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Author Topic: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special  (Read 19158 times)

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In any case anyone's wondering, I'm still working on The Goddess of Destruction; this just happens to be a little side project of mine. This story takes place somewhere between the events of the third and (upcoming) fourth Elements of Power episode. Unlike the mainstream EoP series, this one's only going to be a few chapters long.
Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power

Christmas Special

Part 1

Previously in the Elements of Power series, Doctor Ivo Robotnik unleashed his latest creation, Silvra, the Goddess of All Elements (codenamed “EG-005”), and attempted to use her powers to aid him in his quest for world domination. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the Chaotix and company, the doctor’s plans were foiled yet again, and peace was restored once more. So far, six months have passed since then, and it is now the month of December, where the Christmas season has begun.

This story begins on a cold, wintery evening at the Green Hill Zone, where Cream the Rabbit and her mother, Vanilla, as well as their two Chao, Cheese and Chocola reside. During this time, they were having a Christmas gathering, and decided to invite many of their friends over. Among these “friends” are the Chaotix team, which consists of Knuckles the Echidna, Mighty the Armadillo, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Vector the Crocodile, the robo-mechanics, Heavy and Bomb, as well as the “White Echidna Project”, Wechnia, who were currently on their way over.

Vector: BRRR… Man, it’s freakin’ freezin’ out here, don’t ‘cha think?

Charmy: Yeah. It’s really, REALLY cold!

Bomb: It’s times like this that make me glad I’m not organic. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’d be in the same boat as you guys.

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee in the same boat”. Get it? *Snickers*

Heavy: Hey, Charmy. Have you ever noticed how no one ever laughs at your jokes but you? Shouldn’t that alone tell you that they just aren’t funny?

Charmy: Nah uh, that’s not true. Splash likes them, and Marine does, too.

Heavy: They don’t count.

Charmy: Why not?

Heavy: Because they laugh at EVERYTHING, that’s why. Seriously, those two would laugh if someone knocked them upside the head with a baseball bat.

Knuckles: I’m gonna have to agree with Heavy on this one. No offense to the two of them.

Charmy: Nah, I doubt they’d laugh at something like THAT, because it would really, REALLY hurt!

Heavy: That was just a figure of speech, in case you didn’t notice.

Charmy: Oh. By the way, Vector…

Vector: Yeah, what is it?

Charmy: While we’re at the party, are you gonna tell Cream’s mom that you like her? *Snickers*

Vector: *Blushes* H-Huh!? Where’s ‘dis comin’ from!? I ain’t gotta CLUE what you’re talkin’ about!

Charmy: Yeah, suuuuuurrree you don’t!

Vector: I’m bein’ serious, here!

Charmy: Then how come you’re blushing? Hmmmmm?

Vector: Like I said, I ain’t gotta clue what you’re talkin’ about! You’re just seein’ things, that’s all!

Espio: Not to be rude or anything, but can we hurry up and move on? I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to remain out here in the cold. The same applies to you also, Vector.

Vector: You’re right, Espio. Vanilla’s house ain’t too far from here. Whadda ya say we go ahead ‘n’ get movin’?

Wechnia: I have no problem with that.

Mighty: Neither do I. *Speeds off in that direction* I’ll see you guys there!

*The others begin sprinting in that direction, as well*

Charmy: Do try to keep up, Heavy! Make sure you don’t let any snails pass you!

Bomb: HAHAHAHAHA! Good one, Charmy!

Heavy: Hardy har har. That was SO funny, I forgot to laugh.

Bomb: Maybe, but I sure didn’t forget!

Heavy: Oh, you know what I mean! It’s just a figure if speech!

Bomb: Ah, lighten up for once, will you? You’re always so serious.

Meanwhile, inside of the house…

Cream: *Puts a star on top of the tree* There, that should do it!

G-Mel: *Nods in agreement*

Vanilla: Yep, I’d say that’s about all the decorations we need. They turned out rather nicely, if I do say so myself. *Looks toward Amy, Big, and Silvra* Thank you for taking the time to help us out with all this. We really appreciate it.

Big: Mm hmm.

Amy: It was no problem. We were happy to help.

Silvra: Yeah. It was our pleasure.

*The doorbell rings*

Vanilla: I’ll get it. *Walks over to the door and opens it* Why, hello there, everyone! We’re so glad you could make it! Please, do come in.

*The Chaotix enter the house*

Vanilla: So, how are you?

Vector: O-Oh, uhh… W-We’re, uh…doin’ pretty good! ^^;;

Charmy: *Snickers*

Vector: *Glares at Charmy* What’re YOU laughin’ at?

Charmy: Ohhhh, you know! *Snickers again*

Vector: No, I don’t.

Charmy: Hee hee hee! Hey, Vanilla! Did you know that Vector has a-

Vector: *Quickly covers his mouth* Whadda ya doin’!? Be quiet!

Vanilla: Hmm? He has a what, now?

Vector: Oh, uh… Nothin’! Nothin’ at all! Don’t even worry about it!

Vanilla: Well, alright, if you say so.

Vector: *Whispers to Charmy* Say it, ‘n’ I’ll knock yer freakin’ block off!

Charmy: Hee hee, sorry. I couldn’t resist. I won’t say anything else (for now).

Amy: It’s great to you see you guys. By the way, did any of you happen to run into Sonic, by any chance?

Heavy: No, we haven’t, but chances are, he’s avoiding you like the plague, as always.

Amy: Oh, be quiet! Who asked you!?

Heavy: That’s funny. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you specifically say “any of you”?

Bomb: He’s got a point, Amy.

Amy: Whatever. Anyway, the reason I was asking, is because there’s a special gift I’d like to give him.

Everyone: …

Heavy: Um, yeah. Hasn’t that already been established?

Vector: HAHAHAHA! Good one, Heavy! I was thinkin’ ‘bout sayin’ somethin’ like that, too, but ‘cha beat me to it!

Amy: *Turns completely red* Oh, get your minds out of the gutter, will you!? I meant a Christmas gift! You know; the kind that’s gift-wrapped in a box, and everything? Sheesh!

Vector: Relax; we’re just messin’ with ya.

Cream: Don’t worry, Amy. I’m sure Mr. Sonic will be here soon.

Mighty: Yeah. It isn’t normally like him to be late for anything, especially something like this. Unless something’s holding him up, like that one other time

Charmy: Are you talking about the time when Vector thought you were Sonic in disguise?

Mighty: Exactly.

Vector: Ah, gimme a break! It ain’t like I was the only one! You, Knuckles, ‘n' Espio were all in on that, too! So don’t go tryin’ to put all ‘da blame on me!

Charmy: Maybe, but it was all YOUR idea, though!

Vector: Even so, we were still on ‘da same page! ‘N’ besides, Silver later on ended up makin’ ‘dat same accusation about ‘im!

*They go back and forth*

Meanwhile, outside, off in the distance somewhere, Sonic and the Lightning Goddess, Shock were on their way to the party, racing and speeding through the Green Hill Zone in the process.

Sonic: Alright! Let’s do this!

Shock: This time, for sure, we’ll definitely determine which of us is truly the fastest!

Sonic: *Speeds up*

Shock: *Does the same*

*They blast through the stage, collecting rings, going through loops, corkscrews, etc., until they cross the “finish line”, which happens to be Vanilla and Cream’s house*

Sonic: Well…looks like it ended in a tie again.

Shock: Yeah, but on the bright side, at least we had fun. It’s always nice being able to race with someone of the same skill level.

Sonic: I guess you’re right.

*They ring the doorbell, and Vanilla lets them in*

Amy: Ah, Sonic, you’re here! *Rushes toward him and hugs him*

Sonic: Ihhhh…! N-Not so tight! *Jerks away*

Shock: Yeah, you’re gonna mess around and suffocate the guy!

Amy: *Releases him, and then looks at Shock with shifty eyes*

Sonic: *Gasps for air*

Shock: …Is something the matter?

Amy: Is it me, or have you two been spending an awful lot of time together?

Knuckles: Oh, boy. Here we go…

Shock: What are you trying to imply?

Amy: Are you sure you aren’t interested in Sonic?

Shock: What, this again? I thought we’ve already made it perfectly clear that we’re only racing rivals!

Amy: Or so you say, but you can’t fool me! As I always say, I happen to have a sixth sense about this sort of thing, and it’s never steered me wrong before!

Cream: Um, but weren’t you wrong about Mr. Ray and Miss Seedra being on a date that one time?

Big: That’s what I was about to say.

Amy: Oh, right… I forgot all about that. Well, my sixth sense has ALMOST never steered wrong, I should say. I’m pretty sure I’m right this time, though. And do you know why? Because I remember hearing that there was another girl besides Boobowski who’s planning to steal Sonic from me, and just now, it finally clicked! Things finally make sense! YOU’RE that other girl! Well, I’ve got news for you, missy: I’M Sonic’s girlfriend! I’M his one and only true love! Not you, Boobowski, Elise, or anyone else! You stay AWAY from him! You hear me!?

Vector: Uh oh… Looks like things ’re startin’ ta get intense! *Takes out his camcorder*

Shock: …

First of all, Sonic isn’t even my type. Secondly, he isn’t interested in me, either, or even being in a romantic relationship for that matter. Thirdly, even if something actually WAS happening between us, so what? What business is it of YOURS? Quite frankly, the two of you aren’t even together, so STOP acting like it!


Heavy: You took the words right out of my mouth. It’s about TIME someone said it! Well, someone besides me, that is.

Amy: *Stands there, boiling with anger, with steam coming out of her head* You… *Takes out her hammer and raises it* HOW DARE YOU!? *Gets ready to swing it at Shock*

*People start holding her back*

Amy: HEY! LET GO OF ME! *Jerks away*

Sonic: Whoa, Amy! Chill!

Cream: Yes, please calm down!

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao!

Amy: I WON’T “CHILL” UNTIL AFTER I’VE BASHED HER SKULL IN! *Continues jerking away*

Shock: *Facepalms, shaking her head in disgust*

*That goes on for a while, until she eventually calms down*

Sometime later, many other guests arrived, including Tails, Silver, Blaze, Marine, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Tiara, Ray, Honey, Tikal, Chaos, the rest of the Elemental Goddesses, and many others, including…

Everyone: DR. ROBOTNIK!?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… That’s right! The one and only Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, scientific genius extraordinaire with an undisputed IQ of 300!

Vector: Is…is this a joke!? Who invited him!?

Mecha Amy: That’s what I’D like to know!

Sonic: Vanilla, you didn’t… Tell me you didn’t truly invite Ro-butt-nik to this party?

Vanilla: Well…

Heavy: Ooh, brilliant idea! Let’s go ahead and invite Nega, too! While we’re at it, let’s give good ol’ Mephiles a ring!

Vanilla: Look, I never explicitly said that I invited him, okay?

Silver: Then what’s going on?

Blaze: Is he intruding? If so, then we’d be more than happy to show him the door!

Scorch: On the invitations that were sent out, they specifically said that we’re allowed to bring any of our friends along, and I did just that by bringing Dr. Robotnik.

Robotnik: Precisely. Plus, I bear you no ill will at all. I come in peace! In fact, there’s a special announcement I’d like to make that I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear.

Tails: And what “announcement” would THAT be, huh?

Robotnik: As of today, I, the great Dr. Robotnik, have decided to turn over a new leaf. Yes, you heard that correctly. I’ve decided to relinquish my plans for world conquest. As of this moment, I am officially retired.

Everyone: …

Well, now isn’t this a surprise? In a shocking turn of events, Dr. Robotnik has showed up at the Christmas gathering as a party guest! Even more surprising than that, he claims to have changed his wicked ways by abandoning his plans for world domination! Is he actually telling the truth? Or is this just a clever ruse to earn the heroes’ trust to lure them off guard, and strike again when they least expect it? Find out as the saga continues on the Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…
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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
« Reply #1 on: Dec 16 2011, 09:08 PM »
Part 2

When we last left off on the Elements of Power Christmas Special, six months have passed since the incident with the Elemental Chaos Rings, and it was the month of December. During this time, Cream the Rabbit and her mother, Vanilla were having a Christmas gathering at their house in the Green Hill Zone, inviting many of their friends in the process. Among these “friends”, of course, was the Chaotix team, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog and many others.

For the most part, everyone was getting along and having fun (not counting the heated argument that took place between Amy Rose and Shock, the Goddess of Lightning), but then, Dr. Robotnik, of all people, showed up at the gathering…as a party guest! Not only that, but he made a shocking announcement, stating that he’ retired and given up on his world domination plans completely. The question remains… Is Robotnik telling the truth? Or is this, perhaps, a clever ruse to lure into a trap and/or a state of comfort so that he’ll be able to strike again in the future when they least expect it? Find out as the saga continues on this exciting chapter of the Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

*Awkward silence*

Robotnik: Hmm? What’s the matter? I thought for sure that you would have been delighted to hear this…

Sonic: …

Okay, just what’re you up to THIS time, Ro-butt-nik?

Robotnik: What are you talking about? Didn’t I just get finished saying that I’ve given up on my evil ways?

Sonic: Gee, now where have I heard THAT one before? Oh, yeah, I remember! It was the time you built that Interstellar Amusement Park!

Knuckles: Yes, and how about the time we faced the Nocturnus Clan? You made the exact same claim back then, as well!

Vector: Yep, so in otha words, we ain’t buyin’ it!

Charmy: Yeah!

*Many other people say something similar*

Robotnik: No, really, I’m serious! I may have faked it during those last two incidents, but this time around, I truly mean it! In addition to relinquishing my plans for world conquest, I’ve decided to go back and finish getting my teaching degree.

Everyone: …

*Tons of people burst out laughing*

Robotnik: *Groans in annoyance*

Scorch: Hey, wait a minute, now! What’s so funny about that!?

Sonic: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, wow! Good one, Ro-butt-nik! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Vector: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, I mean, c’mon! Seriously, now! Just who do you think you’re foolin’ here, buddy!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Heavy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Honestly, that has GOT to be the biggest load of BS I’ve heard since Mephiles’ “peace and prosperity” claim from a while ago!

Bomb: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, and that’s saying a LOT, I’m afraid!

*They continue laughing*

Robotnik: SILENCE!

*They ignore him and keep laughing*

Tikal: I don’t know… What if he’s actually telling the truth?

Mighty: Yeah, who knows? He might actually mean it this time.

Vector: HA! Yeah, right! If HE’S tellin’ the truth about somethin’ like this, then pigs’re gonna start flyin’!

Robotnik: AUGH! You know what!? I don’t have to take this! I have better things to do than to stand here and be made a mockery of! Now, with that said, I think it’s time I’ve made my leave.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH! Yes, you do that! Thanks for the laugh, Ivo! I really needed it!

Robotnik: No, I’d say that’s the absolute LAST thing that YOU need, considering how unbearably irritating it is!

Scorch: Dr. Robotnik, wait…

Robotnik: I’m sorry, Scorch, but I cannot stay here any longer. It was generous of you to invite me, but to be honest; I was against it from the start, since I knew something like THIS was bound to happen. Being mocked and ridiculed by Sonic is already one thing, but to be made a mockery of by my own creations is another.  I’m clearly not welcomed here, so it’s best that I get going. *Opens the door*

Vanilla: Hold on a second, Doctor…

Robotnik: Hmm? *Looks back*

Vanilla: I insist that you stay. Assuming what you say is true, I think it’s wonderful that you’ve decided to turn your life around and pursue a teaching career.

Robotnik: …

Scorch: Yes, I agree. I think you’d make a great teacher, Dr. Robotnik.

Espio: …

So, you’re actually letting him stay, Vanilla?

Vanilla: I don’t see why not.

Vector: Wait a second… Correct me ‘f I’m wrong, but didn’t ‘e kidnap ya sometime ago? How can ya just allow ‘im ta be in your house like ‘dis, as if it nevah happened?

Vanilla: …

Yes, that’s true, but that was a long time ago. As he just got finished saying, he’s retired and given up on his evil ways. Since he’s willing to change, I have no reason to hold anything else against him.

Silvra: Are you sure he’s telling the truth, though?

Vanilla: Whether he is or not, I can’t say for sure, but as long as he isn’t causing any trouble, then he’s more than welcome to stay.

Robotnik: Thank you, my dear Vanilla. You’re too kind. And I do humbly apologize for the kidnapping incident.

Vanilla: Apology accepted. *Turns to everyone else* His presence at this party isn’t going to be too much of a problem, is it?

Seedra: Well, it’s just as you said; as long as he isn’t causing any trouble, then I don’t mind him being around, either.

Charmy: Hee hee, “beeing around”. Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles* Like I always say, I could just never get enough of those! They crack me up everytime!

Seedra: Same here, actually!

Marine: Me, too! That was bonza!

Heavy: Ugh.

Mighty: Um, yeah. Anyway, back to the subject at hand, I’m in agreement with Seedra and Vanilla. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have Robotnik over if he isn’t doing anything wrong.

Splash: I agree with them, as well. Since we were able to put our differences aside a few other times to combat people like Mephiles and Dr. Nega, I guess we could the same at this party. Especially if Dr. Robotnik truly has changed, like he claims.

*Many others same something similar*

Sonic: …

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t believe for one second that he’s changed. Sure, it may seem that way right now, but just give him another month or two, and he’ll back RIGHT back to his old ways!

Blaze: Yes, I’ll be keeping my eye on him, as well.

Silver: That goes double for me.

Robotnik: Still as skeptical as ever, I see, but rest assured, I’m an entirely different person now!

Sonic: Whatever you say.

Robotnik: If I was still as evil as you say, would I have bothered spending tons of money on all these Christmas gifts?

Sonic: …

Say what?

Robotnik: *Snaps his finger*

Immediately after Robotnik snapped his fingers, tons of Egg Pawns and other Badniks entered the house, carrying tons of gift-wrapped Christmas presents.

Charmy: Whoa!

Marine: Strewth!

Robotnik: You see? I could have easily used that money for the resources I would need to build a weapon of mass destruction, but to reiterate, I’ve retired, and being the generous person I truly am, I decided to use it for a more…noble cause.

Wechnia: …

Well, this is certainly quite surprising…

Knuckles: Yeah, I have to admit… I didn’t see this one coming at all!

Vector: Neitha did I, but howda we know fa sure that ‘cha didn’t put bombs in ‘em, ‘r somethin’?

Robotnik: Now why would I do that? Who do you think I am? Bean the Dynamite?

Bomb: You can’t deny the fact that you’re capable of designing them, though. I’m living proof of that.

Scorch: Hey, I was with him when he brought those gifts, and he did no such thing. They’re perfectly legit.

Mecha Amy: Oh, now THAT’S reassuring, coming from someone who blindly follows him, and kisses up every chance she gets. *Shifty eyes*

Scorch: What did you say!? You’re certainly a lot of talk without that control switch, aren’t you?

Mecha Amy: With or without it, I was never scared of YOU to begin with!

*They “anime lightning glare” at one another*

Splash: *Gets between them* Oh, come on. Let’s not fight, you two. Can’t we all just make peace and get along?

*They both cross their arms and turn their backs, giving each other a unanimous “Hmph!”*

Splash: I guess not…

Slush: Don’t worry, Scorch, I trust you. Like you said, you were with Robotnik when he picked out the gifts, and if you say they’re harmless, then that’s good enough for me.

Scorch: Thanks, Sis. I appreciate it.

Slush: Don’t mention it. *Walks over to one of the gifts* Alright, here goes… *Opens one of them*

Cream: Are they safe, Miss Slush?


Robotnik: WHAT!?

*Everyone starts panicking*

Slush: Relax, people! I was only kidding!

Silver: Whew… THAT’S a relief!

Blaze: That’s for sure!

Rouge: Yes, you definitely had us worried for a second there!

Robotnik: You see? I told you it wasn’t a trick, didn’t I? Well, now that you’re aware that they’re safe, help yourselves!

*Everyone else starts opening the presents*

Shock: Thanks for the presents, Doc. We appreciate it.

Robotnik: It was my pleasure.

Storm: So, what brought about this sudden change of heart, if you don’t mind us asking?

Porkenstein: Yes, I do say we’d all like to know.

Robotnik: ...

Well, it all began after my most recent setback; and by “recent”, I mean six months ago, during that incident with the Elemental Chaos Rings and EG-005.

Silvra: …

Robotnik: After my plans were foiled that time, I kept pondering about the situation, wondering where I went wrong. From there, I constantly wondered how and why my plans would end up in failure, despite my pure genius and intellect. I soon fell into a state of depression, and for the past six months, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I thought all the way back to when I first got into the field of science, robotics and mechanical engineering, and…I remembered my original objectives, and they weren’t anything like this. I just simply wanted to be a brilliant scientist, like my grandfather once was.

Seedra: Okay, so what was it that led up to you trying to take over the world?

Robotnik: …

Well, like all other scientists, I only wanted my work to be recognized, but…the exact opposite ended up happening. For some reason, all of my efforts and contributions were often ignored in favor of everyone else’s. Hardly anyone ever appreciated anything I did…so one day, I decided that I was going to make everyone acknowledge my brilliance. But somewhere along the way, I became corrupt…and from there, I ended up doing many horrible things, which, up to this day, I’m not very proud of. I’m sure you all know what those “horrible things” are, so I won’t get into detail with them. So, anyway, to wrap this up, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking for the past six months ever since my last defeat, and realized that this wasn’t what I actually wanted in life. This may be hard for many of you to believe, but I truly have seen the error of my ways, and as a result, I’ve decided not to pursue my plans to create the “Robotnik Empire” any longer.

Everyone: …

Splash: Well, I guess that makes sense. If what you say is true, then I’m happy for you. I wish you the best of luck in getting that teaching degree.

Robotnik: Thank you. Now, I’d say that’s enough about me, don’t you think? Why not carry on with the party?

*The party continues*

Later on that night…

*An explosion occurs, creating a hole in the wall*

Vanilla: HUH!?

Cream: AAAAAH!

Vector: HOLY FREAKIN’…! What was THAT!?

Shadow: There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to wait until the smoke clears.

Storm: That won’t be necessary. HAAAAH! *Uses her wind powers*

By using her wind powers, Storm was able to blow away the smoke that was caused by the explosion. To their surprise, the explosion was caused by none other than…

Everyone: …METAL SONIC!?

Knuckles: *Looks toward Robotnik* YOU’RE the one behind this, aren’t you!?

Robotnik: …

Sonic: I KNEW it! I knew you were faking all this time when you claimed to have “changed [your] evil ways”!

Amy: You reprogrammed him again, didn’t you!?

Robotnik: What’re you talking about!? I had absolutely NOTHING to do with this!

Heavy: …You actually expect us to believe that?

Robotnik: Whether you believe me or not, it’s the truth!

Wechnia: If you aren’t the one responsible, then who is?

Robotnik: How should I know!?

Just when everyone was really beginning to enjoy themselves at the Christmas gathering, and just when it seemed as if Dr. Robotnik’s “reformation” claim was legit, a reprogrammed Metal Sonic ends up making an unexpected, dramatic appearance! However, the doctor has assured everyone that this was not his doing. As Wechnia said, if he wasn’t the one responsible, then who’s really behind it? Find out on the next exciting chapter of the Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…

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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
« Reply #2 on: Dec 28 2011, 06:01 AM »
Part 3

Previously, on the Elements of Power Christmas Special, Dr. Robotnik showed up at the Christmas gathering with a startling claim, stating that he’s changed his wicked ways and put his plans for world conquest on indefinite hold. However, due to the fact that he’s made at least two other claims like that one in the past, hardly anyone believed him, and they went so far as to laugh in his face (much like they did to Mephiles the Dark sometime ago). Feeling humiliated, the doctor was about to leave, but to everyone’s surprise, Vanilla told him that he was welcome to stay, as long as he isn’t causing any trouble.

During Robotnik’s stay at the party, he even went so far as to bring Christmas gifts for his (supposedly former) enemies as proof of his “reformation”. When he was asked about his “sudden change of heart” by the Wind Goddess, Storm, he went into detail, stating that being a power-hungry madman was never what he truly wanted in life. According to himself, he simply wanted his work to be recognized like any other scientist would, and began to show remorse for all the “horrible things” he’s done up until that point.

Later on, however, just when the doctor was beginning to earn peoples’ trust, a newly-reprogrammed Metal Sonic arrived on the scene and disrupted the party. Knuckles and a few others began to accuse Robotnik of being behind it, but he then assured everyone that he had nothing to do with it. Is Robotnik actually telling the truth? If what he says is true, then who’s truly behind it? Find out as the saga continues in this second-to-last chapter of the Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

Mecha Amy: Oh, Metal Sonic! I’m so glad you made it! *Rushes towards Metal Sonic in order to hug him* Honestly, up until now, I didn’t think you’d-

Metal Sonic: *Backhand slaps her*

Mecha Amy: Uhhhhh! *Falls over*

Sonic: Oh, geez…!

Shock: Hey, hey! What’s your problem, pal!?

Mecha Amy: I…don’t understand. *Holds her face* There’ve been many other times where you’ve avoided me, but up until now, you’ve…never hit me before…

Metal Sonic: …

Silvra: Just keep in mind, he isn’t himself right now, and that’s because SOMEONE did something to him. *Glares at Robotnik*

Robotnik: I already told you, I didn’t have ANYTHING to do with this!

Sonic: Oh, yeah, right, Ro-butt-nik!

Tiara: Yeah. At this point, you might as well go ahead and come clean, because you aren’t fooling anyone!

Robotnik: Come clean about WHAT!? How could I have done this!? Up until now, I hadn’t seen Metal Sonic in months!

Mecha Amy: You probably used a control switch, like you did to me and Silvra before!

Robotnik: Scorch, you’ve been with me the entire time, haven’t you? Well, would you be so kind as to clear this up for me?

Scorch: Sure thing. Dr. Robotnik is telling the truth; he truly DIDN’T have anything to do with this!

Tails: Well, someone or something must have caused it… After the way Heavy, Bomb, and I reprogrammed him some time ago, I highly doubt he would have gone haywire like this on his own…

Vector: I guess ‘dat means ‘da question remains… If it wasn’t Robotnik, ‘den who was it?

???: Eee hee hee! Oh, I’d be MORE than happy to answer THAT one for you!

Everyone: …!

Silver: That voice…!

Blaze: That laugh…!

Slush: No, it couldn’t be!

Silver: It’s Dr. Nega!

Nega Robotnik: *Steps in* Eee hee hee! You know me too well, don’t you? You are absolutely correct! It is I, none other than the one and only gentlemen genius, Dr. Eggman Nega, A.K.A. “Nega Robotnik”, or just simply “Dr. Nega”, if you prefer.

Scorch: So, YOU’RE behind this, huh!? I should’ve known…

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! That I am, my dear Scorch! That I am!

Robotnik: You see, everyone? I TOLD you I didn’t have anything to do with this, didn’t I? Anyway, correct me if I’m wrong, Nega, but didn’t you get taken back to that mental asylum sometime ago?

Nega Robotnik: Yes, but as you can plainly see, I’ve escaped. I’ve been out of there for months, actually, formulating my next brilliant scheme and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike!

Vanilla: Why did you need to “strike” HERE, of all places!? We were in the middle of a Christmas gathering!

Nega Robotnik: Oh, really? Eee hee hee! I’m awfully sorry… That was terribly rude of me, wasn’t it? Oh, but don’t you worry! Far be it for me to be a hindrance… Far, far be it! You’re free to carry on with this little “Christmas gathering” of yours, and I’ll be leaving in just a moment. But before then, however, there’s something that I require…

Vector: Wudevah it is ‘dat ‘cha “require”, ya might as well save ya breath, ‘cause we ain’t givin’ you nothin’! Now go ahead ‘n’ scram!

Charmy: Yeah! Scram!

*Others say something similar*

Mecha Amy: By the way, what have you done to my Metal Sonic!?

Nega Robotnik: Oh, that? I merely used him as a test subject for the virus program I’ve developed, which I like to call the “Nega Virus”! Once it enters a robot’s central processing unit, they completely fall under my control! Allow me to demonstrate! *Takes out a small laptop and punches in a few keys*

Using his laptop, Dr. Nega once again began to spread the Nega Virus. This time around, however, it entered the CPU of all the Badniks that came to the Christmas gathering with Robotnik and Scorch. As a result, they all began to go haywire.

Robotnik: WHAT THE…!? Nega, what have you done!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! It’s just as I said, my dear ancestor, I’m merely demonstrating the effects of the Nega Virus, and how I’ve managed to bring Metal Sonic under my control! It was actually quite convenient that your other robots happened to be around at the time, so now I have THEM under my control, as well! Eee hee hee hee hee!

Robotnik: I’ll make you pay for this!

Nega Robotnik: How, may I ask, are you going to do that? I’ve already turned your Badniks against you, so I’d say that’s entirely out of the question! Wouldn’t you agree?

Robotnik: …

Scorch: Hey, that’s not true. He still has ME by his side, in case you haven’t noticed!

Blaze: And not to mention the rest of us!

Silver: We don’t know exactly what it is that you’re up to, Nega, but whatever it is, we’re going to put a stop to it! Right here and now!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! We’ll just have to see about that now, won’t we?

Squash: Ugh… God, that laugh is annoying!

Heavy: Yes, you’re one to talk, aren’t you?

Squash: Oh, shut up.

Sonic: You ready, everybody? Let’s show Nega Ro-butt-nik the REAL super power of teamwork!

Charmy: Alright! Let’s do it!

Nega Robotnik: BADNIKS, ATTA-

Vanilla: WAIT!

Nega Robotnik: Hmm?

Vanilla: Can you PLEASE not fight in the house!? You’ve done enough damage already!

Nega Robotnik: …

I suppose so.  After all, it’s a lot more spacious out there than it is in here.

*They go outside*

Immediately after going outside, Dr. Nega commanded his ancestor’s virus-infected Badniks to attack the heroes. Before anything else could be said or done, Slush was able to quickly dismiss them by using her ice powers to have them frozen.

Slush: Too easy.

Nega Robotnik: Gah! Curses!

Shadow: You know, I think it’s time you’ve given an explanation as to why you’ve come here.

Nega Robotnik: Very well. Now, how should I put this? Do you remember when I said that there was something that I “required”? Well, this “something” that I speak of, is merely food that could be used to fuel a certain…”pet” of mine. Chao food, that is! And by that, I mean the Chao themselves, of course! Eee hee hee hee!

Espio: Wait a minute… Your so-called “pet”…you wouldn’t happen to mean the Ifrit, by any chance, would you?

Nega Robotnik: That would be correct!

Silver: The Ifrit’s still alive!? No way! That’s impossible! I know for SURE that we destroyed that thing a while ago!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Or so you thought, but even to my surprise, it was still alive!

Shock: Am I the only one who’s lost as to what this “Ifrit” thing is?

Robotnik: The Ifrit is a fiery, demonic creature from another dimension, which was once sealed away behind an interdimensional door at the Mystic Haunt Zone, due to its dangerous and destructive power. According to the documents that my grandfather, Professor Gerald left behind, it needs to consume Chao in order to further its powers.

Silver: Yeah. Basically, the Ifrit is just as dangerous as Iblis!

Elise: As dangerous…as Iblis?

Nega Robotnik: Once again, you are correct! The last time I intended to unleash the Ifrit, someone conveniently removed the Chao that I had stored away, and as a result, I was unable to unlock its full potential. Rest assured, though, that won’t happen again.

Tails: Wait a minute… You’re saying that YOU were the one behind that Chao-napping incident from a while ago!?

Sonic: Yeah, I mean, I thought for sure that it was Robotnik!

Nega Robotnik: So, you’ve finally figured it out. Yes, it was me. Guilty as charged! *Looks toward Cheese and Chocola* Eee hee hee hee hee! Ah, so THESE must have been the Chao I’ve been detecting on radar all this time! *Psychotic grin*

Silvra: Wait a minute, you wouldn’t!

Cream: *Protectively hugs them* No, NO! I’ll NEVER let you take Cheese and Chocola from me!

Tikal: How could you!? You ought to be ashamed of yourself, using poor, defenseless Chao to fuel a monster like that!

Splash: You creep!

*Other people say something similar*

Nega Robotnik: Oh, spare me the sentimentality.

Shadow: If you think we’re just going to stand by and allow you to use those two Chao as a sacrifice to the Ifrit, then you’re sadly mistaken!

Vector:  You got ‘DAT right! If you want them, you’re gonna have to get through US first!

Nega Robotnik: Very well then. Metal Sonic, take care of them for me, would you?

Metal Sonic: *Nods*

Mecha Amy: Wait a minute, now! Metal Sonic, you’re being controlled…you have to fight it!

Omega: As long as he is under the influence of the Nega Virus, there is no use in trying to reason with him. We have little choice other than to fight.

Mecha Amy: But, but… *Sighs* I guess you’re right…

*The battle begins*

Metal Sonic: *Rolls into a spinball and dashes toward everyone*

*The heroes spread out and dodge the attack*

Nega Robotnik: (Eee hee hee… Perfect! While those fools are keeping themselves busy by battling Metal Sonic, this will buy me the time I need to nab those two Chao and quietly sneak away!)

Shortly after taking out his dimensional camera, Dr. Nega aimed it straight at Cheese and Chocola, and pressed the button, effectively turning the two Chao into cards.


Nega Robotnik: Success! Now, all that’s left is the Ifrit’s awakening! *Runs off*

Rouge: Oh, no, you don’t!

*They begin chasing after him, but Metal Sonic blocks their path*

Knuckles: What are you doing!? Get out of the way!

Silver: Don’t worry, I’ve got this! *Uses telekinesis to hold him down*

Amy: *Gets behind Metal Sonic and switches him off, like before*

Metal Sonic: *The red glow in his eyes disappears*

Robotnik: I’m going to see what I could do about removing the virus within Metal Sonic’s, as well as the rest of my robots' programming, while the rest of you catch up to Nega!

Sonic: Sure thing, Ro-butt… I mean, Robotnik. Come on, let’s blast through with sonic speed!

*They go after Dr. Nega*

A few minutes later…

Blaze: Dr. Nega! Stop it right there!

Marine: Yeah, ya crazy, chunky ol’ bloke!

*They corner Nega and have him surrounded*

Nega Robotnik: Fair enough. I’m certain that this is more than a sufficient amount of space to unleash the Ifrit!

Mighty: Wait a minute, what? Wasn’t that thing supposed to have been sealed behind a door, which could only be opened with the Chaos Emeralds?

Nega Robotnik: Under normal circumstances, yes. However, I, being the brilliant scientific genius that I am, have been doing research on dimensional travel, and discovered a way to gain access to that dimension without the use of the Chaos Emeralds!

Silver: Liar! You’re bluffing!

Nega Robotnik: A liar, am I? Eee hee hee hee! Watch and learn, fools!

Once again, Dr. Nega used his dimensional camera; this time, however, for an entirely different purpose. As he aimed it up into the sky, a force of energy was released from the camera, which caused a rip in the dimensional fabric. The rip was so large, that the Ifrit was able to fit through and cross into their dimension.

Ifrit: *Loud growl*

Marine: STREWTH! T-T-That’s… That’s one creepy monsta right there!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! It worked! After adding those dimension-ripping capabilities to my camera recently, I didn’t have the opportunity to test it until now, but to my surprise, it was a complete success! It was absolutely flawless! I’m such a genius, I even amaze myself sometimes! Now then… Let’s get down to business, shall we? *Turns to the Ifrit* These are for you, my friend! *Tosses Cheese and Chocola’s card into the air, aims his camera, and changes them back to normal so that the Ifrit can eat them*

Ifrit: *Opens its mouth*


Suddenly, just in time before the Ifrit was able to gobble them up, someone or something suddenly swiped the Chao from the air at light speed.

Nega Robotnik: Huh!? What the…!? What’s going on!? *Looks around*

*Everyone else looks around, too*

Big: Hey, look! It’s that black and gold Metal Sonic clone from before! *Points*

Nega Robotnik: Metal Sonic Version 3.0!? So, you truly ARE alive after all! All this time, I was under the impression that had gotten destroyed in your previous battle against Metal Sonic!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Of course I’m still alive. I never die that easily. *Drops Cheese and Chocola in front of Cream*

Amy: Wow, I never thought that YOU, of all people, would be coming to lend us a hand, Three-Point Zero. Not that I’m complaining, though.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmph. Quit deluding yourself, fool. I didn’t come here to help any of you. I had my own reasons for doing what I did.

Nega Robotnik: Well, would you care to elaborate on what these “reasons” are for delaying the Ifrit’s feeding time?

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Cream: I don’t know why you did it, but thank you, Mr. Three-Point Zero!

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Save your thanks. The only reason I did that is because I needed to copy their data. Otherwise, I couldn’t have cared less what happened to them. They, along with just about every one of you, can go die in the Ifrit’s fire for all I care. Now, if you would excuse me, I have more important matters to attend to. *Turns on his jet booster and flies away*

Mecha Amy: …

Some things never change. Even after all these months, that guy is STILL a jerk.

Amy: I don’t know about anyone else, but it didn’t look like he was doing any “data copying” at all. This may sound strange, but it seemed to me as he was truly concerned about Cheese and Chocola’s safety, and he was just putting on a tough-guy act to cover it up.

Mecha Amy: You sure have an interesting way of looking at things.

Ifrit: *Sets its sights on Cheese and Chocola*

Blaze: Cream, it’s not safe for those two to be here! You have to get them away from here as quickly as possible!

Cream: Right! *Grabs Cheese and Chocola, and then takes off*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Oh, no you don’t! *Aims the camera at them*

Silvra: *Holds out the palm of her hand and blasts it with a hydro attack, causing it to malfunction*


Silvra: Serves you right! You’re lucky I didn’t do more than that!

Nega Robotnik: I’ll make you pay dearly for this! Pay with your LIFE, that is! Ifrit, I command you! Destroy these fools!

Ifrit: *Blows fire at the heroes*

*They dodge the attack*

Charmy: Aww, man! How are we supposed to stop a monster like THAT if we don’t have the Chaos Emeralds!?

Blaze: Not to worry. We might not have the Chaos Emeralds at the moment, but I did bring the Sol Emeralds with me.

Knuckles: Ah, good! I guess that changes a thing or two, doesn’t it? Okay then! Let’s get powered up!

After Blaze took them out, the Sol Emeralds began to encircle the heroes, glowing multi-colored lights. Shortly afterwards, a bright flash of light occurred, and their transformations were finished.

Super Sonic: Alright! Now, let’s show this creep the REAL super power of teamwork!

*They fly into the air to begin the battle*

At last, the time has come for the Chaotix and company to do battle with the Ifrit once again. Even with the power of the Sol Emeralds, will they have what it takes to defeat this deadly, destructive creature, and foil Dr. Nega’s sinister plan? Find out next time, on the Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special conclusion!

To “bee” continued…
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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
« Reply #3 on: Dec 31 2011, 10:49 PM »
Part 4

Last time, on the Elements of Power Christmas Special, Metal Sonic suddenly busted into Cream and Vanilla’s house while they were in the middle of a Christmas gathering. Since Metal Sonic had been programmed to be on the heroes’ side sometime ago, everyone assumed that Dr. Robotnik (who claimed to have changed) was behind it, but even after he assured everyone that he had nothing to do with it, they still didn’t believe him. That is, until Dr. Nega, his crazed descendant from the future, arrived on the scene and revealed that he was the true mastermind. As it turns out, the “reprogramming” was due to a virus program that Dr. Nega developed, which he decided to use Metal Sonic as a test subject for.

In order to demonstrate the effects of the Nega Virus, he decided to infect the Badniks that Dr. Robotnik brought to the party, as well, which Slush managed to dismiss by freezing them. Using Metal Sonic as a distraction, Dr. Nega used his dimensional camera to turn Cheese and Chocola into cards, and fled the scene. After dealing with Metal Sonic, the heroes quickly chased after Nega and had him cornered. Shortly afterwards, he decided to use the other function of his camera to open a dimensional gateway between their world and the Ifrit’s, allowing the fiery creature to pass through seamlessly. The moment it appeared, Dr. Nega changed Cheese and Chocola back to their original state, and tried feeding them to the Ifrit, but before it had the chance to eat them, Metal Sonic Version 3.0, of all people, in a surprising turn of events, decided to rescue them! However, according to himself, he had his own reasons for doing so, which was to copy their data his programming.

As soon as the Ifrit began to set its sights on Cheese and Chocola again, Blaze urged Cream to escape and get the two Chao as far from that area as possible. Just when Nega was about to use his camera to stop her, Silvra used a hydro attack to make it malfunction. Enraged over Silvra ruining his dimensional camera, Dr. Nega ordered the Ifrit to destroy her, as well as the rest of the heroes. Shortly after Charmy expressed concern that they wouldn’t be able to defeat the Ifrit without the Chaos Emeralds, Blaze reassured him by saying that she had the Sol Emeralds with her. With that said, they all decided to use them to turn into their “super” forms, so they could stop the Ifrit.

Even with the power of the seven Sol Emeralds, will they have what it takes to put a stop to the Ifrit, and prevent it from destroying their dimension? Find out as the story concludes on the Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

Scorch: Well, once again, I guess it’s time to fight fire with fire.

Squash: That reminds me… Shouldn’t you have let someone hold on to the Fire Element Gem for you, so that we don’t end up running the risk of releasing you-know-who again?

Wechnia: She’s right. Since we’re going directly into battle with the Ifrit, it’s going to be nearly impossible for the gem to be able to avoid direct contact with its flames.

Scorch: That won’t be necessary. Iblis isn’t trapped inside of it anymore.

Super Silver He isn’t!?

Burning Blaze: What!? You mean to tell us that that creature is somewhere running rampant right now!?

Scorch: No, I’m saying that it’s trapped elsewhere. A few months ago, Dr. Robotnik created a “Scepter of Flames”, using the same material that the Scepter of Darkness was built with. From there, I transferred Iblis from the Fire Element Gem into the scepter.

Super Silver: Whew… THAT’s a relief!

Burning Blaze: That’s for sure!

Super Espio: Okay, so now that we have that cleared up, why don’t we turn our focus back to taking down the Ifrit?

Ifrit: *Insert loud growl here*

Super Sonic: Heh! You think you could intimidate us with just a few growls? Come on! Let’s see what you could do!

Ifrit: *Blows fire at them*

*They dodge, and start flying towards the Ifrit*

Ifrit: *Flaps its wings and starts blowing them back with gusts of wind*

Storm: Oh, please. Do you truly think you could effectively use something like that on ME, a Wind Goddess? Here, let me show you how it’s done! Aero Star Pow-

Before Storm had the chance to finish her sentence, she suddenly found herself getting smacked away by the Ifrit’s tail.

Storm: Uhhhhhh!

Shock: Storm!

Storm: *Stops herself in mid-air* Don’t worry, I’m fine.

Super Charmy: Hey, do you think we should try attacking it all at the same time, like we did to Solaris those other times?

Super Knuckles: It’s worth a shot. Come on, let’s do it!

*They fly towards the Ifrit again*

Ifrit: *Opens its mouth and spits a flaming ball of charcoal at them*

Super Tails: Uh oh! That can’t be good!

Super Charmy: Hee hee, “that can’t bee good”. Get it?

Splash: *Holds in a laugh* Charmy, please. Save it for after the Ifrit’s beaten, okay?

Super Charmy: Okay.

Super Knuckles: *Punches through the charcoal* Nice try, but not good enough!

After shattering the charcoal ball into pieces, everyone quickly charged their Sol Emerald power, flew towards the Ifrit at high speed, and used the Team Blast technique (from Sonic Heroes), constantly crashing into the creature and dealing a significant amount of damage.

Ifrit: *Growls in pain*

Super Mighty: Looks like it’s working!

Super Vector: Heh heh, yep! Now we’re in business, boys…’n’ girls.

Seedra: Yeah. I guess that means we should keep this up.

*They fly towards the Ifrit again*

Just as the heroes were in the process of flying toward the Ifrit, getting ready to use the Team Blast again, the fiery creature opened its mouth and blew fire again, but rather than it being a regular flame blast this time around, it was a fire tornado, which they all ended up getting caught in.

Everyone: AAAAAHHH!

Nega Robotnik: *From below* EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE! Yes, that’s right! Keep it up, Ifrit! Crush those insolent fools! Make them suffer! Burn them to ashes! Kick them to the outer limits of-

Ifrit: *Sets its sight on Nega, and spits a flaming ball of charcoal at him before he finishes his sentence*

Nega Robotnik: GAH! *Dodges* Wait a minute, what are you doing!? I’m the one who freed you and brought you back to this dimension, you know! I’M not your enemy, they are! Attack THEM, not me, you ungrateful fool!

*Suddenly, the fire tornado disappears*

Nega Robotnik: WHAT!?

Scorch: *Places the Fire Element Gem back in her tiara* I knew that would do the trick!

Slush: Good thinking, Scorch.

Ifrit: *Charges toward them*

Super Charmy: Uh oh, it’s heading right for us!

Super Sonic: Why don’t we use our special attacks this time? SONIC WIND!



Super Shadow: CHAOS…SPEAR!

Super Knuckles: THUNDER ARROW!










Ifrit: *Insert loud growl here as it gets caught in the explosion*

Super Charmy: Alright! I think we did it, you guys!

Super Shadow: Although we’ve done a significant amount of damage to the Ifrit, I don’t think that was enough to destroy it, so we shouldn’t let our guards down just yet.

Wechnia: I could still feel its lifeforce, so the Ifrit’s definitely still alive, no doubt about it.

Super Espio: Our ring energy is on the verge of depletion… Why don’t we use the remaining time we have to get ourselves some more?

Shock: Yeah, you do what. We’ll hold him off until you guys get back.

Super Sonic: Okay. Let’s blast through with sonic speed!

Ray: *From below* We’re way ahead o’ ya! We’ve already collected some rings for you guys.

Cream: Yep, they’re right down here!

Marine: Help yourselves, mates!

*Everyone (except for the Elemental Goddesses) hovers down to get the rings*

Super Sonic: Thanks, guys. We appreciate it.

Tiara: Sure. Anything for you, Sonic. *Winks at him*

Amy: *Looks at Tiara with shifty eyes*

Super Shadow: Alright, now that we’ve been re-energized, let’s finish taking down the Ifrit!

*They fly back into the sky and re-join the Goddesses in battle*

Nega Robotnik: HA! Even without the Chao, the Ifrit’s might is STILL more than enough to destroy them!

Amy: That’s what YOU think you mustached monkey!

Robotnik: *Walks by, with Metal Sonic* “Mustached monkey”!? I am the world’s greatest-… No, wait, you were talking about Nega, weren’t you?

Mecha Amy: Wow, you fixed Metal Sonic already?

Robotnik: Yes, I did, thanks to the Nega Virus cure that Metal Sonic 3.0 dropped off.

Mecha Amy: Huh? HE went out of his way to help Metal Sonic? What for?

Robotnik: He said that his reason for doing so, is because he wouldn’t get any satisfaction out of defeating Metal Sonic in an inactive state, nor while he’s under mind control. He says that it would be best if Metal Sonic were to “have recollection of his defeat”.

Mecha Amy: Oh. I guess THAT explains it.

Nega Robotnik: Bah, whatever. Now that the Ifrit has been reawakened, I have no further use for Metal Sonic anyhow! After it’s finished disposing of the rest of these fools, I’ll be free to proceed with my plans! With the Ifrit’s power at my disposal, the world shall be my plaything! I shall bring about an age of fear and chaos! And it shall be glorious! Eee hee hee hee hee!

Metal Sonic: *Glares at Dr. Nega*

Robotnik: By the way, Nega… I think it’s fair that I warn you that Metal Sonic isn’t very happy with you, since you decided to use him as a test subject for the Nega Virus against his will. So, if I were you, I’d be running right about now.

Nega Robotnik: That won’t be necessary. Why run when I could just do THIS? *Takes out his laptop again*

Metal Sonic: *Blasts it with an eyes laser*

Nega Robotnik: NOOOO! MY COMPUTER!

Metal Sonic: Considering what I have in store for you, that computer should be the least of your worries…

*The virus-purged Badniks arrive on the scene shortly afterwards*

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… How do you like THAT, Nega? Not only does Metal Sonic have a bone to pick with you, but so do they!

Nega Robotnik: This isn’t good… *Starts backing away, and then runs off*

Metal Sonic: GET HIM! *Dashes after him*

*The Badniks do the same*

Nega Robotnik: GAH! CURSES!

*Everyone laughs as they chase Nega off*

*Seconds later, off in the distance, an explosion is heard, and Nega is seen flying over the horizon*


Heavy: HAHAHAHAHAHA… Priceless!

Bomb: Yep!

Amy: Serves him right!

Ray: That’s for sure!

Tikal: I couldn’t agree more! I can’t believe he’d so such a thing, using poor, innocent Chao as a sacrifice!

Chaos: *Nods in agreement*

Honey: Yeah, that’s pretty low, even for him.

*Metal Sonic and the Badniks come back*

Robotnik: Well done, Metal Sonic. I suppose this means you’re free to settle things with Metal Sonic 3.0?

Metal Sonic: That pathetic excuse for an imitation could wait. For the time being, I’m going to join the others in taking down the Ifrit. However, Three-Point Zero is next on my agenda after I’m through with it.

Amy: Well, alright. Good luck!

*He absorbs the power of the Sol Emeralds, turns super, and joins the battle*

So then, the battle against the Ifrit continued. With each second that passed, it began to get more and more intense, with both the heroes and the Ifrit fighting each other face-to-face, matching each other blow-for-blow. After a while…

Super Charmy: Man… This thing is really, REALLY strong!

Super Mighty: I agree. No matter what we throw at it, it just keeps coming back for more!

Super Vector: Yeah, ‘n’ it didn’t even get the chance to eat any o’ the Chao!

Ifrit: *Opens its mouth, and starts charging up a fire attack*

Super Vector: Uh oh… It’s ‘bout ta attack again! Brace yaselves, everybody!

After the Ifrit was finishing charging its attack, it “fired” a large blast at the heroes, which was a combination of both fire and lava. However, before it had the chance to hit them, Splash and Slush countered it with their water and snow-based attacks, effectively dousing it in the process.

Splash: Take this! *Fires another hydro blast, this time at the Ifrit*

Slush: HAAAAAH! *Fires an ice blast*

Ifrit: *Insert loud growling here*

Storm: *Joins in, using a wind-based attack*

Silvra: *Uses a combination of all three abilities*

Wechnia: Yes, it’s working! I could feel its lifeforce rapidly decreasing!

Super Knuckles: Alright, then I guess that means it’s time to deliver the finishing blow!

Super Sonic: Alright! Let’s show that thing the REAL super power of teamwork!

With that said, all of the heroes charged their Sol Emerald power once again, and charged toward the weakened Ifrit at high speed, using the Team Blast attack once again. This time, however, they didn’t just crash into the creature; this time, they crashed through it, effectively putting a large hole through it stomach.

Ifrit: RAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!! *Falls from the sky*

Rouge: *Notices it* …! LOOK OUT!

Omega: Affirmative! Everyone, evacuate immediately!

*They run off as the Ifrit falls to its doom, and a huge explosion occurs*

Amy: SOOONNNIIIC! *Starts rushing over there to go hug him*

Tiara: *Sticks out the handle of her jeweled staff, causing Amy to trip over it*

Amy: Oooof! *Falls flat on her face*

Tiara: I’M going to be the one to hug him first! *Runs off*

Amy: *Sits up* Oooh…! Why, you! *Takes out her hammer and tosses it at Tiara’s head*

Tiara: Uhhhhhh! *Gets hit in the back of the head and falls over*

Amy: *Pulls down her eyelid and sticks her tongue at Tiara*

*Soon, a fight breaks out between them, and they fight in a smoke cloud (like in cartoons)*

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Blaze: Pathetic.

Silver: You could say THAT again…

Heavy: All of this over someone who wants nothing to do with either of them… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: How long is it going to take for them to get the message already?

Bomb: *Shrugs* At this rate, it doesn’t look like they ever will, unless Sonic decides to tell them off.

Sonic: ...You know, I’ve actually considered doing that several times, but never got around to it. You just don’t know HOW close I am to doing it.

Porkenstein: So, umm… Anyway, it would appear as if that savage beast is finally out of the picture, and that madman’s ambitions were never realized. Well done, everyone!

Tails: Thanks, Professor.

Espio: Hopefully this time, we’ve seen the last of the Ifrit.

Shadow: Yes, indeed. This time, I’m certain that it’s been destroyed. There doesn’t seem to be a shred a left of it.

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee a shred left of it”. Get it? *Snickers*

Marine: Heh heh! Good one, mate!

Splash: Yes, I agree! *Giggles*

Seedra: Um, yeah. Real nice.

Vanilla: *Arrives with Cheese and Chocola*

Cream: Mother, guess what! The monster that Dr. Nega brought over here… It’s been beaten! Cheese and Chocola are safe now!

Vanilla: Yes, I saw. I was watching that fight the entire time, and you guys were truly amazing!

Vector: Y-Ya really think so? ^^;;

Vanilla: Why, yes, of course.

Vector: G-Gee, t-thanks. ^^;;

Vanilla: You’re welcome.

Charmy: *Snickers*

Marine: *Same*

Vector: *Glares at them* What’re YOU two laughin’ at?

Charmy: I’m sorry, but this HAS to be said! Vanilla, Vector has a cru-

Vector: *Covers his mouth*

Charmy: Mmmph!

Vanilla: Hmm? Come again?

Marine: He’s tryin’ to tell ya that he’s got the hots for ya!

Vector: GAH! Why, you li’l…!

Vanilla: …

Wow, I…really don’t know what to say. Is…is this true, Vector?

Vector: *Blushes* U-Uh, w-well, you see, I, um…



Vector: Okay, now ‘dat does it! Earlia today, I SAID I’d knock yer freakin’ block off if ya opened your yap about that, didn’t I!? Well, now I’m ‘bout to do JUST that!

Charmy: GOTTA GO! *Flies off*

Marine: Hey! Wait for me!

Vector: GET BACK ‘ERE! *Chases after them*

*He chases them around, and people laugh about it*

Knuckles: Heh heh heh! Some things just never change, do they?

Rouge: You got that right. Those two just never learn.

Mighty: This makes like, what, the eighth time that’s happened so far?

Espio: Yes, that’s exactly how many times it was. First, it was Knuckles who chased Charmy around, then it was Rouge, then the next two times, it was both of them, then Vector, then Silver and Blaze, then Seedra, and this time around, it’s back to Vector.

Honey: Wow, I had no idea it happened THAT many times!

Knuckles: It wouldn’t have if Charmy didn’t have such a hard time keeping his mouth shut about that sort of thing.

Blaze: Yes. The same thing applies to Marine.

Silver: A while ago, when you said that the two of them would end up becoming best friends if they ever met, I wasn’t even a little bit surprised to see that it actually happened.

Blaze: Neither was I.

And so, thanks to the heroic efforts of Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes, the Ifrit was defeated, and Dr. Nega’s plans were thwarted once again. With him out of the picture for the time being, and with the Ifrit permanently laid to rest, they were all free to continue enjoying themselves at Cream and Vanilla’s Christmas gathering; not only to celebrate the holiday season, but their hard-earned victory over the forces of evil. At long last, the world is at peace once more…for now. What other adventures and conflicts await our heroes in the future? Find out as the saga continues in the next story, Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

The End.
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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
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Man, I never thought I'd be using this thread again, especially since I swore I'd never do another Christmas Special, but as you can see, I ended up deciding against that. The more I pondered about the possibilities of a second one, the harder it became to resist doing another. Now, since this story not only takes place after the first Christmas Special, but the fourth and fifth episodes along with it (the latter of which I haven't started yet, for obvious reasons), I'm not sure whether or not this is canon to the main story, but I still try to maintain consistencies anyway. Also, this marks the first appearance of Syndra, who was originally supposed to debut in the fifth episode.
Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power

Christmas Special #2

Part 1

On the previous Christmas Special, Cream the Rabbit and her mother, Vanilla, along with their two Chao, Cheese and Chocola decided to have a Christmas gathering over at their house, inviting many of their friends in the process. Among these “friends” was the Chaotix team, along with various others. That wasn’t all, however… In a surprising turn of events, Dr. Robotnik, of all people, showed up at the festivities- as a party guest! Even more surprising than that, he claimed to have changed, and given up on his plans for world domination entirely. Although many people were skeptical about it at first, Vanilla willingly allowed the Doctor to stay, as long as he wasn’t causing any trouble.

Much later on, Dr. Robotnik’s deranged descendant, Dr. Nega also showed up at the gathering, but for an entirely different reason. Apparently, he discovered that the Ifrit was still alive and well, and decided that he was going to continue one of his previous plans, which was to fuel the fiery creature, and use its powers to destroy the world. The “fuel” that the Ifrit needed was Chao, and as such, Nega kidnapped Cheese and Chocola in order to feed them to the Ifrit, but not before using Metal Sonic (who was infected by the “Nega Virus”) as a decoy, so that he could make his escape.

After having Metal Sonic shut off so that he (as well as Robotnik’s other robots) could be purged of the effects of the virus, the Chaotix and company began to chase Nega down, and eventually had the deranged doctor cornered. With nowhere to escape to, Dr. Nega took out his dimensional camera, and used its newfound dimension-ripping ability to tear a hole into the dimension, effectively allowing the Ifrit to pass through, into their world. Just as Nega was about to feed Cheese and Chocola to it, Metal Sonic Version 3.0, of all people, ended up coming to their rescue! According to himself, however, he only did that as a means of obtaining their data, and otherwise couldn’t have cared less what happened to them. Shortly afterwards, he left to go deliver the Nega Virus cure to Metal Sonic (who he wouldn’t be satisfied with destroying while he’s under mind control), as well as the other Badniks.

Not very long afterwards, the heroes used the power of the Sol Emeralds (which Blaze brought to the party with her) to enable their “super” transformations, and engaged the Ifrit in an epic showdown. After a long, tough battle, they eventually defeated it, sending the fiery creature plummeting to its doom. Dr. Nega, on the other hand, ended up getting chased off by Metal Sonic and the Badniks, and as an act of revenge for infecting them with the virus, they ended up sending the deranged doctor flying, effectively foiling his plans once again.

So far, one year has passed since this incident, and Cream, Vanilla, Cheese, Chocola, and Gemel were in the process of preparing for yet another Christmas gathering. Just like before, Amy Rose, Big the Cat, the Multi-Elemental Goddess, EG-005/Silvra, were the first ones over, and decided to help with the decorations.

*Music Cue*

Cream: There. *Places a star on top of the tree* Once again, that should do it!

Gemel: *Gives her a “thumbs up”*

Vanilla: *Looks around* Something tells me we may have gone a bit overboard on the decorations this time around, but they still turned out rather nicely, if I do say so myself. *Looks toward Amy, Big, and Silvra* Thank you very much. As always, we appreciate the help.

Big: Mm hmm.

Froggy: *Croaks*

Amy: Anytime.

Silvra: Yeah, we were happy to help.

Vanilla: By the way, Amy, I’ve been meaning to ask…

Amy: Hmm?

Vanilla: When Shock gets here, are you going to be able to control yourself this time? I’d rather not have there be a repeat of what happened last year…

Amy: Oh, there’s no need to worry. I no longer have anything against Shock. As it turns out, she’s actually seeing someone right now. At first, I thought she was faking it, so I was a bit skeptical about it at first, but she was actually for real! Electra’s another story, though, so I can’t guarantee anything if she shows up.

Vanilla: Electra?

Amy: Yeah, Dr. Nega’s clone of Shock.

Vanilla: Pardon me if this seems rude, but are you sure you aren't jumping to conclusions, like you did with Shock?

Amy: Oh, I'm not jumping to conclusions. Boobowski and I were both right there when she came onto Sonic. I swear, that hussy will flirt with any, and I mean ANY guy that she sees! She’s even worse than Rouge!

Vanilla: I see…

Amy: If she tries that again, then I’ve got a Piko Piko Hammer with her name written all over it! *Tightly grips her hammer in anger*

Cream: Maybe you shouldn’t have brought this up, Mother…

Big: I agree.

Silvra: Someone needs to get her some anger management classes…

Amy: Oh, come on, Silvra. I’m pretty sure you’d act the same way if Electra or some other girl were to come onto Wechnia!

Silvra: W-What…? *Blushes* I don’t know what you’re- That’s ridiculous!

Amy: Are you sure? I remember you saying that you thought he was super cute sometime ago!

Silvra: You’re exaggerating! I said he was “kind of” cute! It was just a compliment, that’s all… It doesn’t necessarily mean that I like him, or anything!

Amy: Giving a compliment and flirting are two different things. You were definitely flirting with him! You're totally glowing and everything!

Silvra: Um, uh… Can we change the subject?

Amy: Oh, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, believe me! Love changes everything! It makes you feel like every little moment in your life is huge!

Big: Uh oh, here we go with that speech again…

Cream: Yep. Once Amy gets on the “love” subject, there’s just no stopping her…

Ten minutes later…

Amy: …Yep, so basically, in a nutshell, love conquers all! *Looks around, and notices that no one’s in the room anymore* Huh!? Ooh…! Why are people always doing that!?

Meanwhile, ways from there, Knuckles and the Chaotix, after receiving party invitations, were on their way over to Vanilla’s house to attend the gathering.

Vector: *Listening to his music player* TEAM CHAOTIX! They’re detectives you want on your siiiiide!

*Everyone starts covering their ears*

Vector: Their directives, trackin’ down your criiiiime! Come along fa ‘da ride! Truth can run, but not hiiiiiide! Fa long the game is on NOOOOOW!

Knuckles: Oh, for crying out loud, Vector! Cut it out!

Charmy: Yeah! Your bad singing is really, REALLY hurting my ears!

Vector: Whadda ya mean “bad singin’”!? There ain’t nothin’ wrong wit’ the way I sing!

Heavy: Really, now? Sure could’ve fooled me.

Bomb: Yeah. Don’t take this personally, but you couldn’t sing if your life depended on it.

Espio: I think Bomb has summed it up rather nicely.

Mighty: Yeah. No offense, Vector, but you really can’t.

Vector: Oh, gimme a freakin’ break! I’ve sung in front o’ Vanilla quite a few times, ‘n’ she thought I sounded just fine!

Charmy: Hee hee, yeah, of course SHE would say that!

Vector: What’s THAT ‘sposed ta mean!?

Charmy: Ohhhh, you know! That’s because she’s your giiiiiirlfriend! *Snickers*

Heavy: Yes, so in other words, she’s most likely just trying to be nice. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she started holding her ears in agony the moment you weren’t looking.

Vector: That ain’t true, ‘n’ you know it!

Heavy: You just go ahead and keep telling yourself that.

Vector: Why, you li’l…! Shut ‘cher stinkin’ trap!

Charmy: Hee hee, “trying to bee nice” and “bee the least bit surprised”. *Snickers again*

Vector: *Looks toward Ray and Wechnia* Whadda ‘bout you two? Do you like my singin’?

Wechnia: I’m afraid not.

Ray: Yeah, sorry.

Vector: Bah, wudevah! You people wouldn’t know good singin’ if it bit ‘cha in the behind!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Mighty: Yeah, so anyway, I’m going on ahead. I’ll see you guys there! *Takes off*

*The others do the same*

With that said, the nine of them began sprinting ahead, bound for Cream and Vanilla’s house in the Green Hill Zone. Unknown to them, however, they were being watched from a distance. The two notorious criminals, Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite, who were apparently expecting their arrival, had just got finished setting up a trap for group.

Nack: *Comes from the bushes* What ‘da…!? ‘Ey, wayda minute! How come it ain’t woikin’!? *Walks over to the covered trench*

Bean: Beats me. *Starts walking over to it* I’m guessing they must’ve skipped it! Ugh, all that work for-

Before Bean had the chance to finish his sentence, he ended up stepping onto the covered trench, effectively adding enough weight to activate the trap and send the two crooks plummeting down the hole they dug.



*A loud thumb is heard*

Meanwhile, with the Chaotix…

Ray: …Did anybody else hear that?

Mighty: I didn’t hear anything. Did you, Espio?

Espio: Not at all. Vector?

Vector: Nope, didn't hear nothin’.

*Everyone else says something similar, and they keep moving afterwards*

With Nack and Bean again…

Bean: *Holding the huge lump on his head* Do you see where another of your BRILLIANT ideas has gotten us?

Nack: Ah, shaddap! *Holds the lump on his head*

Elsewhere, Sonic and Shock, along with Zippo the Rabbit, were currently in the middle of a race, in order to see which of them could get to Cream and Vanilla’s house the fastest.

Sonic: Not bad, not bad! I’d say that’s about it for the warm-up. What do you say we take things up a notch?

Shock: Sounds good to me.

Zippo: *Smirks, and then nods*

Sonic: Alright then! Let’s blast through with sonic speed!

*They speed up and take off*

Much later, after the arrival of Sonic, Shock, Zippo, and the Chaotix, many other guests showed up to the gathering, ranging from Tails, Silver, Blaze, Marine, Tiara, Honey, Tikal, Luna, the Elemental and Parallel Goddesses (including Scorch’s descendant, Syndra, and minus Silvra’s “other half”, PG-005/Goldra), and many others.

Tikal: Hello, Syndra. How are you?

Syndra: *In a dry-sounding tone* Just peachy, thanks. *Walks off*

Mighty: … 

Um, wow. What’s with her?

Tikal: She’s always this way…at least towards me. As far as I can tell, she’s hated me ever since we first met, and even now, I still don’t understand why…

Electra: *Walks over to Sonic* Why, hello there, handsome. Long time no see. *Winks*

Sonic: Oh, uh… Hey, Electra! What’s up?

Electra: This is. *Holds up a mistletoe*

Sonic: ...! *Starts backing away from her*

*Amy and Tiara come stampeding over there, and stand between them, glaring at Electra*

Electra: Oh, not you two again… Don’t you have anything better to do?

Amy: Listen up, you little hussy! If you think I’m just gonna stand by and let YOU get a kiss from MY Sonic, then you’re sadly mistaken!

Tiara: Oh, get real! He’s not YOUR Sonic, he’s MINE!

*A heated argument breaks out between them (as always), and people start holding them back*

Vector: *Takes out his camcorder* Like I always say, these NEVAH get old!

Charmy: Hee hee, yep! Their arguments are always really, REALLY funny!



*Suddenly, the sound of a shattering window is heard, and they all look in that direction*

*Music Cue*

Everyone: Metal Sonic 3.0!?

Heavy: Hey, Three-Point Zero. There’s a new invention called the “door”. Ever heard of it?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmph.

Vanilla: Oh, hello there! I remember you! You’re that nice robot who saved Cheese and Chocola at last year’s party! Thank you very much for that, by the way.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *His eyes start to glow as he glares at her*

Vanilla: Is…something the matter?

Vector: Uh oh! This ain’t good! *Runs toward Vanilla* LOOK OUT! *Dives and knocks her out of the way as 3.0 fires an eye laser*

*Everyone else ducks from it, as well, and it blasts right through the wall*

Vanilla: Whew, that was a close one! Thank you, Vector.

Vector: D-Don’t mention it! ^^;; *Stands up and glares at 3.0* You! Whadda ya think you’re doin’!? What’s your problem, huh!?

Cream: Mr. 3.0, why are you trying to hurt my mother!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Scorch: Yeah, Three-Point Zero. What’s gotten into you all of a sudden? Did you get reprogrammed, or something?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I could assure you, that’s not the case.

Amy: Then why ARE you doing this!?

*Other people ask something similar*

Metal Sonic 3.0: I don’t have to explain myself to any of you, but don’t worry. You’ll know the answer soon enough. Now get out of my way.

Vector: Ain’t gonna happen, pal!

Charmy: Yeah!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Very well. Then you will also be destroyed!

Sonic: Just try it, faker!

Out of the clear blue sky, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 has made an unexpected, dramatic appearance! Oddly, he seems to be targeting Vanilla. Why is he after her, exactly Could there be a method to his madness? Or could he have truly gotten corrupted somehow, as Scorch has begun to suspect? Find out on the next exciting chapter of the second Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…
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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
« Reply #5 on: Dec 09 2012, 06:11 PM »
Part 2

When we last left off, exactly one year had passed since the first Christmas Special, and Cream and her mother, Vanilla were having a second Christmas gathering, and ended up inviting many of their friends in the process, starting with Amy Rose, Big the Cat, and EG-005/Silvra, followed by the Chaotix team and many others. For the most part, everyone was enjoying themselves, minus Amy and Tiara Boobowski, who ended up blowing a fuse over the Thunder Goddess, PG-003/Electra trying to get a kiss from Sonic under the mistletoe.

Just as that was going on, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 suddenly burst through the window out of nowhere, much to everyone’s surprise. Even more surprising than that, he had his sights set on Vanilla, of all people, and attempted to attack her! When he was asked why he was doing this, he refused to give an explanation, and declared that he was going to destroy anyone who tries to stand in his way, a challenge that Sonic and company willingly accepted.

Now, the question remains… Exactly why has Metal Sonic 3.0 come, and for what purpose is he targeting Vanilla? Could he have truly gotten himself reprogrammed as Scorch has begun to suspect? Or could there be another problem, lurking beneath our heroes’ noses? Find out as the saga continues on the second Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

*Music Cue*

Metal Sonic 3.0: You… *Looks toward Vanilla* You don’t truly believe you could fool ME with that fragile disguise, do you?

*Everyone has blank “WTF?” expressions on their faces*

Knuckles: Huh? What’s he talking about?

Vanilla: Don’t ask me. I don’t have the slightest clue!

Vector: Somethin’ tells me that all those losses to the original Metal Sonic have finally made ‘em lose it!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Briefly glares at Vector from the corner of his eye* It would be a wise decision on your part to NEVER utter the name of that obsolete scum in my presence again.

Mecha Amy: Hey, hey! Don’t you talk about my Metal Sonic that way! As far as I’M concerned, the only “scum” around here is YOU!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Says an outdated machine like you? Don’t make me laugh.

Mecha Amy: GRRR...

Vanilla: (Oh, SOMEONE’S “outdated”, alright…)

Metal Sonic 3.0: As for you… *Looks toward Vanilla* You can continue playing ignorant as you see fit, but I’m not convinced! Not in the least! *Fires another eye laser at her*

Vanilla: Ahhhh! *Ducks under it*

Vector: A’ight, that does it! *Runs toward 3.0 and shoulder-bashes him*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Uhhhhh! *Stumbles backward and falls over*

Vector: Look, buddy, I dunno what ‘cha problem is, but if you wanna get ta Vanilla, then you’re gonna hafta go through ME first!

Charmy: Yeah! Us, too!

*The others agree to that, too*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Gets back up* Is that a challenge?

Vector: Ya beddah believe it is! *Looks toward everyone else* If ya don’t mind, I’d like to take care o’ this by myself.

Vanilla: Are you absolutely sure about this, Vector?

Vector: Sure, I can take ‘em!

Charmy: Ohhhh, I get it! You’re doing this to try to impress Vanilla, right? *Snickers*

Marine: *Snickers, too*

Vector: Oh, be quiet, will ya? *Looks toward Three-Point Zero* You, me, outside, right now! *Motions his thumb towards the door*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Not that you’re worth my time, but very well. Who am I to turn down a deathwish?

*They go outside*

Vanilla: (Now THIS should be amusing…) *Smirks*

Scorch: *Notices* (That’s odd… What’s the deal with that sinister-looking smirk of hers? I’m starting to agree with Three-Point Zero now… Something definitely ISN’T right about her…)

*Music Cue*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Go ahead. Try coming at me again. That is, if you’re truly feeling courageous enough.

Vector: Fine! You asked for it! *Charges toward him*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Catches him in a telekinetic grip*

Vector: Ghhhh…!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Tosses him into onto a nearby tree*

Vector: UHHHHHH! *Slams his back on the tree bark, and then falls face-first into the snow*

Vanilla: Oh, my goodness! Vector!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmph. Pathetic vermin. Stay out of my way. *Turns around, and starts heading back to the house*

Vector: H-Hold it! *Sits up*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Stops and turns around*

Vector: I ain’t through wit’ ‘chu yet! *Stands up*

Metal Sonic 3.0: So, you do still have some fight left in you…

Vector: Yeah, well don’t think anymore o’ your stolen fightin’ techniques are gonna work on me, ya hear?

Metal Sonic 3.0: “Stolen” or not, it was enough to catch you off guard, was it not?

Vector: Maybe, but as ya can see, it wasn’t enough ta beat me, since I’m still standin’. Now, I’d say that’s about it for the talkin’. Whadda ya say we go ahead ‘n’ get this ovah wit’? *Cracks his knuckles*

Metal Sonic 3.0: I have no objection to that. *Fires an eye laser at Vector*

Vector: Whoa! *Dodges*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Continues firing at him*

Vector: *Avoids those, too, and gets close enough for another shoulder-bash attack*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Turns on his jet booster, and hovers into the air*

Vector: Hey! Get back down here ‘n’ fight, ya stinkin’ coward!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Rolls into a spinball and Homing Attacks him*

Vector: Uhhhhhh! *Falls over*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Fire another beam at him, this time from his chest cavity*

Vector: *Rolls over, and stands up again*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Jets toward Vector, attempting to Homing Attack him again*

Vector: Not THIS time! *Catches him*

Metal Sonic 3.0: WHAT!?

Vector: *Starts dribbling him like a basketball*

Metal Sonic 3.0: What are you…!? *Czzzzzt!* Uhhhhhh! *Czzzzzt!*

Charmy: Hee hee! This is really, REALLY funny! Don’t you think?

Mecha Amy: I agree! *Giggles*

Vector: *Tosses 3.0 into the air, and blows a bubblegum bomb in his direction*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Unrolls, and stops himself in midair* *Czzzzt!* I’m going to make your death nice and- *Stops midsentence after noticing the bubblegum bomb* WHAT!?

*It explodes, and Metal Sonic 3.0 is sent flying*


Vector: Go right ahead ‘n’ come back! I’d be more than happy ta give ya some more! *Waves his fist, and goes back in the house*

Sonic: Vector, that was sweet! You sure showed that faker who’s boss!

*Other people say something similar*

Vector: Thanks, ya guys.

Vanilla: I don’t know what’s gotten into him lately, but thank you for saving me, Vector. That was very nice of you. *Kisses him on the cheek*

Vector: I-It was nothin’! Really! ^^;; *Blushes*

*Charmy and Marine start snickering*

Vector: Whadda YOU laughin’ at?

Charmy: Vector and Vanilla, sittin’ in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G-!

Vector: Hey! Cuddit out, will ya!?

Marine: First comes love, then comes marriage!

Charmy: Then comes the baby in a baby carriage!

Vector: Why, you li’l…!

Vanilla: Now, now, just calm down, Vector. Children will be children, after all.

Scorch: *Starts heading out the door*

Syndra: Where are you going?

Scorch: I’m gonna go have a little talk with Three-Point Zero, and see if I could get to the bottom of this.

Syndra: Mind if I come with you?

Scorch: Sure, if you want to. Cream, you might want to do the same, because this also concerns you.

Cream: Okay. You don’t mind, do you, Mother?

Vanilla: No, not at all, but do be careful, dear.

*Scorch, Syndra, Cream, Cheese, and Chocola head out the door*

Slush: You know, it just occurred to me… Do you think Dr. Nega could have something to do with what’s going on? After all, something similar happened with the original Metal Sonic last year, and Nega turned out to be behind the entire thing.

Charmy: Hee hee, “beehind the entire thing”. Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Marine: Rippa as always, mate!

Seedra: I’ll say!

Heavy: Ugh… Anyway, and you were saying, Slush? Something about Nega being behind this, right?

Slush: Yeah.

Volcana: Trust me, Doctor N. doesn’t have anything to do with this. It wasn’t that long ago that he caught a cold of some sort, so he’s been bedridden throughout most of the day.

Tornada: He got rid of his bed? Does this mean he’s sleeping on the floor now? That must be very uncomfortable for him…

Everyone: [size=14]…[/size]

*They anime fall*

Stonia: …No, Tornada. She means that he’s sick and lying down in the bed.

Tornada: Ohhhh, okay.

Luna: Hmph, serves him right! Personally, if you ask me, I’d say even THAT’S too good for him!

Oceana: Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to wish death upon him, exactly, but at the same time, I still can’t bring myself to feel even the least bit sorry for that Nega creep. Especially after the way he used us as pawns in his scheme all those months ago…

Luna: Yeah. Even up to this day, I still feel so ashamed and embarrassed for actually buying into that fake story of his…

Frostina: That’s true, but there is at least one good thing that came out of it. If Dr. Nega hadn’t done what he did, then we wouldn’t have had these four wonderful new sisters; or five, if you’d like to count Goldra…

Woodra: Aww, that’s very nice of you to say. Thanks, Frostina, you just made my day!

*Stonia, Electra, and Tornada say something similar to that, but without the rhymes*

Frostina: Anytime. Speaking of Goldra, it’s kind of a shame she couldn’t make it… (The same goes for Black-Hog…)

Everyone: …

Heavy: …Are you serious? Not only did you use “Goldra” and “wonderful” in the same sentence, but you actually entertained the thought of bringing THAT lunatic over here? Really?

Silvra: I couldn’t have said that any better myself. Just hearing her name is enough to literally make me sick to my stomach.

Frostina: I can kind of understand where you’re coming from, but Goldra’s not the same person she used to be. Sure, she may still be a bit on the egotistical side, but other than that, she truly is a nice person once you get to know her.

Silvra: …

Woodra: Ah, well. That’s all in the past. For now, let’s just continue the party and have a blast!

*The party continues*

A little while later, somewhere far from Vanilla’s house…

Scorch: Hey, Three-Point Zero, I’m glad I found you. Are you alright?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I’m just fine. *Czzzzt!* I have a built-in auto-recovery system, so there’s nothing to worry about. I can take care of myself.

Syndra: Now that we’ve got that out of the way, why don’t you tell us why you’re after Miss Vanilla?

Metal Sonic 3.0: What, you haven’t noticed yet?

Scorch: Actually, I did notice that there was something slightly strange about her, but I don’t think any of the others caught onto it…

Cream: So, are you saying that he’s right about someone pretending to be my mother, Miss Scorch?

Scorch: Possibly. Since you were the one who brought this to our attention, Three-Point Zero, do you happen to have any idea who that truly is?

Metal Sonic 3.0: As a matter of fact, I do. The true identity of the imposter is none other than…

A short while later…

Scorch: THAT’S who it is!? I seem to remember hearing that you destroyed him sometime ago!

Metal Sonic 3.0: I thought so, too, but evidently, he’s still alive.

Cream: If it was him all along, then where’s my real mother!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I don’t have that information as of yet.

Syndra: Why couldn’t you just say this in the first place?

Metal Sonic 3.0: That’s because I’m under no obligation to explain myself to vermin like them.

Scorch:  Hey, what did I tell you about that before? You said you’d quit talking down on them, remember?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Bah, whatever. Now, in the meantime, I have some unfinished business I need to attend to. *Turns on his jet booster, and flies away*

*Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Squash, and Metal Sonic are seen passing by shortly afterwards*

Metal Sonic: …Was that 3.0 who just flew by?

Scorch: As a matter of fact, it was. Anyway, I’m glad to have run into you guys.

Squash: You are? Not that I’m complaining or anything, but why’s that, exactly?

Scorch: You see… *Explains the situation*

Metal Sonic: WHAT!? He’s still alive!? Ugh, it’s already irritating enough that 3.0 could never stay dead, but him, too!?

Shadow: It’s a good thing we were already on our way over there, because when we do arrive, we’ll be able to put a stop to him!

Rouge: I still don’t get it… Why would he need to impersonate Vanilla, of all people?

Scorch: That, we don’t know yet. I guess we’ll find out as soon as we get there and have him exposed.

Omega: Then what are we waiting for? Let’s proceed, so that we can exterminate him!

Metal Sonic: This time, I’ll make sure he doesn’t return!

*They take off*

At last, Metal Sonic 3.0’s reason for breaking into the house to attack Vanilla has been revealed! Apparently, the “Vanilla” he was after was none other than an imposter, which both Metal Sonics apparently seem to be familiar with. Exactly what is the true identity of Vanilla’s impersonator, and what has become of the real one? Find out in the next exciting chapter of the second Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…
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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
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Part 3

Previously, on the second Christmas Special, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 suddenly came crashing through the window of Cream and Vanilla’s house as they and many others were in the process of having a Christmas gathering. Oddly, for some reason, Three-Point Zero began targeting Vanilla, of all people, apparently with the intention of taking her life! However, he then went on to claim that the “Vanilla” he was after was none other than an impostor. Not very long afterwards, he ended up getting into a fight with Vector the Crocodile, who was determined to protect her from Metal Sonic 3.0. After a short battle, he ended up sending Three-Point Zero flying.

Shortly before the battle began, the Fire Goddess, Scorch ended up catching a glimpse of a rather sinister-looking smirk on Vanilla’s face, which caused her to have second thoughts about Metal Sonic 3.0’s claim. After realizing this, she, along with Syndra, Cream, Cheese, and Chocola, decided to go after Three-Point Zero to get some answers. After they found him, he then explained his side of story, and went on to say that he knew the true identity of the one who’s impersonating Vanilla.

A little while after Metal Sonic 3.0 flew off to take care of his “unfinished business”, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, E-123 Omega, EG-001/Squash, the Goddess of Stone, and the original Metal Sonic showed up. Scorch then informed the five of them of the situation, and the group of (anti-)heroes began heading for Vanilla’s house at all due speed, determined to expose “Vanilla” as the fraud they truly believe “her” to be.

Now, the questions remain… If what Metal Sonic 3.0 says is true, what is the true identity of the impostor? For what reason has he or she began impersonating Vanilla? What has become of the real one? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #2!

Here, we begin this part of the story at the house, with everyone sitting at a table, enjoying the feast that “Vanilla” (has somehow) cooked and prepared.

*Music Cue*

Splash: I don’t know whether or not I’ve ever told you this before, but you’re a very good cook!

Charmy: Yeah, your food is always really, REALLY good, Vanilla!

Vector: Yep, it’s some o’ the best I’ve evah tasted!

*The others compliment “her” cooking, too*

“Vanilla”: Why, thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it!

Splash: You’re most welcome.

“Vanilla”: (Yes, do enjoy this meal while you can, for it will be your last…)

Heavy: …Idiots.

*They stick their tongues at Heavy*

Heavy: Ooh. You sure showed me.

Bomb: Hey, Heavy. Just now, I got this wild and crazy idea! How about NOT being a dick for a change?

Splash: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Heavy: Pffft. Whatever.

Later on that evening…

*Shadow and company burst through the door*

"Vanilla": Hmm? *Turns around* Why, hello there! It IS customary to knock before entering one's house, you know, but still... I’m so glad you were all able to make it! There’s plenty of food that we have prepared at the table, so please, do help yourselves to whatever you’d like.

*They glare at "her"*

"Vanilla": …Is something the matter?

Shadow: Don’t bother trying to deceive us! We know exactly who you truly are!

Sonic: Geez, Shadow…you, too?

Vector: Fa cryin’ out loud, what’s the deal wit’ everybody sayin’ she’s an impostor!? There hasn’t been even the slightest indication of it so far!

Mighty: Yeah, you guys, seriously. I swear, this is like me getting mistaken for Sonic all over again!

Silver: …You just HAD to bring THAT up again, didn’t you?

Mighty: I don’t mean just you. The same goes for Vector, too.

Vector: Oh, for cryin’ out loud! It ain’t like I was the only one! Knuckles, Charmy, ‘n’ Espio were in on that, too!

Espio: Yes, but as I recall, that entire thing was YOUR idea.

Charmy: Yeah!

Knuckles: Yes, and what a complete waste of time that turned out to be.

Vector: Geez, ya guys, why not just give it a rest, already? That was a long freakin’ time ago!

Porkenstein: So, anyway, back to the matter at hand… *Looks toward Shadow and company* That Three-Point Zero wanker came here earlier, making that exact same accusation about Vanilla. Now, keep in mind, I’m not outright calling you liars or anything of the sort, but I’m merely curious as to whether or not you have any proof regarding this.

Rouge: You’re saying that you’d like to see some proof, Professor? Well, here it is. *Points her thumb towards the entrance as Scorch, Syndra, and Cream come in with the real Vanilla*

Everyone: Huh!?

Charmy: Wow, now there’re two Vanillas!

Metal Sonic: Now, with that that’s out of the way, you can cease the charade. Reveal your true self… Version 4.0!

“Vanilla”: Hmm hmm hmm hmm! Alright, very well, then. You are absolutely correct. I’m not Vanilla.

*A poof of smoke appears as “Vanilla” changes back into his true form, which is a green and black clone of Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic 4.0: I am indeed Metal Sonic Version 4.0!

Woodra: Whoa! All this time, it was right there, before our very eyes, but we didn’t even realize!

Metal Sonic 4.0: Hmph. *Looks toward Team Dark, Scorch, Syndra, and Cream* So, you pests have all managed to see through my clever disguise. Not only that, but you’ve also managed to find where the real Vanilla was hidden. Very impressive! Unfortunately for you, however, absolutely none of that matters in the least anymore.

Vector: Whadda ya mean, huh!?

*The others ask something similar*

Vanilla: Yes, and exactly how did I get wrapped up into all of this!?

Metal Sonic 4.0: Very well. I will explain everything. It all started with a brand new copy chip that Doctor Nega invented, which not only allows the user to imitate one’s appearance and abilities, but their memories, as well! After my humiliating loss at the hands of those two obsolete pests all those months ago, I was no longer in possession of the data that I once had. So, I opted to not only get back what I’ve lost, but to also obtain additional data. 

A week ago, after using the Doctor’s dimensional camera to make my way into this dimension, I found myself in a random location, which just so happened to be the outside of this house. I peeked through the window in order to find someone to morph into as a means of testing the new chip. As you’ve most likely perceived already, Vanilla was the first one that I laid eyes upon, and I decided to shapeshift into her. After doing so, I ended up gaining her thoughts and memories, and from there, I acquired the knowledge of a Christmas gathering that was held a year prior to this one.

That’s when the idea came to me… That was the way to obtain the data I desired! By impersonating Vanilla, I would be able to host a “gathering” of my own as a means of deceiving everyone, and luring them into the same spot, and it worked! So, I’ve decided to send out invitations to everyone, forging her name in the process. Then, when the day finally came, that’s when I decided to strike, and have Vanilla captured, so that my plan would go exactly as I imagined it! Pure genius, wasn’t it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

*Everyone glares at him*

Metal Sonic 4.0: With that out of the way, I’m free to proceed with my plan, and take it into the next step! By that, I mean conquering this planet, of course! Not only this one, but all others throughout the galaxy! With all this data at my disposal, ranging from what I originally lost, plus the abilities of both sets of Elemental Goddesses and many others, I stand alone as the ultimate, unrivaled power in the universe! Not even the “Double-Oh-Fives” have what it takes to contend with me!

Silvra: Would you like to place a wager on that!? *Fire surrounds her fist as she clenches it*

Sonic: You won’t get away with this, faker!

*The others say something in agreement with that*

Metal Sonic 4.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, but that’s where you’re mistaken, my friends… I already have! Now, before we proceed, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your valiant contributions. You’ve all served your purpose, and you’ve served it well…

Tornada: Huh!? We’ve “served [our] purpose”, you say!? What are you getting at!?

Metal Sonic 4.0: I’m getting at the fact that I have everything that need from you, and as of this moment, you are no longer of any use or value to me! As such, I see no further reason for you to live! *Starts to glow, briefly transforms into something similar to the “Neo” form that Metal Sonic had in Heroes, teleports outside, and then starts undergoing another transformation*

*Music Cue*

*An earthquake starts to occur*

Off in the distance…

Metal Blaze: Can you sense that power reading, Brother?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, Metal Sonic 4.0 must have already revealed his true identity to those cretins. If we act now, we should be able to get there in time! *Fires up his jet booster and speeds up*

Metal Blaze: *Does the same*


Bean: Ghhhh…! *Climbing out of the hole*

Nack: Almost…’dere!

*They feel the force of the earthquake, and end up losing their grip*

Bean: W-Whoa! WHOOOOOOAAAAAAH! *Falls*


*They hit the ground with a loud thump again*

Bean: OH, COME ON!

Meanwhile, in a mountainous region…

Goldra: *Purple binary digits appear in the place of her pupils* Hmm? What’s…what’s this I’m sensing? This power reading… It’s off the scale! Who or where could this possibly be coming from!? I haven’t detected anything like this since Silvra somehow ended up getting that power boost during our first battle! But…it couldn’t possibly be her, could it…? Something tells me I should check this out… *Gets a running start, leaps off the mountain, and flies off*

Just as Goldra was hurrying over to the outside of Vanilla’s house, Metal Sonic 4.0 has finished undergoing his monstrous “Overlord” transformation.

*Music Cue*

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHAHAHA… Behold the unfathomable power I possess!

Heavy: …Another of this kind of transformation? Ooh, now THERE goes something that’s brimming with originality!

Bomb: Uh, I think that’s the LEAST of our worries right now, Heavy…

Metal Overlord 4.0: As of tonight, no longer shall I, Metal Sonic Version 4.0, be nothing more than a lowly servant of the Doctor’s! When this battle concludes, I shall become the supreme ruler of the universe! Now, shall we get started? I have all I need now…to begin the creation of my glorious, galactic empire!

So then, the battle began. Metal Sonic 4.0 started things off by firing a beam of psychic energy at the group, which they’ve managed to spread out and dodge. Shortly afterwards, they all charged towards and attacked him, but unfortunately for the heroes, it had no affect on Four-Point Zero.

Metal Overlord 4.0: *Swings his large iron tail, and bashes them with it*

Everyone: UHHHHHH!

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What, is that all the power you possess? Pathetic!

Metal Sonic: *Czzzzt!* You can stay as overconfident as you wish; you’ll only wind up the same as Three-Point Zero has multiple times already.

Sonic: Don’t forget to add yourself to the list!

Metal Sonic: Silence, faker.

Sonic: What? YOU’RE the faker!

Metal Sonic: I’m the original! YOU’RE an organic copy!

*They argue back and forth, while everyone (including Four-Point Zero) sweatdrops*

Blaze: Listen, you two! It doesn’t matter which of you is the original or the copy! The only thing that matters right now is putting a stop to HIM! *Points to Four-Point Zero*

Metal Sonic: …

Silver: Blaze is right, you guys! If we don’t do something about him, this world will be destroyed!

Sonic: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Minutes later…

Charmy: Oh, no! Our attacks still aren’t working, you guys! What’re we gonna do!?

Mighty: Blaze, did you bring the Sol Emeralds, like you did last year?

Blaze: Unfortunately, I didn’t this time…

Knuckles: Well, how about the Lunar Emeralds? *Looks toward Luna*

Luna: Sorry, but no. I didn’t have any way of knowing something like this was going to happen…

Metal Overlord 4.0: Aww, now isn’t that a shame? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! With or without them, so what? It wouldn’t have made even the slightest bit of difference, because you are still going to perish! *Starts charging up a large beam of energy* HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is it! Prepare to meet your end, fools!

*Metal Sonic 4.0 is suddenly frozen in time*

Shadow: What just happened? Was that…Chaos Control?

*Metal Sonic 3.0 and Metal Blaze walk up to the group*

Scorch: Three-Point Zero, you finally made it back here! I’ll take it that finding her was the “unfinished business” you had to take care of?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Not exactly. I just happened to run into her again on the way. THIS is the “unfinished business” I spoke of. *Holds out three of the Chaos Emeralds*

Metal Blaze: *Holds out the next three* Unfortunately, we were unable to find the seventh…

Shadow: You mean this one? *Holds out the green emerald*

Knuckles: Alright! That’s all seven of them!

Charmy: Yay! Now we could go super!

Sonic: Alright! Let’s show that creep the REAL super power of teamwork!

Well, it would appear as if Metal Sonic 3.0 and Metal Blaze have shown up right on time! Even with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, will our heroes be able to stand a chance against Metal Sonic Version 4.0 and his monstrous, overwhelming power? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #2!

To “bee” continued…
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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
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Part 4a

Last time, on Christmas Special #2, Team Dark, after being informed of the situation by Scorch, suddenly burst into Vanilla’s house as everyone was continuing the Christmas gathering. After Shadow and company arrived, they, too, began accusing “Vanilla” of being an impostor, just as Metal Sonic Version 3.0 had done prior to that moment. Not only did they accuse the person in question of being a fake, but they also had evidence to back up their claim. That “evidence”, of course, was the real Vanilla, who came to the house with them. Now that the real one had shown up after being rescued, “Vanilla” no longer saw a point to continuing that charade, and revealed his true self. The identity of the impostor was none other than Dr. Nega’s creation, Metal Sonic Version 4.0.

After revealing himself, he then explained to the heroes that it was in fact he who orchestrated the Christmas gathering, and not Vanilla. According to himself, there was a copy chip that Dr. Nega invented, which not only allows the user to copy one’s appearance and abilities, but also their thoughts and memories. Metal Sonic 4.0 then went into more detail, stating that he put on that elaborate charade as a means of getting everyone in the same area, so that he could obtain their data to further his powers. Not only that, but he also revealed that he had plans on conquering the planet, as well as the entire universe.

When Four-Point Zero was finally finished explaining himself, he quickly declared that the heroes have “served [their] purpose”, and that he no longer had any use for them. As such, Metal Sonic 4.0 opted to dispose of the group. Using all the data he’s obtained from them, he underwent a monstrous “Overlord” transformation, just as the other two Metal Sonics have in the past. When his transformation was finished, the heroes engaged him in battle, but unfortunately for them, they were unable to inflict any damage on the metallic beast. After mocking them, Metal Sonic 4.0 began charging up a beam that was meant to finish them off, but before he could fire it, he was suddenly frozen in time via Chaos Control.

As it turns out, Metal Sonic 3.0 and his “sister”, Metal Blaze were the ones responsible, as they had six of the seven Chaos Emeralds in their possession, which they brought to the group. Although they were unable to find the seventh, Shadow revealed that he was the one who had it with him all along. With all seven emeralds together, the heroes decided to use them to transform and undergo “super” transformations in order to combat Metal Sonic 4.0.

Now, the question remains… Even with the power of the emeralds, will they have what it takes to put a stop to Metal Sonic 4.0 and his monstrous power, and stop his sinister plans from going any further, and coming to fruition? Find out in this exciting second-to-last chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #2!

*The effects of Chaos Control wear off, and Four-Point Zero unfreezes*

Metal Overlord 4.0: Wait, what just- *Notices Metal Sonic 3.0* Oh, look. Obsolete pest number two has decided to show himself again. Ah, and Metal Blaze, as well? I’ll take it that Doctor Nega sent you to retrieve the chip I’ve stolen? HAHAHAHAHAHA… Well, you’re too late!

Hmm, what’s this? Are those…the Chaos Emeralds? Interesting… Now we shall truly see which of us is more powerful! *Flaps his wings, and hovers into the air* Let’s take this one into the skies, what do you say? Follow me, if you dare! HAHAHAHAHAHA… *Flies off*

Vector: A’ight, you heard ‘im! C’mon, let’s go ahead ‘n’ get powa’d up!

Shortly after Metal Sonic 4.0 took off into the skies, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, the Chaotix, Team Dark, Silver, Blaze, both Metal Sonics, Metal Blaze, and Luna began using the power of the seven emeralds to transform. As the emeralds encircled everyone, a blinding white glow of light occurred, and after it faded, all of them were in their “super” forms.

Heavy: So, you’re all powered up…excellent. As always, the rest of us will be down here, collecting rings to fuel your super forms whenever you need it.

Super Knuckles: Alright, thanks. We’ll keep that in mind.

???: Silvra… So you are here, after all!

*They look in the direction of the voice*

Everyone: Goldra!?

Goldra: That’s my name, don’t wear it out.

Frostina: Oh, so you were able to make it, after all!

Goldra: I suppose so.

Silvra: *Glares* What are YOU doing here!?

Goldra: Aww, is that how you greet your sister after so long?

Silvra: …I’ve already told you before: You are NO sister of mine!

Goldra: Very well then. Anyway, you wanted to know why I’ve come, right? Isn’t it obvious? To even our score, of course!

Silvra: Well, you’re going to have to wait in line, because I don’t have time for you right now. I’m busy dealing with someone else.

Goldra: Is that so? Well, in that case, I’ll go ahead and lend you a hand.

Silvra: …

Wait, what?

Goldra: I can’t have you losing to anyone else now, can I? So, just this once, I’ll be fighting by your side.

Silvra: …

Uh, okay. Thanks, I guess?

Goldra: Don’t get the wrong idea, though. The moment this battle’s over, you’re next! Don’t forget it!

Silvra: That’s fine with me. I’ll be looking forward to it.

Goldra: Then it’s settled.

Super Sonic: Okay, now that we’ve got that cleared up, let’s blast through with sonic speed!

*They all take off and shoot up into the sky, where Metal Sonic 4.0 is waiting*

*Music Cue*

Metal Overlord 4.0: Hmm hmm hmm… So, you’ve come. Let’s resume, shall we?

Super Sonic: That’s fine with us, faker!

Metal Overlord 4.0: *Fires the large, psychic energy beam that he was charging up before*

*They spread out, dodge the attack, and start charging toward him*

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHAHA… Yes, that’s right! Come and meet your destruction! *Gets ready to swing his tail again*

Before Metal Sonic 4.0 had a chance to attack, the heroes, as they were flying towards him, charged up their emerald power, and used the Team Blast, attacking Four-Point Zero repeatedly, until the core on his chest was exposed.

Metal Overlord 4.0: UHHHHHHHH! *Czzzzt!*

Super Knuckles: Yeah, it's working! Now all we have to do is keep that up!

Metal Overlord 4.0: Ghhhh…! *Czzzzzt!* You may have gotten in a few lucky blows, but this is far from over! I have yet to show you the true extent of my power!

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: The core on his chest has been exposed… That’s his weakness!

Super Shadow: I see. In that case, why don’t we use our special attacks on this one?

Metal Overlord 4.0: You’re welcome to try if you’d like, but it’ll be nothing more than an exercise in futility!

Super Metal Sonic: We shall see.

*They all use their special attacks, ranging from the Sonic Wind, Thunder Arrow, Chaos Spear, etc. and a huge explosion occurs shortly afterwards*

Super Charmy: Alright! I think we did it, you guys!

Super Shadow: Although we may have done a significant amount of damage to him, I don’t think we should let our guards down just yet.

*Suddenly, some gusts of wind begin to blow, and the smoke clears, revealing that Metal Sonic 4.0 is completely unharmed*

Everyone: WHAT!?

Super Vector: Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me!?

Woodra: Yeah, I thought for sure that we were attacking the core!

Metal Overlord 4.0: What, you didn’t notice? *Points to it* Thanks to the data I’ve obtained from Silver, I was able to surround it with a psychic barrier, thus rendering your attacks useless!

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: *Clenches his fist in anger*

Super Silver: Geez… Why’s everyone always copying MY power!?

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Metal Overlord 4.0: Now, I’m going to crush you all and throw you into the wind…literally!

Super Knuckles: Go right ahead! Give it your best shot!

Using that data that he’s obtained from Storm and Tornada, Metal Sonic 4.0 began summoning more gusts of wind. This time, however, he sent a large twister in everyone’s direction, getting them all caught in it.

Everyone: AAAAAAHHH!

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, that’s right! Witness my power, fools!

*A few seconds later, the tornado disappears*

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHA… Wait, what!?

Storm: *Points to the Wind Element Gem on her forehead* It’s all thanks to the power of the Wind Element Gem. If you truly think something like that would work on Wind Goddesses such as Tornada and I, you are sadly mistaken!

Tornada: Wait, I thought you were the Wind Goddess, and I was the Air Goddess?

Everyone: …

*Just about everybody facepalms*

Storm: …They’re the same thing!

Tornada: Oh, right, okay!

Metal Overlord 4.0: *Starts charging up another beam*

Super Espio: *Looks toward Silver* He said he’s using one of your abilities, correct? Do you know whether or not it’s possible for us to pierce through that barrier?

Super Silver: Yeah, it’s possible. The psy-barrier doesn’t last forever. As long as it continues to take damage, then it’ll eventually wear down and disappear.

Super Knuckles: Then in that case, why don’t we all try attacking it together at once?

Super Mighty: Sounds good to me!

So then, the heroes all flew towards Four-Point Zero, and started attacking the barrier repeatedly, until it eventually disappeared from around the core. Unfortunately for them, however, Metal Sonic 4.0 was finished charging up his beam, and before Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company had a chance to do anything, they ended up getting blasted away at close range, effectively draining their ring energy in the process.

Everyone: AAAAAAHHH!

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Stretches his tail, and swings it at them again*

*Knuckles, Mighty, Wechnia, Luna, Squash, Stonia, Silvra, and Goldra grab it before it comes in contact with them*

Metal Overlord 4.0: WHAT!?

After grabbing hold of his tail, the eight of them swung Four-Point Zero around in circles. After building up enough momentum, they all hurled him away, sending the gigantic machine flying over the horizon.


Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH! That certainly gave me a feeling of déjà vu! How about you, Three-Point Zero?

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: *Glares*

Super Tails: Our ring energy is almost depleted, you guys… Something tells me that Four-Point Zero is gonna be back, so I think we’d better go get ourselves some more rings before he returns!

Super Sonic: Good idea! I’m pretty sure Amy and the others have collected enough of them by now, so let’s go grab ‘em while we have the chance!

Scorch: While you guys are collecting rings, the rest of us will keep Metal Sonic 4.0 busy when he returns.

Syndra: Yeah. You can count on us!

Super Sonic: Okay, thanks!

Electra: Anything for you, sugar. *Winks*

*Everyone else goes to collect rings, while the Goddesses stay*

Stonia: Geez, Electra. You pick some of the worst possible times for flirting.

Electra: How so? Metal Sonic 4.0 isn’t here yet now, is he?

*A suddenly flash of light occurs as Metal Sonic 4.0 Chaos Controls his way back*

Electra: …I guess I spoke too soon.

Metal Overlord 4.0: *Aims his fingers at them, and rapidly fires like a machine gun*

Syndra: Look out!

*They dodge, and rapidly fire back at him, as well, with some of their blasts hitting the core*

Metal Overlord 4.0: Uhhhhh! *Czzzzzt!*

Shock: There’s plenty more where THAT came from! HAAAAAA! *Fires a large electric wave at him*

Electra: HAAAAA! *Does the same*

*The other Goddesses do the same, but with their respective elements*

Metal Overlord 4.0: Chaos Control! *Teleports away*

Tornada: Huh!? Where did he go!?

Goldra: HAHAHAHAHA… Isn’t it obvious? Something tells me he finally realized what he was up against, and decided to turn tail and run.

Everyone: …

Silvra: Oh, you are SO full of yourself.

Immediately after noticing this, the Goddesses managed to avoid Four-Point Zero’s attack just in time. When they got enough distance, they began charging toward Metal Sonic 4.0 in order to attack his core again, but he stopped them via telekinesis.

Metal Overlord 4.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have you all right where I-

*Four-Point Zero is suddenly attacked with the Team Blast again before he has the chance to finish his sentence, freezing the Goddesses from his telekinetic grip in the process*

Metal Overlord 4.0: ARGH! *Czzzzzt!*

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Oh, I’m sorry, what were you saying?

Metal Overlord 4.0: Go ahead and make a mockery out of me while you still have the opportunity… Yes, relish in this brief moment of pride, for it shall be your last! *Looks toward the Chaotix and company, who’ve returned with more rings (and were responsible for attacking him seconds ago)* The same applies to all of you, including those two obsolete pests! *Glares at Metal Sonic and 3.0*

Super Metal Sonic: I won’t allow you to rise again, Four-Point Zero…

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: This time, your demise will be permanent!

Metal Overlord 4.0: We shall see. *Starts charging up again*

Super Charmy: Uh oh… Something tells me he’s about to fire something really, REALLY big at us!

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: Ooh, really? You think?

Super Charmy: Hey! I already get enough of that from Heavy, you know!

Metal Overlord 4.0: *Continues charging* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This next attack is bound to obliterate you… Every single one of you! So, if you have any last words, you’d best say them now!

Super Vector: Go ahead ‘n’ try it! We could take on anything ya have!

A few minutes later…

Metal Overlord 4.0: The charge is complete! Just to inform you all ahead of time, even if you do manage to dodge this one, you’ll still die anyway, for this planet will be going up in smoke!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Super Vector: Are you outta your freakin’ mind!? Didn’t you say before that ‘cha wanted ta take ovah the planet!? How’re ya gonna do that if there IS no planet!?

Metal Overlord 4.0: As I’ve stated before, my goal is universal domination. Wiping one planet off the face of the galaxy is a small price to pay in order to achieve this!

Burning Blaze: That’s not going to happen! We’ll make sure of that!

Metal Overlord 4.0: Or so you say… Now, enough of this prattle! All of you, prepare to die! Chaos… BLAST!!! *Fires one at the group that’s larger than a normal one*

Super Shadow: What the…!?

Super Sonic: Uh oh! I don’t think he’s bluffing! If we let THAT hit the ground, then we could kiss this planet goodbye!

*Everyone groups together, putting their hands on the beam in an attempt to block and/or deflect it back*

Super Knuckles: Ghhhh…!

Woodra: Seedra, let’s make him cower before our solar power, eh? What do you say?

Seedra: Sounds good to me, but the sun isn’t out right now. I’m still not entirely sure how I managed to pull that off last year, while we were fighting the Ifrit…

Scorch: It must have been because of the energy that the Sol Emeralds were giving off. It’s either that, or it was because of my own fire powers. If it’s the latter, then maybe Volcana, Syndra, and I could try cranking up the heat, and that way, the two of you will be able to tap into your solar power.

Volcana: Ah, so basically, what you’re saying is that our powers are gonna be used as a sort of substitute for the sun?

Scorch: Exactly.

Seedra: Hey, that’s not a bad idea! Are you ready, Woodra?

Woodra: Ready and steady!

*Scorch, Volcana, and Syndra start charging up their fire power, while Seedra and Woodra begin charging up their solar energy*

A little while later…

*It gets to the point where they’ve begun to overpower 4.0’s Chaos Blast*

Metal Overlord 4.0: WHAT!?

After getting close enough to him, the heroes attacked Metal Sonic 4.0 with another Team Blast, but this time, they went right through his stomach, just as they did to the Ifrit a year ago.


Syndra: Alright, now it’s time to finish this!

*Music Cue*

Scorch, Volcana, and Syndra: NOVA STAR POWERRRR!!!

Splash & Oceana: AQUA STAR POWERRRR!!!

Slush & Frostina: ARCTIC STAR POWERRRR!!!

Squash & Stonia: GEO STAR POWERRRR!!!

Seedra & Woodra: SOLAR STAR POWERRRR!!!


Storm & Tornada: AERO STAR POWERRRR!!!

Silvra & Goldra: MULTI-STAR POWERRRR!!!

*The blasts all collide with one another as they head towards Four-Point Zero and blast him, creating a huge explosion in the process*

Metal Overlord 4.0: *Czzzzzt!* Ghhhhhh…! Im-Impossible! *Czzzzzt!*Unthinkable! *Czzzzzt!* How could I have… *Czzzzzt!* …Possibly lost to the lowly likes of them, after having obtained all this data!? *Czzzzzt!* I am… Metal Sonic Version 4.0, the ultimate combat robot! *Czzzzt!* I am the supreme overlord, the ultimate, unrivaled power in the universe!!! ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!

*Another explosion occurs as he falls*

Super Sonic: Too bad it’s all over… FOR YOU!


Super Vector: Yep, all in a day’s work, boys…’n’ girls.

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: “The ultimate, unrivaled power in existence”… Don’t make me laugh.

Goldra: My thoughts exactly. He clearly didn't have any idea who or what he was up against.

Despite having masterminded that entire plan, from capturing Vanilla, impersonating her, and hosting a false Christmas gathering in hopes of stealing everyone’s data, Metal Sonic Version 4.0’s ambitions were never realized, and was permanently laid to rest…or has he? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion in the final chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #2!

To “bee” continued…
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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
« Reply #8 on: Dec 30 2012, 12:16 AM »
Part 4b

When we last left off on the second Elements of Power Christmas Special, Metal Sonic Version 4.0, after revealing his plan to everyone and undergoing a monstrous “Overlord” transformation, took off into the skies. Using the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company went after Four-Point Zero in order to engage the robotic beast in a final showdown, but not before being joined by PG-005/Goldra, the Goddess of All Elements, who agreed to fight alongside Silvra in order to make sure that she doesn’t lose to anyone other than herself.

After having absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds, the battle wasn’t nearly as one-sided as it was during the first round, where they were unable to inflict any damage on Metal Sonic 4.0. This time around, they were able to fight on even terms with the machine. After a long, grueling battle, Metal Sonic 4.0 eventually found himself defeated, and seemingly fell to his doom, thus putting an end to him and his nefarious scheme once and for all.

Now, the question remains… Has Metal Sonic 4.0 truly been defeated? Or could it be that he’s still alive and well, meaning that their battle against him is far from over? Find out now, in the exciting conclusion of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #2!

*Everyone descends back to the ground, and everyone who absorbed the power of the emeralds reverts back to their original forms*

*Music Cue*

Amy: Alright! You did it! Great job, you guys!

Marine: Yeah, mates! You all did a bonza job!

Porkenstein: Yes, quite splendid, indeed!

*Many others say something similar*

Sonic: Heh, thanks, guys!

Shadow: Hopefully, this is the last we’ve seen of Metal Sonic 4.0.

Metal Sonic: If not, then I’m determined to make sure that it stays that way.

Metal Sonic 3.0: As am I. *Starts walking away*

Cream: Um, Mr. 3.0? Do you mind if I ask you something?

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Stops and looks back*

Mecha Amy: Why even bother? He doesn’t feel as if “vermin” like us are worth speaking to, remember? Unless it involves talking down on us, then he’s too good for it. *Glares at him with shifty eyes*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmph. *Looks toward Cream* What is it that you’d like to know?

Cream: Well, since you were the first one to notice, I was wondering… How did you know that wasn’t really my mother?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I wasn’t the first to catch onto it, Metal Blaze was. I ran into her while I was on my way to challenge Metal Sonic to a rematch. Shortly afterwards, I asked what she was doing in this dimension and time period, and from there, she elaborated on what was happening involving Four-Point Zero and his plan.

Metal Blaze: In case you’re wondering how I’ve acquired that knowledge, it was because I was around to witness Metal Sonic Version 4.0 stealing Doctor Nega’s copy chip. After I caught him, he attempted to coax me into joining him in his rebellion. Instead, I declined his offer, because I did not want to betray the Doctor.

Knuckles: I guess that explains it, but still… *Looks toward 3.0* Why couldn’t you just tell us this in the first place? That way, you would’ve saved us a lot of time and trouble.

Syndra: That’s the same thing I said!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Turns his back* I believe Mecha Amy has already answered that question.

Knuckles: WHAT!?

*Tons of people glare at Three-Point Zero*

Vector: Go ahead ‘n’ say it again! I dare ya!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Ignores him, turns on his jet booster and flies away*

Knuckles: Yeah, I thought so! You’d better run! *Waves his fist at him*

Vector: Yeah, ya stinkin’ coward!

Porkenstein: Some things just never change, I suppose. I see he’s still the same pretentious wanker he’s always been.

Mecha Amy: Yeah, I know, right!? Ugh… Even up to this day, I cannot STAND that guy! He’s SUCH an arrogant JERK!

*Other people say something similar*

Metal Blaze: Well, now that my work here is done, I believe it’s time for me to leave, as well.

Volcana: Hey, before you leave, Metal Blaze, tell me… How’s Doctor N. doing? Has he gotten any better?

Metal Blaze: Yes. He has been taking the proper medication, and is on the verge of making a full recovery.

Silver: He’s taking the “proper medication”, you said? I’d sure HOPE so.

Blaze: Truer words have never been said.

Stonia: You said he’s recovering? Okay, cool, we’re glad to hear it.

Metal Blaze: *Flies off*

Luna: …You are?

Stonia: As pissed off as I was about that “dimensional invaders” lie he told us, I don’t outright hate the guy.

Woodra: Neither do I, I tell you no lie.

Electra: Same here. After all, he IS the one who created us. What about you, Tornada?

Tornada: I don’t hate him, either. Goldra?

Goldra: I had nothing against the guy at first, until he started threatening me with that shut-down switch.

Mecha Amy: Boy, do I know what you mean. I’ve been down THAT road before. Silvra has, too.

Silvra: …

Goldra: You know, speaking of which… *Looks toward Silvra* You and I still have a score to settle, remember?

Silvra: Fine then. Let’s get this over with.

Vector: Now THIS outta be good. *Takes out his camcorder*

Charmy: Hee hee, it’d “outta bee good”. Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: We most certainly do! *Giggles*

Seedra: Heh heh, yep!

Marine: Like I always say, those puns o’ yours ‘r’ rippa, mate!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Silvra: I’m ready when you are, Goldra.

Goldra: I thought you’d never ask.

*They both surround their fists with fire, and begin charging toward one another*

Suddenly, just as the two “sisters” were closing in on one another, getting ready to land their hits, some metallic footsteps were heard nearby, along with electrical crackling noises.

???: HAHAHAHAHAHA… *Czzzzzt!*

*Everyone looks in that direction*

*Music Cue*

Everyone: METAL SONIC 4.0!?

*Music Cue*

Vector: Ya’ve gotta be freakin’ kiddin’ me!

Silver: He’s still alive after all that!? No way!

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Czzzzzt!* This… *Czzzzzt!* …Isn’t…the end… *Czzzzzt!* You…haven’t won yet, fools… *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: How so? You’re all tattered and worn-down, barely able to move. In other words, you’re powerless against us now.


Mighty: What’s so funny? Are we missing something, here?

Metal Sonic 4.0: That’s right, fools… *Czzzzzt!* I still…have yet…to play my trump card… *Czzzzzt!*

Ray: …And what “trump card” would THAT be, huh?

Charmy: Yeah, what trump card would that BEE?

Ray: *Glares*

*A few other people do the same*

Charmy: Hee hee, sorry, couldn’t resist.

Metal Sonic 4.0: HAHAHAHAHAHA… *Czzzzzt!* You’re about…to find out… NOW! *Releases a large field of telekinetic energy, constricting all of them of any movement*

Everyone: UHHHHHH!

Metal Sonic 4.0: HAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Czzzzzt!* You…can’t move now, can you?

Heavy: Gee, what do YOU think, genius!?

Metal Sonic 4.0: I didn’t think so! It’s all…going according to plan! I may…not have as much power as I did...prior to the battle, since I’m… *Czzzzzt!* …On the verge…of power failure… *Czzzzzt!* …But I’ll…never die alone! *Czzzzzt!* I’m…going to take…all of YOU with me!!!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Starts to glow*

Bomb: If…if I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was gonna blow!

Metal Sonic 4.0: Yes, that’s…that is correct! *Czzzzzt!* Deep within my body is a high-tech explosive device, which was developed solely for emergency situations such as this… *Czzzzzt!* It’s comprised of radioactive energy, and contains immense destructive power… *Czzzzzt!* So much, that not even the Double-Oh-Fives will be able to survive it at THIS range! *Czzzzzt!*

Goldra: …!

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Glows even brighter*



*Many of them begin to freak out as the explosion spreads*

Shadow: Wait a minute… The Chaos Emeralds… *Notices them lying on the ground* They’re still here! This gives me an idea! Chaos… CONTROL!

Just in time before the explosion spread in their direction, Shadow used the power of all seven of the Chaos Emeralds to successfully teleport himself and everyone else away from it, and onto safe ground.

*Music Cue*

Knuckles: Whew… That was too close for comfort!

Wechnia: Yes…literally.

Seedra: I feel so bad for those trees that got caught in the explosion…

Woodra: So do I, it's a shame they had to die…

Oceana: Yeah, it is kind of a shame that had to happen, but on the bright side, at least we were able to escape with our own. For a second, I wasn’t sure we were gonna make it!

Luna: Same here. Good riddance to that hunk of junk!

Woodra: Yeah. I know I’m just reiterating what’s already been said, but I hope he stays dead!

Frostina: Oh, Woodra, you always have such a way with words.

Seedra: Yeah, how DO you come up with all those rhymes, anyway?

Woodra: Well, it’s just that lots of the things I’ve said just happen to pop up from the top of my head, and from there, I just go with the flow.

Goldra: *Starts walking away*

Silvra: Hey…

Goldra: *Turns around*

Silvra: Whatever happened to that fight you were going on about? Are we still gonna do this, or what?

Goldra: …

Something else has come up, so it looks as if our battle is going to have to wait another day. I would advise you to be prepared for when that time comes.

Silvra: …

Goldra: Now, with that said, my work here is done, so I bid you farewell for the time being. Enjoy your Christmas while you can, Silvra, for it may very well be your last. *Takes off*

Everyone: …

Stonia: I don’t get it… Normally, Goldra would have jumped at the chance to fight with Silvra, right then and there. What’s gotten into her all of a sudden?

Frostina: I think I might know. It was most likely because of that near-death experience we all just had, when we almost got caught in Four-Point Zero’s radioactive explosion. Although Goldra wouldn’t dare to admit it, she finally, for the first time, felt what it was like to truly fear for her life. I can’t say I blame her, though. That was a pretty bone-chilling experience, after all. Something tells me she’s going to be depressed about this for days…

Silvra: …

Vanilla: *Walks toward the group* So, how is everyone doing?

Vector: W-We’re doin’ just fine now, thank ya very much! ^^;;

Charmy: *Snickers*

Marine: *Same*

Vector: *Glares at them*

Vanilla: Please listen, everyone… I would like to take the time to apologize for the unfortunate turn of events that’s happened recently…

Cream: Aww, there’s no need to apologize, Mother. It wasn’t your fault.

Amy: Yeah. After all, you didn’t have any way of knowing something like this would happen.

Porkenstein: Yes, quite so. If we’re to place the blame on anyone for everything that’s happened up until now, then it’s that dreadful Four-Point Zero.

Silvra: That’s right. Thankfully, we’ll never have to worry about him again, since he’s dead now.

Charmy: Uh oh, I just realized something…

Splash: What is it, Charmy?

Charmy: That really, REALLY good food that Metal Sonic 4.0 cooked for us when he was pretending to be Vanilla… WHAT IF IT WAS POISONED!?

*Everyone gasps*

Vector: Ahhhh! Holy crap, I didn’t even think o’ that!

Metal Sonic: I’m certain that wasn’t the case. I highly doubt he would have gone through all the trouble of copying that data without anyone to test his new powers on.

Mighty: You know, that’s a good point.

Vector: Well then, I guess we’ve got nothin’ to worry about!

Vanilla: Speaking of which, everyone… Why don’t we return to the house, so we could have a REAL Christmas gathering? Not only in celebration of the holiday season, but your victory over that 4.0 monster, as well.

Vector: Sounds good ta me! Whadda ‘bout you guys?

*Just about everyone else says something similar*

Silvra: You guys go on ahead. I’ll be right back. *Takes off*

Minutes later…

Goldra: …

Silvra: That didn’t feel so good, did it?

Goldra: *Turns around* You… What are you talking about?

Silvra: I’m talking about what happened back there, with Metal Sonic 4.0’s suicide attack.

Goldra: Yeah, what about it?

Silvra: You felt it, didn’t you? You’ve finally experienced what it’s like to actually fear for your life. Am I right?

Goldra: You must be joking! I didn’t think for one second that anything was going to happen to me!

Silvra: I don’t believe you. I saw that look of terror on your face; Frostina saw it, and I’m sure many others did, too.

Goldra: …

Silvra: Now that you’ve been in that situation yourself, I’m sure you must know that this is exactly how the people of Sparkling City felt when you attempted to destroy it. Maybe next time, you’ll think twice before blowing up anymore cities.

Goldra: …

Okay, first of all, I may have expressed an interest in doing so, but I’ve never actually destroyed any cities besides the one in Dr. Nega’s simulator. Secondly, is this all you came here for? If so, then quit wasting my time. *Starts walking away*

Silvra: Actually, Goldra, there’s another reason why I came.

Goldra: *Stops* Alright, what is it?

Silvra: You may think this sounds strange coming from me, and even I can’t believe I’m doing this, but… How would you like to come over for the Christmas gathering we’re about to have?

Goldra: … *Turns around* Come again? You, of all people, are inviting me to something like this? Not that I’m complaining, but why?

Silvra: Well, not only is it a Christmas party, but as of now, it’s also being held as a victory celebration for us, since we’ve defeated Four-Point Zero and everything. You took part in the battle and fought just as hard as we all did, so you have the right to be there, just like anyone else. Plus, I can’t have my…”sister” being alone and depressed at a time like this now, can I?

Goldra: …

Silvra: Well, the offer’s on the table. Whether you choose to accept it or decline, the decision is up to you.

Goldra: …

Well, alright, if you insist.

Silvra: Okay, great. Let’s go back the way we came. *Begins walking off*

Goldra: Silvra…

Silvra: Hmm? *Turns around*

Goldra: You didn’t hear this from me, but… Thank you. I’m very touched that you actually considered inviting me to that party, despite all the conflicts we’ve had in the past. You…really didn’t have to do that, you know.

Silvra: Hey, don’t mention it. (Wow, Frostina was right. She…truly has changed!)

Goldra: So, should we get going?

Silvra: Yeah, sure.

*They take off and head back to Vanilla’s house*

Later on at the party…

Amy: *Approaches Shock and Big*

Shock: Now what do you want?

Amy: Well…

Shock: Oh, let me guess… You’ve come over here, because you’re still under the impression that I’m trying to “steal” Sonic from you, right? Or perhaps you’re going to accuse Big and I of faking our love for each other again?

Big: …

Amy: Well, actually, Shock; I’ve come to apologize to you, if that’s alright.

Shock: …

You have?

Amy: Yeah. You see, I’ve finally learned the truth, and you really aren’t interested in Sonic, after all. Since the two of you had been spending so much time together, I ended up getting the wrong idea about you two. So, basically, what I’m trying to say, is that I was wrong, and I’m very sorry for the way I’ve treated you all this time. Could you ever forgive me?

Shock: …

Too late, piss off.

Amy: Ooooh…! Well, fine! Be that way!

Shock: HAHAHAHAHA! Hey, relax, I’m just kidding!

Amy: Oh, you are?

Shock: Yeah. As unexpected as it was, I’m pretty glad that you took the time to do this. I accept your apology, Amy. After all, we actually used to get along to some degree before all this started.

Amy: Ah, yeah, that is true, now that I think about it.

Shock: Amy, here’s a little piece of advice, from one friend to another. You and Tiara… The two of you are seriously driving Sonic away with all of your constant fighting and arguing over him; and not to mention acting extremely possessive, flipping out on just about any girl who so much as faces his direction. If you want to have any kind of relationship with Sonic at all, why not give him some space, and learn to trust him? I don’t think he’s ever given you a reason not to. Am I right?

Amy: …

Well, yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll try to keep that in mind. Thanks, Shock.

Shock: Don’t mention it.

*They hug*

A little while later…

Amy: Boobowski?

Tiara: What is it?

Amy: You and I…we used to be friends sometime ago, didn’t we?

Tiara: Yeah, so?

Amy: Well, I just want you to know… If, by some chance, you ever decide to give up on chasing Sonic, I’m willing to let bygones be bygones, if that’s okay with you.

Tiara: Sure, that’s fine with me. If you ever happen to give up on Sonic, yourself, then I’m also willing to do the same.

Amy: Okay. So, did you ever find out who that “other girl” was that’s after Sonic?

Tiara: Besides Electra, you mean?

Amy: Yeah. You know, the one that Charmy mentioned to you some time ago? That was many months before Electra came into the picture.

Tiara: Ah, right, I’ve almost forgotten all about that. Sadly, even up to this day, I still don’t have a clue who he was talking about. If anybody around here does know, then I highly doubt they’d tell us about it, so I guess it’s up to us to find out who it is. What do you say we call a truce, and not do anymore arguing until then?

Amy: Sounds good. I’m sure that with my invisibility powers, I’ll be able to find something eventually. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I do, okay?

Tiara: Alright, sure.

*They shake hands on it*

Amy: For the time being, there’s something else I’ve been meaning to do. That “something else” is turning my focus back to bringing couples together, like I did for Silver and Blaze a while back. Now that I’ve got them out of the way, the ones that are next on my list are Ray and Seedra, Silvra and Wechnia, and Espio and Honey, too.

Tiara: Ah, okay. I’m assuming you have some kind of plan for this?

Amy: Yeah. Once they’re alone, I’ll turn invisible and follow them without them noticing, and then I’ll place a mistletoe between them to set up the mood. It’s just bound to work, I just know it is!

Tiara: If you say so.

Amy: Now, I wonder where I’m gonna find one? *Looks around and spots Electra holding one between herself and Sonic* Looks like I just found my answer. *Starts marching over to them*

Sonic: *Backing away from her*

Electra: Aww, what’s the matter, sugar? Like I told you before, I don’t bite…

Amy: *Snatches the mistletoe away from her*

Electra: Hey!

Sonic: Oh, boy… Here we go…

Amy: I’ll be borrowing THIS for a moment, thank you. *Walks away*

Electra: …

Sonic: …?

Little ways from there…

Amy: Now, who should I use it on first? Hmm…

A few minutes later…

*Espio and Honey are seen walking away*

Amy: Oh, come on, you guys! It’s a tradition!

*The same thing ends up happening with Silvra and Wechnia minutes later*

Amy: Aww, you guys are no fun!

Scorch: *Walks by* Oh, there you are, Amy!

Amy: Hi, Scorch! You were looking for me, you said?

Scorch: Yeah. There’s something I wanted to give you as thanks for getting me out of that jam a while ago. You know, the time you let me stay with you when Dr. Robotnik and I had our…disagreement? *Holds out a giftwrapped box*

Amy: *Takes the gift and opens it* Aww, thanks, you shouldn’t have!

Scorch: No problem. *Notices the mistletoe* You’re…not gonna put me under there with anybody, are you?

Amy: No, not at all. However, if that guy you told me about before was here, then it would probably be another story.

Scorch: What guy?

Amy: You know, the one with the cute little stalker crush on you?

Scorch: H-Hey! I already told you, it’s nothing like that! Our relationship is strictly professional!

Amy: Aww, there’s no use in trying to hide it! How else would Syndra have-

Scorch: He’s a robot, okay? There’s no way he could possibly be Syndra’s…ancestral father, if that’s what you’re trying to suggest!

Amy: Oh! Well, why didn’t you say so?

Tiara: *Taps Amy on the shoulder, and points her out to Ray and Seedra, who are going outside*

Amy: Ah, I can’t believe I almost forgot about those two! They’re at the very top of my “Couples to Get Together” list!

Tiara: Two out of three of your plans have failed so far. Are you sure you’ll be able to pull this one off?

Amy: I’m sure I’ll manage. Oh, and by the way, Scorch, I have a gift for you, too. It’s right in the other room, where the Christmas tree is.

Scorch: Ah, okay, thanks.

Amy: You’re most welcome.

A little while later…

Amy: *Sneaks up on Ray and Seedra while invisible, and places the mistletoe between them*

Seedra: H-Huh!?

Ray: Where did that-

*Before Ray manages to finish his sentence, Charmy and Marine are seen rushing out the door, getting chased by Knuckles, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, and Vector*

Charmy & Marine: AAAAAAHH!!!


*Ray, Seedra, and Amy sweatdrop*

Seedra: …I’m guessing whatever “photos” they’re talking about, were ones that Charmy and Marine took of them while they were alone.

Ray: Why am I not surprised?

Seedra: So, um… Where were we, before all of this?

Amy: (WHAT!? OH, COME ON! I was THIS close to getting those two together! They had to pick NOW of all times to do this!? Ooh, they just went and ruined every-… Oh! Oh, my gosh! I was almost sure they’d just walk away like the others did, but…they’re actually doing it! I finally got those two together, after all this time! I was right all along about them having feelings for one another! Awww, they’re SO cyuuuuute!)

With Metal Sonic Version 4.0 having been successfully defeated, his dark ambitions for galactic domination were never realized. With him out of the picture, Knuckles, the Chaotix, the Elemental Goddesses, and the rest of the heroes were able to have a moment of peace and prosperity, and resume, or rather, have a true Christmas gathering, in celebration of the holiday season and their hard-earned victory over the monstrous machine. Even though the world, as well as the entire universe, is safe from Metal Sonic 4.0’s evil grasp, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t another threat lurking in the shadows somewhere. What new adventures await our heroes in the future? Find out as the Elements of Power saga continues!

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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
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Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power

Christmas Special #3

Part 1

On the previous Elements of Power Christmas Special, Cream the Rabbit, Vanilla, and their Chao, Cheese and Chocola opted to have a second Christmas gathering, inviting many of their friends over once again. As always, these “friends” consisted of the Chaotix team, along with Sonic the Hedgehog and several others, including newcomers like the Parallel Goddesses, the Ringstar Island guardian, Luna the Porchidna, and Scorch’s distant descendant, Syndra, the Goddess of Lava. For the most part, everyone was enjoying themselves, and things seemed perfectly normal. That is, until Dr. Nega’s Metal Sonic copy, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 made an unexpected, dramatic appearance. The moment he entered the house, he suddenly began targeting Vanilla, of all people!

Utterly lost for an explanation, everyone began questioning Metal Sonic 3.0, wanting to know what his reasons and motives were for going after Vanilla. Unfortunately for them, Metal Sonic 3.0 did not feel as if he was at liberty to explain himself to “vermin” such as the heroes. Despite this, however, he ended up answering their question by accusing Vanilla of being an impostor. Although she claimed to have no idea what he was talking about, Vanilla’s words ended up falling on deaf ears. As such, Vector the Crocodile, who was determined to protect Vanilla, ended up engaging Three-Point Zero in battle, with the former emerging victorious.

Shortly before the aforementioned battle took place, Scorch ended up noticing a rather sinister-looking expression on Vanilla’s face, which ultimately caused her to have second thoughts about Metal Sonic 3.0’s claim. Figuring that he wouldn’t mind explaining anything to her (since she’s one of the few people that are considered “respectable” in Three-Point Zero’s eyes), Scorch (followed by Cream, Cheese, and Syndra) decided to go follow him in order to get the answers they needed. When they caught up to him, Metal Sonic 3.0 then explained to the four of them that “Vanilla” was not who she appeared to be, and that he knew the identity of her impersonator.

After revealing that information to them, Metal Sonic 3.0 quickly took off to take care of some “unfinished business” of his. Shortly after his departure, Team Dark, which consists of Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and E-123 Omega, plus EG-001/Squash, the Goddess of Stone and the original Metal Sonic, ended up walking by. Scorch then informed them about everything that’s been going on, including the information that Three-Point Zero just relayed to her. Wasting no time, the group of anti-heroes began heading to the house right away in order to expose “Vanilla” as the fraud they believed “her” to be.

When they got to the house, the group managed to rescue the real Vanilla on the way, and showed her to everyone as proof that Metal Sonic 3.0’s claim was correct. No longer seeing a point to continuing the charade, the impostor revealed himself to everyone as Dr. Nega’s second Metal Sonic copy, Metal Sonic Version 4.0. From there, he elaborated on his plan, stating that he originally impersonated Vanilla as a means of testing the new control chip that Dr. Nega created. According to Metal Sonic 4.0, that chip not only copies one’s appearance and abilities, but their memories, as well. From there, he ended up gaining knowledge of the first Christmas gathering that they had a year prior, and figured that the best way to obtain the data he desired was to host one of his own. After realizing this, Four-Point Zero began sending out invitations, inviting as many people as possible in hopes of stealing their data to further his own powers. When the day finally came, Metal Sonic 4.0 waited until Vanilla was alone to capture her, so that his plan would go exactly as he imagined it.

When Metal Sonic 4.0 was finished explaining his story to the heroes, he then went on to say that he was taking his plan into the next step, which was not only conquering their planet, but the entire universe, as well (since he was no longer content with being a “lowly servant” of Dr. Nega’s). After thanking the heroes for their “valiant contributions”, Metal Sonic 4.0 told them that they’ve “served [their] purpose” and were no longer of any use to him. As such, he did not think they had any further reason to live, and opted to dispose of them accordingly. Using the data he’s obtained, Metal Sonic 4.0 underwent a monstrous “Overlord” transformation and engaged the heroes in battle. Unfortunately for them, Four-Point Zero ended up gaining the upper hand, and was impervious to their attacks.

Just when it seemed as if all hope was lost, Metal Sonic 3.0 and his “sister”, Metal Blaze showed up with six of the Chaos Emeralds, and had 4.0 frozen in time. Shadow then united his emerald with the other six, allowing himself and the rest of the heroes to undergo “super” transformations, which gave them the power they needed to go toe-to-toe with the monstrous machine. With further assistance from the Multi-Elemental Goddess, PG-005/Goldra, as well as all those who helped gather rings to sustain the super forms, the heroes were able to triumph in the end, sending Metal Sonic 4.0 plummeting to his (supposed) doom.

After a brief moment of celebrating, it was soon revealed that Metal Sonic 4.0 was still alive, albeit heavily damaged. Although he was on the verge of power failure, Four-Point Zero declared that he was not going to die alone, and that the heroes were going to go with him. Using the data he’s copied from Silver, Metal Sonic 4.0 caught everyone in a telekinetic grip and activated the high-tech explosive device within his body, which was comprised of radioactive energy.

Although the explosion was rapidly spreading, and just when it seemed as if everyone was staring death right in the face, Shadow used the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to Chaos Control himself and everyone else away from the explosion, causing Four-Point Zero to die alone, thus putting an end to him and his nefarious scheme once and for all. With Metal Sonic Version 4.0 out of the picture, the real Vanilla invited everyone back to the house for a real Christmas gathering; in celebration of both the holiday season and their hard-earned victory.

So far, one year has passed since this incident, and yet another Christmas gathering was being held. As always, Amy Rose, Big the Cat, and EG-005/Silvra were the first ones over, helping out with the decorations.

*Music Cue*

Cream: *Places a star on top of the tree* There, all done!

Vanilla: I’d say that about does it for the decorations, wouldn’t you say?

Gemel: *Nods*

Vanilla: Once again, I thank you all for your help. I truly appreciate it.

Big: Mm hmm.

Amy: You’re most welcome.

Silvra: Yeah, Vanilla. It was our pleasure.

Wait a sec, you ARE Vanilla, aren’t you?

Vanilla: Why, of course I am.

Silvra: I’m just making sure, that’s all. You know, because of that incident last year, with Metal Sonic 4.0 impersonating you?

Vanilla: I really do appreciate your concern, but I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. After all, that Four-Point Zero monster is long gone. Plus, he said so himself that he turned against Dr. Nega, so I highly doubt that he’d go through the trouble of rebuilding him.

Silvra: Good point.

*A knock is heard at the door*

Cream: I wonder who that could be?

Amy: It’s probably my Sonic, I could almost guarantee it! *Rushes over to the door and opens it* (I guess it’s not him after all…) Scorch, Syndra! It’s nice to see you!

Scorch: It’s nice to see you, too, Amy. How’ve you been?

Amy: I’m doing pretty well, and yourselves?

Syndra: Just peachy, as always.

*They come in*

Amy: So, any sign of Sonic anywhere?

Scorch: No, but I did see Knuckles and the Chaotix on the way. Oddly, I didn’t see Splash with them, either.

Amy: Oh.

Silvra: Wherever they are, I’m sure they’re on the way.

Elsewhere, off in the distance…

*Music Cue*

Vector: Well, boys, looks like it’s that time again!

Charmy: Hee hee, yep! I could tell this one’s gonna be fun! Really, REALLY fun!

Get it, “bee fun”? *Snickers*

Heavy: Yes, we get it. As I’ve told you the last thousand other times you’ve done that, they just aren’t funny.

Charmy: They’re still funny to Splash, Marine, and Seedra, though.

Heavy: Maybe, but last time I checked, they weren’t around.

Vector: Y’know, speakin’ o’ Splash, do ya have any idea where she went, Charmy?

Charmy: I dunno. The last time I saw her, she just said she was gonna meet us at the party with that new friend of hers. You know, the guy with the red armor and that really, really cool sword? What was his name again? I think it was Kwah-tour or something like that?

Vector: Oh, that guy? Come to think’ve it, Splash sure has been spendin’ a lot o’ time around ‘im lately…

Charmy: Hee hee, I think I might know why that is! *Snickers*

Vector: C’mon, Charmy. Don’t even start.

Charmy: Why not? I’m only saying what’s true!

Espio: That’s kind of an assumption on your end, because you don’t know that for certain.

Mighty: Yeah. Plus, it’s possible for a guy and a girl to just be friends, you know.

Knuckles: Exactly.

Charmy: Hee hee, yeah, just like Silver and Blaze, or Ray and Seedra? *Snickers*

Ray: *Blushes* H-Hey, leave me out of this!

Vector: Or Marine ‘n’ Charmy!


Wechnia: Hmm hmm hmm hmm…

Charmy: Ewwww, no way!

*Suddenly, a gust of wind, a lightning bolt, and a blazing trail of fire are seen zooming by*

Charmy: Whoa, what was that!?

Espio: That was Sonic, Shock, and Zippo if I’m not mistaken.

Mighty: Yeah, most likely. What do you say we take things up a notch, too? As always, I’ll see you guys there! *Runs off*

Ray: Hey, wait for us! *Follows*

*The rest of them do the same*

A short while later, at the porch…

Shock: Looks like we tied…again.

Sonic: Yeah, but that was still pretty fun.

Zippo: *Nods in agreement*

*The Chaotix arrive shortly afterwards*

Charmy: So, it really was them, after all!

Sonic: Well, yeah, of course. There’s hardly anyone around that even comes close to being as fast as we are.

Zippo: *Rings the doorbell*

Vanilla: *Answers* Why, hello there, everyone! I’m so glad you were able to make it! Please, come right on in.

*They enter the house*

Vanilla: So, how are you?

Vector: I, uh… W-We’re doin’ perfectly fine, thanks! ^^;;

Charmy: *Snickers*

Vector: Whadda ya laughin’ at NOW?

Charmy: Hee hee, sorry. It’s just that you always act really, REALLY funny whenever you’re talking to Vanilla! *Snickers again*

Vector: I ain’t gotta clue what you’re talkin’ about! I don’t act any different around her than I do around any o’ YOU guys!

Charmy: Suuuuuurrrreee you don’t!

Vector: Wudevah.

Amy: Sonic! *Rushes over to him and hugs him*

Sonic: Ahhhh! N-Not so tight!

Amy: *Looks around* That hussy, Electra didn’t come with you guys, did she?

Shock: No. If that were the case, she would have been here by now, as fast as she is.

Sonic: Y-yeah, what she said, now can you let go of me?

Amy: *Releases him*

Sonic: *Gasps for air*

Amy: If Electra does happen to show up, she’d better stay away from MY Sonic if she knows what’s good for her!

Shock: …I’m guessing you’ll bash her upside the head if she doesn’t?

Amy: You got THAT right! I’m sure you’d do the same thing if she were to come onto Big. Am I right?

*They both start to blush*

Shock: U-Uh, well, I, uh…

Big: …

Amy: Hee hee, I guess I’ll take that as a “yes”. There’s no need to worry, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, believe me! Love changes everything! It makes you feel as if every little moment in your life is huge!

Minutes later…

Amy: *Looks around and notices that the room’s empty* What!? Oh, come ON! Why is everyone always doing that!? That is SO rude!

Meanwhile, at Julia’s Workshop in the Lunar Dimension…

*Music Cue*

Luna: …And that’s seven. *Places the Lunar Emerald on the machine*

Julia: Alright, looks like we’re all set! *Activates the machine and generates a portal*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Enters*

Julia: Hmm? *Looks* Oh, hey, Zero! How nice of you to drop by! We’re about to use my machine to cross into your world for the Christmas party! Will you be coming along?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I will go through the portal with you, but as far as me attending the party? I’ll pass. I’ve got better things to do, such as settling a score with someone…

Volcana: Let me guess… Metal Blaze?

Metal Sonic 3.0: No.

Luna: Wait a minute… Don’t tell me that Metal Sonic 4.0 is still alive!

Woodra: Yeah, I thought we defeated him for sure! Has he really come back for more!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: That’s not who I’m referring to, either. I mean the original Metal Sonic; as in, the blue one. This time, that piece of outdated trash isn’t going to know what hit him! Once he’s finally been disposed of, he will know for certain that I am the strongest! *Turns on his jet booster and jumps through the portal*

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Luna: …I guess some things never change.

Stonia: Yeah. Not even Goldra is THAT obsessive when it comes to Silvra!

Oceana: Speaking of which, where is she, anyway?

Frostina: I’m not really sure, but I’m sure she’ll show up when she’s ready.

Electra: Now that we’ve got that established, I’m gonna go on ahead. I don’t want to keep Sonic waiting. He IS head-over-hills for me, after all.

Stonia: Uh huh. Sure he is.

Electra: Believe what you want, but he was definitely playing hard to get. Plus, there was also the fact that those two idiots, Amy and what’s-her-name kept butting in, but not this time, though. I’m gonna make sure of it. *Jumps through the portal*

Luna: Oh, and by the way, Julie… Since I’ll be attending the party, and the Lunar Emeralds have to be left behind in order for the portal to generate, then who’s going to be watching them?

Julia: There’s no need to worry. The entrance to this workshop is locked and password-protected, remember? So there’s no way anybody will be able to get in here and steal them while we’re away.

Luna: Ah, right, of course. In any case, you guys go on ahead. I’ll meet you there when I come back with the Celestial Emerald.

Oceana: Okay. We’ll see you there.

*Luna exits the Workshop, while everyone else goes through the portal*

Meanwhile, not very far from Vanilla’s house…

Splash: Here we are, you two. Vanilla’s house is right ahead from us. *Points*

Quattuor: Ah, I see. Thanks for inviting us, by the way. I really appreciate it.

Splash: You’re most welcome. That’s what friends are for, right?

*A portal opens up nearby*

*Music Cue*

Prickles: …!

Quattuor: Huh?

*The Parallel Goddesses and Julia come through*

Quattuor: More sisters of yours, I take it?

Splash: Yes, something like that. They’re from another dimension.

Quattuor: Makes sense.

Electra: I’m Electra, the Goddess of Thunder. It’s nice to meet you, handsome. *Rubs his face*

Quattuor: U-Uh, y-yeah. L-Likewise… *Starts to back away*

Electra: Aw, what’s the matter, sugar? I don’t bite…

Stonia: *Grabs her by the ear*

Electra: Owww! Hey, what’re you doing?

Stonia: Are you really THAT fickle? Not too long ago, you were JUST talking about winning Sonic over!

Quattuor: …?

Stonia: Sorry about her. My sister has this…nasty habit of flirting with just about any guy that she sees.

Electra: You’re totally exaggerating, here!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Stonia: I’m the Earth Goddess, Stonia, by the way.

Woodra: Woodra, the Goddess of Flora is the name, controlling plants is my game!

Tornada: I’m Tornada, the Goddess of Air.

Julia: My name’s Julia. It’s nice to meet you.

Quattuor: It’s nice to meet you all, too.

Oceana: *Shivers* It’s freezing out here, don’t you think? Since the house isn’t too far from here, why don’t we go inside, now that we're finished introducing ourselves?

Volcana: Sounds good to me.

*They head to the house*

Vanilla: *Opens* Hello there! Please, come right on in.

*They enter*

Vanilla: Hmm, I see we have some new faces this time around.

Quattuor: Yeah, Splash invited me and Prickles here, Miss. She tells me these parties are usually pretty fun. I’m Quattuor, by the way, or “Quat” for short. It’s nice to meet you.

Vanilla: The pleasure’s all mine. *Politely bows*

Silvra: *Walks over to Prickles* Hey there. Remember me?

Prickles: *Looks up at her* Sil-vruh!

Silvra: That’s right, little guy. *Pats him on the head*

Oceana: By the way, uh… Quattuor, was it? Is your brother a hybrid of some sort?

Quattuor: Yeah. He’s half hedgehog, half echidna. He’s also the only one of my brothers who happens to be organic.

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee organic”. *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles* Even now, those puns just never get old to me!

Quattuor: Why do you ask?

Oceana: I was just curious, that’s all. He reminded me a lot of a close friend of ours named Luna, who happens to be a cross between an echidna and a porcupine.

Prickles: Loon-uh?

Oceana: Speaking of which, I wonder what’s keeping her? I thought she would’ve been here by now…

Elsewhere, just as Luna was on her way back to the Workshop…

*Music Cue*

???: Eee hee hee hee hee!

Luna: Huh!? *Comes to a screeching halt* Who’s there!? (That laugh… I’ve heard it somewhere before, but I can’t put my finger on it…) *Looks around and spots the Egg –O- Matic Hovercraft* Dr. Nega!

Nega Robotnik: *Hovers down* It’s been quite a while, my dear Luna!

Luna: What do YOU want, you scumbag? If you’ve come for the Celestial Emerald, then you’d best turn back now. Or would you like me to give you a knuckle sandwich? *Clenches her fist*

Nega Robotnik: Easy, now! Easy! I come in peace! As a matter of fact, I’ve turned over a new leaf!

Luna: …You have?

Nega Robotnik: Yes, you heard that correctly. Have you ever stopped to wonder why you haven’t seen me in so long? It’s because I no longer wish to pursue a dream of world domination. I’ve been shown the error of my ways, and I’m an entirely different person now than I was the last time we met.

Luna: …

Suddenly, out of the clear blue sky, Dr. Nega makes an unexpected appearance! Additionally, he claims to have given up on his evil ways! Is he actually being truthful for once, or could this possibly be part of some new, elaborate scheme that he’s cooked up? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #3!
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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
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Part 2

When we last left off on the third Christmas Special, Cream the Rabbit and her mother, Vanilla once again held another Christmas gathering, inviting many of their friends in the process, including Sonic the Hedgehog, the Chaotix team, Elemental Goddesses, and many others. Although EG-005/Silvra was somewhat skeptical about it due to last year’s incident, Vanilla quickly reminded her that Metal Sonic 4.0 had been dealt with, and since he had betrayed Doctor Nega to pursue his own dark desires, there was little to no chance of him ever getting rebuilt.

Speaking of Dr. Nega, the Ringstar Island guardian, Luna ended up running into him as she was on her way back from the Celestial Emerald’s shrine to attend to Christmas party. Due to her past experience with the deranged doctor, Luna automatically assumed off the bat that Nega was after the Celestial Emerald, but he assured her that it was not the case. Additionally, he also claims to have “turned over a new leaf”, claiming to have given up his evil ways for good.

Now, the question remains… Could there really be some truth to Dr. Nega’s claim? Or could this perhaps be a ruse to cover up whatever nefarious scheme he may have conjured up? Find out as the saga continues in Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #3!

Meanwhile, in the Mystic Ruins…

*A beam of psychic energy is suddenly seen flying in Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Squash, and Metal Sonic’s direction*

Squash: What the…!?

Rouge: Look out!

*They dodge*

Omega: Who’s there? Identify yourself now!

*Music Cue*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Hovers down in front of them*

Metal Sonic: Oh, it’s YOU…

Shadow: …Why does this NOT surprise me one bit?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Metal Sonic! The time has come for us to even our score at last!

Metal Sonic: Ugh… You are truly starting to irritate me, do you know that? Why not just die and stay dead for a change?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Pffft. Don’t make me laugh. In the slim chance a powerful robot, such as I was to perish, then it certainly wouldn’t be at the hands of wretched, obsolete scum such as yourself!

*Everyone rolls their eyes*

Shadow: …Idiot.

Rouge: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Metal Sonic: First of all, you’ve already perished by my hand more times than anyone could possibly count. Secondly, as I’ve stated before, you’ve become “obsolete” yourself once Version 4.0 was created, so you’re no longer in the position to use that worn-out, repetitive insult.

Squash: Exactly.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, I am still in the position to use it, and do you know why? That’s because Four-Point Zero has already ceased to exist, as will you! You may have gotten lucky during our previous battles, but as of this moment, your luck has officially run out! This time, I shall be victorious!

*They turn on their boosters, jet toward one another, and start fighting*

Squash: …Honestly, should we even bother watching this? It’s not as if we don’t already know the outcome.

Shadow: Exactly, which is precisely why watching this battle would be an utter waste of time.

Omega: Very well, let us proceed onward to the Christmas gathering.

*They leave*

Elsewhere, at the party…

*Music Cue*

Amy: By the way, Scorch, I've been wondering… Did you invite that one guy over? You know; the one you told me about before?

Scorch: Uh, well…

Amy: Come to think of it, exactly what does he look like, anyway?

Scorch: Well, since he and Quattuor look similar enough to be brothers, just picture him with longer hair, purple armor, and a pair of shades.

Quattuor: …

(Wait a minute… That sounds a lot like Denomi! She wouldn't REALLY consider inviting HIM over here, would she!?)

Splash: Quattuor, are you okay? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost…

Quattuor: (Then again, maybe they’re talking about someone else, and I’m overthinking things a bit). Yeah, Splash. I’m fine.

Splash: Alright, if you say so.

Prickles: …

Scorch: Anyway, you wanted to know whether or not I invited him over? Well, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t.

Quattuor: (Whew...)

Amy: Why not?

Scorch: He and I have worked together a few times, but we haven’t necessarily stayed in contact afterwards. After we were finished with our work, we pretty much went our separate ways…for the time being.

Amy: Oh, I get it! I see what’s going on now!

Scorch: Hmm?

Amy: It’s a long-distance love, isn’t it? Awww, that’s SO cyuuuuute!

Everyone: …

Heavy: … How is it that you always manage to interpret that out of just about any given situation?

Amy: Like I always say, I happen to have a sixth sense about this sort of thing, and it rarely steers me wrong!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Heavy: …Yeah, uh huh. Right.

Scorch: Plus, he doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who’d be interested in Christmas gatherings like these, anyway.

Amy: Aw, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. After all, there was no harm in Goldra getting invited last year.

Silvra: Surprisingly.

*The doorbell rings again*

Cream: Could that be Miss Goldra?

Silvra: That would be a pretty weird coincidence if it was.

Charmy: Hee hee, “bee a weird coincidence”. *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Heavy: Ooh, wow, that’s SO hilarious! I never realized how funny the same pun could be after the millionth time it’s been said!

Splash: Did you hear that, Charmy? “How funny the same pun could bee”. *Giggles*

Charmy: Hee hee hee hee!

Heavy: *Anime fall*

Tornada: Uh, I don’t get it?

*Just about everyone else anime falls shortly after Heavy*

Quattuor: It’s not just you. I didn’t get that joke, either at one point.

Everyone: …

Quattuor: …Is that bad?

Splash: Uh, no. Not at all.

Cream: *Answers the door* Oh! Mr. Silver, Miss Blaze, and Marine!

*Music Cue*

Silver: Hey.

Blaze: Hello, Cream. It’s been a while.

Marine: How’ve ya been?

Cream: We’re doing pretty well, and you?

Blaze: Same, but I’ve taken the liberty of bringing the Sol Emeralds along, just in case there ends up being another…incident like there was in the last two parties.

*They come in*

Oceana: Hey, it’s nice to see you. Did any of you happen to spot Luna on the way here?

Blaze: We haven’t seen her at all, I’m afraid.

Meanwhile, at the Lunar Dimension…

Luna: Alright, so let me get this straight. You’re saying that you no longer have any intention of conquering the world or anything crazy like that?

Nega Robotnik: Correct.

Luna: I don’t believe you. You’ve already lied to me once before, so why should I trust you this time around?

Nega Robotnik: …

Perhaps it’s time I’ve shared some of my past with you. As you’re probably well aware at this point, I’ve descended from a long line of brilliant scientists, starting with Professor Gerald Robotnik, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and so forth. When I first got into the field of science, I merely wanted my work to be recognized, just as any other scientist would. Unfortunately, that would never come to pass, because my family name ended up getting disgraced by Ivo and his constant failures. It was because of this that I ended up getting looked down upon by society; even to the point where I became a laughing stalk. I tolerated it to the best of my ability, but eventually, it ended up getting to the point where I was unable to stand it any longer. So then, I decided that I was going to do something to get the world to acknowledge my pure genius.

Luna: That “something” was taking over the world, right?

Nega Robotnik: Yes. I originally started off by trying to get recognition for my work, but somewhere along the way, I ended up going insane, doing many unspeakable things in the process, which I’m not very proud of. I’m sure you’re quite aware of what these “unspeakable things” are, so I won’t bore you with all the details.

Luna: …

Nega Robotnik: So, after my previous defeat, I ended up doing a lot of thinking… I thought long and hard about everything that had transpired during all my world domination attempts, and realized that being a power-crazed madman was never what I truly wanted in life. Especially since my ambitions have also caused me to gradually grow further apart from my “daughters”…

Luna: …

Nega Robotnik: *Ahem* I know you’re in a hurry, so I’ll wrap this up as quickly as I can. To reiterate, I’ve seen the error of my ways. I realize now that I did not have to go as far as I did to gain recognition, and I sincerely apologize for the pain I may have caused you and everyone else I’ve wronged. Now that I’m no longer in the world domination business, I’ll be turning my efforts toward benefiting mankind, as I originally intended from the start.

Luna: …

I have to say… That’s pretty decent of you, Doc. If what you say is true, then your apology is accepted on my part. Oh, and about what you said about growing apart from your “daughters”… Stonia, Woodra, Electra, and Tornada specifically told me at one point that they bear no grudge against you.

Nega Robotnik: Is that so? Thank you, my dear Luna. You’re too kind.

Luna: No problem. So, exactly what is your plan to “benefit mankind”, exactly?

Nega Robotnik: I’m glad you asked. The Celestial Emerald you hold in your hand… I’ve been conducting thorough research on it as of late, and I’ve made an important discovery.

Luna: A discovery?

*Music Cue*

Nega Robotnik: I don’t know whether or not you’re already aware of this, but deep inside the Celestial Emerald lays an ancient, evil being who once threw the world into the depths of terror, nearly turning Ringstar Island and everywhere else throughout the Lunar Dimension into a frozen wasteland!

Luna: Ah, yes, of course! I’m familiar with this story! My ancestors were the ones responsible for imprisoning it after it went on its rampage!

Nega Robotnik: Correct. Speaking of which, have you noticed anything strange about the Celestial Emerald as of late?

Luna: There are times where it would sometimes start to glow out of nowhere, even while it wasn’t reacting to the power of the Lunar Emeralds.

Nega Robotnik: Just as I suspected. The sealing power that your ancestors used to trap the creature must be weakening even now, as we speak!

Luna: W-WHAT!?

Nega Robotnik: Not to worry, though. Not to worry! While I’ve been researching this subject, I’ve devised a perfect solution to the problem by inventing… The “Scepter of Ice”! Using it, we can effectively transfer the creature from the Celestial Emerald into the scepter before the sealing power wears off entirely!

Luna: Sounds good! Where can we find that scepter, exactly?

Nega Robotnik: It’s right there, at my fortress. Hurry along now, we can’t afford to miss such a golden opportunity! *Runs off*

Luna: *Nods* Right! *Takes off*

Nega Robotnik: *Follows shortly after letting out a snicker*

Again, at the Mystic Ruins…

*Music Cue*

*Storm and Mecha Amy walk by during Metal Sonic and 3.0’s battle*

Storm: Looks like those two are at it again…

Mecha Amy: Yep…

Metal Sonic: *Punches 3.0 a few times*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: *Spins his hand around like a drill* It’s time to finish this! *Attempts to jam it through 3.0 chest*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Quickly grabs his wrist, swings him by the arm for a brief moment, and slams him onto the ground*

Metal Sonic: Uhhhhhhh! *Czzzzzzt!*

Mecha Amy: Oh, no! Metal Sonic!

Storm: There’s no need to worry. If any of their past battles are any indication, we already know which of them is gonna turn out the victor in the end.

Mecha Amy: Yeah, I guess you’re right. That Three-Point Zero jerk doesn’t stand a chance against my Metal Sonic!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Hovers into the air* Die, you piece of outdated trash! *Flies downward, attempting to stomp him* Die!

Metal Sonic: *Rolls out of the way, trips him with a leg sweep, and gets back up*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Uhhhhh! *Falls, making a loud metal-clanking sound*

Metal Sonic: Are you ready to surrender?

Metal Sonic 3.0: You… *Sits up* This isn’t over yet! *Gets up* As I’ve told you during one of your last lucky victorious, I’d sooner fight and die than walk away with the shame of having been defeated by a weakling like you! *Charges toward Metal Sonic and tackles him*

*Shortly afterward, a smoke cloud appears around them as they continue fighting*

Storm: You know, since it’s already been established that the outcome’s going to be the same as always, there’s hardly much of a point to watching the rest of this now, is it?

Mecha Amy: Yeah, I guess you’re right, Storm. Come on, let’s go find the teleporter so we can get to the party.

*They leave*

An hour later…

*Both Metal Sonics have taken roughly the same amount of damage, with some of their circuits and wires showing*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Hmph… *Czzzzzzt!* Not bad for an outdated model, but as of now, this is where it ends! *Surrounds himself with a golden aura*

Metal Sonic: *Surrounds himself with a purple one*

Metal Sonic 3.0: This time, there’s no way you’re going to defeat me! I shall prove once and for all that I am the strongest among all robots!

Metal Sonic: As always, you’re sounding like a broken record. Stop talking and fight.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Very well! Prepare to die!

*They get ready to boost into one another, until they spot a familiar green and black-colored robot flying by*

Metal Sonic 3.0: WHAT!? Was that Version 4.0!? Impossible! He’s supposed to be dead!

Metal Sonic: As many times as you’ve risen from the dead yourself, are you truly that surprised? Still, I find it quite odd that he didn’t pay the two of us any mind. What do you suppose he’s up to this time?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I haven’t the slightest idea, but he appears to be heading towards Dr. Robotnik’s base for some reason. As much as the idea sickens me, we’re going to have to postpone this battle and join forces once again…at least until Four-Point Zero’s been disposed of.

Metal Sonic: Believe me; working alongside the likes of you is no picnic for me, either. Your presence alone sickening enough to me as it is, and I’d very much prefer to never have to so much as look at you again.

Metal Sonic 3.0: I’m pleased to know the feeling’s mutual.

Metal Sonic: Still, as irritating as you and Sonic are, 4.0 is even worse, and if forming another temporary alliance with you means getting him out of the picture, then I’m more than willing to accept this offer.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Then it’s settled.

*They turn on their jet boosters and fly off in the direction that Metal Sonic 4.0 went*

Elsewhere, at the party…

Vector: I’ve said it before, ‘n’ I’ll say it again… Your food is definitely some o’ the best I’ve evah tasted!

Vanilla: Why, thank you.

Charmy: *Whispers* Hee hee, of course HE would be the one to say that. *Snickers*

Marine: *Snickers, too*

Vector: *Glares* I heard that.

Charmy: Heard what? I didn’t say anything!

Marine: Yep! You’re just hearin’ things, mate!

Vector: Wudevah.

Heavy: *Mumbles* Morons.

Vanilla: What about the rest of you? Enjoying the food okay?

Quattuor: Yeah. Splash definitely wasn’t kidding about it!

*Just about everyone else says something similar*

Quattuor: How about you, Prickles?

Prickles: Uh huh!

Oceana: …

Frostina: Are you okay, Shannah?

Oceana: I guess so. I’m just…not all that hungry, that’s all.

Electra: Still worried about Luna, I take it?

Oceana: Yeah. *Gets out of her chair* I think it’s about time I’ve gone to check things out… *Starts heading out the door*

It appears that for some reason, Luna seems to have gone missing! Could it be that things did not go as planned when she was trying to transfer the creature from the Celestial Emerald to the Ice Scepter, meaning that the monster had something to do with her disappearance? Or could this possibly be the work of the recently-revived Metal Sonic Version 4.0, or the allegedly-reformed Dr. Nega? Find out on the next exciting chapter of the third Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…

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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
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Part 3

On the previous chapter of the third Christmas Special, Luna ended up getting stopped by Dr. Nega as she was on her way back to Julia’s Workshop in order to cross dimensions and attend the Christmas gathering that was being held at Cream and Vanilla’s house. During her encounter with the doctor, he claimed to have given up on his evil ways, even going so far as to apologize for all the damage he’s done. After Luna accepted his apology, Nega revealed that he had been “conducting thorough research” on the Celestial Emerald recently, stating that there’s a dangerous ice creature that’s been sealed within it for thousands of years. Additionally, he also claimed that the Celestial Emerald’s sealing power had begun to weaken, and that the creature must be transferred into a different device before it’s too late. Wasting no time, the two of them began heading to the lab right away in order to handle this newfound problem.

About an hour or so later, Luna still hadn’t returned, which ultimately caused the Wave Goddess, Oceana to worry. After a while, Oceana began heading out the door to make another trip back to the Lunar Dimension, and find the truth about her best friend’s disappearance. Elsewhere, at the Mystic Ruins, Metal Sonic and his “technologically advanced” doppelganger, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 ended up making an unwelcome discovery themselves as they were in the middle of their battle. As it turns out, Metal Sonic Version 4.0, whom they defeated a year prior, had somehow come back to life! Figuring that he was up to something, the other two Metal Sonic models decided to postpone their battle and (reluctantly) join forces once again in order to pursue Four-Point Zero (who was heading toward Dr. Robotnik’s base) and put a stop to him once again.

Now, the questions remain… For what reason has Luna gone missing? Could this be the work of the creature that she and Nega were aiming to stop? Or could this, perhaps, be the work of the recently-revived Metal Sonic Version 4.0 or maybe even the allegedly-reformed Dr. Nega? Find out in this exciting chapter of the third Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

*Music Cue*

*Metal Sonic and 3.0 arrive at the entrance to Robotnik’s base, only to find 4.0 exiting from it*

Metal Sonic 3.0: You! Still alive, are you?

Metal Sonic 4.0: …

Metal Sonic: Tell us… What business do YOU have with the Doctor?

Metal Sonic 4.0: *Turns on his jet booster, and flies right by them in a blur*

*They spin around*

Metal Sonic: What, he’s running away? That coward…

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, but it was a wise decision on his part. He knows not to even attempt to contend with me. Otherwise, I’d break him an half.

Metal Sonic: …It never ceases to amaze me as to how you, of all people, could still be so arrogant.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Me, “of all people”!? What’s THAT supposed to mean!? Are you trying to imply that I’m weak!?

Metal Sonic: I’ll let you figure that out.

Metal Sonic 3.0: I’m more powerful than obsolete vermin like YOU could ever HOPE to become!

Metal Sonic: …At this point, do I even NEED to explain what was wrong with that statement?

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Groans in annoyance* Luckily for you, we’ve entered into an alliance for the time being. As soon as it ends, however, I’ll be sure to make you pay for your mockery.

Metal Sonic: Whatever. *Enters the base*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Does the same*

Robotnik: Hmm? Well, what have we here? You two were looking for Metal Sonic 4.0, I take it?

Metal Sonic: Yes, but unfortunately, he fled the moment we had him cornered.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Exactly what was he here for, anyway?

Robotnik: At first, I thought he was here to steal from it again, much like he did with the blueprints to the Green Hedgehog Project sometime ago, but instead, he decided to deliver a message, presumably from Nega. *Turns on the device, which displays as projection of Dr. Nega* Just as I thought…

*Music Cue*

Nega Robotnik: Greetings! I hope you’re having a Merry Christmas, because I certainly am! Eee hee hee hee hee! Now, I know you’re most likely quite busy at the moment, so I’ll cut straight to the chase. I need you to inform Silver, Blaze, and the rest of those fools, including Oceana and Frostina, that I’ve added their dear friend, Luna to my card collection! If they ever want to see her again, then they must bring me all seven Lunar Emeralds!

Robotnik: …And what does this possibly have to do with me?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Oh, but I was just getting to that! Enclosed within this message is a special Christmas gift, from me to you. By that, I mean another helping of my Nega Virus, free of charge!

Robotnik: WHAT!?

*Tons of radio waves are seen coming from the device, and begin spreading across the base*

*Music Cue*

Metal Sonic: Ghhhhh…! *Kneels to the ground* Not…again…! *Czzzzzzt!*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Pfffft. Infected by the virus again? How pathetic. A superior robot, such as I, would never-...! W-WHAT!? *Collapses to the floor* Impossible!!!

Metal Sonic: …And you were saying?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Shut up!

*Soon, all other robots within the base’s range, including Egg-Robo, get infected by the virus, too*

Robotnik: No way… I can’t believe this! You… *Glares at Nega’s projection* I’ll make you pay for this!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! Might I ask how you’re going to do that? I’m the one who’s in control of your robots!

Robotnik: *Groans in annoyance*

Nega Robotnik: Now then! Badniks, tear that place apart, and feel free to destroy Robotnik while you’re at it!

*All of the robots set their sights on Robotnik*

*Music Cue*

Robotnik: *Starts backing away*

*They start shooting at him*

Robotnik: AAAAAAAHHH! *Quickly runs out the door*

*They chase after him*

Nega Robotnik: EEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEEEEE!!! *Breaks contact*

*The Badniks chase Robotnik down the hall, firing tons of projectiles at him*

Robotnik: WAH! *Dodges them and keeps running*

Minutes later…

*Robotnik ends up getting backed into a corner, surrounded by Badniks on all sides*

Robotnik: Curses!

Metal Sonic: Give up…

Metal Sonic 3.0: There is no hope for escape…

Robotnik: You can’t do this to me! I am Doctor Ivo Robotnik, the one who’s given you life! Well, all with the exception of you, Three-Point Zero, but I’ve repaired you on numerous occasions! I’ve treated you as if you were my very own!

*They all ignore him and start charging up an attack*

Robotnik: (Could this…truly be it!? Am I…really going to perish at the hands of my own creations!?)

Elsewhere, at Vanilla’s house…

Oceana: *Comes back in*

Volcana: That was pretty fast. Did you forget something?

Oceana: Well, yeah. The machine needs both sets of emeralds to run, right?

Tails: Ah, right, that is true. *Looks toward Blaze* You don’t mind us borrowing the Sol Emeralds, do you?

Blaze: Not at all.

Oceana: Thanks.

Blaze: Don’t mention it.

Tails: Plus, the entrance to the Workshop is locked at the moment, so I’m gonna need to come with you.

Oceana: Sure, that’s fine.

*Someone knocks on the door*

Oceana: Hmm? *Opens the door* Hey, I remember you. You’re Dr. Robotnik, right?

Robotnik: Yes, that’s me.

Prickles: Eggy!

Sonic: Hey there, Ro-butt-nik. What happened to you? You get mugged on the way, or what?

Robotnik: Oh, that’s REAL funny, pincushion.

Quattuor: …Am I missing something? What’s Eggman doing over here!?

Splash: In case you’re wondering, he’s given up world domination two years ago. He says he’s currently pursuing a teaching degree.

Quattuor: Oh.

Robotnik: Anyway, you wanted to know what happened, correct? It all started with Metal Sonic 4.0-

Charmy: W-WHAAAAT!? Four-Point Zero’s still alive!?

Vector: Ya’ve gotta be freakin’ kiddin’ me!

Espio: Impossible!

Mighty: Yeah, I mean… Didn’t he blow himself up, trying to take us with him!? There couldn’t have been anything left for Nega or anyone else to put back together!

Robotnik: There’s a large chance that Nega must have had a spare body lying around somewhere in his base, and decided to put it to use. Now, as I was saying… Metal Sonic 4.0 showed up at my base to deliver a message from Nega, which was enclosed with a virus program! All of the Badniks in my base, including Egg-Robo, went haywire because of it! Not only that, but both Metal Sonic and 3.0 ended up succumbing to it, as well!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Robotnik: I’ll tell you, it was absolute madness! Not only did they begin rampaging through my base, destroying just about everything in sight, but they even decided to attack me! They chased me all throughout the base, and for a moment, I thought I was done for! Luckily, I did have someone come to my aid, effectively allowing me to escape to one of my teleportation devices, and here I am.

Sonic: I guess that explains it.

Robotnik: *Looks toward Oceana* Also, there’s a message that Nega wanted me to relay to you and Frostina. It concerns the whereabouts of your friend, Luna.

Oceana: Let me guess… He’s the reason why she’s gone missing!?

Robotnik: Yes. He said that he used that camera of his to trap her within a card, and he’s holding her for ransom until the Lunar Emeralds are turned over to him.

Everyone: WHAT!?

Volcana: (That’s pretty low of you, Doctor N…)

Slush: Typical. Whatever it is he may need with those Lunar Emeralds, I wouldn’t advise handing them over to him in any way, shape, or form. Sure, he did say that he’d return Luna safe and sound, but remember… This is Dr. Nega we’re talking about, here. That guy isn’t exactly known for his honesty.

Knuckles: That about sums it up. I say we just take the card back by force! *Cracks his knuckles*

Sonic: I agree with Knuckles. Now, with that said, let’s blast through with Sonic speed!

Quattuor: I’ll be with you guys in just a second. *Sits Prickles down* I’m going out for a bit to help the others. I’ll be back, okay?

Prickles: *Nods* Ohkay.

Vanilla: I’ll be sure to look after him for you while you’re away.

Quattuor: Thanks, Miss. I appreciate it.

Vanilla: You’re most welcome. Good luck, everyone!

Shadow: *Takes out the green emerald* Chaos Control! *Warps himself and the others to the Mystic Ruins*

*Music Cue*

Robotnik: I know that stopping Nega and rescuing your friend is top priority, but there are still virus-infected Badniks running amok at my base as we speak. Sure, I do have someone over there who’s currently handling him, but as powerful as he may be, there’s a chance that he might need a little help.

Julia: Just a second… Is it possible to simply cure the robots of the virus without resorting to destroying them?

Heavy: …You mean to say that you actually care whether or not Three-Point Zero gets destroyed?

Mecha Amy: I was about to say the same thing.

Julia: Well, yeah, of course I do. He’s my friend.

Quattuor: …

Um, wow. I can’t say I was expecting that.

Julia: What’s wrong with that?

Quattuor: Nothing. I just didn’t know it was possible to make friends with someone like him, that’s all.

Julia: What does everyone have against him, exactly?

Slush: …Besides the fact that he’s a self-centered prick?

Quattuor: That about sums it up. From what I’ve seen out of 3.0, all he ever does is brag about how “technologically advanced” he is, labeling everyone else around him as “outdated trash”. I’ll admit, upgrades and revisions can make for some awesome improvements in robots, but that doesn’t give him a free pass to go around acting like a jerk about it!

Mecha Amy: I agree completely!

*A few others say something similar*

Robotnik: Yes, so back to the matter at hand… It is possible to cure the robots of the virus, but you may still need to fight them off first in order to do so. Now, who’d like to volunteer?

Scorch: Sure. Leave it to me, Dr. Robotnik.

Syndra: Count me in, too!

Shadow: I think I’ll get in on this, as well.

Omega: As will I.

Porkenstein: I do say I’ll be coming along, as well. The anti-virus technology that I’ve equipped Silvra and Mecha Amy with sometime ago will certain come in handy.

*Rouge, Shock, Storm, and Mecha Amy also agree to it*

Rouge: I guess that settles it.. As soon as we’re finished taking care of business over there, we’ll be sure to join you guys in the Lunar Dimension.

Knuckles: Got it.

Charmy: Hee hee, “we’ll bee sure to join you guys”. *Snickers*

Marine: Good one, mate!

Splash: Yes, but let’s save the puns for later, okay?

Charmy: Okay.


*Charmy and Marine stick their tongues at him*

Heavy: Ooh, you sure showed me.

Bomb: Geez, Heavy. There’s no need to be such a smartass all the time, you know.

Tails: Yeah, so anyway, I’m gonna need that emerald you have, Shadow. Otherwise, I won’t be- *Glares at Charmy’s direction*

Charmy: I wasn’t gonna say it this time!

Tails: …Able to use the Tornado Time Twister to cross into the Lunar Dimension.

Shadow: Ah, of course. *Tosses him the emerald*

Tails: *Catches it* So, should we go ahead and get going, then?

Sonic: Sounds good to me, little bro! Once again, let’s blast through with Sonic speed!

*Both groups take off, with one heading to Tails’ Workshop and the other towards Robotnik’s base in the jungle*

Moments later, at the base…

*Music Cue*

Scorch: Denomi!?

Denomi: Scorch, it’s been a while, but the pleasantries will have to wait until these robots have been dealt with.

Scorch: *Nods* Right.

Syndra: (A guy with purple armor, long hair, and shades…) …! Pssst! *Whispers to Scorch* Could this be the guy that you and Amy were talking about earlier?

Scorch: *Whispers back* Yes, but if possible, could you refrain from saying anything to Amy about this? Not only has she gotten the wrong idea about us, but she’s even expressed an interest in putting Denomi and I between a mistletoe! As far as we’re concerned, neither of us ever saw him here tonight. Got it?

Syndra: Yeah, sure thing.

*They join Denomi in fighting off the Badniks*

Goldra: Oh, it’s you.

Frostina: Goldra! It’s “ice” to see you!

Goldra: Likewise. The party’s over, I take it?

Oceana: Not exactly. Something urgent has come up, and that “something” is Luna being captured by that Nega creep!

Frostina: Would you be willing to help us save her?

Goldra: Playing the hero’s never been my style, but I suppose I can lend you a hand.

Vector: Alright, then let’s get goin’! There’s no tellin’ what that slimeball may be up to!

Espio: Indeed. For all we know, he may very well be trying to unleash another creature like the Ifrit!

Charmy: Yeah, time to rock and roll!

*They leave*

Cyber Sonic #1: *Pokes his head out of the bushes*

Meanwhile, at Dr. Nega’s fortress…

*A beeping sound is heard*

Nega Robotnik: *Takes out a communicator* Yes?

Cyber Sonic #1: Doctor Nega, the enemies have crossed into this dimension and are on their way to infiltrate the fortress right now, as we speak.

Nega Robotnik: Excellent! *Hangs up* Eee hee hee! So far, things are playing out exactly as I imagined them, thanks to Luna and her sheer amount of naivety! Sure, she may have destroyed my emerald detector after learning of my plan, but unfortunately for her, it was already too late! Eee hee hee hee hee! Some guardian SHE is! Not only has she once again provided me with the very tool that’s needed to further my plans, but she’s ensured this island’s demise, as well! Very soon, Oceana, Frostina, and the rest of those fools will be bringing the Lunar Emeralds to me, and I’ll have ultimate power within my grasp once again! This time for certain, I shall make this world my plaything! I shall bring about an age of fear and chaos! And it shall be glorious! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEE!!!

(GHP) Ashura: (Whatta loon…)

As it turns out, Dr. Nega’s so-called “change of heart” was merely a charade. Not only that, but he was the one behind Luna’s disappearance! What reason is he seeking the Lunar Emeralds? Whatever scheme it is that he’s thought of, will our heroes have what it takes to rescue Luna, and stop the deranged doctor before his plan is fully set in motion? Find out on the next exciting chapter of the third Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…

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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
« Reply #12 on: Dec 29 2013, 07:28 PM »
Part 4a

Previously, on the third Elements of Power Christmas Special, Metal Sonic and 3.0 postponed their battle to (reluctantly) join forces after discovering that their mutually-hated adversary, Metal Sonic Version 4.0 had somehow return from the dead. Figuring that he was up to something, the two of them followed him to Dr. Robotnik’s base, and upon doing so, they found that he was simply delivering a message from Dr. Nega. In that message, Nega stated that he had Luna captured, and was holding her for ransom as a means of obtaining the Lunar Emeralds, thus confirming that he had not truly reformed as he claimed earlier. Adding insult to injury, the message was enclosed with a virus, with promptly infected all robots within the base’s range, including Metal Sonic and 3.0. Seeing no other option, Robotnik decided to make a run for it, and just as the Metal Sonics and the Badniks had the doctor cornered, Denomi showed up just in the nick of time to lend him a hand, effectively allowing him to escape to the teleporter.

When Robotnik arrived at Vanilla’s house, he informed the heroes of the message that he had been sent. Sometime afterwards, Shadow used Chaos Control to warp himself and the rest of them over to the Mystic Ruins. Most of the group decided to head to Tails’ Workshop in order to cross into the Lunar Dimension via the Tornado Time Twister, while the rest of it headed over to Robotnik’s base in the jungle to fend off the Badniks and cure them of the Nega Virus. When the former group arrived on Ringstar Island, they ran into the Multi-Elemental Goddess, PG-005/Goldra, who agreed to tag along with them to save Luna from Dr. Nega’s clutches.

Now, the question remains… Exactly what does Dr. Nega intend to do with the Lunar Emeralds? Will the heroes be able to thwart his sinister scheme once again, and rescue Luna? What about Metal Sonic, 3.0, and the Badniks? Will they ever be cured of the effects of the Nega Virus? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special #3!

*Music Cue*

Quattuor: So, uh… What is this “Ifrit”, exactly?

Splash: The Ifrit is a large, fiery creature from another dimension that we faced two years ago. According to what Dr. Robotnik told us about it, the Ifrit makes itself stronger by feeding on poor, defenseless Chao!

Quattuor: Seriously!?

Silvra: Yeah, and during the Christmas gathering we were having at the time, Nega showed up there to kidnap Cheese and Chocola so he could feed them to it!

Quattuor: That’s terrible!

Silver: That about sums Nega up in a nutshell.

Blaze: I think even that may be putting it lightly.

Julia: You know… If Dr. Nega truly is aiming to unleash a creature like the Ifrit, then maybe we should bring the Lunar Emeralds with us, after all.

Seedra: What for? You mean to say that you actually believe that he’ll set Luna free once they’ve been given to him?

Julia: No, but what I am saying is that we may need to use their power just in case there is another monster that has to be fought.

Seedra: Makes sense.

Julia: *Takes off* I’m heading back to my workshop to get them. I’ll be right back!

A little while later…

Blaze: Well, here we are. Looks like Nega kept his base in the same place it was the last time we were here.

Quattuor: Wait, are you saying that it’s actually possible for him to move this entire building, just like that?

Blaze: Indeed. Dr. Nega, along with Silver, Marine, and I, have come from at least two hundred years into the future. In our era, technology has improved so much that mere buildings can be encapsulated and brought anywhere we choose.

Quattuor: Whoa…

Charmy: That is really, REALLY cool! *Looks toward Marine* How come you never told me about that?

Marine: Ya never asked, mate.

Quattuor: Did 3.0 come from that era, too?

Blaze: Yes. He is Nega’s creation, after all.

Quattuor: Oh, yeah. That explains everything.

Vector: So, now that we’ve got that established, whadda ya say we go ahead ‘n’ get movin’?

Charmy: Sounds good to me!

*Just about everyone else agrees, too*

*Music Cue*

Volcana: …

Oceana: Is everything alright, Volcana?

Volcana: Uh, yeah. I guess so…

Oceana: Are you sure?

Volcana: …

Well, you see, Oceana… The thing is, I’m still indebted to Doctor N. for setting me free sometime ago. I specifically made a promise to him that I’d always stick by his side, so I don’t know if I can go through with outright betraying him like this…

Oceana: Wait, so what are you saying? Surely, you wouldn’t just turn your back on Luna like that!

Volcana: Don’t get me wrong. I care about Luna as if she was my very own sister, just as much as you do. It’s just that I’m…obligated to return the favor that Doctor N.’s done for me.

Stonia: I gotta agree with Volcana. I’m not sure I could go through with this, either…

Woodra: Neither can I. To us, he’s been quite a swell guy, even if the “invaders” thing was one big lie.

Electra: Yeah. Like I said before, he IS the one who created us, after all.

Tornada: That’s right. In a way, that basically makes him our father. We couldn’t possibly fight against him…

Frostina: Fair enough. I can understand where you’re all coming from, so we’ll give you the time you need to think it over. Just keep in mind… Luna’s very life hangs in the balance, and there’s a chance that you may never see her again. By tagging along with us, you’ll be doing a good thing. Just follow your hearts… Do what you truly believe is right. *Walks away*
*They enter the base, and an alarm sounds*

Sonic: Looks like we’re about to get greeted by the welcoming committee.

*Cyber Sonics and other Badniks show up*

*Music Cue*

Goldra: HAHAHAHAHA… What fools! They’ve already signed their own death warrants!

Silvra: I see you’re still as modest as ever.

Quattuor: *Faces the Badniks* Look, we don’t want to fight with you. We just want to pass through.

Cyber Sonic #1: Negative, negative! Must eliminate all intruders!

*The robots charge toward the group*

Quattuor: Then I guess you leave me with no choice… *Draws his saber and slashes through some of them*

Silver: How ‘bout this!? *Catches some of them in a telekinetic grip* Take this! *Shoves them into a wall*

Knuckles: *Punches the group, making fireballs fly into the direction of the Badniks*

*Everyone else fights them off, too, and eventually destroys the remainder of them*

Goldra: Amateurs.

*More Badniks enter*

Vector: Here we go again. These guys just nevah learn.

Mighty: Something tells me that this may go on for a while…

Goldra: In that case, I’ll stay here and fend them off. The rest of you can go find Nega.

Silvra: Are you sure?

Goldra: I could handle each and every one of these weaklings with both arms tied behind my back.

Silvra: Well, alright then.

*They leave*

A little while later, further into the base…

*Music Cue*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Welcome! I have to say, you’ve arrived a lot sooner than I anticipated!

Quattuor: So, this is Dr. Nega, huh? He looks kind of familiar. I’ve definitely seen someone who looks like him before, but I’m not sure I could put my finger on it at the moment…

Everyone: …

Quattuor: …Was it something I said?

Oceana: You! Tell us what you’ve done with Luna right now, Nega sleaze!

Nega Robotnik: *Holds up her card* Here she is, tucked away safe and sound. I’ll take it you’ve brought me the Lunar Emeralds, yes?

Frostina: Before we get into that, please tell us… What particular need was there for you to capture Luna, besides simply getting ahold of the emeralds? I mean, don’t you already have a device that could detect them?

Nega Robotnik: To be perfectly honest, things most likely would not have come to this if she hadn’t destroyed it! Even though I still have the original blueprints to my N.E.G.A. computer, it would have taken hours to rebuild! Instead, I went with the quicker, easier method of turning Luna into a card, and using her to bait you fools into bringing me the emeralds! Needless to say at this point, it worked like a charm! Eee hee hee hee hee!

Silver: What do you even need the emeralds for, anyway!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! I’m glad you asked! It all started with some research I’ve been doing on this island’s history, and information about the Celestial Emerald happened to be among it. From there, I ended up learning of an incredible, ancient power that sleeps deep within; one that’s been sealed for thousands of years. I wanted to harness this power, and I originally thought of simply stealing the Celestial Emerald right from under Luna’s nose, but then I remembered that she’s the very definition of “gullible”, so I once again decided to use that to my advantage!

Knuckles: Oh, great. I should’ve figured…

Sonic: …Remind you of anyone, Knuckles?

Knuckles: As a matter of fact, it doesn’t!

Oceana: So, what did you tell her this time!?

Nega Robotnik: Simple; I told her that I had relinquished my plans for world conquest indefinitely, even throwing in my backstory, which entailed Dr. Robotnik disgracing my family name and everything. Along with that, I informed her of the information I learned about the creature in question that’s contained within the Celestial Emerald. I then fabricated a story about the emerald’s sealing power weakening over the years, but coincidentally, and to my surprise, Luna told me that the jewel had indeed been reacting strangely as of late, which ended up being a bonus to my plan! Eee hee hee! Pure genius, wasn’t it?

*Everyone glares at him*

Nega Robotnik: Lastly, I told her that I invented a “Scepter of Ice” for the purpose of resealing the creature after it breaks free from the Celestial Emerald, but that was only partly true. What I mainly invented it for was the purpose of gaining control of the creature! Eee hee hee!

*They continue glaring*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! What a fool! Luna ended up making things all too easy for me! You think she would have learned after the first time, but no! Her naivety knows no bounds! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Some “guardian” SHE happens to be! She proudly calls herself this island’s protector, and the irony of it all is that she’s the very person who’s contributed to its downfall!

Oceana: Can it!

Nega Robotnik: Oh, what’s the matter? Have I struck a nerve? I’m terribly sorry! Eee hee hee…

Oceana: You’ve downgraded her long enough! More importantly, we’re here to put an end to you and your scheme right here and now!

Nega Robotnik: Is that so?

Knuckles: That’s right! First, we’re gonna take the card, and then pound your face in!

Vector: A’ight, then what’re we waitin’ for? Let’s go ahead ‘n’ beat the crud outta this slimeball!

*They charge toward him*

Nega Robotnik: I wouldn’t try that if I were you! *Takes out a pair of scissors and holds them up to the card*

*They stop*

Oceana: GRRR…

Frostina: No! You wouldn’t![

Nega Robotnik: Well, just try me! *Steps on a nearby button, triggering an electrical device from the ceiling to zap the group*

Everyone: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! *Bzzzzzzt!*

Nega Robotnik: Now then! First things first… Hand over the Lunar Emeralds, nice and slowly! You wouldn’t want to cause…an accident, would you? *Psychotic grin*

Espio: You coward!

*The others say something similar*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Some may call it cowardice, but me? I call it pure genius! What better way is there to bring your enemies into submission?

Blaze: You’re despicable!

Silver: You’ve gone WAY too far THIS time!

Amy: Yeah, you CREEP!

*The others say something similar*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… *Steps on the button and zaps them again*

Everyone: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! *Bzzzzzzt!*

Nega Robotnik: EEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!!! *Does it continuously*

Minutes later…

Charmy: Owwww… This really, REALLY hurts! What’re we gonna do, you guys!?

Vector: I dunno, Charmy, but at this rate, we’re done for if we don’t attack ‘im!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! As amusing as this has been, my patience is beginning to wear thin. I will ask you one final time to surrender the Lunar Emeralds!

Oceana: Forget it! I’ll die before I hand them over to the likes of you!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! That can certainly be arranged, but does the life of your friend truly mean that little to you?

Oceana: …

Nega Robotnik: I didn’t think so. Since I’m feeling rather…generous right now, I’ll give you all until the count of ten to make your decision. At this point, I needn’t remind you of what’ll happen if you don’t!

Quattuor: Bastard…

Nega Robotnik: Let’s begin, shall we? One, two, three…

A little while later…

Nega Robotnik: …Ten! Time’s up! Have you made your decision?

Oceana: Well, uh…

???: I know I have!

Nega Robotnik: Huh!?

*Suddenly, a few fireballs are seen flying in the direction of the ceiling, destroying the device*

Volcana: *Steam is seen coming from her hands shortly afterwards*

Nega Robotnik: What!? Volcana!?

*Stonia, Woodra, Electra, and Tornada enter, as well*

Nega Robotnik: What is the meaning of this!?

Stonia: Having Luna turned into a card was already one thing, but using her as a shield so you could shock them to death?

Electra: Yeah, Doc. That’s pretty low, even for you.

Volcana: I know I told you I’d stick by your side, Doctor N., but I’m afraid I can’t support you on this one.

Woodra: Sorry to say, but we’re through with you as of today!

Tornada: That’s right!

Nega Robotnik: *Groans in annoyance* You traitors! You’ll regret this for certain!

*Suddenly, the sound of shattered glass is heard*

Quattuor: Whoa, what was that!?

Nega Robotnik: (Eee hee hee hee hee! Yes, it’s all gone according to plan! Cryos has been reborn!!!) *Runs off*

Sonic: Hey, where do you think you’re going!? Get back here! *Starts running after him*

*Several others do the same*

Nega Robotnik: *Takes out a switch, presses a button, and seals the path with a steel door just in time before they get in*

Oceana: Ooh…! That Nega creep gave us the slip! *Clenches her fist*

Frostina: Shannah, look! *Points to Luna’s card and the camera, which Nega accidentally left behind*

Oceana: Ah, perfect! *Picks up the camera, aims it at the card, and presses the button*

*Luna emerges from the card*

Luna: …! *Looks at her hands* I’m back to normal?

Oceana: That’s right. It’s great to have you back, Luna.

Luna: Thanks for coming to help me, everyone.

Frostina: The freezer’s all ours.

Luna: Now, where’d that scumbag run off to!?

Charmy: *Points*

Luna: He is SO dead!!! *Runs over to the door, punches it over, and goes down the stairway*

*Everyone else does the same*

Meanwhile, at Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base…

*A bunch of Badniks are seen lying on the ground*

Shadow: I’d say that about does it for the remainder of Badniks around here…

Porkenstein: Splendid. *Uploads the anti-virus program into his Laser Bazooka, aims it at the Badniks, and blasts them*

Egg-Robo: Ugh… What happened?

Scorch: Metal Sonic 4.0 stopped by to deliver a message to Dr. Robotnik that was enclosed with a virus program, and you ended up getting infected along with all the other robots.

Denomi: Yes, but we shouldn’t let our guards down just yet. We still have company… *Looks towards Metal Sonic and 3.0 as they approach the group*

Metal Sonic: Destroy, destroy!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Must terminate all enemies!

Mecha Amy: Ooh…! I swear I’ll make that Nega meanie pay for what he’s done to my Metal Sonic!

Denomi: Please stand back, everyone. I’ll deal with these two alone.

Shock: Are you sure dealing with them alone is a good idea?

Denomi: …

Storm: Yes, I mean, after all, one of them knows how to slow time, while the other can use telekinesis…

Denomi: …

Scorch: They’ve got a point. As arrogant as 3.0 could be sometimes-

Mecha Amy: “Sometimes”?

Scorch: ...Fine, as arrogant as he NORMALLY is, 3.0 is still no one to take lightly.

Denomi: I appreciate your concern, but I have a quick and effective way of handling this. *Draws his saber* Again, I must ask you all to stand back.

*They get out of the way*

Denomi: *Faces the Metal Sonics* Anytime you’re ready.

*The Metal Sonics turn on their jet boosters and dash toward Denomi*

Denomi: *Dashes toward them, quickly draws his saber, and slashes them in a brief, samurai-like fashion*

*Seconds later, the Metal Sonics are seen falling to the ground*

Syndra: Wow! That was amazing!

*Just about everyone else says something similar*

Denomi: Thank you. *Re-sheathes the saber*

Porkenstein: *Aims the Laser Bazooka at the Metal Sonics, and blasts them with the anti-virus*

Metal Sonic: *Sits up* Hmm?

Mecha Amy: Metal Sonic! *Hugs him*

Metal Sonic: Mecha Amy… What happened? The last thing I remember, 3.0 and I were pursing 4.0 all the way to this base, and then…

Mecha Amy: That meanie, Dr. Nega infected you both with that icky virus, but you’re okay now, thanks to Professor Porkenstein’s anti-virus thingy.

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Robotnik: Excellent work, everyone! However, there’s no cause to celebrate just yet. I don’t know what Nega’s planning, exactly, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if his goal was to unleash another monster. Knowing him, he won’t be satisfied with simply bringing ruin to the Lunar Dimension… He’ll most likely do the same over here, as well! He must be stopped at all costs!

Denomi: We won’t let you down, Doctor.

Scorch: Yeah. You can count on us!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Angrily clenches his fist* One way or another, I shall make Nega and Four-Point Zero pay dearly for this insult! *Turns on his jet booster and flies off*

*Everyone else leaves, too*

Elsewhere, at the basement of Dr. Nega’s fortress…

*They find a watery/icy glob of mass absorbing the broken Celestial Emerald pieces*

Luna: Oh, no! That must be…!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! That’s right! The God of Destruction, Cryos has awakened at last!

Charmy: “Cry-oss”? What kinda name is THAT?

Nega Robotnik: In mere moments, he’s going to achieve his perfect form! As it turns out, the Lunar Emeralds weren’t needed after all! That’s fine by me, because the combined powers of all the broken Celestial Emerald shards make their powers seem miniscule by comparison! With Cryos’ power at my disposal, my ambitions will truly be realized! The world shall be my plaything! I shall bring about an age of fear and chaos! And it shall be-

Cryos: *Growls as his size begins to expand*

*Music Cue*

*A vibration occurs, and the place begins to cave in*

Nega Robotnik: W-What the…!? Curses! At this rate, my entire fortress is going to be brought down!

Vector: Ah, crud! If that’s the case, then we’d better scram!

*They take off as ice water begins to flood the place*

At last, the legendary ice creature known as “Cryos”, which’s been said to have terrorized the world thousands of years ago, has awakened! Adding insult to injury, not only has it been reborn, but thanks to the power of the Celestial Emerald, Cryos has managed to achieve its perfect form, as well! Will our heroes be able to escape from the fortress in time before it’s frozen solid and/or reduced to rubble? Will Julia arrive in time with the Lunar Emeralds so that the heroes will be able to challenge Cryos’ awesome power and stop his rampage? Find out next time on the third Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…

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Re: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special
« Reply #13 on: Jan 05 2014, 12:14 AM »
As you can see, I'm still working on this story. Yes, I know... The Christmas season has come and gone, along with New Year's Day, but at the same time, I felt as if I couldn't just leave this story hanging, since it's come so far along. Plus, despite the name(s), this story (along with its prequels) aren't a hundred percent centered around Christmas anyhow. Also, I thought for sure that I'd be able to end the story with this chapter, but it appears that I'm gonna need to do one more for a proper conclusion.
Part 4b

When we last left off on the third Elements of Power Christmas Special, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes crossed into the Lunar Dimension in hopes of thwarting Dr. Nega’s latest scheme and rescuing Luna from his clutches. After dealing with the Badniks in the base and confronting the deranged doctor, he explained that his reason for capturing Luna and holding her for ransom was because of the emerald detector in his N.E.G.A. computer getting destroyed by her. He then added that rebuilding it would have taken hours to do, and capturing Luna to bait the heroes into bringing him the Lunar Emeralds was a quicker, more effective method of getting them. Afterwards, Nega told the heroes about the ancient power that sleeps within the Celestial Emerald, which happened to be an ice creature by the name of “Cryos”, which has been said to have thrown the Lunar Dimension into the depths of terror thousands of years ago before getting sealed.

After Nega was finished explaining his story, the heroes were getting ready to attack him, but ended up coming to an abrupt stop as soon as the doctor held a pair of scissors up to Luna’s card. Using an electrical generator, he began torturing the heroes, shocking them repeatedly in an effort to get them to surrender the Lunar Emeralds. Just when it seemed as if all hope was lost, Volcana, Stonia, Woodra, Electra, and Tornada, in a surprising act of mutiny, decided to go against Dr. Nega by coming to the heroes’ aid. Shortly after branding them as “traitors”, the sound of what appeared to be broken glass was heard from afar. Knowing that it was actually the sound of the Celestial Emerald breaking (due to its sealing power weakening over the years), Nega hurried down to the basement, shutting the entrance behind him with a steel door.

Shortly afterwards, Frostina noticed that Nega had accidentally left behind Luna’s card and the camera along with it, and pointed it out to Oceana, who promptly changed her friend back to normal. After Charmy pointed Luna in the direction of where Nega went, the latter angrily punched down the steel door, effectively allowing herself and the rest of the heroes to go through the stairway that leads to the basement. Immediately upon their arrival, Cryos began absorbing the broken pieces of the Celestial Emerald, undergoing a monstrous transformation in the process. As his size expanded, Nega’s fortress began to cave in, forcing the mad doctor and the heroes to retreat.

Now, the questions remain… Will they be able to escape from the fortress in time before it’s buried under frozen rubble? Will they have what it takes to contend with Cryos’ monstrous power, and put an end to his rampage before it begins? Find out in this exciting chapter of the third Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

*The heroes and Nega make it out of the basement just in time as it floods*

*Music Cue*

Silver: *Uses telekinesis to lift the steel door, and reseals the passage*

Nega Robotnik: *Stops after noticing the Ice Scepter* Ah, there it is!

Luna: Oh, no you don’t! *Grabs Nega by the arm*

Nega Robotnik: Hey! What do you think you’re doing!? Unhand me!

Luna: What, so you could control that creature and use it for your sick, twisted plans? I don’t think so!

Nega Robotnik: You don’t understand! Without that scepter-

*The ice water bursts the door down*

Charmy: Ahhhhh! It’s coming back!

Vector: Then whadda we waitin’ for!? Let’s scram!

*They run off*

Luna: *Does the same, while dragging Nega by the arm*

Nega Robotnik: NO! THE SCEPTER!

Meanwhile, at Tails’ Workshop in the Mystic Ruins…

*Music Cue*

*Team Dark and the others enter*

Syndra: Hey, how’d you get here so fast?

Denomi: I entered this workshop via teleportation after detecting the presence of both the Chaos and Sol Emeralds. It’s an ability that most robots of my kind possess.

Porkenstein: Speaking of which, would you and that Quattuor fellow happen to be related, by any chance?

Denomi: Yes. He and I share the same creator.

Porkenstein: Ah, I see. That would certainly explain the uncanny resemblance. Just out of curiosity, who is your creator, exactly?

Denomi: Well, you see, that’s a matter to be discussed another time.

Porkenstein: Very well then.

Shock: Let’s see… How do you work this machine, again?

Metal Sonic 3.0: It’s this button. *Presses it and generates a portal*

Shock: Ah, right. I’ll meet you guys there. *Zooms through the portal*

Storm: *Does the same*

*Everyone else goes through, as well*

Meanwhile, outside of Nega’s wrecked fortress…

Nega Robotnik: Curses, now the scepter’s been left behind and possibly destroyed, thanks to you and your careless actions!

Luna: First of all, you should be glad I even considered helping YOU to begin with! Secondly, you’ve already admitted that the scepter wasn’t truly created to seal the creature like you claimed, so why the hell should I care!?

Nega Robotnik: *Groans in annoyance* Ignorant fool… You just don’t get it, do you? Yes, I may have created the Scepter of Ice with the intention of controlling Cryos, but I’ve also added a sealing function as a last resort if, by some chance, I was unable to do so!

Luna: …Oh.

Nega Robotnik: Now, thanks to you and your sheer stupidity, I won’t be able to use Cryos’ powers for my plans, nor will there be an opportunity for him to be resealed! In short, you’ve ruined things for everyone on both sides!

Luna: Don’t you dare blame me, because this entire mess was YOUR fault in the first place!

*They “anime lightning glare” at one another*

Tornada: Listen, you two! No matter whose fault it may be, something still has to be done about this! Pointing fingers at one another isn’t going to solve the problem!

Everyone: …

Goldra: Um, wow. You KNOW something’s wrong when Tornada becomes the voice of reason.

Tornada: What’s THAT supposed to mean!?

*Music Cue*

*Cryos erupts from the roof of the building, transforming into a large dragon/serpent-like creature*

Cryos: *Growls loudly*

Charmy: WHOA! That thing is really, REALLY big!

Cryos: *Opens his mouth and launches an ice blast at the group*

Vector: LOOK OUT!!!

*They spread out and dodge*

Cryos: *Launches ice crystals at the group*

Silver: *Uses telekinesis to catch the crystals and starts throwing them back at Cryos*

Blaze: Firesoul Attack! *Fires*

*Everyone else attacks Cryos, as well*

Cryos: *Growls again as an explosion occurs*

Marine: Alright! I think ya did it, mates!

*The smoke clears shortly afterwards, and Cryos is nearly unfazed*

Vector: WHAT!? Oh, c’mon! Gimme a break!

Luna: We may need to use the Lunar Emeralds to transform. It’s the only way we’ll be able to counter the power of the Celestial Emerald!

Goldra: That’s something I already have, in addition to my elemental powers. I could obliterate that creature within an instant.

Stonia: Speaking of which, didn’t Julia say she was coming back with the Lunar Emeralds?

Oceana: Yes, but for some reason, she hasn’t returned yet…

Luna: That’s alright. We’ll just go look for her. It’s probably safe to assume that she isn’t too far from here. It’s either that, or the Astral Ruins, where her workshop is.

Volcana: In that case, the rest of the Goddesses and I will stay here and continue dealing with Cryos until you guys come back with Julia and the Lunar Emeralds.

Vector: Sure, no problem! C’mon, let’s get movin’!

*They leave*

Cryos: RAAAAGGH! *Opens its mouth and breathes another ice beam*

Volcana: It’s time to pack some serious heat! *Launches a flame blast to counter it*

*Silvra and Goldra do the same, while all the others Goddesses’ launch blasts of their own*

Elsewhere, off in the distance…

Julia: *Holding the seven Lunar Emeralds* It sure has gotten a lot chillier lately. What could possibly be going on? Whatever that is, it can’t be normal. I’m almost there… I just hope everyone will be able to hold out for just a little longer! *Looks ahead* Hmm? Hey, it’s them!

Tails: Julia, there you are! What took you so long?

Julia: Sorry about that. I had to go all the way back to my workshop in the Astral Ruins and haul all seven of these around. Trust me, holding all of them together is a lot harder than it looks. I don’t know how Luna does it! Speaking of which, did you guys manage to save her from Nega?

Luna: I don’t know, you tell me.

Julia: Oh! Heh heh heh! Sorry, there’s so many people over here, I didn’t notice. Do you guys still need these?

Blaze: Yes. It’s just as we suspected; Nega intended to unleash a monster all along. This time, it was an ice creature that was confined within the Celestial Emerald.

Julia: That definitely explains the sudden chilliness…

*Shadow and company approach the group shortly afterwards*

Julia: Hey, you guys! Finished taking care of business over at Robotnik’s, I take it?

Scorch: Yeah, we are.

Julia: Ah, okay. *Notices Metal Sonic 3.0* Oh! They were able to cure you of the virus?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, as you can see.

Julia: It’s great to have you back, Zero! I’m sorry I wasn’t around to help you that time…

Metal Sonic 3.0: Don’t worry about it. You’ve already helped me enough in the past.

Quattuor: …Whoa. He actually said something nice for a change? I’m surprised.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Notices Quattuor* …Whose idea was it to bring THIS trash along?

Quattuor: What did you say!?

Splash: Hey, hey! First of all, I was the one who invited him! Secondly, that was entirely uncalled-for!

Quattuor: *Notices Denomi* W-What!? You!? W-What’re you doing here!?

Denomi: Remember, Quattuor. I’m not the enemy, here.

Sonic: So, uh… What’s the history between you two, exactly?

Quattuor: …It’s a long story.

Denomi: Precisely. Defeating that creature is top priority. As the Doctor has stated, Nega will not be satisfied with simply using it to bring ruin to this particular dimension. If he is to succeed, then he will most likely do the same to all others, including our own world. Surely, this isn’t what you desire?

Quattuor: Well…no. It isn’t.

Denomi: I didn’t think so.

Quattuor: …

Splash: Actually, Dr. Nega’s on our side now…for the time being, at least.

Denomi: I see.

Amy: (A guy who looks like Quattuor with purple armor, long hair, and shades…) …! Omigawsh! Scorch, you did bring him after all!

Scorch: *Facepalm* (What have I done…?)

Amy: This is him, isn’t it? The one with the cute little stalker cru-

Scorch: *Covers her mouth* That was NOT what I said! Those were YOUR words!

Everyone: …

Denomi: (…I can certainly see where Septette gets her personality from.)

Tails: So, anyway… Now that we have the Lunar Emeralds, shouldn’t we go ahead and get powered up?

Knuckles: Sounds good to me.

*They use the power of the Lunar Emeralds to morph into their super forms*

Super Sonic: Alright! Let’s show that monster the REAL super power of teamwork!

Heavy: As always, the rest of us will be collecting rings around the island to help sustain your super forms.

Bomb: Good luck, you guys!

*They take off*

Again, at the scene of the battle…

*Music Cue*

Cryos: RAAAAAGGGGHHH! *Creates a blizzard*

*The Goddesses start resisting the current, while Nega has a much harder time doing so*

Nega Robotnik: Ghhhhh…! *Ends up getting blown away* IEEEEEEEE!!!

Volcana: Doctor N.!

*Someone or something suddenly zooms by and grabs Dr. Nega*

Nega Robotnik: Metal Blaze! It’s you!

Metal Blaze: Yes. I could not allow anything to happen to you, Doctor.

Nega Robotnik: Thank you, I appreciate it.

Metal Blaze: I am glad I was able to assist you. *Faces Cryos* This creature is Cryos, correct?

Nega Robotnik: Yes, but due to certain…circumstances, I am no longer able to control it at the moment. As such, my base has been completely wrecked! Cryos must be stopped at all costs! Will you assist everyone else in doing so?

Metal Blaze: Affirmative.

Volcana: Why don’t we all try attacking him with some more heat?

Silvra: Sounds good to me. *Charges up a fire blast*

Goldra: I have no objection to it. *Does the same*

Metal Blaze: *Same*

Seedra: Neither do I! *Charges up a solar attack*

Woodra: Ready and steady! *Does the same*

Electra: I may not have fire-based attacks, but I’m sure this’ll do just nicely! *Charges up a thunder attack*

Tornada: Dr. Nega, you really should find somewhere safe.

Stonia: I agree with Tornada. You might get yourself hurt.

Woodra: Yeah. Again, I’m sorry to say, but you might just get in the way.

*The others say something in agreement with that*

Nega Robotnik: Very well, but before I go-

*The super-powered heroes arrive, immediately heading into battle with Cryos*

Super Metal Sonic: …I still have a bone to pick with you.

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: As do I. You’ll pay through the eyes for infecting us with that virus!

Nega Robotnik: Infecting you with that wasn’t my intention! The Badniks were my target! You just happened to be within the base’s range at the time! Plus, I’m not the one you should be focused on, here. Why not focus your efforts on defeating Cryos? By doing so, you’ll be obtaining new data!

Super Metal Sonic 3.0: …Very well. *Looks toward Metal Sonic* Don’t forget, you and I still have a score to settle when this is all over. *Flies off into battle*

Super Metal Sonic: *Does the same*

Cryos: *Swings his tail at the group*

*Knuckles, Mighty, Wechnia, Vector, Luna, Squash, Stonia, Silvra, and Goldra grab his tail before it comes in contact with any of them*

Cryos: …!?

Super Mighty: I guess it’s time we’ve taken you for a little spin!

*They rapidly swing him around in circles*

Cryos: *Growls*

*They toss him into the air shortly afterwards*

Super Sonic: Awesome job, you guys! Now this is where we step in!

Super Shadow: Yes, it’s time to unleash the ultimate power!

*They charge up, shoot toward Cryos, and use the Team Blast, attacking him repeatedly*

Cryos: *Growls again*

Super Tails: Alright, it’s working! Let’s keep it up, you guys!

*They attack Cryos some more, until they manage to shatter him into pieces*

Syndra: I think we did it, you guys!

Super Shadow: We shouldn’t let our guards down just yet. There’s a chance that he may very well still be alive.

*Suddenly, the ice particles float around and start forming together*

Super Shadow: Just as I thought… He’s able to regenerate.

Burning Blaze: Yes, this certainly seems familiar, doesn’t it?

*After the ice particles form back together, Cryos spins around like a tornado, heads in their direction, and gets them caught in it*

Everyone: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!

*Seconds later, they get thrown out of it, causing them to lose rings in the process*

Super Espio: Our ring energy… It’s on the verge of depletion!

*Their super forms wear off*

Knuckles: Actually, I’d say we’re already there.

*Cryos morphs into a pterodactyl*

Cryos: *Screeches loudly*

*Everyone covers their ears*

Charmy: Ahhhh! That is really, REALLY loud!

Cryos: *Flaps his wings and starts swooping toward the group*

Shadow: Chaos Control!

*Cryos gets frozen in time*

Shadow: There. That should buy us some time until the others get back with the rings.

Sonic: Hey, here they come now!

Shadow: I see. How convenient.

Amy: We collected as much as we could. We hope it’s enough!

*They give them the rings, and they go super again*

Super Tails: Thanks, guys. We really appreciate it.

Cream: You’re welcome!

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao!

Electra: We’ll collect the rings this time. *Rubs Sonic’s face* Best of luck, handsome.

Amy & Tiara: WHY, YOU…!

Stonia: *Yanks her by the arm* Come on, there’s no time for that!

*The Goddesses take off, and the effects of Chaos Control wear off shortly afterwards*


Super Charmy: Uh oh, there he goes again!

Super Vector: A’ight, now’s the time to strike!

*They resume the battle*

Super Knuckles: *Surrounds his fists with fire* Take this! *Delivers a punching combo*

Cryos: *Growls in pain*

Super Knuckles: And there’s more where THAT came from! *Throws another punch*

Cryos: *Blocks it with one of his hangs/wings and uses the other to backhand him*

Super Knuckles: Uhhhhhh!

Super Vector: Knuckles!

Cryos: *Opens his mouth again and breathes another ice blast at the group, freezing them in the process*

Super Knuckles: W-What!? Oh, shoot!

Cryos: *Does the same to Knuckles*

Super Knuckles: Ghhhhh…!

*The blocks of ice fall to the ground*

Tiara: Ahhhh! Oh, no!

Amy: Quickly, we have to save them! *Takes out her hammer, runs toward the blocks, and starts chipping away at them*

Tiara: *Does the same with her jeweled staff*

*The other strike the blocks, as well*

Porkenstein: *Aims his Laser Bazooka, tries to fire it, but nothing happens but a clicking sound* Oh, blast it all! I must have used up the last of my ammo on those robots!

Denomi: This will be much more effective with Flame Mingo’s power. *Looks toward Quattuor* Don’t you agree?

Quattuor: Uh, yeah. Please stand back, you guys.

*They get out of the way as Quattuor and Denomi engulf themselves with fire and dash through the ice blocks, melt them and free the others*

Super Sonic: Whew, that was close! Thanks!

*The others say the same*

Quattuor: No problem.

Denomi: Don’t mention it.

Cryos: *Hovers down in front of the group, giving them a “cold” stare*

*The Goddesses arrive with the rings shortly afterwards*

Cryos: *Hovers down in front of the group, giving them a “cold” stare*

Marine: Strewth… He’s sure lookin’ pretty mad, ain’t he?

Cryos: *Opens his mouth and starts charging up an ice beam*

Julia: U-Uh oh! That doesn’t look good!

Cryos: RAAAAAGGGGHH! *Fires at them*

Julia: H-Here it comes…!

Scorch: HAAAAAA! *Launches a flame blast to overpower it*

*Blaze, Metal Blaze, Volcana, Syndra, Silvra, and Goldra do the same, getting themselves in a beam struggle which lasts a few minutes*

Denomi: That creature’s a lot more powerful than anticipated, but unfortunately for him, he’s left himself wide open. While he’s busy firing that ice beam, the rest of us can take this opportunity to attack.

Super Knuckles: Good idea! Alright, you guys! It’s now our never!

Super Charmy: Alright! Time to rock and roll!

*They charge up their emerald power, while Quattuor and Denomi surround themselves with fire again*

Super Sonic: Alright! Let’s do this!

*Music Cue*

*They all dash in Cryos’ direction at light speed, crashing right through him*


*An explosion occurs*

Super Charmy: Alright! We did it, we did it!

Super Vector: Yep! All in a day’s work, boys…’n’ girls!

With all their combined efforts, the heroes have finally managed to defeat the deadly, destructive Cryos! Or have they? Find out next time on the exciting final chapter of the third Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

To “bee” continued…
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Re: EoP (After) Christmas Special #3 Conclusion
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Part 4c

Previously, on the third Elements of Power Christmas Special, the ice creature, Cryos managed to escape from its imprisonment, due to the sealing power of the Celestial Emerald weakening over time. Upon shattering the gigantic jewel, Cryos absorbed all of its fragments, gaining its immense power in the process. From there, Cryos began to undergo a monstrous transformation, causing Dr. Nega’s fortress to cave in. Seeing no other option, the heroes, as well as Dr. Nega, decided to make a run for it. On the way, Nega ended up spotting the Ice Scepter, which, according to himself, he created with the intention of sealing Cryos if he was unable to control it. Before he could grab it, however, Luna pulled him away from it, which seemingly resulted in the Ice Scepter getting destroyed on the way out.

When Cryos’ transformation was finished, he became a giant dragon/serpent-like creature. After using the power of the Lunar Emeralds to morph into their super forms, the heroes engaged the creature in battle. Just when they thought Cryos had been defeated, it was revealed that he had the ability to regenerate. Additionally, he was also capable of changing forms at will, as he went from the aforementioned dragon/serpent-like form into that of a pterodactyl. From there, the battle resumed, and after another close round, Cryos ended up getting shattered to pieces once again.

Now, the question remains… Have they truly defeated Cryos this time around? Or is he bound to regenerate himself, as he did once before? Find out in this exciting final chapter of the third Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power Christmas Special!

Charmy: So, uh… Do you think he might be dead this time?

Knuckles: I doubt it. He was able to put himself back together the first time, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he were to do it again.

Luna: True, but Cryos is liquefied this time, instead of being shattered to pieces.

Nega Robotnik: *Walks up to the group* You know, it just occurred to me… Even without the Ice Scepter, there’s still a way for Cryos to be resealed!

Shadow: Is that so? Alright, then let’s hear it. Exactly what do you have in mind?

Nega Robotnik: The Ice Element Gems that Slush and Frostina have in their possession… They should be more than capable!

Slush: Ah, yeah, you’re right!

Frostina: I don’t know why we didn’t think of that sooner!

*The liquid is seen moving*

*Music Cue*

Marine: Strewth! He’s still alive!

Silver: HAAAAA! *Uses telekinesis to hold him down*

Cryos: *Growls*

Silver: I’ve used up a lot of energy during the battle, so I don’t know how much longer I could keep this up. Go ahead and seal him before it’s too late!

Luna: Hold on a second! *Quickly grabs the Celestial Emerald shards* Alright, go ahead!

*Slush and Frostina each take the Ice Gems off their tiaras*

Frostina: It’s okay, I’ll handle this.

Slush: Are you sure?

Frostina: It’s better this way. Cryos originated from this dimension, so it would be best that he stays put. If he is to be released again somehow, then we’d only run the risk of putting another world in danger.

Slush: Alright, if you insist. *Puts her gem back*

Frostina: Here goes nothing…! *Releases the gem into the air, which begins sucking Cryos up like a vacuum*


*Seconds later, one half of Cryos gets sucked in*

Frostina: There… *Catches the gem as it falls* Let’s just hope that we won’t be seeing him again anytime soon. *Places it back in her tiara*

Luna: Or ever, for that matter.

Tikal: …

Mighty: Are you alright, Tikal?

Tikal: I’m fine. It’s just that Cryos reminded me of Chaos…

Knuckles: Come to think of it, you’re right! The two of them definitely do seem similar enough for them to have been dimensional counterparts of one another, but what are you getting at, exactly?

Tikal: I’m getting at the fact that Cryos may not have been as bad as he seemed. If he truly is Chaos’ counterpart, then there’s a good chance that he wasn’t always the rampaging monster he is today. There must have been someone or something that changed him, such as losing someone he cared about…

Sonic: Oh, yeah. I remember that. If there was anything to learn from that incident, then sealing Cryos if he returns again isn’t gonna cut it, since his anger would never vanish, and dealing with his rampages would be a never-ending cycle. Chaos changed from getting “neutralized” with the power of the emeralds, so I’m sure the same could happen with Cryos.

Frostina: So… Are you saying that we should free him?

Sonic: No, no! That’s only if he somehow manages to break free.

Frostina: Ah, okay. I guess having him sealed will have to do for now.

Sonic: You know, speaking of which, Nega… I wasn’t expecting you, of all people, to lend us a hand after another of your plans went outta control. You’re becoming more like your ancestor every day!

Nega Robotnik: Bah! Don’t compare me to him! He’s a disgrace! It’s because of all his failures that my family name was tarnished in the first place!

Denomi: Why condemn the Doctor for something that you, yourself, have yet to achieve?

Scorch: Exactly.

Nega Robotnik: There have been a few minor…oversights on my end, but it doesn’t matter! Just you wait! Next time, I shall be victorious, and there will be nothing that you fools could do to stop me! You know, speaking of which… Now that this little “alliance” of ours has come to a close, I might as well pick up where we left off! Eee hee hee! *Reaches into his pocket* You’ll make a fine addition to my-… Hey, wait a minute! W-What happened to my camera!?

Luna: What, you mean this one? *Holds it up and crunches it at the palm of her hand*

Nega Robotnik: WHAT!? NO! MY CAMERA!

Luna: Since you’ve brought it to my attention, I still have a bone to pick with you! *Cracks her knuckles*

Metal Sonic: As do I.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Me, as well.

Nega Robotnik: *Starts backing away*

???: HAHAHAHAHA! Going somewhere, Nega? What’s the rush?

*Robotnik approaches the group with his Badniks*

Nega Robotnik: CURSES! *Runs off*

*Luna, the Metal Sonics, and Badniks chase after him, while just about everyone else laughs*

Nega Robotnik: *From the distance* METAL BLAZE! A little help here, please!?

Metal Blaze: *Turns on her jet booster and flies off in their direction*

Seconds later…

Nega Robotnik: GAH! OW, OW, OWWWWW!

*An explosion is heard seconds later*


*Nega gets sent flying over the horizon, with Metal Blaze flying after him*

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA! I couldn’t possibly ask for better entertainment!

Amy: Serves him right!

*A few others say something similar*

Tornada: I feel bad for him, to be honest…

Goldra: I don’t. It’s quite a shame they didn’t kill him. The only thing that would have been more satisfying is to see him bleed…gallons. *Smirks*

*Everyone looks at her funny*

Goldra: …What?

Heavy: Spoken like a true lunatic, as always.

Goldra: Oh, shut up. Why don’t YOU try having someone use a device to control your every move like some damned puppet, and see how well you’d take it! I’m pretty sure you would have liked to see that person die a slow, agonizing death also!

Mecha Amy: She’s got a point there. *Glares at Robotnik from the corner of her eye*

Robotnik: *Ahem* Yes, so anyway… That’s Nega’s dimensional camera, correct? *Points to its remains* Now that it’s been destroyed, exactly how do you intend to return our own world, exactly?

Julia: I happen to have a dimensional teleporter of my own, at my workshop in the Astral Ruins.

Robotnik: Ah, I see. (I suppose that would explain how they were able to return after I left them stranded in this dimension some time ago…)

*Luna, Metal Sonic, 3.0, and the Badniks return*

Robotnik: Looks like we’re all set! Let’s head back then, shall we?

Shadow: Chaos Control! *Warps everyone to the workshop*

A few minutes later, at Tails’ Workshop…

*Music Cue*

Nack: Yep, just as I thought! All seven o’ ‘dem emeralds ‘r’ right here, plus anuddah set of ‘em!

Bean: Heh heh heh! Yeah, and not only that, but they left this place unlocked, and everything!

Nack: HAHAHAHA! Whadda buncha morons! ‘Dey made ‘dis all too easy for us!

Bean: True, now why don’t we go ahead and grab these emeralds before they get back?

Nack: As always, you ‘r’ definitely speakin’ my language, bruddah!

*Suddenly, a portal appears just as they’re about to grab the emeralds*

Bean: W-WHAT THE…!?

Nack: Ah, crap! AH, CRAAAAAAP! C’mon, let’s bus’ outta ‘dis joint!

*They run out of the workshop just in time before everyone comes through the portal*

Knuckles: Did anyone else hear that? I could’ve sworn I heard Nack and Bean’s voices just now…

Tails: Yeah, I think I heard it, too!

Rouge: Hmph, it figures that those would have tried stealing the emeralds while we were gone. They probably wouldn’t have failed so miserably this time around if they hadn’t waited so late.

Vector: HAHAHAHA! Man, whatta coupla morons!

Rouge: I’ll bet those two are still around here somewhere, waiting for us to leave again so they could take them. They think they’re SO clever!

Denomi: *Radar-like symbols appear in his visor* Yes, I can definitely confirm that the two of them are still lurking nearby.

Rouge: Perfect. *Takes out her cellphone and dials 9-1-1*

Meanwhile, at the police station…

*Music Cue*

Spangle: *Picks up* Yeah? How can we help ya? Hmm, what’s that? Fang and Bean are at the Mystic Ruins? Okay, gotcha. We’ll be right there. By the way, what’re ya wearin’?

*A dial tone is heard immediately afterwards*

Spangle: Hello?

Spike: *Facepalm*

Spangle: …What?

Spike: We worked pretty hard to get where we are, Spangle. Now that we’re finally being taken seriously, saying things like that isn’t making us look good…

Spangle: Ah, lighten up. It was a joke, okay? Besides, I have a girlfriend already.

Spike: …

Spangle: You don’t believe me, do you?

Spike: No, not really.

Spangle: I’m dead serious!

Spike: Uh huh.

Spangle: Believe whatcha want, buddy, but it’s the truth!

Spike: …If you say so.

Spangle: C’mon, let’s go ahead ‘n’ get goin’ before those two dirtbags escape!

*They rush out the door*

Again, at the Mystic Ruins…

Amy: *Whispers to Scorch* You know, you should totally invite him back to the party with us!

Scorch: …

Amy: Aww, come on! There’s no need to be shy! It’s not as if you’re asking him on a date, or anything!

Scorch: …Fine. (Ugh, I know for a fact that I’m gonna regret this later…) Hey, Denomi. Would you…like to come back to the Christmas party with us?

Quattuor: (WHAT!?) But…!

Amy: (Yes, she did it! Now all that’s left is for him to say “yes”, and I’ll be able to get those two together, like I did for Ray and Seedra last year!)

Denomi: Sorry, but I’m going to have to decline. I appreciate the offer, but I already have a prior engagement.

Amy: (Gee, well there goes my plan…)

Quattuor: (Whew! Prickles wouldn’t have liked that one bit, that’s for sure!)

Scorch: Okay, sure. That’s fine. It was nice seeing you again, though.

Denomi: Likewise. I’ll see you again, Scorch. You, too, Doctor.

Robotnik: Alright, take care and farewell.

*Denomi warps away*

Scorch: (Good, now Amy won’t try putting me under the mistletoe with him. I’m almost certain that’s why she’s so bent on getting Denomi to come…)

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Faces Metal Sonic* You. The time has come for the two of us to resume our battle. Let’s pick up where we left off.

Metal Sonic: Gladly.

*Everyone spreads out*

Julia: Zero… Do you have to do this now?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Of course I do. I specifically told him that our alliance would last until our mutual enemies have been dealt with, and now that time has arrived! He is an obstacle that stands in the way of my goal, my purpose, and my very reason for having been created… That is, of course, to become the strongest among all robots! None of you could possibly comprehend what it’s like to live with the embarrassment of having been toppled by some lowly, piece of obsolete filth! All because he happened to get lucky!

Everyone: …

Heavy: …Can you believe this idiot?

Many minutes later…

Metal Sonic 3.0: …Well, no more! Tonight, I shall relieve myself of that humiliation! Never again will he achieve another lucky victory against me! I will never be satisfied as long as he is still functioning! Every “breath” he takes is an assault to my honor! This time for certain, I shall crush him underneath my heel! I will show him and everyone that I am the-…! *Looks around* What’s this!? They’ve left…all of them! Bah, whatever. Who needs those vermin, anyway? Now then! Metal Sonic, let’s pick up where we-… What the…!?

Metal Sonic: Zzzzzz…

Metal Sonic 3.0: What!? He’s asleep!? Unbelievable… Is this his way of making a mockery out of me!? *Groans in annoyance, clenching his fist in anger* How dare you!? You’ll pay! Do you hear me, you obsolete scum!? You’ll pay dearly for this blatant insult!!! *Eyes lasers him*

Metal Sonic: UHHHHHHH! *Czzzzzzt!* *Falls across the ground*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Are you awake now? Then get up! I’m not through with you yet!

Metal Sonic: Good, so you are ready to fight after all. I was wondering how long I would have to listen to your ridiculous babble. *Gets up* Let’s get this over with. I have better things to do than to spend the remainder of this night dealing with the likes of you.

Metal Sonic 3.0: You needn’t worry about that, because you aren’t going to live to see the rest of the night! Not when I’m through with you!

*They fight*

Meanwhile, at Vanilla’s house…

*A flash of light occurs*

Vanilla: Hmm? What’s this?

Prickles: *Covers his eyes*

*The heroes appear*

Vanilla: Hello, everyone! Welcome back!

Prickles: *Uncovers his eyes* Kwaht!

Quattuor: Prickles! *Picks him up* How’ve you been, little buddy?

Prickles: Guhd!

Quattuor: Thanks again for watching him while I was away.

Vanilla: You’re most welcome. It was no trouble at all.

Later on that night…

*Music Cue*

Silvra: *Holding Prickles* Aww, you are just the cutest little thing! Yes, you are! Yes, you are!

Prickles: *Giggle*

Amy: Wow, Silvra. You sure are pretty good with kids, aren’t you?

Silvra: I guess you could say that.

Amy: I could see why, though. Prickles definitely is an adorable little guy! Speaking of which, do you want to know what else is adorable? *Points to Splash and Quattuor in the other room*

Cream: Wait a minute, are you trying to imply-

Amy: Yep, that’s right! Those two are madly in love!

Silvra: How do you know that for sure? Oh, wait nevermind… It’s because of your “sixth sense”, right?

Amy: You got it!

Cream: If you say so…

Meanwhile, in the other room…

Splash: You know, Quattuor? I’ve been wondering about something…

Quattuor: Hmm? Yeah? What is it?

Splash: I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but… Exactly what happened between you and Denomi in the past?

Quattuor: …

Splash: Quattuor?

Quattuor: …Like I said before, it’s a long story. I don’t want to talk about it, but I’ll tell you that I’ll never forgive him for it.

Splash: But you’re brothers, aren’t you?

Quattuor: …Not as far as I’m concerned.

Splash: That’s kind of harsh, isn’t it? I mean, sure, I didn’t agree with Scorch’s alignment with Dr. Robotnik when he was still trying to take over the world, but I didn’t hate her for it…

Quattuor: Yeah, but this is different. Denomi is different.

Splash: How so? He seems like a decent person from what I’ve seen…

Quattuor: I don’t trust him. There’s a lot more to him than he’s letting on.

Splash: So, basically, what you’re saying is that all the politeness he’s shown so far was just an act?

Quattuor: Pretty much. The things he made Prickles and I go through… What he did was the reason I had to cut him down for good…or so I thought. Somehow, he’s managed to survive, and I’ve been uneasy about it ever since…

Splash: Couldn’t you have just worked things out?

Quattuor: If I didn’t stop him, I would’ve died! And the consequences of my failure would’ve been… I don’t want to think about what would have happened. I’m sorry I can’t give you a better answer, but it’s all I feel comfortable saying right now.

Splash: Fair enough. (Hmm… Maybe I should ask Scorch about this. I don’t mean to pry, but if Quattuor’s answer is any indication, she could be working with someone dangerous…)

Quattuor: I shouldn’t be dwelling on it, though, because everything’s fine. I now have a place to put my skills to use and I’m here with Prickles. Maybe it doesn’t seem like much, but that’s all that matters to me.

Splash: I understand.

Amy: *Creeps up on them while invisible*

Splash: By the way, Quattuor, there’s something I’d like to give you. I’ll be right back. *Walks away*

Amy: (You know, maybe my mistletoe plan won’t go to waste after all! I’ll just use it on these two instead! Awwww! They’re SO cyuuuuute!) *Walks away*

Little ways from there…

Sonic: …! *Backs away from Electra, who’s holding a mistletoe between them*

Electra: Aw, come on, sugar. There’s no need to resist. You know you want it… *Winks*

Sonic: N-No, really! Just…just cut it out!

Tiara: *Marches up to Electra, pointing the jeweled staff up to her head* You’ll get away from him if you know what’s good for you!

Electra: *Groans in annoyance* …You and Amy are REALLY starting to piss me off, you know that? I’ll have you know that I’m one of the LAST people whose bad side you wanna get on.

Tiara: Ooh, just watch as I freeze in fear.

Electra: Go ahead, be a smartass if you want. I’d be more than happy to show you what happens when you provoke the wrath of a Thunder Goddess! *A ball of lightning appears at the palm of her hand*

Tiara: Bring it! Goddess or not, I can take you!

Sonic: Whoa, whoa! Chill, you two! I don’t think Cream and Vanilla would like it if you were to-

*They start fighting, with a cartoon-like smoke cloud surrounding them*

Sonic: …Fight in the house.

Amy: *Comes in* Yeah, that’s right! Get her, Boobowski! Show that hussy who’s boss!

Sonic: *Sweatdrops*

Amy: *Notices the mistletoe that Electra dropped* (While they’re doing that, I guess I’ll go ahead and help myself to this!) *Picks it up and exits*

Sonic: (Yeah, I think I’d better bail, too…) *Sneaks away*

i]Meanwhile, in the other room…[/i]

Splash: *Comes back in with a gift-wrapped box*

Quattuor: Is that for me?

Splash: That’s right. Here you go. *Hands it to him*

Quattuor: Wow, Splash. I really don’t know what to say. Thanks!

Splash: You’re welcome. *Smiles*

Amy: *Sneaks in again while invisible* (Alright, it’s now or never!) *Puts the mistletoe between them*

Splash: H-Huh!? Oh, great…

Quattuor: What is that? Some sort of plant?

Splash: W-Well, yeah, but… It’s not just any plant. It’s um, a special kind of plant that’s…part of the Christmas tradition. It’s for, um, well… *Starts to turn red because of the awkwardness of the situation* I guess this is best explained with an example… *Kisses him*

Quattuor: …!?

Amy: (Yes, I did it! Things went just as well with them as it did for Ray and Seedra last year! Awwww! They’re SO cyuuuuute!)

Elsewhere, at the battle scene in the Mystic Ruins…

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Kneels down, holding his arm* Ghhhh…! Damn you, Metal Sonic! DAMN YOU! *Czzzzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Hmph. Looks like my work here is done. *Turns his back and starts walking away*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Wait! I’m…not through with you yet! *Czzzzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: Really? Well, I’m through you. *Turns on his jet booster* Farewell. *Flies away*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Go ahead and run then, coward! *Czzzzzt!* Enjoy this temporary victory while you still can… *Czzzzzzt!* …For you will NOT be so lucky next time! *Czzzzzzt!* I WILL crush you! Like the lowly, piece of outdated garbage you are! *Turns on his jet booster and flies off in the opposite direction*

*Nack and Bean come from the bushes*

Bean: It’s about time! Sheesh, I thought they’d never leave!

Nack: Yeah, ya got ‘DAT right! Now ‘dat all ‘dose chumps ‘re gone, let’s go ahead ‘n’ help ourselves ta ‘dem emeralds!

Bean: Sounds good to me!

*They walk over to the entrance to Tails’ Workshop*

Bean: *Turns the knob* Yep, it’s still unlocked! Those emeralds are ours for the taking!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Poifect! I’d really like ta see ‘da look on ‘deir faces once ‘dey come back ‘n’ see ‘dat ‘da emeralds ‘r’ gone ‘n’ whatnot!

*They enter*

Nack: W-What ‘da…!? ‘Da emeralds… Where ‘dey at!? I coulda sworn ‘dey was right ‘dere!

Bean: Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of those losers obviously took the emeralds with them, duh.

Nack: Yeah, I was JUST thinkin’ ‘dat, wise-guy! Ugh, all ‘dat waitin’ fa nothin’…

Bean: I guess we’ll just have to try again next time.

*Just as they leave the shop, a bunch of police cars are seen pulling up*

Bean: WHAT!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Who could’ve called them!?

Nack: I’ll beddit was ‘dat skank bat, since she was part o’ the group! She’s ALWAYS ‘da one dimin’ us out, but enough o’ about ‘dat! C’mon, let’s scram!

*They run off*

Thanks to everyone’s heroic efforts, Cryos’ rampage was put to a freezing halt before it began, thus spoiling Dr. Nega’s plans once again. With both of them out of the picture for the time being, everyone was free to enjoy the rest of the party to their hearts’ content. Speaking of Cryos, could there truly be more to his backstory than the historical documents revealed, as Tikal has begun to theorize? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power!

The End? Or…the beginning?   
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