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Author Topic: Kitsune on Campus  (Read 4696 times)

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Kitsune on Campus
« on: Feb 08 2006, 12:36 PM »
This is my first real work of origonal fiction that I finished. It started out lightly based on the campus in the webcomic Closet Coon but it soon branched off and the characters developed completely different and so if I ever decided to publish it they will be renamed as they don't resemble the origonals anymore.

Kitsune’ on Campus:
Rukan Hisashi

‘On campus, for the very first time I am setting my paws on campus!’ thought the excited black fox as he stepped forward onto the soft earth savoring the feeling of it under his paws and between his toes. “Freedom!” he shouted loudly as he went to his knees and laughed to the sky as if it were just some strange joke played on him by the gods above. Surely he couldn’t really be here. There were so many factors like money and acceptance to take into consideration before he could actually accept the fact that he was kneeling in the park on campus at The University of Foxpaw.
Rukan Hisashi was not just any fox. He has a heritage that went beyond time itself. Rukan was kitsune’ not just any kitsune’ though. He was the only kitsune’ on this campus. He wasn’t a large fox, only standing at five feet and seven inches and of only slight build. He sported four tails behind him marking him obviously as kitsune’ He was still finding it hard to believe his fortune as his emerald eyes glittered in the sunlight.
   He slowly brought a clawed hand to his arm and pinched himself with a bit of a flinch and yelped in sudden pain, or was it rapture? Surely all of this was just some dream, a very real dream to deceive him in his sleep. Some twisted joke his mind was playing on him only to have him disappointed in the morning when he rose to face the new day.
 He got to his feet and ran forward through the tree lined path, to the doors of his dormitory, and up the stairs to a room with the name inscribed on it that made his dream a reality. “Clayton Masters and Rukan Hisashi!” He read out loud with such enthusiasm that a few people looked out of their dorm rooms and down the hall in puzzlement. Rukan blushed a little at the sudden attention but worked his way through it.
   He quickly threw open the door and ran in letting his several tails trail behind him but quickly stopped and his jaw dropped. “Ack!” He said quickly covering his eyes with his forearm and dropping his books to the floor as the room was filled with surprised yelps and the rustling of sheets. “Who the hell are you!?” came a surprised masculine voice obviously directed at Rukan. “I’m your room mate…” Answered Rukan in a bit of an unenthused voice.
   Had he just seen what he thought he did? He frowned deeply and realized that the image of the tiger and rabbit coupled together in such a fashion that would make a pervert blush was burned into his retina and he couldn’t blink it away no matter how much he tried. He heard some shuffling and only hopped they hadn’t decided that he wasn’t that much of an annoyance to stop their encounter.
   “I’ll be back later tiger.” Came a very seductive feminine voice to join the confused and surprised sounds in the room as Rukan let his guard down to see the rabbit walk past him with a bit of a smirk and close the door behind her. Rukan frowned watching her walk by with hardly anything covering her and her clothing draped over her front not really being put on. A few whistles were heard in the hallway through the door as she had left with only her own clothing covering her naked body.
   “Ever heard of knocking pal?” Said Clayton in an irritated tone. Rukan figured he’d let it slide being that he did kind of barge in at the exact wrong moment. “Ya… sorry about that… I was just a bit excited… I kinda was still in shock about being here.” He said quietly in return
He was definitely on campus now. No dream would have been that graphic, at least none that he would have had. Rukan was not the strongest or the fastest. He had always prized himself at being the smartest. Though that intelligence had cost him dearly in his younger years making him quite ignorant to many of the important aspects a social life gave a person. He was far too innocent for his age and he had a feeling that this innocence would surely be tried over the next two semesters.
   Clayton laughed and shook his head slowly as he slipped into his jeans and stood up offering a paw for Rukan to shake, “I remember my first day and the same enthusiasm. I didn’t realize I was rooming with a freshie this year. The name’s Clayton Masters, but everyone just calls me Clay.” He said as Rukan took the paw in his own and shook it in a bit of a submissive manner.
   Rukan took the opportunity to take in the behemoth in front of him more fully. Clayton was huge standing at least a head and a half taller than Rukan. Rukan couldn’t help but notice all the very defined muscle on the tiger only making him more intimidating. Clayton was a huge beast and Rukan figured it would be better not to have those yellow eyes fixed on him in hatred.
   Rukan paused for a moment looking at the tiger’s waste and down his body seeing that indeed the tiger was the ideal male. There was no doubt in Rukan’s mind that Clayton was the leader of a large group of followers and that would surely be full of the usual groupies and wannabes. Rukan’s eyes paused on the tiger’s rump looking at it a bit longer than he probably should have taking in the absolute perfection in the curves and the size before he caught himself and knock himself out of his stupor.
   “Hey man don’t worry about it… It happens sometimes.” Said Clay in a reassuring tone as he looked his now slightly shaken roommate and raised a brow, “Wow a Kitsune’! We haven’t had one of them around here since old fox boy Narwith… now he knew how to party… one time he,” started Clay but he was cut off by Rukan. “He took over the PA system and ended up embarrassing the entire board of trustees… ever since there has never been another Kitsune’ on campus because the admissions have tightened up on them.” He said quickly
   Clay’s jaw dropped this time and he shook his head in wonder, “Wow… you know your stuff,” he said while giving a pat on the shoulder to his nervous roommate. “It’s been my dream to get into this place ever since I was a kit… I worked so hard in high school that I barely had time for anything else… I guess you’d call me a nerd of sorts… I got here on a scholarship for academics.” Said Rukan with a grin.
   “That’s cool… I got here on a scholarship for football. Maybe we could study together sometime.” Said Clay while puffing out his exposed furry chest to make himself look even bigger than before. Rukan nodded and stammered a little. “Ya… I bet it comes naturally to you being a tiger and all… We Kitsune’ aren’t really built for those kind of sports… I doubt we’ll have classes together Clay. I am just a freshman after all.”
   Clay shrugged and bent down to shuffle through Rukan’s pile of books on the floor and raised a brow. “Advanced Biology? Biochemical studies? Canine Behavior and the Link Between Furs and Their Ancestors? No kidding we won’t be in the same classes… these are way too advanced for me. You weren’t kidding about studying hard in high school.” Said Clay in surprise.
   Rukan laughed a bit nervously and bent down to quickly retrieve the discarded items and put them on the unoccupied desk with a quick, “It’s just some electives I decided to take.” Clay’s jaws nearly hit the floor at that comment. “Electives!? What are your core classes!?”
   Rukan shrugged and listed them quickly, “Microbiology, physics, advanced calc., pre zoology and honors eco.” Clay’s eye twitched slightly as he shook his head in wonder. “Wow… you really are a nerd. That’s cool I guess. Maybe you’ll help me with a few things this year. Like some biology,” He said with a few winks and a nudge with his elbow, “If you know what I mean.”
   Clay laughed while Rukan looked a little puzzled. “I don’t know what you mean… Why would you need help with Biology? It’s a required class for almost every freshman that is going through this school.” Clay looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights. “Okay… you really need to get out a bit more.” Said Clay slowly while rubbing the back of his head with a bit of a sheepish grin, “Well… I’ll be off now. Gotta catch that bunny before someone else does… Oh, and don’t worry about earlier, it’s nothing really.”
   Clay turned and left the room closing the door behind him and Rukan let out a sigh of relief. ‘Well. At least I’m here.’ He thought with a smile as he began to organize his desk with his books and supplies for the next semester. He sat down and made himself comfortable leaning forward to rest his chin on his paws. “Maybe I over did it just a bit. He probably thinks I’m some lifeless geek… heh… funny… I am a lifeless geek, but I’m a lifeless geek that goes to U of F now!” He said triumphantly.
   He rummaged through his things to find his schedule and sighed a bit. “Classes don’t start for another two days. I guess I’d better get used to Clay and his Rabbit girlfriend… I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot of them.” He said with a bit of a smirk. He couldn’t help but feel a small pang of jealousy in the pit of his stomach for Clay. Rukan had never had a girlfriend before.
   He got up and stretched a bit and sat down on his bed with a slight shrug. “I guess I should go talk to the Furs around here. Get to know my peers a little.” With that he stood up and left his room looking down the hall to see if anyone was there. It was completely silent. Rukan quirked a brow and started to walk down the hall when the world around him became black and he suddenly was yanked into motion. “Hey! What’s going on!?” He said quickly but there was no answer.
   He kicked to no avail and was soon given the reality of the situation as the blindfold was yanked off and he realized that he was hanging upside down from the flagpole outside of the dorms while what seemed like the entire student body was pointing and laughing at him. He looked up at his body and saw that the words “Geek” and “Nerd” had been drawn on his tee shirt that was tucked into his jeans. He let out a sigh as he swung back and forth. ‘I knew it was too good to be true.’ He thought to himself.
   “Let him down Clay!” came a voice from the crowd. Rukan couldn’t quite see what was going on but decided it would be best not to try and struggle to see. It would only make his situation worse. “Or what? You’ll fight me? Let’s see if you basketball punks really have what it takes.” Said Clay laughing at his own comment.
   Rukan closed his eyes tightly and zoned out the world around him by repeating, “This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening over and over again. He didn’t even notice that the crowd had left and his back was resting on the ground he had been savoring only a half an hour ago. “You can open your eyes now… they’re gone.” Came the voice that had stood up to Clay.
   Rukan opened his eyes and was slightly startled to be looking into they eyes of a lion. He shivered a bit and looked for a way to escape but realized that he was still tied to the pole and whimpered. “Don’t hurt me!” Said Rukan quickly closing his eyes again and bringing his arms up to protect himself.
   “Why would I do that? I just saved you…” Said the lion with a bit of a puzzled look on his face. Rukan opened his eyes and saw that the lion was offering him a paw to help him get up. He took it and was lifted quickly to his feet. “Thank you…” He said slowly looking at the ground in defeat.
   “Hey… don’t let it get to you… they do that to someone every year.” Said the lion slowly with a shrug. Rukan shook his head and frowned deeply. “You don’t get it… Clay is my roommate.” He said slowly while looking up at his savior. The lion bit his lip and a look of realization crossed his face. “We’ll just get you into a new dorm room. Just go get your schedule and we can see a dean about relocating you.”
   Rukan looked up to smile at the lion, “Thank you for helping me… My name’s Rukan.” The lion took Rukan’s paw in his own and shook it. “The name’s Taka, nice to meet you Rukan. Now about that schedule?” Said the lion with a slight tilt of his head towards the dorms.
   “Oh ya…” Rukan turned to go and walked a few steps before turning around to look at Taka questioningly, “You aren’t coming with me?” Taka quirked a brow and shrugged, “Why would I need to? It’s your schedule.” Rukan frowned a little and looked at the ground kicking at the grass a little. “What if Clay and his friends are in there?” He said a bit embarrassed at his fear.
   “Ahh… I get ya. Alright, I’ll go with you.” Said Taka walking up to join Rukan as they both made their way into the dormitory.
   “You have to be the first Kitsune’ I’ve ever seen.” Said Taka as they made their way up the stairwell. “Probably because we are very secretive… There hasn’t been a Kitsune’ here since Narwith.” Said Rukan leading the way slightly up the next flight of stairs.
   “So you are the first since fox boy?” Said Taka questioningly. Rukan nodded slowly holding to the railing like it was his lifeline. He stopped and looked over the edge with a shiver. “You wouldn’t be very good at basket ball with that kind of a fear.”
   Rukan gulped a little and nodded slowly, “I’m deathly afraid of heights… and yes I am the first since Narwith… This school is very picky about how hey pick their students… I just got lucky I guess,” he continued as he made his way to the landing they were looking for and started down the hall.
   “We al got in on a stroke of luck I think. I got in on a technicality. I have to work on campus to pay for this.” Said Taka. Rukan raised a brow and tilted his head a little, “you didn’t get a scholarship for basketball?” Taka shook his head and frowned, “No… I messed up the game with the scouts. The team captain put a tack in my shoe and I had to throw the game… I got lucky to catch the eye of the team captain of the team on campus when I was practicing a few months later. He got me a way in.”
   “That was very kind of him. What’s his name?” Said Rukan with a smile. Taka nodded and smiled a bit, “His name is Colin. You’d like him. He’s a fox.” Rukan quirked a brow and looked to his companion with a quizzical look on his face, “A fox that’s not a Kitsune’?” Taka nodded and spoke up quickly, “Yup, he only has one tail.”
   Rukan stopped and nodded. “Interesting. I’ll have to meet him sometime.” Taka nodded in return, “I think it would be a good idea. Get to know someone like yourself. It looks like you could use a few friends… no offense.” Rukan smiled and turned to walk down the hall again, “None taken.”
   The black vulpine stopped in front of his dorm room and closed his eyes looking at the door. Taka looked a little confused and spoke up, “What are you doing? Just go in and get it.” Rukan shook his head and smirked, “Shh… they are just inside… when I say go open the door as fast as you can.”  
   Taka got a grin on his face as he grabbed a hold of the doorknob and waited as Rukan’s ear’s twitched listening to what was going on inside the room. A smirk crossed his face as he nodded and whispered, “Go ahead,” cueing Taka to slam open the door and knock the occupant over with a surprised look on his face. “Oh I’m sorry about that Clay… I didn’t see you there.” Said the king of beasts as the two companions made their way into the room to grab Rukan’s books and his Schedule.
   “Good riddance geek.” Said Clay as he rubbed his now bleeding nose and the two left him to whimper alone. Once they were down the hall a ways Rukan started to laugh, “Did you see his face? It was like he was just a kitten.” Taka joined in the laughing as they made their way out of the dorms joking about the pitiful way Clay was acting after the door hit him.
   “Alright. The main offices are through that building there. It’s called lupine hall. You’d do well to remember the names of these places quickly. People won’t always be there to give you directions.” Said Taka while pointing at a large and very prestigious looking building. Rukan nodded and started to walk in but again turned when he noticed Taka wasn’t coming. “You’re not coming this time?”
   Taka nodded and frowned a bit, “I have practice tonight. Stop by the gym or the locker room and maybe you can meet Colin.” Rukan smiled and nodded with a wave. “Thank you for helping me out.” Taka waved back and shrugged, “It was nothing. See Ya later fox boy.” With that Taka began to run away from Rukan. ‘Maybe I made him late.’ He thought clenching his teeth a bit.
   He turned about and made his way to the doors walking through them quickly and noticing a map he turned to look at it. He nodded quickly memorizing the way he had to go and was off running slightly through the halls to the offices. “Can I help you?” Said the coyote behind the desk in a matter of fact manner. “Yes I’m here to see my dean. Mr. Semling.”
   The secretary nodded making it very clear that she did not want to be here at the moment and pointed to a hallway behind her desk. “He’s down the hall third on the right.” She said while going back to the crossword puzzle she was working on. Rukan didn’t wait for another invitation; he went strait to the hallway and down to the office.
   He knocked on the door and was greeted by a quick, “Come in.” Rukan opened the door and slipped into the highly decorated office with leather furniture and bookshelves to the ceiling stuffed with volumes untold. Rukan looked around in wonder at the sight before him. His gaze shifted to the dean’s Mahogany desk and behind it to look strait into the eyes of a jaguar. Rukan realized he had been gawking and he quickly spoke up, “Mr. Semling, I think there is something wrong with my dorm assignment.”
   The Dean nodded and motioned for Rukan to take a seat across from his desk. Rukan did so obligingly and was about to speak but the dean cut him off, “You are Master Hisashi are you not?” Rukan nodded but didn’t say a word.
   “Then you are correct in your thinking. It seems that you being an honors student get a private dormitory. There must have been some mix in the assigning process. Was that all Mr. Hisashi?” Said the dean quickly.
Rukan nodded and the Jaguar motioned to the door. Rukan got up from his chair and turned to leave but stopped and turned back to the Dean, “There was one other…” The dean sighed and looked up at him slightly annoyed before cutting him off, “Master Hisashi if you can’ live with a little prank then I’m afraid you have to learn more than arithmetic and biology here. Good day.”
Rukan didn’t let the dean give him another invitation to leave. He turned about and quickly made his way to the door and out of the hallway. The secretary was laughing slightly when she saw his face. Rukan looked almost on the verge of tears. The place he had dreamed of going to all his childhood was turning out to be a living hell. He burst through the doors and sat himself down on the steps to the building finally breaking down and crying into his paws.
‘I shouldn’t have tried so hard… I should have just stayed at home and gone to the local college. Surely it couldn’t be as bad as this.’ He looked up at the now darkening sky through watery eyes barely making out a few brighter stars as streaks through the distortion the tears in his eyes made. ‘I have to be strong. I’m gonna have to adjust. Maybe it grows on a Fur. I don’t know but I have to push through this.’
“What’s wrong?” Came a kind sounding voice shattering the whimpers and silence in a manner that made Rukan sit up quickly and try to distinguish who had spoke to him. He wiped his face with his arm and looked strait at a coyote, “It’s nothing…” The Coyote quirked a brow and smirked a bit, “Nothing doesn’t usually put someone on the steps of lupine hall crying, now really what’s up?”
Rukan sighed and shook his head, “It’s just… I’ve always dreamed of coming to this place and now that I’m here. It’s just not…” The coyote moved to sit down next to him and nod, “Not what you expected?” Rukan nodded slowly with a half sighed, “ya…”
“I don’t think it ever turns out to what you would expect it to be hun. You just gotta live with what you have and push through the bad times. There’s always a happy ending waiting to be found through hard work.” Said Rukan’s companion in a sagely tone. Rukan smiled a little and nodded, “I guess you’re right… I’m Rukan.”
The coyote smiled and nodded, “I’m Rodney, you’re that Kitsune’ that got strung up this afternoon aren’t you?” Rukan frowned and looked to the ground, “Ya… That was me.”
Rodney shook his head and growled slightly, “that stupid jerk Clay… On the guy’s first day. What is he trying to prove?” Rukan shook his head and shrugged. “I guess he’s just trying to keep me scared so I don’t stand up to him or something… He was my roommate… but I got transferred to some private dorms for being an honors student.”
Rodney’s eyes lit up and he jumped up, “I have a few friends in the private dorms! Here let’s go see if they are in.” He offered a paw and Rukan took it getting to his feet and adjusting his books.
Rodney was about to go but noticed Rukan’s tee shirt and frowned, “We can stop by my place on the way and get you a shirt.” Rukan was about to object but Rodney was off and the only thing Rukan could do was run after him until they reached Rodney’s dorm room. He was quick and opened the door yelling into the large almost apartment sized dorm room, “Toby I’m home, but only for a little bit.”
“Ok hun! Don’t forget to give me a hug before you go!” came a response as Rodney ushered Rukan into his room and closed the door behind him. “I won’t!” came Rodney’s reply.
“Alright, now lets get you a shirt.” Said Rodney leading Rukan to the one bedroom, which raised a red flag in Rukan’s mind. ‘Rodney lives with Toby and sleeps in the same bed? Rodney’s gay?’ he thought to himself. He had never really encountered someone like Rodney before and wasn’t sure how to act. He had nothing against gays. From his first impression from Rodney they seemed like really nice people. Rodney made his way around the bed to the bureau and opened a drawer to pull out a few shirts for Rukan to choose from. He picked the plainest one he could find and pulled of his current shirt exposing his chest and the long scar that went down it.
“Whoa hold up a sec.” Said Rodney making his way to look at the scar, “How did you get that?” Rukan looked down to see what Rodney was looking at and was about to smack himself for almost forgetting it. “I was driving in my car when some drunk idiot swerved and drove me off the road.” Rodney quirked a brow and looked up at Rukan’s face, “You getting driven off the road did that?” Rukan let out a bit of a laugh and shook his head. “No it was the fight that happened over whose fault it was that got me that.”
“What did they have a knife or something?” Said Rodney tracing the long scar with a clawed finger gently. Rukan shivered a little and backed up, “No, they were a dragon.” Rodney clenched his teeth and looked at Rukan apologetically, “Sorry if I was invading your space… I just was curious is all.”
Rukan shrugged and put the new shirt on not bothering to tuck it in this time, “Naw, it’s ok. Just not used to people being curious about that. Hardly anyone knows I have it.” Rodney smirked and nodded, “I do have one question though. Who won?” Rukan laughed and shook his head, “I did… the guy was drunk. He just got one good hit in.” Rodney’s jaw nearly hit the ground, “Are you serious!? You fought a Dragon and won!?”
Rukan nodded while adjusting his new shirt, “It’s not like they were alert or anything.” Rodney grabbed the sides of Rukan’s face so they looked eye to eye, “You do realize that if that information about you got out no one would even dream of ever doing what they did to you this morning again?” Rukan clenched his teeth and looked a bit nervous, “No…”
Rodney let him go and quickly ran into the other room leaving Rukan there by himself. He looked a bit confused but soon realized what was going on when Rodney brought Toby into the room quickly. Rukan didn’t get a chance to absorb all the information of what was going on. He saw the tiger stripes and yelped huddling up in a corner. “Oh… ya… I almost forgot. Rukan this isn’t Clay, this is my boyfriend Toby.” Said Rodney.
Rukan uncovered his face and got to his feet slowly with a slight blush in his lighter gray fur on his cheeks, “Heh… all I saw was tiger stripes and I just freaked… sorry about that.” Rukan rubbed the back of his head a bit sheepishly at how foolish he had acted. “This guy fought a Dragon and won? I find it hard to believe seeing as he can’t even stand up to a tiger.” Said Toby. Rodney gave him a scornful look and Toby gave and apologetic one back.
Rodney quickly made his way over to Rukan and lifted his shirt showing the scar to his boyfriend. “Wow you weren’t kidding that thing is huge!” Said Toby. Rukan felt a little awkward about the way they were gawking at his scar and quickly pushed his shirt back down and backed away a little. “Don’t worry about it Rukan. It’s just we’ve never seen anything like that before.”
Rukan was in a near panicked state but quickly spoke up, “Did you say there was some people I was supposed to meet at the private dorms Rodney?” Rodney looked at him a bit confused but soon that look was replaced as an understanding one replaced the one of bewilderment, “You’re right. We have to go sweetheart. I’ll see you in a bit.”
Rodney walked over to Toby and gave him a tight hug and a kiss that was anything but sweet. Rukan quickly averted his eyes but like a train wreck, when one knows they aren’t supposed to look they look anyway. Rukan was caught gawking at the two by the watchful eye of the coyote. Rodney blushed a little but left it at that.
They made their way through the paths of the campus keeping very quiet as they went. It was almost as if the silence has a being of it’s own. Like it could move about and chose where to rest itself to cause great discomfort until someone got enough will power up to drive the vile creature away. This time it was Rodney, “Look… I’m sorry about earlier, if I embarrassed you or something. I guess you just aren’t used to stuff like that.”
Rukan nodded letting his claws click with every step, “Ya, it was just a bit awkward having two guys gawk at me.” Rodney stopped in his tracks and looked at Rukan a bit questioningly, “You aren’t gay?” were the only words to escape his mouth.
Rukan quickly turned to look at him and tried to speak but no words came out. Only little squeaks that were trying to form themselves into something understandable. He took a deep breath and spoke, “No.. I mean.. I don’t know… I mean I wouldn’t know. I’ve never really been with anyone.”
Rodney raised a brow and frowned a little, “That’s so sad. I figured you’d have had a few significant others by now.” Rukan looked away trying to hide the hurt look on his face. There wasn’t a night that went by without him being so lonely. He nodded slowly and started to walk again. Rodney had picked up the signal that he had hit a touchy subject and went silent again.
Another battle with the vile creature that surrounded them the entire way to the private dorms. It was getting later and the sun was completely down now. The cobblestone pathways were lit only by the lamplight as they walked up to the private dorms and walked in. “My friend is down the hall a ways.” Was the only sound that shattered the silence again, and again it came from Rodney.
Rukan nodded and followed Rodney down the hall to a door marked “Arden Harris.” Rodney knocked on the door but there was no answer. He knocked again and there wasn’t any response. “He must be out.” Rukan nodded but felt his heart sink as he quickly grabbed Rodney’s wrist to check the time, “Shit! I gotta run! I’ll see later!”
Rukan ran out the doors and down the cobblestone paths to the gymnasium and through the heavy doors. He looked down at the basketball court and frowned seeing that there was no one there. He quickly ran down the stands and through the doors to the locker room only to see a naked fox run past his view and others laughing at him. Rukan stumbled backwards in surprise at the sight but regained his balance and tried to take in what was going on.
The fox must have been Colin and he seemed to be frantically searching for something. Rukan noticed a masked character tiptoeing off with a towel in hand and frowned. He walked over to an unoccupied locker and snagged the towel from inside throwing it to the fox that was now running past again in his frantic search. Colin quickly covered himself with the towel and turned to see who had given it to him, “Who are you? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”
Rukan nodded and shrugged, “I’m Rukan Hisashi I’m here looking for a friend of mine…” Colin nodded and offered a wet paw while using the other to keep the towel up, “Ya he told me you would be coming. I didn’t believe him when he said there was a Kitsune’ on campus.” Rukan sighed and shook his head. “Why do I get a feeling that I will be hearing that a lot?”
Colin laughed and pointed down the row of lockers, “Taka likes his privacy so he’s in a different bay. Go down three rows, he should be there.” Rukan nodded and with a quick, “Thank you,” he ran down the bay of lockers and down the three rows to see Taka sitting on a bench very much in the buff. Rukan couldn’t stop due to the moisture on the floor and skid past the row and down to another only to be greeted by the wall.
“Ow… Son of a…” He started to get to his feet but was pushed against the wall by something. “What’s a geek like you doing in a place like this?” Rukan’s heart sank as he realized the voice was Clay’s. Rukan whimpered and his ears went flat against his head as he opened his eyes to look into the tiger’s own. “I’m looking for someone.”
Clay laughed and raised a brow, “Well nerd I think they’ll be looking for you.” Rukan looked a little confused but soon understood what Clay was saying as he was thrown into a locker and the latch was locked. “C ya round nerd.” Came the voice as it left the area.
Rukan let out a sigh and pulled his knees up to his chin getting as comfortable as he could at the moment. He figured it would be a while before he got out.
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Kitsune on Campus
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Chapter 2

   “Colin did you see that Kitsune’ at all?” Said Taka catching up to his team captain. Colin tuned to look at the running lion and nodded. “Ya, he was looking for you. He was in the locker room when we were changing. Didn’t you see him?” Taka shook his head and frowned, “No… I didn’t.”
   “Well the football team was in there last night after their practice… maybe on e of them saw him.” Said Colin walking along the cobblestone path to his dorm as Taka got a feeling like his stomach just decided to jump without the rest of him, “Was Clay with them?”
   “Well duh… of course he was. Taka where are you going!?” Was the only thing Colin could say before Taka took off running for the gym. He Ran down the stands and into the locker room greeted by silence. “Rukan?” He shouted but he got no answer. He walked down a few bays of lockers and still no sign of him. “Rukan are you in here?” He walked down a few lockers before he saw one move slightly and he ran to it only to see his Kitsune’ friend stuffed inside and passed out.
   “Oh Jesus what did they do to you?” He said as he opened the locker and caught his friend before he hit the ground. He let out a sigh and shook his head. “When I get my hands on Clay I swear I’m gonna rip him a new one.” He hefted the Kitsune’ into his arms and headed out to the path’s of the campus. “Damnit… Where is your new room Rukan?”
   He looked down to his Kitsune’ friend and frowned. He looked so pitiful passed out in Taka’s arms. ‘He’s cute when he’s asleep… What am I thinking!? He’s a guy!’ Taka shook his head and started walking. He didn’t really have a direction at the moment. He just was waiting for fox boy to wake up. He didn’t and after a half an hour of carrying him Taka was getting tired. “I guess you have to stay at my place tonight.”
   Taka made his way through the path’s of the Campus and to his dorm room. He had been given a single so he didn’t have a roommate. There was just one problem though that Taka was now just realizing as he opened the door to his small room. “One bed and no couch.” He let out a long sigh and shook his head. “I guess I’ll take the floor.”
   He walked over to the bed and pulled the covers aside placing the sleeping Kitsune’ on it and covering him up. “This is going to be an interesting year,” and with that Taka curled up on the floor slowly drifting away into the world of dreams.
   “Clay! Leave me alone!” Shouted Rukan loudly as he fought against the grip the tiger had on him. He was soon hung up on the flagpole by the scruff of his shirt with the entire student body laughing at him. “Gee… I give the guy a little credit for his strength but his creativity is getting a bit old.” He said as he swung back and forth on the pole.
   A loud snap filled the air around him and the world seemed to slow down as the ground rushed up to meet him and he leapt out of the bed into Taka’s room. “Wha…” Was the only thing that escaped his lips as he looked around the alien surroundings. He looked to the floor and frowned a little. ‘I must have passed out in the locker. Taka must have brought me here. How sweet of him. He’s kinda cute when he’s sleeping… wait a second! Did I just check him out!?’
   ‘It’s just me superimposing what others think of me. Rodney thought I was gay so I’m acting it out subconsciously to make him try and accept me.’, After Rukan rationalized what was going on he went and grabbed a pillow and the blanket from the bed tucking Taka in and heading for the door. “Thank you for saving me again…” He said in a hushed tone and left his friend to sleep the night away.
   Rukan didn’t go to his room for a while. He spent a long time wandering the paths of the campus just thinking. ‘Why did I so readily accept an image that had been just a misguided question? I’m definitely not like Rodney and Toby.’ Rukan sighed and sat himself down on the steps to the building where his room was. “I could use your guidance now… Grandpa Narwith.”
   With that Rukan got up and walked into the building and down the hall to his room. He opened the door and smiled at his new home. It was almost as big as Toby and Rodney’s place. He walked in and looked around a bit. There was a kitchen, a bathroom, a den, and a bedroom. It was much bigger than his last room. He decided it would probably be best to get some more sleep before the next day so he headed to his bedroom and slipped under the covers to drift away into the world of dreams again.
   “Rukan you don’t want to go there… you’d never fit in.” Came a familiar upbeat masculine voice. Rukan looked up and saw himself sitting in his room back home and looking at his grandfather. “There are so many things that go on there that you have no way to deal with. I hate to admit it son but you are just too innocent.”
   “But Gramps… it’s been my dream for the longest time to get into the U of F.” Said Rukan. Narwith shook his head and sighed, “I know Rukan but you have to realize something. College isn’t just about learning like high school. I know you did an excellent job in high school and I’m very proud of you but in college you learn a lot more than your classes teach you. And at the U of F there are a lot of things I don’t know if you can handle.”
   “What are you saying? That I’m not ready for it?” Said Rukan a bit angry now. “No Rukan… I’m saying that you need to lose a bit of your innocence before you even think about going to the campus. You also need to find yourself a life outside of your studies.” Came his grandfather’s reply.
   “There isn’t anything more important than my studies! How would you know!? You just got yourself kicked out anyway!” Yelled Rukan back. He quickly stood up from his bed and stormed out of his room running down the stairs and out the door into the cold night. He didn’t have any real direction so he figured a drive wouldn’t hurt at all. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys sliding one into the lock of the drivers side door unlocking it.
   He slid into his car and slammed the door starting it up and slamming his foot down on the gas took off leaving a black trail behind him with the stench of burning rubber. “I’m going to U of F even if it kills me. I don’t care what Gramps says…”
He made his way through the streets of the town in no particular order. He turned onto the old farm road and hit the gas again sending dust mixed with smoke into the air behind him as he streaked down the dirt road at breakneck speeds. “How dare he tell me I’m not suited for that Campus!? It’s not like he graduated there!” He made a drift turn around one of the bends in the road and saw a car coming the other direction so he slowed himself down to pass it.
“The bastard had no right to say that… no right at all.” He cruised down the road watching the headlights get brighter and closer. Rukan looked away from the lights but they were on bright. He flashed his lights to notify the driver as he got closer and closer to inevitability. Then the world slowed down around him as his vulpine reflexes took control.
The other car swerved at him and Rukan quickly spun the wheel to the left scraping the side of his car against the other’s in a loud screech of steel on steel that was ended with a crash as the cars took opposite places in the ditches along the side of the road.
A groan escaped Rukan’s maw as he sat himself against the back of his chair. He rubbed his head that had impacted the airbag and half opened his eyes. He shook his head and covered his nose with his arm to try and block the terrible smell the gas in the airbags emitted and while unbuckling his seatbelt he got out of his car to survey the damage.
He walked around to the side that had scrapped and frowned. His mirror was gone, probably never to be found and the side was stripped of paint in long streaks. The front of his car was a bit banged up from hitting the ditch but it fared much better than the side.
“You idiot! Wha were yew thinkin’?!” came a large booming yet slurred voice from the other side of the road. Rukan turned with a bit of anger in his eyes to see who had said the most ill take words. His eyes went wide as he saw the wings spread out behind the figure like a scene strait out of hell.
The figure was a bit hard to make out until it started to stagger closer to Rukan revealing itself to be an eight-foot tall dragon. Rukan gasped and backed away a bit but stumbled on something on the ground and fell backwards the thing flying up in the air and striking the dragon on the nose. It was the missing mirror and Rukan’s death sentence.
It happened so fast he had a hard time remembering exactly what happened. Shock set in and things seemed to just slow down again like before in the car. He saw the claws and froze up feeling the fiery pain as one of them tore open the flesh of his chest and the warm, wet sensation of his blood rushing out and covering his chest.
It was like something else took control of his body as he sprung to his feet throwing a punch to the stooped over dragon’s cheek. Luckily it wasn’t one of the dragons that had extremely hard scales. Rukan then threw a roundhouse to the same cheek knocking the drunk over and spraying blood out in a circle from Rukan’s wound.
He didn’t have time to think, he ran to his wrecked car and dialed 911 only being able to say three words, “Old farm road.” Then the world went blacker than the night whose cool hand was caressing Rukan’s wounded chest in a way comforting him into the unconsciousness that took him away.
Rukan shot up in bed sweating profusely making his fur mat to his skin. He lifted his shirt a little and traced the scar with his finger frowning a bit. A reminder of that night and an important lesson he didn’t learn.
He hopped out of bed and headed to the bathroom and looked into the mirror still slightly panting. “I should have listened…” He took his shirt off and discarded it on the floor looking at the scar on his chest in the mirror. “I should have just talked to him… Maybe I wouldn’t be so naïve if I had. Maybe I would have been ready.” He frowned a looked down into the skin and let out a long sigh.
He undid the button on his jeans and let them fall to the floor closely followed by his boxers as he stepped into the shower and turned on the warm water. It felt wonderful to get rid of the sweat that was clinging to him from the night. Like the water had a sensual touch of its own. Touching him in places no one could ever imagine. He enjoyed feeling as if the water itself was giving him a warm embrace that covered his entire being.
Most of all it made him feel safe. He didn’t know why this irrational feeling came whenever he took a warm shower. It just did. He felt like the water itself was protecting him from the harsh realities in the world. He always hated to turn that knob and end their affair but it had to happen.
He pulled the shower curtain aside and grabbed a towel drying himself as best he could for the moment as he stepped out onto the cold linoleum floor. He wrapped the towel around himself and walked to his bedroom, opened one of the drawers on his bureau and pulled out an outfit.
They had taken his things from his old room and put them in his new one yesterday while he was out he guessed. He slipped into the clothing and headed back to the bathroom to pick up the discarded ones. He hadn’t bothered to undress last night so he slept in them. He picked the clothing up off the floor and put it in a corner of his bedroom he was designating the dirty clothes corner.
He sat himself down on his bed and flopped backwards looking up at the ceiling. “You were right… I wasn’t ready for this place. I had no idea that things outside of class were going to be so hard.” He said absentmindedly. He heard a knock at his door and sat up quickly. It came again so he stood up and made his way to his door.
He opened it ad saw Rodney and Toby standing there with his books and other supplies. “You left these at Taka’s place last night. He wanted us to give them back.” Said Rodney. Rukan took the things from Rodney and nodded motioning them to come in. “Sorry it’s kind of empty at the moment. But I’m sure I’ll get it furnished soon enough.” Said Rukan as he made his way to his bedroom and dropped the things on his desk.
“Hey Rukan I’ve got a question for you.” Came Rodney’s voice from the next room over. Rukan grabbed the towel on the bed and started to dry his head again while walking back into the den. “Yes Rodney?” came his reply.
“Well... last night I did a recon. What happened between you and Taka? I saw him carrying you.” Said Rodney while sitting himself down on the couch. Rukan took one of the chairs and shrugged. “Nothing happened between me and Taka… Clay caught me in the locker room last night and shoved me into a locker. I guess I kind of passed out. I’m a little claustrophobic.”
Rodney nodded and smiled, “That was really sweet of him to do that for you. Taka I mean.” Rukan laughed and shook his head, “What are you the match maker on campus?”
Toby was quick to reply with a simple, “Yes.” Rukan grinned a little sheepishly, “oh.”
“Anyway, I think you should thank him for his kind gesture.” Rukan nodded and placed the towel on his lap, “I was planning on it.”
“Oh ya… a friend of ours is throwing a big new year on campus party tonight. You can come if you want. I’ll drive you there if you need a ride, he lives in town a ways.” Said Rodney. Rukan raised a brow and thought for a second. ‘Did I just get invited to a party? Maybe Gramps wasn’t right after all. Things might be better than I thought.’ “Well are you coming?” said Toby.
Rukan nodded and smiled, “Ya I’ll come. I can drive myself though.” Rodney nodded, “Fair enough. We gotta run though. See ya around Kit.”
Rodney stood up and headed for the door but was stopped while heading out by Rukan calling out, “Hey Rodney?” Rodney looked over his shoulder, “Ya?”
“Thanks.” Said Rukan. Rodney nodded and turned back to leave, “No problem.”
The coyote closed the door behind him and Rukan stood up stretching a bit. He looked around and figured he’d check the place out. He went into the kitchen attached to his den and noticed that it was empty. “Meh, can’t have it all I guess.” He said with a bit of a smirk. He walked to his room and retrieved his keys and wallet from his jeans from yesterday and headed out.
It was a sunny morning and the campus was alive with students talking and laughing. Classes didn’t start until tomorrow so everything was light hearted as Rukan made his way to the parking lot and to his car. He had to work his tail off for a few summers and the last year to get his new car but he figured it was worth it. He had been planning on getting a new car years before the accident.
He pressed the button on the keychain and smiled as the car chirped back. He sat himself down inside his Toyota Supra. Sure it had a few miles on it but it still ran like a dream. He turned the ignition and closed his eyes hearing the machine roar to life. “Hard work has its just rewards.” He said and he kicked it into reverse spinning the wheel and spun out of the parking place taking off towards town.
He picked a random diner from the assortment and found a place to park locking up the car and walking through the doors. He found a place to sit and was soon greeted by a vixen, “What will ya have?” Rukan hadn’t been paying attention to what was going on around him with his face buried in the menu. He looked up about to say something but it caught in his throat as he looked at her.
She was beautiful with her flawless red on white markings and fine feminine figure. She looked at him with a bit of a smirk and shook her head, “Don’t worry about it I get that all the time.” Rukan quickly caught himself and shook his head, “I’m really sorry about that umm…” He looked at her uniform and noticed that her nametag was proudly displayed over her left breast. He blushed a bit while reading the name, “Cynthia.”
“Like I said it’s no problem. You from the U?” She said quickly leaning in closer so she could say it a bit quietly. Rukan nodded and smiled, “Ya.” She smiled, “Congrats on getting in, Admissions are a bitch.” Rukan laughed nervously as she leaned over showing her cleavage and quickly spouted his order, “Short stack with orange juice.”
She quirked a brow and shook he head with a bit of a sigh, “Alright, that will be done momentarily.” She said as she walked off.
‘Real smooth there buddy.’ He thought to himself. ‘Bet she thinks I’m gay or something. Gah! I gotta stop thinking about that!’ He sat back and closed his eyes replaying yesterday over in his head and before he knew it he heard a plate being set down in front of him and he opened his eyes.
   “Look… I’m sorry about earlier… I just kinda… panicked” Said Rukan while looking up at the vixen. She shook her head and smiled again, “It’s ok… Hey are you doing anything tonight?” Rukan froze up. He had just been asked out. Was he doing something tonight? He couldn’t remember. ‘Come on boy this is your chance! Don’t blow it. The party tonight.’
   “Ya… I’m going to this party with a bunch of the guys from the campus. Do you wanna come with?” Said Rukan quickly. Cynthia’s eyes lit up and her smile grew. “A party! Sure! Where should I meet you?” She said excitedly. Rukan shrugged and thought for a moment. “Meet me in front of this place tonight at six.” She nodded ad ran off to a place behind the counter showing a part of her Rukan hadn’t noticed before. She had three tails.
   He didn’t see he for a while so he went to work eating his breakfast and left a generous tip on the table. He stood up from his place and paid for his meal at the counter then left the diner. ‘I’ve got a date! Things just keep looking up for me. In your face Rodney! I am so not gay!’
   He hopped into his car and drove around town for a while before he found a grocery store. He figured he’s stock up his kitchen so he didn’t have to go out so much. As he made his way down the checkout line he looked into his cart and raised a brow. ‘spices, vegetables, tofu? Rodney is never going to let me live this one down.’ He paid for his things and headed back to the campus.
   After he had finished stocking up his kitchen he figured it was a good Idea to head out and see who was around. He found some shorts and a tank top and head to the track to get a little exercise. He found that Colin was there as well running laps. Rukan figured it must be hard to be captain of the team. He probably had to work himself to the bone a lot.
   “Hey Colin wait up!” Said Rukan quickly. And Colin stopped to look back to the source. Rukan ran up and smiled, “I’m sorry I don’t think we really got a proper introduction last night. I’m Rukan.” Colin nodded and offered a paw panting a bit, “Nice to meet you Rukan. Obviously you know who I am but I still am not quite sure about you. I thought this campus didn’t allow Kitsune’”
   Rukan shook his head and frowned, “It didn’t for a long time. I’m the first since Narwith. I had to work my tails off for it to.” Colin nodded and started Jogging and Rukan quickly followed talking as he went.
   “So are you going to Milo’s party tonight Rukan? I heard Rodney and Toby gave you a wake up call.” Said Colin. “Ya I’m going. I got a date to.” Colin raised a brow and turned his head to look at Rukan, “Really? Anyone I know?” Rukan shrugged and spoke up, “It’s a vixen that works at a diner in town. I met her this morning.”
   “Oi god don’t tell me it’s Cynthia.” Said Colin quickly. Rukan didn’t say anything and Colin stopped grabbing Rukan by the shoulders. “Do not go out with Cynthia. She is the biggest slut to ever hit this place.”
   “What do you mean? She seemed alright to me.” Said Rukan quickly. “She’s a temptress Rukan. She’ll just try to get you alone and then into your pants.” Said Colin quickly. “I don’t know I mean…” Started Rukan but Colin cut him off, “Look, trust me on this one. She just wants what’s hanging between your legs.”
   Rukan didn’t say much after that. He just did a few laps with Colin and went back to his place to clean up and get dressed in something more appropriate. He heard a knock at his door while he was buttoning up his jeans and he ran to get it before putting his shirt on.
   He opened it and Taka was there smiling. “Oh. Hi Taka. I was meaning to tell you thank you for last night. Come on in and find a seat, I gotta find a shirt.” Said Rukan while walking to his bedroom and finding a button up shirt walked out buttoning it up as he walked.
   “Wow Rodney wasn’t kidding when he said you had a huge scar.” Said Taka from the couch. Rukan looked a little puzzled and looked down realizing what Taka meant and shrugged. “Nothing to really be proud of. Just old memories.”
   “Ya… Hey are you going to the party tonight?” Said Taka a bit disconnected. Rukan raised a brow and shrugged. “I was… I don’t know if I’m going now… something came up while I was talking to someone.” Taka looked up at Rukan and nodded. “Ya… I heard from Colin.”
   Rukan grit his teeth and frowned, “Heh. Ya, That.” Taka nodded and smiled, “Well I think you should go anyway. Pick her up and go. It might be a good experience. You never know.”
   “You going Taka?” Said Rukan while fiddling with the last button on his shirt. “Ya… but I need a ride. I don’t have the money for a car.” Said Taka a bit sadly. Rukan smiled and finished fiddling with his button. “No problem. You can ride with me.”

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Kitsune on Campus
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Chapter 3:
Party Til you Drop.
   The scream of tires filled the cool evening air as Rukan’s car screeched out of the parking lot and found its way to the diner he had eaten at this morning. Like promised Cynthia was there waiting for her ride and she obligingly took the passengers seat while Taka moved to the back.
   Rukan took off again leaving marks on the road with pleasure. He always loved the sound it made when he did that. Besides the fact that it was obvious he was trying to make up for his lack in masculinity. He knew that it was childish to do something like that but it was a desperate scream for help every time those tires spun on the asphalt. He needed guidance in his life badly.
   He followed the directions that Taka had so kindly gotten from Rodney earlier than day and pulled up along the sidewalk in front of the house. The loud music playing inside was making the windows vibrate and the base could be felt through the ground as the three made their way to the door and Rukan knocked on it waiting for a reply.
   It opened and they were greeted by the smiling face of Rodney, “Hiya boys. Glad you could make it.” He let them in and closed the door behind them in a much-unneeded attempt to keep out the cold. The first thing Rukan noticed was that the air was hot and sticky from all the people in one place.
   “Lets find someplace a bit more quiet Rukan.” Said a familiar feminine voice from behind him. He turned to look at Cynthia and smiled. ‘Colin must have been talking about someone else. She seems so innocent. Not wanting to stay in the same place as the loud music. She just wants to talk is all.’ Thought Rukan as he followed her into an unoccupied room.
   She slammed the door shut and the room suddenly had become pitch black. “Step into my parlor said that vixen to the fox.” Said Cynthia in a very sensual tone that filled the air around them in a musk of everything that might happen in that room. Rukan, however, didn’t understand. ‘She’s just playful is all. That’s it.’
   He felt something press up against him and realized it was her body. She wrapped her arms around him tightly pulling herself closer to him and licking his neck sending shivers down his spine as he closed his eyes in a manner he had never felt before. Her touch was sending up every red flag in Rukan’s mind telling him to pull back but the little voice that drives every male shouted at him to never pull away.
   Every movement her arms made up and down his back ached for a voice to scream out the carnal pleasures they only whispered in the ruffling of his fur as her breath on his neck screamed for the touch she was craving so desperately. Rukan’s world was filled with smells of much darker thinks than ever before as his lips were forced against hers driving every muscle in his body to become tight as his arms found their way up her back craving to know every detail.
   He felt her tongue slip into his mouth and the scene came to a screeching halt as he pushed her away not realizing that he had pushed her against a wall. “Ooo a frisky fox. I like it that way.” Came the sultry tones of the vixen as she leapt at him knocking him over and straddling his waist and biting his neck in a very sexual manner setting Rukan’s blood on fire.
   He wanted this so badly yet every nerve in his body was telling him to stop. His body seemed to have a mind of its own denying him the ability to think as her musky smell filled the room around the two almost giving Rukan a burning sensation in his nose. He half closed his eyes now seeing a bit better than before and saw that she had gone through the trouble of removing her clothing.
   He reached up to push her off but only ended up pressing on her breasts in the darkness making her moan in a fashion that Rukan wasn’t planning on. She leaned down and started to lift his shirt off of him kissing the exposed body as it rode up. Rukan quickly put his arms down preventing her from removing it completely.
   He was starting to panic a bit now as his breathing began to speed up at the exact wrong moment as Cynthia’s tongue found his scar. He closed his eyes trying to muster the power to speak but all that came out were little squeaks that only made her press on further and further until her lips were latched onto his own again and her hand was on the crotch of his pants.
   “Rukan I have to… Whoa!” came the voice of an angel sent from heaven to save Rukan’s poor soul from the sultry siren that was luring him to his virginity’s horrible doom. Rukan’s eyes perked open as he looked to the now open door and Rodney’s surprised face.
   “It’s not what you think!” cried out Rukan finally gaining his ability to talk as Cynthia scrambled about getting her discarded clothing like it was the very thing keeping her alive. Rodney looked at Rukan in a very disappointed way, his voice only letting Rukan know how bad the situation he had gotten himself into was, “Well while you were frisking this whore Colin got himself drunk. I’m taking him and Aiden home. We need to talk later so don’t even think about going home until we have a heart to heart.”
   Rukan grit his teeth and tried to speak up but didn’t have time as the door slammed shut and he was thrown into the darkness with the siren again. He quickly got to his feet feeling along the wall only to find a soft furry patch much to his dismay. “that’s right baby, don’t be afraid to explore.” Rukan was anything but turned on. He wanted out of this room and into the cold night. He needed to feel it’s embrace and not the embrace of the vixen in the room with him.
   “Go ahead honey, find what you want.” Rukan glared at the darkness and shouted, “What I want is out! What I need is air! And what I desire is for you to keep your hands off of me and never touch me again!”
   He quickly pushed her out of the way and found the doorknob to the room throwing the door open and running through the crowd to the way out of the house. He opened the door and a gust of cold air filled his lungs and the area around him in a cool embrace that he had been longing for the whole time he was in that dark room.
   He ran out into the night only to see Rodney pull away taking Rukan’s hope of clarifying the situation with him. “Damnit!” He shouted as he watched the tail lights fade into the night light the little flame of hope in his heart only to be snuffed out.
   “Look foxy, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull here but I’m not having fun at all. You come to the diner and check me out practically drooling over my cleavage and then you pull that shit!?” came a very irritated voice from behind him that made him cringe like someone just raked their claws across the chalkboard.
   Rukan turned around and walked up to her pulling her into a quick and tight embrace and gave her a quick passionate kiss before pushing her away and murmuring over his shoulder, “Find your own ride home.”
   He made his way back into the house and to a more secluded spot to sit and think about the way things had gone. ‘Seems like you really know how to screw things up Rukan. You get yourself trapped in a room with a slut, one of your only friends is pissed at you, and you still have no clue why you held back.’ He thought with a sigh.
   ‘What is happening to me? Why are things happening so fast? Maybe Grandpa was right after all. Maybe I’m not ready for this. Things are getting too complicated. Too…’ “Well if it isn’t our favorite little fox boy.” Came a voice interrupting Rukan’s train of thought. A voice that made his stomach feel like it just decided to up and leave through his mouth. He looked up slowly letting his ears droop as he saw the tiger stripes and winced.
   “We’re gonna have fun with you.” Said Clay as he reached down and grabbed Rukan by the front of his shirt and slowly made his way up the stairs to the second story. He kicked and struggled to no avail as Clay brought him out to the balcony and attached him to the flagpole that stuck out there by his boxer shorts.
   Rukan’s world was filled with agony as he tried to get back to the balcony but every movement made the grip his boxers had on him tighter and tighter. Rukan’s vision was becoming blurred as he finally gave up and went limp listening to the jocks behind him laugh now joined by a new voice he had only learned of this morning.
   ‘Well a fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into this time. You meet a girl and she turns out to be a whore… and not just any whore, no, you couldn’t just go for a normal everyday slut. You had to go for the vengeful backstabbing type. Real smart Rukan.’ Thought Rukan as he dangled high above the ground watching the crowd grow underneath him as the drunk and the cruel gathered about to laugh at his misfortune.
   He shook violently seeing the real height for the first time and closed his eyes tightly for fear that he might fall. He grit his teeth as his entire body made the pole shake with his uncontrollable tremors as he prayed to all the gods he knew for help.
   ‘May the wings of the angels come and save me again… I ask too much’ thought Rukan as Clay started to speak, “This is what we have coming to our school now. The Vulpine slime that almost shut it down before has come back. We all want to have parties like this in the future don’t we?! We all want to stay on the campus with all the great guys.. and girls right?! I say we start here! With him! Let this slime know that he isn’t welcome here!”
   The crowd below was in an uproar of agreement with clay as he saw them cheer and jump for the Tiger’s speech. A loud snap filled the air and everything went silent as gravity took its toll and the pole broke. Rukan saw the ground rushing up to meet him and closed his eyes as searing pain shot across his back and a red mist appeared throwing small pieces of flesh and cloth out behind him as huge red feathered wings shot out of his back, dropping feathers and what remained of his shirt to the ground as he flared his wings stopping his decent.
   The crowd was hushed as he glared down at them dripping his lifeblood from his back like the blood of the innocent being poured into the hungry mouths of the sinners. He flapped his wings and went level with the balcony to see the surprised look on Clay’s face as Rukan’s nose furled baring his teeth with a low growl, “It’s scum like you that make this world the hell it is!”
   Rukan flapped his wings quickly and flew at the surprised Tiger knocking him back into the room behind the balcony with a loud crash. Rukan was on him quickly punching at his face without mercy. He was taking out all the rage, embarrassment, and insecurity Clay had caused out on him.
   Rukan felt something holding him back and he spit in the dazed tigers face as Clay’s friends ripped Rukan off his vulnerable form. Rukan snarled and gnashed his teeth at the Tiger in front of him as Clay got to his feet and wiped the blood streaming from his nose off with an arm, “You asked for it fox boy.”
   Clay ran up to Rukan and kicked him hard in the gut making Rukan wretch as he felt extreme pain in his wings as Clay grabbed a hold on one of them and snapped the fragile bone inside with a sick crack.
   Rukan was swimming in a sea of pain that seemed to never end as the blows suddenly lost their bite and his entire body seemed to be immersed in the red waters of his own ocean of agony. He wretched again losing everything he had eaten before being unable to hold it in due to the completeness of the torture Clay was taking out on his body.
   He felt a sharp claw tear open the skin over his right eye and continue down missing the actual eye by only millimeters as his body was lifted into the air and carried back to the balcony, “This is your angel! This is what we do to your kind!” came a voice that Rukan could barely make out as his body was tossed from the balcony to the ground below.
   The crowd parted, as he lay there sprawled out on the grass, blood seeping from his wounds and breathing hard as one wing lay in a twisted manner behind him. He saw the fear on the faces of the people around him through his blurred vision. It was now harder to see than before as one of his eyes could only see through the red liquid pouring from the wound over his eye.
   They all wandered away from him in their own ways making that the marker that the party was over. Many of them went to their cars and drove off while others when into the house to discus the cruelty they had just witnessed.
   “Taka! Taka you have to come quick! It’s Rukan!” came an excited voice from the crowd inside the house. The lion looked up from the movie quickly and got to his feet, bounding over the back of the couch, and ran to the door in one fluid movement. He coughed back the party snacks he had eaten as he saw the broken frame of his friend on the lawn. As Clay’s car squealed off into the night.
   He ran to his fallen friend and lifted Rukan’s head gently looking at the injuries and shouting out into the night, “Someone call nine one one!” He cradled the fallen angel in his arms as a familiar car drove up behind him to park on the sidewalk. Rodney got out and crossed the lawn like nothing had happened until he stepped in a patch of wet grass and looked down to inspect it.
   He touched his foot with his hand and smelled it quirking a brow, “Blood?” He looked around the area and saw the shreds of cloth and flesh on the ground and went pale as he looked up seeing Taka walking towards the house the only thing visible were wings limply swinging back and forth with every step.
   Rodney ran up to Taka and gasped as he saw who Taka was holding and he felt the blood drain from his face, “Oh my god… what happened.” Taka shook his head and growled, “I don’t know but I’m pretty sure Clay had something to do with it.” Rodney nodded and frowned, “He was moving awfully fast when he passed me.”
   “We need to get him to a hospital, He’s lost a lot of blood and his wing is broken.” Said Taka quickly. “We’ll take him in my car. One second.” Rodney ran into the house and through the crowds until he found Milo. “We’re gonna be leaving a car here Milo. We’ll pick it up as soon as possible.”
   He didn’t wait for an answer. He was off again running through the crowds, dodging furniture and leaping over discarded beer cans. He burst out the front door like a marathon runner breaking the tape at the finish line but he didn’t stop. Taka was already waiting for him at his car.
   Rodney bolted across the lawn and quickly unlocked the car hopping into the drivers seat and roared the engine to life. “Put on your seatbelt Taka and make sure Rukan is secure. This is gonna be rough.” Said Rodney as he snapped his on and kicked the car into gear.
   A large cloud of white smoke filled the air around them and the stench of burning rubber hung there as Rodney spun the wheel spinning his car around to head back into the town and to the hospital. Speed limits didn’t exist this time. The world outside of the car was just a blur of lights as they sped through town.
   Taka looked down at Rukan’s helpless form and shook his head cradling his friends body close to himself. ‘When I get a hold of that bastard Clay I’ll beat the stripes off him.’ Thought Taka. He knew it was just foolish sentiment. If he ever laid a paw on Clayton Masters he would be out of the U faster than Rodney’s wild driving.
   They turned a corner hard and Rukan’s nose pressed up against his. Taka blushed deeply and shook his head pushing his friend back into his seat while shaking his head. He could hear Rodney giggling a little and grinned a bit sheepishly. “Why is it that the backseat of my car seems to be full of scandalous things being done to foxes tonight?” Said Rodney while turning another corner making Rukan’s head come to rest on Taka’s shoulder.
   Taka shrugged and looked at Rodney in the rear view mirror a bit concerned but Rodney gave a look that reassured him that nothing done here would leave here. Taka let Rukan stay where he was and closed his eyes. “What am I doing?” Said Taka. Rodney smiled and shrugged, “It happens different for everyone.”
   Taka opened his eyes and sighed, “When I saw him laying there sprawled out on the ground it felt like my heart was being torn from me. I was panicked. Everything started to become about him. Everything in my mind was centered around making his pain go away.”
   “Mmhmm. I know how that feels… Taka have you considered the fact that you may be falling in love with our Kitsune’ friend here?” Said Rodney a bit seriously. Taka closed his eyes with a bit of a frustrated growl. “I don’t know…” was the only thing he said.
   Rodney took another hard turn and Rukan’s body pressed against Taka’s. Taka closed his eyes and with a defeated sigh held his friend close to himself laying his chin on Rukan’s head, “It’s gonna be alright, we’ll get you fixed up in no time.”
   Rodney didn’t say anything but he had seen the entire thing. A smile crossed his face. ‘It’s good to see that there still is caring left in the world.’ Thought Rodney as he pulled into the parking lot right outside of the emergency room. He ran around the car as Taka undid his and Rukan’s seatbelts.
   Rodney flung the door open and Taka shifted Rukan into Rodney’s arms while he got himself out of the car. Rodney gave Rukan back to Taka and they were both running to the wide glass doors as fast as they could. Rodney ran to the nurse’s desk as Taka stood back holding his friend gently in his arms, “We don’t know his next of kin! He’s hurt badly! He needs to see a doctor now!”
   “We’ll have to take it from here then.” Said the nurse as she got up from behind the desk and went into a close by room to bring out a rolling cot. Taka placed his friend down on the cot and watched the feline Nurse roll him away from them.
Rodney guided Taka to a seat and turned one of the chairs so they could face each other. “We need to talk.” Said Rodney in a bit of a solemn tone. Taka raised a brow and looked a little nervous, “About what?”
“It’s about Rukan… Earlier tonight I caught him alone in a room with…” Rodney couldn’t finish because he was cut off by a frail feminine voice, “Me… I seduced him and got him alone in the room with me. But he didn’t want to do anything. I kept trying to get him to move farther but it seemed like his only goal was to get out. You saved him Rodney. Had you not have come I would have gotten my way with him.”
Rodney and Taka’s view shifted to the vixen standing a few feet away. Rodney growled and glared at her, “Why would you do something like that?” Cynthia frowned and looked to the ground letting the tears that were already falling go more freely to the ground as they flowed down her muzzle, “Because… I was trying to find a way into the university. I know it’s the wrong way but it seems like it may be the only way for me right now.”
Taka stood up and walked over to her, towering over her small form. He was angry yet he felt sorry for her at the same time. He bent down a little and held her close letting her tears mat the fur on his chest through his shirt. Rodney quirked a brow at Taka but Taka just shrugged holding her close and letting her cry all the pain out. “We all make mistakes…” Was the only thing Taka could say half-heartedly.
“After I saw what Clay did to him… oh god… I’m so sorry.” Said Cynthia through her whimpers as she held onto Taka again burying her face in his chest. Rodney got up and shrugged. “Well that disproves the doubts I had. I’m going to get something to drink. I’ve done enough running for one night.” Said Rodney as he walked past the two.
Taka offered Cynthia a seat and she took it, as Taka took his own next to her. “How is he doing?” Said the vixen after a few silent moments. Taka shrugged, “He didn’t look like he was doing too well when we got him here.” Taka looked down at his shirt and saw the blood that was streaked across it with a frown. “Not well at all…”
Cynthia nodded and looked at the ground but quickly looked up as a very worried looking Kitsune’ burst through the double doors and ran to the nurse’s desk. “Rukan Hisashi! Where is he?!” Taka quickly got to his feet and ran to the desk. “You know Rukan?”
“Of course I do I’m his grandfather.” Said the Kitsune’ looking at Taka seriously. Taka was a bit taken a back by how young Rukan’s grandfather looked. He didn’t look like he was much older than the group of them here at the hospital. “We… I mean me ad my friend Rodney brought him here. He doesn’t look so good.”
“You come with me.” Said the Kitsune’ as they were led down the hall to the room they were keeping Rukan in. Taka rounded the door and walked in. Rukan was bandaged up and he had one of his wings wrapped up tightly making him unable to move it.. He was still unconscious but looking a lot better.
“You fool Rukan. You got yourself expelled! On the second day!” shouted his grandfather shaking his head. Taka’s heart dropped and he quickly looked to the older Kitsune’ “He’s expelled?” Rukan’s grandfather looked down at Taka and nodded, “Ya… while jock boy Tiger gets to stay with a slap on the wrist. Don’t worry I doubt it will last long. I have a few words for that dean of his. Who are you anyway?”
“I’m Taka… a friend of Rukan’s. Why aren’t his parents here?” Said Taka quietly. The Kitsune’ sighed a little and frowned, “He didn’t tell you did he? Well I suppose he has his reasons… Rukan’s parents are dead. They died when he was only a kit. His father was an important man in his company and they were coming home from a party. They were jumped in the parking lot. His mother, my daughter, we raped and then killed. His father… they had to identify him with dental records.”
“Oh my god… I’m so sorry…I never knew.” Said Taka. Narwith looked at Taka and nodded. Taka went back to looking at Rukan. He went into the room and grabbed a chair pulling it close to the bed where he took a seat and held one of Rukan’s hands. Narwith raised a brow and let a small smile cross his face but did nothing to draw attention to himself.
“Hey Taka I heard you… who are you?” Said Rodney as he walked to the door with a bottle of water in his hand. Narwith turned and smiled at Rodney, “I’m Rukan’s grandfather… Narwith Silvermoon.”

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Kitsune on Campus
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Chapter 4

   Rodney nearly spit the water he was drinking all over Narwith but was quick enough to advert his spray of water. “Rukan’s related to Narwith!?” shouted Rodney a bit louder than made the others in the room comfortable.
   Narwith quirked a brow and looked at Rodney, “You know about me?” Rodney’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground, “How could I not know about you? You’re a legend on the Campus. Isn’t he Taka?…. Taka?”
   Rodney peered around Narwith to find Taka with his head laying next to Rukan’s side in a deep sleep. Rodney smiled and giggled, “That is so cute.” Narwith turned to look and nodded. “He wasn’t ready for the campus. I told him not to go. Not as long as I had unfinished business here.”
   “Unfinished business?” Said Rodney questioningly. Narwith nodded and motioned for the door. “Lets go talk about this somewhere where we won’t be disturbing anyone.” Rodney obligingly followed Narwith out the door leaving the two alone in the room.
   Taka sighed and lifted his head when he heard the two leave the room, “You have quite the heritage Rukan… Why is it that whenever I muster enough courage to say something… you always end up unable to hear it?”
   “Because that’s the way the world is, a series of twisted events that never seem to go the way you want them to and eventually it throws you down to the ground bloodied and broken. When you lose everything.” Said Cynthia. She was leaning against the doorframe and smiled a bit weakly. “I’m sorry… I didn’t know you two were… I would have never even thought…”
   Taka got a little flustered and blushed deeply, “No… we aren’t… you know.” Cynthia raised a brow and laughed a little, “You could have fooled me.” She walked in and found a seat against one of the walls.
   “Why are you sticking around anyway?” Said Taka while putting his head back down next to Rukan again. “I have to tell him I’m sorry…” Said Cynthia, “I did a horrible thing and it got him hurt… really bad.” Taka nodded and closed his eyes as his only response.
   “So what… you’re just gonna go to sleep?” Said the vixen. Taka nodded and closed his eyes again. Cynthia shrugged and leaned herself back in the chair making a slight creaking noise. The room was silent for a while as Rukan slowly opened his eyes and whispered, “You are forgiven….”
   “So you knew the whole time and you never told Rukan? Doesn’t that seem a bit cruel?” Said Rodney a bit surprised. Narwith shook his head and kept walking down the linoleum-floored hallway, “No… I want him to figure this one out on his own. If he knew then he would go in there with guns blazing like I did and get shot down.”
   “Wow… I never knew there was so much more to that story. Seems like there was a major cover up.” Said Rodney. Narwith nodded his claws clicking with every step. “I did graduate from there but it was kept secret. I guess some battles we just can’t win.”
   “And you think Rukan will last? I mean against those odds I doubt I would be able to stay at the U.” Said Rodney. Narwith shrugged and smiled a little, I have a feeling that he has a few more tricks up his sleeves.”
   “Like getting the living shit beat out of him and landing himself in the hospital? I’d hardly call that a trick.” Said Rodney a bit harshly. Narwith only nodded and stopped walking, “No… I mean the wings. Even I haven’t been able to awaken my wings. He’s got the gift.”
   They started walking again this time in silence through the halls of the hospital and found their way back to Rukan’s room. Rukan looked up and scowled at the figure in the doorway, “Let me guess… here to tell me I was wrong again?” he spat at the sight of his grandfather.
   “No Rukan, I’m here to congratulate you… and give you some bad news. You’ve been expelled.” Said Narwith nonchalantly. Rukan sat bolt upright making Taka jump awake and look around in confusion trying to figure out what was going on. “What!? He attacked me first! It was self defense!” Said Rukan in fury.
   “Don’t worry son I’m going to the U tomorrow to sort things out with Mr. Semling. You need to just sit tight and wait. You’re allowed a week on the campus in your dorm until they will kick you out. Though I doubt this expulsion will take more than one visit to your dean.” Said Narwith.
   Rukan sighed and shook his head, ‘I really screwed up this time. I got myself expelled for standing up for myself. That bastard Clay, I swear next time I’ll…’ Narwith frowned and shook his head, “You’ll do nothing.”
   Rukan growled and looked at his grandfather with a most distasteful glare, “I told you to never do that again!” Narwith laughed and shook his head, “You have a lot to learn son. I’ve me your friend Rodney and I commend you on picking him as a friend. Though the vixen makes me worry.”
   Rukan looked to the foot of the bed and saw Cynthia out cold and oblivious to the fight going on in the room. He looked back to his grandfather and frowned, “That was a mistake. It won’t happen again.” Narwith nodded and leaned against the doorframe, “It had better not.”
   “Who made you the dictator of all I can and can’t do anyway?” Said Rukan coldly. “Rukan… would you put aside your god damn pride for a second and listen to what I’m saying? I’m only trying to help you.” Said Narwith standing up again.
   Taka and Rodney watched as the fight went on and both Kitsune’ exchanged harsh words. ‘Rukan’s got some serious issues with taking advice.’ Thought Rodney while Taka was thinking something very different, ‘How dare he come in here when Rukan is at his lowest and attack him like that?’
   The fight was finally stopped when a loud feminine voice filled the room, “Would you two stop it!? Narwith, you can’t use Rukan the way you do. And Rukan, You can’t just sit back and think that things will just change. You have to fight for what you want in life. You have to fight to get recognition.” Cynthia was panting hard with a scowl on her face.
   “I have changed my mind about your vixen friend Rukan. That was a good choice.” Said Narwith quickly. Cynthia just let out a hmph and sat back with her arms crossed in front of her, the scowl never leaving her face. Rukan opened his mouth like he was about to speak but couldn’t respond.
   “I think we all need some rest. Rukan you can ride back to the U with me. I’ll take you out to Milo’s tomorrow after classes to pick up your car. Now lets all cool out jets and go sleep this off.” Said Rodney. Rukan sat himself up and kicked his legs over the side of the bed getting up slowly with a nod, “Sounds like a god idea… besides, Toby is probably worried sick about you.”
   “Umm… Rodney? Can I get a ride to?” Said Cynthia. Rodney looked at her then back to Rukan. Rukan shrugged and smiled. Rodney looked back to Cynthia and nodded, “Alright.”
   Taka and Narwith remained silent as the group made their way to the nurse’s desk and Rukan checked himself out. They headed out to the parking lot ad to Rodney’s car but Narwith stopped them and pulled Taka aside.
   Rukan quirked a brow and looked at Rodney who seemed to be at the time extremely happy for some reason. Cynthia came up behind Rukan and hugged him being very careful not to disturb any of the wounds, “I wanted to say I’m sorry for what happened tonight… I just… I don’t take rejection well. I’ve been rejected my whole life.”
   Rukan quirked a brow and smiled a bit weakly, “It’s ok Cynthia. I forgave you a while ago.” Rukan looked over at Rodney who’s smile seemed to have faded and now was a look of sorrow. Rukan looked at him questioningly and Rodney only shook his head.
   Taka made his way back o the car with a nervous look on his face. Rukan saw him run under one of the lights in the parking lot and he could have sworn he saw a blush on his cheeks. He made quick work of getting into the car along with everyone else as Rodney turned the key in the ignition and started off down the road.
   Cynthia had been made to sit in the front seat next to Rodney much to Rukan’s dismay. He smiled at her every once in a while and got out of the car when they were dropping her off to say his goodbyes. “Well… it wasn’t the best night of my life, and even though you tried to take me and then got me nearly killed… I think it would be a good idea if we stayed friends. I don’t know about anything more though.” Said Rukan.
   Cynthia nodded and looked down at the ground, “Ya… I can understand that. I don’t think it would be smart for you to be with me anyway. Believe me… I’m not your type.” She looked back at the car when she said this and gave a wink. Rukan quirked a brow and looked back to where she was looking but only saw Rodney looking happy again.
   “Well, I guess I’ll see you around then foxy. Don’t get yourself beat up again.” Said Cynthia as she walked up to her home and closed the door behind her. Rukan took his time walking back to the car and getting in. The ride to the university was silent as they made their way through the streets of the town that surrounded the campus.
   Rodney turned the key and the car was dead as they all got out and closed their respective doors in the parking lot. “Hey Rukan… we still need to talk.” Said Rodney. Taka nodded and began to make his way back to his room as Rukan hung back with Rodney.
   “Look… I know I seemed a bit angry before and I’m sorry… you have to realize it looked like you were. Well I’m sure you get the picture. But there is something else we need to talk about.” Said Rodney as they began to walk slowly out of the parking lot and back onto the cobblestone paths of the campus. Rukan looked over to Rodney in the same confused look that he had been wearing a lot this night, “What about?”
   “Well… it’s about you. I think you are holding back something important that you are not telling someone. Now I don’t think that’s the best idea in the world but I’m sure you have your reasons.” Said Rodney. Rukan closed his eyes and frowned a little. He opened them back up and tried to move to dodge a lamppost but hit it head on. He shook his head a little and growled.
   “Maybe you’d be able to see better with stereovision?” Said Rodney holding back a bit of laughter. Rukan quirked a brow again and Rodney walked up to him grabbing a hold of the bandage over Rukan’s eye and tore it off quickly taking some fur with it. Rukan made a yelp and blinked realizing that he had only been seeing out of one eye ever since the time he woke up.
   “Well back to what I was saying. I think you need to find security in who you are Rukan. I think maybe that’s your big problem. Why you fight with your grandfather, why you have such foolish, blind pride, and why you won’t admit to yourself that you are who you are. I’m just trying to say that you can hide behind the lie forever.”
   Rukan looked a bit confused and shook his head. “I have no idea as to what you mean Rodney. You have to realize that I’m doped up on painkillers… It’s hard to even listen to you let alone understand. Can’t we talk about this tomorrow? I need some sleep.”
   Rodney frowned and shook his head in disgust, “You can’t run forever.”
   Rukan watched as his coyote friend walked away leaving Rukan to himself trying to keep his balance on the lamppost he had just ran into. The world was spinning and the last muffled words he heard were, “Thank you Rodney…”
   The darkness was so thick one could almost feel it like some sort of an oil slick. One thing seemed apparent in the darkness and that was a small light. A light that seemed unreachable. The Kitsune’ ran towards it with all his might but never made it. It never seemed to get closer. The darkness started to close in on him and he ran faster only to see the light coming from Taka.
   Rukan shot upright in bed panting deeply and looked around. He saw someone in the covers next to him and pulled them back slowly. A pure white fox was lying there looking so adorable Rukan couldn’t help but lean down and hug it. He looked at his paws and quirked a brow. They were pink and furless. The fox snuggled up and murred, “Mmm Jimmy.”
   Rukan quickly looked around and shook his head while looking at the nightstand next to the bed. He picked up a badge attached to a lanyard and saw his face looking back at him with his name next to it. Along the top was a word he was unfamiliar with. He read it slowly, “Anthrocon?”
   “You’re a character Rukan, nothing more than my creation. Though you came to me in a very special way. I had a dream and that’s where you were born. That was five years ago now.” Said Rukan’s voice. He looked around and saw no source for the strange phenomenon.
   “Who are you?” Said Rukan quickly. “It doesn’t matter. You won’t understand anyway. This is your story not mine. You choose how this one ends. I’m setting you free now so don’t mess things up.” Said the voice again.
   Rukan looked a bit frantically but was knocked over by the fox that had only moments before been sleeping and he felt his vulpine lips against his own. “I love you Rukan.” Said the fox. Rukan shook his head and started to talk, “I love you to Snowangel…”
   Rukan sat up in bed quickly panting deeply and looked around. He was in his dorm room and something was under the covers next to him. He cringed as he moved them aside and closed his eyes. He opened them again and sighed a sigh of relief as he saw it was just a pillow.
   “That was really strange. Almost like everything I do is carefully calculated in the plot of some strange story. Ugh… I need more sleep. I’m going crazy.” Said Rukan as he rolled over and closed his eyes falling back into a restful sleep this time as he grabbed a hold of the pillow and subconsciously snuggled it in his world of happy meaningless dreams.
   Narwith pulled into the parking lot of the campus bright and early in the morning. He took off his sunglasses and took a sip of his coffee before getting out of his car and locking it up. He had a bone to pick with a certain Dean. He made his way along the paths and through the courtyard to Lupine Hall and burst through the doors.
   “May I help you sir?” Said the Coyote secretary in a much too rehearsed tone. Narwith smiled warmly and nodded, “Yes I am here to see Mr. Semling about a private matter.”
   “I’m sorry, but Mr. Semling cannot take any visitors without an appointment. Please schedule an appointment and he will see you when he can.” Said the Secretary with a fake smile on her maw. Narwith shook his head with a sigh and almost pitied her. He turned to the hallway to the Dean’s offices and started walking.
   “Hey you can’t go back there! You don’t have an appointment!” Said the now excited canine female. Narwith shrugged and smirked, “You’d better tell him I’m coming then now shouldn’t you?”
   He made his way to the office door and swung it open with a scowl on his face. “Why Mr. Silvermoon, I was expecting you,” Said Mr. Semling without missing a beat, “What brings you to my office at such an early hour?” There was a plain smirk on the Jaguar’s face, as Narwith charged into the room slamming the door behind him.
   “Colin what’s got you so miffed?” Said Taka as he caught up with his team captain who seemed a bit out of it this morning. “It’s nothing Taka…,” said Colin in a manner that demanded questioning yet threatened those who dared to try, “I heard you had a bit of a rough night. Your Kitsune’ friend got the shit beat out of him by Clay.”
   Taka nodded and frowned, “Ya… He got expelled to.” Colin shook his head and looked at the ground, “The politics on campus are getting coony.”
   Taka looked a bit confused and repeated the word, “Coony?” Colin blushed and looked nervous gritting his teeth a bit, “I mean they are getting loony.”
   Taka nodded and looked a little worried at Colin who just kept running along the track. “Ya… I guess you’re right… things are getting a bit ridiculous.”
   “Especially with that crazy Kitsune’ here. He seems to attract trouble like rubbish attracts raccoons.” Said Colin oblivious to the simile he had just used. Taka rubbed the back of his head and stopped running, “What’s with all the Raccoon references?”
   “Umm… I have something to do. I’ll catch you later.” Said Colin in a nervous tone as he ran off leaving Taka behind.
   “Strange…” Said Taka as he left the track and made his way to the main path’s of the campus again. He had a few hours before his first class. He figured he would go and see what was going on in Lupine Hall. Maybe talk to Mr. Semling about the expulsion.
   He walked in through the doors only to see a very worried looking Mr. Semling talking quickly with his coyote assistant. Taka’s gaze drifted to the back wall of the room and saw Narwith there tapping his foot, letting his claws click away the seconds on the clock.
   “There… Rukan is no longer expelled and his record is clean. We can’t hold students responsible for things done off campus. Though if he touches my star athlete again Mr. Silvermoon…” Said Mr. Semling in a very confrontational tone as he was cut off by Narwith, “Then he will have to have a baseball bat now wont he?” Said Narwith coolly.
   “Now I really must run. I have to be to work in an hour. A pleasure as always Felix.” Said Narwith. Mr. Semling just nodded rudely as Narwith made his way across the room making sure to grab Taka’s shoulder and take him with. As the doors closed behind them they could hear a muffled roar of anger.
   “What did you do?” Said Taka questioningly. “I did a little negotiating. Now remember what I told you last night. Just take things slowly. He still has a lot of innocence left in him,” Said Narwith as he walked away.
   Taka blushed and looked at the ground. He knew what Narwith was talking about all too well. Taka decided it best to go and see his friend before classes started and headed off to the private dorms.
   He knocked on Rukan’s door and herd some scuffling inside and smirked as Rukan opened the door wrapped up in a towel. “Oh it’s you Taka. What’s up?” Said Rukan as he let his the lion in. “Your grandfather got Semling to drop the expulsion… I was there.”
   Rukan looked at Taka a bit blankly as a smile slowly crept across his face and he leapt at his feline friend, wrapping his arms around him and letting out a joyful yelp. Rukan had felt the same only two days ago when he first stepped on campus.
   Taka frowned a little and hugged back half enjoying the closeness to Rukan and half trying to keep the towel from falling, “Heh, I’m glad you’re happy.”
   The feeling was so much more than joy. It was like the moment he had dreamed of had come again. The very thing he had waited for for years had come at last.  Rukan couldn’t express this feeling any more than he was at the moment with the embrace. He realized quickly though the position he had put himself in and let go grabbing the towel again with a slight blush.  ‘Why do I get so giddy around him?’ thought Rukan.
   “Sorry about that.” Said Rukan quickly. Taka only shrugged as Rukan let him into the dorm. Rukan was making quick work of getting everything in order for the day ahead. He had two classes today and he didn’t want to be late so he ran about the dorm half dressed getting the things he would need.
   Taka cringed every time the Kitsune’ ran through the den and put his Paws strategically on his crotch to cover up anything that might clue the vulpine in on his secret attraction.
   “I had a really weird dream last night, probably induced by the pain killers but this one takes the cake.” Said Rukan from his bedroom. Taka shouted back with a simple, “Oh?”
   “Ya… I was in a room with a white fox and when I looked at my paws they were pink and fleshy, then I looked at the nightstand and there was this badge on a lanyard that had my name and picture on it, and on the top was this weird word.”
   “What did it say?”
   “Hmm. That is pretty weird.”
   “You haven’t heard the best part.”
   “Ya, there was this voice, but it was my own, and it told me that I was just a character he created and that he was giving me control now, and that I shouldn’t screw things up.”
   “Wow… that is really strange. What kind of meds did they put you on?”
   Rukan stepped out of his room dressed in his tight jeans and a button up shirt. Taka smiled a bit sheepishly as he realized he had spent a bit too much time studying the bulge in Rukan’s jeans.
   “I think it was just some good old classic class two narcotics. That would explain the strange dream.” Said Rukan making his way over to Taka.
   The lion had started to look at his fox friend in a new light. He started noticing the shake his hips, the look in his eyes, every curve on his body. Taka couldn’t help but want to hold him close. He resisted his urges and stood up in a bit of a hurry. Rukan smirked as he did so and Taka’s heart dropped as he realized what Rukan was looking at.
   “That a pencil or are you just happy to see me?” Said Rukan in a bit of a joking manner. Taka blushed deeply but thanked the heavens for his darker than normal fur. Rukan saw the blush just like he had last night but said nothing about it. ‘I think Taka is coming on to me… That’s so sweet.’ Thought Rukan with a grin.
   He didn’t bother to try and correct himself this time. He just left the dorm with his friend and they made their way to their respective classes. When they got to the biology building Taka had to bid Rukan farewell for a while, until they met up after class that was.
   The first class was honors Biology. Rukan didn’t find much interest in what the professor was saying at the time because he already knew it. He had taken the summer break to read his textbooks cover to cover. ‘Oi god… I never realized how much of a geek I really am. Who reads their textbooks in their free time?’ Thought Rukan.
   He opened up his notebook and started to draw. He wasn’t really paying attention to what he was drawing; he was too busy being lost in his thoughts. He thought about the night before and the party. How everything went to hell in an instant, the dark room with the seductive Cynthia, the hospital room, Taka’s carring, Cynthia’s worry, His grandfather’s arrogance, and Rodney’s wish for peace.
   Things were changing faster than Rukan could bare at times. His life was doing almost a complete one-eighty. He frowned and looked down to what he had been doodling and blushed deeply at the scandalous picture of him and Taka in a very, compromising, position.
   He quickly tore the page out of his notebook and folded it up sticking it in his back pocket. The class was being dismissed to Rukan got his things together and made his way out of the room with the crowd. The sunlight outside of the bio building was more refreshing than he remembered. The morning still had a crisp cool grip on the air that filled his lungs making him happy to be alive to experience the wonderful mix of the cool air and the warm sun on his fur.
   He loved these moments of change, when one side has to make their move to change the course of history. It may just be a single day but Rukan always lived for the day. Even though he did plan ahead his was always stuck in the here and now. He didn’t have his next class for a few hours so he had plenty of time to hang out with the guys.
   However, the guys didn’t have time to hang out with him. The only one he could get a hold of was Colin. They had the same class coming up so they figured if they stuck together they wouldn’t be late.
   “Wow… Clay really did beat the shit out of you,” said Colin looking over the Kitsune’ and the various bandages and bruises. He spent a while looking at Rukan’s right eye and cringing. “I bet Clay didn’t even get suspended. He’s Mr. Semling’s little star athlete I saw him today by the way. He’s got a broken nose. You do that?”
   Rukan nodded with a bit of a grin, “ya… That was me.” Colin shook his head and laughed.
   “Serves the big oaf right. He’s been pushing people around for a few years now, Mr. Semling’s probably going batty now that he’s graduating this year.” Said Colin with a slight giggle.
   They sat on a bench on the park watching the other people go by in silence for a while. Colin looked like he had something on his mind but didn’t speak up. He just kept his gaze on the ground in front of him in obvious deep thought. Rukan quirked a brow, unable to contain his curiosity anymore, “What’s up Colin? Something is on your mind.”
   Colin shook his head and sighed, “It’s something that happened last night… I don’t really want to talk about it specifically but…,” Said Colin lifting his head, “I think someone likes me… a lot, and I don’t know what to do. They aren’t like everyone else.”
   “Oh… that kind of problem. Heh… I don’t really know what to tell you Colin. I wish I could help but I have a similar problem myself.” Said Rukan a bit sheepishly. Colin nodded and looked down to the ground, “I’ll tell if you tell.”
   “Taka…” Colin perked his ears up and looked up at Rukan a bit surprised, “You’re shitting me!”
   Rukan shook his head and giggled, “I shit you not. So who is it with you?” Said Rukan.
   “Aiden… I don’t know if you know him but we have class with him. He’s the Raccoon.” Said Colin.
   An image of a masked figure tip toeing away with a towel flashed through Rukan’s memory. He giggled and nodded, “Yes… I do believe he has something for you.”
   “You’ve met him?”
   “Not really… I just know he was the one who stole your towel the other day.”, snickered Rukan. Colin smirked and quirked a brow, “You were looking to!”
   Colin shoved Rukan playfully and laughed as Rukan shoved back with a, “Was not!” Colin got up and Rukan missed falling forward and hitting the bench. He sat up and frowned a little, “Hey!”
   Colin giggled and looked at his watch, “Oh shit! We have to run to class now!”
   He took of quickly as Rukan gathered his things and ran after him as fast as he could to catch up with Colin and get to class on time. They ran in through the doors with seconds to spare as they found their seats and class began. Rukan happened to give a sideways glace to where Colin was sitting and giggled as he saw Aiden grab Colin’s rump.
   ‘Yup Colin, he definitely has something for you.’ Thought Rukan as he looked up front to the professor again. It was a simple math class for Rukan but everyone else seemed to be struggling with their notes and work. Rukan shrugged and reached into his pocket as his heart sank. The picture was gone.

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Kitsune on Campus
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Chapter 5:
I Don’t Wanna Close My Eyes

   “Rukan you don’t look so good. You alright?” Said Colin as they left the classroom with Aiden close behind. Rukan sighed and shook his head, “There was a picture I drew… it was very personal and now it’s gone missing. If someone found that I could be in some serious trouble.”
   “Where do you think you lost it?” Said Aiden reassuringly.
   “Probably in the park when we were goofing off” Said Colin.
   Rukan nodded in agreement as they headed off to the park and to the bench where he and Colin had been talking about their secret lovers only a few hours before. Colin bent down to look under the bench and Rukan could only Smirk as he saw Aiden looking over Colin’s rump like he was studying a piece of fine art.
   They searched for what seemed like an eternity but to no avail. The picture was gone, either blown away in the wind or picked up by some passerby. Rukan hopped to all that was holy that it was the first and not the latter.
   “Rukan! I’ve been looking all over for you buddy.” Said A familiar feline as he ran up to the group looking for the picture. They all looked up and Rukan turn around dragging a finger across his neck in a motion to tell them to stop looking. “What’s up Rukan?” Said Taka as he came to a stop next to his Kitsune’ friend.
   “Nothing really. Just hanging out and the such.” Said Rukan quickly. Taka gave him a confused glace and shook his head.
   “Alright… well I was wondering if you were busy. I’ve got to umm… cook something for a class. I was wondering if you would like to join me.” Said Taka. Rukan glanced over his shoulder at Colin who was nodding his head. Rukan chuckled a little and looked back to Taka with a nod, “No problem. What time do you want me to show?”
   “Umm. In four hours. That should give me enough time to get ready.” Said Taka quickly. Rukan smiled and nodded again, “four hours it is.”
   Taka smiled and ran off without saying goodbye. Rukan laughed a little and shook his head, “I guess he’s excited.” Colin giggled behind him and Rukan turned around, “What?”
   “He likes you alright, he just asked you out to a romantic dinner.” Said Colin jokingly. Rukan shrugged, “well if he wants to take me out I guess that’s his choice. But now we have a time limit. We have to find that picture before my four hours is up.”
   “Rukan… I don’t think we are going to find it. It’s gone, just let it go.” Said Aiden. Rukan frowned knowing he was right and shook his head, “I just hope Clay or one of his flunkies didn’t find it.”
   “Alright… well See ya Rukan, Aiden, I have some things to get done.” Said Colin running off before either of them had a chance to speak. Aiden just stood there looking at Rukan. The Kitsune’ didn’t do much at all. He was trying to think of a way to explain things should that picture get out.
   “Hey Rukan?” Said Aiden slowly. Rukan looked up at the Raccoon and nodded to show he had heard him. “If you have feelings for someone, but you’re not sure if they have them for you… or maybe you know they have them for you. What do you do?”
   Rukan looked at the ground with a bit of a smile, ‘Wow… as if things couldn’t get more direct.’ Thought Rukan as he spoke up. “You tell them. You don’t have to tell them all at once, you don’t want to end up scarring them away. But you tell them in your own way.”
   Aiden kicked at the ground a little and nodded a bit solemnly. “Ya… I guess you’re right.”
   “Look... Colin knows Aiden. You’re lying to yourself if you think he doesn’t. There are a lot of ways you can tell him… try putting it in writing if you can’t summon up the courage to tell him.”
   Aiden looked up but he didn’t have a surprised look on his face. It was one of fear. Rukan shook his head and waves his paw dismissing the matter. Rukan was too busy trying to suppress his guilty conscience that kept screaming hypocrite at him. “Look Aiden, you’re going to have to face it one day. Just… don’t rush it.”
   Aiden nodded and looked down at the ground again silently. Rukan let him stand there waiting for him to say what he knew was coming, “Hey Rukan?” Rukan nodded again acknowledging his comment. “Thank you.”
   Rukan smiled and nodded again, “It’s no problem. I have to go straiten up my room. Join me for a walk?” Aiden nodded with a sincere smile, “That would be wonderful.”
   They made their way through the paths of the campus talking about various things said in class and discussing others with scrutiny. Both of them were highly intelligent and Rukan had been craving such a conversation for a very long time. He didn’t waste it either. When they reached the Dorms they almost felt as if they had lost something by reaching their destination.
   “Well… I guess this is where we say talk to you later.” Said Aiden. Rukan nodded a bit disappointed that they didn’t have a chance to talk more on the things that were pressing them on in their stroll. “I’ll see you around Rukan.”
   “Ya. See ya Aiden. And… good luck.”
   Aiden smiled and walked into the Dorms heading down the hall to his room as Rukan followed a bit farther back contemplating things that he was holding back from everyone.
   His relationship with his grandfather was a wreak at best. He frowned as he opened his door and turned on the lights tossing his things aside on the couch. He walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.
His own worse enemy stared back at him. This was a defining moment and Rukan knew it. “Who are you? You’re not him… You’re Rukan. Why can’t I just be me? Why do I have to be afraid? Why don’t things ever go right!” He shouted at his reflection pounding a fist on the counter.
   His wound over his eye started bleeding from the stress but he didn’t bother to do anything about it. He backed away putting his back against the wall and crumpling into a fetal position against the wall.
   “Look at yourself Rukan… You’re pathetic… You have no place in normal society. You are going to be an outcast.” He said letting a tear come to his eye. He shook his head. “I won’t cry… damn you I won’t cry!” He shouted again letting the tears flow down his cheeks
   It was almost like they were the comfort he was looking for. Their warm rivers clinging to his fur and skin until they couldn’t anymore forced to fall by the forces of gravity. He sniffled and balled up laying himself on the floor letting his blood and tears collect in a pool next to his head.
   “You really are pathetic Rukan. Why can’t you just grow up!? Why do you have to remain in this state of childishness!” He spat at himself. He got himself back up slowly looking into the mirror again seeing his reflection. He wiped the tears away and gave the mirror a serious look.
   The person looking back was someone he didn’t recognize. He knew it was himself but there was an air around him. Something much more, mature, something not so innocent. “That’s what you need Rukan. Accept who you are! Stop running!” He said wiping the blood out of his eye and washing up his face a little in the sink.
   “You’re not weak. You can accept your emotions. You are who you are. Stop trying to be someone else!” He shouted again standing up strait and looking at the mirror again. “You are no longer the person you were. You are the person you are.” He said leaving the bathroom. He went into his bedroom and threw open his bureau taking out a nice pair of black slacks and a black button up shirt.
   ‘this is MY day. Not anyone else’s.’ He thought as he changed into the new clothing. He walked to his door and opened it turning off the lights and walked out into the hallway. He looked down the hall and smiled as he walked down and threw open the doors looking to the darkening sky as day faded into night.
   ‘I’m no longer Rukan Hisashi, dragon slayer and rebellious Grandchild. I’m Rukan the aspiring gay student at the University of Foxpaw.’ He thought as he headed out to Taka’s room.
   He didn’t wander about this time. He went strait to his feline friend’s dorm and knocked on the door. He heard a little scuffling and the door opened to show Taka a bit flustered. Rukan knew the meal hadn’t been cooked in Taka’s room so he must have been running about.
   “Oh Rukan… you didn’t have to dress up it’s just a simple dinner.” Said Taka with a slight blush. Rukan smirked and shrugged, “If you’re going to do something might as well do it right.” He said stepping into the room. He smiled at the table set for two. It was really sweet of Taka to do this for him and Rukan really appreciated it.
   “Well I guess you should have a seat being the guest of honor and such.” Said Taka with a smile. Rukan smirked a little and took a seat. Taka took the other one across from Rukan and mused, “Now you get to be the taste tester.”
   Taka looked excited and Rukan realized he hadn’t even looked to see what they were having. He looked down at his plate and saw a pasta dish with tomato sauce and without any meat. Rukan looked up and looked at Taka’s plate seeing that his food had the meat in it.
   ‘Whoa… He definitely scores points there. I don’t even know how he picked up on that.’ Thought Rukan as he took his fork and took the first bite. It was like he had died and gone to heaven. He wanted to jump up and hug Taka for giving him such a wonderful meal. Whoever Taka’s cooking instructor was, they deserved a metal.
   Rukan smiled and looked down at his empty plate. It was almost a tragedy that it was gone. Rukan looked up at Taka and smiled warmly, “Thank you Taka. It was really kind of you to invite me over like this. You are a great cook to. I haven’t had anything that great in a long time.”
   Taka blushed a little and nodded, “Thank you Rukan. That was really sweet.”
   This was Rukan’s Chance to damn his grandfather’s words, the words that only Taka knew. Rukan stood up from the table looking into Taka’s eyes as if searching deep into the feline’s soul to find a missing piece, the one thing that would break the damn and make the waters of his heart flow forth.
   Rukan watched as Taka slowly got to his feet looking back with a smile, “Rukan… there’s something I have to tell you… It’s kind of.” Said Taka only to be interrupted by a finger over his mouth. Rukan wrapped his arms around Taka and gave him a soft nuzzle. “I’ve known for a while now Taka. Now there’s something you need to know… I feel the same.”
   Taka closed his eyes and held his Kitsune’ friend close to himself but was quickly distracted along with Rukan as a bright flash of light filled the room. Rukan turned his head leaning it against Taka’s chest to see Rodney and Toby at the doorway with a camera in hand.
   Rukan giggled a little while Taka let him go and gave chase to the snickering duo as they bolted down the hall. Rukan called after the king of beasts quickly, “let them go Taka. They aren’t going to do anything with it.” Taka turned around and walked back to his waiting friend a bit defeated.
   “You really don’t need to worry Taka. It’s just Rodney and Toby. They’re probably planning to put it in a scrapbook or something.” Said Rukan reassuringly. Taka nodded slowly, “I just thought that you had been through enough lately is all.”
   Rukan smiled and shook his head hugging the feline again this time a bit tighter. It was so sweet how Taka was looking out for him. It might be getting a bit excessive but Rukan didn’t mind. He had a feeling welling up inside of him that wanted to spill forward in a cascade of pure emotion.
   He looked up at Taka and without wasting a moment grabbed the sides of his head pulling him close into a kiss, Rukan’s first real kiss. He was feeling things he had never felt before. His heart was racing faster and faster as he felt Taka returning the kiss. Rukan pulled back half opening his eyes to look up at the feline.
   Taka reached up and touched his lips where Rukan’s had been only a moment before. Rukan could feel his entire body trembling. Taka put a finger under Rukan’s chin lifting his chin to look up at him, “Let me say it anyway. Rukan… I’ve been falling in love with you since the first day we met.”
   Rukan smiled and nuzzled Taka softly, “I’ve known, because I’ve been feeling the same thing. Now shush. Don’t spoil the moment with talk.”
   Taka smiled through tearing eyes. Rukan smiled knowing that the tears were not those of sorrow or pain. He held tight to the Feline resting his head against Taka’s chest. He felt Taka’s paw behind his head and smiled. Rukan got the feeling of belonging he had been looking for. Here in Taka’s arms, He was home.
   Rukan looked up again at his lover’s face seeing the smile on it made him happier. Just the thought of making Taka content with the way things were, making him happy over the small things in life, that was something Rukan wanted to do all the time. He knew though that it would ruin the relationship if they moved too fast.
   “Taka… I know the feelings you have, and the feelings I have. But we don’t want to ruin this wonderful thing by moving too fast. I think maybe I should be going. We can see each other tomorrow.” Said Rukan. It made him slightly upset that he had to break this up but it was for the best.
   Taka nodded and smiled nuzzling the Kitsune’ softly with a purr. “I know. I’ll miss you.” Rukan nodded and hugged him softly before backing up. “Don’t worry. I’m not that far away.”
   Taka nodded and went to the door opening it for his companion and Rukan stepped through but stopped. He turned around and smiled motioning Taka forward with a finger. Taka did so obediently and was pulled into another kiss before Rukan left. Taka giggled a little watching the Kitsune’ walk down the hallway one of his wings still in a splint and his hips shaking like there was no tomorrow.
   Things were wonderful again, almost too good. Rukan knew he had a tendency to make great falls after something wonderful happened to him. He didn’t care though. This was his night and he made the best of it. This night would be a night he remembered for a very long time. He stepped out of the doors on the ground floor of the dorms and was greeted by Rodney clapping.
   Rukan laughed and smirked, “What?” Rodney giggled and walked over to his Kitsune’ friend putting an arm over his shoulders, “Beautifully done Rukan my friend. I couldn’t have done it better.”
   Rukan giggled a little with his friend and shook his head. “Well at least I’ve come to terms with myself.” Said Rukan. Rodney nodded as they started to walk down the cobblestone paths of the school, “Yes. That is important indeed… yet something else has to be undertaken by you.”
   Rukan quirked a brow and looked at Rodney questioningly, “What are you talking about?” Rodney got a more hushed tone in his voice as he replied, “Your grandfather has unfinished business here Rukan. Business that requires your expertise.” Rukan frowned and moved away from Rodney making his arm fall off Rukan’s shoulder.
   “I don’t want to talk about my grandfather right now Rodney.” Said Rukan curtly. Rodney frowned and shook his head and frowned deeply, “Rukan you know he cares about you greatly. Besides, this has to do with you more than him anymore… get into the school network and search for a file called Foxfire.”
   Rodney didn’t give Rukan a chance to respond. He ran off as fast as he could and Rukan frowned with a sigh, “God damn you Grandfather! You had to ruin my perfect night again!” Spat Rukan.
   The walk home was more like a death march after that. He saw Aiden peeking out of his door but only gave a wave as he went into his own room. He flicked on the lights and went about straitening up the place. He picked up the books and papers he had thrown aside on the couch and put them in his bedroom on his desk. He saw his laptop and shook his head.
   He was refusing to look at that file out of spite. He went into the bathroom and wetted a washcloth to clean up the pink smear of blood on the floor he hadn’t bothered to clean up earlier. He sighed and stood up wiping his paws off of the blood he had gotten on them. He looked back into the mirror and remembered what had happened just before.
   The same reflection was there as was every time. He was starring himself in the eyes. He shook his head and looked away spotting the shower and smiling. He figured it would be a good idea to feel the warm comfort of the water on his fur and skin right now to try and calm him down.
   He stripped down just letting the clothing lie on the floor as he stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water letting his cascade from the spout in it’s welcoming embrace giving the comfort Rukan was looking for so desperately. Every droplet became one in a sort of second skin that covered his body in a way that nothing else could.
   He just wanted that comfort and nothing more at the moment. He let his mind wander as the steam in the room began to become a more formidable force and his wing twitched against its bonds. He smiled and let the water touch the split and his wing tore out of it becoming like his other wing.
   Things were changing quickly. His entire life was taking a turn to go in a direction he had been afraid of going before. He saw though that the comfort in this path was much more than the solitary one he had walked before. He smiled as he pulled the curtain aside and turned the water off.
   He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself. He giggled thinking about Taka and what he had done. It was so out of character for him but so exciting at the same time. He didn’t regret his choice in the least bit. His dream at being a student at U of F really was his dream, and it had come true in more ways than he thought possible.

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Kitsune on Campus
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Chapter 6:

   The weeks that followed were fairly uneventful for Rukan. He was busy with his studies and with his new interests. He spent more and more time with Taka getting to know him better and slowly beginning to fall in love. He felt it whenever he got near the lion, the quickening in his heart, the blushing when he was complimented, and the comfort he found in Taka’s arms.
   The laptop, however, was unused. Rukan didn’t know if he was ignoring it out of spite or if he was just disinterested. It wasn’t long before his mind was allowed to wander. He found himself sitting on his bed looking at the desk and the laptop thereon like a predator eyeing its prey.
   He slowly got up from his bed and walked over to it flipping it open and turned it on. He sat there tapping his foot as the loading screen’s flashed by and finally was able to log into it and get connected to the school network. He frowned as he typed the word Foxfire and waited for the result.
   He opened the resulting file and read it quickly.
   Foxfire is an old legend linked to the Kitsune’ people. Many believe that the more powerful Kitsune’ (ones with more than three tails) have the ability to use this power to summon a flame that is impossible to put out until the summoner decides it has served it’s purpose.
   This goes deeper into the old legends of the Kitsune’ being tricksters. It is believed that one such instance a kitsune’ replaced the flames in the lamps of an older town with this said Foxfire and the result was a light show that kept the residents awake at night for weeks.
   Though there is no current information on Foxfire most consider it a legend. Much like the wings the Kitsune’ are suspected of having hidden in their backs. X rays show no sign of avian bone structure in the backs of these creatures. The thought that they control strange powers is just a myth.
   Dr. Edward Semling explains that it may indeed be possible to make a Kitsune’ expose their wings if put under the right stress. However, his files were thrown out when his unsavory experiment methods were discovered.  To this day no Kitsune’ have ever been discovered with any extraordinary abilities.
   Rukan shook his head and frowned. It was a bunch of myths about his race. He frowned deeper though looking over his shoulder slightly at the wings on his back. Perhaps there was some truth to this matter. He read the name in the last paragraph again. “Dr. Edward Semling… is that Mr. Semling?” He said to himself.
   He closed his computer and shook his head slowly. He looked through his books and found his acceptance letter. He scanned it briefly until he got to the bottom and read the dean’s names. “Edward Semling. Well well… The Dean has a dirty past…” Said Rukan quietly. He wandered back to his bed with a pencil and a notebook sitting himself down.
   “If Grandfather knows him… that would make Mr. Semling… one hundred and fifty? That doesn’t make any sense.” Said Rukan slowly. He scratched his head and looked back at his tails counting them slowly. “One, two, three, and four… I fall under the category I guess,” Said Rukan slowly chewing on the pencil, “It still makes no sense. One hundred and fifty is just too old.”
   Rukan was thinking about calling his grandfather and asking what all of this was about but knew he would get an answer along the lines of “You need to figure it out on your own son.” Rukan wasn’t interested in running in circles. He needed more information other than Semling being an exiled Kitsune’ scientist and his age. He needed to know why.
   He sat there a bit longer before turning to his notebook and writing the facts down, “Semling, Extremist Kitsune’ researcher, 150 years old… need more info!” He closed the notebook and set it on his desk next to the computer. He stopped for a moment looking at the laptop and shook his head turning the power off.
   He had to meet up with Rodney and Toby for lunch and he wasn’t about to miss it. He got his keys and stepped out of his door turning around to shut it when the world went black suddenly.
   He found himself in the darkness again. The world around him seemed so cold and forbidding. Nowhere was there to be found the comfort he desired so much. He looked ahead to the one beam of light coming from his Lion friend and started running again. The light seemed to be always just out of his reach.
   He frowned at this and quickly took wing bursting into the light where he found Taka waiting with open arms. He felt the warm embrace he was becoming accustomed to and let out a low murr looking up at his love interest’s face.
   Rukan jumped awake and looked around quickly. He didn’t have a clue as to where he was or what was going on. There was only darkness, until the tape was removed tearing fur out with it painfully. He sat looking into they eyes of Clayton Masters.
   “You thought you could get me kicked eh freak boy? Well guess what. You aint going anywhere for quite a while now.” Said the Tiger with a growl in his voice.
   Rukan looked around desperately for the help he needed but found himself tied to a chair and gagged in a boiler room. This did not bode well for the Kitsune at all. Clay and his lackeys left the room slamming the door.
   Rukan sighed and looked at the ground, “I guess I’m going to be missing that lunch date.”
   He heard a rustling nearby and looked around the room curiously. A red vixen with three tails stood up from behind the boiler and smiled. Cynthia brushed the dust off her jeans and smiled at Rukan, “Well… seems like I get to make things up to you.”
   Rukan smiled but stopped quickly as the tape over his mouth started to pull fur. He knew what was coming next was really going to hurt. Cynthia grabbed the tape and in one swift fluid motion ripped it off his mouth making him cry out in pain. She covered his mouth quickly and looked at the door silently for a few moments before untying Rukan.
   He quickly stood up and gave her a tight hug as she giggled, “Nice to see you to Rukan… but it sounds like you have a lunch to get to and judging by the time you have little of it.” Rukan grabbed her wrist looking at her watch and realized he was going to be late if he didn’t run. He let her go and ran out the door letting it shut behind him but stopped to go back in and thank her.
   He turned to open the door but stopped as he heard her talking inside, “No… I won’t do it. You can’t have me like them.” Rukan quirked a brow and opened the door peeking inside to see Cynthia in tears.
   “Cynthia… I who are you talking to?”
   She shook her head wiping tears aside and smiled, “No one Rukan, you run along.”
   “Hey Cynthia?”
   “ya Rukan?”
   “Thanks.” Said Rukan as he turned to run again out of the gym and to the parking lot to his car where his heart sank. It was covered in scratch marks from keys. He shook his head and frowned deeply. He didn’t have time to grief over the vandalism. He unlocked his car and hopped inside setting off for town and the restaurant.
   He figured there was nothing he could do about the car for the time being so it was best to try and not think about it as he pulled up to the local diner. He smiled as he hopped out of the car locked it up and ran into the diner to find a seat next to Rodney who looked a little surprised at the Kitsune’
   “Wow… didn’t know this place was that popular with you.” Said Rodney.
   Rukan shrugged and sighed a bit, “Sorry I’m late, I had a close encounter of the striped kind.”
   Rodney nodded and shook his head, “Clay seems determined to make your life a living hell doesn’t he?”
   Rukan nodded slowly and shook his head, “They keyed my car…”
   “Ouch… That’s terrible” Said Toby.
   They went about ordering their meals and it wasn’t until after they had finished that they began to talk about the real reason they had come together today.
   “Rukan, I’m sure you’ve read that file by now, and I’m sure you’ve figured out one important fact.” Said Rodney.
   Rukan nodded and frowned a bit, “Semling couldn’t possibly be over 150 years old. It’s just not possible.”
   Rodney nodded and put a piece of paper on the table. On it were the calculations of Semling’s true age making him 153 years old. Rukan shook his head and leaned forward supporting his head with his hands, “This all makes no sense. All the myths about Kitsune’ It’s just crazy.”
   Rodney nodded but quirked a brow, “Have you noticed that more and more of your kind have been popping up since you got here? Cynthia only started working here a month before you came. Then there is your grandfather, who seems to have taken an interest in what you do here. He’s the one that told me about the file after all.”
   Rukan frowned and thought for a moment. He hadn’t ever met another kitsune’ besides his grandfather until he ran into Cynthia. They had no relatives, he had no grandmother, and he had never gone to school with another one like himself. This was information indeed.
   “I guess you’re right. Now that I think about it. They always seem to show up at the exact right time as well.” Said Rukan quickly.
   Rodney nodded and sat back in his chair, “This deserves some investigation. Tonight, at the homecoming game, Mr.Semling will be watching of course. That will have him and Clay out of the way. If we can get into his office then we can find what we need.”
   Rukan nodded and sat back in his chair as well, “What if we don’t find what we need in time. Who will be there to tell us to pull out?”
   Toby raised his paw and smiled, “That would be me.”
   Rukan nodded again and shrugged, “You think we’ll just be able to walk in there and find what we are looking for?”
   Rodney shrugged as well looked Rukan in the eye, “Can you afford not to know?”
   Rukan frowned and looked down. He had a feeling tonight was going to be one of enlightenment, and disappointment.
   The day went by and the night slowly began to rouse. Rukan sat in his dorm excited yet dreading the moment they got into that office. He didn’t know why he was so afraid. He didn’t know what to expect.
   The knock came at his door and he knew it was time. He walked to the door slowly like a person standing before the gallows marching to their death. He opened the door to see Rodney and Taka. Taka gave Rukan a hug and it was returned quickly with a slight murr.
   “Rukan, Whatever we find in there… Just don’t freak out on us.” Said Rodney. Rukan nodded half-heartedly and followed them through the evening to the doors of Lupine hall. Rodney pulled on them and shrugged when they didn’t budge.
   “Figures they wouldn’t make it easy for us. This is all you Rukan. There is a skylight over Semling’s office. Use those wings of yours to get to the top of this.” Said Rodney. They exchanged nervous chuckles at Rodney’s humor and Rukan took flight soaring up above the building and landing on the roof.
   He walked to the skylight and looked down into the room. It was empty like they had planned so he didn’t have to worry about being caught. He flipped the latch on the window and jumped through the hole flaring his wings when he was through slowing his decent into the lair of the beast. He quickly made his way to the front doors to let his companions in but found they were locked with a key lock on both sides.
   This was his mission and his alone. He shook his head turning around and heading back to the office. He ran through the door and quickly made his way to Semling’s desk opening a few drawers full of stationary before he found an empty drawer.
   He looked closer and noticed that the bottom looked different from the others. He pushed on it and it popped up allowing him to grab a manila file folder from underneath. He quickly took a seat behind the desk and opened it reading the documents within. He pulled out the first one and started reading.

   Notice of expulsion.
Narwith Silvermoon, You are hereby expelled from The University of Foxpaw on the grounds of disorderly conduct, and conduct of such not becoming of a good student. You have one week to get your possessions together and leave the premises.
Edward Semling
   Rukan shrugged and put it back knowing very well what it was. He then pulled out a tape player from the folder and quirked a brow. He flicked the player on and the room was filled with his grandfather’s voice. It was vibrant and full of youth like it always had been.
   “My fellow students, we have been deceived. One of our Deans is a criminal. He not only was involved in several illegal scientific research projects but he is using the surplus made by the rising of our tuition to fund his new projects! He’s killed many of our kind and he must be stopped! No one is safe while… Hey! What are you doing in here!? That door was locked!”
   The tape cut off after that. He frowned at the urgency in his grandfather’s voice. Rukan went back into the file and pulled out a note.
   Kiyoto Japan. Follow the path to the tori in the woods. Go beyond to the trail to the lake. Foxfire… follow the path that cannot be seen.
   It was getting more confusing than it seemed worth. Rukan leaned back picking up the note and heard a click. He looked behind him and saw that the chair had hit a statue of one of the former deans. He got up and inspected it and noticed that it had a button on the back of the head.
   He pushed it and saw a part of the nearby bookshelf flip out and seven strange blue orbs sat on a plush cushion. Rukan walked over to them and suddenly felt sick. He walked closer and felt his legs getting weak as he looked into the clear blue balls and saw things swirling about in them.
   He reached out to touch one but stopped when a voice startled him, “Don’t.” He turned quickly and saw Cynthia in a corner of the room. She looked up with a river of tears flowing down her face. “Don’t touch them Rukan… Don’t let him know.”
   Rukan looked confused. How did a simple diner waitress get into the room with him. He was the only one that could get in, unless she had been there already. Which meant she had been with Semling before. Rukan froze and shook his head, “What are they?”
   “They are everything you hold dear… everything you thought someone could never take from you… everything I want but something I can’t have. Please Rukan, find what you are looking for then get out before he comes back…. Take the file and hide it. He’ll know you’ve taken it and be looking for it. Hide it somewhere he’ll never think to look. Hurry Rukan! He’s heading this way!”
   Rukan dashed to the desk and collected the file then carefully arranged thins in the room the way they were before he had come. He looked at Cynthia and grabbed her hand to try and carry her with him out the window but she shook her head, “Get out now!”
   He flared his wings and shot himself upwards through the skylight and shut it quickly hearing the door open and Semling run into the room. Rukan backed away so he couldn’t be seen but he could still here.
   “What have you been doing my vixen? Why have the orbs been tampered with? You weren’t thinking of stealing it back were you?” Said the jaguar with a hiss.
   “I was cleaning and I bumped the switch I’m sorry…” Said Cynthia quickly.
   “I’m sorry what?” Said Semling obviously irritated.
   “I’m sorry… master.”
   Rukan’s eyes went wide and he backed away with his hand over his mouth. ‘Master? What was going on? What were those orbs and why was Semling so concerned about them?’ thought Rukan. He walked forward a bit and listened agtain.
   “What are you holding behind your back?”
   “It’s nothing.”
   “don’t lie to me!? Give it to me now!
   “Yes Master, sorry master.”
   “So… he was here. I should have smelled his stench a mile away. He’s getting too bold. I’ll have to… Where are my files!?”
   “I don’t know Master.”
   “Wipe that smug look off your face!”
   Rukan heard a slap and a yelp. He wanted to go in there and help Cynthia but he couldn’t he didn’t have time to listen to more. He had to get out of there and find a place to hide the files. He looked across the campus and paused at the clock tower. ‘perfect.’ He thought. He quickly took flight, flying high to avoid being seen.
   He flew into the clock tower by ways of the bell shaft and set himself down in the gear room. It looked like no one had been there for what seemed like an eternity from the dust on the floor. Rukan sat down and opened the file looking at another document.
   December 3, 1986
I’ve finally discovered the secret. We can’t really die unless someone knows how to kill us. The legends are true!
   January 15, 1987
I’ve got four now. Two were to my liking being that they were related to the first. I will soon show her to turn her back on me.
   February 14, 1987
I miss her. Why did she turn her back on me!? I have six.
   Rukan quirked a brow and set the document aside. It made no sense to him. He picked up another file and his heart sank as he read it.
   Name: Rukan Hisashi
   Parents: Jade Silvermoon, Talon Hisashi
   Time of arrival: Fall semester, 2003
   I’ve taken a special interest in this one. He seems to have grown four tails at a very young age. He could be the one to prove all my research correct. He’s smart though this could be difficult. I’ll have to be very careful.
   Semling had been planning on him coming. Rukan frowned and dropped the file seeing pictures fall out that made his eyes tear up. His parents, himself, Cynthia, and a few other Kitsune’ he hadn’t met. This guy was obsessed. Rukan left the files eager to tell his friends and flew through the clock tower bursting out into the night.
   He quickly landed and ran to the private dorms and ran to his room. He was about to open the door when he heard rustling from behind it and Semling’s voice yelling at someone.
   “Find it now! Check his computer as well! I want to know how he caught on! Foxfire… I thought that file was gone… Uploaded a month ago!? Who did it!?”
   Rukan quickly looked around and ran to Aiden’s room knocking on the door. Aiden answered with a long face but Rukan quickly pushed him into his room and shut the door behind him locking it. Aiden looked surprised and was about to speak when Rukan covered the Raccoon’s mouth with his paw putting a finger to his lips in a quiet gesture.
   Aiden looked confused but kept silent as Rukan watched the door his ears flicking every once in a while. Rukan moved to the peephole on the door and looked out watching Semling walk by. He sighed a breath of relief and looked again almost yelping out of surprise as he saw only the feline’s eye in the peephole.
   Rukan quickly caught himself and the only thing that escaped his throat was a strange crackling noise. He heard Semling walking again and the doors to the dorms open and close.
   “Aiden… I’m sorry for barging in like that but I had to.” Said Rukan quickly.
   “What the hell is going on Rukan? Why are you running and who are you running from?” Said Aiden quickly. Rukan shook his head and frowned, “I can’t tell you just yet… I have to go now. I might be a bit sparse over the next few weeks… Don’t look for me, I’ll find you.”
   Rukan opened the door quickly and ran down the hall to his room nearly kicking it open to see the place in shambles. He frowned looking at the mess they had made of him new home for the next few months. He growled slamming the door and walked into his bedroom and saw his computer smashed on the floor, ‘You’ve picked the wrong Kitsune’ Semling… I’m going to know everything you do… You want to play this game then I’ll play.’
   Rukan heard a knock at his door and he ran to it quickly looking out the peephole to see Toby, Rodney and Taka. He opened the door practically yanking them into his room and shut it quickly locking the deadbolt.
   “Yo Rukan! What the hell!?” Said Rodney as the door was slammed shut. Rukan looked back out the peephole and quickly turned to his astonished friends.
   “It’s not safe here for me anymore, but I have to stay. I have to keep an eye on him. He can’t keep doing what he is.” Said Rukan quickly.
   “Whoa Foxy, slow down and tell us what you found.” Said Taka.
   “He’s after me… I don’t know what he wants but he was involved in some seriously dangerous research and apparently he killed some of the test subjects.” Said Rukan quickly. Rodney shook his head and frowned.
   “Rukan… I don’t know if it’s such a good idea for you to stay… What if you get caught? All he has to do is wait until you’re alone again.” Said Rodney quickly, “I mean Rukan. This is serious. This guy could be out to kill you.”
   Rukan nodded and thought for a second. He did have to stay. He had to stop him before he cause more pain. “Taka… I know I haven’t told you this yet… and I should have weeks ago. I love you… and I want you to stay here with me now.”
   Taka looked a little shocked at first but quickly grabbed Rukan hugging him tightly and giving him a passionate kiss that Rukan returned with a murr. “Of course I will Foxy. I love you to.”
   Rukan nodded and pointed to the couch, “Have a seat you guys… we have a lot to talk about.”

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Kitsune on Campus
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Chapter 7:
Waking the Demon.

   It’s funny how the seasons change. The once warm campus was now cold and thick with the smell of the passing autumn and students found it more palatable to spend their time in their rooms than out in the frigid winter air. Things had been changing for Rukan but nothing had changed more than his relationship with Taka. Now that they shared a room they were getting even closer than before.
   Yet there was doubt in Rukan’s heart over what was to happen. He had gone through all the files now and got nowhere. He had nothing that could really explain what he was supposed to do. His entire world was folding in on him being shown proof that things of a supernatural nature do exist. Rukan being of a scientific demeanor was having a hard time coping with everything he knew being thrown out the window like it never had a right to be.
   He had been thinking over the next few weeks what to do over the semester break and whether or not he should try Kyoto for some answers. The note seemed important and he had pretty much all ready made up his mind to go. He just hadn’t told anyone yet, and break was coming in two days.
   Rukan sat in his room typing away on his new laptop looking for airline tickets for the trip when Taka walked into the room. Rukan closed his eyes and shook his head, ‘I have to tell him.’
   Rukan looked into Taka’s eyes and smiled a little but Taka saw straight through the guise, “What’s wrong sweetheart?”
   Rukan sighed and frowned, “I’m going to Kyoto over the break… I probably won’t see you until next year…”
   Taka nodded and smiled, “I knew you would. It’s ok… Rodney even was taking bets on when you would tell us.”
   “Is it really that obvious?”
   Taka nodded.
   Rukan sighed and shook his head looking back to the computer screen. “It looks like the next two days are the only ones we are going to have together for a while… I want to make the best of them.”
   Taka walked over to Rukan and bent down hugging him from behind and rested his head on Rukan’s shoulder with a slight purr, “It’s ok hun. I’ll manage.”
   “Yes Rukan?”
   “I love you.”
   “I love you to.”
   The early morning was something to be savored yet the dark figure outside of the campus wasn’t savoring it in the least bit. Their life had become torture after the incident fifty years ago. The figure spread their wings taking flight while leaving small crystalline drops to trail behind them as they flew into the bell tower and down into the gear room to take the files Rukan had worked so hard to get.
   “I’m so sorry son.” Said the figure stepping into some light to read the files he was retrieving for his master. Narwith Silvermoon’s face had changed in the past weeks along with his body. Scars riddled his back ad chest from his punishment for telling Rodney to get Rukan interested. It was their only hope of getting away. Their only hope of feeling the warmth of daylight, the love one could posses, everything everyone else took for granted they didn’t have.
   Narwith let his tears flow readily again as he took flight on his charcoal wings flying to his master’s office to see that Semling was out. Cynthia ran to Narwith and smiling widely embracing the larger kitsune’ tightly, “He’s going! He’s going to Kyoto! I can feel it!”
   Narwith quirked a brow and smiled through his tears, “Are you sure of this?”
   “We are…” Came a feminine voice from the shadows as a pure white kitsune’ stepped out from the shadows flicking their six tails lightly.
   “We have been keeping an eye on our boy.” Came another voice as a darker figure stepped forward next to the white one.
   Narwith nodded and smiled, “Then all we have to do now is wait. We’ll be free soon enough.”
   “Your savior is not going to Kyoto my children… He is staying right here. We have ways of making sure.” Said Semling with a smirk as his form seemed to appear from the air in his chair. “Clayton!” He shouted with a smirk as the door flew open to his room and the large tiger stepped into the room.
   “More Kitsune’ pounding?” Said Clay with a smirk.
   “No… not this time. I want you to put his little friend Taka out of commission… make sure he doesn’t wake up for quite some time.” Said Semling with a grin.
   A gasp was heard around the whole room as the present kitsune’ put their hands to their mouths with wide eyes. Narwith growled clenching his fists tightly and leapt at Semling only to be blown back by an invisible force making the jaguar laugh, “You can’t do anything about it Narwith.”
   Narwith turned to Clayton leaping at him and Semling’s eyes wet wide as Narwith tackled the tiger swiping his claws across the students face in a fury. Semling rose from his desk pointing at Narwith with a grin and watched the kitsune’ writhe in pain on the ground as Clayton got to his feet holding his bloody face with a growl kicking Narwith hard in the side making him roll a few times, “He’s not gonna wake up for a very long time… I promise you that.” Said Clay with a low growl as he turned and ran out of the office quickly.
   Narwith’s tears came back and he shook his head covering his face, “You bastard!”
   “Now now… that’s no way to talk to your master now is it? You need to be disciplined I guess.”
   Rukan looked deep into Taka’s eyes still holding himself to the lion with a low murr, “You’re so wonderful… I never want to leave you. Promise me you’ll always be here for me.”
   Taka nuzzled Rukan’s cheek softly giving it a soft kiss with a purr, “I won’t… I’ll wait here for you until you get back from Japan. I’ll wait for you no matter what.” Taka rolled over and smirked a bit pinning the vulpine down to the bed.
   Rukan giggled and leaned up to nuzzle Taka’s chest, “I think we’ve had enough sweetheart.” Taka laughed a little resting himself on Rukan lightly twirling a finger in Rukan’s chest fur lightly, “I don’t know… I think we could make it a nice round four.”
   Rukan laughed again and nuzzled Taka’s cheek softly, “I love you.” Taka leaned into the nuzzle kissing the side of Rukan’s maw lightly, “I love you to… now go take a shower foxy boy you stank!”
   Rukan giggled again looking up into Taka’s eyes before leaning up to kiss him softly letting all his love flow into the kiss holding the feline close to himself with a low murr. Taka himself held the kiss dear to himself kissing back softly. The moment was perfect for the both of them. Everything seemed to trivial when they were in each other’s arms. Time stopped just for them to sit and enjoy the moments they had.
   Rukan broke the kiss after a bit and smiled through half open eyes, “I really do love you sweetheart.”
   “I know… I love you to.” Said Taka in response rolling himself off the kitsune’ and looking up at the ceiling. Rukan giggled and took the opportunity to pin the lion to the bed kissing the feline’s neck and sniffed, “Wow you need a shower to… you smell worse than I do.” Said Rukan with a giggle.
   Rukan hopped out of the bed lightly walking to the door letting his hips shake but keeping his tails in strategic places to hide his naked body. Taka panted slightly at the display and was soon chasing the kitsune’ to the shower with a giggle. Rukan leapt into the shower through the curtains with a snicker turning on the cold water and stepping aside as Taka burst through the curtains into the cascade of frigid liquid.
   He let out a sort of a yelp of surprise and quickly jumped to the wall trying to avoid the stream. Rukan turned up the hot water and found himself in Taka’s arms sharing a passionate kiss. Rukan murred deeply as they  “showered”
   Afterward Rukan was preening himself in front of the mirror while Taka was in the bedroom getting dressed for the day. They didn’t have classes until next semester but they were leaving for the break late like almost everyone was. “Hey Kit I’m going out for a run. I’ll be back soon alright?” Shouted Taka.
   “Alright sweetheart. I’ll see you later then.” Shouted Rukan back. Taka made his way to the door and smiled opening it and stepping out into the hallway. He closed it behind himself and made his way down the hallway to the doors with a smile on his face. This morning had been incredible.
   They hadn’t had anything near that before. Taka felt his love for the Kitsune’ growing more with every passing moment in his arms. He opened the doors to the outside to be greeted by the cold air screaming at him that it was winter now. Taka jogged a few paces before going into a run not bothering to go to the track to run like he normally did. He was just going to run a few laps around the park and call it a day.
   He smiled looking up at the sky and the pure blue it held. Everything seemed so wonderful when he was around Rukan. Nothing could make it change.
   The world was suddenly tumbling as Taka lost his balance and fell forward skidding to a stop on the cobblestone walkway. He shook his head lightly and laughed to himself that he should pay more attention to where he was going but the sudden pain in his back made him think otherwise. He rolled over looking up at Clayton Masters.
   Taka was confused and enraged at the same time. He quickly got to his feet letting out a loud earsplitting roar of anger, “What the hell are you doing Clay!?”
   “Putting you out of commission kitty cat.” Said Clay slashing at Taka with his razor claws. Taka quickly dodged and punched Clay in the gut hard.
   Clay crumpled a little holding his stomach and gagging slightly. Taka quickly brought his knee up to smash into Clay’s face knocking the tiger over. Taka laughed at the Tiger on the ground shaking his head, “Taking me out of commission. Maybe you should plan things a bit better next time buddy.”
   Taka turned to walk away only to stop quickly looking into the sad eyes of Cynthia. She touched his chest and frowned deeply letting her tears flow, “:I’m sorry…”
   Taka’s world became pain as he crumpled into a ball on the ground. He roared in agony as his world went black and Cynthia stood over him holding a blue flame in her hand. She quickly turned her back and ran away from the scene leaving Taka unconscious in the pathway next to Clayton.
   Rukan sat on his bed chewing on a pencil looking over what he had written in his notebook. “Kiyoto Japan. Follow the path to the tori in the woods. Go beyond to the trail to the lake. Foxfire… follow the path that cannot be seen.”
   He would need to find this place that Semling had found. He felt a great need to go there. Like someone was waiting for him. He heard a knock at the door and got up from the bed with a groan and made his way to the door. He opened it to see Rodney’s face filled with Terror.
   “What’s happened Rodney?” Said Rukan quickly.
   “It’s Taka… he’s been hurt.” Said Rodney quickly. Rukan’s heart sank and he dropped the pencil and notebook. Time seemed to slow down to nearly a halt as he pushed his way out of the door past Rodney to see Toby holding his fallen lover in his arms. Rukan ran up to him looking down at Taka and shaking his head. “No… No you promised! You can’t do this!” Screamed Rukan
   He grabbed Taka’s limp frame from Toby’s arms struggling to hold the feline but feeling the need he lifted him carrying him into the dorm and into the bedroom setting him down on the bed and hugged him close, “Wake up… Wake up damnit!” Shouted Rukan through his tears coughing out the words.
   Rodney put a paw on Rukan’s shoulder and shook his head, “This is serious Rukan… we need to get him to the hospital.”
   “No! He’ll be fine! Just wait! He’s gonna wake up any second now and be fine!” Spat Rukan while turning to look at Rodney. He turned back to Taka and cradled the feline in his arms rocking back and forth crying freely. His entire world was coming apart at the seams. Rodney sat down on the bed next to Rukan and put his paw back on Rukan’s shoulder.
   “Rukan. Don’t be a fool. We have to get him help.” Said Rodney. Rukan growled and looked Rodney in the eye gritting his teeth, “Who did it!?”
   Rodney shook his head and frowned, “I can’t tell you that Rukan.”
   Rukan lunged forward and grabbed Rodney but the collar of his shirt his teeth only millimeters from Rodney’s flesh, “Who did it!?” Shouted Rukan louder.
   Rodney shivered a bit and stuttered, “It was Clay… he was there next to Taka but he was out cold when we…” Rodney stopped seeing Rukan get up and bolt out of the room faster than he had seen anyone move before. It was like Rukan had become a streak of black. Rukan was at the place in the blink of an eye looking at Clayton and his group of flunkies with rage in his eyes, “You’ve gone to far this time Clayton Masters!”
   Clay laughed and walked forward to push Rukan but found that Rukan didn’t budge. He looked a little confused but was soon silenced as he was blown backwards skidding to a stop behind his friends. Rukan didn’t care what had made Clay fly all he cared about was bringing that tiger to his knees and making him beg forgiveness.
   Rukan raised his maw to the sky and let out a roar of rage as the grounds around them burst into towering flames surrounding Clayton, his friends and Rukan making it impossible for escape as Rukan flapped his wings, “You have pushed me around, embarrassed me, even put me in the hospital! This time you’ve gone too far Masters! This time you’ve hurt my mate and you will suffer the consciences!”
   Rukan’s eyes went white as energy sparked from him arching to the ground and over his body as he walked forward and the only thing heard from the ring of fire was screams of agony as Rukan tore through them without mercy to get to a terrified Clayton Masters. “You… beg me to not hurt you!” Shouted Rukan
   Clay quickly got to his knees and plead, “Please don’t hurt me… I’ll do anything… just don’t hurt me. He made me do it… He said that if I did what he told me to do I’d be able to stay here for free! Please!”
   Rukan reached down lifting the tiger with unreal strength and looked him in the eyes, “Who told you?’ Said Rukan with a scowl. Clayton was about to talk but was cut off but a feminine voice, “Rukan stop it! He didn’t do that to Taka!” Shouted Cynthia. Rukan tossed the tiger aside and turned to look at the kitsune’ She gasped and shook her head backing away.
   Rukan looked like a demon. His red wings like crimson blood behind him as the pure energy shot out from his body. “Rukan don’t hurt anyone… The person you’re looking for is right here… I did that to Taka. If you’re going to hurt anyone… God damn it hurt me!” She shouted. Rukan shook his head and looked her in the eyes.
   “What are you doing Cynthia? Why would you do that?” Said Rukan quickly as the fires died and the gang ran off seeing a way out. Rukan’s eyes turned back to normal and his found himself feeling very weak. He stumbled forward as Cynthia ran forward to catch him as the world went black for him as well.
   “Rukan. There is more for you to do that you can imagine. Come to me…” Came a soft voice from the darkness around him. Rukan sat up and looked around confused. “You are ready… Come to me, you’re life will change and sacrifices will be made… now is not your time to give up. Come to Kyoto.” The darkness was suddenly filled with images of a forest and an old red tori with a path under it.
   The images continued through the forest to a lake that suddenly burst into flames and the smoke split forming a path in the air and over the lake to a shrine. Inside the shrine was overgrown with vines and other plants. Rukan found himself standing inside and realized that this was more than just a shrine. It was a temple. The walls were suddenly lit with flames of green, blue, yellow, red, purple… it seemed like every color in the world as they led the way to a large statue of a goddess in a long flowing robes.
   Rukan ventured forward and looked closely at the statue but was ripped from the world as he opened his eyes and saw the blurry image of the hospital ceiling and sighed. He figured he would be waking up here. He tried to sit up but realized he was strapped down to the bed.
   He lifted his head to look down at his body and frowned shaking his head. There was a wolf police officer at the foot of his bed looking down at him. This was not going to end well.
   “You’re awake… good. Rukan Hisashi you are under arrest for assault. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, you have the right to an attorney, if you cannot pay for one the court will appoint one to you. You have…”  Said the officer only to be cut off by Rukan.
   “Listen buddy. I know this is your job and all but I don’t see how you could charge me with anything. I didn’t touch those guys. Besides the fact that they attacked me first.” Said Rukan nonchalantly. The officer didn’t look amused.
   “We have several eye witnesses that say you attacked Clayton Masters this afternoon. Even the dean said he saw you do it.” Said the wolf.
   Rukan felt his heart sink. Semling was the one, he made Cynthia do it. Rukan growled and fought against his restraints and the officer shook his head, “It won’t do you any good to resist Rukan. Just lay back and wait for my partner to get here and we’re taking you to the station.”
   Rukan spat at the officer fighting harder ripping the leather that held him with a roar. He saw the officers eyes go wide and reach for his gun but found it flying through the air and into Rukan’s paw. He pointed it at the officer and shouted, “Undo the rest of the cuffs now!”
   The officer was quick to comply but Rukan knew he was waiting for the right moment to try and disarm him. He made it very difficult for him by putting the gun to the officer’s back and slinging and arm around the wolf’s neck, “Look buddy, you have a choice now cooperate or be in some serious pain. I promise you I will not be hurting anyone. I’m just leaving and you’ll never hear from me again. That’s all you have to do. Oh… and don’t think about pulling anything… you saw what I did to those guys I’m sure.”
   The officer nodded and Rukan pushed a bit walking forward and out the door to see his friends outside. He shook his head as Rodney and Toby looked up at him in surprise. “I’m getting out of here but I’m seeing Taka first. You two make sure the way is clear.
   They didn’t need to be told twice. They both ran down the hall clearing it of patients and employees as Rukan made his way with the officer to Taka’s room. He walked in through the door and let go of the officer and turned him around to look at him, clicking the clip release and taking the ammunition giving the gun back. “It works better with the safety off.” Said Rukan with a smile.
   He ran to Taka’s bed and shook his head. He was alive yet not alive at the same time. It only made it worse that his eyes were open staring blankly at the ceiling. Rukan embraced his lover and whimpered softly, “I don’t know what Semling is trying to do… but I’m going to find out and he’s going to pay for all he’s done.”
   Rukan’s ear flicked hearing a gun cock and he shook his head raising his hands, “give me a moment… please…” Said Rukan leaning down to nuzzles Taka’s cheek. He let a tear fall and shook his head again, “I don’t think I’ll be seeing you again for a very long time Taka… I’m sorry it had to end up like this. I have to go now. I love you… “
   Rukan turned to see that the gun was the officer’s but it wasn’t in the officer’s paws. Semling was looking at Rukan with a scowl on his face. “You are not going anywhere Mr. Hisashi.”
   Time slowed again as Rukan saw the trigger being squeezed and the gun reacting with a loud bang as a chunk of lead flew at him and he shook his head and stepped aside like it was nothing. Semling quirked a brow and shook his head, “You have to be the most powerful one I’ve found yet next to her… I know your plans and you are not going to Kyoto. My plan my might not have worked out the way I wanted it to but this time I’m making sure it works. Perhaps you should see where that bullet went.”
   Rukan didn’t need to look. He heard the monitor flat line. He felt his infinite loss become almost complete. He felt his eyes burning. He saw the moments they had spent together flash before his eyes as he shook his head. “You bastard!” shouted Rukan as he charged at Semling slashing at him with his claws but he just disappeared with a laugh.
   “You’ll be mine just like all the rest of your kind Rukan Hisashi. It’s just a matter of time now.” Said Semling, his voice drifting on the wind. The officer was spooked enough already to realize he was in something way over his head and quickly ran out of the room to let Rodney and Toby see what had happened. They both gasped at what they saw.
   Rukan was cradling Taka in his arms blood dripping from the feline’s side as Rukan held him close and cried again, “Get away from me!” shouted Rukan as they entered the room, “You’ll end up just like him! Semling is trying to break me don’t you get it!? He’ll kill you to!”
   Rodney shook his head and was pushed aside as Cynthia ran into the room and shook her head, “No… He’s gone too far this time. He’s never killed before.” She said running to Rukan and Taka. Rukan flinched back as she got close covering Taka protectively, “No! It’s your fault! You got him sent here! You got him killed! I never want to see you again!” Shouted Rukan vehemently.
   Cynthia shook her head and walked forward producing a blue flame in her hand, “All I can do is bring him back for a little bit so you can say your goodbyes…” Rukan looked at her and shook his head, “I want to know what the hell is going on! Flame just don’t suddenly appear out of nowhere! I don’t miraculously become faster than bullets!”
   Cynthia nodded, ‘you’re right… Well where to start. Kitsune’ legends… I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that your kind are rare… probably to a point where the only other kitsune’ you knew was your grandfather until you met me. Well the legends are true… foxfire, the wings, telekinesis, everything… It just… some of us can’t do those things. We haven’t ever been able to.”
   “Semling was testing you… using Clay as a stressor he got you to awaken your powers and now he wants you. Just like he has.. has” She crumpled in pain. It was obvious she couldn’t say what she wanted to. She shook her head and frowned, “At least let me give you this…”
   She walked forward and touched Taka making him gasp to life, “Rukan!?” He shouted before looking up into Rukan’s crying eyes. Taka reached up and slowly put a paw on Rukan’s cheek only to have Rukan put his on top of it to hold it there, “Rukan I was so afraid I wasn’t going to see you again… I had an amazing dream. There was this woman speaking to me telling me my story wasn’t over yet and not to worry… but… I wouldn’t be seeing you for a long time.”
   Rukan sniffled and shook his head, “Taka… you’re not going to see me for a very long time. She was right.”  Said Rukan fighting back more tears. He leaned down and kissed Taka softly and coughed out the tears he was holding back. He was losing him Rukan knew it.
   “Rukan… I promised you that I would wait, and I will.”  Said Taka slowly coughing a bit as blood spewed out of the corner of his mouth. Rukan leaned down and kissed Taka again holding him tight until he felt his lover go limp in his arms. Cynthia stood there looking at Rukan with tears in her eyes and the blue flame in her paw. “Rukan… I’m so sorry. This is Taka’s soul… I will have it with me. I can’t give it away or it will die.”
   Rukan looked at the blue flame watching it dance in her paw as Rukan got closer it turned red. “Keep him safe…” Said Rukan as he turned to the window and threw his shirt aside spreading his wings.
   “Where are you going Rukan?” Said Cynthia.
   “Kyoto Japan… I have business there that needs to be seen to.”

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Kitsune on Campus
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Chapter 8:

   The window to the hospital shattered outward as the Kitsune’ took flight into the cold night air feeling it bite his chest as the wind tore past him making it feel like tiny daggers were scathing his face and arms. He flapped his wings seeing the lights on the ground flashing blue and red only to quickly cover his eyes as a bright spotlight was shone on him and a loud voice filled the night air.
   “Rukan Hisashi you are to cease and desist. Come down from there so we can take you to the station.”
   Rukan shook his head slowly and sighed. He flapped his wings and he heard something rush past him quickly. He turned his head only to find darkness. He couldn’t see beyond the spotlight but he knew it was better to try and get out of it than to just sit there and let them take him. There were people counting on him this time.
   Rukan flapped his wings hard making himself accelerate upwards quickly and out of the light only to find himself in darkness. He kept flying higher even though the cold started to make his skin feel like it was being blasted with ice. His eyes finally adjusted only to find himself surrounded by hawks wearing their police caps
   Rukan frowned again and sighed, “Look… I don’t want to hurt anyone. I just want to go. I have to help them…” Said Rukan halfheartedly. He knew it wasn’t going to change anything but he wanted it to so much. He watched and closed his eyes in defeat as the hawks closed in on him
   “I didn’t want this to end like this.. but you’ve given me no choice now. This is a matter above all of your heads.” Said Rukan quickly as he flapped his wings quickly shooting up unto the clouds gritting his teeth as he sped through the night as fast as thought possible at the moment.
   One of the hawks had gotten ahead of him and popped up in front of him making Rukan flare his wings and feel the great pain as the rushing wind hit them making it feel like the air itself was trying to rip them out of his back.
   After losing Taka… losing everything he loved, he wasn’t about to stop now. He used the wind hitting his wings to make him flip backwards making his foot knock the raptor in the chin hard. Rukan watched it fall to the ground and shook his head, “I’m sorry…”
   Rukan flapped his wings hard to get his speed back and found himself looking down at the campus with a frown, “Goodbye…”
   He knew the cops would be quick to follow so he put on a new burst of speed making the ground below turn into a blur as he dove to altitudes low enough that trees were a new hazard. He carefully maneuvered himself over the landscape looking over his shoulder to see the hawks on his tail like they were attached to him on strings.
   Rukan spotted a forest and shook his head at the plan he had come up with. “This is going to hurt…” He said disdainfully at the prospect of the flight ahead. He knew that as soon as he entered the trees it would become pitch black. He would be lucky if he came out of this alive let alone unscathed.
   Rukan let the cold air ruffle his fur and make his tails swing wildly behind him as he flapped his wings harder bursting into the trees using his vulpine eyes to guide him through the forest as best they could at this speed. He barely missed a tree only to hear the cries of a few hawks behind him as they found their stops in the branches and trunks of the mighty plants.
   Rukan kept his gaze forward not seeing the beast gaining on him from behind until his grabbed his leg and threw him to the ground stopping his flight abruptly. Rukan moaned in pain as he got to his feet and slowly dusted himself off only catching a glimpse of the creature.
   “Give up Rukan. You’re not getting away.” Came a disconnected voice from the darkness. Rukan looked about quickly trying to find where the voice was coming from. A white form stepped out from the trees and into the clearing letting the moon give it a sort of a glow. Rukan shook his head in disbelief.
   “I’ve seen strange things but I’ll never believe in ghosts…” Said Rukan slowly backing away from the Kitsune’ in front of him. The vixen smirked but Rukan couldn’t take his gaze off of her eyes. They seemed so lifeless. Rukan knew that this poor soul was not the person they were, they couldn’t be. They were dead.
   “Mother?” Said Rukan slowly. She smirked again and gave a nod.
   “It’s time to join the family son. Why fight him when you know you will lose? You don’t have a chance in hell at getting to where you want to go anyway. Your father and grandfather both knew the meaning of sacrifice. Surely you know that sacrifices must be made for the greater good. We’re nearly extinct now Rukan, my darling son… if you join us we might be able to save our species… with all our power, we’ll have the world in our paws and no one could stop us!” Said the snowy vixen with a cackle.
   Rukan frowned and looked her in the eye again shaking his head slowly, “You’re not my mother… you’re just another slave. Can’t you see I’m trying to help you?” Said Rukan with tears in his eyes. “Can’t you see that I want this al to end? I’ve lost so many because of him, You, Dad, Grandpa, Even Cynthia… Who knows how many others he has locked away? Mom… Please… I love you. I always have. I want to be a family again but not like this.”
   Rukan walked forward with a dead look in his eyes. his mother stood fast where she was raising a brow at his advance. He kept walking forward now within five feet of her before she spoke, “Get away from me.. How dare you disrespect me like this!? Do you need to be punished”
   Rukan knew then that it wasn’t his mother speaking at all. The words were too familiar. He kept walking towards her even as she started to back away. She quickly punched at him hitting him across the face but he kept coming at her.
She kicked him hard sending him across the clearing and into a tree. He wiped his face as blood started to trickle out of his mouth and down his cheek. He got to his feet again and this time ran up to his mother. She quickly clawed at his shoulder griping it tightly making her claws dig into his flesh as blood started to trickle down his chest and back. Rukan didn’t flinch as he reached forward and embraced his mother tightly. Letting his silent tears flow into her shoulder.
   A surprised look crossed the vixen’s face as she grit her teeth fighting an unknown force. He let go of her shoulder her face showing only compassion and love for her only son as she returned the embrace, “Rukan I love you so much… your father and I have been wanting to see you for so long but could only hear about you through your grandfather…. Now please… Leave this place. Go to Kyoto. Someone is waiting for you there that will give you the power to free us. There is magic still in the world Rukan… never forget that love holds powers deeper than you could ever dream.”
   Rukan cried freely hugging tighter and shook his head, “My love died in a hospital room tonight mom… He’s dead! And it’s my fault! If I hadn’t been so careless he would still be alive… he would still be here to hold me tight and tell me things are going to be alright. He would be here to kiss me goodnight and be there when I can’t sleep. I am nothing without him Mom!”
   His mother frowned letting her own tears flow. She rubbed his back comfortingly with her paw while still holding him close, “I know… and that bastard will pay. Inari will surely not let your lover’s death be in vain. There are things I wish I could tell you but I can’t. If you want to free us fly to Japan. Find the shine past the lake of fire and meet your goddess. She will know what to do.”
   Rukan let go a little to look into his mother’s jade eyes. He smiled knowing now where he had inherited his own eye color. He shook his head slowly and frowned again letting his tears drip from his chin and to the soil and foliage at his feet. He mother lifted a paw and wiped the tears from his face with the back of it. She kissed his cheek and smiled weakly.
   “You will save us Rukan. We all know you will. You have that bastard scared. Now fly son… before he comes back. Before I hurt you…” She trailed off at the end. She looked down ashamed of what she had become. Rukan hugged her tightly again before letting go and backing away slowly. The moonlight only added to the sadness seeing his mother’s eyes glisten with grief and pain.
   He turned and flapped his wings refusing to look back at the angel that was his mother. He had so much more to fight for now knowing that he could have his family back. He still felt empty though. A part of him died with Taka back in the hospital room. He knew that it would probably never come back to him again. He looked to the clear sky above him and spotted a lone star with a smirk.
   “I know it’s absurd… but… bring him back to me… This is my wish… all I want.” Said Rukan mournfully. He knew his wish wasn’t going to come true but it would always be alive in his heart.
   He flapped his wings hard letting the trail of silvery droplets trail behind him as his tears turned to ice in the cold air and fell with crystalline grace and beauty. This night would forever be one he would remember. He would never forget the love he had for Taka and definitely wouldn’t forget the moment with his mother.
   He frowned thinking on what Semling had done to him. His lips curled and his muzzle wrinkled as he growled at the very thought of that Jaguar. Rukan flapped his wings furiously letting the wind against him become stronger and stronger until suddenly it seemed to just disappear.
   Rukan didn’t care. The world was a blur of colors that went by so fast he couldn’t distinguish what he was passing over unless it was massive. He caught a few cities but that was about the extent of his vision. He found himself hovering over a beach and looking out at the ocean. He would have to cross it in one flight. The speed he was going it shouldn’t be a problem but he needed to rest.
   He slowly lowered himself to the sand and sighed looking up at the moon setting over the waves, “Taka.. if you’re out there… I’m sorry… I should have taken that bullet, not you. I love you so much. I want only to be with you again. I know Cynthia has your soul but I don’t know what she can do with it. I feel safe knowing that she has it inside of her. I know you’re in there somewhere. I’ll see you again someday… though… I don’t know when I’ll pass over to the world of spirits…”
   Rukan lay himself down on the sand softly curling up into a fetal position with a whimper. Words could not describe the worlds of pain he was feeling in his heart as he closed his eyes trying to sleep and cast aside the world of pain for a different one.
   The world Rukan was accepting, however, wasn’t any better than the one he had just left He found himself repeating the moment Taka and he had shared this morning. Rukan stirred in his sleep hearing the words that seemed to only bring more pain, “I love you to.”
   Rukan looked into Taka’s eyes and shook his head, “Taka.. if only the dream would last. If only I could change what is going to happen… I love you so much!” Said Rukan as he reached up grabbing a hold of the lion pulling him close to his chest. Rukan quickly brushed his lips against Taka’s lightly suckling on his top lip holding a kiss that Rukan would sorely miss when the world of dreams decided to leave him.
   Taka kissed back tilting his head to the side allowing Rukan’s tongue to enter his mouth slowly deepening the kiss. Rukan wanted the moment to last forever and it seemed to be on it’s way to getting there but all good things must have an end.
   The world around Rukan melted away as he found himself in a place of pure white. He heard the clicking of claws on the ground and turned to see who was coming. Cynthia smiled at him breaking into a run and leapt at Rukan hugging him tightly almost knocking him over.
   “Rukan I’m so happy to see you here. I called you to my little sanctuary… I know it’s not much but it’s a way to get away from the world. I never sleep…” She said slowly. Rukan looked at her with a quirked brow and looked around at the pure white of the place then back to the vixen.
   “I just wanted to say… that I’m sorry for all the pain I have caused you… you have to know that I didn’t do it willingly. I was almost jealous of Taka… but now that I can feel him inside of me I know that I was wrong to ever think I was right for you. I guess what’s why Semling used me… He could feed that jealousy and make it into the demon that controlled me.”
   Rukan nodded and frowned looking down at the ground. This was not helping him feel better in the least bit. He felt a finger under his chin and he allowed it to lift his gaze. Cynthia had a different look in her eyes. Something he hadn’t seen there before.
   “Remember the night that I made you dinner. You were so excited that it tasted so good. That was the night we shared our first kiss. That was when we told each other how we felt… Rukan it’s me… Taka… I know I don’t look the same but I’m here. Don’t worry sweetheart everything is going to be all right. There are forces at work here that we don’t comprehend.”
   Rukan’s eyes went wide and filled with tears. Only Taka would have known about that night. Rukan hugged his lover’s new body tightly crying into Cynthia’s shoulder. It was a little strange but he didn’t care if Taka was a female or a male. Taka was the person he loved no matter what sex they were. Such a thing was trivial when he thought about it now.
   Rukan felt A soft touch on his back as Taka ran a paw down it stroking Rukan’s fur gently to try and comfort him. Nothing could comfort him though. Rukan had lost too much to be able to recover so quickly. Rukan just stayed there with his face buried in Cynthia’s shoulder crying his pain away.
   Rukan sat up quickly feeling the sand beneath him shift. He sighed and shook his head while getting to his feet. He rubbed his eyes getting the sleep out of them and stretched with a yawn. He looked out at the ocean and frowned. He wanted to stay with Taka and Cynthia. Fate was cruel to tear him away from them so quickly.
   He realized that he had a new problem. How would he know the right way across the ocean? He looked out to sea again and sighed. This was not going to be a fun day. He flapped his wings and took flight again but headed inland to the nearest town landing in the outskirts. California was much warmer than the university. Rukan somewhat enjoyed it while he could.
   He found his way to a gas station and entered the convenience store with a frown. He knew it was a long shot but he figured being that this was a shore town they might have knotical maps for residents with boats and yachts. He fingered through the maps ad shrugged pulling out a map of the pacific with a smile. This was all he needed, next to a compass of course.
   He went to the counter and asked the clerk if they had any compasses. He was quickly handed a small one and he paid for the items leaving the store in a bit of a rush. Rukan didn’t know how far the news of him had spread yet. It had been an entire night. Surely the word would be out by now.
   He found himself on the beach again within minutes starring down at the map and getting his position before he took flight putting the map away and only holding the compass in his hand as he flew out to sea. Updrafts from the warm water were making the flight a lot easier than Rukan thought it would be. He wasn’t flying as fast as the night before because he figured he had some time and he didn’t have to worry about being chased.
   He let himself get lower to the water’s surface making a wake below him with a grin. He wasn’t going as fast but still fast enough. He looked down to his compass and saw something move under him. He looked over his shoulder with a smile as dolphins were trying to keep up with him but were unable to.
   He flapped his wings again looking forward at the blue that seemed to stretch on forever. “Lets get this over with…” Said Rukan with a grin as he flapped his wings again this time putting on more and more speed sending water into the air around him as he made his way over the ocean.
   He looked behind himself to watch the water fall back into place from it’s twin ten foot spires. He was making quite the wake. He smirked and put on even more speed feeling the same sensation he had the night before. It was like he wasn’t there but was at the same time. He looked behind himself again at the blur that was the world and saw that he wasn’t making any wake whatsoever.
   He quirked a brow and stopped but the feeling didn’t go away. He slowly lowered himself and let his foot touch the water but felt nothing. Rukan shook his head and dove into the waters quickly holding his breath but realized that he didn’t need to. He was there, he could see all the sea life around him. Yet he couldn’t be there. His presence made no effect on the world around him.
   He flapped his wings again shooting up out of the water and he brushed himself feeling that he wasn’t even wet. He frowned a little and looked to the map using the compass again to get his direction. He looked in the direction he wanted to go and suddenly it felt like he was being pulled towards it. He flapped his wings again and he sped up even faster to his destination.
   The world was a blurred vision of blue until suddenly he came to a sudden stop over land. He stop made his body lurch a bit but he recovered quickly seeing a small city below him. He lowered himself to the outskirts and walked into it slowly looking around. There was no doubt in his mind now, he was definitely in Japan. He didn’t know if it was the right city though.
   ‘Rukan… find your way to me.” Came a familiar voice. He looked around quickly but saw no one. It was the voice from his dream. Rukan closed his eyes and felt a strange pull to his right. He turned and sure enough it felt like he was being pulled in that direction. He opened his eyes and looked down the street to see it end and a forest began.
   He smiled and ran down the street to the forest. This was it, he was finally going to get the answers he needed. He found himself running through the woods excitedly when he stopped to behold the red tori he had been searching for. He smiled and walked forward but found he couldn’t move.
   He tried to with all of his might but still was stuck in place. He looked around frantically only to find that a creature made of blue flames was walking out from under the tori.
   “What are you doing here? What business do you have with the lady?” Said the creature. It almost looked like a Kitsune’ only it was completely made of the blue flames. Rukan found that he was at least allowed to speak, “I have come to find her and get the help I need to free my family and friends from their horrible master.”
   The fire beast nodded and turned around, “You’ll have to prove your claims of course. We can’t let just anyone meddle in the affairs of the gods. You must pass the test.”
   Rukan suddenly felt ill. It was like he was moving but standing still at the same time. Test? No one had said anything about a test. Rukan suddenly realized that the ground wouldn’t hold him anymore. He felt into the darkness still unable to move and found himself in a dark cavern.
   Something was different about this place. He sensed something moving in the darkness and quickly turned to try and find out what. He saw nothing. He heard it scuttling about but had no idea what it was or what it wanted. He looked into the darkness as best he could only seeing movement without shape or form. It was almost like the darkness itself was out there studying him. Waiting for the right moment to pounce.
   Then the thing he feared most happened. The creature leapt forward slashing at him but Rukan was quick on his feet. He leapt out of the way and finally saw the creature. His heart sank and his mouth went dry as he tried to speak the name, “Ta…Taka?”
   The lion leapt at him again and Rukan leapt out of the way of the attack a second time. He was suddenly flying through the air as the creature expected this from his last dodge and kicked Rukan in the gut hard. Rukan skid to a stop and looked up at the beast with tears in his eyes, “Why are you doing this? Taka please… I’m not going to hurt you. It’s me… Rukan.”
   The lion bent down and picked Rukan up by the neck lifting him high above it’s head and with a smirk punched at Rukan’s face. Rukan didn’t move. If this is what his lover wanted then he would give it to him. Rukan closed his eyes slowly and let the punch come but it stopped.
   Rukan opened his eyes confused at what was happening. The creature began to change and slowly turned into the blue flaming Kitsune’ Rukan fell to the ground but quickly got to his feet brushing himself off a bit.
   “What the hell do you think you’re doing!? Do you have any idea how much that hurt!?” Screamed Rukan. He let his tears flow remembering Taka’s face again. He shook his head and went to his knees crying again over his lost love. He had been trying to keep himself occupied by thinking about what was going to happen here in Kyoto instead of what had happened the night before.
   “You passed this test but there are more. You would give your life for the one you love, you understand the meaning of sacrifice and have a heart that I envy.” Said the flame beast. Rukan looked up at him questioningly.
   “That was the test?”
   “Yes… and you passed.”
   Rukan got back to his feet wiping his tears away. “Why do you envy a broken heart?” Said Rukan
   “I have no body. I’m just a creation of the lady to protect the shrine. I have only one purpose.” Said the beast. He was pointing at something in the darkness and Rukan saw a door that seemed to be glowing. Rukan turned back to look at the flames and shook his head.
   “I’m sure you have feelings somewhere in there. You’ll find them one day.” Said Rukan turning to the door and walking through. He found himself in another dark room but he didn’t see or hear anything in this one. His world was suddenly filled with agony. It felt like his spine was tearing out of his back next to his tails. He collapsed on the floor writhing in the complete torture of the moment.
   The pain stopped as abruptly as it had started. Rukan looked back at the spot that had pained him so and saw that he no longer had only four tails. A fifth one was laying limply next to the other four. Rukan often wondered why he had seen pictures of his grandfather with less tails than he had now.
   He got to his feet slowly and looked around in the darkness for some clue at what he was supposed to do. Was this another test or just the way out? He walked forward only seeing some shadows to indicate walls until he found something that looked like a plaque.
   He peered into the darkness and read the inscription, “Awaken the fire in the heart to find your way to the goddess.” Rukan frowned and shook his head. He knew what it meant but he had no clue as to how to use the powers he had before. They had awakened in a rage before and Rukan wasn’t angry. Just depressed.
   He sat down and thought for a while trying to summon up some sort of power he didn’t know how to use. He sighed and stood up shaking his head, “I don’t know how to use foxfire…” He said. The room was suddenly lit by flames on the walls from small torches and a strange white door appeared in the air above Rukan.
   Rukan shrugged and cursed at himself for spending so much time on something so menial. He flapped his wings slowly and opened the door to enter a room that was very familiar. The small amounts of light coming through the door only confirmed his thoughts.
   He was suddenly pinned against the wall of the room by unseen hands a felt a kiss on his lips. He opened his eyes wide to see Cynthia there just the way she had been before in the same room. Rukan pushed her away and wiped his lips, “Cynthia I know Taka is in you but I can’t… It just doesn’t feel right…”
   He heard a hmph in the darkness and found himself pinned against the wall again this time her paw on his crotch rubbing slightly. Rukan pushed her away again this time angry at her advances, “Cynthia! I told you!”
   He quickly ran for the door only to be tackled by the silent vixen and he felt her holding onto his wings only to hear a whisper in his ear, “I’m sure Taka wouldn’t mind… he’s dead after all.” Rukan roared in a rage at the words she had spoken and beat his wings throwing her off of him. He grabbed at the handle to the door but turned and frowned deeply
   “I would never betray him like that! I chose him and now I will NOT have another, especially you!” Howled Rukan irately. Cynthia got to her feet and smiled.
   “Loyalty is most prized to the lady. Go Rukan, don’t give up now… and sorry about that… I kind of had to.”
   Rukan didn’t understand what was going on. Cynthia was supposed to be back in America. How could she be here now? Cynthia just smiled and shooed him out the door telling him all would come in due time.
   Rukan walked through the door and was suddenly writing in pain again only to find that now there were seven tails behind him instead of the usual four. He frowned and shook his head, “Why did you have to wait to put the one from the fire room? Just because it would be twice as painful?” Said Rukan slowly.
   He found himself in a beautiful garden. There were Kitsune’ all around him going about their business like it was nothing. Rukan looked closer and noticed that clothes they were wearing, the equipment they were carrying, It was all from the feudal ages.
   “Good eye Rukan.’ Said a familiar voice. He turned to see his grandfather. He looked much different from the last time Rukan had seen him. His body was twisted with scars from unknown punishments. Rukan shook his head with a bit of a gasp and ran to Narwith hugging him tightly.
   “It’s good to see you too son. Your mother was very happy to see you last night. Now to what you are here to learn. As you can see this city used to be very productive. We had our own little corner of the world and we were content in staying there.” Said nariwht slowly motioning Rukan to follow him through the streets of the city.
   “The great Kitsune’ capitol of Kitsumantra used to be a center of trade. They had their paws in just about everything you could think of. We used to be a power to be reckoned with.” Said Nariwht heading down a street lined with merchants and their carts selling various things from jewelry to food.
   “What happened?” Said Rukan looking about in amazement. Narwith shook his head and frowned looking up to the spire in the center of the city. Rukan’s gaze followed his grandfather’s.
   “As things go… Greed has great power over men. Some had started to revoke the lady as their goddess and left Kitsumantra to find their own place in the world. Thus was the birth of the Yamitsu. A clan of damned Kitsune’ bent on greed and power.” Said Narwith continuing on into a building.
   Rukan followed closely looking at the huge shelves of books that lined the walls. There had to be anthologies on everything here. “Here in the library one such Yamitsu found the secret weakness of the Kitsune deep in the tomes of our history. Her name was Gwenari, queen of the damned race.”
   Rukan watched at the black Yamitsu looked over the tame excitedly with a sinister grin on her face. She didn’t look any different than a kitsune’ He watched her get to her feet and walk up to a Kitsune’ looking at some books on the shelves. Rukan watched in horror as she changed into a sickly looking creature of flesh and bones with her several tails behind her looking like scalps hanging limply from her deathly form.
   Gwenari thrust her paw through the Kitsune’ in a smooth fluid motion pulling out the still beating heart with a grin. Rukan covered his mouth at the blood spilling out of the unfortunate victim as they went limp on the floor. Gwenari let out a terrible cackle as the heart stopped beating and a bright flash of blue light filled the room.
   Rukan covered his eyes quickly trying to shield them from the blinding light and slowly lowered them to look at what had happened. Gwenari held a small blue orb in her paw with an evil grin. She cackled and Rukan was suddenly outside the city with his grandfather.
   “Kitsumantra burned that night. Gwenari’s minions came into the city with stealth disguising themselves as Kitsune’ and took almost every male, female and kit under their control. Gwenari had an army overnight… Gwenari’s thirst for power didn’t end there…” Said Narwith as the scene began to melt away again. They were in the mountains and great dragons were swooping about overhead.
   He saw bolts of fire and energy flying at them making them fall from the sky like they were flies. The field below was covered with the dead and dying on both sides.
   “Gwenari wanted all races she saw as a threat gone. The dragons and the gryphons didn’t stand a chance and to this day they are recovering from what happened back then. The cruel queen of the damned saw the Kitsune’ that fell in battle as weak and crushed their souls sending them into a plane beyond our reach. Where they would forever be alone… People didn’t know it was Gwenari’s work… the order to slay Kitsune’ on sight was given and our numbers began to dwindle. Slowly Gwenari realized that he conquest was a failure and in a rage destroyed all the orbs… but one.”
   They found themselves in a dark and wet cavern filled with Gwenari’s enraged screams. She was alone now. All of her followers had been killed like the Kitsune’ she was controlling. The floor was covered with shards of blue crystals. Rukan frowned deeply and felt his eyes begin to burn. So many were trapped… Rukan saw a flurry of the blue orbs fly out at them but Narwith was wrong. A second orb flew past Rukan and into the waters of the pool at the cave’s entrance.
   The cave was set behind a waterfall that went into a pool and into a river. The orb must have been swept away down the stream. Rukan saw another orb, the one Narwith must have been talking about.
   His grandfather bent over and picked it up turning it over in his paws. “This… my son. Is my soul. Inari was searching the land for the souls of her lost children and found this cave. Gwenari and Inari fought over the last orb and Inari finally was able to quell the demon spirit and seal it away into a realm where it would never be able to come back.”
   “Kitsumantra was destroyed… the Kitsune’ were nearly extinct and the times began to change. A thousand years passed before Inari saw it fit to bring back the lost soul and begin her people again… This time she took away their powers that a tragedy like what happened before would never happen again. She locked them away inside me that I would never be able to use them unless my life or the life of another depended on it… Rukan… your grandmother is Inari herself. Your father… is one of Inari’s creations born directly from her soul to bring back her children that they might walk the earth again…”
   Rukan found himself standing in what looked like a temple. Inari and his grandfather were in an embrace holding a kiss that Rukan was envious of. Inari was beautiful. Pure white with a red diamond mark on her forehead. She was draped in such fine clothing only a goddess could ware. Her long flowing tails behind her were uncountable and seemed to wrap around the entire room.
   “We had more than one child. There were others… Cynthia’s parents… and another.”
   Rukan saw some small children Kitsune’ run into the room with their parents. There were three of them. One was white with Jade eyes. Rukan knew that this was his mother. Another was red with soft lavender eyes. This had to be Cynthia’s mother. The other turned and looked directly at Rukan with his crimson eyes making Rukan feel uneasy.
   “Those crimson eyes that seemed to penetrate the very soul and make it treble in fear… Our son, Tenchi… He grew up much like your mother and aunt feeling alone being the only male born of Inari. I spent most of my time with him but he wanted his mother’s attention. He didn’t know that his mother was busy making the three other Kitsune’ from her soul and was very exhausted. When he reached his young adult years he left us.”
   Rukan saw the black Kitsune’ turn his back on the temple now about Rukan’s age and walk off into the wilderness. He turned back to see Inari in tears and his grandfather holding her close., “She loves al of her children… even the ones that choose to leave her. She cried when she had to seal away Gwenari… The years went by and the mates were made, your mother took your father and your aunt took the other… That was five hundred years ago…”
   Rukan looked at his grandfather with wide eyes, “That’s not possible! How could you be that old!?” Narwith laughed and smile putting a paw on Rukan’s shoulder lightly.
   “Kitsune’ are eternal Rukan. Only if their soul is destroyed can they really be dead. Time went by of course and the couples had their children. Inari wanted to know of the world around us and how much it had changed so she sent me out to live a life in it as Narwith Silvermoon. Though we all share a common last name. Your real name is Rukan Inari. You carry it in your soul being a proud descendent of a goddess.”
   Rukan looked back forward to see a dark road and a figure in the middle of it. A car turned around the corner being unable to stop and skidded through the guardrail and into the ditch. The figure began to walk down to the car and he saw his parents get out slowly cut and bleeding freely. He saw terror in his mother’s eyes and her heart was ripped out along with Rukan’s father’s only to turn into the crystal orbs.
   The figured turned around and laughed looking to the road again as lightning flashed illuminating the scene and Rukan gasped seeing those same crimson eyes and that black body. It was Tenchi.
   “One by one they fell to him and eventually. At the university.. he captured me. Making six of us… Rukan… Tenchi has become the reincarnation of Gwenari… He goes by the new pseudonym of Edward Semling. He found the cave Gwenari had called home and found the tome that gave away our great weakness. You would not remember our trip to Japan… you were to young. I brought you here to meet your grandmother… she endowed you with all the powers of the Kitsune’ that you might come back and become the man you are to be.”
   Rukan frowned looking down at the ground, “So everything… was just… a big ornate plan? I am just here for this purpose? Why does it feel like I’ve just lost all direction in my life? Why didn’t I ever get a choice in the matter?”
   Rukan’s grandfather lifted Rukan’s gaze to look into his eyes with a smile, “Look into your soul. You know you would have done it anyway.”
   Rukan nodded and sighed slowly, “So Taka… was never meant to be?” Said Rukan slowly. His grandfather shook his head and smiled, “Not everything was planned Rukan. You have a lot to learn still… Taka was an unknown. There was something strange about that lion. Something I think even he didn’t know. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.”
   Rukan nodded slowly hoping that his grandfather was right. He looked up slowly and saw a door ahead of him, “where you are going I cannot follow until I am free. Your grandmother is beyond that door and across the lake of fire. Go to her… and face your destiny.”

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Kitsune on Campus
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Chapter 9:
Within the Halls of the Kitsune’ Goddess.

   Rukan opened the door in front of him and stepped through to find himself behind the tori. He had gotten back to where it had all started. He frowned feeling a familiar pain at the base of his tails and clenched his fists at the pain gritting his teeth. He wasn’t going to submit to it this time. He looked back and let his tails flick a bit looking down at the new eighth addition to the bunch.
   Rukan continued into the forest following the path to find the lake he had seen in his dreams. He closed his eyes concentrating on what he wanted to happen. His eyes went white as pure energy arched from him touching the lake and sending flames high into the sky. This was it, the last step in the journey. He flapped his wings feeling suddenly lighter than before.
   He flapped hard following the clear path between the smoke clouds and was quickly on the opposite side of the lake letting the fire die as his panted. It used up a lot of energy to use his powers. He would have to learn to use them sparingly. He found the shrine and smiled giving a short bow to show his respect for the ones that had built it.
   Rukan slowly made his way into the dilapidated shrine only to find it empty. He figured it was going to be this way. He knew that there must be some other test. He walked down the hallway of pillars to the statue at the end of Inari sitting on her throne. He knelt before the statue and frowned.
   “You called me here to set your children free… but one of your children will remain trapped forever. My heart is in pieces waiting to be taken by Tenchi. Why would I stand a chance against him? He’s smarter, faster, and has had five hundred years of experience… I don’t know what you want me to do. I’ve lost everything to him and I know that if I face him I will end up fighting until one of us is dead. Now great goddess… no… Grandmother. Guide me… That I may fulfill the destiny that I never asked for.”
   Rukan looked up at the statue and frowned again shaking his head slowly. Nothing was going to happen. Narwith had put his faith in a goddess and the gods couldn’t be trusted. They had taken Taka away from him as well as his family. How did he know Tenchi wasn’t just following the orders of some other goddess and they were just pawns in some elaborate chess game?
   Rukan stood and turned his back on the statue and started to walk away. He was halfway down the hall when the shrine suddenly sprang to life. Torches on the walls burst into multi colored flames and Rukan turned quickly to see the statue start to glow and move. He frowned and stood fast where he was even as the exit to the shrine slammed closed behind him.
   Inari stood up from her throne in all her glory looking at Rukan with a sad look. “You have so much doubt in your heart my son. I never meant for things to end up this way. I never meant to force you into this. You and Cynthia were to be the ones that would choose your destiny. I didn’t take Taka from you… but I know one of my children did.”
   Inari slowly stepped down from where she stood and walked forward to Rukan. Rukan hadn’t noticed that the walls themselves had been a part of the statue as they began to move covered in white fur. He realized that they were her tails flowing behind her as he walked down the hallways between the pillars and stopped a few feet from Rukan.
   “Rukan… You do have a set destiny now. You must free our people. I know you want to in your heart but you are bitter over the fact that you could not choose. You need to remember that I never had a choice in the matter either. You were the only one left to do this.”
   Rukan shook his head and frowned deeply, “You’re wrong… I’m not the only one. I saw what happened in Gwenari’s cavern and the soul that was lost. Why couldn’t you call on them?”
   Inari looked down in shame. She knew he would have seen the lost soul and she also knew that there was nothing she could do for them, “Because Rukan… that soul is beyond my reach…”
   “Bullshit! You’re a goddess. Why don’t you go take care of Tenchi yourself?” Spat Rukan
   Inari’s eyes burned and she shook her head slowly, “Rukan… Would it make you happy if I took this burden off of you and your parents would never be saved? Would it make you happy if everything just ended here and now and I gave you Taka back but they would still be enslaved? Would you be content then? I cannot leave this shrine… It’s a part of what I did to Gwenari.”
   Rukan shook his head thinking about what she had said. She was in the same position Rukan was. He frowned and looked at the ground in shame, “I.. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking strait… ever since…” He stopped speaking feeling a warm embrace. He looked up and into Inari’s eyes to have a finger pressed to his lips to hush him.
   “Shhh… We have much to talk about and you have much to learn.  Come with me to a time long ago.” She said as the shrine began to change into a barren wasteland.
   “This is a time before time. The birth of the gods.” Rukan saw colors in the sky like he had never seen before. It was like the northern lights had come out with more power than ever. He watched what looked like raindrops fall from the colors and form into many different things.
   “This was a time of turmoil and war. Many of the god didn’t survive. Others found their way into their legends. They were just people once. The first people of this world and through their struggles found their way to divinity.”
   The scene changed the world was lush with plants and animals. He watched the pure perfection of the moment.
   “There was a time when things were perfect. The world couldn’t be any better than it was… The gods looked over this world in happiness at what had come from the war. Though they always held sadness in their hearts for the blood of the slain. Through sacrifice we attained the world.
   But the creatures on it began to want more and more greed taking them. The world had become corrupt again and another war ensued. Though through all our efforts we could never extinguish the darkness. We found that no matter how close to perfection we got the darker the darkness would become… until Gwenari and her followers took the world by storm.”
   The scene changed and they were standing in the middle of a battlefield with all types of creatures battling the possessed Kitsune’ and Yamitsu. Rukan wretched at the sight seeing all the dead bodies mangled and hacked some beyond any recognition. Inari put a paw on his shoulder to comfort him and pointed to the sky.
   “That day the sky was red as blood as the last alliance against the Yamitsu was taken and the last battle was fought killing all of the Kitsune’. That was the day our kind left this world for a very long time. I grew angry with my daughter Gwenari for what she had done and forged a sword out of one of my tails using my tears to temper it. It had one power… to banish one with greed and power in their hearts above all else to a plane where they could never come back.”
   Rukan saw Inari in the cavern fighting Gwenari with a fierce look in her eyes. He watched the sword finally make contact cutting into Gwenari’s arm and the room was filled with a loud bang sending Inari backwards and against a wall. She sat there a bit trying to figure out what exactly had just happened and saw that Gwenari was gone. The sword had worked to Inari’s horror.
   She shifted a bit against the wall reaching back to pull out whatever was making her so uncomfortable and found a blue orb. It was surely a Kitsune’ soul. Inari shook her head and looked down in defeat.
   “I cried that day for the loss of all of my children. Gwenari included. Even though I found our salvation through your grandfather I waited. The world was not ready for the Kitsune’ like I had thought. It was not innocent enough.”
   Rukan found himself back in the shrine with Inari. The sword of souls is still here… and I’m going to give it to you. But you must train hard before you ever face Tenchi. He does not know about the sword but he will surely be expecting you to come back well prepared. You must also find yourself… You’ve been dancing around that for too long now Rukan. You need to become the person you are going to be.”
   He looked to the ground in shame at her last comment. She was right. He had been playing around with himself for far too long. He really needed to have a path in his life and this was just the first step. He looked back up to his grandmother and smiled weakly, “What if… I fail. What if everything falls apart and I get taken by Tenchi?”
   Inari shook her head and smiled, “That’s not going to happen Rukan. I’m not letting it happen. Close your eyes.”
   Rukan closed his eyes not knowing what to expect. He felt a great pain as Inari drover her hand into him and took his heart quickly. He felt to his knees gripping his chest while looking up at her with fear in his eyes.
   “Now he can’t possibly take your soul from you and turn you into one of his slaves. He has no power over you Rukan.”
   Rukan gasped for air but found none. He couldn’t breathe and the world was becoming fuzzy around the edges. Inari had made the intelligent choice but what had it cost him? Rukan gripped the edge of her gown and slowly slid to the floor unconscious.
   Inari smiled and picked Rukan up in her arms carrying him back to a hidden room behind the throne where she resided most of the time and set him down on a bed she had made for herself. He would recover from the blow quickly. Inari was a patient woman and sat in a chair next to the bed waiting for Rukan to rouse.
   His wounds were already non existent but she let him rest. He had had a long journey and needed the sleep. He found himself in the white place again looking around frantically for Cynthia and saw her running to him. He ran to her and held her close to himself but felt her trembling. He pulled back a bit and frowned seeing the sadness in her eyes.
   “What happened?” Said Rukan slowly.
   “Rukan… Taka’s gone… It was like he decided to leave. I don’t know if he’s still out there somewhere or if he just decided it was time to go… but he’s gone…” Said Cynthia in-between sobs.
   Rukan’s heart felt like it shattered into a million pieces never to become one again. He felt his eyes burning again as his tears welled up and began to flow silently. He just held Cynthia close partly for her comfort but mainly for his own. He had no idea what to say to make her feel better. He couldn’t understand why Taka would leave her when he could see Rukan again someday if he had stayed.
   Did Taka’s love for Rukan die with him? Rukan began to tremble at the thought. Rukan suddenly felt rage building inside of him towards his sinister uncle Tenchi. He pulled himself away from Cynthia and shook his head, “I’m coming home as soon as I can to free you and the others. I’m going to make him burn for what he has done!”
   Cynthia shook her head as Rukan began to walk away from her, “Rukan… he’s still your uncle…”
Rukan shook his head and shouted over his shoulder, “He’s not uncle of mine…”
   The white faded and he found himself laying on the bed Inari had placed him on. He sat up feeling only a little sore from what happened yet different at the same time. He saw Inari in the chair and nodded to her slowly.
   “When can I start my training?”
   The training was intense pushing Rukan to his limit every day. If he came back to rest the night and if he wasn’t exhausted Inari made sure he was before he ever had a chance to find his way to the bed. Rukan felt his strength and power growing more and more every day gaining mastery over his powers.
   He would spar with foxfire, the blue flaming Kitsune’ to keep himself on his feet. He had yet to beat him but also had yet to be beaten. It always ended in a draw. The days turned into weeks and weeks went by Rukan’s training to become the Kitsune’ that would defeat Tenchi grew more and more intense to a point where he was beating Foxfire every time now.
   Inari could only smile at the progress Rukan was making in such a short amount of time. The night was coming quickly and Inari knew she could find Rukan on the shore of the lake looking out at the sunset. She made her way to the shore and sat down next to him silently looking out at the vibrant tapestry that the sun painted in the sky with reds and yellows mixing into oranges with the blue of the sky making a wonderful shade of violet to go with them.
   Rukan leaned over resting his head against his grandmother’s shoulder and closed his eyes. “I’ve beaten Foxfire again… it’s become easy now… I’ll be leaving soon.” Said Rukan softly. Inari only nodded in response wrapping a part of her tails around Rukan holding him close to herself.
   “Rukan… there is something that you need to know. When you use that sword… it’s like it takes a part of you with it. please… be careful. I want to see my grandson come back to me someday.”
   Rukan opened his eyes looking out over the lake again and smiled wrapping his arms around Inari gently, “I’ll miss you…”
   Inari smiled and nodded slowly returning the embrace, “I’ll miss you to Rukan.”
   They sat there watching the sun set on the far side of the lake. Rukan felt as if it was the sun setting on the old Rukan and it was time for the new one to come forward. He had changed in leaps and bounds over the past weeks turning into quite the man physically and very powerful in his own right.
   He had been given a gift by his grandmother but knew that such power demanded a responsibility that Rukan had to learn over the course of his training. Rukan stayed there leaning against his grandmother with a low murr just enjoying the time they had together for when the dawn of the next day came, he was heading back to America, and his destiny.
   After some time went by his remaining strength was dwindling and he had to rest. He got to his feet and made his way back to the shrine and to the bed followed by Inari. She curled her enormous tails around them both sharing the space with Rukan. It was the last night she was going to see her grandson in a while to her knowledge and she wanted to spend every moment of it with him.
   Rukan snuggled the tails a bit getting comfortable and was soon off to the world of dreams followed closely by Inari. It was a long restless sleep that night. Rukan couldn’t help but think about what the coming days would bring. He knew he would have to evade the police which was a simple task now but subduing Tenchi, that was another story.
   He rolled over and looked up at the ceiling with a frown. He was afraid to use the sword now. What if it found something evil in him and took him with his Uncle? Rukan shivered a bit. He wasn’t cold, he was scared. He felt Inari move slightly and he turned his head to look at her. She was resting peacefully next to him making him envy her.
   He heard her whimper in her sleep and thought about her life and what he knew about it. She must be heartbroken over the loss of Narwith. Rukan frowned and looked back up to the ceiling. He hadn’t thought of that before. Inari had emotions just like anyone else. He knew what it felt like to lose someone you loved. He wished that pain on no one.
   Rukan rolled over hugging Inari tightly and she opened her eyes raising a brow, “Yes Rukan?” She said in a hushed tone. Rukan just shook his head and smiled.
   “I’m going to bring him back to you… don’t worry.”
   Inari looked a little surprised but smiled warmly touching Rukan’s cheek softly with one of her paws in a silent thank you. She closed her eyes again and Rukan saw a tear fall. He smiled and closed his own eyes finally finding the sleep he had been searching for.
   Dawn came faster than the two of them would have liked. They woke early and Rukan went about getting ready for his journey back. He had made up his mind last night that with his power, he was too dangerous to be a part of the society he used to be. He was coming back after he was done with what he had come to do. He turned to look at Inari who was busying herself with making something to eat before he left.
   She had been an absolutely wonderful hostess and the least he could do was stay here with her and his grandfather. He then realized that all of the Kitsune’ would be coming back here surely. He would be surrounded by people like him and not be an outcast, but a hero. He let out a soft laugh at the thought and Inari quirked a brow, “What’s so funny Rukan?”
   He smiled and looked up from what he was doing, “I just realized that I’ll be a hero after this… I won’t be an outcast anymore.” Inari slowly nodded in response and gesture for him to join her. She had prepared a wonderful meal that Rukan enjoyed greatly taking his fill. He looked out the front of the shrine with a frown. It was time.
   Inari knew this to and went back into the hidden chamber. Rukan watched as she walked out with a kitana in her paws. She handed it to Rukan and frowned, “This sword has great powers within it. only use it if you have to.” Rukan nodded and unsheathed the sword looking down the length of it. It was flawless catching the light perfectly at every angle, truly a work of art.
   He put it back in it’s sheath and looked at Inari longingly. She embraced him and he wrapped his arms around her in return sharing one last hug before it was time to go. He walked out of the shrine slowly not looking back to the goddess he was leaving behind for now and spread his wings. He flapped them but flinched at the mention of his name.
   “Hey Rukan… good luck.” Rukan looked to the source of the voice and saw Foxfire standing with his back against the wall of the shrine. Rukan smiled and walked over hugging the flaming fox. It didn’t burn him but it was warm. Rukan stepped back and smiled nodding at Foxfire and was going to take flight again when a familiar pain shot down his spine and a new tail was there making the total nine.
   “You have the powers of the gods on your side. You can’t lose.” Said foxfire and Rukan took flight feeling lighter than ever with his new strength. He could feel the right way to go this time. It was like a natural instinct. He closed his eyes and flapped his wings quickly feeling the world slowly fade into the pocket dimension he had created around himself bending time and space to make his journey only last a few seconds and he found himself hovering over the university.
   His powers had become immense with the addition of the final tail. Rukan had been expecting a two-day flight. He lowered himself to the ground and quickly found a place to stealthily get to his old dorm room. He found the nearest window and smashed it crawling in through it slowly. He couldn’t be seen. He opened the pouch he had prepared at the shrine and pulled out a simple brown robe putting it on so it masked his identity completely.
   He would have to choose the right time to pounce, a time that Tenchi wouldn’t be expecting him. Rukan walked over to the bed and shook his head remembering what had happened there. He softly touched Taka’s pillow and felt something strange. There was something inside the pillowcase. Rukan reached inside and pulled out a scrap of paper. He unfolded it and smiled seeing the picture he had drawn months ago. So it was Taka that found it.
   He put it in his pouch of supplies and took a deep breath closing his eyes and pointing at the shattered window. The broken shards danced up in the air and quickly snapped back together with a loud crack. He wanted to go see Rodney and Toby but didn’t know if he could safely. He shrugged and strapped the sword around his waist under the robes and slowly exited the dorm quietly as he could.
   The campus was still the same but there was a hushed air around the students. Some serious things had happened before the break that was surely affecting them. Some might think the campus wasn’t safe which was truth. Not with Tenchi as a dean. Rukan made his way down the familiar cobblestone pathways to Rodney and Toby’s dormitory.
   Rukan quickly walked up ad knocked on the door seeing Rodney answer. He looked Rukan over and quirked a brow, “Yes? What do you want?” Rukan put a paw on the door making it impossible for Rodney to shut it and pushed his way into the room quietly covering Rodney’s maw with the other paws. He shut the door and let Rodney speak, “I don’t know who the hell you think you are but you don’t just… Rukan?!”
   Rodney stopped when Rukan dropped the hood of the robes and smiled at his friend. “Rukan it really is you! We were all told that you died fleeing the police!”
   Rukan laughed and shook his head, “Me? Never. I can’t die. Remember I’m invincible. I’ve fallen from a second story balcony gotten the living shit beat out of me, dodged bullets and taken a police officer hostage. You think a little chase would kill me?’
   Rodney giggled a little in agreement but then looked a little concerned; “Rukan… no one has seen Cynthia for three weeks now. It’s like she disappeared. Semling hasn’t showed up to any of the major events like the important sporting events. He’s locked himself up in his office. Everything has gone completely insane. Are you sure you’re safe here?”
   Rukan nodded tossing the robe aside letting his tails rest behind him slowly as he drew the sword with a smirk, “I have this… a blade that will finally destroy that Yamitsu once and for all.” Rodney looked on in amazement. Rukan had changed so much in the past month it was almost impossible to recognize him. Rodney looked him over taking in every curve of Rukan’s chest and stomach being in perfect tone now.
   Rodney was almost drooling over him before Rukan chuckled and shook his head, “You’ve got Toby, remember?”
   Rodney snapped himself out of his trance and nodded slowly, “Ya…” He giggled a little at his gawking while Rukan hurried himself at putting away the sword and the robe back on.
   “What’s a Yamitsu?” Said Rodney slowly.
   “They are Kitsune’ gone bad. Semling’s real name is Tenchi… he’s my uncle… He took my parents’ souls along with Cynthia’s and her parents. He also has grandfather’s soul in his office as well. They were the blue orbs I told you about.”
   Rodney nodded slowly but then furrowed his brow, “But Taka’s… you weren’t there to see it. His soul turned into a blue orb after you left the hospital.”
   Rukan looked at Rodney quickly and shook his head, “That’s not possible… He was a lion not a Kitsune’.”
   “Dude… I saw it happen with my own eyes. There was a bright flash and Taka’s little blue flame turned into an orb. After a while Cynthia said it left her on it’s own will and now it’s gone. That was around the time Cynthia disappeared.”
   Rukan shook his head slowly and furrowed his brow in confusion. How was that possible? He closed his eyes and smiled slowly. That meant that Taka was still out there somewhere dormant. That meant that Rukan would see him again some day. The news of Tenchi taking to his office made Rukan smile. He was scared. Rukan’s time was now.
   Rukan turned from Rodney and shook his head, “I doubt I’ll eve see you again Rodney… goodbye… and avoid Lupine hall. It could be dangerous.”
   Rodney frowned and nodded slowly, “Alright Rukan… I’ll miss you.”
   ‘I’ll miss you to. Give my thanks and best wishes to Toby.” Rukan walked out of the door and put his hood up heading out into the winter air marching to Lupine hall, and destiny.

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Kitsune on Campus
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Chapter 10:
Afflicted Souls.

   Rukan stood in front of Lupine hall draped in the hooded robe blowing slightly in the breeze. This was it, the end of the road was here and now. He walked up the steps slowly summoning up all of his energy getting ready for the fight. He knew that Tenchi wouldn’t give up without a fight. Rukan pointed at the doors and they swung open breaking the glass as they slammed into the walls.
   He stepped inside his claws clicking on the linoleum as he rounded the corner slowly and entered the secretary’s area. He just kept walking as the coyote quickly shouted at him that he needed an appointment. Rukan ignored her and just kept walking turning the corner to the door marked as Semling’s.
   He smirked in the dark cowl as he touched the door energy arching from his fingertips as it burst into flames and Rukan shifted back into a pocket dimension making himself invisible to Tenchi for only a short period of time. He heard a frightened yelp inside the office and Rukan walked by the door checking out what was going on inside. He saw fear on Tenchi’s Jaguar face.
   Rukan leapt through the flames and smirked still concealed by the robe he wore. “Wh… who are you?” Said Tenchi trembling a bit. Rukan walked forward and kicked the desk sending it against the wall and pinning his uncle behind it.
   “I’m your worst nightmare… a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain. The man you wanted to badly but never caught. I am Rukan Inari!” Said Rukan tossing his robes aside while hiding his new tails in a bundle behind him. It was always best to have your enemy not know exactly how much power you had.
   Tenchi growled and started to change in front of Rukan. His feline body became distinctly canine but deathly thin being able to see all of the bones poking at the skin. The tails looked like they were scalps, all eight of them. Rukan smirked poised to leap at any given moment knowing that now Tenchi was no match for him but this was not going to be easy.
   “I am the one who’s life you ruined! I am the one that is going to save the imprisoned! I am… your deliverer!” Said Rukan as he leapt onto the desk crouching down to look Tenchi in the eyes, “Now be a good little Yamitsu and let them go without a fight.”
   Tenchi laughed manically with a strange new voice that was little more than a rasp sounding like bones grating on each other, “Rukan… my favorite nephew… my only nephew. You underestimate me grossly.” Tenchi snapped his fingers and Rukan heard a scuffle behind him as he felt several strong grips grab him from behind and drag him off of the desk quickly making him slam his chin on the floor hard.
   He was quickly yanked up and he realized that he was being held by his parents. Rukan fought at their grip and got out quickly shaking his head, “Tenchi it will take more than two of your slaves to take me.”
   Tenchi quirked a brow and shrugged with a laugh, “Oh… pity. I was going to have the others watch.” Rukan felt new grips on his arms his legs and around his chest from behind him. He fought at the grip again but there were too many this time. Rukan watched as Tenchi kicked the desk out of the way like it was nothing making it splinter into boards as it hit one of the bookcases.
   Tenchi walked forward and shook his head, “Tisk tisk little boy. I would have thought Inari would have trained you better. Don’t you get it? I let you go so that you could be the most powerful of all of my slaves. With your power I could fulfill my dreams. I could rule the world and finally show her that I am a force to be recognized!”
   Rukan laughed and smirked at Tenchi again, “Please spare me the heartbreaking childhood memories. I saw them once already. You are just a power hungry, attention hogging, pathetic little child. I can’t believe you could pass yourself as a dean.”
   Tenchi growled and snapped his jaws in front of Rukan’s face but Rukan didn’t even flinch, “I’ll show you the meaning of discipline!” Shouted Tenchi as he drove his hand into Rukan’s chest. Rukan’s eyes went wide with pain but were soon scowled in a sinister grin.
   Tenchi didn’t understand. He twisted his paw inside of Rukan and Rukan’s eyes began to turn pure white as his wounds started to close around Tenchi arm making Tenchi yelp and draw back in fear, “That’s not possible… every Kitsune’ has one… What are you!?”
   Rukan smiled and beat his wings tossing the Kitsune’ slaves off him as he rose into the air, “I told you… I’m your worst nightmare. We knew you were after me as a slave so Inari kindly took my soul for safekeeping. Now Tenchi. Are you going to let them free or am I going to have to make you?”
   Tenchi shook his head and frowned, “Cheap parlor tricks won’t save you this time Rukan.” Tenchi snapped his fingers and Rukan saw all of the slaves surround him with scowls on their faces. Their eyes looked dead. Like they had nothing inside of them. “Lets see if you would fight your own family to free them…”
   They all leapt at Rukan and he closed his eyes. He wasn’t going to fight the innocent. They had no choice in the matter. He let them claw at him ripping and tearing at his flesh making long gashes along his chest and back. Rukan lay on the floor looking up at them with a smile on his face bringing his wings up to wrap them around all of his family holding them tight.
   His voice came in ragged gasps and coughs as blood trickled out of his mouth to join the rest that was pooling on the floor, “I love all of you no matter what you do to me… you are still my family and have done no wrong in my eyes.” They stopped clawing at him ad stood shaking their heads like they had just woken from a dream. Saw the looks of shame on their faces as they saw what they had been forced to do.
   Rukan tips his wings back pushing himself to his feet and grinned at Tenchi. Making his eyes go white again and the wounds closed up yet again. Tenchi shook his head in disbelief, “No matter. You’re silly little healing trick will not save you from me!”
   Tenchi leapt at Rukan his claws at ready and Rukan quickly went to his back pressing his feet into Tenchi’s stomach and tossed him across the room and into a bookcase making a loud crash. The fire at the door had grown a bit making the sprinkler system start spraying them. Rukan smirked through the artificial rain, “No match huh?”
   Tenchi laughed manically and began to run at Rukan but then he split in two and there was a duo of Tenchi’s charging at him. Rukan leapt backward avoiding their kicks and began blocking their lightning quick slashes with his forearms making the blood within them fall to the ground and pool in the gathering water.
   Rukan quickly drop down doing a sweep kick to the both of them knocking them over and only got the chance to stomp on one’s chest his foot breaking through the sternum and it disappeared like it was dust. Rukan was hit on the cheek with a roundhouse from the real Tenchi sending him another bookcase making books fall pelting Rukan and knocking him to the ground.
   Tenchi smirked and ran over to finish him but Rukan disappeared. Tenchi furrowed his brow and shook his head, “hiding won’t get you anywhere Rukan!”
   “Who said I was hiding?” Said Rukan behind Tenchi and he dropped his wings sending him down at Tnechi kicking him in the back of the head grinding his face into the ground before stepping off.  Rukan flipped backwards sending a heal into Tenchi’s kidney making him howl in pain.
   Tenchi grabbed Rukan’s foot and bit into the ankle hard severing the tendon and making Rukan fall backwards. Tenchi got back up blood dripping from his nose and maw laughing again, “You think you can take me with simple physical attacks? Don’t be a fool boy!”
   Tenchi’s eyes went black and Rukan looked on in horror at his world was suddenly burning in a purple flame. Rukan howled in agony feeling the flame scorch his skin. Rukan growled and summoned his powers up making him lift off of the floor and the flames extinguish from his body. His back began to convulse as two new sets of wings tore out of his back making six glowing red wings carry him above Tenchi.
   “Tenchi… you have defiled my family and turned your back on your own mother! You deserve no more mercy!” Shouted Rukan in a voice that seemed to Echo and he let his tails spread out behind him the tips of them burning with white-hot flames. They didn’t hurt Rukan at all, it was like they were a part of his body.
   “Nine tails! That… That’s impossible! No one has had nine tails for thousands of years!” Said Tenchi with a worried look on his face.
   Rukan’s body began to arc energy all over the room in small thunderbolts of pure energy and he lowered himself to the ground making his body become yet again unscathed. “You would do well to learn your history,” Said Rukan pulling the Kitana from it’s sheath, “This is the sword of souls… given to my by the lady Inari, the very same sword that banished the last Yamitsu into the forgotten plane never to find their way to this world again. I have been entrusted with the task of setting the Kitsune’ free and if need be I will use this sword on you to bring you to justice!”
   Rukan dove putting the sword away and clawed at Tenchi hitting his cheek scratching his face making four distinct lines across his face. Tenchi looked back at Rukan and growled, “I don’t care who you are or how powerful you might be! I will have this world in my paws!”
   Rukan watched as Tenchi’s eyes went blacker than before and a set of skeletal black bat wings sprouted from his back and the world around them turned into a huge black bubble.
   Rodney hadn’t followed Rukan’s warning and was outside Lupine hall watching the smoke rise along with many other students as the entire building was enveloped by the pocket dimension Tenchi had created around Rukan and him setting the battlefield. Rodney gasped slightly and fell backwards thinking that it might get big enough to envelope him but it stopped at the doors making a huge black bubble.
   The students looked on in awe along with some of the professors. The fire department arrived quickly after the alarm was triggered as the sprinklers went off. They stopped their trucks in front of the building and shook their heads looking at the huge black thing unable to discern what was going on. They just stood there mesmerized by the thing.
   Rukan flew at Tenchi kicking him hard and sending him tumbling a few feet before he recovered and flew at Rukan with super sonic speed hitting him in the jaw sending him back with the force of the blow and the sonic boom that followed. Rukan hit the edge of the bubble feeling it give and he flew out into the real world again above lupine hall.
   Students gasped and Rodney looked on in awe as he caught a glimpse of what Rukan had become. Rodney was beginning to understand now why Rukan was going to be leaving after this. That sort of power would tempt anyone. Rukan didn’t want to become like Tenchi. He was going to be leaving them for some unknown place.
   Rukan flew back at the bubble flying faster than Tenchi and kicked him in the gut sending his foot strait through the Yamitsu. Tenchi gasped and his eyes went wide as Rukan removed his foot and shook his head, “Why do you have to make this so hard on yourself?”
   The bubble began to fall around them like it was only made of some sort of black water and Rukan found himself above lupine hall hovering about ten feet above the roof. Tenchi’s blood was spilling from him like a small fountain as he gasped for air. Rukan shook his head and frowned, “Are you going to let them go?”
   Tenchi’s eyes turned deep red glowing slightly and the wound healed as he let out a sinister laugh kicking Rukan’s kidney hard with a side kick and Rukan growled in pain and he crumpled slightly holding his side.
   “I will never give up!” Tenchi shouted as he clasped his paws together gathering purple energy and sent it at Rukan. Rukan quickly put up his paws forming a white ball and was blown backwards by the pure dark energy tumbling slightly but was quick to recover with a sigh. Rukan didn’t want it to end this way.
   Rukan put his paws out in front of him focusing all his power into a single beam that shot at Tenchi knocking him down and to the roof his skin charred and fur scorched. Rukan shook his head and frowned looking down at the limp body of his uncle. He was still family. He had just been misguided.
   Rukan turned his back to look away but was quickly hit with a beam of the purple energy making him writhe in agony. Rukan turned to see Tenchi flapping his demonic wings behind him with a scowl on his face. Rukan was panting from his exertions and the hit he had taken. He had to end this soon.
   Rukan flew at Tenchi focusing his power into his paws and feet making them glow with the white energy. Tenchi’s own paws and feet were glowing with the purple dark energy. Rukan punched at Tenchi and Tenchi blocked with his own fist making a bright flash as the energys collided.
   They were both blown back and they came at each other again this time Rukan scored a hit on Tenchi’s chin with his foot flipping himself backwards and sending Tenchi higher into the sky. Tenchi dove driving Rukan in the stomach with his foot and holding it there smashing Rukan through the roof of lupine hall and into the floor below.
   Rukan howled in agony from the contact and was out cold by the time he hit the ground.  Tenchi laughed over Rukan’s limp form and looked to the sky letting out a long roar of victory. He didn’t see the Kitsune’ slaves gather around Rukan glowing slightly healing his wounds.
   Rukan stood with a soft white flowing flame around him as his tails grew behind him, “You would enslave your own kind and become something demonic just for power… I had hoped you would see the light but it is now apparent to me that you will never be one of us again.” Rukan’s voice was soft and calm as his tails began to curl around the room
   Tenchi looked at him in horror shaking his head. “This can’t be… no Kitsune’ has the magic of a Demigod!”
   Rukan pulled the sword from it’s sheath slowly and Tenchi shook his head slowly backing away. Clouds slowly started to gather in the sky overhead as the powers of the sword began to awaken and thunder started to rumble. Tenchi took flight quickly and Rukan followed calmly with a sad expression on his face at what he must do.
   Rodney watched as the two battled and gritted his teeth seeing Rukan take the hit and smash through the roof. The power of the two was incredible. It caused ripples to go through the air causing the very ground to shake. Rodney’s heart sank when he heard the roar and saw Tenchi fly through the roof thinking that he had defeated Rukan.
   Rukan was soon to follow him changed even more than before. Rodney felt hope in his heart again as he saw the fearful expression on Tenchi’s face. He saw Rukan had the sword in his hands and the sad look in his eyes. Rodney knew that Rukan didn’t want to do what he had to.
   Tenchi flew higher into the sky splitting into five of himself in desperation trying to confuse Rukan long enough that he might get away. Rukan moved so fast it was like he disappeared and reappeared where he was to strike. Rukan knew which were creations and the one that was real. He was quick to dispatch the doppelgangers and pointed the sword of souls at Tenchi, “You will not escape… You will face the destiny you carved for yourself.”
   Tenchi shook his head and focused all of his energy into forming a blade of purple energy and swung it at Rukan. Rukan blocked like Tenchi was moving slower than a slug. The blades clashed causing another white flash and Tenchi flew back. Rukan let his tails flow in the wind behind him almost reaching the dormitories and flew at Tenchi slashing at speeds faster than the eye.
   Tenchi blocked them in a desperate attempt to hold Rukan off. Finally Rukan raised the blade filling it with his energy and hit Tenchi’s blade making the purple energy shatter and Tenchi fly down into Lupine hall through the roof and smash into the floor much the same way Rukan had. Rukan let himself fall into the office using his tails to slowly lower him like an archangel from heaven.
   Rukan slowly turned the blade holing it only a few inches from Tenchi’s chest and shook his head, “I… I can’t do it…” Rukan dropped the sword and frowned down at Tenchi.
   Tenchi saw this as his opportunity and leapt at Rukan quickly his red eyes glowing brighter than before. Rukan quickly jammed his paw into Tenchi’s chest breaking through the sternum and is emerged on the other side with Tenchi’s black heart.
   “You threw aside your ability for you soul to live on after it’s been crushed when you left your kind to become the demon you are… I’m sorry Tenchi… uncle.” Said Rukan as Tenchi’s eyes went wide and he coughed up blood on Rukan’s shoulder. Rukan pulls his paw out of his Uncle and the heart became a black orb with swirling purple energy dancing in it like clouds in the wind.
   He held Tenchi close to himself hearing him cough again and feeling the warm fluid on his shoulder start to trickle slowly down his back. Rukan frowned and crushed the orb in his hand making a huge bang as the power of Tenchi was released into the world making the building tremble while setting his uncle free and allowing him to move on to the life after. The orb’s shards turned into dust in his hands and blew away in the wind as he lay Tenchi’s body down on the floor adding his tears to the sprinkler’s rain.
   Rodney fell backwards as the shockwave hit the crowd knocking them all over. That kind of a power release could only mean that it was over. One of them had won and the other was gone.
   Rukan had done what he had to but it didn’t make it hurt any less. He looked around him and saw all the Kitsune’ slaves with grave expressions on their faces. They all gathered around their fallen family member and cried at his loss to the darkness. Rukan turned and walked over to the area behind Tenchi’s desk and hit the button on the back of the statue opening the panel with the souls in them. Rukan approached feeling his strength fade as he grabbed them and looked to the now free slaves.
He walked up to his Grandfather and smiled giving him a hug, “I could never have done it without all of your help…” Rukan plunged his paw into his grandfather putting his soul back and freeing him from his bonds. Rukan smiled through his tears seeing the scars leave his grandfather’s body and he looked the way he used to.
Rukan paused in front of Cynthia and hugged her tightly shaking his head, “I don’t blame you for anything. You have been a wonderful ally and a great friend. I’m glad to have you as my cousin.” Rukan thought for a moment and cringed at the fact that he had kissed her in a manner very unbecoming of cousins. Cynthia giggled a little and shook her head, “Don’t worry about it Rukan… It wasn’t myself.”
Rukan did the same for her watching the pain on her face turn to joy as she received her soul becoming free again. She hugged Rukan tight and nuzzled his cheek softly, “You’re a real hero when you put your mind to something.”
Rukan paused in front of his parents and looked at the ground, “I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner. I missed you every day of my life and I’m sorry for all the blame I put on you… It was wrong of me to be angry and think that you left me.” Rukan looked up feeling their arms around him.
“You’ve become quite the man Rukan.” Said his father with a smile.
“You’ve made us very proud…” Said his mother softly.
Rukan smiled and gave them their souls back quickly letting them know what freedom felt like again. Rukan continued on to Cynthia’s parents. He didn’t know them and gave them their souls back without a speech.
“Thank god… I thought I was going to get one of those mushy little speeches.” Said his uncle with a grin. Rukan laughed and shook his head turning back to Tenchi’s limp form on the floor. He kneed down and shook his head slowly, “And you… I need to thank you most of all.”
“Why do you need to thank him?” Said Cynthia a bit curtly.
Rukan frowned and put a paw on his dead uncle’s forehead, “Because if it weren’t for him I would have never come here. I would have never become the person I am today, and I would have never met Taka. I owe him the most thanks.” Rukan bent down and kissed Tenchi’s forehead softly and turned to the Kitsune’
“I’m going back to Kyoto and spending the rest of my life there with Inari. I know that you are all coming with so I will take you but I need to grab something first.” Said Rukan as he disappeared and reappeared with the bag he had his things in. he looked at the discarded sword and put it back in the sheath where it belonged. He slowly wrapped his tails around all of them and smiled warmly as they left that place behind as Lupine hall collapsed into it self burying Tenchi under the rubble.
The lone vulpine figure sat next to the lake watching the sun set over the far end with a smile on his face. He loved watching the magic that nature gave him every morning and night. He loved the beauty of the new sakura gardens planted at his favorite place to sit and watch the sun rise and set. It gave the pink blossoms a new glow of life to them.
He slowly reached into his pocket and fished out a scrap of paper looking at the picture again with a smile. He lifted it up to the sun and noticed something he hadn’t before. There was something written on the back. Rukan turned it over and read the writing in the dying sunlight.
“Dear Rukan,

Your grandfather told me that night at the hospital something that would change my life forever. He told me that the love I had for you was strong but it would ultimately lead to my destruction. I told him that I didn’t care anymore as long as I got to spend my time with you. He then hugged me and said that I would make a find grandson in law. That’s why I was blushing.
There is something about me that I don’t understand though. I knew that I was different. My parents adopted me as a child but never told me where I was from. It was like one day they just found me wandering about. Rukan… I know it probably doesn’t mean anything but I think I don’t have the heart of a lion.
I love you. I always will. And if I leave you for the world beyond like your grandfather said I will then I’m sorry that I have left you all alone. Though I know in my heart that I will be with you again.

Forever yours,
One of Rukan’s tears hit the paper and he quickly folded it back up and stuck it into his pocket looking to see the last rays of light leave him and night become ruler of the hours ahead. He heard someone approaching from behind and looked over his shoulder to see Inari making her way down to him.
She sat down next to him and Rukan leaned his head against her shoulder gently letting his tears flow.
“What’s wrong Rukan?”
“I miss him.”
Inari nodded slowly and held Rukan close to her, “I know… Don’t worry to much. I know you’ll see him again. He won’t be the same and he won’t remember you or anything for that matter. But you will find him again. You’ll know who it is when the time is right.”
Rukan nodded and cried a bit more, “I didn’t know that he knew he was going to die if he stayed with me… If I had known…”
Inari put a finger to Rukan’s lips shushing him, “You wouldn’t have saved everyone had it not been for your love. Now come join everyone else. We’re having a celebration on you bringing everyone home.”
Rukan shook his head looking back out over the lake, “No… you go join them. I think I’ll just sit here and think for a while. I have a lot on my mind…”
Inari nodded and got up giving Rukan a kiss on the cheek and another hug before heading back to the others, leaving Rukan there in the garden to contemplate what had happened over the past year of his life, and remember a love he had and lost on that campus of the University of Foxpaw