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Aug 07 2020, 12:47 AM

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Jul 11 2020, 01:21 AM
Samui: i *might* import the old shouts sometime.

Jul 11 2020, 01:15 AM
Samui: new shoutbox, who dis?

still nothing!  (Read 3488 times)

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still nothing!
« on: Nov 06 2014, 06:23 AM »
I've gotten back to work on Pets and Inferno. I haven't had the energy for the past few weeks, but during that time I've been brainstorming and planning things out. I'm not going to give an ETA on anything, but the updates should be ready very soon. I just need to implement XP and Level Points for pets, and just add in the new items for Inferno. When the updates go live, I will be resetting all characters and pets back to level 1, and clearing player inventories on Inferno - as I will be removing some weapons and armor in favor of new ones. I might also nerf the bots by a few points. We'll see how the new equipment goes.

As for Digital Dimension, it's taking me forever to finish chapter 3, for the same reason. I know what I want to do for the next few chapters, it's just a matter of actually sitting down and writing. The weather has improved, so I should be able to think more clearly.

Just so I won't have absolutely nothing to show for this update, I will release a list of some of the new equipment for Inferno. Levels are tentative. I am open to suggestions for flavor text and additional equipment.

Spoiler: show

L1 Overalls
L5 Fancy Overalls
L9 Midge Robe
L13 Dark Armor

L1 Leather Gloves
L3 Old Claw
L6 Hyper Fist
L10 Heavy Gloves
L15  Aura Gloves
L20 Hard Knuckles

Weapons (adding new ones, reordering the levels)
L1 Wooden Dagger
L4 Dagger
L8 Javelin
L13 Fire Blade
L15 Icebrand Sword
L25 Kami Saber
L30 Tsukikama

(Will remain the same, maybe rearranging levels and buffs)

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