scene, while those pests, on the other hand, will meet their demise and get blown to pieces! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!


Scorch: …

Slush: (This is bad… I’d better inform them about this as soon as possible! I just hope I’ll be able to avoid getting caught…)

Oh, no! Just when things were started to look up for our heroes, things have suddenly gotten worse! Although they were successful in convincing Squash that she’s been being manipulated by Mephiles, they still have Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega to cope with! Even if they are to stop Mephiles again for a fourth time, will they be able to muster the strength to put stop to the two doctors’ diabolical plan? Find out next time in Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 15

Last time, on Elemental Chaos, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the others confronted Mephiles and Squash in at pyramid at the Sandopolis Zone, following the signal of Tails’ and Dr. Robotnik’s emerald detectors. Just as Mephiles was about to point out Scorch’s location, the others quickly interrupted, blocking Squash’s path in the process. Afterwards, they all tried convincing the Stone Goddess that she was being deceived by Mephiles all along, and that he was only using her to do his evil bidding for him. Mephiles watched in amusement as their words fell on deaf ears, and as he did, it was revealed (while thinking to himself) that he “hired” Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite to collect the remaining Chaos Emeralds. Shortly afterwards, Mephiles left the room, leaving the heroes to continue squabbling with the Stone Goddess. After a while, however, they did manage to get through to her, and decided to prove that she’s been lied to all along, by taking her back into the past to learn about Mephiles’ true origin and motives.

Elsewhere, at Dr. Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base, the doctor revealed that he planned on taking advantage of the current situation. While Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes are dealing with Mephiles at the pyramid, Robotnik intends to plant one of his high-tech explosive devices without their knowledge, and killing them all before they have the chance to “know what hit them”. Slush then pointed out that it would not only destroy Knuckles and company, but the Scepter of Darkness as well, causing Mephiles to be freed from his imprisonment once again. Robotnik then assured her that this wouldn’t happen, since he informed Shock and Storm about the plan, and told them to use their speed to get themselves, as well as the Scepter of Darkness, out of the pyramid before it explodes.

After that, Dr. Nega, who’s recently escaped from the mental institution, showed up at Robotnik’s base, apologizing for his previous actions and offering a truce. He then formed another partnership with his ancestor, determined to be rid of his enemies once and for all. Despite the apparent remorse that he seems to have for his actions against them in the past, his apology fell on deaf ears with Scorch and Slush, as the two Goddesses still felt that he couldn’t be trusted.

Now, the questions still remain: Do Knuckles and the others have what it takes to foil Mephiles’ plans for universal destruction once again, for a fourth time? Even if they do, they still have Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega to contend with afterwards. Will they be able to muster the energy to defeat the two maniacal doctors? Find out on this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

Robotnik: Just to refresh my memory, you said that the Egg Galaxia, in addition to having two control panels, is also equipped with a second escape pod in case of an emergency, correct?

Nega Robotnik: That’s right.

Scorch: Pffft. Knowing him, he probably only installed one. One for himself, that is. *Shifty eyes*

Slush: You said it.

Robotnik: …

Nega Robotnik: I would do no such thing!

Robotnik: Oh, really? Prove it.

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… What’s this? You don’t trust me either?

Robotnik: Well, Nega, like I said before, I’m keeping an eye on you. We may be partners again for the time being, but that doesn’t mean I trust you; at least not entirely.

Nega Robotnik: *Reaches into his coat pocket and takes out a folded piece of paper* These are the original blueprints that I used to create the Egg Galaxia. See for yourself. *Hands it to Robotnik*

Robotnik: *Examines them* Ah, I see! Very good! Alright, let’s head over to the Sandopolis Zone to execute our plan!

Scorch: Dr. Robotnik, wait!

Robotnik: Hmm? What is it now, Scorch?

Scorch: There’s a chance that Nega may still be lying! Sure, the extra escape pod may have been included in the blueprints, but that doesn’t mean he actually bothered to install it in the actual machine!

Robotnik: …

Slush: You know, that’s a good point…

Scorch: Please, Dr. Robotnik... Dont go...

Robotnik: …

Slush: …

Nega Robotnik: Oh, for Pete’s sake! *Walks over to the Egg Galaxia, presses a button, and opens the cockpit, showing two escape pods* As you can plainly see, there are TWO escape pods, just as designed it in the blueprints! Satisfied!?

Scorch: Hmph!

Robotnik: Well, I guess that settles it! Off we go now!

Scorch: Wait!

Nega Robotnik: Ugh, NOW what is it!?

Scorch: Well, I, uh…

Robotnik: …

Scorch: Come back safely okay, Dr. Robotnik?

Robotnik: Of course I will. I may have been beaten in the past, but I never go down that easily! No matter what! *Hops into the Egg Galaxia*

Nega Robotnik: *Same*

After hopping into the Egg Galaxia, the two doctors closed the cockpit, activated the machine’s jet boosters, and took off.

Slush: …! *Gasps*

*Cue flashback (from Episode 1, Part 14)*

Amy: …

You know, I wonder…

Splash: Hmm?

Amy: This might sound strange, and by that, I mean VERY strange, but… Does anyone else think that she might have…feelings for Robotnik?

Everyone: …

*They all stare at her with blank “WTF?” expressions on their faces*

Amy: Why’s everyone looking at me like that?

*A handful of people burst out laughing*

Amy: What’s so funny!?

Heavy: HAHAHAHAHAHA… That has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Actually, no… Mephiles’ bogus “peace and prosperity” claim holds that title, but this one’s certainly a worthy contender!

Amy: Oh, come on! Surely, I’m not the ONLY one who saw Scorch blushing after Robotnik gave her that compliment about her looks!?

Ray: No, you’re not the only one. I saw it, too.

Amy: Thank you, Ray.

Tiara: …As much as I’d hate to admit it, I think Amy’s right about this one. I saw it with my own two eyes.

Amy: You see? Even Boobowski agrees with me!

*End flashback*

Slush:  (Oh, no… Could Amy, Ray, and that Boobowski girl have been right after all? Could it be that Scorch truly DOES have feelings for Dr. Robotnik!? No, just… NO! That can’t be! If so, then what could she possibly SEE in him!? Alright, I’ll admit… Even though I’ve gone behind his back quite a few times, he has kind of grown on me over the weeks, but not to THAT extent! Or maybe that teapot thing was right, and I’m just looking too much into this? If not, then Scorch is only opening herself up to get played for a fool again. It might have been by Dr. Nega the first time, but if my suspicions turn out to be correct, and if Dr. Robotnik discovers this, he may use it to his advantage…)

Scorch: Uhhh, are you okay, Slush? You look almost as if you’ve seen a ghost or something…

Slush: I’m fine, but tell me honestly, big sis… You don’t ACTUALLY have feelings for Robotnik, do you?

Scorch: What, this again!? Of course not! Like I said before, I was trapped for thousands of years, and since Dr. Robotnik was kind enough to release me, I work alongside him as an act of gratitude! Why is that so hard for people to grasp!?

Slush: Alright, if you say so.

Scorch: …You don’t believe me, do you?

Slush: Whether I do or not, that isn’t important right now. I have some unfinished business to attend to. *Starts walking away*

Scorch: Where are you going?

Slush: I’m going to the Sandopolis Zone to take part in the battle against Mephiles.

Scorch: Really? Are you sure you’ll be able to withstand that kind of heat? Sure, you were at the volcano earlier, but only for a few minutes. Fighting against Mephiles will definitely take a lot more time than that. If you’re over there for too long, you might end up melting!

Slush: That’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Scorch: Why don’t I go in your place? Being the Goddess of Fire, I could withstand warm temperatures a lot better.

Slush: I appreciate your concern, but my mind’s made up. I can’t just sit around and do nothing while everyone else, including Splash, are risking their lives against Mephiles. Also, I don’t trust Dr. Nega.

Scorch: Now that you put it that way, I guess you’re right. I’ll go with you. After all, I have something I owe Mephiles for telling Squash that lie to get me killed!

Slush: Alright then, let’s go. You go on ahead, I’ll catch up.

Scorch: *Gets a running start, and flies away*

Slush: …

*Sighs* I certainly hope Scorch is telling the truth about not having feelings for Robotnik… Especially since several of her actions have indicated that it’s far more than just an act of gratitude. Ugh, I… I think I’m going to be sick, but I can’t worry about that right now. First, I need to get in touch with the Chaotix, and then I need to head over to the Sandopolis Zone. *Takes out her communicator and tries using it* Ah! Oh, no! The battery’s dead! I guess I have no choice but to tell them everything in person! But wait… What if the Robotniks end up catching me? I guess that’s another risk that I’m going to have to take!

Unable to contact that Chaotix because of her communicator’s battery’s being dead, Slush wasted no more time and took off, bound for the Sandopolis Zone to assist her friends in battling Mephiles, as well as warning them about the sinister plot that the two doctors have in store for them afterwards. Meanwhile, at the Sandopolis Zone’s pyramid, everyone had just got finished returning to their present timeline after showing Squash the truth about Mephiles.

Shadow: So there you have it. We showed you the incidents that took place eleven years ago and last year, as well as last month’s, when Iblis was sealed again by Scorch. Now do you understand? When Mephiles sent you to kill her, he wasn’t trying to help you create a better future. He was only trying to further his own goal of making all timeframes collapse into nothingness!

Squash: Yes… I understand everything now. It’s all clear as day. *Clenches her fist* You guys…were right all along! Everything you’ve been saying about him was true! Mephiles really HAS been using me all this time! How…how could I’ve been so blind!? How could I’ve been so… STUPID!?

Seedra: Now, now… There’s no need to start putting yourself down…

Squash: AUUUUGGGHH! *Angrily pounds the ground and smashes through it*

Charmy: WHOA!

Marine: Strewth!


Fueled and blinded by rage, Squash started using her powers to cause an earthquake. As a result of the earthquake, the pyramid began to vibrate, and the ceiling began to collapse, with broken pieces of rubble raining down, which Silver caught with his telekinesis.

Sonic: Whoa, Squash! Chill!

Espio: Yes, before you bring down this whole building!

Vector: The buildin’? The entire PLANET is more like it! At least she will at ‘DIS rate!

Cream: Please calm down, Miss Squash!

Cheese: Chao, Chao…

Amy: Cream is right! This isn’t gonna solve anything!

*Everyone else says something similar*


Tikal: We understand how you feel, and you have every right to be angry, but taking your anger out on those around you isn’t the right way to handle it!

Mighty: Tikal is right. Why don’t you save all that for Mephiles?

Squash: …

Alright, fine.

Wechnia: Now, that only brings us to the question… Exactly where did he go, anyway?


Vector: Good grief! Are ya tryin’ ta make our eardrums explode, ‘or what!?

Espio: As loud as you often have your music playing, you ought to be used to this by now.

Charmy: Hee hee, “ought to bee used to this”. Get it? *Snickers*

Marine: Heh heh! Nice one, mate!

Splash: Yes, very nice, but this isn’t the time.


*Suddenly, a piercing energy beam is seen flying towards Squash*

Shadow: *Notices it* …! GET DOWN! *Tackles her, and the beam flies pass them and everyone else*

Squash: Shadow… You saved me, but why?

Shadow: It was no special reason. I’m just simply doing what needed to be done. Anyway, Mephiles, where are you!? Go ahead and show yourself!

*A dark mist suddenly appears in front of them, and forms into Mephiles’*

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Here I am! Satisfied?

Squash: *Angrily marches up to Mephiles and punches him*

Mephiles: Uhhhhhh! *Stumbles backwards*

Before Mephiles had the chance to regain his composure, Squash continuously and relentlessly started pummeling him with a punching combo, and sent him crashing through the wall after the last hit, burying him under a pile of rubble.

Sonic: Nice one!

*Other people say something similar*

Tiara: Yeah, that’s for sure! He definitely deserved that.

Amy: I think even THAT was too good for him.

Splash: I couldn’t have put it any better myself. Our trip back into the past certainly told me a lot about Mephiles, as well, which I didn’t know before. Sure, I helped deal with him and Iblis last month, but I had no idea what his true personality was like, since he was in that deranged mindstate. Honestly, people like him just make me SICK! After all HE’S done, he doesn’t even DESERVE to live! I’m no fan of Dr. Robotnik, but he’s FAR less despicable than Mephiles is!

Tikal: That’s the same thing I said before.


Vector: …Am I missin’ somethin’, here? What’re ya laughin’ about!? You just got the crap kick out’ve ya!

Charmy: He did the same thing last year, after Knuckles and Rouge sent him flying from the altar!

Tails: He must be some kind of sick masochist, then.

Charmy: Mass-uh-WHAT?

Bomb: A masochist is someone who enjoys having pain inflicted on them.

Charmy: Whoa, he really IS crazy!

Heavy: Really? What was your first clue?

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHA! To answer the question, I would just to point out how amusing I think this is…

Squash: What’s amusing, me pounding your face?

Mephiles: I’m talking about the sheer irony of this situation. *Turns to Splash* Do you honestly think that Scorch is any better than me?

Splash: What do you mean!?

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What… Don’t tell me you didn’t know? Thousands of years ago, she, too, attempted to destroy this world!

Splash: …

Mephiles: But don’t just take MY word for it… I’m sure SHE could tell you all about it. *Points to Tikal*

Tikal: That may be true, but Scorch has changed a lot since then. You, on the other hand, haven’t changed one bit! You’re still the same cruel, heartless monster you’ve always been!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHA… Yes, she’s “changed” so much that she’s been hatching world domination schemes alongside that scientist.

Squash: Oh, shut up! I’ve heard enough! Your mind games aren’t going to work anymore, Mephiles! I don’t want to hear ANYTHING else you have to say! Just stop talking and fight already!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then so be it! I’m not in the least bit bothered by the fact that they’ve turned you against me, and do you know why? It’s because you’re expendable. Not only am I perfectly capable of ending Scorch’s pathetic life myself, but I already have two others on the lookout for the remaining Chaos Emeralds. So, in short, Squash, the Goddess of Stone, you are no longer of any use to me! *Powers up a blue energy ball* Prepare yourself for a one-way ticket to oblivion!

Squash: We’ll see about that! *Runs toward Mephiles, raising her fist* HAAAAAAAAH!

Mephiles: DIE! *Blasts her*

Squash: Uhhhhhhhhh! *Falls backwards*

Seedra: Squash! Are you okay?

Squash: I’m fine… *Gets back up* Everyone, stay back and leave him to me! I owe Mephiles for what he did, and I’m going to pay him back in full!

Shadow: Sorry, but we can’t do that. We have a few things we owe him as well.

Squash: But you don’t understand… I’M the one responsible for freeing him in the first place, so it’s up to ME to stop him again!

Sonic: I understand where you’re coming form, but around here, things don’t work out that way. We’re all in on this together! Now, let’s show that creep the REAL superpower of teamwork!

Squash: …Fine. Just don’t get in my way.


After shouting those words, Mephiles once again used his powers to transform the floor everyone was standing on into a pool of dark liquid. Shortly afterwards, two large, shadowy hands grabbed everyone, constricting them of any movement.

Everyone: UHHHHHH!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! At last, I finally have you bothersome insects right where I want you! You can’t move now, can you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How convenient for me! Now that you are unable to dodge my attacks, killing you will be much easier!

Espio: Ihhh…! You coward!

Mephiles: HAHAHAHAHA! As simple as it would be to kill you right here and now, I have something a little more…satisfying in mind. Considering the fact that I’ve known a majority of you for at least a year now, and you’ve gotten in my way at each in every turn, I personally think a quick death is too good for you. Especially you, Shadow the Hedgehog, my nemesis of eleven years!

*The hands start squeezing them*



Once again, it looks like the heroes have gotten themselves in another tight situation. Will they ever be able to break loose from grasp of the dark, liquefied creature that Mephiles summoned? If so, will they be able to muster the strength to defeat their deadly adversary once and for all? Even if they do, will they be prepared for the two Robotniks, who are on their way? Speaking of a which, will Slush be able to warn the heroes in time before the doctors’ plan is put into effect…without blowing her cover? Find out next time on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 2: Elemental Chaos!

To “bee” continued…
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