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Title: Happy New Year - 2019!
Post by: Samui on Jan 01 2019, 02:53 AM

Happy new year, everyone! I'd like to thank the few people who still come here for sticking around for this long. Here's to another year of... stuff.

Things to look forward to? Well, if I stop being such a lazy ass, more progress on .para//Bound, my stories, and my streams. I plan on doing more speedruns and IWBTG fangames, and finally going through my backlog. I'll be posting polls and other things in the streaming board ( to help decide what game to do next. (I still have to finish Digimon World 2).

As for .para//Bound, it's been almost 10 years since we started the project. Real life and laziness got the best of us (I'm the lazy one). I'm just now remembering how to change the sprites using CoilSnake, so here's a screenshot to tide you over. I did this because I feel like we predicted the Sonic Movie poster design (much like The Simpsons predicting stuff)


That's all I have to say. I've got other things I want to do this year, but I'm not going to make some long, drawn out post about what I'm going to be doing this year just to end up not accomplishing anything all year (like I do every year). Just have a happy freakin' new year, and hope I finally stop being lazy. (Nag me if you have to, you know where to find me!)