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Title: Digital Dimension - Relaunched
Post by: Samui on Feb 29 2012, 12:49 PM
I've finally went and done it. Digital Dimension ( is live once again. As I've said before, it isn't going to replace this site (at least, I don't plan on that happening). It's going to be a part of Kitsuria. A separate place for all things Digimon. There won't be a roleplay board there (that's what this site is for), but there will "soon" be a MUCK. And, along with updating the Pets system on here, I will be working on a special version for Digital Dimension.

I'm currently looking for some testers. The position is open to three people - preferably in varying time zones, so at least one person would be around when I am. Contact me on Digital Dimension if you're interested.

So...check it out! -- (

(p.s., for the record, the official relaunch date is feb. 28. because that's when i originally launched it in 2003)