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Title: some updates
Post by: Samui on Nov 09 2020, 08:40 PM
So glad this year is almost over. Barely got anything done at all, but that's okay. I'm getting to it. Here's some stuff going on.


I finally got around to setting up the new theme that should work well in mobile browsers. Decided to stick to the Kitsuria 3 color scheme (and banner) for now until I get around to doing some other variants. I've removed Pets and Inferno for now, and am still setting up the SMF Battle mod. Not sure how well that will work out, but we'll see. I've also removed the Arcade because Flash support is ending after next month.


I've been trying for a more consistent schedule - Mondays and Tuesdays, I do my speedruns, and Fridays I play IWBTG fangames. Still trying to stick to it, but at least I'm doing Mondays and Tuesdays more often in a given month.

Also, this month, I'm participating in two events. This weekend is the Fastest Furs Fall Festival (, in which I'll be running Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Tails NG+. Schedule can be seen here ( Next week, I'll be racing against others in Sonic 2 for its 28th anniversary. So that will be fun.


I haven't forgotten it. Just trying to get inspiration and motivation. I'll hopefully have something more to show.... soon?

Aaaand, that's all I can think of for now.