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Whispers of the Dead  (Read 2188 times)

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Whispers of the Dead
« on: Apr 06 2006, 11:25 PM »
“Raiden help!” Came the screams of the struggling kit in the river as she kicked and paddled against the current to no avail. The spring thaw had made the Kohaku river swell and flow faster than any other time of the year making little Reiko’s efforts against the might of the water futile. It was not long before she disappeared below the current as her brother looked on with a look of terror on his face.

   The little black kit stood there in a daze as he watched his sister drown and he was completely powerless to stop it. He fell back against a tree tucking his legs in close to his chest and wrapping his arms around them as he began to rock back and forth unable to cry from the trauma, in fact, he couldn’t make any noise at all. The world was just the roar of the river and the screams he couldn’t answer.

   “Raiden! Where is Reiko!? Raiden listen to me! Raiden!”

   The man woke from his slumber shaking hard in a cold sweat as he sat up panting hard. He looked to be around twenty one years old with odd crimson eyes and long silver hair. When he was a child a great trauma had made his hair turn and it had never gone back to its once black color.
   He kicked his legs out from under his sheets and sat on the side of the bed for a few moments as he got his bearings once again and whispered to himself, “That dream again…” Taking in a deep breath he stood himself up and made his way into the bathroom connected to his bedroom.
   Flicking on the light switch he looked into the mirror with a frown as he turned on the tap and splashed a bit of water on his face still having the cold sweat cover is naked form. He looked fit and lean with a bit of muscle tone but nothing that incredible. One might say he was simply average, not too thin but not too thick.
   Looking up from the mirror his eyes found the clock on the wall and he sighed as it read 5 in the morning. He had to be at work in an hour so there was no point in going back to sleep now.
   The man groaned as he stretched and walked to the shower turning on the hot water and letting it flow a bit before he stepped in and began to wash himself. It was odd that while he had a natural fear of water he didn’t mind showers or baths at all. He found that being surrounded in the warm water was actually very relaxing to him. It was a chance to wash away all the grunge physically and emotionally to him.
   Stepping out of the shower was always the hardest part of the whole affair but he did so as he must and wrapped himself up in a towel to dry. He wandered back into the bedroom and opened up the second drawer in his dresser and pulled out a small black book from the bottom as he wrote.

   “I had the dream again, the one next to the river with the fox-girl drowning and calling to a Raiden. I’m not sure why I keep having this weird dream but it bothers me. Every time I feel like I lost something precious to me… Anyway, yesterday at work Andrew told me I should probably go see a shrink or some sort of mystic. Go figure Drew would be a pagan of sorts.
   You ever get that feeling like you are being watched though? Well of course not you are just a book. I just… I think I keep seeing these people out of the corner of my eye but whenever I turn to look they are gone. Anyway this is Raine Diam and that’s all I have for today.”

   Raine put his journal back in the same place and gripped the cold metal next to it as he pulled a revolver from it’s place and placed it on the dresser top with a frown as he flicked it open and made sure it was loaded before flicking it back into position and turning the safety on.
   He got up slowly and threw the towel into a bag hanging on the knob of the door to the bathroom he used for his dirty clothing. He then threw on a pair of black jeans a black t-shirt and his long black leather raincoat along with his two gloves, white on the left and black on the right.
   Standing up the silver haired man stuffed the gun into the left breast pocket of his coat and headed out the door of his apartment as he locked it and headed out into the cold early morning air. He reached into his right pocket and pulled out a pack of cigs and his lighter taking one of the smokes out and lighting it up as he began his walk down the block.
   Raine and his friend Andrew owned a bounty hunting business that had been fairly successful due to the lawlessness of the city. Anyone that knew anything would know that Flicker City was run by the gangs and various ruthless men with too much money and power for their own good. The most noteworthy being a man of the cloth, Father Molinari.
   Drew and Raine had been on his trail of money and blood for a while and they had collected an impressive amount of evidence but as it normally goes in such places even the ones meant to protect were being paid off. It made Raine angry to know that they had the man in the courts but nothing could be done to him. He was untouchable thanks to his position and the places his money was going.
   The bounty hunter took one last drag from his cig before flicking it into the street and stepping into the building Drew and he owned for the business. As he walked in the young black man looked up from his work and spoke, “Yo Raine I just found out something really interesting.”
   Raine tossed his coat onto one of the spare desks as he looked over at Drew and nodded, “Does it have to do with Molinari?”
   Drew shook his head slowly and chuckled, “Nope. It has to do with the name of the city. Did you know back in 2007 there was a bomb strike at the power plant making the entire power grid flicker?”
   Raine shook his head slowly as he slumped over his desk with a sigh, “Drew that is terribly interesting but I think maybe we should keep following up on this…”
   “Raine how many times do I have to tell you? We aren’t cops man. We don’t go after the bad guys unless we get paid.” Replied Drew as he put his feet up on his desk.
   The silver haired man tilted his head up and frowned a bit as he nodded, “That’s just not how I saw it working out in my head I guess… What’s on the board today?”
   Drew smirked a bit and stood up taking one of the bounty sheets off the corkboard and put it down on Raine’s desk, “The cops are too afraid to go after this guy. They think it was a pro.”
   Raine looked down at the sheet only to find a picture of what once was a person that now seemed to be a part of the room, every part of the room, “Jesus Drew I just woke up!”
   Drew just laughed and left the paper where it was as he looked up at the ceiling, “I happen to have a real lead on this guy and he’s worth a cool quarter mil. That’s enough for us to slack for a year or two. Besides… isn’t getting the bad guys what you want?”
   The young bounty hunter sighed softly and sat up all the way picking up the paper with a frown on his face, “What kind of a gun can do that?”
   “That’s a lead buddy. Only two have ever been made. They are named Pain and Pleasure. Pressurized gas powered. The rounds are hollow tipped and carry and extra little surprise. It’s a special trigger inside it seems. I don’t know how they pulled it off but somehow they have a contact explosive inside that makes them do what you see there.” Replied Drew.
   “Wait a minute, why doesn’t it go off in the chamber then? That doesn’t make any sense.” Said Raine with a frown on his face as he put the sheet down and shook his head, “This guy does seem professional. But they wouldn’t do something this messy unless they wanted to send a message. Who is it they blew to bits?”
   Drew bit his lip and shook his head slowly, “Uhh… It was some lawyer. I guess they didn’t like the way the trial went for one of their buddies.”
   The silver haired man frowned a bit more and shook his head, “Doubtful but possible. Let’s check it out, where were the guns made and for whom?”
   Drew threw on his jacket and nodded, “A small shop on 7th ave. It’s run by a girl actually. As for whom they were made for it seems that is a mystery to the records. I figured we could get a little info out of her.”
   Raine nodded slowly and stood up throwing his long coat on as he made his way for the door, “Let’s get going before we hit traffic then.”
   The two hunters headed out of the building and into a parking garage where they kept their car. It wasn’t anything spectacular. Just a generic Japanese made car that would blend in perfectly with all the others around. Raine liked it that way as he didn’t want to draw attention to themselves.
   Drew took the drivers seat this time and as they began to make their way to the gun shop Raine spoke, “I had that dream again…”
   “The one at the river?”
   “Yeah… It woke me up this morning.” Said Raine with a frown on his face, “It’s becoming more frequent actually… It bothers me.”
   Drew chuckled a little and nodded, “I bet it would. You know, with you being the good guy and all. Not being able to save someone would bother you. Though why it’s a fox-girl I don’t know, maybe you are watching too much anime.”
   Raine frowned a bit and shook his head, “I don’t watch cartoons man.”
   “Dude it isn’t cartoons.” Replied Drew with a frown on his face, “What you are describing is called a kitsune by the Japanese. They are these fox people with a bunch of tails and they supposedly have special powers.”
   Raine laughed softly and shook his head, “I can’t believe you watch that crap man. It’ll rot your brain for sure. Though I’m sure you just watch it for the ass and titties.”
   Drew shrugged as they turned the corner to 7th street and spoke as he chuckled, “What’s wrong with ass and titties?”
   The red eyed man shook his head, “Everything if they are made up of ink and paint. I prefer the real thing thank you.”
   Drew parked and undid his seatbelt, “Sure… whatever man. It’s still ass and titty to me. We are here.”
   Raine slipped out of the car and lit up another cig as he made his way to the storefront, “So what’s the girl’s name?”
   Drew got out of the car and locked it as he looked through his files, “Ami. I hear she can be a bit of a loose canon.”
   Raine chuckled as he shook his head, “My kind of ass and titties.”
   Andrew rolled his eyes as he motioned for Raine to enter the shop first which he did slowly. The shop was wall to wall weapons. Everything from assault rifles to bowe knives hung in the chain link that covered the walls. Raine let out a surprised whistle as he looked around at all the original and interesting designs.
   “Anything I can help you with Gentlemen?” Came the feminine voice of the gunsmith as she approached them. Raine had to do a double take as the girl seemed more like a librarian than a gunsmith.
   She was tiny, only about five foot six at most, and scrawny. Her thick glasses and pale skin made him doubt her ability to make these weapons but the grease and little bits of metal that covered her hands was a sure giveaway. She also had the smell of gunpowder all about her.
   “Uhh yeah. My partner and I would like to ask you about a couple of guns you made.” Said Drew as he saw Raine gawking and he gave the light haired man an elbow in the side knocking Raine back into reality.
   “Oh yeah… Pain and Pleasure. We need to know who you made them for.” Said Raine quickly.
   Ami frowned as she worked her hands into the dirty towel she was using to clean them, “I’m sorry guys I never ever tell who I make guns for. Bad for business if my cliental knew I would tell just anyone they have them.”
   Raine frowned a bit and rubbed his chin as his cig reached the butt and he put it out with his fingers and stuffed it into his pocket, “Look Ami… I know you know what these guns are capable of… Well they were used in a murder and we are bounty hunters after the guy that did it.”
   Ami laughed softly, “Well then I definitely am not going to tell you cowboys. That would just lead to you guys going and shooting my customers. Bad business.”
   Drew frowned a bit and took the bounty sheet with the picture on it showing the scene of the body all in bits all over the room, “What you made did this. Now we are going to find out who did this with your help or without it. We can do this easy or we can do this not so easy.”
   “Ami who’s here?” Came another feminine voice from the back of the shop as a young woman in the peak of fitness stepped out completely in the nude making the two men look away quickly.
   “It’s no one Rukan. Don’t worry about it. They were just leaving.” Replied Ami in a stern tone in the direction of the two men.
   Raine turned back to look into Rukan’s emerald eyes with his own crimson ones and saw something there that felt so familiar. That voice as well, it was sending shivers up his spine. He knew he had heard it before but couldn’t put his finger on it. He found himself being pulled in one direction and then found he was standing outside before he broke out of his trance.
   “Wow man… Way to totally look like a pervert in there.” Said Drew as he let go of his partner.
   “I… I don’t know what came over me. I know that woman. She… she sounded so familiar.” Raine frowned as he sat himself back in the car with a disappointed sigh.
   “It’s alright. Lets head to the scene and see if we can get anything from there.” Said Drew with a frown as he began to drive.
   This drive was silent as Raine began to think about the woman they had encounter in the gun shop. What kind of a person would walk out completely naked when they knew someone was there? Something was off about this whole case, custom guns, an unknown murderer, that strange woman and gunsmith. Raine didn’t like the feeling he was getting now. The bounty was too high for any normal shakedown. They knew no one would ever bring the monster that did this in.
   “Drew maybe we should drop this one. It doesn’t feel right. There is too much money involved. I’m getting the chills man. Something is off about this.” Said Raine with a frown as he lit up another cig and rolled down his window a little.
   Drew laughed a bit and shook his head, “You just wanna chase after that fine ass we saw back at the gun shop. You dog.”
   “No man I’m serious about this one. Something just isn’t adding up. Who was the guy that got plastered anyway? Not Just some lawyer, give me a name.” Said Raine a bit forcefully.
   “Alright… It was Terry Molinari. The many that put out the bounty was Father Molinari himself.” Said Drew with a sigh, “Look its good money and we don’t want the guy dead to. We want him behind bars.”
   Raine sat up quickly with a deep frown on his face, “You son of a bitch! I am not taking his blood money no matter what. Take us back to the office and we will take another bounty now!”
   “Hey calm down Raine! This is the best we have right now! You know that as well as I do!” Shouted Drew.
   “I don’t care Andrew! I would rather starve that help that man! You know he’s done worse to other people than what happen to his kid! The kid was probably dirty anyway!” Replied Raine with a deep frown on his face.
   “Raine we don’t have a choice!” Shouted Drew.
   Raine quickly threw his door open as they were stopped at a light and slammed it shut as he shouted back, “Justice isn’t helping those that hurt others Drew! No matter how much money they are offering!”
   Drew shook his head and threw a rude hand gesture in Raine’s direction as he drove off leaving Raine on the street in the warming mid morning air. The man was so angry he had to walk it off. To think his own friend would sell out to the man they had spent so much time trying to take down.
   The silver haired man stopped on a corner and found he had wandered back to the street with the gun shop on it. He frowned as he headed down towards it but stopped and spoke softly to himself, “What are you doing? There is no reason for you to be there. Turn back Raine you don’t need to be on this case. The man was a bad person and des… damnit…”
   The young bounty hunter continued on down the grungy street and opened the door to the shop to find Ami there with a shotgun in his face, “Whoa hey now!”
   Ami frowned and cocked the gun as she shouted, “maybe I wasn’t clear enough when I said it the first time! Get out and stay out!”
   “Please put the gun down… I just want to talk. My partner just told me who was killed and I have little interest in tracking your friend down for any other reason than to encourage them to leave town. With a bounty of a quarter of a mil on their head every hunter in the city will be out for them.” Said Raine coolly.
   Ami pressed the gun up against his chin in response, “I said get out! I’m not giving you a name!”
   Raine swallowed hard and lifted his hands as he let out a sigh, “Alright alright. Please tell your friend I am sorry if I was starring. She just looked and sounded familiar is all.”
   “She doesn’t need the apology of a cowboy like you!” replied the gunsmith pushing hard enough with the gun into his chin to push his back against the door and make it open a little.
   “The man that died was Terry Molinari, the son of Father Molinari. A man I have been after for a year now. He was responsible for the deaths of my parents when I was seven. I want him taken down but I can’t do that without your help. Your friend obviously knows some things I don’t if they were ready to kill off one of the family. I want to help.” Said Raine with a frown on his face.
   “I’m not falling for your…” started Ami but she was interrupted but the woman Raine had seen earlier though this time she was dressed in a long white trench coat along with a tight white bodysuit and seemed to be armed to the teeth, “Ami take that gun off him. Let me talk to him.”
   “Rukan he’s obviously lying to try and get information.” Replied Ami as Raine could just stand there with his heart beating up a storm as at any moment his head could be a part of the door.
   “I don’t care Ami I want to ask him a few questions. Put the gun down.” Said Rukan softly with a bit of a frown on her face.
   Ami sighed softly and pulled the trigger making a loud click that made Raine flinch and frown even deeper as he had nearly pissed himself over an unloaded gun. He took a few deep breaths and looked up at the woman known as Rukan as she asked her question, “What do you know of your parents?”
   Raine caught his breath and replied in a soft tone, “They worked for the PD back when Molinari was starting his bid for power. They were on a case that involved him, a sloppy murder that had all fingers pointing to him. They disappeared a few days before they had enough evidence to bring him in. Three months later they were found floating in the harbor.”
   Rukan nodded slowly and rubbed her chin with a frown, “What were their names?”
   Raine frowned and looked at the ground, “I… Don’t remember.”
   The women both looked at each other and quirked a brow Ami looking rather unamused, “What did you bump your head or something?”
   The bounty hunter frowned and lifted a lock of his hair, “The doctors tell me this only happens to young people when they go through incredible amounts of trauma. They told me it was something so bad it made me forget everything from it and earlier. I only know what happened because the social worker told me about it when I was eighteen. So yeah I don’t remember anything from before I was seven years old.”
   Rukan bumped Ami a bit hard with a frown on her face for the rude way she asked the question when they heard the response, “I am sorry for your loss… Now I am sure your parents would be very angry with you knowing that you were going after the same man that did them in. Seems like a waste of a perfectly good life to me.”
   Raine frowned a bit and shook his head, “I don’t think it’s your place to tell me what my parents would think lady. I mean what would your parents think of you walking out into a room with complete strangers completely naked?”
   The woman laughed and shook her head, “You’re funny cowboy. Now get out before Ami gets nasty. I know all I need to.”
   Raine frowned as Ami loaded the shotgun and cocked it again making him put up his hands and start to back out the door, “Alright alright I get the picture.”
   He back out of the shop and shook his head in confusion at the strange women he had met inside. How did she have all the information she needed just by asking him about his parents? He didn’t even know if what he was told was right.
   The man with the red eyes made his way through the city slowly as he walked and thought about the events that had passed over the morning. Why was that woman so familiar? What did that voice make him shake whenever he heard it? It seemed like she knew more than she was letting him know.
   Raine pushed open the door to his office and found that Drew hadn’t gotten back yet. He had probably gone to the scene to try and get more information on the killer that Raine was now trying to protect. What did that make him? An accomplice to murder? Was he just as bad as Molinari for wanting to help this killer?
   With a sigh Raine put his head down on his desk his eyes heavy from his lack of sleep and his long walk. He soon drifted off to sleep.
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