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Title: Kitsuria RP Begins!
Post by: Samui on Feb 27 2011, 03:40 AM
So, after several delays, I have finally took a dose of fukitol and hammered out the intro post for our main RP ( We got off to a good start so far, just need a few more people. Your character can be from any world, within reason. All you have to do is post your character's profile before participating. If you want them to be from either Kitsuria or S'Fyra, read up on the Theme posts in the Training Area (, and ask me anything you might need to know.

The story is basically what was going to be played on KitsuMUCK ( I'm hoping it would turn out better this time. You can read the plot summary ( in the OOC Discussion forum. As for KitsuMUCK, I have a few things planned for it.

That's all I have to say for now. Feel free to join our RP, and spread the word about it.