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Title: Happy New Year -- 2021!
Post by: Samui on Jan 01 2021, 03:13 PM

Congratulations to everyone who has survived 2020! That was literally one hell of a year. Here's hoping this year will be awesome, and things start going back to some form of normalcy.

I'm not going to lament about the things I didn't accomplish last year. Getting through the year was an accomplishment on its own. And hey, I did some stuff. I picked up a couple more games to speedrun, I've updated this site to have a more modern layout, and I made a tiny bit of progress on .para//Bound. So that's something.

Goals for this year? I haven't completely decided, so here's a small list of what I want to do.

Got some other stuff I want to do, but that's pretty much it. Here's hoping for an awesome year!

By the way, I had a hard time deciding on the image to use for this post, because 2020 was... 2020. So here's the original one I slapped together:

Happy noot year!