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Title: happy decemberween!
Post by: Samui on Dec 25 2015, 01:38 PM
Thought I'd make this post to wish everyone who's still sticking around here, a happy holiday. I hope it's a very pleasant day!

As usual, today is more than just Christmas. It is also the anniversary of "Digital Gate", a landmark for our forums being open 24/7. Those were some good times, when I actually tried to get shit done. Nowadays, I just open up notepad and feel like garbage! It's become a monthly tradition now. :Kappa:

Anyway, I don't have a whole lot to say for today. Minor updates on projects here and there. I'm hoping to actually get up the motivation to actually do things. This past year? Total wreck. Hoping to make some changes in my life next year to turn things around (great, now this is a new years post, too? ha!)

After a whole damn year of dicking around, slacking off, and burning out - we are almost done with the first town in .para//Bound that we said we'd have done "soon" a year ago. Yes, it's still "soon" because fuck deadlines. And I'd feel like an asshole for imposing them on our sole sprite artist. But yeah, it's almost done, and while I'm waiting for him to finish the NPC sprites, I am polishing off a few things in the script, and starting work on the next towns.

Streams? Yeah, I've been wanting to be more consistent with them, especially since I achieved a new PB on Dynamite Headdy (JP) ( on Monday, despite how infrequently I did runs of the game this past year. Also, possibly next week, if I don't have anything going on, I might do a marathon run of Chrono Trigger where I go for all endings. I just need to figure out the best route for it.

I've also been slacking real hard on Terraria. Looking for more builders there - might be making a new group for them on here. Also, I am working on some new stuff for the site - namely quizzes, updates to Inferno, and other things, for which I will need some active testers. If you're interested, go to the Group Membership ( page in your profile, and request membership. VIP's (and I think Oldbies) are already in.

That's about it for now. Oh, and I still have yet to start on the next chapters of my stories. I'll get on that soon.

So yeah, happy holidays, everyone!