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Author Topic: Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction  (Read 26565 times)

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Part 16

Previously, on Elements of Power, Tiara Boobowski faced off against Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper, who broke into her father’s laboratory to steal the three Elemental Chaos Rings that were brought over there after overhearing Dr. Robotnik talk about their current location. At the very start of the battle, it seemed as if Tiara was going to come out the victor, but the crafty weasel managed to make a comeback after playing a trick on her, which caused her to let her guard down. Seeing the opportunity, Nack stabbed Tiara in the leg with his knife, and proceeded to give her a brutal beating, demanding to know where the three Elemental Chaos Rings were hidden.

Tiara, of course, refused to tell him, which ended up making things even worse for her. As soon as he was about to deliver the final blow to her, Professor Boobowski and Professor Porkenstein decided to show up to lend her a hand. Not wanting to risk his daughter’s life, Professor Boobowski had no choice but to hand the Chaos Rings over to Nack, but before he had the chance to claim them, several police copters arrived on the scene (since Prof. Boobowski and Porkenstein phoned them prior to the battle). Afterwards, Nack, in his stolen Egg –O- Matic Hovercraft, decided to flee the scene.

Elsewhere, at Tails’ Workshop, the two robo-mechanics, Heavy and Bomb, as well as the newly-awakened E-102 Gamma were in the middle of a battle with Bean the Dynamite, who came to steal the other four Elemental Chaos Rings. Their battle lasted for some time, but eventually, the three machines managed to triumph in the end. Shortly afterwards, police choppers arrived in that area, as well, since Orbot and Cubot phoned them after awakening Gamma.

Just as they and the rest of the heroes (who’ve regained consciousness) arrived on the scene, Bean (just like Nack) fled the scene in his stolen Egg –O- Matic, as well. Just when they thought it was safe to reclaim the Elemental Chaos Rings, Mecha Amy took them and Chaos Controlled her way out of the area before they had a chance to “take them back by force” as Silver the Hedgehog suggested. Additionally, Metal Sonic 3.0 also went to reclaim the three Chaos Rings at Prof. Boobowski’s lab.

Now that the heroes have recovered from the effects of Bean’s knockout gas, they’ve decided to start heading to Dr. Robotnik’s base. Will they be able to infiltrate the base, reclaim the Elemental Chaos Rings, and stop EG-005 from being brought to life? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

*Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes end up coming across Professor Porkenstein on their way to Robotnik’s base*

Porkenstein: Oh, it’s you guys! Thank goodness I’ve found you!

Tails: Hi, Professor Porkenstein. What are you doing here?

Porkenstein: Well, I have some good news and some bad news.

Tails: I see. We happen to have some bad news of our own, but you could go first if you want.

Porkenstein: Alright. I’ll start with the good news. Professor Boobowski and I-

Charmy: *Snickers at the mention of that last name*

Marine: *Does the same*

Porkenstein: …

Marine: Sorry, mate, we couldn’t resist! What were you sayin’?

Porkenstein: Yes, as I was saying, the good news is that we’ve managed to complete the Elemental Power Extractor. The bad news is that we had a run-in with Fang the Sniper shortly afterwards, and-

Vector: Lemme guess… He took the Elemental Chaos Rings from ya, right?

Porkenstein: Well, not exactly.

Heavy: Then what happened? Get to the point, already. We’re in a hurry.

Splash: Wow. Could you possibly get anymore disrespectful?

Heavy: Oh, I’m sorry. Was I talking to you?

Bomb: You’ll have to excuse him, Professor. Heavy could really be quite an anus sometimes.

Splash: “Sometimes”? ALL the time is more like it. Anyway, please do continue, Professor.

Porkenstein: As rude as he might have been, he still brings up a valid point. I’d hate to be responsible for delaying you, so I’ll just run alongside you all as I tell you the news.

Knuckles: Okay, that’ll work.

*They move on*

Tails: Now, what were you saying?

Porkenstein: As I was saying before, Fang showed up to steal the Chaos Rings that Gazebo and I were going to use to test the E.P.E., and then he and Tiara got into a fight over them. At the start of the battle, Tiara was doing pretty well, but eventually, the battle shifted in Fang’s favor, and things began to take a turn for the worse. Tiara…she was determined to protect the Chaos Rings, and it nearly cost the poor girl her life, as she was given a merciless beating and left in critical condition, so she had to be hospitalized.

Everyone: WHAAAAAAT!?

Sonic: Ooh, why that BASTARD!

Cream: That’s…that’s terrible!

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao…

Tikal: How awful! That was a terrible thing that he did!

Splash: How could he do something like this!?

*The others say something similar*

Blaze: Ugh! I’ve always disliked him ever since the moment he suggested leaving Silver behind at Robotnik’s exploding space station, but I never thought that even HE would go that far!

Amy: Me neither! I feel so bad for her…

Big: Uhhh…  Me, too, but I thought you hated her?

Cream: I was going to say the same thing.

Amy: Don’t get me wrong, I still do. We may have had our differences, and she may have been a man-stealing hussy, but even SHE didn’t deserve this! Wherever Nack is, I hope he gets what’s coming to him!

Sonic: I’m definitely gonna make sure of that next time I see him! *Clenches his fist in anger* He’s gone too far! I WON’T let him get away with this, no matter what!

Porkenstein: I’m glad to hear it. Say, by the way… Sonic, is it? I’m curious… Would you happen to be Tiara’s boyfriend, by any chance?

Sonic: Huh!? Where’s this coming from!?

Porkenstein: Well, I sort of gathered that by how serious your reaction was compared to the others. Plus, Tiara always spoke so fondly of you.

Sonic: Uh, well…

Amy: No way! Of course he isn’t! Everyone knows that Sonic and I are meant to be!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Porkenstein: Alright, if you say so. Anyway, you guys also had some bad news?

Mighty: Yeah. The Chaos Rings that we had…they ended up getting taken away by one of Robotnik’s robots.

Porkenstein: Seriously!? Oh, blast it all! I guess we’d better press onward, then!

Amy: …

(Hmm, the professor definitely has a point. I wonder… Judging from Sonic’s reaction, could it be…that he’s…in love with Boobowski!? Sure, everyone else, including me, was angry about it, too, but still… Somehow, he seemed a lot angrier about it than everyone else. N-No… It can’t be!)

Ray: Um, Amy?

Amy: *Didn’t hear him, since she’s still deep in thought*

Ray: Amy?

Amy: (I’M Sonic’s girlfriend! I’M his one and only true love, not Boobowski!)

Ray: Amy!

Amy: *Still didn’t hear him* (Well, she can’t have him! I won’t let her! Sonic is mine! Do you hear me!? MINE!)

Ray: AMY! *Shakes her*

Amy: *Snaps at him* WHAT!?

Ray: Ieeee! *Jumps back*

Gamma: Is something troubling you?

Amy: Huh? Oh, no, I’m okay. Sorry about that. There’s something you wanted to tell me, Ray?

Ray: Um, yeah. Everyone else went on ahead. *Points*

Amy: Ooh, I HATE it when they leave me behind! *Runs ahead*

*Ray and Gamma do the same*

Meanwhile, at Robotnik’s Sand Ocean base…

Mecha Amy: Here they are, Doctor. *Holds them out* All four of the Elemental Chaos Rings from that “Workshop” place.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Excellent job, Mecha Amy! Now, all we need if for Three-Point Zero to arrive with the last three, and we’ll be all set!

*Scorch, Shock, Storm, and Egg-Robo come through the door*

Robotnik: Ah, you’re right on time, ladies…and Egg-Robo.

Egg-Robo: On time for what?

Robotnik: Metal Sonic 3.0 is going to be here at any moment now with the last three Elemental Chaos Rings, and then I’ll finally be able to use them to bring EG-005 to life!

Scorch: Ah, that’s great! It’s nice to see that things are finally looking up for you, Doctor.

Storm: Wait, so you’re not mad us, then?

Shock: Yeah, I thought for sure that you would have chewed us out big-time for coming back empty-handed.

Robotnik: I have no reason to. You gave it your all, and I already happen to have them in my possession at the moment. It’s the end result that counts.

Egg-Robo: *Whispers to the Goddesses* He must be in a good mood.

*They nod in agreement*

Robotnik: Now, we just need to play the waiting game until Metal Sonic 3.0 arrives…

*He teleports in via Chaos Control*

Scorch: Well, that was convenient.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Here they are. *Holds out the three Elemental Chaos Rings* I would have been back sooner, but I was having somewhat of a difficult time finding Professor Boobowski’s laboratory. Strangely enough, though, when I arrived, no one was around, and the Elemental Chaos Rings were left entirely unguarded.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Excellent work, Metal Sonic 3.0! Finally, we now have all seven Elemental Chaos Rings in our possession! Now, it’s time for the moment of the truth; and that “moment”, of course, is EG-005’s awakening!

Shock: Alright! While we’re on the subject, don’t you think it’s about time we’ve come up with a name for her?

Robotnik: Hmm, Maybe you’re right. I haven’t quite thought of one yet, but what I do know, is that her name has to start with an “S”, just like all of yours and the rest of the Goddesses.

Scorch: A name that starts with an “S”, hmm? Would “Silver” be okay? After all, that does happen to be her color scheme.

Metal Sonic 3.0: I don’t think “Silver” would suffice, since that name already happens to be taken.

Robotnik: Three-Point Zero is right, Scorch. It would definitely be wise to call her something else, in order to avoid confusion with this “other” Silver, whoever that is.

Metal Sonic 3.0: He’s that white hedgehog with telekinetic powers. You know, the one who’s always accompanying Blaze?

Robotnik: Oh, you mean HIM? That idiot who kept accusing me of being Dr. Nega? Up until now, I had no idea what his name was, but at the same time, I really didn’t care. Calling EG-005 “Silver” is definitely out of the question, indeed.

Storm: Well, Would it be okay to use a variation of it, then?

Robotnik: A variation, you say? What kind?

Storm: Let’s see… How can I put this? You know how Seedra’s name came from the word “Seed”, right? Well, what if we were to simply modify the word “Silver” into something else? Something like “Silvra”, for example.

Robotnik: “Silvra”, huh? Yes, I think that’ll do just nicely! Now, about her title... What should it be, exactly?

Egg-Robo: Well, if she has power over every element, why don’t we call her “the Goddess of All Elements”?

Robotnik: Yes, that’s it! That’s what we’ll call her from now on! From this day forth, EG-005 shall be known as “Silvra, the Goddess of All Elements”! Are there any objections to this?

Scorch: No complaints over here, Dr. Robotnik.

*Everyone else says something similar*

Robotnik: Alright, now that we’ve got the name out of the way, it’s time to unleash her! Egg Pawns, bring the capsule in here!

Egg Pawns: Aye aye, sir! *They rush out of the room*


*The heroes enter Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base*

Tails: By the way, Professor Porkenstein, things are going to get a lot more dangerous from here on out. Are you sure you want to stick around?

Porkenstein: If you’re worried that I may be a burden on you all, then you needn’t worry, dear boy. I’ve come prepared. *Reaches into his lab coat, takes out a few parts, and assembles them into what appears to be a bazooka*

Charmy: Wow, cool! Is that a bazooka!?

Porkenstein: Well, yes, but rather than missiles, however, it fires laser projectiles. In other words, I guess you could call it a “Laser Bazooka”.

Marine: Strewth! Now that’s bonza!

Espio: Yes, that’s quite impressive. Just out of curiosity, what kept you from using that on Nack, if you had it the entire time?

Porkenstein: I would have used it on him, but I didn’t for two reasons. Number one, the force this weapon generates is so powerful that it would have destroyed Tiara along with Fang, since she happened to be near him. Number two, there’s a chance that he would dodged it, and decided to kill her right then and there, and I didn’t want to risk either of those happening.

Heavy: I suppose that will do. After all, if a measly hammer like Amy’s could do a significant amount of damage to Robotnik’s robots, I’m sure that could, too.

Amy: You wanna repeat that!? *Raises her hammer*

Heavy: Go right ahead. I dare you.

Amy: *Gets ready to hit him*

*Ray, Cream, and Big start holding her back*

Amy: Hey! Let go of me! *Jerks away*

Heavy: Pffft. Please don’t waste my time. You aren’t worth it.


Marine: I agree, but blimey! What’s gotten into her all of a sudden?

Vector: I ain’t gotta clue. This is outta the ordinary, even for her!

Sonic: That’s for sure!

Cream: Amy, please calm down…

Big: Stop already!

Ray: Yeah, we’re supposed to be stopping Robotnik, remember?

Amy: Maybe, but he could wait!

Blaze: No, he cannot! If we just stand by and allow him to awaken this “EG-005” creature, then this world will be destroyed!

Silver: Exactly! Thanks to Iblis, as well as Mephiles, we’ve already witnessed the horror of a ruined future once before, and we can’t afford to let that happen again!

Amy: …

*Sighs* Fine.

Porkenstein: If this sudden outburst of rage had anything to do with the assumption I made earlier about Sonic and Tiara being an item, then I sincerely apologize.

Splash: You, too, Heavy. You’re also to blame for making that insulting comment.

Heavy: Fine, whatever. I’m sorry. Can we move on now?

With that said, the group of heroes finally began to proceed through the base. That is, until they were interrupted by one of Robotnik’s satellite monitors, which suddenly flew in front of them.

Porkenstein: What the blazes?

*Robotnik appears on the monitor*

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, well! What have we here?

Sonic: It’s Ro-butt-nik!

Robotnik: So, you’ve finally decided to show up, eh, you spiny blue pest? In any case, all of you are far too late!

Knuckles: What do you mean!?

Robotnik: I mean that I have all seven Elemental Chaos Rings in my possession, of course! In addition to the ones that Mecha Amy took from you, Metal Sonic 3.0 retrieved the ones that Tiara brought to her father’s laboratory, and brought them to me!

Porkenstein: He what!? Oh, double blast it all!

Slush: Ooh, I cannot STAND that guy!

Robotnik: Ah, it’s you, Slush! I didn’t even notice you at first! Now that you’re here, I would just like to take the opportunity to thank you for your valiant contribution to EG-005’s awakening!

Slush: GRRR…

Sonic: Huh? What’s he talking about?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… I’m saying that she donated the blood sample that I needed in order to begin the experiment!

*People stare at Slush*

Slush: Oh, cut the crap! I didn’t “donate” ANYTHING! You stabbed me with that injector needle after having Three-Point Zero hold me down with telekinesis! It was entirely against my will!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe so, but you brought that on yourself, traitor!

Knuckles: I don’t understand why YOU, of all people, would even have the gall to call someone else a “traitor” after what you did to Orbot and Cubot last month!

Charmy: Yeah!

*The others agree, too*

Robotnik: Enough! I grow bored of this conversation! Why don’t I let you in on a little secret? Neither I, nor EG-005, are anywhere to be found there in the Mystic Ruins base! I’ll let you know where we are if you could defeat my army of Badniks.

Vector: Bring ‘em on!

Wechnia: This should be a piece of cake.

Robotnik: Hmph, if THAT’S what you think then let the games begin!

*Robotnik sends in a bunch of Buzz Bombers, Egg Pawns, and others Badniks, and everyone begins fighting them off*

Elsewhere, at the Sand Ocean base…

Scorch: Dr. Robotnik?

Robotnik: Yes, what is it?

Scorch: Tell me honestly… What happened between you and Slush?

Robotnik: Well, you see… Do you remember how I kept saying that there was a spy around the base, and that was most likely how the Chaotix kept finding out about my plans before I even had the chance to act?

Scorch: Wait, do you mean to tell me that SHE was the one behind that all along!?

Robotnik: That’s right. She’s been conspiring against me from the very beginning, ever since we first met!

Scorch: …

(Hmm, come to think of it, I DO remember her telling me something like that last month, when Dr. Nega had her trapped in that room, but I ended up forgetting all about it…)

Robotnik: To make a long story short, I caught her snooping around the production room last week. She was either getting ready to destroy EG-005’s blueprints, or she was going to leak information about it to those Chaotix fools. So, to prevent the former from happening, I had no choice but to use Dr. Nega’s camera to trap her within another dimension.

Scorch: So, THAT’S how she winded up another dimension…

Shock: I have to say, Doc… That was pretty low.

Robotnik: It was only a temporary solution until the project was finished, but as you can see, she ended up getting out earlier than planned, thanks to the Shadow and Squash’s meddling.

Storm: Either way… Since she was trapped in there for an entire week, don’t you think there’s a chance that could have ended up starving to death?

Robotnik: Not to worry, though! Not to worry! For the past week, I’ve been transporting food over there on a regular basis. So, basically, she’s still alive and well, as you’ve just witnessed. As I was saying earlier, it’s the end result that counts, remember?

Scorch: …I guess you have a point, Doctor.

At the Mystic Ruins base again…

Silver: *Has the last few Badniks caught in a telekinetic grip* This’ll end it! *Tosses them into a wall and breaks them to pieces*

Blaze: Nice one, Silver.

Robotnik: *On the monitor* WHAT!? No way! I can’t believe this!

Sonic: Okay, Ro-butt-nik. We’ve already trashed your toys; now tell us where you are!

Robotnik: Very well then. *Moves from the screen and shows them the view* Does this place look familiar to you, by any chance?

Tails: Hmm…

Vector: It ain’t riningin’ a bell with me.

Charmy: Me, either.

Rouge: Ah, I see! That’s your pyramid base, isn’t it? I recognize that place anywhere. After all, that’s the very same base you were using when Shadow and I worked alongside you a while ago.

Robotnik: That’s correct!

Sonic: I thought so. There’s no way I could forget a place like that, especially since I had to fight against that huge rock statue.

Knuckles: It’s the same case with me, but the only difference is that I had to fight a ghost.

Robotnik: Well, now that you’re aware of my location, come if you dare! HAHAHAHAHA…

Slush: Gladly! Hear my words, Robotnik, and you, too, Three-Point Zero! I’m going to find you, and I’m going to destroy you!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Oh, how I quiver with fear.

*Robotnik breaks contact with them, and the satellite monitor flies away*

Ray: Oh, great! If he’s all the way over there, how are we going to get there in time to stop him from unleashing EG-005!?

Slush: Don’t worry, there’s a way. According to Robotnik, he’s installed teleportation devices in each of his bases, which all lead to another. Follow me; I’ll get us there in no time! *Runs off*

Wasting no time, the heroes began to follow Slush’s lead in order to get to the teleportation device that leads to Robotnik’s Sand Ocean base. Meanwhile…

*The Egg Pawns bring EG-005’s capsule into the room*

Robotnik: Well, it’s about time! It took you long enough, but whatever. Let’s begin, shall we? *Opens Silvra’s capsule* Alright, everyone! It’s time for the moment of truth! Let’s all use the Elemental Chaos Rings, and focus our thoughts on transferring their powers over to Silvra!

Heeding Robotnik’s words, the group decided to release the seven Elemental Chaos Rings into the air. Shortly afterwards, they began to glow and encircle EG-005/Silvra’s body, and the elemental powers from the Chaos Rings ended up getting transferred into once-colorless gem, causing it to be multi-colored again. When that was finished, Silvra abruptly sat up and opened her eyes. Being part hedgehog and part machine, Silvra’s eyes were black, and she had glowing red pupils, much like the Metal Sonics and Mecha Amy.

Silvra: …!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The project…it was a complete success after all! Finally, at long last, she’s been awakened!

Silvra: *Looks at her hands, and then towards Robotnik and company*

Robotnik: Welcome to life, my dear! I am your brilliant master and creator, Doctor Ivo Robotnik, but you can just call me “Dr. Robotnik”. You, my friend, are the fifth and last of my EG Experiments! You are Silvra, the Goddess of All Elements! Codenamed: EG-005!

Silvra: S…Silvra? “Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Five”? I suppose I can live with that. So, who are the rest of them, if you don’t mind my asking?

Robotnik: They’re my associates. *Points to the Goddesses* They’re your older sisters, Scorch, Shock, and Storm. The latter two the third and fourth of the EG Experiments I’ve created. *Points to the robots* The machines you see over here are Egg-Robo, Mecha Amy, and Metal Sonic Version 3.0, but you could just call him “Three-Point Zero” for short, and to avoid confusion with the original.

Scorch: Hey. It’s nice to meet you, little sis.

Shock: Yeah, what she said.

Storm: Same.

Egg-Robo: Per.

Mecha Amy: *Politely bows*

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Silvra: Likewise, everyone.

Robotnik: Now that we’ve all been acquainted, let’s get down to business, shall we? *Displays the heroes on the monitor again*

Silvra: *Faces the screen*

Robotnik: Yes, take a good look at them, Silvra. The people you see here… Each and every one of them are our enemies! Time after time, they’ve gotten in my way and foiled each and every one of my plans! There aren’t enough words to describe how much I utterly despise them! I want each and every one of them eliminated! Can you do that for me?

Silvra: Yes, Doctor. It will be my pleasure. I highly doubt any of them will be able to put up a decent fight against me. After all, it’s just as you said, I’m a Goddess of All Elements! No mere mortal can equal ME in power! I could already tell that this battle will be over before it even begins! *Leaves the room*

Everyone: …

Egg-Robo: Wow, SOMEONE certainly thinks quite highly of herself…

Storm: Yeah, that’s for sure.

Robotnik: Maybe so, but I’d say she has every reason to. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Very soon, each and every one of those fools will be dealt with swiftly and severely! With those fools out of the way, I’ll finally be free to realize my ambitions of conquering this world and building the Robotnik Empire! At last, we’ll finally witness the end of Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and each and every one of those meddlesome pests who’ve dared to oppose me over the years! I’ll finally be able to mark myself a place in history as the ULTIMATE genius! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Mecha Amy: …

Scorch: …

Shock: …

Storm: …

Oh, no! The unthinkable has finally happened! Despite the heroes’ efforts to collect all of the Elemental Chaos Rings, as well as reclaiming them after they were stolen, Robotnik has still managed to complete and unleash EG-005! With the powers of all seven of her sisters wrapped up into one, as well as additional power from the Chaos Rings, do Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes have what it takes to stop Silvra? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!
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Part 17

Last time, on The Goddess of Destruction, Professor Porkenstein arrived at the Mystic Ruins just as Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company were on their way to Robotnik’s base. After meeting up with them, Porkenstein explained to the heroes that Tiara was currently being hospitalized (due to the incident that took place between her and Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper), so he arrived in her place to obtain the Elemental Chaos Rings that they found, so that he and Prof. Boobowski could use their latest invention, the “Elemental Power Extractor” to remove the elemental powers from them. Unfortunately, he arrived too late, as the four Chaos Rings that they had in their possession were stolen by Mecha Amy. Armed with a custom-made Laser Bazooka, Professor Porkenstein agreed to fight alongside the heroes, and get the rings to back prevent EG-005’s awakening.

However, he and everyone else soon learned that Dr. Robotnik not only had four of the Chaos Rings in his possession, but the other three, as well, due to the fact that Metal Sonic 3.0 had lifted them from Prof. Boobowski’s laboratory (since he was busy standing by his daughter’s side in the ambulance). Shortly afterwards, Robotnik sent his robotic minions to deal with the heroes, stating that he would tell them his and EG-005’s current location if they manage to win the battle, in which they did. The doctor then revealed his location, which Rouge the Bat and a few others immediately recognized.

In order to get to his Sand Ocean base in time to prevent EG-005 from being unleashed, Slush decided to take the heroes to one of Robotnik’s teleportation devices, which lead to his other bases. Unknown to them, however, EG-005, or Silvra, the Goddess of All Elements, as she’s now called, has already been unleashed, and is currently on her way to dispose of them. The question remains: With the powers of all seven of the other Elemental Goddesses wrapped up into one, plus additional power from the Chaos Rings, do Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company have what it takes to defeat their deadly new adversary? Find out on this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

*The heroes enter the Sand Ocean base via the teleporter and come across some more Badniks*

Charmy: More bad guys!

Sonic: Well, well, looks like we’ve found ol’ Egghead’s welcoming committee.

Bark: *Cracks his knuckles* It’s clobberin’ time!

*They fight the Badniks off, and Porkenstein blasts the last of them with his Laser Bazooka*

Charmy: Wow, Professor Porkenstein! That thing is really, REALLY cool!

Porkenstein: Why, thank you. I made it myself.

Sonic: *Looks around* Yep, this place is just as I remember it. It hasn’t changed one bit, but there’s no time to worry about that now. Let’s go stop Ro-butt-nik before he ends up releasing Eee-Jee-Double-Whatever!

Blaze: Right.

*They take off*

Elsewhere within the base…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… What fools! They don’t have a single clue, do they? Little do they know that EG-005, or rather, Silvra, has already been released! All they’re doing is leading themselves straight to their destruction! And I’m, of course, going to enjoy every moment of it! They’ve interfered with my plans for the LAST time! Like I said before, this is the day where I’ll finally mark myself a place in history as the ultimate genius! The whole world, and eventually, the entire universe will know the name of Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik!

Metal Sonic 3.0: I have a question.

Robotnik: Yes, what is it?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Are you entirely sure that EG-005 will be up to the task? Even with the power of the Chaos Rings, there’s a chance that the Master Emerald could be used to cancel out their power.

Egg-Robo: He has a point, Dr. Robotnik. Perhaps that’s something to take into consideration?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, good thinking! Not only will they be completely powerless against Silvra without the Master Emerald, but as an added bonus, it could also be used to weaken that traitor, Wechnia, since his lifeforce happens to be connected to it!

Storm: …

Robotnik: So, who would like to volunteer?

Egg-Robo: I’ll do it.

Robotnik: Very well then. I’m counting on you, Egg-Robo!

Egg-Robo: *Leaves*

Elsewhere, later on in the base…

Cream: Say… Has anybody seen Chocola?

Vector: Nope, haven’t seen ‘im.

Charmy: I haven’t seen him, either.

*The others say something similar*

Blaze: How odd… Where could he have disappeared to?

Silver: Beats me. I thought for sure he was with us up until a little while ago.

Amy: Well, Chocola does tend to wander off from time-to-time. Since he left only recently, he couldn’t have gone too far.

Cream: Maybe you’re right. Cheese and I are going to find Chocola. We’ll catch up with you guys after we do.

Blaze: Alright, but do be careful.

Cream: We will. Come on, Cheese! *Flaps her ears and flies off*

Cheese: *Follows*

Fifteen minutes later, in another section of the base…

Silvra: Boy, this place sure is huge. I thought for sure that I would be able to find those guys on my own, but I guess not. At this point, I think I can safely say that I’m lost. Maybe I should have asked Dr. Robotnik and the others for some directions before leaving the room as quickly as I did…

Chocola: *Ends up bumping into Silvra*

Silvra: Oooof! Hey, watch where you’re- *Notices him* Huh? What’s this thing? *Her eyes glow completely red, showing some binary digits and other symbols to indicate that she’s accessing data* Ah, I see! *Her eyes change back to normal* So, you’re a Chao, huh? *Picks him up* Well, aren’t you a cute little thing? *Pets him*

Chocola: Chao, Chao! ^_^

Silvra: (I wonder where he came from?)

Little ways from there, Cream and Cheese, during their search for Chocola, happened to stumble upon a group of Egg Pawns, which were all pointing fully-loaded blasters at them.

Cream: *Gasps* Oh, no!

Egg Pawn #2: We are under strict orders from Dr. Robotnik to eliminate any intruders!

Egg Pawn #1: Commence open fire!

*They start firing their blasters*

Cream: Ahhhhhh! *Starts frantically dodging the blasts*

Cheese: *Same*

Shortly afterwards, a sudden breeze of cold mist blew through the air, and each of the Egg Pawns found themselves frozen in sheets of ice.

Cream: H-Huh?

Silvra: Don’t worry. You’re safe now, kid.

Cream: Thank you very much for saving us, miss!

Silvra: Don’t mention it. Say, would this little guy happen to belong to you, by any chance? *Holds Chocola out*

Cream: Oh! Chocola! *Runs over to Chocola, takes him, and hugs him*

Chocola: Chao, Chao!

Cream: Please don’t wander off again, okay?

Chocola: Chao! ^_^

Silvra: *Giggles*

Cream: Again, thank you so much!

Silvra: No problem.

Cream: My name is Cream. These are my Chao, Cheese and Chocola. What’s your name?

Silvra: Me? My name’s Silvra.

Cream: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Silvra. *Politely bows*

Silvra: Likewise. *Does the same*

Silvra: Likewise. *Does the same*

Say, by the way, Cream, exactly what are you doing in a place like this, anyway? It’s pretty dangerous around here.

Cream: Yes, I know, but my friends and I came here, so that we could stop Dr. Robotnik. We heard that he’s trying to bring someone called “EG-005” to life, who’s supposed to help him with his plans to take over the world.

Silvra: Is that so?

Cream: Yep. Is that why you’ve come here, too?

Silvra: Uh, well, I, uh…

Cream: Say, why don’t you come with me? Then I could introduce you to the rest of my friends!

Silvra: H-Hey, wait a minute, now! *Gets dragged by the arm*

Unaware that Silvra and EG-005 were one in the same, Cream continued dragging her around the base, searching for the rest of the heroes. Eventually, with the help of Silvra’s built-in scanners, she was able to pinpoint their location, and she and Cream were able to go straight to them.

Cream: Hi, everyone! We’re back, and so is Chocola!

Amy: Oh, Cream, it’s you! For a second there, we were beginning to worry that you might have gotten lost, or something!

Silvra: (So, it IS them after all… The people I saw on the monitor, who Dr. Robotnik wanted me to destroy…)

Cream: By the way, everyone, I’d like you to meet my new friend, Silvra!

Big: Hi. It’s nice to meet ‘cha.

*The others say something similar*

Silvra: It’s…nice to meet you all, too. (Are these people…really THAT oblivious to who I am…?)

Espio: Wait a second… Is it me, or does she bear a striking resemblance to the Elemental Goddesses?

Silvra: (I guess I stand corrected…)

Vector: Holy crap, you’re right!

Mighty: Yeah, now that you mention it, Espio, she definitely does!

Porkenstein: *Looks at Splash, Slush, and Seedra, and then towards Silvra* Yes, that’s quite an uncanny resemblance, indeed!

*All the others agree*

Tails: Uh oh… Doesn’t tell me that’s…!

Blaze: Cream, get away from her! Quickly!

Silver: Yeah, before she-…!

Cream: Before she what? What are you trying to say?

Slush: We’re saying that SHE’S EG-005!

Cream: W-WHAT!? Are you sure!?

Slush: There’s no mistake about it! She looks exactly as she did in the blueprints!

Silvra: So, you’ve finally figured it out, then…

Heavy: Gee, you think? It’s not something that takes a rocket scientist to figure out, you know.

Cream: Is this true, Miss Silvra?

Silvra: …

I won’t lie to you, Cream. They’re absolutely correct. I am Silvra, the Goddess of All Elements, codenamed: EG-005. I am a creation of Dr. Robotnik’s, and I’ve been ordered to destroy them. It’s nothing personal, but orders are orders.

Cream: …

Silvra: *Looks toward Wechnia* You… You’re Wechnia, the White Echidna Project, aren’t you?

Wechnia: Yes, I am.

Silvra: I have to say… You’re actually kind of cute. *Winks at him*

Wechnia: Um, thank you, I guess…

Silvra: *Accesses her data again* It says here that you were once considered to be the doctor’s ultimate creation…before I came along, that is. I’m especially interested in what you’re capable of. Why don’t you and I have a little one-on-one? That way, we’ll be able to determine which of us is truly the strongest!

Wechnia: Very well. I accept your challenge.

Bomb: Are you sure you’ll be able to take her on your own? After all, this is EG-005 we’re talking about, here! She has the powers of all seven Goddesses, plus the Chaos Rings!

Sonic: He’s right, you know. We’re all in on this together, remember? You know, the power of teamwork and all that?

Wechnia: …

Vector: He’s got a point! Why don’t we go ahead ‘n’ jump ‘er?

Charmy: Yeah! Let’s do it! Time to rock ‘n’ roll!

Silvra: Very well, if you insist…

Cream: …

*They stampede toward her*

Silvra: *Holds out the palm of her hand, getting ready to launch a fire blast*

Cream: Noooo! Wait! *Gets between them*

*They stop*

Silvra: *Puts her arm down*

Blaze: Cream, what are you doing? Move out of the way!

Cream: No, I can’t! Silvra’s my friend!

Vector: Whadda ya mean!? Ya just met ‘er! ‘N’ haven’t ‘cha been listenin’? She’s EG-005, ya know! She said it ‘erself that she was created ta destroy us, ‘n’ help carry out Robotnik’s world domination plans!

Silver: That’s right! If someone like her is allowed to live, she may eventually turn on Robotnik, and go out of his control! Then, she’ll wind up destroying this world and leaving the future in ruins, like Iblis has done once before!

Cream: But you don’t understand! Silvra isn’t like that at all! While Cheese and I were looking for Chocola after he got lost, we got attacked by some of Dr. Robotnik’s robots, and she chose to save us from them! Plus, she was nice enough to give Chocola back to me, unharmed!

Everyone: …

Mighty: Gee, I really don’t know what to say, here…

Seedra: I guess Cream has a point. Just because Silvra’s an EG Experiment, doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s evil. After all, I happen to be one, too, and look how I turned out.

Charmy: Hee hee, “happen to bee one”. Get it? *Snickers*

Marine: *Snickers, too*

Splash: *Giggles*

Seedra: *Same*

Heavy: *Facepalm*

Splash: Anyway, though, I agree with Seedra. Judging from her recent behavior, along with the information that Cream provided, Silvra definitely doesn’t seem nearly as destructive and evil as we thought she’d be.

Cream: *Turns to Silvra* Dr. Robotnik is a very, very bad man. You don’t have to listen to him, you know.

Silvra: …

Since I’ve just been brought to life, I really don’t know Dr. Robotnik all that well. You obviously know him a lot better than I do, so how “bad” is he, exactly?

Tikal: Along with trying to conquer the world, he’s done many horrible things, such as capturing innocent animals, turning them into his robot slaves, and forcing them to build weapons of mass destruction for him!

Mighty: Yeah, and sometime last month, when he was trying to get ahold of the Water Element Gem to use for his world domination plans, he threatened to blow up a Chao Garden if we refused to give it to him!

Splash: Even worse than that, he STILL tried to destroy it anyway, even after the gem was given to him!

Knuckles: Yes, and in the past, he’s also attempted to destroy my entire island, using one of the “weapons of mass destruction” that he’s built!

Cream: Oh, and there was also that one time where he kidnapped my mother!

Vector: Wait, what!? When’d this happen!?

Tails: That happened a while ago, Vector.

Silvra: He…seriously did all these things…?

Sonic: Yep, and the list just goes on and on. So basically, in a nutshell, Robotnik, or “Ro-butt-nik” as I like to call him, is NO GOOD!

Silvra: …

Amy: Exactly. Robotnik’s not the kind of person you should be working for, Silvra. Why not free yourself and come with us?

Silvra: Well…

Cream: Yes, you really should. Even Cheese and Chocola want you to be free!

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao! ^_^

Silvra: Heh heh… How could I possibly say “no” to them?


*Robotnik and company are watching the situation on the monitor*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Well, would you look at that? It appears we have another traitor on our hands.

Robotnik: Yes, I see. Rather than destroying them like I ordered, she’s doing the exact opposite by befriending those cretins! But no matter, though… I anticipated something like this would happen, so I prepared for it just in case.

Mecha Amy: *Behind Robotnik, trying to sneak the shut-down controller from his back pocket*

Robotnik: *Turns around*

Mecha Amy: *Stops and starts whistling innocently*

Robotnik: …And just what do you think YOU’RE doing?

Mecha Amy: Um, nothing! Nothing at all!

Robotnik: *Takes the controller from his pocket* You were after THIS, weren’t you?

Mecha Amy: Oh, that? No, not at all! Hee hee hee… I didn’t even notice it! ^^;;

Robotnik: I find that hard to believe. You’re planning on betraying me, aren’t you?

Mecha Amy: N-No, not at all, Doctor! I’d never dream of such a thing! ^^;;

Robotnik: I saw you. I’m not blind, nor was I born yesterday, you know. How long are you going to sit there and insult my intelligence?

Mecha Amy: …

Alright, alright! I’m sorry…

Robotnik: I’ll forgive you this time. Just don’t let it happen again.

Mecha Amy: It won’t happen again, I promise.

Robotnik: Good. I’m glad we’re full of understanding for one another.

Mecha Amy: (Ooh…! I’ll get ahold of it someday, just you wait! When I do, I’ll break it, and that egg-shaped meanie won’t be able to control my life anymore!)

Robotnik: Anyway, as I was saying, I anticipated that Silvra would be coaxed into turning against me to join Sonic and the rest of those fools, so I’ve prepared for it just in case.

Scorch: Exactly what is it that you intend to do, Dr. Robotnik?

Shock: Yeah, do tell.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… You’ll see in just a moment! *Switches the controller to “EG-005 Mode” and presses a button*


Silvra: Ghhhhh…! *Starts holding her head and kneels to the floor*

Cream: M-Miss Silvra! What’s wrong!?

Silvra: I… I don’t know! I…I can’t describe it very well! It’s…it’s like I’m…! I’m being attacked…from the inside…! *Continues kneeling to the floor and holding her head*

Mighty: Is there anything we could do to help!?

Robotnik: *From the intercom* HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m afraid not!

Splash: Robotnik! This is YOUR doing, isn’t it!?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Correct you are, my dear Splash!

Slush: What have you done to her!?

Robotnik: Isn’t it obvious? I’m bringing her under my complete control, of course! It’s just as I told you sometime last week, Slush… I’ve learned from my previous mistakes. I had a the strangest feeling that Silvra would have the sudden urge to turn against me, just like Squash and Seedra did, so while she was still in development, I took the liberty of making her part organic and part machine. That way, I would be able to use the special emergency controller that I invented to regain control of her in case that happens! Just to reiterate, she’ll be entirely under my control! In the end, when it’s all finished, Silvra will become the Goddess of Destruction she was originally meant to be, meaning that any fond memories that she currently has of YOU fools will be long gone!



Silvra: Ghhhhhh…! N-No! NOOO! I… I WON’T let you control me, Robotnik! *Tries to resist*

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Resist all you’d like, I don’t care! It won’t make a bit of difference, because the end result will still be the same!

Blaze: You heartless bastard! You’ve gone too far this time!

Amy: That’s right! How could you do something like this!?

*Just about everyone else says something similar*

Robotnik: She’s MY creation; I have the right to do with her as I please!

Silvra: Ghhhhhh…! I…I don’t…know how much longer… I could take this! *Continues trying to resist* C-Cream…Cheese…Chocola…and everyone else… W-When I…fall under…Robotnik’s control… P-Please promise me…you’ll…end my life when that time comes…

Cream: N-No! Please don’t talk like that! We could never do that to you! We’re…we’re friends, right…? *Tears begin to fill her eyes*

Silvra: Of…of course we are…

Tikal: She’s right! Taking your life isn’t the answer! We’ll find another way to free you somehow, without taking your life!

Cream: Yes, we promise!

Silvra: T-Thank you…



Unable to resist Dr. Robotnik’s mind control anymore, Silvra has completely fallen under his control, and has reverted back to the killing machine she was originally meant to be. What will become of her and the heroes? Will they be able to find a way to free the Multi-Elemental Goddess without ending her life, as promised? Or is she bound to finish them before they have the chance? Find out next time on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 18

When we last left off on The Goddess of Destruction, the Ice Goddess, Slush successfully led Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes to one of Dr. Robotnik’s teleportation devices, and they all manage to transport themselves to his Sand Ocean base. After defeating some of the Badniks in their path, they continued to press onward in an effort to stop the doctor from bringing EG-005/Silvra to life. Unknown to them, however, Robotnik and his associates have already used the Chaos Rings’ power to awaken her. Shortly afterwards, she was given an order to destroy the heroes, which she complied with. While she was on her way there, Silvra found herself lost, since she had just come to life and was unfamiliar with the base’s layout.

Coincidentally, Cream the Rabbit’s Chao, Chocola had also gotten lost after wandering off, so she and Cheese temporarily left the group to go find him. During their search, the two of them ran into a squadron of Robotnik’s Egg Pawns, which were ordered to eliminate any intruders within the base. Just as they had begun firing, the robots suddenly found themselves frozen in sheets of ice. This was the work of none other than Silvra, who conveniently happened to be in the area at the time. After saving Cream’s life and returning Chocola to her, the two of them began to strike up a friendship. However, things began to take a turn for the worse when Cream reunited with the rest of the group and introduced Silvra to them (since they almost immediately recognized her as EG-005). Just as they were preparing to engage her in battle, Cream implored them not to hurt Silvra, since she saved her life and returned Chocola to her.

Afterwards, Cream and the others started convincing Silvra that she shouldn’t take orders from someone as evil as Dr. Robotnik, and told her about many of the horrible things he’s done in the past, and still continues to do up to this day. As soon as Silvra agreed, Robotnik, who was monitoring the situation, decided to use his remote control device to completely bring her back under his control (since she’s part machine). Silvra tried to resist, but ultimately, she failed to do so and was overtaken by the effects of Robotnik’s device. Before falling under his control, she asked Cream and the others to finish her off, but she and the others refused, stating that taking her life isn’t the answer.
Instead, they’ve decided to find another way to free her from Robotnik’s control.

Now that Robotnik has Silvra under his control, do the heroes have what it takes to defeat the Goddess of All Elements, whose powers have been said to even rival that of the White Echidna Project? Will they be able to successfully free her from Robotnik’s control, without taking her life as promised? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

Silvra: *Lying on the floor*

Cream: M-Miss Silvra…? *Slowly walks toward her* Are you…okay…? *Shakes her*

Marine: Um, I wouldn’t go near ‘er if I were you, mate…

Cream: *Continues shaking her anyway* Miss Silvra, if you could hear me, please wake up!

*Cheese and Chocola shake her, too*

Blaze: *Notices some vines extending from Silvra’s back* Cream, Cheese, Chocola! Look out!

Cream: …! *Gasps*

Just as the vines were lashing out at Cream, Cheese, and Chocola, Big abruptly used his fishing rod to pull the three of them away before the vines had a chance to come in contact with any of them.

Cream: Whew, you saved us! Thank you, Mr. Big!

Big: Mm hmm.

Silvra: *Rises up and faces everyone, showing that her eyes are now completely red (instead of being black with red pupils/irises)*

Cream: M-Miss Silvra… Don’t you…remember us…?

Silvra: …

Vector: There ain’t no use tryin’ to talk to ‘er, Cream! She ain’t the same person she was!

Cream: …

Wechnia: Vector’s right, you know. We have little choice other than to fight!

Cream: *Walks toward Silvra* It’s me, Cream! I’m your friend! Remember?

Silvra: *Back-hand slaps her*

Cream: Uhhhhhh! *Falls over*

Amy: Cream!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It worked! My mind control device was a complete success!

Sonic: You won’t get away with this, Ro-butt-nik!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, now that’s where you’re wrong, you spiny blue pest, because I already have! Now, let’s get down to business, shall we? Go now, Silvra, and eliminate each and every one of these bothersome insects! Give them all you’ve got!

Silvra: As you command, Master Robotnik. *Holds out the palm of her hand*

Vector: Uh oh… This ain’t good! Brace yaselves, everybody!

Silvra: *Launches a fire wave at them*

*They spread out and dodge the attack*

Knuckles: Why don’t we all try charging her altogether at once?

Charmy: Alright, let’s do it!

*They start charging towards Silvra*

Silvra: *Reaches onto her tiara, takes the Multi-Element Gem from it, and places it into the ground*

Seconds later, a small earthquake occurred, which caused everyone to abruptly come to a stop. Shortly after that, tons of brown, rocky, flame-headed creatures (which look nearly identical to the purple creatures from this image) rose from the ground.

Lava Pyrocks: RAAAAGGH!

Porkenstein: What in the world are THOSE ghastly things!?

Silver: They look exactly like the creatures that Squash trying sicking on us last week, with the only difference being that these things have fire coming from their heads!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… That’s right! It’s the exact same technique, but with a little twist! Since Silvra has power over every element, she’s able to give those “Pyrock” creatures additional powers that Squash could not!

Charmy: Hee hee, “the only difference be-“


Charmy: *Sticks his tongue at Heavy*

Vector: Oh, for cryin’ out loud, you guys! Charmy, this ain’t the time for any o’ those puns! ‘N’ Heavy, quit bein’ such a dick for once!

Silvra: *Places the Multi-Element Gem back in her tiara and points towards the heroes* Pyrocks, attack!

*They start stampeding towards everybody*

Marine: B-Blimey! They’re headin’ right for us!

Knuckles: Alright, then let’s get this party started! *Cracks his knuckles*

*They start fighting the Pyrocks off*

Elsewhere, with Robotnik and company…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, I just can’t help but chuckle at this entire thing! I just don’t know what’s better; the sweet taste of victory or my pure genius!

Scorch: Yes, you are definitely a true genius, Dr. Robotnik. Like I said before, there aren’t enough words to describe your sheer brilliance.

Mecha Amy: *Rolls her eyes*

Robotnik: Why, thank you, my dear Scorch! It’s just as I’m always saying… I DO happen to have an undisputed IQ of 300, after all!

Mecha Amy: *Rolls her eyes again, and then looks toward Three-Point Zero, who’s on his way out the door* Hey, where’re you going?

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Not that it’s any of your concern, but I’m leaving to go settle my score with Metal Sonic once and for all.

Mecha Amy: Hmph! Well, good luck with that! You’re gonna need it!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Rest assured, he isn’t going to be so lucky this time around. I’ll crush him like the obsolete piece of trash he is!

Mecha Amy: My Metal Sonic isn’t worthless OR a piece of trash! He’s a lot better than YOU’LL ever be!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Don’t make me laugh. He is nothing but worthless, outdated garbage, as are you. Now, that’s enough idle chit-chat. I have more important matters to attend to. *Turns on his jet booster and flies away*

Mecha Amy: *Runs after him and yells out the door* JERK! I HOPE HE SENDS YOU TO THE SCRAP HEAP, YOU BIG MEANIE! *Waves her fist*

*Robotnik, Scorch, Shock, and Storm sweatdrop*

Robotnik: So, um… Anyway, I wonder how Egg-Robo is doing? He should be getting back here with the Master Emerald pretty soon.

Meanwhile, at the altar…

Egg-Robo: Hee hee hee… There it is, the Master Emerald! It appears as if that idiot echidna has left it completely unguarded! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a fool! Looks like it’s as good as mine! *Lands the Egg –O- Matic, parks, gets out, and starts walking towards the Master Emerald*

Thinking that the Master Emerald was “unguarded”, Egg-Robo quickly ran up the stairs to grab it, but to his “shock”, he ended up getting himself electrocuted the moment he tried touching it.

Egg-Robo: GAAAAAAAAAH!!! *Bzzzzzzt!* *Falls backwards, and all the way down the stairs* W-What!? What IS this!? Some kind of invisible, electro-magnetic forcefield!? I guess it wasn’t left unguarded after all… Curse that blasted echidna! Bah, no matter! I’ll penetrate it somehow, one way or another!

Wait a minute… What’s that I hear? I think someone’s coming! Who knows? Maybe it’s Knuckles! If it’s him, then I’ll take that as my chance to nab the emerald as soon as he lets down the barrier! Hee hee hee hee! *Hides*

*Shadow, Squash, and Omega walk by*

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH! So far, so good! Along with finding those blueprints to EG-005’s design and discovering her primary weakness, we’ve managed to find all seven Chaos Emeralds, as well!

Shadow: Indeed. And I’ll tell you… Of all the ones we’ve had to track down so far, that damn fourth Chaos Emerald was the most difficult to find!

Squash: Tell me about it. What do you think, Omega?

Omega: …

Squash: Are you okay?

Omega: This vehicle… *Points to the parked Egg –O- Matic* It belongs to Dr. Robotnik, does it not?

Shadow: You’re right, it does! That’s definitely the doctor’s aircraft, no mistake about it. But I wonder what it’s going here?

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH! I think I know! You see that large jewel over there? *Points to the Master Emerald* Ivo was probably trying to get his hands on it, and decided to hide like a coward as soon as he heard us coming!

Shadow: Hmm, I think you may be onto something, Squash. Omega, can you use your scanners to pinpoint his location?

Omega: Affirmative. *Activates his scanners*

*Aims his machine gun at the bush and fires*

Egg-Robo: GAH! *Jumps out*

Shadow: So, there truly WAS someone there! But…you’re not the doctor…

Squash: Well, I guess I wasn’t too far off. It might not’ve turned out to be Ivo himself, but it’s clearly one of his junk heaps, no doubt.

Egg-Robo: *Glares at Squash* First of all, I’m no “junk heap”! I’m the single, most intelligent robot he’s ever built! In fact, my level of intelligence is second only to the doctor himself! Dr. Robotnik is a brilliant scientist, whose genius is unrivaled throughout the entire universe! Secondly, he’s also YOUR creator, EG-001! How dare you show such blatant disrespect to him, calling him by his first name like that!

Squash: …

AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Oh, wow! Boy, do you crack me up! I honestly CANNOT take you seriously now!

Shadow: So, why are you here? You’re after the Master Emerald, aren’t you?

Egg-Robo: What business is it of YOURS?

Shadow: I’ll take that as a “yes”. Well, you’re out of luck. First of all, a security system has been installed to protect the Master Emerald while Knuckles is away. Secondly, even if that weren’t the case, you wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on it as long as we’re around.

Egg-Robo: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, please! What would YOU do about it, you Sonic wanna-be?

Shadow: Wait a minute, what did you call me!?

Squash: Uh oh, I think he struck a nerve there…

Egg-Robo: I didn’t stutter, did I? I called you a Sonic wanna-be, that’s what! Do you have a problem with it?

Shadow: As a matter of fact, I do! You’d better be prepared to fight!

Egg-Robo: Oh, I’m ready. Since you seem to know so much about the security system, I think it’s safe to assume that you know the password to remove the barrier. I suppose I’ll have to force it out of you, then!

Shadow: I am Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform! I’ll show you JUST how unlike Sonic I truly am!

Egg-Robo: *Takes out his laser gun, aims at Shadow, and starts firing*

Shadow: *Dodges the blasts, jumps, and kicks Egg-Robo as soon as he gets close enough to him*

Egg-Robo: Uhhhhh! *Falls back, accidentally dropping the laser gun in the process*

Shadow: Hmph.

Squash: Nice one.

Egg-Robo: *Reaches for the laser gun again*

Squash: *Picks up it before he does* Looking for something?

Egg-Robo: Hey, what do you think you’re doing!? Put that down!

Squash: *Uses her super strength to start crumbling it, and balls it up like a piece of tin foil*

Egg-Robo: WHAT!?

Squash: Whoops, looks like my hand must have slipped! How clumsy of me! AH-HA-AH-AH!

Egg-Robo: Don’t you start getting over confident just because you’ve deprived me of that ONE weapon! *Rushes toward the Egg –O- Matic, and hops back into it*

Squash: Oh, let me guess… You’re gonna run away now? Smart choice!

Egg-Robo: Actually, what I had in mind was something along the lines of THIS! *Presses a button and morphs the Egg –O- Matic into the Egg Walker*

Squash: What the…?

Egg-Robo: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Behold, the Egg Walker! This is one of the many brilliant inventions that Dr. Robotnik has created over the years!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! I’m sorry, but the words “Robotnik” and “brilliant” do NOT belong in the same sentence!

Meanwhile, back at Robotnik’s Sand Ocean base, the heroes were still in the process of fighting off the fire-themed Pyrocks that Silvra spawned from the Multi-Element Gem. Although there was a lot of them, the Chaotix and company still managed to successfully take them on, destroying them as easily as they dealt with Robotnik’s army of Badniks prior to that point.

Wechnia: Chaos… *His fist glows green* …FIST! *Pounds the ground, creating an energy-based shockwave that destroys some of the remaining Pyrocks*

Porkenstein: *Uses his Laser Bazooka on some of them*

Silver: THIS’LL end it! *Gets the last of them caught in a telekinetic hold, tosses them into the wall, and breaks them*

Silvra: Hmph, not bad. Not bad at all, but don’t think I’ll be as easy to defeat as the likes of them.

Cream: (Don’t worry, Miss Silvra… I’m going to save you!) *Starts running off*

Charmy: Hey, where’re you going?

Cream: Cheese, Chocola, and I are going to find the thing that Dr. Robotnik’s using to control her, so we could break it and change Miss Silvra back to her old self!

Porkenstein: That’s all fine and dandy, but are you sure that it’s a good idea for the three of you to go alone?

Amy: The professor’s right, Cream. There’re probably tons of other robots to deal with on the way. And plus, taking that mind-control device from Robotnik himself probably won’t be all that easy, since he has Metal Sonic 3.0 and a few others at his side…

Cream: Yes, I guess you’re right…

Honey: Maybe about half of us could stay here and take on Silvra, while the other half of us could take on Robotnik?

Slush: That’s fine by me. I have a score to settle with Three-Point Zero, so I’m coming with you, Cream.

*They all decide the groups soon afterwards*

Sonic: Alright, then I guess that settles it. Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, Espio, Charmy, Vector, Wechnia, Rouge, Splash, Silver, Blaze, and I are gonna stay here and take Silvra on.

Amy: The rest of us are going to go with Cream, and see what we could do about getting that device away from Robotnik.

Vector: A’ight, with that said, let’s get ta work!

Cream: Good luck, everyone!

*The others take off*

Sonic: You know, I just remembered. There’s something I need to take care of.

Rouge: What? Don’t tell me YOU’RE chickening out?

Sonic: Of course not. I’m just gonna go pay Tiara a visit, that’s all. I’ll be back in a sonic second! *Takes out the fake Chaos Emerald* Chaos Control! *Warps away*

Silvra: Let’s begin now, shall we?

Vector: Bring it on!

Charmy: Yeah, bring it on!

Silvra: *Surrounds herself with electric current*

Knuckles: Oh, great… I think she’s about to use one of Shock’s techniques!

Silvra: You guessed it!

After surrounding herself with electric current, Silvra suddenly shot towards everyone at the speed of a lightning bolt, and started crashing into them one by one, causing them to get zapped in the process.

Everyone: UHHHHH!

Silvra: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now, one more time! *Shoots toward them again*

Silver: It’s no use! *Catches her with telekinesis*

Silvra: W-What!?

Silver: Take THIS! *Tosses her into the wall*

Silvra: IMPOSSIBLE! *Crashes through it*

Blaze: Nice one, Silver! Now, it’s our turn! Firesoul Attack! *Fires*

Knuckles: Thunder Arrow! *Fires*

Mighty: Cosmic Crusher! *Fires*

Rouge: Black Wave! *Fires*

Splash: Aqua Star POOOWWEEERR!

*Everyone else uses theirs on Silvra, triggering an explosion*

Charmy: Alright! I think we did it!

Wechnia: I doubt it. Trust me, there’s no way she could have possibly been beaten so easily.

Splash: Yes, and besides… Our goal is to simply stop Silvra and hold her off, until the others manage to get ahold of Robotnik’s mind-control device, remember?

Charmy: Oh, right.

*The smoke clears, and Silvra is standing up again, but with her clothes slightly torn*

*Music Cue*

Silvra: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Again, you’re not half bad, but as you can see, it’s going to take a lot more than that if you hope to stand a chance against me!

Espio: By the way, Tails, didn’t you say earlier that Shadow, Squash, and Omega handed you the blueprints, which contained her specific weakness? If so, I think now would be a good time to fill us in about it.

Tails: Ah, yes, of course. From what I saw in the blueprints, Silvra’s weaknesses vary, depending on whose power she’s currently using at the moment. Aside from that, her primary weakness is the Multi-Element Gem that she wears in her tiara.

Wechnia: Ah, I see. This definitely makes things a whole lot easier for us.

Mighty: Yeah. Let’s just hope we don’t end up killing her, or anything.

Blaze: I’m sure we’ll manage somehow.

Knuckles: Same here. Why don’t we try charging her, like we were about to do at first?

Vector: Sounds good ta me!

With that said, the group of heroes quickly began charging towards Silvra in order to attack the Multi-Element Gem, but she countered this by using Seedra’s vine whip ability, followed by a fire wave, which sent them flying into the wall.

Silvra: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Surely, that isn’t the best you can do? If so, then you might as well give up and quit wasting my time!

Vector: Don’t get too cocky, ‘cause we ain’t finished yet! Like I’m always sayin’… Once we start a job, we finish the job! That’s our policy! We’re Team Chaotix!


Robotnik: *Still watching the fight on the monitor* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… So far, so good! Silvra’s doing a splendid job so far, and she has yet to unleash her full power! If she’s doing so well at this level, then there’s no possible way those Chaotix fools will be able to stand up to her if she truly gets serious! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This time, for sure, each and every one of those meddlesome pests will finally meet their ends, and then I’ll be free to conquer this world and build the Robotnik Empire!

Scorch: That’s fine, Doctor, but what are you doing to do about these guys? *Points to the other monitor, which is displaying the second group*

Robotnik: Ah, yes, of course. The ones who’re seeking the control switch… I’ve almost forgotten about them. Not to worry, I happen to have a special surprise in store for them! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Shock: What if this “special surprise” of yours ends up failing against them?

Storm: I was about to ask the same thing.

Robotnik: It won’t, trust me.

Scorch: Just in case it does, I’ll handle them for you.

Robotnik: Thank you. I could always count on you, Scorch.

Scorch: Anytime, Dr. Robotnik.

Mecha Amy: *Eyeballing the control switch* (Should I try it now…? No, he’ll most likely catch me again and shut me off for sure this time! What should I do? Should I wait for another opportunity to grab it, or should I rely on Sonic’s friends? I guess I’ll have to wait and see…)

Robotnik: *Looks toward Mecha Amy*

Mecha Amy: (Eek!) *Quickly turns away*

Robotnik: (I’ll bet she’s after this switch again… I’d better keep it with me at all costs, and not take my hands off of it for even a second!)

Meanwhile, with the other group of heroes…

*They enter a large, spacious room*

Ray: Wow… This room sure is pretty huge, isn’t it?

Porkenstein: Indeed, and it’s rather empty, too, if I do say so myself. Although, I’m sure if we proceed through this door, then we’re bound to find Dr. Robotnik’s control room eventually.

Amy: Alright, then let’s go!

*Suddenly, some loud stomps are heard*

Big: Uh oh… That doesn’t sound good…

Cream: What IS that!? I’m getting kind of scared…

*The door in front of them opens, and a large black, robotic dog enters the room*

Egg Cerberus: *Growls*

Amy: AAAAAAH! W-What IS that thing!?

Marine: I dunno, but strewth! That’s one creepy ol monsta, like that Iblis thing! W-What should we do!?

Bark: We fight it, of course!

Slush: Bark is right. Going through that thing is the only way we’ll be able to reach Robotnik and get that device!

Seedra: I’ve got no problem with it.

Heavy: Neither do I.

Bomb: I have no objection to it, either! That thing doesn’t scare me!

Egg Cerberus: *Starts charging toward them*[/colro]


Honey: Alright, then let’s take it down! *Takes out a couple shurikens*

While taking it upon themselves to find Robotnik’s location in order to destroy the device he’s using to control Silvra, the group of heroes ran into more trouble than expected. Will they be able to successfully take down the monstrous Egg Cerberus and proceed through the base? What about the other group? Will they be able to summon the strength to hold Silvra off until the mind control switch has been destroyed? Also, will Shadow, Squash, and Omega be able to stop Egg-Robo and prevent him from stealing the Master Emerald? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

To “bee” continued…

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Part 19a

Previously, on Elements of Power, Dr. Robotnik and his associates used the power of the seven Elemental Chaos Rings to bring EG-005/Silvra to life. Shortly afterwards, she was given the assignment to destroy the heroes, which she willingly accepted. However, on the way, Silvra got lost, and eventually ended up befriending Cream the Rabbit and her two Chao, Cheese and Chocola. A little while later, Cream and all the other heroes began convincing Silvra to free herself from Robotnik and to not take orders from him anymore, which she willingly agreed with. Anticipating that something like this would happen, the doctor used his mind control device to brainwash Silvra, completely stripping the Goddess of her free will. After falling under Robotnik’s control, she complied with her original order to destroy the heroes, including Cream, who she no longer remembered.

Knowing that it was useless to try talking to Silvra in her current state, the heroes had no choice but to fight. After defeating the Pyrocks that she spawned, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and about half of the heroes decided to stay behind to fight with Silvra, while Cream and the other half of them took off to go find the remote control switch and free her from Dr. Robotnik’s control. As the second half of heroes proceeded through the base, they ended up coming across another of the doctor’s deadly creations, the Egg Cerberus. Seeing no other option, they’ve decided to battle the giant, robotic canine so they’ll be free to move on.

Elsewhere, while these events were taking place, Shadow the Hedgehog, E-123 Omega, and Squash, the Goddess of Stone, were in the middle of a battle with Egg-Robo, who was sent to retrieve the Master Emerald in order to keep its powers from being used against Silvra, as well as weakening Wechnia. Will the three of them be able to defeat Egg-Robo and prevent the Master Emerald from being stolen? Will Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company be able to successfully hold Silvra off until Cream and the others manage to get ahold of the switch? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

*The Egg Cerberus stampedes toward the heroes, and they quickly spread out to avoid getting ran over*

Egg Cerberus: *Skids, turns around, and charges toward them again*

Marine: AAAAAAH!

Slush: Try THIS on for size! *Uses her ice powers to freeze the floor*

Egg Cerberus: *Insert dog screeching noise as he slips and falls upon coming in contact with the ice*

Ray: Nice one!

Seedra: Yeah, or should we say… “Ice one”? Get it?

Heavy: Yes, we get it; we just don’t think it’s funny.

Marine: Speak for yourself, ya grouchy ol’ bloke! I thought it was rippa!

Heavy: The surprise of the century.

Meanwhile, at the Station Square hospital…

Sonic: *Enters Tiara’s room* Tiara?

Tiara: *Lying in bed* Oh, hey, Sonic… How’s it going?

Sonic: Pretty good for the most part. What about you? Are you doing alright?

Tiara: Yeah, but I’ve been better…

Sonic: I heard from Professor Porkenstein about the ruin-in that you guys had with Fang, and I… I just wanna say…that I’m sorry I wasn’t there. If only I had been around at the time, I would have been able to stop him and prevent this from happening…

Tiara: Hey, don’t worry about it… It wasn’t your fault… … If there’s anyone to put the blame on, then it’s me for being stupid enough to fall for his trick, right when I was on the verge of winning…

Sonic: Fang has gone WAAAAY too far this time! He had NO right to do this! He’d just better hope we don’t end up running into each other again, because like I told Amy and all the others, I’m not letting him get away with this, no matter what!

Tiara: Thanks…that really means a lot.

Sonic: No prob.

Tiara: Speaking of Amy, how did she react to this? Knowing her, I’ll bet she was delighted. She’d probably jump at the chance to be rid of me so she could have you all to herself. That selfish little brat…

Sonic: Hey, now that’s not true. Amy was in the same boat as me and everyone else; even she felt that Fang went overboard, and that you didn’t deserve this.

Tiara: …

Oh, see. Again, while we’re on the subject, you never answered our question from last week… Which of us do you like better?

Sonic: …

*Looks at his watch* Oh, would you look at the time! I need to get back over to Robotnik’s base to help Tails and the others against Silvra! I’ll catch ya later, Tiara! Get well soon, and, uh… Give Professor B. my regards! *Takes out the fake Chaos Emerald* Chaos Control! *Warps away*

Tiara: Sonic, wait! Ugh, why does he always insist on avoiding that question…? Ah, well, whatever. Between me and Amy, it’s already quite obvious which of us he has feelings for, and it’s me, of course. Or is it Elise or that “other girl” that Charmy was talking about before? Nah, it couldn’t be. Could it...?

Again, at Robotnik’s base…

Silver: How ‘bout this!? *Lifts some Pyrock debris with telekinesis* Take this! *Launches them at Silvra*

Silvra: *Launches a fire wave and blasts right through it and straight towards Silver*

Blaze: Silver! Look out! *Quickly gets in front of Silver and absorbs the attack*

Vector: Espio, Charmy! Why don’t we try usin’ the Team Blast on ‘er?

Charmy: Alright, let’s do it!

Espio: The rest of you guys might want to cover your ears for this one.

*They cover their ears*

Silvra: Ready, or not, here I come! *Surrounds her fist with wind current (like Storm), and flies toward them*

*The Chaotix take out their musical equipment and start playing*



*A soundwave flows through the air*

Silvra: W-WHAT THE…!? AHHHHH! *Collapses to the ground in mid-air, and starts covering her ears* W-Why, you…!

Wechnia: Hmm, it looks as if we’ve discovered another weakness.

Sonic: *Appears* WHOOOOOOAAAAAH! *Covers his ears, too* Tone it down a bit, will you!?

*They stop*

Charmy: Whoops, sorry.

Vector: *Gasps for air* I don’t think I’m gonna be able to use that one again for a while…

Mighty: That’s okay. We’ll manage without it. Tails, you said that Silvra has different weaknesses, depending on which power she’s using at the time, right?

Tails: Yeah, that’s what was stated in the blueprints.

Sonic: HA! You’d think Ro-butt-nik would have the common sense to leave something like that out, in case someone else managed to get ahold of them! Some “genius” he IS! “Undisputed IQ of 300”… Yeah, right!

Robotnik: *Through the intercom* You’d better watch it if you know what’s good for you, fool! I am the great Doctor Ivo Robotnik, the greatest scientific genius the world has ever known!

Sonic: Whatever you say, Ro-butt-nik!

Robotnik: You’re going to regret making a mockery out of me, you nasty little pincushion! Silvra, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and destroy that pesky blue hedgehog along with the rest of them!

Silvra: Of course.

Robotnik: *Turns off the intercom* Ooh, I HATE that hedgehog! Not only is he always interfering with my plans, but then he has the audacity to make a mockery out of me! Neither he nor the rest of those fools can even BEGIN to comprehend MY pure genius!

Scorch: Now, now… Don’t let him get to you, Dr. Robotnik. It’s just as I told you earlier… There aren’t enough words to describe your sheer brilliance. You are a true genius; don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Robotnik: Again, thank you. I appreciate it.

Scorch: Anytime, Doctor.

Mecha Amy: *Rolls her eyes, and then mumbles* Ugh, just look at the way she’s always kissing up to him… It makes me sick! I almost threw up just now!

Robotnik: What was that? Did you say something, Mecha Amy?

Mecha Amy: Oh, uh… Nothing!  Nothing at all!

Robotnik: Very well then. I’ll take your word for it.

Mecha Amy: Okay. *Turns to Shock and Storm* Could I speak to you two outside for a moment?

Shock: Yeah, sure.

*They follow Mecha Amy out of the room*

Scorch: That’s strange… What could she possibly have to talk to them about?

Robotnik: Hmm… I’m not entirely sure, but she’s definitely up to something, no doubt about it. Knowing her, she’s probably trying to form a rebellion against me…

Scorch: Since you seem to be so sure that she’s plotting against you, why do you even bother keeping her around? Why not go ahead and shut her down, while you still have the opportunity?

Robotnik: Believe me; she’s been far worse in the past than she is now. To answer the question as to why I still keep her around, it’s simply because I find her useful. However, if I find out that she truly is planning to rise against me, then I’ll shut her down without the slightest hesitation.

Scorch: What about Shock and Storm? Do you think there’s a chance that Mecha Amy will be able to persuade them to turn against you?

Robotnik: I doubt it. Shock and Storm have never given me a reason to be suspicious of them, since they aren’t nearly as rebellious as Mecha Amy. I’ve never had to force them in any way; the two of them are loyal, and serve me entirely out of their own free will.

Scorch: Alright, if you say so. Oh, and by the way, Dr. Robotnik…

Robotnik: Yes, what is it?

Scorch: Well, I just want to say… Even if they or all of your other creations were to turn against you for whatever reason, then I just want you to know…that I’ll always remain by your side, no matter what. Remember that.

Robotnik: …

I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. Thank you, Scorch. That really means a lot.

Scorch: It was my pleasure. So, um, you have those camera things all over the base, right? Well, what do you say we do a little eavesdropping? That way, you’ll know what Mecha Amy’s planning before she even has the chance to act.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… Sounds good to me! I like the way you think, Scorch! *Turns on one of the other monitors, and flips through the “channels” of camera recordings* Hmm, how odd… She and the other two don’t seem to be anywhere inside of the base anymore… Where could they’ve gone?

Scorch: Well, Mecha Amy did say “outside”, didn’t she? Perhaps she literally meant outside of the base, rather than simply being out of this room.

Robotnik: That’s a good point. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Oh, I get it now! She took the two of them outside in order for her conversation to go undetected by my cameras! She thinks she’s SO clever, but little does she know that I happen to have one installed outside, as well, right near the entrance! *Changes the “channel” to the outside camera*

*Cue recording*

Storm: Okay, so what is it that you want to talk to us about?

Mecha Amy: Just a second. *Looks around and spots the camera* AH-HA! I knew it! *Aims her finger and blasts it, causing Robotnik’s TV to show nothing but cable fuzz*

Robotnik: WHAT!? No way! I can’t BELIEVE this!

Scorch: I have to admit… She’s more perceptive than I thought.

Outside of the base…

Mecha Amy: Alright, now that we’re alone, away from all security cameras and everything, tell me honestly… What do you truly think of Robotnik?

Storm : …

Shock: Well… It’s kind of hard to say. We were content with working for him at first, but after temporarily joining forces with Sonic, Knuckles, Splash, Seedra, and their friends a few times to stop other villains, we’ve begun to have second thoughts.

Storm: That about sums it up.

Shock: What about you, Metal Amy? What’s your opinion on the doc?

Mecha Amy: My opinion on Robotnik? I can’t STAND him! I’m SICK of him always pushing me around and threatening me with that shut-down device if I don’t follow his stupid orders! He makes me so angry, that I could just rip off that ugly mustache of his and strangle him with it! I’m tired of being his puppet! I want to be free from him, once and for all! What about you guys? Do you want freedom as much as I do? If so, then why not join me?

Storm: Join you? You mean like, a rebellion?

Mecha Amy: You got it, my friend!

Storm: …

Shock: It…sounds tempting, but…we’re not so sure about this.

Mecha Amy: You aren’t? Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose! You’re much more powerful than he is, and unlike me, you don’t have to worry about getting shut down or anything, since you’re not robots!

Storm: While it’s true that we’ve been having seconds thoughts about the doctor and his whole “world domination” business, we just can’t bring ourselves to outright disobey him. In a way, I guess you can say that we kind of feel…obligated to serve him.

Mecha Amy: Oh, come on! How can you possibly feel obligated to serve him after seeing what he did to your sister, Silvra!? He did one of the worst possible things by completely taking away her free will! Not only that, but he claimed that he could do whatever he pleases with her, just because she’s his creation! Doesn’t that alone say a lot about him!?

Shock: …

Storm: …

Mecha Amy: At this point, I no longer care what happens to me… If getting shut down is what it’ll take to be free from him, then that’s a risk I’m willing to take! Shock, Storm… It isn’t too late, you know. You can still free yourselves from him, as well. You have minds of your own… You don’t have to allow yourselves to be oppressed by Robotnik anymore! Again, I ask you to join me! Together, we can teach that meanie a lesson he’ll never forget! By going against Robotnik, you’ll be doing a good thing! You’ll also be helping Silvra out this way! So, who’s with me?

Shock: …

I have to say, I’m quite impressed by your preaching skills, Metal Amy.

Mecha Amy: So, is that a “yes”?

Shock: You bet it is. What about you, Storm?

Storm: I’m in.

Mecha Amy: Alright! Whoo hoo! Now we’re talking! Let’s go, you guys! Our ticket to freedom is just around the corner! *Rushes back inside*

*Shock and Storm do the same*

Meanwhile, during Cream and company’s battle against the Egg Cerberus…

Bomb: *Clinging to its face, getting ready to explode*

Egg Cerberus: *Blindly runs around, trampling just about everything around him*

Slush: Geez, that thing is going ballistic! At this rate, we’re gonna end up getting trampled!

Marine: Bomb, what’s takin’ so long for ya to blow on ‘im, mate?

Bomb: This kind of explosion takes some time… Unless I could be detonated by some other means, that is.

Heavy: Gamma, why don’t you blast him to trigger the explosion, like you did when we were up against Bean?

Gamma: Affirmative. *Aims at Bomb, locks him on target, and fires*

*Bomb explodes upon contact with the blast*

Egg Cerberus: *Insert loud growling here*

Amy: Alright! I think we’ve got it this time! I hope…

*The smoke clears, and the Egg Cerberus is lying on the ground, banged up*

Ray: Whew… For a second there, I was beginning to think it was still alive! Looks like Bomb was able to pull it off after all!

Porkenstein: Indeed. I suppose this means we could press on.

Suddenly, just as the group was on their way out the door, the Egg Cerberus sat up again.


Egg Cerberus: *Opens its mouth, getting ready to fire a laser at them*

Honey: Leave this to me! *Takes out a shuriken*

Before the Egg Cerberus had a chance to fire, Honey, after taking out a shuriken, abruptly tossed it into his mouth and clogged the laser cannon, triggering yet another explosion; this time, breaking the Egg Cerberus into pieces.

Seedra: Whew, that was close!

Marine: Wow, that was rippa! You’re just as good as that Espio bloke when it comes to usin’ those ninja star things!

Honey: Uh, thanks.

Amy: Ooh, that reminds me… Speaking of Espio, have you told him how you feel yet, if you don’t mind me asking?

Honey: Feel…about what? *Blushes*

Amy: Ohhhh, you know!

Honey: R-Really, I have NO idea what you’re talking about!

Amy: Ah, come on… There’s no use in trying to deny it! You’re glowing and everything!

Cream: Please, Amy… We could always talk about love some other time. We still have to go save Miss Silvra, remember?

Amy: Right, of course. We’d better get going.

*They leave*

Meanwhile, with the Chaotix and company…

Vector: *Breathing hard* Sheesh… It seems like no mattah what we do to ‘er, Silvra just keeps comin’ back fa more!

Charmy: Yeah, and she’s really, REALLY tough, too!

Silvra: HAHAHAHAHA… Precisely! No matter how much damage you manage to inflict on me, I’ll always recover from it, thanks to the Chaos Rings’ power! To put it in short, I’m invincible! I CANNOT be stopped!

Knuckles: The Chaos Rings… Of course! You just gave me an idea!

Mighty: Alright, what’s your plan?

Knuckles: I’m going to use the Master Emerald to cancel out their power! I’ll be right back! *Gets ready to run off*

Sonic: Hold it! Wouldn’t it be a lot faster if I just Chaos Control you over there?

Knuckles: …

Yeah, that’ll work. *Stands next to Sonic as he holds out the fake emerald*

Sonic: Chaos Control!

*They teleport away*

Meanwhile, at the altar…

*The Egg Walker is destroyed, with its parts everywhere, and the Egg-Robo is lying on the ground, banged up*

Omega: Robotnik’s robot… Successfully destroyed!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH! That just goes to show that this guy was nothing but a bunch of talk!

Shadow: Maybe next time, he’ll think twice before calling me a “Sonic wanna-be” again.

*Sonic and Knuckles teleport into the area*

Sonic: Hey, you guys. What’s up?

Shadow: Oh, it’s you.

Sonic: Nice to see you, too. *Looks around* Whoa, what happened here?

Knuckles: Yeah, and more importantly, what’s Egg-Robo doing here?

Shadow: We just happened to be in the area, collecting Chaos Emeralds, and we happened to catch him attempting to steal the Master Emerald. Since you weren’t around, we had to do something about it ourselves.

Knuckles: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Squash: So, what’s been going on with you guys? Did you stop EG-005 from being released, or what?

Knuckles: Well…not exactly.  To put a long story short, the Elemental Chaos Rings ended up getting stolen from us.

Shadow: They did? How?

Sonic: *Explains*

Shadow: So, this was the work of Three-Point Zero and Mecha Amy, was it?

Sonic: Yeah. According to Ro-butt-nik, Metal Sonic 3.0 stole them from Professor B.’s lab sometime after Tiara was hospitalized after her run-in with Fang.

Shadow: I see. I guess that weasel wasn’t bluffing after all, when he claimed that he was going to break out of prison.

Knuckles: Alright, that’s enough chit-chat. I think it’s time we headed back. *Walks over to the Master Emerald, and puts in the code to remove the barrier*

Egg-Robo: *Sits up* Hee hee hee hee…

Squash: What!? He’s still alive!?

Egg-Robo: I’ve been waiting for THIS exact moment! *Turns on his jetpack, flies over to the Master Emerald, and grabs it before Knuckles has the chance*

Knuckles: What the…!? HEY!

Egg-Robo: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for removing that barrier for me! You made it all too easy by doing so! Now, if you would excuse me, I’ll be bringing this back to Dr. Robotnik! So long, fools! *Takes off*

Knuckles: Oh, no you don’t! *Chases after him* YOU GET BACK HERE WITH MY EMERALD!

*Sonic, Shadow, Squash, and Omega go after him, too*

Just as Knuckles was on the verge of bringing the Master Emerald to the battlefield to use against Silvra, Egg-Robo ended up stealing it from him. On the bright side, Shock and Storm, with a little convincing from Mecha Amy, have finally taken Seedra and company’s suggestion not to take orders from Robotnik anymore. Additionally, the second group of heroes have managed to triumph over the Egg Cerberus, and proceeded through the base. Will they be able to successfully free Silvra from the doctor’s mind control? Additionally, will the Chaotix and company be able to defeat the Multi-Elemental Goddess without ending her life? Will Knuckles, Shadow, Squash, and Omega be able to get the Master Emerald back from the Egg-Robo? Find out on the next exciting chapter(s) of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

To “bee” continued…

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Part 19b

Last time, on the Goddess of Destruction, Cream the Rabbit and several others were in the process of storming Dr. Robotnik’s Sand Ocean base in order to find the device that he was using to mind-control the Multi-Elemental Goddess, Silvra, so that they could destroy it and change her back to the way she originally was. On the way, they ended up running into another of the doctor’s deadly creations, which was none other than the Egg Cerberus. Although they had some difficulty fighting against it, Honey the Cat ended the battle by clogging the machine’s laser cannon while it was in the process of charging and caused it to backfire, effectively putting an end to the robotic beast. With the Egg Cerberus out of the way, they were able to move on and continue their search.

Elsewhere, Amy Rose’s mechanical doppelganger, Mecha Amy, who utterly despises Robotnik, has finally decided that enough was enough, and began formulating a plan to rise up and rebel against her creator. When she brought Shock and Storm outside to coax them into joining her rebellion against Robotnik, she abruptly destroyed the security camera in order for their conversation to go undetected. During their conversation, they all expressed what they truly thought of the doctor, and although Shock and Storm were somewhat reluctant to join Mecha Amy, they did so anyway, with one reason being that they were “impressed by [her] preaching skills” (as Shock put it). Plus, Seedra and a few others had already made that suggestion to them before. When that was all said and done, they began putting a plan together in order to successfully swipe the controller away from Robotnik; for Mecha Amy’s freedom, as well as Silvra’s.

Meanwhile, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company were still in the middle of their battle with Silvra. For the most part, it was a close battle, and they were all doing pretty well, but thanks to the power of the Elemental Chaos Rings, Silvra was able to quickly recover from all the damage that was dealt to her. After explaining that to them, Knuckles came up with the idea to use the Master Emerald to disable the Chaos Rings’ powers. In order to save Knuckles the trouble of having to run all the way over there, Sonic used the artificial Chaos Emerald that Tails created to Chaos Control him (as well as himself) to the altar, where they found Shadow the Hedgehog, E-123 Omega, and the Stone Goddess, Squash, who just got finished dealing with Egg-Robo, who tried to make off with the Master Emerald. Shortly after Knuckles put in the code to disable the barrier around the emerald, Egg-Robo, who was faking death and/or unconsciousness, abruptly turned on his jetpack and swiped it before Knuckles had a chance to grab it. Shortly afterwards, Knuckles and all the others began chasing Egg-Robo down.

Will they be able to successfully get the Master Emerald back before Egg-Robo gets away? If so, will they be able to defeat Silvra? Now that the Egg Cerberus has been destroyed, what other deadly traps and/or creations of the doctor’s await the switch-hunting group? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Comes from around the corner after Shock, Storm, and Mecha Amy go inside* Well, would you look at that? I returned in order to get Dr. Robotnik to pinpoint Metal Sonic’s location for me, and what do I find? The EG Experiments and that outdated machine, Mecha Amy are planning to form a rebellion against the doctor. Look, they even went out of their way to destroy the camera in order for their betrayal to go undetected. Interesting… But a waste of effort, though. I heard the entirety of that conversation and was able to record it, thanks to the built-in recording device that I’ve been equipped with. I’m certain that Dr. Robotnik would be more than happy to know about it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… *Turns on his jet booster and jets inside*

A few minutes later…

Robotnik: WHAAAAAAAAAT!? Are…are you serious!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, I’m positive.

Robotnik: Mecha Amy is already one thing, but Shock and Storm!? This…this HAS to be some kind of mistake!

Metal Sonic 3.0: There’s no mistake about it. The two of them willingly joined Mecha Amy in her rebellion against you, but don’t just take my word for it. *Opens his wrist, and presses the recorder’s “play” button*

*Cue Recording*

Mecha Amy: My opinion on Robotnik? I can't STAND him! I'm SICK of him always pushing me around and threatening me with that shut-down device if I don't follow his stupid orders! He makes me so angry, that I could just rip off that ugly mustache of his and strangle him with it! I'm tired of being his puppet! I want to be free from him, once and for all! What about you guys? Do you want freedom as much as I do? If so, then why not join me?

Storm: Join you? You mean like, a rebellion?

Mecha Amy: You got it, my friend!


Mecha Amy: At this point, I no longer care what happens to me… If getting shut down is what it'll take to be free from him, then that's a risk I'm willing to take! Shock, Storm… It isn't too late, you know. You can still free yourselves from him, as well. You have minds of your own… You don't have to allow yourselves to be oppressed by Robotnik anymore! Again, I ask you to join me! Together, we can teach that meanie a lesson he'll never forget! By going against Robotnik, you'll be doing a good thing! You'll also be helping Silvra out this way! So, who's with me?

Shock: …

I have to say, I'm quite impressed by your preaching skills, Metal Amy.

Mecha Amy: So, is that a "yes"?

Shock: You bet it is. What about you, Storm?

Storm: I'm in.

Mecha Amy: Alright! Whoo hoo! Now we're talking! Let's go, you guys! Our ticket to freedom is just around the corner!

*End Recording*

Metal Sonic 3.0: I’ll let THAT speak for itself. *Presses the “Stop” button and closes his wrist*

Robotnik: AUGH! WHY, THOSE SNIVELING TRAITORS! How DARE they!? First Slush, and now them!? How could they turn on me like this!? I’ve been BEYOND generous to them! I gave them life, I’ve treated them with the utmost respect, almost as if they were my own daughters, and THIS is how they repay me!? So far, EVERY one of my EG Experiments have betrayed me! From Squash, all the way up to Silvra! All of the time and effort I’ve spent developing them, as well as the Egg Merger and its corresponding blueprints, has been nothing but a complete waste of time!

Scorch: I’m sorry this all had to happen...

Robotnik: There’s no need to be, it’s not your fault. It’s mostly because of Mecha Amy, and partially because of those Chaotix fools! I should’ve known that sending Shock and Storm to help them fight Mephiles was a bad idea! I’m pretty certain that THAT’S where it all began!

Scorch: Well, why not look on the bright side? You still have me, don’t you? It’s just as I said before: Even if they or all of your other creations were to betray you, I’d still remain by your side, no matter what.

Robotnik: Again, thank you. Your loyalty is touching.

Scorch: My pleasure.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Sorry to interrupt this sentimental moment, but there’s another reason why I returned.

Robotnik: Alright, what is it?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I came back, because I’m unsure of Metal Sonic’s current location. I was wondering if you could use your radar to pinpoint his location for me.

Robotnik: Unless he happens to have a Chaos Emerald or something on him, then my radar won’t be able to locate him. However, I’m sure that Metal Sonic will show up eventually, especially if he’s as eager to settle things as you are. Why not find some way to amuse yourself until he gets here?

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Looks at the switch-hunting group on the monitor* I think I’ll “amuse” myself with them. After all, these are the people who interfered with me a week ago when I was in the process of destroying him. Plus, EG-002 and that squirrel are part of the group, and I’ve been meaning to get even with them for that incident over at Casinopolis. They’ll make a nice warm-up until that obsolete trash model arrives.

Robotnik: Very well. I’ll leave them to you, Three-Point Zero.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Leaves the room*

Scorch: By the way, Dr. Robotnik, now that you’re a hundred percent sure that Mecha Amy’s rebelling against you, shouldn’t you go ahead and shut her down?

Robotnik: Actually, Scorch, I’ve been having second thoughts. I could easily have her shut down right here and now, but that would be a little TOO easy. I have a something more…satisfying in store for her.

Scorch: What would that be, if you don’t mind me asking?

Robotnik: Well, first of all, I’m going to lure her into a state of comfort and pretend that I know nothing about it, and after that…well, you’ll see. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Elsewhere, with the switch-hunting group…

*A bunch of broken Badnik parts are scattered everywhere*

Gamma: Robotnik’s sentry bots…successfully destroyed!

Amy: Yeah, but at this rate, it doesn’t look like we’ll be reaching Robotnik’s room anytime soon. I mean, really… Look how huge this place is! We’ll probably be wandering around for hours until we found it!

Marine: Heh heh, “bee wanderin’ around”. Get it?

Seedra: Nice one!

Everyone: …

Heavy: I’ll tell you just as I told Splash before: You sound far more idiotic than Charmy does, and that’s saying a lot.

Marine: Well, blimey! You don’t have to be such a jerk about it!

Get it, “bee such a jerk”? *Snickers*

*Everyone anime falls (except for Seedra)*

Marine: Sorry, mates! Ya kinda set me up for that one, y’know?

Heavy: …Idiot.

Ray: So, umm… Anyway, back to the subject at hand… I agree with Amy. It’ll definitely take us a while to get to wherever Robotnik is, especially since we don’t have a map or anything. If only we knew a shortcut or something, we’d be there in no time.

Bomb: Wait a second; I think I hear someone coming!

Gamma: It must be another adversary for us to face. Stay on guard, everyone! *Aims his gun at the entrance*

???: Did someone mention a “shortcut”?

Seedra: Huh? Is that-

*Shock, Storm, and Mecha Amy enter the room*

Seedra: Ah, just as I thought! It IS you, after all!

Porkenstein: …

Just out of curiosity, exactly how many of you “Goddess” gals are there, anyhow?

Slush: There’re eight of us. There’s me, Scorch, Splash, Squash, Seedra, Shock, Storm, and Silvra.

Porkenstein: Ah, I see.

Honey: So, what was that you were saying about a shortcut?

Shock: I’m saying that we’re going to lead you to it.

Tikal: You mean that you’re helping us?

Seedra: Not that I’m complaining or anything, but why is that? Aren’t you still taking orders from Robotnik?

Storm: Not anymore, we aren’t. We thought about what you’ve all been saying, and our minds have been made up. We’re fighting by your side from now on.

Shock: That’s right! We’ve made our choice, and we aren’t turning back!

Tikal: We’re glad to hear it!

Seedra: Yep, we’re glad to have you on board!

Slush: It’s about time! Now, if only Scorch would come to her senses…

Heavy: So, would you mind telling us why you’re hanging around THIS psychopath? *Points to Mecha Amy*

Bomb: You know, I was wondering the same thing.

Mecha Amy: Who are YOU calling a psychopath!?

Heavy: Who do you think?

Mecha Amy: I’ll have you know that I’m PERFECTLY sane, thank you! I don’t know who this Meh-fill-whoever person is that you compared me to before, but I’m pretty sure I’m nothing like him!

Shock: You mean Mephiles? If so, then you aren’t, trust me.

Storm: …Did the two of you seriously compare HER to Mephiles?

Bomb: If you were to see her in action during the old days, you’d understand where we’re coming from.

Heavy: Yeah. According to Robotnik, her mindless, destructive behavior was due to a glitch in her programming, but either way, she was a raving lunatic.

Mecha Amy: That was a long time ago! My programming’s been adjusted since then, so I’m not like that anymore!

Shock: I guess I can kind of see where you’re coming from, but still…there’s a HUGE difference between a robot with glitchy programming and a psychotic mass-murderer like Mephiles.

Heavy: Good point.

Gamma: Pardon me if I’m mistaken, but aren’t you the same individual who’s stolen the Elemental Chaos Rings from us?

Mecha Amy: …

Yes, it was me, but I was only following Robotnik’s orders, but as of right now, I’m through taking orders from that meanie! I’ve convinced Shock and Storm to turn against him and join you guys, so I’m going to do the same! Like I said before, I was only serving him, because I was scared that he’d shut me down again, like he did all those years ago. After a while, I then realized…that life isn’t worth living if I have to constantly live in fear. So, I’ve decided to fight for my freedom, as well as Silvra’s! Even if Robotnik does decide to shut me down, even if I DO wind up in the scrap heap, that’s a risk I’m willing to take! Anything is better than being HIS puppet!

Bomb: …

Wow, you sound a lot like I did a year ago, when Heavy and I rebelled against him. Well, as far as that last sentence is concerned, at least.

Storm: Anytime you’re ready, follow us, and we’ll lead you right to where Robotnik is.

Cream: Okay. Thank you very much for taking the time to help us like this!

Shock: Don’t sweat it, kid.

Following Shock, Storm, and Mecha Amy’s lead, the heroes began sprinting through the base in order to get to the shortcut the leads to Robotnik’s room. Elsewhere, the Chaotix and company were still in the middle of their battle with the mind-controlled Silvra.

Wechnia: *Punches Silvra a few times*

Silvra: Uhhhhh! *Stumbles backward*

Wechnia: Chaos…! *His fist glows green* …FIST! *Swings at her again*

Silvra: *Grabs his fist*

Wechnia: W-What!?

Silvra: *Uses her other to blast him away with an electric wave*

Wechnia: Uhhhhhhhhh! *Flies into the wall and hits his back*

Vector: Wechnia, you a’ight ovah there, buddy?

Wechnia: Yes, I’m fine. *Stands up again*

Silvra: Well, you won’t be for long! *Fires another one*

Wechnia: *Dodges, and runs toward her again*

Charmy: Hee hee, “won’t bee for long”. *Snickers*

Splash: Charmy, please! Not now! *Giggles*

Charmy: Sorry. Like always, I just couldn’t resist.

Silvra: *Vines extend from her back, and lash out at Wechnia*

Wechnia: *Tries to dodge, but ends up getting caught in them anyway* Ghhhh…!

Silvra: Now, try THIS on for size!

After getting Wechnia caught in her vines, Silvra lifted Wechnia into the air, and began slamming him onto the floor repeatedly.


Mighty: Wechnia!

Silvra: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Gets ready to slam him again*

Wechnia: Chaos Control! *Freezes her just in “time” before he hits the floor again*

Silvra: …

Charmy: Whew… That was really, REALLY close!

Splash: Yeah. Do you need any help getting untangled?

Wechnia: No, that’s okay. *His eyes and fists momentarily glow green (again), and he breaks himself loose*

Silver: I wonder what’s taking Sonic and Knuckles so long to get back here with the Master Emerald?

Blaze: I’m not sure what’s keeping them, but whatever it is, here’s hoping they get here soon…

Espio: Yes, and the same thing applies to Honey and all the others, who are looking for the device that Robotnik’s using to control Silvra…

Charmy: Yeah, you WOULD be the one to bring Honey up out of everybody else. *Snickers*

Espio: …What are you trying to imply?

Charmy: Ohhhh, you know! *Snickers*

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Espio: Look, just knock it off, okay? I already told you before that there isn’t anything happening between us, and as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think there ever will. Like Sonic, I’ve been trying to avoid being in romantic relationships, because I wouldn’t have much time to commit to my training if I were involved in one.

Vector: Exactly, so just give it a rest, Charmy.

Tails: Uh oh…

Rouge: What’s the matter?

Tails: Don’t look now, but I think Silvra’s about to become unfrozen again!

Silvra: *Unfreezes* So, who would like to go next?

Vector: Whadda ya say we all charge ‘er at once?

Blaze: I suppose we could give it a try, but we’re going to need to watch out for her vines.

Silver: That’s okay, just leave it to me. I could bend them with my psychic powers, and keep them from even touching us!

Rouge: Alright, then let’s give it a try!

*The heroes charge toward Silvra*

Silvra: Alright, then come and get it!

*They resume the fight*

Elsewhere, on Angel Island, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Squash, and Omega were still in pursuit of Egg-Robo who, after faking his death/unconsciousness, decided to jet off with the Master Emerald, which they needed in order to disable Silvra’s Chaos Ring power.

Egg-Robo: *Flying away on his jetpack, firing his laser gun at the group*

*They dodge*

Sonic: HA! You’ll have to do better than that, egghead!

Shadow: Hold on a second, isn’t that the same gun that Squash crumbled before?

Squash: I was about to say the same thing!

Egg-Robo: No, it isn’t, because I always bring a spare with me, just in case!

Knuckles: I’ll give you ONE last chance to quietly hand over the Master Emerald!

Egg-Robo: HA! You say that as if you actually expect me to do it! *Continues firing at them*

*They dodge again*

Egg-Robo: GAH! Hold still, will you!?

Omega: …What was that you were stating about one giving commands that they don’t expect people to comply with?

Egg-Robo: *Starts charging up his laser gun*

Omega: Step aside! I will handle this! *Morphs his hands into arm cannons*

Egg-Robo: TAKE THIS! *Fires a charged laser*

Omega: *Fires one of his own*

*The two beams collide, and they get into a beam struggle*

Knuckles: Wait a minute… Won’t the Master Emerald get destroyed this way!?

Squash: Whoa… Come to think of it, you’re right… Maybe one of us could snatch it out of Egg-Robo’s hand before he gets blasted?

Knuckles: That’ll work, but we’d better act fast, because it looks like that’s already on the verge of happening!

Sonic: No problem, just leave it to me! *Holds out the fake emerald* Chaos Control! *Freezes Egg-Robo in time*

Egg-Robo: …

Shadow: Now’s your chance, Knuckles.

Knuckles: *Jumps into the air and glides toward Egg-Robo*

Squash: Wait, what? Where did that eighth emerald come from? I thought there were only seven of them?

Sonic: That’s a fake emerald that Tails created a while ago in order to fool Ro-butt-nik. Even though it’s not the real thing, it contains the same wavelength and properties, but it’s less powerful than the real one.

Squash: I guess that explains it.

Knuckles: *Snatches the Master Emerald* Alright, I got it!

Shadow: You heard him, Omega. There’s no need to hold back anymore.

Omega: Affirmative! Increasing power to maximum! *Fires a bigger beam*

Egg-Robo: *Unfreezes* Huh? What’s going on!? *Notices the beam getting closer* O-Oh… OH, NOOOOOO!

Before Egg-Robo had the chance to react, Omega’s beam ended up overpowering his, and as a result, he ended up getting blasted and sent flying over the horizon.


Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH! So long! Have a nice flight! *Waves*

Shadow: Hmph, that ought to teach him!

Knuckles: Now that we’ve reclaimed the Master Emerald, let’s rejoin the others at Robotnik’s base and stop Silvra!

Squash: …Who?

Knuckles: EG-005, remember?

Squash: Oh, right.

Sonic: I wonder how everyone else is holding out? I hope they’re doing okay.

Shadow: We’ll know for sure when we get there. Chaos Con-

*Suddenly, the sound of police sirens are heard little ways from there*

Knuckles: Huh? What’s going on?

Squash: I don’t suppose THAT answers your question now, does it? *Points*

*They look up and find Nack and Bean flying by (in the Egg –O- Matic Hovercrafts that they stole from Robotnik six chapters ago), followed by police choppers*

Knuckles: *Sweatdrops* …Why am I NOT surprised?

Sonic: So, it’s those two, huh? I should’ve known!

Shadow: That reminds me… Didn’t you say that Tiara ended up getting hospitalized because of that weasel?

Sonic: Yeah, why?

Shadow: I think I might know a way to cure her.

Sonic: How, exactly?

Shadow: Fifty years ago aboard the ARK, Professor Gerald has developed healing devices that have the ability to instantly rejuvenate a person after a single use, and even up to this day, copies of them are still being made.

Sonic: Sweet!

Shadow: You guys head over to the doctor’s base. I’ll meet up with you again in a little bit, as soon as I come back from the colony.

Sonic: No problem, Shadow!

Shadow: *Holds out the green Chaos Emerald* Chaos Control! *Warps away*

Sonic: Okay, now it’s our turn! Chaos Control! *Uses the fake emerald to warp himself, Knuckles, Squash, Omega, and the Master Emerald back to Robotnik’s base*

Vector: *Watches them teleport in* It’s ‘bout time ya got here! What took ya so long?

Knuckles: Egg-Robo stole the Master Emerald, so we had to chase him down for it.

Vector: I guess that explains it.

Squash: *Looks toward Silvra* So, SHE’S EG-005, huh? Pffft! Oh, please! She doesn’t look so tough! Seriously, THIS is what everyone was worried about? AH-HA-AH-AH! What a joke!

Mighty: Let’s not get cocky, now.

Silvra: The armadillo’s right. You don’t have a clue what you’re up against, do you?

Squash: What I’m up against? Not much, as far as I could tell.

*They fight shortly after that*

Omega: *Looks toward Knuckles* I believe now would be the opportune moment to disable the Chaos Rings’ power.

Knuckles: Right. The servers are…the seven chaos… Chaos is power, enriched by the heart… The controller serves to unify the chaos… Only you can do this… STOP THE CHAOS RI-

Silvra: *Uses her vines to lash out at the Master Emerald, and takes it before Knuckles has the chance to finish*

Knuckles: What the…!? Hey!

Silvra: HAHAHAHAHA… Sorry, but you’ll have to be a lot quicker than that!

Knuckles: GRRR…

Silvra: I think I’ll hold onto this for a little while. If you want it back, then follow me, and we could take this battle into space.

Knuckles: That’s fine by me!

Silvra: Now, let’s see… What are the words for that warping technique, again? Ah, yes! Chaos Control! *Warps away*

Vector: Ah, crud! We came THIS close ta nailin’ ‘er!

Charmy: If only we had the Chaos Emeralds with us, we’d be able to stop her by going super.

Get it, “bee able”? *Snickers*

*Everyone (except for Splash) anime falls*

Charmy: Sorry, I had to do it that time, I just HAD to! That’s the last one I’ll do…for now.

Shadow: *Chaos Controls into the area with Tiara*

Sonic: Tiara! Welcome back!

Tiara: Thanks.

*Everyone else says the same thing*

Charmy: Yeah! You sure got better fast! Really, REALLY fast!

[clor=brown]Tiara: I know. It was all thanks to that healing unit thing that Shadow used on me. *Clenches her fist in anger* Next time I run into Fang, I’m gonna pay him back for sure! When that time comes, HE’LL be the one taking a trip to the emergency ward! Eh, but enough about that. What happened to EG-005? Did you guys end up stopping her?[/color]

Mighty: Almost, but she ended up snatching the Master Emerald and taking it with her into outer space.

Shadow: I see. It’s a good thing that Squash, Omega, and I collected the Chaos Emeralds before we got here.

Vector: Perfect! Now, what’re we waitin’ for? Let’s go ahead ‘n’ get powa’d up!

With that said, they released the seven Chaos Emeralds into the air, which began encircling the heroes. Shortly afterwards, the emeralds began to glow, and caused a sudden flash of light. After the light faded, all of the heroes (except for Splash, Squash, Rouge, Omega, and Wechnia) were transformed into their “super” states.

Rouge: Omega and I will see what we can do about collecting rings for you guys, in case you find yourselves running low.

Omega: Yes. There’s bound to be a plethora of them located within the vicinity of the base.

Rouge: Also, while we’re at it, we’re going to join the others and see what we could do about getting that switch away from Dr. Robotnik.

Super Sonic: Okay! Alright, everyone! Let’s show Silvra the REAL super power of teamwork!

Super Tiara: Right!

Super Shadow: Chaos… CONTROL!

*Everyone gets teleported away, except Rouge and Omega*

Elsewhere within the base...

Mecha Amy: We’re almost there, everyone! Robotnik’s room is- *Stops and skids after noticing Metal Sonic 3.0 up ahead* Oh, great! It’s him!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Well, well… What have we here?

Slush: GRRR… Metal Sonic 3.0!

Metal Sonic 3.0: You’ve done well to make it this far through the base. However, this is the end of the line for you. I’m going to see to it that you advance no further!

Mecha Amy: Oh, yeah!? You and what army, huh!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: HA! Do you truly think a being of MY caliber would have any need for an army? I alone have more than what it takes to dispose of a multitude of weaklings such as yourselves!

Porkenstein: I do say that’s quite an ego you’ve got there!

Ray: THAT’S for sure!

Mecha Amy: You could say THAT again!

Heavy: Yeah, seriously. In addition to your recent defeat at the hands of THESE two… *Points to Ray and Seedra* …You’ve been beaten by the original Metal Sonic THREE TIMES within a span of a month, plus a thousand other losses on top of it. Who are YOU to talk down to anyone?

Honey: Exactly!

*Others say something similar*

Metal Sonic 3.0: They merely got lucky! Lucky victories like THAT don’t count for ANYTHING!

Slush: Excuses, excuses.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Ignorant fool. *Looks toward Mecha Amy, Shock, and Storm* By the way, there’s something I’d like to show you.

Mecha Amy: Whatever it is, we’re not interested!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Oh, but I’m sure you’ll love it. *Opens his wrist again, and plays the recording of their conversation*

Shock: …!

Storm: …!

Mecha Amy: …!

You…you were eavesdropping!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, if that’s what you’d like to call it.

Shock: Exactly where WERE you, anyhow!? I don’t recall you being around at all!

Storm: Neither do I!

Metal Sonic 3.0: I was on my way back to this base to ask Dr. Robotnik about Metal Sonic’s current location, and as I was getting ready to enter, I spotted the three of you.  Seeing how Mecha Amy went through the trouble of destroying the security camera to keep that conversation hidden, I figured that it was something of importance, so I decided to record it.

Mecha Amy: GRRR… You told Robotnik about it, didn’t you!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I’ll let you figure that out when…or should I say IF you see him.

Mecha Amy: …

(Hmm, then again, he probably didn’t… If that were the case, then he should have had me shut down by now, especially since that remote works anywhere within this base’s range, as he demonstrated with Silvra…) Everyone, leave him to me! I’ll take him on, while the rest of you go find Robotnik!

Slush: Can’t do that, kiddo. I have a score to settle with him, as well. I’ve been looking forward to it for the past week, ever since he and Robotnik had me trapped within another dimension!

Metal Sonic 3.0: …


Slush: What’s so funny!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Honestly, YOU want to fight ME again, despite how utterly pathetic you were last time?  What a joke! And you… *Looks toward Mecha Amy* …What could an ancient, outdated machine like YOU possibly do against the likes of ME, a machine that’s been built with technological advancements that far exceed anything found in THIS era? Don’t waste my time!

Mecha Amy: GRRR… *Takes out her metallic hammer* I’LL SHOW YOU! *Charges toward him*

Slush: Mecha Amy, wait!

Mecha Amy: *Ignores her and keeps going*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Holds out the palm of his hands and catches her in a telekinetic grip*

Mecha Amy: Ghhhh…! What’s…going…on!? I…can’t…move…!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Pathetic fool…be gone! *Tosses her into the air*

Mecha Amy: Ahhhhhhhhh!

Seedra: *Makes vines extend from her back, and uses them to catch Mecha Amy and bring her back down*

Mecha Amy: Whew… That was close! Thanks!

Seedra: Don’t mention it.

Slush: You see, Mecha Amy? Three-Point Zero knows how to use telekinesis, so attacking him directly is out of the question.

Mecha Amy: Oh, so NOW you tell me.

Slush: That’s exactly what I was trying to warn you about, but you didn’t listen.

Mecha Amy: Whatever.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Glaring at Seedra*

Seedra: …Something the matter?

Metal Sonic 3.0: You… Don’t think for one second that I’ve forgotten about that sneak-attack you did at Casinopolis! Both you AND that pathetic squirrel are going to pay DEARLY for it! The same applies to the rest of you meddlesome fools who interfered with my battle against Metal Sonic a week ago! *Clenches his fist in anger* I had him right where I wanted him… I would have finally been able to prove myself stronger than he is… Once and for all, I would have had that obsolete scum defeated, and I would’ve succeeded had it not been for YOUR interference! How DARE you!? What possessed you to do that!? That battle was absolutely NONE of your concern, and yet you STILL saw fit to interfere with it, and deprive me of my hard-earned victory!

Porkenstein: …

Am I the only one who hasn’t the faintest clue what this fellow’s droning on about?

Ray: It’s a long story.

Amy: Yeah.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Well, now you’re all going to pay for it, and by “pay”, I mean with your lives!

Slush: YOU’RE the one who’s “going to pay” here, bub, for what you AND Robotnik did to me a week ago!

Metal Sonic 3.0: We shall see. All of you, prepare yourselves to embrace oblivion!

Uh oh! Metal Sonic 3.0 is furious! Even though they have him outnumbered, will the heroes have what it takes to defeat Dr. Nega’s deadly creation in order to advance through the base, stop Dr. Robotnik, and rescue Silvra (and Mecha Amy) from his control? Despite having the power of the Chaos Emeralds, will Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company be able to match up to Silvra’s outstanding power? Find out next time on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 19c

On the last chapter of The Goddess of Destruction, the Chaotix and company resumed their battle against the multi-Elemental Goddess, Silvra, who was still under Dr. Robotnik’s mind control. In the meantime, while that was going on, Sonic and Knuckles decided to return to the altar in order to get the Master Emerald, and use it to disable Silvra’s Elemental Chaos Ring power. Shortly after inputting the code to remove the barrier, Egg-Robo, who was sent by Dr. Robotnik to claim it, decided to swipe it before Knuckles had the chance to grab it. In order to get it back, Knuckles, Sonic, Shadow, Squash, and Omega began chasing him down. During the chase, Egg-Robo fired lasers at the group in order to slow them down, but unfortunately for him, that proved to be ineffective, since they often managed to dodge the attacks. Eventually, Egg-Robo and Omega fired charged lasers at one another and got into a beam struggle, with the latter emerging victorious in the end, effectively sending Egg-Robo flying over the horizon.

After reclaiming the Master Emerald, all of them immediately headed back to the Sand Ocean base to help the Chaotix and the rest of the heroes battle Silvra. All of them with the exception of Shadow, who made a brief trip to the Space Colony, ARK in order to get one of Professor Gerald’s healing devices to use on Tiara Boobowski, who got herself critically injured in a battle against Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper. Meanwhile, just as Knuckles was in the middle of disabling the power of the Elemental Chaos Rings, Silvra abruptly lashed out her vines and snatched the Master Emerald, and took it with her into outer space. Shortly afterwards, Shadow arrived on the scene with the seventh Chaos Emerald, along with the newly-healed Tiara, and they all decided to use the emeralds’ power to transform and follow Silvra into space, and finish their battle. Rouge and Omega, on the other hand, decided to stay behind to collect rings to help fuel their super forms in case they find themselves running low on ring energy.

Elsewhere within the base, Shock, Storm, and Mecha Amy met up with Cream the Rabbit and the rest of the group, who were in the process of “storming” the base in search of Robotnik and the device that he was using to control Silvra. After finally making the decision to not take orders from the doctor anymore, the three of them began leading the switch-hunting group to a shortcut that led to Robotnik’s room, but their path was abruptly blocked by Metal Sonic Version 3.0, who’s caught onto Shock, Storm, and Mecha Amy’s treachery, and was bent on disposing of them, along with the rest of the group, who he had a bone to pick with.

The question remains… Will they be able to successfully defeat Metal Sonic 3.0 once again, so they could get the mind-control device away from Robotnik and change Silvra back to her original self? Speaking of Silvra, will Knuckles, the Chaotix and company, even with the aid of the Chaos Emeralds, be able to hold her off until then? Find out on this exciting chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

Metal Sonic 3.0: So, which of you pathetic weaklings would like to come at me next?

Everyone: …

Metal Sonic 3.0: What’s the matter? Are you afraid of me?

Slush: Don’t kid yourself.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Then what’s stopping you?

Mecha Amy: You know… That’s a good question! *Takes out her metallic hammer, opens it up, and fires missiles at him*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Holds out the palm of his hand, catches the missiles with a telekinetic force, and launches them back at her (and everyone else)*


*They spread out and dodge as the explosions occur*

Metal Sonic 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fools! You can’t fathom the power you’re up against!

Gamma: *Aims his blaster at Three-Point Zero and fires*

Porkenstein: *Does the same with his Laser Bazooka*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Jets out of the way*

Slush: Take this! HAAAAAA! *Fires an ice beam at him*

Shock: *Fires an electric one*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Surrounds one of his hands with fire and uses it to melt the ice blast, and surrounds his other one electric current, and uses it to block the electric beam*

Slush: W-What!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: As I told EG-002 earlier, I’ve already obtained data from a majority of you so-called “Goddesses”, so there’s nothing you could possibly HOPE to do against me! Any technique you try will be automatically countered!

Slush: GRRR…

Amy: Counter THIS! *Tosses her hammer at him*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Pathetic. *Catches it in a telekinetic hold*

Amy: *Rushes toward him, and uses the Homing Attack*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Uhhhhh! *Falls over*

Ray: Wow, nice one! Up until now, I had no idea you knew how to use the Homing Attack!

Amy: Thanks. I learned it a while ago from watching Sonic use it.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Sits up*

Heavy:  *Aims at Three-Point Zero, and launches his fist out like a rocket (as he did to Bean six chapters ago)*

Amy: Waaaah! *Dodges*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Uhhhhh! *Gets knocked in the head and falls back down*

Amy: *Glares at Heavy*

Heavy: …What’s YOUR problem?

Amy: Watch where you’re shooting next time, will you!? You almost hit me!

Heavy: Oh, big deal. It’s not like I actually did.

Amy: Yeah, but still, it’s not like it would’ve hurt to give me a warning first!

Heavy: Fine, whatever. I’ll keep that in mind. Quit whining, already.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Sits up again*

Marine: Strewth! I think he’s gettin’ back up again!

Slush: Allow me! *Holds out her palm again, and fires another ice beam*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Ghhhh…! *Gets frozen*

Slush: There…that should take care of him for the time being.

Bark: For the time being?

Slush: Yeah. Like he said a few minutes ago, he’s copied data from the other Goddesses, including Scorch. If I remember correctly, Three-Point Zero has also copied data from Blaze at some point, so he’ll most likely end up melting his way out. When he does, I’ll stay here and handle him while the rest of you move on and get that switch away from Robotnik!

Ray: Are you sure you’ll be able to handle him by yourself?

Slush: I’ll manage. You guys run along now. I’ve got everything under control. Remember, Silvra’s counting on you guys!

Cream: Okay. Good luck, Miss Slush.


???: Ah, crap! AH, CRAAAAAAAP!!!

Seedra: Huh? Did anyone else hear that, or am I going crazy?

Ray: No, you’re not alone. I heard it, too.

Honey: So did I. In fact, I think I know exactly whose voices those are…

*Suddenly, Nack and Bean come crashing through the ceiling in the Egg –O- Matic Hovercrafts that they stole*

Honey: Just as I thought.

*They fall through the ground next, and create a crater in the floor*

Porkenstein: Hmm hmm hmm! You know, I DO remember saying that if the police somehow failed to catch Fang, then I hoped his hoverpod would crash and burn, and what do you know? It actually happened! Be careful what you wish for, eh?

Amy: Serves him right!

Nack: *Climbs out of the hole* Man, talk abou’ ‘da rough landin’…

Bean: *Climbs out, too* Yeah, tell me about it…

Nack: *Looks around* ‘Ey? Whadda YOU chumps doin’ here?

Porkenstein: Not that it’s any of your concern, but we’ve come here to stop Dr. Robotnik.

Nack: *Looks at Porkenstein* ‘Ey, wayda minute! I remembuh you! You’re one o’ ‘dem geezers who dimed me out to ‘da cops earlia! You’re gonna pay fa ‘dat, y’hear!?

Amy: Yes, and he should have! After what you did to Boobowski, you deserved it!

*The others agree*

Nack: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold ‘da phone! Am I missin’ somethin’, here? Why’re YOU stickin’ up fa ‘dat wench all of a sudden? Last time I checked, ‘da two o’ youse weren’t exactly pals ‘r nutin’, since you’re always fightin’ ovah Sonic ‘n’ whatnot. You woulda ended up doin’ ‘da same thing eventually! You should be thankin’ me fa savin’ ya ‘da trouble, ‘cause ‘dat’s preddy much all I did!

Everyone: …

Amy: What’re you talking about!? I NEVER would have done something like that! Period!

Nack: HA! Seein’ how ‘da two o’ youse were always at each uddah’s throats, ya REALLY expect me da believe ‘dat?

Amy: I’m nothing like you!

Nack: Is ‘dat so?

Amy: …

Well, Nack, you’re right about one thing. It’s true that we didn’t get along so well… We argued a lot, even to the point where we’ve almost gotten into physical fights, but even if it had come to that, I wouldn’t have gone THAT far!

Nack: Look, Ah’mma bounty huntah, see? ‘Dat’s ‘da kinda thing people do in ‘dis line o’ woik, ‘n’ I do wudevah it takes ta get ‘da job done. As a mattah o’ fact, when it all comes down to it, ‘dat Boobowski broad brought ‘dis all on ‘erself!

Porkenstein: EXCUSE me!?

Nack: What, did I studdah? Ya hoid me ‘da foist time, gramps. If she hadn’t been so stubborn, ‘n’ just told me where ‘dem Chaos Rings were at, ‘den ‘dis all coulda been avoided!

Everyone: …

Porkenstein: Okay, Nack, Fang, or whichever one you prefer, you listen here and you listen well! First of all, how dare you!? How DARE you sit here and act as if you should be allowed to commit such heinous, unspeakable crimes and not be punished for them!?  Secondly, where is your common sense!? Did you honestly think that Gazebo was just going to sit there and let you brutally murder his only daughter, and not do a thing about it!? As Amy and several others have already pointed out, he, as well as I, had every right to phone the police! Number three, you had absolutely NO RIGHT to break into our laboratory in the first place! Also, you might as well save your excuses, because there isn’t a bloody thing you can POSSIBLY say to justify ANYTHING you’ve done up to that point!

Seedra: That’s right! You CREEP!

*The others say something similar*

Nack: Ah, shaddap, will ya? As fa you, old man, I didn’t come here fa no public soivice announcement, so don’t go tryin’ ta lecture me! You’re wastin’ ya breath! Save ya li’l “lessons on humility” fa somebody who cares, ‘cause in case ya haven’t noticed, I don’t give a damn! Now, if ya’d excuse me, Bean ‘n’ I got Elemental Chaos Rings ta find! *Starts walking away*

Bean: *Same*

Porkenstein: Just to give you a fair warning, Sonic’s around this base, and he’s already gotten wind of what you’ve done to Tiara, and he’s none too happy about it.

Nack: HA! Just let ‘im try ‘n’ do somethin’ about it! Laduh, losahs! *Leaves the room*

Bean: Hey, that's my line! *Does the same*

Marine: *Sticks her tongue at them*

Storm: What a prick.

Mecha Amy: You can say THAT again!

Amy: Ooh, I cannot STAND that guy! Just WHO does he think he is!?

Shock: Come to think of it, exactly who WAS that gangster wanna-be, anyway?

Mecha Amy: *Accesses her built-in database* According to my data, that was Nack the Weasel, also known as Fang the Sniper. The duck that was with him is known as Bean the Dynamite. The two of them are notorious criminals who are wanted for crimes like theft, extortion, and the list just goes on and on.

Shock: I see.

Marine: Uh oh…

Slush: What’s wrong?

Marine: Don’t look now, but I think that Three-Point Zero bloke’s about to break outta the ice!

Slush: Oh, great! I thought for sure we’d have more time than this!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Surrounds himself with fire, and shatters the ice*

Ray: I guess this means it’s time for round two!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Surely, you didn’t think a feeble attack like THAT was enough to stop me?

Slush: GRRR…

Metal Sonic 3.0: Now, witness my power! Chaos… *Glows red* BLAST!!! *Blasts everyone*

Everyone: AAAAAAHHH! *They get knocked back*

Meanwhile, at the base’s entrance…

Metal Sonic: Hmm? That surge of Chaos energy… Who could that have come from? My guess is either EG-005 or Metal Sonic Version 3.0. If it’s the former, then I couldn’t care less. If it’s Three-Point Zero, on the other hand, then there’s a chance that the energy that I felt came from the Chaos Rings! That could only mean that he’s already engaged someone in battle, but whom? It doesn’t matter. I’d better get there as soon as possible! Otherwise, I’ll never have the chance to truly even the score with him! If ANYONE is going to have the pleasure of destroying that pathetic excuse for an imitation, then it’s going to be me! I will NOT let anyone rob me of that opportunity!

After getting a running start, Metal Sonic quickly turned on his jet booster and flew off, bound for the room where Metal Sonic Version 3.0 and all the others are having their battle. Elsewhere, at the Moon Zone…[/i]

Silvra: *Holds out the palm of her hand, aims down at the ground, and blasts it, creating a large hole* There, I’m sure that’s big enough. *Walks over to it and places the Master Emerald* Now, for the last part… *Holds out the palm of her hand again, and uses a telekinetic force to lift a bunch of debris, and uses it to cover the hole and bury the Master Emerald* HAHAHAHAHA… I’d like to see how they try finding this thing now!

Hmm? What’s this? *Looks ahead* Well, well! Looks like I’ve got some company…

Meanwhile, off in the distance…

Super Vector: Are ya sure she went this way, Knuckles?

Super Knuckles: Yes, I’m positive. I can sense the Master Emerald’s power, so she’s got to be this way. *Glares at Charmy beefore he makes another pun*

Super Charmy: I wasn’t gonna say anything this time! Really!

Wechnia: Yes, I can feel it, too. There’s no mistake about it.

Super Sonic: Alright! Let’s blast through with sonic with spee-

Suddenly, before Sonic had the chance to finish his sentence, tons of asteroids were seen heading in their direction.

Super Espio: It’s a meteor shower!

Super Charmy: Ahhhhhh! Where’d all those rocks come from!?

Super Mighty: This must be Silvra’s handiwork!

*They start dodging the asteroids*

Super Silver: HAAAAAAAA! *Holds out the palm of his hand, catches some of them with a telekinetic force, and toss them away*

Squash: *Does the same* AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! Honestly, who does Silvra think she’s up against? I’m not called “the Goddess of Stone” for nothing, you know!

Super Charmy: That laugh is really, REALLY weird…

Squash: Yeah, yeah, heard it all before.

Burning Blaze: Looks like more of them are heading our way!

Super Shadow: I’ll put a stop to this! Chaos… CONTROL! *Freezes them in time*

Burning Blaze: Good thinking. Now, we should we able to proceed without any trouble.

Super Sonic: Are you sure you’re up for this, Tiara? After all, you just got out of the hospital and everything…

Super Tiara: Don’t worry, I’ll be okay. I’ve already come this far, so there’s no use in turning back.

Super Charmy: *Looks ahead* Hey, look! There she is, you guys! *Points*

Super Vector: A’ight, then whadda we waitin’ for? Let’s get ‘er!

*They fly forward, and land in front of Silvra*

Silvra: So, you’ve come…

Super Knuckles: Okay, Silvra. Tell me what you’ve done with the Master Emerald!

Silvra: Oh, that? It’s buried right over there. *Points* You’re free to dig it up and take it…IF you could defeat me, that is. If I do say so myself, that’s a pretty big “if”.

Super Knuckles: We’ll see about that. *Cracks his knuckles*

Squash: AH-HA-HA-AH! You know, Silvra, if you were looking to have any kind of advantage over me at all, then bringing me here, to a planet full of stone, was a bad move on your part.

Silvra: Not quite. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that I, too, have power over the stone element, along with six others. I’d say that YOU’RE the one who’s at a disadvantage.

Squash: HA! Don’t make me laugh!

Splash: Silvra… Before we begin, tell me… Don’t you have any of your past memories at all? You know, of Cream, Cheese, and Chocola?

Silvra: …

Splash: Think about it… Think all the way back to when you were first brought to life. If I recall correctly, you were sent to destroy us, but along the way, you met the three of them, and became friends after saving them from some of Dr. Robotnik’s robots. Does that ring a bell?

Silvra: …

I’m afraid not. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. Sure, I do have data on the three you just described, but that is all. According to that data, they, along with the rest of you, are my enemies! I am Silvra, the Goddess of All Elements, codenamed: EG-005! I am, always have been, and always WILL be a loyal servant of the great Dr. Ivo Robotnik! Any enemy of his is an enemy of mine! Prepare yourselves!

Splash: If that’s the way you want it. Whatever it takes, I’m going to change you back into the kind-hearted person you once were!

Super Vector: ‘N’ with that said… LET’S GET ‘ER!

*They dash toward her*

And so, the battle begins! The super-powered Chaotix and company against the mind-controlled Multi-Elemental Goddess, Silvra! Which side will emerge victorious? Will the Chaotix and company be able to defeat Silvra, and change her back to her original self? Or will she emerge victorious over them, and forever stay a slave to Robotnik? What about the others? How will they fare in getting through Metal Sonic Version 3.0 in order to get ahold of the switch that’s being used to control Silvra? Find out as the saga continues in Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

To “bee” continued…

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Part 19d

When we last left off on The Goddess of Destruction, the “switch-hunting group”, which consists of Team Rose (Amy, Cream, Cheese, Chocola, Big, and Froggy), Ray the Flying Squirrel, Slush, the Goddess of Ice, EG-002/Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves, Honey the Cat, and several others, were in the process of scouring Dr. Robotnik’s Sand Ocean base in search of the mind-control device that was used to brainwash the multi-Elemental Goddess, EG-005/Silvra into becoming their enemy. On the way, they encountered a vengeful Metal Sonic Version 3.0, who had a bone to pick with the group (due to previous encounters he’s had with most of them), and decided to stand in their way and use them as a “warm-up” until the original Metal Sonic arrived.

The heroes then engaged him in combat and fought a brief, evenly-matched battle, but midway through, Slush decided to use her powers to freeze the machine in sheets of ice. Although she knew he’d end up melting his way out (due to the data he’s obtained from Scorch and Blaze), that was only done to buy time for the rest of the heroes to move on and confront Robotnik, who was little ways away from there, while Slush, on the other hand, stays behind to even her score with Metal Sonic 3.0.

Before they had the chance to proceed, they were abruptly interrupted by the two criminals, Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite, whose stolen hoverpods ran out of fuel while they were on the run from the police, and as such, they ended up crashing right through the ceiling. Surprisingly, the heroes did not end up getting a fight with the pair, but they did, however, scold Nack for the brutal beating that he gave to Tiara Boobowski, to which he scoffed at before leaving the room so that he and Bean can proceed with their search for the Elemental Chaos Rings. Shortly after the two of them left, Metal Sonic 3.0 managed to melt his way out of the ice, just as Slush predicted, and delivered a powerful Chaos Blast, sending the team crashing through the wall. Elsewhere, around the base’s entrance, the original Metal Sonic detected the sudden surge of Chaos energy, came the realization that Three-Point Zero was the source of it, and began hurrying to the scene right away in order to properly settle the score with his doppelganger once and for all.

Meanwhile, the Chaotix and company, after absorbing energy from the Chaos Emeralds, decided to follow Silvra, who made off with the Master Emerald, at the Moon Zone. Before engaging her in battle, Splash made one last attempt to get through to her, asking whether or not she has any recollection of the friendship that she forged with Cream, Cheese, and Chocola, but to no avail. The question remains… Will they be able to summon the strength to defeat Silvra, and hold her off until everyone else manages to get past Metal Sonic Version 3.0, and destroy the device that Dr. Robotnik’s using to control her? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

Silvra: *Takes the Multi-Element Gem out of her tiara, and places it into the ground*

*A small tremor occurs, and various element-themed Pyrocks and Rockadiles rise from the ground*

Squash: You have GOT to be kidding…

Silvra: HAHAHAHAHA… It’s just as I told you before, I have power over seven different elements. I don’t think you were present at the time, but as Dr. Robotnik pointed out, I’m able to transfer these powers over to the Pyrocks and Rockadiles that I create, something I’m certain that you weren’t capable of.

Squash: Pffft. Yeah, whatever. I just love how you're trying to throw that in my face as if I actually care.

Silvra: Pyrocks, Rockadiles! Attack! *Points*

Pyrocks & Rockadiles: RAAAGGH!

*They stampede toward the heroes*

Squash: Leave this one to me. *Takes the Stone Element Gem out of her tiara*

After taking the Stone Element Gem out of her tiara, Squash raises it in the air, and as soon as the gem began to glow, all of the Pyrocks and Rockadiles spontaneously and simultaneously exploded, causing a bunch of debris and rubble to scatter all over the place.

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH! That was too easy! *Puts the gem back in place*

Silvra: …

Well, that was certainly unexpected. Even though I only used them as a means of testing your power, I didn’t quite expect them to fall that quickly!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH! Well, what can I say? I’m just full of surprises. If you think that was impressive, then you haven’t seen anything yet. That was only a mere sample of what I’m capable of.

Silvra: I’m glad to hear it. Now, are you ready? This is where the REAL battle begins!

Squash: Alright, then come and get it!

Super Sonic: Okay then! Let’s show her the REAL super power of teamwork!

Super Charmy: Yeah! Time to rock ‘n’ roll!

*They dash toward Silvra*

Silvra: Try THIS on for size! *Releases electrical afterimages of herself, and launches them at the heroes*

Super Silver: It’s no use! *Briefly surrounds everyone with a psy-barrier and blocks the attack*

Super Knuckles: *Runs toward Silvra, and throws punches at her*

Silvra: *Dodges them* You’ll have to be a LOT faster than that, I’m afraid! *Leaps backwards after the last punch, and blasts Knuckles with a fire wave*

Super Knuckles: Uhhhhh! *Falls back*

Silvra: *”Fires” more of them while he’s down*

Super Knuckles: *Starts rolling out of the way, and burrows underground to avoid the last one*

Silvra: Huh? Wait a minute, where did he-

Before Silvra had the chance to finish her sentence, Knuckles abruptly popped up from under the ground (where Silvra was standing), and effectively landed an uppercut, which sent her flying.

Silvra: Uhhhhhh!

Super Vector: HAHAHA! Nice goin’, Knuckles! Now, whadda ya say we use our special attacks on ‘er again?

Super Sonic: Sounds good to me! SONIC WIND!

Super Shadow: CHAOS SPEAR!



Super Knuckles: THUNDER ARROW!

*All of the others use theirs on Silvra, too, triggering an explosion*

Super Charmy: Alright! I think we did it, you guys!

Super Espio: I don’t think there’s any cause to celebrate just yet. Like she said before, the Elemental Chaos Rings are the source of her power, and as long as she’s being powered by them, she’ll still be able to recover from any damage that’s inflicted on her.

Super Shadow: That reminds me… Shouldn’t you take this as your opportunity to start digging up the Master Emerald, Knuckles?

Super Knuckles: Good idea, but I’m going to need you guys to distract her while I do.

Super Mighty: Sure thing, Knuckles.

Super Knuckles: *Burrows underground again and starts digging around for it*


*The smoke clears, and Silvra’s seen standing up again, but with her clothes slightly torn*

Silvra: Impressive… It wasn’t nearly enough to finish me, but still quite impressive, though, nonetheless. I guess I needn’t hold back with you after all…

Squash: You’re saying you’ve been holding back all this time? AH-HA-AH-AH! Yeah, sure! If what you say is true, then don’t hold back on our account. Let’s see what you’re really capable of!

Silvra: Very well. You asked for it. *Begins to glow* Behold…the power of the Elemental Chaos Rings!

Super Charmy: Hee hee, she said “beehold”. *Snickers*

*Everyone glares at him (except for Splash, who found it funny, as always)*

Super Charmy: Sorry, I had to do it that time, I just HAD to! I’ll shut up now. ^^;;

Silvra: *Looks toward Shadow* I’m sure that YOU, of all people, should be familiar with this one, since it’s similar to one of your attacks…

Super Shadow: Huh? What do you mean? Which attack would that be?

Super Charmy: You guys’re making this really hard, here!

Splash: I’d have to agree, they just keep saying “be”! *Giggles*

Silvra: *In response to Shadow* See for yourself! Multi-Star… POWWWEER!

Everyone: AAAAAAHHH!

Silvra: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now do you understand? No mere mortal can equal ME in power!

Super Charmy: Oh, no! Our ring energy is almost gone, you guys!

Super Shadow: There’s nothing to worry about. Rouge and Omega said that they were going to collect some and have them transported to us.

Super Vector: Yeah, but they sure are takin’ a while!

*Suddenly, a warphole appears above the heroes, and tons of rings rain down on them*

Burning Blaze: Well, that was convenient!

*They absorb the rings*

Super Silver: Alright, looks like we’re back in business!

Super Vector: Hey, that’s my line, y’know!

*They resume the battle*

Meanwhile, down at the Sand Ocean base…

Omega: Rings…successfully transported!

Rouge: Yeah. As many as we’ve collected, that should probably be more than enough to let them stay in their super forms. Now, why don’t we go ahead and catch up with Amy, Cream, and all the others? I wonder what could be taking them so long to get ahold of that switch?

Omega: If memory serves me correctly, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 and Mecha Amy are in the vicinity, so there is a slight possibility that the others have engaged them in battle.

Rouge: You may be onto something, Omega. Come on, let’s go!

*They leave the room and find Metal Sonic speeding through the hallway*

Rouge:  Huh? Hey, that was Metal Sonic! I wonder why he’s in such a rush?

Omega: Perhaps he is still eager to settle his score with Version 3.0?

Rouge: Yeah, knowing him, that sounds very likely. Why don’t we follow him, and that way, he’ll lead us to Three-Point Zero, and in turn, lead us to the others?

Omega: Affirmative! Initiating turbo boosters! *Jets off and follows Metal Sonic*

Rouge: Hey, wait for me! *Flies after him*

Elsewhere, at the control room…

Robotnik: *Watching the Silvra battle on the other monitor* Ahhh… Hap-PINESS is always so much more enjoyable when my plans unfold exactly as I imagined them!

Scorch: *Gives him a funny look*

Robotnik: …What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Scorch: Oh, uh…nevermind. *Continues watching the switch-hunting group’s battle against Metal Sonic 3.0 on the other monitor* (That room isn’t very far off from this one… Should they manage to defeat Three-Point Zero, then they’ll be coming our way next. I know I said before that I was forever indebted to Dr. Robotnik for saving my life that one time, and that I would always remain by his side no matter what, but… Slush, Seedra, Shock, and Storm are part of that group. Could I really bring myself to…fight against my own sisters to repay that favor…? I just…don’t know what to do…)

Robotnik: By the way, Scorch…

Scorch: Yes?

Robotnik: I just couldn’t help but notice how quiet you’ve been lately. Is there something wrong?

Scorch: Huh? Oh, it’s…nothing.

Robotnik: Are you sure?

Scorch: I’m fine, Dr. Robotnik. Really, I am.

Robotnik: *Looks at the other monitor* Ah, I think I see what’s going on…

Scorch: Hmm?

Robotnik: This is about your sisters, isn’t it?

Scorch: Um, well…

Robotnik: You’ve come to the realization that you’re going to have to fight against them eventually, should they somehow manage to get past Metal Sonic 3.0. Am I correct?

Scorch: …

Robotnik: I thought so.

Scorch: …

Dr. Robotnik… What I have to say isn’t going to be easy, but I’ll be honest with you. Please don’t take this as me betraying you or anything, because I would never do that. It’s just that-

Suddenly, before Scorch had the chance to finish her sentence, a loud explosion occurred from a distance, interrupting her mid-speech.

Robotnik: Huh!? What was that!?

Scorch: There are cameras all over this base, right? Well, I’m sure that at least one of them must have picked it up. Why not give it a look, Doctor?

Robotnik: *Flips through the channels and finds Nack and Bean in the treasure vault* GRRR… It’s THOSE two! I should’ve known…

Scorch: I wonder what they’re up to now?

At the treasure vault...

Nack: Ah, yeah! It looks like we REALLY hit ‘da jackpot!

Bean: Yep! It might not be the Elemental Chaos Rings, but this safe is the next best thing! Come to think of it, why don’t we just forget about those for now and take this money with us instead?

Nack: HAHAHAHA! As usual, you’re definitely speakin’ my language, bruddah! *Takes out his gun, blasts the combination knob, and opens it up* Now, let’s start loadin’ up ‘da bags!

Bean: Good idea. Here’s hoping we won’t have the cops waiting for us when we leave…

*They start stuffing their bags with Robotnik’s money*

Again, at Robotnik's control room...

Robotnik: NO! NOOOOOO! They’re stealing all of my hard-earned cash! That’s the very money I use for the funding of all my robots and various other machines! Do they have ANY idea how many people I had to rip off, I mean…defeat in honest wagers over at the casino!?

Scorch: Ugh! Those two, I swear… They’re just never satisfied, are they? The last time they stole some money from you, they claimed that they were getting what was rightfully owed to them, because of some deal you made with them a while ago, but this time around, I’m pretty sure there’s no excuse! You needn’t worry, though, Dr. Robotnik. Whatever it takes, I’ll definitely get that money back from them, without fail.

Robotnik: Alright, thank you. Once again, I’m counting on you, Scorch!

Scorch: *Runs off*

Robotnik: …

You know, something tells me that unexpected turn of events was all too convenient for her. She must have been quite glad to have found an excuse not to fight with her sisters. That’s okay, though. I wouldn’t want to fight any of my relatives, either, with Nega being a glaring exception… Oh, well. I suppose this means I’ll have to deal with that traitor, Mecha Amy and all the rest of them myself, and I have JUS T the weapon to use against them! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

Elsewhere, during the battle against Metal Sonic Version 3.0…

Mecha Amy: *Rapidly fires missiles from her mechanical hammer*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Catches them in another telekinetic grip* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a simpleton you are! If that didn’t work the last time, what makes you think attempting it again would be a wise decision? Talk about a lack of intelligence! Then again, I suppose that’s to be expected from worthless, outdated garbage like you!

Mecha Amy: Hee hee hee hee…

Metal Sonic 3.0: What are you laughing about? Do you find the prospect of utter helplessness that amusing?

Mecha Amy: Why, yes, I do! “Utter helplessness” on YOUR part, that is! *Aims her finger at one of the missiles and blasts it, effectively detonating all of the others through a “domino effect”*

Metal Sonic 3.0: UHHHHHHHHH!!! *Gets caught in the explosion(s) and blasted through a wall*

Mecha Amy: HA! How do you like THAT, you arrogant piece of crap!? You walked RIGHT into my trap, just as I knew you would! *Aims her finger again, and starts rapidly blasting Three-Point Zero, triggering more explosions*

Marine: Whoa! Strewth! Now THAT was ACE!

Porkenstein: Yes, I do say, that was quite brilliant!

Scorch: *Flies past everyone at the speed of a comet and exits the room*

Porkenstein: Hmm!? What the blazes was that!? No pun intended, by the way.

Amy: I have no idea… It was so fast, I could barely see it!

Big: It looked like some kinda fireball, or something…

Heavy: Yes, and that “fireball” was Scorch, if I’m not mistaken.

Bomb: Yeah, that was her alright.

Tikal: Hmm, that’s strange… I thought for sure that she would have tried picking another fight with me, since she still seems to hold a grudge against me due to a conflict we’ve had thousands of years ago…

Slush: Oh, if only you knew the truth

Tikal: Hmm? What do you mean?

Slush: Oh, uh…nothing. Don’t worry about it.

Tikal: Alright, if you say so.

Honey: Wherever it was she was off to, she must have been in quite a hurry, but enough about that. Now that Three-Point Zero has been taken care of, let’s go stop Robotnik!

Cream: Right. We need to save Miss Silvra as quickly as possible!

???: What’s this? Leaving so soon?

*They look in the direction of the voice and find Metal Sonic 3.0 standing again*

Shock: Huh!?

Mecha Amy: What!?

Storm: You’ve GOT to be kidding…

Ray: Oh, come ON! You mean to tell me he’s STILL standing after all THAT!?

Seedra: Yeah, I mean, sheesh! What does it take to get rid of this guy!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: As I told you before, this new body has been equipped with a built-in auto-recovery system, courtesy of Dr. Robotnik. Secondly, thanks to the data I’ve obtained from Silver, I was able to surround myself with a psychic energy barrier to shield myself from Mecha Amy’s barrage of lasers.

Porkenstein: Oh, blast it all!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Now, you’d best say your prayers, you pathetic bunch of vermin, for your destruction is at hand!

Shock: Give it your best shot! *Charges electric spheres at the palm of her hands* I’ll put a shock to your system!

Seedra: Why don’t we all attack him together? *Starts charging up solar energy*

[color=#BE995FB]Storm: That’s fine with me! He’s really starting to piss me off! *Starts summoning wind energy*

???: Don’t bother, that won’t be necessary!

Mecha Amy: Huh? Is that…?

Metal Sonic: *Drops in between Three-Point Zero and the “switch-hunting group”*

Mecha Amy: YAHOOOO! Metal Sonic, my love! You’re finally here!

Metal Sonic: *Rolls his eyes, and then looks toward Three-Point Zero* Three-Point Zero, we meet again, my loathsome copy!

Metal Sonic 3.0: Yes, that’s right, we DO meet again, and rest assured, for the last time! You obsolete scum! This time, I shall crush you beneath my heel! Once and for all, I shall prove which of us is TRULY the superior model, and I know for certain that it’s not a piece of outdated trash like you!

Metal Sonic: Yes, says the pale imitation, whose only so-called “improvement” is nothing more than a mere paintjob, and a poor one, at that.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Silence, fool! I refuse to stand here and be made a mockery of by anyone, especially by that of an inferior low-level such as yourself! Now, enough talk! The time has come for us to finally settle this!

Metal Sonic: That’s fine by me, but before we begin, why don’t we relocate our battle elsewhere, in order to ensure that there’s no interference?

Metal Sonic 3.0: I have no objection to that. Is there any place that you have in mind?

Metal Sonic: The Space Colony, ARK. How does that sound?

Metal Sonic 3.0: That’s just perfect. There’s a teleportation device around this base that leads to it.

Metal Sonic: I’m aware. That’s precisely how I got here; from using the teleporter at Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base.

Metal Sonic 3.0: I suppose that saves me the time of having to explain where it is. Now, come! *Turns on his jet booster and flies off*

Metal Sonic: *Follows him*

Slush: Hey, wait a minute! Ugh, it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting my shot at him now…

Bark: As many times as he’s died and come back to life, I’m sure you’ll get your chance eventually.

Slush: Hmm, I guess you have a point.

Mecha Amy: Ooh…! Can you believe that!? Metal Sonic just flat-out ignored me! He acted JUST as if I wasn’t there!

Amy: I know how you feel. Sonic’s like that with me, too…

*Rouge and Omega enter the room*

Amy: Rouge, Omega!

Rouge: Yeah, we’re here. We were wondering what was taking so long for that switch to be destroyed, and we figured that you might have run into a little trouble. So, we’ve decided to lend you a hand.

Mecha Amy: *Notices Omega* …! YOU!

Omega: Mecha Amy… Still alive, I see. This time, I will exterminate you once and for all! *Morphs his arms into machine guns*

Mecha Amy: *Raises her metallic hammer*

Cream: Hey, wait! Please don’t fight, you two! Mr. Omega, Mecha Amy’s on our side!

Omega: Is that so?

Amy: Yeah. She, Shock, and Storm have been helping us out. Mecha Amy says that she hates Robotnik, and is fighting for her freedom.

Omega: I see. *Changes his arms back to normal*

Mecha Amy: *Puts her hammer away* This doesn’t change anything between us, just so you know.

Omega: Very well. I am more than willing to accept your challenge when the time comes.

Slush: Now, with that said, let’s go stop Robotnik!

Everyone: Right!

*They move on*

Again, at the treasure vault…

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah, yeah… Now ‘DIS is wha’d I calla haul! Now ‘dat we’ve got ‘em loaded, let’s go ahead ‘n’ bus’ outta ‘dis joint!

Bean: Okay. Here’s hoping the police won’t be waiting for us when we do.

*They start running, only to get headed off by Scorch*

Scorch: Oh, if I were you two, the police would be the LEAST of my worries…

Bean: So, it’s YOU again, huh?

Scorch: You two aren’t going to get away with trying to rob Dr. Robotnik. Not as long as I have anything to say about it!

Nack: Look, ya ol’ broad, we ain’t got ‘da time ta deal wit’ ‘chu right now! Move outta ‘da way, unless ya’d like me ta pump ya guts full o’ lead!

Scorch: WHAT!? Just WHO do  you think you’re calling an “old broad”!?

Bean: Who do you think, grandma? *Snickers*

Nack: Yeah, ‘dat’s right! Ah’m talkin’ ‘da you! Gotta prob’em wit’ it?

Scorch: Oh, you bet I do! You two are SO dead!

Once again, it looks like Scorch has been “fired up”. Will she have what it takes to defeat Nack and Bean, and successfully reclaim Dr. Robotnik’s “hard-earned” fortune? Will Metal Sonic be able to summon the strength to defeat his “technologically advanced” doppelganger yet again? How long will Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company be able to hold Silvra off until Amy and the others manage to destroy the switch that Robotnik’s using to control her? Additionally, what twisted, evil plot does the doctor have in store for the group? Find out next time, in the second-to-last chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

To “bee” continued…
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Part 19e

When we last left off, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company, after using the power of the Chaos Emeralds to power up, resumed their battle against EG-005/Silvra, in an effort to stall her until Cream and all the others manage to confiscate and destroy the remote control device that Dr. Robotnik was using to control her. So far, the battle has been pretty close, but eventually, it got to the point where the heroes’ ring energy was about to wear off after taking one of Silvra’s devastating attacks head-on. However, thanks to Rouge and Omega, their ring energy was refueled, and they were able to resume the battle.

Meanwhile, down at the base, Scorch, while watching the switch-hunting group’s battle against Metal Sonic Version 3.0, began to worry that she would eventually have to fight against her sisters if they managed to defeat him. Shortly afterwards, an explosion was heard somewhere around the base, and it turned out to be none other than Bean the Dynamite, as well as Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper, who caused it. According to the recorded video footage, the two of them were stealing money from Dr. Robotnik’s treasure vault. Scorch, who’s pledged undying loyalty to the doctor sometime ago (and because she jumped at the chance to avoid fighting her sisters), decided to rush to the scene and stop the two crooks from making off with Robotnik’s “hard-earned” cash.

Elsewhere, the switch-hunting group’s battle against Metal Sonic 3.0 continued. Just as it seemed as if Mecha Amy was starting to gain the upper hand against him, and just as they were getting ready to move on in order to have their final confrontation with Robotnik, Three-Point Zero managed to rise again. Shortly before the battle resumed, Metal Sonic, who was following the signal of the Three-Point Zero’s Chaos energy, arrived on the scene to challenge his “technologically advanced” doppelganger to yet another showdown. This time around, the two of them agreed to have their battle at the Space Colony, ARK, in order to make sure that there’s no outside interference.

After the two machines left to settle their business, the group decided to move on. Rouge and Omega, who followed Metal Sonic to the area, decided to join the rest of the group and lend a hand in stopping the doctor. The questions still remain… Will they have what it takes to stop Dr. Robotnik and free Silvra from his mind control? How much longer will Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company be able to hold her off? Will Scorch manage to stop Nack and Bean from escaping with Robotnik’s money? Which of the two Metal Sonics will walk away the victor? Find out in this exciting second-to-last chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

Here, we begin this part of the story with Cream and the rest of the switch-hunting group, who have gotten past the previous room where they were battling Metal Sonic 3.0, and are now going through the hallway that leads to Robotnik’s room, where they’re preparing to have their final confrontation with him. Ironically, Slush, who was bent on getting revenge on the doctor, began to have second thoughts…

Slush: …

*Cue flashback from Part 1*

Robotnik: You sniveling TRAITOR! How DARE you!? I just don’t get it! I’ve been BEYOND generous to you! In addition to treating you with more respect than I’ve shown to some of my own minions, I saved both yours AND your sister’s life by freeing you from many years of captivity, and THIS is how you repay me!?

*End flashback*

Slush: (Thinking about it now, he’s actually right... He really HAS been nothing but generous to Scorch and I all this time. Back in our day, the two of us, along with Splash, were labeled as “freaks” for being different from everyone else, and treated like crap on a regular basis… Those heartless bastards even saw us as a threat, and had us sealed up because of it! Then, thousands of years later, Dr. Robotnik came to our rescue… Sure, at the time, he seemed like nothing more than a power-crazed madman, and he may be a little perverted, but at the same time, he still treated us with the utmost respect. In fact, aside from the Chaotix and Bark, Robotnik truly was the first person who’s ever been kind to us, and I repaid him by stabbing him in the back… I feel terrible about this now, but I have to press on for Silvra’s sake! But maybe someday, someday, I’ll make it up to him…)

Ray: Hey, Slush. Are you feeling alright?

Slush: Huh? Oh, yeah, I’m fine. I just…zoned out for a bit, that’s all. So, um… Let’s take care of Robotnik now, shall we?

Mecha Amy: (So, it’s all come down to this… Finally, the time has come for me to defeat Dr. Robotnik, and declare independence from that meanie once and for all! Aside from being with my darling, Metal Sonic, freedom has always been my fondest dream… At least I know for sure that one of them will come true today, assuming everything goes as planned. Then, maybe someday, the other one will come true, as well… *Dreamy sigh*)

Shock: Hey… *Places her hand on Mecha Amy’s shoulder* Everything okay? You’re not feeling nervous, are you?

Mecha Amy: Well… Maybe just a little; only because of that stupid switch that Robotnik’s been threatening me with all this time, but other than that, I’m okay.

Storm: Hmm, I guess that’s fine, just as long as you aren’t backing down. I mean, after all, you DID drag us into this, too, you know.

Mecha Amy: Don’t worry, I’m not backing down. My mind’s made up… I’ve already come this far, and at this point, it’s way too late to turn back now. Like I said before, even if I DO wind up getting shut down again, that’s a lot better than having to live as HIS puppet for any longer!

Shock: We’re glad to hear it. Just so you know, Mecha Amy… Regardless of whether the doc decides to have you scrapped, shut down, or whatever else, we won’t let anything happen to you. We’re your friends, and we’re behind you all the way. Remember that.

Storm: *Nods* That’s right. We’re all in on this together.

Mecha Amy: Aww, you guys… I could just…! *Tightly hugs them both* If I weren’t a machine, I’d be crying my eyes out right now! Thank you SO much! I… I could never ask for better friends than the two of you…!

Storm: *Turns blue in the face* C-Can’t…breathe…!

Shock: *Same* Y-Yeah, no prob, but you’re squeezing us a little too tight!

Mecha Amy: Oh! *Releases them* Sorry about that! I guess I just got a little caught up in the moment. ^^;;

Shock: Hey, don’t sweat it.

After that, the heroes proceeded through the large door with Robotnik’s insignia on it, and found themselves in a spacious room, which, to their surprise, was empty. Or so it seemed…

Amy: Hmm, that’s odd… It doesn’t seem like anyone’s here…

Big: Yup, and it’s very quiet, too…

Cream: Yes, a little TOO quiet…

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao…

Honey: Yeah, it’s eerily quiet, but that doesn’t mean we should let our guards down just yet. Robotnik or his minions may very well be in hiding, waiting to ambush us…

*The automatic door in front of them opens*

Marine: I think someone’s comin’!

Robotnik: *Enters the room with a squadron of Egg Pawns and other Badniks* Well, well… What have we here?

Cream: Dr. Robotnik!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHA! That’s right! The one and only Dr. Ivo Robotnik, scientific genius extraordinaire, with an undisputed IQ of 300!

Porkenstein: “Eee-vo”? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought it was pronounced “Eye-vo”?

Robotnik: Yes, I get the a lot. I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve had to correct people about it. By the way, who are you?

Porkenstein: I’m Nathaniel Porkenstein; just your average scientist who specializes in mechanical engineering.

Robotnik: “Porkenstein”? Are you, by any chance, a relative of the late Ezekiel Porkenstein?

Porkenstein: Why, yes, I am, he was my father. I’ll take it that you two knew one another?

Robotnik: Not exactly. I never knew him personally. His name popped up from time-to-time in my research, and that’s about it. In a way, I guess you can say that I only knew him by reputation.

Porkenstein: I see.

Mecha Amy: *AHEM*

Robotnik: Ah, yes, of course. How rude of me. We still have some unfinished business to attend to, don’t we?

Mecha Amy: Oh, you bet we do! Robotnik, listen up! This is the end! Do you hear me!? We quit! *Points to herself, Shock, and Storm* All three of us! Got it!? We don’t work for you anymore! We’re FREE! As of right now, you can go find someone else to do your dirtywork!

Robotnik: Is that so?

Mecha Amy: That’s right! Go ahead and shut me down if you want to, I don’t care! I’m not afraid anymore! If that’s what it’ll take to be free from the likes of you, then I gladly welcome it with open arms!

Robotnik: …


Mecha Amy: What’s so funny!?

Robotnik: You are. Those melodramatic speeches of yours amuse me to no end!

Mecha Amy: “Speeches”? You mean to tell me that…?

Robotnik: That’s right. Metal Sonic 3.0 filled me in, and I heard every word that you, Shock, and Storm spoke regarding your plan to rise against me.

Shock: That definitely explains why he had that recorded!

Storm: GRR…

Mecha Amy: Ooooh…! I hate that guy SOOO much!

Slush: Join the club.

Robotnik: There’s no need to blame him for it. After all, as I told you before, I wasn't born yesterday. I knew all along that you were planning to betray me, Mecha Amy. That’s not something that took a rocket scientist to figure out. All Three-Point Zero did was confirm my suspicions. You two, on the other hand… *Looks toward Shock and Storm* I’m completely baffled, and utterly lost for an explanation as to why YOU would rebel against me, seeing how I’ve treated you two as if you were my own daughters! *Looks toward Slush* And don’t even get me started on you! *Looks toward Seedra, Heavy, Bomb, Gamma, and Omega* The same thing applies to all of you, as well!

Shock: Look, doc… I can’t speak for Mecha Amy, Seedra, or any of the others, but I just want you to know that even though we've sided with them, Storm and I bear no grudge against you.

Storm: That’s right. We merely disagree with what you’re doing, that’s all.

Robotnik: Oh, let me guess… This is about Silvra, isn’t it?

Storm: Something like that.

Cream: Dr. Robotnik, please change her back!

Cheese & Chocola: Chao, Chao!

Robotnik: Oh, is that what you came all this way for? I’m terribly sorry to disappoint you, but I simply cannot do that. You see, EG-005 is my ticket to world domination! With her awesome power at my disposal, I can finally vanquish my enemies, bring the world to its knees, and realize my ambitions of building my ultimate utopia, the Robotnik Empire, or “Eggman Empire”, if you prefer, in my own image!

Porkenstein: You’re insane! It’s people like you who truly give scientists a bad name!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA! On the contrary, my good sir, I’m entirely in my right mind!

Heavy: Could’ve fooled me.

Bomb: Truer words have never been spoken.

Robotnik: Well, it’s been nice chatting with you all, but as the saying goes, “all good things must come to a close”. Should you defeat this group of robots, I’ll be waiting for you in the next room. Now, with that said, let the games begin! Badniks, attack! *Snaps his finger and walks away*

*The Badniks charge toward the group*

Omega: Worthless consumer models! I will eliminate them all! Total destruction for all of Robotnik’s robots!

Mecha Amy: “Total destruction for all of Robotnik’s robots?” Last time I checked, YOU were one of them, yourself!

Omega: Less arguing, more destroying!

Mecha Amy: …Fine.

*They start fighting off the Badniks*

Meanwhile, up at the Moon Zone…

Super Sonic: Alright, are you ready, Tails?

Super Tails: I’m ready, Sonic!

Super Sonic: Okay, then let’s do it!

*They use their trademark “spinning donut” technique (from Sonic 4; Episode II), and roll towards Silvra at light speed*

Silvra: Oh, no you don’t! *Holds out the palm of her hand to zap them, but ends up getting run over before she has the chance* UHHHHHHH!

Super Vector: Good one, guys! Now, why don’t ‘cha let us take it from here?

Super Espio: *Plays his instrument*

Super Charmy: BEE, BEE, BEE! CHARMY BEE!

Super Vector: *Yells into the microphone* YAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

*A huge soundwave is created, and it moves towards Silvra*

Silvra: *Covers her ears* NOT AGAAAAAIIIN!

Super Tiara: *Covers hers, too* Gee whiz, you guys! Would you mind toning that down a bit!?

*They stop*

Super Vector: Yeah, sorry ‘bout that. As it turns out, that just-so-happens to be one o’ Silvra’s weaknesses, ‘n’ we’re just usin’ it to our advantage.

Super Tiara: No wonder! I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but that was some TERRIBLE singing!

Super Vector: Sheesh! People these days, I swear… They just don’t appreciate good singin’ when they hear it! Well, except for maybe Vanilla.

Super Charmy: Yeah, and we all know why THAT is! *Snickers*

Super Vector: It ain’t nothin’ like that!

Super Charmy: Suuuuurrreee it isn’t!

Super Vector: I’m bein’ serious, here!

Burning Blaze: Can we concentrate on the task at hand, here?

Super Silver: Blaze is right. You’ll have plenty of time for goofing around after Silvra’s been taken care of!

Super Mighty: Any luck in finding the Master Emerald down there, Knuckles?

Super Knuckles: *Still digging* Almost! I’m definitely getting closer… I can feel its power! I’m pretty sure I’ll have it in no time at this rate! You guys just keep hanging in there until I find it!

Super Sonic: No problem, Knuckles!

Silvra: *Her eyes glow purple as she begins to create a strong wind storm*

Super Vector: Ah, crud! *Starts resisting* Looks like it’s our battle wit’ Storm all over again, Wechnia!

Wechnia: Tell me about it… *Resists the current, too*

*The others do the same*

Elsewhere, in outer space, the two Metal Sonics found themselves at the Space Colony, ARK after using Dr. Robotnik’s teleportation device, and were currently in the middle of their battle. It was, in fact, the very same area where Sonic and Shadow had their second battle during the events of Sonic Adventure 2…

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Has tons of objects in a telekinetic grip* Obsolete filth! Drown in the empty vastness of space! *Starts tossing them*

Metal Sonic: *Frantically dodges them, and continues speeding along the pathway*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Continues tossing them, but at a faster rate*

Metal Sonic: *Dodges all of those, too*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Tosses one last object at him; this time, being an asteroid*

Metal Sonic: *Looks back and blasts it with an eye laser, shattering it to pieces*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Surrounds himself with electric current, and uses the electro-dash* DIE!

Metal Sonic: *Jumps into the air, causing Three-Point Zero to go underneath him*

Metal Sonic 3.0: What!? How could you have possibly…!? *Gets spin attacked before finishing that sentence* Uhhhhhh! *Czzzzzt!* *Falls over*

Metal Sonic: *Speeds on ahead*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Not bad for an outdated model… *Sits up and starts charging up a laser on his chest cavity* But it will take a lot more than that if you hope to stand even the slightest chance against me this time!

After the laser was finished charging, Three-Point Zero immediately fired it in Metal Sonic’s direction. Although the beam itself did not hit Metal Sonic directly, he did, however, get caught in the explosion that it triggered, knocking him forward and destroying some of the terrain in the process.

Metal Sonic: *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Sonic 3.0: I’m not through with you yet! *Hovers into the air with his jet booster, and fires a few Chaos Spears at him*

Metal Sonic: *Rolls out of the way, gets back up, and hovers into the air with Three-Point Zero*

*The two Metal Sonics dash towards one another, and engage in fierce aerial, hand-to-hand combat*

Again, with the switch-hunting group at the Sand Ocean base…

Gamma: Badniks successfully destroyed!

Amy: Yep. Now that they’re out of the way, all that’s left is Robotnik! Come on, everyone! *Runs off to the next room*

*The others do the same*

Mecha Amy: *Stops to look back at the broken Badnik parts with a sad, sympathetic look in her eyes*

Storm: Are you alright?

Mecha Amy: I’m…I’m fine.

Shock: Are you sure?

Mecha Amy: Yes, really.

Shock: Alright, if you say so.

Mecha Amy: Now, with that said… *Clenches her fist* I think it’s time we’ve taught that fat, mustachioed meanie a lesson he won’t soon forget! *Runs off*

*Shock and Storm do the same*

After successfully defeating all the Badniks that Dr. Robotnik left behind, they all decided to move on, until they found themselves in another large, spacious room, with this one having more of a metallic atmosphere than the last.

Honey: That’s strange; it doesn’t look like there’s anyone here. I could have sworn we all saw Robotnik go through this door, and I don’t see any other exits…

Mecha Amy: Hmph, I’ll bet he’s somewhere hiding like the coward he truly is! Robotnik! Where are you!? Come out and face us!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA! Look above you!

*They look up and find Robotnik on a floating platform*

Robotnik: Now that I have your attention, I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate you all for your efforts in making it this far into the base. You’ve done well, but unfortunately for you, this is the end of the line!

Shock: Look, doc, we don’t want to have to fight you if we don’t have to. Please, just play it smart and hand over that switch!

Robotnik: “Play it smart”, you say? You sound awfully sure of yourself, don’t you?

Storm: You might as well. Not counting the time we’ve spent hunting down the Elemental Chaos Rings, we’ve been with you the entire time, Doctor, and we know for certain that you don’t have any other weapons to use against us.

Robotnik: …

Mecha Amy: Yeah, and neither the Badniks nor Scorch are here to protect you. So, you might as well surrender, or we’ll take that switch by force!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You think you have all the answers, don’t you? Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth! If you truly thought that I didn’t have a back-up plan in addition to EG-005, then you are sadly mistaken! *Takes out the controller*

Mecha Amy: *Notices it* …!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… You recognize this switch; do you not, Mecha Amy? You know it all too well, don’t you? That’s because it’s not only the device that I used to regain control of Silvra, but the very same controller that I often used to scare you into obeying my orders!

Mecha Amy: What’s your point!?

Robotnik: My point is that I do happen to have a weapon to use… a very fine one, at that. As a matter of fact, this “weapon” that I’m referring to happens to be among the lot of you! Would you care to take a guess as to who it is? *Evil grin*

Mecha Amy: W-Wait a minute! You…you couldn’t possibly mean…!?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s right! You guessed it! The “weapon” that I speak of…is YOU, Mecha Amy!

Mecha Amy: Not if I have anything to say about it! *Aims her finger up at the switch, and fires a laser*

*The laser disintegrates seemingly out of nowhere*

Mecha Amy: WHAT!?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I figured you or one of the others would try something like this, so I’ve decided give my Power Platform the ability to generate a barrier!

Mecha Amy: GRRR…

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now, without further ado, Mecha Amy, it’s time you’ve taken a page out of Silvra’s book, and swore undying allegiance to your creator! *Switches the controller from “EG-005 Mode” to “Mecha Amy Mode”, and presses a button*

Mecha Amy: G-Ghhh…! *Kneels to the floor as electric current begins to surround her* *Czzzzt!*

Shock: Mecha Amy! What’s wrong!? Are you okay!?

Mecha Amy: I-I think I’m… *Czzzzzt!* …S-Starting to lose grip…on my sanity! *Czzzzzt!*

Storm: You have to fight it!

Porkenstein: Yes, you simply must!

Robotnik: HA! She could try to fight it all she wants; it won’t do her any good in the end! You saw how that worked out with Silvra, didn’t you? HAHAHAHAHAHA…

Amy: You won’t get away with this!

Robotnik: Oh, but that’s where you’re mistaken! I already have!

Amy: *Tosses her hammer at Robotnik*

*It hits the forcefield*

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re quite the slow learner, aren’t you? Did I not say that the Power Platform will always generate a barrier if you even attempt to attack?

Amy: Ooooh…!

Omega: Attention, everyone! We must aim for the Power Platform itself! Should we manage to do a significant amount of damage to it, Robotnik will be unable to generate another barrier! Then we can prevent Mecha Amy from falling under his control!

Rouge: Good thinking, Omega! Come on, let’s give it a shot! *Tosses heart-shaped bat-bombs at it*

Omega: *Morphs his arms into machines guns and fires at the Power Platform*

Gamma: *Locks into it and fires*

Porkenstein: *Does the same with his Laser Bazooka*

Slush: HAAAAAAH! *Fires an ice beam*

Seedra: *Starts firing solar beams*

Shock: *Fires electric blasts*

Storm: *Fires wind blasts*

Robotnik: WHA-!? *Steers out of their direction, causing the blasts to go through the wall instead*

Porkenstein: Oh, blast it all!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice try, but not good enough, I’m afraid!

Mecha Amy: Ghhhhhh…! *Czzzzzt!* I…can’t…hold…on…much…longer! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!


Storm: …!


No longer able to resist, Mecha Amy eventually found herself under the full control of Robotnik, similar to what became of Silvra.

Mecha Amy: How can I serve you, Master Robotnik?

Robotnik: I want you to take care of each and every one of these pests! Can you do that for me?

Mecha Amy: As you command… *Aims her finger at the group and fires*

*They spread out and dodge the attack*

Again, at the Moon Zone, Silvra, who had previously succumb to Robotnik’s mind control, was starting to become her original self again, due to the fact that the switch could only control one of them at a time.

Silvra: H-Huh…? *Looks around* Where…am I? How did I…get here? *Looks at her hands* Oh, that’s right, now I remember! It was Dr. Robotnik…he used some kind of device to control me, didn’t he!?

Wechnia: Yes, that’s the gist of it.

Super Sonic: Well, well… Looks like Cream and the others finally managed to get ahold of Ro-butt-nik’s switch!

Super Vector: It’s about freakin’ time! It took ‘em long enough!

Super Knuckles: *Comes from underground with the Master Emerald* What’s that? She’s back to normal? I guess there’s no need to disable her powers, after all.

Splash: Silvra, you just don’t know how glad we are to finally have you back!

Super Charmy: I’m sure Cream will be glad, too. Really, REALLY glad.

Hee hee, get it, “bee glad”? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles* As I always say, I could just never get tired of those, no matter how many times I hear them. They’re just so cute!

Super Charmy: Hee hee, thanks!

Silvra: That isn’t the ONLY thing that’s cute… *Winks at Wechnia again*

Wechnia: Uhhh, t-thank you again… *Blushes a little*

Super Charmy: *Snickers*

Wechnia: Find something funny?

Super Charmy: Ohhhh, you know! I think she liiiiikes you! *Snickers again*

Wechnia: Not necessarily. It was only a compliment.

Super Charmy: Hee hee! Yeah, that’s what they all say!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Super Shadow: …ANYWAY, it looks like our work here is done. Why don’t we meet up with the others again down at the Doctor’s base?

Squash: I don’t have a problem with that.

Super Shadow: Chaos… CONTROL!

*They all disappear in a sudden flash of light, and finds themselves at the Sand Ocean base, in their normal states*

Tails: So, where do you think everyone went? Do you think maybe they’re still fighting Robotnik?

Sonic: It’s either that, or they already have him beat. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

Vector: Same here, ‘cause like I’m always sayin’, there ain’t nothin’ Robotnik could dish out that we can’t handle!

Silvra: Hmm… *Accesses her built-in scanners* Actually, my scanners indicate that there’s still a battle going on…

Charmy: Do you know who’s winning?

Silvra: That, I’m not sure of.

Knuckles: Then I guess there’s only one way to find out, and that’s to go over there and check it out ourselves.

Sonic: Alright, then what’re we waiting for? Let’s blast through with sonic speed!

Mighty: *Looks ahead* Huh? Hey, isn’t that…Nack and Bean up ahead? *Points*

Espio: Yes, that’s them alright.

Nack: HAHAHA! Man, gettin’ away from ‘dat fiyah hag was a li’l TOO easy!

Bean: Yep! Good thing I always carry these smoke bombs with me! Come to think of it, I should’ve used knockout gas, but whatever. What’s done is done. Let’s go ahead and get out here!

Nack: As always, you’re definitely speakin’ my-

*They stop as soon as they notice the heroes*

Nack: Ah, great, it’s ‘DESE chumps again!

Sonic: As of right now, it’s game over for you two!

Nack: Well, well… Look who it is! I hoid from ‘de ol’ man ‘dat ‘cha’ve gotta bone ta pick wit’ me?

Sonic: Oh, you bet I do! I’m gonna make you pay for what you did to-

Tiara: It’s alright, Sonic. I’ll handle this.

Nack: ‘Ey, wayda minute! You’re ‘dat Boobowski wench! You’ve…you’ve gotta be freakin’ kiddin’ me! How’s it ‘dat you’re even here right now!? How’d 'ja manage ta recovah so quickly!? ‘Dis ain’t makin’ no kinda sense!

Tiara: You don’t need to know that. The only thing that matters right now is that I’m ready for a rematch. You just don’t know how glad I am to have run into you. Now, I’m going to pay you back for sure! This time, YOU’RE the one who’s going to be taking a trip to the hospital! Let’s go, Fang! Right now! *Points her jeweled staff at him*

Nack: Now, lemme get ‘dis straight: You’re sayin’ ‘dat ya just got outta ‘da hospital aftah losin’ ‘da last fight we had, ‘n’ now ya wanna fight me again? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Man, ‘dis is freakin’ hilarious!

Tiara: I’m not interested in your talk! Let’s get this over with!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Man, ya really DO wanna die, don’t ‘cha? Well, I’d be happy ta oblige! *Unsheathes his knife*

Sonic: Tiara… Are you sure you’re ready for this?

Tiara: Don’t worry, I can handle him. The only reason he won the last time, is because I fell for a trick that he played on me. I won’t make that same mistake again, though.

Sonic: Alright, if you say so.

Tiara: I’ll stay here and deal with him, while you guys stop Robotnik!

Tails: Okay. Good luck!

*They leave*

Tiara: (You see? That, right there, is why there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m the one Sonic truly loves, rather than Amy or whoever that “other girl” is that Charmy talked about before. He was even ready to fight for me… *Dreamy sigh* :wub:)

Nack: A’ight, Bean, here’s ‘da plan. I’ll stay here ‘n’ put ‘dis broad in ‘er place again, while you take ‘da loot, scram, ‘n’ make a break for ‘da hideout!

Bean: Yeah, that’s just what I had in mind. Since the Marvelous Queen is STILL broken, I’m gonna go take another one of Robotnik’s aircrafts. *Runs off*

Nack: (HAHAHAHAHAHA! We’re yet anuddah step ta becomin’ filthy, stinkin’ RICH! At ‘dis rate, I might even be able ta run my own syndicate, ‘r somethin’!) ‘Ey, Boobowski!

Tiara: *Didn’t hear him, since she’s in the middle of a daydream about Sonic*

Nack: Boobowski! Ah’m talkin’ to ya!

Tiara: *Still didn’t hear him*

Nack: *Takes out his gun, aims into the air, and fires*

Tiara: Huh!? What!?

Nack: Ya need ta be payin’ attention, y’hear? You’re real lucky, y’know ‘dat? ‘Cause I coulda blown ya stinkin’ head off, right ‘den ‘n’ ‘dere if I wanted!

Tiara: Then what stopped you from doing it?

Nack: I guess ya could say it was ‘cause I’m in a good mood, but just keep ‘n mind: ‘Dat’s ‘da foist ‘n’ only freebie you’re gettin’ from me. I ain’t cuttin’ you no more slack aftah ‘dis, goddit? *Puts the gun back in his holster*

Tiara: Fine, whatever. Can we just get this over with already? I haven’t got all day, you know.

Nack: Neitha do I, so I guess ‘dat makes two’ve us! Now, ‘r’ ya ready?

Tiara: *Fighting stance*

Nack: ‘Den come ‘n’ get it!

Wasting no more time, the two of them quickly charged towards one another and swung their weapons, and clashed them together. In the meantime, while that was going on, Bean was in the process of heading towards the hangar of the base, where many of Dr. Robotnik’s Egg –O- Matic Hovercrafts were located in order to make his get-away. Little did he know, however, that Scorch had returned to the control room in order to successfully track his location, with the help of all the cameras that are installed around the base.

Scorch: *Watches the monitor* So, THAT’S where he’s heading. They may have slipped past me before, but that won’t happen again! *Looks at Nack and Tiara’s fight on the other monitor* I guess I’ll leave that weasel to her. After all, according to that old porcupine with the labcoat, she somehow ended up taking a major beating from him once before, so I guess she deserves to have her vengeance. Plus, he doesn’t seem to have Dr. Robotnik’s money on him, but that duck does, so I guess he’s the one that’s reserved for me! I’d better get going before he escapes! *Quickly rushes out of the room*

Meanwhile, right in the hallway…

Splash: Hmm? *Notices Scorch* Oh, hey, Scorch. What’s the rush?

Scorch: Sorry, Splash, no time to talk! *Flies off after getting a running start*

Sonic: (That reminds me… I wonder if Shock will be up for another race?)

Silver: I wonder why she’s in such a hurry?

Blaze: Beats me. Whatever the case may be, I highly doubt that it concerns any of us.

Silver: Yeah, unless it has something to do with Iblis, that is, since he’s still trapped in that gem of hers. As far as I know, at least.

Charmy: Hee hee, “whatever the case may bee”. *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Blaze: *Glares at Charmy*

Charmy: Sorry. ^^;

Espio: So, anyway, you said that the battle’s taking place over here, Silvra? Exactly which of these doors will lead us to it?

Silvra: *Accesses her scanners*

It’s this one. *Points to the middle door, with Robotnik’s insignia on it*

Sonic: Man, Ro-butt-nik sure likes to look at himself, doesn’t he? Now, with that said, let’s blast through with sonic speed…again!

Silvra: (Cream, Cheese, Chocola… I’m coming!)

*They go through the door*

Elsewhere, up at the ARK runaway, Metal Sonic and Metal Sonic Version 3.0 have fought each other to a standstill, and were in the middle of a brief intermission.

Metal Sonic: *Czzzzzt!* *Holds his arm*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Czzzzzt!* Again, you fight well for an outdated model… *Holds his arm, too*

Metal Sonic: Likewise. *Czzzzzt!* Perhaps you aren’t such a pale imitation of my own design after all, but a copy is still a copy, and it can never surpass the original. There is only one real, true Sonic…and that happens to be none other than I, the original Metal Sonic!


Metal Sonic: What are you laughing about?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Do you mean to tell me that you actually believe you’re the real Sonic?

Metal Sonic: Without a doubt. No question about it.

Metal Sonic 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If that’s truly what you think, then you are pathetically delusional! I shouldn’t even need to explain why!

Metal Sonic: Sonic is an organic copy! I existed long before he ever did!

Metal Sonic 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You amuse me, Metal Sonic, you really do. If that’s what you wish to believe, then I won’t stop you. I couldn’t care less about your erroneous beliefs. My only concern at the moment is putting an end to your pitiful existence!

Metal Sonic: Then let’s resume!

Metal Sonic 3.0: I thought you would never ask. *Surrounds himself with electric current, and hovers into the air*

Metal Sonic: *Looks up*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for! I’ve been saving this for a special occasion… Regardless of how well you fight, it’s still quite humiliating to have to resort to THIS in order to deal with an outdated model, but if that’s what it’ll take, then so be it! *Continues to charge up* Behold, the ability to transform at will!!!

*A bright flash of light occurs, and when it fades Metal Sonic 3.0 is seen in his “Overlord” form*

Metal Sonic: Oh, so it’s THAT again, is it?

Metal Overlord 3.0: Hmm hmm hmm hmm… That’s right! I’m sure you’re probably wondering how I was able to transform without the aid of the Chaos Rings this time. That’s because I still retain the exact same copy chip that I had when we fought a week ago. It’s almost as if these chips have minds of their own, and it was able to “remember” the way I transformed before. Therefore, the Chaos Rings are no longer necessary!

Metal Sonic: (Exactly what kind of copy chips did Dr. Nega invent!?)

Metal Overlord 3.0: This time, for certain, I shall crush you at the palm of my hand! Especially since your friends aren’t around to save you this time!

Metal Sonic: Friends? I don’t have any. Not now, not ever.  If you’re referring to Amy Rose and all those other meddlers, then they are no friends of mine! Each and every one of them are insignificant, and mean nothing to me! I never asked for their assistance in the first place!

Metal Overlord 3.0: Then I suppose they’ll have no qualms with me reducing you into mere space dust, you worthless piece of obsolete trash! *Swings his large iron tail*

Metal Sonic: *Turns on his jet booster, dodges, and dashes toward him*

Even though Silvra has returned back to her original self, Mecha Amy’s self-control was sacrificed in the process! Will Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company be able to get there in time to stop Robotnik and permanently free both Mecha Amy and Silvra from his control? Will Tiara manage to defeat Nack this time, or will he overpower her, as he did before? Will Metal Sonic be able to defeat Metal Sonic Version 3.0 and his monstrous power once again? Will Scorch be able to catch up to Bean and keep him from escaping with Robotnik’s “hard-earned” money? Find out as the battles conclude, next time, on the final chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

To “bee” continued…
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I finally got around to getting this finished and posted. Well, technically, it's only halfway finished. Originally, I wasn't going to post this until I had more of the ending finished, and even though I intended to have them split from the get-go like I did with the ending of the second episode, I figured I'd do it this way, so that people won't have to read it all in one sitting, since it's pretty long.
Part 20 (Ending Part 1)

On the previous chapter of Elements of Power, Cream the Rabbit and the rest of the group have managed to pass the previous room where they were battling Metal Sonic Version 3.0, and decided to press onward and move on to their final confrontation with Dr. Robotnik, so that they could seek and destroy the mind-control device that was used to turn the Multi-Elemental Goddess, EG-005/Silvra against the heroes. In addition to the doctor, they also ran into a squadron of Badniks that he decided to sic on the group, claiming that he’ll meet everyone in the next room should they manage to defeat his robots. After laying them to waste (as expected), the group proceeded to the next room, where they found Robotnik on top of a floating platform. Thinking that they had him cornered, Shock, Storm, and Mecha Amy made a suggestion for the doctor to surrender, but he then retorted that he had another weapon to use in addition to Silvra. Unfortunately for Mecha Amy, she was the very “weapon” that he spoke of, and she ended up succumbing to Robotnik’s mind-control, just as Silvra did.

However, even though the device was designed to be able to control both Mecha Amy and Silvra, it was only capable of controlling one of them at a time, and as a result, the latter ended up returning back into her original self while she was in the middle of her battle with the Chaotix team and company. Assuming that the others managed to destroy the switch, they decided to leave the Moon Zone and meet up with everyone again down at Robotnik’s Sand Ocean base. Shortly after arriving via Chaos Control, Silvra, while using her scanners, informed everyone that a battle was still going on, and they decided to proceed through the base until they got to where the others were.

On the way, they ended up running into Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper, and Bean the Dynamite, who had just got finished escaping from Scorch after stealing from Robotnik’s treasure vault. The recently-recovered Tiara, who was bent on getting back at Fang for what he did to her before, decided to stay behind to take him on, while the Chaotix and company moves on to confront Robotnik. Bean, on the other hand, decided to take the stolen loot (as Nack suggested) to make a break for their hideout. Due to the fact that the Marvelous Queen has not been repaired after Honey destroyed it in the previous episode, Bean decided to steal another of Dr. Robotnik’s Egg –O- Matic Hovercrafts in order to make his getaway. Meanwhile, Scorch returned to the control room in order to pinpoint their location. Since Nack no longer had the stolen money on him, and feeling that Tiara deserves her vengeance, she decided to leave him to her and take Bean on instead. Wasting no time, she decided to hurry to the scene to prevent him from escaping.

Elsewhere, up at the Space Colony, ARK, the two Metal Sonics were in the middle of an intense one-on-one battle. They fought a close, evenly-matched battle, and decided to have a brief intermission. After it was over, Metal Sonic 3.0 decided to morph into his “Overlord” transformation; this time, without the aid of the Chaos Rings. According to himself, he was able to pull this off because of an advanced copy chip that he’s been equipped with, where it was able to “remember” the last time he did so. When that was all said and done, the two Metal Sonics decided to resume their battle.

Now, the questions still remain… Which of the two machines will walk away the victor? Will Tiara actually manage to defeat Nack in battle this time? Will Scorch be able to prevent Bean from escaping with the money that he and Nack stole from Robotnik? Will Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company be able to stop Robotnik, destroy the controller, and permanently free both Silvra and Mecha Amy from ever being mind-controlled again? Find out in this exciting final chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

Meanwhile, at Tails’ Workshop…

*Orbot and Cubot are in the middle of a card game, as they patiently wait for Tails and the others to return*

Cubot: Got aneh threes, pard?

Orbot: …That’s “Go Fish” you’re thinking of, Cubot. This is Poker, remember?

Cubot: Oh, right.

Any queens?

Orbot: *Anime fall*

Cubot: Well, howda ya play this doggone game, anyway!?

Orbot: …Nevermind. Why don’t we play something simpler?

Cubot: Like Go Fish?

Orbot: Fine, I guess that’ll do.

*Orbot reshuffles the cards and deals them out*

Cubot: So, when da ya think Tails, Heavy, ‘n’ Bomb ‘r’ comin’ back? Do ya think they managed to stop ‘dat ‘dere Doubla-Five chick, ‘r wudever?

Orbot: Maybe. We won’t know for sure until they get back. To answer the first question, I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t care if Heavy ever comes back. Bomb, I don’t mind, but Heavy, on the other hand, I cannot stand. He’s a complete and total prick, and could go rot in a junkyard for all I care.

Cubot: Yer darn tootin’. Couldn’t‘ve said it aneh bedder m’self. Now, wit’ that said, ya got aneh threes?

Orbot: Go Fish.

Cubot: Doggone it!

Meanwhile, up at the Space Colony, ARK…

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Continuously hammers down his fists in an attempt to squash Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic: *Dodges them*

Metal Overlord 3.0: You worthless piece of scrap metal! I’m going to rip you apart, piece-by-piece!

Failing to squish Metal Sonic with his fists, Three-Point Zero decided to swing his large iron tail at him again. This time, rather than simply jumping over it, Metal Sonic decided to jump on top of his tail, grinded on it like a rail, and Homing Attacked the glowing core on Three-Point Zero’s chest, dealing damage to him in the process.

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Monstrous growl* *Czzzzzt!

Metal Sonic: *Attacks it repeatedly*

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Czzzzzt!* Growls again, and then swats him away with the back of his hand*

Metal Sonic: UHHHHH! *Czzzzzt!* *Falls down, and slams onto the speedway*

Metal Overlord 3.0: Burn, like the obsolete trash you are! *Blows fire at him*

Metal Sonic: *Rolls out of the way*

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Continues to blow fire at him*

Metal Sonic: *Quickly turns on his booster, and jets into the air to avoid it*

*The two Metal Sonics dash toward one another*

Elsewhere, while the two Metal Sonics were in the middle of their showdown, the switch-hunting group is currently in the middle of a battle with Mecha Amy, who’s under Dr. Robotnik’s mind control.

Shock: Mecha Amy, it’s us! We’re your-

Mecha Amy: *Uses her metallic hammer to launch a missile at her before she finishes the sentence*

Storm: There’s no use in trying to talk to her, Shock. As much as it pains me to do this, we’re going to have to fight. There’s just no other option at this point, until we could figure out a way to bust through Dr. Robotnik’s barrier.

Robotnik: Yes, and I’d say that the chances of that are slim-to-none! HAHAHAHAHAHA…

Shock: Wanna bet!? *Aims up at the Power Platform, and fires an electric blast*

*The forcefield protects it*

Omega: Remember, it’s the platform itself you must attack in order to prevent it from generating a barrier to protect it!

Shock: Oh, right!

Marine: S-Strewth! Don’t look now, but I think Mecha Amy’s ‘bout to attack again!

Mecha Amy: *Aims her finger at the group again, getting ready to fire another laser*

Seedra: Not if I can help it! *Lashes her vines out at Mecha Amy, and gets her tangled in them*

Mecha Amy: What are you doing!? Let go of me! *Jerks away*

Seedra: I’ll keep her busy by holding her down, while the rest of you focus on getting rid of that barrier!

Shock: Sure thing, big sis.

Gamma: Commencing open fire!

*They start shooting at Robotnik again*

Robotnik: WAAAH! *Stumbles from the vibration*

Marine: It’s workin’, mates! It’s workin’!

Robotnik: ARGH! You little pests! You’re going to REGRET this, I assure you!

Mecha Amy: *Opens up the palm of her hand, revealing a small red circular device*

Heavy: *Notices* Oh, geez…!

Bomb: Seedra, look out!

Seedra: W-What!?

Mecha Amy: *Grabs her*

Seedra: Ghhh…!

Just in time before Seedra had a chance to react, Mecha Amy, using the device on her hands, began to drain some of the Leaf Goddess’s bio-energy, making her feel tired and weak, and thus causing her vines to lose their grip on Mecha Amy.

Seedra: W-What…just…? *Collapses to the floor*

Robotnik: (Hmm, so THAT’S what her bio-energy absorbing capabilities are like. Although I’m the one who’s designed her and equipped her with that ability, and almost witnessed it first-hand, this is the first time I’ve actually seen it successfully performed on an opponent…)

Ray: Oh, no! Seedra!

*Cue flashback from Part 8*

Ray: Hey, there it is! *Points to the Elemental Chaos Ring*

Seedra: Adding to the one that Knuckles and Wechnia have found at the volcano, that’s two down, and five more to go!

Ray: *Walks over to the Chaos Ring and picks it up*

*Suddenly, a large energy beam was seen flying in his direction*

Seedra: *Notices it* LOOK OUT!!! *Knocks Ray out of the way and gets blasted instead* UHHHHHHHHHH!!!

*An explosion occurs*


Seedra: *Holds her arm as it bleeds*

Ray: Are…are you alright!?

Seedra: D-Don’t worry, I’m…okay… *Collapses to the floor*

*End flashback*

*Cue next flashback from Part 9*

Ray: Are you sure you’re gonna be alright? Your arm still looks pretty bad…

Seedra: Yes, I’ll be fine…

Ray: I really appreciate what you’ve done for me, by the way… But you didn’t have to, you know…

Seedra: Ah, it was no sweat…

Ray: Yeah, but still, I definitely owe you one.

*End flashback*

Ray: (Seedra… She risked her life for me when we were up against Three-Point Zero at Casinopolis… I told her when we got on the train that I owed her one, so I guess now it’s my turn to do the same for her!)

Mecha Amy: *Aims her finger down at Seedra, and starts charging up a laser*

Seedra: (Ghhhh…first my arm, and now this!?)

Ray: *Quickly rushes between them, blocking Seedra from Mecha Amy*

Seedra: H-Huh?

Ray: Don’t worry, Seedra. I won’t let anything else happen to you. *Looks toward Mecha Amy* If you want her, you’re going to have to get through me!

Mecha Amy: Well, fine. I guess I’ll just kill two birds with one stone! Hee hee hee! *Aims at them*

Ray: Give it your best shot!

Mecha Amy: Alright, you asked for it!

Suddenly, just as Mecha Amy was about to fire at them, Amy suddenly grabbed her from behind, in a full nelson.

Mecha Amy: What do you think you’re doing!? Let go of me! *Jerks away*

Amy: Ray, I’ve got her! Now’s your chance to get Seedra to safety!

Ray: *Nods* Right!

Heeding Amy’s advice, Ray quickly picked Seedra up, carried her away from the battle scene, and gently sat her against the wall.

Seedra: T-Thank you, Ray… I really appreciate it…

Ray: Hey, no problem. That’s what friends are for, right?

Seedra: Yeah… I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have a friend like you…

Ray: Same to you, Seedra. Plus, you took that blow for me when we were up against Three-Point Zero, so it was the least I could do. Now, you just stay here and rest, alright? Hopefully, by the time we’re finished stopping Robotnik, you’ll be able to get your energy back…

Seedra: I hope so, too…

Ray: I’ll see you then! *Rushes back to the battlefield*

Seedra: …

(Wow… Up until now, no guy has ever held me before…) *Blushes a little*

Amy: *Was watching that and holding down Mecha Amy at the same time* (Um, wow. What they said before about them having their eyes on other people… Are they sure about that? If that is the case, then it’s kind of a shame. Those two would be SO cu-)

Mecha Amy: *Manages to break free from Amy’s grasp and knocks her backwards before she finishes her sentence*

Amy: Uhhhhhhh!

Mecha Amy: *Raises her metallic hammer, getting ready to slam it down on her*

Shock: HAAAA! *Holds out the palm of her hand, blasts Mecha Amy, and electrically immobilizes her*

Mecha Amy: Ghhhhh…! *Bzzzzzt!* Why, you…!

Amy: Whew, that was close! Thanks, Shock!

Shock: Don’t mention it. *Looks toward Seedra* You doing okay over there, Big Sis?

Seedra: Yeah, I’m okay…

Storm: That’s good to hear.

Shock: Sorry to have to do this, Mecha Amy, but it’s the only choice we have until we could bring you back to your old self.

Honey: Exactly how long does that last?

Shock: For about ten minutes, at the most.

Rouge: Here’s hoping we’ll be able to bust through that barrier before it wears off!

Charmy: *At the entrance* Hee hee! Did someone say “bee able”?

*The Chaotix and everyone else enter as well*

Robotnik: Bah, it’s Sonic…and those Chaotix fools!

Sonic: That’s right, Ro-butt-nik! We’re here to stop you again!

Robotnik: Hmph, I beg to differ!

Silvra: Cream, Cheese, Chocola… It’s nice to see you again!

*About half of the group, including Robotnik, has confused expressions on their faces*

Cream: Oh! Miss Silvra! You remember us!? So, does that mean you’re back to normal now!?

Silvra: Yes, it does.

Robotnik: WHAT!? No way! I can’t BELIEVE this! What’s going on!? How did this happen!? I had the controller with me the entire time, and no one, other than I, has even managed to lay a finger on it! Wait, unless….

Yes, that’s it! Silvra’s brainwashing must have worn off the moment I took control of Mecha Amy! I forgot to set it so that it’s possible to control them both at the same time! ARGH! CURSES!

Vector: Heh, well that’s too bad! Sucks ta be you!

Charmy: Yeah, sucks to BEE you! Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Seedra: Heh…heh…heh…

Marine: Rippa as always, mate!

Heavy: More like, unfunny as always.

Charmy: You’re only saying that, because you don’t have a sense of humor!

Bomb: You got that right.

Heavy: Pffft. Whatever.

Shadow: By the way, what’s this about the Doctor bringing Mecha Amy under his control? I thought they were already on the same side?

Rouge: Well, you see… *Explains*

Shadow: I see.

Squash: Come to think of it, I DO seem to remember her not wanting to take Ivo’s orders until he threatened to shut her down earlier…

Shadow: So do I, but at the time, I thought it was simply because she was too focused on Metal Sonic…

Knuckles: So, basically, all we have to do is destroy that platform Robotnik’s standing on, so he won’t be able to generate another barrier?

Tikal: That’s right.

Robotnik: Hmph, try all you’d like. I’ll just avoid each and every attack, like I’ve been doing from the start!

Silver: Not if I have anything to say about it! *Holds out the palm of his hand, and gets both Robotnik and the Power Platform caught in a telekinetic grip*

Robotnik: GAH! You little… YOU LITTLE!

Blaze: Good thinking, Silver! Alright, everyone! Now’s our chance to attack!

Sonic: Alright! Once again, let’s show him the-

Shadow: Yes, yes, the “super power of teamwork”. We get it. I’ve already lost count of how many times you’ve reiterated that irritating catchphrase.

Knuckles: Yeah, no offense, Sonic, but I’m gonna have to agree with Shadow on this one.

Sonic: Oh, like you guys could come up with a better one!

Omega: Less arguing, more destroying!

As Silver held Robotnik down via telekinesis, everyone then took the opportunity to strike down the Power Platform, using either their special attacks or whatever weapons they happened to have on them at the time, effectively causing it to explode, with the doctor plummeting towards the ground.

Robotnik: UHHHHHHHH! *Hits the ground, while blackened up from the explosion, and with his clothes torn up a bit*

Amy: THAT outta teach you!

Sonic: Heh, looks like it’s game over for you!

Robotnik: How…how can this be!? I was supposed to beat you this time!

Sonic: Sorry, didn’t get the memo on that one, Ro-butt-nik. We beat you EVERY time!

Robotnik: This isn’t over yet, fools! Mecha Amy’s immobilization effects are bound to wear off at any given second, and she’ll finish you off for sure! It’s either that, or I could bring Silvra back under my control, since the switch is still intact!

Silvra: *Stretches out her vines, snatches it from him, changes Mecha Amy back to normal, and crushes it at the palm of her hand* Not anymore, it isn’t.

*Mecha Amy returns back to her original self, around the same time the immobilization effects wear off*

Mecha Amy: Huh? *Looks at her hands* I’m…back to normal?

Shock: Yep. Welcome back!

Mecha Amy: *Looks around the room and notices Seedra* What happened to her?

Storm: While you were being mind-controlled, you drained her energy.

Mecha Amy: Ahhh! Oh, no! What have I done!? *Quickly runs toward Seedra* I’m so, so sorry! Here, I’ll give you your energy back… *Places her hand on Seedra and transfers the energy back to her*

Seedra: *Stands up* Ah, I feel much better now! Thanks!

Mecha Amy: No problem. Again, I’m very sorry. *Politely bows*

Seedra: It wasn’t your fault, so don’t worry about it.

Silvra: While we’re on the subject… Cream, tell me honestly. When I was being mind-controlled by Robotnik… I didn’t…hurt you, did I…?

Cream: Well, um…kind of. You did slap me once, but other than that, I’m okay.

Silvra: *Glares at Robotnik, who’s sneaking away* Just where do you think YOU’RE going!?

Robotnik: *Gets ready to run off*

Just as Robotnik was getting ready to take off, Silvra lashed her vines out again, tangled him up, and tossed him into the wall, making a slight crack in it.

Robotnik: AUUUUGGGH! *Holds his back*

Mecha Amy: Hey, save some for me, will you? I’ve been waiting for this moment for a LONG time! *Picks up her metallic hammer and starts walking towards him*

Robotnik: Ghhhh…! You traitors! I created the both of you, and THIS is how you repay me!?

Mecha Amy: You may have given me life, but you did nothing but push me around every chance you got, and this is where it ends! Doctor Ivo Robotnik, I now declare independence from you, once and for all! *Raises her hammer, getting ready to slam it down on him*

Robotnik: Y-You forget, Mecha Amy… Robots aren’t supposed to harm humans! It’s the first and foremost important rule of robotics!

Mecha Amy: …

I am…more than a robot! Die, Robotnik!!! *Prepares to swing it again*

Robotnik: …!

Slush: *Quickly rushes between them and blocks Robotnik from Mecha Amy* Sorry, but I can’t let you do that!

Mecha Amy: Huh!? What’re you doing!? Don’t tell me you’re defending him!

Slush: As you pointed out earlier, Scorch isn’t here, so someone had to do it.

Everyone: …

Mecha Amy: You’ve really lost it, haven’t you!?

Slush: Look, I have my reasons, okay!?

Mecha Amy: And these “reasons” are…?

Slush: …

Before Slush had the chance to answer Mecha Amy’s question, Egg-Robo sudden burst through the wall, while piloting Robotnik’s “Big Arms” mech.

Mecha Amy: Egg-Robo!

Knuckles: You again, huh!? You just never know when to give up, do you!?

Egg-Robo: Hmph, I would be more than happy to even our score, but now’s not the time. *Uses the grabber-claws and picks Robotnik up* I’m afraid we’re going to have to do a tactical retreat for now, but before then, here’s a little “going away” present! *Tosses bomb at them, with Robotnik’s insignia on it* Until we meet again…or should I say, IF we meet again, assuming you aren’t blown to pieces by then! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Flies away*

Vector: Uh oh! This ain’t good! We’d beddah go ahead ‘n’ scram, boys…’n’ girls!

Silver: Don’t worry, that won’t be necessary. I’ve got a better idea! *Uses telekinesis to pick up the bomb, and steps outside through the crack in the wall* HOW ‘BOUT THIS!? *Tosses the bomb at the Big Arms as it’s flying away*

Meanwhile, off in the distance…

Robotnik: Whew…that was a close call! If it hadn’t been for you, Egg-Robo, as well as Slush, ironically, I probably would have been finished off for sure!

Egg-Robo: Anytime, Doctor.

Robotnik: Oh, how I absolutely DESPISE those idiots! They’re ALWAYS getting in my way and ruining EACH and EVERY one of my plans! They’d better enjoy this moment of triumph while they still can, because they haven’t seen the last of me! Next time, I WILL be victorious, and this world WILL be mine!

Egg-Robo: Technically, Dr. Robotnik, they already HAVE seen the last of you a few moments ago! The bomb has most likely exploded already, and began spreading around the base! Knuckles and the rest of cretins were probably blown to pieces before they even had the chance to escape! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, you’re probably right! I don’t recall them having the Chaos Emeralds on them at the time, so I think it’s definitely a safe bet to say that they’re history! HAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Just as the two of them were in the middle of their maniacal laughter, Robotnik suddenly noticed the bomb flying towards them. Unfortunately for them, however, it was far too late to react, and it ended up colliding with the Big Arms, triggering a huge explosion that blew it to pieces and sent the two of them flying over the horizon.


Egg-Robo: GAAAAAAAAAAH!!! *Czzzzzzt!*

Bomb: HAHAHAHA! Now THAT’S what I call a kaboom!

Charmy: Look! I can see their parachutes! They’re okay…

Espio: …You just couldn’t resist quoting that line again, could you?

Charmy: Hee hee, nope! I sure couldn’t, and that’s because it’s really, REALLY funny!

Mecha Amy: *Looks toward Slush* By the way, are you ready to explain what those “reasons” were for defending Robotnik?

Slush: …

It’s because I owed him a favor. I’d rather not get into any more detail than that. Why not just be happy that you finally got the freedom you’ve been fighting for? Silvra destroyed the switch. *Points to its broken remains*

Mecha Amy: *Looks* Hey, you’re right! That’s definitely the same switch, no doubt about it! I’m… I’m free! I’m finally free! WHOO HOO! *Happily jumps around the room* I’M FREE, I’M FREE, I’M FREEEEEE! YESSSSSSS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Jumps and punches the air*

Everyone: …

Shock: Heh… I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy before.

Storm: Neither have I, actually.

Heavy: Um… Not to, you know, rain on your parade or anything, Mecha Amy, but Robotnik could easily construct another of those switches if he still has the original blueprints.

Bomb: Yeah. Perhaps that’s something to take into consideration? The same applies to you, Silvra.

Silvra: …

Mecha Amy: Oh, yeah. I guess you’re right.

Slush: The blueprints to that device are most likely in the production room, over at his Mystic Ruins base.

Mecha Amy: Alright, well let’s go!

With that said, the group left the room and went back into the hallway with tons of doors, bound for Dr. Robotnik’s base in the Mystic Ruins. As they were on their way out, they ended up hearing some sounds from the surveillance room.

Mighty:  Did anybody else hear that, or was it just me?

Shock: It’s not just you. Those sounds came from the surveillance room. I’m guessing that somebody left the monitors on.

Mecha Amy: That reminds me… I wonder if Metal Sonic’s fight with Three-Point Zero is being recorded? If so, then that’s something I don’t wanna miss! I can’t wait to see that pompous jerk get what’s coming to him!

Storm: I doubt it. Robotnik may have cameras installed all around this base, but that doesn’t mean that he has them elsewhere. The fight between the Metal Sonics is taking place up at the Space Colony, ARK, remember?

Mecha Amy: Oh, yeah.

Shadow: Actually, I’m certain that he has at least one installed up there. I remember witnessing that first-hand, when he found out about the fake Chaos Emerald that Tails created.

Tails: Wait, so THAT’S how he knew about it?

Shadow: Precisely.

*They enter the surveillance room and find one monitor displaying Metal Sonic’s battle against Three-Point Zero, and the other displaying Tiara’s rematch with Nack*

Porkenstein: *Notices Metal Overlord 3.0 on the monitor* Oh, bloody hell! The devil IS that thing!? Some kind of extraterrestrial!?

Shadow: That “extraterrestrial” is Metal Sonic 3.0, if I’m not mistaken.

Silver: THAT’S Three-Point Zero!? No way!

Blaze: How could he have possibly changed his appearance THIS much!?

Omega: Metal Sonic Version 3.0 has achieved this transformation from all of the data he has managed to obtain, similar to the metamorphosis that the original Metal Sonic has undergone in the past.

Shock: Whoa… That’s pretty freaky-looking, if you ask me! By that, I mean Iblis freaky! Even moreso than Squash’s laugh!

Squash: Hardy har har.

Amy: *Looks at the other monitor and gasps* …!

Cream: What’s the matter?

Amy: Is that…Boobowski!? *Points*

Porkenstein: *Looks* I do say! Yes, that’s her alright! Not that I’m complaining or anything, but how did she manage to make such a miraculous recovery!? The last time I saw her, she was in critical condition!

Shadow: I cured her of those wounds by using one of Professor Gerald’s healing devices on her.

Porkenstein: Professor Gerald? As in, Professor Gerald Robotnik, the same person who tried to destroy this planet by sending that space station on a collision course with it?

Shadow: Yes, that’s him.

Silver: Wow… Is there anyone in that family who ISN’T insane? At first, I thought Dr. Nega only picked it up from Robotnik, but now I could see that it goes much, MUCH deeper than that.

Shadow: Hey, hey! For your information, Professor Gerald was a great man who once dedicated his life to making people happy through the power of science. It wasn’t until the untimely death of his granddaughter, Maria, that he was driven to the brink of insanity. If it hadn’t been for him inventing the Eclipse Cannon, then Black Doom and his army would have taken over this planet, as well as the entire universe! Don’t even THINK of lumping him OR Maria with the likes of Nega!

Silver: Alright, already! There's no need to bite my head off over it!

Porkenstein: All that aside, I’ve definitely got to hand it to the old chap for inventing whatever type of healing device it was that you used on Tiara. Quite frankly, I’m surprised that it hasn’t put hospitals out of business by now.

Shadow: That probably would have happened already, if it weren’t for the fact that the supply of healing capsules is limited.

Porkenstein: I see. If that were to happen, that would be quite unfortunate for Natalie…

Charmy: Who’s Natalie?

Porkenstein: She’s my younger sister, who works in the medical field.

Charmy: You mean that she’s a doctor, right?

Porkenstein: Exactly.

Mecha Amy: *Has her eyes glued to the monitor that’s displaying the battle between the two Metal Sonics*

Meanwhile, up at the ARK Runway…

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Firing tons of projectiles at Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic: *Dodges them as he continues to jet towards 3.0*

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Uses telekinesis to lift more objects, unintentionally in the pattern of a Homing Attack chain* Now… Perish, you obsolete scum! PERISH!

Before Three-Point Zero had a chance to toss the objects at Metal Sonic, he latter quickly started Homing Attacking the objects, and eventually elevated high enough to attack the glowing core again*

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Growls, and loses his telekinetic grip on the objects* *Czzzzt!*

Metal Sonic: *Gets ready to attack it again*

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Catches him in a telekinetic grip, and then wraps his iron tail around him*

Metal Sonic: What!?

Metal Overlord 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHA… *Starts squeezing him*

Metal Sonic: Uhhhhhh! *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Overlord 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Squeezes him even harder*

Metal Sonic: UHHHHHHHH!!! *Czzzzzt!*

Metal Overlord 3.0: Yes, that’s right! Writhe in agony, like the worthless trash you are!

*He continues to squeeze Metal Sonic even harder*

At the Sand Ocean base…

Mecha Amy: NOOOOOO!!! METAL SONIC!!! *Gets ready to rush out the door*

Honey: Where are you going?

Mecha Amy: To help him, of course!

Espio: Fair enough, but just to give you a warning… He’s not going to be very happy if you do, believe me.

Marine: Yeah, ya should’ve SEEN the way he acted when we tried to help ‘im the LAST time somethin’ like this happened! The bloke went all crazy on us ‘n’ everything!

Mecha Amy: I don’t care! Whether he wants my help or not, my Metal Sonic needs me! I won’t let anyone talk me out of it! *Gets ready to run off again*

Shock: Alright, but shouldn’t you take the Chaos Rings before you go? *Points to the Chaos Rings on the floor, which are now colorless after being used on Silvra*

Mecha Amy: … *Stops and walks over to them* Ah, right, I completely forgot about these! *Picks them up* Are you sure they still have their power, though? It certainly doesn’t look like it…

Amy: It may not look like it, but they definitely still have their power. Trust me, as long as you have the power of love and friendship on your side, the Chaos Rings will never truly lose their power!

Mecha Amy: *Nods* Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind. *Rushes out of the room*

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Faces the camera* I’m going to assume that you meddlesome twits from before are watching this battle? Before you get any foolish ideas about helping him, why not give this a listen? *Opens his wrist, and presses a button*

*Cue Recording*

Metal Overlord 3.0: This time, for certain, I shall crush you at the palm of my hand! Especially since your friends aren’t around to save you this time!

Metal Sonic: Friends? I don’t have any. Not now, not ever. If you’re referring to Amy Rose and all those other meddlers, then they are no friends of mine! Each and every one of them are insignificant, and mean nothing to me! I never asked for their assistance in the first place!

*End Recording*

Everyone: …

Sonic: I guess some things never change, do they?

Amy: Ooooh…! *Clenches her fist in anger* How could he say something like that after all the trouble we went through to help him!? And that was DESPITE the kidnapping incident on the Tiny Planet a while back!

Squash: …Oh, well, whatever. It’s his loss, not ours.

Amy: Well, fine! Three-Point Zero can just squeeze the life out of him, then! See if we care!

Silvra: Now, now, there’s no need to get so riled up. Deep down inside, I doubt he actually meant what he said. For all we know, that may have just been his pride talking.

Amy: Maybe you’re right, Silvra.

Again, at the ARK Runway…

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Still has Metal Sonic in the grip of his large iron tail*

Metal Sonic: Ghhhh…! *Czzzzzt!* *Tries to cut himself loose*

Metal Overlord 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You can struggle as much as you wish; the outcome will still be the same! This time, for certain, I have you beaten! I’ve suffered the shame and humiliation of being defeated by an outdated model for the LAST time! Now, it’s your turn! *Runs electricity through his tail (due to copying data from Shock)*

Metal Sonic: UHHHHHHHH!!! *Bzzzzzzt!*

Metal Overlord 3.0: At this point, I’m certain that Dr. Robotnik, as well as those “insignificant” comrades of yours, couldn’t care less what happens to you, but I would be more than happy to do the honors of disposing of the obsolete for them! HAHAHAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Just as Three-Point Zero was in the middle of his maniacal laughter, a large, metallic hammer was suddenly thrown upside his head.

Metal Overlord 3.0: AUUUUUGGGHH! *Holds his head* What was that!? WHO did that!? *Looks around*

Mecha Amy: Over here!

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Faces her, and then groans in annoyance* You…

Metal Sonic: Mecha…Amy…

Mecha Amy: You put him down, right now! Or else I’m REALLY gonna get angry!

Metal Overlord 3.0: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, how I quiver with fear! The absolute LAST thing I’d ever want is to incur the wrath of a weakling!


Metal Overlord 3.0: You aren’t in the position to demand anything of me, fool. You’d best stand down, unless you would like to end up just like him.

Mecha Amy: I’ll be doing no such thing!

Metal Overlord 3.0: So, you wish to die alongside your precious Metal Sonic? Who am I to disappoint? *Fires a beam of psychic energy at her*

Mecha Amy: *Absorbs it through the circular device on her hand*

Metal Overlord 3.0: WHAT!?

Mecha Amy: Metal Sonic! These are for you! *Tosses the seven Chaos Rings at him*

Metal Sonic: …!

Shortly afterwards, the seven Chaos Rings began to encircle Metal Sonic and regain their color. After their color returned, they began to glow and transfer their powers over to Metal Sonic, effectively healing his wounds and triggering a super transformation, which gave him the power he needed to effortlessly break free from Metal Sonic 3.0’s grasp.

Metal Overlord 3.0: WHAT!? What’s going on!? How can this be!? How is it possible that the Chaos Rings still had their power!? I was there to witness them getting drained of it after they were used on Project EG-005!

Mecha Amy: As the original Amy told me… As long as one has the power of love and friendship on their side, the rings will never truly lose their power! But of course, I’d never expect someone like YOU to understand that…

Metal Overlord 3.0: Such drivel. Love and friendship are nothing more than delusions for the weak! *Looks toward Metal Sonic* Now, are you ready to finish this?

Super Metal Sonic: I’m ready. *Starts flying toward Three-Point Zero at light speed*

Metal Overlord 3.0: *Grabs a bunch of asteroids via telekinesis and tosses them at him*

Super Metal Sonic: *Crashes right through them, shattering them into pieces*

Metal Overlord 3.0: WHAT!?

Mecha Amy: Alright! Gooooo, Metal Sonic! Whoo hoo!

Super Metal Sonic: Three-Point Zero, this is the end for you!

Metal Overlord 3.0: I don’t think so, you worthless piece of obsolete-

Before Three-Point Zero had the chance to finish his sentence, Metal Sonic, while flying at light speed, crashed right through his energy core, and entered the inside of his body, where all his circuits and wires are.

Metal Overlord 3.0: AUGH! *Czzzzt!* Why, you…! What…what have you done!?

Super Metal Sonic: Nothing yet. *Starts attacking him from the inside*

Metal Overlord 3.0: AUUUUUUGGGGGHHH! *Czzzzzt!* I’LL KILL YOU! I’LL KILL YOOOOOOUUUUU! *Czzzzt!*

Super Metal Sonic: *Spots the copy chip, yanks it out, and exits his body through the core again*


No longer in possession of Dr. Nega’s copy chip, Metal Sonic Version 3.0 ended up getting reduced back to his original form; only this time, without any of the powers that he’s obtained from copying other peoples’ data.

Mecha Amy: HA! In your face, Three-Point Zero!

Super Metal Sonic: *Crushes the chip at the palm of his hand, breaking it into pieces*

Metal Sonic 3.0: You’re…going to pay for this…! *Czzzzt!* You’ll pay for it with your LIFE, you obsolete scum!

Super Metal Sonic: What can you do now? As far as I’m concerned, you’re powerless against me now. *Powers down, and changes back into his regular form as well*

Mecha Amy: Exactly, so you might as well just give up already!

Metal Sonic 3.0: This isn’t the end! With or without that copy chip, I still possess enough power to destroy you with my default abilities!

*They engage in old-fashioned hand-to-hand combat, and Mecha Amy continues to cheer Metal Sonic on*

A few minutes later…

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Surrounds himself with a golden boost aura*

Metal Sonic: *Surrounds himself with a purple one*

Metal Sonic 3.0: It’s time to end this!

*Both Metal Sonics dash toward one another and get into an aura struggle, trying to knock each other off the runway*

Mecha Amy: Yeah, that’s right! Show that meanie who’s boss! You can do it, Metal Sonic! I believe in you…

Metal Sonic 3.0: I won’t lose to outdated trash like you! Not THIS time!

Metal Sonic: You sound like a broken record.

*They continue boosting against one another*

After a while of boosting against one another non-stop, the original Metal Sonic ended up emerging victorious, as Three-Point Zero was pushed towards the edge and knocked off the platform, seemingly falling to his doom.

Metal Sonic 3.0: Uggggh…! Im…Impossible! *Czzzzzt!* How…could this have happened…!? *Czzzzt!* To think that I, of all people, would suffer defeat at the hands…of an outdated model! *Czzzzt!* Not once, not twice, but FIVE TIMES! *Czzzzzt!* I am…Metal Sonic Version 3.0, the ultimate combat robot! There are no…improvements…to be made…to this design…! *Czzzzt!* ARRRRRGGGHHHH!!! *Czzzzzt!* *Starts to explode as he falls*

Metal Sonic: Hmph. Good riddance.

Mecha Amy: I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I haven’t known him for that long, but I’ve always hated that guy. He’s such a rude, egotistical jerk. That aside, wow! You were really amazing, Metal Sonic!

Metal Sonic: Um, thank you. *Czzzzt!* *Kneels down and holds his arm, because of the damage he’s taken throughout the battle*

Mecha Amy: Are…are you alright? *Rushes toward Metal Sonic and kneels beside him*

Metal Sonic: I’m just fine. *Czzzzt!* *Stands up again* By the way, I don’t recall asking for your help during that battle.

Mecha Amy: Well, excuuuuuuuse me for caring about you! *Gets up, crosses her arms and turns her back from him*

Metal Sonic: You didn’t let me finish.

Mecha Amy: Hmm? *Turns around to face him again*

Metal Sonic: As I was saying, even though I didn’t ask for your assistance…and as much as it wounds my pride to say this, I’m…glad that you did. *Places his hand on her shoulder*

Mecha Amy: Wow, really!? You’re… You’re actually thanking me!?

Metal Sonic: …Yes. Why are you making such an issue out of it?

Mecha Amy: Because I was told that you’d normally flip out on anybody who’d step in to help during your battles against Three-Point Zero.

Metal Sonic: What are you getting at?

Mecha Amy: *Giggles* I’m getting at the fact that you must be madly and passionately in love with me!

Metal Sonic: *Turns his back from her* Don’t be absurd.

Mecha Amy: *Moves in front of him* You are, aren’t you? Just admit it! I could see it in your eyes!

Metal Sonic: *Turns away from her again*

*He continues to turn away from her when she gets in front of him*

Mecha Amy: Come on, admit it already!

Metal Sonic: *Turns on his jet booster and takes off*

Mecha Amy: Ohhhh, I see! Playing hard to get, are we? You won’t get away from me THAT easily! *Goes after him*

Shortly after they leave…

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Climbs back onto the platform, heavily damaged* M-Metal Sonic, you obsolete scum…! *Czzzzzt!* You…haven’t seen the last…of me! *Czzzzzt!* As soon…as I get my wounds healed, and the moment… *Czzzzt!* I obtain a new copy chip and gather all the… *Czzzzt!* …data that’s been lost, I shall…have…my revenge…! *Czzzzt!* When that time comes… *Czzzzt!* I’m going to…make you suffer…beyond…imagination! *Czzzzt!* Once and for all… *Czzzzt!* I shall prove…which of us…is TRULY the superior model…! *Czzzzt!* So, enjoy this…victory while you still can, as temporary as it may be, because the next time we meet… Your destruction…is a hundred percent…guaranteed…! *Czzzzt!* *Collapses to the ground and shuts off*

To "bee" continued in the next post...
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Well, here we are, three days later. This was somewhat rushed, I'll admit, due to me wanting to get this done by the time the twenty-first anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series came along. In any case, I'm glad to have finally gotten this series finished, since I've been working on it for nearly a year. Although, that's not nearly as long as I worked on Knuckles' Chaotix: Robotnik Strikes Back, since I worked on and off of that one for four years. Oh, and about the character, "Alamo"... She's the one fancharacter in this story that doesn't belong to me. She's one of Azuroru's characters (which I had permission to use, of course). I added the character as a sort of "guest appearance", because I thought she'd be perfect for the role of having Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper arrested, since she has a personal vendetta against him.

EDIT: Apparently, I screwed up the BB Code a bit, causing almost all the text in the post to be in the form of a hyperlink; it's been fixed.
Part 20 (Ending Part 2)

When we last left off, the heroes continued their battle against Dr. Robotnik in an effort to get ahold of the mind-control device, so that they could permanently free EG-005/Silvra and Mecha Amy from his control. In order to prevent that from happening, the doctor generated a barrier around his Power Platform in order to keep anything from happening to the switch. Eventually, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and all the others (including Silvra, who was no longer under Robotnik’s control, since he could not control both her and Mecha Amy at the same time) arrived on the scene to lend everyone a hand. Using his telekinetic powers, Silver held Robotnik down to keep him from generating anymore barriers around the Power Platform, and from there, everyone fired away until it came crashing down, successfully having it destroyed in the process.

Unwilling to accept defeat, Dr. Robotnik was about to use the switch to regain control of Silvra, but before he had the chance, she ended up snatching it out of his hand. She then decided to use it to restore Mecha Amy back to her original self, and crushed it at the palm of her hand shortly afterwards. Angered by the fact that she was deprived of her free will (as well as being forced to obey his orders before then), Mecha Amy decided that she was going to finish Robotnik off, but before she had the chance to do anything, Slush decided to convince her not to do so, claiming that she owed the doctor a favor. Shortly afterwards, Egg-Robo burst through the wall (using Robotnik’s “Big Arms” mech), and came to his rescue. Before performing a “tactical retreat”, he decided to throw a bomb at the group in a last-ditch effort to destroy them, but Silver once again used his psychic powers, and launched it back at him, sending the duo flying over the horizon.

While Mecha Amy was celebrating her newfound freedom and independence from Dr. Robotnik, the two robo-mechanics, Heavy and Bomb informed her that another switch can be made to control her and Silvra as long as the original blueprints exist. Slush then told everyone that the blueprints for the device were most likely at the production room, over at Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base. As they were leaving the Sand Ocean base, they ended up hearing sounds from the monitors in the surveillance room, which was displaying the battles that were taking place between Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Tiara Boobowski, as well as Metal Sonic and Metal Sonic Version 3.0.

Somewhere during the latter fight, Three-Point Zero, in his “Overlord” form, began to gain the upper hand against Metal Sonic, but after Mecha Amy delivered the seven Chaos Rings to him, a “super” transformation was triggered, and Metal Sonic was able to summon the power to defeat his doppelganger. Shortly after Metal Sonic and Mecha Amy left the ARK, it was soon revealed that Metal Sonic 3.0 survived, but in critical condition. Before shutting off due to all the damage he’s sustained, he swore revenge, claiming that he’s going to destroy his “obsolete” counterpart the next time they meet.

Now that Dr. Robotnik, Egg-Robo, as well as Metal Sonic Version 3.0 have been taken care of, all that’s left now is Tiara’s rematch with Nack, as well as Scorch’s pursuit of Bean the Dynamite, who made off with the doctor’s “hard-earned” money. Will the two of them manage to succeed? Find out right here, on the second half of the final chapter of Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

*Nack and Tiara clash their weapons together*

Nack: *Raises his foot and kicks Tiara*

Tiara: Uhhhhh! *Falls over and hits her back against the wall*

Nack: HAHAHA! *Takes out his gun* ‘Dis time, ya gonna be eatin’ lead fa shoah! *Fires*

Tiara: *Rolls out of the way*

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Continues firing*

Tiara: *Continues rolling out of the way, gets back up, and starts running toward Nack at high speed, continuing to dodge his bullets*

Nack: ‘Ey! Hold still, will ya!? *Continues firing*

Tiara: Pffft. You say that as if you actually expect me to do it. *Leaps into the air* Take THIS! *Homing Attacks him*

Nack: GAH! *Falls over, sits up, aims his gun at her, and fires again, but there’s nothing but a clicking sound* Ah, damn it! Ya see what ‘cha did!? Ya made me run outta ammo!

Tiara: Oh, boo hoo. I seem to’ve missed the part where that’s MY problem.

Nack: Ah, well, wudevah! I could still take ya on wit’out it! I’ve done it befo’ah, ‘n’ I could do it again!

Tiara: Oh, give me a break. The only reason that even happened in the first place is because of that dirty trick you played to catch me off guard!

Nack: HA! ‘N’ ‘dat’s YOUR fault fa bein’ stupid enough ta buy into it!

Tiara: GRRR…

Nack: HAHAHAHA! ‘Da truth hoits, don’t it?

Tiara: Alright, I’ve heard enough! Let’s just pick up where we left off! Sonic and I are long overdue for a romantic stroll on the beach, and I haven’t got all day to spend dealing with you.

Nack: ‘N’ I ain’t got a lotta time ta be dealin’ wit’ ‘chu, eitha. I gotta buncha cash ta swim in at ‘da hideout! (Assumin’ Bean managed ta get past all ‘dem cops ‘n’ whatnot… ‘N’ not ta mention ol’ what’s-‘er-face…) *Puts the gun back in his holster and holds out his knife in a fighting pose*

Tiara: *Does the same with her jeweled staff*

Nack: Now, are ya ready, toots?

Tiara: *Nods I’m ready. Let’s finish this!

*They charge toward one another and clash their weapons again*

Elsewhere, away from the base…

Bean: *Flying in the Egg –O- Matic Hovercraft that he stole from the base* Heh heh heh… Too easy! Getting past all those idiot police officers, along with that fire hedgehag turned out to be a LOT easier than I thought it would be! It was like taking candy from a baby! I wonder how Nack is holding out? Somehow, it wouldn’t surprise me if the cops were to end up finding him, and he ended up getting himself arrested. If that’s the case, then ah well. Sucks to be him, I guess. That just means more cash for me! I could definitely live with that! *Looks ahead and notices Scorch* WHAT THE CRAP!? *Stops*

Scorch: Hello there. *Waves* Did you miss me?

Bean: Yeah, like a bullet through the head! How did you get in front of me, anyway!? Better yet, where did you even come from!? I thought for sure that we lost you back at the base!

Scorch: After you and your weasel friend slipped by me, I dropped by the surveillance room and spotted you on camera. You may not have noticed, since you were so focused on the police, but I followed you for a little while, took note of where you were heading, and decided to fly past you, and here we are. Now, let’s cut straight to the chase, shall we? The money and that hovercraft…they belong to Dr. Robotnik.

Bean: Yeah, so? What’s it to you?

Scorch: I think it would be a wise decision on your part to hand them over. If you do, I may even be able to overlook that “hedgehag” remark of yours, since I’m in such a good mood. If not, then I’ll have to burn you to a crisp. What’s it going to be? It’s your call.

Bean: I’ve got three words for you: Piss off, grandma. *Turns on the turbo booster and zooms pass her*

Scorch: So, I see you want to do this the hard way, then. Just remember, you brought this on yourself! *Flies after him, and starts boiling with rage over the “grandma” comment* Ooooh…! I may be nine thousand years old, but so what!? I don’t look anything like it! I’m STILL as young and pretty as I was thousands of years ago!!! *Speeds up*

Bean: *Notices her in the rearview mirror, takes out a bomb, and tosses it at her* Take this!

Scorch: *Dodges*

Bean: *Tosses a few more*

Scorch: *Shoots them down before they reach her*

Bean: Not bad, not bad! Now… *Picks up tons of other ones* Let’s see how you handle all THESE! *Rapidly tosses them at her*

Scorch: *Dodges some of them, shoots down the others, and ends up getting blown back by the last one* UHHHHHHHH!

Bean: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now THAT’S what I call Dynamite Power! Suck on THAT, you dried up old prune!

Scorch: OH THAT DOES IT!!! *Surrounds herself with a fiery aura, and jets to the front of the hovercraft*

Bean: WHAT!?

Scorch: *Fire punches him*

Bean: *Gets sent flying out of the Egg –O- Matic, over the horizon* WHOOOOOOOAAAAAAHH!

Scorch: Hmph, maybe next time, he’ll think TWICE before making fun of my age again! Now, I’d better get inside before it crashes! *Hops into the Egg –O- Matic, and starts steering it* Geez, how do you work this crazy thing!? Dr. Robotnik and that duck made it look so easy!

Meanwhile, back at the Sand Ocean base, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes were just coming from the surveillance room after witnessing Metal Sonic and Mecha Amy’s victory over Metal Sonic Version 3.0, and were on their way to the teleportation device that leads to Dr. Robotnik’s Mystic Ruins base.

Slush: Are you sure this is the way to the teleporter? I don’t remember us using this one to come here before…

Shock: There’s more than one. I think the doc might’ve installed this one while you were away for the past week.

Slush: I guess that would explain it.

*Metal Sonic and Mecha Amy walk by*

Sonic: Well, look who it is! I’ve got to admit, you’re actually pretty good when you’re fighting against other people!

Metal Sonic: Hmph. *Glares at him* Just keep in mind… We may have worked together a few times, doesn’t mean that anything has changed between you and I. Now that Three-Point Zero is out of the picture, you’re next. Don’t forget it.

Sonic: Alright then, faker. I accept your challenge anytime, anywhere!

Metal Sonic: Then it’s settled. In the meantime, I’m heading over to the Mad Gear Zone for repairs. *Turns on his jet booster and flies off*

Sonic: It’s just like I said before, some things just never change.

Charmy: “Beefore”. *Snickers*

*Splash, Seedra, and Marine laugh at it, like always*

*The use the teleporter to get to the Mystic Ruins base, and make their way to the production room*

Silvra: So, this is where Robotnik keeps the blueprints to his machines, huh?

Slush: Yes. This is also where I discovered yours. I won’t get into anymore detail with that, though.

Silvra: Well, alright then.

*They start searching around for the blueprints to the switch*

Porkenstein: Ah, I believe this is it! *Holds them up*

Vector: Well, that sure didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

Porkenstein: *Examines them* Ah, so THAT’S how this switch functions… Intriguing…

Tails: How does it work exactly, Professor?

Porkenstein: Well, apparently, Dr. Robotnik equipped this device with a built-in virus program, and by triggering the switch, the virus gets transferred to the selected target via radio waves.

Knuckles: That explains a lot.

Silvra: Yeah, like why he chose to make me part machine, while all the other EG Experiments are purely organic…

Mecha Amy: THAT’S what he’s been doing to us all this time!? Ooooh…! *Clenches her fist in anger* It makes me angry just THINKING about it! Could I see those blueprints, Professor?

Porkenstein: Sure. *Hands them to her*

Mecha Amy: *Rips them an half* Here, you could destroy this half if you want. *Gives Silvra one of them, and eyes lasers the other, completing vaporizing it*

Silvra: *Makes fire appear at the tip of her finger, and burns it*

Porkenstein: Well, that’s that, I suppose! Perhaps we should look into having you two equipped with an anti-virus program of some sort, in order to prevent anything like that from ever happening again.

Silvra: Sure. We would like that.

Heavy: By the way, exactly what are you and Professor Boobowski going to do with the Elemental Power Extractor, now that it no longer has any useful purpose?

Porkenstein: I haven’t decided yet, but I’m sure we’ll think of a solution when the time comes.

Charmy: *Snickering*

Porkenstein: What’s so funny?

Charmy: I’m sorry, it’s just that I think “Boobowski” is a really, REALLY funny last name! *Snickers again*

Marine: Heh heh heh! Same here, mate!

Vector: I ain’t gonna lie; I think that last name’s freakin’ hilarious, myself!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Sonic: That reminds me… I wonder how Tiara’s doing against Fang?

Mighty: From what we saw on the monitor, it looked like she was doing pretty well.

Porkenstein: Quite so, but I’m afraid that’s also how their previous fight started out. Tiara did well at the beginning of that one, but things ended up shifting in Fang’s favor towards the end of it. I’m not saying that I don’t have faith in the gal; I’m just saying that we should probably go over there to lend her a hand in case she may need it. Who knows what kind of sneaky, underhanded tactics Fang will try next?

Amy: Boy, do I know what you mean. A while ago, he and Knuckles ended up getting into a fight over the Master Emerald, and right when Nack was on the verge of losing, he decided to use me as a shield to keep Knuckles from fighting back! Can you believe that!?

Knuckles: Don’t remind me.

Espio: I wasn’t around to witness that, but it definitely sounds like something he’d do. When it comes to battle, Nack has never exactly been the “honor code” type. He could be quite the coward sometimes.

Sonic: That about sums it up. Now, let’s blast through with sonic speed!

*They leave and head for the teleporter again*

Elsewhere, at the Sand Ocean base, much later into the fight…

Nack: *Pistol-whips Tiara*

Tiara: Uhhhhh! *Falls over*

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA! *Raises his knife and tries to stab her while she’s down*

Tiara: *Rolls out of the way and trips him with a leg sweep*

Nack: WHOA!

Tiara: *Gets back up, picks up her jeweled staff, and aims it up to his face* Had enough yet?

Nack: …

What ‘da…!? Sonic ‘n’ ‘da rest o’ ‘dem chumps’re back already!?

Tiara: *Looks*

Nack: (HAHAHAHAHAHA! Man, whadda MORON! I can’t BELIEVE she’s fallin’ fa ‘dat one again!) *A psychotic grin appears on his face as he raises his knife again, getting ready to stab her, like before*

Tiara: *Notices, spins around, and kicks the knife out of his hand*

Nack: Ah, damn it!

Tiara: Honestly, how stupid do you think I am? Did you seriously think I’d fall for the same trick twice? I told you before we even started this battle that I wouldn’t make that same mistake again.

Nack: …

*Suddenly, a bunch of police sirens are heard*

Nack: Ah, crap! AH, CRAAAAAAAP! It’s ‘da cops! They’re still out ‘dere! *Gets up and takes off* AH’M BUSTIN’ OUTTA ‘DIS JOINT!

Just as Nack was in the middle of making his getaway, he ended up running into Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company, who just got back from the Mystic Ruins base after destroying the blueprints to Dr. Robotnik’s mind-control device. Before Nack had the chance to go any further, Seedra lashed her vines out at him and tangled him up, effectively constricting him of any movement.

Sonic: Well, Fang, I guess you won’t be “bustin’ outta ‘dis joint” after all. Too bad.

Charmy: Hee hee hee!

Nack: Ah, shaddap! *Glares at Seedra* Get offa me, ya stinkin’ wench!

Seedra: *Makes the vines squeeze him even tighter*


Seedra: Oh, don’t worry. I’ll let you go in a little while…when the police come, that is.

Nack: Oh, yeah! Now ‘DAT’S reassurin’!

Two minutes later…

*A brown jackalope with star-spangled clothing shows up, along with other police officers*

???: *Looks toward Nack* I’ll take it yer Fang th’ Sniper?

Nack: Who wants ta know?

???: *Holds out a badge* Th’ name’s Alamo, an’ Ah’mma officer o’ the law. I reckon Ah’mma hafta place you under arrest!

Nack: ‘N’ how’re ya gonna do ‘dat, if I’m already bein’ held down by ‘DIS broad? *Glares at Seedra*

Seedra: *Lets go of him*

Nack: *Takes off as soon as she does* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SAYANARA, SUCKERS!

Silver: HAAAAAAA! *Stops him with telekinesis*

Nack: AH, DAMN IT!

Alamo: Thanks ver’ much fer that. Ya’ll don’t know how long I’ve been waitin’ fer this moment.

Silver: No problem.

Wechnia: Since you’re most likely going to have to release him again in order for her to put the handcuffs on him, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s going to try running away again, so why don’t we all block the other path, so he won’t escape?

Knuckles: That’s fine by me.

*They block his other escape path, and Silver releases him*

Alamo: *Marches up to Nack* Alright, you no good sunnuva weasel! We could do this th’ easy way ‘r the hard way!

Nack: ‘Da hard way? HA! ‘N’ just whadda YOU gonna do if try ta escape again?

*All the other officers point fully loaded pistols at him*

Nack: *Groans in annoyance and reluctantly folds his arms behind his back*

Alamo: Now yer talkin’! I knew ya’d see thangs our way! *Takes out a pair of handcuffs and slaps them across his wrists* Nack th’ Weasel, Fang th’ Sniper, er wudever else ya call yerself…yer under arrest. You’ve got the right to remain silent. Anythang you say can, and WILL be used against ya in the court o’ law.

Nack: …’N’ ‘DIS is what I get fa bein’ nice!

Splash: “Being nice”!? You nearly beat Tiara within an inch of her life, and you call THAT being nice!?

Nack: ‘Dat ain’t what I’m talkin’ about! Right before our second battle even started, I had ‘da chance ta blow ‘er stinkin’ head off right ‘den ‘n’ ‘dere ‘n’ just escape wit’ ‘da loot, but I chose not to! Just be glad I didn’t off ‘da li’l wench like I should’ve!

Porkenstein: Well, that certainly doesn’t change that fact that you gave Tiara that beating in the first place, and had every intention of taking her life before Gazebo and I showed up! What you did was absolutely reprehensible! Quite frankly, you aren’t in the position to complain, because you’re getting exactly what you deserve!

*The others agree*

Charmy: Hee hee hee, so long! Have fun in jail…again!

*People laugh and mockingly wave goodbye to Nack as Alamo and the other cops drag him away*


Rouge: Look at you, throwing a tantrum like a little kid! How totally embarrassing!

Nack: By ‘da way, how come you cops nevah pay HER any mind!? She’s a freakin’ jewel thief! She be robbin’ jewelry stores left ‘n’ right!

Alamo: Oh, is that raht?

Rouge: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, wow! Like I said the last time this was brought up, I don’t have a clue what he’s babbling about!

Nack: Youse ain’t nutin’ but a lyin’ skank, y’know ‘dat!? ‘N’ a hypocrite, too! Who ‘da hell ‘r’ YOU ta be dimin’ somebody out ta ‘da cops, when YOU'RE a criminal yaself!?

Alamo: A’right, everybody. Ah’m gonna need ja’ll ta be completely honest with me. Have any o’ ya’ll actually seen this here bat chick do any o’ the stuff he’s claimin’?

*Everybody denies it (again)*

Nack: Oh, now ‘dis is just beeyootiful! Looks like history’s repeatin’ itself yet again!

Alamo: ‘R’ ya’ll sher about that? I know Fang’s a rogue ‘n’ all, but it definitely seems purdy odd that he’d single ‘er out, out ‘ve everybodeh else…

Porkenstein: Honestly, I haven’t the faintest idea what he’s referring to. Although I haven’t met the gal until today, I don’t see any legitimate reason for them to lie about something like this. After all, she did help thwart Dr. Robotnik’s sinister world domination plans.

Alamo: …

Fair enough.

Nack: *Groans in annoyance*

*Nack gets taken outside to the police car, and the others follow*

Alamo: Y’know, speakin’ o’ Dr. Robotnik, this is his base, ain’t it? I reckon it’s about time we’ve placed him under arrest, too.

Blaze: That probably would have been possible if he were still here. Silver has already sent him and his robot flying somewhere.

Alamo: I see. Well, whadda ‘bout that duck feller, then? Bean the Dynamite, I believe his name was? *Looks at Nack* Wasn’t he with ya?

Nack: Whedda ‘e was ‘r not, I ain’t sayin’ nutin’! Unlike SOMEONE ELSE… *Glares at Rouge* …I ain’t ‘da type o’ poyson ta be squealin’ to ‘da cops! Not unda ANY soicumstances!

Sonic: He was; I saw him earlier. I don’t know where he went, though.

Alamo: Well, alrighty then. The next time ya’ll happen to spot ‘im, don’t hesitate to let us know, okie-dokey?

Blaze: We’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

*They shove Nack in the back of the car, get in, and take off*

*The other cops get in theirs and do the same*

Tiara: *Mockingly waves goodbye to him* Goodbye! Hope you rot in prison!

*People laugh*


*They ignore him and keep laughing*


*The cars drive off into the distance*

Vector: Aww, man! That was just as priceless as last time! I’m glad I got THAT one on tape! *Turns off his camcorder*

Honey: I’m glad I wasn’t around to miss this one! You said that you have his last arrest recorded, too, right?

Vector: Yep.

Charmy: Hee hee, Nack is really, REALLY funny when he gets mad!

Shock: Definitely! That wanna-be gangster accent of his makes it even funnier! I honestly CANNOT take him seriously because of it!

Storm: ...Is it a bad thing that I could hardly understand a word he was saying half the time?

Slush: Oh, good, so I'm NOT the only one.

Shadow: *Looks up* Hmm? Isn’t that…the Doctor’s aircraft!?

Omega: Yes, but scanners indicate that Robotnik is not the pilot…

Sonic: Well, if it’s not Ro-butt-nik, I wonder who it is?

Knuckles: It’s probably Egg-Robo again. If it is, then I’m ready for him! *Cracks his knuckles*

Up in the sky…

Scorch: Ah, I see it! That’s Dr. Robotnik’s pyramid base, down there! For the most part, I’ve gotten the hang of these controls, but… *Her eyes widen in panic* I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LAND IT!

Down at the Sand Ocean base entrance…

Charmy: Hey, look! It’s Scorch, you guys!

Mecha Amy: *Flatly* Oh.


*They spread out*

Squash: Don’t worry, I’ve got this. *Uses her super strength, catches the Egg- O- Matic, and starts to skid backwards until Scorch turns off the engine* There, problem solved. *Puts it down*

Scorch: Whew, that was close! Thanks!

Squash: Don’t mention it.

Scorch: *Picks up the money bags and hops out* In case anyone’s wondering, flying that thing is a lot harder than it looks, believe me.

Tails: I know. I happen to be a pilot myself, so I know how difficult that can be sometimes.

Charmy: “Difficult it can bee”. *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles*

Seedra: *Same*

Marine: That was ace! Those puns o’ yours just keep gettin’ bettah, mate!

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Amy: So, anyway, what do you guys think about going over to the beach again?

Tiara: What a coincidence, that’s just what I had in mind. That and a romantic stroll with Sonic, of course.

Sonic: Oh, here we go… *Sweatdrops*

Amy: Hey! Back off, Boobowski! Sonic’s mine!

Tiara: Yeah, running away from you TOTALLY means that he’s interested!

*They argue back and forth, and then “anime lightning glare” at one another*

*Everyone sweatdrops again*

Amy: And to think I was actually worried about you! *Crosses her arms and turns her back*

Tiara: …

You were…worried about me?

Amy: Well, of course. After all, we used to be friends once.

Porkenstein: Ah, I see… I’m guessing your friendship must have ended as soon as you learned that you were both interested in Sonic?

Tiara: …Something like that.

Seedra: *Whispers to Ray* I guess I was right to keep my mouth shut about that after all, huh?

Ray: *Nods* Mm hmm.

Porkenstein: Don’t get me wrong, Sonic’s a nice fellow and all, but honestly, girls… No friendship is ever worth ending over something like this.

Heavy: Yes, especially when the person in question wants nothing to do with either of them.

*They glare at Heavy*

Amy and Tiara (at the same time): YES HE DOES!

Heavy: Pffft. Whatever.

Squash: I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. Love, dating, and relationships are for weaklings. The mere thought of it is enough to make me want to puke.

Amy: I’m sorry you feel that way.

Slush: *Snickers* She doesn’t, trust me.

Squash: What do you know!?

Slush: What I know, is that you’re only saying that to cover up-

Squash: How many times do I have to tell you this!? I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON SHADOW, DAMN IT!

*Awkward silence*

Shadow: …

Slush: …I hope you realize I wasn’t going to say any names. You pretty much proved my point, right there.

Squash: GRRR…

Amy: Aww, that’s so cute!

Squash: Shut up! It’s not true!

Amy: It’s nothing to be ashamed of, believe me! Love changes everything! It makes you feel as if every little moment in your life is huge!

Wechnia: …I think we all know where this is going.

Vector: You’re right, Wechnia. Let’s go ahead ‘n’ bail while we still have the chance! You’d best do the same, Squash! Once she gets on that subject, she could go on ‘n’ ON about it for HOURS!

Squash: That’s fine with me. I had already planned on doing that, anyway.

*Just about everybody stampedes out of the area during the middle of Amy’s speech*

Ten minutes later…

Amy: Yep, so basically, in a nutshell, loves conquers all! *Looks around* Ooooh…! WHY do they ALWAYS do that!? This is at least the third time so far! *Notices Ray* Oh, hi there!

Ray: O-Oh, uhh… H-Hey!

Amy: Is there something you need?

Ray: Uh, w-well, I, uh…

Amy: …?

Ray: (Oh, geez… What am I gonna do? I thought for sure that I was ready this time, but I guess not…)

Amy: Hmm, I think I know what this is about…

Ray: You…do?

Amy: That girl you mentioned before, the one you said you had your eye on…

Ray: …! (Has she…already figured it out!?) W-What about her…?

Amy: You’re just looking for advice on how to approach her, aren’t you?

Ray: Uh, s-something…like that. *Nervous laughter*

Amy: I thought so. Just be yourself, that’s all. Whoever she is, I’m sure she’ll like you for who you are, I guarantee it.

Ray: …

Oh, uhh… Okay. Thanks.

Amy: Anytime. Like I said before, I’m always happy to help out when it comes to the subject of love!

Ray: Alright then. So, uhh… I guess I’ll see you over at the beach?

Amy: Yeah. I’ll catch up with you guys in a little bit.

Ray: *Leaves*

Amy: The girl he’s talking about is Seedra, I just know it is! There’s no doubt in my mind! Aww, those two would make such a cute couple!

*Some snickering is heard nearby*

Amy: Alright, who IS that? Is that you, Charmy? Or is it Marine?

Slush: *Comes from behind the corner* Neither. No offense, Amy, but for someone who’s always claiming to have a “sixth sense about that sort of thing”, you sure can be naïve sometimes.

Amy: What do you mean!? Are you saying that you know something about this that I don’t!?

Slush: That’s exactly what I’m saying, but if you want to know what it is, you’re going to have to find out yourself. I already promised that I wouldn’t tell.

Amy: Well, that’s okay. I have my ways of finding out information. *Briefly uses her invisibility technique (from Sonic 2006), and turns visible again*

Slush: …!

Amy: Anyway, I’m heading over to the beach now. *Runs off*

Slush: She can turn invisible!? Oh, dear God… What have I done…? I think I’d better warn those two to be careful what they say from now on… *Hovers into the air and flies off*

A little while later, at the beach…

*Amy and Tiara get into another argument over Sonic*

Ray: *Watches it from the distance and sighs*

Mighty: Ray? Are you feeling alright, little buddy?

Ray: Oh, um…yeah. I’m fine, just fine.

Mighty: Are you sure about that? It looks to me as if there’s something about that argument that’s bothering you…

Ray: Really, it’s nothing!

Mighty: …

Do you…have a thing for one of those girls, by any chance?

Ray: H-Huh!? No way! Of course not!

Mighty: Alright, if you say so.

Slush: *Rushes over to Ray and Seedra, not noticing Mighty* You wouldn’t BELIEVE what I just found out about Amy!

Seedra: Huh? What did you find out?

Slush: She has this weird, mysterious power that allows her to turn invisible!

Seedra: Seriously!?

Ray: No way! You’re kidding!

Slush: I kid you not. Who knows, she may even decide to use that power to eavesdrop, and she may very well find out about the crushes that you guys have on her and Sonic, so you might want to watch what you say from now on…

Mighty: AH-HA! I KNEW that’s what was bothering you!

Ray: DO’H! Slush! Why did you have to open your mouth about that!?

Slush: Hey, I didn’t know he was right there, I swear!

Mighty: I don’t get it, Ray. Why would you want to keep that from me?

Seedra: Yeah, I thought the two of you were like brothers?

Ray: Well, Mighty… It’s nothing personal; I just thought you’d end up doing the same thing to me as I did to you last year, that’s all.

Mighty: Oh, that’s what this is about? I’m not even worried about that anymore.

Ray: Oh, you’re not? Whew…

Amy: *From the distance* I already told you, Sonic’s MINE!

Tiara: No, he’s MINE!

*They continue arguing*

Sonic: *Sneaks away from them*

Shock: Hey, Sonic! Up for another race?

Sonic: Sure, why not?

Charmy: Hee hee! Hey, before you do that, wanna know a secret?

Sonic: Okay, what is it?

Charmy: *Whispers something in his ear*

Sonic: Huh!? *Looks in Seedra’s direction*

Seedra: *Looks away*

Shock: Anytime you’re ready.

Sonic: On your mark, get set… GO!!!

*They take off*

Seedra: *Glares at Charmy*

Charmy: …What? Why’re you looking at me like that?

Seedra: What did you tell him!?

Charmy: Uh, nothing! Nothing at all! ^^;;

Seedra: I find that hard to believe. *Continues glaring at him*

Charmy: I’m serious!  *Starts backing away from her* GOTTA GO! *Flies off*

Seedra: YOU GET BACK HERE! *Chases after him*

Splash: I told him that wasn’t a good idea…

Little ways from there…

Vector: Wow, Charmy’s gettin’ chased again? Boy, whatta shock!

Honey: Something tells me that he opened his mouth about Seedra’s crush on Sonic…

Espio: Most likely. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case…

Knuckles: It wouldn’t surprise me, either. I swear, something like this happens at the end of every series!

Wechnia: …You know, you never did tell us what it was that you and Vector were referring to when saying things like that.

Vector: What, ya’ve nevah heard o’ the Fourth Wall?

Wechnia: No, I don’t believe I have.

Vector: I’ll explain later.

Honey: Isn’t that what you said the last time?

Vector: I’ll definitely remembuh to do it this time, trust me.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the Chaotix and company, Dr. Robotnik’s ambitions were once again never realized, and both Mecha Amy and EG-005/Silvra were returned back to their original selves. Now that the two of them are no longer under the doctor’s control, they are free to live their lives to the fullest, and enjoy a moment of peace and prosperity alongside their new friends. However, even though Dr. Robotnik has been thwarted again for the time being, that doesn’t mean that a new threat isn’t lurking somewhere in the shadows. What new adventures await our heroes in the future? Find out as the saga continues in the next story, Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

The End.
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